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Ep. 700 This Can’t Be Happening

2018-04-17 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the growing scandal surrounding the conflicts in the Bob Mueller investigation. I also discuss the disgusting attacks on Sean Hannity and a controversial book about our education system.    News Picks: Why is Jim Comey changing his story about Mike Flynn?   You’re never going to believe who the judge is who went after Sean Hannity yesterday.    Debunking the myth that “free” college is really free.   Why is this guy, cooperating with the Mueller probe, being represented by Obama’s White House attorney?   This wealthy Russian is deeply connected to the Clinton sphere.   Is a college education really worth it?   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about America with your host Dan Bonds. I wasn't there thereby GINO chauffeur to show how you did it shows. Seven hundred and seven hundred and three years shows two years doing daily, you'd everyone we had our best Monday ever shows exploding everywhere. Thanks exclusively to you from me deepest portion of my heart and soul, I really really really sincerely deeply appreciate your support. It means the world me thanks to everyone who subscribes as well. That really helps our numbers a lot. I know some of you on the website, that's cool! But if you could subscribe on platforms, itunes- radio Spotify our Youtube Channel that Really really help. So thank you so much folks I have another stacked show today for you and had Tipp to the listeners jokes,
one set me some explosive information on an interview. I missed and I have been working on a different angle from it for those you regularly in the show, but more incredible and explosive information, but I got a lot to get it before the ok, let's get right in and we go to the show this what you by bodies that I talk it. We love. I target folks us in a firearm, anybody can buy one. Anybody can fire fire on. The question is: can you find one accurately proficiency matters, especially God forbid, you're involved in self defence in area of your hunter of your police? officer military or just but first time by Romano wants to learn how to provisionally even fire the weapon this that matters now the best ways to do that is dry firing. Dry firing is safely on loading, a weapon check it check it twice check it three times locked, that's lied to the rear, open the cylinder look, maybe its unloaded, look away, look again, look back finger probe that chamber make sure it is in fact unloaded, and at that point you safely
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the wings of a firefly at the range soon go check it out. I target pro dotcom promo code. There, ok Joe on the show notes today, as you can see, I have a title, You may not be able to see that looks like a lot of stuff. It's a lot of, if I have to show tat play this, can't be happening because the star people are sending me is so hard to believe that you're. Like MA, I have tat when you, looking at Reuters Articles Reuters, which is, I know, it's not a conservative mainstream media play any stretch, but being all Reuters been around a while when you're looking at Reuters articles folks and you googling the title of the riders article, someone sent you to make sure it's really Reuters. That's how you know you're like what the hell's going on here now, what happened yesterday Sean Hannity of, though disclosure here, I know, shown Hannity. He is not attorney and I feel like shown heritage of the right to have an attorney onto you, but that's a whole different story. I know Sean. I would go too bad for you.
On any day the weak onto and twice on Sunday. I love this guy. He is. I like You wouldn't be comfortable with me telling you that kind of stuff he does for people behind the scenes, because that's not the kind of guy he is because, unlike liberals, he doesn't seek public praiseworthy. Sean is an unbelievably good hearted. Man again, Joe no, some of the story, because I've thought about this stuff, this guy dots he's just an amazing guy. Ok Sean the ruthless attack by people on the left, because of some advice on what real estate matter he sought from a guy who happen to represent Europe is keep my Sean but we have what we say a different attorneys. This is not a guy who is had on retain or anything like that. So now we know on the left, Joe, if you even call an attorney Joe you and I write, and we know people
I have come in and out of the radio station other places you see a lawyer, you go hey. What do you think about this? Now? All of a sudden, if you do that, you run the risk by tyrannical police state, fascist liberals of being exposed in court as some kind of a coke and spirit owing to fight crime. You made up dude. That is the most insultingly stupid non story that I think I have ever heard in my life. He had a lawyer. Imagine it I don't I don't get it, I don't get it. I dont understand and what's going on right now with the left, but I had sent out a tweet is this morning, and I meant that on twitter things, we can no longer do as conservatives member Hilary can bring her friend Cheryl Mills, who is not our lawyer into a meeting acting as a lawyer, while Cheryl Mills, the potential coke spirit or in the email scandal, to cover up for Hilary on the email scandal where they still haven't released the emails and that's a ok, but you make a fall.
