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Ep. 731 There's Only One Way to Fix This

2018-05-30 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the controversial tweet by Roseanne Barr. I also address the explosive revelations about Spygate and the origins of the case. Finally, I discuss the expanding Trump economy and the electoral ramifications for Democrats.    News Picks: This piece debunks the latest liberal myths about Trump’s immigration policy.   Lee Smith’s explosive piece about the origins of the Spygate case.    How is the Mueller witch hunt going to end?   The Trump economy is giving the Democrats headaches.    Debunking myths about immigration enforcement.   The solution to the liberal assault on conservatives is economic growth.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Get ready to hear the truth about Amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn Jean. I wanted it, thereby GINO shepherds and show our you today, man, don't good bad about you, you can go now. We cannot stay ahead of the new side. We can now three shows a day. Maybe do that, boy do like a morning afternoon and evening show I mean it's ridiculous. You cannot stay ahead of the new cycle. Roseanne North Korea, spy gate goes on and on and on economic numbers. Yesterday they got lost gradually using article yesterday and we get to that. I've got to talk to you today of a talk to talk about and even Daniel Greenfield about economics not so much the formality of it, but how Trump is winning and how the damn Grants are now run in further hills when these mid term elections, although they would claim- and I was gonna- be a blue wave, it may be a blue trickle. Who knows that's what people come here. Dan manner,
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so let me say yesterday I have a lot to get you. There are some. Just least Smith has another explosive peace, real, clear investigations which will be in the show no today, which is its critical. You read it because it did something like talking like this, because it sounds. really pretentious, but is something we have known for a long time mean the doors strongly suspected, I should say to be precise, for a law untie me in the corridors of my book that just blows the worse off this entire investigation into spy gate scandal, and it, provide some pretty pretty strong evidence that this was a set up. The entire time. I would say, remember the names you will remember: the names hold up before we get to that because a lot of stuff happened yesterday, Roseanne, let's get to that! First, do yeah, listen, folks I've never ever ever going Ben you wheels on the now
I know sometimes the conversation I had an email change back and forth with a guy named lawn, who was upset by the way did, but he was the only one I got probably two or three hundred emails I received yesterday than people love. They get the mob thing. Well, I can't take for it was the author that peace, but I asked by every word that go get the mob learn to work, learn to be responsible, but I did get. One negative, a piece of feedback. You didn't like it but you're, follow your passion. Well, that's fine. Do you think of seed, your passion, but enough to stick out your kids and stuff? First, I say that because I know there's going to be a lot of differing opinions on what happened with roseanne- and I know the convenient thing to do is to always talk and running from these topics, and you know that stick to milquetoast stuff Let's talk about economics in North Korea in after I'm not gonna. Do that here, I'm ready
beat that body GINO, unfiltered. Ok, here's by taken resent Joel, four times. Do you early in the show we first do in it. My basement. Be a new had an exchange of we had a delete later on. I am not going to say when it was aside important, who said, but it wasn't in any way meant to be inflammatory. You know what I'm talking about here and will you deleted it because you know we'd both I got it right like our to, even though no one intended at all to say anything negative gotta put it out there, because it doesn't matter and I'm not gonna give media matters idiots any ammunition by is totally not men, their death at all. We were like you know I just in case. Let us get rid of it, even though we would not have hurt us at all, I'm sure of it. I am not from the snowflake crowd, but there are things that you probably shouldn't do you know. One of them is that probably just shouldn't do I then judge be Crystal clear on that occasion
Bring someone to an ape on twitter is just dumb. I'm sorry, it's just dumb now She's acknowledge that Roseanne she's apologize now twice she apologizing against again this morning. So let's stipulate that number one that at least in my case. I am at by the way that damned I don't know. Maybe conservatives who were saying this was you know all this was a good idea. It's not. It was awful idea. Ok, let's do it the way that this was just a really dumb three which she's. Ready acknowledge, thankfully, twice rain. That step point number two ABC is a free market company, and I with a straight face, argue that you know the NFL is a free market company and you know be able to do what it wants with its national anthem policy, which I did yesterday debating Sarah Mclaughlin on my A tv show about this
and then say all while ABC you know is not a free company when they cancel the show, listen, they're free to do what they want. Just like. We were free, not to watch the NFL, your free, not to watch ABC. If you disagree with the decision, I don't watch ABC anyway no. It doesn't matter to me so point one. It was a paper really poor decision to send a point number two. By the way again, we're not speaking with forked tongue. joe- and I say this I should tell you- are totally milk toast and we're careful, because we don't want to give left this any ammunition, even if it's even a slight amount of ambiguity there, yet that what they want. ambiguity in that we shouldn't assented. Point number two we see, can do what it wants and Frida, not watch, there's. No, were made solution. Today is there's just your eyeballs and your decisions, and that's it. That's the gray part about living in a free country once two things are out of the way and we set the groundwork for this. I think the take off the argument from this is where conservatives I village
MC gripe here is its now. What about ism folks to say? Well what about you re, not, but what about Cathy Griffin, but about Keith Oberman may so you're saying thought about what about ism and you're saying what about because we're not that asking about older, I don't care about Keith Oberman, Cathy Griffin, who held it Kapital Tromp Head Keith Albert it called us Effing Nazis in a tweet, I'm not talking about joy reed who made to homophobia comments in a blogging and lied about it. I don't care. They say I don't watch them spend just hired Keith Album, who has been ruthlessly attacking trump and trumps support is forever. I don't care. I'm not asking what about them? I'm asking what about the rules? I think it's a fair.
