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Ep. 707 The Democrats Can't Hide from the Russia Probe

2018-04-26 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the disturbing attacks on Dr. Ronny Jackson and why they should wake up sleeping Republicans. I also discuss the Mueller probe and the uncovering of negative information about the Democrats. They can’t hide any more.   News Picks: Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting: “Is the US #1 in Childhood Poverty?”   Dr. Ronny Jackson withdraws his name from consideration for VA secretary after a slew of disgusting attacks on his character.   Why has the Mueller probe failed to interview this Russian lawyer?   A solid article describing the dangers of the “war on cash.”    Even the Democrats are questioning Bernie Sanders' latest crazy idea.   Another solid judicial pick confirmed.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i wasn't a damaging shrubberies joe our unity you know it's always a pleasure to be it is very upset though ronnie jackson rescinds his name is nomination for cabinet secretary level position at veterans affairs doktor ronnie jackson for those realistically yesterday show you know i have a personal relationship with him and it's just that and the human filth feltham dc swamp to win over and over again and folks it's time to fight back it really is they should a stock it out i know ronnie we do any was probably doing it for the first time you know that keep the head off the trump team and roddy just that kind of guy but this is just an absolute disgrace a moment ago that the second i got some other stuff carrying out from yesterday show which
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and as i said on wmd i'll radio this morning and washed in d c where i'd let these people on fire who got ronnie to step aside who move them aside on on what i think to be baseless nonsensical exaggerated allegations of awe of miss connell not because i know ronnie i've never heard anything like this i worked with ronnie for a long time i've never heard anyone complaining about ronnie i've never heard of any one whose heart of anyone complaining about ronnie and i find off we ironic president obama's team gave ronnie the highest march they possibly could and now all of a sudden when he's nominated by trump he's here subjected to full fledged character assassination ninja style it's disgusting it's pathetic its growth and a little message out there which i put out an email this morning joan this i mean this from the bottom of my heart because i'm really upset about this there was
something embedded in the criticism of the ronnie jackson attacks the disgusting filthy character assassination of this good patriotic military officer and doktor that really speaks to the growing culture divide their country and worries me joe one of the allegations against them with all my cache you know ronnie describe sleeping pills and pro provisional is basically a a medically prescribed pill that you know gives you a sense of alertness when you fallen asleep at eight i don't know what the official uses for narcolepsy whenever i'm not a doktor it doesn't matter listen the snowflakes out there we live in a real freakin world daddy oh ok in your but all world on your college campuses which your color forms you're safe space is you know your ice cream machine in your cry rooms you are i been my ro a grass tat is the real world that's not true
the world pork chops real world in the military and the secret service hot men and women overseas to defend the life for the president in dangerous hot zones where there is a threat of listen to me who smoke mike's listed are park up there is threat of death dismemberment or serious physical injury to you your team the present united states and everyone around them in a college there color forms there's no snow cone machine around this is the real world real world if you don't sleep one night and you have to keep the present alive and you can keep your eyelids open because physiologically your nine hours ahead of your time clock than people die in the real world or people could get her do you want stand that snowflakes you get what i'm telling you snow cone eating hot cocoa marshmallow puncher losers
what i'm saying in the real world you're a real consequences for not being ready to fight on a moment's notice i know you understand this because you are used being background i grasped this the cultural divide i'm embarrassed for the country not for you hardened american patriots out there but this was the point i tried to bring up the other day joe on my show sweat that one nuclear the other day to thank you to everyone by the way i'm not speeding up having you on the back and you're the ones listening i appreciate it but i was trying to make the point to everyone out there you truckers electricians presenting shit you guys cross fritters moms plus the is every day carry in five six kids around like by my mother my old man becky who had loved the death whose husband special forces soldier you gotta with this woman does what our kids every day your hard
your hard hard to say this ready for ass the tax on ronnie jackson ah my gosh sleeping pills provisional from pod she kid snorting tied pods or whatever calling you they are not ready for us are not ready this has nothing to do with violence the left up listen media matters in the not job this japan over there they love violet stay worship antifraud black i've matter these groups that have openly called for violence they love that i'm telling you there is a degree so wrenching forty two that only exists on the right this no way crowd that can't possibly fathom how