Paul to a guy who happened to be an attorney and ask for some quick legal advice and all of a sudden, you are involved in a federal russian conspiracy case. It doesn't exist. This is amazing. What's happening right now, things you can do any more as a conservative talk on phone is MIKE Flint found out. You can't talk gonna college campuses bend Shapiro found that UK higher, an attorney as shown Hannity found out. You can't finally tax return, as Donald Trump found out. You can when a business as cake makers in Oregon found out these are things, you can no longer do when you're a conservative because of tyrannical fascist police state liberals. This is it it be open, no longer be able to purchase a firearm either of liberals get their way. Folksy
people. Do you understand these people are tyrannical fascists now, listen to me, because I'm getting a lot of emails about this too and I dont want to keep reiterating old, shows, I'm not trying to unnecessarily peak your emotions early in the morning for some of you listening on the West Coast. but I'm getting a lot of email still from people who were saying, hey I've I can't do this anymore. You know Fight it's over. I don't see anything coming out of his folks. I am not. Can I am not here for I'm not I'm not like an inspirational public speaker. Motivational gets up my job here, but I, here to tell you that being right. If Let me say that this sum of archives I want to get it to one is ran again really. That speaks self and can go back and listen to the dance episode, everybody seemed to love. If you believe this is it this veto,
Cain, ridden world of suffering and hunger and pain and and and envy greed and lust and rage and You believe this is it you're gonna go six feet deep and become more food, and it's all over then you're right forget it, it is over, then it is over because that's it for you. That's it This is it for you show your meet your meat. Right one day and that's it? Your brain will go away and there is nothing. There was no purpose to this other than to fight a political fight. Where you believe you clearly loss, I I don't I'm not trying to insult anybody? I just don't have any words of information for you if you believe that you believe, however, what I believe that you have been put on this planet to fight for a set of principles and rights that actually matter there you are doing what you absolutely what you were supposed to do and that doing is the ticket. Your path to the second creation, a better tomorrow
better tomorrow that, depending on what religion, you believe in means a bunch of different things. I know what it believes. What I, what would it matters to me from what I believe in Europe all purpose years, the to fight back. That's it! We live in a very prosperous time that starvation and and hunger are relatively rare. Comparatively speaking to our history, you know, even if your poor in the United States, lotta people have access to television, air conditioning and the same is not poor people, I'm just saying relatively speaking, being poor, now socks a whole less than it did two hundred years ago, where the pretence for death and starvation was very, very real. This is the fight. this is the five we're all in it I mean if you actually joy, read now John Reed, she took a shot at an hour, ATV claiming false victimhood status, Golan right, I got? This is my fine? Don't get disappointed
Relish in the fact that you are here to suffer for a bigger and higher cause, love it own it be it. This is it. This is the mission on because this is important to have a lot to get to claim material was September, twenty first, twenty thirteen story about George Soros, his wedding. You probably think in right now what the heck. Does that have to do with shown Hannity being attacked by the left now just to set the store in case. You, MR shone out approach. I doubt because it was everywhere. Sean Entity is sought. some legal advice on a matter. I don't know said it was a real estate matter. Something from the lawyer represents Trump, whose office was unbelievably raided by politicians, trumps personal turn again, Michael current Social. Done some asked him for some real advice on some legal advice on something a judge.
Report on the common case. Revolving trump and calling and Stormy Daniels Payment to Sir we're following you Joe, and it's not me if I could use anyone right, the judge case, demanded in what I've I've. Never I never heard anything like this in open court. That did you disclose! I'm just asking for a private sealed memo on who commons other clients were, in all for this is what you have to understand. collins trying to prove trumps lawyer that an actual attorney and that he gives legal advice and that he's not just a business partner would trouble. You got that why would he be trying to do that show call and is trying to do that, to claim that there's attorney client privilege in his communication would trump. In other words, on that acting some kind of fixed or a business guy, I'm trumps actual attorney. I practice law and I have other clients that makes sense as it does. In order to do that. He is TAT he put out. Who is other clients? Were
one. Was this other garren see donors got some issues with pay off to some playboy playmate? Listen, Lawyers lawyer folks news, flash lawyers usually find people who need legal help. It shouldn't be surprising anybody, ok, but here Another client is well or its and court, and instead of keeping its seal, there was no reason to make this public. The judge in that case demanded that in open court he tell everyone call in the name of that third client who we have provided some type of legal advice for who was the client Sean Is this make incense jump ear? The judge makes the Kohen in open court an who is third client, is something I I've never heard anything like this. There, maybe email movies, I've. I've never seen anything like this, who is The judge show when we go back. the reference I opened up with writer September twenty first, twenty thirteen. George Soros woman, less name Bolton, they get me
They exchange vows quote: small ceremony at Soros is Bedford, New York estates. You know, George sources, folks liberal, a billion air donor and and and and and thunder of just about every far left cause. You could probably dig up on the planet. George Soros. Who do you think the judge. It was his third marriage Soros. Who do you think was the judge. who presided and officiated at this non denominational wedding according to the piece o the same judge who order had these name to be disclosed in open court, despite the fact that he wishes seeking some legal advice. Yes, the same Judge Kimball would ember that's right there, You know this. I had to send to me like this can possibly be true now Kimball But should ring a bell for others who are a little older here Kimball. It was also going to be a nominee for attorney general by who
