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Ep. 697 The Investigation Behind the Investigation

2018-04-12 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I provide solid evidence that there is an investigation going on behind the scenes and that FBI informants are cooperating. I also discuss and debunk absurd liberal arguments regarding gun control. Finally, I address the issue of debt and deficits and how they relate to tax issues.    News Picks: Finally, the FBI gives up a key document.    Read subsection 4 of this document for evidence of FBI cooperation in the FISA probe.   Does the lack of gun laws lead to upticks in violence? No.    The deficit is growing despite income taxes going up.    Are the Chinese using our universities to spy and steal our technology?    This is a deeply disturbing account of a GOP congressman’s tirade against Trump.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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get ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour thereby gino shepherdess joe hurry ranking in their mr bonde gino every have another winter do i dance contrast our body just in personal trainer and jim owner in minneapolis who has been taking on liberal clientele even at the risk of losing clients you're them and just then he laid out a list of everything he's doing a dance changed the world one protests that a time we love it thanks just and will be sent your book you so we got a few more winners doing now i got a lot get to today s i don't i the lay out the show sometimes i'm afraid i'm going to get the stuff but let me just tell you this if you still have doubts that there are three going on behind the scenes you doubt me because i get it the mahler thing i totally get it entirely frustrated with them
are things off the rails symbolic investigation entirely jumped the shark franz rally from happy days as i said would be extend a disaster but on investigation into the fbi and the o j and depend very specific abuses folks things are happening and the reason i bring it up is because the you think it's random that loretta lynch jim com all these people brennan all of a sudden again brennan's always kind of been it been an advocate for the police state but glory alleged joe she appears added nowhere why why won't happen what is go away you dar right i'm going to pay we still do not miss a second additional evidence because i still getting email the buttons go an on going ok i'm gonna make the case for you today and you like if you doubt today you're just ignore
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they'll have security clearances are still working for the fbi and people understandably on twitter went crazy how is this how it is our after all they did all those stick about how they could smell trumps supporters they couldn't stand trumped supporters they needed an insurance policy against trop how are they still working there who folks the fact that there are still working there is evidence of what i'm telling you it's true they are while operating in the investigation is so obvious to anyone who's got some experience investigating these cases why is andy mikhail gone why is becky god why are these senior level matters combing fired why are they all gone but stroke pay and were very very important figure in this still there who
that important figure you may not have heard a lot about lately bill price step now i'm not gotten into this too much lately price step was strokes boss he has not been fired i want a walk you too something so you understand because this is all going to come out within days and weeks in the eye g report that's right about the flow like water over a cliff and it is going to be devastated yesterday also breaking with nunez devon nunez the republican congressmen who has been looking at this entire situation fight hey joe got access today electronic communication the document explaining how this whole investigation started which is going to be damning i want to play for you some audio here this is important play this before months ago i think an episode six twenty eight
but it is more important now but before i play it i want to lay for you what exactly exactly i'm talking so you understand why this is damning to jim call me and even or damning too are to someone people and why they haven't been fired becoming has right let me lay out the premise there are p pull in the fbi cooperating on the abuse of the fire a process to spy on donald trump and the abuse of the fbi protocols and the deliberate let get out of jail free card for hillary clinton i'm i'm i'm apps but what we sure of it now listen to them first part of this order you this is representative elise stefanik a republican from new york question jim call me back in arch of twenty seventeen now listen to his responses peace clause
we caught off guard a bid when he's asked the question about the counter talents investigation was opened on donald trump now keep the dates and mine you have to undo and what's going on here i want to cut this into two parts it is about three minutes of audio but at some of the most important audio you'll ever here especially in light of this fraud jim call me go out do and media interviews now to sell his book this testimony in march of twenty seventeen the key intelligence investigation into donald trump starts in july of twenty sixteen almost a year earlier now rational fbi whitehouse dna protocols at the fbi is too brief quarterly members of the oversight committee over oversight for intelligence issues too brief them quarterly early on