a white house doctor would have to keep military secret service and other people frosty in so ass to keep the present alive and would call that can be man for this rebuilding the tribunal doktor by the way a drug so people could sleep so they could be ready to fight that this snowflake crowd doesn't understand that should reinforce to you what i told you days ago they are not ready for the fight they are i'm ready for the fight ahead people are going to you walk out of schools people are gonna be protesting remember people showed up in dc at that rally years ago for the tea party they are not ready for this they think they are there not they have no idea the mental and intestinal fortitude on the rights they have no idea there is reason their overwork the majority of veterans i talk to our conservatives some are democrats but they're not lot
i find very few liberals there are some but very few emmy two cops tall you cops overwhelming majority or conservatives because their hard they ready for the fight ahead they understand the world isn't pretty the world the play such really really tough were really bad people want to do really bad do you all the time and how our men and women stand in the way of that that the conservative movement the liberals can dance all they want but their media and social media attacks and are hot cocoa in mommy's basements and immediate matters craft and the boy cats pica they could do that they are not ready they are not for the fight ahead they no idea argued liberals are already pushing a soft secession we're california we're getting nor federal law are you
for what happens with conservative states do the same thing are you rat are you prepared for that you have no idea is ronnie thing really has be pissed off big time by the way fight back moment i have a son today in the show notes about ronnie its quick but i also have another story and shone out it's a pretty good read from america thinker random i wrote it and the peace joe is about the southern poverty lawson or another soft roof especially attacking but never they have no guts this is not a brave organisers a cowardly organization to southern poverty lawson though it is nothing do poverty or law anymore they attack people by laving labeling them anti muslim extremists and they produce the sky read this peace and it's so good they pray this guide for the media your field guide to anti muslim extremists which is a smear job hatchet job on others
these have to do what ronnie jackson run the tv show republican should have marshalled their efforts around roddy it said no not today and they didn't and let this good man be smeared and they let this not all of them but they let this good man pulled his name but they should have said you're not pulling your name out we're pushing you through no matter what because what happens joe it provides a template to do this again over and over and over again what does it have to do to southern poverty law centre story it's a good one there's a guy if miss forgive me from seeing your name run much i've seen em on tv machine was he's muslim but he you described himself ass a moderate muslim he's been attacked joe by the southern poverty law centre as an eighty muslim extremists is like i wish we had the videt did ok i'm on he's got or why come again put muslim enough muslim apparently he is
call of violent ideology and extremism within islam now that has enabled by the sun poverty lawson centre as an anti muslim monsieur you nobody did joe the big double bass middle finger filed a lawsuit now southern poverty law centre because they don't have they don't have to holds dear not hard so what were at work all that i feel guide to extremism now and you know it no i said no no words to that lawsuits go and were soon your asses and it's going to thank you very much i have a nice day many trees without you messed with the wrong muslim good for you know what's good for you fine of steel you want to mess around we'll sit and all very daddy oh you want to play ball you wanna dance let stance we can dance to you want play law fair you want to sue everyone on the left we could sue you right back members
fit from judicial watch told me watson he's right the process is the punishment for the left what if we take that same process and punish them with it now i should soon this not out of the southern poverty law centre saw em again and again and again they may what they may be sit non millions in money the southern poverty law center but make em go bankrupt sis i this thing ronnie i can't believe it i got some information based on yesterday's show to this listen i see and i'm tellin you right now their support trade and go on and i forgot to me something yesterday about it and i my damn you forgot that with such an important point is so much information i am really you don't stuff that's tough desegregated up before you that's good this is great we got a new sponsor digging their day gray company now before we took them on they say we want to send you a free samp on i was like
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ok so something happened yesterday as well there's add i saw an article in that we were so busy explaining away how much is found something now i am now i was a little bit of confusion on twitter and forgive me because sometimes i have so much information i put out to show that i almost sadly almost step on my message i am not in any way suggesting to you do not be confused that mahler is a good guy he is not mahler is ruthlessly targeting donald trump is not targeting a crime remember in it institutional republic in a blind justice system we invest crimes and we find people we don't investigate p an go find crimes that's not how this works tat is what mothers doing mahler is not investigating a crime he's investigating donald trump there is a significant difference don't trust rosen steen or mahler one bit this astrogation should be shut down by mothers should be fired that
moved seamlessly from russian collusion to obstruction of justice both of those a narrative which have now died aren't you now trumps real estate businesses deals and made his lawyer says to me that this is never going to stop as i've said repeatedly fire mahler everything that's going to happen is going to happen whether you fire mahler out immediately have set their upset now to mediate trump they're going to a peach matter they gonna try to impeach him anyway matters not fire mahler i do believe you listening yesterday show and i think i produce they good body of evidence and mahler has found things that they can't sweep under the rug the democrats obama and the clinton involvement in the set up donald trump now i got a call from my friend yesterday my buddy cop friend of mine who lives is this my longest friend have a lot of friends i work from home how do i do i know you find in the same way i mean i don't leave our lot right but my
