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Ep. 748 Why Are They Still Pushing Us?

2018-06-22 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the continued calls for violence from the radical Left and the potential consequences. I also discuss a brilliant analysis of the handling of the Clinton email investigation and how it may actually benefit President Trump.    News Picks: Five things you need to know about separations at the border.   This is a brilliant analysis of the consequences of the Clinton email investigation.    America won’t go down without a fight.    Peter Strzok loses his security clearance.    Your tax bill is about to go up if you shop online.    The media screws up, again.    A warning sign for the economy?    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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get ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour thereby gino show very suggests how are you didn't write me in here with it and we have the best every time i reach out for some adviser some drops or somethin river media we send a sub so thanks so much we had a record breaking day yesterday he largest one day show ever ever soundly joe rogan ever sucks that sometimes it is you i appreciate you all have made my day week month in the year as always thank you so much i gonna talk about you putting some are with their feedback given that we don't take calls on the show maybe we will in the future would certainly open taking a lot but maybe one or two you know joe and i work out some things but i do
lot of e mail we read them i try to respond i'm sorry folks i can respond on but my wife and i and sometimes my daughter do read them all we read all the mai should say sometimes my daughter i mean say sometimes you read your email sometimes my daughter reason too but i got an interesting email from a guy named area and it was it was it was a nasty my asian or address the nasty ones on the air but it was nasty because it goes to show you sometimes are you can say something you think you're conveying now you want to know why i repeat things because you think you're conveying a thought so clearly and any yet some lonely to send you an email and you're like did heave and listen to the show or did you nobody wanted to hear you get to that and i want to talk about the something to happen with joe scarborough from msnbc this morning just really disturbing they will take something from you all of you don't forget that i tat they show but you by bodies it died a trappist but you always have to be careful does this is like the greatest invention ever your entire
neighbourhood could be insect free with this they that's how effective this figure is i'm not kidding by wife are you stories whether they sent me a sample of this before even realize it we're gonna be a sponsor might go out of this world but someone like ship something to my house for they sent me a sample as its aim basically an insect trap an indoor now to aversion and our let me try this i came out the next day i was like oh my gosh you my firm in florence hence our capital the world i think this state of florida is insect free due to die in a trap i'm not kidding joe i gotta you know what i'm gonna see if they could send you one of these try that you will not be disappointed insect as a state animal down there isn't it did you write a mosquito this day the state at right you're absolutely s pretty voting so summertime is officially upon us and the only thing more annoying that bogs mosquito bite insects all over the place wise yogi border nancy pelosi johnson shouted yes how did you know that
i get it did just leave it it gives us what gave way start over but leave it in david day wrote this this is really fun the only thing more annoy the maids heap was achieved goby fake news that favour they wrote our flies mosquitos and other its excavated europe we left these why we left these guys so we'd like to thank our sponsors over it a trap died trap is the leading me you're about to mosquitoes an insect traps and how they just come out with the door died a trap fly like this is what they sent me you will not have a bug anywhere near home ever again in europe the data trap twilight looks like a subtle like a plugs into any indoor outlet the diner trap flylike work day and night to attract and trap flies mosquitos and other pesky insects and i'm telling you this thing works you over how to have another bug in your home it's looks like a little good night lightness gotta a trap then as the
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i find a more terrific product if you have an insect problem for your household indoor outdoor for the summer go check it out ok so i got this email from skype gary whatever who died a beef my show and started to mean basically that attacked me say it you must think you're a real bad ass going after me for that show the other day folks did did he did this guide listen to the show the entire the purpose of the show the day this is going to die in thrall if i tried to bring up viewer email unless it ties into the children era we can get lost in all the stuff the the i'm trying to make i was trying to make any other day show that he seems to have missed then i'm gonna make again today is this is not a fight we as conservatives are asking for we want to be left mon our politics and that our front door they ended our front door my policy
ex might might my god given rights individual liberty small government leave me alone and let me handle my family politics end my front door i dont want to exit front door and impose my politics on you if you are a believer in whatever you want are you believe in el gb activism high taxes you know confiscation of money if you believe in all that that's your thing i just want leave me alone in my family my politics and my front door the point we're trying to make is the left's don't they will take something from us love you they have to our relate this in a minute to achieve by the sick ojo scarborough msnbc total not paragraph they will take some thing from you every one of you because their politics begin at your front door there take of your money your health care your kids education you're very right to practice their religion you're right to property all of that begins at your front door
