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Ep. 698 The Case Against Mueller

2018-04-13 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I provide troubling evidence of Bob Mueller’s deep and profound conflicts in his investigation of the Trump operation.    News Picks: Is Loretta Lynch in serious legal trouble?   A disturbing account of Bob Mueller’s ties to Obama administration officials involved in the Obamagate scandal.    Bob Mueller is scrutinizing this meeting in his Russia investigation.    Read this piece and pay attention to the attorney representing a key figure in the Mueller probe.   This older piece describes Kathy Ruemmler’s involvement in the IRS scandal.   This BuzzFeed piece describes Kathy Ruemmler’s role in the Benghazi scandal.   Who is Susan Rice’s attorney? Oh, Kathy Ruemmler.   Kathy Ruemmler replaced Bob Bauer at the White House (who left for Perkins Coie, the law firm that paid Fusion GPS). Bauer replace Greg Craig, a Clinton impeachment attorney who left for Skadden (a law firm central to the Mueller probe).   Bob Mueller’s former colleague plays a central role in the Russian collusion narrative.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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talk about today okay alright i said to you yesterday and there are still people fight me honest that's okay you know you're entitled to your opinion of bob mueller is not a good guy bob mahler was specifically specifically chosen him specifically to run interference for the obama administration misdeeds and to keep the attention on donald trump at all times he the guy malta is a swamp rat mothers can did to all the people who almost all the people involved in this investigation now i have your number two if mahler is acting ethically and doing them a thing then why is it that the clinton p bull involved in all of this have been less left largely untouched while trumps people of all
are the people is investigating whether explain whether was was papadopoulos why are these people are going down ok let's start here slowly sorry i've just been distracted i've been working so hard on this morning i've said you over and over this was set up that the trump team the narrative that they colluded with the russians is false okay we get that joe it's fake it doesn't exist there was no collusion with the russians to now it goes like this the russians did the and see with they got the clinton they got dnc emails they got up it s the emails that they worked with trump to get that in nation out there and collusion effort to overturn the election don't you have any evidence that the dnc was hacked the fbi no federal law enforcement agency for that matter has looked at the dnc computer so there's no federal government hard evidence of that at all may have then we don't know it secondly there is
less than zero evidence a trump colluded with the russians at all to get that there's no evidence that all this narrative existed or because this was a set up the plan the our time before the election was was to set this up and to make sure that trump team in case they one that this narrative was already in place and ready goes everybody gets who worked on this was already plant it now i found another approach the other day and i want again how tip ark for turned me onto this i do wish do is show into a the listener who sent me some the net made everything make sense ok you're ok daily news article from august eighteen to twenty sixteen bout the clinton foundation follow me and i'll make sense the articles about the clinton foundation and the fact that they will stop taking donations after miss clinton becomes president but it's interesting
one of the donations they site in the peace one of the donations a site in a peace was from black water cagoux i took a screenshot found ears from the daily news peace the foundation raise billions facing criticism for making millions from countries like saudi arabia kuwait and caught her clinton's article organizations also accepted donations from the black water training centre and goldman sachs right right who use oh who own black why are they gave the change their name now to vex you see or something like that i'm not really sure but they change black waters zone by eric prince eric prince is the brother of betsy divorce the education secretary under donald trump hooker so clearly there was some financial relationship there might be a anything untoward at all companies donated foundations stuff all the torture i'm just saying it
maybe there was a relationship that could have been exploited by clinton sphere people joe now a business insider piece on three nineteen actually me three nine of twenty eight march knife twenty thousand eric prince the same eric prince whose company had donated to the clinton foundation eric prince is under investigation by bob mahler always interviewed at a minimum and miss been subjected and scrutinised by the mahler team for a meeting in the seychelles you probably heard about this he talked about at its meeting in the seychelles is under scrutiny because a russian business man with connections to vladimir putin showed up that meeting and prince said in his statement according to the business inside or in others that the meeting was by chance
another person knocking at your door asking you to go help proper bag i type kip i want you this is a set up every body who approaches approaches members of the trump sphere everybody as a connection to the killings the democrats or the your bomb hold my breath waitin for who this russian was who always look i took the russian the russian its kyril dmitri i've who has connections of connections to put up with this gets better job ok so just to be clear there clearly some pre established relationship between these princess company the clinton founding a relationship it could possibly been exploited to say up a narrative that the russians were trying to influence the trump team a russian magically shows up at a meeting with eric prints in the seychelles at that meeting is another guy
