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Ep. 762 Yesterday’s Bombshell Hearing

2018-07-13 | 🔗
Summary:  In this episode I address the explosive takeaways from yesterday’s Spygate hearing on Capitol Hill.    News Picks: Here are some key takeaways from Peter Strzok’s testimony of Capitol Hill.    Read this piece about the outrageous comments from a Democrat lawmaker about Strzok.   This piece is proof that the existence of the Trump team investigation was leaked to the press.    This liberal running for governor in Michigan can’t even explain his own proposals.    Incredible revelations about the infiltration of Hillary’s illicit email system.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i welcome thereby gino shall big job show today police joe our you know you don't i love dan it's a big show today babe what can i tell you i was gonna do it last night but i want to wait to hear the analysis because once in a while even know you nice all day watching peter stroke disgrace the fbi supervisor involved with the clinton flynn and trump investigation upon the hill which was tedious by the way i'm watching this guy left me with a really bad feeling folks i just i don't know about you but i felt slimy i felt like i knew a wash my hands with like hibbert cleanse you know that hippo cleanse it's like tat pink i chlorine based hand wash they use before search surgery sorry i swallowed some coffee before the show so forgive me
no the noises are horrible but about a tough time would my my voice i swallowed the coffee down i think it to my lungs and that is that digestive tract your lungs don't have digestive capabilities but i just felt slimy watching this guy and everything they may have a couple things i've got that take a ways as always in an hour i'm gonna pack in as much information as past and you'll be all caught up so dont worry but from big bird's eye view did you see any of it joe i'm sure he saw some clips i send you some i came away feeling like there's something wrong with this guy deteriorate yes yes star mccarthy ladies and gentlemen ella i've worked with bureau guys all the time a lot done jail time i've worked with fbi guys frequently and ladys there are great bunch they are the very skilled but i've seen a strain at the management level of federal government not just the fbi by the way
singling them out of the secret service as well a strain of vigo because power you have is incredible you get up on the hill in congress to but you know that lord think what power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely in this case is true what i see there is evidence of joe almost stumm sounds we but almost like sociopath behaviour narcissism was nausea like earlier like at ted bundy serial killer way i mean that he doesn't to understand consequence this behaviour is you know what what is it what's the name of the book which the best books ever scott pack who always was a ethic he died scott pact but he was a harvard train psychiatrists he wrote brilliant pork some one of his books is called people of a lie and he too
about the the the definition of people who are evil and we tend to socio that term again with dino serial killers and the like and that that that's what i'm saying don't misinterpreted the end you be right those people are evil is no doubt but about another kind of evil in an evil based almost solely a narcissism it's a really tremendous puckery talks about case studies and he gives these characteristics of people who fit the definition of evil that you run into every day in their lives and one of them is everything is framed in terms of the in terms of the effect on that person does the world only revolves around them and other when their sorry there only sorry that they got caught you know wendy when that when he gives those answers it's always framed in terms of his pay three it to his patron saint just come out and say europe patriotism you scored the whole country over the guy struck as a bit of a sociopath the look
the hubris the thea the unnecessary almost in some cases unearned sense of pride with this guy for a guy who single handedly while not single handedly but be in these supervisor on these cases almost single handedly screwed up three of them important investigations of our lifetime he's certainly has a big ego my goodness are so let's get through the takeaway first before we get there they show but you buy we the people holsters we the people holsters are my favorite holsters out their super comfortable adjust them for comfort very durable perfect fit and this month their show in some love do our female listeners ladys it sad and unfair you have to be vigilant twenty four seven regards your personal safety guys too conservative women are facing unique obstacles lately in defence of their beliefs alongside their right to self defence don't let your experiences go discounted due to the political climate or because of leftist identity politics the husband and father i want all the women in my family to be properly prepared
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louis gomer pointing out an obvious character flaw in the sky in his testimony when he claims to be this man of integrity and a big obvious glaring character floor and lui gomer coercion from texas just absolutely fillet sum is the disgrace any long be captured anytime soon because of the damage you die to the justice system and i've talked happier i just around the country you ve been bears down you ve been very and i can't wonder when i see you looking there with a little smart new challenge did you hawks anderson into your wise and alive how about mister reed news
where his marriage or rather we are encouraging the gentlemen controls the time take their gloves off take good for louis gomer here go in after this guy listen folks were all centres but not all of us are centres in charge of one of the biggest investigations are three of them in tat modern history the united states government good forego moored now mechanisms a lot of time on access more of a personal one gomer one after men the reason if in case you don't understand the history of what was behind them aid the troll who he is quest there was engaged in an extramarital fair with one of the fbi lawyers they were both involved with the investigation donald trump you probably familiar with that but that's why he brought that up and good for him for taking the gloves off while that while the liberals let the liberal celebrate this guy because we are certainly not going to
not a lot to add on that one other than it was some necessary it's time for folks the gloves are off right the demo i support and hardball they engaged in a non stop obstruction effort yesterday's you noticed by the way any time any substantive answer came up sheila actually or someone else sicily any whatever his name is for a mom from rhode island congressmen the two liberals every time joe they got close there was some call for orders some called obstructing the proceedings the democrats nowhere onto something i'm gonna tell you what we're onto for we get to that though i'm gonna hit another highlighted this this congressmen congressman john racked with these actually on fox now i am starting to like more and more every day john rackliff who isn't attorney hammering peter stroke