oh yeah, Jefferson Court, no bill. Folks, this, my gosh. I can't keep telling you how much this case to rot emanating from this entire disaster Kimber would Kimber. Would A federal judge who when the attorney general under Bill Clinton ever so many issues during that whole cheating, navigate affair also the judge who officiated at the wedding ceremony of George Soros, liberal fellow therapist, if you can, we call it that new donates, hundreds of millions of dollars to liberal causes demands open court at the name of Sean Hannity be disclosed, despite the fact that John doesn't keep this guy on retainer according to inanity himself. He just I asked them for some legal advice on a real estate. They so just remember folks, if you're business, if you're in content production. Anything from this point on. If you even ask Joe I'm just wondering yet you don't you ve, asked. If Philip
Philippa. What's the guy, the lawyer at sea be M, Michael treatment prevent maybe region folks one time Joe Ass, the lawyer, W C p m when we enjoy working out a deal Joe asked him for some quick legalise. Let me, let's just put that out their job a case in the future, somewhat investigate somebody who knew somebody new support or knew what to turn you knew this guy. This is ridiculous and trouble now we're all and try not. We are distinct. We just cannot do any more because replying tyrannical police state. Fascists are taken the country over bit by bit by bit by bit and by the way, the way they get you do not pay. Attention is way joy red did yesterday with us. She said But she thinks we're not to what she doesn't she's like things up. Despite the fact I can play the cotton makes a blatant playing cuts myself. It read, attacked us the at an hour atv. So I'm
five thirty p M show at night at an array tv dot com. If you want to check it out, I fought right back She was insinuating that when my one of my friends, coworkers and Airy Tb Grants Stansfield when then a joy, we're watching you were watching. You shall ah snowflake That was an incitement to violence watching us so fly culture say: space collar forms, crayons markers we gotta draw something it's pathetic. So I you're back what you're so weak. It's pathetic and I suppose perfectly said. My thing: don't mistake: this were a call to violence and incitement to violence or an insinuation of incitement to violence. We are simply saying you guys are weak, you so weak, it's so pathetic. You attack people, which is what you do endlessly and the minute people fight back like I do on the show, and I my and our tv show what do you do there? it involves the refund, will grow up grow. Joy grow.
up your hapless? It's pathetic its we now next will be the re scarred and other identity. Politics attacks that its inevitable we have your week. I have no respect for weakness. None you guys are weak. and I insinuated that they should embrace spartan culture, the skin in the game. Culture has written a book by two lab and not in fact snowflake culture. In other words, you comment Other people having no skin in the game yourself, you're a media commentator joy, you failed understand the analogy, because you really not that brain. I had skin in the game. I was a secret service agent, I'm a business owner. I was a police officer you don't have skin in the game. You sit there on your purchase. Msnbc you hurl non censored in a race, got blood on its hands. You not at em what people fight back tat- it's pathetic, it's pathetic,
it can weak, and I applaud had at last night for hammering away last night on his show ham or away the only way to fight these people is taken a full frontal battle attack all by Gazprom, always inciting violence. Again, let me be clear for all the liberal Toby, I don't understand faith matters to me, this is not a joke. You bet poor violence out, I'd have self legitimate self defense. I abhor violence if you listen to the show you to understand that the fact that I'm a big I six one to twenty five, and I may look scary to you means nothing. My face matters to me your faith. Does it matter to you, now. I know that, because you sleigh infants in the womb and you'd love it, it doesn't matter to you Questions like a sacrament for you guys. It matters to me, I'm so
just think you that an ideological fight do you look it up The illogical for you may want to google that that, if you think for a second, we are not going to fight back. You are out of your mind and I applaud shown for fighting back last night. I I gotta what I've got a ton d two, including at tat, tiptoe listener appointed me industry. This is gonna, really scramble right before we get to. Let me get the stuff. I've done. Ministry we should. We can role to taste. I brought you here He's a brick house, nutrition, everyone who has been supporting this company with me from the beginning, there really really terrific, fantastic nutrition science comp company they put out some of the best nutritional supplements on a market yesterday talk but Don T dusk. They might talk about, feel the greens feel degree. This is their fruit and vegetable powder, but it's real food. That's the difference! There are a lot of fruit and vegetable
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calm slashed in the field, and if you need to link it's on my email list, if you join, my email is also on my website multiple spots. So thanks, brick, house, ok, So I get an email I had been talking about, Prince and George NATO, the other day I promise you make this makes sense or don't worry, but Eric print two is the brother of Betsy Divorce, trumps education secretary and has been a pretty strong supporter of some conservative education causes over the years. The force that is Eric Prince, who wish to own black water, is always been a target of the laugh. They just don't like the family in my cam what has always been a target, I'm pretty sure he sees divested his interests from that company, but what's fastened sitting about Eric princes he's very well connected guy. Now I had told you and, in my mind- and I ve been told Joey's, because I want to make three understands it at the end of last week-
that Mahler was the one guy appointed Bob Mahler and the special council to do one thing that is to focus when was Leann endlessly on the Trump team connections and to pick out pull. That may be connected to the Clinton's in some nefarious activity, but focused, on their connections to the Trump team. However, this is a was set up the whole time in order to hide the bill. Clinton Hillary Clinton Empire, of sleazy activity and Obama Gate spying. The whole role of the team was to focus on people who may have slightly connected with the trumps fear, but who are implicated in accordance with you and focus exclusively on trumped to keep the attention of the Collins. Mahler was the guy to do that. aid vacation Friday and Thursday and Friday episode last week that it's it's in disputable. Beautiful to me at this point now, Eric Prince, has become a target of Mahler because
of a meeting in the Seychelles and member prince just you understand that the connection to trumpet amusing airports because out they'll connect anyone to trumpet the connection to trap, is princess sister, Betsy Divorce is trumps occasion, Secretary in his cabinet, that makes sense folks yet I had a meeting in the Seychelles now and all new advances russian collusion, false narrative- this is becoming targeted the Mahler investigation. This meeting before Trump took office because at this meeting, why a guy named George Nadir and a russian ok Carol Dimitrios so We clear on this prince, whose tied to the prompting through his sister me in the Seychelles, with a russian to ceo of a russian direct investment for end. It set up by a guy named Nator. Why that's can be?
