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Ep. 719 The Swamp Is Panicking

2018-05-14 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the panic breaking out in the Swamp as the truth about the operation to take down Trump comes out.    I also debunk liberal myths about health care and economics using some troubling current news stories.   News Picks: This piece nails it. It breaks down the inconsistent statements from players involved in the scheme to take down Donald Trump.    This older piece covers the attempts of players in the scheme to cover up their tracks.    Why did this UN nuclear inspector suddenly resign after Trump’s Iran deal decision?   Single-payer health care continues to be a disaster.    This isn’t a debate; the Left sees it as a fight.      .Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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get ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i want the damn bond gino show on this file actually you know it's not fine monday it is a complete disaster south florida where it hardly ever rains for more than a half an hour an hour it has been raining animals are lining up two by two i see an arc floating down the street has been raining forever and on the weakest because i never get out of the house little damn bonn gino trivia for those you who care to now it may be too information for others but whatever you know i love you also have feel like we have a personal relationship i'd like to go at the weekend and hang out like an hour outside and get some son it's good it's good for you medea it i never get out of my house ever because i'm always working and
we got nothing no sun nothing arcs come by animals line and up there's a mean it is just as water everywhere snow is we can already you know he's up their railway to go yet a little pressing i gotta tell you joe it's dark outside everything usually joe behind you see the the light gratitude when thou art i aren't i got a real it stacked show for you today i have it piece of audio and now joe it's just wouldn't you say being a knee radio business almost belongs i've been alive a customary to play a clip say over what forty five seconds to a minute i mean you try to avoid it because you know lose your audience riah you're gonna stick tune usually more than a minute unless it's a particularly interesting well when i sent you want this week this clip that we're about to play in a few minutes wouldn't you this is worth de one minute and forty seconds two minutes or so it is you want i started listenin to it to see what you wanted at most
get stop and get to work on the cut but i had to finish advantage this year is incredible now it is a club clip of henry davis just to be clear if you have young ones listening now jody it's best to creatively bleep out there's a lot of export is and i am certainly not condoning that although i've been known to drop quite a few problems myself the bite job leave them out so but if you have young ones listening it still i get it i just warning you the cliff here's some it's a little room but it's worth hearing i'm going to explain that to you in a minute why because it's really important some of you may have already heard it's a guy named henry davis and as i say it is a red pill neutron bomb going off everywhere arbitration body nobody's wax rx how to use
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fr i am a gentleman who happens to be black it's only relevant because of the ongoing debate about the black community democrat party started by can do so and from turning point usa and conway west now for those you miss the story for some quick background and this owens who i know you know what a full disclosure i got a full disclosure i'd know canvas eddies great she with an ethical turning point usa that focuses on charlie kirk's group on college campuses advancing free market ideology on college campuses and this always because she's black has become a target of course of identity politics democrats joe who can't stand anybody who is black and not espousing me liberal the greatest everybody else shut your mouth line ok yeah can this risk the tweet from famous rap artist cognate west who said i like
awakened the someone's thinks this happened about three weeks ago joe all hell broke loose shared when i was in one time the secret service i was doing a the true story i was doing a job for the g7 down a georgia was yet in which seven on sea islander some i was doing some border k training for a local police the farmer it is their culture and we're trading like the georgia stay troopers and others on how to handle transportation motorcade type assaults and i'll never forget we we would do these mock attacks reduce like roman candles and everything like death dissimulate mortar fire things after every so after every attack if they did something wrong we do a debrief and it was this one guy he was asleep i could use a state trooper a local cup he would say hey man what do you think happens in every single sinner he'd say we would five and down
and it all hell broke loose every single scenario he would say the same thing we tweak and we thought it was the funniest thing but all hell broke loose after kanye said this week because the demo let's have a monopoly right now on the black vote upwards of ninety percent of black voters will for the democrats despite the fact that the democrats policies are actively harming the black community this is in a really troubling component i believe of politics for a long time the fact that they have so managed to persuade so many people that their doing things in their best interests even though their not i had said to you i dont know kanye west i've never met a man in my life i don't know him politics i dont know his wife kim kardashian i know nothing about him i am not suggesting he's a conservative because i don't know i haven't spoken too i'm simply six i think too that the kind yea west tweet was a very important moment because joe it
