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Ep. 721 Police-State Liberals Are Using Economic Warfare Against Us

2018-05-16 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the exploding economic war liberals are waging against the rest of us. I also discuss how to fight back.    I also address John Brennan’s disgraceful role in the framing of the Trump team.    News Picks: Russia is developing a deadly weapon we have no defense against.   The liberal culture war has spilled into comic books.   An explosive piece showing that John Brennan hasn’t been honest about his role in the setup of the Trump team.    A Maltese professor played a key role in the Trump investigation.    The White House is rejecting media efforts to spin this story.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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get ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour lock up their thereby gino shall producer joseph armor cost how are you today i write all right i'll matthew mokanna or add all right i was out from dazed and confused i think i am the worst that i always get it wrong i may be right on that one which would be shocking stunning so what do we got today where do we start where do we start major breaking news again yesterday pulse very over real clear investigations blowing the lid off of the john brennan scandal this man is a debit stain on the year on the fabric of america that will never ever be white clean air what a disaster now all become unclear captain puppet master john brennan his this graceful legacy as a member
lead member of our intelligence community coming out i got more i'm don't really get to i've got some sound from him exposing how and by the way just get lawyer brennan because except this guy's been exposed for the fraud he is as the the creator the entire scandal here what a mess with this guy and he thought tat piece it goes on tv talk about it get a lawyer get off tv john gosh is this guy dumb you get off the television before we get to that i got a couple of certain gonna get to buy the economic war going on against conservatives gotten worse i find it interesting story s or the federalist regulation you by bodies at i target we love i target i always recommend people if they canada willing to own and by a firearm and to train with it it's important if you
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about the continued economic war against conservatives i have been on this thing for a while now here is the problem with police state tyrant liberals which are increasingly taking over what was left of a once proud democrat party under john f kennedy which is now turn into a ragtag group of socialist police state tyrants antifraud crowds types violent eighty four speech and eighty civil liberties advocates it's really a grotesque group job i have explained in the past and i ll explain again today the continuum of how left this work and what we have to be prepared for and these tyrants show lose in politics meaning actual elections the presidency house of representatives senate local state
ella gets local state senators councilman mayors at the local level left this never give up never that's one thing about them you have to understand now i dont respect it and cases because what they say don't give up i mean they don't give up attacking your civil rights but you have to respect the tactic because if you ignore it you will be at blindsided as your civil liberties just die away year when they who's in politics they move immediately to other arenas they never rest can urban if we don't do this and that suggesting we shouldn't in in and out of makes sense in a minute but liberal never stop they are committed to taking your money your liberty your health care you're kids education the right to your property some cases the life in some cases especially when it comes to their pro abortion advocacy they are absolute
he committed to the destruction of everything you know that represents big our rights liberty and freedom that is it horse blinders on they see nothing but the destruction of the constitutional republic as we know it s a wrangle not talking about all demo that's but sadly i'm talking about a lot of him now is a party has been completely hijack now what they lost in politics in what they ve been losing significantly especially during the obama used where they were white doubt at the state federal and local level they lost a thousand plus seats moved seamlessly into the economic and the culture wars the call your words what are the culture wars and wars and economic wars or not we should say cultural and economic war are not necessarily separate entities right so i our story today to show you exactly what i mean how both of these are connected comic books show comic books you take
could seriously were politicizing comic books out no longer not us not be your joe i love the pot you're right believe me the pot is your comic book was it spider man i have at my wife one for you what is it one eighty wonders maybe that's hulk one eighty wonder with the wolverine got but these were not politically correct cartoons at all comic books now they the ito it was a mass killing another i'm recommending nest i have to say that i was a kid there were clear bad guys clear good guys and an excited the evolution of the eighty zero which is probably not pc either the left has politicized comic books there's a piece in the federalist today read it in the shown it's really good and i kind of like disk on the title desgas i once in a while i i like reading at the comic book irene and i know some people in it i'm actually appeared in a comic book you never that thing issue that was someone through my likeness and a comic book articles fascinating it's about this guy richard meyer