counter intelligence investigations it was only the most important counter intelligence investigation in modern u s history against donald trump now if the investigation started in july twenty sixteen nearly eight year earlier because this testimonies in march of twenty seventy and their suppose forgive quarterly now for liberals listening you have twice months out of the year that would mean every three months i'm not crazy right three times for twelve twelve months in a year i think i'm good so the investigation was started a year earlier and they are obligate it by protocol to give briefing the congress about a counter intelligence investigation list the commies answer as to why this is so
important as to why he did not brief congress thank you mrs crawford mr fox recognise thank you mr chairman thank you director comin admiral rogers for your testimony today my first set of questions are directed at director call me broadly when the fbi has any open counter intelligence investigation what are the typical protocol was or procedures for notifying the dna the white house and senior com show leadership there is a practice of a quarterly briefing on sensitive cases to the chair and ranking of the house and send intelligence committees and the reason i hesitate is thanks to feedback we ve got we're trying to make it better and that involves a briefing of the department of justice i believe the dna and the some portion of the national security council at the white house
if that's what orderly reach them before congress has proved so it's quarterly for all three thence senior congressional leadership the white house and the day and i think that's right now that's by practice by rule or by written policy which is why thanks to the chair in rank and giving us feedback we're trying to tweak in certain ways all right that's the first part that's the set up and i took a few notes on it he's asked the question about he know exactly by the way that is he knows these caught but he's a little bit by the question here you can tell by goes the reason i hesitate people i don't want to make statements don't make statements about not making statements to quota to be more in the edges jane well i can't stand of the move sometimes i like it sometime tom up and down about it but that courts pretty get the reason he hesitates because he's got out she's going to ask me about why we didn't brief congress about investigation donald trump so we
the reason i hesitate now this issue has a is because you realize you were busted now he says he setting himself up i'm gonna give you the rest of this in a minute but he's setting himself up right now and is putting in a bunch of caveats to why they brief congresses well it's not by practice admetus by practice is not by rule by practice that's what you do like practice can you do it often but by rule in other words are agreed in brief you but we can break any laws right john member he's china not make a statement about not make it has taken and while bake it stay right and tries to greece or up a little bit and kissed her but there by going well we're working on feed act with you and i think said the chair in the ranking i will try to make this process better in other words oh my gosh we screwed up but how am i going to explain to him now that its march of twenty seventeen i'm supposed to brief them cordially
haven't told them about what's going on with donald trump even though it's been going on since june twenty sixty thousand row how we gonna handle this now ok that's the set up now the coup de grass since in your opening statement you confirm that there is a counter intelligence investigation currently open and you also of reference that it started in july when did you notice i the dna the white house or senior congressional leadership congressional leadership some time recently they were briefed nature of the investigation in some details i said i was he department justice aware of it all along the dna don't know what the dna knowledge of it was because we don't have a dna until mr coats took office now briefed him his first morning in so just a drill down on this if if the opening
instigation began in july and the briefing of congressional leadership only heard recently why there are no notification prior to the recent the past month i think decision was it was a matter of such sensitivity that we would be included in the quarterly briefings so when you say our decision is that you decision is that usually your decision what gets briefed in those quarterly updates notes decision of the head of our counter intelligence division andrews again to get there detailed on the record why was that decision made not to brief senior congressional leadership until certainly when the investigation had an open since july a very soon this investigation why was that decision made to wait months because of the sensitive
but if the matter now oh oh oh jimbo daddy oh what do we got day what we got we got a guy squirm in his chair i dare you bonds immediately to this continued line of inquiry first they took a few notes year again by say that's a good question in other words why by time how do i my time to snake and wiggle my way out of this wide notify congress that we're investigating the prestige united states and a former prison she'll candidate who won the presidency law that's it good question so escape less life what do you think cat video on youtube she paid attention oh it's not a good question it's a great question and the fact
