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Ep. 759 The Real Reason Behind the Democrat Meltdown

2018-07-10 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the meltdown in the Democrat Party over the selection of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. I also address the continued underestimation of Donald Trump by D.C. swamp rats.   News Picks: Texas tops the list for pro-business states.    Brett Kavanaugh and Metadata.   These six senators are critical to the confirmation of Kavanaugh.   More Democrat hypocrisy regarding the Supreme Court.   Tucker Carlson dismantles this liberal professor in a debate about socialism.   A solid article about inflation.   Democrats are scrambling to save unions.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the banks, with your host Dan Bone, Jean Luc of the damned bond GINO shepherdess Joe. How are you today a man I'm doing well about you? Didn't I've got a you know last night, so bad news, I obviously the nomination is now the name is outbreak cabin I was caught. circling every most of the inside based people they were leaning, Hardiman or Kavanaugh odds, but the Kavanaugh is the pic. I'm gonna give you Everything you need to know was up late last night, pertness together, because I go to sleep Emily pretty early, but Just wanted to open up the show. If you will allow me by thanking you- and I mean it by thanking you for the opportunity to have this voice in the conservative movement at this special time in history. But all this news, breakin, you know Joe last night, watch and I said to my wife- I never thought I'd be in this spot. Where now the number two conservative
had cast in the country we ve become missing. begin player. This is all due to you. By the way I mean guy, put that thang. I put out the content, but you all of shared it with you friends and everything- and I just want to thank you- I mean it. I know I've said that before, but this is not some and a gesture I bizarre last night. I was really touch that at this special time in history, with all these great things happening in this term presidency, into tax cuts in the Supreme Court nominees and II, the bending the arc of history back in a positive direction. After eight and horrible years of Obama, I really want to thank you for the opportunity to be a conservative presence in this movement at this time is up. Sincerely meant, I am mom bats, if our really special- and it did this conversation happened because of another incident, but and me right, along with you that the same feelings, I'll, never forget just real quickly. This time I suggested is, and you looked at me- and you said you think I can do that
I do that. I now remember my nation once a week and we gotta first hundred listeners. We thought it was the greatest thing. I remember it costs about ten thousand dollars to started. My wife and I have a lot of money, really gosh. If this thing fails but an embarrassment. Now, what's this, a multi million dollar enterprise due to you all and now you all yeah tourism really appreciate, but something happened yesterday and you know when you're a cop, ten producer and other people request your services. I get very upset when people don't follow through so last night I was in a particularly salty moon and that's it that's what rob array you'd, may I thought gosh my lucky to be to have the shell right now, so I don't need any more. I don't anyone else. I have you, I don't. I don't know any anyone anywhere. I view my audience my show when we're all good. Ok, I'm gonna give you everything you need to know about the pigment lemme get that this separation bought you by our bodies, filter by one of assumed too much, but I suspect you have enough bills to pay already.
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Old USA set our bottom delivery makes, I feel to think about filters again, plus you ll save an additional five percent. You can extend life, your age fact system clean the errand. Your house lot of a spend a lot of time endorse its getting hot or outside. The last thing you need is a busted each vat system on top of the bed. Allergy save time, save money, breathe better, would fail by dot com. I know I do that's. Filter, be u, I doubt, filter by dot com, filter by dot com tell him the damned bond GINO Show sent yeah yeah. Ok. Now that I thank you all for this position, I mentioned I wanted to bring up one other point. This is not just another kind of fluffy opening thing at all: so last night on watching Trump Joe, I'm sure you probably saw some of it, or at least a video of it, of his nomination ceremony in the and the White House on this day floor there- and I thought to Myself-
Gosh is this guy underestimated Trump, is the great stain of the media and the far left movement stain on their political souls, their content who'd underestimation of the political powers and Intelligence Donald Trump. You know I get it I understand how his gruff style, I mean it doesn't bother me because I'm from queens, where trumpets from and everybody ta site that that's just I know some really super smart guys from Queens New York who talk and at the same way it some I've tried to explain the Trump psyche based on where you grew up in queens to people and send an end, some get it in some don't. I know this because I grew up there. I spent most of my adult life in Queens New York. Here's the thing about Queens Right, queens, guys in queens, this is it's a guy thing it's
guy thing, as is that any way meant to be? Besides it s, just a guy things, I hung around largely because the guys don't have money your influence of the Manhattan. Kids, that's where the money is its in Manhattan. You can you that item in New York City, New York, that's world doorways! It's where all the rich people live. All the rich kids live, so the queen's people, which is kind of like a suburb of Manhattan, a suburb. Ah, you know it his suburban type areas, it cleans, is a very mixed place later have the money so there's cut, you know it or the influence of them this kind of this superiority complex, that are the queen's people, listen I'll, get what I'm talking about, and I don't mean that in a condescending way, but also they don't have toughness or the edge or the Brooklyn of the Bronx kits now my opinion they do. I grew up at subsume per tonne. Kids, believe me really tough gets, but when you in New York, I need you to understand. This is important. If you come from the Brooklyn or the Bronx, there's an automatic, tough
I persona that comes a lot from the proxy lack. I stop you don't have to do the irony of it. Is you don't even have to be tough, you just have to say from the Bronx people will generally assume your tough ask me this is very real. You know it I'd flowery stuff. For my part, I guess again out of your time and I dont want to waste it, but a bit it. I'm sure explain to you the Trump phenomenon, how the left will continue to underestimate the sky, and it is also we gotta led to their absolute political downfall? So if you're from the Brooklyn its from Brooklyn. It's the same thing from Brooklyn or disguise. Tough and edit automatically confers a power status in the streets on you. Does it make sense, show yeah but queens. You don't really get that there is not. No one says I care for Queen saw that guy must be tough, it doesn't have to trust me. I grew up. Do you have to prove yourself if you want, two in the streets have a reputation for being a tough guy in queens. You gotta fight
justified it. I'm not saying it's a good thing. You know my thing on violence and proactive violence. How, against that? I am I'm up. Do you my faith? matters to me, but I'm just telling you the facts when you grow up in the streets of New York City, the queen's kids, if you want a reputation for being Ba bad, you get what I'm saying you actually have to go out and do get out a few times and a word spreads. It may not want to mess with that guy or because he could throw That's pretty good! It's an automatic, conferring of toughness, Miss title view from Brooklyn the Bronx now There's an automatic conferring of status. Title of you from an had. No, I grew up on the Upper EAST side were Louis guy. You must know people there's none of that from queens. Nobody goes. I grew up in London, where I grew up in queens use, all my god. She must be a real player. Nobody Does that drives away where'd you grow up for Heaven's sake queens.
