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Ep. 730 Mutually Assured Political Destruction

2018-05-29 | 🔗
Summary: There is only one way to stop the liberal weaponization of our government: the employment of mutually assured destruction. In this episode I address what this means going forward. I also address the terrible economic and job advice given to our next generation.    News Picks: Despite all of the police-state Democrats’ conspiracy theories, they still can’t explain why the government spied on the Trump team.    Andy McCarthy explains the government’s hypocrisy on Spygate.   Did this key figure in Spygate admit it’s all bunk?   A great piece about liberals’ culture wars against us and how we may be winning.   The media tried to attack President Trump yet inadvertently attacked Obama.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Get ready to hear the truth about Amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan, bon jour, thereby GINO Chaperonage Show. How are you today, Tuesday Donno glad to be here? Body could be back and I worked day within a memorial. They show yesterday original content. If you missed it, please go back and listen to it. It's Really good shall we put together yesterday I was gonna. Do some rough costs, but we had to get into some news and stuff like that, all summer cuts come and don't you worry about that will do some of those shows to hey. I got a lot to get. including our were under attack. Your folks my show that is again go into a lot of this because I don't want to make anybody famous and given but he ideas but we're under attack the show I'm gonna get to that in a second, but I need your help again, because this liberals are just an insane bunch of kooks police state tyrants, who can accept
fact that our show is now number two conservative podcast in America reaching millions of people per month, it's driving them while yet specially work on exposing the spy gate scan, all of the century saw the show, is under full blown attack, really upsetting I'll. Get I'll. Tell you what's going on a second, I'll, give you. That is a warning. If you're thinking about getting the space still podcasting or Amateur would exist, will happen. You too, I can issue by bodies a wax rx love this product they just used at the last week after I get a haircut music is sometimes a little hairs. New year's really annoyed when he hears aren't clean, get really uncomfortable the itch their painful can get plugged up. Making it harder to hear me people use cotton, swabs, cancelling or drug store remedies to clean their ears, but they dont really do the job. They can even be dangerous. Just push to put those caught swabs inside the ear. That's no good now get a real solution for stubborn. You wax
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her usual. Your wife's system, that's go w h, acts are ex go wax, are acts that come here, get your reusable. Your watch system today offer Co Dan Habit ship free right, your door. That's the end. My first name visit go away. our eggs dotcom here, your dino very good, Joe always with the inside jokes and story that I frequently mess and only catch seconds after you say them, which is slightly embarrassing, not remained guy. Now for you for me, because I'm always prevail you parliament thinks so our Youtube Channel is under attack. If you are listening on Youtube right now, our channel is you tube calm, Slash Dan Bond GINO, no spaces. Nothing Youtube God, com, slash and burn GINO. If you are listening to our show on Youtube anywhere else, this is not our channel and they are in fact of stealing our content with makes the show harder to finance harder to sell and partner. For
this cell to advertisers keep to show free. Those are just a pure economics of this focus people, are stealing our content. Somebody out, I'm not going to make this person famous, is in fact on Youtube, boarding our show for a copyright infringement power. Copy writing infringing our own show is slightly incredible, but the liberals are added again because they want or show taken down. So if you missed a few of these past shows on you too, and they there they will be back. We ve got a strong legal team working on this now and I'm considering some additional legal action now to set an example, because this is just ridiculous. This is what happens when the liberals don't want your content out there, so a favor. I'm asking you in order to this show out there, because we can't do folks, right now into this business model is this happens all the time, all the time We don't tell you about it, because I don't want to sound mining and I can't, Stan snowflake or at night, but
bottom line is this. This is from taking a real tall and I'm be lying to you. If it's no big deal try to be a fake, tough guy isn't going to do you any good or me these peep Rufus. They would they do this all the time and it started to take a tall. Ok, our channel you, two dot com, Slash Dan Bond GINO straight, do nothing else. If you are the sitting is somewhere else the earth they are stealing our show on their channel also If you are listening on Youtube and you're, wondering because I'm assuming this shows will be back up today after the legal team gets involved, but a few sitting on Youtube, you we managed to get them back up today. asking you to subscribe to our show, please on other platforms, I'm asking you for a favor. I understand if you dont want to Vienna, where you do a hard sell here, but I'm asking you subscribed personal favor, please,
drive to our show either on Itunes. If you dont, like Apple gotta Iheart, you click the follow, but none Iheart Radio, just look for the damp on Juno show, you can go to sound cloud under the damp GINO show. I'm asking you to do that because they will. They have Youtube for some bizarre reason. Let anybody take down your channel for any reason. At any time there, she will procedures in some of these other places. Soap, These subscribe on multiple channels. It helps us keep the show out there and the show is under its. You know this happens all the time. Folks again, if we were liberals, wouldn't be an issue. The fact that it's a conservative show I'm reason be confident happens on Instagram. Now. Here's the thing Justice- or you know this to you- will be under attack on social media to people was set up endless faker counts where they will either steal your stuff on Youtube or they will set a fake accounts to try to raise money. This happened though I was hesitant to bring this up. I haven't told job and somewhat set up a series of fake Instagram accounts where they were selling fake there,
