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Ep. 716 Who Is the Source?

2018-05-09 | 🔗
Summary: Major breaking news yesterday about the plot to set up Trump, the media cover-up, and alleged payments to Trump’s attorney.   News Picks: A 2016 piece about troubling ties between the Clinton team and a Russian oligarch targeted by Mueller.    Why was the Clinton team hiding its relationship with Pinchuk?    NBC is reporting on payments to Trump’s attorney, but the payments are from a Russian connected to the Clintons.    More on Pinchuk’s connections to the Clintons.    Devastating piece about DOJ efforts to hide a Mueller source. Who’s the source?   How did Stormy Daniels’ attorney get the bank records?    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on a show that's not immune to the banks with your host dan bones you welcome the demagogy or shall we should show our unity indigo dunno lot to talk about today vote yesterday with such a big newsday unfortunately one major story got completely lost you know joe how i'm always hesitant to put links to the washington post another figures outlets in my show notes but today we have to break the rules folks i'm very sorry but there are story they came out yesterday kind of it yesterday that is extremely important matter blowing stuff i'm going to explain to you how matters this is going to be a show i'm imploring europe mark and listen to twice i think i'm predicting it'll be almost listen to show ever by the time i'm done with a more mess around let's get right into a today show brought you buy a bodies that i target firearms proficiency in scale matters anybody can own a fire of the question
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ten times more than they live fire to arrange the range is great but it gets expensive stuff to get there you can do this in the safety and security of your own home check it out i target programme com promo code there ok now right huge news yes of course we have the ariane deal we are breaking this morning the three north korea and the free eric and hostages held by north korea are going to be released another big winning moment for donald trump great job well done great job got dumping crap i ran deal i was on fox lesson if i have time later i'll play a little snippet owes you play myself but i thought i kind of some than up ok the around you done was a horrible deal but i want to get too too important stories yesterday joe making headlines on trot now let me just say i'm i'm breaking my own rules again on potential nbc news fake news even if it is fake its fake it speaks to a
archer theme we ve had on the show the larger theme is this ladies and gentlemen the model investigation is a smoke screen it is a smoke screen it is entirely design to target people who have cross contamination with the trump and clinton sphere but the target only the relationship with the trump sphere to take the attention away from the clinton sphere please tell me this makes sense or nothing in the show i tell you which is gravely important is going to make sense you please bear with me of you may not like this case but begging you to listen to the show to understand just how disgusting what's going on now is joe are try now i can see you clearly argued show i'm watching you here are you track in me here what i'm saying tracking deborah your brother if let's a genuine i our business rivals pull
go rivals it doesn't matter joe and i don't like each other joe and i bet have dealings with a shady neighbourhood loan sharks fiction rough in town as loyal to joe not to me public pressure starts to come down on both of us the best way keep the attention of joe to initiate a full blown investigation into my relationship with the loan sharks really press releases every day which keeps the attention of jos shady dealings with the exact same cat your days and i accept yeah yeah i might do it baby if you there's still that this smaller rob now makes complete sense how does this relate to yesterday's bombs applaud robes you get tired by five shells every day but yes this one lie drudge and the fake news outlets or celebrating this because they don't understand what's going on here is the story again
kind of breaking the rules because this may be the bonn this fake news tomorrow it's coming from nbc i've of this nbc new story along with a washing poster in the show notes today i'm sorry to give them clicks but it is critical you read them today i today show notes are the most important i've ever put out please god website freedom join my email is i'll get him out there the stories s stormy daniels the porn star who was paid off by the campaign or so not the trump campaign absorbed by by michael cohen lawyer i want to be clear on this because the actual language to be precise was paid off by trumps attorney a hundred a thousand dollars the alleges it was due to an affair they had that there was some india that it wanted to talk about it she the lawyer this guy i call avenue naughty who you know seems to really of the media and i have a lot of media but gosh i've never seen a guide this guy's i i don't know where does lawyering he's on the media all day
releases a tweet yesterday that is astounding if true the tree he says that michael cohen trumps attorney who remember joe his this was rated office was rated by department of just its personnel and fbi agents in a rough earl from the mahler team to the district of new york his office was rated i was upset about this because a lawyer attorney client privilege on trumped up now avenue bodies alleging joe that call when received a five hundred thousand dollar payment from a company connected to russian oligarchy victor vex aubert now nbc joe is gas make over this yeah
