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Ep. 737 The Media Continues to Ignore this Exploding Scandal

2018-06-07 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address Paul Ryan’s troubling comments about Spygate along with his trepidation on the explosive Awan scandal. I also address the media’s losing efforts to derail the Trump presidency.    News Picks: This is an older piece, but it provides a timeline that proves the discussion about Hillary’s emails started long before George Papadopoulos.   The anti-Trump FBI agent had a larger role in the investigation than previously reported.    What ever happened to the Samantha Power unmasking scandal?   Explosive information about the House IT scandal involving the Awan brothers.   Tax cuts are wonderful, but we need to do more.   Mick Mulvaney fires the entire CFPB advisory board.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i welcome the thereby juno show producer joe how are you today let's go yes let's do it i'll be it from article of international radio by the way if you want to call in critics and whenever you god i'll take a moscow tonight show should be interesting to be covered a lot of the stuff too joe and i were talking for the show we are talking about a specific isaac when a jerk and unlike many members turkey boys those guys used to pray color but you jerk you jack does guys they grew up not very far from me by the way i believe it was a middle villager mass bit in queens anna a ban remember that deprived calls song so i'm gonna bring my glasses and my shoe river
you jerk those guys aroused ready were forty i gonna talk by three including some peace from tucker karlsson show s eye joe was kind enough to cut up with the abbot look we hapless pathetic sorry the excuse for a human being no less congressmen eric swore well the they are massive yeah conspiracy theories x files fairytales just a complete clown barry summit the congress and embarrassment to the country disguise the absolute were so weak that up i got that want to address paul ryan as well who seems i taken a deep inhale the swamp gas in d i can show brought to buy our bodies it man creates that just a fantastic gift experience all around i love may create again the salon be bouquet is my personal favorite man crates eight the hell out of that vision has for the problem with fathers day dad isn't gonna know anything
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the selection of items is incredible get your special others they discount today man creates dot com slash dan that's man crates calm slash dan the z list it is time offer only for fathers day so go today that's man creates die calm slash dad you will not be disappointed this great company i really like having my board ok we get the police they tyrant derek swell well big advocate a police state tactics big government spying it's terrific a call policies really mean you name it statism swallow everything i'm embarrassed about our work but our federal government it represented by a swell can't say enough about how dangerous the sky is still open allergies and for big government police state tyranny before i get to that you could send some probably a little upset about swore well it continues to do this him in shifting
a shift adam shift the disaster up there on the help i mean near these to these two are largely responsible for the destruction of the constitutional republic by continuing to advocate for this than i am sorry i take it this this knucklehead out of my head because he's just this is the guy swallowed by the way to send the police to your house to confiscate your weapons if you don't follow his gun control of our not kidding to his own words before its support ryan comes out yesterday and adds fuel to the fire of the disastrous tray gouty comments grotesquely misguided comments about the fbi instigation based creasy paul ryan that he see nothing to to to challenge gouty assessment that the fbi handled the spy gay controversy as we would want them to they were not in fact spying on trumpet the trump campaign folks that
is simply not true you spending back that well you know gouty you seen some documents number one they haven't seen all the documents ryan acknowledge that yesterday so if you're going come back with a response and you're gonna say gouty is seen classified documents and clearly indicating that two things because gouty said two things folks that you're rural friends are out there on twitter going crazy bide look out he was right he said that fbi was not in fact investigating trump or the trump team i thought that's what we ve been told the troop was dirty and they were investigating trump now the liberals realise neighbouring caught spying on trumped using their big government jack putin such tactics now they're dialing back to store in order we weren't spying on trump spying on the russians and gouty what happened with a swamp gas in dc i'm not sure said well everything i've seen it appears they weren't spying on trump and war investigating trump or the trump team again that is simply factually incorrect
jim call me already acknowledged in a march twentieth twenty seventeen appearance in front of congress that i've already read to you verbatim you can watch the cliff youtube it is not hard to find tray gouty i suggest you do this already acknowledged that the fbi this investigating ties from the russian government to the trump campaign that lets on the record i dont know that doesn't give me any joy in saying that that the fbi this i did a target the trump team but in this thing now try gouty that all now that they think that the government has been uncovered in this this tv spying operation now trying to dial it back in insisting that are known all this wasn't spying operational trumpet was spying operation on the russians is just nonsense this please you all listening out there my i you know i love you too that this show is very important to me i'm not attack in tray gouty because i dislike the guy i dont know what i've seen