bomb GINO Shirts, the guy was a liberal. I know that- We know we are working on a no no now, the grand and and Twitter and on Facebook, where Diane Facebook set up a fake damp on GINO page right just so you know folks. This works a little differently and I applaud them for it. This actually works against them Joe. This is very clever when you caught setting up a fake out on Instagram using my picture, my name. We and Facebook we get the followers. So typically, what we do is we wait a little while we let you build beer following and that we go. and we take your page now which happens to be. Then we get all your followers so here, if you want to continue to generate, follows for it. That's why MAC yourselves out but Spare me am we're gonna. Take you down on hard to do and we get the followers, that's the The reason we haven't take an additional legal action. Air Youtube is different as a broken system where, a body, for any reason can just take them
you're channel and make up that's. Why was hesitant to get involved in you to venom seriously contemplating you know doing something different, because it's a mess, Paquette re folks! This is this stuff is come in your way. Our eye, I saw a great peace that we get back to some other. Some hard do you're goin out, because this is important someone sent me to say who but an email. From a list an Ebay list that not a list, but an email list that provides guidance for peace Poland, the financial industry, on what's going on in politics, it's a Joe, it's a fascinating fascinated Ebay. I read it. I was always. This is exactly what we ve been saying: the whole time, here's the core of what it says, and I agree with a hundred per cent
that the there's a growing consensus, Joe in DC within the swamp, even amongst establishment, does republican swamp or adds some of which surprises me and this is from this- is that we say- and this this is this email. Let's say that the only tat Dick to employ right now to reach balance our government towards liberty and the constitutional public and away from the tyranny we're looking at now at spy game, to employ mutually assured destruction. Now there was, if there's a they too. about their they talk about. This is the email again. This is not done. This is not the end on GINO original thoughts here, the, although I've I've its if I've seen it similar tactics, this idea of mutually assured destruction here it is from this email mutually assured destruction, was a term employed by generally
spread the Soviet Union United States, cold war, where nobody, cod plated so at seriously a first strike because a first strike would mean a counter strike and mutually assured destruction, the Russian. Launch their nukes, the soviets we would launch ours and we would both be parking. Lots hunt it's a millions begin out a potentially dead governments why out countries wiped out, live snuffed out and therefore its The peace that, although you know the Russians, may have at times considered this, the United States never seriously considered a first strike option because it would mean we would be destroyed two. So the fact that a first strike Joe met. We would both be this I basically deterred both sides from using nuclear weapons. In other words, they were useless,
they were useful in that you had and because the other side Adam, but nobody was really gonna use them because both of us would be wiped out makes sense. So it says it these nuclear weapons than the of the review of the whole region. The cold war, mutually assured destruction strategy was based on the neither side could contemplate winning. In other words, if you thought at first strike. You could win and effectively annihilate your opponent that its mutually assured destruction, its destruction of your enemy. Which would be no was viable up innovation strategy with your nukes that make sense, show no reason mutually assured. Destruction worked and prevented a nuclear war is because neither side could contemplate when and it seems like it worked and equality there was no nuclear war, despite the fact that you know the cuts, it's really had significant differences. Obviously us in the Soviets,
there was no way wasn't. Even you know a hot bore. They were proxy wars, but there wasn't a hot morbid land war between us and the Soviets. Now he did, the author of the sea male brilliantly relates this to the Democrats, strategy and spiky. There is now no question that spy gate is the biggest scandal in. U S. History is only a question among radical left. This conspiracy, theorists kooks, who were dead, but we try to act like Pravda uncover for the devastating ample this, but realists and people who understand what's going on no, that spy gate is another biggest scandal in. U S history, that team had a spy working to acquire information from it to spy on them. There is still no. probable cause of any crime. There is still no power. Because anybody was working as a russian agent. There is none of that,
They are whether in all these indictment, yet none of them for collusion. I can indeed a ham sandwich for jaywalking. If I want as well, I assure you a file if I were to seek a special council on Chucks humorous team. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and follow me around. I get someone for turn and right on red when they should nap that none of this was right, for actual collusion by none of it. That's just the fact that there are That's your having a hard time with that in the pieces, you know at some point show the Democrats thought they were winning, and that was the problem with this, and some of them still do right right, some of em They believe that they are winning. They think they ve got tromp. They think they ve got them coming some this is increasingly small number, but he said what taking hold even in the swamp amongst you, no more moderate and establishment democrats other than a radical kooks on the left is Joe now they're, starting again on shore
they're starting to be really unsure, based on what based on the facts. Folks this is important. The pull numbers are turning in the Republicans direction, the generic As for the mid term, elections is starting to look really really good for who, for the Republicans is which I gotta tell you surprised even may I was absolutely Vince this was gonna, be a blue wave election. I now starting to think to myself, there's gonna, be some gains, yeah exactly there's gotta These some gains shows through and some my gesticulations here in this mid term. For the Democrats, That's what I'm I'm I'm now starting to doubt. If this is gonna be away, this may be a puddle a trick they may be in a few seeds, I think about effect. They may lose seats in the Senate Matter fact down here in Florida it's got the Republican May flippancy Forbad Nelson's, I bet since the appalling numbers are looking good at all media. now since are dynamic third year, so we