they call the she's a smart guy detective but on the job almost zone over twenty years now we started in police custody again and he didn't is one part here gaddi cyclists and then the system so corrupt that i believe even smaller found direct evidence that obama hilary set up tromp he's like they're just make it go away and i should wait i sir brian time out i d cigarette wholeheartedly inheres why maybe it explain myself yesterday you can rest the gate trump without across the multiple times the trump team was ex was approach by people in a set up operation that we're connected taylor you can now you may say well they can sweet that under the rug folks they can't get hears why bob mahler is a lawyer here they lawyer working for the united states government he is not an investigator he has no arrest authority here charge people the arrest the thought
lies with the federal agents so what bob mahler raids that house of poor man afford it's not bob mulder that does it show people that wasn't even there it's the fbi i or some other federal agents some other gs eighteen eleven that's no federal designation for the federal agent they re the house now follow me here do you really think through the downfall of anti may cape jim call me peterson lisa page and all of you page wasn't an agent produce a lawyer but all of these fbi employees joe who are now facing severe administrative potentially criminal liability for sweeping things under the rug leaks and otherwise do you really think a rank and file fbi agent who
but you know has no partisan dog and the fight at all is gonna raid the house of man afford on the orders of a search warrant by mothers team and is going to say fellas wink at a not we need to make all this anti obama evidence we found go away are you crazy i get it no trusty i don't blame you at all for not trusting government why i'm a libertarian conservative i don't play you one bit but i'm telling you based on i can't prove anything tia conclusively i'm sure corruption can happen any time any day i'll just tell you i would be astonished that any fbi age at this point on a search warrant of any body involved with the trump team cohen man afford anyone that if they found evidence implicated the hilary team that dates gonna go away folks it's not now there our people and the justice department who probably like deceive go away but i dont think that's gonna happen think the fbi and from what i am hearing from
friend let's say demanded the fbi is at and now at least is committed brooding out what happened when did you know there is still some problems up there you know we can debate that for another day but i'm china be delicate here there getting sick and tired of this reputation for being a partisan organisation and a partisan bull dog on these that make sense there people up there we're just plain old tired of it i am sure that there is something going on and the mother side and they found stuff why now this is going to be important is a new piece of information i neglected to put out on you today show i talked about this washington examiner article by kelly cohen the end she said in a disk guinea in a hearing based on man affords lawsuit against smaller member metaphor is was the target
of a bob mahler search warrant in the metaphor was trumps campaign manager bob mothers team braided his house remember that sure do not afford food and set a lesson that we need to see the search warrant whatever the dock you mean comes out on monday because i expect the latter yes ran over regulation but this is important in the search warrant we find out that they were looking for communications between man afford trumps former campaign manager and am in and harrison eminent a lot this is critical because amis an error in organ lar off the aguilar so the ones who started this whole thing where the guys that pushed the trump team to meet with a russian lawyer who allegedly a dirt on hilary remember that data tromp junior meeting this is critical why
they be looking for emails from the argonauts maybe maybe they were trying to find they thought maybe man of fort had a role in this russian collusion in other words me be mahler i was going do this my authors in the book last night we were we were trying to flesh what may have one on here i believe mahler was i hope the trump team obviously i believe he thought show that the august or else who said that do i tried to reach out to trumpet trumped juniors and hey meet with this russian lorry scattered on hilary right i think they thought that there was actual russian collusion you track and media and that they will likewise metaphor is probably communicating with these russians saw these singers exude museum the singers trying to set up this meeting and therefore man of four may be involved the collusion folk sometime then you that's not what happened now
what they found there may have been disturbing enough to indicate when i believe the real story is the real story is that these the argo arrives i think they were they were ponds and i don't think they knew what they were doing where's your motive wasn't to set up the trump team i don't believe that their they were being pushed by people too at this meeting with this russian lawyer because speed apparently knew they had an into tromp they knew tromp day they had spent time with a trumpet filled the video for one of these singers they knew it had a personal relationship they need it's a dirty up tromp because our framingham for russian collusion a you know a relationship between trump and the russians over hilary emails it never happened so they need get someone in air in a meeting with don junior to say look look this is don junior trying to set up you know a conspiracy to expose hilary see to the public and change the outcome of the election
