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Ep. 702 The Real Threat to the Swamp

2018-04-19 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I cover the disturbing details about how the Swamp really works. It’s a deeply corrupt enterprise. I also address a brewing controversy over the Trump tax cuts bill and a cryptic reference by a Jim Comey ally about Loretta Lynch.    News Picks: Today’s Edition of Liberal Myth-busting: “Do Red States Really Take More Welfare?”   Check out this cryptic reference by a known Jim Comey ally about Loretta Lynch.   The use of Sean Hannity’s name in a court preceding, to attack him and Trump, was a legal abomination.   There were more press at a Jim Comey book signing than people.    When is CNN going to address this massive conflict of interest in the case against Trump’s lawyer?    Why are swampy Republicans withholding their support on a potential Trump re-election effort?   Americans aren’t budging on their gun rights.   Democrats finally discover local rule.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Waiting to hear the truth about Amerika upon his shoulders, not immune to the banks. With your host Dan Bone, Jean I wanted a damp on GEO show pretty should show. How are you today a man do well about you. Don't ok, yeah like prioritize the cot, then again, because we're just overflowing with that of its give out every single day. I've, got some step on this, the taxpayer. Find a chest in the story's going to just really upset you folks, I'm sorry! I don't might try to upset you, but again we have to know the fight were in. It happens if I toughen us up embrace it, Oh the fight, it's what we're here for its. What were born today but this is gonna, really upset you, this tax pills I read this morning because it goes to show you the spineless nests of these GEO P cats up on the hill, how they don't do that, thing, do the easy thing you know Folks, out a serious note. I, when I pray
during the day, I always say we Scott help me do the right thing, not the easy thing. That's the only reason I came to my hat. If your politics, Joe the golden rules through the easy thing, not the right thing, but they get there first and I want to talk. that's something else to some more shady, unbelievably ridiculous. Disgusting disturbing connections, in this case again tromp and how they're trying to take down everybody in the Trump orbit or I can I shall brought You are bodies it by patriots, supply, yeah baby as Joe with say that we have it. I haven't, get it then read for them in a well prepared it matters folks, it matters sure you have an emergency supply of water of food, make sure you have gag the gas you get This is the kind of stuff and a hurricane zone in Florida. That comes is just ass second nature, but it should for everyone. food stocks on hand or wait seven days Riven weeks. If you have food stocked on hand or wait stays, When we were help to arrive, you need food stocks on it,
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brill, sincere and the reason the income tax cuts rather than the business side cuts in the corporate tax side were not permanent is because there the crab stood in the way Democrat stood in the way and forced the Republicans to use a reconciliation base procedure because they couldn't over common democratic Democrat filibuster, detect their tax cuts on the income side are not permanent. Joseph we're kiss crystal clear here are you need to understand is because the Democrats didn't want the permanent they blocked. It folks make absent, Nobody ever not steer you're wrong. I would Belarus? You, because I know you're gotta, debate, your liberal friends. I would not give you a piece of information that you're gonna get fact checked on later and look silly. That's an apple we do in our show. The tax Scots on the income side are not permanent, because the Democrats block them because they threatened to filibuster. That's why now of course,
I'm not here, to support you, but Republicans you I'm glad they pass the taxpayer. I think it was a good bail could have been better, but it was really good bill. The republican never failing to disappoint right? There's some talk right now: ok, great there's! Some talks are stuck in a judge me job like side conversations, there is some talk now of and which I think is really smart. In the republican caucus up. There are items, so you want why bother you play ball? Daddy? Oh, you wanna bet, what stands a little bit so that you know public do have a lot of good members up data freedom. Caucus MIKE leaves the ramparts. while those votes in others folks. They have some decent members up. Another like right. You want to play. Do you wanna play ball? You want you want to go out there with his disingenuous talking point that we didn't make detect dutch permanent on the year on the personal side, on the income side, even though you guys did it Joe. Let's put a bail out. making attacks scotch permanent, let's see where the dams go with this one nice,
they ve got them, against a wall again, but leave it to spineless jellyfish republicans to what did it do up to just I mean you got knocked out he's on the ropes right, you're ready to go, I like, let's let em recover a little bit get a view breeders. This is what they do. Why today, some talk now of not putting that bill up there to make permanent. Why Joseph? Because some real begins running in Trump states again Democrats in Trump States and the Senate side so begins running in red states against them France that are sitting in Senator offices in red states are saying well, We do that. We may give those Democrats assent get a chance to vote for this, ex bill and wouldn't have that that weapon to who is against them politically? They voted against attacks, but no, you would know
