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Ep. 743 The Aftermath

2018-06-15 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the IG report and the findings. The report was devastating, and no amount of media spin otherwise is going to change that.    News Picks: Trump’s Five Rules.   Here’s the link to the full IG report for you to read.   Why was this horrifying text hidden from all of us?   Hillary’s email was accessed by foreign actors.    Wait, what? Jim Comey used personal email too while investigating the use of personal email.    Five more FBI employees are in trouble over their actions regarding Trump.   Mueller’s team gets smacked down in court again.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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get ready to hear the truth about amerika showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour bye bye bye welcome that are thereby gino show do we have a show for you can i've got to do a special edition last night but candidly speaking first i did not want to take away from today show because i was busy digging through the report trying to bring you the information is not a nothing burger please i got your emails people are furious it is not a nothing burger it's not nothing burger producer joe how are you today tradition of i'm doing well it's not enough in berger and airy it is not a nothing burger the idee report please stop parity in that light i dont know what report you're reading
listen i'm not here to rip on my own audience i love you to death but i got a probably forty fifty emails people furious about the report this is a big nothing but how much did you read it did you read up i've gotta go through today one two three four five seven eight nine ten monster take away from that report now i get some of you were going to say well nothing's happened of course not things in horror which is an investigator result a prosecutor he can do nothing more throne all he can do i'd played this out for you during yesterday's show as an investigator an agent of the governor not a prosecutor or a lawyer all you can do a lawyer for the government that is all can do is lay out a set of investigative facts which is exactly what he dead if human sessions rose and steam and the crew
radio j does anything with them yes you're right is an open question put out pollution or mine just re over the reporter i don't know what report you read this was full of tier one bombshells ok today show brought you are going to get to this and the second a lot that don't go anywhere today picture but you ever should i target there our approach system is the best system out there my opinion to increase your proficiency with a firearm which if you're going to own and firearms is a necessity obviously safety first proficiency as well you need to understand how to use a god forbid you're involved in a self defense situation where you need to use that firearms are you going to have to hear which are firing at if you decide you need to engage to save your life for the life of another now it's important folks range is important we want to get to the reins you want to practise live fire but that's hard to have to clean the gun you have to get their the range find the range of two by the ammunition it's tough what are the best
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great system i have people who send be pictures because it works with a phone have so you see where the rounds are you see what your groupings would have looked like go check it out and see people on a monday at scattered all over the place by friday there shootin these tight groups with the eye target persistent the website is i argue products com it's the letter i target proud thou come i target pro dotcom here's the promo code we all like to save money promo code dan for ten percent off that stand for ten percent off ok first big takeaway ff the report digging writer this has clearly clearly the idee report yesterday laid the groundwork for the the department of justice appointee huber is looking into the circumstances surrounding the russia probe spy gate other things this is an appeal
d by jeff sessions who is outside of the boat when a government lawyer who the focus is important so momentum make sure that said that this is important hubert can file charges the fbi horribly stay can't do that all that can do is prevent present excuse me a set of investigative facts to a prosecutor here or is a lawyer for the government appointed by sessions the oj this tease up their background spy gave me investigation at the spy gay how this if there lotta take away but to me this is critical take away number one every he's out there saying man this is terrible said no political bias that's not what it said did you read the rope that's not what the report said that is not
or what it said i will read to you specific quotes that's not what it said but before i even get to that this it did indicate there was significant political bias that indication of political bias plays right into hubert hands hubert looking at all of the circumstances surrounding the spying on the trump team the russia openness uber has the ability for them from the deal j to prosecute here is a quote from the peace folks stroke peter stroke but the fbi agent who was deeply involved in the clinton investigation and the trump mahler probe before he was fired by bob mahler for his tax stroke decision to prioritize the russia investigation joe over following up on the clinton probe in other words they were really hot on tromp russia really cool on the clinton probe