about his fate feigned red line between his personal beliefs and his professional actions now just to be we are talking about here stroke all we have all always tech saying how much he hates tromp they can smell tromp supporters trumps awful they're gonna blank tromp dick and impeach trouble fill in the black you know what that means swift is love interests lisa page despite all those tax here still insisting there was no bias in the case and it did not feel torrent is professional baby well congressmen a clear five signatures thing little problem with that line of mine a faking trying to propagate the of the approximately fifty thousand ted i suggest that i've seen with your personal beliefs like f tromp stop trump impedes trump confirm on the record that none of that occurred on an official fbi device or on official fbi time going do that sir no they did
many of them did all they did this and sir so and so are you now i'm in the end what you really meant to say was that when you said you never ross that bright inviolable lying what you meant to say was except for fifty thousand except for hundreds of times a day where i went back and forth expressing my point opinions about effing trump and stopping trump and impeaching trump on official fbi phones on official fbi time other than that you never cross that line i'm sure there are thirteen thousand fbi agents out there that our beaming with pride and how clear leave drawn that lie agent struck me turning to understand why some folks out there don't believe a word you say and why it's especially troubling that you of all people are at the centre of the three highest profile investing
issues in recent times that involve president tromp and that you were in charge of an investigation investigating gathering evidence against donald trump a subject that you hated that you wanted to ask him to stop to impeach him and you see why that might call into question every thing you ve touched on all of those investigations chairman i'm done this witness an eye bang that's exactly what needed to be said ladies and gentlemen liberal point of view on this as well you know stroke he after those tax were discovered by bob malo those tax about impeaching trompe l plank trump screw trump we hate trump get rent a trump all this other stuff how we can stop trump howie not only do those on professional work devices and the fbi is his work guy has worked based system folks
sky had already been involved in the three cases folks please hear me out on this one because liberals keep bringing up things that are factually incorrect because their lives that's all they have ok while they have as a bedrock of lies to build their there that vat there ass of deception on peter stroke had already been intimately involved in these cases how would you feel joe if we arrest you for a bank robber you didn't commit and we set out by the way the guy who arrested you for the bank robbery it in committee and with the agents involved in the prosecution investigation of you don't worry joe after you were executed we remove them from the case because we found out he had a personal grudge against you and was taxing one a woman he was having an affair with which i can not man yet back you re a little bit like a kind of a too bad so sad i mean that's all i was pushed thing about this he had already been involved in these things folks peter ready been involved in the interview might flynn and they hillary clinton investigation this was not a low level fbi agent he was the
or s he level senior executives service the government benighted class number who parson and account or intelligence division he was being these on his part as i saw his professional device his fbi device now there's another take away from this and i'm gonna get to more than with not done with this this is their debt yesterday's hearing which just a staggering in its breath i sat here all day like fitted at the same time disgusted and upset sis infuriating case distresses me nuts seems like nothing ever gets done folks this guy is a senior level spy catcher in the united its government i think his career span twenty six years twenty six p m forty three years up more than half a mile
if this guy has been a spy catcher in the fbi you would think this man would be exhibiting good trade craft trade crap skills right skills i trade craft isn't the other in baseball you know you take the crow hop you learn how to circle law the pop up and to answer your your facing home plate to throw trade craft people in the spy catching game display trade craft is well what kind of trade craft folks is it very senior level u s government spy catcher in the most powerful law enforcement agency agency in the world to be sending fit these thousand derogatory personal text with very sensitive information over an fbi i device so that everybody can later on read it and download it some may not only is this guy have sociopath tendencies and narcissistic ones but he's an eighty year to think about what i'm telling you this is a one of the most high level
by catches we have in the u s government he's sending information over an fbi device folks about on ferries having with a colleague prob sending some explicit stop as well he said this over an fbi device knowing it can all be use later the guy near his take back joe by the way when asked about that listen i love the united states i could never be blackmailed that's not the point the point is you don't give someone in easy in to do of the united states i could never be blackmailed that's not the point the point is you don't give someone in easy in to do with this hard to figure out folks cocoa overseas with the secret service on a far in advance when i was there twenty invites whatever by to have from a local where you can be built
male than a guy you know what i could have been blackmail but don't worry it's me i have enough you know cycle i've got a mental fortitude to resist the why did you give em ammo in the first place is the question this is amateur our robber room trade craft so take away number one goma submits his personal credibility on this just assured it in that it began the guy clearly had no answer for that base on his personal behaviour while involving the case second john ratcliff the dismantles his peter strokes fake redline his red lines yo i would never cross my purse no beliefs into my professional behaviour here doing this on is fbi device during work time than i without the wouldn't whatever you told you is false he was doing this on his professional time bingo that's it that's all that is nonsense now here comes the coup de graf this is some
