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Ep. 729 The Real Reason the Media Won’t Use the Word “Spy”

2018-05-28 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the media’s disturbing propaganda efforts on behalf of police-state Democrats and the real reason they are desperate to avoid the use of the word “spy.”    I also discuss the culture wars liberals are waging against us and how to fight back.    News Picks: I appeared on Fox and Friends this morning and discussed why the media, and the Democrats, are desperate to avoid the use of the word “spy.”   Chuck Ross covers some important questions about Spygate.   An excellent piece about the media’s attempts to avoid the use of the word “spy.”   Another stunning development in the Spygate scandal.    Marco Rubio joins the Resistance.    The liberal language police turn up the temperature.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a show that not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn Jean, I welcome to the damned by Jean O, show producer Joseph Armor cost. How are you on this are more today, a very busy by name of Glinda beyond and get off. Did I always Morgan? bless my soul or you do yeah yeah. I know I gotta, I mean it. I dont really consider this work. I said to my wife: I consider the and are a tv show work, and I don't mean that a negative like I don't like doing it. I love doing right, but it's video games, kind of nude video and, although the shows being kick in part- and we ve been rock in it, I'm still kind of work in my way through it in a lot of it is you know, production staff in and kind of busy work, but this weekend
at first over three years, you- and I mean we ve- got this thing out with science and I enjoy it. I love the audience. I love the feedback, I love the relationship or you know me, and you haven't me and you have with the audience. I mean people really enjoying a show and today's Memorial David in tape this yesterday, sometimes on holidays- will do that we'll taper show in advance, but this is now it is ten. How can a morning used to time a memorial day, and I wish everyone a grateful memorial day. I understand that when people say you know happy Memorial, they somewhat, they mean some people take them, but the day they take it up, simply because it sets out such a solemn holiday. But I thought that's what they mean either get their happy that you know we live in a country where amazing american patriots have given their lives, their flesh, their bodies, everything about their families as well, have given up nearly everything for our lives, in freedom, but I'll prefer a grateful memorial day. I mean really, if you just spend a few moments today. Thinking about the incredible
faces- and you know I think, back to my uncle you allow me a moment, girl, Gregory, Ambrose while in Vietnam who was shot in the back while trying to save his buddies south through duck, Vietnam Miss given the bronze star with a v cluster, Burgess, Valor just an amazing amazing person, I've. Never I never! Madam. I I've heard so much about him from my family, but I remember for all of those american patriots out patriotic families who have lost people and combat so We can live in this. Wonderful country, at this wonderful time you know just Amber you're. They ve given up absolutely everything everything and I think back to my family, and I think a lot of you would feel the same way who have have lost people that my grandmother Obviously your son. It was my uncle Gregory Ambrose that, with with him Joe
We used to own a bar in Glenville, Glendale, Glendale, Queens and New York, call Gibbey Spar, my grandfather's nickname giving and now he on his bar and my uncle was supposed to come home and have you see there is no social media or email back. Then, if you were to get a notification- dad I combat, they showed up themselves. So my grandfather the bar and the way my mother tells tells the story tat Daddy'S- that these too are army. Officers come for the notification. Am I mothers in the back room and we had lived upstairs the bar the family of the upstairs. Which I wind up, living and later the apartment and my grandfather told the two guys, hey. You know, with all due respect: you're not going up their books, he knew right away and they had all the signs up Joe welcome home. They were ready for him. It was supposed to become in back.
come home Gregg met effect. My my family still has the drawings that people from the barmaid of Heaven unit I'm saying welcome Home Gregg thanks for me, and these too are army officer, show up to give the notification and that he was killed, and you know my grandfather was a big guy said now. I'm sorry you you can't do that do it, and that was it. I mean my grandmother's. Life was never the same and I think to all those families that have lost management combat that your life's your lives or de marketed by that point. For us, for my family was pre Gregg and posts Gregg after died. Nothing was the say nothing. My a mother was never the same. She you know she died is still with those wounds had never. You can never be Greg around her was always them, although here I had a hero. reckon hero. Gregory Ambrose. I can't say that name enough Gregory. Ambrose, although he died a hero, it was
You still that you just didn't bring up the conversation ever around my grandmother ever she couldn't handle it. She just it was devastating there and that's why it mean so much to me and to all those patriotic Americans out there. So a heartfelt thank you the families of the fallen new are the best of us. Thank you for your sacrifice, her eye. There was a lot going on. I was gonna, do a rough cod spokes, but do so much going on. I have some serious information, a cover I may get to some other stuff, but the real there is was incredibly busy news. We get weather Robinson in the United Kingdom. If you haven't heard this story get ready to, be just totally knee. Captain swept off your feet and I don't mean that a good way, I'm not I've fallen in love, swept off you feed, I'm talking about it. You're, not gonna, believe this is actually happening in the end king what happened over there? If you know the story. You know where we go with this one, also
objects, you don't know the story. Do you waited? I swear you have here during this year, you're gonna. I will better make sure I put credible links and shown us today. This item, other China tease this to death votes. I just can't emphasised you enough how we are living in right now. There are de facto components of the police state already, in effect on that jesting we're living in a full blown purity. I don't wanna be hyperbolic or ridiculous, but I I'm telling you that components of tyrannical regimes exist right now: spying, speech, suppression, freedom of the press, Zaga and I'm going to get into that Tommy Robinson case. Something the public's aggressively grocery grocery chain down here in Florida, to ok, judicial body by bodies at filter by He always appreciate our sponsor sponsor in the show means a lot to me, folks and based on what I'm talking about getting to you today about the economic war and a cultural org not against the rest of us. It so important that we know we support them.
