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Ep. 732 The Real Reason Behind the Deep State Panic

2018-05-31 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the panic brewing in the D.C. Swamp over the collapsing Russia probe and the increasing public frustration over the Mueller witch hunt. I also address the moral basis for capitalism and how we should explain it to the next generation.    News Picks: A terrific piece which entirely debunks Trey Gowdy’s outrageous statements about Spygate.   Did Trey Gowdy even see the documents he based his misguided comments on?    Mark Levin torched Trey Gowdy last night. Listen here.   A great piece about the moral basis for capitalism.    The N.Y. Times complains about fake news as it reports fake news.    An older piece about the translator in the room for the Trump Tower meeting.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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get ready to hear the truth about amerika showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wonder thereby gino shall producer joseph armoured cars that you have a middle name yeah mary oh my gosh really mary from captain james murray and the revolutionary war yes that's like joseph murray armored car that's very impressive j morality my grandfather god rest demand saw his name
his name was clifford clipping clifford you don't meet many cliffs anyway that's kind of what those names like bertha that has gone away agnes you no names that we don't really use at much anymore lyra but my that's yeah clara exactly that my brother that's my brother's middle name that clifford so josephine joseph clifford budget but murray that's a yes a unique name that's a power named joseph marie jokes her her harbouring hombre copper it does the growth are you always this best bet hey thanks we have focused forget make it s last week in yesterday's shell the day before abbe were break it records every day out thanks to use are we really appreciate i let me get right to the gouty debacle as blown up listen i'm not take credit for this because there's no credit to be taken it's an awful a horrible incident that happened gouty appearance that we addressed yesterday on the show on the news was a total debacle was disgraceful it was a propaganda opportunity for the police
state left this in their democratic allies and swap rat publicans looking to take down donald trump just to be they are few missed yesterday's episode republican trade gouty appeared on nafta martha maccallum show two nights ago and suggested that the fbi did everything kind of by the book and everything the way you americans would want them to which was an abhorrent discuss thing disturbing completely adeline ridiculous comment not based in fact at all so the back shhh against gouty has been substantial which you now we we initiated yesterday morning but i mean i'm back it is we ve listened a backlash what's gonna happen anywhere bridges usually first because we recorded and by the way if you missed it if you miss mark levine's radio programme last night i did at any but our dismantling of ray gautier nonsensical appearance on fox news i
include in the show notes today a conservative review clip an inn edit in there is is marks fifteen teen minute or so peace dismantling just about every claim made by gouty in masterful fashion please please listened to it it's outcome get rid of review and open the show notes today go check it out tiptoe then for just annihilating those ridiculous comments i today show brought you buy but he's a brick house nutrition in obey supporter these guiding and one of my first sponsors their new product feel the grass and so much new anymore relatively you feel the greens is one of the best products out there you know we know now that the research common sense portion of it you ve been told this forever that fruits and vegetables are the key to a long healthy productive cognitive lee efficiently if you want to keep your brain together your body together your muscles together you want to be free from disease and live a healthy life the key to do that is a healthy diet exercise and copious amounts
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with trade gouty assistance thankfully leaving the position of congressmen and south carolina after that debacle yesterday as we are take the joe the democrats we're going to start backing away like at home simpson give on twitter for those you see when homer simpson backs away into the bushes the democrats who are going to start to back away from the trunk collusion narrative i remember we talk about the other day the mutually assured destruction jolla how the democrats now panicking because the rope americans are turning the table on them and using the same tactics media special council tactics against them crap that's right dad that's right you're dar right that day were using again this ingenuously against tromp there now starting to panic they fear that this is good to be an again it's not me i'm not using war analogies i'm saying if you show you know day you'll understand there was an aim
now that went out from a group that is a very prominent group that gives advice the people in the financial arena about geopolitics and said that there are a lot of people in dc you're starting to panic right now on the demo outside because they feel that the tables are turning like they put together this entire effort to dismantle an impeach the trump team based on a russian collusion story that was fake and they thought the media there lap dog boot licking prob occurs surgically attached to the caboose of the democratic party they thought the media as they have done in the past would be the media as they have done in the past would be able to overwhelm the trump team with this nonsense narrative and get them to eat step aside i dont know get the impeachment narrative going get twenty fifth amendment a thing going but they thought they would be get rid of trump it hasn't happened not only has
what happened to the poll numbers have turned in the opposite direction nelson months moment to paul numbers have turned against the democrats as they ve spent nearly two years lying to the american people now about something everyone in america noses shrew the rest collusion narrative is a joke it's a total farce so the what am i show the other dates important i'm not trying to redo the show but it's important you stand where we are in light of what how we gouty howdy is a part of the reset whether he knows it or not the reset now is to insist that people that this was ever investigation the trunk camp it way way way way way yeah george almost fell off the geo literally it was felt that you do new reset is gonna be job
