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Ep. 766 Why the Media Keeps Losing to Trump

2018-07-19 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I explain why the liberal media continues to lose to President Trump in the public relations battle. I also address the scandalous media suppression of the latest Clinton scandal.    News Picks: In this Daily Caller piece FBI Director Wray bursts the media narrative about who our biggest intelligence foe is.    This Investors Business Daily piece covers the scandalous revelation that a foreign entity may have Hillary’s emails.   This Washington Examiner piece exposes John Brennan for the liar that he is.    God bless the soul of Secret Service agent Nole Remagen.   This Yahoo piece addresses the exploding economic crisis in Venezuela.   Wait. What did George Soros just say?    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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get ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wanna be thereby geo shell producer jail our you today is always lead to be yes big day yesterday went out to rally with the conservative candidate down here in florida or one of em for governor good guy the santa too i like was out there with don trumped junior whose terrific guy i can give what was their wanna thank for their hospitality incredible event not like walking out of this a surprise that a bunch of folks it and now i would be so backed out like i crept out by the major problem five hundred six hundred people there in this pact rested i'm kind of bar kind of place it was great so i had a good time thanks for the hospitality and a big thank you folks
when i say i love my audience i don't mean at one of those suki you know what those movies i pretty and pink kind away i litter i mean i love my audience like love like an emotional bond with you in the actual miriam webster definition of the term love you all the best i said let me just give you a quick example what i'm talking about my had said to a secret service agent the other day i was talking to that my i stayed he said they needed help with the within no imagine who tragically passed earlier forty two years all from a massive cerebral vascular accident and they said can you ask your audience for help on they go for me page which i put out yesterday on the show they said listen if we now get ten thousand ten thousand dollars i should now nada now now
should i know my audience i said i'm telling you a hundred thousand dollars these are the greatest people out there and i don't get a hundred over two hundred thousand dollars so folks you are the best i'm i can't thank you and no amount of monies obviously gonna bring no back i was really horrible the story it the more i hear about it the worse it is get two young kids mistress stating but it does please help alleviate some of the financial pressure short term from from that us of income so thank you very much you all are great yeah i deeply deeply appreciate it means a lot and i was telling you about tromp of course trump insisted on going out their receiving the casket at andrews cause that's the kind of guy tromp is good enough the like is politics you have to like his ideology and the like his business you know like anything about him but i'm telling people know this guy that this is the and a guy he is i was don junior yesterday and i said to him now it to me sing about your dad is he's out there
thousands of employees come through the trump organization over the years and yet for a guy but he claims is a nazi the anti christ damon from the movie the yeoman george i a notice that there's the number of prior employees come announce it all this guy's awful is the zero maybe is there one i don't know i mean i've never heard it i haven't even decades if i'm missing something but you would think with such an awful guy there'd be this massive outcry from and it's just not there evermore these people now a matter of fact my mother in law hispanic immigrants from colombia was supposed to be accorded a democrat identity politics box a big democrat absent he loves and because of the story she knows about his generosity when she worked and airport in new york and trumpet i was and he had a reputation for being one of the most generous guys around i'm just saying folks you know because before what all the hyperbolic nonsense that's going to be the gist of the first story the show today to have died what's going on right now with this
thinking meeting the media overreaction and our trump is we creating a foil here which is i think a media overreaction and how he's almost defining himself by what he's not this will make sense at a second i promise you stay till you're gonna like design today show brought you by bodies at helix sleep we love he likes the best mattresses around nobody on the planet like you so why would you buy a generic mattress built for everyone else deftly no want to be you know sometimes you can really bad advice to undergo knows match restores you gotta helix sleep there they'll customize it just for you he'll sleep matches your body to the perfect mattress you can get the best sleep of your life they develop nine different mattresses tailored to specific body types and sleep princess just go to sleep dot com slash damn that's helix sleep dot com slashed it take their two minutes sleep quizzes super quick and now
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king to the swamp rats media leads and liberals and rhino republicans but are completely unsurprising to joe and eye i the poles i'm not surprised at all but the media's flipping there are two paul's i wanted you to say they are taken care love talk about is maybe so my background in psychology i've fascinated by the trump phenomenon and how a few people grass what's going on so people in the swamp i mean people a middle america get it everywhere it's out of me give me a job so here are these two paul's job but you're just like sounds like i know joe i know joe he's astounded at my level of excitement considering before the show rally right i was so tired but once i get it to a boom boom the kid turns around like that and even calls himself the kid which is like the worst thing ever my wife it's that they do it