It's you want to russian collusion hours. Russian guy shows up and saying that happens right now. I kept wondered thinking to myself. Why why? Why would Prince become at such a target outside of his political influence to his sister army? can tell myself why why? Why would Prince become at such a target outside? of his political influence to resist her army please to keep the attention on the Trump team, but why, Prince, specifically I have some audio here and tip to the listener. Anna from a few people names Bob. Tracy is couple people sent me this audio. I miss this. seemed to this interview. This is a blow you my Eric! This is Eric Prints on bright Bart, Ray with Alex Marlowe talking bout just to set this up information. He has up to now
connections. This is a very well connected guy. Some information. He has this. This is a while ago this interview about. Anthony Wiener Computer member Anthony, Wiener Joe Did he wieners Zuma, Aberdeen husband, former Congress disgrace congressmen who was exchanging elicit a text and stuff with an under age girl wieners? spouses who may avenant Hillary Clinton right hand, woman. They found information whom I was sending to wieners computer. I guess it was some kind of home computer. They found information on at the end, why p d and in turn, to over the FBI because they were investigating wiener for this sex thing, Fifty with this under age girl, listen the princes take on what they say
and and maybe it'll all makes sense right now why Mahler is targeting prince? I'm gonna break this up into two caught, so play cut one because in winter gate, intersecting scandal the enlightened. He started back the idiot do not warrant they certain Latin. you're, not my own, those dictionary, fifty thousand emails. He found more than just more information pertaining to me, probably a guy was doing they found Now they found a lot of other really Grammy criminal information, including money laundering only when this ah island, convicted powder file, Epstein Nobody went there more than twenty times Henry. Yet there is six times
garbage that they found in the emails criminal activity is my only by her immediate circle, other democratic members of Congress was. even to the FBI, and they said we're going to your poverty. This, if you go to reopen investigation, be taught you do the right thing with kind. Wait indictments what what Bob crazy I've. I may not have been bombed, maybe two guys who sent me that in the Ladys I thank you How did I miss that list When I miss it, I miss it. I've done my the book is coming together unbelievably well, but I miss that I did not. I I I heard that interview before we go do what you can do. You have many Briscoe.
That was a perfect opportunity for a totally fluid on our skies. The best I put a lot of pressure and Joe, which robs sorry. We have like a libraries, the folks How did I miss that error This bright part this kid I got dive another cut from it. I had it gets along interview. He goes on, Part news, radio and serious when Alex Marlowe and says the Nypd found on wieners computer. Now I can't As to the this diversity, the information you are just telling you what he said, I'm trying to make a connection you why Prince would become a targeted Bob mothers that clear Joe He says they around six hundred and fifty thousand emails information about money laundering, Democrat members of Congress by the Jeffrey Epstein under aged plain, I dont That's true it! Maybe I don't know.
but apparently it's so disturbed the people, the Nypd, which I have heard from sources by the way. Remember. I said this the other day that they were going to go public, that that's. Why Jim call me came out and gave their press conference about reopening the current investigation ten days out, it was to protect Hilary not to hurt her. What why you give a pressing Fritz ten days out or you you release a letter, saying you reopening investigation, they had no choice. Listen to what princess saying additional another completely independent source. New York field, offices of the FBI and the MIT pity was so disturbed what they saw in this. I just said this to you last week day: we're going to do their own thing, so call me takes a Joe. We clear on this and says: hey, I'm gonna. Do my old press conference at least I can kind of spin the narrative my way to protect Hillary. Did you hear what he just said about what they found on this thing? Now it gets better
again we're trying to make the point that this is why Prince may be now be a target of Mahler? I'm gonna, take it there, the rabbit hole even further going to really freak out into what he says now about how the Justice Department in DC and Loretta Lynch, what's so horrified at what may have been on that computer implicating the Democrats and Hillary Clinton right before an election on eighth, any wieners per computer that being needed, something to get people to stop talk in. So listen to what Prince alleges about what the Justice Department Loretta Lynch is Justice Apartment did to the MIT D and they New York Field Office, the FBI, to get them this thereby halls about this play that cut. You might be wanted to new approach to ninety one An additional arrest they were making aviation and they got you huge push back to the point of working, I'm just
farmers in the Justice Department to charge one that had been unrelated, In the accident, accidental death of Aragon or the guy almost two years ago, what this. Do you understand where you deserve better? Justice Department under let our Loretta Lynch to engage in a coercion campaign to stir the Nypd from going public about nature. The information they found on eighth, any wieners computer about the Clinton's and the Democrats damaging destructive information. According the prince again, I can often the gate, the veracity? Of that I do. I have not heard that independently me am. I pity I want to be clear on just suggesting queue at this: the what Prince said guard was so the veracity of it. Clearly right now makes him a target for Bob smaller, and so
to me. It is true that day worth the Justice Department Let me break Domini said because you may not be familiar with the case. the guy in New York. He be selling Lucy cigarettes on taxation rates on a corner. Eric Arnie was a big guy, six foot plus four. your pounds he use blackmail the officer was white and approached them. They store owner. all the cops and basically wanted Garner removed from them. The store you sell it on tax cigarettes. The guide it wants are doing in front of his store the officer shows up. Scuffle ensues terrorism, chokehold involve garner wound up the outlines of dying of a heart attack later on now What happened in the case they blame the officer, for you know a for an unnecessary use of force scenario, but the Justice Department. Looking into this, what princes alleging here is very serious princes Lodging package.