something we haven't been able to do in ie odds etc we need a real conversation where some poland the black community are out there saying maybe colonies right joe maybe public ins are the answer but maybe democrats certainly are in either maybe we start looking at something else having sex that this guy's name is henry davis don't know the guy i don't know anything about him all i know is i saw this video can this when's is twitter page and it is again give the language we're going to play it in about ten seconds so if you have kids we bleed it out but i understand if you want to come a fast forward ahead but i you to listen this is two minutes worth your time of an adult male black voter whose finally had enough of the democratic garbage play that cut yeah first of all we can call you do downright kai you make america godly again make a mark of great gave you say
the right damn thing it's about time some black people store stand up from rich black people star stand up and start talking about what he's gone oh what all of us are the black people stop honest plantation say a solitary figure it out like dollar twelve vote you till you just listen to the weighty talk he sounds alternatively just listen to the way he talks he sounds stupid as a mother to al qaeda the right thing when you say all went on both talk about cracked one on poles talk about your breach what i'm talkin about killing each other causes karlsruhe right isn't that don't know party one or did somebody i'm only worried us while we lived in a black we have no more time to turn on the radio talkin about either to work in a body or kill a new job
i will add this we're really piecemeal we talk about donald trump represent white supremacy in june sat repulsive forget about all that it man sit joe scope it is now genocide is everytime you turn your tv you see a young black men all young black woman dead in the street at the hands of another black parts of new data yeah a car yea i call you out with your brother and just what i'll put you in my new book called the co man the low turnout antuco wedding went like what the usa summit about what you go the risk you gonna lose somebody like that south africa has grown as brag people tat is well as me before aid slavery i never been more sleigh i'll know no flight
no but i know burying our unease mother fleet street trying to make it as it is old poet says block a democrat right click dough trough of crap three well it is a family friendly showing you have to understand i really tortured myself over this and i fully understand if you get to send me some negative emails you know i read them my wife and i both we emails on the website but i really feel important put that on their despite the language i not want to be appropriate again you know i've been known to you i grew up in new york and just being can then i i'm not suggesting it's right i'm just saying you that's pretty com it into your people talk i get all time and it's not people talk business weeks in new york the lot of you from new york to stand the reason it's an important moment by the way that their clip is gone viral now the reason
what is important is because i've do you repeatedly folks at the republican party more importantly the conservative movement design of a message problem it has a messaging problem it has we're getting problem the republic in party message is quite popular i know this i ran for office and i used to knock on doors in the black community foxes this is like a talking i'm trying to impress you are says you knocked no i actually did it joe noses i actually went out and not on doors we have we were known in maryland for our grassroots campaigning marylin has a significant black population and in talking to people not just one or two folks hundreds if not thousands of black voters male theme el teenage adult seniors i was always pleasantly surprised how not only right leaning their ideology weren't am i don't mean they and like a collective says i just mean proportionately speaking the over well
a number of black voters i spoke to had not we right leaning but very leaning ideological beliefs give me my own money get out of the way let me work you know the sanctity of life faith gus ever been to a largely black church i mean there passed on a sunday which one was a biomass mass on a sunday less than two hours i was a while this is what my church vote five it is you're out the door i used to go i played in the praise ban i all right i know the church you're talking about only white guy in the church shivers right above the road from my house where you gentlemen must become there from my house on sunday we did the show on sunday love folks i can't i'm not trying to make universal united liberals do stereo because comments i've just telling you in my experience the percentage of black voters that had right leaning faith based work based family based police was overwhelming so if i'm
argue that those are largely conservative beliefs i'm also questioning too and i have for awhile why there we keep losing the fight for black voters despite the fact where four things black voters the ones i ran into large we believe in the air sir is because the conversations never even started there is never been a conversation about the viability of conservative values because democrats and media have been so effective it saying don't even talked conservatives there a bunch erases that understandably when you're back if in this in this propaganda the idea we ve been talking to a conservative in hearing what they have to say joe is stop that's why i'm how are you the con yea moment and moments like this report despite the fact that i don't know this guy henry davis you may not even be a conservative annoyed you i don't i don't
