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Ep. 717 Liberals Are Losing Their Minds Over This

2018-05-10 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the outrageous liberal meltdown over the NY Times piece by Bari Weiss about Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and the Intellectual Dark Web.  I also discuss the biggest scandal in DC right now: Who is the mystery “source” the DOJ is hiding?    News Picks: This piece about Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and more is driving liberals mad.   Bob Mueller’s special counsel investigation is in deep trouble.    Why is Bob Mueller so interested in a guy being represented by Obama’s former lawyer?   Bob Mueller interviewed Erik Prince. Why?   John McCain admits his role in the dossier scandal.    A terrorist dares to opine on the CIA pick.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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get ready to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i welcome the damp agin i shall produce joe our union i am done pretty good pretty it yet little on excited you our eye you better get it to the repair of the damage to the rest of my pleasure loveday ladder for the audience they expect they expect a lot of you you're celebrity now at the end our aim of anybody asking about producer joe i will catch joe house bruce ajar mike what about me what about me what am i dont be my my writing maybe thereby judah chopped liver i want mine a chapel exactly committee asked about producing an objective that nice thing we're say love you i gotta actual for you today i'm am going to start off with a i do i do
began joe a new york times up and must put its by a friend of ours resident i say the movement yeah i know it's going to be two days in a row on putting a link in to a left leaning but this is worth it because it's by a friend the movements and in some respects woman by the name of bari weiss some of you i'm going with this already and the ones who do or like yes the ones you don't like what are you talking about i promise is gonna matter involves ben shapiro joe petersen dave reuben and peace is causing hey ass on the left there we are losing their minds over a new york times peace around i'll explain to you why in a minute and i have some more revelations i think i may know who the sources oh yeah look at yeah right lesson yesterday show some will say tat s your body but he's a filter by they write their own hands and we love them it spring cleaning
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call me am i gonna know if i would have thought it at first that may have been the subtitle the sham dan haji now at the intellectual tap really right everybody wants report of a cool crew the scorpions you now the razor backs right some everybody what the grizzlies the chair the sharks whatever was in west side is that everybody cool name bari weiss in a genius peace at the new york times edgy i seize up from a from what i know of a relatively minor republican but rights pretty air pieces at the new york times and of course liberals are losing their minds over this peace why what's the s so the ps why the liberals melting now she talks about this website called the intellectual dark web and i don't know about an hour behind us we haven't hermit but i do know a lot about the people featured on a joke and any actual dark we're happy every part of that castro zero membership intellectual dark website they feature
people like you and i joe and many relishes i've heard of some of you may not have heard of them on one spend shapiro current the number one conservative podcast or in the world are depending on the where usually number two numbers or number three which i'm proud of by the way thanks to you him nothing wrong with you you know loosen to ban shapiro and sometimes crowd or beats answers and other pretty solid guys the crowd or i do is show really good does show as well but were used two or three trailing bans gotta really popular show over the daily wire ben is is a pretty outspoken conservative us sometimes ease you know is he doesn't always agree tromp i think he's been pretty vociferous in its criticism at times and you know that has been noses stop and i dont ever you know i know you don't say not out of the guests i think he's a principle guy these issues and he has a really good shot off
oh featured in the peace that is jordan petersen who as seemingly joe taken over the world a few serious if you haven't heard of jordan petersen you probably some kind of a cave somewhere i don't know because this guy he has pork our twelve rules for life is due in travelling road show he does worry he does i give it he recovered his books sold out everywhere he is a canadian psychologist who were work is ongoing call it a hit it's neutron i'm here i mean to things like number one best seller everywhere i mean its grey have the book i'm a bad the way through it have written a couple of books to including the seem to labs and then also featured in the peace are brett binds dean and dave reuben christina hot summers and others that just that
east joe why the liberals are losing their minds is that these are there you go a little bit a i could see these thinkers shapiro ruby dave ruined by the way who is a liberal reuben joe is not a conservative he was formerly the young turks he's an awesome guy though very open minded guy friends which shapiro we follow each other on twitter he's a liberal going to show you that i don't i don't mind democrats i just might idiots dave reuben is not one day rubens a good guy here agrees with us but is more than happy to give a platform and a respectful doubly of a platform on his shoulder reuben report too conservative z does it all the time he had i'm a soul on it was a remarkable episode again a point of the pieces at these thinkers how found a way joe to do an end around around the gatekeepers at the time in other words the gate keepers of the time have told us that you know concern