Ass? This department was threatening me. Am I pity, like hey, we're going to look into this any specifically says in charge. Someone on this. If you guys don't This thing go away what oh my his sources right. Do you understand nah bombshell released on how this hasn't been widely distributed? I dont know I did not hear this. I missed it. While discussing prince and later now It makes sense why he would become such a target for the mother. Campaign, if what he said was in fact true, the Mahler Special Counsel shot him down. Breton the swamp defence the crown no matter what. shot him down. We can Have this guy out there talking about what they found on a computer shut down now.
In light of what I discussed last week, let's review that information in the context of what you just heard, prints on bright part, news, radio. Release is incredibly damaging information about a justice department. Quid pro quo to make imaging information on Hilary go away or allow them to control what happens to Prince. Prince, shows up at a meeting in Seychelles at that meeting. a guy named George Nadir. Let me just described to you quickly so keep my princess at that he's added this December. Accuse me he was then a couple means one of this umbrella. but NATO is at a meeting with print in the Seychelles and sets This meeting with this russian I'm gonna get to him in a second, but this is from a dance, Abrams lawn crime. I want to read you a piece about Nator. Now, here keep in mind is cooperating with them.
Or investigation pretence. We against prince, quote Nato is widely believed to have orchestrated December twenty sixteen meeting, a trump tower during which Flynn Jared Kosher and Steve bad and met with been cited. There is also believed to organised a controversial meeting in the Seychelles during which Eric Prints others a Camille them career Dmitri of chief executive of the Russian. The at direct investment fund met with been cited. Earlier this month, NATO. began cooperating with mothers, investigation, thirst, Today's report suggests NATO may be done cooperating according to the report but it would appear mothers witness sought to exit the United States after the land
take earlier. This month, reported nature had been indicted, though not convicted on child pornography charges in nineteen. Eighty five mothers using an indicted but not convicted potential lug charge- a guy, was charged with child pornography to cooperate against Eric Prince about a meeting in the Seychelles after Prince whom they may have? No one at the time prince had all this information in this head may have had good sources about they Wiener computer folks. Why You think I title today show this can't be happening. The hand of the thing. With the judge, I've read Kimber. What am I can't be real. This Reuters out has to be fake prints
So you say, enemy prince is the subject of a smaller investigation after Prince when our radio station and talked about damaging information on a computer that the Nypd knew about and at the Justice Department was trying to threatening and an engaging coercion campaign against the am, I pity, all of a sudden. He becomes a target of investigation by Mahler, oh and by the way they cooperate, or in it is George Nator if they were. Why would we care about George NATO, cooperating. Whose George NATO's attorney you remember George, NATO's attorney, The facts are remember: the fixer Cathy Rumbler, whose Kathy Kathy rumbler was Barack Obama's Whitehouse Council, Cathy Rumbler was intimate,
The involved in just about every single, Barack Obama, controversial potential scandal. The IRS, spend Gaza Cylindrical rumbler with Google? It rumbler are E M m l e r. I see rumbler Iris, Cathy Rumbler, Benghazi, Cathy Rumbler Secret Service, Cathy Rumbler Cylinder, Google. She was the fixed. Now she's, representing a guy who set up a meeting between prince, some big time. Russian investor representing him the back. protect the swamp at all us defend the crowd preferred locker.
To say it and almost an authoritative, you know horrible english action. I read this. I heard that clip and, unlike I can't believe this is so obvious what's going on, if we had even a remotely semi, transparent and fair media Joe. This would be the scandal of of not only the century. This will be the big Scandal, since you know we transformed from from Australopithecus Africanus into homo sapiens Sapiens, Mahler after the guy. Who claims to have sources about cachet of horrendous information about the Democrats and Hillary Clinton and about a quid pro quo between the Justice Department and a where's your campaign against the MIT just off Or another coincidence, folks, now it gets better better.
