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Ep. 773 How Deep Does This Scandal Go?

2018-07-30 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the explosive new Spygate information implicating some major political players. I also address the new liberal attack plan on the economy and why it will fail.    News Picks: This piece debunks the mythical Clinton surplus.    Another great interview with Devin Nunes this weekend that should really concern the Democrats.   This piece in The Markets Works reveals some tantalizing new information about the depths of the leaking in the Spygate scandal.    Pay special attention to the corrections in this Washington Post piece.    Can we really afford Medicare for all?   This Facebook post by a law enforcement officer is worth your time.    Socialism is awful. That’s a fact.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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get ready to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour yeah yeah that's swell come back on mandated thereby gino shellfish joe how are you today back show on monday tons of good info to get at you let's get right to it including a tip the jeff carl senate the markets work dawning good article about the operation that's going to weed out the leakers and sub just incredible kid bits of information that are good as ramble your eggs like we haven't in a long time so dont mrs second they show today show brought you by bodies wax our actual you all know how much i love my sponsors i don't take on site this is where i can't use your vouch for the product wax our access incredible i had a significant problem with you
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to be it is getting like twilight zone weird right now activity the i again conservative tree house guys and jeff karlsson our post one of the links in the show notes and once you reader both the articles are in there actually in that link but james for those of you who for god folks james wolf is the staff or on the senate intelligence committee who is currently prosecuted by the federal government for lying to federal investigators about leaks now this case is getting more interesting by the moment because it keeps taking new and interesting turns so here fascinating little rank along this thing so just to be clear we got this guy wolf there's some cry pull allegations obviously is there's a probable cause document and he's being prosecuted on it now that has
staff for the senate intelligence committee he'd leak info to a reporter and lied about it to the fbi but but but but but but but he is not being charged with leaking job a ere he is be charged with lying to federal investigators about the leak but the brow there gasping outside you guys river that there is another word for it gives us a bail out how bout bear so is that it's hard with leakage he's page i should like why why is that you re the indictment of james wolf and it is damning and you're the whole wisely not being charged with the more serious crime leaking
certified information what is going on with this all we got a story to tell here folks if you read the indictment of india it's that on march seventeen march heaven the of twenty seventeen big this guy what who's being charged with lying about the about leaking information text did his girlfriend at the time a woman by the name of valley watkins who wrote a story for buzzfeed about carter page and devise a warrant that targeted carter and this is the other by promises will make sense in a second it's not it's it's not an irrelevant fact that they put in me indictment that exchanged eighty two texts that down marked seventy now what happens on march seventeen this is important marked seventeenth is the day the what i believe to be
compromise the senate committee on intelligence obviously by the leak italy to becoming added to the staff on march seventeen that's the date the warrant to spy on the trump team the fight application the application for that did in front of the fire a quart of court you to spy on terrorist that's the date the document is march seventeen twenty seventeen is brought over the senate committee and tells us folks follow me here this is it's this is unbelievable mine bender ok now why is added toward again if you listen unless we show you know why ready if not forgive me but i gotta recap a second for the new listeners s that's good the fight publication that was that was not leak but put out by now the department of justice last saturday night had a i only one date on it one day could see that was hand written in the date was march seventeen twenty seven team why why did they leave that on
redirected while the other significant dates in the document were rejected maybe it was a clue maybe it was that document that was sent on march seventeen through the entire committee maybe they left that date unread acted as a clue that this was the one given to the sky wolf member there then in committee are in march says listen we want to fight the intelligence committee we were b we want the pfizer application the fighting application is delivered on march seventeen is delivered to the staff whereas we are prosecuted by the government now the pfizer application becomes public last saturday its delivered on march seventeen and conveniently one of the only dates unread acted in the peace that we can see is march seventeen maybe a hint show that this was the one given to this guy wolf could be now how long is the final
application used the target carter page i gave you a number before about tax its eighty two plus one i say eighty two plus one because its eighty two pages plus a signature page again this is all on the pisa markets work put in the show not please read it is excellent and there's lakes did conservative tree house pieces energy than a really good to check them out show that document despite carter pages eighty two pages any indictment of wolf now receives that document defining application via the document leaks through the media he sends eighty two tax maybe joe when what am i doing meaning screen shot in each individual pay tax thing that document too
girlfriend who then write a piece about impose feed why is this important who like that how about that they cause roughly seventy percent of the document is rejected its blacked out entire pages folks why would we if he was screen shouting the eighty two pages of the document texting them to his girlfriend to write about buzzfeed why would he centre and on a redirected completely black thou page but i'm suggesting to the test she sent were the on re documents meaning deep six deaf on six thousand four hundred and seventy two level information were sent over an open medium to a rapporteur for buzzfeed whilst