this was never about trip back got it take this check to the bank cash it baby cares this check care shit i hear it i hear you i hear it i hear you you know what i'm saying i do now no words that i got it the member said the other day on the show again to go back and listen to the mutually assured destruction shown as the title of it the democrats now understanding that they could be destroyed by these very same tactics why is that because donald trump has got holidays made of pure unadulterated titanium he has used this twitter account to become a d backdoor media in and of itself left leaning media has become a propaganda outlet for the left donald what use massive twitter following and his
mobility to drive the narrative by just tweeting something because the media ass to cover it why because the president of the united states they don't have a choice you can ignore it you have to cover the tweets he's the president so endless endlessly tweeting out the truth spied on spy gates via gates by the media is in a corner there sir we attach to the caboosa democrat party and are all in a panic because the narrative they intended joe collusion illusion trumps a trader treasonous activity get this guy eddie you him the twenty fifth amendment haven't reside not of its working manufacture its having opposite effect poles or turning for the generic mid term balance in favour of the republicans i didn't get that wrong and a media to boot
cried the media is in an absolute panic now they are worried that the very same tactics they used on trump r b he turned on nap so there looking for a retreat don't listen this is an important shall yes that you have understand what's going on right now to understand what happened would gouty gouty the report of the tactical homer simpson retreat into the bushes peace with honour reproach to quote daddy may we saw the other day that's their war analogy by so don't freak out liberal goons the analogy email was ok mutually assured destruction you're gonna destroy us entrap where i assure you too oh now it start no work we get out of this we get out of it you he's with honour i will now go back and say well this was never really about trump do us a favour please please please well off
a peace an olive branch caprice donut investigate this spy scandal anymore why joe because its horrifying further democrats your boy your brain story is the ideal report the government in affairs report about yo jane fbi misconduct during the clinton investigation is not even out yet and the democrats in a meteor panicky so that peace honor quotes their tactical retreat by the democrats is going to be this here's our olive branch we're gonna come out and say this was never about trump you we're going to leave us alone on spy gay do you understand this please understand before i go forward this is the yo dc right now
somehow gouty either wittingly or unwittingly was baited into this i take it in his head i don't know his motives i don't care about his motives i just nobody did and what he did was so dull it defies explanation cow he is part of the peace with honour reproach the peace honor approach again before i go forward if you don't there is the rest of the show will be make absolutely no sense the democrats know they are busted the spy gate com she's been exposed spied on the truck team they ve thou invented four or five different stories why they tried on the trump team now they are going to horse trade with them they're going to say you leave us alone on this spy gate debacle we will lead to a rare you got you don't write year we will in turn now bore no longer make allegations that trump
was at the heart of this collusion thing well say was investigation into the russians digressions only it just intersected the trump cape nope i beset by mistake it was an accident that they intersected with the trumpet now the democrats and the problem with the democrats as they take it away from their own boarding they also kink in away from the historical a third of what happened in the case the call me cause per brennan nexus of idiots the three develops it created a record of demonian media appearances because they can't shot up as short a happy appropriately warn them a long time ago get a more your shot up get off the air you idiots
one really goes on a book tore the other eighty it's on meat depressed every week and any other idiots cnn contributor laying down the groundwork or their stupidity in a public forum that can be you tube at any time so now again the peace without our approach leave us alone on the spying stuff because we don't want to be exposed for the horrors we did we want although no longer make the case that this was a case against the trump campaign will say the case against the russians all what we have here are what do we have looky here knew her friend andy mccarthy at national review come into would watch again this guy is the david papa your these have clutch later so big andy spit out but few times as well see be up i'll have it
peace up at national of you you were doing yourself and the community at the surface of the grove read this piece of sorry i love you too that read it it'll be it joe notes if you know what a click on my website don't care gotta national review and read it really i don't know colleagues i don't need the money it's conveniently there for you but you know i can do what you want look it up i tweeted out if you want to go to twitter and eighty mccarthy's peace that's interesting that there now jesting it was never about trop remember joe peace with honor you what's it about tramp now guys but the russians to talk about the spy here is jim commies testimony from march of time seventeen again how tipp andy poppy ortiz mccarthy chip commie in march i have been authorized by the department of justice to confirm that the fbi as part of our counter intelligence mission is investing
