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Ep. 706 Did Mueller Find Something?

2018-04-25 | 🔗
Summary: Did Bob Mueller find something so destructive to the Democrats that he had to refer it for investigation? In today’s episode I address the explosive revelations yesterday that were largely ignored by the media, but are beginning to paint a devastating picture of the attack on Trump.    News Picks: Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting: “Does the minimum wage reduce poverty?”   This article about the raid on Paul Manafort’s House has some explosive revelations.   Why did an Obama attorney who was working with Paul Manafort suddenly resign from his law firm?   Is former FBI Deputy Director McCabe going to cooperate with the government misconduct investigation?   Another Hillary scheme exposed.   A stunning announcement by Jeff Sessions yesterday seems to contradict the Democrats’ “collusion” narrative.    Liberals double down on their attacks on religion.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Get ready to hear the truth about Amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan. Bon Jour Digit message, tat job message me, it surely breaking news yesterday and nobody's reporting on it outside the people read in on this case. Our I welcomed there by Gmos Help produce Joe our you did. I am ready to go Dan. I just told Joggled. Do me a favor, daddy or just sit back and take it all in today? I don't discuss this with him before the shell, because he is the audience emotional. Ombudsman too, and I know of this up. My could see by how Joe Cox's Anti goes except when he finds dangers they Ager major stuff happened yesterday and again today, We escaped the radar because here's the problem folks with this collusion case collusion fairytale and everything going on. I don't know
trying to be a jerk. I know this Kitticut. Well, you know what maybe it sounds Joe deep and I'm sorry there are so when there are so few of me to say the nice, where there are so few people read in two: how deep this thing Oh, is that when they see a piece of information like I saw yesterday, that's that's alarming data even though he is so they just let it go. That was a jerk it s the truth, and that is that your they just don't know libraries uppity acerbic, oh my gosh. This is crazy. Show me to go through this. I got a couple things get you go first and one system but Ronnie Jackson's, it's important talking about the deep state the people try to tear down the trumpet. they sure, but you have buddies, and I talk it. This is the best system out there to improve your proficiency with a firearm, whether its self Defense scenario, God forbid, you're involved among whether your police officer military first time, firearm owner, you need learn how to use a firearm. This is one of the best systems, if not the best system. Out there to learn how to use a firearm proficient without what were? How does it work? Well, mostly,
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the virtues of how wonderful this product is once in a while. I get an angry email. You say why, yes It's from a spouse who says my husband or wife will not put the I took it, sets them down, I'm not kidding it's that good, go check it out to have It's our target, proto com, that's the letter! I target products come I target pro die. Calm, use, Promo Code Dan for a nice ten percent off. Remember, competitive shooter should do this for living dry fire ten times more than they live far. Are I first thank you Everyone who sent me the Audio Judge Nap Jos Gun that would get ready with that, but first before we start Ronnie Jackson, Now many to be the knit secretary heading the Vs Ie is a doctor. It has no Roddy personally about name drop I've known for a long time. Ronnie Jackson's one of the fund. Man, I've ever met. I am disgusted horrified, I'm embarrassed for the people that are doing this. They are trying destroy this man's reputation. Now they are discussed eyeing him.
because he was nominated by Donald Trump. For no other reason. Let me explain to you what's happening here doc, Ronnie Jackson, who is the White House doktor? Now the White House Doktor is the guy who travels with the president. He were spur, went what they call wham, how the White House Military Office military officer an empty. They however, with the present United States everywhere, if the President get sick, the doctors there, if the President needs medical attention for something, even a hang now the doctors that right right Jackson Joe, has worked for. President Obama has worked for President Bush. He has had Nothing but does a sterling reviews by President Obama and his team self. He is not a partisan guy, but Doktor John. since a good man. I know him, I have travelled with them. I've spent well over a hundred days on the road in far and hot zones and domestic and on hot zones with Ronnie Jackson. He
now being maligned and they're saying all use big drink or on the road and all this other stuff. Folks, listen, let me just take some. This is how answers. Work on the road. You have the staff, the White House staff. You have the white by military office people. You have walk at the White House, communications agency that hand the president's communications. You have the secret service and you have the staff they travel together. Ok,. Ronnie Jackson, they'll be an advanced medical officers. Well, Ronnie was that advanced medical officer like zero. You know that there is not just one White House doktor, so one of a mobile an advance and look around and see what the hospitals look like. Talk to the doctors make sure if the present as a heart attack the ability dared to deserve the present make sure he can be. Life can be said. All of this behavior being alleged about Ronnie, Jackson's, drinking, hostile work, environment, it was the lead advance on a lot of these trips, where not all of them. I can't see