We just don't deputize because we have this edge to it. You don't we stopped. I told her eggs will indeed opera. I pick out like auto mess with that guy. I grew up in Liberty Park up there in London. This doesn't have that you're right you like it two, it ok. This explains the phenomenon of Donald Trump and why he acts like he does. I've set this before, but it's important understand why he's always underestimated. I want, Jim last night, because he has that I've always gotta. When press you Queens thing with a always and that's the queen's thing, I have to impress you I have to fight. I have two verbally fight. I have to pick fights on twitter. I have to constantly to an amount of knocking guy fullest. Believe me, I've been here. I have to tell you how rich I am. I have two exude bravado, that's a queens because it it there's a constant inferiority complex because they are constantly told they don't have the status of the Manhattan, kids and they're, not as tough as the Brooklyn Bronx gets, so they always have something approve on the same why I've always been like
I understand drop. I think, like few commentators do, because I know exactly what you want to that Spain's that hyperbolic language, the proud chest, the big ball the actions. What he talks right, Joe he's always talking with his hands. That's insane, but I wish I had a digital camera is similar SAM Afore, hands, are always go at its direction he's signing or something like that, you know that's trouble now that leads people constantly underestimated this guy. Is they take Chiesa adult he just a big, loud obnoxious, braggadocio sky, watching him last night deal with now his second Supreme Court pick in what is unquestionably now folks, you're you're, not living in the your world. If you are still a conservative, insisting that this guy's President presidency hasn't been a success on the margins you're not living in the real world, we are living in an anti trump deluded crazy egos.
the atmosphere of stupidity. I can't explain anymore, thereby setbacks there been some some uniform policy hits and MRS, but this asked in any way shape or form that the czech presidency has not been a success is absolute idiocy at this point and I Still less and give this speech and nominate a another stellar appointee now I've one MIKE Lee. I would have over Barrett it but Cabinet stellar point: the aim is to get to that decision and I think a ghastly continue Joe to underestimate the sky and he continues to steam roll them at every single opportunity. I thought about it because I watched him up on stage with this. have you ever seen Joe anyone with a resolute like Cavanaugh, You see this guy's reservation, I mean it's almost like it's made up. We can't be real ivy under Brad Ivy LAW, school teachers lied and ivy basketball coach for his kids clerk. First,
a mother, your greatest legal mines, clerk at the Supreme Court. I mean the guy as Reza may reads like if, if you want on checking input for the sea Reza may generate or for a log out. You'd get bread cabinet resume now think about this body, what it break avatar with that resume a and resume in top zero zero, zero, zero zero one percent of humankind. What did he never do?. He never made a billion dollars, You never won the presidency with absolutely zero political experience. He needs Donald Trump, that guy to get his appointment, don't ever forget that Next time you there's someone talking down down on J Trop Pickle, Ferber Bracket, those you, Sir he's such a buffoon. Really you sure about that.