Democrats voted for the taxpayers money. The fact that they did Both for before and vote for later makes them look even worse. Now I, it is because clearly Joe, the right thing to do here clearly is to put this bill on the floor and to make these tax cuts permanent, knowing mayor the it's the right thing to do, it is economics, it's good for your. While it is good for the country- and it is good- for conservative up the conservative ethos, the conservative principles we live by money in the wilds of em, I can citizens and consumers and producers and entrepreneurs less money in the hands of a government of our government. We know that, but they won't do it. Again there playing silly dopey politics because they're afraid they're afraid of the truth? How maybe, if we let you see what I'm going to show us make incessant there, there allowing the Democrats, basically another invited the apple. No, no Democrats voted for the bill. Saying but who knows Joe if, let's say their John Tester or
Oh mansion and West Virginia a Democrat, Senator West Virginia reliably red state now that if ten May in turn around and votes for this second bell there you go not brighter. Now that a vote, for this second bill working. Give him a shot to say you voted for the taxpayer. He didn't, he did not vote for it. He voted. No. This is that data. not open for debate is not Michael, J Fox and back to the future. There's nothing can do they can travel in time and change their vote. These guys are gutless. Just put the bill on the floor, it's the right thing to do. GOSH its really I'm seconding I'll spineless. Some of these guys are now another thing. Some public sentiment again they did. The bill is not overwhelmingly popular year, yet the taxpayer, but this is another one of these scenarios. Where have said the european
we do the right thing, not the easy thing. The bill is the right thing. Publics damn. It will come around in the long run. The bill is to end debate, and didn't fares are pulling the tax bill. That is the tax couple pulling incredibly well, and it should be their allow theories out their Joe as to why it's not yeah now yeah. It's a shame because it really is, as I've laid out and multiple prior represents the economic fact in statistic based argument as to why the economy's turning around, I think largely due to this bill and the entire separation patient of greater revenue streams in the future, greater productivity and higher wages. Because there's going to be more money in the pockets of american consumers, an american citizens in american businesses. It's not a camp complicated arguments make, but what the theories Joe, which is interesting. I hadn't really consider this. Is that the big there's an overwhelmingly popular yet because people don't alot of people matter
a lot of people. Don't get physical pay stubs any more interesting. I do you get one as I do- and I noticed in my pay in reality- ok It's got. I'm glad you answer that I don't mom, I don't so. You can't folks. I have no idea tax bill affected me I don't get a pay stub! it's all online and my wife there's a lot of the finances and the family? I have no idea now that I found that saying it. My my I understand the mechanics of the bill and how it would work for me, even if it didn't. I still support the bill because It works for the economy, but is it interesting theory that do what you're electronic bookkeeping a lot of people getting stuff by by email, and I can tap into their accounts electronically and the paperless economy that people, unlike Joe I'd say you noticed it, then, which makes idea, because at that I did what I get on a plane, this job for the show. That's fascinating that if you get a paper
stop. Like all look, I got a hundred I'll raise. I gotta fifty fifty I'll raise. I gotta sixty dollars. That's nice you feel good about it, but if you don't get a paper, Stop finish your bank account you not checking there all the time you have no idea. Some people may have gotten a razor, not even know it. you see what I'm saying Joe. They make my guest attacks, but what a bus that was. I didn't get anything out of this when in fact you did a lot of people, don't even look, sometimes don't even look, so interesting stuff. I am. I wanted to bring it up, because it just goes to show you how sometimes the right thing is. Just not the easy thing to do, but it is the right thing to do and they should do it and they just refused to do it all the time. Hey, I'm you got that cut right are good, Here's a story. That's really upsetting me! You know. I've been on a for a couple days. Had this Mahler probe is just the smokescreen and how they making every effort to take down every single person in the Trump orbit. What they want to do. The goal here. The Mahler promised to make trump absolutely untouchable anybody.
touches, him is to be taken down by the law enforcement system. Look at the people were too and about Cohen his lawyer, who's gonna. represent trump. Now you represent apparently it attorney client privilege doesn't exist zone if songs you represent Tromp John Hand the Sean Hannity court. They targeted that Jay Sekulow J Secular when his organization of EU member that when I was a year ago, or so when You know sailor who's been associated with the Trump DNA one after him, stone there there looking to take down Anybody in the Trump Orbit Papadopoulos Dapple page Flynn, anybody touches trump. You know lawyer ever naughty for stormy Daniel Sir, the deep porn star said If you re Michael colonies, toxic anybody, you touches a you. You know you better be careful to what everybody said there: They really mean the Democrats. Is they want to make trump talks? they want. Nobody knew the sky, so Why had it? He was such a target in court. Now, what happened in
Kay site admission that will, but yesterday, but I'll bring up again and exits. It's important. I got some audio here to its critical me. the organisations Democrats, liberals interest groups, the swamp, swampy Republicans all have an interest in taking down trump. Why? Let me break back it out the thirty thousand feet. Trump is. A creature of the establishment. I'm much sure if I've made this clear in the past, I have made the case of unless treaties why Mahler needs to protect the swamp, but some people of each I mean said? Can you describe what the swamp or the deep state is? The deep state the swamp is a network of beer regrets, in other words, government employees, not politicians whose vest an interest is in keeping their jobs, think tanks both on the left and some on the right and really are on the right by web. Some on the left, mostly on the left, as stated in big government