for nuts of those ida playful way i love my wife did that she's great ok the polwarth so here's the ball they took appall after helsinki meeting with pleasure operated president putin from russia which obviously things didn't go as well as planned tromp already corrected it fine let's put that this paul numbers auditing when asked when they asked republican voters if they approve their debts roof of the helsinki meeting the putin feather percent of the gnp said they approved way where other at this level the media job right am right or am i really media absolutely swore this is it pointed out again one more time
bang joe patsy from good bells tat maybe the perfect i forgot about our greatest truck that's an after mother meatloaf greatest rap ever that media where they had been palpable moment being pow boom they sward this is it the final nail in the coffin we ve got tromp now this is asked the stormy daniels nail in the coffin immigration nail in the coffin a travel ban nail in the coffin access hollywood ban nail in the coffin i am i the thing males in the trump got there there are more of them i just can't think of all the outrage campaigns i care i'm sorry i we need a list of the euro amateur someone on twitter tweet me an outrage campaign i'll retweeted tv list i carried the day the compendium of the outlay outrage campaigns against run they saw this was it so them
he is losing their minds because this paul nearly eighty percent seventy nine percent to be precise of gnp voters say i'll handle that ok i approve feel like what are we gonna do what are we gonna do but a dent in the sky even he's worth gets worse wait there's more every threats forbidden for mercosur weight is war paul number two trumped up of a rainy day had joe they have yeah it though question i had a bit of media we got em now member that's supposed to get him joe this positive report the facts look at that and that we know that that the democrats still believe the media's airport the facts came on them to their to their own detriment by the way as we know the truth are not there to their degree trump his approval rating is held study or one poor take up to forty five percent will after the rush of me where they swore this was the end of trump we ve now we
now now i want to do my best to explain this to you and it's not the city or engaging psycho babble or waste your time this is critical does it explains why this is not going to stop and i believe it's going to lead to a very healthy trumpery elect i could be wrong this stuff's on tape i'm wrong i'm wrong you know we joe and i've tried to they out of the prediction game not always zestfully but when we have directed things we predicted them right if you go back listen to the show i don't even know where you'd find it any more than the one the night before the election is apple itunes doesn't have all of em joe and i pray did every state swings they hate trumpet where because i was they are running and had a good view of what was going on but here's what's happening right now you can be defined manifest
you are defined and in an issues and things are fined off the defined often by negation of which you not defined by what you are by what you're not by by what you fight against so you're almost defined by your enemies at times and i i i can allergies they make things simple prefer simplicity overcome kate and unnecessarily walkie explanations i thought of humanity skeletal right when i grew up hey man big man that the ban on animal theme song everybody loved he man all these kids my body morris everybody more so his i love this katy was great whereas morris barlow i can say is less than seventy every europe rather more mars you know who you are you know why you're out their reach out to me an email we love tee man here an archenemy was skeletal the bad guy my dad rights the skeletal our voice maybe
drops skeletal right scale authorities really around peace on our road right after the show rod peal of skeletal drop for us there will have to play at the bar scale authorities the bad guy now you could almost define the key nowadays you liked about he man by him fighting against skeletal in other words whatever skeletal did you were expecting he meant to do the opposite right so you're defined almost by negation skeleton he made good if he means fighting skeletal or that makes you man good too even if the show they change the script and started to make scale you're out to be a good guy it would take a long long time for people to come around to that change their world view that skeletal overs effect a good guy what am i and to tell you here conservatives good publicans libertarians for a long time figured out the game that the media is not in the fact business anymore not all but a good majority up there in the bin this of need
being in sweeping the leg i said sweeping the media that they for karate kit sweep delight there in the business of sweeping the legs of conservatives because their liberals this republic effort over time by weak kneed cowardly others spined republicans the constantly apologize to the media has fury aided republicans for the longest time they ve been looking for a champion to fight back against what they see as skeletal or is this makes sense geller tore has been abusing the conservative for a long time now i want to be crystal clear on this i am an avid vocal absolute port of a free press don't mistake my words for anything else i am so a realist and a critic of stupid press people who say dumb things those arguments are are completely distinct ok because i disagree with the media don't mistake this for me
just think there should be government at no no no no no no no no no don't do not make that is a critical mistake i want to be clear on that i am absolutely not free but there also free to be done calling out their stupidity is simply an effort to highlight press that maybe you should change tracks on this maybe you should start focusing on fact reporting and not opinion reporting that's all this is but it's important distinction folks what he is they ve been looking for a champion a he man for the longest time to fight the scale tornado they had a happy man who was not a he man he was a big was you know he was was the anti he man like you would apologise for everything like skeletal beat him now i'm sorry skeletons i know plenty a guy like that you will certainly we must republic as i can join i have been dealing with people like that forever in their public inside there the media