they are not interested in these policies impacting them their interest in policies an impact you the point i was trying to make him that as we did not ask for this fight and the leftist can a disturbing large towards accepting an open we calling for violence now we do not ask for this fight it's not a fight we want the point i was trying to make is given their protected cocoon they live in their lack of experience with actual real world violence the point i was trying to make his day don't understand the real consequences and ramifications of what they're asking for if they did they wouldn't ask for the most peaceful pacifist people i know in the conservative movement are the people who ve been through actual combat an actual real world violence who understand the horror of which being asked for by the left the snowflake
last that has no idea what they are asking for the whole point of the show the other day was not that i'm a bad at that point was i'm not a bad ass everybody who thinks there a bad ass or people who typically haven't had their actual asses kicked showed it i won't the whole purpose of the show telling you the story of the time i got tuned up badly for the first time in a controlled jujitsu class and how i thought it was the worst thing ever and i thought it so horrible folks the ability to not breathe while another guy just completely destroying you nothing you can do your eggs ask your muscles don't work you can't get out of it there's no there was no sense of life or death panic there was panic because you can't breathe and is always panic with that but it wasn't like i'm gonna die and i thought it doesn't me worse than is putty does it
the first time i was in that street situation as a cop and i was attacked by a guy on domestic violence call and i was like there really is no tapping out here there's no i can't ask this guy to stop like this is going to go on until i stop it was a sense of real panic and anxiety that i have never experienced bore even help i'd joe spent most of my adult life training for that whatever thirty forty seconds then it will seem like an eternity there is no control right there is control to hope if it is we who are now a bad ass these flakes think they are because they ve been protected by institutions that sanction their calls for violence the government politicians academia hollywood types
that have condone this that of sanction their protected they have never experienced the ramifications of a punch in the face thank god nor by commending you should try that door point of the show i wish to point out this fallacy in the violence as a solution argument i might simple point was that there are you you can if you continue to push down this road people will defend themselves yoga the horror you're bringing on to everyone you have our experience with that that was the point now i say that because there are people i watched him did you know i want to i m just a quick god rest his soul charles crowd hammer who up asked yesterday i'll get to that in a second but jonah goldberg why have a lot of respect for i like jonah go bergen folks listen you jonah has some really brilliant
things to say in a podcast would rush roberts a few weeks ago and he can't talk i cannot recommend enough they have different poet beliefs and i do in many respects but i believe jonas very bright guy and even always feelings about some things it does or different than mine my woloda respect or men i've said that tweets i'd die channel want a tweet in your back from a few weeks ago it but that's all right but at hammer you know and he was talking about our time charles morning and one of the genius of our time this morning and he brought up something and i don't mean to conflate these to tie expert is important because it i he was saying how you know charles had a way of biting back but how can urban as you gotta he wanted to kind of this side topic joe about how some concern lives now have become really hostile towards liberals and how we should almost like dialect
ben and emulate the style of of charles crowd hammer who could be biting himself i'm i you know i met charles four times in the washington dc green room a fox charles was a young and credible generous unbelievably kind and loving human being in the brief experiences i've had but i've heard from people around them as well but charles an a wit and i thought to jonah that's assuming something joe it's assuming that the left and liberals are a reasonable that we somehow i don't know with dial it back because why i mean i'm not suggesting we should be overtly hostile or immoral and our actions i've just suggesting to jonah minas with their all due respect as i do like jonah do you want to i'm wondering if you understand what we're up against here you know i'm in to show you what i mean crazy not
joe scarborough from msnbc too it this morning that you know your your arm you you may not be if you would let me know what let me read the tweet so i don't i don't want to be unfair to him he treated supporting donald trump does not make you a racist but it does make you the supporter of a racist this is insane this is apps movie insane you're suggest to me a patriot someone who loves his country a sinner itself again college centred on the last but a father a guy who would do anything to a thing to make sure liberties respected but that liberties evenly distributed amongst all the citizens who have an opportunity out there you're suggesting to because i support donald trump i'm supporting a racist one of them disgusting disturbing things you disguise it disguise on a major network folks scarborough scarborough unease of his body