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Yeah showed use. Riddick laugh when you do that right now is a five percent. What you said about delivery, so you'll never need to think about air filters again say, They save time, breathe better without friends, a filter by that come that's filter, be wider com filter by doktor check them. Ok! So what happened with this Tommy Robinson story here? I don't know this guy. I can't They have never heard of him before my life. I don't know much about him. I ate. All I know is he some kind of an activist, for in the United Kingdom, who had some brushes with the law at some point now regard of your feelings, about Tommy Robinson or an unarmed I'm when I but know enough about someone. I'm that's why I'm refraining from carbon because I don't have the full. But I do know what happened here. Outside of a court in the United Kingdom Joe, and he was filming these
There was a pedophile ring in a largely muslim neighborhood in the United Kingdom, where they were grooming, young girls, fur first, It was a really disturbing troubling case. Even now, these men have been or are being prosecuted were arrested. So this guy Tommy Robinson show up outside and starts filming these men in a public air. Some private show here rested forget a load of this for breach of the peace. What Britain, at while everyone else, apparently at the scene, was kind of surprise as well he's arrested breach of the peace now keep in mind. Liberals again, ordinarily, civil, its advocates and things like that in our unbelievably quiet about this. Not only that show it gets worse. The judge, in that case orders a press black out now, if you think I'm making this up, Google and you'll see son of a bitch Some others had put up some videos of what it was like to google this and apparent
Some articles have been deleted by press outlets that already had written about this case now late Gentlemen. This is some frightening stuff you here yet bad enough were in an era where spying on your political opponents is being not only sanction. but championed by those on the left. The new, though the modern liberal, now its trump so much they are actually each and I'm gonna get in a minute to of the spy controversies. Well, what's going on with that, but they are now. actively celebrating the spying. On a political opponents. There now celebrating this case as well, because this Tommy Robinson apparently apparently is politics- are on the right side of the iron. There is, You judge ordered a press black out of coverages case, I'm not making this up. I will put it linking the shown us do? A Fox news article you can read yourself is It is just amazing. What's going on right here, the media are deleting articles not about this pedophile right. There, too,
getting articles about this guy covering it. I just astonishing stuff, the culture wars, Joe, have been ratcheted up a notch, significantly new second story public's. I cannot be more disappointed and what happened. Public's public's. What is public's for those you don't live down here. Public says it's like this. You know it's it's a grocery change, oh it's equivalent to like the safe way, the giant I'll buy you it's a pretty pretty large group. three chain down here in Florida, Public's it ends in an ax, not public's. With a c s, pay you be Ella Exe I was a pretty regular shopper, plump public's and I have to tell you I'm pretty limited where I can go. but I told my wife, no more we're gonna be on a bit of a public space for a little while now what happened? There is a group of.
The gun protesters out there who objected to this is on a shining again in its the mean his eye, I can't believe, I'm I'm a hard time believing the country live in right now how easily big companies are pressured into making on believe we poor decisions public's can decide, to do with its money, Joe whatever it wants to do with public money. It is, it is a it's a company, it is a company. It operates in a free market place. They should not be told by by left me. been eighty gone advocates what to do with my, so they made a donation to a gubernatorial candidate down here Florida, Adam Putnam. Why not even supporting, by the way he he's a republican apparently from what I know is a pretty decent conservative I'm supporting round this at this is opponent I have been. I you're formerly endorse any one new morbid, I think, runs a good guy, but what
happen with in Putnam. Is, is horrifying. Puppet she made a donation to Adam scooping tutorial campaign and this left, leaning, Anti gun group comes They decide they're going to start doing a dying to protest Putnam because Putnam is paid. We because he's a Republican, that's really yet they're, saying because he had I hear he. It was supported by the entire re. Listening become right now. It's clear economic warfare against political opponents near so puppet x, which caters do a largely conservative Florida ADI, I say folks I mean is this, I assume they were gonna. Just do the right thing and say: listen. We appreciate- and I certainly do to your right to protest. Even though was private property public six, the public's actually Joe, on their own property allowed. This group.