sorry i'm just trying to figure out how i can express to you the gravity of what happened here and let me set this up first we gotta jim jordan next tuesday really terrific guy congressmen from ohio and by the way i apologize either day again i said chris simpson for the six thousands time i know it's glenn simpson i appreciate the emails is joseph let's just say that wasn't work colleague i had had the is that was his name so i can since we want to be like if i may guinea bobby arbour cost i would automatically have to call him joe you know so that's i keep serves forgive me let me die hard now my guys do they ever i know it so i know it's coincidence and so the the big take away from this case the spy gate debacle has
he's been folks how did the case start if your regular listening to show you understand that we have no coherent longitudinal story that makes sense back to a point zero about how this case started as i've i've tried to frame it in terms of what i call paragraph one when you are a federal agent you are required to write memorandum on these cases memorandum reports these measures and the reports and the secret service we call em mars reuben not surprisingly paper memorandum report age your idea market they have parents graph one it's on a form of its literally paragraph one the first paragraph the first paragraph will always described to you will describe to you in the first paragraph how the case started its not complicated for fraud investigator called said he hasn't stolen credit cards whenever it maybe paragraph one
always easy to decipher the problem they consist the problem with these spy case against trump whether it was the fires against carter page a prosecution investigation of papa doubtless people associate with the trump orbit has been there is no consist in answer to paragraph one nobody can tell you exactly what hard evidence was used to open the case ladies and gentlemen that's a big problem for the very obvious reason if we started a case with no evidence then we have a witch hunt we don't have a case you don't i get a person to build the case later you get ever and a new target the person based on the evidence that a person may be guilty of a crime not the other way around makes sense right now forgive me for reiterating that again because i've had to say that over and over but that's why this upcoming jim jordan question is so critical jordan knows star yeah jimmy jury to mature
he's the opposite a ship that oh after jim turbo your balls the opposite gyp good trip like the earthy shifty early shifted job jim jordan knows that folks jim jordan has read the documents it is interesting because as one point during the testimony stroke actually says to him i think you know the answer to this what am i getting out here jordan knows i'm reasonably confident jordan knows exactly how this kick started and now we get a huge answer yesterday two how paragraph one how the mick annex of paragraph one worked the words power i want to say a secret service case would say bank investing it are billy shaw contacted me about some stolen credit cards that were used at home depot and long island right that make
annex a paragraph one or what iris if the call from billy shaw that's the mechanical portion about that's what got the wheels turning in other words to call an end i am as described in the next century cars we get a job what are the big questions about paragraph one in this case joe if we can break it two to four is what the crime alleged but how did the information of the alleged crime actually get to the fbi because remember rubber bar this is why i'm here to the site for this for you devon newness gave an interview maria barter romo about a month and a half ago we covered only show we're devon nunez was crystal clear don't forget this that there was no official tell engines used to start this thing listen to me paragraph one there was no official in town
agents used to start this thing this instigation at the drop now we know if we break it two mechanics and allegations how the out of jail we clear my explaining this do you remember maria's reaction he was an raspberry amory apart a robot was like wait wait what what use an investigation of the drop and there's not a killer on the record so intelligent yes you're right you good purple good poor maria brought a roma skilled skill journalist was light weight wife so just to be clear paragraph that part is bad enough that the allegations are not even official allegations they're just like the hearsay say but the other critical take away as a federal former federal investigator i'm telling you that's important is the actual mechanics who did the call who call to who told you to the allegations who said that it's been a stinging
porn imbue caboose of the fbi who will not admit it ok now get jordan because jordan sniff sat around here any stock probing and i'll explain to you what this means in effect this an email you wrote to lisa page bill precept jim baker big inga and ccd anaemic cape subject line is but these above fees about to publish the das you familiar with this email i am i said this comparing now the set is only identical to what mccain had parentheses it has differences from what was given to us by corn and simpson you write all that comes i let me answer this way the first if i could address the chairman of a break was authorized by the general council met you think i'm saying or second i want my time's up he could the chair like to just how many times did it all going to come together in an answer is
genuine or direct something i'll i wanted answer your question from earlier based on something i've been told by the fbi i well i went but i think i'm where of what the f b i told you a new and i'll have another chance to talk about that right now the german knowhow controls time you wrote this as a question two lisa page in a whole bunch other key people the fbi so did you write it did writers i let me ass a couple questions about it it i do i users airlock then it has to be the page and a whole bunch of other key people at the fbi so did you write it i did write this all right let me ask a couple questions about it it has differences from what was given to us corn and simpson whose corn sir answer that question and i would love to answer that question and every part of me and you know wide one answer that question because you have this information whose i haven't sir if i may i can answer that question europe without i didn't know it's now public whose corn whose simpson based on direct
