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Ep. 694 Did You Miss What Trump Did Last Week?

2018-04-09 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address Trump’s bold move on sanctions last week and why it should reassure you. I also discuss Twitter and Facebook’s ongoing war on conservatives and why they believe they’ll win. Finally, I discuss an economic mystery that’s befuddling “experts.”    News Picks: Facebook is targeting Trump supporters again, and the reasons they gave are ridiculous.    Is Ted Cruz being targeted by Twitter?   President Trump has targeted 7 Russian billionaires, and regular listeners of the show will “remember the names.”    This mental health counselor tweeted that he was “excited” about the fire in Trump Tower.   Who conducted a cyber-attack on Iran?   Why is the Twitter’s CEO tweeting an anti-GOP article?   A terrific piece about persistently low inflation.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i walk up thereby gino shell producer joe how are you and this fine monday i myself i'm not gonna take as our one might have ever ever i've got a stack show today please do not move from the radio the car radio the whenever you're playing us over your tv on iheart radio app whenever it is part of why there is so much stuff ever so we're gonna motor through it let's get i too want to say before i get to it i keep telling can i get from sessions thing and more evidence is come out at sessions and trump know exactly what's going on i'm gonna get to that i don't tell joe any of this not before the shell because i like to see a genuine react yourself i told you to take it easy
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eight hundred and eighty eight four hundred and eleven eight thousand nine hundred and twenty six or preparewithglenn dot com that's prepare with dan thanks to patriot supply the great sponsor help natsume company help yourself out but okay i had to title the section of the show is are you still sure you don't buy that trump doesn't know what's going on or sessions now what happened last week what are we talkin about right last week in a story that got a little bit of attention but not a lot joe wasn't exactly like major league breaking news anywhere people covered it but it wasn't all over the place and i think one of the it wasn't all over the place is because the left wing media may realise what i'm about to tell you that trumpet sessions know exists what's going on with obama spy gate scandal they collect an email scandal the clinton foundation scandal and all the nonsense at went on with the d o j what do i mean trump the department of treasury issued significant sanctions against russia and a couple of russian billionaires action
it was seven of machine by the couple of him that a very interesting jim billionaires an oligarchy were come a connected the putin now you may say kay great why is that story significant and why does it matter because the key she is who did he sanction who are these russian billionaires while a few regular listener my show went away i always tell you folks memorize and remember the names and as these names will continue to creep up and if you don't i am committed to your memory you will miss the crux of this story because the mainstream media will not explain it to you they will not they will gloss right over as if nothing happens whistling pass the graveyard they don't care number one who was sanctioned by trump and by the his company talk a massive nosedive after this rush billion air and oligarch o leg thereupon sky ways you hear that name before throb puts
agers sanctions on a guy named all like their pasqua media covers it i want to be dramatic but it certainly was not front pages and everywhere but it should have been major league front page news should have been a headline why because again i told by a lot of people who are absent with jeff sessions and some are true what's goin on nothin trap and enjoy their due anything they spied on a truck team hilary got off nothing's happened and stuff is happening darrow pasco folks online dara pasqua is a central figure in this scheme i had it our little floor charred here to make this makes sense for you quickly because i've got probably ten stories are good major league but to show the other last night figure and i'd cut myself couple hour break this morning and how to get up early anyway to do the show over because there's so much breaking news since last night so darrow pasqua was can
did to man of fort they had some business dealings together matter fact era asking man afford had a falling out there's a lawsuit over money owed to each owed to one of those parties in a deal man of fort was one trumps campaign advisers aids do you want a prior show and this is important who pushed an effort on the trump team follow me folks a rush all a guard by the name of allah their pasqua was added signal forget business connections were poor man effort man a fort was a ethiopia consultant who least according to some sources roger stone on hu the to the trump team who pushed stone but to get mad afford on the team this happened why did they think this was a good idea metaphor was already on the re dammit national committees investigation by this alexandra luca for all
of his connections into ukraine and russia may i say just you that if you were going to set up a narrative in advance that trump colluded with russia even when it didn't happen at metaphor would be the guy you'd want to be your campaign manager he's off so connected to dare pasqua folksy you pick it up put on putting down a trumpet what's goin on such as not really why they sanction thereupon here's another what therapy school trump just levied major league sanctions on here his alone the company is taken a bath its drop what did i see this margin article reuters its loss tremendous value this weekend this guy darrow pasqua so he's connected to man afford said you over and over who kept push man afford on the truck team average stone i'm not so sure that's the whole story but working on