poor prince says may have had some role in setting this thing up at them meeting is a guy named george nature this is from a business insider peace march ninth twenty eighteen george nato a little known but critical witness in the rush investigation has contradicted key portions of testimony from eric prince and seed of donald trump before the house until committee last year to our future reported prince tall a makers that his meeting with this russian i'm just kind of the historic shortening the state the sanction the russian investment fund happened by chance and he was introduced in bipolar by perspective business customers in the uk now your meanwhile has reportedly toll prosecutors at the seychelles meeting was set in advance open a trump russia back channel
that the mri bodies were not the ones who introduce prince and dimitri of the russian george nator whose george nator by the way george nadir was also present at that timber meeting with the u n trump tower december of twenty sixteen susan rice says started all this on masking effort on the trump tee well this nato guys involved too pretty influential things show he's involved in this meeting susan rice starts the whole masking thing trump tower he's also involved in this meeting with prince in this russian and he disputes it he says no no no this was an effort to set up a russian backs and always nator fascinating to nato
mater by the way has a lawyer right now yes this is this cat i have so many screenshots of so much stuff i'm trying to keep it all in order are presenting nator nato's being represented by cathy rumbler whose cathy rum kathy revellers obama's lawyer a bomb is white house counselor folks whose cathy ramblers well kept he rumbler also worked on the end a task force how did the enron taskforce andy weissmann bob mothers all number two in the special council investigation she is andy wise men's whole body
bob mothers number to his right hand man is considerably airy they know each other they ve worked gather before they have a relationship right or is representing george nadir guy who is a central figure in all of these meetings that the coins then team and the obama team and the obama justice department people that are left over our alleging are part of a russian collusion conspiracy is nato a patsy a fall guy did nato nobody was doing was trying to set up the trump team or was there a pre existing relationship between nato rumbler in these others and it was a deliberate set up don't know that i dont know that yet but i know for a fact based on press reporting out there that nato is talk to the feds that mahler is in fact scrutinising this
but what's fascinating about this whole thing is these being represented nator by rumbler rumbler appears to be a fixture based on our experience with the white house keep in mind she has worked with before she has worked with andy weissmann before on the other on the enron case they know each other many smaller number two during the enron prosecution bob mauler had a hand according to sidney powell ivan article but the daily call oh by the way the notes today or must read the shone out please go to punch you know that com i have this all lined out for you using all references daily caller peace by sidney powell who is it for federal investigate further prosecutor excuse me points out that bob mahler had a role in picking p
but for the enron task force which was being run by anti weissmann who is running the special council now for bob mahler against shrub and who did they pick catherine rumbler xo bombers lawyer wide arms representing a guy who involved in all of this and all of these so called russian contacts and unmask includes he's involved and to the biggest incidents this guy nator now what else was run now that just let me just would take us out a minute and go back out to thirty thousand feet you understand what i'm trying to tell you because there are people here who still somehow are convinced mother's a good guy he's not a good guy he was dumb one guy connected to all these people tat could cover up the obama administration misdeeds in an effort to keep the attention on trump dat
that's what's going rumbler catherine rumbler knows these guys there are more i'm not done regular connected to mahler rumbler connected to weissmann who are running the special council investigation on trop she's representing a key figure in this whole thing she's represent another key figure which i'll get you in a minute to she was all most lawyer now but i get to some of this stuff rumbler was involved in that i am we believe as being covered up in an effort to keep this investigation focused on trodden for a minute with me here who did after an rumbler replace in that position is white house counsel after an rumbler replaced bob or as obama's lawyer right where did bob
bower go joe after he left from being obama's lawyers were replaced by rumbler whose a friend of smaller and weissmann who are now investigating here remember you wouldn't because i can talk about it perform wasn't said the amendment on bob bower left to go work for her kings coo ee perkins coo ee oh you mean a law firm that hired fusion gps to go in the gate drop you may know a firm that hired fusion gps yeah yeah that's law that higher gee ps at higher costs for steel that fabricated the dossier that was used to spy on all that's where bob our word ramblers pressures bessie was over a perkins going the same law from that was paid by organizing for america o bombers them now campaign arm which was turned into organizing for amerika was obama for america that paid perkins gooey hundreds of thousands of dollars the same law firm