nor can the west as a conservative he may not be i'm telling you folks the important point here is not did kostiei is a conservative or that this the guy you just heard henry davis is concerned by the way he was too about tee i who another rapporteur soup after conduit for his i like how can the so instincts whose canvas who happened to be conserved tee i went after so he was written on but how grown up in the street i saw it on with so much i'd be a tough guy in or out of need and care much our press anyone right thing everybody get over self sooner with that stuff i own group industry but i did i grew up on the streets in new york i you know sixty fourth place myrtle avenue wasn't like ah you know wasn't i how all of us know middle lower middle class neighbour matrona press anybody that i'm just trying to make the point that the people who work break through into those communities
middle lower middle class poor communities that are minority hispanic another set of traditionally voted democrat only because they believe republicans are evil are going to need people who talk the language of the streets to break through do you understand what i'm saying joe you casual or one of my biggest complaints has been the republican party we i can tell like a methadone clinic and we want to talk about the laugh or curve listen i love the laffer curve the idea that there's a sweet spot tax rate where you can generate the most amount of revenue it's a zero percent tax rate you re zero zero dollars because you're not taxing anyone at a hundred years tax rate you re zero dollars to because you ve take everybody's he's and i have nothing left to investor earned and they have no business lap that's a great point the problem is when you talking to people in that don't clinic you may want to start talking about their problems and travails on the street with drugs and if you ve grown up with
silver spoon in your mouth is a lot of politicians have joe they ve never learn to talk tat language i get it i guess the languages is is is tough i understand and i certainly want for as much as i i get it i understand i you know using the lord's name in vain always bothers me and i am not lecture and henrietta henry i'm not anybody's preacher but i'm simply suggesting to you that sometimes you know not everybody talks about the wrong curve and the laffer curve sometimes people need what are we ready hall joe little but a tough love you call that you know p in the real world where people work really hard sometimes people need to hear it in here tough a little reckoning you here and i think that's important i think that could buzz i sent it to joe when i was kind of questioning myself my for another reason
the group has long do we play it i mean no one surely heard of the sky that now that i know of yet but i think it's a critical moment understand this i'll some leave at this cause i got a lot to get you to have been some more just into unbelievably explosive developments in this case the people oh and up but the minority coalition the democrats have assembled to fortify poppy without victories in the country gave odors black voters hispanic voters women voters young voters that's their coalition largely that will end i collapse if they lose the black community and i'm telling you that voters ivy eagle eyed large body of experienced talking to real people on the ground when the converse we should actually starts a k you sure these democrats are fixed in our problems or try to maybe the problem is and you know that less maybe the promised to much government right what's that
of rotation starts its over them crap parties we know it is finished and this guy i that that's quite a ran right there and it is now a viral so go check that out its honest the twitter feed is henry davis if you check out came the summons it's on air and if you're on twitter you check out my feet i retreated it as well ok i got a lot to get you today to get some really terrific girl the store falling apart there trying to desperately cover up the source in and it's not working joe and i guess i got a great story for you from any mccarthy today that puts again time line shows you these people are in a panic right now dc swap are today show you brought you by bodies i target the item you the system is one of the finest systems out their fur upping your proficiency with a firearm that's important a body can pull the trigger on a firearm god forbid you have to do so in a self defence in area you have to be able to hear what's your firing at now one of the best way
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i haven't the show notes today at bungee dot com if you subscribe to my email list i will send you these articles good at around nine hundred plus words but it is worth reading because it describes something that has archly i escaped the screw of the hacks and the mainstream media now we know based on some inquiries by devon new ness and and the house of the house select permanent committee on intelligence we know there was a human intelligence asset think about what i'm going to tell you here and there it somehow in the trump campaign now know joe they weren't just spying on them using pfizer surveillance and of the word signals intelligence we would in the no in the arena here we call it you know humane incipient right and signals intelligence emails phone calls tax you're you're in you're setting signals from joe to his