Who was at does believe it or not. Who was at the meeting set up by Nator, remember eaters represented Georgiana guy sets up the meeting between Prince and the Russian and the Seychelles nature. Represented by Obama's attorney, nay, four sets this meeting up with russian guy career Dimitrios. By the way, if I show up dead somewhere to get a star Go find me for my wife just getting, and I want to be sure but this is like this- is the kind of free GDP stuff. I read it. I might. This can't be real. Who was at the meeting. career Dmitri up, who is the ceo of Russian direct investment fund? sovereign wealth funds Certain uses to engage in investment activities to the benefit of the russian state
real Dmitri have his his guy now who represented and our friend, two balls in a firm that represented the rush of direct investment fund. Let me read from you from a left, leaning website, by the way these link It will be in the show notes that are at the bottom subscribe at Bonn GINO dot com. I will send them right here in box. If not go to the website, read these links. They are killer. nadir, represented by Obama's lawyer, sets up a meeting between Prince and a russian the rush, Dmitri have career Dmitri have worked for the russian direct investment fund. Here's a court from a salon, dot com, peace, far left website about who represent the russian direct investment fund. It is a report on the Clinton Machines ties to Saudi Arabia is a cough. Michael is a call for a writer Yahoo right now.
also notes that two of the car Lobbyists butlers Richard relevant Davy Jones our principles and affirm that too, last year, represent the Russia Direct investment fund. Average Well Fund cofounded five Vladimir Putin, when he was Prime Minister, are you freakin kidding me This is salon. This is not concerned, review Bright Barton, maybe more than credible, I'm just tat. This is not some politically left the far left so long as like Kooky left reporting, that too Clinton bombers. Let's reverse engineer this to quit butlers that raise money for the Clinton's our principles. That represented a russian fun around Fund headed by a c o Dmitri, who met with a guy who had dangerous information about the Clinton's
in the Seychelles that were set by a guy who is represented by Obama's lawyer here, I got to get my mouth here, actually happen. Let me say it again, so you don't have to listen to the show twice and I'm trying to save you. The effort, a guide murmured prince who has on radio publicly is. You can treat you hear yourself, you just Cardoso, stating he has incredibly damning and damaging information on sources about a coercion ethnic by former justice to make bad information on the commission's. Basically go away. a guy who says he is making an effort is being investigated by Bob Mahler. For a meeting set out by a guy who's represented by Obama's attorney Russian, who was represented by two Clinton butlers he's, we did
Is it Joe? Is this? Are you getting this year again like now? Please explain to me again after I have explained to you the eminent Aguilar of Contact, Sergei million Contact, the Alex they're down or contact. This was not a set up how this I don't have an operation to frame drop from the beginning. This is all coincidence that everybody who contacted the Trump team or One in the Trump orbit has a connection to either Clinton's or the Obama's everyone. Everyone. Alexander downright that with Papa topless I've information. Oh by the way I signed a memorandum of understanding transferring twenty five million to the cliff found Asian. When I was for the australian government orgy no conflict of interests there, the ugly Our of kid it junior, we need to set up a meeting about negative information on Hilary with a Russian who shows up the axiom russian work for fusion GPS work of Raillery milk
who works for. What's talks would talking to Papadopoulos, and it is by some reports the founder of the Golden shower story. Millions oh by the way, his stuff wind up in the dossier, to steal about the golden shower story, eddies connected the Papa Dapple, is who started there were negotiated. According to the New York Times, investigation explained to me again how this I wasn't set up in frame from the start with this Face do it. the guy's represented by Obama's lawyer, who set this meeting up that's. The meeting up with a guy who represented by a firm, we're too, Britain Bunglers work. This is insane. But this actually happened job the Pardon information yesterday the job I know by this method,
the collection of yesterday's shop, you miss it was the Ukraine correctly. This is tat. This is a different one. Every day, Gub hoping and praying that I get this information across the EU in a coherent fashion- and you know it as I get it some some of you don't need it explained couple times than a show, but some do it's important. understand what we're talking about here mothers, investigation and identity this cause, I'm gonna stuff, I'm gonna, get to Molly This investigation, ladies and gentlemen, is a smoke screen. Mahler is the one guy connected deeply enough to the swamp, to protect the crown at all costs. Obama's lawyer rumbler, whose representing the guy that set up this meeting with Prince. Rumbler knows smaller. Molly had a role in selecting her for the Enron taskforce, where she
Worked with. Andy Weissmann,. mothers number two when the special council. Mahler knows rumbler. Obama's lawyer representing the guy who set up this meeting with the guy, was bad information about the Collins. They worked with Weissmann. Weissmann is the number two guy in the special council who is ruthlessly targeting trump, they worked. She worked with him. Now she's working to cooperate with smaller, for it with with a guy with a shady path to set up a meeting with the guy was information about the coins and none of this bothers anyone we're the media, my gun? Where is the Euro Woodward and Bernstein of our time these two? Woodward huge owes you know these guys, what we're gonna, which one of em they ve lost their miser. Where are they now we had a bridge,
can at the watergate- I guess Nixon that ago, but You understand what this is it, how many civil rights are being thrown out the window to cover for the coincidence, gosh I want I gotta learn a little bit later now exists, things upset me. really good story. It's good and bad about education at school. I think you're gonna find interesting. I I've been debating, went to fit the sin, but Matt Palermo, my resident the bunker, gave me a good. You know good reason it do it. Today so finally brought by bodies if filter by they wrote this air themselves, which really I love these guys at best it spring cleaning time, unlike up his cleaning out corrupt officials, you can clean up the air you breathe, make your age vat system great again, provide these guys and folks don't procrastinate otherwise. Dust pollutants, mold, allergy, aggravating junk, will clog up your system if it comes in a fishing it'll cost you a lot of money, sounds like the federal government