the same law firm that fusion gps was paid by the coins dig up dirt on tromp so that we're rumbler that's where a predecessor was i'm sure there's no relationship there joe at all not to see here now because she here folks move along fascinating lee enough who does eyebrow replace says the obama whitehouse council that chief lawyer in the white house to protect obama at all costs bow over it his report replaces a guy named great craig oh great care who was quite tens chief lawyer to defend there are many impeachment i remember that may mean a guy leave familiar with how to impeach a president and how to defend it bob bauer
ices gregg craig greg goes where he goes skadden nor slate meagre and what what go look for who cares why do you care about scared and i'm not going to go to the whole flock scab craig craig goes over to scan after he leaves again was president clinton and obama's lawyer that's the firm that bob color was just investigating again crazy michel that sounds ipod mothers investigating couldn't people where's grazing gregg kragan jail i dont off gregg craig wrong out of even if these under investigation to say that it does not see my now gregg craig was over scan what happened it's gotten garden was hired by ellen so the ukrainian government to defend unique of
cranium president was hired by i the ukrainian government to defend them against charges that they engage in a corrupt trial against a political opponent i know you may listen to this twice but you have got to get this episode down who was the lobbying contact in dc who was run now the whole operation to get yanukovych off the hawk the hired gregg craigs lawford and by the way craig was led guy in this oh paul man afford tribes former campaign manager folks this was a set up the whole time now one of the lawyers in this case was just the rested and is being charged it's not gregg craig by dollars team alexander vander schwann and
he's the one who communicated with man affords partner rick gates and none of the mahler team the alleging that they lied about their contacts greg i was running this thing on the scan inside this a guy who defended clinton against impeachment those the clinton's and was obama's lawyer these are guys you know exactly how to spend a yarn how to tell a story as i said to you over and over who the hell push man afforded into the trump sphere knowing they knew all of us how did they know man afford could easily be baited into a russian collusion fairytale he'd already worked with clinton then obama people on a lobbying effort to defend a pro russian ukrainian
i got to let you know as the ombudsman there are so many dominoes did you have to know to follow this i think most will have to listen to this segment again i mean it it's so much day and it's a lot up i know and i debated doing it today new it because i was up all night last night talking about that i think i'm not even sure i think i may have gotten a name wrong unhappy and it appears us i was so tired from certain this all night but folks keep in mind when i tell you let me just reverse it for a second before i move on and get the step two of this ruemmler from tumblr is obama's lawyer in the white house she's the fixer for obama i'm gonna lay that out for you in a second i'm trying tell you that the whole mahler investigation is affixed to keep our attention on trump too high in all of the obama scandals rumbler
the fix or in the white house rumbler replace bob bauer who was the white house lawyer for obama before who went over to perkins kui who was hired to set up trump by the way replace gregg craig who was a lawyer with expertise in impeachment hearings who worked with a guy who was the trump orbit who at work programme efforts are ready because my man that's what we need thank you there we got that that's she was the first sir it was the picture of a whole time now what else was rumbler involved and so i have so many screenshots some of em but by the way this is gonna be do stories the daily call the story by sidney powell all this will be in the show notes lying down for you don't miss the show notes today ok that's why i keep a jos i'm ok if i were to tell joe to stop were actually splicing this
but better to make a cleaner for you because i don't want to bounce around too much tell me when diana cathy rumbler who again knows bob mauler who had a role oh in picking her for the end on task force led by andy weissmann who is leading to task for special counsel against tromp was i'm a lawyer she's to fix what else we should involve then at the white house remember i'm trying to tell you two are sweeping all the obama stuff under the rug because they lost the election and they were terrified trumpet outcome because he's not a swamp creature they knew any other republican ruby our otherwise these guys we're swamp rats and a new these guys would never dig deep beyond the surface they would let it all going to alert the country move up they knew trump would never do that so they preach
fabricated a collusion fairytale they had this thing set up the whole time and they had bob mueller ready to launch on a moment's notice to sweep all of it under the rug and the people they picked were all tied into mueller and weissman let me read to you from a reuters peace may 20th two thousand and thirteen another obama scandal that how to go away sir through senior aids to president barack obama new weeks ago about a watchdog report the irs targeting of conservative group spokesman said on monday shifting the focused the white house in a fast moving controversy why i would counsel katharine rumbler was told pro twenty fourth about an upcoming report by taking
on the irs practice for which an irish official apologized unmade tenth trigger the controversy now the timing on this piece is unbelievably convenient five twenty twenty thirteen someone's protecting rumbler whose protecting burma now it's j corny who comes out to the podium who was obama spokesman to defend rumbler on the twentieth why because what was gonna come on the twenty first and buzzfeed best farther fixer buzzfeed the next day the white house councils office advise senior obama officials to keep quiet about the attack in benghazi during the week proceeding last year's november presidential election according to two who administrative sources beside me skip downturn paragraph listen to this