green rooms you always been nice he's been pleasant i dont but trade gouty i don't personal animist towards him the man this is in a position of significant power with a significant voice he has the responsibility to tell the truth or if he doesn't tell them to correct it i've done it when we and something it turned out later to be wrong not because we were lying we just the facts chain on the ground actually had initially we're just by incorrect they were not facts and we ve correct this happens all the time the best in the business have to correct things all the time why while gouty just come out and say he was wrong aid to assertions that the fbi handle this thing by the book how we would want them to an the fbi was not inspiring donald trump investigating trump they were investigating the russians that is not true com he's already said otherwise on the record it is a simple common sense fact anybody so what does
i do anybody can look it up by the way paul comes out yesterday while well basically you know i haven't seen anything that would make disagree with gouty jumping on the swamp bandwagon z also admits again because your liberal friends are going to come out and say because i do it to me on twitter all the time so we'll gouty seen all the documents and seen would you seen so he would no more wrong ryan just said yesterday while we still have a lot more documents to see so how can you make that kind of a bull conclusion in direct conflict what what jim call me himself said the fbi as an investigating the trump team quote jim comic we are investigating the trump team between the rushes that did just not accurate folks don't have a good answer for you why gouty
and i gouty he's leaving ryan is leaving i'm not sure there too i don't want to get in their heads and no one would puny characters but i'd aids its if you're going to say things like that and mislead the american people and give the propaganda police state left now ammunition to come after us again even though you are factually incorrect on simple facts at the f b i wasn't investigating the trump team its are enough for me to speculate as to why the answers i don't have an easy answer there both leaving congress are they can for jobs in the private sector where you know they're they're reza maize or more palatable to people if they are not seen as as trump tromp folks i dont know i just know what they're doing to the the republic right now is grotesquely irresponsible because they are not there just not telling the truth as for the fbi handling the case by the book that's nonsense to we know the f b i hid the case from congress for eight months when they receive
the brief them cordially and the existence of it we know that they relied on the fake dossier i had andy mccarthy on my inner tv show yesterday the therefore as is the united states attorney and we discussed detail the idea vicarious credibility the words how not only the f b i not handled by the book by hiding the book decades joe right that you brief congress cordially on sensitive investigations quarterly every three months the fbi the investigation from congress for eight months nobody is explained why other than call me sing all because the investigation was sensitive walk i in the same back and forth with the congresswoman that's all you're the reason we brief congress quarterly on these investigations is because their sensitive but make any sense but secondly job good i'm gonna get into the wan brothers here in a minute i'm show you the hypocrisy of paul ryan
on this i'm sorry he was a very nice guy when i ran for office is not personal take it up at your own peril because you're wrong i actually it can very much like a gouty ever been a hostile to me but they are wrong we're doing real damage year real down to the cause of justice the fbi we didn't followed by the book what they were supposed to do the fbi relied on and we know this from the house intelligence committee report on this select permanent committee on intelligence the fbi i relied on a debunked nonsense it's a cold dossier to get a fee a warrant to spy on the trump team carter age is a member of the trunk team but one point carter page and either to buy those to hops they can hop into the trump team they can they can get carter pay gmail and an egg the person they email to those two
i was probably encompass the majority the trump team or you there's one hop too someone inside the trump campaign and in that trunk person to tramper or someone else folks tick tab warrant to spy on the trumpeting they relied on the bug deposited the debunked debunked bossy a past that the bosnia a so you can get that yolks of you're a debug dossier when eighty mccarthy was on my show yesterday in energy tb gave a great interview news talk about this idea of vicarious credibility is a super important aims ganz rise a great and longest yesterday show go check it out in the library their energy to be dotcom beyond tonight again five thirty pm eastern live the dossier was info asian compiled by a former british spy christopher steel and the fbi has been saying the entire time harris there was
credible steel was credible as former spy we work with them before we work for them for not to mention the inherent controversy of working with a foreign spy entity joe to overturn the results of the united states election and spy on a campaign on the euro daddy and ryan think that's by the book a they serious so forgetting that point for a minute although it's a big one we were relying on a far and intelligence asset to prove information to spy on domestic political campaign the fbi excuse for using the dossier joe has been the entire time well christopher stay with her but we used him before folks it was not his information steve oh did not get the information he got it from ed baumgartner nother employ effusion gps for christmas christopher was working who guy from his sources he got a third hand russia intel connected sources kremlin connected folks allegedly