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walk out any Brian Kaplan with us see now I it Kaplan before on guess, I listen to you- can talk by rests Roberts riches, which is really terrific. It's a weekly daily, but is very good and he was on Kaplan and the title of his book- is the case against Education night and say that run As for the case- and I say that, because most of us believe education is a public good- is a personal good- is it you know we're not give rarely if anyone can educate he's that by the way, the premise of the book is not don't get yourself educated, it's a answer more the system that how the system is set up to rule or at individuals, but not reward society at large is a fascinating piece of work. The premise of it being education right now. The system, the college system, Joe, is more about signalling, then scan
If I'm saying this wrong Brian, while promoting your book here, please feel free to come on as a guest. I'd be happy to do a Saturday show with you where doing interview These cases that it's about signalling that skills now want to give you an interesting analogy. I heard him make that blew my mind manifest. But I ll show you how powerful this analogy is. When I- TAT this Joe to my wife, initially angle, you know this. I just listened to a fascinating lecture with a guy we say and that how the education system, specifically the higher education system in the country, is set up to benefit people, on a terribly but really doesn't benefit anyone field of our society in general? Use I'm crazy, education's, really great, but I say Marco Polo is the analogy the guy gave to show to you that this is about signalling how smart you are Not necessarily how smart you are that would you rather Joe, if you were in a job interview which you rather have the diploma for an Ivy League University with
oh skills whatsoever conferred by that diploma in if you want a job interview or would you rather have a body of really serious skills in that job interview button oh diploma at all from an elite university I'd rather have the skills. You did be because you wouldn't even get in the job. That's the point. I'm actually glad you answered honestly. You would be wrong real because you can't even apply for the job without the damn diplomacy. You'd, never get any interview at that point, most people who waves or that questions to you. If you know what it is, your skills base business, you have to do it. I will these complex it when Joe, the he, when you can apply for a job the point the guy's making is that the diploma? Not skills- is a signalling device to show that, yes, you want through the college process you went through. You know you are
going to accept the rigors of it every day. At the study, what very few people actually believe that the college diploma anymore confers the actual skills related to the job based on numbers? That sounds, do engineering medicine, but when you're, knock. I was a psychology major somebody knocking people who go to college, just suggesting that some of those skills am I a college degree was me we relevant it best to my secret service career earlier and but but later on in my book when I was doing protection his suggestion. The analogy is most people would rather have a sheep's in diploma from Harvard understood with, whose skills at all, rather than a body of skills and know diploma from Harvard looks good, yeah you're. more money with the damn diploma, with no skills at all. Then you what would a body of skills and Anna Highschool diploma only it's a great was a grand. I've heard that I go he's right now We just take the analogy a step further.
as he does a nice Kaplan did a man if you're on an island in the real by yourself, you're on an island in the real world right now Ben marooned we ve fabric that most people would rather have the Harvard diploma. Not the skills, true, because it's worth more to that right is worth more to you, Joe, on an island. Nobody around your ear. You know Tom Hanks and cast away you're on your own. Would you rather have the skin? to survive on that island, or would you rather have a diploma from Harvard that says you have the skills to survive, but not having any skills at all. What would you rather have I've brethren, the skills, your door, Rikers, really dead. Fact, that's the right answer. Yes, you'd be dead, The point is in the real world when it actually matters, and it's not a signalling effort to your employer you'd rather have that our skills, because you'd be but otherwise, but what it's the fake world of signalling, and
and a new job environment where people use a diploma as a proxy for Iq Test casino Wanna be sued that its applause. My map, the skills of matter that education, where the book is called the case against education and that a lot of people go to school, to get an education Joe in college, that don't need it and to our debt is totally not relevant to their lives and there's a significant social costs to this. They take on hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt society subsidized through tax dollars, and they don't need the skills you don't need. How about sixteenth century basket weaving you want you know what does it have to do with anything all it as is the diploma, and why it matters to you. It's sick, Firstly, Europe lawyer You may be a smart guy or gal it doesnt signal anything else in most cases. Ironically, that's just stupid
it, is still with all systems. Do we think it is so here's another thing imagines cited a back away from might there what about this paradox in crowds, this crowd effect, which I brought up before in the show months ago. I forget what we are talking to MR familiar: yes, a great analogy: how thin that work for an individual, don't necessarily work collectively or in crowds. So if you're in a movie theater, it benefits you significantly as an individual to stand up to watch the movie. Because you can see better forgetting second, as our comfortable instead, just assume like someone was given you like a support and holding up, You can see better right job, you stand up, but that doesn't So that's good for you standing is good for you, but it's good for the crowd good, for you is not good for the gander there, because if but he stands up. Then nobody can say he made.