his criminal handler or terrorist handler poor now that in this case was bad enough because there is still no evidence anyone on the trump team actually committed any kind of collusion with the russian so its effect case altogether doubling on this we now find out thanks to new and that there was a human intelligence asset meaning somebody who dealing with joe spying on job for the fbi my spy who bugged me this joe with it the james bond analogies i love i've seen every movie is actually not the last few but breathing i don't like to daniel craig movies i'm sorry my eye like roger more he was my eye i love sean coterie of course the icon but i grew up with roger more so now it's bad enough you already know that from a swedish nope did the breaking news last week was there was a human source and last week shows we discussed who those sources may be i'm relative
confident i know who it is its troubling deeply troubling here's the problem not only the f b i have a source it appears the fbi although they had a source of human source working in an opposite political campaign the trump team for the bridge obama justice pirate it appears show that they pass this information to a foreign spy working for hillary clinton yes yes i not i'm not making any of this up ok really and the mccarthy peace now how do we know this ok i have this framed out because i like to take it out to thirty thousand feet to keep you all and you know it at ground than on we're we're going is the question here did you fbi actually passed sensitive information to a british spy working for keep in other words
they tell the spy that they had a source in the trunk campaign give do you want they out how devastating that piece of information is better or a bureau of investigation at a human spy in the trump team pass that on to the first steel former am i six foreign spy who was working on after the clinton operation to nail the trompe that you say well what makes you think the f b i did that well bizarre screenshot of eighty mccarthy's peace again which will be in the show notes go glenn simpson test if i remember these dates is gonna be important on august twenty second of two thousand seventeen testified in front of the senate he said in their testimony listen up this is a quote essentially what christopher steel told me with that fbi had other intelligence about this matter from an end donald trump campaign source this is chris
four was running fusion gps who hired christopher the oldest british farmers spy to nail the trump tee so just to be clear simpsons tell the senate that's theo although i that the fbi told the that it there's an internal trump campaign source i continue and that they my understanding was it they believe chris at this point because chris christine a negative information on trumped do but why did they of course the fbi they believe precise information might be credible because they had other intelligence that indicated the same thing and one of those pieces of intelligence the human source from inside the trump campaign who why so not only is the fbi signals intelligence intercepting information phone calls emails all kinds of things on the trump campaign there
buying with a human spy on the trump campaign they political upon her barack obama and then their sharing the information with a former foreign spy working for the colinton team to basically drag donald trump along the bottom of the sea floor folks howdy the first how did simpson know that now simpson immediately tried to walk this back now when did he walked back follow the dates this testimony folks august twenty seventeen in january of twenty seventy the testimony becomes public the somebody becomes public and immediately a so ordinary washed in times towards close diffusion gps said simpson miss characterize the source
in other words out on all we were talking about a human spy in sub why why why we were talking about a human spy inside they can't pay why would they do this why does this matter for the entire time the entire russian collusion narrative has been fed by a stream of bs from the fbi and the deal j that these contacts with the trump team where information was exchange there was talk of russian emails the entire time joe this has been portrayed this accidental contacts this australian diplomat met with george papadopoulos in a bar unable just haven't beers and woe papadopoulos said but about russian emails this has been portrayed to us the whole time as a series of accidental not deliberate contacts if you're a regular listener this show you know that's garbage the trumpet
was framed and they were set up i said this morning on fox in france if a guy s they told brian kill me if you're sitting park bench and a guy approaches you want apartment you ve never seen before and asked you gotta go rob a bank with him at any time again the next day there's only two solutions to this either he wants you to rob a bank or he's a frame you for robbing a bank it's the latter with the trump team now there was a human source follow me here ace human spy inside the trump team working for the fbi and this all happen before the papa that police meeting which was look this is all accidental joe this austrian just met with its trump guy and they said something about males and look look bingo that's what whenever the investigation started the trump if
was a human spy embedded in the trunk team before that moment these content swear deliberate trump team was set up do you understand the idea the neutron bomb that would go off let me get this straight we're not accidental contacts the fbi was actively trying to entrapped the trump team the most significant consequential entrapment case in american history jody you see what i'm go with this year the reason direct simpson now reverend january this the testimony becomes public even though he said it in august he says august twenty seventeen that there was a human source i just read you the court since and tells the senate there was a human source inside the trump deep how do we oh that while he's as christopher steel was told that by the fbi steals working with simpson the gin up negative information on drop the test