Argument for everyone out their conservatives and liberals alike to say Joe okay, we can, all roundly condemn Rosanna, tweet she's done it ourselves. She's command said this was really dumb. That's unanimous. But what are the rules, I'm serious this is a question for my liberal, and I use that term loosely or listen to the show. I know Listen because you get after the show you hit us on Twitter and I see them, which is fine. I'm glad you listening when are the rules. Are the rules say something stupid on Twitter, which gosh say something grip. Actually held a decapitated ed, Careers Fit Griffin by Cathy Griffin. She was just at the White House correspondence thing. The dinner thing with at other comedian who do brutally attacked Sarah Sanders onstage
to adjust unbelievably poorly written jokes. What are the rules are the rules. You do something dumb. You poligized we can all move on or are the rules, do something dumb Apologize when you can every year shun from polite society forever. But when you are liberal, just give it a few weeks and we welcome you back, I'm did folks, I'm not being a jerk. I mean, as I am asking you a sincere question: what are the rules of the rules can change at any time. That's tools has much which, as you and I both know, are not rules. If the rule is don't punch, the guy in the gonads in a boxing match and one guy, does it continuously those our rules area go there. we rules for the other guy is, I am not fending, Roseanne Rosanna, not defending Roseanne, but I'm
genuinely curious as to what the rules are joy. bridge blog was openly homophobic on a networked professes to be about Inclusive Eddie equality, diversity she's? on MSNBC now First, let me just tell you right now and I know my produce Denise for my and our a tv show who listens to my podcast. She knows this and can vouch for me on this one out I read story came up about the her heart heard: homophobic blog posts and she claimed wasn't. Harsh is recognised, probes, heart blog and she line. like our blog was hacked, and things like that. I did not talk tat story on Energy TV. I did not mean get out a central focus of my show. Despite the it was in the news: if it came up. Ok,
in passing why cause. I don't watch should read. I don't care my readers of traffic? To me? I don't care, I'm Joe, I Joy read to be fired from MSNBC, do whatever you want to do it MSNBC unique. Having joy read on here: benefits for business keeper replied. You take NEO on the field, hurt your business or jobs. Your business. Do what you gotta do NFL Abc you want a fire Rosanna fire Rosanna know what to tell you it's your business, I stayed away from that story because I get into this stuff because I believe that even liberals who say really Tom Nasty, stop shipping able to say, hey, I screwed up and are moving on. You know why. I believe that Joe
Sometimes she was coming to talk to you to talk to the audience which has a bad radio baby. I can't I haven't talked to you because you're my friend in your part of the show- and I feel like you- are the audience to sometimes because we don't rush this before the show, such always that de facto, you in the car? Listening now? I'm in this business you been in a long time. It CBS yeah it's hard folks, I'm not whining. This isn't snowflake stuff. I wouldn't traded for the world. I love this fight, but it's hard it hard to go on the air every day, hours hours. Ten twenty thirty hours, sometimes a content a week on a we busy week between blogs between the pod care? between Fox between our ATV between Facebook I've appearances tweeting, our hours a week content, it is nearly impossible at some point, for you do not say something stupid. It is impossible. You live right right right. Is it Joe you,
guess I'm a radio station. You probably leave Koumongoe vanish in the said that absolutely also time now we do it Free day we're not guess you were going to say something dumb matter benefit four pod cases Joe and I can edited because sometimes I say some downright yomei junk. Can you just delete that are just stupid? Not me, too, I said then yesterday response to Jos comment that we had to cut out of the show. You know why not because I meant anything by but because you know what it wasn't phrased right radio which hard I've tweeting all the time. It's hard on that up. a logic for common she's not doing it. We should neither pop The rules we just want but if standards now liberals listening, you understand why conservatives feel like their under assault, no one's defending comments. Ok nobody's doing that, stop saying that lives. There simply asking you all. What are the darn rules
our conservatives allowed to say a man. I screwed up well liberals going to say you know what folks give my pen on that everybody gave joy, read a pass. Some conservatives didn't and that's your boys. Folks, I did not come that story and did not call for joy, read to be fired. because it's not my call maybe she is sorry. I have done that pending joy. I dont know George, we just like. I don't know Roseanne and I'm not defending Rosanna, don't know you're on saying is this: the society we want to live in where, if conservative. One slip up, the liberal mob comes after you and make sure it's all over, and yet, when you're I you're allowed to do grotesque things like faker, Dick application of Donald Trump and all of a sudden you, a rock star at the White House, correspondence dinner dude. You know and have to slip up. You know that too