to every single episode in Shadow Ronnie around. I wasn't his many me, but I never ever in the more than a hundred days I've spent on the road, Ronnie, Jackson and five years work, for them by the way I have never. Ever heard anything but glowing reviews about Ronnie Jackson. Now, don't you find it odd? Just a a bit odd folks that Jackson who's the virtues Ronnie Jackson Brooks extolled by President Obama when you work for President Obama and present push everyone s, he only had a problem when Donald Trump nominated him to be vs Secretary, Admiral doctor, any Jackson, one of the noblest finest men I've ever met. Don't you find out odd now my camera this last night. Oh my energy tv show and please, if you miss that, go watch it and by the way Do diagrams at night? For those you on the pod, Kayser say: hey, we need visuals do those at night on the Energy TV show five thirty
in time, so check that out of the stuff I talk about here, I do the diagrams at night, when I have visuals so go check an tv dot com, five, thirty pm Eastern Free DOT M pay for it and worry about it. John broken Apple, TV and Amazon fire to but last night? I want here one nuclear on these attacks on Ronnie Jackson? This is nothing but a partisan witch hunt against Donald Trump. This has nothing at all to do with Ronnie people, Love, Ronnie, Jackson, Henderson. He discover, that one of the charges against them, as well as on foreign trips. He dispense medication, Joe he's a dirty hands were doctors, do he's a die? and what of the allegations is now this ghost Joe you how little people on stand and know about the secret service and advances were one of the legation, shows, gave out
ambient ah why's. He came out Ambien I was waiting for a revelation like you gave out, methamphetamines or cocaine or something he gave out? I Do you know Crystal Meth d like he gave out? he gave out for work together. Embryos Why he gave out a sleeping pill to pee overseas? Who travel over time zones? You need to be alert in the morning to go to work big folks Can I explain to you how the real world works for you liberal numb nuts out there, who skulls or six feet thick when you
secret service agent or a White House military officer travelling overseas to keep the present. United States alive in a hot zone, Afghanistan, in Indonesia just trips, I've been on. A non hot. So my Prague when I came in, I does the coordinated the start treaty on the security side is the lead secret services not celebrating myself, just laid out what kind of idiots liberals are its common at all for the White House Doktor to ask you if you're having troubling trouble sleeping. Why would you trouble sleeping, have you ever travelled overseas when your time work says it's four o clock in the afternoon and its four a m and you sit there and a bed like this show your wired, like you, had sixty five cups of coffee? Now you for all you know rural areas. You never travelled your time clock take about a data were just for each hour, you're, just each time zone you cross.
so in other words, if it seven hours ahead. The time where you are it takes between five and seven days for you to adjust to the new time You don't have five days when you're a secret service agent, the president's pop in there and to you can't go hey daddy, o o I'm gonna take a solution in the middle of the day, because I'm jet lag president take ambient too sometimes eyes. Oh my gosh check gave our began This goes to show you this snowflake, was see culture of liberals who do anything that take this guy down. I've got news for you world, is a complicated, dangerous place and when you hit the ground, is a secret service agent, military officer, Simon, keep in the life of the president keeping him if in secure in a
dangerous hot zone where you could quite literally be tat at any moment. You don't have time to screw around you. European, I don't take I I am the cleanest eat around the planet. I don't even like taken ibuprofen after Jujitsu session on Saturday. Sometimes I have because I can barely move, but you know what if I needed an ambien to go to sleep, to keep that due to live the next day and be frosty, they gimme the damn ambient injected into Brain of have to kidnap me sooner inject ambient, but you get the point. I am tired this Jackson's. A good man. Sorry have so I know HIV last night you saw me like em up to and by the way you want to start naming names about big drinkers overseas, to show you, how to go down that road. Stay tuned on that
yeah- and you know I remember a couple months ago- your turn about Jackson, yeah yeah yeah Youtube regular, the mad Joe right did he have a few Jai yeah. Of course we had afterwards when they were trips, where over sometimes at night go down to the hotel bar and everybody all advanced team will be down there. Tat I ever see Ronnie, like vetoes, rip naked and run and grandma hotel lobby don't be stupid. Please I'll tell you what I have seen a massive by the way: inappropriate behaviour from Obama, team officials on the road or really close to the president by the way. really close Joe really close to the president, who I've seen people downing booze by the gallant oh yeah, really the new standard you'd. Gone the road, your ear, you're eliminated from any responsible job position. Ever in the future. You show we want to go down that path. Sure about that
People know staff Obama, hacks disgust me, you celebrated Ronnie Jackson when you needed your jury ambient to go to sleep, and now the trumps nominated me destroy this man's life, a decorated celebrated military, professional. Disgust me it's. This is disturbing right. Let's Add this, so I can just get on a role here and knock this stuff out, because I have some just crazy stuff. It's really good. I promise you you also partly by bodies, have filter by spring cleaning time. Unlike Trump is cleaning corrupt officials. Uk clean up the air you breathe, make your each vat system great again and folks, don't procrastinate otherwise dust mould, still clog up your track system into become inefficient and end up, causing you a lot of money, just like the federal government clean up your system of my friends if filter by their America's leading provider of each fact, filters for homes and small businesses, they carry over six hundred