i've thought is unacceptable they want to keep us off the airways and want to keep the idea suppressed did the gist of the poor by bari wisest through podcasting all they mentioned joe rogan as well as the very most popular pod guess i think in the in the country right now remit sit learns push per show which so when i know the numbers well that's he darn valuable beer you're doing millions downloads a month you're a rock star pursue you're like a mega rocks name but they found a way to podcasting through youtube channel stu patriarch accounts which i dont have but i'm telling him thinking about doing myself so that we can get around the whole u no pressure the media matters goods and other folks these page their own accounts joe a ways where people can donate to basically a to your company whenever it is jordan petersen on you don't have to worry about any the prey from these outside groups are apparently ruben
and jordan petersen are doing quite well off these patriotic council as well alone which enabled them you see rum what this shows that they are not subject to pressure campaigns because their funding by their listeners and their supporters which i read it was i get what they sought a bad idea mean i like my sponsors their greatness certainly guys like to buy don't give a damn about fresh your campaigns at a hotel you're buying care at all filter buys a patriotic american company that gives exactly zero about press your care pays for booths on the left but is an interesting idea now that that podcast arena it it's circumvents the mainstream media and the reason the left this freak out shall is because combined audience of these people petersen whose a rock star shapiro rockstar room but all these people have this huge audience
left is losing its edge on cool joe you know it's yet listen i got thank you don't you see what i'm go age always didn't jobs iraq or guide joe was she always lived in grown up why in radio grown up in the music sphere now you and i both acknowledge on the show the people you grew up with were probably like may like the vietnam area hippies it is call to be alive but my analyst yeah yeah how while the pickets servant is beyond me you must have a strong you know spine and moral compass our holidays main of titanium to be a good service that they are they are right ending the vat due to love the regular somebody even by but the left it was always call to be laughed at his yet even on a college campuses peace love and happiness man's pass the boss let's do it don't don't huh discard commando nor does it was always it was never call to be the alex keaton kid and family ties
for those of you younger listeners alex keaton was reagan republic and a popular sid calm in the eighties call family ties and he was up portrayed trade is the stiff in a family now what bothering the left and why there and the only reason i'm bringing this piece of folks is i'm cool you the left is melting down therein full fledged frontal war on the peace to try to discredit bari wise the author to try to discredit the peace to try the pressure the new york times they get this woman at an errand stop writing for them reason is the law previously had a monopoly on conformity and nonconformity folks has always been cool can i hate to use these ethereal other world we terms and that you know i like to speak in fact data but there's no other way describe the genesee quiet i dont know what who are you just know it when you see right back
happy days era the funds was quiet but he's not now if the funds but the leather jacket the greasy areas it hey you'd look in a big wait why put back in the a guy's ladys your younger folks out there i'm john forty three shows little did me the funds was the epitome of goal i mean a my maybe maybe more your ear than mine happy days only wash them re run you probably got the language law yet we launched the first and i only watch it on river my a cool was tyler durden from fight club fight club good career here is call the body you ellison smoking is bad i guess i'm just saying that was the whole you know imaging we're smoke and you should neither public service and just say the title durden character that was cool you don't you how do you describe it i don't know what was cool about them my body talk cool no one really knows but which freak in the left out
access is important and this is one of the most important openings have ever done is there i've always had a monopoly on core it was now cooler edgy tab friends with ben shapiro or friends with jordan petersen now petersen shapiro speak to joe millions of people millions of diana you to private websites patria own accounts pod cas now i am i'm not china like insert myself but we speak too well over into the millions of people per month that's the bee happiness you know one day show you that stop at our show is due is doing the same thing we're not you know part of any what do you know fart in the article all little bitter about that was once and want to be part of the election with dark whereby the point is joe non conform
many was always monopolized by the left it's one of the ways they keep that this is important it's one of the as they keep people from king for themselves some autonomy they play a drinking game their dad every time i say this is important to take a swing in their drunk every they don't play that drink again ever it's bad you'll be in toxic it adele guess what tell you a little you speaking about cool and conservativism i was at the bank do in a tree action i was talking to one of the guys and we got his came about that i was conservative now as well one of my ear rings dang leering till you now and i had are all blown up in any somehow either one of the tellers got into it and here do the teller yeah he's conservative and she looked at me she goes what we
with the hair style yeah stunt yet give out his elvis look that's our possible ignoble eu looks like elvis's could serve exactly that right now they don't and but you understand your that's how they keep these college kids from thinking for themselves it doesn't really work on older folks is macho me to a degree but what i'm trying to tell you painting the left his hey where anti establishment where the nun conformist where'd you know the gang on the outside of the we're fighting the man joe you understand that's always kept this edge to liberalism that people have a line with keep some from thinking about what liberalism actually is it's almost like when you're younger everybody wanted there were allotted gangs and my neighbour anatomy gangs like world there were latin kings and stuff like that but we are we work but there were like smaller gangs like for me i remember this one a sea was art and cry that was the art agree like art was the immense didn't mean art
