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Ep. 753 The Real Story Behind the Witch Hunt

2018-06-29 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address another bizarre twist in the Mueller probe that has escaped wide media scrutiny. I also address the troubling actions of Rod Rosenstein and the reasons that some blue states are celebrating Donald Trump.    News Picks: Here’s another bizarre twist in the Mueller probe.    Here’s what is really at stake with this Supreme Court vacancy.    The economy is motoring along.    Mueller’s investigation isn’t as strong as we’ve been lead to believe.    Why was this Democrat-connected lobbyist visiting Julian Assange?    Is Twitter responding to conservatives?    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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then bunge notion give waiting to hear the truth about amerika with your host dan bones i want thereby gino show british joe our you today is crazy dan i got a funny story for you also yesterday and up the sunshine summit it's kind of like the sea patrick republican conservative convention florid it's a bigger one they put together had tipp the blazing going for putting together a great advantage the head of the republican party florida but i come up your job and its but the gay lord i have what always a nice guys have one per georgia's county where they go see pack right we're here and they have the fox debate last matter of you all saw it also fox yeah fox news hosted the debate for the two gubernatorial candidates for florida that you prominent once you have all round the scientists who i really really like a lot runs a great guy you're really conservative congressmen florida and adam
but there was also a nice guy agriculture agricultural commissioner here he did they both did a great job at the debate but we get there few minutes late because they didn't have the passes for us at the front desk there was like a little logistics hang up then so with it where the foxes work in a debate as you could open the doors after a certain time because it was alive tv autonomous so we had to make one of these dramatic edge is where we come in as a commercial weight but everybody's already sitting down i love you guys so but you have no idea like you ve this would never happen a young daniel when he was a kid right i was a comic book reading way live thing you know tie quiet though i kido brazilian jujitsu guy who always cared about like boxing comic books when i was a kid i never put i really we had no money no not so me my i for my two kids we walk in the commercial break and is paying
the applause people are getting up all of facts people it is they that gets going back to you and so i say that we finally get to our seas goods is a commercial but they do you gonna go like people started get up now and club so we said their seas i sit behind david web in my wife sit next to neighbourly from conservative review and my daughter maya fourteen year old daughter less easy dad tat voice or some i was taught she's a very proud of you tat i was like really touched by that because i you know we don't get out a lot joe joe and i do the show from a home soon to keep the costs low in europe not only to draw just really i i feel sometimes folks like you i need to give you guys a big thank you because what you did that you did that for that's not my skills or anything you listen to the show you made the show this enormous behemoth in conserving movement at you and dumb that small
oh made all the holy mornings and hard work in the fox it's late at night and hosting a vision and all that before five jobs worth its thanks a lot it was really a viewer joe i'm telling idea i swear i am not messing with your brother at least it's too if not for five because i couldn't keep track of how many people were screaming to me at least to people came up to me and said where is your job british jobs by setting up a marrow ease up round and i said i try to bring about what he thinks of yeah alright lot to talk today roads and steen yesterday up on the hill the media of course once the jump down trumps throat for it arranged maniac again oh goes into other capital cosette shoots shoe to place up kills people a morning which is what we should all be doing something like this happens the media of course these but want to paint tromp and
you know trump calling out the media for lies as the cause of all this which is completely utterly outrageous and ridiculous think about it you have maxine waters ripe always actually calling for you gotta be harassed now joe you and i be crystal clear because media matters these idiots at the daily beast who called out sean handy and others even though sean said the opposite what they say we want be clear on this have we not from the start when it comes to this type of thing people are responsible for their own actual bernie sanders is not responsible for the imbecile the maniac killer who shot up the baseball feel no you are responsible for your own actions and of story having said that i don't agree with calls for people to be harassed they are now related though if you do if you hear that new go out do something violet it is not maxine waters fault maxine waters fault is being an idiot herself at calling for people to basically harass people in public public which is immoral but violent
acts by people that is therefore because folks this is very important the effort to blow donald trump to blame other people once you go down this road you play right into this game this free speech suppression game where speeches violence speech is not violence speeches speech violence is violence and once you go down that path people who want to destroy the constitutional republic the maintenance of free speech and your big our rights granted you by god nobody else the state does not give you right to speak freely god did that institution may protected but a grand do nothing the poor but with falling into the trap whether its blaming maxine waters for violence blaming donald trump for what happened yesterday is you play in