there's a bomb back at them it's a disingenuous nonsensical bomb back of him you don't care for grandma you don't like poppies what nonsense of your racist massages and what do they do they apologize trop refuses to do it this russia episode is another example of this where eighty percent republicans approve even though they no mistakes were made and is proper rating is held betty or kicked up because instead of defeat in trouble from mistakes about the meeting as okay we need to focus on trump and fix this what happens then maybe your reaction skeletal like fashion whose a fascist crystal work the hull of course this is rural harbour nine eleven by the way folks these are real data i hyperbole these real comparisons made by democratic richer blumenthal a democrat making up herb comparisons democrats out there can
during the nine eleven the holocaust this actually happen so what happens the myths step by drop which he acknowledges in corrects the next day is yesterday's news there look again for their champion to fight back against the media forget the potent information for a minute and what happens trump sam's up here poligized for the misstep corrects it at all sudden they have their champion again because what does he do he goes though the media you mean you guys you're you're not portraying this accurate luke and all of a sudden a republicans right back in his corner are like gas here's our guy here's hey man versus skeletal moment defined by negation wheeze against the media the media's against us therefore he's our friend about saying you know like trump also saying though a component of this is an enemy of my enemy is my friend and right now a lot of conservatives see the media as their ideological ideology you call enemy is a clear distinction
that is a large component of trust at the media will never get they won't understand and folks the current is do they can understand that because hard core embedded like kick left leftist they are embedded in the skin of leftism now here's why the fear is growing and the media is getting worse and it's been two years now it it started bad he was a fascist the police she'll nazi totalitarian a tyrant it's now got to the point nine eleven comparisons pearl harbor comparisons yet these are real eulogy yet always its observance outrages their fury is growing and hears why so just to be clear to wrap up the first point did the poll numbers are not turning in trump's direction at all matter fact the overwhelming majority republic republicans approve of the way and that the term some why is that even know him he made stake he acknowledged because the media
cannot control themselves they are ideological left this they hate donald promptly hate everything he stands for they overreact and instead of then report can say it wasn't such a great press conference and only like ten or twenty percent would approve trump fires the media after correcting is course puts the highlighting of ok back on the hyperbolic overreacting exaggerating anti conservative media and truck wins again he wins every and yet joe amazingly the media continues to insist that he's the stupid what he's talking on you every method the dogs are coming left and right he's done from the free time line on you eddie and that will be at your frau mickey dogs and he gets the extra boys you feel stupid it's like us it keeps target on these areas this is why the approval ratings are moving because he met
logically masterfully every time flips this script from pick up miss tebbs on his part two over reaction by the media which they can up which if it wasn't there he'd have nothing to do you can't make graham you know you're grandma an enemy right no one wants to see my grandmother seems you know that this kind of your grandmother's an enemy no matter how hard you try to eight someone who way and emotionally empathetic figures an enemy you gonna have a difficult time getting americans to believe that what the area does by now being reasonable and reporting facts and constantly overreacting and an end can somebody republican talking yes but liberal talking heads constantly overreacting its trump is they put themselves the skeletal box in everybody's looking for any man a fight that and traps that guy therefore
the focus moves away rapidly from any potential misstep why are we really gotta get back at this skeleton guys were ideological opponents here really a genius move now couple more things on this to show you how the but let me hit the why the fury grab have this broken down at the bullet points i'd like to waste your time i have this is why the bullet why the fury grows and when i say the fury i'm talking about the media fury you may say to yourself why does the media just stop and realise this strategy to take down tromp by exaggerated hyperbolic absurd ridiculous responses why don't they just stop and start doing actual journalism they can't they cared they won't i know it bothers you when they make these pearl harbor nine eleven comparisons talking heads democrats and media outlets that you know
there had an approval but don't let it bother you it's real that part you bother you but tactically speed in playing writing to disguise hands the fury grow because as i have in my next note here average levels of pure a fury are not provoke the grovelling knave witnessed in the past now most of us growing we have experienced the damp experience had some superiors i should say with a with a with some kind of a bully neighbourhood bully schoolboys some childhood bully somewhere are they armor this kid mickey grown up that he was a tough guy that we had a fight and was a drum park and all of a sudden it stop here's the thing would bullies this kid was enemies i get this kid was a twig too which is fine thirty's real tough guy in our of sunny scrap with the wrong they're not ended ass but the thing would bullies and add i'm gonna like analogies or makes us is that the media bowling conservatives for a long time they ve been going on with iran
national hate filled responses their policies and their ideology when i say irrational i mean you guys are racist massages folks that's became these are the worst things you can call someone in a civil society a racist and image judge people and ate them because of the color of their skin kind of one of the worst things you can say to someone your message you hate women oh my god i mean these are really horrible things you eight people who are gave like we do remember that not all we say some folks yeah we're just supposed to accept the right i mean that's it that's been the liberal media that's but you know you you hate poor people if you try to reforms of security the media this forever in a bully like tactic and what did the bully becomes asked him to his he almost feeds off the weakness of their republicans sadly have not had a champion in a long time who's been come out and override that instinct to just apologize move on main they're going to accuse us of being a racist or massage