did you know you you're gonna, here after the show bond, GINO Defence of us, you will then I'll be, I know I know I well nets, but I'm not, running from this day anymore. This topic, I'm not a my number anymore. I never did in the first place, but fair enough for us to ask this question. What are the rules. I mean, the reason I brought that story would show in the beginning to about that. As I listen, I totally get it. You can't say: their discredits the whole movement. You can call people apes come on, Comic seriously, have some common sense. I said that my wife, this Merger- Nordic, like page one guy on two years, one go on the same guy off the air. I said in my wife this morning, can't say that kind of stuff. You can't you just can't do that. but I am genuinely curious as to a weak as a society going to say: ok, Do you screwed up? Maybe This is versions
history of saying controversial thinks I like this is new, but I'm just cure. is as to how liberals think we're ever gonna bridge some kind of partisan. I not ideologically its clear ideologies are different, but at some point we're gonna have to that we are at least all Americans, and we should abide by a brace a basic framework I mean even countries that hate each other than are savages, abide by General rules, war, can we not agree that we can have very sincere in depth detailed ideological fight but agree a basic framework that all right. If you say something really dumb any now: twenty four hour new cycle with twitter and everything else that may Maybe just maybe we should consider on both sides- and I get saying I peoples grew up. It's not our call to private company. Let's move on
suggesting by the way you don't have the right to boycott. I don't watch the NFL, that's my choice, perverts! just think like some some government intervention or anything like that. I just just the whole thing: just you know I didn't get the cover yesterday in plenary. Tv show, but I had a hated this morning began, adjust its just disappointing. It really is Keith Oberman read this guy's twitter feed, it is somewhat most disgusting stuff, you ve ever seen any s just problem on board together. We must bring this guy back, he's great Cathy, Cathy Griffin, again decapitated ahead of Donald Trump, fine Wanna go see or in go ahead. I, when I don't care, I M not suggesting tat. The Griffin should be permanently impoverished and tavern career taken away. If people in a free country wanna go see or go, see her, I don't. I don't want to want yet fell? If you want to watch
knock yourself out, but my gosh, the joy red thing, What what is going on everybody on the left get free pass at him. When you do apply the weight preside, even a conservative, Joe Jason, conservative, let's be crystal clear on that understood, but she you know the rules just are not. There are no rules, anymore, and this is why liberals listening or genuinely looking into some insight into the trouble? we went into America. I want you to reject, the people all the time, whether its church shred at meetings. I do activists stuff. I go to all the time you want to you need to understand the silo atmosphere. People have liked a constantly under attack from liberals, because you are because you don't feel like the rules apply and if
rules are just to be clear on this, to say something pretty deceit, are being like, add and you're out then find that make the rules apply to everyone else too, and we would respect it. Far Europa remain fire red. Cathy grip, should lose all our representation. Everything else do I'm not that instead of just saying, make the rules consistent. Nor enough for this already. I do have a lot to get to spend more time on that then I wanted to. But that's ok, we're gonna work. Irritation was a bunch of other bodies and I target the eye target system is probably, in my experience, the best system out there for taking your dry far to the next level. By the way you got to safely unload your weapon before you try this. I got an email last night from a guy who was like hey Dan, check it twice check it three times. You know who you are and yeah. I'm not kidding this guy on fired to his neighbors wall
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we go next year. I am one just quick. I have an article in the show notes by Daniel Greenfield sent in by listener reference it yesterday, but I'll put it in the show notes again today, because it so good an it talks about how the demo it's real trouble here, jail because your sphere and how the Democrats seamlessly move from one to the other when they lose up. Don't forget this is gonna, be attack the culture sphere and economic warfare sphere and how the demo crash seamlessly move from one to the other when they lose up. Don't forget this be a template for the show? Go and forbidden support new understands when the debt crash, lose the political sphere, which is purely elections, getting people elected in power. To do things, Democrats want they moved to the cultural sphere, seamlessly these like plan that they just know that manufacturers there's activity ongoing each sphere all the time. The culture sphere is again It's happening in Hollywood happening in academia with the liberals.