his decision to do that led us this is their talk this is from the report let us conclude that we didn't have come but instead shrugs decision was free from bias what what or did you read folks i'm not try to be a wise guy a smart alec here i'm just i got so many emails from people that i swear must have only read the executive summary and not actually read through the report now i'm never going to i did not get it is five hundred and thirty plus pages i got to say forget swaths of it i still have more good portions of it but portions i got to art absolutely damning i dont know what report you read folks decision they cannot determine it was free from bias had tempted to add t t up my john huber meeting we're looking at political bias and strokes
drugs decision to focus russia over the clinton probe a guy's ladys i'm sure that someone i followed there we do so micro targeting a twitter and given at the shows dame stamp on gene oh my last name comes up alot sophie tweeted my last name i typically see it on my legs how can you want twitter it's a marketing thing we do with it obviously name shall so it's on uncommon justino people who i did he see that tweet that because we make target our own name that's why but someone wrote twitter wow i don't know how by you get a spanish spend what spend why no desire to spend anything to you i just read the report i just quoted the actual report then are you crucial government investigation into the actions of the fbi in the oj determined that the price our accusation of the russia probe over the quid pro they cannot determine it was free from bias in other words we wait not nod to the actual prosecutor we may have a problem here what did you
of course right this up joe what else while the also of course spun this up joe and said while the report said there was no political by aiming to get to that part of second talk about the clinton pro that's not even what it said there and i don't know what happened but conservatives laptop right away what but no political bias that's not what it says my gosh ok so number one big take away uber is now teed up to look into it actual obstruction of justice charges obstruction just this at a minimum administrative charges by the fbi terminate from their jobs potentially losing their pensions because he's he says in the report he has even hit about it that price our ties the russia probe over the clinton probe they can determine it was free from bias
that's already in the report that huge ok secondly another four get to the big take away what existed that to me as the big thirty thousand foot be that here now tita puber to look into some dramatic and disturbing allegations of political bias and the fbi with regard to prioritize into russia probe number two they didn't say there was no political bias in the clinton probe he's there was no direct evidence connecting their poor decisions to political bias folks that's not he play an overly loyally dan by genome and trying to work dance to protect and i have no desire to do that at all i just flayed run rosen's technique other day of the show some guy said are semi enable men and your sources were wrong they were actually got a hundred percent correct they did not
page three ninety eight of the report at no point does it say there was no political bias in the current investigation nowhere here's what it actually says joe the report i can see interested because i know you have you probably gotten chosen morning radio and you ve probably heard the political spin to analyse conservatives are sucking up all the liberal stuff no political basis this is nothing burger it's not nothing burger the liberal ukraine's or nothing burgers when there talking about a new report on page three ninety eight tax jeez between fbi agents involved in the clinton probe this is a direct quote from the report the second category of text messages that combined suppression of political sentiments with a discussion and of the mid year exam investigation the investigation into hilary potential
indicating or create potentially indicated or created the appearance that investing decisions were impacted by bias or improper considerations that's just three page street hundred it's right there all they suddenly executive summary in other words there is no doubt meaning joe there's not a text out there that says because i've four hillary clinton i'm scrapping this investigation you use you see that distinction get no one is going to swear in front of a judge that there is a paper trail of emails that directly say because i love and adore hillary clinton i'm dropping this case that is i mean there was no political bias he says clear as day tat the the text in the cage john i read this last part again the eye j himself page three ninety in the text in the case
where they express their political views these fbi age against trump and pro clinton indicated or created the appearance that investigative decisions were impacted by pious or hip proper consideration guys ladys i love you to death by a motto that really of no a lot of you did the whole purpose of the show is you have lives this is what i get paid to do a lot of you really hard you got soccer games you got work to go to i get it you don't have time to read five hundred and thirty page report i just begging you cuz i love you to death to please do not accept the liberal spin on this this is nothing burger it is the guy said on this page right here that clear thirdly there is a their debt there is a potentially indicator creates the appearance that these decisions were motivated by bias or improper considerations because he doesn't have an email that exactly says that he's you understand how we have to be joey
this guy's an investigator for the united states government king on an investigation into very serious allegations he can't just make stuff up he has to presented in a fair and unbiased matter for what's gonna happen is exactly what happened with been gauzy infesting furious everything else the democrats this is all nonsense and it's all gonna go away you know there's enough i'd like more for him to come out say this conclusive evidence of direct political pack on this decision on this day he doesn't that these people covered their tracks but he does say anywhere in the report political bias had nothing to do with it he simply says there is no direct basically paper trail it doesn't say it didn't exist he says it himself this is a critical take away critical thanks that's point number two