and filter sizes, including custom options or ship free within twenty four hours in a manufactured right here in Amerika Filter by over them, attitude of Merv options. All the way up, the hospital, great so you'll, be moving dangerous pollen, mall dust and other allergy aggravating pollutants, while maximizing the efficiency of your system right now say, five percent when you set up on a delivery? You'll, never need to think about her filters again. Save money, save time breathe better with filter by that come that's filter, be EU wide outcome, filter by that caused by the way, changing or fail to regulate, cut your energy costs and extend the life of your age vat system. let's get rocket and roman right by the Serbs being exposed. Folks, I don't know any other way to dive into this. You know don't you want to leave like pregnant pauses and an endless, be suspense fallen I've teeth, now that already I just don't know any waited to any other way to take the set up on the trump t. Remember my premise: the operating premise, the whole time. It's been that the Trump team was set up,
it's all come out major breaking news yesterday. Couple things happened: let's go to one by one which says to me: Kristen: crystal clear fashion that the mother, even keep a mine. I don't trust him all the time you know I've. I dive ask that they be fired. Obviously, horns listening to me. I wish they would, but I believe, Mahler team Joe there, been a boomerang effect, and I had a note here, this book does the Mahler special counsel up on them. Just like the ig reported. What do I mean the Spectre General report by Michael Horror, which is basically the government internal affairs type operator right right, inspector generals investigation into the way to Hillary Clinton, investigation and conduct a d o j during the election season that in
ass folks was requested by who the Democrats, you may say, wait what yeah the eye G internal Affairs investigation into the Hilary, the FBI's behave, Your investigating Hilary Z was requested by the Democrats. A fact now you may say why that doesn't make sense. It's it's exposing all the Democrats and the FBI's misdeeds and tromp look good folks don't forget history. This is important at the time the a believe that call me was packing Hilary remember he came out reopen the investigation on the other resembles tended member. This show ten days before the election Democrats were screaming. Call me and if I still insist, call me cost of the election because of the election. Now I've told you that the reason call me opened up that investigation into Hilary Z are reopened it. Ten days before the election
most because my sources, which I absolutely believe this boy they ve, never see me wrong. They have told me at the FBI office in New York. In the end, my p d I did a show on this with Eric Prince and others few member, the show that they have information about the Hilary emails found on Anthony Weiner's laptop that was gonna, go public that the the the New York pity and people and they were afraid of leaks out of the FBI New York office. Yet so, basically, Jim call me if you could get yourself from what I am hearing from sources. The lot You call me was playing with his hates ten days before the presidential election the and why p d is threatening to do oppressed efforts about these emails? They found the Hilary emails they found on her assistance, husbands, laptop com- he's think it to himself. Are we better control this narrative and get this story out into the public, because if the am I pity leaks and it's gonna be damaging and remember
when we close the investigation again just days before so call me don't believe, was trying to hurt Hillary Clinton. I believe he was trying to protect her even Hilary to this day still blamed Jim Commune Hilary ethic noses. I think she's been farcical now with that history, so keep him and the Democrats were upset about that. You'll make sense, only opening up the investigation, and these were they demanded this internal affairs investigation, the iter fares investigation to the eye g term internal affairs, because it makes sense to more people but they're called inspector channels, the eye, Gee Investigation has exposed distraught they have behaved, that's what we found the stroke page tax, that's where we found the behaviour of Anti Mackay. It has gone well. For the Democrats, it is exposed a what I believe to be a a conspiracy against Donald Trump to frame Donald Trump, offer
she collusion. It didn't happen into to absolve Hillary Clinton. I think the evidence is overwhelming. I had to bring up that history and I hope you understand that I'm not trying to be litigate old shows but be cause. we tend to give the Democrats alot of credit, sometimes- and I said to you on yesterday's show- I think they're panicking. I think they're freaked out now. I thought They understand there in a lot of trouble. I think spy gates common out Joe, I think day, Dignan want to lose the mid terms; they don't want to lose. Certainly don't want to lose the presidency again into me: twenty and their debts, organize now: they're not acting collectively like to work or bees and worker ants. They typically are there making big mistakes. One of the mistakes they made was asking for this internal affairs investigation. I think but they thought is ever going to be able to control that somehow they can't the meat it can't cooperate anymore because investigations been so damn it. What is it breaking news. Now, yesterday I
Leave. The Mahler investigation, which I still am will continue to insist, is nothing more than a which on to distract from Donald Trump, has covered so much damning information about the framing operation against Donald Trump, Joe they ve actually had a refer stuff out and their start in a panic to what happened. Yesterday, Little seem little reviewed story. I didn't see anywhere. Basically, I'm equality, Yogi, Paris, financier Abraham Sierra ideas you get wide publicity but was fascinating. it'll, be in the show notes today. Punch. You know that complete its very short by Chuck Ross has been the great work that the Daily Collar NEWS Foundation, be it my show the sponge. You know that calm subscribe to the email, Leslie Mountaineer Gregg, Craig Craig, remember the names Greg Craig, a lawyer at scan.