Doktor nation, where students, what they lose in the political sphere power. They gain in the cultural field by minimizing and and allocating conservatives, the outcasts and society by making you feel like you don't belong. They do it tv when you start to get this perception, that being a b and a conservative is somehow being crazy, because that's how you pay did on TV and Anna in films, and things like that that may have the Iccat mixed fear where they ve learned the boycott game to em I want social media it useless but for a minute as a conservative, it's over, they will come after you. They will target you. They will target new channels. They will target entertainer they will target anyone who doesn't toe the company like the liberalized more between these fears constantly and in this peace by Daniel Greenfield that are put in a show notes, and I'm just really really good. He talks about how economic show the fact that prompt and I'm gonna get the trumpet now makes a second at some of the sum of the spectacular economic numbers coming out. But how
economic success story of the early Trump Administration is overwhelming a lot of this. It is now start commute mute the power in the cultural and economic boycott sphere because they can't win in the political sphere. Now they made, ok. In the mid terms, I don't think it's going to be a blue wave, but the point of the pieces the economic success of the early Trump administration again I'll, give you some numbers in the second here are so good that people are starting to say: hey, you know what do the people in the cultural sphere who maybe not die hard liberals, but leaning democratic like well? What do we do? We vote identity politics, or do we fought for a while it my while it's good, I just got a raise. What do I do right? Have you been all this in Maryland, where you live, which our, whereas a die, hard blue state until the rain, facts came around started bankrupt in businesses and all of a sudden, even liberals were like
not so sure about the governor, oh Molly, and his lieutenant governor, who is in running for government voted for Larry Hogan Republican now up for re election has been the greatest republican world, but may get leave Joe now ahead. Now on that, is the grief. Yo makes a great point that economics is going to trample on this. You a boycott. All you want people really going to join in these boycotts. If again, if they're getting promotions are getting raises and thereby raises- and businesses are doing well, but I wanted to go double down in a peace. Recap: AIDS, a good piece, it's interesting, its short its sweetness and shone out, but it did that's the could take away that the trumpet on me, is going to eventually overpower all this, because people vote political power into power based on kitchen table issues in the room, while its period full stop. Now I
I title today shows that the only way to fix this, because, folks in the in the cultural and economic boycott arena where we're losing liberals are taken over the culture. I wanna make us just to you that a lot of this is going to die down substantially if Trump is reelected right now, bureaucracy, the love of a lot of this day, bureaucracies alot of the appointed federal government officials, even in the FBI, after eight years of Obama, and, in my opinion, eight years of a weak presidency in George W Bush in the republic inside the bureaucracy. At the federal level, the people governing the people who are being influenced by entertainment, types who may campaign donations. The people who are being influenced by far left donors are liberal A lot of homer, even liberal republicans they are in there. They have overtaken the bureaucracy that overtaken taken this department there, even senior managers at the FBI. Clearly you had a Trump animus
case. You would think it organizations like the f B. I would be immune to this. They are not after just there the simple life cycle of a federal employ folks. Most of them do not work the whole Tyre twenty five years. There's a good portion of leave early to take other jobs. Some do some stay the whole twenty five years, but if we get trumpery elected- and you have a year's think of this- you know, you're talking about a third of the career, even for the people who stay a lot of those employees are, going to retire and leave and are going to be replaced by more competent cod the two surely oriented appointees by the Trump Administration, a re election by the Trump team be absolutely devastating to this entire organism. a working symbiotic with the American left to impact rule upon american livelihoods, which is the federal bureaucracy cited it's not a complicated point of making today
I'm just gonna they trump economy if it continues on the successful path, is going we're well a lot of this cultural and economic pressure by the left. It could lead to potential the election reelection will wash out federal employees appointed under a liberal, relatively, leaning republican administration, at least during this some points in the second term and eight years, Obama and by the way eight year. of Clinton before that as well. Eight years of Clinton, which so we ve been sandwich. There's been a democrat sandwich. It is
very important. It you understand, reelection will swap out a lot of those people for more constitutionally orient the people and we could start moving the country back to the liberty stations than of away from an important point. Ok, I have just quickly on Trump Economics, Joe just before I get to some of this Russia stuff, because it's my gosh assist amazing, my girl, when they scan attacks from about my youngest so cute, He can't get enough. Thorpe are so. This is an article haven't assurances from the washed, in times more, We chose reporting that April, which is attacked. Some want to be fair. This is always the month that the government runs a surplus. So I don't want to be overly dramatic here, but April typically run. a surplus money week is reporting that the two hundred eighteen billion dollar monthly tax revenue surplus revenues over expenditures. This April Joe, was the largest ever with the previous,