the russian government's efforts to intervene ass you ve interfere in the twenty sixteen presidential election and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump care pain and the russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign in russia's efforts way where our how's that how is that joe we were just talk by former federal prosecutor tray gouty who oh so confident disappeared so markham account that this care preacher we notice that we were just talk it does not address legation trop by the way that was other part of his appearance it was left out by the media we weren't you tal by gouty the f b i didn't write and that this is not an investigation truck let me read that sentence again jim commie that includes
the gaining the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign and the russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign of russia's efforts russia's efforts what we also have jim clapper acknowledging again the three idiots call me clapper and bread in the tree tops who coordinator this spy gate debacle we have call me now acknowledging this is on the record folks you can go look this testimony upon you to which our hard gouty who regular geiger public taiwan with you extricated zip code besides this is on the record disguise congress does he not however this report
another one too arrest i voted for this guy rwanda is all good fellows others see here thanks marco we appreciate what are you running for peace twenty twenty aren't you that was first at you you're too to show for the first time tat this was a republic could show you the rug sure this is a conservative show you want to public it show believe me they're out there you want to about the truth conservatism and liberty come here unlike to boot king private the media and the hacks and the inside of the sea i don't owe their get paid off by i'm talking about not the power petitions per se but the people on the periphery that make their money leaching lofty see i don't care i work out of my house in florida and got out of the dc cancer bubble and updates happiest day of my life i get joe out of there soon to i'll do baby
fine it is liberating no care about these hacks if hack with an hour in front of your name your a hack vieira hack with a deep front of your name your hat with a day in front of your name the deity makes no difference to me what this guy did was an epic level of stupidity quota red read call own testimony of course the truck team was being investigated but either wittingly or unwittingly is part of the tactical peace without a retreat we're not mention the trump investigation you got you're gonna leave us alone on spidey whether he knows it or not i will use a in stumpy reference the land the left socks where they go now nobody knows no
nobody knows what was in gaol these head because i'm not gouty but i can tell you with a hundred percent certainty that what gouty did was absolutely ridiculous he may two statements tromp isn't under investigation reed trumpet wasn't the focus investigation the ets nonsense clap uclaf are also by the way and brennan may get then a second that assertion is been refuted by two open testimony we ve already seen call me acknowledge trumps campaign was under investigation county debts are just an outright fabrication secondly the f b i did everything by the look what spying on a canopy clap majority acknowledged in media appearances tat it was a spy remember clap here it's on the view
despite job but i don't really like that word spy but we should thank the trunk team should thank us us smart we should so what we do want a constitutional republic now to settle political differences we employ the police state intel it community police state symbiosis to get into infiltrate political campaign story campaign season we should thank them for it do you want to they are most certainly is the disease these guys have oh they're caught they know there are caught they are desperate to make the whole story go away now and then doing it they're going to say oh it wasn't trump peaceful peace out piece out banco goodbye birch recovered thanks for coming to the culture you haven't played any music it thanks for coming out in peace out folks that go public ice night ok can you play a saw not our god that go back go i want to see the cranberry
these wants a concert address the sole dolores their right yeah i would you go the cranberries whether matthew coming to say thank we cannot have our grow guy frogs why do you play no normal come with me i care we investigate data want the spy gate investigation the start and they are absolutely desperate joseph to have this thing go away that girl i've gotta that is easier not that you say it was there an investigation of the drop ever despite the fact that the ep direct your set otherwise now i'm going to explain you what's happening right now in a thirty thousand foot you're so it makes sense because did the miss myths it yesterday was little wonky but people love that the showed that well but i want to explain to you for thirty days for you why did the other dams are desperate critical mass of desperation right now it good good good yet to make the
the tyre it's not just about the spy joe yes the spy story is horrible them and that's why they're running away from the word spy that running away from any inquiries into what exactly help or did their running away from a lot of this stuff but i want to explain to you the bigger narrative the bigger problem and why the democrats or in a pure panic right now and it involves again paragraph one all right before we get to that man crates fathers data i know out of you were panicking my kids are panicking to its fathers they went away get that when you get four dude debts so the member that visit their robson i could do you dated two thousand ways they do what do you care for deeds no idea how do you know what's good for boots i don't know i don't even know what to get it for duty i got guy friends actually i don't have a lot of guys
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they are also go check it out you will be disappointed see they're gonna man creates dotcom slash the check out all the gifts they have you will find something for that there i promised you ok let me just set up a simple premise first and i'll give you the details you need a moment here is why everybody on that mc grath party deprived the media and the swamp rat republicans are now in a panic backing away from the story that this was about trump the whole time remember it was used as a way to impeach tromp for the longest time yeah look job colluded with the russians now that they can impeach him and now that this call with the russians narrative is dead they're afraid now it's gonna backfire on them and how is it gonna backfire on them because it's now clear as day that paragraph one in other words for you regular listeners you know that inspire for those returning and for the first time how this case against donald trump the weapon cessation of our fbi are central