apparently he's either i don't even physic so much as a conservative his is not a liberal let's just say that oh no i'm i've never come conversed with them i don't understand this pause i'm just tell you clearly not a liberal so joe wrote this series aurora drew this year is a comical marshall together the series of comics that did not follow the pros social justice warrior snowflake liberal cry room color forms creole align that we're all suppose the cover so just this warrior issues that our comic books we're supposed to crap on america crap on the contrary crap on tromp apparently this molly was like i don't think so we're not going to do that myers starts a youtube channel such we'll story called the spur diversity in convicts which is great because joe this flags probably take this is a youtube channel dedicated to commentary on snowflakes now but it's not
myers youtube channel is it's a roast basically of of all of these misguided efforts two culturally influence young americans through social justice warrior messaging in comic books just leave the damp comic books alone good guy bad guy fight good guy wins india that it's not complicated it's not complicate every the comic books from the sixties bad guy goodbye goodbye winds that the plot in every single one i've read them all one a boy moon too guy loses and he dies but he comes back in the next commandant everywhere we rigel superman's i dedicate back is like seven different superman's or whatever they never really die ok a mockery put an spoilers in but some of you get it you know you talk about relationship to some other stuff out there in a comic book arena and the movie arena wink weight
ok they never really die now you they believe that alone they can't so meyer puts us youtube channel up it's an instant success joe people come there s a finding hilarious that this guy yeah he just what are they blocked yet but you tube saw again is it a twitter so we have this youtube temporary does these rose any just follies these people for their endless focus on social justice warrior nonsense to think solve and he starts a crowd funding effort on starter joe are you take no to block that out now block it i'll even it is for you it's riotous cometary don't leave jai see joy nobody goes to the pen that he gets a cut so i could see him my camera don't leave it there but so he's takes up a kickstarter average joe to start iq on march a new mega my eyes and you call job
a girl lost souls and it raises a fortune so just to be clear he's not he's not a liberal which is in social justice warrior cultures are yet to culture worry around fifty put out of business and filet immediately he starts a to channel which goes after political correct this comic books it's a huge success he starts kickstarter effort for this new comic a job breaker lost souls and the thing takes right away joe on kickstarter he raises a fortune for this and a publishing company an arctic press picks up the deal because it's such a huge success on kickstart hey will publish the comic book get it in the stores while what happens bunch of social justice warrior snowflakes this role lay crowd a butcher but europe people who had arctic marvel and otherwise crazy and star pressuring this publishing company you can't put
out there you better start we're going to boycott your stuff we're going to make sure we don't publish any that an arctic presses pokes reno put in stores they see pressure in this at any artic press which then backs away dan antonio company and says we're not going to publish the comic book anymore now it meyer says listen don't blame them is a small mom and pop they were on the relentless pressure by this to justice warrior snowflakes the he tyrants the police state economic tyrants that that have been packing this guy and he says so i'm not going to spend at a time on the problem the publisher ike i get where he sang and admire doesn't want us going after m onawandah scorn after made out i think we should replicate snowflake tactics in that respect but what's funny about this were actually what's not funny about was pretty disgusting about these filthy police they tyrant liberals is this is there next this is what they're doing
bring this story up because joe now the culture wars there winning overwhelmingly in the culture worse they own academia they on the messaging in hollywood they on them switching on tv there waiting i'm not telling you the tides not going to turn it always does throughout history that's why we have to fight back can be patient but their winning now they own gimme a they own hollywood they on television may on music they own everything that would comprise popular culture in other words called rural things people en masse tend to list nor fine entertaining brill zone all of it that's not good not for them job it's not good enough to you who's the culture wars to make you and i outkast let me look at what happened again economy west i dont know con yea i'm not saying he's a conservative i'm just saying he d to say he liked the way a conservative can do so instincts and he became the subject of a ruthless
ruthless mob of people who attacked him this is what hold your war is the culture war in a sentence is me any non liberal an outcast do you understand that job that's exactly what they do with this richard meyer in the carpet comic book arena the key war is not independent from the economic war it's not good enough to make you an outcast joe and to make your friends hate you and your family hate you it's not good enough they have to bankruptcy to joseph you got it i understand if your war was always going to be a weapon for the economic war later they are binding now through the use of social media email campaigns facebook which did not exist twenty years ago it as we know it now now male but in it not definitely not the pervasiveness we have now me when i
started in the secret service agent netscape you know email was ever get people had em but it i mean but he now are you grandmother has bobby five or six email accounts twitter and social media existed nothing like it does now they have found the way the liberals to make the outcast become a public outcast too spreading the message tweet out costly a warm cost non liberal gotta get i'm being shunned yes you are you bridge at genoa social media front of millions of people and its a cases show in many now it's being accompanied by an economic boycott message which is exactly what happened to this comic book author and his publisher they want you bankrupted they want you finish i bring it up today because there's another story out there that ties intimately into this message and you need to be easy to understand the so you know it is time the fight back folks it is time to skin your knees and get a little dirty ok