i have on energy tv later and what a most uncomfortable changes have ever seen with his fiancee beekeepers and ski unbelievable the videos i cringe worthy to watch but scarborough suggesting we're supporting a racist that forty nine fifty percent of amerika who are going to vote and probably vote to real elect we're all supporting a racist since my issue would would would and it was saying my issues that you are assuming we're dealing with reasonable people on that reasons going to work that don't those rules are done now the reason joe they're doing this and i put a little note here and you see all these nazi comparisons now and these comparisons the slaveholders the rest they're doing this the left is very deliberate this is a mistake the it is doing this and liberals comparing conservatives to nazis slave holders people putting that
japanese and term in camps and where a war to the reason they are doing this is it's an effort to de human eyes you folks it's an effort to make you something less than human and when you're something less than human you can be treated like something less than human and violence is acceptable think about it we bring troll violence to animals every day to eat up you kill them i mean it's in some cases violent so pretty we do that because they not they are not human they're not i stay listen these are just facts however uncomfortable they may be for you we bring troll violence to animals all the time when you treat people like slaveholders spoke about slaves like they were something less than human beings like they were second class citizens they are second class beings they weren't you know the way they did not have the finger of god placed on their shoulders blessed with this
big all right you do when you do that new dehumanize people you invoke a response and that responses you can be treated like something less than human and control than even uncontrolled violence is somehow acceptable there's a larger fight going on i'm not trying to wax philosophical here and take this to another realm i'm trying to grounded for you i'm trying to do the opposite and an email this morning got me thinking like there's this guy not get what i'm saying we avoiding this week nobody wants this fight now but he wants this fight nobody on our side and talking about the left does my point was that the law doesn't understand the consequences because they ve never been there because people who have been there in a sea of uncontrolled violence not controlled protest who have been they are understand how absolutely horrible it is horrible date these
for that you know that the rape of an eleven year old boy like peter fond they did on twitter over and over madonna when a boy rape of an eleven year old boy like peter fond they did on twitter over and over madonna want to blow up the white us here seizure not isolated incidents folks it is this it is the a strategic ethical maneuver today human eyes conservatives and republicans as non legitimate human beings therefore violence becomes legitimate against non legitimate beings who are now in fact human on poverty this is a very technical strategic thing these nazi comparisons the to nazis you don't want to real shames of the wall street journal on the back and came out rampant while she journals business model is some of their good
articles you just can't reach because they're they're subscriber only tat there is an article joe and up add up today the wall street journal put up i was prepared for the show for some just again taken this in a bit of a different directions by j when it gets called if you want to look it up trumps critics desecrate the holocaust i am very humbly asking you to read it google it try to on twitter i'm not gonna put in shown us because it subscriber only but i think on twitter you can read it you know listening to the story people thousands of people packed into train cars no light no water alder juice it about obviously packed into train cars for a seventy two our train right to outwits stay
ending many of them the entire time some of them with you don't know who know maxie most of em with no food no water kids kids little kids clinging desperately to their parents arms not knowing what was at the end of that train door seventy two hours later train door opens some nazi guard start screaming in a language some of them didn't even understand screen flashing lights in the and haven't seen lightened seventy two hours blinding them sending the man overdue were labour camps to do torch labour get them up at you know fora back in the morning having them sleep and no it would know clothing and sub freezing temperatures most of them died from that the other one cent right into a gas chamber where a gas called silent be well mothers are holding your kids hands door's locked behind him big iron bar locks that door mother
you know sometimes a father if they were older if they will overtake or if they could work in the gas chamber now they realize what's gonna happen panic sets and they stop each other people running over each other children are getting stud trampled to try to escape it they can escape because there's an iron bar block in the door gas is released takes him about twenty minutes to suffocate choked to death so early fill with fluid then the nazi soldiers come in taken two hours to rip those dead bodies are kids out there go burnham in ovens for the process to be repeated all over again two millions were dead and burnt how do you have a soul
how do you have a soul to make that comparison to this immigration crisis on our border how do you what what what is in your dark and putrid soul to knowledge eyes this unique stain on human history the holocaust milieu gaston burned to death tortured work to debt would not figurative literally worked to death desecrate strip naked they're very humanity taken from them their kids in front of their eyes you may in comparison to a boy your policy united states of america the most benevolent country on earth when it comes to immigration just trying to get some semblance of order at his border you