body becomes public syn or a grass washed in times is a source close the simpson immediately dials this back as a sort of that was miss characterize why why because i'll bet there was pressure from people up on the hill who know this wasn't entrapment operation the entire time and former obama people said listen chris we can not acknowledged it was a source inside the campaign if we acknowledge it was a source people know these were not accidental context these or deliberate we were trying to attract them you have to take that back now here's where the timeline get screwy and here's where mccarthy is really onto something in his peace how did simpson in august oh when he testified tat it was downer reset what you talking about
simpson testifies in august there's a human source inside the campaign august twenty seventeen in janni the testimony becomes public somewhat close the simpson immediately does it back and says no no we miss characterize at joe the source we were talking about was probably downer or the pop apple is me you had some do with the pop up in this meeting in may of twenty sixteen here's the problem how would simpson no during during his august testimony about papadopoulos or down papadopoulos adopt downer joe the whole papadopoulos down her story there's not a here in the media or in the look domain until december of twenty seventy when did simpson testify in front a congress august how'd it off
the words simpson had inside information here bob inside information the whole papa it was down or meeting where they talk at the emails and a bar in london the whole hurry joe doesn't come out till december thirty you may say how will he found he found out about it somewhere else it be in some kind of congressional testimony nope not err pop up name is nowhere to be found out it was in the dossier they create no papadopoulos its name is in an air either matter of fact this is it think from me the mccarthy piece on november of twenty seventeen after poor august obviously rubber simpson says there's a human source inside the trump campaign in august in anywhere you that of the following year he does that back when it becomes public
but any says oh no i just must have been talking about puppet apples he had no way of knowing about papa dappling do you see what i'm getting at joe when simpson talked about a source and attempting to human source he was talking about an actual spy bohme them rise he was not think about papadopoulos apples had no way of knowing about it you doubt me from me mccarthy peace two weeks after the information became public simms was asked about papadopoulos in a fleeting exchange during testimony this time before the house joe november of toys seventeen after his his testimony saying there's a source autonoe i met papadopoulos really interest we show the subject came up in context of trump related research simpson had done separate and apart from his collaboration would steal this is great simpson claim that he had been looking at papadopoulos for a while and regarded him as a clone of carter page but he admitted
that actually knew nothing significant help papadopoulos beyond what mahler had included in the information filed in court at the time of the guilty plea she was way after his testimony in earnest someone's lying now the information mahler filed in october october again after august their simpson testifies logs about a source in a trap camp and he's now alleging i've just talk about papadopoulos up then he says all i just learned about papadopoulos from the miller found the butler filing was it labour and four may be mccarthy's pre show said nothing about papadopoulos is meeting with downer or the subsequent purported transmission of papadopoulos claims from australian authorities to the fbi he is making this up simply
and is making this up it is clear as day now this is where it gets even more harry remember after the testimony diane feinstein one point releases the testimony of of christopher of christopher simpson yes she doesn't unauthorized release as ryan bystanders democrats senator we now know former staffer feinstein guide by the name of dan jones is still apparently according to some public reporting is working on an opposition research campaign against the trompe team stanford from feinstein feinstein release the transcripts of simpsons testimony around january now people all over said why why would she do that why would diane feinstein go around the back of
publicans and dissent and release the transcripts of christopher since testimony folks i told you a long time ago to sir so they could coordinate their store i spent i'm starting to wonder now was well if there's another angle of this it feinstein release simpsons testimony the war in the source folks if this this is why this is so troubling if the source is can did to the establishment geo p along with the democrats and was working from the beginning and potentially pay by the government to take down donald trump we have when it biggest crisis crises in modern american history did i feinstein release the testimony about simpson and the source i'll stay in other words to warn the public and the source to get their stories straight no one it was gonna become public you understand what i'm saying folks simple
out of the source in august it was behind closed there is nobody knew about it except the senate joe right annie the gang of eight members who oversee the intelligence community whilst i knows the republicans around to something he knows dines dice use me she knows diane feinstein knows by the way she knows one of her former staffers yeah they ain't george she knows it we see a former staffer joy this is now working on an anti tromp projects still funded by world donors largely liberal donors from the coasts feinstein terrified about our role in this she's prob we also terrified that a source out there has some really damaging information about democrats involvement in the spying operation and trump she as then release it in other words hey everybody we get a nod you been it simpson and this thing that there's a spy inside the trump campaign