Now about using names for Roma, making celebrities, ok out of any body, I'm just thicken with the facts in this. Ok, they allowed this group but this in their stores in their stores. This is private property. Now listen! I am a big defender of big our rights to protest and if you're a company want to live you know you want to do the right thing and say: hey approach Then my stored or were they think, is the right thing. That's fine! Let him do it I am astonished that public scathed public's cave said. Ok, they ve now forfeited there right do with as they wish with their money and their pro. and by the way they were now donating to Putnam the candidature to survive. however much I support the second amendment, and I do there donating a partner because they believe in appropriateness, princess atmosphere,
surprising to anyone involved in business. That appears this would support programmes and appropriateness of pro business. Excuse me atmosphere right. My this end of nuts, to do with firearms at all, but the eighty gun group this die in the store, it gets a little bit local media attention. Some nap and not a big deal manufacturers, a picture on the internet of shopper shopping like right around these kids. They do this dying on the floor. These shoppers are just doing their thing. It wasn't that you know that that big of a deal public's, I'm in a a a Benihana in schools. Point there your Florida and I pull up my phone, and I read the public's If that is now agreed that they're not gonna, do any more political, donations in response to this anti gun grew folks. It is so I'm I'm pretty much. You know. I've done my wife is is a little lamb. She feels,
differently about the issue, not nothing the gun portion of it, but she feels like you know that they may be they were. They were victims in this to a folks, listen, I've against public's and I'm I'm certainly not looking to make a big public think about this, but you have to stand up and I'm sorry but you're just setting a precedent for the future for now accompanies who do have done absolutely nothing wrong to be targeted by you know, economic warfare by people on we have to have an agenda and that agenda is to cut off any Republican. Politician from the ability to act you will receive a support or campaign funds from any one who is pro business or anything else. There is a clear agenda here at its. We upsetting from a cape, so I'm take bit of a hiatus from public's I M not going in there. I'm sorry. I got an email from a guy this weekend because I tweeted about it. He said the sun. I worked, there were a conservative company and
I wish you wouldn't do this. I understand that and I don't want to hurt anybody and about certainly not looking. You no hurt anyone these business, I'm just telling you that I am deeply deeply disappointed. This was a huge mistake. This was a catastrophic misjudgment and you cannot Joe, I said to you repeatedly. You have to remember in new and public seems to have forgotten this liberal. forget liberals or not condition for the long fight there, not liberals. Have grown up and victim ology they have grown up in snowflake them, they have grown up, would save spaces they ve grown up with you know, cuddly bear as an cop, cakes and color forms is really happens like they put this stuff in their safe spaces to prevent them from having ever address any kind of ideological conflict whatsoever. They are not. condition for the fight. They are nothing but sheep. Ok, look! They are not condition for this fight. We are
and I am absolutely sure of it- because I was in the gym this weekend and in there I spoke to a number of people who are absent we furious when public did not tell you right now they will never forget public's. Just very its corporate image, a company that had a great image, and they did it too, to cater to a left wing Anti gun group when they, but if you set a protest protest in our stores, we're not going to do, anything about it. We're not going to enforce this law against it do your thing, but we are gone to retain our right to support whatever politicians in causes we want. Thank you very much UK. They didn't do it because two wars have been down up a notch folks and it's really really frightening stuff. I want to get into that a little bit to me see here, hold on a second check, some ok before we get, let me add: we pay for the ship. Sorry, I'm not gonna out of Iraq Can I just be honest with you folks.
Not like you gonna answer back, I will please be honest with stand near me. I could you Joe you ve known me a long time now. Five years met, but can you sense that hesitancy in my voice talking about that action sitting here listening to you than among its but the submarine now. There's there's that I'm not! I feel great S library. At last night I got a burly for fox. We re you're good brighter. there is no longer an entire. You can see me on there on the video connection hum I just I'm bothered by it, because I knew I get it This left it there's a reason, I'm not using names and there's a reason, I'm not getting specific about who this discrepancy. I'm not trying to be cryptic. and I can tell you right now: it's not out of any sense of fear for me at all. I've told you that if these leftwing grew target us that that's their choice, to do that, I will move to we're fine. I will move to us
description based or patriarch or some other base. That's ok! That's their choice. To do that right, you can, I'll get us as you want. My fears Their companies and other places aren't talking about this because we live in a fierce society and social media is being used to spread that fear and Social media environment has been used to to frighten people Let them know your next if you even speak out and when all the takes is one or two companies to stand up and to say not today. We are not be bullied into submission. Here we are going to stay that for our right to do what we want to do with our money on our time based on. Our business interests, and this would all stop, and it doesn't because people are afraid. and I'm hesitant to talk about it because I I don't want to put the people on the spot- and I know
Blacks and I feel bad for them. This was a great Florida company, but folks has to stop somebody, the draw a line in the sand and say you know what we have done nothing wrong. We're support business interests that are going to support our business. Our pricing model, the maiden of our jobs, are our financial infrastructure within the state of Florida, and we are not going to be fully by by protestors, who do not have our interests in mind or the people or the people involved in our company and that they will. they won't stand up. It's a shame. Folks are really is its. It said that get good people have to suffer, but I'm going make my own point on this and not taken a bit of a break up from public's for a while. So I'm sorry, public's you'd sandwiches are great, but you really really. Let me in a lot of people doubt you could have taken a stand here and you didn't ya boy tough.
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who subscribe to your liberty, based ideology, elected to office. For Democrats, it's getting people aligned with your big state that the bureau individual big state ideology lock into office. You have the culture you have wars. Going on. In Hollywood, you these ideological wars, going on in music, where where- Liberals are fighting to marginalize anyone who doesn't agree with their big government statist agenda. You also have economic wars like we saw this weekend republics where Have these left wing groups waging economic in boycott wars against Companies that have done absolute. Nothing wrong, nothing they're doing it because They are not in fact status than big government levels. So there is a great pity. It was your journal this week in which it was a subscription, only peace.