mr whatever we better back off this has been these and republican s o p standard operating procedure for a long time chop as the first at least national level politician we ve seen in a long time with absolutely refused to acquiesce to those bully talking points and the bully tactics who has been deferred one the punch them back in the nose rhetorically and pike that the bullies astonish you most have you seen this growing up because legitimate half guys really in the street didn't really to a lot of scraps they didn't need to nobody would fight with them because it was really the the pencil neck loser bullies who were the ones who became they fed on the weakness but the minutes someone puffed their chests back or even got into a fight with and that was the end of that and always stop the meeting does not know what to do their use to the the weakness their use to the acquiesce in their use to the apologies by weak kneed republicans all we're so sorry
proposing this we're so sorry about that to me it has become so accustomed to using their bully pulpit that they don't know what to do therein genuine disarray by trying continually go after a guy not making any dent in his approval is myths step turn into medium missteps so what are they do they double down on the fury in other words there average level of fury which they ve been used the levelling at republicans for years is now not should they have to up the fury game they are now into absolutely ridiculous hate filled near psychotic levels of fury this worse thing we ve seen in the past history presidency did a simple verbal misstep corrected the next day to work taking a nap dimensional bombers transferring of pilots of cash to a country that declares death to america that that wasn't the worst thing if this was the worst thing ever
show tomorrow it will be the worst thing the worst this worst worse being ever ever ever egg what this end as they can kill a double down somewhat to tie this up they continue to become more and more skeletal irish they contain but a move away from any kind of empathetic midpoint where people would say our rights guys reasonable trump made a misstep and interpol they'd say yeah you know what i agree screwed up that's not what happens in of responding in a journalistic responsible fashion folks i was in trouble press conference you know donald trump it's a things there that i think we should look into and covering it i must say gonna kissed the guy's pot either i'm just saying fact pace reasonable journalistic fashion robot opinion guys you therefrom talk about journalists opinion guys are free to go off the deep and all they want that's where they do instead of journalist risk
only in that way what are they respond back they responded this just a worse this worse thing ever ever in the history of avernus and what happens they fall right back into scale or box and everybody wants the jump and defend human instead of folk what actually happened really it's really a genius tactic by trump constantly focusing on the media create foil and allowing himself to be defined almost by negation in some respects i'm the guy for you against these guys and ladys who really can't stand you and by the way i am the wretched conference i apologise but look what they said our david the bad guys and what they do they fall into that by being those bad guys every single time it's really it is it is we need proper joe he's the area so stupid always so dumb as we really you sure about that
you sure you're not getting flipped as of libya than real you sure you're not getting a deeply do flippers gay are you sure you know the football ski dayton that woman and new year you don't want anything to do with our that all of a sudden gmo call for three days now you're in love she did the flapper escape hey buddy whatever risky you'd other wapoota what is it you're this third decide fell that preserve george what it's called hands having hand i had and i had this trip constantly does that paris care they just don't get it this is the importance of trump refocusing the locusts of attention from my mistake bondage trip to constant meat attacks against conservatives and republicans in america it's really an unbelievably genius move i got a lotta a lot of other stuff to get through their they're here should say suit me we the people
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i'm i get a lot of emails about personalities if an age fox and i generally you know avoid avi silver but that's what they want one williams is a super nice guy i ate i've nothing would be easier to tell my audience it gets and all these guys are too zuyder i obviously we have very little we disagree on one williams i but i'm telling you you ask any conservative personality liberal conservative anyone at fox about one williams i would bet my bank account on it they will tell you this i agree with the man but he is a easy total gentlemen and i just i just want to put it out because i do get a lot of emails and people personally angry when i debate people endless and is all this people debate warrant contributors stuff who i dont know them personally but i know what a meadow and every time you see him he could not be bigger gentlemen i'm just put out six hours debating and last night you know things get fiery on the air because we disagree but i'll make you a bet
that if you ever meet him in public and you shake his hand in front a fox or somewhere else here be the high guy guide you the world i take it to the bank i'm delegate so can someone said we are you always yachting go easy on why we just disagreed i bet that i was pretty fired up last night but i like him alive but we're the show last night the law and grim show in breaking you know another new bombshell joe which i had a laugh hysterically by the new york times reports that donald tusk new in january january six to be precise that flattery putin may have personally ordered so of these cyber attacks on the u s election system ladies and gentlemen why this is this story the why it's a story matters because croatia place it's not the story that matters because it's not a story it's why this story matters that mass