Yesterday the announced he'd left scan you like what is this guy talk about? I've heard the name. I don't remember. I don't get it. I don't expect you to ride. I am what I do. The remember the names homework boy has alot. stories that happened yesterday by the way convene every time the right around the time that the stroke page text, which are going to be released today, member the six months tax that we're missing that told you are my show months ago, we're not missing. Link wake, not died, right Craig was a lawyer. Scan scallon is the company that was hired to run a whitewash report on a ukrainian President jailing of a political opponent. Follow me for a second, the guy running point on this. This work, this ukrainian president who a jail the political opponents. Basically reports are not all it's all good, don't worry that in jail or you Timmy Shank. All right
the guy was running point on this and was getting paid to whitewash this? This attack on the ukrainian democracy was man afford Paul man. who I've told you from the start. The critic A question in this entire set up is how did man afford a guy with very destructive ties to you. Could in two ukrainian politicians who heads listen accusing them of granny criminality and he's brick he's not been found guilty in any court. I just telling you, madam, fort had ties, and I think it's fair to say that word. A minimum questionable man, a fort was hired by the Trump team to manage the deluge the convention and later as a campaign manager was hired by the Trump team. Despite the fact- and I saw this today as well Here- already under FBI. Investigation
ass. I saw this today to parents. Now we found out that matter forge, but under FBI investigation, since approximately two thousand was fourteen since two deaths since before, each way before join the Ciampi. Now if you are trying to set up a presidential candidate frame him Donald Trump for a far collusion fairytale. It didn't happen. You have to make who that you can insert people into their that are going to make trump look guilty right? I have asked you repeatedly Joe on this show who pushed man afford into the Trump sphere Oh I've seen the emails on the names are given me. I get, I'm not convince those with a guy's there's more there. I get it there. I know, I know the names I've seen stone and the other I get. I'm not convince those the king makers here how Man of Fort wind up in the Trump sphere.
this have to do with the story yesterday about Gregg Craig. Now, if you we're gonna dirty up trump to frame him if a frame joe, I want to see and people into Jos BAR Jones BAR who were criminals and get pictures and look the steel and would show we beg donors to disrupt the back and afford who had it at a minimum questionable conflict. Why up in the troposphere man, afford is already under investigation by the FBI. According to public reporting number two, is already a significant opposition research organisations dedicated on the deck, crash side being run by Alexander Trooper into gather Information on man afford. Ladies, gentlemen. This is please tell me this makes sense, or I'm telling you a guy that wines up in the trump sphere, as the Democrats your plotting to frame trump for a foreign,
whose fairytale that didn't happen, a guy why up in the trump orbit? Who is one under FBI investigation according to public reports now? And secondly, There is already a democrat operation to put together a folio of bad information, are manifold being run by Alex Georgia, LUCA, at the Dnc, for you remember. Prior reporting, man afford the matter. fort hiring in everything around is one of the keys to this whole thing. Why do I Think mothers figure this out now. I have to give them a little bit of credit not a lot. I still wish, I think the guy's gone way overboard and I think you should be fired. He is, I certainly don't think, he's a good guy in this, but I think they ve covered through their investigation into man afford so much dirt Joseph tat they can
no longer whitewash it and hide it, and I believe that dirt is the set up of Donald Trump now on man afford interestingly enough manner, Why is this law firms? Scallon scale? works to produce this port report for Ukrainian connected to the Russians. One of the lawyers hired to work on that report. Joseph is Gregg Craig, whose Gregg Craig Great Craig is connected Democrat lawyer, who was Obama's attorney in the White House. Remember manifest is business partners with John Paddle. Hilary right hand, guys brother, so man port already has democratic eyes. Metaphor is best to produce this peace. Defence
ITALY's right hand guy. How does manifold, wind up into trumps fear. He works with this law Firm to produce this peace defending this pro russian Ukrainian and I had said to you before how is it that another lawyer at that firm Scan Alex and their swan Vander, Swann. Another lawyer was arrested by the Mahler team, but Craig they have gotten a pass. Well, it seem They pass may have dried up. Gregg Craig lie. They announced yesterday scan left quite abruptly bout away from that law. Firm. Here's what's fascinating! This is the peace by Chuck, Roscoe
I see just like the vat Joanna goatee cycle area, whereas Disco Vander Swan. So this is the rule is so weak that may track it here, because I listen to my own pod guess NATO then confusing I'm telling you man afford, has suspicious conflicts with the UK with Ukrainians who are connected to Russians metaphor. ends up in the Trump orbit. I'm still sure? How exactly that happen? But manifest is key to the set up. There's all are you. A thick opposition file on man afford all his suspicious connections. There is already an FBI investigation. He winds up in the Trump orbit. He's worth king, with Obama's former White House Council Gregg, Craig in a law firm on a report for a pro russian Ukrainian, what the additional lawyers working on that case is under arrest for false statements to the FBI and is being prosecuted by Mahler may
I suggest to you that they found something out about may be man afford. in his dealings and maybe Obama's former lawyer was involved. Listen to From Shock Ross Daily Collar Vander Swan who work, but see with Craig on on the Ukraine project. Clay that he lied to investigators because he did not want to reveal listen to this show that he had secretly Courtier conversations with gates an ace scan, orbs law partner, the law partner is not identified in court filings? What did I just tell you. So a lawyer working with man afford not Gregg Craig is arrest, for false statements he made equally said man. as a business partner, Ricky choose under investigation and prosecution is well there were.