you get what i'm saying everybody us exactly or get your stories straight yeah yeah i get it right the scrap this think that now listen to me timeline does not add up he could not possibly have known about that because it just and i'm going to move on to the second i got some other stuff to get through but it's important they are desperately now trying to change the story and change the story rapidly the initial story was at the dossier as the start of this entire counter intelligence investigation its trump that's it real change when it came out the dossier is paid for by hillary clinton and false information then story became known all this back bencher staffer but the hapless told this australian diplomats something who passed at the u s intel now at stories up in the air as well because simpson already out the fact
there's a source inside the campaign which there i'll try and thou back again they can get their stories straight how this instigation actually starts or to final bullet points in other words is eighty mccarthy says the edifice peace when simpson said he had a source that they had to say inside the trumpet that's actually what they meant start assuringly they shared this information with a former this by working for the hillary clinton t second what are they cover their covering a chicken and egg problem they have now joe because how they keep saying while the dossier started the investigation but what started the dossier a human source about are not a human source to papadopoulos me why did that happened did somebody no events maybe because simpson already said you guys had a source of the f b i said they had a source and apparently
on bread and said there's a source and as you see the select on a communication which started this thing here's the problem this fake dossier incentivize probably by an investigation started by source inside the trump may have started if a are surveillance operation and human spying on the trumpet and the democrats can't find any way out of this now there's no way out folks they cannot go their way out of this day you know how i saw an article that was it i forget what was forgive me but they brought up a point ever bring up over and over the chick an egg problem there having joe that there is no predicate cry no man how hard they try to spin this thing the invest any investigation is supposed to start you would think because crime happen i can't
investigate joe for nothing and find a crime later the problem there have over and over the democrats with this case and why they keep changing the initial wade started is because didn't start with a crime it started with trump it started with somebody initiating an investigation against donald trump with no i'm attach no matter how much they dig no matter how many times they change their story they can marty mcfly this and back to the future go back in the pan and change history no crime happen to you tell me you understand this this is the political component of this whole thing there was no predicate crime can change this story they can change how it started over and over they can never get past the fact tat there was no crime there was an invite the geisha donald trump for one reason he was donald trump they
manufactured the crime later that's why they keep changing the genesis story because genesis story in an actual investigation joe would be we saw joe i'm a cost break into a bank okay we so get em for bank robbery if i'm instigating joe for bank robbery any never rob a bank i can the story a million times it's not going to change the fact that joan ever rob the damp bank that's why the story keep changing that's why in conclusion the identity of this source is critical because if the source fabricated this whole thing and these contacts with the trump team were set up they were not accidental we of a major league crisis on our hands and the democrats no it big trouble ahead are
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ok i have a couple others do is probably very suspicious resignation joe the u ends internal actions mia international atomic energy agency their top inspector sir suspiciously resign less regaining terror vera hunter suddenly resigned without reason right after the i deal was signed whom what would that be maura mad cummings shoe i have some theories on that one there have been some trustingly enough sub tweets by the iranians about ass a very suspicious activity surrounding the signing of the area the also i have that story from abc news and shown us and check it out it's it's it's an interesting i don't wanna leave you hang it on that but you gotta be very careful with things like this and i want to impunity character obviously without
the evidence of just saying the timing of the tweets in and the timing the resignation or extremely suspicious and you rabies he was leaves the details i read it anyway because i don't think this is the last we're gonna hear this carry another one so here clinton's running around the world again on her blame everybody but hilary tore at its interest she heaved about the short termism thing this is a listen it's not it's not a major problem to be fair to hilary which you'll never never to arson people she calls deplorable she's give speech a little while ago just talk about short termism how joe corporate america's basically failing us because they're interested in the stock price of the company and not the long term growth i've uh you know of the american economy well i believe in evidence facts and data so there's issuing peace and wash your journalists we can again refuting