somebody finds jago arsenal ok they know the trump team let's get them to set up the meeting i think molly thought man afford had a role in that i don't think he did now what makes me think what piece of information by adding to this and other articles and political much haven't shown or set out the czech after the show in article four like all again a left leaning source by any stretch the russian lawyer that shows up to meet with down trumped your news posts have all this dirt on hilary right vessels sky and italian vessels sky you ve heard the name before the russian or your comes out says hey you know this is awfully weird but i haven't been contact by the special council investigation mahler probe at all do that weird why would that be folks this meeting is the key to the whole set up this meeting between don junior russian lawyer
which was set up by the aguilar this meeting is the key to their whole part with the collusion fairytale part one is the dnc servers we're hacked by the russians part too is they stole emails that they gave to the trump team to alter the elect to embarrass the democrats that makes sense the s meeting is the key to the whole thing yet now in the meeting the liberation lorry doesn't disclose anything about hilary females right supposedly the meeting is about like adoption trumps get the like what's this about night they say that a lot of their quick right the trumpeted and the rest of them i would mothers team not talk to them yet maybe because as they understand that if they talk to vessels sky the truth will come out about exactly who push them into this meeting remember this or your vessel net skier how
ready had a pre existing relationship with fusion gps was workin for hilary the lawyer met with fusion gps before the meeting with trumped junior and after it says to me that they don't want to talk to this russian lawyer because they are afraid that truth about who pushed her into this meeting is going to come out and it's not gonna be friends a trump it's gonna be almost this positive conclusive evidence they were set up the trump team these people were pushed into the trump orbit to say look with our meeting with this the key to the set up now i said you when i opened the show that i believe the evidence is mounting that some horse trading is going on here the reason i believe that when i say horse trading i mean mahler at this point take it out to thirty thousand feet waking explained mahler it doesn't like trump he's targeting trump mahler in the investigation of tromp inevitable
is coming across information which looks really really bad for hilary and obama it makes it look like this trumped up they sent these people in future gps met with this lawyer who met with the trump team who claimed to have information on hilary wait does not make sense pillory harsh vision gps whose work but the lawyer who says she has anti hilary information ben shows up to meet with don trumped junior with no anti hilary information and it meets with fusion gps working for again after the meeting that this is one of those head scratching moments where you like wait come again that makes no sense makes a whole lot of sense if you try to set up the trump team and frame them i believe mahler knows this model is not dumb guy and i trust mueller is investigations but a harsher but he's not stupid
believe he knows right now the evidence is mounting that there was an abomination of justice committed in this set up of donald trump and an abuse of the intelligence and law enforcement operations in the united states to target donald trump he knows this here gotta keep the heat off of that side of it in our trump hence this stuff laying down of collusion obstruction realestate deals michael current ivy next thing there behind after trumps dog you know this is what they do giuliani is brought in the stroke tax are about to come out heard people have already seen these i've ever seen him yet i've heard they are devastating the stroke each tax we were working on the trump special counsel and the hilary email is the six two texts that were you know possibly missing which i told you weren't have come out not public the people have seen them and from what i am hearing their devastating all of a sudden devastating to who'd in
devastating to the fbi eyes efforts to say that this was a fairly conducted good point a fairly candy did investigation into hilary in other words the negation slanted to get hilary off all the time and also devastating to the fact that the trump investigation was conducted by the book and impartial thank you madam artillery was given a pass and tromp was frame support the way these tax are on bali hopefully damaging towards fbi in the urgent in making that case on i'm glad you said that right thanks man now mahler understands the damage it's going to happen i heard andy weissmann is not going to look re either who is mothers bulldog he is the number two but when the special council now i i propose to you last week that now ties into yesterday's argument i got a few more things to get you re too for some minutes motor through this because i don't want to miss some news of the day stuff it's important but last week i told you about
a meeting in the seychelles between a guy named eric prince and a russian who was maria presented by some hillary clinton backers camille dimitrios kara karel de me trips are my first name that meeting in the seychelles is their investigation by the trump team the meeting is critical because the guy eric prince who met with the in the seychelles now the reason it's under investigation by the molecule joe is because prints was trump and his sister works in the cabinet so they're gonna look this guy you know trop met with a russian in the seychelles collusion collude at all it's all join forces all garbage one of the very suspicious things about why this meeting is under investigation and why they targeted our prince is eric prince was on a news interview with bright partner is where he said some unbelievably nuclear
