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Ep. 772 Mueller’s Case Is Falling Apart

2018-07-27 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the increasingly desperate Mueller probe’s recent moves. I also address two reasons why the collusion narrative is dead, while the Spygate scandal grows.    News Picks: This piece debunks four crazy Ocasio-Cortez economic ideas.    If Michael Cohen is used as a witness in the Mueller probe, he is going to have a lot of explaining to do.    This Daily Caller piece provides significant clues to the Clinton connections of the Russians in the Trump Tower meeting.    Michael Cohen attacked the credibility of the dossier in a lawsuit.    Mollie Hemingway’s piece addresses the media’s involvement in the fake “collusion” narrative.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i welcomed the damp gino show producer joe how are you today i am doing very well thank you but i bet we gather thanks to you all we appreciated i think the new cycle again is speeding up at a rapid pace we are in dregs level pays for the new cycle a lot to talk about today again so breaking this morning for the liberals for the one thousand four hundred and seventy eight times we got drop now we got tromp now his lawyer a former lawyer michael cow and is now saying that our trump knew about the trump tower meeting ladies and gentlemen i am going to explain to you today why why not only should you not panic about this you should actually put a smile on your face about why even shows
what are you talking about you can't go if no idea worries go with this stuff turned over the sound board and the audience seems to really even said joe a lotta you remit yes thank easy to really like jos new weed joe free rein to do it every wants with the sound board like you don't worry bout the stuff this is actually a golden opportunity i will break it therefore ok today show brought you buy bodies it oh max i love o max because i have really severe arthritis and i'd be lost with fish oil and its anti inflammatory effect specially me with the lift and all the time it's killing me the fact is taking care of your health is a committee my neck and feel a little bit overwhelming at times it's why need ease good high quality supplements that's why i've been loving o max three their ultra pure supplements because with max three you just need to do one little to experience big health benefits and you don't even have to think about it
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trumped unit at trump tower right so the story we ve been hearing is that don trumps the president antwerp senior obviously did not know about this meeting was set up by trump junior ended the democrat narrative in the media narrative has been look look this is evidence of collusion they met with the russians and the russian lawyer and this other russian over there because they were looking to exchange information about hillary clinton pretence dirt on hillary clinton this is evidence of collusion now down tromp junior has been forthright and music as disclose publicly all of his emails about the incident and need the as they are pretty and the outer think the meeting was a particularly good idea i think a lot of people including the trump team would acknowledge that but there are no credible allegations of any illegality and the meeting and matter of fact in the meeting no information about hilary was actually exchange and they walked in there
these two russians in trump tower by the way which if you are going to hide a meeting joe you think you could do it and trump tower you think you may want to do it somewhere else yeah think so kind of a good idea right so do it and trump tower openly and after a few minutes they figure out that the meeting is about the magnates key act the magna ski act which is a sanctions on some russian oligarchy that were involved in the kitchen of sergei magnets say russian lawyer so information about hilary exchange now let me get to the meat potatoes you're so i think this information the security joe the information was actually may have been leaked by people can hacked into the trump deep at out that you may say well why would they do why would you do that i was watching good fellows less and i really oda when his wife
where it when his wife's flushes the cocaine down the toilet but why would you do there being poor why would you do that that's good fell as do the bam who out see which i love ladies and gentlemen the meeting happened between trump junior and these two rations images the hilary team far more than it damages the trump tb up your railway that's yes now not only does that the meeting damage the i'm going to get to that in a second so we're going to talk about two specific things here i'm going to get to the gdp numbers don't worry i'm not a lot to get to this a lot of news don't you worry i'm your hour will be packed get all the information you need two points i want you to take away from this though that i want to be very clear on this
does significant damage to the hilary team number one and number two with a significant damage to call in the eye at this point i believe super shady lawyer who is now it was now we know is put taping conversations with his client which is at entirely unethical and if any of those conversations the one we ve of course was in new york but if any of those additional tapes he alleges that we're trump being taken in florida then that's illegal you mean this is important conversations chose like what you mean by that in new york with the tape we have that the dead the the media has the tse and ends already played in other media outlets of calling taping tromp again entirely on ethical right that happened in new york new york is a one party consent state what does that mean that means that if there are two people in the conversation right as long as one person consents to recording it it is legal to do so right now if i was
talking to georgia costs on the phone i was in new york and he's in new york this is important who is that one party that consents to taping well if i hey paid against show i consented why because i taped it so basically in new york folks you can take people as long as you it's you and someone else on the phone without any legal consequences are we clear it's called a one party consent state you have to understand this to understand where cohen may you know could be i with some other these tape she's purported to have got it ok if true was in moral a in florida with these other capes florida is mar a in florida where i live it's actually about fifteen miles south of me florida is not a one party consent state it is a two party consent state meaning not only cohen but trop would have to consent to being cape to that is a fact now
