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Ep. 691 Is the Tide Turning in Our Favor?

2018-04-04 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the reasons behind Trump’s improving approval ratings. I also address the breaking news about the Mueller investigation. Finally, I address the budget problems, some interesting economic news, and what they mean for you.    News Picks: Australian gun control will not work here.   Why is President Trump more popular than ever?   Is Congress considering cutting some of its out-of-control spending?   The Left insists that more guns equal more homicide. But the data says otherwise.   The suspicious timing of this Rod Rosenstein memo should raise eyebrows.    1 in 6 people would raise taxes on the rich even if they knew it would hurt the poor.   Here are two major problems with the Bob Mueller witch hunt.    How much would we have to cut from the federal budget to fix our debt problem?    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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get ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour thereby gino show produce joseph how're you did i m doing well then very good debate thank you folks jello there's a lot of dancing going on i am your dad since matter and by the way it matter and big time having to cover since the beginning of a show but this disastrous omnibus bill this grow overspending budget pale that was signed into law does it last friday you know the friday before last friday i repeat in the german i ran that on it and i said listen it was a bad deal trumps shootin assigned did i appreciate the fact that i think he understands that was a mistake i was wrong upset the geo peed senate and the house for abandoning their principles once again but you guys speak it out ladies out there and it matters
story of the show notes today yahoo news that members are going home to their districts members what members as such it like swamp term just read it all the time and if i shouldn't be using ridiculous jargon like that where men and women are going back to their districts and people are but mere grills in a nice way when violence like the left but they're up a girl joe immigrants gad say dude weighty what's the deal i thought we were party of fiscal responsibility you spend than us into oblivion and nay you dig message is getting out there this is why tell you all the time you know that the enemy is vanquished until he considers himself so we're not vanquished keep speak it out there it's a matters they are pay i'm getting it for me but left and right i talked to a guy the other day i not going to say who are even hint but someone event you said the same thing that back in there
people like what happened with that spending bill yeah get between two men of people dance and give examples go go go yeah i'm gettin great emails on a contest is fully under way it's the dance test you say that you're a story of how you danced and my wife is already now down the couple of where we got a few obscure keep that amend now it was story i heard the other they have a guy who does carpool you know who you are i can imagine your name but he does a carpool joe i think he picks up ray and those on the way hungry people to get the carpet lane you known as i am aware that cut lipstick on my wife kissed me before you have take her this is that she loves him lipstick remnants i'd be here take it a quick trip but tat he said in the car he puts on my show the eliciting nowadays carpool thank you for doing at apparently somebody in the carpet complained that found that offensive and user mike our daddy you you can walk if you
car you put up your why so i love it stories are great and other great one get an email from a person said ever time they go into horizon store with the phones they soon all other phones to dare to go to the draft report for their great story ever so good job said the man gotta pick six winners and i continue this card this for a long time i got a lot of books and i only have six a kill meads books but a whole lot of my books outside and for you i may continue this for a long time and have it so much fun with these emails about he who call tell you folks if you want to act big you want to run for office i beg you wanna go small at which all the phones adverse visited it is your ledger port up either why did i think there are good they all make me laugh my wife and i get a kick out of she's helping me read through these two hundred
hundreds of emails of people make small gestures and dancing at each day so good job right show party by i target we love i target folks anybody can shoot a firearm the question is can you shoot a professionally and accurately that's real demarcation point that's what matters ok now dry firing is one of the best ways to practice your firearms proficiency and accuracy your trigger control trigger pressure side alignment site picture but try firing you know it's a great way to do but you wanna take your dry far practice to the next level what is dry fire dry firing is depressing to trigger on a safely unloaded weapon check it check it twice check it three times when you when you unloaded a weapon you'd de la rack the slide to them very open the you want to look make short what do you want to look away and look back then do it a third time and it take your pinky finger pro those cylinders are the chamber and makes or it is unlikely event
i fire safely unloaded weapon new practice your trigger control and your site alignment but you don't know where the bullet would have gone you don't because it's try fire obviously there's no rounded the eye target system they will send you a laser round you dropped and when you firearm you have now and when you on the trigger the hammer will fall on the lays around it emits a laser onto a target they send you and you can see where the around would have gone which is great now you know if your accurate or not i got friends of mine my call right around the block whose husband i tell the soil time cannot put the system down she still mad at before it is the greatest system ever for practising your dry far go give it a shot it's available i target product com that is the letter i target pro dotcom that's i target pro dotcom promo code dan my first name d and for a really nice ten percent off go check it out you're gonna love this
