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Ep. 765 What Is the Anti-Trump Crowd Hiding?

2018-07-18 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the continued controversy over the DNC server. I also discuss the suspicious actions of the Mueller probe with regard to the “hacking” narrative. Finally, I debunk myths about Scandinavian socialism.   News Picks: Debunking myths about Scandinavian “socialism,” Part 3.   Who are the mystery recipients of immunity in the Mueller witch hunt?   Is Lisa Page giving up the goods?   Democrats are engaged in a desperate scheme to obstruct the investigation into Spygate until after the midterm elections.    The United States lost a hero this week. Please consider donating to the family of this American patriot. https://www.gofundme.com/remagen-family


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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i wasn't it advise you know show no we should show doing ok today because i just talked to him little bit more sober opening tonight folks i really appreciate you turn it into the end yesterday show re addressed but i want to ask you for a personal favor i die don't do that often on the show i try stay away from from personal favours because that can get old quickly i'm not here who abuse your time or your loyalty to the programme by dumb its secret service agent who passed i have the information if you'd like to help i just need to take a minute of your time folksy was forty two year his name was no rummaging he was he was a patriot he passed
unexpectedly on this scotland trip with donald trump on a protection mission he was assigned to the presidential protection division he had a massive saree borough vascular incident and numb died shortly thereafter he was it was it was it i don't even know how to describe how astonished the stunned dutch sad heart five the secret service family as this was a united states marine his father there was a secret service employ you for years he comes from family of heroes and patriots folks as as am your ear your humble host here and i mean this impasse asking you permit a tough time getting us up is please help support this family they ve lost at forty two years all these two young children a boy and a girl nobody knew but he saw this coming i spoke
hu a friend last night who is running with them on the treadmill in london just a day before he was great shape nobody saw this common this was a real american hero i know and i understand money is tight i totally get it that's why i really am very careful about these things and by the way the reason yesterday i mention that to go find me and patriotic how those are those are not my accounts is because of today there are others fraudulent accounts on petrol and go find me that have since been taken down that have stolen my name the one i'm about to give you is that's so i get in a couple people when i tweeted this out that way be careful dancer there's no go for me and yet not this is the real one and this is why said this it is go find me dot com slash rummaging r e m a g in dash family i will put the link up in the show notes today joyfully
forgot to send that over you i'll send that real put it in my wife who with my wife we send the stuff out now i've treated it out it is on my facebook page as well folks please can you if you have just a couple of dollars to spare you know they will there's nothing i remember more than than than leaving on all these secret service trips in my kid that the time only had one and every time and the when you came home and that taxi from the airport it was like the best day ever he's coming back he's not coming back he went over there and his body was brought back on a cease seventeen military airplane and by the way i can't say enough good things about our military either you wanna hear what they did form when we travel overseas with the president we take his cars presidential the fleet
the scenes and all the armor does vehicles on military planes they they drive onto the point military or load master you been in the year air force you know what i'm talkin about but we take many pines while the military this is this is what we do for our boys
they stacked all the cars on the two planes which believe me is an easy and they emptied that third c seventeen for the use of the family to transport this guy is body home said folks i know this guy he was a quiet guy
he was a real patriot and now i get it the world's a tough place full of tragedy but i had to tell you i wasn't really ready for that one and i'm just asking you to if you can if you can earn money stuff i totally understand i committed check it out if it go fund me page my wife and i put one thousand five hundred in an open up that they can raise but a hundred thousand dollars it's gonna do nothing to bring this man and his patron attic saw back god wanted them for some reason i don't pretend understand my but it will at least alleviates temporary financial burdens caused by his obviously untimely passing and can i just one more thing you know someone told me a couple things last night night for obvious reasons
can't give you all the details i hope you forgive me i just it wouldn't be appropriate but i don't think you understand people out there either what this president's made of we heard this story and there is something he did that maybe one day i'll be allowed to share with you i think you'll understand entirely why so many people by the lot of flaws and other things like that support the sky because he supports his guys and there was something he did there really touch me of this whole thing so if you can please go no websites gave it i'll tell my twitter being shown oats today be emma my email them please if you can just the whatever whenever you can