did he says recently given that it is now nearly a year later any still hasn't notified congress he started to realize where a lot of trouble he goes to then tell a either a lie or he is just not that slack he says well it notify the dna directive national intelligence because it wasn't one no there was there jim opera was the dna the entire time maybe he's trying to preserve jim clapper save jim clap or from having to testify himself i dont know but if a pass on that one i don't know why but i'm feeling generous warning right botanic asked again by representatives to find a consensus usanga something here he's wow we didn't notify and because of the sensitivity of the matter that's the whole reason naked do congressional briefings folks the a reason i do congressional briefings on sensitive counter
intelligence investigations is precisely because of the sensitive the other matter that is not a reason to break practice and not notify the representatives of the people the united states and their scented counterparts you are not an independent organisation jim call me you opera is filled windbag you do not run a yacht praetorian guard gestapo force this government constitutional republic where people checks and balances vertically and horizontally within the government verde we within the executive branch of the president which you worked for horizontally amongst congress overseeing the executive branch the coup courts having their own independent powers checking balancing me others jim call me seems to think he was running a private security team
i am i bringing this up again i'm not and a re litigate episode six twenty eight i'm trying to make two points the eu that the outrage yesterday about stroke in page still working at the fbi i get it but don't be outraged says to me clearly that they are while operating with session about defending sessions again on a mahler thing please like it's a disaster i get it and i too really see your pointed the refusal is probably right now to ask new blood i get objects to you don't ignore what's going on behind the scenes on the investigation into the investigation into trump ignore that it's real now what disorder this audio have to do with it it's how we ended off when the representatives the fanatic asks him who
told you not to notify us because of the sensitivity of the matter not to notify congress about the investigation into trump says the head of the counter intelligence division who is that bill price step peter strokes boss now you may say ok i don't get it i don't get it why does that mean price step strokes boss stroke page what is what what do you think they're cooperate because price step it is clearly was thrown under the bus thereby jim call me by the way the conservative tree house guys noted it's a good idea as i got that already of nine months ago a cute fans of mine and i mean all they said something about levant i really can't stand but i do have two that's where that order your came from months ago but it remit and get me of something today why not use this name so good point
what does he hiding price that is clearly implicated in this in that call me himself said price step strokes boss said don't say anything to congress now it gets better jobs how do we know price step is cooperating won t stand it totally where's he been nobody seen nobody's heard of him there's no media at his house he's not been called ass a fine for congress nobody's up they are outside of a few people calling attention to talk about iran talk radio or the news why wise price that if pry if price steps the guy according to commies own testimony you just heard from the horses mouth chosen if price steps the guy that told call me tell congress about this investigation why wouldn't price that be the the point because she's cooperating against these idiots now i have this in the show notes today this
justifies a document from the day report dare vanunu what's the data on this so i get this absolutely correct february second of twenty eighty not that long or just a few months ago i have the document the memo drawn up by devon nunez explaining the abuse so the pfizer process to spy on donald trump this is in the show notes today go look at fine for the memo let me read it for you according to the head of the fbi's counter intelligence division assistant director bill price that court operation of the steel dossier was in its in fancy and i quote at the time of the initial car page pfizer application so the same guy who told jim call me not to say anything about
counter intelligence investigation into donald trump the same guy who said don't say anything that congress were investigating the president also acknowledged to a man of congress that the very document the whole investigation was based on the verification and was quote in its infancy at the time of the application oh wait what you made it wasn't verified authenticated nothing you use a court designed to spy on terrorist to spy the president and you yourself acknowledged to a member of congress at all yet which is in its infancy when we did that in the dossier that is guys ladies they already interviewed this guy if they pretty interviewed the sky where is he now i'm gonna tell you worry is now price step stroke
and page again just bring it back to where we started people are asked twitter there breaking useless it he's there's also working in the fbi what sessions doing there while operating is clear as day they have likely given some form of grand jury testimony a reason devon nunez and allow we who i have enormous respect for doing a great job by the way the reason nunez isn't out there with others howling about whereas pre step and stroke why pick about why is joe why is it nunez who's been a bull dog on this one is unknown years on fox news every day going i demand access to peter stroke lisa page bill price step who were the head the counter intelligence division in the legal team on why i demand access to them why isn't he doing it
