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Ep. 720 All the Schemers Know Each Other

2018-05-15 | 🔗
Summary: New revelations show just how corrupt the operation against Donald Trump and the subsequent investigative smokescreen really are.    News Picks: Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting.   Seattle passes the most ridiculous tax yet.    This piece raises serious questions about the origins of the operation against Trump.    More on Bob Mueller’s deep conflicts in the Russia probe.    Did Bob Mueller really indict a company that didn’t even exist?   The White House is debunking another fake news story.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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I'm a little nervous about today show, and I don't like saying, they're not nervous, because it's a show- and we have hundreds of thousands of people, thankfully listen to him, but nervous that the I'm not going to be able to sum up what are explosive revelations now, if you ve been following, remember the names my remember the names theory, the name all leg, Hereupon scare should sound very, very from You tell you all: a daring Aska is a russian oligarchy name that keeps reappearing. In this case. I have been troubled about his connection to this for a very very long time. I am stand. Some intimate details of this russian oligarchy, Dara Pasqua and Russia case, but when I, EL to understand is the larger connection. That is all making sense due to some incredible reporting by John Solomon of the hill last night. This is one of those articles of the show notes. I cannot
you and strong enough terms to read books. When you read it, you will see how far the government weren't the United States government that is too desperately to make a connection and put a legal face and some legitimate information into their instigation, Donald Trump for college with Russia that never happened. Ladies and gentlemen, they tried they tried, they tried data human resources. They tried Carter page he tried, George Papadopoulos, they tried shaken every intelligent Sri. They could they tried everything Pfizer warrants human sources. They could not find any legitimate way to take this man down Donald Trump. What did Solomon report at the helm. If you saw my Lord Ingram last night, you find out that the B. I approached this. Russian oligarchy is one of the richest man in Russia, we repeat, this new multiple times on the show and told you from the beginning. Remember the name: the FBI,
coaches and two months before the election in a hotel room. he's been given a pass into the United States. Despite problems in the past due to some alleged that criminal activity where he was not allowed in two months before the election Joseph follow me here, because you are the audience ombudsman, the FBI, approaches him the FBI says to him: hey. You know the Russians are colluding with trumped win the election right now. There intimately connected to Putin and others in Russia he's one of the wealthiest man there. What happens Joseph thereupon last summer therapy cs. As this is the dumbest thing, I've ever heard they still push are you sure, hey reach, it was later. You know something comes up.
we find out as well last night, which I was not aware of before last night. I got some other angles, I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to blow your mind with the show by time. You're done, because now the story is finally making sense. I said to my wife, where we have those not try to sound like first world problems, we have theirs to sink bathrooms, so I'm sit next ordinary MIKE. I can't I can't pull my peace. Reformation like now I got it. We ve doubt as well last night that there are Pasqua, knows Bob Mahler, Bob Mother, of course, the witch Hunt trying to hunt down Donald Trump Card head of the special council job Solomon again in the hell it'll be in the show notes today upon GINO dot com. Please read it please, because its critical our understanding of the biggest scandal in american history into two thousand and nine show Bob Mothers, FBI
Approach is there a Pasco about what again I agree with the US on. How did he and other commentators on this? What was a noble mission Mahler approaches thereupon get through his FBI and they Scheme for help in getting back an FBI, we're FBI agent being held hostage in Iraq. I by the name of Bob Levinson you following me, yet noble mission, no problem there right rob. Apparently there are some legal complexities with this? Personally, I don't care if we have to Sarge. The legal complexity show to get back in FBI agent being held hostage in IRAN or former FBI agent. That's big moral quandary to me, but a pie but neither where some legal complexities with this, according to our Dershowitz that may have made this not be we comply at this this this request. You see what I'm saying Joe to efforts should the helpless Molly
reproaches smaller, F B. I should say I want to be absolutely precise on this approaches. Thereupon, Oscar, oh by the way, what they so I can say in Christopher Simpson: yes, we thanks for the it's obviously Glenn Simpson, just a bit. I guess much stuff going on folks had a long day. Yesterday so my College thou, so Mechlin Simpson, but thanks for all the emails, he approaches thereupon ask any asked him for help in getting this FBI agent back for my ran thereupon apparently this russian oligarchy commits twenty five million dollars to the effort. Now you may be saying to yourself. This is important. To understand. Is why what our FBI, did the charge Bob Mahler at the time be asking a an oligarchy for help in getting back and forth? FBI agent being held- and I ran maybe because, The Obama team didn't want this case highlighted that the Iranians were holding onto an FBI agent. Oh, why, Joe? Why would
the Obama team you think, want that story to go away. What was the Obama teams priority with? I ran challenges deal baby the IRA, and the baby. Now I do not. I bribed not set my boy Joe up here who my main man, I've just try and if he doesn't get it about just odyssey vetoing, I know you don't get it either. The Obama administration. Why did the IRA and deal to rebalance power in the Middle EAST, away from Israel and from the Sunni states more than it wanted anything? two thousand and nine the FBI and again what I believe is a noble mission: I'm not impugning the character of the agents trying to get back a house Its being held, then I readily be crystal clear on this, but I'm sure to tell you how deep this scandal goes MA reproaches this guy, because the Obama team, apparently Joe, is not in aged fully in this effort to get this FBI The FBI agent back my ran because it all highlight what the fact that the