dollar five dollars a hundred dollars if you can i would really appreciate its again saying you doing to bring this period back but it be deeply appreciate it man the already yeah yeah i am just now you know he's forty two years old and i was talking to a friend of mine last night when i went to secret a restraining with and dumb just the way the whole thing went down is just an unbelievable it's just so sad anything she was telling me about how that
collagist in psychiatrist tell the families to deal with these kind of tragedies it's it just really cut me off at the legs i just had a tough time dealing with holding my wife and i both last night the details of it a really horrible folks this was a good man from a family of patriots alright okay thanks for your help on that that's kind of tufty even go into any regular stories today but that a lot going on you saw yesterday sir president trump gave a press conference a man press you weenty this out you gonna catch her breath naw man i'm good hump could be they are the audience a shelf and ah you know you all you all deserve that you give dedicate a lot of time to this anomaly zebra i'm with you i appreciate it but tat is true
i knew it would be tough this morning i was just waiting for permission to go with it because because kids hadn't been notified which is i can't even i can't even a man i can't even imagine so there some interesting stuff that happened yesterday so that ghana president gives us this press briefing quicker within the rules about room yes next to the oval office annie our fight statements about the wit with the statements made in helsinki a meeting the russian president vladimir putin and he was pretty clear about a verbal misstep he made where he basically said he said it was meant to say wouldn't rather wide meaning he didn't question the fact that the russians are that the russians in fact try the interfere in our elections now i can't the guy's head it's amazing how much on car
yeah you know the money they immediately musician the shoes me the magician guy are these media people try to get in his head and said ah well he's lying that's ivory atlas i'm not going to get into that i'm just gonna this folks there's a lot of shady stuff going on i wanted dig into this stuff one by one tonight i'm sorry i'm just get rid of that stuff up on my screen you call this there's a lot of shady stuff going on here's what i want to get in to today which is super important you understand that call me server thing i don't this gonna be tough because there are some people out there who are saying things that are i dont understand let me just get to the point you can the dnc servers trump brought up in the helsinki meeting that
the dnc servers which as you know the entire bedrock narrative of the of the of the collusion fairytale is that the dnc servers were hacked by the russians that information was exchanged somehow with tromp team in collusion effort you get that i've said that a thousand times you probably tired of hearing we're going you shouldn't be you gotta get good because you don't understand that you don't understand what the rest of what i'm going to say and the efforts made in this massive cover up to make all the stuff go way are not going to make any sense what i don't understand is why some people out there conservatives included keep giving the benefit of the doubt too far laughed liberal media talking point without understanding even basic facts of the case i dont get it now the lake thing i'm gettin a upon emails people been say enemy than president troops the dnc servers which again allegedly were hacked by the russians in that the democrats never turned over
the dnc servers to the fbi ladies and gentlemen that is a fact that is not in dispute now liberal media and other feed other folks out there for some time our reason are trying to cover this up they are trying to over it up with an article that the daily bees than other articles out to say why you know it's not really necessary that they turn over the server for forensic examination yeah guess your correct it isn't absolutely necessary but the fact that the servers weren't turned over is a fact that's not in dispute now because something is it necessary doesn't mean it is inadvisable joe low let me have you an example i i think i don't know having been a criminal investigator maybe this makes more sense and is not making sense to others now if i have a evidence that arm of course was involved in an armed robbery and i
and actually get the firearm he used to hold someone upright ok i want a firearm yes the fact that i have image of a firearm is is nice it may be enough and what you want to find you want the original joe does make certain for now on fewer cases that involve penetration to a network unauthorized bob activity on it our spear fishing hacking whatever it may be to do with it is always advisable to get the regional hard drive on the server absolutely now just to be crystal clear on the fact that they don't have the original hard drive i work on this online forgive me for the kind of broken up opening obviously it's little emotional here but i do have a lot to get you when you make sure you understand here are the words of former
the eye director jim call me answering questions from congressmen will heart leapt read to you the exact words congressmen heard he says good copy so director fbi so denotes you sorry so director f b i know find the dnc early before any information was put on wiki leaks and when you still have been never been given since the any of the technical or the physical machines that we're hacked by the russians jim all these answer ladys in german that's correct although we got the forensics from the pros that they hired which again best practice is ways to get access to the machines themselves but this my folks tell me was an appropriate substitute ladies and gentlemen not denying that a photo of a weapon used in an armed robbery can be a potential substitute for the evidence what i'm telling you