intelligence agency in foreign intelligence partners to go after and target a presidential car that ain't a presidential election how this case was started its big made clear by the day was based on fake information darn right now the fake information this is not new news but becoming now obvious that this is the the hassle the hassle and the end the conflict and the all the nonsense going on right now is about what it is about the dossier the dossier was a series of memos put together by a british spine and christmas the working at the behest of the hillary clinton campaign they put together a boy steal a bunch of memos based on false information put together by russian sources which looks right now to be a rush in this formation campaign to so chaos in the united states these
i'm always formed the basis of the investigation into tromp because the entire collusion narrative about trump ah property ownership in moscow tromp sir gets travelling to moscow to arrange deals keep in mind this is unverified garbage lot of this stuff has been debunked its nonsense dossier and the fact that the collusion narrative existed only just because of the dossier please understand this this is to explain why the democrats are in desperate this was never about trump retreat moat because one a about trump i just read to you jim commies own testimony saying it was about drop it was trot why are they running away because the fact that it was about trump which we know i read to you own worries was based on the fact there are a series of memos put together by his political opponents said it was wow trump
memos are false folks do you understand why the origin story keeps changing here the oars the story of how this started has our changed yet again i want to happen again the undercover huber account on twitter its add undercover huber this i don't know who the skier woman is but their information is staggeringly good and he has a great way of compiling screen shots of the left wing media's own reporting he has a thread that they send to me yesterday on twitter on the new narrative remember how did case really start a series of fake memos by him these team about vacant for issued about trump nobody wants to admit that out because our job the real story is we spied on the trump team based on about
false information provided by their political opponents nobody wants to admit this they can admit it they're panicking that story is going to come out now is the county meeting makes sense probably but let me explain it to the house martha maccallum interview on fox we're gouty said i wasn't about tromp though worrying the f i did everything kind of by the numbers no worries here everybody go away the gouty appeal it's on fox was after a meeting at d o between gas we and other congressmen nunez included about the e c the original document containing paragraph one of why this case started the fbi folks is hiding it they will not give com where's the oversight entities looking at what happened here they won't give the information paragraph one is
oh a mystery now you may say well there gouty want to deal j with other members of congress to look at paragraph one and they side and anyone martha maccallum and said nothing to see here they weren't investigating trump and yet yeah i did everything by the book then what are you watch the no thing goes away nothing really happen well oh well i have another fascinating peace by molly hemingway the federalist up at the show notes that i'd like you to read my way out knocking at our man didn't see the documents wait wait wait then let me get this straight you telling me gouty gum dr bright gouty goes that the oj to read how the investigation start which i'm telling you it's going to trouble everyone because it started based on a series of fake memos from the hilary deep as a real despite the trumpet they demand access cow
goes over the oj they show in this he hasn't seen the documents he then comes back what he was told over there on that trying to get his head i'm not going to make riper by like allegations i dont know what happened all i'm telling you is between that that copy the au that meeting and but the maccallum show gouty lost is mine he didn't even see the documents how does he know this folks the real question here as it mccarthy points out this wonderful piece is not even where the investigator drop it's war they monitoring trump and why that monitoring subject to fbi assets and an investigation based on faking formation and that is the question there trying to get away from why folks it's not just that these
most that comprise this dossier it's not simply that these memos were used as a predicate to spy on an opposition political campaigns fake memos by an actual my british by paid by the clinton's the problem that democratic avenant i'm sorry if you ve heard this before but its critical you understand this is all about the two peace with honour tactical retreat democrats are trying to make do not let them do not let them chase them wait right off the battlefield the false memos were not only used to start an fbi investigation but limited be an alternate syria maybe this makes sense if i'm a secret service agent someone walks into my office with fake information on show on mercosur and rather than me doing the right thing invading the information first i go in
our two case open up a case file against show mistake probably unethical but can be remedied without any real probably all remedies by joe joe soon me by media saying joe hey listen you know you'd be investigated it there's nothing they're going to close the case you know my dad administrative her you don't mention it is our on our part close the case outright that would be bad enough the effort i would have started a case based on false mammals just like i said i was started casing into but show if i go in your court and i use the false information against show armor cost to swear out a warrant to search your house oh boy am i in a whirl the trouble yes but you darn right ladies and gentlemen the infirmary issues contained in the fakes theo memos that what we know is that dossier was