swore got paid by a russian oligarchy to pay off a porn star folks question but one and i have this will be in the show notes as well from the letter of the law on crime block how the hell did trumps nemesis the sky avenue naughty get his hands on bank records for michael count p no subpoena power now the lawn crime blog peace they may but he very clear on this joe the guy says it's aids in another treat related because is this guy admitting to a crime the sky of an already because if you got to be records we how did you you can only get them illegally he doesn't have subpoena power surely michael cohen didn't give consensually to avenue daddy how did he get these bank records now put that aside for because again the guy somehow i've ever
seem a guy tweet something that is so obviously illegal you can't get peoples records show and they decided he didn't get em i evidence you didn't get him by subpoena this guy's a private lawyer so he's watching that he has bank records and nbc news in the peace as they review these bank records that we don't off their real or fake or whatever and at these bank records allege a fit of five hundred thousand dollar payment folks this is story sound familiar i said a name before remember the credo on this show remember their names that sober yeah back sober fact sober why is that name sound familiar vex aubert whose victor vex albert the president of the scope of our foundation brick
pact spoke of o at all costs now it's all making sense folks it's all making sense so now you have another investigation being open into traps tribes team or his sphere very alleged ties to russian oligarchy that are what that our knee deep in the clinton space may deep we have no evidence at all that mahler is looking in to this and this is why i still i get a guy gets i still get annoyed by the smaller white had theory can't there is no evidence at all the pop mahler is investigating vexed milburgh or pinch shook and their connect the clinton remember the analogy before did the loan shark the load our steel and would show and i in order to keep
attention of job because the sheriff likes joe he only investigates the loan sharks connections to me and puts press releases out every day to act like he's investigating the load shorten but he completely ignores joe is doing the same thing now alleging true the trump team is doing the same thing with these russian oligarchy i dont know this payment is legit this could be fake news and b c news unfortunately has they have a history with this would have an eye as well so our last week with the wiretap remember the wired delegations tromp was the trumps lawyer was wiretap fake news it was a pen register my i'm not nor this relates to be crystal clear on that sure this is a real story time will tell i am sure of this that investigation into virtual burg is happening by mahler how do we know that because the interview
mothers team interviewed earlier this year vessel burg as he got off a play had it back into the united states that we now folks this is important stops i'm just looking through so i have so much information i want to be sure i get this out clear concise fashion vex solberg is a deep in the clinton sphere folks he's oh significant sums of money to the clinton sphere there that's so now if you watch them life liberty and levine show on sunday night i was on i meant in very specifically skulk of our and the scope of our foundation spoke of the russian silicon valley project silicon valley project was push heavily by the clinton our early days as the secretary of state this guy vex sober
don't forget what we are here vessel borg the court and nbc news made a huge payment is come not virtual borg specifically accompany he's associated with its called columbus nova nbc news is alleging that he has very barks connected to this company that made a huge payment the trumps lawyer vaccine is the president of the scope of our foundation a project a rush in silicon valley project push heavily by the coincidence this russian silicon valley project folks was a russian military intelligence operations to steal our technology do wonders that's what i'm telling you you mean to clinton's pour the project to russian jews the steel advanced military technology from the united states protect skulk of all at all costs because to protect
talk of all you have to protect the clinton's so what do you do mothers darts investigation into victor wrecked solberg an appeal it made to the trump team that may very well have been set up the whole time in order to make sure that they have leverage to make for the connections to the clinton team go away where have we heard this before ten shook the same thing where we are here the model crash please folks get this this is this is the pick a spy novel of all time thank you this is the sickest spy novel of all time except it actually happen victual burg made go to the court and foundation vessel burke friend of poor no question about it vessel
one of the most ray what are the most wealthy oligarchy in russia vex aubert president of this of our foundation the skull could well founded a known russian military intelligence operation to steal secrets from us including hypersonic missile which can be used to take out various u s targets who pushes skulk of the clinton the clinton oh by the way i got money from vessel bird o o way way way the same victual burg who sarah westward to wash and examined read the shown old today please the same she'll burg pollution but up at a dinner heller clinton's residents that was denied by the way by hillary clinton step why are they deny knowing factual borg they deny