Romanians are holding a former FBI right right, ok, liberty, apparently, Theo gets close to fruition. The Iranians are ready to send back this former FBI agent, Bob Levinson being held hostage in. I ran mothers work. a deal word thereupon, Oscar laid their Pasco spends twenty five million of his own money too. And what a by the way you may be asking why thereupon sketch want to be clear on this too therapist has business dealings through? Is russian company and I ran so he as contacts on the ground, we clear on that. I want to make sure that he understands that Pascal knows people and I ran through his business dealings. There are Pasco russian euro deals with him? He spends twenty five million of his own money. This effort they do not get Levinson back. There are conflicting accounts about what happened. What? the accounts that's been rob at least reported on. Is that
The Iranians are ready to. Let Levinson go due to this task. deal that their mothers FBI's worked out and at the last minute. The deal is blocked, Events in is not let go now. The accounts I read on this- that's I've seen in some other, since some pretty prominent outlets Johnson, is peace, which is, I must reiterate, who blocked the deal at the last minute. The state department, being run by who some people hate my ominous whisper herbs. Jos, actually Bogart my honest, via by DS, by whisper guys. I did. Henry Clinton, apparently Hillary Clinton doesn't want to sign, which again, I'm gonna be but in fair on this sum,
I have a statement from the Iranians absolving number of responsibility here, how the in other words the Iranians, want Hillary Clinton sign this thing: hey we didn't really kept back home, unwavering and Hilary says. No, I'm not going to be like that. If the f that's I am not sure the intricacies of the diplomacy they were engaged in their I've. Just telling you I'm reason We confident of two things we could have gotten the FBI. Agent back we didn't it was. at the last minute because of a decision Hilary made, I'm not judging or for that decision. just telling you which being reported I'm I'm telling you it's pretty clear from the report of the Obama administration was not engaged as completely as it could have been getting this guy back now, they'll know dry thereof. Ask your nose this house. there are know this because he The guy, the FBI, approaches that help them the Russian to help them get left.
Some backup read the report mother knows there are Pasco. Why is there a Pasco keep coming up in this case. I forget if this is complicated, but you have to listen twice, we don't get any extra credit for. You is twice. I promise you, but it is important to understand how deep this goes. all operation Joe, legally questionable, Malta has an incentive. This is another Mahler conflict. To me, it sure that this is kind swept away after it fails Who also has an incentive to make sure the whole operation swept away Obama he doesn't want. keep highlighting the terrorists the Iranians are in that they have one of our former FBI agents held captive. he also does want to highlight that the upper didn't work and that Hill
who had been scuttled at the last minute to the State Department under Robot home. That's right. They don't want. People know this. This is I kept hush hush. Who knows this Darrow Pasco. Now, There Pasco knows more this. Of course, we reported on the repeated confirm episode. Number six. Twenty eight on there Pask as a name that keeps creeping up in this case now. We know point number one Joe Bullet point number one take away in the visual Powerpoint presentation and when explain over audio format point number one. There are possible those smaller Mahler in him are involved an operation that failed operation, that Obama has a political interest inside lining and keeping quiet to the american people. Mahler no
That is too now does the Mulder report makes sense, hide all of this stuff. era, Pasco know something else. there are Pasco knows about spoke about, As I said on, the Levine show them life Liberty and Levine Show when Amazon was. Last Sunday night at this Sunday, the past the prior someday. Deborah Pask as former business partner Following our year is a guy named Victor Vex Solberg. Victor Vexed Milburgh is a nother russian oligarchy. extremely wealthy wealth in the billion just like Darrow Pasqua. These two had accompanied together. They had a dispute in the company they become piss the spa rivals, Joe thereupon. In fact, part ways vexed
Bert goes on to lead this, I'll cover. Remember that aims the skull of our project, you this of all project is a russian attempt to recreate a Silicon valley in Russia, Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley in Russia. The project is deemed by United States intelligence entities lay here as a russian effort to steal our military technology, of which some report Indicates some of the technology stolen was used to create an extremely dangerous hypersonic missile by the Russians. In other words, skulk of all was a disaster for the United States President of this operation,. The grandeur of the operation, factual burg. Is there a passing? oh partner, so
Only now this thereupon asking set new up here, follow me. Not only is there a Pasco know about affair the FBI operation to retrieve a former FBI agent being held. Then I ran that deal Bobby Administration either, got older, blew it on, and Hill wouldn't sign off on, but thereupon, Go also knows pretty Details about a russian oligarchy running a project that our intelligence. Community is deemed an effort to steal sensitive military technology. What is also critical about spoke about their carbon is involved in skulk about the scope of a Project seventy the twenty eight companies made significant donations to the Clinton foundation. These people were being the foundation was being paid by companies.