record being one hundred eighty billion in two thousand and one Here's a simple, lasted, more growth, more tax revenue, folks, If said this over and over you, please take it to the bank cash that check and run away with it when you cut taxes. You induce growth because people take that money, they don't burn it. They invest, their businesses they invest in the economy. The economy grows larger and the taxes that come in as a result of that growing economy typically far outweigh what would have come in otherwise, with a higher tax rate and a lower growth, rain economy, more growth more revenue. Now you the numbers, I don't want it overly dramatic, but also in this, the more peace gay rights at work, way through this quarter, Joe in April oh threads. Now we're lookin like they could approach four percent this quarter. If they approach percent, Joe President, trot full of average three percent growth of GDP Growth
for his first year, a number that liberals, including Paul crewman, said, were ridiculous. He said we would see flying cars, that's a quote more. We would see three percent growth again and yet, if we hit this, four percent target we're halfway. There. Tropical have done it in year, one something Obama never did Joe from the fleet. get to the free market. That's right! That's right! That's exactly the free! The flea market, economy, etc, fertility. Aren't you gotta BBC? What happens? Look at this? The resolve, the proof is in putting the proof, is in the pudding. Read the peace in a wash Ing ton mri. This is it
there is a great peace by Lee Smith out today, that I can't encourage you shine on the sidewalk anything from these are my links, especially Psmith, he's at Rio, clear investigations, yeah do and I'll do it, but I dont get anything from it's up by website, but the link is out my website punching a that comfy subscribed to my email is essentially it is an amazing peace, and this is what I was talking about. The beginning of the show. My co authors and I read a book- have suspected for a long time and I thought about away too kind us on this that this was a push in Paul operation, the entire time to set up an frame the trumpeting a push, In that- and this is the part that the Democrats are running away from its also- why they won't mention the word spy. They don't want to make the word spy and they want to keep it out of polite conversation because spy. Is someone from the outside who looks in writing
I'm spying on your house, my in your house, now, I'm probably outside peeping in a window like a peeping com, it has various connotation when it comes to the government doing it for people ethical reasons right right. Spy outside looking in. They want to use the word informant, because the word informant with wage used in law enforcement and a lot of intel investigations by the way of action used informants and run them before is in force, It is typically someone inside the house in forming the cops outside the house of what's going on inside the house now. Why is that connotation better for Democrats on this, because if the enforced inside the houses and forming the cops about something going on inside the house? You assume what's going on inside the house? Joe is an affair, it's an illegal, exactly.
And it makes it appear that all we were just taking information that was already there about a poorly run Trump organization during the campaign that may have been colluding with the with the Russians and were we not to take it? That's not what happened gotcha! Why do we avoid the spy word? Because the spy word mean someone was pushed side of the house to look in? They were pushed now another and by the way who is doing pushing. That's the question. The Democrats desperately want to avoid what perhaps instructions where did the eye, yeah come about to push him To the Trump orbit to query people from the Trump team about russian emails who pushed him in? Why did they push him in one is given a coherent answer now something I've suspect. for a long time is that this was
push Paul operation with information to Dole chew, forget what I am about to say. I believe they pushed inserted information into the Trump sphere today pull that information out later then use that information later as a reason to spy on the trumpeting? Let me give Before I explained this, let me give you a simpler analogy: cause it's gonna get a little complicated, but his critical. You understand this. If I went away trap Joe. I cannot. His door every day and say hey Joe. I have information about a bank robber, hey Joe. I have information about a bank robber Jos like who is this guy, not gonna meet their dude. Can you please go away by the third or try you that the guy any tells you about this bank robber. You think he's half a coup, great and Iraq. Sudden a week later, another guy next door, separate guy and says: hey Joe, have you. Prepare the bank robbery yeah yeah
some guy was not going to my door less. We could talk about and all of a sudden it costs about you're like wait, wait, but what's going on here, you're back sir you're being arrested conspiracy to rob a bank, you like what are you talking about? What are you talking about? I God I'm not knocked out my don't take this guy. Thirty was crazy push information into Jos House about a bank robbery You send someone else to pull it out later. Joy, ever any intentions of robbing a bag colluding to rob a bank or anything one policy information out later and in the same information about Joe no about the bank robbery because of some are knocking at our door, is used as a reason to investigate chauffeur colluding with the bank robber. What now really Smith. Peace today will understand what I'm talking about. There's a potential
here that someone involved than this may have been pushed into doing this. Its midst. Pc talks about an assertion in the Papadopoulos indictment Papadopoulos, the low level campaign adviser who was a secured by the FBI for false statements. There's an interesting part of that where they Wayne that the guy Papadopoulos spoke to Joseph Myths said. That they claim myths should was Kremlin linked and talk? Kremlin link, that's a quote: Basically Papadopoulos years, use the allegation in the false statements. Charging is Papadopoulos that he spoke to me. So do they claim? Is Kremlin linked and law eight about his conversations with Missus and Miss said risen. So basically he lied about conversations with this russian agent junker. He was Kremlin linked. Are we sure about that?.