this dangerous dangerous anti civil liberties path where people are joe speech with violence they are not the same thing and it is an effort by people who work our statists people the power the state suppress the free speech of others so that they don't have to debate in an open form my when these speeches out their joe what gets out their families and data when facts and data comport with your socialist arguments and near your biggest state arguments that becomes uncomfortable for you so what is your you know what's your natural instinct want to suppress that this is dangerous stuff we should ever fallen there trap and shame on all these people would show too cheap shots at john area was on his radio show yes when it made crystal clear that he absolutely disagrees with the rhetoric of maxine waters michael more whose now say and all we need to start sacrifice in our bodies are darwin our bodies and in front of tramper this horrible stuff but this is not your wrist
possible for your own discuss disturbing actions if you decide to ever engaged in violence heads thick last for five shows where joe and i have been begging people to walk back from the path least once you go down that path where violence is the answer there is no turning back there's no dialing it down you ve already crossed the red light wanna get that out there but the shooting because there's just so much disturbing stuff people just immediately gel right to the narrative body slower than have a right the narrative right it's just disgusting i i was appalled jennifer reuben at the washington post me one of the worst offenders let me get the shy of every of an interesting arbitration up the openings lately so for ever put this i want terrestrial radio bio ever gonna have to stick to a clock you know there are now yeah go with them yeah what do you our focus on mars and people out there asking if we should take the pod cason stick it on regular radio for an hour i like the idea the air
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percent off any of their products there outdoors i surrender products he sings your great dinah trap the safe silent and simple solution the household insect control diana trap that copyright thanks diatribe ok one story when i have a lot to get you to racial five by motor through this quick because it's a friday please forgive me but it's important step i would point out as well the the new york fourteen soon to be congresswoman it pierce esa cassio cortez woman who is a socialist who beat joke only a very very powerful democrat member of the house of representatives are you ve probably heard story by now was an upset on par with but you know era canter losing his spot today brat up did i listened gotta give the woman some credit for tactics are political ideology is dangerous disturbing and mobile will cause the economic struck the united states
but joe having run for office myself and nearly pulled off i ate upset which would have been wouldn't you say on par that man no you're upset would have been much bigger in my own completely blew over there the yeah yeah and ours i mean no one on the plight of that only certain people were like laughing attitude so i ran against epidemics congressmen in it i wonder primary this was a primary she was in but i read the general and she emulated some of the same tactics we did a minimum to get the idea from us we invented i'm just suggest to you that if you ever want to run for congress there is a year responsible for these gotta about cheated by go cassio cordial so you just gotta like is thereby judah that'll be the queen who good you you if you're we're gonna run for congress i knew you want
pull off an upset like this listen to chances are nilla i'll be there really small i'm going to be honest with the people call me all the time so should i run but i'm telling you if can get a guy's complacent or what in congress is complacent thinks you have no chance they don't show up they said sarah gets the debates and your will to go out and now bees thereby gino shelves of i'm telling you search this fact i'm not kidding sunlike i'll look at me is thereby gino shelves of i'm telling you search these facts i knocked but over seven thousand doors myself my team not fifty five thousand if you are willing to do that and go meet people face to face and talk to them we added we attic we had our number hundred doors that they now i know that we get the spreadsheet of all the campaign volunteers how many doors i'm not gonna be give them like you know accolades and little awards for all the doors and stuffing i was number one i knocked on the most myself as a candidate
that's in which a sound surprising but a most campaigns it is because a lot of candidates won't do it folks we were projected to lose out race by about thirty points lost by one year we act we want on election right we outstanding absentee count three days later you know see my if you ever read my second book the fight go pick it up there some really cool pictures in the middle of election i wear with ray had been called for us on one of the states and my wife and i are like going crazy and you see the pictures hours later we're like wow that really looks like the lady may have a shot in the absolute eager but i'm just tell you that it is possible if you willing to do that she did that now here's the problem that law this have this love affair with politicians because i love state power and the big thing in the term the golden calf fact before you know they had it would obama they fall in love
but their politicians and already i'm seeing is called a personality kind develop around or cassio cortez use each of you heard her name in twitter is the next big thing they wanted to run for president they were now listen some of us on the right you this is well but i just want to leave it at this because i've got experience in the arena here i say this to knock anyone you know me i am a very humble guy i'm a sinner i've said to you over norm not anybody's role model i'm not trying to be i'm just a guy upset at the process who does a lot of homework so you don't have to you can listen to my shell because you don't have time you are you going to work and of jobs i do it for you that's it that's all this is i pray it all your kind words but i'm there we put on a pedestal and shame if you do but as for politicians to that if any left this are listening who were already idolizing this woman and our are you ready to put her on a pedestal and have a run for president take over your lives i want you to