the very basis we know this now because of the house and senate investigations i seen those documents the information jim in the the dossier was worn to in a warrant and in a fight core used spy on terrorists they care away from this so what are they doing now get to the end ever huber thing i mean i'm not china losing i just want to make sense because it brings me to what makes sense but without this good hamburger the dossier was sworn to in court they can run away from it it can cause the case they can't say it was never about trop tactical retreat peace without there's no peace without you swore to this in court you lied you is your right hand and said this is true when it was false oh now that they know which falls the dossier was false and it was sworn to in a warrant in court
fbi agents names around this pfizer court judges names are on this they are desperately trying to run away from the dossier that is there paragraph one origin story period we spied on trop because of fake documents full stop that's the origin story that's what they're from gouty that's what galleries support go away now apparently by his appearance amartya maccallum wasn't about shrub because the dossier joe was about to throb that's what that stop retreat no it wasn't about chop those about the russians really was the example paragraph one says paragraph one we read break memos and spied on trumped that's paragraph one that's what they're hiding debts
they won't show gouty which begs the question what the hell you're talking about a martyr maccallum they swore to the word folks make your get even worse is a fundamental misunderstanding of how a warrant process improbable cause works you need understand this when you swear to warrant in court to a step such a level of evidence necessary to spy on someone criminal are you bring me recounter intelligence case in an american citizen where you have to establish probable cause it it's a foreign agents and afar work is someone working on behalf of a foreign agent and in violation of u s lot to weigh probable com as works is think about it as bits of information one bit to bear three bid for me and let's say you have to meet a ten bit threshold of information to get probable car school where with good cause is important
if you have nine bets you don't have probable cause you may have reasonable suspicion these are legal terms are not the gino turn right right right allows you to do other things you can enjoy terry frisk on the street in words of icy joe on the street and i'm quest bring about an open beer container whatever it may be i engage in a terry frisk gone joe for my own if there are other ray i five reasonable suspicion whatever mobility low jack alarm if that went off and there's been a report of a stolen car is reasonable suspicion that i can stop the car there are different degrees of proof to me which doesn't understand this because their largely idiots don't understand apple com is one of the highest levels of proof you can get in a priest pre court proceedings corbett you walk in there with it they didn't
have probable cause without the dossier you understand why the running from this it was bout trump the dossier was bout trump the dossier was bit of information across the threshold that allowed him to spy on trump therefore say it wasn't about your baby people forget about the dossier we swore to court to spy on trump you getting this by the way democrats and their media boot licking probably goons that's what they are are not telling you the truth when they tell you you know what the fires of five court the dossier stuff we do but we know questioning that the dossier is a critical components other saying joe well you're not weep we had forty bits of information and the dossier where the plus four so even without the dossier joe we would still had the ten bits necessary folks batteries
absolutely not how the system works and that if not how the system works why you may say why not wanted to include extra stuff you don't who'd extra staff especially the criminal side because that action stuff now five society should be but the f b i was not going to put itself out there for unnecessary exposure and go and that additional information they didn't have to vent right to get a warrant you don't work to get the ten bits and simple stop the work and get to twenty right you get the ten you use the warrant you got then to get to twenty later the whole as a war process is an attempt to increase your level of information passed probable cause if you at more than probable cause joe you wouldn't need the fine words and for is that make sense if you had
fourteen bits of information you what made the pfizer wars to fight a war was there ten bits without it no brits they were backless this is the problem this is why the democrats are terrified theatre air basis of their case is starts here they have nothing else hoping that son of a bitch it's us a bet it's the dying in front of their eyes now this under cover you broke out tweeted me something we gotta get him verified because i it's hard for me on twitter to see unverified tweet sometimes sets more complicated i want bore you with the details but it is tough for me to see if they have too many followers
now so it's tough for me to see stuff but i found it because sometimes i go up the shown it now to see other shows doing any made it on board either way good point a great point actually the new story joe now to distract from the dossier because remember that yea is their entire case the dossier who's about tribe the tax a retreat is this was never about trump so if they allow to stay about the dossier it'll be obvious the whole time they spied on trumped for nothing now the news stories about the russians oh and the new already the shift back to something he only said joe what six months ago that the united kingdom and others by them