why are even some people on our side of the isle giving the benefit of the doubt to the democrats and a liberal media who are sick asking that the appropriate substitute should be taken as the de facto narrative of of of over i'm not dead there's no i'll fees and the de facto narrative is no no they had a sub future which all are you ok we should they asked questions about why the original wasn't turned over now to be clean to give you both sides show ok there are people alleging out there well you know that and see it is those servers to conduct their business during the present your campaign ladies and gentlemen fair enough my i guess this is your conducting me most significant counter intelligence investigation in modern united states history a cow it's that has now taken up nearly two years of america's time insisting that the world's second largest nuclear power basically all
her thorough and american election with a massive hacking scandal colluding with the current present united states and you don't think it's important enough to engage in the best practice you and a jimmy second best practice which is our give you images now ladies and gentlemen why do you need the original server because as noted to me by professionals in the field the a server job is you who's in a red only device and secured to compare to later images ok that's why it's the best practice to secure these server or servers now don't tell me we can accept can best when you're telling me that this is the biggest scandal in united states history and you automatically give people the benefit of the doubt and not the president who is rightfully curious about this joe granted every
it's happened to this guy he has had his former national security adviser arrested and prosecuted for elect gently lying to the fbi after being bullied into a plea while the fbi themselves they weren't at that he wasn't deceptive you hillary clinton despite overwhelming evidence of malfeasance end miss reasons in shady immunity deals to our staff allowed to bleach bit basically the tec biology wise wiping out evidence of emails on a private unauthorized server was given a complete pass nobody prosecutor over this at all manufacturers or given immunity you bob mahler violating the attorney client privilege to go after trumps lawyer when is
and aid is collusion without any evidence of actual collusion and and i dont get your defaulting to the democrats narrative that pay the second best investigative technique the images that should be good enough and we should ask questions because they had seen it to do its work tat we know what its work was framing donald trump and their team and we're supposed to the second best investigative technique by the way i haven't even mention something else and other aggravating factor what is curiosity is how are you guys accepting this oh it's ok it's it's a substitute why are we so shooting it secondly this does not change the fact that the fbi i was not called being immediately for the biggest scandal allegedly in u s history trump colluding with the russians to hack the dnc servers and get the information out this does not change the fact that the
fbi was not called in matter of fact no religion agency with expertise in this was called it who was all then a company no crowd strike with at a minimum a suitable ties the people involved with the clear campaign sit not boards of organizations or people who have been multi million dollar donors to the clinton's people with connections to the democratic operation they did call me fbi so what i know understand joe and ominous sum this up because this is infuriating tat you have paid on our side so quick to try to debunk let's debunk donald trump when not taking into account the totality of of at best suspicious circumstances leading people to believe that this case did not fall low standard investigating procedures their wars
i'm a lease here that are not explainable when compounded one on one on one on one on one they are not explainable by simple you know what we just need of the images and by the way we never even looked at them right away was a private company were taken a word for call me set himself they got the images from the pros i thought they were the pros why are you accepting this now folks do i i'm not do this is not conspiracy theory stop i'm telling you things that actually happen the fbi i was not call then they were given information later after it had been touched by a company with chernobyl pies year do democrat party you're alleging this is biggest scandal in u s history and you don't think the colony fbi right away at an eu level
over the original hard drives despite the director of the fbi himself acknowledging that's the best way to do it even though this is supposedly the biggest scandal in u s history and then you get i tv well it sufficient to do that without asking what sufficient you're talking about impeaching the president united states you're talking about a nuclear power with thousands of nuclear happens pointed at us you're talking a very serious and by the way credible accusations they attacked our election process and you're all of a sudden you're willing to give him a pass out our second best to say ok after by the a private company was brought in and not the fbi getting these emails for two days there's a reason i held off on this story because i'm way to see who else jobs on this nonsense donald was absolutely right he did not