Working on a project for a pro russian ukrainian. They hire a law firm and are working, Obama's former lawyer who not a guy also working on another lawyer, is arrested by the FBI because he's as a I wasn't talk into rickets about this this process and it turns out he was how do they know they found recordings they ve, recordings, also thou tat. He had seen. but we recorded conversations between gates manner, forts, business partner and another. Scam law partner whose had fascinating Greg Craig would leave yesterday. What's on those tapes. Is somebody on those tapes. Is there any conversations at all about me?
forts role more metaphor enter the Trump orbit. Why would go Craig leave all of a sudden from scan, but scattered one of the world's biggest law firms? hundreds and hundreds of millions in revenue Gregg Craig. Just someone leaves yesterday. What else happened yesterday? The stroke page Tax, it came out. Yes, we're gonna be released today, the six months that were supposedly missing that we're so catastrophic that they magically disappeared? I taught it they're going to come out today. Congressmen mark meadows, who has been all over this investigation, Joe, who is seen those tax saddened me. media interview they're going to be Joe and I'm quoting very enlightening. May I suggest to you calmly and reasonably and rationally that
entire scheme to take down trump is now coming out and Bob Mahler can avoid it anymore that Bob Molly No matter how much she can't stand, Donald Trump and his team, no matter how far his investigations gun off the rails. Just like the idea investigation, they haven't covered so much deep distrust. of corruption. During this that they can I did any more and that maybe Gregg, Craig and scan yesterday, may be got some information or a heads up that this doesn't look good. What were you doing with man afford about tissue? green project- folks, that's not it there's more again. This story was nowhere. Yesterday, you hadn't heard no nowhere. I haven't heard anybody. This is a chalk raw sue. I dont know chimed. I've never met the guy. My life
but we are pretty seriously we like me, I'm just tell you no problem citing other people's work. This guy, when all over this Joe Chuck I've never spoken. Folks. I've never seen you wrong, I'm reasonably confident. He knows what I know, because I thought Him reporting that yesterday the way he did. I think this set up just to be clear again, take it out to thirty thousand feet, I'm absolute he convinced the Obama team set up Donald Trump and certain people into his orbit. they knew were dirty and key They lost the election to say later on work. They were dealing with thought. They were colluding with foreigners. I don't think it's coincidence at all that Obama's attorney, Gregg, Craig literally its authority for two thousand to two thousand and the White House Council Obama's Charley was that a law firm that was working with a guy inserted into the Trump orbit man afford who
later used to make the case the Trump was colluding with the Russians. Believe mothers investigation into man, a they thought was gonna, be an investigation to man affords dirty dealings or what they thought where his dirty dealings I believe that has metamorphosis sized into a whole leave moment and they are like you see what we got here. Remember this episode because I think In the days and weeks ahead, we are going to see mine blowing explosive revelations about the depth of the consumer. Proceed: take down Donald Trump. It is not pay attention here. It is not going to just be Democrats. It is going to be establishment, Republicans too, who played a deep role in the take down Donald Trump, now,
What else leads me to believe that yesterday was a breaking point, do till again just to be clear and make sense show me how just to remind the tape a little bit, the announcement of Gregg Craig leave. I don't believe, that's coincidental whether he left a little while ago, and there just notifying em now whenever it may have been I'm can. Instead, he got information that hey mothers team found something they can no longer ignore. Now. Why Believe a lot of this stuff yesterday seem to become out leak out is because the stroke, age. Tax are people the now seen them we haven't yet. Did you especial episode, but they come out today and it's completely mine boy. story. Number two that should tell you that again, the set is coming out.
Then happened yesterday, which have sessions that again received almost no media scrutiny it all out that little tat showed you know what it is now did this Joe does boarding radio years all the news stories you today, you have inherited anywhere right now. This has an aim that you have inherited IP So what are you about blown away by how, if you dont, if you don't understand the Gregg, Craig Obama connection and a whole, I Obama set up Trump. That story about him, leaving scattered yesterday makes no sense at all. You don't care. So why lawyer left a lover But a lawyer who was working with a pro russian Ukrainian. A project with poem and afford who is inserted into the treaty that all of a sudden it makes sense you said something yesterday about that Michael common investigation. We'll call in his trumps lawyer, Bob Mothers team?
referred out a case from their investigation to the southern district in New York that led to a raid on trumps lawyers office, which is you that everybody sort of it is Listen at a dramatic response for people like me and many others who think it's a disgrace that trumps one officers raided starting to think I may be wrong it's hard for me to say that not tat? It was a disgrace not that mothers targeting tromp, I believe he may have been. He may have been targeted trump, but I don't think what he found hurts Trump at all. What do I mean sessions makes an announcement yesterday and the article B, the show notes that I from my independent journal. Review and he will not re cues himself, Joe from the Mai go, call an investigation. Think as my
if grade teacher MS further used to say put your thinking caps on put those things calves, odd liberals,. it does hats off, is restored, the pay you know they ve never put you take a cab zalm. If Jeff sessions has refused himself from a russian collusion investigation, which he has. And the raid on trumps lawyers office, salted in some prosecutable material, and sessions came out publicly. It said I mean Rick myself from mad, I will not refuse myself. What does that? Tell you dare tell, do that the Kohen raid had nothing to do with russian collusion. Now Let me ask you this again: we found this out yesterday. Is it possible that a lot of this has to do with the idea?