by the f b i sir i am not able to answer questions about ongoing investigated mad man if you know if listen if you're a listener to this shell that is one of the juicy is sound bites in the history of congressional testimony listen if you're not you probably think there's a cup tidbits in air but maybe you can't decipher it if you don't care about the case for all that's meaningless to you i'm telling you that that big is so check full of information that it i was the lid off this entire case let's break it down piece by piece ok number one the mechanics of this thing are now starting to come into play it now appears because jim jordan i remember jordan knows jordan knows joe there's a ready in member of congress who has seen documents you and i have not seen jordan
has seen the mechanics remember what i'm talking about who called fbi contacted the fbi who not what they said yet that we'll get to that in a second who she did paragraph one mechanics to make the super simple story format paragraph mechanics are key because it's going to put people's ports in a chair and you're going to say wait you took the call and who ran with this based on what stand some rumour and innuendo from some eighty trop haider i understand right why the mechanics report forget the allegations firm in the allegations are the dossier the memo trump did that that this fuel escapades he sold out to the russians those alley those are all garbage ok forget the allegations form it will get to that the second pillar annex here are key because count ability if we can find out
who decided to hit the send button when they said i need a case open now we can get to the bottom of asking why why that did you do that this is our bridge information it's not even according to their vanunu s official intelligence this is garbage what you get this information from the the guy in the seven eleven on a corner you met in the parking lot folks understand a critical this is jordan gets it joe who's not asking him a questionnaire jordan is telling the public what he already knows and by the way stroke acknowledges jordan already to host it because sir i think you know the answer to this jordan says to one you at this on your email from a reporter david corps add mother jones that's not even a serious outward mother jones is a rare left wing bunch of wax doodles do you here what power you a left way
the rapporteur is one of the people who contacted the fbi but finally he doesn't deny it he has some dispute over the timeline pup corn does not deny that he can't did the fbi about this information mechanic mechanics matter now i have here critical take away ladys down by the way we go and we're going to scrap some reads that are out of respect for you i am an ant i'd love to get paid because the next guy but this is the one more important shows i've done while so don't worry more commercial breaks okay this is for you we're gonna leave some dough the table because i have a lot to get to me can't it's here matter mechanical point number one liberal journalists david corn radical left this is one of the people who contacted the fbi with that information number to pool
contact the f b by david cordial artificial right the court is not a cia operative he is not an operative her for any kind of foreign intelligence enterprise it's a friend of ours david court is a radical left is fake journalist he's mechanical friction point number one point number to mechanical friction point collect simpson ok chris have on this should go ahead simpson who is clear simpson jordans as this stroke almost acknowledges it is i think you know the answer mister george of course he knows the answer jordan's that's stupid glenn simpson wasn't paul research company that was working it will require open way way way way rhythmically coburg others so mechanical friction point between the fbi and another entity responsible for generating information point number one
liberal journalists friction point number two is hillary clinton zappos researcher guys do isis i wonder what what this is why i do you know what so i know what i know the story but because i know what's in your address what were you gonna do what you can say something now i don't know where you live in my head yes i know i'm afraid the idea had a feeling you would go with because you brought up this planet before it whenever i bid some shit yes now you know what i'm talking about public because yes it's got off the rails complete reader friction toy number three therefrom three friction points between the fbi mechanics paragraph one mechanics became mccain john mccain mccain's team hey it's donald trump trouble
taken a shot at the there was a p w common mccain hated trump mick in the team couldn't stand them that's two thirds action point between the fbi and we have reached again it's not show intelligence you may simple mccain is an official john mccain politician no different yellow recollect then was running for office now you will wasn't elected mccain opposition but they are politicians mccain is not an intelligence official peace politician he's not a cia member because he has a clearance him and his team we're not intelligence people they were not investigators they had no law enforcement or intelligence duty other than oversight they're not generators of intelligence folks
i've been a teacher summoned a book and i hate to do is to someone or but given the manuscripts in its written we're getting we're going to print it's easy some some have some of the other that's fine but that's where we were afraid because my co author uncovered something one of the reasons mccain's team got involved is gonna become really transparent in a book and it's not just the fact and i if he had juvenile it's not just that mccain didn't like him and mccain's team that light trump they don't like a lot of people there was an actual substantive reason i believe we may have on covered we put some pressure ports together and some public statements and there's a actual policy impact that was very sensitive to mackay and it will this bribe and it will give you i believe what could have been a motive for some of this behaviour it was just a personal animist towards trump
and by the way i'm not making this for the sense enough for the sake of just done unnecessarily teasing stuff i don't care this bit you know who need the money from this book or anything it's a work of passion more than a work of financial necessity but no nobody has yet to point to a motive in this case now you know hilary motive she wanted to be present when it comes to mccain and the british role in this and the foreign intelligence entities nobody point although they just in light europe really so the united jimmy john became a willing to risk their entire political careers and get this guy booted out of office and prosecuted by the fbi all because they d like em they don't like a lot of people like a lot of but they never got that far there was a reason folks there was going to be some kind of a policy change be able to explain more over time but it'll make all