there are already working with the sessions team they ve proud thirdly given grand jury testimony at this point which is see grid guys i'm just asking you on that point i'm not believe me the mother thing i'm going to get to that in a second but i got a lot to get too should bear with me today i get differently ninety nine percent of emails loved this story some of em hate it this is important though it is critical you understand what's going on it's not just a power spying on the president it is about a deep state bunch of swap rats who were now finally starting to feel the force of the government they abuse coming down on them as clear as day they are cooperating that is either still around them holding the administrative cudgel over their head what do i mean by that show if they i hear them now price steps
who can pay much what are they gonna do joe they're gonna the fifth and say about in wilder's oh employed with the fbi and provide how do we know what cooperating do i need to root out again devon yes according ahead of the fbi's counter intelligence division assistant director bill price that what do you think nunez made that up tat way in the memo for a reasonable job it wasn't one of these waken not now we're interface near it was its idiot full staring right out you out i'll put the document in the show notes on the script file look right yourself wine for just look at yourself he has already been interviewed by these guys the reason they are not calling these fbi guys back and trying to have them fired when you think they're shy syria so you think devin nunez me people these people shied want to do that if you don't run for congress as a shy guy ok i know i ran they're not
calling for their there their careers to be ended and am the beef i am right now you noticed they weren't chimed in yesterday on is because there cooperating and the fbi the fire and has no administrative cudgel hold over the nun right now probably saying hey thanks for the cooperation here's what we need here is that we need to they say why i don't think i'm going to talk about that ok you're fired you lose your pension go by i changed my mind right here's or anything price representing loyalty now to call me call me tormentor the pass just play the audio for you guys ladys please bear with me on that i know what i mean get some negative feedback on i'm not anymore defending the department of justice their debts a disaster i am however defending what sessions is doing behind the scenes on this specific case the more we
brush this thing the more we're gonna screw it up a big change a hard on this a while ago after watching what happened whip in after watching what happened with the irs and everybody get a pass i am convinced absolutely convinced that there is movement people are go there are going to be either indictments or significant again civil or criminal action against some of these people i'm sure of it does that make censure there we set up a little bit remarked that guy downward you said you were sure but we're going this is in a moment in history you you guys get argot i got some i want to get you to show you that my theory on this as is right but annotation also brought you by freedom project academy hey by the way big shout out to the guy who made a donation of substantial one to freedom project academy i got an email from dave over there this morning i was very nice thank you you know you are
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in roman ends in july but classes fill up fast that's freedom for school dot com freedom for school dotcom don't forget the town the damn bungee show sunny ok so again just rap on that point up here the reason they were not fired and ard fired now is because they are holding their pensions and everything basically is an administrative you better start help it out you still have you constitutional rights but you ain't gonna have your pension if you don't help clear up what happened here that's why it's we just read the reports ok that's the reasons are still working secondly second point on this i've been getting some severe which is cool i'm i'm because i like you know the marketplace of ideas fee back positive and negative people who for she's we agree and ferociously disagree there's no milk toasty emails i've been getting on this one on the fire mahler episode i've said to you fire model
because there's it's not a good or bad option not stop with that it's no good or bad there's bad unless bad add is keeping mahler where he continues to diminish and destroy the presidency and hunt down every single person in the trump circle because he's investigating a person in search of a crime not investigating a crime in search of the people who did it there's it understand that distinction if you don't none of this makes sense bob mahler is hunting down he's hunting down people trump people and i'm looking for crimes later all it would be criminals if that were the case and you were subjected to this horror shell night though as bad as the fire him now and to deal with ramifications now i know a lot of people while trumped can pardon everyone folks yes of course you can everyone but that doesn't go away fires mahler why half wrong and he knows this tromp shoes seriously put your open trumped shoes now he knew
but she's under investigation for doing nothing wrong but rigour collusion out we ve all done something wrong and he now this is an entirely disingenuous effort he's gotta watch his son in law his friends his national security adviser all go down but no fires fire mahler he's entirely unreasonable is entirely conflicted if you listen unless you few shows and start with somebody fresh clean this thing up already very you you'd feel differently now summit said if they firearm that they're going to impeach him ok did you see the article i about eric ericsson as a peace up at the with his website domain its upper my up and you know that companies check it out and employee subscribe to my email is my wife keeps tell i really appreciate to be annoying but my wife what you know we have to try to find ways the