nothing he fudged in that helsinki press conference there with putin when he said the f b i should look at the service they don't have the servers that's a fact you excusing a way through purple judo six different ways from sunday why you're willing to accept this second investigative techniques an image of the server on word of a private company not the fbi yet you're me immediately attacking donald trump produced stating a simple fact our hour delirious i've read joe for ever two days i've been reading these articles that their it's true they donald trump make this up about the dnc serves no he didn't it is the for of liberal media folks democrats and at some people cannot get past the fact
this case is layer upon layer of anomalous events that are no longer explainable by a reasonable person has just being simple mistakes i mean doing to go through the list the incorporation of b i confidential informants spies to spy on a political campaign for collusion nobody can prove happen by the way first contact made before an fbi case was even open the way the same confidential foreman who was a prior cia asset whose now somehow working for the fbi meetings we british intelligence and john brennan just days later democrats powerful democrats in the senate sending a letter the fbi demanding an investigation into donald trump with information could the dossier that is never ever been verified that then made it into a court of law
use this spy on terrorists that was used to spy on a guiding carter page to hop into the trump team a guy named carter page by the way who still running frame this potter's you the end we servers rack why was the f b i called at all i don't know that's give em a pass crowd shrike was well why weren't the original servers taken it because i don't know we got second best the images we're just gonna take em too well it's too but are you crazy but may allow this i mean if there was ever a case for the meat love this is it are you even really do guys guys syria are you rearing this thing multiple prosecutions of of of truck people for alleged collusion but no charge of collusion anywhere in any of the charging documents everybody and they have a routine gets a pass paul combated
the guy was involve according to multiple press reports any bleach up here lorries to email data who may stay instead the fbi had a later retract and ignore she had an o true work reports about that is given complete pass he says he had an o s word moment oh man i just remembered all this stuff i told you i didn't remember hillary clinton staffer saying she was acting as a lawyer in a meeting to be able to go into a meeting where she's a potential coke and spirit of the case not if this bothers you all this is supposed to be ignored and which is supposed to accept the fbi's word that the second best investigative technique was a ok after the f b i never even got to look at this hour what are our not seeing this are you sure blinded by rage
donald trump that you not see that the government was clearly weapon ice in this case too at worst use the legal system and counter intelligence apparatus to take down a political campaign to at best at best harass the donald trump care pain what are you monsieur maybe it blinded by of being busted you maybe eyes maybe it's me maybe it is maybe it's fear of being of of the of the criminal light member i sent to you john and what this is just an embarrassment because some people have said to me oh dear what are they afraid of being embarrassed by weapon i the i know ladies and i'm telling you there's criminal liability here for people in the intelligence community and the federal bureau investigation who led the existence of classified information to the media to damage the truck team we know about
the leaks in october we know about the leaks in january to david ignatius or the wash them both these are criminal actions donald trump set about the server to put a period on this sentence was true you explaining it away every single time you know it says it's fine we could just but what the images you got the fbi direct himself sing the best practice to get the server we're not applying the best practice that sees alleging this guy hacked and election tarnal dan server over you not to there is now we're dealing with this page depressed these are rushing spy to russian i said these are these all of course rapporteur support slavery he's a nazi he's a fascist also eighty heckler area i mean a new york
you're willing to accept our second best is ok how is wrong with you man cash i'm tired of this it's not a the liberal media that gets me so i'm used to their bs what i'm tired of this anti torp crowd that is so willing to put aside reason and accept second best explanations while what the truth is staring them in the face guys this not only this case this did not fall hello standard operating procedures anywhere staggered up making procedure get the server is case we didn't say that green procedure colony fbi this case we did stand up brain procedure what's our charge somewhat lying to the fbi like my point if we didn't think you is deceptive we didn't standard brady procedure while they set their class they traded classified information over hilary private emails ever maybe we should prosecuting this case we didn't standard operate