Five in russian intelligence operation to steal, sensitive military technology. This is there task is old. Guy running this old Alfred. There The rivals now right there, Pascal thereupon get there are positive. Remember this name now critically. There's a company so just to be clear on this tariff. ask in virtual Borg. Work partners are now rivals in there. Pascal knows about actual burgee knows about spoke of a vessel burg and and There are Pasco, have a business dispute Daryl, ask your goes off and tries to by a german car company. He tries to buy Opel thereupon there's some lobbying involved there:
money again lobbying and being paid to the Clinton Sphere, of course, to infer What's the deal there's some money paid their. Clinton, does a backdoor operation basically screws over their Pasqua. Exo burgundy other hand. And some russian money again used to back skulk about now This russian investment fund, roofs, nano of Austria me from saying a wrong. Are? U s any and all written on a number of us be Russia? Very wouldn't I try when I was when I was in Russia for well, I think I was a and he governs for risky. Does that mean I speak recipes everything I do and peevish, which means I d be right. There Like the only through word directions, I knew me at near yet it does need to react. Bruce Nano which is Russian investment from attacks- with the backing of pollutants, government
at the same time, puts money put money into. The scope of our operation, where Is it also put money. Into an american company I'll jewel, unlimited. Russian back money, makes it into this. dual unlimited company- this is important- though don't listen. You gotta get this one. There. it makes it into the company because in a russian joins the border, this company joins Border this company with a voice. a suspicious character, John Podesta Hillary Clinton right hand, man for E out after He joins accompany millions.
of dollars. In let's say, investment wines are finding its way into said company. russian money who, like He knows about all of this because it's the same russian back firm. That was pumping money. It is skulk of all these that we're donated to the clinic foundation. Thereupon spots, Eba Meantime, you thank you and Russian. I believe, yes, my Russians really awful. Why is this all important remember what I The point I'm trying to make here is: thereupon. we found out last night according to a hill knows, is timidly familiar with a failed operation to get back a former FBI. Agent for my rant? He knows smaller, no, He wants to stuff out there because one the operation failed and to it
at least on its face, like the Obama administration didn't do everything it could to get this to get. This far FBI agent back while at the same time trying to help and through the I ran deal we also know that there are Pasqua? Is is familiar arrive at a minimum with a former business partner Bob with a russian project that our intention. Since communities deem deemed wasn't it The steel, our military technology, which may have been used to steal, sensitive technology for I persona missile, while those cup Sure don't into the current foundation, Joe, you think it's a democrat parties interests to keep this guy quiet, oh yeah! He knows way too much. This terrible. You knows way way to yet area. There are Moscow offered to testify in front of him. oh. Yes, yes, now me
reports on this have been all over the place, but they claimed thereupon squandered immunity. That's questionable that I am not sure that's been confirmed and I don't think that's true. Thereupon go off to testify in front of Congress. Thereupon is opera. To do that was not leverage. Do you think this way, the interesting guy to talk you Joe, you bet. Thereupon, skirt is detailed, intimate knowledge of facts critical that would make the Clinton Foundation the Clinton's, Spoke of our project front, page news everywhere, yet there are Pasqua Esteem a shingly was not. I was not given the opportunity to do so. I'm not suggest you by the way, the Darrow Pask as a good guy in this, please dont misinterpret what I'm telling you I simply telling you that this is a man who understands deeply. Some of the intricacies of this case has been approached by various players. In this case. Who was now
given the opportunity, apparently when he offered to testify to do so? Thereupon, Oscar also Hired a lobbyist here, Lobbyists to work for him. This is. but the story gets confusing and on public handed with this is where I'm still haven't a little bit of trouble, trying to figure out what the motive in incentive is. He. there are Pasqua, hires, a lobbyist, The last name Waldman here there's a lobbyists to communicate with the Democrats. Senator mark water that Senator Mark Warner conveniently takes the play, of Diane Feinstein and the gang of eight. Basically, the Senate and the House team assigned to over see the intelligence community. These but the guys in the Ladys of the Senate now show that are supposed to