i'll pay you see the government's claim you know you can't see it this is totally under this gotta be rejected you can't see any of this but i was wondering if i ever saw it the media people may already have the unread acted document with awe deep six information in a while i get the deaf cuts i know how it works i guess if you don't say high numbers people get confused self which thirty may make it thousands of emails about stuff like that i appreciate the boy folks the media may already have it why with the heat x in screech i depleted blacked out page and waste the text on it you just text the imf they could see he probably had the unproductive document now it makes sense why i think what's happening here joe is the justice department
people within the justice department who are there are good folks over their focus not everybody in the justice department corrupt them not suggesting to you that everything has been handled by look i've already told you the sessions or accuser was a complete disaster i get it but i'm china's just you there maybe there are a few good people left in there i know there are when the view good people that are left our kind of even breadcrumbs for us entrepreneurial folks out there to pick up on and pass on that date be in exposed in the five application eight march of the why would you leave that out there all because that's the same day we gave it to the sky on the senate intelligence committee the way the same day its alleged deleted to his girlfriend by the way he texted are eighty two times all along with the document all eighty two plus one pages i can read it but seventy centres so other pages were rejected four a m at first
wall bye boy like to see a valley watkins has that on redirected document on a phone somewhere wouldn't you loved the sea with that is to say now i got more on this but i want to tie in multiple stories here because that's what i do for you i go i read all weekend i read some of the best stuff that i put it to show notes and i try to tie these stories together debbie noon ass by the way how emmi joe we worry about the roma can we have prepared a chance but knocking it out if you're missing our show on fox news on sunday you're missing out on all the good stuff it really sheet has never nunez odd seemingly every week and a guide dog megaton bombs all the time so now let's be clear before i play these clip this is nunez this week and maria barter ramos just been speaking specifically about media narratives about this let me just set it up
did you notice that the media narrative that all the meat the left wing media narrative now now they're they're dead to rights the warrant to spy on the trump team has been released ladies and gentlemen and its clear as day the dossier the fake information hilary paid for is a big component of a judicial document used to spy on an opposition political candidate this is restating information the media is running out of places the hide like the cockroaches that that some of whom have become the law it's come on and they don't know what to do their hiding everywhere what do we do when we do ok first we said the das he hated matter now we say the das yea does matter now we say the das yea was used to spy but it was only a little piece despite so the media narrative is pendule for the longest time no defined
application you just saw saturday night came out which clearly clear as day indicates hillary clinton paid for information was used to spy on the trumpet that's not it oh there's more information in the reductions that's blacked out that you just don't know about that's really what was useless by now i just suggested to you by setting this up that the media may already have the unread acted document notice the media's quieted down a whole lot on that narrative tat narrative is most dead and buried now you don't even here liberal talking heads on the media talk me in other words that will honour the real good stuff is under attack you noticed how that's died down i'm in a play too cuts from devon newness who is by the way seen this information
and i want you to see how these play a little bit a poker here ok play cut one border room if you look at what they were saying they said oh but the really juicy stuff it's actually there really stuff that proves collusion and how bad carter page really was and how they were colluding with russians that's what's reacted well that was that kind of news for forty eight hours but once the left in the media found out that the house republicans on the intelligence committee had asked back in june for the president to declassify twenty pages you hear crickets you nothing you don't hear them they don't want that unread acted they don't want transparency for the american people so the pride of the prison has the letter from us i think his for are looking at this to see if they can declassify it sooner rather than later but the sooner this comes out better off we all are because what i have said is what's left that's rejected the american people really didn't need to know what saturday what guy
a debit nunez use actually see the staff by the way and i'm sure of it by the way a lot of media folks out there is well who have proof have we seen at least a good portion of this blacked out information was supposed to be damning about the trump team nunez is seen as user keeper mine this isa public in from california has been all over this case he's like let's put it out there let's put it out there now folks play chicken you better be damned get you better be damn straight that you're willing to go you know a check you ever see footloose if you're willing to pay check and you want to win winnings really losing the media's what do you do get a car accident footloose just drive cars at each other and high speed has a genius idea like we're gonna idiot order that came to meet this what the media is doing the problems there are new nessus in an armored car and erin a they have
nowhere to go because nunez and a lot of media people have already seen likely the agreed acted information nunez has and he knows it's even worse than the stuff you ve already seen queue up cut too don't worry goes into this even more how now all of a sudden that narratives dying down too because now the media's hey guys s narrative number six hundred seventy two about how the really bad stuff is in a black that stuff up it's really not we ve seen it is even worse it looks terrible for the obama administration may joe weaken a nod maybe it talks about the use of informants spies to trumpet maybe new necessary he's like now let's see that if people think using the clinton dirt to get a pfizer is bad what what else that's in that application is even worse and you identify a specific number of pages in the letter you since to president tromp that need to
you were adapted can you tell us anything about what could possibly be even worse than using an unverified piece of nonsense to actually get a warrant despite an american citizen therein lies the problem right so it so you that the mainstream media and the laugh they can run out and say well what's wrong the bad and there is a step that the public can see its rejected but the reality is is that's not the case those of us who ben providing oversight over this issue we ve had said all of our members who have been painstakingly going through it piece by piece and we are quite confident that once the american people see these twenty pages at least for those that will real reporting on this issue they will be shot by what's in that fight why why are you mad special