this pride, he uses this image. Is a terrific analogy regards the education system, how the signal of the diploma Joe, not the skills that signal of the diploma is worthless a lot of money to an individual, so they, what a college, even though they don't need it. A lot of people not all, go to college, even though they don't need it and it benefits them it doesn't benefit all of us when we all go to college, when we don't mean it now, as data I love data on our backs in case you think he's making this up. He says is a fascinating little problem. We found here that as a college degree. Joe will significantly benefit your income. He says, coach, one thing upwards of ten percent higher something per year of education, or something like that of forgive me from get a numbers riotous, it's a lot more than a high school, the poem but what's fascinating Joe is it doesn't? and if it national income.
Meaning the income of the nation doesn't go. So how is that show? How are all these people making more money, but the country is because Money is coming from other people. the money you are making is coming out of someone else's while it so it's zeros out. You know who is coming out of the high school graduates that would applied for the job you applied for with a college degree, but didn't need. Is that debt, Brian Kaplan, that's genius! So again. You're on an island. You're on an island where skills matter not sheepskin diplomas. Writing it's Tom, Hanks Castaway, the abilities, now because I don't want to be sued by the problem of from college is irrelevant, your value is if you can survive and if you have the skills in the face world. We live in now, value is not the skills it simply the diploma so People who have the skills Joe to survive
Get cut out of job opportunities because the job now, because I don't want to be sued by doing IQ test says all you need. A college departmental apply what! the administrative assistant job here you need a for what what what it's a diminished, I'm basically entering the foliage, maybe do in some light bookkeeping. Why do I need a college diploma? Because you do That's why because I don't want to be sued, giving out any kind of a test that IQ test. So they just say to protect themselves. You need a college, but we all need a college diploma. So what happens that forty three dollar a year now admit. Creative assistant job in men, and that's what blood from pay they pay, not bad. Somebody just forty, sometimes fifty that job is now shut out to people who do have the skills to do it. Who don't college diploma.
nice it well, how does the money come from then cause, then? What are they have to go? They have to go work in the Mcdonald's and fast food and servers in lesser paying jobs be even though they have the skills for other jobs because their shut out, because they don't have the signal this signal. Is the sheepskin, even though on the island it doesn't mean squad genius, genius, genius, However, the crowd tat paradox of the crowd right, what's good for one, one person standing up is not good. When but he does it. So what benefits you to go any does. If you go to college, you will make more money stand up in a movie. Theater will benefit you go to I will make you more money when everybody goes the college. It does it needed and job employees and employers respond by make. In college. A stand For your application, because they can't do iq test and other things as they dont want to be sued the whole
archery suffers because a lot of wasted assets are poured instrument education system, that educate people in things and skills. They don't need to survive on the island if on the island you dont journalism the great you need to learn how to start a fire to learn how to fish. So I haven't read them to be fair. I only heard the econ talking and I've heard cap when I read his interview in the Wall Street Journal, but this is fascinating, fascinating premise. That I think, is words some serious any any. May you know heedless and he's not he's a teacher himself and acknowledges the fact that by speed- got against education, these almost putting himself out of business but he's honest, and he says I'm under no illusion that the public is going to accept my premise- any does propose solutions, show vocation schools- and you know that is a good idea. I think you know, but maybe we should have more Microsoft. Trains are not worry about a diploma or Microsoft, Trade, Adobe, train people with jobs,
Joe works. I don't even know what the hell he does when I send a sound our wines of cut up the show, so it sounds listening, half the time of snorting enough and in puffin, and you don't even hear any of that Does it really tried to show me one time I forget it I d, my wife who knows you know internet databases, I was confused. But me me. That's all we need. Maybe or sound engineer school and more that stuff? Maybe the market, the market is so set up in skewed toward the education, government, complex and funding of schools and funding of higher education and funding of student loans. That he's under no illusion that, according to what I heard, at least by talking about that, we're going to break this monopoly anytime soon fascinating premise, though. Nonetheless, when we get well what little short on time, hey folks I'll cover the sun are the pizza hut tomorrow, but do me a favor tune into my NRA tv show tonight. Five hundred and thirty p dot m eastern time. Don't miss it! I'm going to be this down a little
get more this Eric Prince thing it I'm gonna have some had miser share. The problem not haven't video here is my wife, it's easier to understand, sometimes when there's video as well visuals, so I have a couple of those to check it out in our atv dot com. Five hundred and thirty p dot m eastern time tonight also on Roku tv, Amazon, fire, Google, Chrome cast and free it and ATV Dotcom, go check it out. I'll, see you later tonight, thanks for that you just heard in Bonn GINO. She did more of them online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.