muslim funded by far and lobbyists that proper that profit off pushing for foreign foreign aid things, I think about that. Your foreign gum in funding a think tank that pushes it Democratic Republic in president to give foreign aid to that government, its funding, you're think tank. You know what you don't think that stuff happens. I told about the Atlantic Council mermaid and we'll get better than a minute to bureaucrats. Big donors, big government, liberal group, interest groups plan parenthood, half a billion dollars a year and taxpayers funds this is all a component of a deep state swamp atmosphere. Some Republicans too, that profit of government as it gets bigger. They also profit of their ability to say now, as I told you, but most profound things ever said to me was
former Howard County Maryland, I can't executive Chuck actor said to meet and about one time when we are when I asked why government grows even republicans are in charge. He said to me because Dan there's no power and yes, there is we power and power feels good and the ability to tell people know that's. Why, You pass laws, even one Republicans are in charge. New expanded bureaucracy, pass laws telling people what they can't do. That's why everybody in the United States is a de facto criminal, because the criminal code is so thick and deep the law against everything and it's nice, because you get hold the government cudgel over people's heads. You get to tell people know the time and what do they have to do to get the yes campaign donation? Oh, I get use your private jet. You understand and how expanse of government government that has a monopoly on force gum. That has a monopoly on on institutional power, backed up by force. There's no I've been army in the United States government is the one that
It can put you in jail, the FBI, local police departments, a secret service, the ear whenever it. Maybe they have that power. Apple may be one of the biggest companies in the world. Apple cannot put you in jail period, full, stop and, The way apple has competitors, you don't like them go somewhere else may be, we need to get off Itunes, but it's not gonna put in job when the gun It says you are less money and by we're going to sue you for that pond than your backyard under the waters? The United States? Will you better damn? Well pay. There is no all and if competitor, to go to to complaint government, be there is only government, nay. What does this have to do? A trump. The way the government is metastasized and grown in the bureaucracies grown has expanded, its powers grown, its influence has grown. Way while you're in government and people are getting you too? Yes by bribing you? Maybe it strong work now, maybe not.
What are they saying? Oh by the way when you leave government, we have a job waiting for you all, and what do you think all these people leave government become millionaires, you're going to be in it? and it Joe why tromp, so dangerous to this circle Sir girl of la reprehension as from the lion king. What this this circle of Data is gay year advocates of lagging circle of doom. Why is rob so dangerous to it because he need any of these people He has never come up through the political ranks. He has never had a sell out for an endorsement. He's. Never had a plant is lips on anybody spot for endorsement. He does. each year money. He doesn't need your campaign donations. He doesn't need your supporters, he doesn't need anything. He has his own supporters, his own base his own money and he is never had to cut a deal for politics.
because he's never Syria he's entertained running for positions, but he's never seriously run for office. People who come up through rags their local delegate. There is state senator their accomplishment or centre folks, I've run for office. It is disgusting process is gross. It's why I'm never ever running again. Do you have any idea how many people approach with a wink at an odd for all Enzo ideals? You know many deals you after caught before you make it to be present United States? If you came up, do the Ranks Congress Senate law? You know you are a local city, council person, you owe so many people favours those rivers are used as a way Keep you in Czech too, hey Tony, Mr President, Tony member that time- and you are City Council person and we cut that land deal yeah by our. You don't want that, go in public right. Maybe we need to talk about another deal. You're gonna do for me now that maybe I propose a kind of dramatic example, but you
the point you see what I'm saying that the deal cutting creates a set of almost you know, The client type relationships where you dont want people to know your betting over the years and a bookie you you know mean to go to the feds right. Trump doesn't mean area this. He is oh dangerous to the swamp cause he, but he doesn't care you can see the way, acts the way tweets everything they tell me Dewey. Does the opposite? That's why try? is target number one right now and everybody in his sphere has to be taken down. That's why I have one in yesterday's show this. Well, you know Bob Ollinger Republic, I don't Here, what do you mean by the one, the and by the way, the investigative team is stacked with Democrats, as we showed in yesterday's show notes from apple and was article it doesn't matter swampy. Publicans need Trump gone too. Don't believe me look,
it is one of the rare times by the way I ll put a CNN lake in the show notes, but it's worth reading, it's actually a pretty well done peace, I've rarely I do this. Give CNN clicks but see politics, peace, Joe, whereas it here we go to does in G O p lawmakers Joe get alot of this matter. Refusing to say if they would back Trump and RE election effort matter. Of fact, if you read the peace again, it's rare, I include CNN, but it's important never want to give them clicks. But for this episode it's important read the direct words of a bow load of republican lawmakers on corn in and others in their reed, how they, how they describe Trumpery election effort and potential endorsement. I don't know, maybe kind the sort of baby folks, I'm tellin you right now the swamp,