But I want to summarize some of the main points why? Because it was a fascinating take on the up the origins, job of the culture war, the culture war, the term by the way was created by a guy named James Hunter, and it was really taken into the mainstream by pap you can in when he ran for president but hunt. Perhaps they didn't interview with him in the Wall Street Journal any had some amazing takes on this. One of the things I wanted just address before we get to it is how the culture war this. The peace doesn't hit this, but I want to. I want to put this because its critical dick sure wars are not new, I mean it. Has been going on for a long time. You know the Eightys and Ninetys they really hit the peat, but the culture war, I think, is really gone it. It's it's been a more pronounced than its become more grave and more was man a key and, like all, you know, and evil verse, good life or death to every body by think because of the president's presence of social media. Twenty four hour: cable news, an electron
a guide and email email where you can information immediately think about a job, a local fight. Let's say the Kentucky fight right over the Kentucky Court clerk who wouldn't sign gay marriage certificates, that fight when the water Cronkite, maybe nineteen sixty seven, these era, if that dad. If that didn't make the nightly news folks I'll, be three didn't happen nationally now what happened in Kentucky there would be a big issuing in Kentucky be huge, you'll be all over be front. Page news. It be region may be regional news story spreads, but the chances view finding out about it. Unless someone called you on the phone or sent you a letter, we're slim was fights were regional and sometimes local The reason these fights to us now appear have become so much more grave is because every local fight becomes national. Think about the fighter
sanctuary Sid I live in, in Martin County Florida. This is not a sanctuary county. I don't when palm City. It is not a sanctuary, sit city, it's not, but the fight to you, Oh you don't, whereas in the sixties, if it wasn't a sanctuary city fight about policy, far too you know about it. If it didn't make nightly news, what was happening in Sacramento or so the eight go was irrelevant. Why would you know about it? You know now, because everybody's on Twitter, everybody's on Facebook, everybody gets emails, though emails. They subscribe to politicians. Email aside, look what's happening, California, they're coming for you next to the all of these bites, had become national. created a national groundswell of people aligned with the same collective interests fighting for a proper process, oriented legal immigration fighting for open borders. This way have. very little to do with you in your local area. But you have adopted
I because social, media and cable news have an about saying it's a bad thing. I'm just saying it is a bit as plus minuses for each side the mind this obviously Joe, are liberals are using this, but this medium to spread. Fear liberal, our using there's some these social media and email to spread fear, So they're using protests, protests of of companies that have done nothing wrong to do what? Oh, no Just a protest that company, but this the message to other companies that, if you who don't align with our agenda and if you dare donate your republic in this your next. So these five, do become. National public's is largely Florida grocery chain. You don't think other grocery chains, now aren't seem what's goin on again. If this happened in the Sixtys in Cronkite, didn't cover it, it didn't happen,
It happened in Florida. Everybody else ignored it. Now you have a largely conservative state Florida. It's not a swinging. His people make it out to be believe me outside of our no Brower to Miami day. The state is pretty darn conservative. Ok, you have these fights, that even in conservative states you have conservative companies caving tools, we'll demands and their use. These are social media, an email and twenty four hour, cable news as a warning device, as most a liberal emergency alert system to allow others that we're coming for you next. That's the downside to this. The up to this is. Conservatives are becoming more and more aware to weigh called the war that was allowed to succeed person. I simply because of the lack of social media, an email notification think about what I'm TAT S very important to understand this.
Peace in the Wall Street Journal covers how hot not you want to call high society Joe. What we now associate with liberal elites right, Kali, word: academics, hoity, toity crowd right their culture, liberal. Limousine elite is Joe. Fifty sixty years ago, maybe a little longer that high society was that we get to see just basis will be great on a digital camera. The the high society was dominated by a pipe Instead, you were largely socially conservative. I considered an outcast if you were not a social conservative, the way it has changed over time. Was liberals slowly slowly taking over a cultural institutions inserting themselves into academia and on a massive scale. Spreading and indoctrinated people in the far left ideology and slowly but surely concern
if it is, were left, lad footed because I didn't see what was going on because it was no social media email is nobody knew a lot of these flights were just welcome, one Lodge at a time where people on college campuses. You may have subscribed. This conservative values in the past were prepared for the fight was coming now, with social media email, listen! Twenty four hour, cable news: we can We can see what's going on and incubators a progressive policy before they get to your state and we are becoming more and more prepared. He say: that's why I'm not as the press there's a lot of other conservatives, and I say that because in the peace. in the peace of the Wall Street Journal talk about where the interview James James, Davison Hunter, who invented this term culture, ward, one there's a liberal whose anonymous in the picture says something deeply deeply disturbing. That should scare all of you. Listen to this. liberal see the culture wars over well, the guy quotes yeah.
Maybe a woman, I'm a train at the guy in the Peat YAP Joe that the quotas is it shrigley, mop operational. In other words, we ve If you are a conservative, you will not be welcome in polite society anymore, not macadamia, not Hollywood, not music. Nowhere. Why did Trumpery the act that- Zachary I've you beat me to that used. You stole my thumbs. Army has done this message now. That was great. That's right without plan this before the shining Tell Josie, although it now that's a great point. and you affirm that of what I'm saying here that date Remember what I told you: what is it? The roman poet? An enemy is not vanquished until he considers himself so like that liberals assumed we considered cells vanquished. We didn T trouble Revolution, was a a break out moment and a big news Thank you too liberal leader resume and a culture of war that the left considered over in one and to quote this guy
prickly a up operation here. It is not over matter of fact, servitors do Social Media Fox NEWS, Podcast ideas like Ben Shapiro, like places out there you know we you have. The Hannity showed loving, show limber. all these shows now at and through the spreading of the message on social media and email, listen, others concern, operators are is finally starting to understand that this is a national fight. These are not regional. Local fights. Now go back to what I said before the Debaters in the past used to be California in New York Maryland Illinois Massachusetts, since some other left, leaning, safe incubators. What It would do Joe you and I lived in merrily. You know how it works in a far state they will test our policy to see how it goes. Men and women's room. illegal immigrants. Getting free college education or something
eyes, college educated free may be subsidized. They re college education. They will try it out when it passes there. What happens? moves into like moderate purple states? Then? All of a sudden, you have conservative states following be like well, everyone else is doing it. So we need to do it too, and we're gonna look like Zena folks or is the phobic phobia Phobic phobia, Forbes, races, massages, look everyone else's! Do it it what's wrong with you guys, that's the since the culture war, the marginalization of people who don't agree with you, in other words, Anything them is not normal. How do you pay People is not normal, Joe. By showing people, what Joe Airports quotes normal is a normal is Hey Joe thirty.