an email shows he was invited to the vessel but the same guy running a russian minute military intelligence project that they say who was the russian silicon valley he's the president his level knowledge of it we don't know what we know the president of the foundation pieces i need to have a house house which they didn't i despite the email showing him getting the invite he knows president clinton let me read you another piece by the way some of the pieces and shown us from twenty sixteen sarawak wash them examiner please read them look at this one i'm want to tell you the weather models been tried before first but remember the actual burg deeply tie
to the clinton sphere investigate and for a payment to the trump deepen was this is set up the whole time pixel bar tony trump donate a trump they don't tell the actual why don't you to drop that wave trump wins all of that dirt stuff we did with the clinton's we can make our work is well i've leverage our trump is beautiful beautiful what a plan and we read this year arrest westward worse to examine this is backing when he sixteen when the emails came out your new email show clinton foundation staff pushed hillary clinton state department to approve who meeting between bill clinton and a powerful russian oligarchy as our agency wind up investors for a project under his our view on what project was that clinton's relationship with victor sober billionaire whose name appears in the documents has taken
a new significance amid and expanding criminal investigation into his company less week authorities raided the offices of vessel bergs foe affirm ran over group following allegations of bribery from several of run over subsidiary cities vex sobering had been named head of a partnership dub russian silicon valley just three months listen to this crap just three months before a court foundation employee began pushing the state department to approve bill clinton superpower was meeting with factual borg and a handful of other russian executive what hell is going on here folks i know aid mclaughlin that that major league loser media i don't want to give this guy he's got like paul followers on twitter whatever i don't want to this guy time on my part guess but this guy attacked me on media i for putting our facts about
the background to this case in defence of my theory that this is a mother smokescreen alta no one's yet to refute a single fact i've put out there tell me how this is not true use zippo over at media loser sorry for i don't like to add that i don't even like mentioned these guys you know you have no idea how much patience it takes to not mention these idiots this is but you know you're over the target when nepal full of media narrowness grow conspiracy theory can you refute any thing i said no but it's definitely a conspiracy theory here continue from the sarah westward peace listen to this before as travel to russia for the speech and potential meetings with vessel burg and others came as hillary clinton state department labour to drum interest in a technology sharing project led by so burg call
skulk of all right protect spoke of all at all costs by mahler all costs because once it becomes public knowledge protects of how that the coins and the clinton foundation where need deepen add where they russian oligarchy knee deep in bed with a russian oligarchy who was the president of a score of operation then i read elegance community has deemed and intelligence operation by the russians too these are sensitive military technology they clinton's gonna be a world the pain that is those thirty thousand missing emails from the clinton's makes sense gee i what what they say about spoke about why do you think i brought up spoke of all on the loving show only too to these tools it media i these shells for for a government corruption say
conspiracy theory this is crazy while not refuting a single fact of what i put out there not one day understand the damage this does to the democratic clinton brand that hillary clinton and bill clinton were pushing through the russian reset a russian military intelligence or intelligence operation in general to steal our military secrets while simultaneously having dinner with the guy running it and taking money from oh i got an idea its investigators ties to the trumpeting i haven't even got do we ve seen this model before if you regular commissioner you probably know what i'm talking about pitchfork i'll get to that in a second we ve seen this before alors not a good guy in this i don't even know if i can fit to show in an hour tat we may have to go over that i'm sorry let me go on from this westward peace i'm sorry i rarely read these law but this is critical hat tipp to it
how sixteen pieces there in the show notes read them both they are breaking news even though their two years all held the russian version of silicon valley skulk of was conceived during president obama's russian reset as away interactive attract investors to this scale based technology start up hillary clinton risk possible for the mechanics of the russia reset was tasked with finding cup is to invest in and work with skulk although in the early months of our tenure what else do we know about skulk of our folks seven jeanne of the twenty eight companies according to peter schweitzer spoke clinton cash involved and spoke of a russian operation to steal our technology this foundation president had dinner with the this was a major donor and meetings with