mean dirty and immoral i mean dirty that we gotta get outside and we gotta you know we gotta play in the weeds a little bit here it's will require some dirt under the fingernails you can't pull weeds looking at him no more around you gotta actually go a pull the weeds and keep growing back for the liberals listening and media matters i know you're a violent punch you ain't teeth supporting southern already lost senders supporting i know we're not that's your thing ok just so wonder understand violence is your rina because you're immoral slobs but we have be prepared for this fight the other story side of me to keep teasing because i want to wrap it up would how we're gonna fight back so i don't leave you on this mccobb note here drew cuomo hapless simple free over spoon baby governor new york far left liberal goon
thou pressuring people and companies in new york to not do business this with insurance companies and others that do any business with the and our way way way way the lip on one hand they want you to force you to basic baker cake for a game well you don't want to be a part of because you're in nepal workspace space but then the other hand so that there are for association shouldn't be free right job a guy big the case is not free to associate what do we want right that's what they're saying this guy it's the cakes and listen i don't want to do business i don't want to make a case for a gay wedding sought my thing ok it's against my religious police by the way he has constitutional protection there the process is not freedom aviation is dead freedom of association dead gone but then sure thing we enough when it comes to banks and insurance companies doing business with the array a legally protected activity by the way the writer just a firearm to protect yourself cuomo
whose team are putting pressure on these companies citing reputational harm which a lot of these companies and our backing out of contracts with the and our aid and as a major lawsuit going so now all of a sudden joe freedom association yeah you know what you guys did with these companies did there's no freedom of association every you can associate with who you with why don't show see it and was legally up illegal activity in the end are right not are you can't do that it's a scam baked the cake you better do business with this person and into the other company this is business but you better not to persist with that person there scammers this is an economic war what they can't win now to sum up what i'm telling you they can't win their fights politically they know their ruthless being a social justice warrior agenda on the human
sexuality front is is is not as not popular people want to be but just leave me alone me my sexuality my family alone they don't want that liberal want their beliefs imposed on everyone they know their their agenda on gun control is a dead end politically they know it this data so what do they do they keep fighting politically never going to give up their joe but they typee was an outcast they stereotype years an outcast culturally using all weapons they can hollywood i look at these tromp voters hollywood academia look at you filthy triumphal deplorable people then they use that outcast label to leverage economic boycott against you do the use of social media and facebook and then they weapon eyes the power of government when they can como cuomo gonna lose this by the way bad and its maybe a horrifying defeat for liberals
the economic front i'm sure of it wants this case goes to court here's the good news folks whereabout forty five to fifty percent of america and i'll be honest with you probably fifty five percent too there are probably democrats based on the emails i get some unscientific bravo having taken a pole of everybody in america even i even a statistically effective of sample size but i'm guessing based on some of the books i've read about political brains political ideology political leanings that probably forty two fifty maybe fifty five percent of america strongly reject the idea that the government should be weapon ized that hollywood should be weapon eyes and that economic boycott should be weapon eyes to stop people from doing what's legally protected buying a firearm using their own religion i've garret you were the majority what am i saying here folks you after
i know i'm not your preacher and i'm not trying to be one and i'm sorry if it comes off that way but we have got to take on a little bit of suffering in our own minds my talk about physical pain i'm talking about a little bit of just income the union's in our lives when it comes to this economic stuff movies i just you know i rarely if ever go any more rarely if there's an actor actress in a movie that's anti tromp i'm out once in a while you know i guess i don't like i'm never going to be afforded my audience i do have a young daughter and you know something it's important to me my family ex presidents but rarely later i used to go to the movies my wife every friday we have been too movies maybe three times this year maybe an eye
ever go to a movie with like a jennifer lawrence or any other kind of character and that has taken a shot of christians or anyone else i will not give them my money we do watch entertainment but there are other ways to minimize the financial i always buy tickets when i can offer a christian movies i come out even if i dont see them i reckon and i'm on my show that movie about paul the apostle was incredible not because it was a christian movies great movie now one of the movies i saw this year i bite its version entities movie those folks we're going to have to take on a little bit of suffering i'm begging you as a friend as a hosting the show you chose to us i appreciate it please be careful with your money companies that keep hitting us hit them back you're not going to be able to fight everyone i get that there are so many left leaning companies out there i am then you're not going to be able to fight every fight i get tim cook apples known for saying insane stuff all the time ellison i might get a lady i still have an iphone it's tough