explosion level stuff he said that the loretta lynch justice department sickly threatened the envoy p d and put a sure on the mit to not least the information they had about the it then wiener laptop which had hilary z males are basically eric prints one on the radio and said the am pity had very damaging information about hilary the but just as former called and threatened them about another case than not release it and that mit people knew about it and this was gonna come out and the department of justice freaked out all of a sudden prince becomes conveniently joe the target of a mahler investigations were because this meeting in the seychelles now this is working interesting in this is how it ties into the horse train when i say the horse trade giuliani knows and mother knows that there are clinton people joe
be clear on this is to take away and obama people that have to go down they have to go down there's too much the fbi's probably seen it did you james probably seen it they cats but under the rug their terrified leaks and if they prosecute only trump people papadopoulos adopt in others and all these other people get a pass they'll be a mutiny within the justice department somewhere or the fbi they know it someone on the clinton and obama team folks is gonna have to go down on this legally they have to i believe giuliani and mahler notice giuliani giuliani's babesia privy to everything mother has but giuliani was probably brought in to understand what's gonna happen that some people are going to have to go down obama people or influencing this to you say really bobby you too said molly giuliani you
say what i'm saying there is likely behind the scenes some horse trade goin on our right this is the clinton persons gonna go down this is the trump persons gonna go to clayton people on your bomb of people cannot get a full escape where does the old a person come it remember this last week don't forget don't forget the eric prince seychelles meeting was set up a guy named george nadir this george neighbours is international connections maker guy with a shady past right nato is cooperating with the government eight clearly has information about how this meeting between guy who knows trump hook we have really devastating information on hilary and this russian investor but whose represented by clinton people nato knows both sides because he's up the meeting
whose maders lawyer nato's lawyer was obama's lawyer in the white house catherine rumbler obama people are intimately involved in this because they understand someone's gotta folks listen what i'm telling you somewhere he's gotta go down they are now i'm not saying this is fair they should all go down dogma state this for me putting my imprimatur ouch good maybe they'll be a sacrifice joe legal am that's not what i'm saying that's not fair i'm saying you what's what i think is going to happen not what should and i understand if you're upset you should be ivy i'm telling you though the clinton people there is no way they escape this would all with their skin someone gonna get a robbed me somebody someone's i've got to go down on this and they are going to pick of people who either they can't stand or they think won't flip on other
people when the obama administration that's how it's going to go down because mahler needs to protect the swap no matter what giuliani i think understands this point that mother will keep going and keep going it keep going until somehow there's some kind of a horse trade gona because remember bravo nonsense again trop he still the president united states and he still in charge of the justice department the man investigations all day and so concessions sessions as prosecutor discretion to do basically whatever within the bounds of his job description he can do at some point it's going to be oars trade going on to go to say right you give us jack's will give you one queen you i see you queens will give you a king by the lady representing a guy who's up the seychelles thing is obama's lawyer who by the way
knows andy weissmann very well why she worked on the enron task force with anti weissmann anti wisely pretty much running the special council for bob mother i gives clear as day here that they are all the players are now at the table giuliani in the trunk team you ve got mahler and the witch on team you obama's team represent did they found go by rumbler whose representing major there is it fraid going on who queens for jacks one king i have zero down now you may say well what pressures being brought on them now if i mention this yesterday but i mentioned again today just as important there are people the fbi folks clearly cooperating people are not going to be impeach in court because they were there
said to you yesterday bill price step the number two in the fbi who was into we involved in this in when i say this i mean the investigation to healthy and the investigation at the trump he's the now or counter and tell the number one counter intel guy he's underneath daddy mackay boosts the deputy director bill price them jim call me sites in that congressional testimony joe we ve played here a thousand times the representative released the font yes yes com up on the hill they ask him why he hasn't told congress about their investigation at the trump he supposed to brief them quarterly he brief them months later that's not quarterly quarterly on two three hats dream thoughts so call me hides it doesn't brief congress
and when asked about an upon ere he says well i was told by he doesn't mean price that directly but he's talking about him price that is screwed i'm convinced price that is cooperating i'd he's cooperating the das yea with behind the scenes conversations about the targeting of might flynn they get all of this there is no way the obama team gets out strokes cooperating i have no doubt he's a page is cooperating they on stand behind the scenes what happened with the dossier with the lack of verification on the dossier with behind the scenes conversations about the targeting of might flynn they get all of this there no way the obama team gets out of this without a few skin needs no way it's not gonna happen i've got a lot of course i have to keep up the delay in a day by day could do so much it keeps breaking up and if these tax break ah well consider especial episode because