i'm going go on you take away number three this is a this is a damning point if you read the port you'll note in report show that there are a number of critical players we know were involved in the spy gate scandal hilary email investigation scandal whose names are either conveniently missing or german adequately the role is dramatically minimized in this report now joe yes i'm going to set you up again ask you a question and i know you're going to get the right answer if i'm using someone as a witness an occasional let's say you were robbed and someone so i but they're afraid for their lives and their like all right i'll testify saw the guy rob joe but he's a really mean guy and
want my name exposed than this all my roland because i want the gotta come after me do you think it would be a good idea for me to expose that guy's name and a public court document not real good not really ok rights are you not a criminal investigator correct you never habit you figured that out pretty simply write pretty was probably a good idea to call that guy you know the cooperating witness or something like that that uses name what i find it thing about this case is the name bruce or and bill price the operators severely minimize their role in content as to what we know they did or missing together in certain parts what am i telling you that maybe because its public report joe there is pieces of information the idea and put out there just maybe it's a public report there is going to be briefings close store open door there's going be briefings with huber the prosecutor
government on this maybe people are cooperating in this if you read it the report you been listening to the shell many of you probably got this already somebody may be as a matter of fact this is what actually as i have so many take away show up in the interests of time i hadda pared down i thought was the most important for your newsday someone email me about this morning i'm like i better put that in their way bruce or but the email me like this is a crap report resource not even in it in any significant way and i looked my wife and my there's a reason folks please trust me on that one sorted magically disappear price stepped magically disappear ok ok
rubbish abbe share gab asia ok finally not finally finally not not i find it lit up but not find out when they're moving on the report folks my view of email me and said oh my gosh where's all the recommendations for the prosecution of hillary clinton all nothing's going to happen everybody's get away with everything listen fair enough i can't not willing to put my credibility on the line can attest to you that people in the killer hilary team people in the hilary team who are deeply embedded in this scandalous issue of classified information over private email system are going to do jail type i can't i'm not i'm sam is upset about that is anyone i've been clear on that from the start i'm off i'm not going to say to you that you're not gonna be legal consequences either i'm simply suggest
thank you that relying on this report describes joe gotta tracked me on this one relying on this report for that is is is wrong this was not an invite legation into hilary email folks the inside director general report was about the actions of the d j and the fbi and their investigative role and its may not every front call me became a stroke everywhere this is not about the hilary email investigation it's this is not an insignificant point it's about deal jays actions on those cases do you get what i'm saying yes it is not a all let's reopening hilary investigation and give it to the eye gee that's not what this guy was charged with doing he was charged with value waiting the role of the d o j in it and an near
every single front page russia's them i suppose is this confusing joe you can open up put yeah yeah i'm picking up on it but at the same time i am thinking about the way that this report's been reported on by the mainstream what it's for a reason they want you to believe it's nothing burger so it all goes away i'm here is something different right now that i haven't heard such a thing has been out i have never and i didn't think to look edit this weight in please the show notes that i've got so many good article so many gems and their today but there's one from brook segmented fox news five fbi employees have been recommended for investigation pretend administrative may be criminal charges five five more now again i am not suggesting cute this has been handled wonderful way we should all the whole purposes the showers the keep the heat on the d o j to do the right thing here right but
suggesting that this was supposed to be an investigation to hilary that is absolutely not what this was this was a report on the deal j and the fbi and as of yesterday we have five more employees and the fbi accuse the malfeasance five more recommended for investigation totally left out of the coverage people are active do you i got off scot free not if what report the jewelry moving on i have been a tough time grading the level of the importance and take away i mean another one for me is that hubris tita perfectly now for spy gate but these secondary take away the raw like equally grave gentlemen commies done and not please call me done so as the us in case against drug for fiery call me it's finished that case is over the top
read the report say about call me was nothing burger really let me just go through on the call me not gets alone what we found out just call me how to personally about oh well you knew that folks i didn't i didn't i've got some good sourcing to see i had never heard that before jim tommy was using personal email for government business now fair analysis on this it does not a exchange classified information does matter to me you make the crime only more great yours supposed to be conducting any fbi business on personal email because those those records are supposed to be archive jim call me folks listen to what i'm telling you we find yesterday the fbi director whose investigating hillary clinton for the use of personal email hide a personal email to job we're not a criminal investigator correct real einstein let me ask you