we have tabled with trumpet florida i don't know he may he may not i've just suggested you if he does he may have committed some kind of a crime if that were to happen if he didn't and they didn't commit a crime and pigs new again as a one party can sense they have all the tapes are made new york he's fine now why is this story work for the trump team and why do i think the tribe t may fleet this number one i think the trumpet has absolutely nothing to worry about i think that from team understands completely there is no collusion there was never any collusion there there is that does nothing to hide here this this instigations a joke the mahler investigations a joke mothers the tweet police now apparently if you saw the report yesterday mothers looking at the trumps tweets yeah exactly that's all we got the social media police at first it was smoky daniels now he's looking into the three i know the name is stormy whatever smoky smarmy when everyone the small we then use we get it first so now we trumps look at it the mullahs looking at the trumps tweets and smarmy that's it that's the this is
big time investigation looking into a we're star and shrubs tweets this is what we ve been relegated to tromp knows he has nothing leaked stuff where someone closer bleak it knowing its junk it's gonna be garbage anyway there is no collusion get on the day that the jd p numbers come out we're trump is winning again and it's gotta go away because this worked for them this does not work for for a further the four mahler now on angle number one you how can we show how this story completely discredits the clinton and hurts them doesn't hurt the trumpet my donald trump juniors already disclose the information on this meeting right was a bad idea yes point stipulate there are a lot of bad ideas in politics hilary running for president was a bad idea it was the worst idea of all that doesn't make the idea criminal
i dropped junior as already this closed the email surrounding to meet me with these the russians are trumped our they have some information on every day didn't have information on hilary and historic bad idea everybody moves on that day rats in a liberal media dont want to move on but who those two russians who the two russians it showed up at the tower so here we go there and budget out to the rescue here for you again number two in romania we're gonna go inverse you knew this is an article the daily collar which will be in the show notes today please read it up and you know that comments in older article but it is absolutely worth your time one of the two people that shows up the russians at this meeting which from power oh you say this makes clear hilary looked at all yes it does let me quote the guy's name is reenact mention reenactments you told the senate judiciary committee on november fourteen i
bill clinton i knew so people who worked at our campaign all you did oh wow fascinating so you show up to sound like us you show up to this trump tower meeting this other russian or alleging to have dirt on hilary you knew hilary and you knew people who work in our campaign he's another doozy act mansion a former soviet military intelligence officer also said his attorney at liebermann no point then well matter liebermann late wife evelyn they close carving out a pillar o o how's that work enough why you like them apples how bout that bout dat bowed down so the
dude who shows up further trump tower meeting with don junior which don juniors completely disclose the email surround the and everybody acknowledges it was a bad idea one of the russians whose connected to military intelligence in russia also acknowledges that is lawyer is a close copied out of the clinton's acknowledged by the way he isn't like trump and also says all i knew the clinton's i knew people worked in a carefree how bad guy why now ladys jed's again key underestimating donald trump i'm telling you he is playing mahler for the fool he is this is a dead and i take truck team wants this out there this exposes what it let me give you the two narratives ok doping
democrats liberals swap rats mahler any eighty trot republicans are absolutely convinced that this meeting is the keys to the kingdom walk to russian showed up alleged to have information hilary ladies and gentlemen that narratives garbage they brought nothing on hilary people who showed up to the meeting more connected to the clinton's it takes you see what i'm going with a thousand exposed collusion joe it exposes the spying operation and this set up in the framing of donald j trying to take the trump it was stupid listen to i'm not one of these forty chess guys at every single thing trump does all the time is forty check sent to you repeatedly some things i think we could have done that i think the meeting was a bad idea to did all acknowledge that i'm telling you now this meeting is will apps mostly discredit the collusion narrative and only feeds this by gay narrative the trouble
it's gotta know this two peoples europe for the meeting more connected pithecoid bids jones drop their baby this is this is an obvious kramer roofs deputy do framers and remember new rules new rules we i don't care about your narratives where ignoring you're collusion nonsense we are going in right now for the info and we going in to get this thing get what we're pulling this information on a reconnaissance operational matter what an thing exposes the spying operation it doesn't suppose any liability and a drop in no information was exchanged of any significance tailoring clinton at all at best who have a bad decision and i gotta tell you i don't care of trop knew about it or not who care oh my gosh you know kept low i doubt now
the information would have been exchanged they would set up some collusion network with the russians to work or yeah then i would that's not what happened right the meeting was a bad idea point stipulated whether trap though about it ok bad idea i don't care rules we are going after you wants to gate that's the story that's the only story your collusion stories dead this meeting worked for us not for them there story is dead there's no there there oh by the way that's the words of the lead investigator in the case peter stroke it was actually investigating trump who text that was girlfriend there's no there there there's no there there the ladies and gentlemen please you what i'm telling you collusion is dead it is