right so that yahoo news pieces terrific it'll be a bug you know that come today and this if it is just that that you speaking out is making a serious difference these republicans now are terrified their tariffs because i want to get reelected in the twenty eighteen mid terms a third of the senate and the entire house representatives which is up every two years they are terrified there are losing political support amongst their base because of your emails because of your phone calls folks this matters it makes a difference when you speak up people know it now let me give you a piece of advice from a candidate who is run for office before about the insight baseball politics if you are a let's call do a prolific voter you vote primaries you vote in school board elections you voted city council primary city council elections you know words you don't miss an election no matter what that's me
why if i don't think i've missed an election in gosh ten years i vote a lot this important you will have a voter score i knowed forgive me join it talk but over the right but some of you are new listeners and this is a very important to understand this though voters scores our public information every are on the planet knows you voted out of you know this they don't know who you voted for it is a secret ballot nobody knows that put you that is not true look information i assume i know chose a conservative i assume joe voted for trouble but the god have no idea you know maybe we can ask women job sure would tell us you voted for trumpet i dont know that i can categorically prove and i can't search the internet for who joe armoured cars voted for but i can't search the internet to make sure joe armor cause voted now what is it do there
companies out there that use this data and sell it to candidates assault other people too or interested in voting behaviour for market reasons people who vote may also by pat rocks so pet rock these one enough job you get what i'm saying joe it's not you know it so just available to candidates rail but anyone but be asleep political candidates are interested in this information why would that be if you're running in a competitive primary on the republic inside amongst ten candidates primary is only republicans can vote in most states right and we're out there knocking on doors and you're sending mail and your targeting people on facebook you want make sure you target people who love in primary yes try so they sell you a voter score now as one of the systems i used this photo gravity true i forget we used a few different systems voter gravity surrogate they were i think
they were scored won through sixteen and so sixteen men like a nuclear explosion wouldn't keep you away from voting teen voter if that was the sis it may i forget them does it really matter was whether was tanner sixteenth relevant but the highest number with sixty viewers sixteen joe you at miss that primary election or general in in probably five for six elections i wasn't a sixteen year every family list to be care that very few people are somebody mrs for various reasons you know and that's understandable i get it i m you know i've been there business i would get oh i died digest enjoy the holes various of engaging in the civic god discourse there but most people do mess one but those sixteen joe or super valuable why because they are going to vote no matter what you no matter what a lot of them gonna be older folks it's why people who are you not fifty five an older have really outsize apple
nickel power they deal which is just the fact is that they vote and good for you good for you for staying up in fact one of the reasons younger folks you know that that the twenty to fifty five crowd don't have the political power volta folks it's a lot of people twenty thirty thirty to forty as they go up they vote more but they go down and age they vote less i bring all this up in court text that rescission debate which i discussed last week and the fact that for speaking out in members a worry because if you are one of those sixteen the score voters their votes all the time please i'm begging you all or email your congressmen office about the spending built the budget bill please i can't bear please dance with me on this one your voice if you are a sixteen or a hug or whatever you vote all the time it will check you out your congressman's office
creepy better data jim clapper conaway or john in spying obama hake and why they will jack you out in a standard database typically they get emails and now look you up i know who you voted for but they'll know europe affiliation you believe the record they'll know your registered republican and now you vote all the time folks you are all of them gold i'm not saying this to be clear i want to be very careful about saying that lets say this is first time you gonna vote you eighteen or you get out of clinical process for while you listen to my party case and right now you ve decided become reengage yes your voice this valuable to send that email caught spending big caps or you losing my vote here those valuable to but i'm just being cancelled with its as valuable as the people who voted for the last twenty years and never missed an election those people are gold
old that's you wish and say that we had some of you listening you are gold you i have to stay on them because that rescission bill that impoundments act we talked about last week and not to redo the show but you so we're clear on this one seventy four paumanok allow donald trump the present unite it states within forty five days of the passing of this awful omnibus bill this overspending orgy they engaged in a loud to suggest cuts the congress that they can that national say cuts it allows jim to pound money other words not spend it which is just good is cutting it would majorities of both houses but we got a push we got a push got a push and we got a push this will be the first time this has been used significantly since reagan we gotta do it folks we have turned a freedom train back even small little steps this is our opportunity to dance with them but it's gonna require you to send an email to call the office be call about it