bill clinton said tina the twenty eight companies were donors to clean in foundation convenient how that happens where we seen this model before chalk you missed my show no weak to be sure we ve seen this before where someone with me deep ties to the clinton foundation the coincidence both bill and hilary wines being investigated by them our team for ties to throb with no word whatsoever of the model
team investigating their ties to the clinton's now let me be clear on this show if we find out later which i am be astonished i be happily aesthetic if we find out later the mother is a good guy and is in fact look into ties to both the trump sphere and the quick sphere and the clinton go down too i will correct this on the show i am telling you right now that ain't happening is a smoke screen one hundred percent ninety nine point nine nothing's on percent our i want to get to the pinch of things is important and understanding the actual birthday i remember what i'm telling you he's running operation mahler on the loan shark but we on the loan shark me avoiding the conversation with job completely our job
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two bought the trumpet clinton sphere now again we aren't we're not sure that the stories real news causes nbc we gotta give it like a week i usually give it four hours but i'd give this week to make sure it's true where have we seen this model tar a russian oligarchy who is somehow immersed in the trunk sphere but has deep ties to the coal industry for very questionable activities like spoke about pinch you're regularly surveys show pinching ukrainian figure pinchbeck donated in ten and twenty five million dollars to the clinton foundation do you where the original investigation into trumps lawyer joe the media reporting the media reporting was all pinch shook and cohen trumps lawyer are being invest aid for a hundred and thirty thousand dollar something speaking fee given to try to do a video appearance at a conference by the way
as far as we know folks there is nothing i know i've get a speaking fee i know a number people who are on the speakers circuit i try to avoid its travelling at my thing but there's i think on its face illegal about a speaking for you at all so i ask myself when i first saw these reports to be clear another another wealthy guy foreign we you know get you a ukrainian connected to the clinton space he's at ten to twenty five million dollar donor that's not small potatoes the current sphere is now under investigation joe for what a donation that up for a hundred thousand dollars or whatever that didn't you sense to a lot of people when they reported it may perfect sense joseph when you
their stand the mahler operation is a smoke screen protect spoke of protect the crown protect the clinton's at all costs all of the attention on these guys shot them up get them for some alleged crime with the trump space therefore you shut them up about their deep ties to the clintons the loan shark is never going to talk now about his relationship with joe why because they were the gaining his relationship with me even out i was down the same thing you understand what's going on what it pinch what's up with pinching pinchbeck deeply tied to the clinton space heavy britain donor there are allegations newsweek dot com has up that pinch shook i have violated may have violated sanctions we placed on iraq that he may have sold through his company interplay products too i ran in violation of u s sanctions these
allegations are out there you can look at them yourself who would be responsible for looking at those sanctions violations hillary clinton secretary state pension spin shirks connections as well for the current they go deep i explained that a little bit on levine show on sunday night if you haven't seen it pincher say major donor to the atlantic council the lana council which engage recently and again i'm i'm i'm questioning any but liberal media the question and challenge anything i'm telling you right i dare you i and you too challenge what i'm telling you pin shook his connected atlanta council to significant financial donations as i think type i think tank type group the atlantic council recently partnered up would parizade ma ukrainian natural gas company that conveniently higher joe biden sun and joy carry step sons friend for these nice gigs over there
the atlantic council also as a member had see tee o of crowd strike dmitri our petrovitch crowd shrike the cup that analyze the dnc servers and started the whole russian hack story despite the fact that no gun the united states government that he has ever confirm that so what are we saying again victor pin shook just like vat sobered pinch of just like vex albert is now under investigation for a six figure donation for speaking feet of the trump team despite being me deep in both the atlanta council the atlanta council's connections and being knee deep with the clinton it was major donations and potential violations of the iranians sanctions his company major a guy with major ties to the commitments made
her ties to the atlantic council the atlantic council which which the crowd shrikes e t always a member but he's their investigation for what is far as we know not as ties to the clinton's but speaking feed a trump please tell me again how mother's a good guy now i want to be clear on something i am talking specifically about the mahler special council which is a separate entity charge investigating russian collusion there was in collusion with the clinton's we know this finding number four for the house permanent select committee on intelligence christopher steel hired by the clinton's through fusion gps work with the kremlin and russian intel sources to produce fake intel donald trump that is the very definition of collusion by any normal persons definition we know that clinton's colluded with the russians why