other question and i do this to joe to show to you of men who i respect and a door who has no criminal investigative backward figure this out in a snap inga joe you think it creates a conflict of interest if you are the fbi director and you had robbed debate could someone in your investigating the person you rob the bank would you take you might want to make that crime go away yes i think so too all thank you now i'm not suggesting call me rob a bank it's a hyperbolic analogy to accentuate a point that some people are having a hard time grasping jim com he was investigating hilary for the use of private email forgot business why using private email for government businesses every year inserted the same report and i discovered it back if you think that was it report did you mr nothing bird backed up by robert liberals your butt answered nothing burgers added digit miss that the report
call these finished his friend credibility is shot so another call me german there this is this is so dumb having a tough time believing we place the fbi director position in this guy's hands call me admitted in an interview with the eye jeez team that he did not oh at the time that whom aberdeen hillary inhaler right hand woman he did not did she was married to anthony wiener where they found the collect me on the laptop tipp no half what to do we have a sound effect for me now i don't even care what it is just play sub drop crap that dog you i'm sorry i don't you what was it can be told we got really that the top like you i could crazy person you didn't know are
the only person on the planet that was unaware that disgraced congressmen anthony weena was married to humanity tat was in may magazine or you do was pick up in touch or anything else whose paper everywhere around the globe you i know what you're the fbi director do you understand what either he's lying or he is this is the dumb stay but i've ever heard from a man of his stature now i dont know which of the two is true if he's lying or visas dopey but suggest that well job when we found missus clinton's emails on the winner laptop we may have delayed because they do just so you understand what i think is happening here right we may have the the investigation because i didn't understand how serious it was because i didn't know wiener was made
to whom aberdeen hillary clinton right hand woman eyes credulity i mean what we know that nobody fbi thought to tell you that for you see what's going on here right jos married to china china works for hilary shane as sending email she sends the hilary she's back stopping them to chose computer the fbi i find jos computer and does nothing with it because some the f b i was all i just didn't know joe is married to shape we what call me credibility is shot it shot on the email investigation it shot because he's either lying or he's dopey do you want to stay calm he's gonna look like on the stand
man i'm like so fired is i've never been more fight i wanted to do to show last night but i afraid news is gonna break this morning and it did with trumps north want appearance which i still haven't even got to should we like a five hour show today gosh coal eventually if donald trump is arched win an impeachment trial with obstruction of justice call me eventually is going to have to give some kind of a statement or be witnessed show because the whole allegation against donald trump is that he fell the fbi director to cover up the russia probe the age report entirely decimate colonies credibility colleagues we understand your question about mr call me your claim you were fired because president donald trump was trying to hide the russia did the russia probe stop i know it in president up is claiming mr call me that he felt
but you because of incompetence and they call it an investigation is a term is to call me you had a private email while you are investigating hillary clinton for private email yes it is done thank you case closed question or to mr corbett you read newspapers yes i do i must change combing the smartest man in the plant just asked me really that's great you are very well informed this case mr call me can you explain how you missed the fact that human aberdeen is married to any wiener despite seven million news articles on google about their relationship vomit stan diarrhoea he's done commies duck he's up witness in an obstruction trial who is entirely not credible now it goes on and that even fetish
the report accuses him a rag insubordination let's go to impeachment trial question number three mr call me are you a prosecutor for the united states government no sir i'm not i was the fbi director mr commune did you make prosecutor oral decisions that while i was trying to cover for that item mr call me that's not what we asked you i'm looking report here from the inspector general michael horwitz that clearly and conclusively makes the case that you were insubordinate can you explain to me why you usurped the duties of the department of justice and made a prosecutor decision not in your purview or job description thank you closed again call me he's done the whole obstruction case for firing jim call me is over now i m not suggesting psychopathic liberals