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the trigger on this lays around it'll amid a laser now you can see where the bullet would have gone you can't see that what a joy firefox as you know idea i've got people and they their scores on a monday centimeter scores on a friday monday there shoot all over the place joe they gonna big basketball on iter by friday the shooting golf balls to amazing check it out i target product the letter i target pro dotcom promo code dan diane for ten percent of ok i have a story of the show no city from it reason it's really really good someone sent to me so had tipped the listeners out there i would get good stuff from you guys and ladys about the war on cash i have been concerned about this for a long time i've told you this is a big deal i work we about it you should worry about it two it's not a small problem there is international kind of global as push out there
what lemonade cash as a means of being able to transact you're you know you're you're you're value propositions what other people global as hake cash because they can't track it you know you go to the did whatever the snow queen machine and year you pay five dollars for snow cone government has really no idea what you did with that you mean unless they want to pull the videotape of you at the snow com machine is really hard to figure out now when you do that the debit card with a credit card there is a financial electronic record created of that transaction which news flash votes for those you don't know me ever a federal agent you can subpoena that get your metz on that i could find out where you spent more money and more cases what you spend it on theirs or on cash going on because big government liberals and global leader i love the idea of being able to track you everywhere just google china social credit score where they're giving pull a score for how socially valuable you aren't the chinese government i'm not making this up their tracking
people on surveillance cameras in china and the eu you have a credit score in they give you a social credit score and if i deem socially untrustworthy their people have been banned from flying and so this is not for crimes for things like smoking in a non smoking zone for your driving behaviour at folks what if you think i'm besson with you china's social credit score now we're not china yet if the day we will be if the democrats continue their anti civil liberties pushed against the first amendment second amendment fourth amendment but we're not there yet thank god but the war cash to trouble you now couple it take always on this in the articles really great are being the shown us today punch you know that calm as always described my email is thou email into your point number one
a car companies love this show they think it's the greatest they gave resolve on that alleging some international conspiracy and apart a credit card companies is really a business decision is that the credit card companies that want to spy on you for them i mean it listen don't care that government does for damage strictly business if they can show you interest based on a bunch of transactions you would have maiden cashmere baby there are all about it there i'd be not rights or credit card companies love this in some of em raw obviously attached to banks a very powerful very powerful lobbies now number two there's been propaganda operation out there to get the american public and the guardian the global leads to get that get the americans had other people around the globe on the side of this anti battle and one of the reasons they give joe this is interesting they say wow third a cash transactions are used for crime and tax evasion
oh you know i don't know a third of a knife purchases may be used in a crime but you get a band i mean that's so let me get this straight we're supposed to forfeit our our liberty you are economic liberty and our free to remain anonymous and our in our transactions because some knucklehead decide to what avoid their tax is it an use cash for illegal transactions this is the argument used by the left over time the argument by the left is yours to pay the price whether its four firearms use of cash river for a couple of knuckle heads who decide to do something malicious when they get a hold the same i didn't obama make a big cash payment i ran the great point that's a thing that is joe's greatest point i'm going to put an asterisk next to the shops i did not even think of that one yes a hundred fifty billion in folks ash we're cash rate care my counterfeit not not elect on a transactions there was an actual cash payment why because
bomb administration did want to be moderate either and neither did the iranians right we the electronic transaction of it they got kids that's a great point you so that's their excuse right now folks here's the downside to this outside the china social credits grab the lot of the first ones obvious so first points a credit card companies lovett second point no less than a third of this is used for crime its irrelevant there's nothing with the argument here to take away this is why this is so dangerous first take we again is an obvious when you're gonna lose your privacy forever if we the castle society there is absolutely no way you're going to be able to make a purchase anonymously there's not going to become available to what you gonna do trade in diamonds bridge platinum me what are you gonna do