now? It makes sense why they're trying to shut Papadopoulos up so quickly noticed we haven't heard from But doubtless yeah, you know it He was one of the first targets of this investigation. He was completely shut down. We haven't heard a peep from this guy. You think we would right. Why haven't we heard a p from pop adopt with pop adopt lists? was prosecuted for a conversation he had with this guy Miss said whose of a lead You have told him about some dirt. They had on Hilary, the Russians and they call I'm Kremlin length. But if he's Kremlin link wives interviewed by the FBI. Just two weeks after Papadopoulos was interviewed in February of Twin. Seventeen and then allow to leave he's gone. They can't find. I'm not saying he's dead. We don't do conspiracy theories here, I'm not suggesting he evaporated into the mist, but suspiciously as we
say in the secret service out of pocket but he's interviewed him. So let me be clear on this: your entire a case Joe River arms around a conversation a Trump adviser had with a quote, Kremlin linked agent that Denmark So much as a cut out for the Russians and intermediaries stooge, yet the bureau interviewed him two weeks after Papadopoulos and nothing. why and he's got his guide? Another line we use these refugees in the wind he's in the wind. Why is that? So, the guy who is the russian Kremlin carve out. You alleges they found. There are the feast who had this information. He gave the pop adopt this shit's after Papa that police,
Allegedly shares this information with an australian diplomat later starts to haul investigation in July. you don't know anything about him and he's gone you'll, be after the FBI interview. Is it possible. This was a push in pole, operation that someone, Else other than the Russians may have pushed that information onto myths. Should we the intention of FBI informants and others working with intelligence entities were to pull that in from she from Papadopoulos later, a tell Papa was about russian dirt. Them will ask him about russian dirt later and that's how will start the whole thing about russian dirt? Why come again? Let me read you from least Smith peace. I want you to keep a couple questions in my who, really gave that information to Miss said to pass into the Trump team to pull out later, whose
so really working for and why is he hiding them read to you from least miss brilliant peace at Rio. Clear through. Please read this its long. It is worth your time it'll, be it the show notes if Sir truly is a russian agent, which is key the collusion narrative he could prove to be one of the most promiscuous spies and modern history western it. elegance agencies and european politicians would have to spend the next few decades repairing the damage he did, the global security by infiltrated key institutions and personnel as yet, however, there is no indication that any intelligence service has begun the embarrassing but highly important assessment of how it was penetrated and how it can reach. fortify. The vulnerabilities that myths said may have exposed. There has been no public effort to arrest him. What does he mean by that.
Well contained in the peace you'll find out something again, I'm trying to put myself in the back, please I'll. Take it the wrong way. We're not like tat on the show one been Menachem, my office, but my authors, but we ve been searching this for a long time now, Joe If suits connections are not that deep with the Russians, but they are very deep with western intelligence agencies, let me quote from least this peace again quickly? A person who knows myths said talking, his connections to entail member? If this is the guy that got the information from the Russians about the dirt and gave it the Papadopoulos and it was Papadopoulos spreading that word around that started this whole investigation and your alleged, he's Kremlin linked and as some kind of a cut out for the Russians, Joe then,
call. Mrs buddy said this Miss Miss Miss since I keep saying it wrong. This quote: he had only one master, the western political, diplomatic and intelligence world, his only home of which he is still deeply dependent, We too you another line. Myths said before he went into hiding said: the only foundation I'm a member of is the Clinton Foundation Way may come again. There are about breaking down up Ray, I would read the peace. So your whole narrative is at a Kremlin link rush, cut out intermediaries, who got some information from Russia about emails on Hilary faded to a trump, remember that later
spoke about it and that was the initiation the incident. So your assuming the push shall member the push in Paul Agnes out of it. You're assuming the push of information into the Trump or became from Russia. That's the heart of your collusion, narrative, the Russians fed. tromp team information they wanted to use. Did they the guy who started this whole thing is deeply connected to western intelligence, Seems to be a member of only one foundation, the Clinton foundation. Why. Nobody asking these questions. What's even more interesting, Joe BS, the office in Rome. They have these positions coldly gets legal attaches one other. The agents in Rome was the handler Christopher Steel who was working
for the current and organization to go, dig up nasty information on tromp, which he got from the Russians. He sends one of his buddies, so there's a guy in Rome in the FBI. Jerome, whose handling Christopher steal a guy working with the coincidence, the british intelligence ass it to go, gin up negative information term from the Russians, a guy who works with him in his office goes to a seminar in September. At slink university where miss such works. Folks, after by the way, in September. While this whole operation is going on and he Asks in July of twenty sixteen, this is the original guy works and the FBI office in Rome, MR establishing connections, here he asks
the first steal the handler for steel working in the Office, FBI Office in Rome when he. Its would steal he s the Orange alive twenty. Sixteen, if he's ever heard of George Papadopoulos, why would he do that would steel. I've heard of George Papadopoulos Folks walk how would I know this is confusing? I can see Jos look right now you don't get up yeah, ok, now, if the FBI, is meeting with a british former entail working for the Clinton's unease, the FBI, agent, Rome, is the handler form and this FBI agent is working steel and steel was gathering independent sake, air, your information about the Trump, in that the F b I deemed so concerning. Then, why is the FBI asking
that source about George Papadopoulos, how the hell did they know about George Papadopoulos, that's where I was. Yes, They know about George Papadopoulos from downer. Why is it so concerning to him that he ask steel about it and this July meeting who which who said this is by the way as part of his people works in office, is at a seminar with me so do started. This whole thing would Papadopoulos just months later in September. What is folks when we asked me to leave this again with these questions? I know this is a bit confusing Let me make it simple for you. This case revolves around the fact that a alleged crime, more willing to asset for information to the tribe deem they tried to use to win an election nobody's this guy's Kremlin linked matter of fact, the evidence is this guy's like to western intelligence? Suppose it good guys pm
says, he's a member of the court and foundation. I don't know they had membership guards, then there, asking a british spy about Papadopoulos the same first, that sending a guy to go speak at a seminar at a at this hour. Link university campus. We're myths should works, suggesting what they knew about this, the whole time, how words, myths shirt, they knew about me said the whole time today, we ask questions again, who is misused workin for. Why is he hiding. Why does the mullah allegations in the indictment? For I mean the paperwork up in the charging documents for pop was column Kremlin linked, yet seemingly all the available evidence out their points to the fact Going to western contacts.