oversee the activities of the intelligence community to make sure they are not doing anything. Untoward. Diane Einstein leaves her spot on that committee. I wanna buy the way had Tipp the conservative tree. Ask as I read a peace. There was good on this and I I I stole a piece of their minds deal with, but I took from their battle might use an audio other people generate actin like it's my but take. They found a regime of a peace by John Brennan, it's good piece, but they point out an interesting fact which again I had I admit, the timing on this, not the mechanics, but the time Warner Mark Warner D craft sector takes the place of Diana Feinstein on this in town, this gang of eight, basically Intel Oversight Board and up and the help that suppose be overseeing so far Stein leaves she's reply. Spy Warner. What does this have to do? Thereupon, the lobby. He has direct Pascal hires, this guy Waldman Input now publicly
The text is reaching out to dinner Pratt centred Warner, trying To connect him with who christoffersen, the british spy ware the for Hillary Clinton, Hey Chris, wants to talk Chris wants the talk. Chris wants the talk. I want set up for you and interesting angle this that I had not consider before Could Baby saying I don't get it then visit make say it's a whole, but stuff. Your feeding is now Yeah, I I guess I could see your of and I'm gonna be care than with the aim of the motive. I think I've got it. but I'm a hesitant to put it out, but I'll do it anyway. Back you know it's. Other somewhere else. You know someone else's gonna, throw it out there and I'm just going to be honest. We have met this isn't hard yet, but there are Pasqua
Clearly is connected to Putin. This is obvious, rightly, has deep, can ties and connections to Russia, it's cool I've told you from the past. The Russians engage in a mutually assured destruction, intelligent strategy there. Strategy, I dont believe in the election was to have either side when their strategy was make sure the United States lost and so chaos. I dont know what he's what game is. in here, but which fascinating? Is there a Pasqua, hires lobbyists? That is also apparently in regular contact with a spy that was working for the Clinton campaign? Is there, Pasco playing both sides. to ensure that he's left prosecution free from this Joe words. Is he hiring this lobbyists? Who we knows is connected to Christopher Steel, who we know which is connected to the Clinton camping too, they both sides? I'm not sure I dont think
We here's where I'm leaving, I think we need to, start entertaining the possibility here. Folks. Am I saying these were good guys either I'll get me wrong. It's clear, Christopher Steele, the british spy who put together the dossier on Trump, has fear and severe personal animosity of Donald Trump, but I think we need to start at a minimum. entertaining the possibility that there were Russians who needed the magnets key act to go away, that thanks and russian allegories and Do so they needed to discredit certain entities. and that the Russians were playing both sides of this is well there were, I'm really really still
That's because this is I'm not sure. I don't really know if anyone else's put the said they may be, and if they are please email me I'd love to hear what other people are thinking the magnates Ski act. Devastating to the Russians. It was now after Sergei Magnet Ski now killed and a russian prison for some investigations into some money laundering activities at made. The russian government, in in the words of some folks investigating, looked at the magnet ski actor Ben Cardinal Centre for Marilyn, who I ran against. One point was one of the proponents of what it did is prevented of some wealthy russian oligarchy with deep connections from crap, basically travelling to the United States. It play some sanctions on them. The Russians desk We wanted this to go away. One of the companies that was involved in the end in in attacking some of the people attacking some of the people who were
vacating for the magnates key act with Fusion GPS Ivan I am not sure that certain Democrat, in the Congress. Their motives were so much before the campaign that they were eighty Trump but some of their motives, may also have been to discredit certain people who were advocating for the magnates key act, while others were being leverage to discredit fusion GPS. I know this is confusing deeply. Sorry, for that I am I'm I'm trying to make. This makes sense to you, but the one home, of a conspiracy theory, I always told you as well as when everything's packaged up in a neat little in a neat little. But let me make it real simple for you.