they were going to release a timeline on the obama response to benghazi who quash that cloning buzzfeed those players worse clash however when white house councils office which is led by kathy rum were advised the officials to not release any information to the public out of it could be used against them in any way this investigations and other legal complicate listen for the thick sir listen further fixer again the way convenient that carney jumps out to defend the day before probably defend rumbler understanding the next day she's gonna be exposed as the fixer for the benghazi timeline as well just by chance of course august eighteen
twenty sixteen article about the clinton foundation bar talking about a hack into the clinton foundations emails which terrified democrats why job and still does because they were afraid those emails we're going to show a quid pro quo between foreign governments and the clinton foundation maybe collusion where are those emails listen to this picture and this suspected hack into the current foundation has left some democrats including campaign officials worried that cyber full traders may have obtained emails and voice messages that could be used to bolster allegations that donors to the clinton foundation were rewarded with access to and her aids i also was secretary of state or to her husband
former president bill clinton manufacture me either former white house council katharine rumbler tat clayton patients principle lawyer no hurt superposed for the foundation response hid the request for a comment the hack it oh my gosh don't that that's leaped let's am i dead air i'm just giving you a second to digest what i'm telling you so let me just be clear on this by the way kathy rumbler was also involved in this good service prostitution scandal if you read my book you know i had of friends and family sadly all detainees chapter eleven or some mature because
do a lot of people i was working for the secret service at the time she was also involved in sweeping the white house staffs involvement and that under the rug is well pushes the picture folks cathy rum is the figure for the white house and knows bob mahler and anti weissmann and worked with them in the past in a failed enron prosecution where they were humiliated later on there humiliate a lot of these enron executives their convictions wherever turn for a dreadful prosecution mahler was the perfect guy too for the fixture they know shhh other jamaican sense we hear daddy rumbler decline foundations lawyer rumbler the lawyer for george nator the figure involved in an unmask king of a meeting he was in also bob and a meeting in the seychelles that the mahler team is scrutinising she's the lawyer she's the lawyer
clinton foundation and a potential quid pro quo email scandal she's a lawyer the ira scandal all rumbler new revenue in advance the white house a couple of tracks all the bank time light who covered it up all this summer sure thing who is involved that cathy rambler who knows mother who knows weissmann about who is the team that was brought in to analyze the computers for this current foundation act fiery firearm the way the same team involved in looking at the alpha bagger russian computers that i'm alive should we communicate which from tower that were used to start defies application that's just it at an extra throw on i had there
folks do you see now when people talk about the deep state and the swamp why the i want you all to be painted as a bunch of conspiracy theory nuts i'm now i'm not done by the way i'm not even close the done i'm this may go over significantly in that's fine joe we can we i'm challenging this is an open challenge to any of the cookie liberals and listen to this i want to be your friend the mud trying to be nice to you i want you to challenge anything i said by the way quoted the new york daily news a left leaning rag politico another left leaning rag i'm gonna put the link stop in the show notes for you all to read i want you to challenge anything i just said is factually false i do not agree she's the fixer fine but i want
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a call to order you re usable you wash isnt today offer code dan for free shipping is a really great company appreciate you i'll be impatient with a thing care responses are really really great unless botched quarter to those get them all right so now we ve set up the fact that there is a pre existing relationship between mahler his bull dog andy weissmann and catherine rumbler who is obama's personal white house attorney he's not white house council she has also been into lee involved in these keeping clean of major league whitehouse scandals replaces a guy who worked for obama whose for a perkins kui whose hired to higher the company to join up information on trap who replaces another guy who then mysteriously works with a guy ban afforded finds its way into the trump sphere on a case
sending a pro russian ukrainian and by the way people at the company that the former obama whitehouse white house lawyer guy is involved with craig people at their company get arrested now please tell me how mothers the good guy i dont get i dont there's people still talking about i can't believe they believe this model is deeply connected to the o at on everybody involved in this case now this is where it gets even crazed with job let me just read the something firstly backtrack just a bit this is a believer reuter yet writers peace a few days before the election just to show you this was set up in advance folks they