mad much graffiti art so that was but everybody to be part of that was our gang rightish everybody but i gotta tell ya as too what are you found out what the gang was worse of people and weren't good guys you know me and a lot of got my bag of donuts you know liberalism is at such an edge and monopoly on cool for so long if they lose that edge ok maybe its call to be part of the intellectual dark web look who's actually a bench appear on what has been shapiro saying that when the ideas start getting out there the cool monopolies broken and eighteen twenty five and thirty year olds start saying i you know what this jordan petersen is a pretty cool cat how many here what he has to say and they get broken a victim culture joe do you understand liberals would be done for a generation liberals have fun dirty into their popular vote counts very specific blocks of voters minority voters women
algae bt voters they have already factored them in have also factored in who joe young voters if they now liberals have also factor in that they are going to lose a lot of younger voters as they get jobs i'm not kidding i'm not making some when when younger voters start paying taxes and start figuring out how the gang affects them joe the liberal cool gang they like hey this gang was really cool what's yours accurate and check fifty percent oughta gang i call our back anger call all of us you know like that's wise people get older joe and i they become more conservative because the problem is great until a punches you in the mouth and in your language liberalism is really sucks medevac i outlets liberalism sucks thanks that's all i just that's my mind s eye but i think we may make a t shirt at the chums too so that they become an up to assume what cha get out of here is liberalism has you
that cool edge that non conformist edge to get the votes of tina twenty four year olds knowing they're gonna lose most of them as they get older now what if start to lose them as they turn voting age eighteen because the eighteen year old like a man disappear oh petersen is dave reuben even always illiberal you know he's an open minded freethinker and i can now start to look at ideas rather than gang labels and i say i don't mean like violent gain on time talk about ideological gangs and all of a sudden these conservative cats are pretty cool themselves thing you know eighteen a five year olds joe even fifty percent start voting conservative it's over what are the democrats big identity politics voting blocks young voters is gone its white that you'll never get them back the left is freaking out over this piece you you spirit anything i'm tellin you if you're social media on twitter put in
are you guys just put it in the search bar if you're any and give the internet if you have any internet the possibilities at all just google are you wise reed thee hysterical reaction from left is goons about this peace corps periods stalled stolen intellectual dork we're abou killer of new york times there in a panic because it conservatism becomes edgy and await a route which by the way joe it is it's easy be a liberal burma swoboda predisposed to pull up the government of zimbabwe have you about anything you just said never too many use to question government ownership your money your kids your health care your business the middle east the question that you start to realize is often edgy having nonconformists about being a sucker for the government of budget too
wasn t see wherein boat ties laughin erastus officer spend your money you think that's cool you think that's edgy allowing a bunch of goons you ve never met in your life in dc it'll give a rat's ass about you you think that's edgy and call to somehow give them your money your kids in your care what the hell is wrong with you crazy you think that's nonconformist you're the big soccer out there if you believe that you have been suckered bigtime daddy daddio and now all the sudden people are starting to open their eyes whether it's shapiro peterson or this show or joe rogan right on that broken doesn't even do politics he just has politicians issues me political types to talk about other things you think it's cool to be a sucker to the man you are the man you're the man you the one advocating for people taken away your liberty you when you support these people
edit horrifies the left that even liberals like dave reuben are willing to have conservatives on because the only thing the left has not summon up i only want to spend a few minutes on this but this is it an important piece of being the show notes today encourage you to really even oats at the new york times show what's up idle of ideas takes over the battle labels the left is finished for a generation i know it i ran for office member knocking on doors in it largely minority county in maryland prince georgia's county which joe knows well knock on the doors of black voters who voted democrat i'm assuming most of their life based on what their voter registration said and i will talk to me actual ideas adding feel by taxes how do you feel about abortion i walked away astonished giving you an unscientific sample seventy seventy five percent die hard conservative might put you vote
yeah yeah i was republicans you know they're no good why what nothing to do with the ideas the left is terrified that the idle of ideas is going to take over the battle of labels because the lake i've been monopolized left democrats liberals were course republicans stodgy or white guys yet but they're not but they're not start the old white guys they are horrified that they are going to lose out read the peace it is amazing and remember the nonconformists right now our conservative it takes a zero bravery at all on a college camp is to be a liberal zero zip it takes it titanium set on you to go on to it college campuses and say but i'm a conservative i stand for liberty razors rice ago called form save sprays crying ruled and micro aggression it takes no effort at all to do that