you know that you know the drill amino urien let you or maybe you know how to handle it but i just want to grow caveat in there if you are a four by our voters somebody's vote and less for primaries unless for general you probably have super high voter score they are gonna look you up and when they ll give up your word is gonna carry the weight of ten or fifteen others please reach out and buy some people have asked me whenever i cover the voters score how do i get my voters score the answer you don't it's not like a credit score you can if you wanna go open up an account with whatever voter gravity whenever it's up to you but it's not like it credit score where you are entitled to three free copies eurotas score and remember a lot of these did he score you differently so you know whatever one's on one two hundred ones want the ten ones won through sixty doesn't really matter but you could get it but you'd have to probably pay for it i just know that's about it you don't have to new york
voter squirmed i'm telling you having run for office if you in the last four primaries and the last for general elections you have voters court that's all you need to know and people knowing that why did you notice you get all the robot calls what do you think at his folks if it gets random why you think doorn election time but everybody knocking on your door why do you get election time you're gettin five hundred male engineer mailbox because they bought your information i know you vote now you may i find that annoying that people are knocking on your door and send the new mailers but my opinion you should consider it a badge of honor cause i visit can be in frank hear your voice matters more than other people because you vote why these congressmen and these local stay senators and state representatives are knocking on your door they know you're gonna to vote that's just the hard facts
we live in a constitutional republic everybody has the opportunity to vote as long as you're citizen and you're not a fell in a lot of states but choose not to again just be frank about it most politicians choose not to neglect the order because you're talkin about i get it that you think it's annoying but it really does matter a woman note on this topic of rescission and impounding funds gosh we're in a really bad spending situation right now folks that's why i was so bothered by this omnibus bill the law full of spending cuts me taken oda miss kate ominous because i may for i want to forget once in a blue more i forget to put things in the show there's a longer version of a story from cato today but it matters about the level of spending cuts we're gonna need to get back to some level of fiscal sanity right now or at point where we owe in debt accumulated debt
the entire amount of our farm income it produces in a year or gdp folks that's a danger zone there's a lot good strong research that once countries reach that ninety percent point with debt in other words they owe ninety percent of what the country produces in a year that you start to reach a dangerous and uncontrollable tipping point because interests gets out of control and we think about that in terms of of of microbes makes it simply in it you know narrowing down to your house joe few owed if you make fifty thousand dollars a year and you owe fifty thousand dollars you you're soon the interest payments on that alone start to overwhelm you daily expenses once you start yet no one hundred thousand dollars words double what you make a year the interest men alone start to pick up you can't you meet the interest payments so now we have that that dead that's spiral of curious than you never get to the principle at all we're getting to that point folks
i wanted to take away from this report the amount of spending cuts we're gonna have to start to engage in right now ok is dramatic is five to seven hundred billion a year if we're going to get on track folks we spend four trillion now those are massive cuts but the longer we wait this is to take away the worse it gets if we wait five you you're gonna be eight hundred billion a nine hundred billion there's gonna be a trillion a year and cuts bottom line reach out email you congressmen call them take half the start somewhere and this impoundment act in the rescission of funds is a place to start you know please i'm imploring you to dance a little bit with me on this one because it's important let's see so much going on hey i'm i have a great peace at the bonn gino dotcom today were producing original content by my resident the bunker in chief matt colombo
so i put a piece of the show notes today again by the australian gun control in their confiscation programme it set a new peace up there at the bank this section of bungee know that come about why australian gun control would completely entirely blow it here it would not work it would be disastrous folks australia is one basically big island they do not have borders on land guns are smuggled into this country from car foreign countries all the time it is not that the demographics are different it is it would be a disaster mac covers this in a peace output and show notes today but it is it is my punching other com i encourage you to read it he does a good job i the right to peace is short and sweet in a four five hundred six hundred words is bottom line up front he does so check this piece out it's really good on that note there's another great piece of the federalist today however i take a screen shot of it
i'm gonna some of you follow me on twitter may have caught this interaction is funny joe so the the day i much and i dont know what i tweeted up with a woman tweeted back to me you know we we buffoons at vienna re that i was a buffoon and we were gonna drill really dopey and whatever in so she challenge media with the bait the second amendment she is a law for us now ordinarily unto i'm really really desperately trying to avoid twitter wars back and forth these days because they go on all day and were seriously they take up a lot of energy and a lot of times nothing gets done and it turns into a slugfest that i'm just not interested but if a killer miranda something but as she is professor so she challenged me to a second amendment debate i initially just get it off but then i thought ok i'll take that debate