mahler investigating the coincidence he's not a good guy now joe the i e g report led by i call har which the internal affairs investigation i keep calling ex it's more and more understandable term into the deep oh geez actions around the clinton email case is a separate entity altogether from all the odd they make exchange information on things if there's some kind of but the heart which investigation and the mahler probe are two separate things i am suggesting to you in any way shape or form that hard which is looking into this joe and when i say s ok i mean vessel bergs connections with the coincidence or pinch hooks connections with the clinton's and potential in for an influence their potential influence operation on the clinton's protect spoke of all
skulk of ours the scandal spoke of ours has always been the scandal spoke about the irene deal then need to cater to the russians for support on the ariane deal for obama he wanted this i ran deal more than anything counter i once israel counter once the saudis the obama you did the ariane deal he needed the russians how did they quote research when we talk about before the westward peace they reach by selling the entire country out to russia the uranium one deal allowing them access to our uranium sources so they could leverage global power over certain nuclear fuel the russians the skulk of all project where where united states intelligence acknowledges was a russian intelligence operations steal our technology yet seventeen of the
twenty eight companies donated to the clinton foundation and sure enough here levies like hey everybody skulk about great chop ought in whose the president vessel burke the present of scope of our who clinton denies knowing despite inviting me dinner he now mysteriously joe is underlined the for ties to trump who wasn't the president secretary of state folks don't know anything about common outweigh the about his business and unwavering about is money all i'm telling who is he is on investigation to hide vessel burg and also in pincher talk as member com the key to all of us cohen at dealings with pinch turkey accepted the speaking fee payment for trump and calling alleged we again this could be fake news received some payment a company associated with pincher the color is the key to molly keeping me attention off the clinton's that's why he is violated all protocols attorney client privilege everything to go after calling with
this is this i've never seen before because he needs to take these people down or else they'll tart start talking about their relationship with the clinton's how my doing show you're doing good dando does it make sense yet makes good sense for folks this was set up from the start dollars operation is covering up the set up the set up is even more troubling you know what i got more let me just get this out cuz this is important i want to roll here from here i don't want to be interrupted support and i love our sponsors i want to treat him with the respect they do let me get this last one and we will follow up here how this our problem is covering up the set up and it'll make set filter by nah filter by and i love it they write their own it's these guys you're totally with us and i ask you to stand with them through various air filters and our house so stick with a company that shares shares our police rip it spring cleaning time
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we gotta think of a new word i punctual bog rural bob shells losing it saw its object if you know if it happens a lot faster for awhile blockbusters whom i thank you joy pray that for expanding our show vocabulary last night washing input you know i'm hesitant again to put this in the show its but it is definitely worth reading and it's worth reading because of the way they frame the story which makes me believe marion real trouble both the mueller probe and others what's the story parity devon nunez who's been doing an outstanding job by the way looking congressmen and non member the intel committee oversight of the entire committee devon newness is scheme for information from the deep j and some of that information at least that the o alleges is about a source and they give up that source it would damage foreign intelligence so the washington post is doing there
as to the story joe to frame this is look at noon yes he's over reaching he's rico thing and intel source it's gonna damage our credibility overseas now this store he got almost no play yesterday i think he got lost in the area and deal cheetah has both the north koreans be inroads shoot me the u s citizens being released from north korea this morning this show this story is super in if you read it and your regular listen to the show you will detect right away why i guess so excited so i ran into but the bathroom please do in her hair comic book it this why does this matter to you as the washington post freaking out about devon newness say in the oj we need here about this specific thing that may come from this person and why is that
the au the washing posting nano we can't do it old damage foreign until foreign entail foreign entail talking to the mahler probe what do you mean let me read you i got aside i promised this will make sense and yellow their stand again how the dollar probe is covering up the set up of the trunk team and is potentially still using the same people get from the peace several administration official said they fear trump may refer course and support nunez this argument new nesses argument is that hey we need to see this source right so now are supposed to say and i look we got people unease are probably swamp rat still embedded in the trump t say and trump may reversed where's intel stated the oj because he can't you can declare private everyone from release the source protects i'd ass officials did not respond to requests for comment for the