opera back up plan for when the liberal kooks come for us so you don't mind subscribing to my email is to be super helpful where is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to you but well email you these articles every day so first the article in the washing examined about them finally looking at the easy to start the case i have the notes the script i'll there of the actual document where precept who needs admits tell talk in a priest that i also have a disk the good piece by eric ericsson he talked to a republican congressmen now the guy was anonymous item in the peace i guess he requested anonymity but this is a shocking peace ericsson a pair we met the guy in a supermarket our if they walked up and down the island talked on a really care on and off he was recording it are wider than matter but you know whether you ll former hate americanese up he's not why about the conversation is credibility began forever the cup station is and its
weeks to my they are going to impeach tromp anyway narrative this is a report looking congressmen joe view the story now haven't good even better watch your reaction on the report can congressmen who admits that on television he's been vocal supporter of trump on tv saw we love em admits behind the scenes he quietly hates him he calls women effing stupid far scamp he just four ways the president i need active cow this i don't think i've ever seen jobless one thing about my pet myself on a bank a matter but one thing they show is i heard stories about the president is character from people who worked from way way before is running for present that a firm to me that he's a flawed guy like the rest of us you genuinely gives a damn about people i'm i'm i'm convinced going to convince me otherwise because of people i know said it are not people who have any skill in this game at all
including my mother in law who had an experience or donald trump on upon a plain when they use the clean planes who in a new york airport that used to walk in a plane they give their people in the plant hundred our tips that's not only story by the way there are lots of those ass is flawed of course he is but you're not going to convince me that this is satan in the office the way this congressmen talks about em is so disparaging and horrible but he says something joe that's important and this is why i'm telling he's gonna be appeased anyway he like listen man the congressman's like work or wait and see how the mid terms go but basically if this path lynn gets any worse on the twenty eighteen mid terms in congress and if we think we're going lose the house and he said something like we're gonna impeach the mother anyway this is
republican who supports reports on television this is not a democrat guys to ladys kids boys girls i told you i i always hesitate to talk the stuff because i don't want to sound like captain know i communicate with some folks you people a lot of people a lot of things who know people who know things that sentence is almost universal upon the hell hole leak these are out of such a latest swamp brad slobs geo p and democrats slobs who want nothing more to continue the cocktail party circuit and getting getting ready for the lobbying career after they leave congress in the senate that that has been all thrown in a large by a president who is the double barreled middle finger to the swamp class is joe i them all crazy it is almost
listen to read a piece about the way this guy talks about the present it's a family friendly show i can't even use the language if i did you their stand how much he hates it's a geo p congressmen folks they can't stand miss it driving them while the trump gives zero about what they think the guy they couldn t just breakers crazy what to prove these guys just want the cocktail party they don't wanna be bob with things like legislating what do you mean we ve got to talk about entitlements now and trumps new proposal to institute work or requirements for food stamps us all we have to talk about that now i thought this was free funny we were given away these republicans listen to me please fire mauler they are going to
impeach the man anyway there there is no downside firing mahler that you get by keeping our everything is gonna happen anyway they keep on they're going to teach him anyway i am not going to teach him anyway keep on them he's gonna hate him firearms to me he's gonna eightam it doesn't matter it does you understand what i'm telling you it doesn't this is not for dimensional chest by the left its isn't i'm sorry don't believe that premise and now smaller is not a good guy i dont know why people believe that i've seen some of the stuff on twitter the internet i dont know why you getting that but i'm telling you well i trust with my life in some cases that i have been around the activists circle with forever think that the craziest thing they have ever heard he is not a good guy why we think that every
thing he's done have been indicative of avian dick give personal not criminal prosecution he is not a good guy everything is going to happen you might as well stand up and do the right thing which is get rid what guy that is personally and deeply conflicted you don't you can't shut down the investigation we can never should have been started i think that's crystal clear if you listen to my shop but we're stuck with this disaster now appoint some out the beltway non partisan guy to finally get to the bottom of the collusion it never happened wrap it up and everybody moves on folks i'm telling you you you beat did this this is nuts i can have set about this