now there are crypt those around i'm sure but there again they can ban crypt those two they'll be a black market are not suggesting black market wouldn't exist they always do joe employee suggesting to you that the government there eat legislated form of currency will be electronic you to be very difficult for any business person to hide any kind of transaction and i'm not through by the legal age mean sometimes you want to buy stuff you know what the government knowing echoes the point number two why do liberals love this big member liberals are the anti civil liberties party now one they love it because will be no tax evasion they can just automatically electronically deduct money from your account to get your taxes what have you got a gun electronic yeah i don't know if you could see this gun part that's exactly what i was going to say now i'm going to make an army for liberals year too
because a shower try to be fair unlike anti civil liberties liberals and we're trying to be fair here on the conservative side how would you like it if you our state california illinois washington and other liberal states out there so are you don't work work in a bag and gone purchases in our state we're not gonna ban gun because we want to get in a problem with the second amendment but we're gonna ban gun purchase interstate here's what we're gonna do joe we're not gonna do business with banks that allow these purchases decorous areas on the second amendment you can buy gone nudist care by it using he's bank cards and by the way we're not to do business with any of those banks in the state those banks aren't gonna lose those government contracts they'll say ok bye just like bank of america and some others did ordinary eighty second amendment appeal you're going to say all right you know what no more purchases what're you gonna do there's no cash they would shut down
the entire a bigger right self defence industry you would be nothing but a sheep goats good point gun purchase number one but let me ask you some for liberals i am not advocating this at all i'm just trying to suggest for liberals out there who love illegal immigration you know you are thought or fake it you love you love illegal immigration you'll a borderless societies you think we should let the entire world in the united states how you gonna pay em has i'm gonna work out for you you know i thought of this lesson we can make arguments all day about why they would attack conservatives with cash society and make no mistake your point is about though they will go as ever that we monitor in your food purchases next you won't be able to get shot if you eat too many hershey bars but let me ask you some all you people out you think it's compassion to let it because in the country what if there was a guest the presence of we're not going to allow members to cash the society folks is no cash what are you
do barter you know barter vegetables in your backyard for services are you gonna pay illegals what are conservatism you know what unless you can produce a valid ex identification number any i or so security number there will be no payments allowed to anyone the country illegally how you now sudden some lips are probably listening juggernaut that doesn't sound like a good idea you see out government can kind of boomerang on you like its boomerang on the mahler investigation right now how the ice the investigation the hilary all these accelerated democrats demand that an idea investigation that's now boomerang into a big government abuses of power that benefited hilary all stuff comes back this is what liberals don't get this what you don't understand the abuse of big government in sent eyes big government to attack anyone and everyone you will not
left on harm from this because suggesting that's right to do by the way if republicans took over i'm just suggesting to you sooner or later that powers available to republicans too big trouble how would you say up with the story i missed yesterday have to get to guard could begin sometimes the dock a thing so we are living in a state of an attempt to ingram last night and show for talking about this we are living in a state of judicial tyranny right now there are no three branches of government anymore dairies stage judiciary and everything else judges just decided to legislate it forces of the law to become politicians to become advocates to become ideologues they are
a longer ruling on the four corners of legislation they a ruling on everything their ruling on by competing ideologies it is disturbing what happened yesterday and i want to thank you too over about why were in a lot of trouble here and why the it should be in it is to you to hold the senate and get trumpery elected here's what happened the doc you attack is the amnesty for childhood arrivals the first action but i called to divert the deferred this need for chocolate or have they actually today is action but i prefer that cassettes accurate at what it was there is legislation in congress the dream act to get amnesty these kids were brought here by their parents illegally clear on that the american public appetite for why because it didn't pass so a dad remember the famous pen in the phone speech jump out so i got a patent a phone i'm just
in conjunction with janet nepal attack on the department of homeland security we're just gonna do ourselves not oh the legislative process works mr president you don't write the bells you can sign em you can enforce them but you damn well don't write em hello bomb of course you didn't care at all means democrats don't care about that you know judicial or executive tyranny and all they only you don't care about power when it says so now they think trouble tyrant ironically is trying to deconstruct power obama usurped himself but but tat in the way of utopia arguments so about took his pen in his phone and basically enacted the jury mac through dhaka himself though press for this in american history that i know of not in i unconstitutional without question obama self said he couldn't do it and i did it anyway which fascinating is the trump