well continue to push it i'm telling you call me is no longer a credible witness thanks to this five hundred and thirty plus page report that was it suppose it nothing burger if you didn't read it man i was fresher is you get them i got more but we do have to pay for the show hey much to talk about today seriously due to our show our i could i shall also brought you buy beach body undermining try to get shape for the summer i know a lot of us are you know some of you don't have time it's the gym and a most important point i hear is no people dont know what to do right well beach body the man will solve that problem now if you dont know beach body internet you do you just don't know you know them you we heard of some of their real dickie good he was in the past we use is one of the secret service penile yeah said sanity twenty one they fix t twenty five pie
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information is support totally free again tax then be to thirty thirty thirty gacek about love each body ok more take awaits just wrap up where we were commies done call me spanish that case is out the window the report was about the deal janey fbi's actions the criticism of those actions were absolutely damning cuba is now set up perfectly to investigate political bias and the russia probe how do we know that because it says it we didn't have confidence strokes decisions was free from bias on prioritizing arrests your probe lib the allegations that southern saving but political buys nonsense agree the appearance investigative decisions were him packed it by fires or it's just read the report moving on page eighty nine if you're a listener to this show joe this would be totally unsurprising fucus we talk on and off the air fearless
the show this is not news to you but for some people reading yesterday's report this was news page eighty nine confer i have here a kapital letters hilary why then email thirteen people and their government from our i bet email account clinton that gov not state that gov who is one of the people she emailed morocco bob i bang bang bang they take their we only told you this six months ago now confirm in the report page eighty nine read the bottom right their clear as day confirm now we have known this for a while now it is in an official government document used evaluate the fbi and the deal jays actions not hilary is this important
as an investigator can now look at that i guess i'm not saying this is going to happen i'm saying what could i don't wanna cannot sell anybody on you know unit born dust and all the other stuff right you know ferries are gonna show up in all this other stuff that's almost i'm just suggesting to you that this was put in there for a reason now that i soon becomes as anti mccarthy pointed out a while ago if we can now confirm that hillary clinton used her private email to email barack obama now we know barack obama lied his office like why not told miss truce or euphemisms swap in used to get around why do we know that because brow obama has already told multiple news outlets why he was an office while he was in office that he learned about hilary emails from the news reports that is now officially b ass
why again this matter in a report that looking at the d o j and fbi's actions not hilary because the question now comes up to the department of justice if they can avoid because it's in a formal investigative document did that simply play into the decision to make the hillary clinton email investigation go away in other words back obama would have been a this with somebody in the justice department with obvious as the brok obama he appointed the managerial staff with some one reading that go in crap to re replicate shows little drop there was somebody saying that the justice department hey guys if hilary charged do you understand oh papa is gonna be a witness there if there are immense to barack obama from hilary he clearly knew she had a clinton back of email he got the emails
joint amendment concerns barack obama we're not wait this they were emailing each other during the campaign wait what yeah all any suppose nothing berger report the candidate on the democrats side hillary clinton the leading candidate the democrats i forget about all or prior associations the political candidate democrats i've emailing emily depressing united states on an illegal unauthorized server during the campaign they president previously stated that he had no information about a private seventy learned about it from the news he was on the e mails apparently there are salutations there and others that indicate that he personally read them
call joe worries of big nothing burger he ok sure what apps did you read it that is explosive it's now confirmed in the report they can avoid it now but they do with it's another question but let's not knocked a report we can the deal now to be fair and again give a a bow its view on this if the deal j and the prosecution decides who do nothing with this that is gonna be a scathing dampen gino pod care show for the deal j again sitting under pot to do another we clear don't think for a second of defending the department of justice here this port is escaping rebuke joe of the department of justice i've just telling you we'll take it out on horwitz this was a fantastically
i've done well put together explosive report full of tier one level bombshells if you read the report and about even this is the crazy part fires every five minutes in my pants though you do in my own book i only we are through like the big stuff that that's a friends have pointed out to be go to this each go that way reduce section ok moving on more explosive club shells there was a text lisa page the stroke to the investigators one investigative one a lawyer in the case there was a text where pay tax stroke the fbi agent and says please tell me tromp won't be president amazingly stroke sends back a text no we'll stop him that in and of itself