are you insane are you insane folks this is sick but what should bother you so you understand the terrain features of the fight you're getting into line have lost their minds they are due this for a reason they are doing this because none of you none of you would have object if those thousands in that gas chamber at that time had met to find a way out and had managed to beat are those guards to death and escape you objec you would celebrated as you should because those people who treated
those jews in this horrific stain on human history like that didn't deserve didn't deserve to live making harrison between the united states government and those savages those nazis that that they did that is an effort to dehumanize but to make you feel the same way about you know pay tree artic american she's just fit veto doing their duty as to protect the border protect american citizens from the dangers that could cross it this is an effort for you to get to view them the same why this is not a mistake this it's happening over and over and over again folks read it read that peace you know i i i challenge you not to shed a tier reading it you know i think both
us understand the horrors of the holocaust but you need to be reminded i it had to be reminded this morning i can't i just over tat i just rightly says want leave it with this man talk about my leave a dismal these liberals will take something from you every one of you i can't emphasize you enough their politics begin at your front door yours and that your front door don't ever forget that their ideology cannot exist oxygen is your freedom they ve they breathe in and consume your freedom it is the only a big governed sphere and a big vibrant
three individual cannot exist at the same time there working on the same air the modern liberal not that modern democratic think a lot of more confused the modern liberal knee your freedom is energy just food reserves is water it's everything they will not stop ask and might my show the other day was a warning was a very serious warning for you to be prepared for the sacrifices ahead you may have to make all you will lose something all of you if you rather than this fight if who choose to sit on the sidelines and watch your freedom dissipate that's your choice but i dont think you'd be here if that was the case specially based on the email feedback i was warning you
because i have these conversations with my wife all the time i i i listen i don't like to tell you because i met my mice your faces no bigger than any one else is but i had the good it is our job in the world i don't tell the story alot when i met joe w c p m gosh was five years ago even those someone for longer than that show how to be i left the job in and your two thousand twelve six almost six years ago i was a young secret service agent i love my job still in my thirties who was a great job i understood and i saw the writing on the war with the election of morocco bomb i did i knew i do something it took me a while to figure out what at something was i laugh i walked away i know you know some people sometimes i go on the news in like retired secret service not retired i don't have a pension i dont have
government healthcare benefits for i'm not retired i resign i left i it is to you because this email the guy was really scary this this clown offended me in a deep level if i'm sitting here trying to celebrate like all look at me such a tough no i'm not that was the point comes on a show and says hey i got my ass and to me in this jujitsu class so bad that it really from i train every day for the rest of my life to avoid that feeling of panic and anxiety ever again i'm scared i was scared that's not be celebrating being a bad ass you idiot me trying to tell you that life is really painful and full of in credit the anxiety producing panic inducing moments i train my entire life to escape but no if it comes that i better be willing to fight
it till the end because there's not going to be any tapping out you know i remember you talking to me and i hope this doesn't bother you you were having one of your times we are dealing with some pains in joining in and you were kind of down and we were talking and you said to me and i believe you would very sincere i can't imagine joe not being strong enough to protect my family do remember telling me that i do that was like six months ago and i think now you know what it was like think it was before i had my the stem cells i do remember the younger station joe i had i not having been in the street as a police officer and seeing what happens when people are robbed sometimes in front of their kids to eaten and story to set out my father's not listening today but if he is sorry dad but i gotta put this out there
there is there not a lot worse in life than feeling helpless and a physical confrontation i can't tell you enough the horrors violence i ate that's why i can't strongly enough safety we have to avoid this at all costs and why it was begging the left to strongly reconsider this panther walking that when i was a kid my parents got divorced when i was young it's a long story i'm going to bother you with the details but my mother married a guy married a guy who's still with him sorry mom but he's a piece of garbage he always has been and i was about seven years old and i ll never forget this my father he's to take us every other week in me the he lived out and sell them long island em we lived in queens above my mother's on my mother's bar she on the ball they saw that by them but we still lived in the apartment