We have two of the greatest legal minds of our generation, Gore sick now and Canada, who may enter their positions in the Supreme Court because of Donald Trump, have jobs we have money flowing into our economy. We have expansion added an unprecedented rate right now: economic expansion because of trump business up as an optimism about future the country because Donald Trump but a guy on that stage? Standing next to one of the smartest human beings born in generations, Cavenaugh who, eight himself, a billion dollars and business he's once armies law, some he stout with some of the most powerful people on the planet. He won the then see the United States with zero political experience whatsoever. A mound of people itching at every opportunity, kneecap him to break his legs within
unprecedented governments, spying operation, a weapon eyes, government marshalling all its forces against them and against a demo. Craddock nominee that had unified support against them and he was one of the largest electoral college land sides we seen last few elections, I they are less are very proud of this guy this, and I know you this false gosh. I do. I tell you all the time we're all centre, folks in Ukraine. put us your free will and it set free well that that is the the fight against less greed, envy rage, anger, gluttony, fight against all that is the fight. No one was put here with they be the absolute skill and strengthen the feet at every opportunity. He's got his fault. Snow question about it, man, this guy, something to be proud of, and don't listen. Liberal nonsense about you. Now I get it. There been mistakes. We ve seen it there's always it Akard passed with anyone, but this is a guy used, an incredible thing
and I was very proud less. I that's where this whole thing comes from about me thanking you all. I was very proud of tonight that I supported him and voted form. I think we want a tremendous job and watching him last night, with these incredible people and knowing that incredible people wouldn't be where they are now without him. A guy, though, left in the media constantly pans, I really felt good. Last night I slept com the boy, no one I made the right decision and you should to God bless the sky. He's really do want a tremendous job, and we all to get behind them and it's time to get behind Cabinet five that took a little longer butter. Really that I had even a small role in any of this movement is just was flattering to me last night, because I watched them on stage, and I thought yet. This is what it's about and the fact job more thing. that the people who are trying to take him down are such small inconstant quite sure now
on the butt of humankind, media, people who just have no, I mean nothing. That's about billion dollars, A barely made a hundred thousand thousand. Not they ve, never generated any income and small business. They couldn't even trumped up what to an elite business school business. They had to go to journalists and about knocking journalism as you do, whatever you want to do. That's fine! But, let's not being silly here. Folks journalism is not organic chemistry and, if you think so, then I We recommend you go back and taken organic chemistry, coarse and find out a difficult that is ok. This is a guy who's dealing with media people who all they could do is right up. Opinion based pieces, disguises journalism to scrap together a few pennies to pay the rent and he's the one and the media people think he's supposed to answer them. It's almost the joke and up loser by politicians on a democrat side who ve never even had a real job. Listen, I get knocked all the time for running for office. And not having come out successfully man
I have the guts regulator and had a real job before that. Right. This way, some of these guys in the media, and these Democrats specifically never even had a real job. You know you should should show a little better respect. A meeting I shall not asking you to worship then camps or anything but take continues play down this guy's political skills as political acumen. Ability to get things done. You, just It can yourself look stupid, I'm just given you some advice, you do what you want, I believe in a free press, and I also believe in the freedom of the press to be dumb and you ve certainly taken me up on that offer good. We finish. Ok, as a guy, it comes the Cavanaugh, Here are some positives. I'm gonna give you, as I always do some ups in some downs. I I really really like Michael. You know that I also like Davy Baron. I thought she would have the greatest. Well, I'm not of an objective cavenaugh and anyway. I just I think, I'm here
ring rumours Joe. He saving me Amy Acone Barrett Pack for Ruth Paine Org. Forgive me. I was a step aside waiting, woman, yeah, there's some Paul, I mean Alice and I hate it that we do this identity. I'll fix thing. I've really do by. That's what I'm here! I don't know that for a fact, but I'm hearing for some pretty credible people that the if Ruth bade her Ginsburg. Is the step down next that bear it. That's why they're saving for that? She would be a tremendous pick. But here are some as it is a negative about cabinet and I have a really these folks, I know I always ask you to check out the shone out. Please check upon. You know that company of six or seven really good pieces that will give you everything you need to know about, despite going forward about Kavanaugh they're, really good go check him out subscribe to the email is still sending Anthea. Ok, positive number, one he rejected a balancing test. On the second amendment, A balance sheet all states need for security and all the solution of with the right now he's like that's not what constitution, says the cost:
She says you have the right to bear arms and it shall not be infringed so Cavanaugh, I'm convinced, is solid. On the second amendment, big positive number, one bad time. You hear a balancing test. That means the Democrats are looking to take away your right to defend yourself. are you a solid on that when the opinion that DC vehicles. he's challenge chaperone deference over and over again now. This is the irony of this woman. This is point number two chevron deference to take away. Your loony too. Liberal friends, will constantly tell you the job, chumps, a fascist, Joey aids craving this unlimited power is gonna, destroy the country once upon the emperor. Well, that's interesting! this is a point that someone to the Supreme Court should be nominated. Some of the Supreme Court. We have the advice and consent role, the Senate nominated Amanthis Supreme Court, Brett Cavenaugh, who is openly written opinions, will limit the president's power. Chaperone deaf
in a nutshell, is a case that allowed why latitude in the interpretation of administrative state statutes. You know, bureau, EPA mandates and things like that. It allowed a wide interpretation Obama and his team use this deference to that's what share is this? The case was a chevron case, this deficit, It's too administrative State in the executive that deference expanded president your power by allowing them to interpret things, because the legislative branch didn't write the laws. Clearly you you ve track in me jump the way it's supposed to work is the legislative branch. Obviously rights, the laws, the executive branch faith. The executes those laws and the judicial branch will interpret these conflict from them are generally interpret the constitutionality of that. That's not chevron differences. The legislative branch would either not.