so we're trying to schedule her to do you know to her credit she said all right i'll come on she wants it come on do it on my and our a tv show friday five thirty pm eastern time live at an hour a tv dot com so i hope she shows you said she was so she's a woman of our words she really wants this debate we'll see what happens so i'm looking forward to that now on the gun control are there's a piece by adam adams mill the federalist today that will be up in the show notes which is really terrific and it shows basic correlations on a point i have tried to make often and appointed tried to make is that gun control my gun ownership the left's premise that gun ownership is going to lead to more gun violence and more crime is rough who did by simple basic facts show if that's your premise right more guns equal more crime then you would think you be able to show in places where there are more guns that there was in fact more crime i more gun crime yet you think they'll
yeah that evidence is the end this largely the opposite right now i'm not get i have discussed this in the past and you know i don't like to repeat shows but what's it think about mills pieces he takes it from another angle does this let's look at countries with the lowest gun ownership rights because if you're search and joe that more guns equals more crime is in fact accurate and then inverse should be true as well that low gun ownership should equal logan crime rates and low low homicide rates and no crime rates right that would be correct well let's look at this so else piece in the federalists who should be up at the show notes at down my website here are some of the states us some of the place with low got ownership el salvador honduras venezuela jamaica list author believe south africa guatemala trinidad bahamas he compares that with the rates
of gun homicides and murder rates and you find out the places with the lowest gun ownership rights have some of the highest murder rate or higher murder rates that other countries that extremely high gun ownership so folks the correlation does make any sense at this is very simple if your choice to say that increased intake of aspirin going to lead to fewer heart attacks and you would look for people who take high doses of aspirin and he would look to see the heart attack rates if i'm jesting this is the case but if increased dosages of aspirin lead to more heart attacks than you would throw out your premise that more aspirin leads the less heart attacks and right but the left message to believe in science throws all of that out the window when it comes to guns because this is not a debate based on lots of the base based on recent debate based on emotions oh god ownership rights high murder rates countries with high gun ownership rights norway somebody else have very low gun
homicide rates and homicide rates in general so it correlation just doesn't fit you're trying to fit you know what a square peg into hey and it's not working man's frustrating cash right i did we do facts on the show when they try to fire back well you know look australia that's why by the way i buy keep putting these men do these pieces on australian gun control because australia there are more guns now in australia than they were before the gun confiscation programme we're premise that more guns is somehow gonna equal you know a more crime is since there are more guns thou in australia them before they confiscated the guns of you're saying there's less crime now due to the gun confiscation program you haven't accommodated statistics for the fact that there are more guns what part of this are you missing i got a lot more to get to you today
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interesting piece in human progress that i will put up in the show notes today as well while we're talking about economics in the bud this is entirely on surprising to me but it goes to show you joe thee pathology the liberally does she know the class war very those people fair share how dangerous it is and how liberals courage you often do not fall into the trap that liberals stupid liberals know exactly what they're doing the radical wants they know how to prey on human emotion and you know how to importantly inhuman and envy this is one of those must read articles it's a little wonky but it's really really interesting again to be at the show said it's at human progress in it was a study done of people's attitudes towards taxation joe and what they found that which is not surprising to me but i guess was to some of the researchers joe one in six people were
pike taxes on the ridge even if they when invades that it was her poor people now that may not make that's the you but it does it entirely makes sense to me and when understand evolution and i address this a little bit in the piece of us from you don't hunter gatherer the types and small packs of people and when i spoke about yesterday joe witnessed some talent and his how groups the size of the group matter yes on how people think collectively like people don't think collectively in terms of the united states but they can't think collectively terms of small groups families nuclear families even in some senses tribes in you know a pre industrial era but how when you start expanding the group out to this you know a morpheus blob of people people can't can't you know people can comprehend we united states what does that mean as everybody i mean i don't get it like i'm supposed to care for a guy riad on get it they don't
stan and they start to think differently is the size of the group expands i found this interesting because it describes how in the hunter gatherer days joe words euro some in other words if someone accumulate in a lot of food when it was a small say pack of ten or fifteen people that that one person accumulating food given the local scarcity would lie we accumulate that food at the expense of everyone else who then couldn't go out and pick a barrel your kill a deer because we can all the resources were scarce so we evolved we're time a sense of envy a sense of light well joe should have all that food i should have some of it but folks as the economy expanded as we import it and now global resources have expanded in productivity is expanded dramatically envies because quite counterproductive because with the rich accumulate and capital the kind that's very productive does not