there was a dumpy place summit i get my father lived in a mansion and sell that it was like a tutor square foot if series on a slob house in and not so great neighbourhood and we were so you know short of funds but he lived in a mansion but he had this yellow banana colored nissan maxim comes to pick stop in my mother's husband was a drunk and he was an old boxer he's a big guy but explore for someone like three hundred plus pounds was a really bad he was a big just a bit muscular guy at hands over just huge still with this guy and i'm sitting in the back and my mother and father and had a fight about someone there always fight about something so father gets us and i could see he's choked up a little bit and this guy mothers husband follows amount my father's small guy he's ike five nine there may be a buck fifty soaking wet
get my get my size from my grandfather who is church my grandfather was an enormous guy so he follows my dad out and i'm in the back seat of the car so i am on me passenger side and this is in myrdal avenue in sixty fourth placing glenda right outside the bar so i can't their industry on the left side on the driver side so i'm i can't see everything because this guy so tall and my all i could see was my father and i this guy approach is my mother's husband and he attacked a grabs and by the neck and he bends em over i remember it like it was yesterday he bowed jim over their car like backwards or not you know over the back of his head is like on the roof and his spine is is against the window i'm telling you i can remember it like it like a like it's happening right now and he said
punch in disguise a box or disguise i'm a killer i mean he's a beast and he just start punching i'm in portugal and my father was like screamin for help and i'm screamin in the back seat and cry and saw my two brothers you i'm seven and i'm telling you i hate you know road to damascus stories because are usually bullshit when people say i meant we had this climate change my whole are usually say and i did make things more dramatic no no that change my whole life my whole i can remember like two things a change my like that and this common the cop showed up my ass to stop this same guy years later who was trying to i came to my house same guy by the way and a cop i'm down i don't thank god for the police but instead punch you know when i hear my dad screamin undisguised like i mean this guy was will could kill them and i am from that
on i swear on my life i said to myself i will never ever be helpless you you you can do that to me that's fine but i my father was help us he was was nothing he could do wasn't that he was like a coward or anything he was tat it was just an untenable unwinnable situation there it was it was day versus goliath with no rock and no slingshot it was brutal hand to hand combat and it only start because thank god this my others husband new like mitch name his friends ran out of the bar who were somewhat saying the bar the same bar with we're you know we lived they don't know where they were in a corner what and grant and it took like if we want to get him off my father
it's back in the car guys cry you unless you that cries not really only at the time i saw a cry was nine eleven when nor heard him cry when you call me though my brother was dead my brother was of work for the fire department new york and they couldn't find them basically i can see many a you know it is i'm ever be just kept saying like i'm gonna be all right kids and it wasn't all right it's gonna be i need to say mrs read and eve is beaten up and then you get these liberal jerk wise man like you you know nazi skull gotta go kicked arrest is no idea if no idea it never seen that they have no idea what that's like but they bring up that story we'll take something from you i i
i can't hammer home to enough these are now rational saying if there's any more they something you have and my only point then tire show was protect what you can while you can because nobody knows what that flashpoint moments going to be but joe they want it they were not us they want they want that flashpoint moment please pray to god every day that never happens but they want it i'm telling you they want it they will take something from all of you they will take your money they will take your reputation they will take your job they will take your freedom
if they can but this dehumanization of people on our side patriots who build even liberty fan you got this effort to paint this is a bunch of cattle or pigs not worthy of human behaviour has a goal and that goal was to reach that flashpoint there's an interesting piece really interesting very well a written piece in the federalist by jesse kelly who run for congress and as a military better and that i will have in the show notes today and it addresses some of these similar points little more dour than i would i think he policing somewhere is finished basically and you know right now you should all be ready but it's a fascinating peace about how their has to be some recognition of the fight wherein and how america as we know it is now gone in assuming
playing by yesterday's boxing rules when it's now a no rules match will only get you hard he took the gloves off you the liberals a long time ago fascinating piece of it at the shone out supper but you know that can't you wanna check it out through definitely worth reading sore checked at a man again eighty only expected to do ten minutes on that but it's important ladies and gentlemen i just can't emphasize to you enough the meeting if you know what that the sacrifices you're going to have to make your own i'm sorry i wish i had better news but you're all going to have to be willing if you are serious about this to give up something and shall resources time whatever it may be all gonna have to sacrifice something because you're there their views liberal ideology begins at your front door make no mistake ok some other just cash read this yesterday had read it twice because i thought it was a joke and someone was messing with me i mean did you see