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off that's nice your first shipment that's try went w why and see dotcom slash stand for twenty dollars off try wink that calm slash their okey dokey more so yesterday show did bonkers numbers and before i get to firefox better follow up on that i wanted to just briefly cover the gina hassle who is the trouble we need to be see i do i do that i wanted to cover someone i want to cover from a different angle you know i like to do things differently than other shows because i don't want to waste your time in line you have the cable new channels on all day in that's great i'm so i want to give you some different i wanted to pick one particular thing out disappear the question in the questioning yesterday of gina haswell who is again trumps nominee to be cia director because the former cia director mike palm peo is now the secretary of state hassle career employee at the cia is question she's qualified i have personally some objections to enhance and terrorism
sure that's for a whole other show the only point of one to make today is about the childish questioning of some of the democrats senators come on areas specifically kemal hours democrat senator from california who is running for president and apparently i now right running for president and is running for president during every tv appearance when she can question someone says i'm really ridiculous things often people are afraid to call her out because they know kemal harris gonna resort immediately to identity politics attacks on the other side i don't care kemal harris said something yes it was observed here's what she said she asked a question if torture is moral and joe the the way she asked it is the problem not the question so way she asked did i have a sincere problem with she goes
torture moral yes or no yes or no yes or no answer the question yes or no now what's my eye no issue at all metric i said this on lord ingram show last night i tweeted the appearance this morning you can look at yourself actually glad kemal harris asked the question as many others did about america's history with an instant interrogation techniques and joe may as potential future under haswell these are important issues whether the i did states uses in pain or sleep deprivation whatever days to get information for potential terrorists is a topic people are on stand doubly interested in and should be a questions values what we believe in what we believe in a time of crisis that's a fair question answering the question in a yes or no fashion are you kidding me let me job let me
what it means i'm you may be confusing joe is wrong yes or no yet get a truck driver it's wrong now let me ask you this you go to in combat with situation with a nation state threatening to you the united states is killing wrong yes or no no just said yes it's wrong man obviously what changed does it asian oh i didn't plan that with a very good idea hoping you could say that yes the situation changed the words it's not a binary question yes or no all field of ethics spokes business ethics life ethics parenting ethics these you joe is is hitting wrong hitting someone hitting someone yes ok is is
is spanking your child wrong after they hit their sister repeatedly won't stop you don't know right maybe maybe not who know what changed the situation yeah right now folks the world is a complicated place we then have to say that my gosh you this is a bright audience i can tell by the emails i get you all are super smart do we even to say that the world is an inherently complicated place the whole field of ethics is based on the fact that more already joe most of the time is not binary black or white yes or no it's gray we don't know why we do not know because you answer the question precisely a perfectly said it was well now it's that wrong in that situation but you just said killings wrong some impose a gun in your daughter god forbid i'm gonna shoot our shoes give me money is killing wrong i don't know what
you said it was well wrong about situation but you said killings wrong come on we're harris knows that while a house is a politician running for president and tried to bait asshole i some issues with some of her other answers but again i don't want to get into the standard go that you do what you not you i want to get it this part of it because this goes to show you what the democrats do she asked the question there's no answer to trying to bait hassle into a response she can't possibly give is in it's the interrogation wrong i dont know it depends do you still beat your wife did that's the kind of guy that's it that's the guy it's the people wife question because they want a bait you into an answer shy that's gonna be that have what shows talking about it you see the storing political campaigns all the time where people say things debate you meant to answer any answers that headline not to question the
sure from a passport was going it's a good point the answer from ass most gonna be the headline tortures not at all cheers not immoral why people out of work here i thought you said tortures that's would she said the waiter press does is with the beach your wife question is this when did you stop your i dont breed my wife headline part fishing joey brag about it i don't beat i've been and what people say joe he was pretty this one guy it's the question is this scam the quest from kemal ours was the scam instead of saying which is a fair question joe can you tell me a situation miss hassle where enhanced interrogation sleep deprivation food deprivation standing for long periods of time can you tell me situation where behavior that's gonna cause aid to some one would be appropriate you would have
given the opportunity for a new wants to answer in a complicated world where we can address the real world ethics where deadly people want to kill us every day strong and hard men and women defend us against that she given a new wants clear answer on what she thought about that topic instead come hours played politician and bade her made the question the scam you write a when did you stop eating your wife question passport torture is not anymore why we understand again via wake up every morning so bitter at them the summer tenure republicans on the hill don't do this kind of stuff too i get it but why stand politicians and have no intention of ever running for office again folks helping out i could win i know i must that i know it i can raise a ton of money i have we came the winning and of deep blue state in i know i will