parking lot of these talking points at liberals go around talking about this important you know this because it's it's a pretty common attack on capital is joe short termism nobody really cares about long term growth the american economy in the american worker james free peace and wash your journal this weekend i says i was excited peace from the journals james mackintosh sheep were it's a peace within a peacemaker he notes a capital expenditure is a big public companies show a rising faster than for business as a whole and large corporate these are funding research and development at a historic pay so what is it dams i don't understand is this short termism or thirty funding long term growth of their companies in the economy again evidence is not there for you just making this up here we got are indeed spent joe by us and p five hundred companies at the highest proportion of sale since at least ninety ninety is business rd is the highest proportion of gdp since the government started tracking it one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine its short termism is a prop
they obviously isn't hurting overall aren t spending this is what drives me not democrats this is being a liberal involves living in an intellectual vacuum almost nothing they say is backed up by any kind of sound solid facts and data at all termism was something he developed into focus group it sounded catchy shorter companies short term is not investing in the american work in the american economy they are at the greatest pay nineteen fifty nine dub type out time out no good you're a racist you're right i'm roy what we're talking about short term it doesn't matter you're obviously arrays ok i capitals of americans with thy thousands of america's will clearly die too because of this dynamic short termism medicine happening or indeed this is based on actual numbers taken from the actual economy in the real world folks i'm not telling you we don't have issues economic issues to overcome we do clearly
be great if you know if if american companies productivity would expand that a greater pace and wages will move faster i get it but the real economy is real challenges i've just suggesting to you that these short termism speeches they keep giving because as a catchy focus group talking point are nonsense drop based in any sense of reality it all now one of the ceremony getting before we leave why this is important productivity folks productivity is the essence of a growing economy productivity is everything product the ability to produce products the abyss what do you have an economy to produce a growing number of products these same or fewer inputs is how we get richer in other words are we produce more food at the same price or cheaper how do we produce more food on the same amount of land or better even less land we need a quarter of the land to produce twice the food
bang bang bang score this what productivity is widgets food medical supplies how do we produce more of it now that does only apply to products that applies to services to raise our services are without work and other would show a doctor's time is limited here's providing you no medical consultation services to patients who come in the office why is he going to serve twice the number of patients while to answer telemedicine oh now all of a sudden he for an hour a day you can serve you know people in india and vietnam and all over the world over the internet doing consultation online even purposes get it back and have their productivity enhance more power that's more services at the same or lesser costs this impasse and these capital expenditures in r and d matters because the way we develop more products and services we
fewer inputs is by investing in technology to produce more widgets i'm trying to tell you is we're in a great spot right now the ec best motoring along were below four percent unemployment we looks like we're gonna have three percent growth this year were approaching percent growth quarter after quarter after quarters and trump since trump got an office if we're investing now investing meaning next year we may have better equipment to produce even more stuff and product could we could be looking at three four five percent growth this good news if we could just get a hold on our darned spending life would be peachy right now instead these these there these idiots in congress why can't stand they kick it when a splendid you see that story and political democracy this package i was all excited about recent thirteen billion in spending essentially cuts money they're not going to spend now back to congress fifteen billion was nothing i said to you
phone calls working well the geo peace working on it now because this is what they do sell out the worst while keeping up there what that i'm hoping they sign it but mcconnell courses like we don't want to go gunnar promise what progress the bankrupt the united states are you kidding me all right my story it's in the show notes a good one please check it out oh by the way before either might there's another story insurance from the american thinker it's a short one but it's a good about how we're not under debate right now with the left you were in a fight yet the are the ones defining the fight not us and nato meaning if course in a violent way for the media matters goons who listened to by the left this aspect is an interesting peace there in a fight right on that the baker uninterested in fact i have that peace up the emerge think about it it's red it it's a pretty good one how what you read nice at how the radical far left you're not interested in that no matter what you say the guy brings up the point and one of what fact you bring up they'll change the topic there