a business wise to transfer the entire platform without impacting the shop i know target anymore ever targets done forever i tried i try not to go to starbucks i tried it away from these places you need to do with you they can't win this fight why over the long term we have the money in our pockets and once a producer with enough assets and connections out to hollywood you sure producer of of services or goods comes along and sees that vacuum in the economy so what's going to come along and present an alternative that is going to be a runaway success the models already there the bottle was fox news the liberal
random media forever pupils at all costs we can have a conservative or what fair and balanced network they run joe there's no way economies of scale it's not gonna happen people forget fox news was not a runaway success right away economically it is now this takes time there is going to be eventually a conservative hollywood study that only pumps our pictures at our and films that dead dead don't attack us much in an necessarily have to be like for you know everything has to be pro america in china and in an almost like over the top way but it certainly not going to be against us away they'll be a conservative hollywood studio a conservative music studio there will be this and this is why i am talking about this and is now go
to be some kind of a conservative comic book outlet because the same author comic book author joe meyer i told you about is apparently now crowd sourcing given them who you can't see me but a given him the double barrel middle finger is now get to start his own comic book publishing company things called splatter another way ok you don't want to published myself will publish it ourselves thank you and you know what will happen serbia is a flock there may even more by the dark comic books or even freedom including me go by comic books just stick to the left and you know what will happen eventually do what fox news did its competitors wiped them out miss embassies a joke outside a rachel banner it's a joke it's a farce cnn is the laughing stock of of media and even journalist anymore it's a national inquiry network and as an insult to the national acquire debate to see in it there more credible this is going to happen it is an economic it's a tough
a logical step it is going to happen but it's only gonna happen when you start off these companies from your economic resources wherever you can if even tool three thousand people stop shopping and target stop shopping in exporting goods who is now lobbying against your civil liberties near right to self protection and those two thousand people over the course a lifetime and targeting dicks were worth five hunt two thousand dollars and purchase dat a while up to their wild now take it celebrate all they were here's the difference do by the way one more thing that decided cash i wanted a wrap this up a little quick second i want to get too but this is important for liberals don't have the guts for this fight date oda the gods they don't have the guts are not in this for the long term make no mistake i have studied these people i have read about these people i follow some of these people on twitter i know exactly what their made of and what their made of is nothing
but see there's nothing there there is no there's no more to renew their there's no bricks there is nothing it's a house of san they do not have the guts or the drank for this fight in a long term there's a reason their snowflakes it's because they're delicate everything offensive they don't have the emotional stability for this fight in the long run they'll go out after the kellogg's boycott and bright part now pick up a boxer kellogg's show for a week and who knows maybe kellogg's or dick sporting goods gets a bump for a week while the liberals echo whenever by something they don't need here's the different show they do not have the guts for the long why they will never go back and dicks again they will never pick up kellogg's again you have been talking about they weren't customers in the past they forget because they're snowflakes that's what they do they will jump on to the next victim would fight immediately immediately table
forget about the last fight because their constantly seeking new ways to wine balmy in the basement have their hot copal because that's what they are they ve got nothing their cowards they will forget about target conservatives never ever forget and bring this up because of a story about a restaurant in dallas it took a shot in an members and a wash deposed celebrating show because all the liberals member that's where the energy convention was all the little piled in a week or two afterwards you know what god bless him on my liberals i believe in free market association if this dopey restaurant dallas wants to take a shot at an array members do your thing man i for freedom of speech that's fine i don't want we're going to never again but little you're all over the price celebrated quoting this bloomberg shell they think this is the the story of the world but they can be
we ignore target they conveniently ignore dicks yet he coolers all of these companies that are getting rushed because kids urban is never ever forget liberals got nothing their snowflakes for a reason whose and choose where you spend your money wisely when this fight it's just require a little patience the numbers the heart the guts and principles are on our side we are fighting a cowardly army of pure remember i use this line and to show a joy read what not because she thought it somehow it was advocating violence it's not it's an argument skin in the game by entire lab who wrote a great book called skin in the game he talks about spartan line and it's not about violet you idiots i'm alive you're so dumb your sword obsessed with violence you don't get it you don't