run again ever you know why you wanted i can't remember from for me i want to be around those people i doubt david ninety nine percent of let me down and shown themselves to be nothing but snakes i can't stand them i had the opposite experience in the secret service where ninety nine percent of the men and women i worked with i was i damn that's a good deed or a good woman it's the opposite in politics but my faith in these people i've endorse some people and they turn around and joe double barrel middle for how about for that i've seen near what are you talking about i owe you don't get into the magazine you have the time it's not worth it but he knows what and yet it is not just one by the way you see cabin cabinets died you my i was gonna folks closer you don't know sorry that eta meaning get off topic i wanna get off this anyway but
just to show you did in a kiss your kids kevin candidacies democrat pretty liberal democrat but are you know again ida unlike the laughed i you know unfortunate does us all time ever celebrate someone's death god forbid kevin com it was a pretty prominent marilyn politician baltimore county executive was i believe had some gubernatorial ambitious is it wake up this morning and i still follow maryland politics because i live there and they see kevin cabinets died of a heart attack at sixty years old i so you know god rest the man saw that's i've is really kind of touch by then show works works of course in balkan baltimore market is actually in baltimore county his job and gosh i was i was horrified i'm like how to read it twice on like this is can't possibly be right and i died so i'm net sad i saw that this morning so rest in peace there brother you no common cabinets about using again pretty prominent merrill
but it yeah just wanna get off that but i wanted to bring that up it folks the world is a grey area of ethics life is lived on the margins what do i mean by the margins and the only example i can give you and i'm comparing heat no winter to torture so don't be an idiot for the media matters goons listening to the show i know you do welcome good to see it trying to explain what the margin is sometimes people don't get this when work giving up our homes in the winter to question isn't binary it's not heat no he just like gamala harris is torture or moral yes or no that's not the questions it's ridiculous the quick japan is the scam it's not a real question you don't ask in the winter heat or no he you say how much in other words how much pain inflicted on someone else is acceptable within the united states is moral code to stop it she'll terrorist attack that's the question
the answer is joe said before it depends on the situation you know a guy had did the activation code for us jus case nuke ready to go often manhattan and kill hunt thousands of people potentially suitcase when do but you get the point even thousands of people how much pain are you going to bring to that person's life to get those coats folks these are not easy questions that was one the beast people had it with with catholics running for office in the early days because felt that their moral code would impact them when the macro that micro moral code another other words the code within your family circle of friends is thou shalt
kill yes you're right they shouldn't thou shall not in inflict pain on others well how do you do that as a present when you have to send kids to war to kill could potentially have to interrogate someone using enhancement everyday irrigation techniques excuse me because there's uk bomb ready to go off folks the real world this isn't kitty time ok this isn't kindergarten this isn't mr rogers weight to hell up not talking to you can we as politicians our men and women have to make our decisions every day in a complicated world where god gave the ability of free will to decide in that grey area how much eaten a winter is seven he is a seventy one seventy two how much pain when does it go over the line to all we should maybe we shouldn't inflict pain anyone really because we put me imprison the cycle
logical trauma and pain of being imprisoned pretty deficit put people in solitary confinement by the way these are the same liberals by the way you want abortion on demand they have no problem with pain in the womb by the way that real pain by the way legitimate pain that tape doesn't bother it just the whole questioning yesterday was absurd and i just want to leave it on this sorry again of spending a lot of time on topics i thought would be insight i voted today show i had some other stuff but i just want to show you that their hypocrites and that there is grey area of ethics are thinking people like you and i should be talking about i mean the death penalty my gosh i never got more feedback in my life when i told people had in sport the death penalty never were show one crazy i got probably five hundred emails on that that's fine we're thinking people we can speak to me we're not liberals there's no
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by the way to be this responsible so little time beat fabric that calm slash stand coverage may not be available in all states but check it out supercool there are i welcome to fabric happy to have your board are so yesterday we talked about the avenue eighty store and what we say joe give it time without ever for those you have missed it i i put a little caviar in yesterday's show buyer beware the store worry about the ports our stormy daniels lawyer i have a naughty who is i've been just relentlessly hitting the trump team in cowan he put out a document about michael cohen trumps lawyers bank records and i said yesterday how they have you get michael college bank records without being part in part it'll some crime folks beggar goods it's illegal to disclose someone's personal bank records i dont know how we got them but i
do you yes and it showed some deposits you your member yes i shall from a russian oligarchy ironically connected more the clinton's than to the trumps but again if you but even my theory that the mueller investigation as a smokescreen to investing people with ties to the clinton in the trump sphere but only hit them on the trump stuff to keep them from talking about the clinton stuff yesterday story makes all the sense in the world and i've got another angle on that today so they hit victor vex solberg and current the big mystery now is whose cooperating would have a naughty to disclose personal bank records of cohen and now the thankfully treasury inspector general is opening astrogation into this good shower i find out how this guy got the records because he could not have been obtained legally it's not possible unless we're tone dover which would put why why would come and give an illegal enemy of his bank records it makes no sense at all