the book right now because if you were going to say i set up a story in advance a trumpet colluded with the russians when he didn't you would want man affordable your campaign manager hey take this guy job wink wink not you know there are pasqua is also connected to christopher steal the spy who produce the dossier for hillary clinton effusion gps how there pascal hires lobbyists to work form in the united states a skype waldman this is the tat same lobbyists was trying to connect christopher steel with a bunch of democrats senators after the fact to kind of clear the air they all this the here you see what i'm saying you the lobbyist sterile pasko and steel to same guy he's working for steel and there are pasqua and trump sanctions them ghana you absolutely sure but through the department of treasury to be those where the sanctions direction for what are you sure sessions and drop of no idea what's going on
whose parson number two victor vex solberg now again if your regular listeners showed its name may bring about i'm sure we brought it up victor vekselberg was a major sponsor had a significant business the business interests and a project in russia which was going to the russian silicon valley entire project skulk of our yeah i vex or was the guy he was the russian kind of like really central to this project the skulk of old jack which was designed to be against some russian silicon valley project it turned out later base thought american intelligence was a major russian esprit at hodge effort to take steal our technology shocker there why is that interesting well it's interesting because it they're trying to steal our stuff and we were so
there is but seven the twenty eight companies joe involved and skulk of o which vessel burg was intimately involved with donated who all the clinton foundation is crazy crazy how that works out crazy so you trot sexually thereupon guy who's connected to a lobbyist was connected to steal whose also connected to man afford who also the business dealings in ukraine you got vessel sanctioning another guy to his treasury department vex sober who was intimate they involve in a rush and espionage effort skulk about a steel our technology by the way there's some allegations that the scope of our project and effective technology may have had did you do with russia's recent development of a hypersonic missile designed to feed our missile defence is all went by the way the same companies involved and spoke of all in the theft of our technology donated to the quaint foundation
and by the way doubling down again victual bergs foam firm ran over or what they donated the clinton foundation fifty to one hundred thousand dollars folks again we absolutely sure i have provided to you i have done my best because i do you i love you too that i tweeted you're you put thus do what we just six six over all six for all a news in politics do no i mean we were we were beaten heavy hitters is weak and an ipod guest thank you for some subscriptions matter not just the listens for those you subscribe thank you but we have been telling you over and over and over again these connections are deep they are layered they are there and ned sessions and crop are aware trumps whole thing sessions has to protect him from some of the stuff that implicates him for obvious reasons but i'm telling you
give it some time i have provided you mounds and mounds of evidence now it you're still bout me which is fine that so i am not matter to the gene which is from clash of the titans i'm not give baby i get paid member that the question of times when area would get baby i get media not try to be of sage or predict the future you know karnak from the johnny carson show here but he puts a little index cards with aunt rachel yeah i'm really not trying to do that just trying to as a former invested eight are interested in fact trying to explain to you that i have good folks really quality sources you're telling me give it a minute no what's happening this is taking a very long time to do and to do correctly now one more piece formation so again just to reiterate what i told you this is important
russian sanctions against these billionaire oligarchy levied by truck trumpeters department of treasury targeted to people into lee involved in the spine i mean the whole obama gate scandal you know they should not spying on impersonally but i mean the whole obama gate scandal you don't you see what i'm saying there are pasqua connected to steal do lobbyists durham pasqua can the demand for rex aubert connected to skulk of all skulk of others after view s technology in this rush in silicon valley type simulated project this this we have technology possibly leading to the development of missiles that could defeat our missile defence all in same companies involved donated to the britain foundation why do you think sanction these guys to make him feel good give em a pass the guy's cut any dog thereupon get took a dump this weekend i one more thing
announced this weekend as well the appointment of ours john louse another united states attorney from the northern district of illinois provides what the production of i commend to the house investigative committee on pfizer gay clinton gay mackay flynn gate all of it stuff yes it took a little time i get it i understand but i am a be careful here but i am confident say tromp knows exactly what's going on here he might but then likely is said to these that heat trump is heads he is the head of the executive branch is obvious has probably put the squeeze on amazon guys it's time to comply with congress in their demands for transparency here no that port no one told me that personally but it's obvious by his tweets that he's state in the department of justice doing the right thing in complying with oversight this is the
urban of justice and the fbi are not independent agencies they fall under the executive branch of our constitution that's just the fact they are polluted the accountable like everyone else so the none of this is of this united states attorney tissue provides this process says to me that they are darn serious about the public finding out what's going on i don't know how you could do another conclusion from that support and stuff ok i got a lot to get so but that that story and by the way i have a really good story in the show notes from reuters bungee no doubt com check it out please i'm folks one quick note on that because it's gonna segouin nicely into my second story i listen i can italy and entirely understand i can't say this objective we because anything i say about my content obviously benefits me and joe when the show and at sea