on the republic inside too, has zero interest than this guy doing another six years in office. None they need him out there why there is no significant outcry from the republic inside about this smaller investigation. Not only you're no significant outcry. You got people Republicans Lindsey Grandma Tom, tell us trying to ensure that they and act in x. Constitutional achieves unconstitutional is actually on constitutional law, to protect Bob Mahler from Trump Firing, which is, perfectly within his purview. Do not weaken disagree on that, I you know where I stand on a few society should fire, but you we can argue Beth, and all that point is it's perfectly within his own judgment authority to do so. Lindsey grandma. public in allegedly and Tom. Tell us there, alleged Republican Caroline, want stop Tromp legislatively from executive from executing his own powers. They are desperate to protect. This investigation, these people are
because the investigation is going to make tromp this. Why say firewall or by the time his re election effort is coming to a close two more years. They want to make tromp so toxic that nobody will. Work frame folks. This is important to forget this point. nobody will work for him legally, so he will have a sub standard legal defence when they charge him with felonious a free, because they're gonna find something everybody's a criminal everyone if they were fascinating, you they find Egypt Joe. This is important too. what nobody to work for him on his campaign, no season political operative that understands the mechanics of each state's political process. I don't want anybody touching, and they want to send a signal right now, by going after Hannity Cohen, secular, plain anyone If you work for Trump, you are going to be I get number do no doubt about it. Total destruction, total complete destruction, the mud, revolve political bombs being launched against Europe
I to show you the hypocrisy and how they work and with the media on this measure, will then that's a bold charge that work with the media. Oh yes, they are. I want play for use and compilation we put together. We cover this on my internet tv show last night, which I thank you everyone tunes in veiled. What energy The tv dot com row, coup, Amazon, fire apple, tv five He live every night eastern time, but I cover this this was taken from my show. This is a compilation of CNN and a couple others how to cut short just for the sake of time talking about the com conflict shorthand of you, radio host had who is out in court. As being a Someone who's receive some legal advice from trumps lawyer and I'm telling you you don't just play the cut, not getting sick. A conflict of interest. There's a massive mass of conflict of interest here about a conflict of interest of having shut
The Hannity and Kuwait doesn't sound, either fair nor balance we disclose anything that might even have a whiff of a conflict of interests even aware of a conflict of it. You spoke says: Alison, camera from sea and our dear that she said we this close anything, even if there's a whiff of a conflict of interest. Do you sure about that? who was the lawyer in court. the other day in federal court that was ad caning for Sean Hannity? Who just to be clear in case you, MR story? Hannity had sought some legal advice on a real estate. Deal he's never retain trumps lawyer, Michael Cohen, who was rated. His office was rated aspect the smaller witch hunt. This is again an effort to take anyone anywhere near Trump had a view a powerful trop support. He has the second big
the radio show in the world from of what I know and second biggest fix radio talk. Radio, no doubt about that and he has an enormous audience every night and Fox news. He has a powerful voice for what he has been for concern Tourism Annie supports President tromp. I know Sean and love to death, not trying to. recently by of disabilities, a great guy he has. be taken down to now get to legality that in a minute, brain Andy, Mccarthy, peace, but Sean we did was. We spoke to trumps lawyer about some real estate thing where you should seek it so quick legal advice. Folks I mean, can I honest with you. We I mean look are you a future for the liberals are SAM Series. I really that Dopey Sean, how he makes thirty six million dollars a year. Really big Sean is struggling find the lawyer or legal advice. What probably happened here? he knows Kirwin because he knows Trump card,
the lawyer he I dont I've. Folks, I'm tell you I've, not. I I've not recite, but never lady, even heard any this from Sean from his team I'm guessing what happened here, I trust George word. I would go to the to the fire for this guy I'll bet. What and they were out at dinner or something or he called them on a phone, it said: disparities about a real estate thing have this thing going on what the hell. I don't know what everybody you think I should do. Ok thanks. That is not an attorney client relationship, Gimme, a break but a warrior in open court wanted to be sure that Michael CALL was forced to out that he given legal advice to Sean Hannity. Who was that lawyer? because remember, Alison Coloradus had shown. How did he should have this closed? This relationship show any conflict should be disclosed job, even if there's a whiff of on according to Alice in camera, from seeing, as you heard necklace, it should have been disclosed. That's right in