this stand what she's running on but she's running out his taking away you're economic liberty your health care liberty kids education freedom and basically basic freedoms you ve had cherished while i've jupiter resident the constitution republic for most of your adult life think that through deliberate long and hard on this before you consider a golden capping another politician willingly take away your liberties the woman's a socialist hard core socialist meaning your your but he is gonna be taken away sucked away like a vacuum for her out of her to empower her and our socialist cronies gimme a break please stop the lover our stuff i've met these people in person now if it here i left my met a lot of important they will disappoint you bats by the way i came out so strongly yesterday for mightily and i get a lot of you didn't agree that's fine for the supreme court i'm telling you that joe have i not told you this off the record shows asked me many times because we joe
it's probably more politicians and i do ironically because jos at a radio station or they were politicians come in and one airtight meant to he promoted station joe works and baltimore take it so three publicity from us abolition of yes i know it's brilliant people call the stages of diverting joe if you want to call it a b c b it that's jolted answered producer joe producer i think more people listen to sepia pre opulence us their great shot of record but job me too what they will do so point you and shows asked me a couple times you know you ever have people hadn't disappoint the u s yeah he's really one of the only guys i ran paul to you after greece i'm just telling you there's a man of deep character and that's why i brought it up yesterday some of you disagree in a lot of you did agree oh by the way to answer one question and i got a lot of yes my they can vote for himself to prove himself
he can't he is a u the fee becomes the nominees for the usa report justice yes he can vote for itself so let me answer that question ok let's get you rose and steam yesterday arose astonish you rod roses thine yesterday up on the hill what a disaster i mean i hate to get personal stuff but i mean he came off like a jerk just i guess mug jerk yesterday and he's play in word games now thee weapon of choice for swamp rats as i've said you repeatedly at it michel marking is euphemisms and word games swamp rats love that all the time they played that word game with by thing which define how private spy as documented f b i inform you that it was a spy you knock lads i want to play this right now of roads and style play in word games with a very good man other guys never disappointed made all jim jordan who's trying to to the bottom of rose and signs
allegations that rosen stein threatened member of congress and their staff for investigating him and potential i'll fees as it did the oj listen to this nor key unnecessary absurd response from a guy that's supposed to be a public servant when asked the legitimate question by jim georgia's arouses time did you threatened staffers on the house intelligence committee media reports indicate you did media reports are mistaken sometimes this is what they said having the nations number one law enforcement officers or threatened to subpoena your calls and emails is downright chilling did you threatened to subpoena their cause emails no sir and there's no way to subpoena phone calls while i'm here i'm just say i'm right
but the press it on me when i would suggest that you not rely on what the precedents why didn't ass if there's no way to do it ass if you said it i said what what i just reggie i did not want now who we supposed to believe staff members who we worked with you ve never misled is are you guys who we ve caught hiding information promise you tell a witness not to answer our questions who we are the blame thank can make it clear to our personal this guy is the worst i can't believe it i cannot believe it this guy is the worst hit just how do you let's walk this guy's a public servant ok this guy is it that right now effectively heading the department of justice as the deputy attorney general he's the the dag right now since is refused himself there are credible allegations by media outlets that heat well while being asked about
his actions during the hillary clinton and any of their daily frequent investigations by the investigation rosen stein responded by threatening to subpoena the phone calls of this the phone records of members of congress in other words he counted or yogurt investigate me helmet of us you now you can't leave duenna chow parliamentary from the bronx to do so jordan reading by the way folks reading the press reports he said is it true according to press reports that you subpoenaed focus arose in style just a little backgrounds roadside let us be in the wise guy that he is instead of being an upstanding public servant ants in an answering the darn questions roads did you catch pinafore cos that's the press report as he's technically right george
according to what he means is a subpoena which is not a warrant a subpoena density comrade testify cod medusa take em is produce documents or produce papers produce records a subpoena address this test for cotton is support you get to go testify it just means it's it's it's a court document that you have to produce a document produced stuff where you have to show up simplicity of war it is different a warrant is a is a they get a search warrant we have to produce a probable cause statement why you think evidence exists in certain location why you the crime was committed that's different to get phone calls in other words to wiretap call yes you are going to need a warrant to do that the whole title three process it's complicated to get phone records you just need a subpoena you can just sk we walk into united states attorney asked where the wreck
produce why you need them they will draft up a quick subpoena it signed off on you go give it to the phone company at how it works so instead he's just being a jerk and he's play in word games now rosen stein is doing this because as i said to you yesterday he is knee deep in this whole thing just being a jerk play in word games now run since time is doing this because as i said to you yesterday he is knee deep in this whole thing he was asked can by a member of congress up oh i believe it was wrong to scientists or back eight i'm not sure which one brought the scientists oil and passed him at one point forgive me a measure for dissatisfaction i want to be precise one of them asked mister roses died did you read the pfizer application in other words he foreign intelligence surveillance court application to spy on the members of the trumpet you signed one of which he did which is why told you yesterday he should refuse himself they did you read it he wouldn't answer the question ladies gentlemen