actually flippancy. There lot of trouble. The Democrats, what's the point Democrats and Republicans there be fair, obviously live by Paul's. They want political power pulls measure election results. If election results don't go your way you allows air here. Nelson much moment you lose. The point is that scratch are now starting to question Joe. If a nuclear first strike to use this person's analogy through mutually assured destruction would work now. There's stuff if they got. How are we really winning here? Was this? I gave an endlessly focusing on russian collusion, as first strike of deprived of deficit. Proportions weapon. Easing the government to take out a political opponent. Was this really a good idea? Europe is a masterful pr person, masterful, whether you like Trump or not, and I,
but there are a lot of people who don't. I support the president We ve had our moments on other issues, but the prince. as an artist s ability to you. P r to turn the tide. in this case he focus the attention rightly aware it should be, which were massive government abuses of the police state and the italian this community to spy on his team. Now the stories changing and Democrats look at the polls gone while you think this, for Shrike strategy was a good idea now because of that- and this is Where did you get this email that it probably is pretty good sources based on where I got it? The Democrats moderate- show not the kooks like swore well, and she, if they're, just not there, not to be taken seriously by anyone. These are slowly tunes thereat control, their police,
staters. These guys are at a joke, David, a joke to the party swallow wants to take your guns or send a police officer to your house to arrest you what a search which is ridiculous. These guys are just nuts, but now it said Joe because of these pulls the day The cracks are now looking for an acceptable retreat and he Again, this is the email, not my quarters, wanna be careful here with us in email. He uses the inner peace with honour. Obviously a an allusion to prior conflicts, in other words, the Democrats are looking for an acceptable retreat away from this on their side, and they now that the time is turning both in the poles and the tide. Is burning in the fact that tromp has now focus on the weapon possession of the police state, which is going to implicate who Obama his team and the Democrats thing so now they ve the
That's loony tunes Democrats and the moderate cider saint guys. Maybe we need to back away from this this. This russian, not disrupt. Instead. This first strike strategy weapon easing the state. This first strategy may not have been a good idea. Now. Let me give you my opinion, I assume that's why you're here it is called the damp mancino show, don't let them retreat, don't I'm sorry folks, I got into a spirited. Let's say exchange, am I going to say how, with a friend of mine but let's say he's up, you know, the person who s influence, I got to experience exchange on the other day, who believes that we should just now returned to normal order. No more special councils. Not now. Now now, not. Oh, I'm sorry, now there is no normal. A normal orders gone too
genes contemplated a first strike, an act of activated their nuclear weapons. You know you have to almost respond accordingly on your side or else you incentivize end the do that again again his analogy, not mine, but it important to understand that this now, in ordered a disincentive eyes. Anybody from doing this again- and when I say this I mean weapon icing the state to spy, a political opponent to influence and pretend we overturn an election which they didn't succeeded, doing tromp, got elected but then and to use it as a weapon to impeach president to a special council. This has stop now to quote the email. The author says email. If we don't strike back, it leaves in. The legitimacy of over the top investigative warfare- I could not agree more and I
They should fire Mahler accordingly, Rudy Giuliani. That is not an option. Ok, if that is not an option, I dont want to sit here and argue on the show for things that aren't gonna happen. If they are not going to consider that option number two we need to absolutely apply, employ a second special council to look into Bob mothers, team and spy gate. Now I get it I understand there are a lot of you out there, including the person I was texting with this region, have a lot of respect for by the way who disagrees. They say you know all this, and the special council thing is obviously a disaster. Look at what happened here. These books. I'm unhinged investigations as tabled Mahler exactly and the Democrats So I understand that if nothing is done against this, that they are going to do it again. In other words, the your your try putting a future path based on.
A counterfactual you can prove well. If we didn't have the special council, we wouldn't need special councils in future. The Democrats already understand they can use. The special council to take significant skin out of the republic is in order a disincentive ISIS. Ever again, we need to employ the special council smell. Council do as well. Council look into spy gate and that by the way, keep him I am not suggesting that we do it. They didn't invent crimes at all documents, interpret my work here that now I'm jesting we employ special counsel to legitimately look massive abuses of our intelligence community, our spying infrastructure law enforcement community deal, I'm administration thereupon administrations use of these tactics to spy on a political opponent and, if leak,
and crimes are found. Now people need to be prosecuted. There is no peace with honour here. It is time to fight back. Now I get it. sorry, folks, we had to delete something on the show not because it, but because I know how cooky liberals are and they use everything again and really I'm serious and there was a live show we did, it was a. We gonna knock it. It's a great. But I know how labourer behind our liberal sorry, just because they're just an I got you but you're. Your point is. Don't. Please don't take this the wrong way to death hit this, but that part of ITALY, where you don't you get rough gotcha. There is no Ngos. Point was This there's a way you have to deal with bullies and it is not by you can't retreat. You can the Democrats pulleys. Our whole modus operandi is use of government and big government to see
EL away. Individual liberty now they're using it to the elections. It just didn't. Work They see me impact now. Some again, some reasonable Democrats are starting to say this was a bad idea, the radicals. so the ones that are taken over the party still don't see it. So How do we learn them? We all the same tactics, they're, not illegal, Especial Council is not illegal. As you can see, Robber Mahler was, is and is worked out, a believer in the legitimacy of his of his case, but it's out of Eagle what they did now. To employ the same tactic. To look into the Democrats. We absolutely one hundred percent- have to strike back. and so, if the evidence warrants and is probably cause that their rest made, there are prosecution to the. And, let's make sure, if the war, if the evidence, if the evidence, wards and probable cause that their arrests made thereupon security to the fullest extent, the law, we can have that really they arrested.