story joe but john mccain yeah that now mackay has implicate or mccain staff i should say in in the irs scandal that guy with the last named corner who was on mccain after associated with john mccain i have this for the show not you ve gotta read this folks and the only reason i bring it up is i'm not knock as it surprises me i'm and get to the point here in a second on it is it mccain's staffer apparently it's the irs to go out and audit these people to bankrupt them in other words weapon eyes the government to attack some of these groups that date intergroup this john mccain a republic into it was a republican nominee for president folks i want to talk about a pity because you have to understand i've i brought this point of repeated lead it the swap as a bipartisan disgrace the spy gates worry is a bipartisan story that's scandal here there
reason some republicans up on the hill want the spy story to go away you think i'm kidding stay tuned do you think this is only a democratic this is the difference between us and democrats democrats lockstep they will support anything democrats do spying people supporting a mess thirteen it doesn't matter we don't do that conservative whom we call out our own clean up this all mass this story about me can you spare foretelling lowest learn from the ira to audit and basically go after all these groups is is is unbelievable i have read it what three different places to make sure i wasn't getting smoke up the swamp by partisan disaster folks this is not enough possibly the domain of big government liberals the republican party unfortunately the large majority of them now sadly have become big government republicans
the manage the climbers as of libya real lippy thank you too rod people that is why there has been issued they'll tour of libya than real pretty showed that there every bit of public goods are now the manage the cleaners countries over for you let's just play ball with the democrats get rich on our own and we'll be dead by the time this oh collapses kind of it keynesian economic approach magellan maynard keynes dispersed economics not worry in the long run will all be dead tat was tat was kay there was it that was king on the foundation of liberal economics worry about the long run it that will all be dead right sorry going off track there all right next today show also brought you by bodies at we the people holsters one of my favorite companies out that they have really terrific ulcers they got a user holster all the time
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five alarm siren air the job so there was this pay here which is pretty horrible by the pictures not fake two pictures real of this young girl from andorra is who this brought here the country illegally and you could see the pictures but i should become an iconic image now it's getting photo others a girl she's crying as our mothers being interviewed by border patrol now that the photo went viral relatively quickly time magazine has it on the cover which used as a story and a picture to do i've home the emotions of parents being separated from their kids at the border like look this child is crying to parents are being separated at the border the pictures everywhere manufacture the picture this actually on the cover of time magazine here's a problem as you see in the show notes today with the article i posted the story behind it is not the story emma crafts you to believe it is
a story of the dude you hear the shap yeah yeah yeah these two child was not separated from the parent at the border matter of fact the mother's name sancho daughters name asean ala the father dennis hernandez from from honduras is now speaking out there i'll than the mother were never separated they did crossed the border illegally paid six thousand dollars to a yoshi to get here a human traffickers to get them across the border and they tried to cross into the country illegally they did not go to one of the many consulates in in mexico to claim asylum they did not show up at a legal point of entry and the child is still with the mother matter of fact the father quite upset that is child was taken away by the mother to go to the united states just read the story those are his words not mine it's barely daily mail it's in the shone out by bring it up folks
because this is a perfect example of the left using misery to invoke emotion on a story whereas less listen it's a sad story you can't look at the picture and not be touched by it of course but it's a story about children and parents being separated at the border because they are not separated this is my problem with the left again and this is i'm gonna have a with all due respect that donna goldberg worse show me we're dealing with reasonable people as if they're trying to a reasoned argument reason job with dictated disclaimer on that photo that although this is a horrible incident i mean you can't look at the picture the kid cry and not be tied up this is not in fact indicative of a trade policy which is not a policy by the way of separating children and others because they are not separated manufacture others quite upset about what happened adzes interview i it's why again double triple quadruped
check everything you see from the mainstream media these are not journalists folks these are propagate and the people they are there propaganda arm of the modern radical far left movement not even the democrats anymore check out to show read the peace yourself you think i'm making this up some other news they get you eddie mccarthy has a really really good piece i say that often but this is really get at national review we have shown us today a budget that come sign up for the email list believe mccarthy's onto something whether he thought of this himself or or somebody kind of i don't know but it the gist of the pieces is theirs their flipper risky gone on a day of libya real there's another flip a risky going on right now the gypsy do flipper an eye but