you're probably shaken you had given him the story is is old news joe you have that cut ready to go this is the fact that trump oh it understands that the that the russians have true i too significant we engage with our electoral process to so chaos is all is all this is presidency here say by the way had tipp fox news and we get from the donald trump feed but it's from fox news here is a short less than a minute cod of trump acknowledging multiple times what the new york times this is putting out as breaking last time we get back from the common good explain to you why the story is irrelevant but why the story was printed is relevant as far as how can i think was russia but i think we also get hacked by other countries and other people and oh i can say that in a one when we lost twenty two million
names and everything else that was hacked recently that didn't make a big deal out of that was something that was extraordinary that was probably china we had we have much hacking going on well i think it was russia and i think it could have been other people in other countries could have been a lot of people interfered i think it was russia but i think it was probably other people and your countries it was russia and i think it was probably others also the russians had no impact on our votes whatsoever but finally there was meddling and probably there was meddling from other countries and maybe other individuals folks we didn't alter that that's not you know an actor playing the voice of donald trump that's thought drop acknowledging multiple times that the russian
in fact i tried to interfere in our election process which they ve been doing by the way forever none of this is news why the new york times story last night about old news that trump was told about russian interference in the election which he again alleged in the sound i just played you multiple times why is this story so breaking sky blue trope acknowledged why is that a story the new york times which isn't believe me when i tell you nothing more than a propaganda arm of the democratic party you believing otherwise is that's your problem number i can't save you if you actually believe the new york times journalism outfit you are going to be badly let down once reality smacks you in the face of the new york times is desperate to save the democrat narrative versus
actual narrative which is the conservative trump and republican out let me be clear what these too are the new york times ass the same we're here's number one here's what happened there's no question among conservative thought leaders conservative politicians a lot of people in the intelligence community up and mace we all the intelligence community donald try senior members of the white house the list goes on and on and on that the rush are engaged in aid ongoing effort to always cause chaos in the united states this is not news to anyone matter of fact i find it ironic joe is the new york times peace where their choice you say you know tromp was told about tell you well pay with a trained salmon knowledge that this information was old news for eight years obama obama knew but that's a relevant that doesn't matter the new york times the republican conservative store and we see merit because the real story is that yes the republicans are not helping here they're trying to cause chaos on a
parallel tracked which is separate the republicans are objecting to the fact that the democrats consisting this is related to a collusion narrative their trump work with them to do it and secondly that all the results of the election the republicans are objecting to that the democrats their story the false now is they agree our point one the democrats republican republicans right actions will probably not helping us at our election cycle we can all agree on that the democrats equate debt as i just said too tromp was helping them trump oh the russian something he was colluding with them and therefore we be very suspect of donald trump in international affairs because the russians may have something on how do i know that because democrats keep say threshold of the russians have tromp what the russians have on terms which is absurd it's so ridiculous it makes you look outrageous on tv say it it is the case
ways of the two by the democrats tromp knew about this was working with them constantly causes trump to go out and public and say what is factually correct that it is not just the russians who are doing this it is the global community as a matter of fact there is a peace by chuck ross today the daily caller which i will have up in the show notes taken note of rust case we'll have up in the show knows where christopher re that after the fbi who i think we can all agree is not priorities opposite meaning if anything he's been accused of thick bump by both sides he's not like some trouble sick by any stretch christopher wren himself just gave this we should acknowledge that the biggest threat intelligence as the united states is china china
he didn't further russians are not a threat note you saying that but the biggest threat to our business to our military community side recipe and urge is china re talked about malta ongoing cases in all areas of the country business espionage entails genes espionage directed against the united states by china joe please tell me this makes sense democrats can have that narrative out there that china is bigger threaten the russians because the democrats its entire narrative is the russians worked with trump to overthrow the election there for the russians are the biggest threat in the entire world we have to keep our attention on the russians because the russian threat damage is trump politically even though we the china threat is doing far more damage to the united states as acknowledge
by the fbi director himself it is the conflation the two narratives tat constantly cos just trump to go out and make public statements about how yes right should they try to interfere with our election but notice in that clip i played if you are right that you hear it again truck just basically tells the truth but ass there were others is well we're trapped in china heard is that this is a fact the effort what you're telling me the fbi directors lying about china being a threat which you idiot all trap is saying is which fact the correct but the democrats can have that because they are looking to politically damage trump my date ok or about the tactical damage of of of putting russia on the threat scale below china arbitration we putting russia above the threat scale in other words minimizing china at the expense of russia even china a bigger threat they don't care about