that is a doornail there's nothing there listen to me please as a friend i love you to death i read your e my wife region my daughter reads them i love my audience you have made my life a pleasure every morning gettin up doing this show which i adore trust me on this collusion is dead malta has nothing he is absent we begging for supper keys piece tat this guy is lowered himself in the investigation to the point he's looking at donald trumps tweets this is how humiliating this investigation is not for me four mahler there looking guys tweets history its are you serious ok let me remind the little bit because i'm out be clear about what you're talking about telling you that the leak of this story that my collins ready to talk and he's ready to say the trump knew about these
tower meeting between don trump junior two russians pre election about according to don juniors emails what was sent to him alleged dirt on hilary called the story in the past was it according to the presence that he didn't know about the story i call on you to say he did know about it i'm telling you it doesn't matter there was no information about hilary exchange and a people that showed up were connected to hilary this story does not work data get they are there such suckers it is unbelievable that i've is laughing this morning on twitter i even sent the tweet liberals today we want we want one thousand four hundred and seventy six time or whatever we now you do not this year you got him now you're nice generally well that approval raining keeps going up what you suckers keep focusing on a story nobody cares about what you saw it can break out again this
story i believe works for the trump team i allison i i dont deal with people and i do my own thing i live it up i live and reside here in my studio these days i be clear on this i'm speculating a hundred percent at i am that did the trump t may have in fact lead to information it because i if it works for them because one of the other stories out there is all well maybe the mahler team leaked to discredit the gdp information no the mother team would only leak it if it was this was that this is not damaging this is nothing this is zip we're not gonna hurt trumped is that none of this hurts trumpet all so number one eight discredits clinton this story because the guy who shows up one of the guy is connected to the continent the other person who shows up the russian lawyer vest skier right
get a load of this from the daily collar peace please read the shone out so you have a grasp of what's going on here the russian lawyers shows up to meet with don junior apaches this bizarre me this is funny from the collar peace any a bizarre twist it turns out that the russian lawyer vessel net skies memo was put gather by eu glenn serb said their abuse gps the firm that commissioner this dossier at mass better how bout dat oh so one russian russian number two yet thing thank you thank you that shows up his wire his wife for who is now past was connected closely to the coincidence he says he doesn't like trump and he knows the coincidence crazy how that happens there
actual russian law that shows up the memo she turns up with was put together by glenn simpson the founder of fusion gps but was hired by the clinton's to dig up there on trump folks this case does not work at all for the anti trust resistance i'm telling you trump wants this stuff out there because it makes them look like idiots if confirms the whole spy gate barrett if it the collusion narrative is dead hear me out on that it is dead is adore nail there is no there there when are we going to get em when no targets but no times through want to stay in your house tonight so that the heck gonna happen citizen there's something this where this is interesting do cyclone simpson this is from the daily collops simpson to be working with vessel net sky the russian lawyer and i mention the other russian thing to to investigate browed as part of an effort to undermine the magnates yet
his testimony i mentioned who doesn't now this is thing to who now again knows the clinton's and is low there's connected through the also says he's known glenn simpson effusion gps for more than decade and has been a source for him when simpson worked at the world through the wall street journal guys i mean he still fallen for this are we still followed for joe have we not made the case to you over six months that the scandal here this is why this mother the mother probe right now almost working in an trumps behalf because i never knew mahler was going to try to find something but i never thought he was going to try to find something entirely completely ridiculous with discredit him things like in other words looking at shrubs tweets mahler thought which prouder than this that's it
explanation is a total joke right now it's a sham and now the investigation is actually exposing things that damage the obama administration a straight and spy gate efforts and it completely discredited collusion out of the force ok so again point number one is i think this works for the trump team i wouldn't be surprised at all if someone in the trump orbit the media and said hey listen here's what it's gonna say bad i wanna be guessing i mean i don't nobody's going to say or not there obviously not dealing with them anymore but collins gonna say tromp knew about this because it doesn't matter what the case discredits current number to this at its common to all it does take a super call you you know the first thing i thought
when i heard this morning was so what so what is right a big fat so so joke i read you a tweet would you mind this is a tweet from january ninth of twenty eighteen i been bed a bed possess tweet by verify blue check twitter account at michael cohen to twelve o michael cohen so let me get this straight the same lawyer that these press reports are alleging is now going to say tat trumped junior there don donald trump president trot knew about on trumped juniors meeting with two russians connected the hilary and their opposition research for a book so so we know about spy gate advance while crazy collins gonna say he knew really treat michael cohen and i quote enough is enough