I've states of past subsidized to wish for illegal immigrants. If you don't do it you're a bunch. Our share had tip top more haven't said that Unwell, God rest his soul, a veteran by the way as well Palmer so whose hostages station, but he settled time, that's how they do it. Follow the model go to a blue state, pass some radical policy, an angry, let men and women We should allow, for here illegally, to get subsidized, say tuition or from anywhere so everyone where the world should enter the country illegally and taxpayers should fund their education. That's It was crazy, pass in a blue state and then all of a sudden, a pressure campaign, because the left always act collectively, they'll say I passed in Maryland. I think
to pass in it. That's a call it a purpose they Virginia, which is really blew now. Sadly, I wish it were, but timber gin they will look. What they're doing Marilyn we need Do this to a working I wanna be racist, xenophobia, call my son, you get your critical mass estates, two thousand six hundred and twenty seven states pass this, and next thing you know, even in states like Florida, what we got to do it too, what's happening. Is the advent of social media again male in a twenty four hour, cable news, conservative, are starting to fight these fight in blue ecosystem, we may not be winning all of em, but we're fighting back you need mix. you may say then that's not right is it. Are you sure, folks what happening. California right now, we're there the rebellion in visa municipalities against Sanctuary city status or stay I'll shoot me states that is worrying suppose he's in California are saying now we're not
do about sanctuary state stuff. No thanks! What are you gonna do It's already happening so honour on a solemn holiday memorial. Then I want to leave you, though, with a bad macabre feeling, I'm telling you that yes, there the downside to the use of social media to spread fear, there's a huge downside. The downside is companies becomes air because they see things going on regionally speaking, and they are afraid, is going to happen to them. The upshot is conservatives awaken up and learning how to act collectively themselves, as I wrote here, the left I took some notes on the left is using it to spread fear. we are responding by spreading awareness, aware that was not bear in the past hour, out of the hard core activists- community. Thirty, forty years ago you got there A little news about
that's going on outside your state. If it didn't directly impact you now we're starting to see it. Just because happening in a blue state in a green, ploughed power play, it rules far left the radical minimum wage stuff. That's forty dollars an hour minimum wage or are being hyperbolic, but you get now while the summer say. No doubt all we better fight that there, because the left, come for us next now. In the peace, the sky Hunter always associated with the culture. Where said something disease, a great quote, you are right. and he is form not only by our affirmations but by our negations. I was a great line and I've I've I've been a big proponent of this. In the past the left It's it's not just what we believe in Joe that defines us is what we fight against me now viewing this from the eyes of the left Hunter says in the peace, the complete discrediting of communism.
the fall of the Soviet Union, the left that was their fight, the left they were there therefore left at home a day with a communist state or the socialists. This wear them in the New York Times. They were There are strong advocates for soviet collectivism. They were proper. can this sick with their while they still are today, but they were back then for the when the Soviets out for the Soviets when the Soviet Union collapsed, because that's Socialism always does and commune collapses and starves its people that the economy cannot be run by state a state, as you have no expertise in any that arena. They will have. They use force start to kill off there. Population, the population stars economy, stars and eventually system collapses. When it did the left needed both a new advocate new enemy because you're you're, not only the fibre but you believe in its what you're fighting against you know. Luke Skywalker is defined as much by Darth Vader as much is by Luke Skywalker right who the enemy is. The left had the enemy
the enemy was free market economics. The complete discrediting of socialism communism left arm, a fringe movement, able to openly support socialist now start to make a comeback, would Bernie Sanders, but you are considered in nineteen eighty four on a complete kook. If you still leave communism work. They needed a new fight, so we forget identities form not only by our affirmations papaya negations, so I put underneath that the left they needed a new enemy and they found it in the culture wars now found it in the environmental fight is well that's. Why It called a mom watermelons discreetly, You know I read on the inside green on the outside the new green activists. Right, that's, that was some of the term. People used it People were communists, who then became environmentalist but left needed a new enemy. Any brings up a cup, were fascinating examples of how the culture wars
because it's not as easy a fight show. Where are you socialism versus capitalism is. It is a pretty easy fight. The fight when you are left this believe you know you're fighting the man and greed right, everybody wants. Fight, demand and great momentum Friedman elegantly said. But what are you saying they bureaucrats and soviet system were greedy? I don't get it. What one that fight went away, culture, wars or a little harder to define for them. It was a harder I did the fine and simple black and white terms. How it took off, though, is interesting, hears hundreds theory that it was seated by mass prosperity in higher education. This is a great point that german effect Joseph Schumpeter of Duke in nah. It's in his books, Brings this point up himself that the culture or fight showing the recruiting of new left his soldiers in the culture ward was seated by mass prosperity in higher education. What does he mean by them? higher education by Post World war, two aspects
Post, Vietnam, where people started to en masse filter into the higher education system at home by the university college system? Here, those word doze degrees warmer we're not necessary. They were nice to have, but they were not necessary for a good, healthy middle class job in this these and even portions, of the seven these really it's the seven these on Joe, where the college that It becomes a new high school diploma and David essentially credentials, institutions for your ticket into high society or or even upper middle class society? Maybe high societies will dramatic? If you want to take it the middle class or upper middle class. You have to go what credential institution in college that was now the case a pre nineteen seventies, you could get it the solid paying job and a nice home in a middle class neighbourhood work out of high school with a decent manual, labor career, The evolution of our economy empowered
the credentials institutions, the college's DEC credential was necessary for your ticket into the upper middle class. Its flushed people so the system, the college, this them that made you didn't want to go there but felt that they had to support themselves and their families. Maybe they wanted something different. what also happened to the higher education institutions posts and I, Jeanne sixties, again a liberal slowly, but surely because of a lack of awareness by conspire by rank and file, conservatives, because we have no way to spread the information and collectively act against it by with living donations from colleges, because they were doing this. We will largely about thereby conservative activists and even you know, we wired and voters. They saw this coming for a while, but a lot of people didn't left this.