Some of the motive before the campaign may that have only been to attack Donald Trump. It may have been to attack. These sanctions on these russian oligarchs- and there are people in the? U S, Congress who may have been on both sides of this issue. Some of them may been influenced by lobbyists to do so. Thank you. that makes any yeah, because it's not a lot of stuff. You know I mean that makes sense in them There may have been a strategy there too fusion GPS out to be a bad guy. To leverage Republicans against them by employers fusion GPS any in a strategy against Donald Trump as well. I'm sorry, I know that's confusing amateur, bring it out thirty thousand feet, but that its eye,
if this is really this did them the most insane spy novel, a you ve ever heard in your life, but I'm not so sure right now that this isn't that this isn't for the mere dude I'm following you and I think the listeners are too, but it is a lot Why am I say? Like every did the whole mark, that's right. Conspiracy, theory! When you don't know anything, is you give the answer, and there are good guy vector, the bad guy. That's do you understand what I'm trying to tell you that there may not have been a clear course of good guys and bad yarns. There may have been people who needed sanctions to go away that leverage their relationship with Democrat senators on the hill, knowing if there was an anti trump angle, they would listen, but at this in time. They also used to discredit certain people who were lobby For these sanctions are. Let me get to this to the said. I target double,
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I am I'm really torn about today. Show because I'm I'm I'm. I know I'm kind of like you. I know a lot of your heads are spent in right now, but sorry, Joe My comments, this show so means a lot, and I like to give you answers, and I did the terror Pasqua angle yesterday, screwed up everything for me, it really did because it It seems to me that these rushed the Russians were clearly playing both sides. Here they were playing certain people too. These sanctions thrown away. They were playing certain people. What negative information on Trump they were playing certain people. You know what let me think about pull the sad. I know I'm gonna do this on the air, but I'm trying to give way to sum this up the Russians goal in this. Is the chaos number one and getting but a bag nevsky number two, whatever they can do to discredit people, Involved and the passing of magnates keep a cool, putting hiring fusion gps to discredit it. That's what they'll do and then, if they
figure out at some point. The fusion gps is working against Trump. You can use that as an anti tramping. This ok, us they'll, do that too. But then, if they can leverage the Democrats who say hey, look fusion gps, their work, against drop dead, that's built. they either side of this. Now let me go back to the beginning. Because the replacement for Mark Warner- this is critical, mark releases. Replaces Diane Feinstein on these There descended intelligence committee Mark Border places Feinstein very suspiciously. You know she kind of like walks away and then all of a sudden, she releases the transcript in January of Glenn Simpsons. Testimony upon the hail back in August, I told you yesterday. I believe it was because she wanted the source, the FBI Ice, source, that we see this The name is yet to be this cause. I have a good idea. What is too, Standard Simpson, already out at him. Simpson, limited August testimony one a diet
Feinstein staffers, who likely had detailed knowledge of the operation to take down trump, is a guy, Dan Jones Dan Jones is also also working with Waldman apparent Dan Jones is tax between Waldman and Democrats Centre, more water, where Waldman says we're going to talk today and Jones folks I'm telling you this is the operation against Trop still going on Why is this? Lobbyists should be connected to their Pasqua and a democrat senator still coordinating what a former staff were on the entire committee to hate Donald Trump? This is never going to stop. You can't I'm alive you handle the true. Let me go active beginning because last night on Levine, I sum this up for everyone, and then
and up against the show kind of makes sense, because I know I'm leaving you with some of you in a black hole here. The cat we started on corrupt charges, folks, the choice just made no sense. the initial allegations of the damage attacking the deal? The Democrats system being hacked by the Russians was never can by any of our law enforcement right, a see. Tee o from a company old crowd, Shrike Dmitri Pair he also sits on the way the council funded largely by acquainting donor, Abstract comes in tell the Dnc yeah, the Russians hack your system and see will not lifting the FBI at that, right around the time, the bureau when the Counter intelligence investigation begins, and they start say it all with as if it was this information shared with the Trump team, the information
From the start is questionable, because the FBI is never allowed to investigate the computers, that alone should be very suspicious, so the investigation trumped starts on corrupt charge. Is one of the people when the Obama White House, one of his senior homeless security advisers. At the time this is going on. Folks is LISA. Monica LISA Monica was who. Bob Mothers, chief of staff, YAP Bob Mahler. The current special council. On official channels are used to launch, information, negative, informed should on Trump on it. National channels, from far intelligence entities and people who worked with foreign intelligence entities into the United States on official, because the national channels largely, would have detected this information on BS, so just to be clear, corrupt charge. Against Donald Trump. These are