as this information to gardener working for fusion gps who then christopher steel in other ladies and gentlemen this is what mccarthy's point wasn't this is critical you understand this the dossier relied on the credibility of christopher steel even though it wasn't his information you would be we have two out of court for doing this in any other case if it wasn't donald trump if i'm ready her office again show arm a cause for congress and i walk into the law police station have a history of working with the police and providing reliable intelligence right walk in and say hey guys i've got a rumour that joe arm a cost dealing in tow missiles hey says is a he's a weapon smuggler this house and in order to there first there are going to say is where did you hear the information it
the information is hey i got it myself i was working in a starbucks one day or we'll work it out of a star buxom you'd have to pay for anything so sidney working ordained starbucks ripe stealing a wifi and he sat down next to me joe and i overheard i'm talking and your credible on the past maybe that its do a search warrant that not what happened you didn't hear it it happened is i want in the star box hardened the guy who heard another guy and then i want yeah i heard a guy in a starbucks talking about what you heard from another guy about a guy named joe arm accosted by the way i'm runnin for office against you people i've got a court debts jack value jockey that's exact what you would hear from the judge play about again tablet be the judge judge shockey jockey doesn't shifty be the judge shift
we'd like a girl could shift these like tat so would swallow because our police they tyrants they would love that a normal judge not judge our while judge shockey work laugh just like that pizza you heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy that guy running against for office an international arms dealer thirty you have any other evident no nothing but you better get out of my court room right now before we arrest you right our right judge shockey sheriff there are you kidding me and the fbi did this by the book hide from congress spy on trumped team use a source you ve used in the past week acknowledging that the source is not even providing information he hurt himself he got it from someone bomb you got it from somewhere else
my gosh and paul rise like yeah but i sounds good he's what british after their out the bar beers and bears gps member brok still when the bikers walkin finally like you're acting like jerks and the mob guy comes in like i would just took a few be as few beers and the mom i forget the guy's aim it play he's play he's pay by chaz chaz parliamentarian and that guy you gentlemen again begin a copy assume so that the pike organic goes its get some beers let's get some beers here let's get some beers in at this staked access gets because this is right and shift the eta partner shifter let's gets up is it let's get some piazza lobby these guys in cahoots so obvious and an abomination of justice so obviously wrong tat i can i explained to you with a straight face because i'd like paul ryan i have not
oh gouty job but i did have a conversation were use a gentleman i don't what's in his head i don't know what you're thinking the facts or printed in the public sphere this is not hard to figure out you know before i move onto the wan brothers and how this can i want to make a connection is gonna drive you crazy maybe difference between me and a lot of these guys who happen to be lawyers and politicians is that i've actually work these cases and i'm not trying to be you know like some some arbiter absolute truth here i get it there's a man there's a subjectivity interpretation i understand that facts are fact but the way you can interpret facts are different i mean it's a whole essence of foreign policy right i mean the fat so on the ground that the north koreans destroyed a nuclear facility which they did aren't
pretty two different ways does it mean the facts are wrong some say all its evidence of their commitment to destroy the nuclear programme other people say that's bs they're just destroying it but you know because already collapsing anyway effects like you as to equal for not interpreted alright facts i guess there are some kind of subjective angle to take that fact in rome with it i get that i understand that but what just to give as there are basic things in this case that maybe you should rely on the experience of some people have actually been in the space and so guys listen i've got be investigated criminal cases others have as well job you know joe degenerate being one of them is while they have a real problem with what happened here for you too now to make these bold statement e i didn't do anything wrong and by the way they were investigated trump team is just illogical now making this even worse joe and i'm i'm i'm calling for action here for paul
brian because paul ryan seems now to be fine which eyeing and police state tactics which i just don't get i don't understand you're ok now with the insertion of fbi informants spies into political campaigns which make no mistake that's what according to the new york times themselves how per tried to do nobody's disputing there was an fbi spy you can dispute the language or you want listen to me don't care one bit i exactly zero about what you think about the euphemisms ok zero that guy it's a spy he was trying obtain information i don't care what you call whatever you want an informant human resource personnel in undocumented fbi asset i don't care the guy was spy and you're an idiot ok period thank you
if paul ryan is seemingly okay which eyes being inserted into political space is now to target the polluter the opposition joe aren't a little curious why he's not ok with inserting a spy human resource fbi asset and on i commend fbi informing into the debbie washroom insults care pooh we why not right i mean it's ok for tropical you had no evidence whatsoever that trump credible probable cause that trumps team was colluding with the russians you don't even have evidence of the sea was hacked all the story that they'd russian stole russian stole the emails from dnc you don't even have evidence that the fbi never analyzed the computer but your area k which spying on the trunk team yet everybody's seemingly quiet about this act