Ask you to Flynn Twin four o even the FBI, admit it didn't happen. All he path guilty that you plead guilty to a fake, threaten your kids and bankrupted you. Obviously you have no experience in criminal investigations. I do. I know exactly. This process works and how to flip people, what do, what I was looking at by the my god, you can plead guilty to this crime or we're gonna go after your kids. We're going to have to your house your family, you will a soil, your reputation forever. Ok, I plead guilty, really guilty. Let me tell you it's in my coincide. Absolutely not! But if you do, I really have a choice. You weapon eyes, the government against me. have unlimited assets. Do taxpayer dollars, I dont there no peace with honour here for them, none. We need a second special council and it is I'm to employ this mutually assured destruction strategy with them. You want to employ special councils. You wanna go to
information, warfare and spying scandals. It is time for the Republicans to wake up and understand The rules are gone, we're not dealing with old rules anymore. You understand that the rules are gone, the democratic Rome every single prior norm policy. A procedure out the window in an effort to impeach tromp because they have trumped arrangement syndrome. The only way to fight back is to turn the tides on them. That's it. we are not living in the same constitutional republic. You are pre trumped. Do you understand that this guy Spied on you, you re proved too how bad this is theirs, wacko on Twitter, John Schindler. I you know it's funny blocking minority. Remember who he is, Combating these you ve got a piece, the observer, I'm not gonna, linked to it. Look it up yourself. It is so ridiculous. So ridiculous, and it shows you d know how the old rules are now gone. He writes.
Peace show this guy bees is some kind of cool grain conspiracy, theory guy, but Peace. Is the essence of his pieces? This isn't a spying scandal at all. All look. We use the british to spy on trumped up look in on my back Joe, There's this guy serious he's trying to do to quote the bug: spy by saying, don't worry, there's nothing to see here. We only use the british and others to spy on trial keeper, He pointed to no viable evidence at all. It is peace that there's actual proof noble cause of any kind of a spike law enforcement violation, anything any defend? He thinks he's helping so I tweeted this morning after so a listener sent me the peace. This is. A bad. It's gotten out there there are now showed past. Institutional Republic norms that we have former's this guy. Aren't we in intelligence, community, where I see people justifying a spying operation, not a political opponent but saying out
the British helped us that's where we are? That's where we are unbelievable, it's time to strike back, I got a lot more to get you footing. Great peace original. She Journal about their follow your passion. Do what you love? No doubt God the author, when a good guy, or I today show also brought you by bodies it man creates love. Mad creates by gay for a guy should be that hard. But you know it is my wife always has the worst time by me. Gifts thank God forbid, creates. This is one of the responses we love them still most will spend way too much time and energy shopping for something he already has with doesn't want. We'd. All heart is a gift for guys. Europe, spouse out their girlfriends. Just a friend of another dude out there, it's tough buying stuff. You know that man creates that
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It is dishonest, metaphysical show I'm not tony Robins. I dont do self help here, but the best advice I ever got my life Why, and I told this to a young man- lay at sea pack, not that long off your a says he's a listeners for you know you are here You may be lucky enough to do what you love one day. I am but I'm forty three years old and I did what I hated for a really long time, but the eye mob You love split, learn to do what you love. You may be lucky enough to do what you love one day. I am, but I'm forty three years old, and I did what I hated for a really long time, but the eye floors. I beg pray goals. I said our shelves. I help big aims? I clean Muslims and a cemetery. I was a street. A New York. I did not like tat job I'd like to be in a secret service agent, but it was a hard. It was really hard. It was strong
small. It took years of my life. I got second danger fever in Panama, protecting Jenna ports, because I got bit by an aid is a chip. Die mosquito in the middle of the day. life is hard, told The party adage liberals, Adobe Republicans, we give you horrible career vices, Love follow your passion FAO or your passion in Art starve, peeled yourself in economic messed, saying your money. we're card. Why my bring bringing up this peace, because this guy's a marine and
the peace? Let me just go to this is that the title cells the whole piece. Sorry, I should have had this ready, but it could be- and I can't put it in the Show- notes cause it subscription only my advice here. It is Tyler Bond and my advice to grads start. My pen get the mob right, Joe get yeah brother, I'm sorry, you want real, advise, get the mob I don't care what everybody after Wi Fi. Here I find your passion I knocked out. seven thousand doors or by gear in enough Marilyn shown in the middle of summer and in a car open merrily did Western Maryland White Gloves now who's at the door, don't call him we're only mountains, it Allegheny. Can it's too
look, there's a dude passed out at the front door called jobs and I was being frozen like a popsicle you'd think I love than you think I, like who said Andrea luxuries, one by one point by a rich multi millionaire get my plot kicked off over the place on social media every day of my life. To do what your love, Are you a budget snowflake to watch a lock? You know Joe loves imitates, I know Joe and if I'm speak it out of turn that cost jobs ups music in Joe likes Photography, Joe does he does really complicated crap with Adobe Audition on an end Spotify, and I hard and I choose any. You know what a lot of its busy work yet What this your is for me. I love it. Don't get me
I like this port, but you know what hard this show prep job, while the cameras gang today but you're the grid joke. You know how many books, Why? Philip of content for this show man load pages upon pages He's seen of your stacks of notes. Man sat five subject: notebooks four and five of them a year of content and even then that you know what that is. That's busy work, that's research! I don't come on here just wing it these. Females, I gotta go to all data, find nothing thing about mutually assured destruction. Do what you love so got my own advice. Follow your passion. See your passion. If one day you can make money off whatever your passion for then great, but you know what Jos got out a different path for Joe. Joe, can still play music.