sky isn't worth the trouble right now he is dark and he is running he's reliant on euphemisms word games snarking attitude and let me take some broad roses style did himself no favours yesterday and honour zero none aright omission now another question i got about yesterday's hearing that's important and redress came up on email lot why can't trust just declassify everything in the case in order that the urgency to produce the documents he can folks rosen stein works for tromp here's the plan i'm gonna have to pay the mccarthy who turned me on this theory i was watching him last night and i ve been doing a lot of reading about stuff anymore earthy faculties contributor and national review are online contributors well folks yes yes trop candy class why everything legitimate questions well why the hack not just order roses dinah produced a darn documents and the story mccarthy
says and i believe is basing this on shrunk sourcing i know andy well ain't he knows a lot of people that trumps gay really bad advice folks he's getting bad advice from insiders were afraid of an obstruction of justice charge job by the way again what was purpose upon mahler to throw a ranch the trunk presidency i d mistakes in the clinton team by the way don't go anywhere on the show i've got a mother bombshell on out one by the way but apparently mahler and mothers team i've got another the skin of people in the white house and they're afraid therefore anybody who gives advice otherwise will be brought down by an obstruction charge by mahler but he who even tells joe armor cost those now refilling the roller presidential joe you can do less by this whole thing that if i say to him that i could be brought up on obstruction do you know what i'm saying everybody
the white house is running scared of the smaller probe which was the whole purpose of the meda programme has never there to investigate russia it was to make sure the trump team was pending the corner with these ridiculous charges and the clinton cover up would be allowed to continue mccarthy's theory is that that they for afraid joe that if they intervene in this in any way telling rosen's died produce that documents now yesterday they are afraid that there gonna be roped into an obstruction charge now i know in the saddle named rapid folks i just tcp doesn't say things flippant layer haphazard early i think he's right the answer to your question is yes yes trump candy classifying arose recited put everything out there are no they won't because mahler team is under their skin which is a real travesty focused justice is not being done at all then rose assigned should be ashamed that sound what that is what just
answer the question man you know i said something i can read here but it is important when i was a secret service not remember this at all joe i brought this up on the show yesterday and maybe an energy tv but i've when i was an agent the white house said something or the age s secretary said something or you got a call from congress folks i'm just in fact you can agree with this or disagree with a separate you know it but nothing would be obeyed me proud and say at least we stood up the secret service all these agencies we didn't take off from now it's not what happened at all when i was in aid if you got a complaint from the white house staff the programme forbid the present today it just secretarial remember of congress it was a big deal it was a huge deal you gotta talk into real quick right quick as they sit down here you gotta emine and it was usually a starting sure
i was not an fbi asian but i it notice is not a knock on the men and women who are actually doing great work out there at the management level the f b i did notice and some of my dealings with the met there is an institutional conical suffocation like nano where you know can a touch like you don't know we ve been around forever and you're going to disappear and weak investigating i did kind of notice a state office in it i never i never sense anywhere else and i don't ojo if it was a the secret service and the d and e f the fact that we're out their working with actual street cops all the time gave us more of a fear of the washington dc machine you gotta say like we were more cause you know what the secret service you're doing a security plan there you are on the ground the cops are when you're doing a security plan for an airport with the secret service ninety nine percent of your plan or cops this
we tat agents on the ground there's probably too cops you are you you better do better care their bodies you don't say it is near the what right here right over there pull their people and you'll be screwed you'll be left without you know joe get down on manning the feds outside j f k i shall we pay joy utopian ex shifting jack chiefly be out television education day you got back are you oughta checkpoint watching those pins you'll have nothing the d same thing these the work major drug investigations with with cops and task forces you same thing the bureau as a very insulated to manage level bureau guys are very insulated and i think they
this feeling like it's us against them we can investigate anyone we want for any reason we're gonna do we want the bureau in the oj guys they get this feeling like a man you're not going to encroach on our turf it's not your turf dude it's our turf you work for us you're not an independent each government you're not i don't know where roses these getting this but i'm just as a guy spin their boots on the ground work with these people i feel and delegation and give you an insiders perspective of what i think is happening i mean it's obviously a scientific analysis of the psychology of management of the fbi i'm just telling you in my experience our eyes are on the ground every day working with real cops real time real people and you you almost get we like to say that is great that the secret service was terrified of the president's they were i mean we probably should have stood up for ourselves a little more but man you