of the fake russian dossier i just i'll a defamation action against buzzfeed news for publishing the lie the lie failed document output is real i'll drop at me wait what so let me get although let me thou this back a little bit now our wherein like again the seinfeld episode we're george does everything backwards and it works out for work what's in the other side further episode as well for i got it i got here this is like who is it it does not have and this is your star witness in their case joe did you pick up what i just put down on i did because there starting with this trumps lawyer tweeted out on january ninth two thousand and fifteen on my twitter freeze you want to see what your septum is verified account this is not a joke is that a spam witness issue
buzzfeed over what he's calling a lie failed document about donald trump the present the document by the way which was the entire basis for the investigation of donald trump and the special council investigation put this dude understand tomorrow please mr cohen do you agree your tweet on january night of twenty eighteen that buzzfeed produced a lie failed document are poorest or you lying mentoring line no i was lying men nor am i now i mean i was lying now bout lying men about now and then how bout that mr wurtz which story exactly is true the law shoot again buzzfeed claiming that the entire basis for the investigation you're saying now is real is false or
the it false now about the false lawsuit about falsity and the false lies about the yes maybe option there's no opt should act sir folks please i put out there's another article in the show notes in the guardian please although article you have to read these articles today because they will entirely discredit your liberal friends your liberal friends think michael common right now is there shoot no new superhero there are new guy cohen trump's lawyer going to take down the whole operation he's going to prove the dossier is real let me read this to you one more time just fine defamation action against pause for news for publishing the life failed document on our protest while he's gotta be a real star wit necessity isn't he i don't know me say that the dossier is like the actually file the law suit i have
article in the guardian a left leaning out about his lawsuit against buzzfeed for the quote lie filled document to cope with that tweet true vat tweet was false so what you're saying now is true and that was why yes this is now true those relied ok let's get this guy is a star which is like this is what sterical twice kid stopped laughing at the guys ladys no we cares about this russia thing anymore number one number two if you understand you have nothing this is complete garbage this is your star witnessed this is the best you ve got a lawyer connected the trump who actually file the lawsuit saying the whole thing is garbage harvey birdmen attorney alone oh you i was watching good fellows lacks a day i can't get enough of that movie every week even up
bob de niro lost his mind is that it is still funny and that of course where the epic being pow boom boom how do i love that lobbies talk about how the cops rough them up your passion the line actually pretty vulgar recap way the lowlands did all the line of argument i told them to go to that but i said what are you wear it i told you to go poor folks don't worry about this don't sweat it so what we convince trumps play in these areas for fuels are so neck we got em now here i would have you got yet nothing i'm absolutely convinced trumps play in these areas for fools are next story i wanted to get a quick just i not want to repeat just to sum up quick so you you don't lose anything this story about cohen and the trump town meeting
works for the trump team it works for the trump team because the people that showed up to the meeting were connected to the clinton's and position research people higher by the current that you already heard that number two weeks fleetly discredits cohen as well because if collins now going to say that this was some kind of sophisticated operation the dossier is now true that the trump team was colluding he's already on record in tweets and a public lawsuit saying that dossier is false he can't have it both ways this or he works for them it discredits both of them that's all i wanted to get you ok i bought a move ox yesterday s and i was gonna get to this quick recap he said molly hemingway did which was genius which was in the show yesterday about how the media's in a corner now too because they can't dial back their promotion of the collusion story and its actual the promotion of collusion story which is now harding them in the spy gate vet the question what i mean by this because i want to be crystal clear on this has been a real core
base component of the show for the last few weeks there are two narratives out there one the democrat narrative the other is the real narrative which actually does significant harm to the democrats narrative number one trump colluded with the russians narrative or to the obama administration colluded with itself and the hilary team to spy on trumped up the collusion narrative is entirely the bark is false the liberal they want to keep it alive to damage trumped the problem is the more they keep it alive the more they keep promoting whether they know it or not the damage that big to the obama administration over in fact the spying operation and i'm tired and in the second of measuring this important aright they show boss about you by puppyspot a welcoming a new puppy if your home is one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do i'm almost there how can you be sure they can come from a responsible breeder online classifies are definitely not the answer the best place to find the perfect puppies puppy spot dot com a trusted service connected to them
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services gotta puppy spot that calm slash stand for this special offer that's puppy spot dot com slash there ok so molly hemingway i put their peace again from the federalist in today show notes are rare we repeat them but is worth your time because it makes a point i ve been making for a long time that you are taking up but i hate when i say that obtaining credit for about a lot of people put this out there but have to remember and sometimes we have to move out show in recap where we are where we been yet you to remember where this all started because you understand where it all started a lot of the confusion the case makes sense by the confusion i mean this there are more couple articles few google podgy dot com obama gate files you will see a litany of articles on my website where the media was actively promoting spying operation on donald trump britain