by the way that the first time we ve heard that is yesterday in the report again the big nothing burger according to lives will stop him ladies and gentlemen that's bad enough but that's actually not the boers part of this just listen to me like it isn't there's more yes this war like an infomercial right that's not even the worst part the worst part is when that information was demanded by congressional investigators the text exchanges that text was deleted the eye g whose report was supposedly a big nothing burger he was the one who found in congress the man the text exchanges the text response we'll stop him was left out pages please tell me trump will be president was in there but nobody you ever see my text i have another in shone out in my show notes that i bought you know that calm subscribe
my email list i will email the stuff right here another great peace chuck ross short sweet to the point daily collar pointing out that's the scandal beggar enough joe the lead investigator in the case in the sea i division is saying stop trump from becoming president stop him that's what he was saying that's bad enough compounding the debacle is whoever said that information over to congress reviewed deleted that oh boy don't you think for a second for a second someone in congress right now is not going who'd hell deleted that text i want the records of who handled it i want every fingerprints on a computer i can't bout for what's gonna happen on a prosecutor your sight all i can tell you is our which did a damn good job finding what congress couldn't and crap
on the report by saying it's a big nothing burger i'm sorry is ridiculous nobody's seen that tax to yesterday nobody will stop him and it was deleted who deleted it you think that's all gonna go away it will of the democrats take over congress and all the chairmanships change but i'm tellin you even gouty who i've been god came out yesterday on fire good for him you know we gotta be bear in the show its unilateral minded gouty about yesterday with good lad on bread bear show and just laid the fbi good good for him you know this is never personal to me and our own can to make it so gouty came out yesterday and end with they were in horror that this happened good it has many allies in this is possible here's another quote from the report that there
political motivation showed quote a willingness to take action to stop tromp wait what what what did you just say this was the washington post by the way the i jews report showed that the deal jamie fbi report willing to take action to stop trump from becoming president folks this is insane that was in europe liberals you're telling years meaningless principle that minister because their police state or states that that's what they wanted they love weapon as governments to them of course there's idea of course use wanted they actually there where police they tyrants a willingness to take measures intent bingo and you're not gonna be all right in the eu and its that's a very smart common shows a lot of things a willingness to take action
the most powerful law enforcement agency in the known universe was willing to take action to stop the republic a nominee for becoming present worry folks again the report was nothing nothing to see here ok the short whenever another story in the show notes output from national review we now oh well joe you and i confirmed on this show three years ago when i was still a marilyn i know we recall but it is on a sunday heller he's emails were hacked into we ve only this one and three years at least now because i say it now my conservative the news media gaps it off which is fine you know it's cool you come here for the news you get it first if your listeners show you got it three years ago i told you i had a source on this that was unimpeachable i am now vindicated after being called the conspiracy theorist the other bad name in the book of course i don't expect apologies from liberal buffoons or any other guph nor do i care
i told you this yeah i in maryland but it happened when i got the tech but how to be three years ago that lorries email system had been compromise we don't know oh for my source it is the server for my source now to be but the idea report does not say the server it says email traffic was compromise and stolen by foreign actors and there were at a minimum casino information that was stolen that's what the report says i owe you the facts i'm telling you second verily from my sources the server was hacked telling you at a minimum we now have four may confirmed government investigation hilary classified email traffic on her a bit system were stolen by foreign actors period there is no more denying it again there was nothing in there now my gosh did you read the darn thing
are at last one and i want to move on to another topic as is important there's more i'll get some more than some other by folks there's probably a hundred take away i'm just given you the most important f b i personnel talk handouts from the media tickets to sport events and an end at an chum took hand ouch from the media for inaction angel a quid pro quo for information we black can this was in the nothing berger report that the fbi was being was in a quid pop relationship for what aren't you know tat when you u chew on that cut yourself that one speaks for itself the zone i can add other than i can but i was actually astonished by that one to come lately decimate again the credibility of jim commies fbi jim coming i was now it doesn't alleged call me personally cheapest jim crow
the fbi is repeated charge good matters these posts in charge run an organization were taken gifts and it gets in stuff my gosh ok let me read this last one year we get our bodies have failed to buy in an i want daniel greenfield a front page mag has one of the best pieces i have ever read in i think ever read since i've been in politics it is up at my show no today punch you know i'm come under cover this at the end of the show hereafter this trumps five rules for like political combat it is both persuasive explanation of donald trump disrupt there i've ever seen so my show no it's a punch you know that confirm my email is you'll get i'm going through the second aright occupation so you are ready to filter by i don't want to too much but i suspect you have enough bills to pay already and i do an idle