due to wait on the story though because have a naughty people reported stories we had the pen register wiretaps story i said you gotta give the media twenty four hours because a lot of it'll turn out to be fake news and things i was right our portions of the bank records of michael com deposits from foreign companies so still the media they get suckered every single time i tweeted out last night i can't believe you guys keep getting suckered portions of the bag records a alleging cohen receive payments from foreign companies the wrong michael cohen now joe you i have rather unique names right on ethnic arma causes that popular for nato is not i know by gino isn't there's not that many of them because my grandparents changed it the name was bombed giorno which is applied in the name of my grandparents changed to bonn gino to conduct slimmed down a little bit there are many bungee knows it's very high
the screw me up i don't even if there's another damned mancino on the planet it's really forgot to screw that up my call kirwin is very very popular nay ok is extremely popular day you would think a little due diligence you would check on the payments now the michael colon one of the payments was registered to send an apparently some kind of a message to have an d say and do not michael com trumps lawyer this is me you got the wrong guy so as i said on yesterday's show give it twenty four hours there were always be some kind of correction with these avenant stories and there was yesterday now point number two before i go on in this connection i have another great piece in the daily called three show notes are just that must reach check him out my father said the sum
austerity my daddy's but there and this is a most you gotta go to this venture must you gotta reduce pockets at last the great peace in a daily collar richer pollack wrote it i strongly suggest you read it it came out yesterday about how the mahler case which i'm telling you as a smokescreen it's a bait and switch their investigating people loosely connected to the trump team who heavily connected to the clinton team to shut them up from talking about the clinton team and their corrupt out a pinch of vessel burg and i'm gonna get another one in a minute but mahler team joe is as is in a world of trouble remember the case the indictments the thirteen indictments against the russian troll farms that came out about a month ago were mahler indicted that you know they bought facebook adds at all just appear radically some of the facebook adds as i would you when i had that debate on how to deal with the lord one of the facebook s
which were a pro hilary group save american muslims vote hilary now that got left out of the media coverage but they ve mahler indicted big headlines smaller indict russian troll farm for helping trap me more some of whom are helping hilary what happened joe major league setback for mahler again celebrating russian troll farms i'm just telling you the case was a dog from the start mahler indicted this company this russian troll farm because wanted to indict a russian company because that's what his whole meaning fright now raise hold you know existences about that what happened folks our didn't expect the owner so the company to show up in court because they were in russia in other words his way i do follow me your folks looking a splash a big headlines
i've been russian troll forms help drop cluj collusion medio go nuts and here's the passport we'd never have to taste take the case to trial because it's a crap case because they are in russia there never gonna come over here the lawyer showed up a cord mothers team like ro shaggy and what the lawyer saying now we trial not only that we a sap pursuant to the speedy try like what it molly do you say joe we need that delay this we need we're not sure you ve been properly notified talking with them we ve been notified we're good and the judge the federal said to the fore the lawyer for the russian troll form yes you ever speedy job now the mother teams in a panic because what because
crap case it was a headline case it wasn't a real case job yeah what do you think is going to happen when this case looks like it's gonna go to trial now they're not going to take a play obvious and i'm not celebrating these radical mistake this the wrong way if these dogs did what they did and they are guilty then i hope mahler gets him in court i'm sorry we tell a new mothers tactics in court say to me that he's squat because watch out now the case going to go to trial and the defence gets gets what they at the evidence now bottlers like way way way way way way we gotta moreover the evidence that the defense crap you damn right they can't do that because it's the evidences jug
folks there's a strong likelihood this case is gonna get blown out of court the mahler team is taken a beating this what happens when you try to fabricate a crime out of nowhere that didn't happen judge ts alice last week so the mahler team how zack readers man affords business dealings with you create the russian collusion imala team i don't know no that's good enough let me see the scope document day in a world of trouble the mother team a world of trouble now again i want to repeat this if it turns out that these troll farms really enjoy illegal activity and by the way buying face ok it's not illegal even if your foreign companies a private company prosecutor an eye if that's case i applaud mahler go get em but if you please
that matter this case was a dog from the start and you knew it to make someone look bad well are you gonna be in deep when this thing hits court ended defence as show us the evidence like cuba you're a junior show me the money show me body jerry show me that mother member that show me the money you better be money if there isn't bob mueller is going to have absolutely decimated the credibility of this investigation yet if there's any left all right i found a little wrinkled i had two parts this but i'm not going to get the both of them today because this is really critical so yesterday we had mention that these six hundred and fifty two million dollar question just pull that number out of my head in washington dc right now is who