Who was the lawyer was Robert Balan paler than when we know that name We know that name. O AOI worked for CNN and the New York Times. What he does I thought Joe did. You notice now I thought we were disclosing stuff. I thought this was all about conflict so Alison and see, and we are waiting for you every single time you report on the Mahler probing Cohen to report as a lawyer as a financial relationship with you and the New Yorker New York Times. I want to be sure you guys are disclosing that as well, because you are mad that Hannity appeared the whole core there argument show just gotta distill. The stout is The huge lot of journalists he's an opinion got part of it Journalists are not only with care states a stupid label. Journalists as a journalist went out the window a long time ago. Whatever. How did he has an opinion Bay show the core
Our argument is at hand opinion polls show, if you were to comment on calling Joe should have been preface disclosure that he had some and of attorney client relationship with common, even though we didn't apparently for now. You should seek out some basic legal advice on a real estate deal. This was not the lawyer he'd retain now. Why listen what I I defend? Sean I'd, love shown to death you're free to have an opposite opinion on what he should have disclosure. I personally couldn't care at all that even a little bit, but if your point is it had did. He has no right to an opinion unless he disclosed that Euro take its relevant. While criticising him on disclosure to this, the fact that the lawyer every for the disclosure workforce. Cnn, you don't think that's relevant. Did. You see what I mean by the way. While you are advocating in front of a judge,
Pooh officiated George Soros his wedding, the jury. You ordered handed these named disclosing court, although it was entirely irrelevant to any these proceedings at all. How did you the subject of a criminal investigation. He is that Pinochet who's. The criminality he is that making any kind of like a wave. from a criminal investing in nothing like that. He is not part of this criminal investigation. His name was entirely irrelevant to this entire process, but a lawyer advocating together, namely spoke officiated sources wedding. Maybe we should this closer to. Maybe we should also discuss age who officiated left wing billion AIR George Soros. The judge but would fish, created sources wedding. Maybe we should this clause that you may we should also disclosure that Kimber Wood was candidate for attorney general in the bill. but an administration. Maybe we should put that out there like. I did yesterday. You think that's important. You know
beyond the CNN, we should start disclosing the financial relationships CNN and LISA Monaco who worked with Mahler and was about counter terrorism, adviser before she comments on the markets as well Limbaugh said. I have a link from Russia com is transcript, read it. It is awesome of his this closing relationships between Jacek Chuck, Joe and NBC. What did shocked tell what tat is He should this close relationships to Johnny Chuck Todd's wife was receiving money from the Bernie Sanders campaigns in over that maybe chow should put that on the show. Every single time become in some Bernie Sanders every time or the Democrats for that matter, Chuck That's why I was making a lot of political donations actually go out there to folks do understand what I'm trying to tell you how they are going to take down everybody in the Trump orbit. They don't care. This is not about principles about disclosure in conflict resolution, no its, not camera
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the course of our investigative work for the book. We found another interesting angle: job the gas company the natural gas company in Ukraine, now, if you miss this the other day I'll, explain ethereal real simple here: there's a Natural gas company in Ukraine CALL bereavement with a b b you our eye s m a day. One of the few Private Lee held natural in a web of free market companies that provide natural gas in Ukraine. There was an appointment. made tipper asthma to their board, which is quite interesting that appointment Joe Biden Sun, which can be neatly happened right in Joe Biden, took a trip to Ukraine right after the appointment now. This is fascinating, because one of the guys again targeted by the church, a special council team is the sky Victor Pinch, Yoko Ukrainian, who funds largely this thing,
cats. Why brought up before the think tank far in funding the swamp pinches funds set the only but you don't it's a lot of money to both the Clinton's and to a think tank called It Lana Council, which hires a lot a left, leaning Democrats, not all, but a lot, including Evelyn Farkas, one on a mess and b c and talked about how they were leaking information to the hill to get trump and trouble on nothing to see their foes. So follow me for a second Pincher Ukrainian, will very well for Ukrainian. He don't, I significant amounts of money. The Clinton Foundation to Council the and a council and twenty seventeen signed operators agreement with parishioner ukrainian gas company this in ukrainian Gas company hired job son Hunter, so follow me, and a fundamental flowcharts here is what I'm talkin by the swamp of very wealthy. Foreigner ukrainian by the name, a pinch shook, pin
jerk funds, a left, leaning, think tank, that hires lot and liberal Democrats that lobbies government on Ukraine. Is this happening, really. This is what really happened. Listen took a swamp. This is how it works. Foreign government Jimmy Foreigner and many and foreign governments to buy it donate money to a think tank. The Atlantic Council, this guy pinch, Turkey, donates Monday, the quaint foundation and the Atlantic Council. The Atlantic well, then, lobbies, the Obama, administration and others on policy is affecting Ukraine. Nothing to see our folks. Don't worry, no, no, undue influence there. Why they're doing that they signed a cooperation agreement with a natural gas company that hires Joe Biden kid onto NA not finished our folks now you may see. Ok, then great Verde that what's the point, Britain to protect the crown protect the swamp at all costs pinch shook is be