wines this thing it says no more doc i'm gonna give you six months to fix it knows a march fifth deadline a judge republican appointed judges is why we're in a world to trouble right now a republic point two churches no trump you can't do that so i haven't big notes here let me get this straight barack obama can you sir power he doesn't have to write a bill because that's what he did that is not his power the congress and the senate that do that not the executive branch obama writes a bill that's what he did did you call her but every wants a memo when agreement he takes us then his phone and creates out of thin air a law he has no constitutional power to trap says no that's the right way to do it congress is going to figure this out and a judge republican appointed judged by the way joe says no no trump can't stop it hawk is going to continue you mean suffocation so i haven't big
you're capital letters what the judge saying who can stop at that so what you're suggesting is what way liberal democratic president on constitutes surely rights and creates lot of thin air tat nobody stop it ever do you want this then the end point of this if promptly decorative cannot stop what a prior executive did then who can this is a recipe for tyrannical bay viewer democrats in office do what you want when the republic gets in the exact same office and unwise it you can avoid it this is insane now i thought about this is more is you know a lot of people are commenting on this i like you the angles you haven't heard before thought about this this morning and i i i love our constitution jail but why the flaws built in us is human beings
regional the founders if you read the federalist papers you understand the thinking in the the rationale behind the elements of the constitution clearly what they had mine joe was obviously a system of checks and balances excellently in other words three branches of government which would check and balanced one another powers were separated vertically and horizontally though powers that were separated the idea behind the framers of the constitution joe which was probably logical at the time was that each brow and she would almost jealously and vigorously guard its own power and others the presidency wouldn't let the court's usurp its powers the court's what at the legislative branch usurp its powers the legislator branch whitman the court's usurp its powers they would guard their power because painted the framers rightfully so coming from a tyrannical situation in england thought power
corruption absolute power corrupts absolutely so people hoard power so if the lead say a branch has a power it's gonna hoarded jealously in other words just wait a branch the congress the power of the purse the power to spend money resides in congress does it you short the frame they will jealously guard that the power to legislate that's our the framers thought the legislators would signal part that's our power nobody will this puts us now this explains judicial tyranny folks think about it what's the one branch of government that has almost zero political accountability at all the courts how does this explain the aggregate sure of on constitutional power in the courts in other words i'm telling
with the court's did yesterday on doc ruling the president can't stop what obama did that that is its made up the fabricated power how did this happen and it keeps happening all the time it's obvious how would happen but legislate branch joe is not get jealously guarding its power its forfeiting its power to the court's why are they doing this job let me explain to you legislative branches foregoing the power of the purse path or to enact immigration legislation rubber they gave it to obama obama wrote dhaka he basically nobel because no power to do that why legislators spread stopper the founders thought that they were going to guard that power jus because their cowards their account
will the public and a lot of these people understood that the dream act giving people amnesty in the country illegally was horrendously unpopular but they are such ferocious ideologues open borders maniacs that they wanted to get this done so instead of jail sleep guarding their power they said job they scratch their beards and they want how do we get legal and just like that illegals in the country to vote for us but not to suffer the wrath of voters if we enact a dream i got an idea let's let all bob do it he could take the heat and will say nothing about it and by the way and let's let the court's ruling to decline have no political accountability of discharges are gonna be voted out anything he can just enough penumbra is from the page it doesn't jacob can fabricate new legislative powers this was the this this was the monkey wrench in the machinery of our constitution i dont think they ever undo
how cowardly and gutless because member they were the revolutionary generation they actually we had some nerve i dont think that anderson the framers understood how godless the people legislative branch would become later on our now they have forfeited away through teepee p d i ran deal their treaty authority they have forfeited away their power the purse member obama but a veto this if you guys don't do this and spend more money ok they of or fitted away their ability to write laws to obama they don't care because their cowards they never were anticipated the grotesque cowardice of a branch of the of the government known as the legislator branch that's what's happening you may say what what what what do you expect the legislator pressure do against the courts the circuit ports are a creation of the congress they're not in constitution do so think about it put a parade around their friends ridiculous
tapping out there are folks let's get fortuny it i was busy shown a lot going on but i had to get some of that news of the week i really appreciate it please go to the website podgy no doubt come and subscribe to your and if you don't mind i write we appreciate if you subscribe to the show it helps us a lot we get a taunted download but the subscriptions whether on itunes i tar the eye a radio sound card really really help us they we move up the rank it's pretty quick when you do that so i thank you very much i see watermark you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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