is the source the washed imposes reporting on that is still working with the mother case that apparently is a critical and so devastating to the case against trump that the deal k refuses to return over the name now the wall street journal has a piece about this this morning listen to yesterday show for a little background on the washer oh stanhope story about it the day before which is in yesterday's shone out even the essential who's the source somebody tell me any measures think you're being overly dramatic now i'm not that you may have just me every day who's the source now the old line and peace as the source is an american citizen there's a residing address that yesterday in the reasons focuses the way there operations work the whole time is the views used in some cases american citizens is conduits from someone else that's why bring it up and because the source maybe just a vehicle for you get what i'm saying if i want to pay information to joe and i do it through paula
i'm the source is now paula i didn't what's it mean emo that's an american citizen i get it i know i'm just not sure that that's the controversy if you get what i'm saying the source is the big question right now who is who is talking to the mother team and why is this name so controversial s kind of damage far relationship that what i found interesting is headline daily beast today be in the chair read it to good peace now we find out mahler their who eric prince fuck do this not that complicated but joe if i business buddy police thought me i'm eric prince do you remember the show a few weeks ago eric prince is the former ceo black water is not any more it's his sister betsy devices in the trunk cabinet she's the education secretary princess a very well connected guy eric prince one
bright bart news on a radio interview before the action and said some just explosive stuff by any measure i mean legitimately explosive what he said was that an investigation into new york in the new york field officer the f b i with the mit into anthony wiener the disgrace congressmen uncovered hillary clinton emails and other disturbing stuff in his computer because remember we in his spouse whom aberdeen is hillary clinton right hand woman so whom was sending emails to her home computer which was controlled by anthony wiener the answer p d in that texting case because winner this congressmen was was was sexting a under age woman they found clinton emails on the computer what prince said in the bright part of you as explosive he said that the
information was so disturbing that basically the d o j got on a call with fbi in new york this is him this is i have the whole thing but we some are that's what i'm looking for joseph can do because i didn't prepared for this it's alright what you know maybe we'll do it tomorrow but it's important yet we do have it yet the gist of he said was it was so devastating the material that loretta lynch from the d o j insinuated some kind of a threat to make the case go away and listen we're gonna we're gonna heavy we're going to use a heavy hand on the eric aren't or case we all you need to know is this deal j wanted to make the emails go away in your present gets overly complicated weakens the details we track and loretta just the oj called up to now the fbi and the mit or didn't and dont and set at some point or insinuated support according to prince you better make them go away with they found a meanness computer cause gonna look bad for hilary right before the election not too complicated we'll play
tomorrow the rest because it's important but it's not really relevant to what i'm talking about now now now we find out again what's been my operating theory folks mahler is a smoke screen it's a bait and switch he's investigating people tied to the clinton's and spot investigating them only first ties to trump to get these people to shut up about their ties to the clinton's vex sober pincher people rich thing is critical why is the eric it's the uncritical obviously he had some devastating information he claims to have had not bright part interview about corruption within the deal j and pressure campaign put on the fbi in new york to make them ray emails go away that's devastating information convened we now mothers have you prince in today's news zennor old story the daily beast article being shown us but smaller do interviewing prince said
a private citizen saga when boy he's interviewing it's over a meeting he had with a guy named career dmitri of now let me read you about who dmitri who represents dmitri now this is important follow me here this is critical mine blowing scrambled eggs information prince who devastating information about hilary and the red allege says it on bright partners he's now being viewed by mahler i'm telling you this is a shut your mouth tactic i know it can quiet he's been in investigating by mahler apparently for a meeting with a guy named compelled him a career dmitri have who runs the russian direct investment fund it is an investment fund would government ties in russia that's currently under sanction by the united states government career dmitri was also the firm the russian
wrecked investment firm this is accordingly salon dot com a left leaning website for all eu media matters goons that call all this stuff conspiracy theories call out salami job career dmitri if report michael is called notes that two of the clinton clinton lobbyists butlers richard sullivan davy jones our principles and affirm that until last year represented the russia direct investment fund a sovereign wealth funds cofounded by vladimir putin when he was prime minister so prince is me with a guy representing a poor economic tool the russian direct investment fund also represented by two clinton butlers again you think this was a set up you think no in the clinton square knew about this meeting with prince that now baldos investigating now from collusion even more interesting who else was at that meeting