investigated same guy who funds this think tank. That's, while operating with this company that hired by this kid I heard some one else: one, the natural gas company I get to that. A second. This is this is where it gets good bye it's also fascinating about this, is pink shook, is being investigated, not furs donations to the Clinton Foundation, but for a hundred fifty thousand dollars speaking Feed Donald Trump. As I told you the other day that appears on its face to be entirely legal. There is not a whiff of illegality to this. Maybe one of those things where they're like hey Victor here, we're looking at this donation. You made that the Trump foundation you may, why keep quiet about those appointments to the natural gas company, all which once Obeissance kid you There may be some emails about that between the Clinton's and others, keep in mind how it
MRS Clinton, no pinchbeck. Oh, she invited him to dinner haven't email saying she knows Pincher and by the way her staff is as as rich denied that this happened they got caught, inviting him to dinner, and our staff suspiciously Robbie. Others are denying their pincher was invited to the house. They have an email saying she knows Pincher pension funds and organization that partners with a natural gas firm that hires Joe Biden KIT. Does that make sense? What I just told you Clinton, invites a guide warehouse who don't it is twenty five million dollars to our foundation, who funds a think tank that cooperates with a company that higher Joe Biden, kid now he's under investigation, not for any of that donation of six figure not seven or eight. No! Thank you
the current vat, a six vague one hundred fifty thousand dollars to trumps charity thing, victor! Ah here you may want to keep super quiet about that other stuff, Buddy Maybe we'll make this trumps stuff go away. What shrubs the year that hundred fifty thousand dollar donation was out illegal. No, not really, but we just need you to shut up about the other stuff, but we'll find other stuff. That's illegal. If you don't shut up about the Clinton now, what's the new news here, then no canoe, whose is good to know who's like care, never the great space coaster, yeah, there's a a twenty year old. Listening like what are you talking about, the green space is close to efface. The love then get bored all right now, bourgeois. That higher Joe Biden kid and at partnered with a thing
and funded by a major Colinton donor and pincher coups now had their investigation for relationship or drop off hired somebody else who they hire. Close friend of John Kerry steps are now you may say, ah well a close friend of John every step son. So what in a close friend, meaning what they played literally together. No, no, no, not me read to you from an article in the wall. Street journal is a few years old quote from the Wall Street Journal about the guy who's, also hired on this natural gas company partnered with a major Clinton, donors think tat. dishes. To being Mr Heinz. That's it you don't call true made at Yale? That's John Kerry, stepson pines. So, anyway, being Mr Eyes College remit. It yeah, Mr Archer. This is the guy who got hired for charisma. Why
to MR carries presidential campaign in two thousand for get a load of this, the swamp, the money, yeah and Mr Archer Code shared his National finance committee according his biography, he also serves as a trusty of the high family office, which man judges, the family, business remembered on carry was is merited Teresa hides carry the air finds ketchup fortune. Sir John, every step, sons body who also what the culture of international Finance Committee and advice, it was care pain and whose intimately with the hides empire. gets hired, along with Joe Biden kid to work in Natural gas company partnered with a think tanks, indeed by a major Clinton donor. whose thou under investigation I donation to the Trump tea or the trumpet
they should wasn't. It wasn't a campaign donation it making sense now, folks, what's goin on what the swamp is, the swamp is a tangled, interconnected web business, people, money, think, tanks, donors, our governments, corrupted politicians and bureaucrats who all profit handsomely by the circle. Jerk of people who move in and out seamlessly out of campaign financed positions concern positions, bureaucratic positions, think tank positions, power, the police. Compositions think tank position, private business, private business connected to think tank. Think tank connected the private business back to bureaucrat back to politician back to co, chair back to political adviser back to consult, you see the circle of doom trumps, not part of this. He doesn't care, Now you may say about Pincher donated to end this picture,
He wasn't in office. The whole point is pinch: Europe's Pinchers Foundation Its partners with this natural gas company hired relatives of people, poor, two of the most powerful positions in government, the second, Curiously John Kerry steps on and off the president's kid portable tropical do tropical trap, was Eddie abuse, there's this guy. He wasn't it office there, Fraid. He knows all of this. The Trump team at his justice departments gonna take all of this down to every train will and for all of these people off Point midst they get to boards all these former Obama. People with Dixon and seven figure salaries workin for Facebook in other places. Right now, the path to peace, spirit in the country now goes through government.
This is what they're afraid of this is an absolutely aiming connection again. It never stops. Folks. This is, they're, afraid of- and this is another reason when I spoke on show about Liberals- be in soft. This is another reason: I'm talking about swampy, Republicans to you and I have had a grind. You ve gotta, grime, irony for my position in the secret service in a while, they were hired at one point, one out of every four thousand applicants. I The streets of New York before I got it, I had a star. My business with no help- I didn't have politicians, help me out start my business Joe and I am you have had a grind man. I had to go back to school twice. I get an mba undergraduate degree in euro psychology. All tab dino to build a resolution, so I could not possibly be kept out of that hiring been. I wanted to make sure my resonate was exceptional. We had a crying.