Joe concede is passion, Joe Noses stuff, but don't although that job he dead, Joe, is based successful career of work in the show and changing hearts and minds got at a different path. Gauger passion see little follow with following follow it to the poorhouse kindness no flight crap reside to watch you. Don't Do what you love do what provides, your family. Do what large, for you build ears of a nest egg, so it forty and forty five you can retire and then do what you love. You know my father, Am I doing he lives in care North Carolina, never title talking. My dad too much only likes doing he likes, I'm not going to say: where do you go to the school and he data? He reads the third graters and
They take em out so they do. You know you get background check and everything and they, the ones you were struggling to bring about in the hallway for actual reading or in this the classroom and they they reason, books and stuff. Like that, that's my father left to do. You know what else he loves to do Joe. He likes to play software and he likes to that's too, is out to you that car wake? the building inspector. He knows a lot about building codes and things like that's what he likes to do. He passed it is ass, for thirty years as a plumber and a building inspector get up at four o clock it more. You know all. I know I used to live in an apartment attached to his house and it is to you that car waken me up at four o clock. A crappy Corey drove that nineteen seventy four truck and that crappy cougar mirth, recovery had waken me up, you think, a lot. That for clock in the morning every day going to check building permits, thousands cleaning crap out of people's toilets out your darn righted
the aid is told follow what you love, follow your passion, Your job mob Damn floors. Build yourself. A nest. Egg save You carry your kids ouch take the easy way out. One day. Maybe you'll be lucky enough. I almost one, grab trying to start this part. Can you understand what he's I love? You call me. I dare let me give you advice on part case. Why, if I don't do it, I almost Bankrupted this was not an overnight success. Folks, those three years to turn this thing into this monster? It is now how many times job- and I would like man- is this even worth it anymore. You want some advice and his peace condoms.
Barbie. Here's some advice, number one learn to work. notice. I didn't say work. I said, learn to work. You know what learning work means and by the way, this its police we and I'm not talking to the thirty and forty arose. I'm forty three mama, I'm talking to the I'm talking to my former eighteen year old self. There in forty year old. Joe believe me does not need a lecture for me and how to work, nor to you and you, but I'm on you pour out college kids out there and stuff. I would tell me kids- if I was talking to my own eighteen year old self or my own kids, learn to work. What is learning to work mean learning to work means show up on time. Don't look like a slob brush. Your teeth, put some deodorant and when you get to work, do your damn job learn to work. learn. Take the when you're in work like this guy says they were asking this guy Tyler Bonus former Marine.
He says in his job Joe everybody thought it was them to mop after hours, so he would volunteer. You know what he got promoted to manager was run and all joint pick up. The tab map you nobody floors. I opt in key food on Metropolitan Avenue before they sold it to the drug store is now every night. Two years I bought those floors. Cop mop pick up the mob learn. No work show up a time. Calm. Your hair snow flakes. learn to socialize and work, are not the same stupid stuff, not talking about snowflakes stuff like to show. We did yesterday about the liberals new, because a blind spot now its offensive so stupid, but I mean learn to socialize Joe. You know what I'm talking about me. You get
people who are neutral work environment, their younger, sometimes you're, a little older. They don't know how to socialize with people gotta communicate me you gotta, learn communicate our social intelligence work to work Lord, to show up, learn to socialize here for advice, Peace number three, Eighteen year, old self love shut up, shut up, that's a tough one gosh. It's at that. Eighteen, I knew everything on. Fortunately, I knew nothing I'm serious. I'm talking to eighteen year old, billboard, Juno, you didn't know Jack squat. Or the smartest kid room just ask. Eighteen year old, thereby GINO even told you people area. It announced sorry, but the chances. Are you don't you may not be an idiot. I and eighteen. I had a lot of dumb ideas, but you don't know much.