intelligence passing information john brennan meeting at the you know that suppose level with foreign intelligence to pass off information on the trump team now that my spike infusion a lot of you are confused as i get the image you say well then i would cnn and the guardian a left leaning out with a report on such a pernicious dangerous spying operation knowing later on that spying operation could be exposed folks you're reading this all wrong this goes all the way back to six twenty eight the famous episode number six twenty eight of ours must into episode ever folks at the time view it through the lens of what was going on at the time the media actually believed back then they believed that tromp was actually colluding with the russians why they believe that do you member ben roads form
obama administration storyteller gave his honor he was a national security official in the obama administration ben roads hers who's famous for saying that you know they could spend the media and they don't know anything you gave that interview that that infamous interview with we're so good at spending to be to be telling basically fairy tales and i believe whatever cuz they don't know what it is ben rhodes i wasn't obama person right roads and am always understood that they could feed a fake narrative to the media i'm he almost acknowledges that in fact that they don't know anything right event information package i'm ladies and gentlemen bright around the time hilary saw that the universe is post election now the groundwork for the rich in collusion fake narrative been laid before the election but after the election and in the transition period pillory needs right away and the yoke my team needs an excuse so the excuse becomes while we didn't really lose trump colluded with the russians to win the election rhyme
so their national security officials inside the obama administration in two budgets official start leading to the media plus and hey spaceships tromp may have colluded with the russians alley suckers in the media who don't do their due diligence on it start reporting these stories they said reporting these stories thinking what show thinking that it their true right thinking ok while the big story here is not going to be a spying up like no one in the media goes well how do you know that while we were spying on trumped wait wait what right i like you were spying on a trip back that's the story you would think some inquisitive mine in the media at some point folks would have said folks you have this information well responding autumn in conjunction with foreign intelligence isn't there the story now and ask that they took at face value the trump was colluding with the russians and didn't bother asked the hard questions
if you go to the obama gay file section my website you will see a number of reports the most important which i like this whole thing and this is this is critical here is a this is how this was in april of twenty seventy so this is after the election but this goes to show the information exchange it was going on the headline from cnn part cnn byways not foxes is not bright board this cnn british and agents pass tromp associates communications with the russians on to u s counterparts tom source clearly fed to the cnn team jim shoe pamela brown and eric brand and by the way this article is still up there it's on the obama files you can read it yourself clearly lays out the first bit foreign intelligence was interfering in the u s election to quote past up associates communications with russians onto you s counterparts the fact
they are british does not make them any less far now it may do our friendly's the russians are in but friends now my book by the way you didn't make a lot of sense the motive here i can't talk about it just yet but when the book comes out it we're lookin early early october that it should be on amazon soon i'll let you know but the mode of your makes sense but that they are our foreign government and its clear this peace there is some interference in our u s election year the reason cnn reported this right the inauguration because they probably believed it was true believe story number one remember it judge narrative scruffy colluded with the russians which is false and the second out of the obama teams but i dont think they ever thought at the spying narrative which going to overtake the collusion atavism in importance i thought they'd have this guy impeach by now so they were
where did the story never thinking their own stories we're gonna be useless ammo later on buzzfeed january twenty seventeen now critical transition period buzzfeed towards the dossier bus puts the dossier out there the fake dossier michael cohen their star witness as already acknowledged in a tweet is a quote lie filled document do it you are you getting other it's cases it say it's it's a housemaid ascend the waves come and washed all thing away but feed publishes the dirty dossier that we're being paid for clapper obama's dna whose now backtracking if you listen to the show the other day clapper
basically to anderson cooper throw a bomb under the bus you're the one who started but i'll obama clapper knows he's in a world the trouble obama's former director of national challenges this is critical clapper suggested jim call me the fbi director that they go in brief donald trump on components of the dossier cnn then leads us could see and i can't report on the dossier because it's it's fake they can't verify it but they want the information out there what better way to do it then to let a place lacks journalistic standards like but busby actually publish the dossier which unverified installations in the fbi s own words by the way companies own words now cnn can't report on that cnn can report on the fact that jim call me goes up to the trump in brief sim on the dossier all we got a story now we go