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as a former secret service agent i've got to tell you that this is i've never seen anything like this that the south did the leeway how complex is the oau be the north grounds south grounds in the building right joy didn't treasury complex to write the south houses where he takes off on marine one the north grounds where you see these color pebble beach it's just are used to be the garage over there with the press you seen the shot all the time the white house is in the background over their shoulder and it's like it'll be bret baier in cork or someone like that and they'll do the shot at the white house i have never in my life during my five years working to white i've never even heard of a president that walked out the pebble beach area north grounds press area and did oppressor ever what president trump why do you watching it live like this is the craziest they govern the secrets this was probably blown away like wait what is he going do tell you folks were used to predictability at the white house the present she's going to gonna go to scare feast gonna go to
two situation room he's gonna go back to the residents and those movements already choreographed agent one goes here agents who goes very it's like a ballet you'd be stunned and how many movement art the kiev to memorize everything could you get whipped out your book and it says in this book what you're supposed to do have to keep in mind five six seven movements ahead the present goes to the rose garden say your agent number three on the shift you have to go if he goes here you go there it's tough to keep it really is it's hard to kiev to memorize everything could you get whipped out your book and it says in this book what you're supposed to do but you don't have time so you have to keep it if the us then that michael must make a computer program i've always watches morning i'm looking at the secret service guys one of the guys a friend of mine and there are probably like holly what we do now they probably at shut down the north ground i mean i've never seen anything like it he gave this speech and i was pleased the guy's either so much breaking news on it i've never
president ever do that i'm a north grounds but daniel greenfield has this peace from page mag trumps five rules i wanted didn't quickly because it is just as i said the boy the analysis of donald trump i've seen since he's been running for office ever rule number one job act dont react mad you are absolutely right trumps rule number one the best defence is my kind of addition to it is a good offence i box wherever and one of the worst part about boxing when you have a guy's more skilled the new is having to deal with in kicking the crap out of you if you're trying to keep your arms up because when you try keep your arms up what's he doing here she knew in the ribs in the body and end it's you in the body and you drop your elbows down to cover your ribs any slams you in the face a lot of time
boxers jab you if you box you know this u jabba guy in the top of the forehead why would you do that job because his head goes back in and you exposes chin and any punch him right now in which can knock em out and it really hurts now there's boxing call they punchers chance why because put your chance otherwise a guy who punches punches hard and really hurts but may not have been dead the boxing scale in other words they call it a punchers chance because he may happy the most skilled boxer the holy crises there his party is really hurt when he hits you a punch chances usually trauma can increase the chances of winning a fight if he goes on offence and just at some point nearly sprays and praise so leave himself open just punch and punch in punch because when you're pushing the other guy he's not punching you trouble figure this out like no other politician i've ever seen whereas there's spined weak kneed swamp rat
it's gotta be careful what i six i can't stand these guys snowflake republicans in the past have system we waited for the media to attack them to react tropic with this like beneath your bail toro unusualness may safely they filippi for real he has flip them entirely and has decided to go entirely on the offensive and make these people react to him he forces other people to react rather mmm hmm reacting because you don't worry about your office why you getting punch than those rhetorically you worry about covering up i thought i better than sky he still punching them we have insisted they were the better boxers until trump had this on the right hand left talk him out there like all the crap this really hurts because i have a lot of skill is really urge joe they are not used to it
the media is used to dictating the floor with a boxing match with their incredible boxing skills in other words their propaganda yes that's what they do there in the media that's what they do best the media is a propaganda operation they are totally left flat funded by a guy who is decided he just going to take over the the messaging himself you are going to vote bond to him on twitter and is pressing every day just like you did at the north lawn and you're not going to dictate the flow of this because he's gonna punch first and now you're like what do we do now answers you cover up because this more common because you what's going to happen next so active grit daniel greenfield rule number one act don't react amen he has absolutely embrace that trumps rule number two try everything try everything now you may say what do you mean by that while having run