lee the exploding scandal luke rosy act the daily call or have big time active there haven't shock ross daily collar and i know are doing real real good quality journals mayo you know why because that goofball seth abrams in their joke of a twitter guy i follow for a good laugh is now attacking the daily collar how you know when you were over the target show you get left is goons like abrams sin who is clueless attacking them rose act has been exposing this a wan brothers scandal in the in the house the democrats and ask for for now and the media joe nowhere to be found where's the spy i'm gonna get to this in a second this is important when we decide not this out but this is a critical story and i want to it's you and operated by a guiding my minister from fox whose opinion be up at my website bonn gino doc and subscribe to my email is thou email tee the op add on this one brothers case is staggering ituri shall also
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then why not insert a spy into up by the way let because i'm not sick i think that on my gouty and ryan these other guys i've been in early consistent in my battle forever against big government tactics used against democrats a republican i'm simply asking the question at paul ryan who is the speed member of the house who pressed we need controls speak the speak or other speaks for the house of representatives if you as a ok with the use of government informants and spies to infiltrate political campaigns to get information then why i has he not employed a spy or ass the fbi or done something to get it spy into the debbie some in short skimpy i don't recommend mad i believe in police state a state is apparently they do now watch go but this one brothers case let me read to you by the way
please schedule july third in this case after that please we're gonna know a o lad more because its clear they're letting a plea in exchange for information what happened i met a reef me from this object in fox a paragraph two it is it is it that the impact this is the biggest you're what after spiky it's a second biggest scandal going on right now but the fact that the media's covering this up is abhorrent from the peace house office of inspector general joe track the ones network usage but let me just say some sorry the medes back up like this ones were hired you want brothers pakistani brothers were hired by debbie washroom shorts democrat who was in charge of the dnc she is a congresswoman from down here in florida she's whore well she's almost ass bad ass well well there are also hired by forty other democrat members of congress is to pakistani brothers without going to a background check they had access to
of their emails or schedules and their sensitive data now let me read this paragraph and youtube jaws gonna drop the offices director general in the house track the ones network you should show and found at a massive amount of data was flowing from the congressional networks from from me they were taking it out said rep scott perry from pennsylvania this is incredible over five thousand seven hundred logan's by the five want associates where this covered on a single server within the house the server of democratic caucus chairman then rep have you of california forty or more members of congress but this is incredible had all of their data moved out of the office servers and onto the best server without their knowledge
it sent by the way he's the attorney general of california right now he left his congressional sipa sarah before but sarah congress and twenty seventeen january the capital police one of the copy of the caucasus servers contents because all the data was moved on to it now proceed presumably told the one the capital police a copy of the server what is known joe is that a want did produce a copy of the service data for the capital please all right ok ok right it goes on however to taking a look at the data they were provided capital police determine they were good a copy of data from some others server instead paulet polly bombards where are you body where's the speaker this your this is your the speaker of the house right you can there are all kinds of stuff where where the spy
you cannot respond in this case but weren't whereas we fbi where are you guys are you running spy against this do you have a spy with these forty members of congress to try to determine if this information is in the hands of pakistani government officials how we know where they want brothers are what they did with the data folks these people were arrested theirs ok there's a plea coming up july turn oh boy get ready for you think they're playing this case for nothing sir firstly according to the fox news peace the sum the charges in the case are just charges to keep them in the system now let me exe plain to you what that means when you or as a federal agent you may have joe warm cost on felonious mulberry jaywalking bank fraud credit card fraud
missile sal's whatever it may be tar violations may have joe and ten different things is how the federal system works pay close attention to this i want you to cooperate and joy prosecution of joe is not my immediate go why because i want you we give up who he sold the tow missile statement that's important like we have told missiles we have we have now clear your codes given to someone i need joe to cooperate why let it be in my bed interests not to charge joe with everything right out of the shoot well because one it gives you more ammunition later ok joe you know what i didn't want to plead to this money laundering charge cooperate now we're going to throw on arms trafficking and drug dealing and all of a sudden you lawyers i joe man you want from ten years to twenty years to life in prison like that no saw you jerk
i would urge you to read my up here forever the you better believe tat we are pleased that of others that is that the jerky voice they do that bring your a glass is at issue another reason not just break do you need additional i was very need additional ammo to throw up go to get him to cooperate is you may in turn dismissed the charges later i'm at folks i'm not get too walkie i want you to understand what's going on here why this july third deals gonna be a big deal if charge you ve a complaint i bring a complaint to court but they didn't do a puppet plus it made a pc arrests which is very low yet most federal arrests happened viii a complaint i bring a complete the court that says which oh did i'm complaining essentially a judge here's what show did on federal agent so it so judge region god's gathers probable cause their meaning a pie this will cause a joke committed the crime and it has