legitimate charges that he was assisting the Russians in overthrowing the election. In order to do it. They have to launder information. They know the information from foreign entities that backs up this claim, that's bs is probably be asked to so they don't state clear, the information to official. Five eyes, cooperation channels right. New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom the? U S, in other words friendly intelligence parts. Instead of passing through official channels. Your will be detected, has total be ass. It passed through a sure channels and wandered into the United States to make it into the justice system, giving it the patina the appearance there ever of real information giving it: an air of legitimacy and its pass through on official channels what are those an official channels. It appears right now those honest, your channels where the? U S Senate and the State Department, the? U S Senate, Diane Feinstein, who sat on the entire committee, sat who said
for by the way Dan Jones is still working on an operation against drop this step one. of the experts, that's going to come out and is going to blow the copper off this. The entire information stream from the beginning was bs and was launder. Do unofficial channels because of it was official. It would have been exposed. This bs complete crap though they used unofficial channels to make sure bad information. The analogy I use less nature one reasons. We use official channels with our internal its partners overseas to vat information is to make sure we don't start a nuclear war based on a tip Joe, we beg doughnuts in England to his body in the United States, and Russia are going to attack to our Lord stood books. We don't do that. There vetting process. There is official channels for entail. Why were those of national channels according to Devon Nunez, not use he's already said in his interview, Maria Barter Roma. Those were not used because
Information would have been detected is bs. They wanted yes, information because they didn't have anything real on Trump. Interestingly enough again, another Obama per an Monaco, please in the White House in the times that is connected, the palm Alors former chief of staff a team is assembled a team with deep conflicts to make sure tat. None of this is exposed. A fake information was used despite their team. Joe Bob Mahler is deeply conflicted. Bob Mahler, who knows some of the russian players in this terror Pasco offers to testify therapy So who knows about Vex Albert Vessel Borg, who knows the scope of our project and the Clinton involvement and donations and the russian and info stealing their Pasco offers to testify. He already knows smaller what better,
a person and Malo to run this investigation can make all of this go away. Now is what I'm telling you make incense year. He assembles a team of people with deep conflict, to make sure the Clinton side of this, the donations to corruption, the influence the operation. I ran angle, It all goes away. he assembles, as is leave, people a guy named Andrew Weissmann, a guy it stand tromp. We already know this from the emails you sent to Sally Yeats, about congratulating for the fine trumpet and getting fired for. he picks our assembly another or acolytes who represented a Clinton team member involved in the email scandal. He was the lawyer for the Clinton. This is one of the guys investigating Trump he picked, Genie Ree, a lawyer Represented the Clinton sphere, as a lawyer, these his team going after Trump, this makes that hope, yeah
What are the sources he's given immunity to win the case? George Nadir. Investigating the the Eric Prince Career, Dmitri of meeting in the Seychelles. That's one of his. one of his staples, this of collusion, fake narrative, Mahler Staples one of his sources on that is being, Represented by Obama's Bomb White House lawyer Catherine Rumbler, who Also, by the way, work were Andrew Weissmann. on the Enron taskforce, they know each other. They all know each other. Let me go to that again: corrupt charges, but we hide the corrupt charged. The fact that there was no collusion and we're only doing this to keep the attention on tromp we hire conflicted team that make sure that they do not highlight the Clinton involvement why some of the lawyers represented team Clinton?
What are the lawyers being used as a and actually working with the Mahler team. Now representing a source was Obama's Whitehouse lawyer representing a source keeping this collusion fairytale alive. The Russian. Dmitri of that met with Eric France, in this meeting. That's under investigation, Joe by Mahler, Dmitri, have met with Eric Prince former CEO black water. Their alleging prince made some kind of like corrupt deal with the Russians, and it's all garbage folks me. the person, the stores for that it was at that meeting. Nato is being represented by Obama's former White House lawyer, This was a set up The russian they met with was once represent. By two Clinton, bunglers.