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pretty solid substantial evidence that the mahler probe at least according to what we know and what sources of said what's been exposed publicly now by court documents the mahler pro not just a witch hunt on donald trump it's an effort i believe the silence people who have information on the collected now some of you now that this is to an interesting thing i'm gonna try to explain his tea and it's a kind of some email back and forth of had were people who disagree with me but there's a theory out there and i'm not how can anyone don't take this person whenever i say this to people have this theory get really upset but that's not it's not personal there is a theory at their job mahler is if that is in fact a good guy mothers really engaged in this long term effort to clean up the government and go after clinton people that's why a lot of people mothers been targeting in the probe its man afford vessel bird pincher others a lot of people have significant ties to the clinton's
some called the mahler white hat theory that mothers really a good guy ladies and gentlemen i'm telling you sourcing research the book as has been my whole life and less six months this case there almost zero evidence that is true mahler has ruthlessly and relentlessly gone after trump people here as i mean flynn case alone my class being arrested and prosecuted for false statements the f b i want the fbi simultaneously acknowledged it was no signs of deception is evident so there's more by the way evidence loan mahler is not acting with good intent deeper situation of papadopoulos were false statements charge is utterly absurd depressed the of these russian troll farms in these russian troll forms they show up pour it say what we'd like to see the evidence we can defend ourselves in a smaller teams already panicking listen if those russian troll forms are guilty go get em but man you
i have a solid case and it certainly doesn't seem now like they do there's another in this case which i think cameras home again and completely scraps this mahler white had theory well maybe see new spain the show notes today please i strongly encourage you to read is this good articles era pathology other accompanying another target now i we say remember the names has reappeared again accordingly who inside sources with knowledge of the mother put member joe member that aims remember the names remember the name victor vex albert someone you're like super facts operating very sober apparently has become a target of mother again remember remember the operating theory here malo is targeting people with ties to the coincidence why to shut though bob because
not investigating for their work with the clear disease childish to law that he's investigating them for ties to the trump team which are loose i best so i mean abc news story here just as the stories as the pic she's the presidential inaugural committee p i see that they in those inaugural balls and all that that's not government funded the security is but a lot of that is funded by private donations so the story and abc news i think they make allocated conspiracy jack the harsh were dominated by oligarchy from russia millions to get tickets to inaugural balls y got there were russians at the inaugural boss you think this is the first time this is what are they doing their building nuclear weapons now they shoulda goneril ball thatcher's story that's you
get this straight at your story so we're analyzing obama's bob pick donations do not we're not of course really doing trumps so the stories that a couple of russians donated some money to get access to these inaugural balls and events in adopting the money the pic now one of those people and other investigation here apparently according to abc news and the what model interested in is victor vessel burg now again person number six thousand two hundred and forty six that is deeply connected the clinton operations and other things in a fairy essay the clinton's we're up to who is how being investigated these already been interview they took him off off upon proclaim and he got out of an airport to interview him apparently a while ago exo bar some of you re no know the story but let me just repeat this why this is of interest to you ladies and gentlemen bob mothers investigating rex aubert for what again for
for making a donation to the pic to show up at inaugural ball do you know back you know what he runs unease factual by what was he had short we get our skulk avow spoke of a remember this is remember the elements can be remembered skulk of all this skulk avow is the six hundred and fifty pound guerrilla in the room for the clinton's vexed berger runs the skull of operation what is skulk about skulk of all was a russian attempt to remake so gone valley in russia to get it technology hob in russia you say ok well what's wrong with that while the problem with it acknowledging hub in russia is it was being used according to our intelligence agencies the scope of up logic was not being used to develop technology and so much as it was being used to steal
military technology to use that the russians would use and there are credible allegations out there that some of the technology stolen was used to build a deadly hypersonic missile which would be used to kill us or american soldiers in some of our allies spoke of oh is this scandal i can't i can't hammer this home to you and strong enough terms skulk of or is the scandal what does this have to do with the clinton's of actual burke factual burg is the gray an poobah the scope of our operation he is running this thing seventeen of the twenty plus companies that participated in this of our project own aided significant sums of money to the the foundation folks to that point then foundation
so bird was running this vessel burg as did what then he spoke of a project a project that the russians used to steal sensitive military technology to build the worlds can influence operation to get money for the personal benefited the clinton's while you government power those have been the allegations from the start if one of those things is the scope of our project and companies involved and he spoke of our project a project that the russians used to steal sensitive military technology to build the world's most dangerous weapons if the reason a blind eye was turned and it was don't lie die of reduced close their eyes to score hello if the reason was because they paid and lobby people in the united states and paid money some of these but he's to participate and make all that go away oh boy we have trouble vet