talents agencies nunez request just to be clear noon s request about this source that mothers still using threatened a red line of compromising sources and methods of u s intelligence gathering according to people familiar with them views where we heard this before we ve heard this at other similar reductions that went on reductive turned out to be face saving cover your ass stuff by the day ok then nothing to do with sources in math roquat yeah yeah we ve heard this story before job ok this is listen to this sentence this is the wash them desperately trying to make this request go away jos like perkin up intelligence officials fear that providing even a red version of the information nunez seeks could it suppose that person and
a relationships with other countries that serve as u s intelligence partners partners you mean like the five eyes united kingdom australia and new zealand canada you mean those guys you mean there's someone in foreign intelligence working with the united states intelligence a quote person that a still be working with the mahler probe to hit trot wait wait what come again what are you do you understand how powerful that sentences there maybe a foreign friendly intel source still working with the mother probe tat trot let me read on this is important
the role of the intelligent source in the mahler and as the gay should mainly i'll be seized upon by conservative republicans who have publicly equally accuse the gene this department and intel agencies of overrides and miss use of their surveillance powers no no no no accuse them they did overreach amiss user surveillance power they gotta face award based on false information source who's the shore whose does shores their shores both shores the source do you want stamwood nunez is on he knows it whose source who is smaller still working with from a friendly country that if they
they got exposed would damage our relationship joe yes deal well the third crossed my mind is a downer as well is that how poor now helpers not afford source but who is it who is still working motorway say help revenue is not a foreign source you as soon as is it how do i dont know whose source so you're telling me that the set up of donald trump numerous people connected to british intelligence am i six folks retired at my six folks all connected by the way somehow to abuse is far in intelligence opera research from hamlet
honor was was a shareholder in hack lip was a member a hack let you telling me these people connected to hack lit all had these suspicious contacts with the trump team in what i believe to be a set up a plot to set up donald trump you're telling me one of these sources may still will be working with the mother team now despite being entirely and completely discredited you think i'm making this up let me read this first sentence again the role of the television source in the mahler investigation the mother investing way what do you understand the the blockbuster joe thank you ve given me
thumbs up jos cameras thou my is right could see joe you can see me that's why i'm blockbuster what a block plus harry it this flashlight guys i know we hate collects to the washington post i get it back is critical you read this story the washington post is desperate to flight frame this story is pockets conservative republicans endangering sources and methods again because this source god forbid is christopher steel downer or someone else who was involved in this set up and the sting and the plot donald trump this it's going to be a crater and the shell of the earth this is gonna be a what is it there nato scales it goes up the like any five this one i e six tornado he'll be a magnitude twelve earthquake in politics
it'll shatter plate tectonics rules forever plates or fall off the earth will be looking method but a molten core if one of these p oh is still working with them dollar operation after these in turn our foreign intel operation to christopher steel the a warrant fusion gps was crap don and discredited is total bugbears still sourcing mahler investigation this can't be now folks to be fair because unlike media i in their conspiracy theories don't know who the sources i my source doesn't know either i would not put out of major i'm we hypothesize in here and i could be wrong it may not be the old downer it may not be help or may not be any them i know steals role i know helpers role i know downers role based on or the available press reporting but why
is the deal j so desperate to hide the source is it the same source who lied about and set up donald trump who may may have been working with the hilary operation to now does it make sense now you see how i set this up now you see how i set this up pinch shook pincher wealthy businessmen foreigner connected through the clinton founded very suspicious ties the clinton foundation click team denies knowing despite they know all that under investigation for trot he pincher shut your how to investigating for sure you open your mouth about the clinton's you don't know what's going to happen vex president spoke of our foundation spoke of all it has a russian mattel military intelligence operations steal our secrets and supported it they accepted