the investigators investigating that mean they all know each other cat rumbler, the White House lawyer representing a source working with Mahler, worked with mother. Appeared, pull eighty Weissmann on the Enron taskforce, invent charges, put a team together with deep concern, that, have an interest in hiding the attire not operation, and the cover up finally pick a bunch of national targets is his words. All gonna make sense, because I know I can Fiji within their passing again. I'm sorry, I'm sorry for saying sorry switch, but I love my only said. I want to lose. This works. Gonna make sense. in red charges pick a team hi those invented charges and Target trop, no matter what now pick targets and shut them up investigate Eric Prince Eric
who was at that meeting in the Seychelles that and Obama lawyers. Representing a source on Prince called. by a bright part, radio right before the election say He had damaging information on the Obama Justice Department and there Astrogation the Clinton email case Prince all sudden, is under investigation now by the Mahler team. One of the sources helping investigate prince, is being Represented by Obama lawyer, I kids, day this enough, sir? You understand this Mahler is investigating a guy who claims to have information on Hilary and the source. Helping bawler is being represented by Obama's old lawyer It is shot him Papa mothers also investigating Victor Vessel Burke former partner to their Pasqua, who wants to testify in front of Congress and Congress, isn't allowing it. Apparently, they didn't want it
but he's trying to hide this Their investigating victual work for enticed Trump for it, five hundred thousand dollar payment the trumps lawyer yet vexing work is the president of Skulk of o and our entire communities deem the russian intelligence theft project where the partners it'd have donated to the collected significant sums of money. Why? She was in power. Some of the same money to back skulk of all, also backed? And Eric and company we're Hilary What is right in man was placed on the board, millions of them. Was poured in right after this right after Hillary Clinton guy John Podesta jumped on imported jewel from the same entity? was involved with skulk of up, but there are investigating vessel. The the guy running spoke about four ties too.
pay no attention to the man behind occurred there, so investigating pincher. Chris speaking, fees paid the trump, but pinch shook donated ten to twenty Five million to the collectives pinch of did I mention his name before the Atlantic Council where the council, which port it up with the ukrainian natural Gas company, which hired oh binds kid and John he stepped son, but they are investing. the for that their invest the gaining pictured buffers donations daily, not for the day invite you got to the house by the way Hilary House which Hilary steam deny their running from Pincher. Now they are investigating penchant for speaking feed, Donald Trump, the conflicts or deep Who knows a lot of this, and who may the involvement of themselves? Thereupon Oscar in there Pasqua conveniently their ties to their Pasqua,
his name, Joe, was convened, currently left out of the poor man of Fort indictment. By Bob Mahler leave. no man of Fort and thereupon, Oscar or business business partners. Now, do you see whether hideousness Cotonou and at her a point where I get it. I kind of lost in the middle of the whole point I was trying to make before is at she's not going to be tied up easily. There are multiple motives here now. Let me list them out, so it makes sense there. A Democrat is a simple motor. Let's go simple. First simple motor Democrats set up and dirty up. Donald Trump motive number one motive, or to by the Russians, get you for all the international uranium surprise supply, make sure we incentivize the United States to close this, I ran deal because Russia, I ran our Barra, our bodies there chums they love each other.
number three so chaos, however, we can in the United States, knowing Donald Trump has little chance to win, but get the United States to question the integrity of their own election run away it have information campaign, do whatever we can to so discontent and chaos on both sides. We know from the Mahler indictment that they bought Facebook S, pro Hilary against tiller pro trumpet against Trump. Soon motivational before get rid of magnates key that sanction, our billionaires from travelling. This is due in real damage whenever we have to do to take down people like bill prouder who was advocating for magnates key, but prouder who's got some issues himself? What do we do? It's ok us on both sides of that. How do we get there? the Republicans to hammer fusion GPS? To what I'm telling you is. I The Russians played Christopher Steel to that
The angle I left out before I think, Russians may have played Christopher Steel, did not like Donald Trump. He is not a good guy. He's a british spy produce the fake dossier. I think the Russians may have played Christopher Steel as well. In an air Knowing this would so discontent on both sides? This thing is on believable scam. I mean if it is it's just. Let me just read you something from us by the way is another piece in the show notes that I buy Andy Mccarthy, it's really important I just read you I put first on the Mccarthy Peace Adam. Car, the is a very important piece at national review. Its critical you read it it through the time line of tax right around the time. The counter intelligence investigation about Donald Trump with the FBI started its a critical piece,
I want you to read it because in their the tax, Sir Illustrative of appoint here that their sea to be some confusion as to how this case started and exactly What the genesis of this was its important. We understand that read the peace. It goes through that that's important, but I've I can understand that the motives in this were not clear for everyone now. This is the John Solomon piece of the help? There are two things here, too big take away from this peace it's free says. First, as the F B, I prepared to get Authority Savell figures on trumps campaign team. Did this clause to the five court, the fire, a foreign, intelligent surveillance court that one of its power, the russian sources there talking about their Pasqua, waved them, often the notion of Trump Russia collusion. You want then why Darrow Pask is testimony could be so damaging here he knows about Vex Albert. He knows about skulk of all. He knows