You haven't seen your kid fall off a bike and scrape there. Now you don't know that pain you haven't had taken. Kids were to a neck, you unit, right after they were born because our Billy Reuben was so high. They had put him under that cooker. For a week you haven't had a one, your wife cry because they can't touch their own newborn because our cooking under a blue light, and that's enough There are parents, do kids were born with a you know: Opie awaited dictating all other crap who adopted kids like that, you don't know that pain, No dad you oh no squash, you ve, never been fined. From a job, when you add bills to pay for your kids, dentist you get these, failure to pay notices in the mail. You are proud, guy, you're horrify, you don't know what that is squat about dad robust as you pour your entire life into UK
ready to go into the into the red. You don't have to come or the capital Schuman? You know we could succeed, but you ve got nothing. You know that pain. You don't know that Don't know what it's like to study your entire life for a test. You just can't pass Everything you don't know that sit here all the time and go not gone all these doors. The campaign for office to give him poor, you're everything into it and to win on election day, I didn't lose four days later on and absentee count after giving up everything you, don't know that there are no squad. You have no idea what it's like to be a Europe. Relates overseas country, designing a security plan right a we're all Dan and they have
Knucklehead, not a team, get lazy at the last minute and you got to step up a go. It's my fault! When you know it's not your fault, but you do it because you have led advance agent front of your name. Oh God learn to shut up and made He learned something from that. Eighty year old, veteran out there, whose it seemed gunfire whizzing passed his head and may have a little bit of an idea about the value of life. You RO squad up and get the mob go, get em up, And while you're mopping listen to that better tell you what life is really about! Go get that Denmark. You gotta learn a lead. You have to learn to lead your eighteen. You don't notes squat about leadership.
You know when I was in my mid twenties. I was there, The secret service training centre as an instructor Anear Academy, and I was given an opportunity, Joe too The class coordinator to pretty bold responsibly, pretty big responsibilities. They both I'm sorry pretty big responsibility for it, eight students looking to you this their first experience in the secret service. They don't know squat, you are there ask warning user agent trainees everything they know about the secret service. They are going to find out from you. I wasn't ready, Joe. I won ready. I wanted be their friend. I wanted to be their body. I gotcha. I couldn't be their body. I fail my first time out. They graduated Annette, got any complaints, so I assume they liked it. But of course they like that, I wanted to be their friend. I learned
from those failures. I learned there's gotta be a time when you put your hands on their shoulders and you looked him in the eye and you go now now. Now it's time for you to step up your ass, we'll be wrong: stop the wine and stop the bitch in and get going. But then there's other times where you do have to be a shoulder for them Billina and realise that this was really. This was something they need an opportunity and they needed someone to air their grievances too, in their grievances were legitimate. I didn't understand the difference I always wanted to be that shouldered a kind of cry on. Sometimes wine on a whining. What should have been a red line where I put my hands on the shoulders of not today. Why did? Even if you can without a you probably be given a snowflake, you probably accused of assaulting them. You have to learn to lead. How did you learn to did. You learn to lead by leading and failing a few times very few people.
First time out of the shoe become effective, Lears very few. Most people are given leadership over small things they blow at a couple times, or they learn some lessons from it and then I go on to be great leaders. You have to learn to lead. You don't know that at eighteen you happened squat, what do you want? A jubilee dissection tomb and the buyer lab in eighth grade or you may avenue- may a word something, but you are not there yet. Also. My last point: you have to learn not to be an idiot. I'm sorry, but I did a lot of dumb things. When I was eighteen, I'm busy com the arrogant, little snob. You know it grew up in New York on land. Drumbeat dramatic the streets, Warren exactly the cosiest. You know my
brother, at a young age, witness the guy who was stamped the death in front of a pizza place, your things normal for eighteen year olds ever tell you that you are now cops. came to our house. I was living on my own tat. My brother's air hops came to my chase, my brother's, through the streets because he was a witness. Now kid was terrifying here. The kid was terrified, because the your kid involved in the incident it was. It was really others what happened. This stuff really happen. This isn't like hyperbolically. Look at me, I'm a tough guy now and said, but the streets weren't exactly the friendliest, so you grew up edge. that edgy carried a certain rudeness to it. I've got news for you that and work in the real world. Folks tat may sound cool mere group in the streets of my hard rock your it now you're a dope most of the time, and I was now if you Preserve that edginess and refine it into a nice blade.