laws and let the administrative state right and or right laws so vaguely and a chaperone Deference- gave an expanded role to the president and the administrative state. Now Joe I'm incense question here body Trump, is a fascist and wants to be an emperor monarch. Why the heck nominated a guy who is openly advocated through his legal writings against shit on difference, does it make sense? I would think he wants you to liberal view. Take tat like that's exactly what that you pay nuts. Like he's, I had a big. No you, women, powders applause, nomination every vote the same way. I choose me judges the same way which we, but he does in the Supreme Court Summit Liberal votes were they want judged that there is limit to. Financial power. But again, Arguing with liberals is, I'm sorry is useless when you argument liberals remember you're, always arguing for the third person. I can say this enough. You argue with
the bureau, hoping the third persons listening. So you sound like the more reason one, the liberals lost pay, no attention to them but engage, the debate, because the third person listening when you have the facts and data may be convinced, as happened in me, a lot when I was run for public office. People would say man new argument was not about our high thanks, but that there is a limit presidential power. Third positive: the contraceptive men, eight new filling out of paper work by religious affiliate entities. He s deterred this to be an unnecessary burden, infringement on the right to free right. You know the free practice of religion that that's a good thing. So I we're going to have him firmly in our corner and that good on guns, good on limits on executive power, which is excellent negatives. Now here's one Aid is a twenty fifteen me and he rode on the Matter- data and ass, a data collection which you know, I am absolutely against
collection of matter data by the National scurried Ministration United States government I hear, an opinion supporting that for national security reasons and based on a third Party Smith versus Maryland. Eighteen, seventy nine case, which was the collection of of dialed, numbered, like it thou number recorded. In other words there, basing it on a case from nineteen. Seventy nine were obviously email didn't exist and the nineteen seventy nine case was on four dialed number. So if I were to say, get a warrant for Jos title three warrant to listen in an wiretapping Jos conversations the miss versus Marilyn ruling was the actual dialed number Joe Dial. I don't need a war for that I can just get a subpoena forsayd that it's called a doubt number record: that's what that was based on dialogue. I don't have the Georgia's have the number you doubt. and the reasoning was well you when you down the number. You willingly turn that information over the phone company that Kay
has been used and basically expanded into the meadow data sphere, which is totally different. The meditatively If this GEO tagging is all kinds of technological innovations that are not just our numbers, anyone right, he wrote it. Aid an opinion that you didn't have to write this. The irony of it in twenty fifty It was obvious over him to write in any wrote this opinion in support of it, which I think is gonna bother Paul Mikey in a lot of libertarian leaning conservatives out there. I'm it bothers me on that in its a no go. I'm just I'd like to hear his logic behind that also one kind of. semi negative, I say semi negative because it depends on how you look at it. I dont believe the high about this allotted push out there from some groups say while he wrote the pathway towards the John Roberts, Obama cared the fence and the Supreme Court. That's not really it folks and I want to go into it in too much detail has a rich. It's gonna take up a lot of the show, but his objection to it
they didn't have standing, yet he didn't save Obama care the tax hadn't yet taken effect. I think it was more bay on a limited government approach that arm. Then the court system, I'm not in the legislature, I'd right, Obamacare, so don't come to me. Your complaints got everything so so I say so. people, painters and negative. I'm not So much now the meadow data one year. I want an explanation and the Obama CARE, when I think is more of him, limiting. Don't judicial power say, nay, you wrote I applaud Obamacare Fellows, you guys figure the sacrifice you get it, so I don't have really that much of an issue with that part, especially when it came to stand. Those are the positive and negative on on Cavanaugh. Ok, I want to get to this now. This is important. I gotta go email by yesterday from a listener and one explain why this is gonna be an issue now a significant issue for liberals disappointment. This is gonna, be huge if he is actually this nomination and I want to say that role if he is
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slash the brick ass nutrition that Slash Dan pick up foundation today, you will not regret it's terrific product here's the problem now for liberals that this is going to create folks. The pros figured out a long time ago and need after your ear or maybe earlier pens. If you read some on the history of of liberalism with problems, it is again book a conservative history, the american left? I'm sorry, but I had a look at so my bookshelves really great book and explains a long history this, but that I think, I'm where you start said somewhat subjective, maybe if the area the liberals figured out a long time ago that they do not have a popular mandate to move their policies had now. This is not. This is not an unimportant point. When you don't a popular mandate show anyone implementing national strategy. You gonna have problem. Why is that? Because
Elections are generally one on popular support, not popular vote. Today, in the presidential popular support. You have to be able to appeal to front regions of the country that have different interests. You have to get some kind of mass popular support to win the presidency. Now, if you implementing national agenda? And, if you listen to yesterday, show I explain why this is important. Liberals, liberals, don't want a local agenda. They'll! Take it. If that's all they can get. But liberals want a national agenda. Why? Because new implementing national agenda. You cannot, Cape liberal policies and when liberalism, but the essence of liberalism being control, liberals control you, if you can escape, I live in peace. City Florida, if palm city Florida. It would implement some bad policies. I can leave. I can move, I can go over to Stuart. I can go to whatever sewells point I can leave. I can move to Texas liberals hate that
essence of liberalism and socialism is control. There are the same thing. Its control It's that taking a wave your money, you're healthcare, your education, your education rights, all of it they don't like that they need a national agenda, they can't get national agenda. If they dont have some popular support, they don't they know they. Don't they never have liberal power She's high tax is just to put a face on the, so you don't think I'm talking in other worldly, if you know TAT to try to confuse you, hear high taxes, taking of your money that taking controlling the government of your health care, the taking away of education choices for your kids. These are not popular folks, they never have been ever especially we met in the United States, which has a natural genetic, entrepreneurial ex spirit. I've explained two people over and over the people who come to the United States are very entrepreneurial. They want to work. That's why they're here there's something