poor coming out in a stroke, page text again, I am not getting into the hall, I know you hate it but of love or more hate him on sessions, I'm telling you there were things going on behind the scenes, as is starting to make sense. Now I will I refuse myself from the Kohen case. What ways The original justification according to multiple leaks in the media. For the raid on Michael Cohen, trumps lawyer,. The original justification in the report's was a six figure donation, From a russian named, Victor PIN shook to the Trump Foundation in exchange for a speech now I'd. said to you that I thought it was awfully suspicious that pinch is more connected to the Democrats, then trumps team and that call His office was rated for a donation from a Russian who is connected to democratic. Does it makes me
be it does now Joe You have that audio adjudge nap yet play this again, and I'm actually glad we wait in this cause. Now this is starting to make more sense play caught one first, so you believe that this this investigation to Michael you ve said all along. It is very dangerous for the present Yes- and here why, after the F B, I read Mr Collins hired lawyers to bring an application in federal court for the return of everything that was seized, saying these are legal records and I really belong to my clients or in the alternative, to appoint a special I asked her to segregate what belongs to the client belongs to him and the government a very interesting response, the response about a third of which was rejected, so it couldn't read it. Said: look Michael Cohen has been under investigation for awhile and we believe that much of what has been doing has not been as a lawyer a federal judge, the President Trump. I call Cohen
as some sort of a relationship with Donald Trump, which leads us to believe that quote the crime fraud exception to the eternal client privilege rule applies. What the heck is that that means that the federal government told a federal judge that President I was involved in a crime or fraud and was communicating to Michael What about it and therefore those communications? We're not propose yet when you want to look at what they. actually said happened. That's the part of the brief that they did not reveal to the public and at what it was rejected. She said the federal judge? Why do you know this where you getting it from Tammy just alluded to? Well, the feds told her another Frederick There is a long called everyone trawl. The president was in office, the worst Schreider today. You're calling under surveillance with endless think to his phone calls for the past three months. Who does he talked to almost every day the president of the United States, I was Martha Maccallum on Fox thanks to everyone who sent over the cut pay. The other one eye
leave a long called everyone trawl. The president was in office the prior to that, while the president was in opposition to bring about that. I think it is an outrageous violation. Donald Trump believe He was talking to his lawyer or the sudden we find out retroactively if the lawyer was separate of a criminal investigation and the federal government prosecutors have their hands Those conversations and they believe those conversations are going to lead them to the president. Now that's important I said to you yesterday they may, the president on tape they may You have been sir veiling Cohen and Dave ECHO got the president on on tape because of that because of that warrant, but I'm not sure the judge is exactly right on this, that crime brought exception. How do we know that applies to tramp? In other words, if they
found something on their tape suspicious about pinch, shook, remember, Pincher, folks, the whole reason for the raid on Trump on Cohen. Excuse me was The stated reason was a six figure donation from Pincher. Victor pinchbeck supports the Atlantic Council. The Atlantic Council partner it up with a gas company natural gas company that hired on carries body and Joe Biden kid. Can I just suggest to you that its possible. I got some. I'm pretty sure this folks. That in their zeal to get Donald Trump, tap is lawyer and surveillance lawyer they may have and covered destructive and devastating information about, pin shook. and his ties the Hunter Biden Endeavour.
Archer John carries buddy possible. All I'm saying here is this is all coming out at the same time if the car in conversations we had to. It with russian collusion. Why would sessions beyond the case I'm gonna on it it into a pro anti sessions thing anymore, because extorted it distracts. I'm just telling you he's already refused himself from russian collusion. If the Kohen tape, we're evidence of russian collusion? Why accession still there? Is it possible that that investigation has been so destructive to the Clinton team that it requires an additional search warrant on chumps on trumps lawyer based on what they In their dealings with pinchbeck, who is a democrat problem here, when aid up to twenty five million to the Clinton Foundation and a council
cooperated cooperation, green with natural gas company, the hired prominent Democrats, kids and friends. Key mine when I'm telling you again I'm saying mother's a good guy. I'm not saying Mahler likes Trump on that saying that at all. I'm saying mothers aggressive tactics into what he thought was going to be trump misconduct, in collusion. Just like you I d report. The Democrats wanted has turned into bombshell on Democrats collusion to take down the trumpeting me be. The question now is why Pincher gave that six figure donation to the trumpeting? What was pinch trying to do. Why was he trying to gain influence into the Trump orbit? Why this man in the Trump orbit wise man Ford connected to Obama's lawyer at scan. Why is he can did the Hilary is best
and Johnny produced brother now, another bombshell, I'm not done. So I gave you the Gregg Craig leaves yesterday from Scan Obama's. Former lawyer sessions won't refuse himself. Gave you the judge. Nap line about Trump was probably Collins. Law was being surveilled, but we don't know what, for we know for something but but sessions didn't accuse him on it. So it tells me Collusion but something else going on there and remember lied about pinch, shook the Kohen. jerk relationship was allegedly the problem, but pin tax issue is with the Democrats. There was another story in the examiner yesterday by Kelly Cohen it'll, be in the show notes, and I in this in any way disparagingly Kelly Pleaser. She may beyond this, but I'm sure she knows exactly what she has Joe there's two power:
at the end of her peace, which again are nuclear explosions Then this morning- and I like this- can possibly be- let me just finish up on this and will get day get to that, Can you also brought about your buddies Freedom Project Academy? America school nothing like, we remember growin up, we grew up in safety and learning was more important, safe spaces and propaganda, and even though technology continues to for new opportunities for learning. I think we can all agree that traditional moral values once woven into the fabric of the classroom, have practically and sadly disappeared. That's why you need to consider our friends of freedom project cadmium, their fully accredited judeo Christian, classical online school for kindergarten, all the way to high school, we're talking about an incredible interactive education, where students at ten live classes every day with teachers and fellow classmates from across the country, freedom project carry, doesn't except the petty of government funding which allows them to stay committed to teaching students, how to think not what to think
families can a role students full time where you could start with a single class. It's up to you folks go to freedom for school, that common request. Your free information packet today from freedom project Kennedy in Roman ends. In July the classes are filling a fast. That's freedom for school, dotcom, freedom, F, o school dot, com, freedom for school dot com, don't forget to tell him the damp mancino show sent you: ok, Kelly, common, washing examiner peace, Let me recall that may give you a little background, because I know this shows little confusing, but folks. This is the greatest spy story in human history, except that actually happened. Paul man lawyer has filed suit against the mother team. Alleging that this is outside of God, is the raid into my memorably, rated Mahler Manifolds house early in
remember that folks they knocked down his door. They re this house's. That's why tat mothers, not a good guy, some sorry that a totally unnecessary they rate for its house, man affords legal tee has filed suit and basically stated hey, this is outside of his special council purview for russian collusion. They shouldn't be investigating me in that there's been disclosure of certain documents. I came out yesterday here, I'm not for you to jerk. I just. I can't believe this surrounding the June twenty. Sixteen trump Tower meeting show that when federal investigators raided man affords home, they were looking for- and I quote, communication records documents and other files. I can't believe it up about the type not for you to jerk. I just. I can't believe this surrounding the June. Twenty sixteen trump tower meeting. They were looking for any communication with arrows,
in Amman Aguilar off a bill an air russian Father Sundew or with ties to President Trump stemming from the two thousand? Thirteen Miss Universe, pageant. Let me just take a breath for a second because of your regular, listen, the show that understands episode, six, twenty eight on what I just told you it did. It's a hum dumpty vomit, you just fell off the wall. What have I been telling you the whole time that the people who approached the Trump team to dirty them up We're doing it at the behest of people connected to the Democrats, the Clinton's and base we deep state operators, look into hurt the Trump team, one of those people He had been insisting from the beginning approach. The Trump team.
and at a minimum we know is connected to a russian lawyer. Workin for a company hired by Hillary Clinton was The Aguilar now a little background them. What they What I just told you actually means. Am I off- is a singer, a famous singer overseas. I've never heard of him before this happened. his dad approached them? British published this name: Rob Goldstone, Rob Goldstone, email, Donald Trump, juniors and hey these Aguilar Offs Dave? information on Hilary, We got to set up a meeting. Those were the don trumped junior emails. Remember those he released them all Don T Junior agrees to this meeting that she's talking about the other twenty sixteen from power meeting. who shows up.
shows up as an italian vessels skier a russian attorney working With fusion GPS, who had met with Fusion GPS, both before and after the meeting, Jeanne GPS, the company hired by Calorie Clinton, to take down Donald an advance. This fake russian collusion story in the fake dossier. Why would they re man affords house for communications with the Aguilar who sent that russian lawyer working for can she p s to meet the Trump the russian law, who alleged have information negative information about Hilary from the Russians. The whole bed Rock of the collusion fairytale has been. the Russians, sir? oh emails from the Dnc and worked with the Trump team to
Overthrow the election and embarrass Hillary Clinton by getting those emails out, don't you find it off Lee Coincidental that a bay the Aguilar the Aguilar of schools who claim to a british publishes: hey we're going to send you. This person We're going to send you this person's got information on Hilary. that those same Aguilar who send a russian lawyer Workin for accompany hired by Hilary now they were communications at a search warrant when they rated Manifold zone between the Aguilar, ups and manner. For folks. Man efforts also being investigated for his ties to all leg there, Pasqua, a an oligarchy connected to the spy,
produce the fake information on Donald Trump. Ives. If you listen to this show. This is all make incense. Now I many times job. I asked in the show who put man afford in the Trump orbit: zillions, yes, you're right folks. Is it possible now that Rudy Giuliani and this recent higher Broody Julie being brought onto the the Trump team just recently makes sense the stroke, to be cool. Let me because I know they show was confusing. I'm gonna listen to it myself today to make sure I have cleared up the connections, but I'm gonna give you an umbrella united now, but where I'm sure I'll. Try to connect us tonight in the energy tv show too in the lead.