they're not trying to tactically protect us trying to politically damage trump and he only you do that is to keep russia in the news now to tie the story together can i got a couple of things i want to get to hear this is working to the benefit of donald rob folks believe me i know it's annoying i'm on this thing every single day this is unaided iraqi i know you see it on cnn the gym i go to beat sometimes a guy in a locker room put cnn on there's no cnn on by the treadmills it's all fox but i love that you're my go to you guys are great down there all my peeps in there listening love you but when you watch cnn its twenty four hours russia russia russia russia collusion collusion collusion i told you they can't help themselves
displaying exert i know it's annoying but its playing right into trumps hands the poles are moving in his direction not theirs why is that neither paul at circled the earth the bottom asked about the most important issue to them in the coming elections right now gallup poll russia rates a staggeringly high one person being sarcastic at one percent of people take russia the most important issue right now one this gallup poll by the way one that's like the margin of error it could be negative six just stick and you get upset it's one percent that making this up but joe what rates as the issue most americans rate is the number one most important issue for them right now and this is going to speak
you don't pick up when i put down after this you miss the whole point of the show this speaks to the strategic genius of trumps messaging campaign despite the democrats insisting he's constantly off message what number one immigration twenty two percent does it now makes sense you don't have to agree with the guy you don't to agree with his policies how he is con we owning the dams and media twenty percent of americans care about immigration most is the most important issue here it's that immigration often whether its build a wall whether its travel ban you know whether its immigrants policies at the border tighten up immigration rules this is what american to actually eat dinner at a kitchen table with their kids care about immigration the economy one i care about russia but the media leads you talked in themselves are so committed and bought into this russian fairytale that they absolutely cannot will not give it up despite the fact that their
ethically hurting the united states because their put china below on the threat scale russia causing public pressure to minimize the threat at the expense of another threat and they are actually getting their pertains to my getting dunked on every single day by trump because they're not spending time talking about things people actually care about that's why this press conference despite the verbal misstep that he corrected despite that has played exactly into trumps because it gave the media gave the media more ammunition to stay focused on russia while the rest of us focused on everything else but that really i mean just testing credible how they day of no sense at all whatsoever of self reflection is like this
mirror in a newsroom anywhere ok a couple more stories i wanna get to see what next i wanted to read this from an investors business daily piece which will be in the show notes today you know what i find particularly repulsive are these continued insinuations by liberal goofball talking heads and even bigger liberal goofball media types who pretend to not be talking heads were three journalists that the russians and putin have court have something on trump it's out its offensive it's this lasting its anti american unless you have the evidence i highly recommend you shut your soup cooler because you just making it up and if you were to do against a normal american citizen was not the present candidly i would be suit but because he's the present you hate and they feel ok to say these things would have liked to have our trump the russians have under the edges nothing unless you can prove otherwise now we do
some inkling of an idea though that a foreign government mary have some information on raillery this is what about as yet gad yet you dont right thank you it is because of your principles which you don't have because your media hacks and goons if your principles are we should be wary foreign governments having influence and end up potential compromise on police the leaders in the united states that can influence the decisions that supposedly or principles all you have no evidence that's happening we trump then you should only be worried about potential compromise on a still visible and potentially vote all our maybe presidential candidate again and twenty twenty could be hillary clinton on a comeback trail you should be interest in potential foreign compromise on our part you're not now reading from the investors business daily peace we seem forgotten this exchange much media and i brought it up the other day but it's worth redressing will we go more peter stroke the stroke hearing he's talking about the
intelligence community inspector general basically the internal affairs department for the intelligence community people go and gather stuff information overseas we can use in the united states gomer says to peter stroke the fbi is involved and the trump investigation in the hilary investigation mr russia reported to those you before you there the presence of the icy i e g attorney that they had this is crazy that found this anomaly on hillary clinton z going through their private server and when they had done before basic analysis they found her emails ever a single one except for over thirty thousand we're going to an address that was not on the distribution list it was a cop bit of information that was sending it to an unauthorized horse do you recall that stroke sir no i dont now the entire exchange by the way will on my way and on the show notes today in this investors business