interesting refuting fatuous instant fighting you confrontation that's all so finest they ve single pay or scam you no single pay your hair here's a disaster the bottle it doesnt work because of the third party pay a problem when is the third party pay a problem there are two parties to a transaction a buyer and seller a doctor and a patient sumer car salesman those too parties work out a price they both agree on when you have a third party payers the government paying for stuff screw up the entire economic agreement process where there's some kind of a clearing price you both agree on why consumers not paying directly at least they're paying through taxes any provider or the services of saying healthcare the doktor ass well knows you're not paying so this a reason to try to be competitive on price this is a single payer is it's a third party pair disaster
just think peace avenue shown us today about the single party pay your government run healthcare system in the united kingdom the age ass their lead smell cancellation show for proper medical appointments are the highest in twenty five years they had twenty five thousand four hundred and seventy five cancellations between you and you as it's not funny about laugh and folks it just amazing people get suckered by single para twenty five thousand orange seventy five cancellations between january and march alone they have a target show you know he's government plans he loved targets their target was to treat ninety two percent of patients within within eighteen weeks that ninety two percent that their targets now been missed for two years this is an issue of this numbers just gonna blow you might about crappy single parents to thousands
a hundred and fifty five people waited more than fifty two weeks for medical services folks fifty two ways you you're probably dead by that this is the problem with single pay or health care is a single payer disaster faster is that there's no when you disconnected consumer from the provider product the incentives for both sides to seek efficiency equality go out the window that's what transfer products and services is about its about cod quality never forget that if by a sweater from joe i care about the cost of the sweater and i care about the quality that's ultimately determine the price unwilling to pay joe ass they air about the costs of the sweater because of its too expensive competitors dr met a business and he has we care about the quality or else the consumers of the sweat of the people who buy it will not return the business and joe will be out of business shortly right do you understand
third party intervene this is this if there was one i get a hammer through to my socialist listeners out there i know you're there cuz i get your emails and the liberals ice well don't you ve never explain to me why you think the government as a third party payers gonna solve that cost equality problem the government doesn't care about the cost of the service because we are not spending their money their spending taxpayer more you will always care more the government there you care about the quality of the service they are buying for you joe either because its for them it's for you why but they care liberals can never ever adequately answer that question the cost then quality problem cannot be overcome if can't there is no way you can frame to me in common sense terms that you will have a
better grasp of the cost and quality of health care service of what it means to me if you ve never met me my life how do you know you know milton friedman for ways to spend money right what's government government is people spending other people's money on other people there bending other people's money taxpayer it also they care about the costs their spending in opera actually buying for other people that not even buying it for themselves they don't care there is cost equality problem ladies gentlemen that simply cannot be overcome look at this single payers article about the dna and you'll see what i'm talking about it is a scam it has always been a scam it's been a scam from the start don't fall for the trap they ration by time you know that each other she all we don't ration care we allow everybody access when well in some cases the two weeks later some of em are dead
this isn't funny cancellation by a trick cancellation by a true you're right cancellation by death that's rationing by time now for those you coming back say all will in united states ration by price ghana market the price down unless the government gets involved don't you find it slightly ironic that the two speed the government has the help the heaviest involvement in are the two spheres where prices refused to come down health care where the government for about forty percent of it education where the government runs the student loan operation and public schools the prices for everything else that require sophisticated assembly i phoned the prices for error flat screen tvs that's all come down the prices
play elevated when the government injects itself because it cost and quality problems the government doesn't care about the cost and they don't care about the quality there for the cost doesn't come down and the quality stays like crap don't be a sucker for this i thought i hope on the beginning of the show you're ok with that i put that in air again i know it's a family friendly show but that was a red pill atomic bomb going off and i think you know sometimes even the horse language we we have the that's enough and other people need the year to appreciate support for the chum store we by gino show merchandise so you re asked for it we put it out there's been sellen like crazy go to the web type you know that complex pick something up today a check out the show notes don't miss the stories and i'll be in full of internet by the six need a nine p markov info
radio so check that out i'll see you all lay huge reserves in bonn gino she did more have been online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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