A few days we ve had breaking information, it all see They have come out at one time: ok, the Informations Devil. This is not coincidental. We now I'll find out that the inspector generals report about Department of Justice, an FBI, misdeeds and Peters. LISA Lisa Page tax are going to become public? Probably today, these texts were alleged to have been missing, meaning somebody was hiding them. I thought Do they weren't, hidden and now about to come out. Right around the same time to people by your for the FBI and one of the leave counter intelligence invests in FBI manager right about that I am today that their tax are about to be exposed. The FBI was hiding, they are deeply involved in both the Clinton and the Trump Special Council investigation. As they're coming out I'm as former lawyer who was work with poor man afford a guy magic.
the appears into the Trump orbit. Resigns. Is law firm. he resides is law firm, as we find out that there are tapes between man. A fortune and another partner at that law firm? Who is that, What the hell are they say and on tapes, Mahler after metaphor, ticket he's taken the trouble. What does he find evidence of an Obama conspiracy? Now we, I doubt when they rated man affords house what were they looking for communications with the argonauts who communicated with the publicist and and he had information from a third party about Hilary emails and who shows up. a russian lawyer working with a company working with Hilary. If I were setting up Joe, it would be the most elegant beautiful way to do it.
Hey we're going to send someone over with information and Hillary by the way the persons working for us and she's going to report back on the meeting so later on. We could say that show colluded with her to get information. That said, government we ve, I doubt that the raid on Collins Office that Jeff sessions will not refuse himself by Tony accused from russian collusion, could this point We involve a set up. Could the Mason they found have been more in Dick ex figure donation from a russian connected to the demo. A trump teams, criminality, any criminality or collusion themselves. We now know from the Judge Nap analysis of the legal documents that there were some surveillance going on trumps attorney. We know trumps attorney in a light. desert the allegations that he took a six figure donation from a rush? connected to the Democrats. We know man afford
is now under investigation to four ties to a russian tide. Spy who produced the fake dossier on Donald Trump. interestingly enough. Also in that judge, nappies on Martha Maccallum Judge, Acts as well, the reasons they were spying were rejected on my own Cohen, that is folks Mahler. I still believe he's a good guy, but I think that in the course of his investigation into try hammer tromp, they found nothing on collusion they, add to a rest, some trump people, whether its Flynn, Papadopoulos, whatever to make the Trump team look dirty, I believe, Eve Giuliani, may have been brought an absurd and finish. I thought before so much going on today and it's all miss like now Putney pieces together. I but if Giuliani may
been brought in because they know all this and my. Or realises at this point that there are in a world the trouble that every thing they were doing to target the Trump team is blowing up in their face and they are going to have to at some point folks. They can't just destroy the evidence. You can't, Sir search warrant using FBI agents. Let me be crystal clear on this Bob would miss There's corruption in the government all the time, but does not stupidity. Bob Mahler is as it is a government lawyer like anyone else right now he's got a special chartered operate in a special council case. If he does a search warrant, Yo Bob Malo doesn't do it himself, F, B, agents, do it like they would for any other case. We clear on this show if the FBI agents found something it cannot and will not be destroyed. I'm telling you right now now in the case of this significance, there's too much scrutiny. I believe found things on the Democrats, that's why
Obama's lawyer left the law firm that they are investigated manifold. That's why sessions is come out said he won't refuse himself. That's why we and thou today. Do man affords case, which I think was their intention by get this out there by the way that they were. looking for communications between man afford and AGA off. Man afford. This is gonna, be eye opening and the shift hits the fan again and chief will be out there by the way, I'm sure Jody. Do you think it made sense, yeah. But if I tell you what Dan that was a lot, that was a lot and was a lot of first round stuff that I hadn't heard them. That's a lot men it is an I'm sorry if it sounds confusing over the net Few days will be able to explain more, but I d Are some open ended questions here? If you're saying well, there's a lot of both. You tie up. Remember what I always tell you buy conspiracy theories, the
clear indicator of a conspiracy theory any times when they tied up a neat little both go. All we got, which also I not sure what man affords relationship is to the people who set up Donald Trump. All I'm telling you the special council Bob We found that interesting because in a search warrant he was looking for communications between man afford and the Aguilar Offs, who, whether they knew what are not set up Donald Trump Were the ones who started this email chain to send the russian lawyer to Don trumped Junior with information on every man of fort they were looking for community Why would they be looking for that watchmen affords, roll in the set up a Donald Trump, what's manner What's wrong this lawyer, Obama lawyer this law firm. He was working with. Why did he leave what what talking about all those tapes.
Why is sessions that refusing himself is Cohen under investigation for tromp or for something else, remind roses, need told trophies not the target right now sessions, and refuse himself is up. else going on with Cohen. These texts when they come out tonight, I may have to jump right back on the air, so stay too if you have any questions, email me, but I'm telling you the set up, is come out. I am absolutely sure I folks thanks everyone. And then I really appreciate it check this out of punch. You know that company subscribed to the email is there will send you? The shown was right. You re mailbox I'll talk. you just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.