tv and energy i get that enrich tv where i have my five thirty show at night at tv dot com i get that i understand that he can't possibly be objective but i was on fox and friends this morning as making a very serious appeal to people and i hope you saw it we are being sold carefully targeted by twitter that's not hyperbolic its drama its let me make a stand for pr i don't need it don't care about it net effect joe how many then of so we turned down a week from a hub for twenty years i am not here i live on that interesting my am interested my family my kids and i have three jobs are at a tv i do a lot of work do analysis would fox and i have this show and see your tv i have too much going on i'm not interested in the four pr when i am interested in telling use twitter and facebook are targeting conservative they ban hey from running ads they said it was dude
inappropriate content i have no idea what you're talking about we scoured twitter account i've told you this multiple times i dont know what they were talking about they won't answer they won't so what the inappropriate content wasn't frankly i don't care anymore about this about the ads that as i do care about targeting conservatives because i wouldn't a dollar anymore anyway so that not going to happen i also saw my stock and twitter so my stock and facebook i want nothing to do with these companies anymore but i say that because i'm humbly requesting that please go to my website bungee no dotcom subscribe my email is if you wouldn't mind it's right there the big subscribe follow us on twitter why was still there follow us on facebook whilst it why was still there you know a spread the word on our part kiss and please subscribe subscribe because i won't i dont know how much longer are we able to contact you ve a twitter i am seriously not confident that i won't be deep lifeforms soon from
facebook now if you like to join me in a i'm taking a bit of action this week i'm dance and a little bit for the regular listeners you know what i mean so diamond and silk why i know i wouldn't call the personal friends but i know them quite well we ve got a lotta conversations we been events together are very nice ladys lay support president tromp there they have some hope they have some pretty good other people seem to like em they have a platform on facebook and some of you know some he don't you can look up and they have been sanctioned by facebook as well i will have story up with the show notes again is well please check it out for being for content that is quote unsafe for the communities equivalent of me on twitter inappropriate content nobody knows that means they told diamond and silk that their facebook content is basically being throttled because their being not be
expanded to the audience it should because its unsafe for the community no one will tell them what that means exactly now in protest against this because it's it's a sham and i'm tired of social media imploring you humbly to join me in this taken a week off from who had from facebook i am posting posted yesterday that that would be my last post for a week that i'm going dark on facebook it's up to you i understand much starts unlike national trend the right thing but i would incur you today and if you can t make a post in support of em everyone this is gonna be your last week you'll see him again next monday that you're going dark for a week if they want to silence you then you know what that's fine well the tape over our mouths for a week and will show them what silence looks like because let me take some remote folks you and you may say well why would we d platform ourselves for a week you know why folks facebook is selling you there
i you when you're information facebook is worthless without people posting updates because nobody would go to facebook to see updates that aren't there and i've an opinion on this used to say to joe our why would we get off their get no there's a big mistake we can use their platform against and we can i want you know if you want to cancel your account farmer i'm do that yet but i think a good week or two of let them know what it looks like do not have any content to move face work is useless without you posting dog pictures and cat pictures and what you did this week at i'm serious it's useless what are people going on therefore so i'm taken a week off i pay please like my post the facebook because it all share that posted and people will see it and i can't recommend enough that we we do something it stand up are now more on this because this is a big deal
facebook and twitter this is a win win for them in banning conservative content throttling conservative content shadow banning conservative content what i mean by shadow banning is what you heard this story he ever did you say explained which out of it and i got a good one a peach from pga media at the show notes today again oh my website punch you know that comical story about this i don't banning of ted crews here's happening on twitter to prominent conservatives like crews and others they don't be and your account all right with me they just ban thereas i'm on twitter but they won't let us run as a band us what happened with ted who's this fascinating ted crews as something like three times the followers are twice the number of followers as kemal heresy democratic senator and liberal although the love interest that the liberals i mean i think she's the greatest thing ever she is look new centre ted cruises more i think more than twice as many followers her but if you get an analysis that they did i think
geraghty from national review of the re and lie amazingly crews only has a fraction of the retreats it likes it kemal harris does despite a pretty engage conservative base and ted crews being an extremely prominent unimportant conservative which why do you think that is at its not by accident folks twitter has been they did not the james oki videos where they acknowledge some form of shadow banning in those so keep videos shadow banning meaning joking post on his joe has one follow joe joe o ye hiv one on twitter casual i want to know i liked we yet he twitter it followed oh but you wouldn't say was joe has won their shadow banning jos tweeting and he thought since followers are seeing it but twitter