procedure maybe we shouldn't have staff members hilary email in a meeting with the fbi and hilary in this case we didn't pace operating procedure we probably should give immunity to people who white pillory server clean especially people who have not told the truth to the fbi maybe we should majority before we prosecuted this case we didn't you're willing to forego all that's because you're so committed to this trap is that your forfeiting there are common sense the pumpking dnc so debunking betty and see servers are not the fbi's possession that is not the best practice there's nothing to the park the fact that the daily beast wrote a p sought it but there we are left with website try to justify away whether you second and third best practice does not make any of this in fact true they don't have
server i haven't capital letters usual there's always an excuse with these people always this is what they do they engage in this lawyer early back and forth with a myth pick out details forgetting the thirty thousand foot view that nothing in this case the visa free travel a pass given a hillary clinton and the overwhelming weapon negation of the entire government to attack trump they lose the thirty thousand foot when the details wow you know you can always use the images yes you can of course you can can you acknowledge its not the best practice showed the way it should be done in a critical investigation but there's always a but did you have
knowledge acknowledge point wasn't deceptive but he put guilty yet did you fact that they threatened they kids and kids legal bills were so were so he had a cell s house you plead guilty too often this prosecuted for the logan act nobody in the u s history was prosecuted for local but joe it's still on a box argue with any it hillary clinton send actual classified information telling them the scrub declassify mark is here but she didn't really mean it there was a spy working for the fbi but call em accomplish what form hot tired of your gear but i'm tired of em and every listening should be tired of it too and it's not just the lips it's this proud of people who can't stand this president who will excuse away every bit of
it's freezing malfeasance lose the birds i view of what actually happened in an effort to desperately saved a respirator reputation and its sickening it sickening we have been on this job you and i for a year now it has been i entire life covering this case the book everything this case thanks and unlike many the p pull out there i've actually worked cases i have worn out affidavit search warrant complaints i have sat and grand juries i've sat and multiple courtrooms in multiple states at the federal level actually testifying investigating these cases you have not many of you is anomalous wake up you are not doing this the cause of freedom and justice not that truck cause the cause of the constitutional republic some
say you intersect you are not doing their cause any justice at all you are pro idle fertilizer to the enemy freedom and liberty process an order it is said to me i got some more to get through also possess another angle on this case that again is anomalous the overwhelming effort by people investigating this case on the mahler side and on the fbi side to class supply and hide information when it doesn't fit the narrative this is gonna
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we shall do not poster show notes till i put back ok i'll send tee after the shall please it's really important rapidly that sharing of anything comes out of the show today that's it folks we can always cover this other stuff later but pulse bury who's been doing just incredible work great peace real clear investigations will be in the show notes today at punch you know that calm please please read it it talks about i'm on a quota little section of it here ladies and gentlemen the house report that devon nunez has been putting together along with his team even the senate report is well along very very limited portions of the mahler indictment i came out on friday what's very suspicious about what's going on here joe is those reports are clear still clear and by the way there's another piece in the washed in free beacon i haven't the showed us it describes as do that encourage you report from together will be read it hears that here's the to take away the
formation about this the russians this group of russian operatives that attacked our election process the infirmary about them attacking joe republicans and trump care pay trop associates trump team people is classified while the other information about the democrats is being put out by the mahler probe folks i'm telling you this dollar probe is a scam it is a scam with a capital ass you been scammed this the scheme now last night it was announced on fox news and i'll put thea this zone assurances as well start not a good information that i mahler now asking the court for immunity job for five people involved in this case but in a court filing he's asking for anonymity for these five people ladies and gentlemen this alone
speculation about who these five people are again in the interests of fair and not misleading you and not adding to the fury like some others do i am not going to regulate yet on whom alors giving immunity to but i'm going to prepare you right now that if those people if though people are quite than associates you can catch the check told you to put in your bank account a long time ago that this move or probe was exclusively designed to cover up the oj and fbi malfeasance and the clinton case to provide air cover for clinton's while simultaneously relentlessly attacking donald trump we'll see because those names will leak willingly there's a couple suggestions who they may be are not willing to get into that yet i bring this up those well because there's been specific requests by poland the justice department and the fbi to keep quiet