already had the russian collusion narrative and all of the clinton and obama players in place and connect and the story ready to go the relation it put man of fort was already pre it was already had already happened metaphor already work which scan and was being run by the clinton impeachment guy gregg craig who was report by bower who want the its kui tie your fears gps to dig up informant drop this was already preexisting i pulled this up for writers here's a quote gaze before the election before clinton camp a manager robbie mook question copy book i can't even save about let's make a book i couldn't care pay manager robbie move question why the fbi director had not released any information about the agencies russia inquiries before the election if you're in the
is this about release information about investigations are presidential candidates release everything you have on donald trump how the hell do you know what they haven't donald trump and he's a campaign manager he's not an fbi agent here's this here's the money line is clinton's campaign manager release the information on his connections to the russians mewks on cnn this is perfect for the election folks this is not fbi agent this is a campaign manager get a load of this one the fbi inquiry reviewed allegations that trapper his associates may have violated the foreign corrupt practices that are engaged in contact or commerce with people in russia who are subject the eu s or international financial sanctions folks this was the w w e the match this now you still got a question we on fire mother
watching this russian collusion investigation unfold in lifetime what you want is a pre scripted match for the outcome is already determined in the outcome as is now you still got a question we on fire mahler the outcome of this process every single person you can get your midst on the trump team till you in time billy dismantle the trump presidency from start to finish never wrap this thing up if you can but going as long as possible hide all all of the obama misdeeds and make sure tromp is impeached now you still tell me why mahler no no we should keep mahler mahler we should keep em their bearing us into which dare not baiting anything mowers connect to all these people he is the one guy who can make apps we sure that all of the obama scandals go away and that the trump team is prosecutor no matter what because he already has the information the man
she's already predetermined one more piece on rumbler for the coup de ground her before we move on this is good for i'm like really bitter about this thing that i don't know what i say five haven't this moment about this hannity pierce less i too am enough to get any one as it on tape email for laughing i want lipping do it for about two seconds i saw your face you did that it did you're lucky i didn't appears i think i may mention arrived so many players involved and this i think i may have said the wrong images ok so nator george nadir you're just to be clear is this big this guy with a very questionable past who is this centre he's being and interviewed and may be cooperating with the mueller matters involved in a meeting with the seychelles between eric prince who knows trump who had these
but he made donations to the clinton foundation but trip has his trip prints has a meeting in the seychelles that mothers investigating because a russian was there is friends report in may it is also in a meeting in december already on the record susan rice had made some allegations that this was one of the reasons they needed to unmask trumpeting because the meeting was representatives for the united arab emirates interim power so i what rises logic was all they will work assault by forgive me i do know the logic but i dont want to try to explain away the u n you did not tell the obama t remember december twenty sixteen trumps only the president elect so the they were working on this whole logan acting that they were conducting foreign policy while tromp was still the present elected at the present which is bs no one's ever been prosecuted so rice forgive me for not in some of the sort we sang it all that you a meeting you ain t meeting in december a trump tower tat
the reason we had on mass because what could have been a logan act via we don't know what they were doing the u n you didn't do following joe did you tell the obama team if they have no obligation to tell the obama team none logan act is garbage nator is related to that meeting to connected to that meeting to rumbler is representing nator roy this is on the record saying that one of the reasons they unmasked is because of this way meeting meda was involved in whose susan rice's lawyer now further fixer let me read you go february twenty third twenty eighteen right
miller said rice this conversation with obama included no discussion of a disputed dossier a alleging illicit contact between the trump kip and russia written by a former british spy that republic kids have a edge was misused by the fbi to spy on a trump associate she's rice's lawyer listen for the thick sir you need people you can trust when you are covering up a spider web like conspiracy and what better person than the one person who is not only a lawyer but is intimately involved in all of it ice spied on the trump deep the same lawyer for one of the guys involved in one of the meetings that the unmasked the trump team about is also representing obama's national security adviser who signed off on the mass who by the way worked
andy weissmann knows impersonally and bob mahler had a personal role in selecting her catherine rumbler to work within the wider weissmann who is the bull on the special council team harassed the trump team bob a role in picking her to work within the weissmann tell me tell me get em all the good guy all of you white hatteras out i'll admit said i'm not gonna be a jerk i'm that china is a lot of people doing a lot of hard work on this but exe tell me again how knowledge the good guy mahler knows rumbler folks they needed a special cut some of you they still not be get which is cool i get it it's complicated case you may not be getting what i'm saying here there was always going to be a special council there were is always going to be significant wrong doing on