is only letting select people see it not as actual that's what a shadow ban is you don't know what you're not told your ban you are tweeting away joe you take everybody on the planet seeing it like crews but twitter so actively shadow banning people putting them in this box and only a few people see that now why is this a win win for social media nay mace gushed and that sounds pretty beer mecca win win so how do we went i'm gonna to get to that the second for two reasons twitter face book will continue to attack conservatives because number one i had to take some notes this to make sure i got the shortly thereafter the new socialist out there the new socialist new socialism was a termite from kevin williamson in one of his books the news socialists are not the type that want to take the government the government on the means of production to the new socialist or people who want the government to tax and read
late business to death but not directly own like in the soviet union because then they can't be blamed when it collapses like they were in the soviet union the new socialist i want you to tax business and regulated to death now are the new socialist they are largely liberals people who run is republicans in general i know we have some dogs to but in general folks are conservative and of the limited government type and dont want the government involving twitter facebook no matter what i know i don't know be crystal clear on this these are free market companies are not support government involvement even if it's on my behalf i dont want it i am still clear on our principles on this and you should be to where i stand if you support it that's fine i don't but see how if that doesn't ace that's asymmetric warfare folks twitter and facebook oh guys like me no matter how much they attacked me and joe no we will never ever advocate for the government to regulate and they know it because
are limited but we actually care about our principles despite the fact that twitter has personally targeted me i've sent out the pictures twitters there you are by ban for better inappropriate content you know how easy what be for me to come on got president trump please you gotta go after twitter men are not be afraid there not be unfair but the free park it isn't in the world's thinks and i'm gonna fight back my way i'm selling my stock on encouraging you too i use their own platform to go after him but i do not support government involvement but you see how this is a win win for twitter they oh job that continue to attack conservatives nothing will happen because they know i'll never advocate for government to go after them they know but the free market will take a really long time they hit them just like it did the mainstream media the mainstream media gosh job cronkite you know dear
rather they had a monopoly on the media market your entire adult life and in they waited and i'm too you that's what's gonna happen a twitter to myspace somebody like what space exactly twitter the i'm telling you their days are numbered they may be numbered slowly but they are numbered they keep this up but it is only that it is a win win for twitter because they know conservatives will not go after their appeal the new socialist who love big business targeting conservatives because any body you aligns with their ideological cause an enemy their enemy as their friend they don't care they d no conservatives are the enemy if twitter tax them then they are our friends there the enemy of their and second
i brought this up a couple weeks ago but in light of what happened at diamond and silk on facebook and what continues to happen on twitter it's important brings up again first he'll into new socialist second there appealing to government regulators because they want safe harbour they don't want to be sued for today this criminality in the cases would be weak if i give you know if it is seriously to it's a free market company and me suing them would probably be highly highly unlikely to win anywhere even with i ideologically illogically align judge i'm not that i would sue them but you get the point but they do want safe harbour from the government so what are they looking for twitter is gonna figure on this joe well if we go after conservatives welcome you're the liberals the new socialist their lovers and maybe el pass these laws that they have over in the uk these hate language laws these
you know what i'm saying these these these the these hit you can't say this and you can't say that it's a crime to open your mouth these laws they haven't some other countries and that will allow twitter and facebook to ban can of accounts entirely with no fear of litigation at all in the future none what's a win win first they appeal liberals who hate conservatives by booting conservatives off twitter and secondly once they book serbia's off twitter maybe some law be passed in the future that approach damn safe harbour against lawsuits because they can say all of his hate language and we just didn't like it this is a in win win for them now another thing happened this week and jack dorsey the head of twitter shared in article eighty six eight great red you see this show great red yemen great the guy is that had a twitter the article was a complete power shot disingenuous attack on conservatives
celebration of california politics despite the fact that california which is it is what fifty out of fifty inquiring casa living quality life california bankruptcy mean the same california go we of surpluses you yet you also have trillions and government liabilities you can pay less and i love california ok i just don't like the politicians run it but jack dorsey the head of twitter share nautical said great read an article that just i mean attacks publicans and some of the most grotesque ways this is the head of twitter now what do we do i told you what i'm doing this week and i encourage you to join me totally up you again i'm not trying to you know peter start some national movement here but it be nice help me out support in itself whether you like it or not some people do some people don't i like them they're very nice i like out either commentaries funny i think and i think they're trying to be the william f buckley