certified information in the house report about very specific devastated the attacks internet pace the tax on republicans and the trump team while putting out on friday joe a very detailed analysis of the russian attacks on the democrats why would that be why would that be because ladies and gentlemen for the umpteen thousand time this is designed smaller probe exclusively to save the narrative that the russians one to the democrats and donald trump helped them if the information that's out there that is valuable in these congressional documents in our investigation shows the russians one after the trump team in the republicans to it in time wait destroys the narrative that the russian we're trying to help trumped get elected how they may have preferred trump
vladimir putin preferred obama are you know but you know what about a to see me again thereby going you here we go this is why a mere potent bob who was the only foreign leader this is measured by name and romney's convention speech it makes sense that he takes the u s race a bit personally the revenues from an article by the way that this is not a putin quote directly the russian president suggested in an interview with the satellite network are key that obama probably be easier to work with them the candidate describe this country talk about mitt romney as america's number one geo political fault is it passed provide find the solution to the problem of current president obama is re elected for a second term theoretically yes putin said he continued my telling us that he's a very honest man and then he sincerely wants to make many good changes but can you do it well they let him do it that's putin about bobby
cash that check galileo the did putin prefer drop i have no idea prefer obama why was there no investigation into obama i'm telling the narrative they have do desperately maintain is that putin attacked the democrats because he was colluding which job this is important this is critical take away not because he preferred trump but because he was colluding were trop that's their narrative he preferred obama ones alleging collusion with obama they are hiding the information about the massive internet based attacks the idea tat against a republican party this from the pulse bury peace a real clear investigations their class of this teeth snakes
our classifying in rejecting the information about the republicans while putting out an indictment on friday about the democrats so you don't see the information so you continue to believe this was exclusively a potent attack on democrats it's a lie from this very peace on the two republican senator susan college who asked was the trump campaign by the russians this is in a bar comas briefing call me replied i want to be our full about what i say and open setting but there was ever there was a hacking directed at state level republican organizations state level republic campaigns and the already see way was there's more call me there is no doubt that they hit our sea email domain however he testified russian actors were not able to collect current emails suggesting
or valuable already see data was better protected from such cyber threats then though secured by the dnc so basically the day and see what they were so dumb they felt for the spear fishing there are and see didn't and yet we're supposed to believe that the that that putin and his effort to get trump i did and colluding with him some i started and tried to hack the urgency to waste i also believe that the i make any sense joe do you see what i'm going with this year there so fine the information about the hits on the sea because it will entirely destroyed their theory that this was an attack on the democrats only in an effort down trop folks being scammed another portion of the free beacon peace it's in the show no say it's very good please
the pulse bury peace its excellent they are dead nunez gave a in inner view too congressmen sean duffy on his podcast things for plant cast duffy's good guys married to rachel duffy africa from fox news you see him she was for she was in the real world i remember when i was growing up gives it gives us interview newness and he's a explicit in this that the democrats are desperate to obstruct classify and delay this thing until after the mid terms why job they are convinced they're gone to be able to take over the house when they take for the house the chairmanships change new will lose his chairmanship to a democrat they then get to dictate patient flow these investigations will go away folks i bring this up because i am on bended knee begging you
please vote me elections if the democrats a governed the mid terms all these amazing get justice will never be done yes you're right just this will never be done it will be dead and buried you will never see accountability on these cases ever they will go where all the other cases want the irs fast and furious benghazi all of em they will go to the graveyard of democrats scandals to be buried for i want to see ever again read the peace in a free beacon nunez is clear as day they delaying and delaying and the laying until the november midterms praying that they take over the house and in january you will see what happens all these cases will disappear if the democrats take over this is a scam folks this is a huge scam a furious about this
their classifying the date on republic they just released or by the way here's what you're democrat friends or saint just so you understand the combat want to leave you hanging they'll say oh the indictment on friday gas inventions in in one part about the attacks and republicans ladies and gentlemen it's on one page it lacked any detail at all and it is only a general statement designed to pretend it some kind of by partisan document sick oriana hitter because do put by the way here's twenty seven pages of detail the tax on a democrat well what about the detail the tax on the republicans we're going to classify all that this is a scam tell by the way did tupac tat one because that will be the did you see that the banking outworks that'll be that the air quotes the bunker