the gene code of people who shown up on the shores and the people who fought the revolution and pass those genes down. They do not want to be subjugated, I'm not it's completely unique to the United States, but I'm telling you darn right should be proud that you live here because there's something in the gene code of people who come to the United States and people who were sons of the revolution here that they will not be subjugated. They don't want their money taken you don't want their health care taken and I dont want their kids education choices limited they don't. That is the essence of this country. The Democrats Liberal socialists agenda is not popular the Democrats posting figure. This out may realise they can't legislative because the legislative you need what led sleigh Torres who get what elected you can't get elected if there's not a popular mandate, for what you're doing now, leave it to the social
the figure in and around in there and their inner endless quest for power. Remember the end. Justify the means, a central tenet of communism, Marxism, socialism, it's all the same. for Missus, for government control right. The and the round has always been the court's, always so the lip let's have engaged in a multi decade, effort to stack up the court system at the name, federal and local level, with a budget legislators from the bench who will invent rights they can't get passed by popular support. They can. Get a massive nationwide lay term abortion bill me dating it's like. They can't mandating its legality should finish that, because its Popular people don't leave in that they could mandate and states, a national referendum on making gay marriage legal, they couldn't, whether you agree with it or not. Folks, they couldn't get it path. Metaphysics stated
you have put in constitutional amendment, saying no, so what they couldn't get on with their liberal agenda they pushed through to the courts its role and oh Burgess fell. However, you spell the name of the case. I'm she's me say the name of the case. They had push it through the courts. The courts were always their weapon, the courts where their de facto replacement more legislative inability to get people elected ass an agenda they wanted to pass. This makes sense. This is not an uncritical point here issued with a government that this is a critical point. Yet I am speaking in Yoda Isms you'll keep areas but So, obsessed with this, that you understand this, you you have to do this Is there a legislature? The court's this is either in such a panic over this. Why would think about explained is another way.
If Cavanaugh is what he says, he is an gorse. now we know, certainly is Annie as we are only going to interpret the laws as you write them, that's what the chaperone deference is. I just want you to write clear laws and I will follow them regardless of my political ideology. Why would you be worried? Joe? Am I wrong if Europe girl who is so confident that confiscatory, taxes government could old medicine against men. no women's room government control, education and an absolute fashion is so popular and you can write. Don't you can buy the way you can't you can write. Those was right, Joe you can I didn't point eight percent tax rate, nobody stopping you if you're so confident, capital, saying right it I dont humane. Graham assuming you does it with the ninety nine point. Nine percent tax rate, but cannot just said Leslie Harry Protein front right clearly, and you win. Why would you
we so worried there? worried precisely because there Billy to coerce people through the bench through writing new laws from the bench and fabricating new rights is going away and they don't have the bat Stop conservatives do the backstop concern have when they lose the court system and lose cord appoint the nominees because there's a Democrat Norman nominee. She's me democrat President, that is backed up. We have is we can actually right laws because there's popular support for freedom, the liberals, I've no backstop. They only have the courts, they can only legislate from the bench because they can't on a massive scale. Ledge swayed to pop. Support enough legislators into offices to write laws that donor popular support? This is the point
Now I got a great email from a woman she really enjoyed when I went into that- and she said your point about them, being covetous, which is right, was a good one. We should see this new should repeated and ate the issues right. I shouldn't, especially in light of the liberal outrage campaign by the way break all prior liberal outrage campaigns are now want whole Joe bond of them. The Supreme Court outrage innovators, caboodle, concluded teacher. I will ban outrage campaign. What else the tax but outrage care pay, the migration outrage hereby all pry, liberal Magua, you have your care based on hold until this out Its campaign is completed. Could dick writers of the constitution: pains me to say this. I think wrong. We concluded show that the a branches of government would be covetous of their power, the legit
Blade of branch would be covered, so the power to write laws. The decade, branch covetous of their power to enforce those laws. The Judy, she'll branch covetous of their power to interpret the constitutionality of those laws. They were wrong. I'm sorry! I wish they weren't, but Rhino Republicans fake report, against and Democrats. Liberals are all the same. These days is really no different, no difference have ceded that power to the judicial branch. Why crash of seated that power to the judicial branch for a very specific reason I just described it, there's no popular support for their stock, nine they'd, rather judicial branches implemented, because why they can't that's an easy one,
they're, not covetous of their power, democratic congressmen and Democrats, senators, or not in any way covetous of their power. They want the judicial branch to do what they can do and there willing to cede power, the opposite of covetous, now well, what's the Rhino Rowan's, the rhinos are doing it for a different reason. The rhino class. is so not covetous of their power and not holding onto it almost jealously. Here it is mine. Because the rhinos are a bunch of frauds. I've said to you repeatedly the price born with Congress in the Senate. Is that any Republicans up. There are really Democrats, but no dammit Rats are really Republicans. I'm telling you from dealing with these people and talking to them that allow out of the Republicans up on Capital Hill who run
on this small government, big liberty agenda are complete total frauds. They don't believe in it one bit they believe, governments a benevolent force in your life? They believe the tea party were a bunch of cooks. They believe the second amendment, a second amendment camonica. Second, a memo euro, any guns they mocked, duped out. All doubt me on this high Tipp wrestler. But don't doubt me one bit I have talked to these. They look at you like your a maniac if you're in the tea party, so for them. This is important here, Joe rather than having to take tough votes on this stuff, without me, suppose this fraud, because they're on view to bring campaign speeches, I for the second amendment: low taxes, limited government, drawing governments really very don't believe any of it. They don't. A vote on at so they do they jump in incestuous bed with the Democrats
may say what should just you know, defer Shepperalk there just a further the executive in the courts and let them do it for us. They get the best of both worlds. The republican fake, fakes and phone. You don't have to take a vote on things. They really don't believe in, Don't believe in limited government control budgets, they don't believe in it and they get every elect exemption or wasn't me Joe, there was the courts. But you will draw robbery way. The court ruled that the gay marriage- what may not do anything is that makes our profits on him. This is a nice. That's why thou the founders were were wrong. I love the founders of Iraq, its Oviedo, their founding brothers, when a best books, Everett. I'm just tell you, I think they assumed that the character.