their time but their funny and they port the president i dunno i admire them prevent the guts to stand up they are being hurt my facebook encourage you today to fight back and go dark for we face but cannot sell you and your content if it isn't there put up a post tag diamond and silk say you know thank thanks facebook we're here for a week we'll see all on monday not share in anything this week as it ain't gonna be here second i saw my stocks you do what you want i'm not a financial adviser and not try to tell you to put financial health at risk i'm just telling you what i did i say my twitter stocked listen i'm sure some liberal pick it up i'm sure it had a zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero one what percentage point impact on this that price a twitter if that i'm just telling you
over time the cumulative effects of a number of people who get tired of this stuff fight back doing similar things will matter finally twitter wants the shadow ban and an outright ban people like me from running adds don't advertise folks don't give me people a dime don't give him a dime now have a contract now so i still have some stuff that there exists and disclosure matters to me and i don't want to be i do have some adds running their on facebook that i've he paid in advance and i can't have a tough time getting out of those around bob soon but i'm done with twitter i will not be giving them a dime again in the future but do what i did after yes i'm i'm i'm not i can't i just refused i'm not giving him a dime dry them out don't give them a dime of your money folks all right i got a lot more to get to sophie you in school based actual ratio also brought you by bodies and i target this is the best
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oh god damned for ten percent of member competitive shooters try fire ten times more than they live far that's how you improve your proficiency with fire ok some news stories of the day i gotta get to and i want to get to this inflation puzzle story it's fastening right china again so china's talking devaluation now folks china is this is interesting what's going on with the trumpet now you know if you listen to my show on terrorists you know where i stand on average only to repeated there though shows but it is found snaking what's happening and trouble skills as a negotiator will see in the next the coming days the coming weeks how exactly his taxes on negotiating skills joseph play out if you know what i mean yes he is
it was some significant chair of sunshine of course when china do china responded by saying i know you are but what am i you know we're gonna do it to write pretty marcel now you have this threat of tax in tariffs on products imported an export imported into china export to china and vice versa the united states but here's an interesting little note i saw china is now and what i said to you last week i met i'm not afraid terrorists but china is really in between a rock and a hard place here joe china exports of a book five times as much stuff into the united states is a life where four times to be a little more precise four times as much in prague products insight into the united states as we to them so if we were to pose tariffs on them it would do adequately impact and affect the chinese economy edward stub don't get me wrong but still a fact hours but we don't export is much
them as they sent to us now it would impact as you know my stance on out if you listen to the shop so china's between a rock and a hard place enough for that one reason for reason number one vase a more to us than we sell them number to their second retaliatory measures the threatening is all we're just gonna dump your your treasuries your bonds we have you we have your puppy let you guys money and we're just gonna dump and dumping them would effectively be no basically to destroy the market for u s bonds and make it very difficult for the u s to borrow money why because china is lending us the money vagina says we're not gonna borrow money anymore a narrow major lender to us we're going to have to raise our interest rates to find other people to take up our debt so i thought that last week so number two well how does at her china because if they sell their there u s tat all the time they have no flood the market with it all
sudden what their left holding could remember their different majorities is gonna lose value to sir china's basically going to cut off their nose to spite your face again we talk that that last week the third one there are new threat job number three china's well just devalue our currency here we're gonna mass we devalue our currency and what'll i do that will reduce the affair of any terror she put on our products by devaluing the currency what do they mean that they mean exactly that making their money worth less and when you make their money worth less their products are worthless because their products are denominated in chinese money so if you god say a thousand chinese widgets you bought them for a thousand u s dollars and they devalue their currency you thousand u s dollars buys more widgets and why the chinese currency there denominated in is worth less so you got a thousand
they dollars and you got a thousand chinese renminbi and now you get thousand that's dramatic you know but they diva now you get two thousand amongst their currencies worth lesser you get more for you stars you can now by more chinese widgets now china's like i will cross will be value it our currency will make our products basically cheaper and therefore offset any your terror so you know they do the nelson months but right now they say then i doubt if there is a chinese or you know over iraq here they are based if they do that they tried at twenty fifteen folks and what happened by devaluing their currency we talk about this on a show i think two years ago by devaluing their chinese currency what do they do devalue all the assets in china people have better denominated in chinese currency so what happened in twenty fifteen pig