kinds of sense ok so now the mechanical friction points matter we know in paragraph one not it was there no official intelligence but almost all of the intelligence i came in was at a minimum politically motivated at a minimum maximum like i said it's worse than there may have been other motives that are that are just as interesting and fascinating but we no the mechanics of paragraph one or trouble now this is important someone asked me to put them on a shirt so jim jordan hit some up peter stroke in that clip again and ask him how many versions of the dossier are there this is an interesting point and stroke stroke cousin i want to say she turns around to the fbi council is personal lawyer now ladies and gentlemen this is
morton but i'm noticing aid an interesting idea initially maybe the wrong word because it may be deliberate a curious effort by the me you make that question go away and even some conservative outlets eta been all over this case are missing why question matters so if there are three versions of the dossier maybe more urgent would imply watch out that their different different areas if it is that's it that's that's sense of the versions rain ladies and gentlemen if we see the real the eye version of what they were using another version another version of this case how how is that third or fourth or sixth version in other words we ve seen
the dossier so you understand what it is i don't mean to be repetitive but i'm assuming all of you know it and make you may not you shouldn gps christopher steel generated dossier which is a hillary clinton campaign document was paid for by them was not paid for by the republicans paid for by hillary clinton is a series of seventeen memorandums put together by christopher steel or memos they're they're they're they're like letters to self the dossier contains explosive information that has never been verified some of its use actually falls ended alleges trump who did with the russians i just also some coming about this a tape out their trump involved and all this this nasty behaviour that stuff is all largely been the buck weeping assuming the entire time that that buzzfeed dossier
is in fact the authoritative dossier that the f b i was using what if it wasn't folks about mess about like do and you know i don't like a drama for effect here but do it stand the ramifications of that if we have been smoke up the entire time that there may be another dossier out there with even more explosive stuff that most likely garbage not averse to get the kind of this but i love you know i love other conservative part guess i can say here but the mistake as they don't have a sidekick aside kick through these show it out of sidekick joe makes joe i'd be lost without even output should the need sunny and are a tv show doing the same thing has happened i could have the tardy like i'm sorry i need a sidekick at my thing now think about this
oh i'm a cause why is this important the i see a we ve been assuming is the document the fbi was using to go after tromp basing their as a warrant on emma was i just told you about that the real we may have been head faked the whole time now this is going a little complicated you may have to listen this part twice and i'm sorry hit the fifteen second backbone but the reason i think maybe getting ahead fake disease jim clapper morocco bombers director of national intelligence his right hand guy maybe as think i brennan's his right hand guy clapper laughing at me the say he is in obama's inner circle of intelligence right jim clapper asks call me after the election of donald trump asked call me to go up and brief donald trump
that dossier joe the buzzfeed does not look as the one we ve all been assuming its the authoritative garcia ok clapper asks him to go up there call me now this critical because clapper then caught in a let's call it aim a miss truth they use the deed see political kind of herbal judah clapper tells people but on on camera we played this multiple times that he had no knowledge of the dossier was involved in the dossier we find i later that he told an investigative committee up on the hill tat he did know the dossier and we find out from jim call me that its clapper who asked combing the fbi direct you to go up and brief trump about the dossier tromp jim combeferre me happy i'm here to tell you about this series of memos it says some really disturbing things about you now call me
leaves out details and only gets to the sexual escapades that leaves out the other stuff which is in and of itself i could do a whole show on that believe the essence that gives you want trumped to worry about the investigation they were conducting into an because trot might have shut it down but that's a whole other story but that there that's the take away so you need to know but for the purpose of the head fake here this important because clapper then insists he had nothing no media contacts about the dossier he tells the house committee showed me up on a hill he tells a committee up there that he didn't contacts cnn about it that is could see it out about the dossier cnn that they are fake news but they don't want to be dude so cnn could not report on the dossier because it was unverified garbage but see and i needed a hawk manufactures even this this is even the language used by these guys sienna needed or hope because they wanted to report about the dossier all my god look trump there's allegations he's he's cavorting with the russians you know tat colluding with russia
to take down the united states putting on a dossier we're just reporting on this meeting but look here with this crazy dossier let's see men know about the the d a call me trump briefing on the dossier and it's the briefing itself which is used as the news hook to report about the dossier you get it we're not reporting on it see we're just reporting on this meeting but look here's what this crazy dossiers as all my gosh you don't want to read this vote i grant in step with don't push to read but don't read it don't push the red button and poor ran like i think a simply pushing around by and he got a push it all world explodes don't read the dossier that call me brief them on that becomes a story after that speed runs with the dossier imprints it what if the whole time that was the head thick designed to keep attention away from another dossier
oh boy you see how that jim jordan cut is shock fall just delicious information that if ye bang bang in tat on your skull you start to investigate these things in here these things out now we oh there are multiple versions that's not in dispute i'm telling you maybe they put out the he's too ridiculous version breathed tromp on it use bots feedin cnn to get it out there as ahead fake to distract ass the gaiters from the dossier they actually used which is even more ridiculous and will make the fbi look even more foolish are you pick it up put important out because this is a critical critical point that both member paragraph one