because i want i just so desperately want you to see what i see and i can't set dates i cant do everything it say everything now i just did really want you to see it is smarter than these idiots on the hill may not be as savvy is definitely not as elegant in his speech i get that for those of you out there are arguing somehow that think about this show you to follow my jacket joe i'm serious this i've freakin piss on the show about that i can see that be the audience spokesmen here what i find odd is some of the same people arguing that trump has chronically underestimated and brighter and smarter than a lot of them go up on the hill are the same people arguing now that trump is being played by democrats
who really want him to fire mahler you can't have it both ways what so let me get the stranger box for one donald trump peace corps who are you calling right now this ass a sham through is tweets authority quiet privileges dead this is a which on its clear as day through is tweets that he wants things change yes he has not openly called the fire mother yet we get that i don't think there's any question behind the scenes right now there's a serious conversation of that happening if trumps involved i don't know that i don't know i want to be clear but job we can all agree right tropic pierce he's pissed it's a witch hunt attorney clap privileges dead mps clearly not happy mahler box number to the democrats don't you dare fire mahler box number three the believers that this is dimensional chest but the democrats have outsmarting trump by calling for to fire mahler because they really want him to fire mahler so they can a peach him do you want
stay and how they can possibly reconciled with your worldview that trumps outsmarted them in the first place either troops in eighty eight or trump is i'm sorry you can't have it both ways baby audience gets it we're good i hope so they has does the president united states he defeated some of the most powerful republican insiders outside of my but he cruiser good man in a deep and talented republican field defeated hillary clinton fight a massive monetary disadvantage the entire media and the entire known swamp against them he is to survive now numerous controversies that would have felt any other president and now you're telling me that the liberals have them and that their we plan for dimensional chest with them and then he really shouldn't fire mahler and trumps just falling into the trap here well like
opinion man you're darn right dude that is just your opinion i'm sorry it is not right it is that stop any evidence i have from people who have been intimately evolve with people bob in the darn investigation mahler is corrupted he is going after trot this will never stop i mean i don't get it i tried to explain yesterday would win the flint case they arrested might win prosecuted might point for a crime the f b i admit it didn't happen and we all know that the job that was david dimensional chess mica there
what about job it was three three hundred sixty degree chest in other words it was so smart it was stupid it made false that's like april there's someone who told me once manners time changes gets them that kidding this happened on a trip overseas when we were in australia has managed time changes for the worse what time changes like a thirteen fourteen hours q management was twenty four hours i was like did you just say that you carry no i'm not just what do you mean like you flew so far back home again that actually happen or is like the guy in the police academy we were arguing i had a sticks you have turned the prelude hideous we said this to be a friend to hide a bad joke it he goes man sticks because i'm impressed i u can drive that you know nobody contrives thick anymore you probably learn to dr hans love but i'm driving this thing and you know i've downshift entities man that's topic is when it be great if they had cars actually shifted hung with
you like an automatic transmission i looked at him i go i can't i can't it was like six o clock in the morning we will go to the police carry my brother that was so damn i can't even answer this it's not seven dimensional chess o the democrats genuinely are terrified that if you fight there's mahler who is indeed the gaming trump that the invite negation job will turn into investigation of a crime to crime be collusion between trump and the russians and you i both know and i will tell you with absolute certainty why they afraid of that because i'm never happened investigation would go away quickly and the i as i explained to you my episode two days ago who is now the perfect guy to run interference for them on the uranium one scandal the ten excuse the rose a time scandal
the guy who's running interference for them on the verification of the dossier because his body which chief of staff was in the oj once that guy by the name of robert mahler goes away and i put independent in their they're gonna be like some then don't seem right round here so i'm investigating this russian collusion and i don't see any evidence but i see a whole lot of evidence of some other crowd that's why they don't want him to fire mahler this is not seven dimensional chess i'm sorry bay arch the only terrified there buddy rose and steam and my are gonna go and they are in fire ammunition box against the president is gonna be finished and making matters worse they are gone