My browser soft somewhere swamp rats, their soft they move from government. Then they get pie, by the lobbyists that lobby them. Then they move into a think tank. That's fine and spied lobbyists to lobby the government to pay off the government paying off the think tank. This and a modern dieting, all think tanks, alot of do really good work, but folks the network is about to collapse. If Trump is reelected, they know it That's what they're afraid of you to say that my doorbell yet put aside up. It's not ring the bell. Parallel somebody listen our folks live are going to have a more serious when we get a lot at heavy news. They D been Georgia's epic sets. Did we make this one connection there yet
he's burning them instantly. The whole gravy trades about come down. Pretty big brother is pretty deep eyes it. I shall also brought by bodies. Are freedom, Project Academy America, schools Nothin, like we remember, growin up who grew up in safety and learning more important and save spaces propaganda I did at snowflake culture. I just added that sorry, freedom project can make a stand that victim culture. And even our technology continues to offer new opportunities for learning. I think we can all agree that traditional moral values once woven into the fabric of the classroom have practically disappeared. That's why you need to consider free. project academies fully. Accredited, has important judeo christian judeo Christian, classical on my school for kindergarten, all the way through Highschool we're talking about an incredible interactive education, where students attend live classes every day we teachers and hello classmates from across the country. This is an amazing opportunity, folks know filling up fast to freedom, Project Academy doesnt, except the penny of government funding, which allows it to stay committed to tee
students how to think not what to think. Families. You can roll your students full time. You could start with a single class. It is entirely up to you. It's filling up fast now go to freedom, or school dotcom. That's freedom, f, O R, schooled outcome and request your free information packet today from free. Project Academy in Roman ends. In July, the classes fill up fast. That's freedom for school dot, com, freedom, f, o our school dot, com, freedom for school, dotcom, don't forget the town damp, launching us any ok, very, very damaging peace. Up call me know something call me, I think, as it is a fraud. I don't trust him call me at all. He is, he is discredited himself entirely. He was. The FBI directive provides a gay dry, the use of the dossier that fake dossier, despite Americans Flynn, gate the prosecution of Michael. Despite acknowledging MIKE Flynn, I was not. Be deceptive:
three gate with exonerated or before the interviewer and also allowed immunity in the case to multiple people. The case that the not deserve immunity and did nothing to com he has described himself, he is destroyed the f b. I adore. You needs their reputation, which a sad because a really great men and women over there, but I will say this: he does have a friend is important. He does have a friend. On this guy's name is Benjamin Wiggys. He run some kind of a blog if a law blog this is commies body, buddy the name sounds familiar witty. Is the guy call me leave? The memo is too to leaked to the press. to start the special council investigation, so you can consider Joe Wiggys, a mouthpiece for call me- they know each other, obviously spoken in coordinating the past on on weeks leaks of classified information by they dont. Let the liberals tell you, though
call me leaked working class by they were for seven were classified as those at the that lives. One to get the club, but they were unquestionably classified there's no doubt about that? They were retroactive request by for the seven members, are the one of met, the secret level when I'm at the cop essential level, but they were classified now. It's interesting about this Call me knows something about Lynch now I had some theories on yesterday show as to what they may be, and I want to reiterate yesterday show but another theory I want to throw out at you. This is a quote from my from from. We need a piece, the wash examiner which will be in the short or say by the way go to no, no, it's is another great peace, mainly Mccarthy and National Review about why outing shown how these name in court was an abomination of justice. We dont name people a court who were not criminal suspects. We dont sorry jump around but when I was working criminal cases at the federal level, if there's a cooperate,
witness Joe you don't play. the indictment, Joe Armor, its against a bank robber by the way. Here's this address, we wanna go Wakeham. We don't do that. They put you know parading witness number one or whatever it may be. We don't out people in open court. Kimber would Kimball Yom Kippur. What I That you got your yo has got a camel. What you may be said: the imo slowly. On the one another good worsted, examiner peace, so use from where these in the peace being assurance. Call me told me this story shortly. After it happened in for a lot of reasons, its bothered me ever since, partly because of it, I look rate that at that I imagine he stopped but the story about Loretta Lynch havin some trouble, partly because I very much look forward to how the forthcoming inspector general report on the Clinton email investigation treats the attorney general do not take that statement lightly at mall.
That is a serious, if not mind, boggling statement from witty to remember what I'm telling you there's, no doubt, my mind. He is speaking for call me call me no something one thing about co me here: desperately trying to savages reputation now, I have no doubt withdraw Loretta Lynch under the bus in a harpy, but I do doubt he would throw Loretta Lynch under the bus. If he didn't know something Joe he didn't know something about Loretta Lynch, he would not to put tat out there through Wiggys that all we book very much forward to the energy report mouth one of the Mai, he's going to be some coordination behind the scenes as a reference in yesterday's show about the back and forth over fake russian intelligence, but one of them also Think is going to be this alleged. Mrs email missing emails. Those Hillary Clinton emails that are supposed to be missing which, by the way, One of the lawyers. Do you understand the lawyers I discussing yesterday shown on energy to be less. I
working on the mother team investigating trump- is lawyers who represent Aaron's Emily, who represent the guy, who testified having a role and destroying some of those emails and the equipment. You understand, I right just then to you them. Mahler is not investigated, investigating trump to hide Hillary Clinton. I think Loretta Winches private email, not under government account. We know the Obama administration was rife with this setting up fake from an accounts under fake names, Richard Windsor, for the EPA administered the least Jackson they would set up fake name show, so you would be Joe. We beg Adona Sancho warmer cost. I believe leave some of those emails or going to show extensive coordination between the Justice Department in the Hilary campaign about how to messages investigation. It is going to be devastating large. Why said the Red allege call me: should all be talking a lawyers right now. This is serious. I know you know it comes
like love to talk to a law like one of these regional backing commentator, bravado things: it's not folks, serious. They are in very serious, credible legal trouble. And you go out there and spout north on tv. You are given I mean you're, just lighting it up with potential testimony in the future, yet be downright witty, is definitely talking or call me and call me no something right: which is in a lot of trouble- and I met the fact that witty mentions the idea report because Again- and I want to get into the bay knows it should be fire sessions- are not think, and we ve done weeks on that nets. You know lobby see lot of us are gonna disagree, but why with Jim call me speaking do Wiggys. mention that about the Idee report. If he knew there was nothing in it. Somebody told call me something that the I d Horowitz, whose investigating Lynch call me all of this must know that that I D report is absolutely gotta hammer Hammer Loretta Ledge.