we are assuming the whole time that the buzzfeed dossier was the dossier used as the staple of this investigation at the trump why do we know that because the allegations appear in the defies warn against carter page the allegation appear in a harry red letter to john brennan in other words though the specific memoranda the steel dossier the information appears over and over in democrats circles and fbi documents i'm telling you what if there's more a more ridiculous dossier one that's even more salacious an insane that is going to make fbi look like idiots and that what they are actually hiding by leaking so the press the heads a dossier from steel to get all our tension on that in other words we screwed up we started investigation on crap information but if we're going to start restoration of crap information we better leaked to the public debate
scrappy information shall rise if we believed a real crappy information we are going to look like a budget craftsmen and play press when i meet toolboxes you know what mummy p but like this to let me give you an analogy to explain what i'm trying to tell you because you gotta get this i don't like you i want to start an investigation into joe i need fake information ok i have three people providing fake information the most information is also the most damaging joe is a space alien from mars who is engaged with dumb david the company and apply to infect the human race with the armor costs virus and take over planet earth and i started fbi investigation to that who is the least that your problems because i want to investigate you're not because i actually believe jos david the company x files plot ok
bigger is is that all you got here now i have two other people have for so i started information based on an absolutely ridiculous and by the way i'm doing it only because i want to investigate you're not because i actually believe jos david the company x files plot ok now other people start feeding me information about show and a third person because they whose irrelevant i just want to start an investigation to join or care now about to get caught and of the people one guy says hey i think joe rob the seven eleven two weeks ago it didn't happen but it's at least court happened right we not like that the virus x files thing you're so dumb that if i were you put it down on paper i would look like an idiot yes so now later on in the reverse engineering of the crime it go well listen i got a tip joe may have robbed the seven on jobs we seems believable right here you know
no job but i'm what i'm saying is physically possible there's just there is a seven eleven i know where you live here there's no you ethel involve not only the re exactly you get my point i not leak the document about joe robbing the seven eleven so nobody pays attention to the x files david the company story so they don't sit there and go wait are you eddie its kidding me you started instigation into job because you think he's working with agent mulder on of stick up for planet earth do you i understand what i think is happening this is why the gym jordan tippit is so you see how many versions of the dossier were there we even seen the most ridiculous ones or weeping head the whole time by clapper and call me to pay attend to the least ridiculous of the ridiculous memos are their memos did that are even worse that when there
suppose now does it make sense why the fbi's hiding this that when exposed are gonna make the agent investigators look even dumber than they look now now does it also makes sense thank you does it also makes sense why stroke in that the jordan thing is josie it's the infinity style stones of this whole thing stroke says they him at one point jim jordan who knows ladies and gentlemen jordan knows jump cocoa heed the these shifting he knows he know he's the hidden under he's not asking a question their george he's the american people know that the package is about to expose now does makes sense why stroke says the him there's nothing more i'd like to tell you that the treaty says that later and i think that could be kind of hints to it you there's nothing more didn't i tell you the ads
this question put the f b i won't let me ladies and gentlemen i actually believe stroke here why what's going on don't think stroke was on the receiving end of those mechanical friction points i dont think paragraph one says fbi could have assistant director when every was stroke received those phone calls from corn from a cane or from glenn simpson why does that matter for as much as i think stroke is an absolute narcissist and i think has as destroyed the reputation of the management of the fbi in this case with some also for as much as i believe that i think
oak is tired of being dragged here i think someone else in the fbi receive those phone calls and shrugged is itching itching to tell those congressional committees and that senate committee who it was that is what the fbi's here the fbi is hiding not only that there were multiple versions of this probably ranging from absurd too ridiculous to outright hysterical and now also hiding the personnel who are on the receiving end of those phone calls are high he knows personnel because once those personnel are put in the hot seat they are not going to any good answer as to why they picked up the phone and entertain the david the coveney x files virus conspiracy with joe arm across their gonna have any out folks none
someone is going to save them you're a trained fbi counter intelligent spy catcher you picked up the phone or met with someone about allegations of donald trump try to take over the world through an alien virus and you no it was bs how can you have anything to say the bureau oh is hiding it there are high the versions and are hiding the people and i think in drugs rare moment of honesty there that shit look is tired of having his name dragged through this whole thing and remember it's him because it and it's really been the i spent on it because we have his text we don't have the other tax payers probably tired of it and that's why he says to jordan by the way repeatedly i don't have time to go to all the sound but you can provide new here you're you'll hear tone i think he's right he says italy throughout yesterday's testimony there is nothing more i would like to do than to tell you
how many versions of it and who took him i think he's right i'm but you i don't think he's lying it can his head he's like through this i'm tired being the only one on the hot seat go get agent you're back doughnuts up here too because he's the one who took the x files version of the dossier and wound up starting a case that our guy was the boss perfectly type drop it is true their budgetary item i backed away from a microsecond because i'm trying to figure out where to go next because there's three or four more i take away you're gonna want to mess with a show of course slip said the beat love after i don't have that st kitts experience and trademark law like if you re a lawyer can we put that on his shirt