i'm chinese model what it out of the country because there wait you're going to devalue my assets i'm converted everything to u s dollars tomorrow so you called their core capital outflows did what are they gonna do there they are again you know my stance on terrorism not offend you heard the show but i've just tell you in the end the france of tribes negotiating position if he can in turn get the chinese to stop stealing our intellectual property and to work on government procure procure a procurement excuse me that's more fair and reasonable and to use their own trade barriers if you can get him to do this be a genius more because there there's nothing the chinese can do that's gonna impact us joe download graham worse devalued kurtz yeah good luck with that money is going to flood out of your country in droves and go where until the united needs good luck good luck with it
so your body good luck you have a trillion that you have trillions of dollars in and assets it both in foreign direct investment in your in bonds you're gonna devalue your own stuff but you have left right right right they are in that they are up the creek folks and think think under will see and i got about trying to play both sizes you don't crystal clear where i stand i'm just saying is a negotiating position if he can get them to fold for these terrorists are implemented and open up their markets stop steel and our staffer intellectual property open up their government procurement and stop gap it can and you know it by china only policy there it will then a very significant move folks a significant one so concerned so much about the trade deficit i am so i am concerned about unfair trade practices and there
subsidizing of government industries and things like that is well just makes for a globally inefficient market but i thought that was interesting in light of the conversations we ve had to china member those three ways there over the rubber iraq there really screwed right now all right does finally they're gonna love they get you don't go anywhere today show also partly by bodies a brick house nutrition big fan of a brick ass nutrition tricks been with us from the start they have the best fruit and vegetable powder on the market it is real food real food this is sherry little bit blueberry so nice fruit flavour put in there this is the real magala this is wholesome quality fruits and vegetables that you'd have to eat by the truckload every day to get in the in india scoops she'll get into a man who product feel the green stuff is great it tastes delicious egotistical but a cherry little bit of blueberry so nice fruit flavour i love it it's called feel the greens it is your fruit and vegetable insurance no sensible health professional doktor nutrition scientists personal train a knot of
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good stop field agrees it tastes absolutely delicious go check it out brick house nutrition that calm slash then that's brick ass nutrition that calm slash there ok man sorry folks of a modern alone but its monday and i need to get you the new you need to hear about i have you seen i have on my notes that i have a little arrow pointing to the side stories which make liberals appear nuts which is true for this for this week that the fears of your good so you noticed this uptake and teacher strikes lately we listen west virginia we seen across states now have teachers have been strike thing can happen in kentucky recently from this is all in response to a is going on in supreme court right now i discussed a couple of weeks ago the janis case right now liberals are in a panic why liberals have been largely funded their move
since their cause whether it's a minimum wage cause whether its forced unionization is unions have moved farther and farther to the left public sector unions in many cases private sector units have sponsored legislation that basically help the democratic party they don't a pretty much overwhelmingly democratic candidates and public union coffers these enable subpoena provided door knock prison things like that unions have been a source of democrats support listen i have said to reach you repeatedly i say it again made the union i'm anti monopoly at the force being fought the joint me a union that has a monopoly over your for of association is not my idea of a good time i'm sorry this the court now which is gonna be absolutely devastating to unions if they lose and it doesn't look good for them is the janis case vows these security clause security clauses are in essence forced payments from an employee to a union
whether he basically wants to join or not and the reasoning behind them has been while the union's bargaining on behalf of everyone in these employees you know should be forced to pay for that bargaining because they benefit from it it looks like these the security clause are gonna be thrown out now what's happening of course far left states washington and others are now spending in advance of the keeper mine supreme court ruling hasn't even come out allotted teacher strikes have been organised s kind of a warning sign joe the look if this if we in this case this is what's in store for you remember what the left folks thing is by action local what you want to do this to look words will strike teachers will strike everybody there in a panic liberals hate freedom of association folks and the fact that you will not be forced
join in finance a union the fact that you will be striving them crazy so stay their passing laws that are or what their met the preemptively joe is create let's just a small window for you to get out so if you don't have to pay any more you're only going to get a ten day window i think was one of the rules who was you have to respond in writing but you're automatically enrolled in a union unless you respond in writing otherwise this is a scam folks this is a scam is i'm can i have nothing against unions but i do have a whole lot against unions forcing people to join who don't wanna join i'm sorry it is unfair and it just puts unions in a very very bad lie and what s interesting joe is unions will tell you all this is necessary and we're benefiting the workers but which fascinating is if you are if you read some of the studies on this about gonna have to a third of people in the actual union now if given the choice to pay union dues would actually pay them over