so burg is a nother guy who's up now it the list goes on and on and on of people investigated by the mahler team for at best loose ties to the trump team while people involved in some the questionable behaviour guys ladys if this if there was a white had why is ineffectual borg under investigation for these operations with the collective skulk of all in this sum of pickaback its able dead you don't always not ok fair and i dont have conclusive proof i don't have closer proof that mall and let me tell me just be clarity because this is our humble myself here gladly if it took out in two months three months or a year from now that bob mahler or did multiple indictments for clinton foundation telling you there is no evidence of that at this it will be the best day of my life i am not kidding virtue signalling or humble
bragging i will come on the show go you know what for the betterment of that country i'm glad i was wrong i mean it bob mahler did the right i'm just telling you there is no evidence of that at this point at all none that actually happening the evidence here is strong mollusk acted too rose and steam roses things connected to weissmann thereon they all know jim call me this is a day this is just a malicious circle of swap rats the evidence to me is clear now that mahler is going after these people to shut them up so they won't talk about the clinton operation vexed bargain skulk of all this is this scandal and ever investigating for up that ticket to it an are you kidding me here you'd better keep your mouth shut about that other stuff what does that i couldn't stop i got it yet i will leave you alone on this are on this ticket to the theatre
chick fillet ball i don't think there was a chick for bob you get too but it wasn't that just big you get the point it's the only one am i gotta go to the litany of people but because have some more information hear them did again makes me believe some suspicious going on behind the scenes of course you have victor chuck as well millions of dollars a donation to the clinton foundation i've seen numbers ranging from ten to twenty five million dollars is not an insignificant sum of money pins what was invited to the clinton's house we have the email exchanges the killing team denied any knowledge of at that dinner invitations thus although the clinton team set it up what's pincher investigated for by the way that deny or we don't know pincher pincher car we don't remember vital that here we have the email you invite him to cleanse house pinchers
investigated for speaking fate to trump he paid work hundred thousand dollars for trumped do decide even only inside even remotely illegal again viktor you may want to shut up about tackling stuff you're up their here's another one el article the show not just from the guardian which is a far left leaning outlined but it's sure thing because i think the guardian again i don't think there's heavy enough to realise that there actually painting a picture of mahler team malfeasance i'm not sure they notice devastate article i've been waiting for a couple it's actually a couple think about a week or so article about another name that may sound familiar you guys member all leg thereupon go yes we do now a has become a central figure in the mahler investigation as well i think where'd you whenever you hear a figure by the way that it can i can i give you a quick to joe you too
whenever a lame leaks about the mahler probe which will happen about happens about every three weeks he could see a new name creep out just google that name in the clinton debts as simple as that that our work these that say that is the damn bomb gino that's how i do it i see a name and i googled automatically there it is it's right there every single time there are possible what's the is connected to this whole thing mahler is now hammering thereupon afraid ten million dollar loan and so payments he made the metaphor now again no what manner for data didn't do i'm pretty confident though that man for it is being investigated as well to shut down who just google manifold clinton and what are you see who was that affords business partner on all of these deals their mollified suspicious of powder podesta team podesta you know you know tony podesta whose brothers john protested whose clinton's all this ally john
it is our right here man they were partners the pudding the team was partners would matter for pop were universally you better shut up about that the stuff you you see what's happening here now getting back there ask any allusion thereupon us alleged paid millions of dollars to man afford for lobbying and other things some business deals one awry and those those payments are being investigated by ma as an attempt at an influence operation joe words there are pasqua the the geisha are was trying to gain access to the trump team through man afford that's what the article alludes to if you read it pretty simple understand this prominent russian if you're a fixated with this russian collusion narrative the narrative is prominent russian paid money metaphor basically to get the trump interesting
enough though metaphors business partner work went in and clinton's considerably aries back into the italian effect harry i get the dead did the brother that was a partner on this now the terror pascal aim is resurface because of a new law apparently some ten million dollar alone was made to man afford enable that was another attempt to get the trump through man of war you know it just think about this i see this article last week in the garden which is in the that the lobbyists another lobbyists that thereupon get hired just to be clear as is the russian they're saying trying to influence the trump team by paying off manner right that's the allegation he hired a lobbyist name adam wall but all remember the names again you're like waldman i know that name if you're if following this case like i have is all in my book by the way was coming down to whenever i get to sign a cartridge fluttered the division adam