of the individuals that would replace them in the future job with a character they had. Oh right, I mean these were were fighting men and women of the evolutionary generation who stood for something I, they assume the coward class we have in. There now had the same pack both do they don't. That is why to do the end, the round of bring it right back to the beginning is so dangerous for liberals right now. This time. Because they know that they know they had the rhino establishment by the right because they were going to cede power because they want to get reelected continue to be frauds. They know they don't have popular support, but they know they can get their policies pass through in the courts. They know they have to stack the courts and this these stacking or the cords now of liberal, and re stacking with people who are actually going to read the laws they don't want to write because Democrats there
No popular support for the laws they want to write and Republicans. They know they kick re elected on a lie. We don't support those laws. Democratic, it's a lie: they do it works for everyone. Swine deconstruction of this model of governance right now, through Trump selections on the appellate that circuit court and the Supreme Court is so critically devastating to thee. Symbiotic relationship that existed between the rhinos and the Democrats in the will cats, why that is I don't whole swab is being Deconstructed before you're very eyes, hence my might my pride last night watch Donald J trumped up their nominated another stud up there on the Supreme Court and dismantling bit by bit piece by piece and fingernail by finger by
by long by eyeball, every single piece of the swamp creature at once. They don't know what to do with. What do you mean we're, going to be able to have the court's legislator liberal agenda. We even had these republican frauds on board. With that one year petitioners report but can fraud in their truck doesn't care he doesn't need you. What are you gonna do for trap man? the doors you gotta keep cares Ellador. do the guy edibles no significant endorsements at all in the present eat doesn't care. He doesn't care This is the Schwab creature. He takes a big for by four like that walking tall thing Betty Smashers pieces of this tale about the swap creature bit by bit and there are a total panic. They don't know what to do. What withhold money from all. Yet that's gonna work. They are good job. Good luck! With our withhold campaign voracious. We were from the.
American Slime Ball Association, and we want a door. Some extra, that's gonna forget it he's done that he doesn't care Peter the Bijou he doesn't care that guy dances every day he doesn't care. Do you want to see He doesn't need you what all, but what happened? the liberals out the he need. U yours base, he does need to swap. He doesn't need the rhinos there's nothing you can do for me. I'm telling you congressman and listen to the show. I know you're out there. He doesn't care rhinos. If you endorse him or not, is irrelevant. What are you you're right, I'm a check, how is a hundred thousand dollar Tipp at a restaurant? You think you need your money. This is the panic. This is why the entire swap isn't a total meltdown over this who boy good? Yes, it will
Joe knows what about my role he backs away. They might just. Let me do my trial of. I is the ultimate second banana by the way it can. I just say I've, read your feedback on the show. Folks, I do I'm sorry. I can't respond to every email, but a lady jaw and she d Mammy S, and I want to get you take on this. I didn't know you taken this purse. Animal think you do she she was upset that once in a while, point out your age and that you're, older than mine eye, I've never had to listen to the Ladys. I will mention it. I really appreciate. I mean it, I'm not joking. I love feedback. I think it's against me to think about things, but it never occurred to because I've no jail for so long. We joke about it that job You say it. I mean more as a senior status it is experiencing. The world shows done a lot of things. I know tat I never made it is that any kind of fence, but I do my answer to the lady. Let me publicly apologise to you but Joe. I don't take beads and if he did, I would narrow minded all of you not at all.