will the wedding crash use people sewers because i will sell put that on a mug ma well that would be funny if i don't want to get sued i'm sad that we don't make enough money at the t shirts to take that risk it oh okay to moore big takeaways i was good now out again talking about the mechanics member the mechanics who called the fbi who took call the allegations are a separate thing there are two parts paragraph one about this case started and paragraph one is the controversy how the case it is the controversy because the allegations were trump rush inclusion are not based on anything in paragraph one of a he substance at all on them the cat extinct we now finally finally have an answer about a name you probably have been heard here in gosh for five months one of the questions about the corroboration circle
now we know multiple people contacted the fbi but we need oh they needed to corroborate the information or at least attempt to before they walked into the court because they did wanna be humiliated one of the people in that circle that we support did for a long time in a name that creep up yesterday was proof or oh i heard that yesterday i'm mare and my jaw drop now the drums yesterday when his name crept up in a hearing if you saw it was incredible and germany to try to pull this one for monday i'm sorry but i had so much sound today i want to make sure i explained to you i'll get the sound by now explain a little bit more we on the monday show but one point during the hearing jordan asks again ok anymore he's focusing on the mechanics because jordan knows the mechanics he says listen who
gave it to you and he says at one point did you have any contact with bruce or who is bruce or so you know because it mobile makes sense bruce or is a high ranking official at the department of justice this guy is he's the man or is get me department of justice with a number of high level matters brew wars wife nellie is work being fusion gps whose working for hillary clinton to go generate fake information on trupp tracked me here folks already clinton hires vision gps go get a span information on tromp fusion ps goes and hires the wife of a b o j official nellie your whose husband bruce works in the oj now we find out gradually memorandum by the way is exposed this debt or met with the fbi up to twelve times wait why so
pathway number to the glen jameson fusion gps pathway had air quotes year independent corroboration track the oars or pretend we feeding information through the fbi but again it's the same information coming at all no job which all got because now it's coming from the d o j and house or its coming from bruce or its coming from the huge gps and simpson and steal it's the same stuff or is it is it the same stuff ladies and gentlemen even worse what if it's not what if it's not the same stuff joe it's the same source in other words it all oh goes back to glenn simpson fusion gps and christopher steal a company high
to generate information negative information by hillary clinton about donald trump this all source back to them but what if the information that went through simpson two is is meetings with he denies meeting with the fbi by the way but that's not what they email say strokes email so they got information from simpson so someone's life what if the information from mccain any information from david corn is a head vague and no real dirt pass through the back channel that's a conspiracy theory is it because we now have fbi documented three o is accorded the gradually letter in other words summaries of interviews twelve of them that the fbi did would bruce or whose wife
working at future gps who is working for hillary clinton i got a really bad series memos this stuff hears the virus x files david the coveney talk i got away to get to the bureau here's the thing we can't send it through official channels because the information so stupid that people who have you know too ginning brain cells will figure out how politically motivated ridiculous it is so i got an idea spring on this guy's wife now she contacts reproofs in the oj if we have her give it the bruce brew can then give the information the fbi and it gives it an air of authenticity broth brilliant get this guy maybe that's where the mars invasion conspiracy theory against trump information came from now i know
the liberals listening purchase a conspiracy theory is it really because yesterday during the hearing we had an illuminating moment where jimmy j j oh questioning peter stroke he some specifically the bruce or pay any materials to the fbi at the moment because stroke looks puzzled for a moment doesn't want to answer the question jim asks a multiple times during the day and at one point the fbi who is unquestionably watching the hearing on c span or fox or whenever they were doing just like i was he turns around and one of the lawyers handsome a piece of paper or like a bush let's see a phone message i can see exactly what they were doing but he comes back to the mai stroke and stroked says i am authorized by the fbi to answer that question torn by the way job i know we don't
what did we measure jordan's like this he rolled back in her chair like like was what mean wouldn't let you answer the i think jordan was astonished we were so used to get it now but when i don't know i don't know and i want to begin with you i don't know i don't know i the fbi in the middle of the testimony texted or email the lawyer at the thing it said hey just let him say it i dont know my gun just because i'm guessing here jordan already knows and they were afraid that jordan was gonna keep going with it and basically tell the story without okey been answering to quit you get what i'm saying i think at this point they figured we better take a bath on this now before this gets ugly ought to show comes back the mice answer the question to astonished he says jordan says ask him again he says the or hand you materials at the fbi broke says yes he did folks i almost off the chair
because now i between illegal merit is folks the information superhighway as we discussed from episode six twenty eight to like six forty the information superhighway way and how did information get trained tracked planed or automobiles into the fbi circumventing official channels now we have information it's corn it's me ain't team its future gps and it is in fact the hu i am quoting for all you left this nonsense idiots out there i'm sorry but your doped sometimes you tonight as it is now on the record under oath that yes materials were in fact pass for bruce or to the fbi whose wife was for the company working for hillary clinton bomb shell