every i strongly encourage you to read it so joe again the media's so called principles or what a foreign government that's hostile to the united states may have information on trumped despite the fact they have zero evidence that this is true none theirs she will evidence from the intelligence communities own inspector general that some author source and i've been assured it's a foreign government i'm not at liberty to say who it might be at this point because i dont reports that speculation i do i i'll say i am speculating in a comfortable doing that at this point but the challenges community energy is reporting are in government gained unauthorized access to thirty thousand of hillary clinton females while she was secretary stay and where's the front page new york times story about that nowhere nowhere to be found they did a casper the friendly then the story they're gonna see i wouldn't want to be and now you wonder the meat
still wonders why they continue to fit the skeleton normal than everybody's lookin for a man to fight against them because they simply cannot report the acts they are so wedded to these trump rushing collusion thing that they'll report grotesques speculation not based on any facts at all the russians have something on trumped up what is it model no something like what something what that like skittles rather than what what are they have exactly there's a tape where is it i don't know but i've heard about it what about a lot of things i heard mass was gonna be the next great yankee first basement wants that wasn't true either love kevin buddy one could face it because you it doesn't make it true now we have actual law enforcement evidence from our elegance community doing investigation that a foreign entity may have had access to up to thirty two
reveal records emails and no reporting at all and we're all supposed to just ignore it because of course it's a democrat and the media continues to wonder why almost nobody on the republic inside takes them seriously nobody what a joke what did you and in the new york times again reporting that story about he would trump was briefed about and by the way say tromp was briefed about our putin may have personally ordered these cyber attacks and our election process job we acknowledge and a peace that i acknowledge that all their nobody says he denied it but that's their breaking news now who do you think may have leaked tat by the way you know it's fascinating that we have intelligence people are former intelligence people like i come this voting john brandon out their attacking trump for what he called treason its presence at the screen seated grace to the country disgrace
he really disgrace the cia its assets and he's an embarrassment i can't i feel by really genuinely feel bad for the patriots who worked there but on the liner intelligence community who have to deal with this absolute buffoon this joke of a human being tray haze kick out there even i fully this guy yesterday that the scientists rally in front of all the media disgrace no human being good disgrace for a communist during the cold war you think he may have something to do with that suggested leave this topic behind the reason they leak that the story at trump knew before he even took office about the putin what are the cyber attacks and the election joe is again to paint this can action between this relationship between trump and putin in other words trop knew about it but
reason he's down playing this connection is because the russians have something you get it there that's that now you don't get it i could see look in your face and explain it the new york times story serves one purpose tropic bed with the russians who have something on if they are banned information transpose the russian something tromp new early on that the russians hack the election airports although is put grudgingly acknowledged it the reason he keeps downplaying it is because have something on him and he's in bed with them cutting some illicit deal does not make sense that was the purpose of that make sense now the gods i also want to make sure you get this so are trying to make tat connection it that's why trump keeps downplaying the russian roll in the election shrub i'm telling you is downplaying it what he's doing is simply telling you the truth that yes i ignored in fact that the russians were involved
in an aided in an attack on our country which had been forever but it's not the only threat that is the truth the timid that's an illiberal medium media times are taking that truth to painted in different areas if thou pawing the russian effort because the russians have something on and when in fact they don't that's what i'm trying to get across to you ok good good i always count on you to do that sometimes people say why you keep repeating yourself because i don't want you to leave the show and anyway i'm confused hey let me make a quick course correction not something because you know i get a lot of feedback from the audience and i do love love love you guys and lady series you're the best like you made my life and absolute pleasure i mean that i wasn't always the happiest kid in the world the five people knew me what up i was always kind of a i don't know what sober kids i don't mean that drinking wise i just mean you know the words miserable comes to mind
well that's good thanks shelve yes you may be more miserable tat his master isotopes although i lot i never was a video game kid but i say it off a batting team i back yard ass kind out solitary type kid but i love you guys that the new bay my life sometimes a feedback on the show hates me and i've gotta have received a lot of feedback about maya casio cortez the democrat socialist issue our from new york one the upset congressional victory and thing i did on unemployment the other day and you know what you're right sometimes i love numbers facts and data i got so into the numbers about her ridiculous statement that unemployment is so high because people are can to jobs and ivory play the somebody's but that was the gist of what she said to margaret hoover on firing what's it was an absurd ridiculous statement her statement was unemployment because a lot of people are working to jobs unemployment is low because a lot of people were refugee its