describe i get arrest warrant or that complaint relatively easy to dismiss later meaning if they want to let show off completely and dismissed the complaint fine if they want to dismiss that charge and charging with lesser crime fine so typically lonely charge one or two things you want to the kitchen sink at them that's important if i died down it is very difficult and most of the federal ages out there listen i know what i mean if i if we indict them at a grandeur a true bills issued an arrest warrants issued after its very difficult to scrap indictments hid it's not easy the complaint process is generally preferable this timelines for each the fact that their as in this case a low level charge issued right that law level charge was designed to keep them in this system are getting ready to play these brothers on july third says
that they have a whole load of information get it who with a given this information they stole from forty members of the united states house of representatives who forty or more members one of homes current california attorney general had a system who had stolen information stored on a server oh and by the they gave a fake server to the capital police sounds like trouble debbie watchman shots was why oh she was running the dnc around the same time that pakistan any brothers were offloading joe quote massive amounts of data from the congressional network or when they had blog to debbie washroom insults ipad of the our dnc issued ipad or maybe
just maybe this whole the russians hacked dnc story and worked with trump you think maybe this story could quite possibly be cover for something else why right now has given me the look like this is ridiculous oh he's given me the looks folks where's paul ryan on this one he's a kay with spies april infiltrating the trump team and by the way i've will stick to this story because i'm absolutely confident who i gotta from we are not with the assets used to penetrate the trumpet dont think for a second there was just one where the spice and that in the bush shots team as for the media matters go into this in the show i am not calling for that i'm not a police state tyrant you are
we have no problem now whatsoever with the use of spies you think it's no big deal it was it was a low level low impact way it was the input implementation of a human asset a spy into a political nobody gets no big deal american citizen being spied by a pfizer port interacting with fbi spy while working for a political campaign why are you not calling for a spy to get to the bottom of this police state jack booted saw tyrants because your frauds that's why because you fires and the media boot licking tyrants in the media who were covering for this you disgust me too because you have the opportunity here to blow the doors off to scandals that make watergate look like romp a room and you're sitting on your collective asses doing absolutely nothing while the biggest police
eight scandal in american history unfold before of your blind oedipus rex eyes give me the spy you fools you complete fools you jokes now i'm gonna get the swore welcomes this is important this this guy who is single handedly committed to the destruction of the republic and get to my final rehearse important they pay for the show we love our sponsors and we appreciate their time in their efforts to keep the show free for you filter by get air filters right i hope you're buying for accompany it supports cause not only company makes her products in the usa and opera and a company that makes high quality the best air filters around i dont want too much but i suspect even of bills to pay already in you need more but that might be what you're before if you don't trust me on this according to the department of energy the most expensive you but for most americans is their electricity bill making up roughly
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the integrity and you in fact are a police state tyrant that supports police states agree this is a cut from dammit congressmen a police state tyrant five case i haven't said that enough democrat congress of california eric swallow on with tucker cross unless i'm making a fool of himself again why is it ok for illustration too higher in informant to spy on arrival political campaign without telling them why said ok but you come through with that but that's not what happened actually i was and what we ve learned today that every person has been briefed on this chairman nunez now says the president's account of this summer sky was put his campaign is just not on there's a lot of lying about it but i'm not those from the revival got to president here's what i read in the terms and when i think has never been contested that the obama creation paid an informant to spy on the trunk campaign such information back to the obama administration and never told us from campaign is that incorrect and what am i missing there will take romagna going to cost
information i'll classified that's that's watch opposed the wash your journal and nobody gets its unsure using that's untrue i'm santa informants are commonly used in a lot of cases to help us catch back if it was used here are you just said from evidence i will sit us from evidence i have seen from the five applications are reviewed and the this is why our view we would want to know everything about national i'll take that they just through informants yes does this guy unbelievable police they tyrant eric swallow democratic congressmen from california he says that's not what happened about the spy of is what do you mean it somebody at the new york times reported it ladies and gentlemen they open so you can read it yourself be it the new york times is to retract the story so what does he say i'm not going to go the classified information it's not classified you u chuckle head it's in the new york times radio read the paper