necessarily and met effect is not most of the time come at the expense of anyone there its generally accumulate the capitalist economy things because they produce whose things in fine holes for products that weren't there before the reason is riches because he came up with a computer design no one thought before him or they be bill gates themselves they be daddy gates or joey botz or joey doughnuts gates but bill gates out of reversed the guy thought about putting music into a phone and the first iphone thought of it or any one else or we got it to market before anyone else is probably more precise waves thing how do i know that because there were no product out before that produced on a massive scale petted dammit i understand that vestige you'll relic of our personality weren't you you're insane show how envy serve the purpose back because
four hundred gathers legislative you out all the dear me nor the berries in your tat someone else was probably starvin we have now requite shaken that and liberals stand that radical liberal i understand that one in six people what high taxes on the rich even if it hurts the poor because they're taking it at the of this vestigial envy remnant left in our brain that it's no sense in today's economy at all none but liberals get it and that's why i always caution you on the show cannot underestimate these cats they know it exactly what they're doing people like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren who rail against the rich one while being rich themselves note prohibiting absurd irony their bernie what it by three alms or something like that you know these people are rich themselves they rarely hence the rich because they know people at one in six
a pretty big number by the way yeah they know people will oh yeah yeah we gotta get what they ve got what they have right now was built because they produce the product other people needed that's not necessarily the case in a zero sum limited resource environment that's local lonely scale onto local let make censure how liberal they don't you know that a very meek yes now might yet night i got that when you were in a local environment can you the deer population is limited and fruits and berries locally limited you know yes and we may benefit you you like get wise joe taken all the food but when you expand that to a bigger collective global economy in a world where we do we constantly dig up new resources every day and have the benefit of technology
an productivity enhancements it doesn't necessarily make sense but liberals never forgot that do not underestimate these people read the report and human progress its edge thing it'll give you some keen insight into how liberals do what they do our nets on the on the car report yesterday how about the epa mileage got a gun by the way the guards yesterday show i just want you to know i really do deeply appreciate all the feedback i know why the topic yes we brought tears can always be controversial with the audience but i read your stuff even you who ferociously disagree in and you know some of you may be very good arguments and i'm not a liberal i'm always open a hearing at some of them very persuasive and hopefully we address the topic you know some day maybe you know next week or so bring up some of the countervailing points to that some of you brought up cause but i do appreciate your feedback and i want you to think for a second i ignore it
you said i only ask yesterday and i hope we all lose you i really do that you just here i point out to and you don't have to agree and listening to yours and you know some of you make some very convincing arguments and i'll bring up some of the other stuff hopefully in a later show but i do appreciate the feedback on the show i my wife and i read all of it all the time it matters a show is for you we do it for you it's not that unites us but are in regard cs we show i had discussed there epa mileage guidelines and what a genius maneuver it was for scott proven epa administrator to attempt to scrap these o bomb a mileage guidelines because they were destroying the u s car market and what are they interesting points about it i neglected to bring up yesterday chow was that the irony of these mileage guidelines that's what fifty obama instituted a fifty four miles per gallon guideline by twenty twenty five for a further fleet the average aggressively
which as i said yesterday makes it impossible for american car companies to successfully complete because they build suvs and they build trucks they build them well there popular people by them and made all get fifty four miles a gallon so they got a builder bunch of crap small cars nobody wants to avc across the fleet this fifty four miles gal now what i neglected include one of the wise what are the wiser sure why the obama administration did this is because what kind of aren't you let's say you have a truck i up there gets like eighty twenty miles account use a lot of raptors that means you're gonna have to sell joe to get your average corporate flee to get it up to fifty four just by doing simple math you're gonna have to sell a whole lot of cars it get like sex the eighty miles a gallon right now do you know
any fuel only car that does that that's en masse not that didn't know but what does that mean chicken hybrid cars this has been approved by the obama administration for a long time to get us onto this electric car nonsense with which us and if you want to live the cars that that's terrific do your thing but another thing here joe this is one of the wise i missed yesterday but a test yard this absurd ps by our idea but joe you were when you drive around you see people driving premises and things like that are they the here this is about trick india but do you they're more like florida and handle conservatives rethink the people drive and practices are like bow tie wearing flog rye eating new our city lebruns what are you think they're like a flower garden
rules yeah yeah is to get the dead give away and civilisation bombers are now listen i am not stereo typing at please don't take this the wrong way i'm trying to make a point here but if we were to take the average income of say someone in my uncle both alabama the average income of somewhat rents and apartment manhattan who the priest who do you think would be higher pursuing who drives the previous manhattan right so folks not only as this benefit the accurate car industry because i just said to you joe these fleets have to produce a bunch of electric cars to offset the rapporteur and the tahoe and the dodge ram which by the way a lot of people just don't want i know people down here florida where i live in vienna i'm sorry they don't want em but a lot of city dwellers you have trouble parking their cars and who earn