there's so popular how come only to have to a third of the people in the union would agree to keeping the union it doesn't make any sense you want to get to this one this is another story aid should be in the show notes and i strongly encourage you to read this one this is so much a story some research i saw this week in which i thought would be fascinating to talk about the shell the inflation puzzle there's a piece out by the saint louis fed its short it's not one of these overly wonky pieces which is surprising sometimes i read these things men if you have a good background and economics and you don't standing the last this these an opportunity cost of either the articles are almost impossible to your last year your loss this one's very readable short sweet it's more like a kind of a synopsis but it talks about disinflation puzzle i know that because this matters phocis matters a lot there's a perplexing kind
phenomenon going on right now the lot of economists serving a tough time figuring out this why the federal government to do the do the federal reserve you're supposed to be independent we all know it subject to political influence like anyone else but why are they ve been printing hack out of money through quantitative easing and other type programme but why inflation is stayed relatively subdued now when you pay a lot of money to be more money chasing the same amount of goods the price would go up if there's a hundred thousand economy chasing a hundred widgets hypothetically each widgets fetch a dollar if you print another therefore there are two hundred thousand economy chasing a hundred widgets than hypothetically each which it could fettes two dollars even otis though a hundred widgets so monetarists another there's been a lot of theories about what exactly causes inflation i am of the belief that the quantity of money does in fact is a primary driver i don't think that's a particularly controversial assertion to me
what's puzzling now is again that we can print in the heck at a money and inflation has stayed relatively subdued a lot of people can't find out why now when productivity goes up when productivity is high inflation is typically low protocols meaning were producing more staff think about why that would be because of his hundred hours chasing a hundred widgets and now you producing two hundred widgets there now the costs should go down because there's more which its positive roughly the same amount of money so what are they maybe just productivity ease enhance that sub wages producing more stuff but prototyping what kind of stagnant lately and inflation still relatively subdued so there's a couple there is the stairs peace puts out there in the short term quicker one of which is fascinating joe remember talk about why prices are going up in essence work can be bringing this very simple and weed
i don't want prices to go i'm not a fan of inflation i'm just see this is a good report rightly explained the company one i think they have to do with it movement of technology and one of the good examples i give you two makes a lot of sense a smartphone show smart phones have reduced the demand for other products a lot of other products oh yeah you have health care perhaps now joe you have health perhaps on your phone so if you had a blood pressure monitor in your house it costs five two hundred dollars now you download an app on your phone you put your fingers on a little board it attaches to your phone you see these things in a measure your blood pressure your pulse re whatever you want yet for promoting a beautiful oppression for that but your pulse rate whenever they may be you know you have all kinds of apps healthcare acts that are coming out now you have pedometers that you can you detect on your phone how many steps you're taking all of the smartphone apps have reduced them and for other products when you return
demand for products obviously the price comes down because there's not that many people trying to buy now smartphones one example is the only one but it was a good one and isabella reduced and for war comments there are eighteen and nineteen year old like what the heck is a walkman exactly when joe what i but that was the fig value to tape deck walkman where you are the man whose goofy look at her father gel bob and around clouds i remember that that we don't hear any of it all opera jargon where's the desired even reduce the man there's no demand so yeah other music players and things like that impede players that you know stuff has gone the way the woolly mammoth because of the development of the smartphone ass i sat in paris amateurs other things here as well what computers stand alone computers most people do in their email now by smartphone so the reduction
in demand due to some form of up a productivity enhancement nice while priorities a productivity stagnant we not maybe we're just measuring it the wrong way that's what i'm going with us smart phones have a look in aided the demand for a bevy of other products again keeping prices low because with no demand you can have a pricing nobody wants a number that number two he the sharing economy this is a brilliant in something i talked about and punish before maybe the sharing economies hiding a lot of these productivity enhancements in other words how we're really getting more efficient as a society smartphones sharing economy but we're not really seeing it in the numbers the share economy folks goober airbus and be things like this where did we're not producing any new assets in essence but the same assets are just being used better what do i mean by that you haven't
partly joe women had me and you say you know after this week and who knows we may we really blew up this week tat we re in you get some big apartment and had we only use three four times a year those sets or unused safe where there are weak fervour of forty eight forty nine weeks out of the year nobody's air so joe may a dynamic adjustment mine out the urban be so now people go up there and they use what was its not knew it shows carbon but it's a previously inefficiently used asset joe was only using it for two weeks out of here now i was being used efficiently for fish a forty nine weeks out of the year as well and what does that to reduce the demand for what yo ho pal so when you don't have as much demand for oh tell room prices stay down so again maybe we're just not measuring productivity right and that's why these prices are subdued same thing with cars you know all day