the slime left leaning out is already reported on the use of a government asset the spy on the tropic did you miss that i'm not gonna port on classified it for are you crazy then he says at the end why support do you get to the bottom of all is not what do you want brothers you're not remotely interested in you why not again swore well let's get you on the record why not employ cover informants spies undocumented fbi assets whatever that how you want to call them to go if trade that why not support that infiltrate the house right now and get to the bottom of how the pakistanis know about the business of the forty members of congress who had their data exported en masse from the congress by two pakistani brothers who were never background check why not i dont supported i assume you do you just said you want to get to the bottom of stuff
you're a fraud you're a fake play number two joe with this gets worse this guy is just an abomination congress i you stated what i think are facts you can see that their facts and yet let's not spying how was it not spying for spying is what you do against an enemy right will i get capitalist i know she's fine what will your journal now you can spy and people you love you ve been spying you're on children doesn't mean enemy that your expense definition into some made up plant but which is why is that finally if i am watching you without your knowledge gathering information you without your knowledge don't tell you about it i'm spying on eu canada highest office in the land is drawing himself his family his businesses to a foreign adversary what we want our government to do everything we can to know what you're doing and then hopefully trying there's one thing at a time we can see that spying no its not spying inevitably get everyone but may i say that it is not folks here you know what
let me give small credit for a second he finally said something it's true remember he's a police state tyrant them so oh well democratically from california police data he says no no it's spying spying is something we do any enemy he's right here how's he writes joe ports is out there but what you are absolutely right spying something we do any enemy para obama hillary clinton and everybody else involved in this operation perceive trump as the enemy how do we know that we can read the texts you're right swore well why is the enemy the enemy view not the of the enemy of the american people by using police they tactics to infiltrate the networks of your political opponents and in supporting it but tromp was the enemy to you then he says by the way we need if there's a foreign adversary try it again
information is way what we have to you're standing brothers who just off loaded tons information about forty members of your caucus in the house of representatives and i hear not a peep not a scintilla of information outside of the daily caller on fox news about this case you big fraud you suck yes you do on the record today get swore well on the record today about how he feels about using the fbi to infiltrate vs spies parts of the house of representatives teams to the information about how much they knew and when they knew what about the pakistanis trying to obtain the information just beacons instead if you go to advocate for police states thuggery advocate for
i went up their people's houses to confiscate their guns under threat of arrest advocate for spying on trumped me mikey does all the time then just be consistent about it sky is a total fraud and one other thing i don't have the cod on this but he said in a prior appearance the punk another one a swell was absolutely stupid statements and he's he's good at this his yes rate of stupidity is a hundred percent through he keeps saying about the fire of war well one in front of a judge probable cause this guy can't be this dumb joe if you're a judge in a court you are just to be clear to you were not a federal investigator right i never i've been you ve never been a judge you're not alone up so this is just i'm say this because this does not require any of that it only
choirs common sense if your god unifies a cordial and you are not an investigator now you are now on the ground doing you're not judge dread you're not out there and to feel you're here erratic judge jury execution you're just the judge yet your prison did with a series of facts from who and invest the gator in the federal bureau of investigation or someone else in the government secret service the eighty f whatever yes joe it is not set me up just any common sense why do you think the court the judge they demand the federal agent raises right hand swear to the facts why do you think they do that then they like him to tell the truth they like tell the truth why why does it matter serious court why do you want the truth in front of a judge matter you gotta make decision based on the truth but why is it that
not just go out investigated himself he's not an investigator their guide an investigator my gosh you swore well this stupid judges relying on a series of facts the fbi and the fisa court's court swore to fifty one because they were he's got a crap dossier a crap dossier together by a british agent who didn't even get the information himself then the judge was miss latin swore i'm going in front of the cameras conversion humiliating himself the country the congress and the cause every single purpose oh george signed off on a warrant clearly shows he's either incredibly stupid as to how this goes or so manipulative police they tyrant there no third option is he this stupid the facts they
took a judge you swear to them being true when they are not true it's not that judges for he's not dread he's assuming what you're telling image joe with zero experience in this space should all just figured out in two seconds is expressing its opinion on a set of what he thinks are facts when they turn to be non facts in other words ball then there is a problem doesn't care about the problem because these ports the police state same guy by the way same guy same gatt quote bill clinton golf course same gag same guy if a copy to come to your house and lock if you don't surrender your guns same guy this by the way for all you young kids out there this is your democrat party for all you eighteen twenty four year old who been somehow misled by hack