liberal will go out and buy the priests and other cars like that but what things are happening there our companies joe lose a fortune on these small cars these more cars that these american car companies are producing that nobody wants they are losing fourchan manufacturing while she journal a peace today talk about this fear model joe i couldn't believe it i had a double back to make sure it and destroy it says they lose fourteen thousand dollars for every sail that's he's at incredible i don't know i mean real nice i read it i was like this right now it's a thousand dollars there not making money on every car you're losing money on these cars now what that means in order to sell these cars they have to sell em at this serious discount meaning that the people who are poor in elevated prices now for the rapporteur
turn the tahoe and suburban and a ram more paying those elevated prices to offset the losses of the people buying a priest saw this cafe standard these core fleet standards which i applaud the trump administration i certainly applaud scupper with epa eight for doing this are wiping out a subsidy from basically lower income the middle income folks who drive trucks and suvs you we rich wealthy swim a city dwellers who drive these previous a type non gas guzzling cars isn't it interesting we're paying for them to drive these little crap moebius around and you know what i did this is one of the reasons i you know despite disagreements on isolated policies here and there this is one of the reasons i really out of here serious note i really appreciate what the trump team is doing you know i know there are a lot of anti trumped conservatives out there but let's be honest there are other you know that
they knew the media was gonna go nuts with this show because the media loves this this pseudo environmental policy the media i was rich friends previous the price of it being being subsidized by raptors and in tahoe buyers and in poorer states they love that they need there was gonna be significant backlash to this and you know what they said joe they did it anyway i just gauge how these yeah joy at give joe the universal sign of we'd all care heard it was a little more vulgar than i'm sorry but that's what the trump teams now we don't care but thanks have a nice day now that ties in neatly to the next topic to bring up which is related to this when it put another hour go up at the show notes today is a lotta shown us today from the week which is you know not a concern far right conservative doubtless by the way and in this article the author does a decent jobs jobs of explaining why trump
popularity despite you know stormy and all this other garbage continues to go up these actually approaching fifty percent issues and he it's a couple great points that i wanted to bring these points up in light of yesterday show interracial and the death of the epa thing trump doesn't care folks about the politics i e doesn't now sometimes that works against me in some cases you know i disagree with some things but let's be honest yo he does not lie trop ran on but things that he still pushing for he ran on a sensible immigration policy ran on a wall he ran on china he ran tax cuts and that's exactly what he's doing he's not kid around i've been i can say whatever i want about despite its all like it was a surprise drop all of this and they are
i appreciate the man's honestly me we been like you for politicians from for what you know existed the inception of the republic i mean what this guy actually does what he says he does i care about the political backlash the president's have now what interesting about this he says he touches on something the right or about why trumps popularity is high that i think is in a for anyone looking to run for officer influence the political debate in future this is important dresses and the beginning of the peace all these potentially damaging political narratives came out shall you know that did a stormy story and all this other yeah junk buddy something new and i've talked about before how the only real damaging political narrative show our though was that change ape pre existing perception about who that person is think about it why
monica will and impeachment i'd catholic i can't believe i just said i said that is a joke one night to my wife and now it's in my head lewinsky one night i joke like what if they refer woollen schemes that aids is stupid joke i wait a puppy laughingly but now it's in my head the monaco lewinsky impeachment trial a bill clinton why did he leave office with nearly sixty percent approval because folks the lewinsky trial and the incident i'm not just fine you don't died not morally justifying anything i'm simply stating to it did not thing to change the pretty existing perception of who bill clinton was not big zero every but he understood what our all bill was up to when new story started coming out baby just put like ok we don't lie but now the premises that article here about trump is similar that everyone
he understood he was brash always tweets more people this become used to it the tweets really bothering focuses approvals going up if the tweets will bothering people is approval be going down it's not numbers do matter facts matter ok it's just trump being trump drop by drop by drop ever hit is proclivities fur eccentric behaviour on our eastern show when he was out there none of these changes any pre existing political now none now too you an example of how it would actually story like dad came out about george w bush who is known is deeply relaxing i work for the man i can tell you that's not an act he is sincerely a deeply religious guy don't appreciate a lot of his politics he spent a lot of money but the point i work for him and his wife and i can tell you from first hand experience that that is not an act that all george w is easy