at the I ran operation to get the spy back. He also knows the FBI approached him. Two months from the investigation asked a russian oligarchy who had trot relax us from the United States for questionable ties. Show the FBI asked a russian oligarchy pay and you know about this rush inclusion, any laughed them off. Why was that disclose. You think that's a critical piece of information. This is important. medical staff he's a second, the? U S governed, maple impose sanctions. Are there are Pasco one of several prominent Russians targeted to punish Vladimir Putin using the same sort of allegations that the state that state used from two thousand six, the two thousand nine year between those to episodes their Cassim good enough for the FBI to ask him to fund a multi million dollar rescue mission that talking about thick, get me FBI agent back at the scene. help on a sensitive political investigation and to allow him into the country a times. Ladies,
There is something going on with their Pasco. A whole lot of people want to keep quiet, and a mark Warner is the key to this. Why Democrats centre more Warner is working with the lobbyists. We know to his text. Is working with a lobbyist working for Darrow Pasqua, while simultaneously trying to connect into this british spy Christopher Steel, while talking to the british spy Waldman was, and is the lobbyists thing just blows my mind. I know more about it. wrap this up for you, but he attention also part of our bodies at Brick house nutrition. I so we get a paper showing you know
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the Russians were trying to so chaos, Since we are not trying to help Donald Trump, the Russians were trying to destroy our election. The Russians are not the good guys, It is clear at a minimum that, although there are has some information about what happened during this investigation is also clear that people interested in making all their Pasco go away. People upon the hell, it's clear after these charges fell apart, fed by force. Information by the Russians. they had to assemble a team, and especially council to make sure that the faulty gusting process used to spy on a presidential candidate, never came to light. They hire Bob Mahler Mahler, who conveniently had worked with a russian who has intimate information about this scandal Mahler hires, a bunch of tea members, would already worked with the coincidence. and one is bleed people who hates Donald Trump, a bunch of
People are investigated people with ties to both the Clinton and Trump Orbit, but who are deeply involved with the coincidence but only investigated for their ties to the troops or the Trump team. Why is that? I At this point to shut everybody up about an operation, they know was a sting operation and framed job on trumped the whole time he was Frame and there are people who know that sort of shut those people up and than from testifying. What do they do? They investigate them for ties to the Trump deep, hey, let's cut a deal. Notice you haven't seen a these people in the news. She not a little odd people with deep ties of the coins. They pick questionable targets Some of the source is being used to question those targets some of the source is being used to uncover information and those targets are being represented by people on team Obama. We I now last night Mahler has The relationship with a guy, the Russian thereupon Oscar that thereupon GAD at whist
cooperate by the FBI and again on my questioning the morals of it, but in a questionable illegal operation to get back a american hostage. Former FBI agent from I ran the deal falls apart, clearly a black eye. the Obama team that may not have done everything could at this point the I'm is one of the Ariane deal this all how to be kept quiet. What better guide a higher than Robert Mama. We also find out that thereupon can now. Who knows smaller. And it was a Russian who knows vessel bargain the big players in this fight, Now that he's also connected to a lobbyist that is also connected to it. former staffer, who was worth King on the Senate, O gang of eight over sigh committee over the entire community that former staffer leaves and is now working to still take down. Donald Trump tell me again how the whole deep state thing is: a big conspiracy, theory, moral, crazy folks, stuff is knots.
what more known in this cause. I brought this up last night, a guy called in any way to the show last night collar mark Levantin. He was talking about heed. It seem to have any objection to how information was passed. The United States- I can't ever size, you enough the importance of official intelligent shells- yes, not every tip- is an official tipped sometimes or our walk ins people. Why into an FBI office. People will walk into an embassy overseas and will have intelligence tape that eventually works out the reason of official channels for voting that information, Joe, is because again we don't want to start a nuclear war based on faulty information that comes through, like you know, Joe beggar, doughnuts, burger King, who passes information to his body and Duncan doughnuts, who knows a guy in the CIA. We of official channels we have entities. We have Russia, experts, geographic experts, GEO political experts within these entities that vat in for you should appropriately before makes it through the present. There is a reason. Those affair
Don't channels were sidelined in the Trump investigation because the information was crap and it would pass through official channels. I ve got to the sound well get that tomorrow it would have been it is crap and they needed. the information to stay in its crap status. To start a crap investigation using conflicted investigators to make sure that the real scandal, the Obama Gate, spying scandal- was never uncovered. That's! What's going on here folks are really appreciated. Thanks for everybody go into the job store yeah, you guys been making it really worth our while. We really appreciate it go check out the shown us that some amazing stories there and you can get a couple of things. I want to talk about I'll, try to them tomorrow, but go check it out
you know that. Come thanks. You just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.