I mean. When I say it, I mean it more as a senior status it is experiencing, the world shows done a lot of things. I know tat, I never meet it. Any kind of fence, but I do appreciate the feedback things I never. Thank you now manifesto. My internet tv show some lady I was taken a shop it my produced around the producer. Absolutely was not we're great friends do all right. I got it where'd, it gets you here. So let me say this great the summit, pick up every morning. I do what most viewed it, which is brush my tea. Now, I used to use the uses all too precious, and I said you know I need some better so We ride around our time. I get an email from error. People seller as a snake quip, wants to come on board. My quip I've heard about it. I might do me a favor. anyone want to try it out, of course, get the try. Now is my daughter loved it so much she took it. So I had to go by another quip too. Cautious thing is great. When it comes to you how pressing you it is one of the most important parts of your day. Quip knows that they ve, combined
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from the State of Illinois Dick Day, been around forever, not sure I'm taking these ever had another job he by and are now. But you see him in Congress for Incentive for zones he's a big trouble He is recommending an absolutely suicidal strategy for the Democrats It was pointed out by the Wall Street Journal today. I have an article in the shone out about it is well. I also have one of those tat things you need to know about cabin. I think so. I was out by Durban as the Democrats It is just recommending that Red State Democrats engage in what is an absolutely preposterous strategy, and I want you all to smile than a knowing that this is what the Democrats have been relegated to, which is absolute, tactical stupidity. Here's Durban strategy, when I meet the press, and Durban suggested that Democrat Senator in heavy republic in states, believe it or not. There are there many clay, a casual in Missouri
each mansion and Virginia Joe Donnelly in Indiana, Heidi I'd camp in North Dakota. There are quite a few out there. These are Democrats, who somehow managed to pretend to be publicans long enough to get elected in red states, some of which went for Donald Trump in West Virginia case. By forty points there and realise that there is going to be massive political pressure for these Red State Democrats to vote Brad carbonized anomaly. I'm Tellin you right now for you to have a mansion if mansion votes against the westward the democratic centre for all my West Virginia officers if mansion votes against Cavanaugh he's done? he spent there. He has a zero chancery, not just what he has zero chance of reelection mansion noses, so Dickie a huge and by the way, Illinois where he's completely safe. United. Don't worry bout? It's not a red state at all
Dickie Day is saying. Well these guys, and lady should vote against the nominee and if they have to lose their seats, so be it because this is all about. Like principle, the IRA, whatever it's ok now. I would prefer they not do that. But Dickie day either way you lose right because think about it. This distorts the sherry like the Democrats, who are given credit- they usually tactically smarter than this pass them in such a rage. They become the stupid part which are usually reserved for the rhinos, but the day have Out the jolliest stupid per day now with the gold medal of stupid and stupid Olympics, which is interesting because the rope look. It's always beat them in a hundred meters. Stupid spread they always get to the dead always. But the Democrats are managing to win the stupid, spread, handling their manufacture, their winning it by multiple links because they are desperate and I can't control themselves because they, trumps. So much so thick walk this through folks, if
these recommendations right and Mansion Donnelly hide Camp and the others against trumps nominee in states that want overwhelmingly for Donald Trump telling you three or four of them. I will lose reelection, well Walker, What happens next these New republic in centres and democratic states are sworn in. In January. we will now have a significant republican majority. Next year, we don't have a significant majority now without John Mccain. Basically, we can't afford to lose any republican Centre now this nomination, if we pump it up Joe to fifty. republican centres? We can lose quite a few and still getting how many through. Meaning what you can
an aid, someone even more conservative, because you don't have to worry about rhinos like Susan Collins and LISA Mc Caskey baling on you. This is a suicidal, idiotic strategy. By Dickie day you can go with this. Ok, you win all all of you. Democrats you ve, unified them, Durban unify them there, about voting against all of lose. Now we ve got fifty forfeit If I may be fifty six republican setters trumped she's gonna worry that he's gotta. Keep this a vacant pay than real send someone up, potentially even or conservative. If possible. Who gets that? don't and now you're down by the way Europe Our three four centres you would have maybe had otherwise and you get him conservative. Nobody you understand this is that this psychosis of the Democratic Party window cycle pathology is set in and setting deep. They don't know what to do there in a panic,
manufacture. My internet tv show that I want to show some video Chris could Democrat Senator from Delaware, who was the guy's with the hashtag. We he'd, nine, that we nine was a hashtag when Merrick Garland Member Window bomber put up Merrick Garland at the end of his term and Mitch Mcconnell inactive them. A conference brilliantly put up capacity that they only at a justice is so Coop Chris goods. It was that we need he put aspect. We need not now it's funny Guy same guy built not a golf or same guy same guy for you old school listers there. It's our real Linda from Russia. If your breast israel- and if you listen, you have no idea what same guy means same garbage irregularly, you know. Well, you know exactly the same guy Chris Coon's is now out. Sayings are not at all. If there's a other nomination, or even now, we What is even now with Kavanaugh. We don't need nine. What the hold on Kavanaugh we're good. We don't you just put a heck that we need not that which we need a. They were mine,
If a guy in something about Mary or is it the made it absolutely clear that I've got an idea. Sake, Six written on this guy goods. We need nine interesting, hey fellows. Are my twitter can't delete out? When are we need aid? But so are you just send out? We need not. If you must go now. I don't know now it's a republican, and why does now we only mean hate, you care what I'm saying foes we needed nine when nine, when he wanted our garland through other Obama, even hashtag its same guy now say: no, we don't need. I we should keep the seed vacant because Trop nominated. This is crazy. They are the Democrats, Serafine suicidal political tactical meltdown, they are walking like lemmings off a cliff