deeply spiritual religious guy that is not some kind of farcical let me play this up for the camera routine is surprise any of you but that's my point is dory god forbid net mustangs what happened it wouldn't but if it came out of it george w bush it be a little different chow it would say you forget we change the existing political narrative that that through this guy was but that's not rob was drop ran as a big brash pulled queens business man who had been out in the forefront of the public in a glass do you know what eccentric life before this changes any pre existing narratives now combined with the fact hope you like today shocks i put a lot of work of the time all this together force seriously delegation article two and a half hours which for me is a long time combine that with the fact that
for another article michaud notes today from cnbc that job growth is through the roof more payrolls folks two hundred and forty one thousand jobs estimates were four two hundred and five almost forty thousand more jobs and even a high estimates in march alone combine that with at the people like we're ok so what do we get this lady on sixty minutes talking about some kind of thing would trump and gotta raise right my companies hiring job markets ha and we were generally generally peace there you know obviously we have the threat of north koreans uranium i wanna be hyperbolic with but there's not in at least now not a cold war type world war two going on is always the threat of terror of course we have afghan iraq syria but try
i think success is also on the world stage to north koreans getting them to back down a bit and some people get out like this the way he's confronted china an idea you're starting to see what is a narrative of aid donald trump is big ease all these brass she tweets you know sometimes put people on the uncomfortable side of what they we consider presidential or not but he's the president there or presidential the job we're job markets my job is better and you know what i don't mind so much nothing been done yet to change the political now and i too because it's a model for the future if you're thinking about run if you have a whole bunch of skeletons and stuff you better get him out there what's the narrative said about who you are you'll be fine but if lie about it and something later makes you look foolish you're going to have some splain into do so interesting
peace beavers lotta content and show notes that i strongly encourage you to checked about a couple more things i want to get too because there was more breaking news yesterday before i get that tunisia will support you by bodies it filter by we love filtered by this the maybe the greatest read in human history they wrote this this is to show you how about the the nerve on this company i mean at a good way a very hot political environment it spring cleaning time unlike trump cleaning out corrupt officials you can clean up the air you breathe and make your age back system great again that's their line i love these guys and folks don't procrastinate otherwise small pollutants allergy aggravating promotes a clog up your age vat system akashi a lot of money become inefficient you'll have to clean it out yonder exit or replace it and ends up costing you some big don't sound like a federal government right you have their line i make that up that's not add lip disk
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regarding the trump investigation of first chunky news was from carol lenny get the washed imposed and bob costs that and breaking news from them was that it then this this is really surprised because i think they're revealing the whole game here is that tromp joey just reads you directly from the peace it easy a special council bob mahler inform president thou trumps attorneys last month that he's continued continuing invest red listen listen listen it's important that he muttered this is continuing to investigate the president but this i consider him a criminal at this point according to three people familiar with the discussions misgives something even followed describe tromp as a subject of his investor asian into russia's interference and twenty sixteen elections product this view someone as the subject again this is important
at person has engaged in conduct that is under investigation but there is not sufficient evidence to bring charges what have i told you over and over and over again about this case they are not investigating of crime therein the gating donald trump they basic we had better do resources he's a subjects does that mean that means we're thus the getting here but we have no evidence he committed a crime you what're you investigating and for that i dont understand do you understand our debt stating that statement lending it causes that have in their pieces think about that show maria cop show up at your house show europe checked of investigation what did i do oh nothing do we have the evidence of a crime no none but you're still the subject well what am i the subject of an investigation into what we don't know well did i commit a crime we have no
is that why am i a subject because you are i'm sticking a notion and want to miss this is one more thing i wanna get to it but this is frustrating frustrating beyond belief the byron your has a piece in the wash examiner it's another one whose mushroom must read pieces are being shown us today byron you who is a very level headed i get very passion about this stuff no one's ever going to accuse byron york of being a yeah you know in any way a hot head in regard to these issues i get it i get very passionate this stuff majesty matters them too but he is a not uninterested the disinterested observer has a p the examiner about how gain arrests what's going on now is folks the reason i have
over this in need of some time spent five minutes of the show sometimes been whole hour but the reason continue in a reasonable wrap it up the book now and i know i keep david's but where does big news come and soon the reason this is so dangerous york makes two points show number one they use the logan act the logo a crime never successfully charged in the history the republic to charge mike flint in other words folks they had no evidence of serious criminality so they invented a crime now logan act is real real in the sense that it's on the books but not real in the sense that it's never ever been used to successfully prosecute anyone so what did they do they pulled it out of their hat and they used it to prosecute mike