for office myself multiple times and knowing a lot of people who have i can tell you in the political space can dolphins and just about everyone else who choose your ear off will tell you don't do that you could fail don't do that you could fail don't do that fail be politically embarrassing he doesn't care don't talk to north korea you could fail that's why we may win tariffs i began i'm not a fan but don't do terrorists are economically damaging well they get a better deal meander he's not you understand he doesn't care about the political fall out he doesn't care his staff may care his t make a trump clear we based on his actions of what is actually done joe doesn't care willing to try everything things other p we'll have not been willing to do in the past and its left that now these all tied together from this point out his willingness to try everything flow nicely at the trumps rule number three chaos is power a men
and your greenfield care is power trumps with nice to try things no swamp rat politician in the would dare even touch has created systemic chaos in the swamp because chaos is unpredictable nobody knows how to respond and if you don't know how to respond joe and you're in axing matched to continue with this analogy how do you prepare game plan in other words i get in the ring with joe joseph skill boxer he's got ten i watched a ten bautzen there's belt at your video joe does is he likes to lead here they saw this left joe frazier hooker georgia lefty but our route to the party then he likes to come to the over the top right hand like chuck liddell afterwards so here's how we're going to respond to that then you get a clay
guided type from the u have see who's comes out like a maniac every fight nobody knows what alleys gotta do flying knees spin around cap aware i click i'd give once clay gotta fight he's totally unpredictable there's no way for you to plan how do we pay for it i don't know good luck you have really so by trying everything trying i've never been tried better unexpected why because no politician is tried everything before because they ve been persuaded by political people don't try that you could fail to reach out the north koreans it could look bad trump doesn't care hesychasts ok we'll try it i'm not good guys thanks for the advice on how to give this guy ring tears were the same thing it's been republican conservative orthodoxy that terrorists are bad like i said i am not a fan of tears but here these trade deal sought for us we're just gonna try it will see by the chips fall now
who knows how to respond because nobody was prepared for it like wait what may oh he ran on that day care but you re not a lot of things the guy is unpredictable and his sense of chaos is his power brilliant breath brilliant begin a sky bribe rule number four which flows nicely from rule number three ever show your hand does it show is had been eyes of rolled number three chaos this power a chaos is unpredictable if you're unpredictable there's no hand to respond to what we can predict what he's gonna say on terrorist attacks is how did we know that because every report get in the past ran on a swap agenda put together by swap consultants that lead to predictability on the democrats i bought this is what you're gonna do joe they ve done this forever this is what the
a book install them to do that and therefore here's how we're gonna respond using our media propagandist we're gonna response that's also security by saying the throne grandma over the cliff we can respond on taxes by saying there enough for the rich we're gonna respond on foreign policy by say in their war mongers wait you did say tromp was a warmonger when he called kim little rocket man put problem the decree tromp was so unpredictable joe they never expected him to then follow up with a reach out two came on this summit and now they are in a pickle why joe because two or three months ago you call them a warmonger now we shaken his hand in some kind of a peace and what do you say now we just furthermore warmonger how do we make what what we can lobby against ourselves
never show your hand chaos is power try everything finally rule number five don't be afraid to be the bad guy ding ding day o europe and canada you talk in a semi socialist just intruder listen i love the canadians i love canada bidders a beautiful country their great wonderful people with a nice flourishing economy but that does not make everything the canadians do and americans best interests it doesn't and there's nothing wrong with saying i like just in trudeau he's a nice guy whatever may be we love the canadians but i'm sorry two hundred seventy percent tariff on our dairy products is not me americans interest and i have no problem saying that in the past you can enhance our pals fine they may be god forbid where war three they're probably be our best allies but that doesn't mean everything
may do makes them of their being put some on the right side of u s history trump has no fear being the bad guy matters perishing oh good sorry trudeau we're not gonna she had a relationship and stop but you gotta fix that that was verboten in the past how do you might offend them well i sure you two hundred seventy percent tariff on dairy offends our dairy farmers do not to be we tear of some of their stuff as well but that if tromp as you prefer ass is willing to go to free and non subsidy free trade grace we win but he's not afraid to be the heel there's nothing wrong with that enough play a nice done that for too long i folks tat was a that show full of information man i think that was one of our most important shows we ve done since six twenty eight i promise you i will continue digging through this
we'll be back on monday more info but please i'm imploring you as a friend and as a fellow consumer of conservative content elsewhere before i bring it to you that report was absolutely damning please do not fall into the trap of this thing was a nothing berger that is nonsense will see what happens from this point on but there were there's more i'll just leave it at that i'll bring morty on my thanks again for tune and info please of to the pod guess on itunes or you can click the follow button i hurt radio follows on sound clatter really helps us with the show thanks a lot you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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