story now now we can mention that as yet because we're really talking about your link in an odd we're talking about briefing not the dossier and now i bet he goes there's a dossier let me see open feed as it clapper old committed good i think this is why clapper noses and a world the trouble wrappers leaks to the media clamours uppers misstatements about leaks through the media to where he's tried to ban track a story about talking to see and internet his financial arrangement with law winning news leaning news outlets now these in a world that trouble clapper clapper has got the somehow throw obama under the bus because you see where i'm going with this folks the russian collusion thing was a hoax from the start it's not the hoax part that's going to get them in legal trouble it's the leaks to the media about the hoax that's what's going to get them in trouble and the
act at the media played a role in this i have to believe folks i have to believe that the meat although their die hard left this but the meat probably a bit upset about this too may say come on that i'm not saying they like to adopt don't misinterpret what i'm saying but the area does want to maintain some modicum of credibility these leaks to the media folks about the dossier and british intelligence and all this stuff and how serious this collusion case was the media people now have to realise their own words are going to be used against them in the spike in case they were playing like fiddles when tromp operation when did department of justice and the investigators finally get to the bottom of it how is cnn going to backtrack on this april 14th two thousand and seventeen article where you work with foreign intelligence to pass information off about the trump team of collusion it never happen now we weren't really because let me read your headline british
intelligence path trump associates communications with russians out the u s counterpart did you retract that story we didn't why haven't you retracted because it's true although it is true they did spy on top with foreign intelligent do you see what i'm going with this this is why clap presented panic the collusion narrative is crap its falling apart the media was played the media was fed stories believing the collusion narrative if true the store they were fed actually buttress the spy gauge story not the collusion story the headline alone tells the story and molly hemingway's pieces great because it goes back to this recap and she says listen sometimes we gotta pull this out because as a confusing story to thirty thousand feet and explain what the media's role and this was the me there were played for fools for darn fools for suckers now the information is going to be used against them buzz we probably believed the dossier was true
it's probably why they published it now we the star witness in the collusion case saying the dossier was false the whole collusion cases based on the dossier there's star when this was a lawyer by the way a lawyer you take would know the legal consequences file the defamation lawsuit saying that the whole cases crap because is based on the dossier this is your star witness gosh are these be it's just comical it's just comical listening and watching these liberal celebrate howard he's our new hero disguise already set the whole cases crab file by more shoe rotted he's a lawyer this is the best you ve got me is own reporting on this case but does this spy gay despise scandal the collusion narrative is garbage thea
the eye selfish said the document the thing was based on so now just to be clear it does so the das yea trumpeted disrupted their trump colluded with russia that's their whole case we know this from the five application that's their whole case right now can you do fbi is set installation salacious and unverified according to jim call me that two said they'd have no case without it three in the case price that the head of countering tell just said they verified it at its its infancy the verification process was the number for in this case the lead investigator says there's no there there and your lead witness in the case on the dossier calls at a lie filled document when a winner sounds like a winner to me joe who who shot in the arm gosh argue people that sloppy if that case joe against you say i'm back in the secret service ever and i have a colonial smokers case against joe armor come i have a dog
a sign document intelligence about jos involvement in felonious from operate might lead witness about the document as the document on the record is a lie filled document the at the red investigator in the case says the document is salacious and unverified document than jos felonious roper produce as we would have no case for felonious mulberry without the document that our number one said salacious unverified and our lead witnessed calls at life out there the division investigating the case when asked about verifying the bologna smallbury document says oh it's only in its infancy verification process take tat copper press the gain or in bologna is well pre case against joe tweets his girlfriend says hey there's no there there oh yeah joe you're nail body they got you back are you people too
that you either adieu to dupe that easily eats a week they ve you understand mahler is nothing that's why they're dead but to stretch a charge otters tweets all that's a real whether their bob you got a real gem there now we're analyzing the guy social media peaceably acting justice so fully in cryptically tweeting it out the fifty two million followers i this is subsistence outrageous so dumb alright i gotta get a couple of things i want to get yourself fresher i can't they were easily people or do i am enjoy watching liberals is i hate shout and fraud but this morning it is spent comical watching them and make out and i can't let you went back and i spent a lot of the listeners are too is you need to once in a while i'm glad did it went back with molly there immediately we just failure the dossier story spake the meeting story works for the trump team at the clinton team and the media their own stories reflect the spy gate scandal they don't worry
the collusion scandal that's that you take away the man the media can't retract the stories the stories are already out there are three issues nobody should we the people all stirs sexual supreme court nominee brett cabinet has been blasted on social media and liberal news outlets is the man will steer the supreme court poured broader gun right off european liberals i hate to break it to your lips but your old friend president barack obama she opened the floodgates have got ownership sales during his presidency by wanting to increases since i got ownership boy did i backfire on him a perfect example is our friends over it we the people holsters weena people holsters may custom made holsters made right here in the usa they design their own