haldeman's name resurfacing recently the system at the articles about adam waldman just pay nine visits they found this out according to some paper here aid nine visits to a very interesting parson overseas so the lobbyists working the russian who according to allegations is paying off man afford to the tromp right the law yes working for the russian paden i envisage chew julian assange while the wiki leagues guy of course bells and whistles went off in my head because again this is my life for the last six months and i remember the names and make connections quite quickly julian assange wisely important in this russia case ladies the entire russian collusion case is pretty
on me alive the dead sea hack by the russians now i say allege because that nobody can confirm that in the end he was hacked by the russians we can confirm their emails were leaked nobody knows what was hacked it could have been an inside job why because the answer has never let the fbi in there that dnc had crowd strike a private company with time stu i landed council pin shock and all these other names the agency has never confirmed through law enforcement they were hack do you understand that put a period that sends take a breath and digest what i told you because none of the story will make sense if you don't understand that the dnc hack was never confirmed by law enforcement ever they never got the opportunity the dnc would not let them in which of course begs the question why not the dynamic national committee the whole cases at the russians hacked the dnc stew but the sea emails and work with the trunk team to get those
the sea emails out there embarrass hillary clinton and health trump when ladies and gentlemen if the dnc wasn't hacked this entire case falls apart right who we ve air quote hack emails that again could have been an inside jumping up and act at all who led them wikileaks run by julian assange i saw so the guy running the operation that's ledge stolen although they did that there are not only they did leaked vs emails that are alive to have been hacked julian assange running wikileaks they leave these dnc emails a guy represents obvious represents a russian whose now under investigation for payments to man afford this
aim guy representing that russian goes and pays a visit to the guy led the dnc emails who has been saying the entire time by the way a song show waiting get these emails from the russians right you find out a little weird shifter where shift where shifty now so wild men adam woman the lobbyists follow me here communicating with mark wandered democratic member congress trying to set up meetings with christopher steel trying to set up meetings and coordinating with dan jones diane feinstein staffer who still working with fusion gps to get dirt on trump lobbyists who knows all the players in this adam waldman he know the british spy raillery he knows
staff who worked for diane feinstein still work in a dig up trump he knows all like their pasqua he's a lobbyist form the russian whose alleged to be at the centre of this paying for access to the trump team is all visiting the guy who run wiki leaks who actually led to the sea emails has been saying the whole time the russians it did it what the heck is adam walden doing what because he do it what is at a movement doing visiting julian assange nine times julian no where the emails came from adam waldman no julian assange knows where the emails came from and ladies and gentlemen god forbid those emails did not come from the russians understand this entire none
sensible guard it's a house of cards would fall apart tomorrow are you track and joe you track because of this i understand this is comparable conditions into her none of this is ok ok because please read the peace in the garden i don't take the guardian gets it i think guardian really believes that investigating thereupon scope which is what mothers doing is providing evidence hard core evidence it look look with this guy he paid money to trumps we're campaign manager trying to get access to trump i don't know what he was trying to get access to all like tell you is that the same guy working with that guy at a moment he lobbies for this russian who they're telling by the way their swearing connected to the trump team in an influence operation the same i connected to their pasqua is the same guy connected to christopher steel
there are know what is waldman now why is walden visiting julian assange ladies and gentlemen if it comes out later that god forbid this dnc hack was an inside job and wasn't a hack after all this entire thing will have it bad now we have a spy gate that the trumpet despite on bad now we have evidence if you ve been listening to show the trump team is framed not where they framed but it can junction with compliant media media hacks more than willing to accept this they lie to the american people a whole type aside i'm just claiming to have that information whether he d doesn't i don't trust you julian assange i just want to be candid with you i don't but i do trust the facts and if the guardians reporting is accurate and the obvious was connected to everyone
diane feinstein staffer mark bonner christopher steel fusion gps a lobbyist thereupon case connected of lobbyists is visiting him these visiting therefore reason you're not taken trip to the ecuadorean embassy nine times to go have tea and crumpets their hiding something and what better person than a lobbyist with easily arrays ties to government people and democrats weapon a personal lobbyists to make that guy now just to show you what kind of bs i think you know we speak here that again i'm not sure exactly what man afford didn't didn't do i don't know him i'm so they not voucher form just tat you i think targeting man afford is another way to keep quiet the connections between the pedestrian group which are connected chad sudan do john podesta let these john fidessa