story when we put it out there we were we were we were labels conspiracy theories and kooks oh now they're going back to it now we're not conspiracy theory us any more by the way i cited the left wing reporting on when i suggested this far intelligence entities folks past formation on trop a long time ago on the trumpet metropolis sosius we dad and liberals call this knots now liberal banking on that whole story the new story joe is that well this started way backside about the dossier joe it started way back in twenty fifteen where far and intelligence entities past information to the united bates intelligence community that very suspicious about the trump team it was in twenty fifteen really well as the undercover huber account brilliantly pointed out that's fascinating joe
have fascinating that this happened back in twenty fifteen because the trump members you allege were part of the collusion narrative page george papadopoulos where they hired by the trump team at twenty fifteen now this it's your is not bubble the longer answer is the ep in you are not hired harder twenty fifty new dobbs what this spying operation on just to be clear that new narrative it's not about trump because today see i was about trumpet that's their own case the new narratives no no no no no no i know we call conspiracy theories for saying foreign intelligence was spying on trump awhile ago but don't know now they were again now you're not conspiracy theories again even though you cited our own reporting you guys were right it start twenty fifteen went suspicious traffic was picked up and you can say this
alas all area john schindler i never even heard of this goofball who is now is nothing a police state goon for writing the one now he wrote a peace at the server which is laughable that now it was the usa and now we're back to the sixty seven fr inversion of how this paragraph one started on this case no no now it was traffic exchanged by far and intel entities in the innocent a job but keep reminding everyone are you what it actually was dots are now worse to take it at face value that twenty fifteen some huh all information about the trump team by the way about people apparently weren't even hired yet they were hired to twenty sixteen page papadopoulos because that's what we were told by the same goons a little while ago that these guys started and not always carter page carter page deaf he was the one he was a russian provocateur where he was
he's out of cable news right now he was on it the other night we was george papadopoulos really cause they weren't hired to twenty sixteen so how is it that your information oh no no we're supposed to take john schindler police state advocate liberals are they quoting the skies of mine i'm gonna linked to be so stupid you can only seriously read it if you want you will lose brain cells trying to follow this guy's logic the logic is not a mouth got some devastating information for joe none of us are entitled to know what that is by the way we're just supposed to again trust the same anthony's they told us papadopoulos did it no no page did it no papadopoulos and down or did it the australians did the british didn't know it twenty fifteen it happen no one can get their stories straight but now we're supposed to trust them that it twenty fifteen of horrible information about the trump tee that wasn't even hired yet that that day
the genesis of this whole thing pay no attention to the dossier behind the curtain folks i mean is it really is unbelief it's so incredible what's happening right now in the united kingdom we get people get locked up wig press bans for fur for our people videotaping things in a public space we get you know the chinese stealing information left and right from company me where we are retreating backwards from a constitutional problem imbeciles like this is this goofball the observer writing or no trust me i have some action periods year it was some information given to the usa and we're all good now we got a gouty i don't know what happened to this guy going on barked the macao go fellows that's going to see the fbi did everything by the book including not notifying congress for eight months despite prison
features dictate that they do it every three months we have in the fbi play a big spies in an effort to apply in the trunk team get information eddie at worst hospital by gouty nothing to see here police state schindler goofball tennessee here guys we're all supposed to just take it at face value despite never having been told the truth for five minutes during this entire thing give me a break this whole collusion fairytale was based on this dossier crap and this informant and its clear as day now that an effort to cover their tracks desperately they got a fine words i prefer the election on carter page to put a legal face on a minimum and illness any moral spying operation on the trump team and the
a story is the whole and lotta was based on a spurious nonsensical dossier that was swore in court that was about to and they cannot have the american public know that therefore their efforts the high paragraph one which reads this we received from the current campaign fake yea which we used to spy on interim period thank you have a good day they can't tell you that i can't tell you as far back as twenty fifteen they were proud we working with foreign intelligence distill spy on trump and found nothing how do we know that show because if this gulf ball at brightened for the observers right what why wasn't why is warrant applied for if you
add some reasonable basis to believe and probable cause in twenty fifteen why didn't you get it october of twenty sixteen right before the election if this was such a devastating threat to democracy because it wasn't why new brief the trump team about the threats joe what these are fair question as he's a reasonable questions if in twenty fifth according to genius at the observer propaganda police data there was such devastating information about trump team members they haven't even hired yet which is in itself stupid about this unbelievable to democracy that required on then in hiding up an investigation from congress into trump spy not political opposition using third world banana republic tactics it was so deadly this duration to our constitution republic that one nobody brief the trump team and nobody saw to warrant to investigate it oh and by the way