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let's get to this the gdp number just came out trumpeters did oppressor little while ago before the winning continues folks again new rules as i told you yesterday thanks for the feedback on the show by the way i appreciate it through some of us a lot and i enjoyed a lot of it most of it it was great there is it was our people just love that new rules the new rules hours about winning we don't care we don't care about smokey daniels we don't care about the karen macdougall thing we don't care we care about winning went winning winning winning matters now and will winning the gene bp numbers were shorter i did get a couple of questions of a couple of folks emailed me yesterday and sad how are these gdp number is going to affect the dad what is it going to take put them in context ok four point one percent as a great number now again i facts here the bomb administration has headquarters because this was a quarterly measure folks cordially for
rules that means every three months or month as they need a year has twelvemonths up of sad reality that we have the new basic math on the show but liberal seem to have a difficult time with this to be fair the obama administration i hate to say we fail to be accurate is more the obama administration did have quarters at four percent are better they did not of a year and annual gdp count over three percent he's the first present modern u s history did not do that barack obama in other words he failed to meet a growth metric that every president before him had done at least one year he has headquarters this is where the liberals will try to screw you up we'll obama luminal burma you know what go head a corridor over over four percent to guess but he never had a year over three percent never had a year by the way the law quarter gdp barack obama handed donald trump was one point
i'm percent the last quarter was two point two for us in this corner was four point one this is a huge number i'm waiting for the annual numbers i want to see what the next quarter and the following quarter look like but i'm telling you the tax cuts are starting to filtered through the economy the deregulation efforts and trump economics is working we know about economics was a feeling i just told you he's the first modern u s history to never reach a growth mark three percent annually that every president performed the failure of obama now makes is just a legendary in a bad way now having said that some people said to me what kind of growth numbers we need to make an impact on the debt folks we would have to really did write this in spending sat a control if we were to hit annually with and this is this has happened in the very very if we were to hit about six percent two percent annually if we did
for ten years we grow the economy we could double the economy almost a bad about six percent annually we're only at four percent per quarter i say that not to put it down or the numbers are terrific i did the whole show yesterday about how our winning numbers are great i think the numbers are only going to get better from here with this tariff reform package with the eu i'm just trying to tell you to put everything in perspective because you asked we would have about six percent annually over an extended period of time to grow double the economy now you say well how does that impact that right now we owe everything our economies worth we owe about twenty trillion dollars the economy produces an output every year about twenty trillion dollars so an order is that basically have it would be the equipment of joe earning a hundred thousand dollars in owing a hundred thousand dollars to make the impact of joe owing a hundred thousand dollars less there too is to do it
ok have someone you know joe could pay down as debt and then it's worth lets you can pay fifty thousand dounia leo's fifty or joe could grow as income making the paying down at the dead easier you follow folks if you'll make it a hundred thousand knows a hundred thousand that's pretty devastating debt if your makes two hundred thousand earns a hundred thousand all the son it's not that bad anymore right if we were to head six percent which we didn't want to the reagan years if we would hit that over ten years and we did a full blown commitment the gdp growth again i'm not suggesting this would be it would be almost unprecedented we could have our debt if we put a cap on spending just by growing out of it by doubling our gdp to forty trillion in ten years roughly require basically seven percent puts it seven would be tough six we ve done before so i just want to put the numbers and respected but having said that this was a great number it's gonna be great for jobs it is not that i am not trying to downplay this at all in a about the numbers extremely trimly port so great number great
press conference bye bye trompe put it out the advice present whether i'm glad you talking about the economy because i'm telling you americans don't care numerals sort folks get cables all over the place here my new studio which the working out of here too many we know one of the twenty eight from trying to get i didn't kill him poor joe over the past few days we try to get the show out before noon eastern time but sometimes you so you get a little behind the scenes here we're recording but yesterday and are in a written spot sometimes of trip over staff adami trip physically so i got porthos edited it takes forever so it's my fault matters but were tried three hours another piece of openness shown us today which i highly recommend now i can't be entirely objective about this because it's on my website which happens you know that compromise columbo did a great piece about four crazy alexandria or casio cortez ideas i see is non socialist from new year
congressional district fourteen believe whereas she's the new darling the liberal laughed trying to advance and advocate for socialist ideas by the same thing you she doesn't seem to know much about economics policy or much else which is quite upsetting arbitrary out there and seize the new darling of the left so she's put couple of our economic ideas which our researcher map colombo was kind enough to entirely incompletely debunk at his new piece which basically as for crazy alexandria occasion cortez ideas number one per statements about the unemployment rate which i have the bank before but i'm just quick address again where she sat in the interview at margaret hoover and firing line that the animal rate was low because people are working to jobs dumber for having talked about this i've already lost ten iq points seeing this issue folks his mad points out regional peace asking people they are employed