professors journalism folks and humanities people telling you the democrat tat a party of freedom and the little guy and opportunity law they are not apart there the bees police state tyrants nothing more they want your money they want your health care they spy on people they want to kick in your door if you dont surrender your guns this is the party of the little guy are you serious are you want drugs listen dude put down the carnation instant breakfast mitch mixed with the psychedelic mushrooms in your dorm room and i'm sorry man wake up and israel unless we go get a bob and go to work because colleges do when you with this service brother and sister you are being misled if you pay for a second that these liberals are men and a party of liberty were frightened mad dude you or the man now you're the man was frightened
my brother the man could be to past brother will fight you are the man more than you people's money you want there care you want their kids you want to spy autumn you're the man you dude you're the man caught the crap cut a bs cut the nonsense out your show pool and your woke everything's woken up you woke you're a sleep here asleep man or out you are in rim sleep right now while you're governed is steamroller in your ass frightened past the power stupid i'm sorry you're an idiot dope fiend
more on such an don't think for a second of ulysses i'm some that's all shows been dedicated to attacking too silly public injured or other assets from their elbows don't tell me you're a big republic i don't even like the republican party anymore i'm dead serious but wasn't the ability to vote no primary i d register from either plan because ninety percent of the republican party is full of hack sell out too but you tell me that these democrats or with i know man causes give me a break man tell your stuff we walk in because you are just an idiot on me they'll steroids that i mean the viewers fred so much garbage that you just wolf down like the cookie monster it's pathetic to watch arms i refer the red folks but this is really real we are out where it sits dangerous time in american history where so many stupid people are influenced by even
our people in the media and even dumber people in the congress and in a democrat party anna republicans as well ryan ryan included right now that i can't believe how many seemingly intelligent folks sought this stuff up it's so good people or materially isn't it delicious imbeciles i'm telling you i had a stick around my car gonna question authority i never forgot that date question it you surgically attack your lips to the assets of it now this is what cool so can you show by lips to the ass a big government please public in stammered oral swamp goons every one of them can be ike we think by the book everything by but yet really really they went up in court line in front of a judge spy on a guy member of a political campaign to jump into the kip
in its the other yes sounds like the what book is that you dobbs the x men one three what what the hell platter you from all my gosh dude i do get a couple new story sorry again what about spend more time on at this always and i attended have another great story by the way read that fox news peace mancino that come also subscribe to my email is thus anthea have another great peace the american thinker am i can't get this i'll get her on the internet on the show tomorrow on other stuff it's been left by the wayside samantha power smooth or obama's you and ambassador near ambassador of the u n meant she unmasked gave authority spy in the conversations of americans two hundred and sixty times in the election year samantha powers tori still yet untold she told com so it wasn't me someone didn't my name is anybody curious about this anybody that's
lost in the whole spy gate story so the eu and about not enough intelligence ass at a diplomat obama barack obama his ambassador of the u n is now we spying on people too what he's curious but that stories completely left but no no one even curious and media she he's lying by the way joe she said i wasn't me someone did it might well who was it that i wanted the media's curious nobody read that story from american thinker it's very good couple more so one click on the economy i hate to give you back but again on the show we do with facts we don't get autism up again now that ok economy doing well unemployment great labour force partition she's doing a little better or that we still have a lot of people on the sidelines but overall i see in drudge today warren buffett who is by no means a conservative has said
somewhere in the six standing of this thing and our sluggards are coming up in other words this account be still gonna want to win the head of an ok the push this house a little a bad news they reveal is the productivity numbers down for last year to one point three percent now folks product what matters most to get to a long economic treatise here but remember the attire essen of our wealth is productivity what we produce it's as simple as that now the reason the united states is wealthier then you know across ghana is we have flat screens and cable boxes and computers and contact lenses and medicine because we do what we produce them we produce other things the by them in an exchange effectively barter international trade that's what's what productivity is everything listen to me folks is important in economics is that something it productivity is everything you are not wealth if you don't produce stuff we're not liberals swept me as your wealth by
emotional wellbeing though that's liberal idiocy we measure wealth by stuff you have at other people don't bag you period again full stop the productivity numbers were revised down to one point three now putting that in context post war a war to the average has been too so we're still significant boot significantly below the average the average in the bobby years one point about one point to one point once a little better that's a lie i'll bet a bad news the good news on that this entails she journal today by the way they revisions to the productivity numbers the good uses investment is moving up dramatically capital investment investment in factories why doesn't matter to you because the ability produce stuff is measured tippit by how much investment we put in the factories and services that do what prejudice stuff you have a machine that producing a producing eighty t shirts and our and its older and use