Sorted themselves into took over into the college's they took the college's over. So they had. We had this kind of double got punch. At the same time, we had met skip numbers of young people moving into the credentialing institutions to get that credential to become middle class because they needed it now or is he didn't need it the past, and you had left this inserting themselves and essentially indoctrinating this influx of new people. A bunch of foot soldiers, indoctrinated foot soldiers into the left, this move and what you're gonna fight the culture worse for them. a correct, that's right, for years for years to indoctrinate and train people into this new fight. The all fight socialism versus free markets. The new fight was going to be judeo christian work, ethic, conservative values verses a man free site free love, everything's relative, the states that the state, your new God small GI, makes sense. Yeah, that's a whore, their fight, to explain to you because you have to
indoctrinate people. First, yes, if the shows little complicated, but you can be a socialist of eggs, I am adamant to say the runway as it's gotta, be Chris, clear on this. I have to be very precise in my worth there people who are Christians, who are just misguided. Oh are socialists, but- and I mean this or not, they are there- I was gonna sell bad, but please tell me out there wish list for the right reasons. They just don't know it. They don't understand or they really do believe that greed hurts people that we should take care of the poor. I get home. I note me: there's a large swathes of people on the left, not the radical, a radical left, their loss caused by Democrats, who I get it. They just don't have enough of an understanding of economics. Joe third Party payer systems, you know, Permit mismanagement and faults of planning to understand what they recommending is actually a poison not occur. They say,
good person. I believe the ports be taken care of. Therefore, we power. The governments take your the poor, I get it. I understand I can walk a mile in your shoes and understand why some people, who don't understand Stick economics would believe that ok, so what I'm trying to tell you is that socialist versus capitalist fight was an easy one to make without having any doctrine a people first, because they would you the guise of moral values to advance their because they would say, John. How can you be a Christian? You need to support the government and support the poor, not understanding that the government was making people portal, but it's an easy argument to make at it. It doesn't require. indoctrination. When that war die, nineteen. Eighty four, when this reviewing the collapsed and no serious person advocated caught serious person advocated communism, anymore notice. I said series whether what that's why Bernie Sanders is left out of the conversation that no one would address Communism any more because it was so entirely discredited, this fight the
judeo christian conservative work ethic versus free sex, free love, everything is relative. The government should define what values are. Even now, do you probably like how exactly it's a more com, brocaded argument? Any more nuanced argument to make. You have to constantly create new classes of victims, because it's hard to make people feel like a victim, bingo, you're, a middle class, kid you're in college. You got a decent life. Your parents were grew catholic, christian, jewish. They took you to church, whatever may be everything's good. All the son. You go to college indian Yearly D, like you depressed picked up, you're, so oppressed and you're like I am. This doesn't happen automatically. It takes a good sign. A couple of years, if not for years to get people to believe is the colleges provided fertile ground for this this influx new students with an influx of new liberals provided for
ground for training camps for new victims for a new fight. Those four so we're gonna be the culture what the cultures attacking you they are. What are you talking? I live the great live, no, no, no, no! No you're a victim someone's coming after you yet that's what I am now combine that with in James Hunters, so he says higher at which I just described massive pull on numbers of people floating into the higher education system, accompanied by liberals floating in the higher education system, a company that would mass prosperity, Now you see how culture wars took called, why mass prosperity it doesn't make sense. Then mass prosperity now Schumpeter points this out and in some of his more brilliant pieces. Joe when you become his riches, the United States, the opera Trinity cost for you to worry about
things not critical to your existence is very low. Here's what I mean what's an opportune, costs, costs of a foregone opportunity opportunity, so the economics as it is a complicated but simple idea: it's because it can I it's simple because explaining its simple but explaining in terms of the cultural or maybe a little difficult, but I'm really give it my best. Here's what it up, duly Casas, Joe experience, sound engineer, who is the man would podcasting I by recommending to everyone right yeah. Do you know that was sky less weeks turns out, show my call Eric he's a gang outside Jos, get so much work on this planet. Economic dino handle anymore. But if you look at Joe in terms of an opportunity of Joe or to leave what he's doing now, where he is save it all right does pretty well from some, and he worked tomorrow, say wanna be musician, which he is Joe is
recounted musician, but, let's be honest, show that may take you five or six years to gain foothold. If you ever do it might be a poor musician. Yes, you pay for it now it let's say you make, thousand thousand years, a musician playing bowling. Alleys like I was watching crazy heartless regret. You claim now the liberal views Joe as being better off by ten thousand dollars, ten thousand Algeria yeah yeah that concern but if that understands opportunity cost that giving you Sally jets for even legislature makes a hundred thousand thousand doing what he does Dickens, I would. It shows not better off by ten thousand dollars, he's worse off by nine right because the foregone opportunity of Joe doing what he's great at being an exam get a producer Rochelle, mixing sound cuts all the stuff. He does just lost a hundred thousand dollars by taking on a job. He only gets paid. Ten liberals have assumed let's take view of economics, conservative stone
conservatives have a complicated nuanced view of the world that does not define easily by a simple you know by employees up ten thousand, he lost ninety thousand. He for heat, he led an opportunity. Go TAT was worth a hundred thousand dollars. This is the problem with mass prosperity. The United States is the most prosperous country in the history of humankind, thanks to free markets and a stable government relatively stable when the leaf cost, for people in a country, so rich of doing other thing that they wouldn't ordinarily do is very low, in other words, our living right now in Rwanda which is not a wealthy country. The car for you to engage in social activism to give illegal immigrants to Rwanda subsidized higher education is
Incredibly high. Why peak you'll die. because your star, because you spend your whole day in social activism and not doing what Joe working Frida yourself in the world. These country on earth. Mass prosperity everywhere allows us the time to pay attention the things we ordinarily wooden pay attention to. Causes that ordinarily would not work are whistles, but now Oh, it does show you have these liberals being taught to be victims flushing into the fortune themselves into the the m. The our education system, moving in mass into the higher education system, professors moving in mass liberal professors at the higher education system, teaching people to be victims then a new now have written middle class to upper middle class students who that counts.