even open a case to july twenty sixty and you believe this idiot unreal on real on real you know folks are the cinema claiming to be captain nonpartisan i'm not i'm a conservative and in a liberty lover but as you seen and the show when we challenged trade policies on this administration and we challenge gouty and rubio too this is not a republican shall i can't say that enough you can find that elsewhere not here but i cannot i legitimately tat this this this ash a lady forward this former fbi agent commentator foreseen in the schindler former intelligent sky that so many people have sold their souls and is found the in bargain all their souls to police state tactics in an effort to
two surgically attach their lives to the act of the police say is one of the most scots thing episodes i have ever seen in my life ever our you're just a trump guy really i endorse crews you idiots would you forget that my talking to my listeners i'm talking to the dope to criticise this show what we ve never criticize trot policy we can listen to the show you nobody ass the emails we're all you're just a standard down a lawnmower don't even support the death penalty i got two thousand emails about that what a partisan hack or somewhere else i'm telling you what frightens the hell out of me is that this is the right about one thing this isn't about europe this is about a dangerous march towards the far left police state totalitarian this is a leftist streak it is not a right leaning shriek weekly ports limited government toto carrying his big government could
all of your money your health care and now you're freedom your privacy and everything is a left streak it is liberal fascism and that these these but with experience in this sphere in the space policy state schindler ashes something i don't even know or less aim that starts with an eye deadpan gps it's not even that difficult i still remember the name who does fbi work for cnn proud their proud the police state six what walls and their skulls preventing the facts from getting it say things that are ridiculous to defend swore to defend the constitutionally and i say so using this toilet paper and with a little media the prompt a hack goons in the media this a new york times that defended the soviet union still added again today the washington post
democracy dies in the darkness you idiots turn the lights out disgusting makes me sick i haven't it gets its quickly some other news stories that there really again did intend to spend too much time on this but i think it's important to take it out to thirty thousand feet you understand exactly which go and i'm sleeve at this day retreating the democrats are terrified the story the whole i was tromp colluded with the russians that is now when a park that was based on a fake dossier and a human spy that story roof extremely poorly now on the democrats because the dossier was fake and the american public i want to hear about a spy which what he was in the trump team making the democrats look bad they are now i'm trying to get a horse trade going you guys don't bring up the spy again well pretend this wasn't about trump the whole time the problem is they already swore to the warrants there is no backing away she
stem off the battlefield do not let them retreat you hear me you spineless republicans up on capital held not all of you have tipp out there it pains me to say some is in some respects but fact about there to some of you were doing the right thing and i don't i don't mean to be a jerk about that but i'm frequently disappointed by members of congress thank you go after these guys or it'll happen at are actually show also brought you by your buddies filter by sphere urban spring cleaning time and my trop is cleaning out corrupt officials thank you are you can clean up the are you breathe and make your age vat system great again a right to stop that's why should support filter by folks don't procrastinate otherwise dust mould and pollutants will clog up your sister they have become inefficient and end up causing you a lot of money sounds like the federal government clean up your age vat system with my friends our friends at filter by mergers
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let me check the timing i wanted just motor through a couple of other cause i've been really heavy on the russia snuff the last few days and i know a lot of you tune and also for the news of the day a kind of a funny story on a lighter note yes rate its is it the show notes to wash did ties piece you get a kick out of its short for three new york i was julie davis was at the nashville rally for trumped the other day was whining about how people were connor fake news a case is premise one set up to new york times reporter at rally tweeting complaining about being called fake news this new york has before it gets without at the rally for reporting fake news not this is not a joke at around you see reports the crowd size for donald trump as being a thousand people the crowds was five thousand five hundred people ok that's not it listen i would give her a pass joe if it was two thousand
it even three thousand people can easily misinterpret crowd size even did it is a secret service agent once in a while will you be like you were off by about ten percent not uncommon but five thousand you must take a thousand people for five thousand because you want to make the present look i can eighty so i find a comical that she tweets are you gotta read the peace she's tweeting about being cautious were called fake news that these relevant added she tweets fake lou have rarely it's like me desk thing didn't i on real there's a jet the tip for eu media outlets if you want to stop being called fake lou stop being fake news i'm just saying do your thing do you think fellows at ladies great peace by walter williams daily signal i will put up in the show notes today about the morality capitalism versus socialism mrs frequently an argument left aside at times i think conservatives and i will agree here with liberals schreyer
liberals who tell us we i know we did this in your we can a mistake arguing purely on the economic perspectives of capitalism they are saying that for reasons the trap us in a corner but they're not wrong we arguing facts and the date of capitalism are great and we should do that but we should also keep in mind that there is a compassionate more component to capitalism to what is that you know i've thought about an easy way to lay this out and i think the problem have we are used to quote yo patchy from my cause of any they gave the use in question the probably abbot the uses they don't really understand that capitalism isn't so much in ism at all as in its a belief system it just represents basic freedoms i thought about how to categorizes and have done this before into a couple different