and a hundred k and a new machine produces one twenty that's forty bore tee shirts that's more stuff which makes it cheaper which makes the way just the employees go up because joe their producing more stop which the t shirt factory can sell can sell stop and pay their employees better productivity matters to the bad news is it was revised out a little bit still not a great number two news is with investment picking up i expect that number and need our here's the woods today's date this date is thursday january seventh it is now eleven p m m shoot me eastern i expect by the end of next year we can times they time stamp this that you will see productivity close to two percent self bad news goodness of but i do like to put out the economic facts on one more story here there's a really good story in the wall street journal today by dan hennig and it's terrific and he talks about how
the media's weapon out the media's weapon out because trump is what i dress yes radio can seemingly turn any negative story into a pause and is absolutely mastered the art of trolling the left and getting them respond i've said repeatedly that the guy donald trump is the media hates him so much that the left is willing to find he had who they are the left is hit that fact for a long time the left is hid the fact there big huge tat they don't run on this now everybody knows there big taxes big staters but went away when democrats run for office rarely see that on a campaign site sent me a picture the campaign sign you see by democrat democrat joey beggar doughnuts array in your taxes every day then with a big yeah baby you don't see it they hide their agenda proper infuriated the left in the media is the same thing so much that it this is the first time they ve shown their butts defended
hamas defending mr team because they just want to do something to get back at trump because they can control themselves you understand what i'm saying you their animals city towards porch there animosity towards reagan was palpable but if it they understood tactically the need to control their responses and they did it thickly with push using iraq against them can't control themselves would drop their children so what did they do tromp says m is thirteen or animals an obvious point to any reasonable person show the media we gotta coitus this s opie msf thirteen you can't talk about them like that this is the gift of donald trump he can turn any seemingly negative comments into positive headhunters peace reference when i was talking about yesterday with the eagles how this would joe it would look like a negative to any other person you here's the headline for anyone else what do you know it at this deadline for everyone but how they deal with the headline be different it had levy trump this that the white house by
what is trop do we turn it around again makes the event about american patriotism highlights the fact that the eagles tried to do a flipper rwanda they an eighty names and only the only five people were gonna show up from the team and a mass got any turns the event into making the eagles look like complete utter idiots it's just a guy give them when i grew up in queens i'd just the icy joke isotope work or the deep sea do flip a rope now the deep seated flip through sided showcase uses terrible was a joke but i really did you sister member when you're dating girl joe and you you you know you liked urban you aren't really totally into show you break up and she starts dating someone else you know and all of a sudden your love yeah you know fairly rapidly wants they can't have right i used the call that the deep sea do flip peru where they they feel they flip here they play
rose at the usual suspects but he's here that there are developed they floppy i guess they philippine that they flip eu the dixie do flipper rules this is trouble he does the deep sea new flipping through all the time the media comes up trump diss at the white house trump comes out with a tweet kick them damn eagles out of here they don't want to show up for the national anthem everybody should stay up all of a sudden the story turns into trump and the meat as pulling their hair out every day like why can't we beat the sky and their end having your pc makes the point job that democrats are now openly whining that trumps surging apparatus and skills you are so powerful whether you like them or not that big get a message out they are costs we on the defensive we trump they can't get anything out here is our plan on the economy nothing because their cause still be responding to trot but i say bad air
and to you media hacks who thought you would only the keys to the kingdom you thought you billy gatekeepers to acceptable public opinion forever the at in russia there you are showing you now till they had it's done it's over top is figured out the recipe your stories rolling amend a ball jamming up right up your caboose and using them against you how does that feel how do you on balance i don't like it d and things like tat at all saw barrier of course your dog at now there were just like saw we can carry out the baby huge shut up for a minute and stop trying to make every single story out there about donald trump donald trump where's put job is what do you want just fox lose their green maybe if you stop doing that he'd stop feeling too need to ram that story right up your parts and make you look
like eighty it's the next day job stay hid media goods on that same i'll just say it a boy a tax yeah folks i really appreciate it make sure you check out tomorrow show check me on a mark within tonight there too i'll be out at six o clock east and fill it in for the great when i see you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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