I bought. You know that calm called the bunker yes and we we hired Map Colombo, who I am a last piece today- is that the bank, this peace, Iowa regular listeners, I gotta, have a look disappointed. I am always candid with you, because I love you to death at that new, and maybe I'm set its me. I'm not doing a good enough effort. The advertises I mean, This is totally on me, but we have section our website punch. You know that calm called the bank, the US and we we hired Map Colombo, who I love. You young guy he's the best and there's nobody better at the bunking dopey LE prologue me, that's actually how I found them. Sorry, I was sick one day within a neural virus like five years ago, my house for days and I'm reading. These articles are Mcmanus Bed disguise a genius was it was with and he was writing off. He was writing. All the buggies articles about you know tax cuts and all this other stuff, and am I going to give us a? Finally, we hired him over here. Bungee know that com
as independent contracted or do some pieces worse. So the second debate, this will he take about four five issues a week- and he puts me in a- are great. It is a conservative education in arguing that liberals, because anything they tell you anything almost anything is up at the bank. This right now we're produce and fresh content. Every Monday he uploads a ton of articles there, in my show notes. If you sign up, my email is put them at the top every time, but one of them he did, which is really really good, is ongoing left this meme and myth that it is ready Stage Joe, that are taking most government welfare The pearls use this to discredit Republicans. They got you Publicans or our. You want small government book red States. Take most welfare, so mad, and I told them you have to keep these are in short, all of whom are under six hundred words. You can read em in five minutes tops and are all bowler pointed out, Matt Master,
Yet again the banks that stupid article point number one. red states are naturally eligible for more public assistance show because they have lower costs of liberty living and the federal. poverty line and eligibility for benefits doesn't take that into account. So, for instance, taxes as a higher poverty rate in California, in the official statistics Joe, but California, the higher poverty rate watch, we're just for the cost of living differences. Despite this Texas, still be more eligible for federal assistance. So what You get what you say there, but yeah taxes may get more federal assistance, but it's only because the cost of living is cheaper and a lot of this stuff doesn't take that into account. Ok, that's in the peace point number to many of these caught the analysis here, white bread states get more. Welfare are including Social Security and Medicare. Ass quote: welfare, as if recipients
have the choice of foregoing them. Given at seniors. This is important tend to lean republic in this technically could tell the stats here's another one. This is a duty. And people aside, what about the claim that red states are measures? Is it true that red states to have a larger percentage of their budgets subsidized by the federal government and blue states, it maybe but here's. This is the kicker, but only because their budgets are relatively smaller according to the fence, less Kyle salmon. So if you're gonna by percentages and would show thirty five per and a red state budgets are fudge. Power are funded by the federal government notice, how they don't use the actual amount. Why would they. savage matter because red state, spend less money. So, of course, the percentage of buddy, it's gonna be higher. You get what I'm saying If I give you Joe Joe Europe, Euro liberal governor your stuff, spends a hundred billion dollars, I'm a conservative governor, my
say everything else is equal population with the US. My stay spends eighty billion, so my state spends twenty billion less than you everything else equal. If we both get billion from the government, there is mine, looks like a motor. We folks we got the same amount. The point is mice. just spends less. So the percentage looks higher differences, scared. Liberals you this widely and that's why I'm upset because it's been getting decent traffic, but I was hoping get more because Matt is really lighten it up and I get it is done that try it in any way be objective. It's my website, but we don't it didn't do it is a money making endeavour. Will you know we paid him just because I wanted to do this for you, because I loved debating liberals and to do it, you have to have these facts right. The Tipp your tongue, all the time you're not going to have time to google it. You have to know what stuff in Advance- and this is one of the arguments you're gonna have against conservative. Are you guys? Are hypocrites red states or measures really, maybe because they spend less
and the percentages Iraq because they spend less money. How are they motors explain that again they don't get it. So I did the bank. This peace go check. Him he's got a ton of a move that just one that's just today, but there are boatload, are good ones and their check it out put him in the show notes tonight? I folks they you get four June, and am I really appreciate it? I guess I'd go check it out upon GINO dot com, and I will see you all- hopefully tonight, five thirty pm Easter time, energy, tv backup, just ten bond GINO she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review Don com. You can also get Dan's podcast, soon, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.