stay metaphors analogies like i used the chest one one time in a liberal lustre might consist of stupid spartan phrase with your shield when they told us barton warriors with it are on it what's in that fight you need to have skin in this game you need to come back with your shield joe are on it meaning you had sacrificed yourselves skin in the game you would put for your in any case your life into this fight now what is with it mean well people run in battle and run away in spartan times threw away their shields why joe they were happy you gonna run runaway you dump your shield so come back with it meaning you fought to the end or on it meaning you sacrificed or something you had skin and again this liberals don't have any so spirit there they don't have it there's there no guts for this fight
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times a day my kids love it is your insurance in getting all those valuable nutrients and fruits and vegetables it's your insurance policy i can't recommended enough i love this stuff is the staple of a good diet feel the greens available brick ass nutrition dotcom flesh i am i'm going to another article in the show notes today it's important region cnbc is i don't usually like lincoln tippit cnbc sometimes some really good stuff show it's about and this is going to lead into my next debates about the russians developing there at the end stages of development of a hypersonic missile just very dangerous folks now this ties into the russian collusion obamacare scandal if your regular listener you know where i'm going with this if not don't worry i'll explain it but is a very dangerous development our military action sat there said we don't have a viable prevented if mechanism to stop an attack if these missiles were to go live there
evelyn multiple times the speed of sound joe and even without a war had on the top there particularly devastating just from the dramatic force of the travelling at that speed load with you no nuclear weapons are when even conventional warheads could cause significant significant damage now read the story it's pretty good it's in cnbc and be the shone out today but why is such a big concern and how this tie into the whole scandal about the cover up russian collusion debacle folks there was a rush in silicon valley project i ve talked about repeatedly spoke of ours of our scope about don't forget this name spoke of her this russian military she's me this russian project the idea and it was to create a rush in silicon valley and debate in a bunch of american companies and otherwise to join
this project which was heavily subsidized by the russian government and russian investment funds after american companies the coming it now our intelligence community has deemed this project an effort by russian intelligence folks to steal sensitive military technology and there's some reporting out there that decree this hypersonic weapon joe which extremely dangerous to america some of the time knowledge he may have been stolen at spoke about it huge scandal a kind of a doomsday weapon being created in conjunction with a project debated in american companies skulk oh is a huge deal and needs be the scandal needs to be covered up because they companies that joined the scope of our project seventeen of the twenty eight donated heavily to the clinton foundation not to mention one of the that the guy right
in the operation spoke of o victor vessel burg is also known to the clinton's as well as its aim huge huge scandal now how does this relate to the collusion thing again if you ve been following vaccines work is now being investigated by the mahler team for ties to trump which our lucid past and in no way compared to the severity of the ties to the clinton foundation skulk about that the smaller thing is a smoke screen gosh i can't say this enough mahler is exclusively investigating people to shut them up because of their involvement with the cliff is its clear as day right now if that changes i will correct the record i see no evidence of that type chronic weapon story is a disaster nbc i don't believe makes the connection in the peace i read through twice but how they missed it i dont know now
i might bring this up cause yesterday more in credit breaking news you got that sound ready rachel yemen paul very real clear investigation i gotta get him on the energy tv show which is by the way every night enery tv documentary by the way check out or new websites really if you just go to the website at five thirty pm each time i shall automatically pops up enough to do anything it's life we know messroom i gotta get him on the shoulder he as a p sup yesterday supposing john brennan further complete total fraud he s now read the peace i'll have it if of course i'll be in the show notes real clear recitations pulse bearing he talks about how brennan's efforts it turns out they were lies to hide the fact that the dossier joe the fake information the clinton's played foreign trump they are all
sprightly trying to hide the dossier as the the potential genesis of this whole investigation why because its fake this is simple somebody mail me they were right i appreciate the again just always keep in mind what the goal was to gold to take down trump and if you constantly relate things back to that simple point the story makes more sense because somebody branches on the tree was actually good point the effort to take down rob was started using fake intelligence that's why they fail to do official channels what information launder to launder the information and not official channels because if they feel pity to affair so intelligent channels through the official chain of command to wait normal intelligence would be filtered it would have been probably detected is bs because it wasn't verified that's not what they did they under the information to unofficial channels to get it into the courts to spy on the trump team to take them down this