points of paying attention to causes, really are are not very relevant to their lives, are low, so they start picking new fight over and over and over again this week. This debts that mass prosperity you pay attention to things. I guess the pessimists you wouldn't pay attention to a few weeks and months yes, it's a good thing struggling to get by just ain't capitalism, as Schumpeter Peter pointed out. So the seeds, at times of its own destruction because We have the time and the wealth you're you're bellies are full that you can pay attention to some of these things. So the call sure wars became a nice fertile ground for people just looking for a new fight, because I don't have anything else to worry about like the way. I did then, that the audience does to this point. I hope that was pretty simple Dan yeah. Now, I'm good
put exists is an example of this in a New York potion, which a please read, the show notes at a really gonna have some great articles about spiky too, and I want to get too that the second a minute through it second are met either. One element, University of University was constant. Put out some out of a speech guide, adjust stories in the post and it put it. But going to show you how, in a week world where people are struggling to get by a prosperous world where they can the consequences for paying attention to minor some my some, our major amassing all these fights not worth you time may be clear enough, but is quite clearly on there's a speech guide. Our show- and we are now told not to use the terms, get a load of this there's a ton of a minute want. You read it because it's really almost com Joe. You can't use the word blind spot, because
they offend. Someone is actually blind way. Why are you this? Is I'm not making this up? You cannot use the term third world because I could be offensive to you cannot use the term man up man up so don't and up that is offensive to doubt knit there's a bunch of the ones in air it at that? You're gonna be astonished at some of the terms. We are now told our offensive again in prosperous society. Where look. rules are constantly looking for new ways to feel victimize, because the real fight, the economic fight between communism in capitalism, is over. You lost. These are the kind of ain't. You can engage in a higher education system with its almost no penalties. Do it not yourself. Brain and for finding herself to be a victim here, but you need this
got new ways to be a victim, and you can do that because you have the time to do it because you're not struggling to feed yourself or get a job. Mass prosperity is a good thing that doubts For liberals? Is they have the time to go out and invent and fabricate new fights every day like not using the blind spot read the peace in a post, you're gonna laugh you bought off. I support. I don't wanna get some more word games, second liberal, supplying this potential also brought you by our bodies at I target this product is spend flying off the shelf. Thanks to you my audience. This is one of our better sponsors out there, because if you do not want a firearm, you have to own it responsibly. Nobody knows that store responsibly gift to learn how to use it be proficient with it. One of the best way, to learn how to operate your fire on professionally, whether your sportsmen honour police officer and a military or just first time, gun owner wants to learn how to use it or someone interest in self defense. You have to train with that firearms are you can train at the range and you should everybody
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your site alignment down equal light on both sides level across the top. Get your trigger pull down. I target pro dot com, promo code Dan for ten percent off, go check it out. Ok, I didn't appearance on Fox this morning. Nanda I was I'm trying to explain in relatively simple terms the folks Joe, why the liberals are running away from the term spy and we can get it when the spy gate saga, of course we're talking about the Obama administration, now obvious spying on the Trump team and the use of a the eye spy asset to probe the Trump team for information and all weekend I knew had this. I do the appearance every Monday morning and fox and friends at six thirty m eastern time. I kept thing How am I not getting through here, The media is just humiliating and embarrassing themselves, pretending to be NASH,
security and intelligent people, they have no idea what you're talking about. We can call my spine com, cafe no human ass, a confidential information that this is nonsense. Here's the recent here's, the real reason and job this doesn't make sense- thought benign is as important a spider a spy is someone outside of an organization inserted in or told the internet with components of a suspect organization to probe and take formation from it and inform it in my over a decade, manufacture, seventeen years and law enforcement at the state and local love, a federal local level. I should say the in my opinion: the secret service excuse me an informant, is someone inside of an organization that informs on the activity of the said organization likely
because there is some corrupt, their illegal activity going on on this they and those to examine, explain something different and why the private media, acts in the media and the Democrats? panicking. Now over the use of the Word spy Service Fox Inferences morning, spy, that's by external It is an external person right, try to insert themselves in to gather information or spy and in full amid someone already on the inside Sammy, the bull Gravano type. Yet, why I now they after having defined that as one being external and one being internal, think this through folks. Why, with the media, the problem, media and the Democrats be so panic about the use of the word spy.