Then ok, maybe you can work on it. But retaining that immature eighteen year old, you know when I grow up tough, so to treat everyone else. I crap attitude, not gonna. the way the real world works- and that may give you pretty embarrassing studies by the way I am directing this at my eighteen year old self to, but got hired by the New York City Police Department as a cadet, not a recruit, there's a difference. There's a cadet programme, it's a paid internship, it doesn't mean you become a police officer. Those are police, recruits complicated but that's not good. Sometimes I say that people get confused when I get hard as a police get. That is an intern on this street kid boxing and I think I'm the toughest guy in a block I go to the police academy and which first day you fill out Your paper work you there and you know it so badly fitting suit and tie that. I think it was like ninety box from the local thrift store, probably two sizes to big. I can imagine how horrible I look. I gotta take
My earrings out, which was embarrassed area, have those at a morbid. Yet this Oh, like embarrassing, damp, mancino stores this young. What are weak and female cadet who was well by me put together, I don't mean obvious, hematoma physically, you teamed Liberal, bags? I really like she was really squared away. I believe she was a marine embassy guard, but I remember vividly she's there in Turkey Cadet Uniform, looking sharp and He's given out the paperwork, she down the aisle to me, it's a big long row and as she get to me, I don't know what happened, but she reached over to give some someone. I forgot about me about my paperwork. Instead of saying excuse me what is thereby GINO do at eighteen because he's a savage he goes hate yeah you're right. I can see what could happen. She turns around Jews. She looks at me with this thousand miles there she would Marie's, she was tough dude, I mean
Superman man, lasers, singed me right in half an hour loud, so everyone can hear, choose pay just whistle at me and I, like working relic now Let me take up that was a transformative moment about. It was horrifying the embarrassing, but it the greatest thing that ever happened to me because guy named Jason? I was in the police academy with it the time walks and me. everybody heard this, so I was the whistle guy after that you know for awhile eddies. As to me. This was a guy who had experience. He worked and retailers a manager before he became police. Could that and we were going to get some If the daily, I couldn't get it out of my head stupid, it was, I knew it was dumb right away, but he's like listen man, you just have to learn to say to people. Yes, sir and yes, Ma Am, and you know what I could not do it. It took me months. and then after the police Academy in the secret service and a process of learning tat, not be an idiot. I develop those interesting
kills of saying yes, Sir, and he s, man and you know what it went a long way Yet I still say that when I get off Fox NEWS, if you watch your sir, that's that yes! Monsieur reassure, don't be an idiot, I'm sorry ever longer than I intended, but still important. Unless you want to get some other stuff, to get you. My can issue also brought by bodies a brick house- nutrition, there's no better day to read this add other than now go to dredge report. Tonight you will see a couple of damning reports lot of vital. And products? Vitamins and minerals do nothing for your house right there on drudgery that yourself now? What is it Commendation at the end. Forget it Is it a lot of fruits and vegetables? Yes, I've been saying that the whole time I've who told you that fruits and vegetables vote of illumine its consumption of fruits and vegetables are the key. You're good. How this is not a mystery. We all know it did. Micro nutrients
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mission that calm slash, then that's brick, house, nutrition, dotcom, slashed, Nan, go pick up, feel the greens today. You will not regret it again. The reviews on this on my website are absolutely spectacular. Ok. Moving on, I did, so on the response. Gate debacle there is a must re peace. Please check this out at the show notes today upon GINO that come at an if you join my email, lest you could do. It was that's how I felt like a good bird, make sound effects for the show. I used my email is, I will email these articles write to you, but there is another great peace by Chuck Ross, the daily collars and do a tremendous work on spy gate, how we Now how we missed this Joe there's an alibi, and their downer interview from April, which across talks about the peace they pull up the code for the people living. There miss this. I have no idea. This is just astonishing how a toll
we blows up the entire spy gate narrative now just so, you have back when and how important what I'm about to read to you is the the eye in the New York Times are proud of New York Times there there. These propagandist their store about how this case started into Trump, because I told you and show less we nobody can point to you a point: zero in the case paragraph one. What is paragraph run one of the written document? This case say when I worked criminal This is, it would say, on such and such a date. Someone called me from a bank about fraudulent charge at such and such a location, and that later lead to credit card for address. What is paragraph one of this case say nobody can tell you. The story is change multiple times, one the versions in those events which we are trying to get away from now without an australian diplomat, name Alexander Downer, in a bar in London, while speaking to you, which papadopoulos- and here we say it was a boozy encounter. We had a single drink, stop with the booty
I've done that myself. They were not drunk. because it implies somehow that all you know what trunk. Then he told the truth. You people on the in Vienna. Veritable right! That's that's why they're saying that they were not drunk the one of these. Worries because they cannot point two point zero, because there is no point zero. This case, started because they wanted to politically target the Trump campaign. They can't write that so they keep changing story. One of the stories is at this strange diplomat met with Papa Dapple is in this London bar who was working for the term campaign and Papa Dapple is said to this guy the constitutional public's already done, if that was done to a bomb. I just It had the Russians had some kind of dirt on Hilary. That's the story. We urge all door Hilary there, the Australians Asked and onto us through Joe Hockey, their ambassador and all of a sudden. We had this being investigation that frumpy that that that's ridiculous this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. If that
your justification for employing the police state against political opponents, folks its or the constitutional public's, already done. If that was done to him Barbara justifiably there would be public outcry, but the media's Pravda now they're, not you, know, they're, not real anymore, not to be taken seriously so check Ross found this interview by down down or says this. This is amazing rubber, Joe. The whole story was that during some counter Papadopoulos gave down or like the Rosetta stone for this case about russian nagging, here's downers words in the interview, Joe, by the way, nothing Papadopoulos said that conversation indicated tromp himself had been conspiring with the Russians to collect information on Hillary Clinton. Wait, wait, wife! This is that death since their story. What we read that Yet this is down- or these are his words by the way, nothing Papa that conversation indicated Trop himself had been conspired.