oh my g d nobody's talk but they mention on one line of pain eighteen or whatever that yes they attacked dormancy too there are twenty seven pages of detailed documentation of a sophisticated russian spear fishing campaign to try to infiltrate democrats this same leagues used on the republicans who just had better security wall not mention that two why would you leave that out isn't that right when joe to so called elections it is but it's when you're narrative is it trump colluded with the russians to hit the democrats small a probe is a disgrace immunity wait till we get these five names let's see you these people are really upsets me big time
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on these pieces out the body no doubt com website as always i'll be in the showed us aid to keep saying it but if you subscribe to my email is i will eat male him write to you matt wrote part three banking scandinavian socialism member the reason we're doing this is because the democrats after bernie sanders vienna what revolution whatever you want to call at every time you hear revolution coming from socialist block your doors back bernie sanders revolution now we ve seen this andrea cassio cortez another self proclaimed democratic socialist trying to splain away and justify the differences between socialism and democratic socialism there are no differences there is no such thing is socratic socialism it is a myth manifest the countries they refer to joe consistently this is why we need talking with the scandinavian countries when you talk about countries like sweden we talk about countries like denmark they are not socialist countries you continue to insist that they are democratic socialist countries does not me
your true they are kept less countries with very large nanny state government there is a significant difference in that the government does not control the means of production there like they do legitimate socialist countries cuba venice by allah where people are dying tortured killed starving sense of avowed of destitution everywhere now in the first to you which paid links to and then the peace the first you part we depart the fact is that these countries grew wealthy under democratic social and they grew wealthy under capitalism their growth rates slow down as they incorporated bigger and government we the whole notion that college there was great it's not free these do sir graduating with debt to income ratios at her off the charts not to mention here tax dollars are still pay in foreign over there we deplore the way
first the notion of some of the highest sick leave rates in the world because the government pays for sick leave so people naked that you should take sick leave when you're sick but the peace from yesterday up at any given time up to ten percent of the country's out on sickly part three here that take away is awesome before you can read the peace in detail match always gotta researching he cites everything folks the gdp the gdp of sweden when they were in heavily involved in the expansion of their big government policies what liberals called democratic socialism which it is not they are big government fanny staples if the government did not confiscate the economy during these years but in the nineteenth seventy five to ninety ninety five years swede there gdp growth half the rate of always see the countries in the eu doses
he is just so clear will make an we're doing a correlation here you what you see just a year is wealth and prosperity of humankind wealth and prosperity humankind will be enhanced engaging in policy similar to what sweden's that's their danger sweden's the best we love sweden we love denmark that data does not comply with that at all as shit and the power of big government has it its government at the expense of freedom and entrepreneurial ship in the years nineteen seventy five to ninety ninety five sweden's gdp grew at half the rate of the other countries in the oecd big world economies my team ninety six when reading started to turn around and you turn joe because the burden a big government the swedes was so overwhelming it was crushing their growth their productivity in their well they started to turn the corner
but what's that regional right after that happen from ninety ninety six on sweden's economy outperform the oecd in eu countries look at the chart the peace they are absolutely crystal clear clear stay the correlation you're suggesting between national prosperity and democratic socialism goes in reverse as you wish the two put you first he should we call democratic socialism which is really big government policies the economy and sweden slowed down relative to others as they were of course and started to shrink the government footprint on the acts of the swedes the government started to grow at a rate higher than the other countries is a chart and there are another charge that mad put in their which is great it show
how after ninety ninety six joe the d peace in government employees public employment and sweden how it went down and the corresponding increase in private sector employment went up and how the wealth and asperity of swedish though of the swedish citizens one up with that correlation works in the opposite direction from what you're suggesting you don't know what you're talking about secondly the swedish economy starts to pick up posts ninety ninety fours well what happens post one thousand nine hundred and ninety four ninety six and kicks it right post one thousand nine hundred and ninety four swedish the swedish government institute some budget controls on its government spending the budget tat their cumulative debt