see ways to explain the morality of capitalism i'm not doing this in a flowery snowflake highway camp the is moral it is ethical but what is it first is the existence of private property and some i'm things are better explained by negation right sometimes things happen explained shown up by what they are but by what they buy what the aren't so when you expect the people that capitalism represents the ownership of one yourself you can't be enslaved which was the original sin which we remedied through hundreds of them lives lost wiping the stain of slavery from our country but private property not only museum ownership yourself with the ability to work to acquire things for you and your family's use that can't be taken from me now what is the opposite of that properties always all right it's not that it's disappear right
not the house you live have now someone's going out either you or the state natural and if it bags joe joe plus the bank if he has a mortgage if you share ownership of it someone else does you bet so whether property owned or not is not the question each who owns it so when you are pointing to your younger theo with full audience about how capitalism versus socialism didn't understand it private property mean private doesn't mean ownership is always on the we question is by negation ok you don't believe a private property when what do you believe it the alternate does the government owned your property so why why do you have an iphone why do you have a computer give it over to the government donated to charity ball he'll give it back to you there on strike the good luck it's not just the prince for its theme gated principle that explains what the alternative
is and makes it not palatable so you'd believe in private approach of capitalism is the owners love yourself you can't be in slave and private property you do what you do to me late property what do you believe the government should indenture you to work for nothing you believe the government should all your stuff no i don't believe it gave your a capitalist second wages a kind of good piggy back off the first but your ability to trade your labour for a wage is a hallmark of capitalism and tyranny joe how does your labour work and tyranny and am in a monarch you work the king again you work for the tyrant as i said in the soviet union you pretend to work and pretended to pay ya gotta with worthless money tat new york timescale the hallmark of capitalism is you work and you
greater wage a value for you work again explain it by negation what's your alternative what what are my working for that is capitalist but wait what is your suggestion when i should work for not at all you should work forward nothing yet it's called indent servitude or slavery what what's your so if that's not you're suggesting what what what are you suggesting we should work for positive vibes be being taken what marijuana leaves what's wrong with you expect by negation and it will make sense so you don't believe in private property you believe in ownership of property is every property zone but who do you believe should owner of the girl so it makes sense for the government to take your stop now it doesn't ok thank you your capless again use negation secondly wages you we should work for wages will what thou so we worked for good vibes understand what you're saying explain it by negation finally a price system capitalism is whole marked by private property
labour trading your labour for wage and agree wage and a price system we allocate scarce resources in society by people's willingness to work and pay for them ah that's horrible joe we can have that prices ok point of renovation what's your solution what what you're solution there too ways to allocate resources joe and only two you could price people can work for them and acquire them or you can do what you can rational there is a third wagner so explain fine so let me get this straight you don't believe in care do you believe in rationing that the government should take the chairs an ration of that you want your people and they're gonna pick those people how all by the by the the good was going to fight what i'm gonna do an interview a chair and of a banana interview for bananas
the governments can be given to the bodies that they cut the crap i think that the idea that the oligarchy that the tyrants their fellow tyrants the connected view so but it's a great peace by water with that i'm this suffers meek on improving on it but it's a really good piece in the shown us today about the morality of capitalism and i just want you to stan explaining to these younger kids out there that you don't have to dwayne capitalism by what it is you can explain capitalism by what it isn't if you don't approve of prices then you approve of rationing asked them to recommend the third choice to you what the third option to allocate scarce resources water food how do you recommend they do it ok there isn't one ok thank you so you're a capitalist you want to be a slave you wanted to leave an indentured servitude now okay so your capital if you believe in trading your labor for an actual weight not forced labor private property you believe in private prop
ok now i dont believe programmable who should own property nobody nobody this is the way it works the government the roads that are you do there's a third option there always communal communal communal was the whole essence of communism that the communist government owned the communes and the property where do you think they stole the food from where they start people a death frustrating stuff men i still have two guy promised a friend of mine i would cover story i'm gonna get you in the next few days really important one and i want to get to it spent then so bogged down with everything but please check out the show notes today we ve got some new are new products coming at the chump store too will have a jet new supply of shirts i know you ve got a view but look informed come in add that next month plebeian out tomorrow khazar next month's starts tomorrow i think right in your heart you president run it
i folks are really appreciated thanks again for tuna and i will see you all machine they you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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