nations from the guy that's albert clinton met with the guy spoke of our eyes alcohol protects of how at all costs let's investigate factual bird for tromp viktor you better shut your mouth body you don't shut your mouth but that clinton stuff you don't know what's gonna happen manifesto mahler interviewed him early in the year vessel bark what about too crazy crazy how that happens now all of a sudden we have a source and intel source the old is desperate and the washed imposed in their cronies over their desperate the high the intel sources name lighter conservative republicans outing sources and methods amongst friendly's friendly's there's a friendly intel there's a foreign ever quote friendly until source provided information on the u s president at you don't think that's the story stories what they conservative republicans want to know who he is out to source
for us the source right now give us the source it's gone on too long can you imagine if this is the same source it's been involved in this plot beforehand to set up the trump team by sending people into the trump orbit downer the aguilar million harper can you imagine if this is the same person or set of people that was involved then the operation to set up donald trump and try to dirty up his team in case they lost the election and therefore that source is being used by the mahler pro because they have something on em in other words shut your mouth about that's thing you understand why
do you think they would hide this name the source folks if this source is one of those names i just told you i guarantee you the media do everything in their power to hide this pay we set up the clinton oh by the way we're still being used by bob mahler by the way to go after trump ah i may be set up we were involved and apply
by the coincidence fusion gps foreign friendly governments to set up donald trump but guess we're still being used by the multi sounds legit folks nothing to see or don't you worry one bit this is insane since absolutely insane i see how would you in here because i do want to cover a final angle of this that's critical this relates more to my my upcoming book i'm sorry again for other delays on the book folks but it's for a very critical reason denise and matt my two co authors on the peace in my researcher ah we have found some information we think but he s has them joe and i'm not trying to teach your be a jerk about we're still work
finalizing it but the reason i bring it up now is because one the questions you may have is why will there be such heavy united kingdom involvement by people who were formerly associated with their intelligence services in the take down of donald trump it's a fair question i thought of it this is a in my country are already going off i'm allowed in there anymore to be candid weedy i'm serious ip like afraid to go there because i don't know failing because we ve but it's so many people there you wondered that right i mean i think we ve even asked about this you like i don't get it like why the uk such a desperation to take down i thought of it of course of quite often actually we have two very kind of mine blowing pieces of information on this number one pop a who was the target of alexandria
i remember alexander downers an australian but he's got deep ties to the eu a deep ties to hack where hackle it is again this former british intel research firm where these four or intel guys go to join up our research on other people intelligence downers connected to hack with two downer and help or both reach out to papadopoulos wise papadopoulos such a weak link in this or folks one of the things haven't discuss before which get a scramble your eggs abed papa police was very vocal in his criticism of david cameron see an influential political figure in the united kingdom he was extremely critical of cameroon making papadopoulos in the united kingdom a target
matter of fact went down a reproach papadopoulos he according to some of parting of reporting available publicly chastity papadopoulos for attacking cameron again very influential figure even even now in the united kingdom pilot cameron was the prime minister papadopoulos attack them downer her friend of cameron's confronts papadopoulos on this coordinated reporting the attacks on cameron made papadopoulos who is a member of the trump team and easy in it wanted not only to take down papadopoulos but the dirty up the trump team to so what better way joe for peace associated with the united kingdom and powerful government figures to kill two birds with one stone approach papadopoulos you know
let's say incentivize him joan to stop open in his mouth about cameron but secondly approach him and say hey look we information on these clinton emails or send someone to give him clear information on click me male somebody repeats it's a look he's got information on quit emails that's than your timezone reporting about how they started you following what i'm saying you track amtrak so they amran angle is a fascinating why papadopoulos they wanted to both dirty up the dickie trump orbit so friends of clinton here alexander down or being one of them he signed a memorandum of understanding authorizing twenty five million dollar transfer from the australian government two components of the clinton foundation down or mysteriously meets in london in london with papadopoulos whose criticising u k political leadership and after
that meeting magically angle of this which will be in my book which is gonna blow your mind we're working on it now but it explains a i'm not trying to teach your be a jerk i just have to be very careful for some people the honor stuff folks amaranths bother me a little better be honest with you the steel for noting it and or even given us credit consistency there's an their angle of this which will be in my book which is gonna blow your mind we're working on it now it explains a whole about the eu eighty kingdoms involvement and former spies in the uk and their efforts they had trump i'll leave you hit it also explains the john mccain angle to this case as well which if you notice we have been very reluctant to talk about obviously given his health condition but it's important you hear about it