while analyzing the unemployment rate is a binary question joe is yes or no it is not you want to with two jobs ten jobs or a hundred jobs its are you will put the fact that people have to jobs are not which by the way we're at four point eight none of the workforce working to jobs is the lowest it's been in decades ok that fact is in i really that number record number two people whenever working to jump that's just not true but it doesn't matter the animal the rate is calculated by asking people are you working or not not how many jobs again i don't want to talk about because every world dumber for having addressed this stupid point in having brought it up but matters it may be so you have some ammunition for your friends point number two he talks about a federal job guarantee why wait what a federal german others if you're out of work to federal government willa will guarantee
my point with a federal coming up yes yes that's what we need more federal government jobs where people will have absolute job security and never leave the public workforce ladies and gentlemen that is a atrocious horrible chuckie jobs it of course that's how bad that was is the worst idea i've ever heard catch barriers paying people to exit what could be a free market private sector job to work for the government on a permanent job you you'll never be fired with a government pension forever horrible horrible idea no thank you goes into some numbers on that two third her dont weapons ban we need to abandon saw weapons ladies and gentlemen the department of justice is own analysis of the clinton era assault weapons ban and ninety ninety four show
that it had almost no connection whatsoever that was statistically verifiable to a reduction in gun violence this is there apartment of justice is own study it didn't work just listen uh their words it didn't work does a pretty thorough breakdown of this this is a nonsense talking point they we need to follow up is banned really because the bill clinton department of justice at the time already said that the assault weapons ban didn't work but we try it again no no thanks we're good finally one of our other points housing joe housing it's alright this is a human right housing listen i want declaring let me just explained this to you for us this is an immense pieces as my own personal take on this one actually milk freedom is but it's worth putting out there folks when your liberal friends start declaring things rights i why
explain to them that rights are really declarations of obligations not rights and what i mean by that is if you declare of food that's some simple forget about housing from an look let's look at something like food food critical mean how many days can you really go without food copper ex before you're it say it's your its by time it's a food is a human right well what the obligation on someone else the moral obligation if you declare food a human right a right legal right and you and shrine that deck and for an obligation on someone else whereas if chose a farmer and i have the right to food let's ass to ethical course unlike liberals who never asked practical question they just ass theoretical question if it declared a right can i walk on jos farm start it can our unjust office trees ripping carrots out of the ground as a wary
you do ensure what what do you mean what am i doing my right food is my right what is it you're right i worked for these are our food for effort not on which my food it's my right you up there stan how liberals never think pass point one but what you did point one food as a right if food is a right then what the obligation on others listen not talking about the moral obligation lot of us or spiritual religious folks who believe it is a moral obligation to make sure people don't starved to death and i stand by that i'm talking about complicated legal questions when declare a right to housing what does that mean does that mean at a construction company as an obligation to build you a house for free what about the construction work or work in a feed his own family is even get paid no he doesn't get paid why because he's gonna work for free because housings right that's what we really meant not that's what you meant
wearing things are right does not make the economic hardship of declaring something an obligation on someone else go away now matt makes it horrific poor joe when the peace the south african constitution has a right to housing enshrined in its enshrined in the constitution so job according liberals our if it's a right and housing problems must have one away right up sure they did yeah of course corset digits man yeah you folks one fifth of cells fabric is popular south africa's population lacks adequate housing hours that it's a right enshrined in the constitution because it doesn't take away the economic obligation of someone else nobody's gonna build you a house farm for you feed you and clothed you for free just not going to do it in mass that's the way it works there are people
we'll donate their time their charity thankfully it opposition but as a legal policy declaring something in economic right does nothing to make the economic hardship of producing for someone else go away nothing one of these days liberals will get that i folks it's gonna be a busy day so state due to that new cycle will have a lot that the report back to you on monday i'm sure the weakens rose busy please go to our website thank you for our best weak ever we appreciate it please go to the website subscribed to the e mail list and in if you don't mind subscribed to the pod guess i know you download it but it's a subscriptions are free that but really helps us move up the charts a lot subscribe on itunes store
a fire heart radio sound clad in elsewhere really helps so thank you very much and i will see you all a month you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of an online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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