add your car sitting around you go to the gym you got nothing to do but you say you were cuz you know for five hour work day or an eight hour workday news for tonight got a corset driveway now you got your neighbor guy what is that down demand for taxis lemme see cars but we didn't you know what i've brought me we are building you could be used to send a productivity enhancements don't show up in new cars it's the cars we have now being used better keep prices down because people are building up the prices of taxis and cans anymore interesting one more in theory but this was demographic change and this result of research they didn't japan which i thought was really interesting that older workers in japan who ve been with companies their entire life now joe remembers just decades ago this was the this was this area the day you know when you started with a company like can i be member joe you stayed there forever you do know you weren't pan
before they went out of business whatever it may be and you got your pension from their say that cause maya father in law you work for panam and you said you didn't move around now the problem there with japan with this lifetime stability that came in with a job market shows now some of these companies are closing people been there for two years and their skills joe our firm specific their knots that would mean even joe even we gonna podcast you remember you will like it in some this stuff is new to be sound cloud all this stuff and now i mean now is three years in jos like the man on this but it was no we'd him africa to learn some stuff together even parliament my wife was a web you know g yes we have a figure a lot of it out now oh remodelled his and basically sent a second career now but the point they do making to some of the studies in japan is a lot of older workers can't do that day the skills specific to that firm the firm closer so what are they doing taking any he level jobs in other places not commensurate with their former skills and pushing
our younger workers and of course these all the workers are saving more not spending as much as those younger workers would have so they're not bidding up the prices for things and i just thought that was another interesting thing with that that's happening there may be some i have something to do with demographic changes so you know interesting stuff i love economics have always been passionate about it and i thought you might find some advantage during one last story under the liberals are nuts category may i literally have an hour appointed to this dude liberals or not its upper i am so disorganized here it's crazy i was up in a regatta this week for my daughter she roy s yeah i saw some big supporters in orlando so if you like the one of them said he this is i shall be they so you know you i ran into a mini restaurant i was eaten in with my my family there so he was calling wanna take her sell and have been in restaurants are looking around like sky somebody famous students i'm serious
funniest thing also check out the eu farmville foreign builds up very authorization why does this matter to you because it get appointed how crazy liberals are the first sorry about the union's was fascinating because they want to force you to join the union no matter what and even if this record court rules that they're going to force you to continue paying because that's what liberals do they don't believe in freedom of association but on the farm bill there's a negotiating going on because the farm bill joe is the bill largely responsible for food stamps spending and areas entirely reasonable proposal being put in the stamp bill that if you are an able bodied adult that is capable of working you should be able to put in twenty hours of work to pay for the amount of your food that there fighting the money and resources there providing you with remember able bodied people we're not talking about kids people
sable people can work about able bodied people who you are working to feed but don't wanna work to feed themselves so their put talking about a portion of the bill that would put a twenty our ban but here is the others it is a twenty our work requirement but states are given waivers their goods our policies waivers member this is able bodied we're not king about people who can't work we're in but working children older folks people were able bodied and there grants or say in no way it's a non starter so you're supposed to work too yourself and someone else who doesn't want to work potentially to freedoms this bizarre but this again goes into the category of liberals losing their minds and this is why they lose working class america because this is hard to justify to even the most compassionate sympathetic person to say to them wait let me get this straight you're you don't twenty five years old you have no
physical ailments prevent you from working there is this very simple for you twenty our requirement or job training and job training is a very broad category you know do any of that but you want to continue to take money for people who are working to feed themselves end you at the same time and it makes sense to you and anyway then why the left is losing america folks its precise because the things like this this is in the liberals are not category style chevy category sure i had a man or a tv show have all these little categories i put together i've liberals versus liberals dopey things liberal say the bunking liberals the canopy awards which went over great yeah that was great for shareholders but my folks ass a show for today i really appreciate your support go check me out tonight energy tv dot com i'm on minus five thirty p m enery tb
come a row coup amazon fire apple tv checks out a google chrome cast to our thanks for the feedback on the show it's been i've been greater really appreciate go to punch you know that come check out the shoulders a really good lorries on their take care seen you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dont com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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