you miss eyre will heed and plead guilty logan act that was the reason for the interview they claim delight in when they later claimed idiot why he missed false statements that despite the fact that the fbi said he didn't lie but they were there interview on for violation logan act which nobody is ever been successfully prosecutor on ever its essentially fabricated crime so your piece of the examples like that's part number one if we're going to are doing that now because we are joe creating subjects we are not creating criminal investigation we're making people subjects of crimes that don't that we're fabricating crimes to fit people we're not best the crimes finding people later were finding people in finding crimes later you understand the difference the way
bondsman vestigate in the united states people report crimes investigations happen they find that people who commit crimes they arrested prosecutor potentially jail we do not target people i go look for crimes later that's yorks premise about why this is so dangerous and also why i read you the carol letting it bob cost a piece about our trumps not a criminal tar yet all but he is a subject is already but it's no there's no evidence they are now investigating crime there investigating tromp you all could be targets next point number two to take away from yorks peace which is critical is that the dossier obviously was with the pact or at a minimum not verified that we are now using bought and paid for political dirt an opera
vision to prosecute our political opponents folks this this is really a troubling troubling development too big takeaway were invented crimes because we're going after people anymore stick in those crimes item at second we're now using political opposition to stick it to the court system to prosecute people no no no no no this isn't right now because i got a ton of stuff to get to want another piece in the show notes today from legal insurrection i you know i i told you to take eastward sessions i know somebody disagree but i think there's a lot going on behind the scenes there especially would huber the new are the united states authority looking into this prosecutor signed by the gummy assisting us his attorney think he was the u s attorney for utah but i am no fan of rose and steen at all there
some shady shady stuff go and i'm a rosans thievish you see this developing yesterday job yet where's my nothing and over two thousand about yeah cash when i can with this all he would go rose in steen writes a memo to two mahler on org second of twenty seven t x bending the scope of mothers special council investigation into man affords dealing with ukraine now this is important because when you were assigned as a special council you are limited to the appointment and the appointment is very specific if you read the legal insurrection piece you can read mothers basically scope of duties and it says the russian collusion into the investigation and other crimes resulting from it saw it as broad but it was an overly broad or ice in many people's opinions wasn't broad enough to include in advance
the into manner money laundering into ukraine now that may have been a crime but that should not i've been the result of the special council investigation based on its limited authority that make sense show in other words mahler was investigating man affording ukraine when he should have been he was not charge to do that fascinating that matter fort goes courts are basically sues smaller over this anymore i was produced on august second of twenty seven tina rosen steam bhamo giving and afford basically permission to go i may guess use me giving mahler permit to go and look at man affords business dealings with ukraine who why should that matter because man affords house folks was rated a month early
on july twenty six to twenty seventeen right so if man affords house in an early morning raid was rated on july twenty sixth twenty seventeen in relation to his business dealings with ukraine how the house a memo drafted up on august second twenty seventeen giving mauler authority to do that maybe the pen on des thing tat makes sense to you does this sound like a ex post facto basically but covering technique that mahler may have said oh we just raided this guy's house and legal team is telling me that we if not had prosecutor aerial investigative authority to in fact targeted rose and steed can we get that memo
did you read the house ready yeah yeah we did that last what do you mean that at last we are let's drop this this is why i don't trust rose in staying at all roses of course was also the united states attorney in short the ten ex prosecution related to the uranium one case trust rosen steam one bit i think this was it but cover technique later on someone on the legal team for mahler went back after the reins in a bob i'm sure we have the authority to do this all let's go roses theme for a memo rhythm legal insurrection peace its awesome it lays it all out for you how again this thing this is why i get a little disturbed that some of the males are cool send him but don't state for a second my support of what's going on behind the scenes i think with sessions approval to invest pfizer gate flynn gate obama gay with support for mahler or rose instinct though
two are a disaster the mother astrogation should be shut down and rose spain's approval of it is pathetic dont mistake those are completely separate things i know they seem related but they're not there stuff go in our bind the scenes i know what i'm of already been my reputation on the show matters to me but mahler investigation and rosen stiens memo on august second to accept and then investigation were arrayed occurred on july twenty sixth to me seductive stinks to high heaven sure does sure as that yo this up the wrong they're folks fine i really appreciate you to read that articles show notes is packed with great material today map columbo article that the banking and australia thing is there so please check a sap and you know that calm he subscribed to my email is of course will get it
three check out my and tv show tonight five thirty p m east time veiled ordinary tv that car broke who amazon fire and apple tv thanks get for tuna folks i will be announced in winter soon the dad's cod keep sending my way me and my wife really get a kick out of we'll see you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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