mccarthy's onto something whether he thought of this himself or or somebody kind of i don't know but it's a really good piece and adjust the videos is that i g report show what's been aggravating us about the energy report the inspector general report about the clinton email investigation a lot of us is that they came to the conclusion that individual decisions could not be second gas due to political bias and every woman like way are you kidding the whole i g report is political bias and mccarthy makes that point the whole idea porter text showing that these people hated trump and love clinton the very definition of political power so you and i a lot of other people were shaken i'm gonna wait what do you mean like there's no political bias that could be attributed to individual decisions the whole case was politically buys mccarthy whose a genius and does just amazing work wrote this peace and says way way way way way we may be missing so
here this may actually work to trumps benefit and congress should hall someone up on capital helstone asking some basic questions and those questions are this let me try to sum this up way mccarthy's premise here is that if the i g and the accepted now democrat narrative of the me male investigation which it has no political bias none not these we're just pay guys but no political by mccarthy saying that a corrupt motivation which there's no question these guys had read their tax you know hilary killer we're interviewing the president there there like lauding her and we don't care if they lie but that one guy in the skiff another so that a career motivation if belied even these corrupt reasons can be supported by valid non core up prior decisions that
a second guessing is allowed this stuff that if you read pc says little more i'll explain it better here that despite the you may be able to point to a corrupt motivation in these fbi investigators to investigate any hillary clinton job that they can fall back on say well we do our prosecutor discretion with the justice department addio j and they do and the fact that we gave you reasons for those decisions however unbelievable those reasons are but they are they are valid they're not in other words show if you're running president and you're running against stop you know sean casey over w cbs i like you and i dont like shy do i shall integration but an almond fbi investigate and i have you both on on honour of potential crimes and i live you go because i like you and i decide to prosecute sean i may have text
otherwise you say and other people hey i'm gonna let joe off because you know it is is a really nice guy and here's why think chosen nice guy as long as i can base those prosecutor decisions with the department of justice and some valid reason if the reason was corrupt the fact that a valid reason exists is enough for them to say hey you kid second guess as you gave us discretion sign of it's a little confusing but it basically says it's no second guessing allowed because the reason however the rob the motivation would have been there is a potential alternative valid reasons that makes as it does make sense and the fact that there is a and show valid reason even though it may not have been used right is not enough for us to say you guys totally scrutinising aperture go to jail for no second guessing slot so mccarthy brings up a brilliant boy how the left this may be a flip through the left now
trying to use that very same argument on donald trump firing of jim call me as of libya real ferrero they're trying to say would call me that call he's firing was due to a corrupt motivation joe it doesn't matter by their own logic in the i report that there's no political bias because there was a potential valid reason this same logic of no second guessing now applies the donald trump you can't say department of justice that works for donald trump and the executive branch article two you cannot say
the department of justice has absolute prosecutor discretion right and when there's a valid reason even other valid reason wasn't use and the reason may have been corrupt that there is potential for a valid reason means no second guessing in everybody's okay but then when trump does the same thing a perfectly institutional decision trop as the absolute power to fire the fbi director the whole less whole arguments no now there was a potential corrupt reason and our watch we yet but there is a potential valid reason to you just said that about the idea of age bow my drop a risky i have had to broadband gosh this shows a spectrum of emotions is thou illegal break again i want to eyes
it will be order you cannot suggest that there's no second guessing potential reasons for decision a valid and corrupt drive there's only a corrupt reason in other words if transport have suggested it jim we be beaten in his office there is no potential value to understanding the spokesmen please get this because a brilliant argument by mccarthy tipp andy brilliant romeo ghettos guy so brilliant argument if you soon saw and on it this is a valid reason and corrupt reason but a valid they exist for the behaviour the eye jeez premises if that reason exists even if it's not used there cannot be any question because of discretion there would be no
our reason if tromp was assaulted gotten a full on jim khomeini office had started raining down elbows on his face there is no no valid reason for that truck would be prosecuted ok but there is a potential valid reason for him i fiery jib call me it was laid out by broad roses theme in the firing of jim call me all these decisions are made their own logic that there's no second guessing he's gotta pull up their face so too who congressmen in congress women s centres listening out there and i know you do maybe we should call someone up there at court and start she's me up in the hell at start asking by the way way location so we now will accept your premise that we cannot second guests if there's a valid reason please exe to be how that same logic doesn't apply to waste perceiving authority in the executive and donald trump well