tire case is built on a fake piece of information in the dossier or multiple pieces of information in a fake dossier i should say to be precise breaking yesterday brennan has insisted has insisted that to multiple people by the way that he didn't know much about the dossier wait till we play a so i get the chuck todd one ready joe this is stating what are you but hold on a minute why is brennan doing this because brow knows that the dossier was his case and the minute he admits on the record that has the as a senior level our full member the intelligence community that job brennan started a political investigation based on fake information he may very well known was not verified on bread and is going to be in a world of trouble so we asked
run from this thing now the disparity peace in a second wide support but just to show you that brennan his run from this dossier despite we know you know about it and he laughed about it here basically telling shocked or what so the how we emphasize the dossier played no role no no no no no no no no note of the dossier listen to him which are taught when did you first learn of these so called steel dossier and what christopher it was doing well it was a nodded among press circles for several months before it came out and it was in late so of twenty sixteen when there were some individuals from the various u s news outlets who asked me about watch billy already with it and i had heard just snippets about it i did not know what was in there i did not see it until later in that year if it goes in december
i was unaware of the provenance of it as well as what was in it and it did not play any role whatsoever in the entails committee assessments that was done that was presented to president obama and then present electron how was the steel dossier treated it without you treat you said you looked at in december i assume it's been looked at by was obviously looked at by the fbi we ve now learn they ve tried to confirm some of it and have had some success some not yet they don't say it's they don't they say it's unconfirmed but that's about it while the word things so that those who say that made me wonder whether or not they would they were in fact britton true and i do think it was up to the fbi to see whether or not they could verify and even think jim call me said that it was button contain salacious and unverified information just because was unverified didn't mean it wasn't true and if the russians were involved in some like that's directed against individuals who are
aspiring to the highest office in this land there was an obligation upon the fbi to seek out the truth on what one let me i just took a few notes and is listened to and this is our disdain on constitutional republic this human disgrace to public office cold it's bad enough by the way i was just talking about bread he throws call me under the basi goes well it was possibility you call me just because it wasn't verified doesn't mean it wasn't true way way john let me get this straight you're running the cia and you give on vert your whole job is to verify information you want one job joe can you imagine i'm running the cia you're the president united states i am a jew is the president because now we have some significant information that he may have slipped some of this information into the president's brief i slip
commissioner i am job president job so we travel less weaken the bahamas and i heard look at the bar at the bed the bahamian what they're doing is there there are they have a nuclear weapon pointed towards the united states they may attack next wednesday get tat gap buzz down your home job is to verify the information you knucklehead but notice he does he do call me under the bus folks this is this scandal this call me and brenner not gonna be friends at the end of this take it to the bank cash that check and spend that money one of them is throw the other one under the bus brennan already has i'm waiting for call me to strike back brennan the fbi a bunch of bs information the fbi screwed up by not verifying it brennan the information was that verified unlikely false and always draw and call me in the bus go on youtube any digital not my job
i'm going to verify that your whole existence you idiot that's why it's called a central intelligence agency not these central intelligence agency you dope then he says well i learned about it from news outlets they said this thing the news outlets says now this is the important take away it play no role whatsoever in the intelligence community assessment do not miss that line this where's berries article comes in what we have been told for almost a year now is that the intelligence community assessment the icy a job which was the famous seventeen intel agencies report remember this seventy
iraq obama touted this hillary clinton tell seventeen intelligence agencies have deemed that the russians try to interfere in our election and they tried to help donald trump that report is the entire folks it's the entire basis for the collusion narrative barack obama before he needed office desperately needed some formal piece of paper to hang his hat on to say the russians tried to help trumped get an office they had nothing they had nothing so brennan call me my graduate to what degree but i'll get to him in a second he's not the bad guy the other two are because it's not seventeen folks it's three you know calcutta brenda dna visa hack too it was ray intelligence agencies and none of us could firmly conclude that the fbi hacked dnc emails and tried to help drop why because no federal agency looked at the dmz servers crowd strike
a private company had even may backtrack dad now it's coming out according to sources that my rogers disagreed with this intelligence community assessment precisely because joe dossier was one of the fundamental pieces of information used for the intelligence community to assess that the russians impact the election and this is important partner in order to help tromp nobody's disputing the russian try to interfere in our election they ve tried to do it every election year since the soviet days yet the questionable piece of information the icy was where they trying to help tromp get elected and how now we ve been told for a year and pray in just set it you just hard i'm talking to check that dossier had no role and the intelligence community sets me why would brennan say that because