Do you, like my jeopardize, our clear to us? What is Obama's involve a gas here? What we re thinking they, then they then double you're, pretty went there you're gonna, Bab Joe. It's an informant would. no tier that there were some kind of pre existing illegal activity. Someone came forward from inside I d trompe all by the video informing everybody says all well, that's not bad. Somebody saw something sniff something out. The truck team saw this russian involvement and look. We were targeting the Russians and this person came forward and told us bout it and we all want to stop this kind of criminal or spy or russian spying activity right. So what's the problem
not what happened folks, this guy, how poor was external to the Trump team. How do we know? because he tried to insert himself if you're inside organization you don't email. People trying to get inside organisation does not make sense. If I'm part of the the Gambino Crime family the banana knows but whatever crime, family I don't have the email them the I'm already right, there's a difference. I'd be inside Europe, someone on the inside of an organization you flip dominate becoming forward. I only did this for fifteen plus years. We did it with counterfeiting rings. We we'd credit card fraud rings child pornography. We read your rest, someone did you get him to flip on other people? That's an informant he's already. The criminal ego,
This spy use the external James Bond Guy, whose working for government who has to try to ensure himself inside Are they not using the word spy because of you? with external somebody had when certain inside that somebody someone in me, Obama administration. That's why they What are used the word spy. Do you understand Why there freaking out external internal in informing me just already preexisting criminal activity. Some in drafting them out and moral like Ok, you know what we Don't like rats, but rats taking down bigger rats, our eye, we get it spar use someone external, bring someone for information about an organisation that may be doing nothing wrong at all the very useful words spy boom in people's heads, Wolf,
says that people on the outside we're trying to insert people on the inside and that person on the outside with someone in the Obama administration and a big question now, is that the media is desperately trying to avoid by trying to use the word informant or have confidence. human source, all this other stuff, the big ones, we trying to avoid is what did Obama known? When did he know it, because if this guy it was a spy extra oh forces pushing them into the Trump orbit, the question is visualize your folks who pushing this guy on his back into the Trump team. Go go: go, go, go, go inside there get information whose doing it isn't informing being pulled out of this corrupt sphere to get information that does it better. imagery not despair. I always just talk about bad stuff already go or not. Is something wrong with us pulling me information out, pushing some went in with no credible allegations of criminality at all.
Pushing somewhere in says what that is, They have been what I've been telling you from episode, six twenty eight on an operator to frame and entrapped the Trump team from the start, some Pushing on helpers back now go get stuff hey guys, there's nothing here, I'll get it anyway, but there's nothing here, make something up. That's why they're not using the word spy, and let me just tell you. One more thing, I have another article in the show out. Rubio is not one of us. Ok mark Rubio has completely sold out. I live in disguise to I'm embarrassed. I voted for this guy Ruby came out over the weekend. There is no evidence, it was a spy in truncated. Are you insane is Ruby? Ok, I'm ahead! This guy. has become the Democrats, favorite Republican MA. guess is preparing for a presidential run, and let me tell you some more
Rubia, there's no evidence of a spy. You block. Can you be this stupid? Is it even possible. I've lost the elections, both my wife hates when I bring this up it, why don't you know I am very proud of having But that fight me almost one one. We got smoked in a couple more, but we have the guts to get up everything and go for it. I'm always gonna be proud of that. and I'll tell you what I'm also proud of. I never old out. I and as joking to test do in a deeply deeply blue stay in a deep blue dish, we can go in Western, Maryland, Montgomery County one point and I read on a pro life pro second amendment agenda and I never sold out. I would other have held to my principles and lost, and and proudly on what I believe. It then have one MIKE Rubio chickens to consistently sell out now the people on the left. I am disgusted by the sky
He is now going to become the left's favorite New republic and because he cannot acknowledge what is a simple fact. Someone was pushed external to the Trump orbit into it. In an effort to entrap in Donald Trump. That's why Rubio himself, we use the word spy because you just can't stand Donald Trump. It's embarrassing read the article in the shorter term, ABC News about Rubio you'll be disgusted. He is not one of us Rubio, the new Mccain he has appeared Well said he the media's, knew it was John Mccain. Jackie is the media's. Now new favorite republic he's out a republican me he's a police. state sell out disgusted by our Oaks, thanks again for tuna, really appreciated again a grateful solemn, but grateful and respectful memorial day and thank you again to all the families out there and now Oh you know we can't speak directly to those lost souls, but God bless you and I just wanted to one quick think. I saw a quote by Reagan this weekend and I
I tweeted it out, and you know Megan Reagan? set don't ever forget when these men and women were lost in combat. They were lost, some of Miss boys and young ladys. They will never ever get the chance to be reviewed old men. They will now. I get the chance to see their kids grow up, they will. we'll get the chance to be respected, honoured older senior members of society because they were taken, As young men and women, never again to see some of the glories of life, those sunset so's purple sunsets we see over Florida. Those are all gone, not another breath of oxygen Men and women to death, for you in a moment, we'll day. Just take a few minutes and think about that. It's important thanks a lot for tuna.
I see you just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.