cotton half over time as that deficit in dad you're not always the same thing is mmm half what prince the swedish economy starts to grow again so let's let let some this up here as the swedish government puts budget control starts it troll government spending starts to reduce public back to employment government appointment and starts to reduce the role of gum taxation of people's lives the economy starts to get better as it increase those policies and increase the power of government people's lives the government at the economy got worse finally map brings up another great point which is you'll never hear this from liberals because they don't live in fact base world how defended sweden constantly his example of your new world socialism which is factually incorrect you're actually
spending the success of some policies that conservatives have been lobbying for for and ninety ninety two joe the swedes institute some form of school choice in their government debts we'll choice based system voucher based system they go from one set of swedes attending private school of ten to fifteen percent attending private school what happens the economy after the that you gotta give it i'm these students go when they go into better schools are the choices kicks in the economy starts to grow the correlation oh yes it causes so it's impossible to infer causality we're simply just thing that the they policies private school matt also addressed as there are social security the way they run it over there how these are free of these are
free market conservative solutions and that's when the coroner started to turn on the swedish economy they got better just ignore this look at the data look at the facts look at the correlations you can infer causation all you want i'm on we'll do it on the show on simply telling you that their causation democratic socialism causes prosperity is factually incorrect and the correlation isn't even write the correlations in the opposite direction more of what they call democrat ex socialism equals less wealth and prosperity ok just one final thing i read an interesting story can it you don't work overseer tv and entering be interesting story about netflix how you know you you live by the ala cart you die by hard role after this but yeah right so netflix for one of the first times at least
the way they had to make up so early on and they went from male business to all their basically on mine and an innate in their show production stuff their content creation but flakes has had very few because in this way from what she's been extraordinary growth there subscriber basis just incredible but they had a stock drop yesterday significantly because they missed their subscriber target they lost a significant number of us describers relative to their projections illiteracy piece in the wall street journal today about how you know what it now lex expect joe and the only reason in other words if you were going to go out there and be a car creators ay subscribed to my product what did they take hbo hidden showtime cbs and by the way i see tv and at our aid tv and others have been you name it bright boy and i mean other their austerity to hail as inertia dipping everybody was gonna take that lying down so i
bring this up because i've said in the past ladies gentlemen we're going to the dumb box era the dumper syria is going to be this you can forget the cable i'm telling you ten fifteen years that's gonna be nothing but an accessory in your house maybe a relic the dumb by she's gonna be your smartphone your tablet near tv this is all we're gonna be run by app some kind of computer in your home and all you're gonna do is say you're a turn on see our tv the damp on gene osha whatever maybe just you do right now with alexa or google home whenever anyone who little device and i get up yet again i get our i gazed with all oh yeah that's it do you know that yeah i mean i listened on my phone is going to be the dumb box take some kind computer computing device is going to be the cable box of the future that is going to sling to whatever your tv with your phone it may play directly on your phone right to your television this is going
be the demise the only reason i bring it up on a political show which is on a technology shall not pretending to be a futurists here i'm just suggesting to you that the monopoly the mainstream media had over narratives in the past by men apple isaac cbs abc nbc and control over your cable box what you're allowed to see and what you're not and the distribution these companies have had to pay to get into your home through cable they're gonna be over you're gonna be able to start the bon gino network start an app and sling it right to your tv you can watch tampa gino content twelve hours a day at my drive you crazy but you get the point live by the content creation and the media narratives die by there are going to be people out there who to start their own networks do their own thing and that thea the vm obstacles to entry there are going to be very low in the future the view your game is changing completely i folks to get for june and and again you know not to issue with a twice but them i really would have
she added if you would make a small donation if you can to the family of no remedy and put the link up in the show notes beyond my twitter my facebook anna please i'm just asking you as a friend it would mean a lot to me and his family and up thank you i appreciate thanks a lot you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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