one level neutron bomb ok one last thing go over little bit today is important peace in a daily call at the shown what i've got some great once today on this i picked out the best of the best i've got some really good articles there today chalk us daily collar had tipp again has been knocking out of the park road little right up about lui gomer not gulp of your mind we regret about gomer questioning strokes lack of integrity i applauded for doing so by the way but my only regret is gomer said something before that show you don't even those that that was it more explosive and it got lost in the back and forth over strokes infidelity we're stuck in a stroke and review
information we have not heard publicly before we're says agent stroke he starts questioning him about the icy idea whose the icy edgy the intention community inspector general basically the internal affairs for the intelligence community apparently there is an internal affairs report that was put together in compiled from the intelligence community i e g that says it hillary clinton emails from her paw if it's server we're being routed through an email address it was not on the two stuff words ladies and gentlemen someone inserted some renegade programme into him frequent in server to divert her email traffic to far in country is thy back away from them i did not rapier eardrops out right
what what now if you listen to the show two years ago when i had a source that was added peaceful told that's hilary server been hacked but let's assume you just started listen recently in this new news to you which the irregular listen it's not now we have come formation from gomer read this daily call a story to blow your mind we now confirmation that there was some kind of rent gate programme inserted into hilary system that rooted her emails to a foreign country now i've got them i can't even forgive me cause i can't into would be disingenuous but i've got some good people on this folks is bad now to be clear from what i am hearing when i'm hearing is it it's not russia wrote cobb common action
said that in the meeting and it is not a middle eastern countries that's what i'm here from what we know now what that country is apparently is going to be and the organ nation involved with it is going to be tier one point five hydrogen bomb level stuff do you understand what this means our secretary of state so a personal bathroom in our house server operation which was info by foreign actor that or an actor who then rooted her emails over them so they could basically read all of her traffic
nothing to see their folks don't to worry one bit and sadly that got lost a little bit because of the other stuff but i think it was necessary gomer needed to go after it read that report by the daily collar because that story let me just leave you with this on other there's gonna be a lot more that comes out about that and they are going to have nowhere to hide folks one last thing i was wrong i was hosting from art the other night and people called then a couple collars and are you listen my show to us we may actually listening now and said there ever going to be just this year i think so i'm not sure but i think so and the reason i think so is including the show notes today because there's one more talking point i have to get rid of liberals
peter the esa and even some republicans who have not done their homework at that hearing keep insisting that if the lie defence now for peter stroke folks mummy line and we see this up way is going to be joe while a stroke advice he would have leaky he would have leaked or the f b i would have liked the existence of the trump investigation before the campaign like they spoke about the we campaign investigation or hilary gmail investigation they would have done damage are we clear on big omniscient repeat this one more time the line of the fao now four stroke because the democrats realised with this bruce or information the information superhighway an apparent we have one mechanics and allegations that they are in a world of trouble they realize now that a thirty thousand feet they investigated the trumpeting with the full four weapons zation united states government despite a single scintilla of credible evidence at the trump team did anything rock they know there are in trouble to defend shrunk they're going to say because they did it
some republicans for some reason do not and they don't know this they're going to say well if you really want to hurt the trump team like we're saying does he would have leaked that investigation before the election and hurt trumps electoral chances and that's not what they did they leaked the investigation to hilary through the press conference show i fear by jim combing folks they thirdly the investigation i want you to pull on your computer your iphone your ipod or whatever it is in the show notes that i guess economical down a new york times be stated october thirty first twenty sixteen not seventy in about eighteen not twenty twenty four march nineteen eighty six october thirty four it is a genuine link from the new york times about the existence of the drop in as the occasion not only was it leaked it was left right before thirty november early november elections to do maximum damage against the trump team why report
again i don't know this and don't bring this up every time that stupid alligator leak anything it's a trumpet put it on your phone and nicely pull up to your liberal friends you go where it wasn't late what is that what it what are you doing here let me read this jehovah before you trying to reach a headline in case you miss that's ok sorry you can since the people my it's just important we get this i really new york times dot com october thirty first we scrolling to the top the articles written by eric lick brow and stephen lee myers invest the donald trump fbi sees no clear link to russia reed the peace it describes in detail the investigation into donald trump liberals continue to insist was not lead to the media it was leaked so
talking point is garbage do now i dont know stroke himself with it but there's absolutely zero question that the existence of the trump investigation was the that is factually a garbage talking point medium and get to the gouty one show so hopefully on monday we can dig in a little more on this and i really like the hammer that our stuff but i think that is a good healthy thirty thousand foot view of exact what happened yesterday and the devastating position the damage let's find themselves in the paragraph on mechanics were unofficial were awful were off the books and were kept hidden because i didn't want to get the information and the paragraph allegations are now turning out to be all bs meaning our government was weapon eyes in a grotesque political attack i folks thanks for children in please please subscribed to my podcast i'm humbly asking to do that it helps us move up the charts help people find us subscribe
itunes spotify its follow but none iheart i want all them if you don't mind we appreciated sound cloud as well it helps us alot thank you very much you just heard in bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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