he literally hashtag. We need I'll be going at this later with some video on the NRA. Tv shows are five hundred and thirty p dot m eastern time to check it out, it's free and our atv dot com. If you just got to put an email address and there's no charge, don't worry about, it if you have that caught up her eyes ass? Yet let's do that so Tucker Carson, I love Tucker. Last week the best is vital. Off the air he's like the nicest guy? Ever I don't like the boy, you a personal stories, but my wife and I got to spend a little bit time of them in Dallas. When I was at the NRA convention, he was doing the show from there. He came out Joe. I'm not kidding and spent. probably half an hour talking to me in my lap go and I'm not talking about like took em. Just I'm just a nice, I'm not kidding from the nice guy you have ever met in your life could not as a vote. It makes a point to flatter everyone around them to what a real gem of a human being so Tucker. Who,
the lavish on Fox here, Coronel West, on a radical, far left professor from harvard- and I just wanna hit on this again- how ridiculous p we will try to justify socialism, who don't even understand what it is are. This is called alas, trying to defend the absolute depravity in socialist Venezuela struck. He was interesting, Venice, Actually worked anywhere, so the question is: what are laws are goals it has set a we get. There is the question so what happened in Venezuela? They call that democratic socialism, but then I have toiled paper and its lead. Equal than now, but the but potted approach. Let me the mother that any time there's been the attempts of ordinary people, to engage in self determination. They can crushed by external nation, like: U S, policies toward Venezuela have been very, very ugly, Nicaragua. In the same way, we saw that in so many other instances where countries try to engage in self determination and they they get crushed the either get coerced and they end up often
times, responding to that kind of authoritarian treatment. So we ve never had a chance to really pull it off. So it's only been a movement so far the gentleman court a west is actually a professor at an early school bit. What was that, as I said last night, I cover this little bit of my country. To be lesson was without some kind of word, salad. What How does it work? just say self determination has this guy read a book on what socialism is Joe? Socialism is self determination, ladies and gentlemen, a cod The traditional republic, with with we ve met, government rights, in other words, that delineate to a bill of rights. What the government cannot do to you is self determination. Communism, socialism, democratic socialism, big governed by government liberalism. Whatever you choose to call it where I hate
this word, but in this case literally, not figuratively, the government takes over spheres of control that use the locusts, have control in your life and it constitutes a republic. Is you the local of control in communism, socialism, big government liberalism- is the government, this It's not self determination. You work for money, money in those systems is turned over to the government that read this. Its others. There's nothing self determining about that and there's no amount of verbal judo or euphemistic games or or nonsense. You can put out their crossword puzzle politics, there's no possible way. You can make tat self determination it is. It is the exact opposite of cell determination and avoiding it on the? U S by the way I made this point last night I'll make it again here where I fought folks
listen outside of conspiracy theories. We Joe last time I checked, there's not been a major world war where we ve attacked Venezuela right no now not a history, major rang in Armenia, but you're pretty comfort in your AIDS Rise Wheeler, we have not waited Venezuela any time. They can't good you're pretty carpet. In my answer to Ladys I'll bet we actually want to war with the Japanese and the Germans. Liberals may have missed it, but it did happen. We decimated them, we beat them handily. They then turn towards freedom and away from government control through fascism, which is the same thing turned towards free, a generally free markets and are now two of the most prosperous countries are after we want to act. to a war with them. We ve never been to war. With Venezuela on a massive scale outside of Conspiracy theories on the left, okay and yet the Venice. Ireland's care get out of their own way: the venezuelan government, not the people. Why? Because they took control,
of things they can't handle things. They know nothing about the economy, health care, the oil business educates. They know nothing about that. The people who run those industries know about and they fail blaming the? U S is ridiculous. It so soon painted the Pfizer, I can't believe I'm losing IQ porch explaining to. Finally, one more thing I was thinking about this That is why I watched my face, though my cutaway explain to impressionable liberal kids I socialism is so bad right now and I thought our eye. this is the easiest way. If your clamouring for think different than you have now, because right now we do not have socialism, the United States. We have really free markets in capitalism. If you are, clamouring for socialism, Joe using simple I'm trying to make the super simple. I can get us because you- but this requires simplicity- if your arguing for something that is not what we have now, which is
that's we don't have social we're clear on that. Right then clear We are arguing for something different NEA. What is it that you want? It's different, right. Now you have the ability to choose your college. You have the ability to go out by an Iphone. You have the ability to own private property. You have the ability to own real estate and you have the ability to choose a job not to be forced into one, and it's basically choose your wage. If you don't want to work for that wage, you don't take the job right now. Your arguing for socialism. That is not what you have now. You arguing for something different. What is it? for you want that, no I'm serious! What is it different? You want, you What own private property explain to me? What about free markets and entrepreneurial, ism and capitalism? You dont, like that's the only way to get through to these knucklehead? I don't wanna work done in our work? Good, I'm glad you said that, maybe is your and that that would be a fair defence. I don't want to
work at all so what you're suggesting is, then that you want other people to work to support you? Just that's a good point just be eyes, then tell us what you want different you dont want all private property. You don't want to trade, your labor for a wage. You don't want to pick your job. You don't want to work, explain to us what you want different. If you don't want to work. What do you want to do? You want other people to work for It's the I'm trying to I've tried everything to explain to these kids. The devastating torturers, depraved tenets of socialism any seem to not get it so that sometimes, explained by negation, explained what it's not and what socialism isn't is private property framework. Gets training your labour for wage, a price system? What bout that do you not like a joke maybe maybe you just lazy at least, should be honest. Then
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me too. I Shan T or less- and I thank my audience to my wife about our great you all. I really appreciate you just ten bond GINO. She did more than online in time and conservative review Don com. You can also get dance podcast soon I tunes or zone cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.