the dossiers fake now the whole story which is based on the ice yea assessment are you track and me the whole area based on an intelligence community assessment the russians try to our trump they entail is creating assessments based on fake information fairies peace shows that sources of now said that the up the dossier it was in fact a critical component the i see the assessment that the russians tried to help from the whole stories ps now play another clip to show you what a liar and a fraud and a stain on this country john brennan is this is him testifying point capitol hill about oh he breathed and what he breathed them about but just pay attention because what
said is critical to the so called gang of eight process we kept congress apprised of these issues as we identified them again in consultation with the white house i personally breathed the full details or understanding of russian attempts to interfere in the election to congressional leadership specifically centres harry red mitch mcconnell diane feinstein enrich amber and two representatives paul ryan its blowsy definition adam schiff between eleven august and six september i provided the same briefing to each of the gang of eight members folks listen to what he said in common so patient with the white house in cod all patient with the white house this is hack brennan i brief the gang harry red and others about russia interference the information he breathed comes from the dossier how do we know that the
ignacio the whole things a fraud mahler to cover this up how do we know briefed on the dossier job because just days later how we read write a letter to the fbi to jim crow we demanding an investigation of the donald trump and includes allegations that we're in the dossier they were fake preoccupied shifted to their and our good guy in this the upper management by the way methode but the agents some time at the upper management here because verify it either and that was their responsibility it includes in the letter you can read it yourself allegations that are we in the dossier so just i know what i'm saying predators in conjunction with the white house all obama's knee deep this i breathed a gang of eight
the intelligence oversight member on that committee open the hell he briefs them well and good incidentally harry read a member of that committee that within days sends a letter the fbi with some of the details and a after the the brennan meeting that manzi fbi start an investigation against trump folks this is astonishing the level of the sea astonishing credit is a lawyer and what we find out the source and i i forgive me but a lot of the work we have to be very careful with this i'm pretty confident i know who it is but when the sources name becomes public you're gonna be astonished that what happened here astonished
because some of these sources in this case there connections to foreign intelligence are beyond troubling the unbelievable just read the red better barry red letter contains allegations in the dossier what do you think bread brief them on he's lying oh i don't know anything about it ass he then how did harry red find out about it to write to the fbi about it the tooth fairy snake john bread and is a snake the puppet master this whole debacle aright one more right now i want to get this is another fascinating big had tip sarah guarded last night brought something up i had not even considered and so obviously i damn how come i didn't think of that i wanted to email you be like mad system that was a good cop a third issue also brought everybody's filter by its spring cleaning time
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who have you may live in if you ever see my father antagonist shout out german love but i heard last night she said these she's can you waiting that this was a set up the whole time now the set up thing is gone measured by the way a lot of people now me and said hey there their talk radios now starting to talk about the trump team is framed the whole time you know maybe they listened to your show folks for as much as it would please me to say to you i invented this hall is there not steal unless it's not my story it is it is thus story the fact that other p i've done their own appropriate and good investigative journalist i appreciate your emails or could we are trying to credit me but i can't take credit for it did it happen active we uncovered do sources and you know hard work book riding and other people they too i'm glad the stories getting out there's no credit for it you really i mean
there are a number of really quality researchers out their chuck crossly smite sarah carter i mean boss now all over this set up a story to awesome this is not proprietary material are right the show is but not the idea now she said last night and angle on the set up i hadn't even considered she's like the job think about this this was a genius light so now we all most of the contacts at least with the trump team appeared to not have been accidental they were deliberate they sent people into the trump orbit debate them to entrapped them today rod say i love brush in collusion with what we did to them but there's a big story i missed the like what about rosen steed sour carter says lesson i don't you find it interesting that rose steam rights the memo to fire call me as the fbi director and and uses the pressure up with it call me firing by democrats too then bring on bob mahler like how did we missed
problems the obvious part of this debate was touching me in the face and are not above self deprecating humor this was dopey steroids out of i miss that monopoly you know what have course i know the details of what happened for i never connected the two sarah carter kind of dropped out here last night so just to be we're rosen steam rob roses during the debate anyone who has an awful awful job right sixteen is the one who writes the memo lay out the reasons show why fbi director jim call me use fire the democrats its then use the firing of jim call me as a the pressure rose its theme to higher smaller as a special council which is then used to cover up the whole obama gaiety i hadn't even thought of that now i can't get it to rosen stiens head i can't pick a part is motives