Folks. Do you see why the media is desperately scrambling to cover this thing? Up? Who pushed myths should into this? Listen to me Remember if you're gonna, remember any name in this weather was vexed sober. Thereupon, ask all the names you ve gone into. Downer doing this for months now. Don't forget the name Joseph Myths, it who pushed him into this orbit if it was in fact the Russians who that? And he is a russian cut out and a russian spy? Then you know what go after him too. fullest extent to the law, suggesting q, though, if this guy I is a russian asset. Why was the FBI office? Managing Christopher Steel is working for Clinton? Giving a speech at the care policy works there where he works.
You going to give a speech near arrests and asset the beauty in a place where you tired of russian asset, is that makes sense. You see one. With the shop you so saying to me that link which had a russian asset on board according to your own doc, Kremlin, backed acid you're, sending FBI agents to go speak worry works. so Joe. You interviewed him in February, as he was allowed into the United States to the bureau, just a couple weeks after Papadopoulos, less everybody now quiet about these interviews. Papadopoulos isn't is intact and neither is misled and you can't find miss it wisely. Hiding where'd you go. Interestingly enough, Joe. Miss said was invited to speak at an event with the state department at present. At the event, after all, this went down. So you're telling me a russian asset who very serious and deep links to british intelligence Clare.
From british intelligence. You sits on a very important intelligence advisory board, who teaches care for the F b? I spoke out after all this who was vital the United States to speak at an event. The state department was at hand. It was literally by the FBI. In February and subsequently disappeared, is this major league, russian spy Kremlin backed asset that try to overthrow an election and yet all about happen? State support mid speeches connected the british intelligence, he's got photos would people british political leaders. He teaches that a campus, the F B, I spoke at folks this this makes sense to you. Do you understand Why the push portion of this all the information was pushed into the Trump orbit, how it can did to miss said. The questions about Miss said who was Miss should work For what is he hiding? Do you want
Stan how those questions are all put to the forefront. Become prominent when the word spies used yeah, because the word spies use Joe. You have someone externally spying, looking into an operation and all of a sudden, if they don't I and anything something has to be pushed them for them to quote find later. Ah, you I've tried the target. Were I'm Runnin again show for office for Congress that spying on his house every night I got a video camera. I know I'm gonna see Joe count and drug money. One night right put your support here so. Yes, I thought that you accept certain every night they I could see, shows how so it. Oh that's true, but you get the point every night on their weeks go by. We can't desperate. I get nothing on Joe Joe, creep, ends up in the policy exactly ass, far ass. I have nothing
We do catch the elections coming around him, it's by an audio every night, somewhat which was an international drug run. I see nothing. He's airplane Joe every night there workin out there doing a thing they want you NASCAR racing nothing's happening the spy. I got an idea. That's push a guy into the house, a pizza, commanded, the sudden he It's a a coke on the counter. Look what I got video cocaine on account of their, we go. Do you see how the spy component when information has to be pushed into nothing is going wrong. When you talk about spy! They had a push jumping into pull it out? They push to come into the house to pull out the picture who post. Myths should into this. Why is miss hiding? Why be quiet? Why won't pop Papa will speak. Do you now understand why them?
Team had a shot Papadopoulos down from day one. Why was a low level back bencher Trump, Think burger in his organization who Tropic. Almost zero personal dealings with outside of up of a group meeting one time why? key public enemy number one to Bob Mahler, maybe because But the police and myths should know exactly what happened here, that it the Russians, you push myths it into this it with some one else pretend we from western intelligence. It did it. The contacts are right there. Let me court again with such body. Here only one master, the western political, diplomatic and intelligence world, his only home of which he is still deeply dependent the pictures, the evidence speeches, the place you work, myths suited to me folks. I'm not pretend
they have all the answers. You are, I'm telling you mean my Co. Authors have been on this for months and the myths should think. That's why I tweeted the name is deeply concerning I'm not just think you. I have the answers. What I am suggesting to with absolute certainty is, there are deep It deeply troubling questions that nobody, Nobody is asking? Why? Maybe because the answers are equally troubling. Who pushed myths into the house Liberal, media, hacks and swamp rat. Republicans want you to believe it was the Russians. I'm telling you the evidence is overwhelming right now and I hope and pray unproven wrong. I really mean that that it wasn't the Russians that it was someone else.