it'll be exposed for the deep layered corruption that led to the spying on donald trump but his team and the cover up of what happened with the coincidence their emails and though uranium want they are terrified mahler is the perfect swamp creature to cover up the swamp gas he's got high powered fan its blowing the swamp gas in a different direction please if is ever anything you trusted me with trust me with this i am wrong mahler has got to go this never ever stop kenny part of course you can pardon them but you nobody pardon for state crimes that's gonna be next we're gonna find that a california new york attorney general or new our city district attorney to find something else people never
ever stop it will all be offshoots of referrals from a mahler investigation designed to take the trump team down why will start if they firearm because they are boyd someone who will never find russian collusion and the investigation will end because there should not been investigation because there's no crime also work out already mentally exhausted from governor see that but this matters to me joe noting i'm not messing around that i get these stuff all day from people i've been i've had a deep converge on this i was fired session sky a long time ago too and a grant that i agree with you on the smaller thing but i have got see and you have to see as well somebody see justice in this case and i am can vince behind the scenes that something's going on i'm also can be that the g o swamp wants to impeach trump you read
article my show notes that are you will see exactly what i'm talking about power we hear taiwan s that turns shall i get a little time i have to stop asking i today show also brought to you by our bodies at filter by they wrote this add this is what i love about who they are shy at its spring cleaning diamond like tromp is cleaning out corrupt officials you can clean up the air you breathe and make your eight track system great again and folkestone procrastinate why does mould pollutants allergy aggravating garbage will clog up your system is inefficient and of course you a lot of money costs may i to replace to age vat systems the worst sounds like the federal government clean up the system of my friends by america's leading provider of each rack filters for homes and small businesses they carry over six hundred different filters including custom options all ship free within twenty four hours plus their manufactured right here in amerika are rife
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he painted the actual raptor thing in the back that looked really cool if anybody does that in your local in florida what let me now i'll drive down i want to get some stuff daughter my wrap this up i'm crowd source ear we're going on my wet my emails on the website go here i have my wife my wife's getting here that we all know that when i promptly when it anyway i love my wife but i'm through with you sorry sorry bali there aren't i have a really really awesome article upon gino that company from apple mumbo out the banking specialist i the article beat the show notes as well i e mail t again if you're my email is but for the gun grabbers out there is a fascinating pisa we take suggest instead the debunking stuff and someone i think sent this in about the coralie shared between gone laws and no gun safety in crime rates and map found a bunch of just terrific information job the state in the country with the what the liberals would com
i just called this constitutional but the liberals who called lacks gun laws in other words the constitution go and biogas because as you rightly right area is vermont now what's fascinating is according to a number of left leaning outlets math puts us in a peace today it's gone laws are quote the worse than the nation which led to the eu legal trade of firearms and that they cannot put children at risk the giffords law centre to prevent violence is vermont enough this is a left leaning outlets reverend it gets an honourable mentioned are washed imposed article six they go crazy is gone law states all this stuff right because it's you can go in and in generally they abide by the constitution vermont so according to the liberal theory joe that you know lacks lacks gun laws man there must be a must a bloodbath in vermont think people die everywhere it's the shoot out the gunfight the ok corral why it
the cholera made every corner and romance gotta be dangerous actually last year with the safest state and this is genius by man and this year it was these seconds if a state in this way i don't get it i dont understand you know scott laws dreaded air quotes the supposed it's a mass death and gun violence everywhere but that's not happening in vermont manufacturers was these safer stabilization now tearing you in advance for the liberal counterstrike because they always have a dumb response every time they ll say i'll dude people guns in vermont undertaken elsewhere look at this report the rate of guns leaving vermont to commit crimes elsewhere super i matt it's some hard core the bunker years was good noticed show use the rate they dont use
focus on raw numbers they use the rate now you would if you're premises ok we'll vermont may be safe but because people of buying guns in vermont and going other this is to commit crimes what are we talk which are clearly we're talking tens of thousands of guns leaving the stay right magazine i mean it if they are citing this is a huge problem many guns were in a report certain forty seven what why did they he's the rate because room it is a very low populated what do you use the rate rather than the raw numbers it makes it seem like a hundred forty seven out of a hundred forty seven out of twenty million it would look like nothing but be enough but there's a small population and it was only a hundred forty seven guns it looks significant because you're dealing with a very small denominator you see worms that we have to have great pity really genius the bunker guess what i love about matt he thinks like that there is always an argument by the left and there's always a counter argument that actually make sense the left loves