george nadir george nato the source george nato's a u s citizen george nato was at that meeting between prince who had negative information on the revolutionary the russian direct investment fun measure their dmitri of who was bela peace i think this was a visit this is that the inner separating other guy to meetings nadir nato the source was representing nato right now because nadir according to multiple press reports by the way folks you think i'm making up is has been cooperators wives ain t the source here's some information every this is from a pellet peace i think this was a visit this is that the inner separating what prince did note lebanese american businessmen george nadir also attended the meeting according to the post a meeting with the russian dmitri at night the paper reported that
major is now cooperating with the special council probe and is met within ass the gaiters numerous times bending their then nato the source their hiding representing nator obama's lawyer i knew it catherine run you believe that bobby vomit wooden literally obama's whitehouse lawyer catherine rumbler is representing george nato right now who is we know accordingly the reporting that's already out there has been working with investigators on this case folks obama's lawyers europe this is this is so obvious we have set up this is oh transparently is set up that you have to you have to do oedipus thing and step your eyeballs out there not see it there
no other when the vessel burke pinch shook prince all people targeted all people targeted from the start way connected to the colonies they need to either shut up or free in a russian collusion in a russian collusion fairytale now papa lawyer is representing a source what also interesting about obama's lawyer catherine rumbler whose representing made or follow me here this is critical who is she best buds with andrew weissmann bob mothers number one bull dog in the special council investigation how do they know each other they work together on the enron taskforce when they prosecuted enron and andrew anti weiss members on that task force so let me get this straight andrew weissmann who worked kathy rumbler knows her cathy rumbler
so bombers lawyer in the white house is presenting a source cooperating with the mother team to invest data guy for a meeting he had with a russian connected the clinton butlers a investigating him because potentially because he had information negatively reflecting on the red election the clinton's before the election sounds in early legit folks nothing to see here this outbreaks steady oh you now what's the i for the russian by the way this is the new piece of news i have for you i'm sorry i'm run at a time may make dig into this a little more remarks have another angle too but this is important what's the angle for the russian career to meet every company well i can't speak for the russian specifically one of the words why would dmitri of meat with a guy who had an egg the information about loretta mention hillary clinton eric prince and why
with nato be there is kind of like the fixing of the thing while he's being represented by a bomb is why because it was set up for prints that's why but what's the motive for the russian job the russian direct investment fund that dmitri have represented in their parents company is a bank or russian bag ve been viii was the unofficial cover for a russian spy who was prosecuted and twenty sixteen remember the names that russian spy she have jenny periodic off member we off case who was the guy remained in format for the f b i who helped prosecute yet any bewray arc of all carter page carter page this subject
did the pfizer warrant investigation by the fbi carter page back venture trump campaign don t member who wished are guided by the fbi is a russian spy despite the fact that he was the informant who locked up the guy providing information to the fbi to lock up a spy whose cover the spain the cover meaning there back story you know you put people in the united states to say that despite his cover was provided by the bank that's the parent company for the investment fund represented by the russian who met with eric prince at this meeting where album lawyers client was present do you believe this crap you believe that you believe what i'm telling you see mason we'll get the motive maybe the motive for the russians and their company there ve
that had gotten stung by carter pay carter page provided information remember carter pages a trump team campaign member for one may be the motive because page provided information that led to the arrest and prosecution of periodically who was provided cover by the russian bank may be the motive was the do you know they they love mutually assured intelligence destruction the russians was to get back at carter page and the trump team for that folks the connections year are downright frightening they are their terrifying i got more on this tomorrow maybe i walked ruler but slower but it makes sense i just wanna one last time i leave you this the mother thinks a smokescreen it's a bait switch investigate people tied to the clinton's and the trumps and the trump team but when we hit them for the trump thing that way they shut up about all the negative stuff they did with the clinton's it's entirely a smokescreen this investigation will not stop they had pinch shook whose connected the clinton vessel bergs connected to the clinton but they all
hit them for stuff there do more troops so far prince prince nator they have to set up the trump team they use prince they have a meet with a russian whose connected the clinton butlers that she works for a bank that provided cover for a spy that a trump team burke carter page got locked up fighting information the fbi in turn around and targets carter page as a potential spy himself and uses him and uses nator now a source we know from reporting to the mother team to go and hit the trump team and report on a meeting they had with russians all making sense now i folks another cool angle on us tomorrow some other great stories of course go shop at the jump store we appreciate it we saw the tunnel items check out our joey bag a donut stuff it's pretty cool we ve been selling off the shells are really appreciated thanks retool anna about we subscribe to the showed up and you know that i can see
you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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