i don't think sarah was making it the wreck connection either but the insinuation strong and eyes another piece of the set up puzzle that at least we have to consider what would the roses debating trop at the fire call me i don't know i was always gonna be used as a predicate to bring on bob mahler too ass the gay trump and hide all the nonsense as macho man would say don't know but it certainly suspicious another cup language on yesterday's show i got questions ideas you show about their pasqua now we know all i dare pasco russian oligarchy was working with bob mahler to get back former fbi agent who is taken hostage by the iranians by the name of bob levinson a lot of emails from people thereupon is all so intimately involved in this case he high the lobbyists
it's the same lobbyists representing christopher steel in text messages with the democrats what is there a possibly do as you play both sides so some folks to meet number one they said why would they pasco want to help the fbi folks darrow pasco was being prevented in many cases from entering the country due to some allegations of ties the russian organised crime thereof scan needed help from the united states government to get into the united states the reasons forgive me i thought were obvious but but you know if you don't explain out i'd understand how some people would but miss that he needed help so are there the impetus to help the fbi to get this former fbi agent back from i ran secondly something but the question is are you a good guy or a bad guy dot mix that phraseology from your brain conspiracy theories are always hall marked by a clear good guy in a bad guy there were
many many motives year take down tromp get rid of admit cover ups of a cover up uranium one a lot of players had a lot of different reasons for doing what they did personal relationships jonathan weiner bill browser victoria newland hillary clinton lawyers money changing hands there were a lot of motives here the umbrella mode was to take down trump and hide a lot of the current obama misdeeds but darrow pasqua and he's approach by the fbi agents who and if listen yes ratio fbi aids approach him as this whole allegation of she collusion before the election is brewing joe and they know from their history of working with therapist get through mahler and others they know that derek ass goes connected the putin would probably know tromp was colluding with putin so they approach him in a hotel room and nature interview many go hey you know what unworthy trop excluding but the russians what happens thereupon is like dogs you
you're so stupid that's happening now polluted in defies the warrant conveniently because it would be exculpatory like why good information that says he may not be colluding you to want to do that like tat happens that constitutional republic where people actually give a damn about law nor more pass that down i'm not so sure darrow pasqua who knows putin how do we know he didn't see that information back to put particular colluding with a hat now putin doesn't it turn leverage that information to feed christy our steel more bs about trump knowing it's gonna make it to the fbi you understand how we got played for idiots you think potent didn't know the fbi i was pushing a false narrative about russian collusion to which putin jos like a punch you idiots let's weed some fake information hey there's a guy chris for steel that british by running around working for hilary hey go get it
couple my russian intelligence guys feed him some crap information about golden shares at watch these idiots scramble like alma ata hamster wheel i understand how we got played wake up for fools because it so we agree to had trump one more interesting angle on the dairy story the fbi agents working on the case to get back the former fbi agent held and i ran joe was i a female by the name of robin grits this is just choose robin grids is later removed from that hostage rescue unit and files discrimination complaint that
she was discriminated against who back sir up in this case mike flynn trumps later appointed national security adviser whose investigated by obama justice officials for a false logan act violation who does she father complaint against believe is andrew beckett deputy director the fbi oversee the our trump debacle investigation and the hillary clinton email investigation until he refused himself two weeks before the election because his wife is a endemic run for office let me walk you through that how crazy this story is just when you think this thing can't get any crazier the fbi seeks out a russian oligarchy for help and getting back an fbi former fbi agent held the hostage and i ran the agent working
case a female age by name of robin grits robin grits is working case to get levinson back she's hence the intimate that she was stymied at every turn the obama administration i want him back was in some out of a deal trying to cover it up iranian misdeeds rates is removed from the unit she said discrimination a person see she mentions in there as a as someone discriminate esters andrew mikhail hilary ad kit anti trapper later becomes debbie directly the fbi who backs it's up and says hey she's great she's terrific i worked with her as she's on a complaint against mackay mike flynn who mackay
later targets later with sally yeats for a false logan act violation when he gets named through the trump team brother you can not make this crap up now at the stage stuff you're all a bunch of conspiracy theories except for the fact that it actually happen or i folks you get for tuna really appreciate please go to budget that can read the shown or today the paul spiry peace is just incredible checking a punch you know that come show not join my email is i'll send it right here thanks a lot i'll see you or you just heard tan bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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