connected to hillary clinton the brothers the one run of the possessed a group think the investigation a matter for the sole purpose is to shut man afford up about that now more evidence and i think the case against matter for two washed in time roman scarborough today being shown us court from this although there have been press reports mr metaphors caption when u s intercept speaking with russian officials while that would be big mister and now public documents has told the defendant he has no such evidence according to a court finally this is huge this is the detailed report is how somehow escape any media scrutiny yesterday i dont know how peace will be up and showed it so all women hearing in the press the entire time about how manifold we're so guilty they have on tape they haven't talking all these russian now that the court files you're just to be clear that just came out the court files public just recently mahler
now told the defendant metaphor he has no such evidence according to the court filing while oh boy folks i'm telling you this thinks thinks they were spider they were framed the stories a lie and there are people working behind the scenes where the lobbyists or whatever were connected the people to cover up and clean up the clinton mess right now and to make sure the story of what really happened to those dnc emails never ever gets out oh boy it only gets her how that escape people i don't understand you ve been told all time all they got mine afforded tape tacos not weed out we don't have any that ok ok cool thanks today show also about your buyer bodies that wax are actually more start when it gets its pretty good economic
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therefore people an awful government blue stay even hard core the crowds and boost these behind the scenes are so i get this really good people are starting to acknowledge a trump is been huge gift why well that's too fault recent number one the tax cut plant whacked democrat pay tax cuts yes of course they do but what's how putting in blue states folks as they are becoming bankrupt their becoming bankrupted quickly and why of the eggs ramps they have had from having to change their time this policy has been their ability to deduct from fair we'll taxes their state and local tax burden in an hour this is very simple if you we're paying a fortune state local taxes which you do in blue stage because their high tax states you could did doc them from your federal tax bill so you weren't experiencing the full pain of that tax you are
because if you are paying ninety thousand because europe the multi millionaire and state local taxes you really worth paying ninety thousand because you were deducting some of that from your ten federal tax bill and getting some of that money back so you were effectively playing a paying out of seventy thousand doubts at ninety you can't do that anymore you can the doktor to a certain amount so what happening now is really rich people in very blue states a lot of these limousine liberals are starting to feel the full brunt of government tax policy a lot of even liberals are starting to quietly acknowledge behind the scenes show that their tax spend bankrupt place could remember joe joe states a lot of bates out there her balanced budget america they can't continued side to federal government states can't print money if you're in new york and you're out of money you can't print the federal reserve notes of new york you can't they wouldn't be they begin to be guilty of counterfeiting we're gonna make it print money sadly develop
the currency we have now so the form of taxation but that's a whole other shop states can a lot of even liberals are starting to acknowledge that the impact of rich blue state liberals fear the impact of their own policies may now start turning the tide tor more sound less prone to bankruptcy state budget in the future even so i get this from a good source by the way some liberals don't care some lotta liberal savvy bankruptcy as their goal but a practical ones are starting to realize you get from go to show that listener it's blue stated we're gonna have to start to feel the hard because they don't feel the heart nothin's get a cage and we're going to go bankrupt number to the trump appointment of neo gore sick the liberals don't really like gore sick he's a constitutional is get me wrong but the gene and its decision the job
decision which eliminated the ability of public sector units to force you to join and pay agency visa when i've been talking about all week i told you that stating this was yet for one of my body seer that i have even liberal leaders in these blue station man vague you thank you why because they have been pushed around and bullied by these union leaders who have a fortune in money and access and everything because they have what force union do show that every year how quickly this union coffers in a public unions you're gonna try up there was a story out the other day that some of these unions are anticipating major budget cuts next year these are the same you guys lotteries union bosses edward you know you're driving around their fancy lunches that now we're gonna be disempowered a little bit and a lot of these even blue stay cumnors like our right we can't afford this anymore like finally maybe we should you know maybe we should
these guys down to earth on a normal playing field and negotiate like normal people instead of a year with the sword of damocles overhead the whole time so i'm just saying they're not going to say this publicly you're not getting we may not you may here someplace else but obvious tell these good source of mine even some dams behind the scenes are started with knowledge that the trump tax bill union thing he's gonna finally allow the data are not getting away from their big state policies don't get me wrong but a reasonable scully sustainable path forward at it's gonna be all because of what trump did so blue staters thing donald j trump if thanks again for another week of really terrific shows we and our best weak ever i really appreciate please subscribed to the shell makes a huge difference gap it does and i know you're doing it by the way because i check itunes the tough charts every day this is a business oriented guy love numbers and we ve jump most twenty spots in the last month that's because descriptions that now of course the downloads matter but please
i've gotta itunes and subscribe go to radio you click the follow button cloud you can follow us on sound cloud spot please subscribe and makes a big difference thank you so much for you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dont com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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