and once we finalize it and get this book out i think you're gonna understand why the united kingdom was need deep or former and people from the united kingdom in their efforts to knock trump off but no the cameroon angle is angle number one there were loyalist cameron who like de facto papadopoulos was speaking out needed to do your mom and what better way to take down the troposphere than to take down papadopoulos dapple important ok this is an important show please listen twice let me just some up and i'm gonna get to one final peace and roll rock n roll here mahler is investigating people who are crucial contaminated with the trump space in the clinton space the damage they ve got in clinton spaces severe skulk of our a russian military intelligence operation stealing your secrets tied deeply to the queen since that story has to go away therefore investor
eight the players and that deal for their ties to trump that's the cat when story from yesterday that sober five hundred thousand dollar payment to accompany to michael column really what about that so bergs donation to the clinton's in scottish pincher from a few easier pensions i waited ten to twenty five million to the clinton's pin ex associated with the atlantic council pinch works was was looked at four central violations of sales of equipment to i ran clinton was the secretary of state let's the game for a six figure payment the trump had makes sense pincher now we have the source the that is stone to this whole thing protect the crown the washed imposed look at his throat gets exposing sources yeah but was it the fee fake source that generated the fake information on the warn that allow a very real spying operation to go on against a republican polluted
candidate now the president i say we will keep their quiet no matter what that's a rosen steen operation again rosen static shoot me this guy has got to go has got to go i have one final thing i don't usually sound from my own pets but rather than real granting the wheel on this one i didn't appearance send me i around the edge monitoring air some quick comments i made sure clippa joe was kind enough to put together a me on had at last night described being why this i ran deal is such of the back i just want you to listen to this was never negotiation it was a manipulation the iranians played the obama administration for fools charlemagne casket simple question ok let's see sense common sense here let's just get dollars the donut the iranians prevented us from look military installations to inspect those military age of instantly
for the production of nuclear weapons sean where the hell do you think they're going to produce a nuclear war folks i'm getting a lot of emails we're gonna do it in the military installations i mean this is common sense this was never a deal this was a bomb at getting played the iranians never had any intention of sticking to this deal and i applaud presidential for throwing this crap deal out the window yeah baby throne is garbage deal out the window now listen i only reason i bring it up as you know we don't do a ton of foreign policy and show for i'm getting a lot of emil's at that troubling to me i am not an interventionist i respect my audience a lot in what you say matters i don't have liked a super thick skin i give you i or neo can't neo cons becoming the new libertarian version of races no i'm serious like when you what to do any homework you just respond at you're neo cuts nobody here suggesting including me we should go to war with i ran to borrow god forbid never i am simply suggesting to you this was a stupid deal that the iranians
this did not abide by it it was not a treaty i believe in constitutional republic the functions of the legislative branch to approve treaties this was not a treaty there no why ran deal listen to me you know i read the urgent obama deal with his pen in his phone there was no four more treaty and the iranians gave us a middle finger anyway by the way guys you can inspect military escalation so you're not like they actually produce a nuclear they're gonna produce in a local delhi on a corner so please within your kind not it's stupid it really makes you i'm sorry romania would something but i got a few texts about it yesterday and m issues between and as you know my guys are you serious i have been the one thing back from foreign aid these foreign commitments that we shouldn't have invented intervened in the iraq where been consistent about all of this i why a line with those folks
so that sets other folks sometimes in that's fine those are my principles but don't send me dopey tweets about your new york up what is it you really think you know what that means i think that's a standard responding this was a bad deal period full stop we should not to a bad deal with the iranians don't want it either data they dont want to committee have no intention of stopping their production of nuclear weapons i folks thanks a lot the time i really appreciate please check out again her chum store open up on you know that com i really appreciate your support the numbers were crazy yesterday and spread the today show its important thanks a lot you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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