With the Russians to collect information artillery Clayton is because it was. It was just that Guy is clearly knew that the Russians data material and Hillary Clinton, but whether Trop new or not, economic issues. We question mark, that's it. FBI Argos, that's your whole case, so just three clear your whole case is based on a guy saying he spoke to a guy Putin, the Russians may have had dirt on Hilary but he acknowledges that truck, didn't know nothing, he said, indicated any conspiracy. That's it Are you see why I'm so angry at liberal police, theatres and the problem media? How did we missed this interview? growth. Better dynamo, honest, I don't know, the sky never spoken or try to get. My and our tv show, but this guy's been dynamite by the we'll be back with live, shows the night five thirty pm eastern time, though Missus we'll have that debate.
With Sarah Mclaughlin. Once a debate, the NFL's policy who she thinks it's a speech, suppression and we're gonna debate that tonight's about Miss it enter atv, dot com, I says right here too no evidence at all the conspiracy folks who we're in uncharted waters right now. That's. Why I said, the mutually assured to tie it altogether: The mutually assured destruction and the appointment of another special council is the only way to ensure we actually get back to our more acts. We are not think it constitutes she'll republic. You once knew before spy gaieties dead based, ordered a spying operation weapon eyes. The government based on no credible paper, probable cause of any kind. or any collusion at all nothing here's another line from the peace quote from down, he didn't say Trump new or the tree
was in any way involved in it. He said it was about Russians and Hillary Clinton. It wasn't about Trump. how do you get past that. That's how it started. Now you see why the keep changing the conversations and make sense now now. Another breaking story By the way, I put an article in yesterday's showed us finish up on this one about this national popular vote initiative and probably gonna, get to it tomorrow or Morbid Pga media peace knots in today's she's method, shown us about how they're trying to circumvent the electoral college? Again, because but were an uncharted tat. They want to national popular vote, another whichever wins. A national popular vote wins the presidency, so many get to that. Probably our support, but read the peace in the shown us that I really interesting how liberals again the republic, the old rules, are gone.
You think we're playing by the old rules you're in a boxing match where you are boxing gloves on. There are twenty ounces and he has hand wraps with razor blades attached to them and your boxes the complaining that slicing you up and killing you as your dad, like dying, slow death. Instead of taking your gloves and countering that's why this mutually assured destruction thing is so important they want to use the rules as they quote, rules to attack them Creasy, then we should use the same rules to show them that the rules their use in were bastardize. That support are another. Just anvil Bilbil article today about proving I entire point: will we ve been saying since episode? Six, twenty eight on that this was an operation to frame Donald Trump? This was a set up from the start. Spike eight now are finding out show that the russian thief,
russian connected to the russian intelligence apparatus, we notice who showed up for the Jew nine Trump Tower Meeting, which, on that we found trumps union The russian lawyer. this was a set up. We know that these russian intelligence connected Guy, who showed up His lawyer, a friend of the content. We now also know that he has deep ties to fusion. PS, another piece of the daily collar, which will be in the showed us today I ran out a martian who showed up has the ties the fusion GPS, based on some of his own statements. He calls them, colleagues who work with them, and past. So now it a guy with the russian connections whose lawyer is a friend to the Clintons. Who is
Some cells being a colleague with fusion GPS, accompany hired by the Clinton to dig up russian dirt on Donald Trump, shows up for a meeting with on trumped junior chose. This makes sense. I mean. Is this not the most obvious set up of all time, and now we find out as well that vessel net skier the other attendee at this Jus nightgown trumped Junior meeting a Trump tower vessels sky, the lawyer that showed up who is also working for fusion GPS on another case. Did the team, rehired to gather russian dirt on Donald Trump? Even now you see the real polluters. Are, this lawyer now admit The contacting era so allow off the guy, new trump in an attempt to get the meeting now. Agalarov remember. The names have been saying this name since episode: six, twenty eight on how everybody in this case when you follow the money. When you follow the connections when you follow the leads or wins out back to help so
are you: have two people connect to an operation Hilary used together, fake information on Trump two peoples, Go up at a meeting with Don trumped Junior the sub, at that meeting which becomes at the central focus of the russian Collude. Look they colluded with the Russians to Russian showed up. Yes, they were connect, folks, the guy so in sky, is now admitting she asked for the meeting and she wanted a of guy who she knew Donald Trump from prior business deals it showed the meeting wasn't random the people connected to, region, GPS sought the meeting without trumped junior. Why why because this was a set up from the start. Folks, the guy was frame. Your government was weapon eyes. It is obvious red peace by Chuck Ross. Neither piece in the daily caller it'll become painfully obvious.
Buddy you showed up for these meetings with the Trump team was there was connected to the coincidence. It is embarrassing how- and this is why the Democrats a freak out right now, my folks, thanks again, for it. and then I really appreciate it and please go to youtube dot com Slash tampon GINO subscribe. Please subscribe on Itunes, I'm I'm asking you as a favour. If you can fly, the one I heart, because I dont know whether going to attack next, and I really I can't I can't lose if you can't loser that we work really hard to build up our audience. You know it our legal folks workin out of here? You know really put more effort into it. but I need your support and help. If you wouldn't mind, thank you very much. I really appreciate
I'll see you just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.