what we now where is unemployment is high because people it was such a dumb statement that it i got into the agree of how history really low numbers of people are working to jobs when i just should address just a pure stupidity of the statement the pure stupidity maybe it is saying a lot of people aren't working because a lot of people are working a lot just doesn't make sense i have a lot of people we met me like you miss the forest for their end you're right you ve your statement is a lot of people our working because a lot of people are working to jobs that i let us just left it there i gave you detailed policy stuff facts and data from a dot org peace and i just gotta left in it this is pure dump which i and later on in the day of my energy tv shows you could see every day five thirty p m and are a tv backup so thank you for pointing out to me that i don't want to fall into that want trapped sometimes where just basic forest for the trees information a lot of people are working why because it working to jobs
margaret hoover was probably like away why no no lord pliable its low because a lot of people are working through so what do you say can you please clear this up for us are you are you from this planet what are you saying finally on a point of rage wow because choppers goodies the unemployment rates high because drop is bad and how does people work two jobs make the unemployment rate high and by the way lower either because of the survey and they don't ask people how many jobs in a specific service ask if they're working are looking for work of dumb but you know me i'm fascinated with numbers that's why i don't one fine story i wanted to be sure you are aware of because on up on a bad note for me to leave you on this but it's important we stay vigilant especially when the republican congress and the republican present
folks they just pick out some projections of our national that numbers they are staggeringly bad bad really bad like bad luck bobby your bad obama you and i were don't believe me i will not make a comparison lightly we're looking trillion dollar a government deficits in the future in the next few years these are outrageous numbers these are ridiculous numbers folks and to the congress people listening and their staff please i don't know how long you think this is going to go on but eventually this accumulation of debt of money we ve spent it do not have is going to absolutely decimate and kneecap our entire economy there is
simply no way to continue to spend a trillion dollars more a year in only twenty twenty trillion dollar economy and not over time have dramatic hikes in interest rates or grotesque inflation or both which would probably have at the same time here's what is inevitably going to happen if we don't get a hold of our government spending situation shortly our economy annually worth about twenty trillion dollars just use it you know what those numbers aren't even real use an analogy for home say you are making twenty thousand dollars a year fumes twenty thousand dollars a year and every you oh twenty thousand already which we already o twenty trees we already o everything were worth and in every you're on top of that you are piling a thousand dollars more onto that twenty thousand you would be financially insolvent within a couple of years if not already
pretty soon the interest on that accumulated debt become so high that you never pay down the principal ever your basic it just trying to head off i financial apocalypse by trying to match the debt requirements and the interest alone folks we're getting there we are in a deeply deeply stir being troubling debt situation we have not been instance the postwar were to era god forbid there's some kind of a global crisis where we needed to borrow more money to spend defend ourselves folks it would be over this is a serious serious situation the only reason that the interest rates are still low is because the economies around the world are still not as safe as us so people continue to lend us money that's not going to happen forever when that's interest rates are gonna go through the roof and we're gonna be looking at profound inflation nettled that'll basically eat away at every single thing you have in your savings account and you while you doubt me in full
venezuela has gotten so bad echoing the shone show notes i have today venezuelan pensions for the month can't even pay for a box of eggs in venezuela folks won't even lotteries vendors won't even take cards anymore credit cards so that demand in cash if you pay with credit card you have to pay four times as much so polar lining up at eighty three o clock in the morning to take cash out currents such short supply these lines at the bank or starting in the early morning hours just to get money to feed themselves those pensions are not keeping up then remotely with inflation you may of all the money in the world if inflation is all the money in the world plus ten percent by the way you're losing money all the time the only way in the future the only way to continue to attract foreign money which were going to meet because we're spend which we shouldn't by the way i'm nothing but if we continue to spend
this at this rate a trillion dollars more for you and me up that we have the only way to continue to attract that money into the united states to allow a tutorial what's to spend that these ridiculous raise is going to be up interest rates rachel return for people to rachel i could be able afford because we're gonna have to pay interest on that debt and a future folks big trouble stay on your congressmen and centres on this this is not a joke this is a very serious financial situation wherein and if we don't get a hold of this soon when the democrats if the democrats take back charge of the house and god forbid the presidency it is going to be obama the version two point now and we are going to be and an interest rate situation we are that we pay in twenty percent for a mortgage and two to three years if we don't get a hold of this thing soon and creeps up on you and a creep up on your quick folks thanks opportunity and i really appreciate it means leaving a bad not there but we still have to stay vigilant you notice because republicans ghana
that doesn't mean they're all in our corner when it comes to conservative ideology that a thanks can't we subscribe i really appreciate everyone who subscribes to the show on itunes spotify you can it's follow but none i heart radio subscriptions drive us up the charts we get his low sometimes is the top ten which is good really you should that please subscribe to my email is step on geo dotcom thanks for everything thanks again for supporting no and the family they m i can tell you from people who were in the now they they deeply deeply appreciate your unbelievable general thank you very much i see what you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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