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So last night train gouty report. again congressmen bizarre Martha Maccallum. I get it. The lot of you are confused about Gouty. Let me unkind. You sure I am not here to personally attack tray Gouty he's leaving. He should do as on thing in fine, whatever, politically speaking, not sought a personal tat. I have never trusted. How do I base that on a number I know, that's gonna be shocking to a lot of you who have been working hence the otherwise. It's your business do what you want to do. I'm not here to engage in Republican. A republican violence betray Gouty did ah the cause of cleaning up the police. a in enormous the service last night. He want Martha Maccallum and I'm telling you based on feedback from responsible and very inform conservative activists who have been involved in this moment for a long time, the expressed
I've heard frequently about Gouty is, and I'm just telling you what I've heard from other people is I don't know personally is all have no cattle, no cattle. So you take from that. What you want ran that bank icy commission. What we see you know like the came out at any is really what accountability we had. Dowdy came out last night on more than Maccallum and said that I am quoting the based on his review, the evidence, the F b I did what we wanted them to do, which of course liberals jumped at right away. They thou love, tray, Gouty ease their new favorite, the republican liberals, dont, including mobile leafy. You cared came after me this morning, a twitter which is fine, saying our lot Gouty said so, which is each other, nor they ignore newness. Who has seen the same evidence and has a completely different conclusion, yet they ignore
Dershowitz use a liberal and experience in a lot of these matters. Who is based, said this investigation is a really horrible idea. They ignore eighty, coffee and a lot of others. Significant thought leaders out there who reviewed the available evidence and and Nunez who has seen the classifieds. Dublin has a different pity, but now gouty their new here, don't be confused and don't people in the swamp, dissuade you from obvious fact that the F b I did not do what we wanted them to do, and County believe that I'm in encourage you to respectfully Of course, I you know, I'm not lecture in any one, but you know you know that deal we don't want to do it. Liberals do risk actually email is office or if you live in his decision, do you still leaving, but he still your crimes. I'd like you to ask him these simple questions train the f B. I was doing what we wanted them to do, Why did they hide the investigation from Congress for eight months when they were supposed to give cordially briefings, awakened what we said it with sensitive o
but in the very same speech when asked about why they give quarterly briefings. He says, because there are sensitive investigations. Ok, try you one clear that when it for us, the FBI doing what we wanted them to do. Why hide an investigation from Congress for eight months, just check it. If you can answer that, love to hear. Secondly, We are doing what we wanted to do, which is have buys intentionally interact with a political campaign to pull our information as we have seen yet, no probable cause whatsoever of a crime or that any of these people were, in fact, foreign agents violating? U S law which, by the way is the actual to prosecute these people, no one yet prosecuted, the FBI is now spying on campaigns would listen, train and you could Paris, I've. I've actually worked in this arena, so please spare us the nonsense. This is not the
least impact for way to do it, the least impact. The way to do it. Shall we go and interview the Trump team, Haiti. You know about this guy page, which leads to point number three. Why did the FBI fail to give? a full spectrum brief on exam, we. What was going on to the truck team if they were so afraid the truck team was being infiltrated by Russia's just asking tray can you explain Martha Maccallum hit him on that one less light he was like. I don't know She don't know finally train if the F B, I was doing what we wanted to do. Why did quote law enforcement official about way, don't know one other law enforcement entity working on this case other than the FBI was a small group. the CIA and essay and others where impel agencies? So we, can conclude based on reason something missing here. That's
Somebody led to the press and they are in October. The presence of this in the geisha you heard me We do that Washington Post article last week show where they had incredible detail on a lot of this. Somebody leaked to the press. the existence of this investigation at the Trump fascinating, try. So, while you're explain that's why they hid the investigation from Congress for eight months? Can you also explained to us they're doing with the cap public wanted the FBI to do why someone in the F B, I led the presence in the investigation of the press by hiding it from Congress. I'm waiting you like those answers in writing to fuel mind, since you seem so confident. by the way, all the liberals out there who are new, found, tray, gouty fans after assaulting tray gouty on twitter and social media, cable news for years. If you explain the answers to those questions to I'd love to hear. If you listen train you have legitimate answers to that. I'd be happy because
Let me believe that our FBI in the did not in fact spy and a political campaign. I could breathe easy at night, but if you can't, can you, please explain to us why you want, on television last night, said something so ridiculous. It requires a response today from this oh and others. I am not. The only one upset about Gouty did last night. He gave police. State Democrats refuge on our side based on an end at did just a troll, its evaluation of the situation frustrating I folks, gotta run. Me out a beyond the Donald Trump Facebook page later, if you wanna be a Lord Ingram tonight, ten o clock and please check out my area tv show five thirty pm eastern time available for free at energy, tv doc. I'm go check out the website super slackened. Thanks for all your support, I really appreciate especially the Youtube thing yesterday, so you guys help that alot thanks
Shame on you just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dont com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.