just like you repay you why are you going to answer that question jimmy is really strong work via the mccarthy read the peace is definitely worth you time all right cover more story for you little war about the economy be careful about but that if we get there new spots are happy to welcome these guys boxes the product i desperately need it badly and i'm really glad they the board a kind of came in at the perfect time express vp as they are the world's leading vp and provide the lets you privately securely use the internet a blazing fast speeds without being tracked by anyone this year oh me and my fear of meadow data and governments and ass he meditated collection all this others this stuff terrifies me i yes you folks you're being tracked ok just accept it are you it's terrible is happening but you're being tracked mobile care yes i yes peas and potential
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fifteen billion dollars and caught so if he is your senator i suggest you send a kindly worded and i mean that email but through protesting his horrible decision to not cut off if in billion dollars and unspent money from the budget so that that's it's i'm just a little bit of a warning caution the job you know what the two and ten yield curve is it's a measure of interest rates for two years and ten years to you not air it the flattening at the u curve is a general proxy i promise i'll make the super simple and united that i pass i love economics and finance my thing but the flattening that curve the difference but in interest rate proxies at the two and ten year mark when at flatten in other words when they when they converge and become somewhat similar it's been generally sign in a recession might be approaching it start in a flat out a little baby
and people the little bit worried now it's not always in every single time harbinger of a downturn the economy but it it's you know it's it's a proxy and it is start in a flat now the basis point differences start and shrink a little bit between two and ten years i think about it just quickly here why i the interest rates on onto two year notes and ten year notes would be different joe if i'm lend you money for two years what do you think's more uncertain me lending you money for two years for ten years i could find you i want to get my money back in two years wouldn't you say it there's it should demand the higher yield on my loan to you for ten years because it's more uncertain if i know how to get there is aid there's more vansittart here's to blow it yeah right right you're gonna die than eight years the god forbid like blowitz screw it yet i bet i shall be lost without em so there's he's going to be an interest rate premium on a longer on alone
that's what it is they really complex i'm a norm simplifying this a lot but it's for the east and the audience and the same time thank you so there's always gonna be an interest rate different say i charge you three percent cologne you money for two years i'm in a lonely money for ten years i may charge you for five years and maybe even more and then on the risk in the economy the risk for you right right when interest rates go down and start to converge over time there's expectations here is one of the reasons that the yoke her flattening in the yo curve staying staying put thing apart may be the sign of a healthier economy people start to expect in full issue from a booming economy in the future so you're monies last so you expect a higher interest rate return on your money it's it's a growth rate difference you know velocity of money in the economy and things like that but you'll expected greater return in your money in the future if you expect the economy to grow if you expect the economy to think in the future you may be just at this
looking for security and a lower interest rates will suffice it that can i get it i'm sorry i know a lot of financial guys out there i i i get we could talk about this all day they differ reasons the yoke her flattens but just understand that the expectations of inflation and increasing economic growth in the future people demand higher returns for money to compensate for the inflation the yield curve difference the much in the interest rates will be a lot different as they start the flat now it's a sign of insecurity in the economy people are concerned about the present rather than the future it's an industry a flat not a little bit so basically just kind of a warning sign out there for a lotta you investors on item that sort of financial show but just be ere you knows a lot of good signs in the economy but i'll put up the article to see and b c peace but check it out is worth reading a guy explains it pretty well number the various reasons and against
always harbinger bad things in the future but dumb i say it because you know there are a lot of republicans up there on the hill that don't understand even basic economics i know because i have spoken to many of them and it's this waiting and let me just leave you with this thought for the weak it if i could change just one thing one thing i would swap out a lot of the people we have run for congress now for people who understand and have taken a basic economics wanna one class they don't get it i see things like this and they continue to spend money run up government deficits as if everything's going to be peaches and cream in the future because they don't understand even basic warning sign trouble look at it take it into account maybe take proactive measures now so all of us don't have to suffer for you stupid decisions of washington dc but read them yes again out authorities decide both in a panic about but just a little bit of warning sign i folks thanks again
the great weakest shows was our best weak ever i really appreciate the show is all for you and our thanks for bear with me then how about the emotional rollercoaster didn't expect to get on that but deeply impact me were kidnapped map you to share with you maybe it explains all but about me you invest a lot of time and vienna you know a little bit about me so thanks a lot i see on you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review don com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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