manipulate you it's statistical methods they talk about the rate and rather run number because was only a hundred forty seven guns but in a more densely populated states so it looks like oh my gosh look at this rate is so high no it's not it's our high at all the number god's leaving for modest almost insignificant beautiful beautiful active debunking buyer body met when answering i've got another article in the free beacon today i'd just now is up on this about the chinese infiltrating our universities the steel technology folks has been going on for a long time it's a pretty interesting piece about how they ve been using knees institutes on ample called confucius institutes is about a hundred of them in the country to send students
and student in under the guise show of information and education will change and experience how they ve been using it any sites multiple cases in the piecemeal girt at tat shone out said i of chinese student sending our technology sensitive technology back to china robotics kinds of stuff good piece worth reading and a big heads up about these confucius institutes which i've been hearing a lot about lately but it's worth reading on what one more thing on this not to go back to a we're talk meddling aids chauvinist important because this jim call me interview with george definite policy is going to air this weekend folks call he is not a good guy in a nutshell for you to debunk credibility the scotty liberal friends here just three things you always need to keep in mind pfizer gay call me clearly through price dep under the bus price step
said the durban nunez that the dossier is in its infancy when they use that meaning it wasn't verified meaning spite an american citizen call me must have known about it he said it says a price that in his testimony defining and they use that anyway call me also called the information in its salacious and unverified so on the pfizer gay thing so when friends tell ya wonderful jim call me is he spied in an american citizen the presented states while acknowledging the information they used with salacious and unverified and i'll his number two on the case bill price step his is the guy working on the case the counter intelligent vehicle said it was only in its infancy when they got it so much let me again how jim call me such a great guy secondly hilary gate wrote this exoneration letter before the universe hilary not only that i've told you repeated over and over the reason this is such a scandal the email gate is because here ray emailed obama from far
in countries on a bomb as personal email using hers call me knew that how do we know call me knew that because the draft of his exoneration statement of hillary clinton he's tides and email from hillary clinton to president obama which then change too i'm hillary clinton to a senior government official with was then change to nothing they deleted it why jim oh me and people in the f b i realise what they did in the first draft of that had intentionally indicted barack obama in hilary scheme to hide information from the government or personal email server why because they acknowledge in the statement that she emailed obama from her personal account call me was the one who all
we approve those changes why hide them why not put that in there jim why exonerate hilary before you even interviewer and that letter wipeout references to the present five we unflinching gate call me already acknowledged in the mike flynn case here we acknowledge the fact that might flynn they thought be an honest than the testimony yet later on they charged him the justice department obviously with the fbi's approval somehow they charged him or there we had a minimum their imprimatur on this that without falsely the fbi how is that jim either you write that flynn was being honest or he lied to the you can't have it both ways only i'm i'm not sure george stepping up what is going to hit him on that's all right one that story will roll haven't shown its due to show again how taxation spending are spending that striving deficits not taxation
cs news story federal government joe collected recording contacts as the first six months of the u seven thirty six billion dollars twenty four billion more needed last year now they did take a little bit of ahead on the core bridgeside i'm pretty confident s gonna recover itself in the next six months in the following twelve months course of the next year but the deficit even though they collected record income taxes was sick a billion dollars more than last year were still running a five hundred ninety nine billion dollar deficit folks the problem is not taxes its spending read the peace its clear as day tax revenue is flowing into the government and we are still increasing our debts and deficits every single year it is spending problem it is not a taxing problem folks lot really appreciate a police checks out my show tonight and our atv dot com the viewer ship has been tremendous regan great feedback to available on energy tb that calm rogue who apple tv
google chrome cast amazon fire five there p m easter time it's for free no charge enery tv dot com go check it out thanks folks see you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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