your bomb is an end to be candid if there gonna be some wrong doing on the trumps everybody does something wrong i want to be clear on that i'm not trying to say like nothing the trump team are all angels on that's a nobody is nobody every one of us would be a federal criminal what telling you is there we're looking at a series of less bad decisions to their less bad that's not good or bad what's the election folks we we're screwed they understood clear as day that they were absolutely gonna be investigated my twin knew what they did their spying chips actions probably had a decent idea about what they did they knew that we're all gonna be read in when trump took the white house and brief then on the massive spying scandal in the trumpet do you you follow me joe they had no good option big time i'm phony listeners gotta wear with your day we're going to get busted their choice for this get boss didn't go down and flames or stuff
the special council would someone at least we could trust who could work with people on the obama team maybe we have to pay a few innocent going victims here in europe too low level but already in the top level of the swamp was going to go down in the clinton side ever and more it was the only guy to do that because he knows these people always the fixer tell me again now only trump people are in handcuffs right now how do you get almost a good guy gets better you know every mummy gets his final i'm sorry i'm gettin me but that is all i wanted to scroll right through the mist the really cool sponsor living very good to us by way set one of these out to my account pitched by the way shout out to my you know who you are gosh it by
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other one has a connection to man afford who of course was brought into this thanks to high heaven damn right let's move on to number two let me start with the headline number two person with a suspicious relationship to bob mahler the so called good guy in this washington post december ninth twenty six theme like i was a guy it's ibm joe headline who has lessened less can solve headline headline headline wash and impose december dated twenty sixteen secret cia assessment so russia was trying to help trump when the white house wow after the elections over trump isn't present the washington post gets a scoop joe
the cia is secretly assess run by john brown and by the way that the russians were trying to help ensure that was that that's literally the headline was trying to help trump when the white house whose quoted in the peace i'll read the quote we may have crossed into a new threshold and it is incumbent upon us to take stock of that to review to caen some after action to understand and what has happened conduction after action while already called for action and to report some lessons learned obama's counter terrorism and homeland security adviser introduce player number two lisa go told reporters at breakfast hosted by the christian science monitor wow so lisa monaco is cited
that's amazing lisa monaco seems to know already that the russians help trumped get in the white house she i did in this washington post peace we know the watchman by the way where's some monaco now all over it cnn wishes pumping the russian collusion and nothing to see their folks either though she worked closely symmetrical somalia gozo obama's homeland security advisor you think she may have known about the efforts to spy on tromp usin foreign intelligence you think maybe kind of who did monaco replace in that position john brennan but the c i a director that the first issue a report that the one imposed is covering saying that was held by the russians despite no for evidence of that so replaces brennan who goes over the sea i ok i'll get it where's the mahler connection they tune
and by the way in the end the picture where else was lisa monica monaco ran up but of justice national security division convenient the same division that's responsible for vat far and intel and was all so responsible for varying the foreign intelligence in the trump dossier now monica wasn't there when information made up the chain to the department of justice national security division to be funded remember the fake dossier had to be vetted by the court of justice when of china it was it was fake in other words it was invented in other words the department of justice didn't do their own due diligence so you may ok great so she would it would have been the person who would have fine
we'd better get information it at the deal jays ahead of the national security division right she wasn't there but who was turned carla remember the names obama chief of staff who is bob mahler chief of staff before carlin it's about a go how does that happen o craig keys crocodile done they were ass on i've listened lisa monaco knows bob mother she worked form lisa monica was obama's homeland security advisor the white house while his homeland security and intelligence team there spying he was working on this operation against trump lisa monica who with bob mahler lisa
because replace john brennan who it sure the fbi investigated this case pushing harry read in a briefing to get the fbi in a letter harry red wrote to the fbi pushing harry read to investigate donald trump john brennan was replaced by lisa on a girl who is it in a piece in the washington post talking about john brennan cia allegation that the white house was helped trump white ass was helped by the russians monaco knows smaller worked form she was place by mothers subsequent chief of staff john carlin in the division of the department of justice that vetted the crap information on a dossier they never intended it mothers the perfect is sweep this away sweep sweet listen for the fixer
where did monaco also work enron tears would be wise room and cathy rumbler man crazy this coincidence is this is you know what absolutely nothing to worry about folks wipe your hands clean this ignore this whole episode of course we're making all this up monaco worked with rumbler with andy weissmann hand picked or at least it with a role and these people by bob mahler to work for the guy now weissmann who is relentlessly targeting donald trump on iraq in collusion with monaco promoted in the washing post peace
propagated by john brennan the fbi that never happened the myth happened the collusion ever happened folks i'm looking through my just want to make sure i didn't miss any this bob mahler it's not a good guy bob mahler was the one guy connected to all all of the players in this who could make all of this go away by the way who is monaco also a close friend with an end former colleague with of course susan rice the national security advisor now i strongly strongly encourage you to read an excellent piece by sidney
now apparently she has a book is cited in daily caller peace to she's a former federal prosecutor the daily caller pieces excellent it'll be in the show notes today i will also line out for you all of these articles political pieces another one that woman this whole thing makes sense to you bob mahler is not a good guy bob mahler is covered bring up for the obama administration set up of donald trump and players who are involved in it and if you doubt that i'm going to ask you again please tell me one person involved in this whole thing at the upper levels of the obama administration who up to this point don't tell they were interviewed any who has asked really been charged with anything the only p who have gone down our trump team people to keep the attention on the trump team mahler worked with rumbler
rumbler was the white house lawyer rumbler worked with andy weissmann on the enron taskforce mahler supervised ma it was the fbi director weiss rumors the department of justice weissmann is currently the bull dog on the special council case chase down the trump team mahler why with rumbler they know each other mahler worked with weissmann why men worked with rumbler on the enron taskforce rumbler the white house fixer irs ben gauzy cylindrical the clinton foundation susan rice george nadir she's involve with all of these people as a legal representative the perfect person the sweep all of this away mahler also worked with monaco and susan rice smaller roma shoot me rumbler rumbler representing susan rice
lisa monaco obama its whole bland such security adviser replace brennan brennan who propagated the c i a myth while he is there that prompt colluded with the russians and terry read to get the fbi to investigate trump she replace brennan she's in the washington post peace advocating for this this myth that trump colluded with the russians monaco worked with mother she worked as one of his councillors she was if a staff the purse and who replaced our international security division john carlin was mothers chief of staff they signed off by me information used to go after trump that was false conoco worked on the enron taskforce with envy weissmann
and white house counselor do obama catherine rumbler sweden's now going after trump for mahler please tell me again our mothers the good guy i'm summer wrap it up with this thought i spent seventeen years of my life in law enforcement and claimed to be barney miller aiming like that but i love that show you i was a pretty darn good investigator when i was there and i think if you the people who knew me they could vouch for me i'm trying to pressure nobody cares i do facts so and the facts in this case are absolutely damning their damning i
give you a conjectural i might granted there's always gonna be some opinion in this analysis but i'm base again on a series of facts that i'm humbly imploring you to dispute tat we were all right if you find something in the show i said wrong are correct i mean it are correct it but i spent all night on this hence my little but a brain fog this morning talking about it because i want bring to you cutting edge stuff in this case i'm just telling you absolutely wasting your time if you think for a second that bob mother's a good guy if you think for a second trump is being played by the democrats you can't have it both ways you can't say on one hand the democrats aiding tromp into firing mahler by telling him don't you dare fire mahler and at the same i'm tell me what a genius trumpet trump so loudly knows what i'm telling you you do you think he doesn't do you think
and the only one who has a separate completely proprietary to dampen gino show he knows this he knows mauler is the one guy who will single handedly take down this president for no four for nothing for a maid fairytale collusion and he one guy who will make all this go away he also knows and he doesn't fear this collusion investigation the greatest want it because nonsense but he isn't fear at presenting collude no this is not about collusion that's why he needs mahler gone this is about a it's framing operation the frame donald trump for what they are i'm administration did and more one guy to do it the controversial sham that i may get a trouble his best fine i'm willing to take it because i know for a fact that can back up what we just said he he has to go he is not our friend i folks gonna fit that into an hour that's what you're used to and i really appreciate it
i appreciate you hang in there with me please go the show notes today i will line this out this insider peace the piece about nato rumbler the sydney powell peace about obama's connect mr monaco and mother and you read this it'll take the time today take that i am to go through the six or seven pieces i will put them in order and in all makes sense to you how the swamp parks how they're all connected to each other and are all trying to make this go way thanks for tuna and see all my man you just heard tailbone gino she'll get more of them online in time a conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at du bon gino
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