nunez whose actually seen it listen be in serious your lips and media deeds and ladys out there you sure you want to keep playing ball with this guy you are getting smoke at every single turn put out is his memorandum remember the house permanence my committee on intelligence put out their report das dossier defies application lie so the application comes out ok it's not lies but there's more information about actions risk about ok let's see those let's see what those rights actions unread acted have to say let's all of us everybody super quiet you don't anything about that narrative ladies and gentlemen this cases worse its even worse it may be thought
about potential and masking maybe talk about things like informants being run against a political campaign of euro third world are the third world country type tactics is it possible just possible for a second which i already know the answer to this is it possible that the dossier joe this stuff day left unredeemed for us to see in the document is the best part of it notice how quiet everybody's gotten all of a sudden about this now so that that was the first part of it the eighty two tax i don't believe that was in there by accident now let's go this be precision in the end in charging document to get the information i think it was more than that this is signal about what is actually happened here eighty two texts the document the core of it is eighty two pages long it is possible that the weaker that this
guy wolf's alleged to be in these documents that this guy taxes potentially screenshots of every single page which based on just common sense would be on acted meaning the media's probably already seen this stuff joe has everyone else that's it you know how they of course they have their sense of what their loyalty is two clicks and an end liberality i'm right damn right now second i'm gonna win food in today's show notes as while a wash and impose peace you know i hate to do that but forget the peace just read the correction the correct genes are damning folks darting become obvious i've hit on this now a couple times but it is now becoming obvious that this was a trap that the justice department people in the justice department have been worse being on people leaking sensitive highly classified government information for a long time now this is
all in all the markets work peace and which will be on on the show notes that i got a bunch of that complete subscribed to my email is i'll send them right here let me give you some if you the miami vice thing i always tell you about you know delete the wrong day to people and they pay which the wrong day and only you know it's the wrong day then you know who the leakers are why because you gave the right day to everyone else and he gave the wrong data just one person there i've been a number of these traps set up these information traps that i repeat italy smack media people i believe wolf and in a lot of the people working on this case believe this too was cod in this in this in this type of operation by the government to out these leakers some significant data from the markets work peace december first twenty seventeen brian rostrum maybe see gets a fake news leak about mike when later retrain didn't brian law raw suspended remember are these leaks work the core the stories correct or elsewhere
we believe a ball in the media about report on you take it story like the martians led the random then i can repeat well with the media you never know but realistically even if your semi responsible you're only going report credible stories so what they do traps been working joe is they report credit information with one wrong fact about it they can out who the leakers the brian raw story it abc in december was that mike flint had been asked to contact the russians to contact them as went when trump was a candidate that was not fat to information that was not correct it was as a he was not ass the contact them as a candidate used ass the contact them as a national security visor which would be what we call his job ok second piece of information december thirteen
seventeen the fake news leak about poor metaphor broadcast by a b c which was later retracted december forth a fake news leak about deutsche bank to subpoena for trumps bank record imported by bloomberg later retracted that was the one their supreme introduced by workers it wasn't trumps bank records that story was false do it was other people it wasn't it other people involved in the trunk orbit it was our trump again the court the story is correct our deutsche bank but it wasn't in fact from december eighth see announcement roger gets fake news leak about wiki leaks and dont trumped juniors email data on the ema was wrong to day was critical right because they backdated it the fake date and the date was for the information already become public what they were saying all look he's gotta back channel how do you get back channel information is already out on the internet now when you understand that and how
information trap was being set up this is a beautiful thing now because now the rest of it starts to make sense i have a washington post peace in their that described the pfizer warrant the drives the pfizer warrant that the application that now we we were brit relatively confident was late and i'm pretty cock it was leaked and unread acted form remember the day the marked seven we can also be relatively confident show that the copy that was leaked was the copy given to this guy who is now being prosecuted for false statements about leaking if you look at the correction in the wash impose peace the april eleventh p where there that's the first time we hear about the pfizer application that's the first time we hear boot carter now april third is the first time we hear about carter page from
we want gins who's the girl friend of of the guy is alleged to be the leak wolf he got it but the first time but the fire of war it is about a week later on april eleven in the washington post the correction at the bottom of the peace grow all the way down it's in the shortest massive it says i by the way the original it is a fight that we reported as being in the summer of of twenty sixteen it's actually october why with this summer why would you like a story about the fire but the date on it be backdated to the summer me because that's when carter page was still with the trump team and they wanted story to be believable enough that these media idiots would fall for in other words joe trump harder page had already leave in leave him speak english bonds carter
age had already left right the trump team by october somebody backdated a date and fed that information to the washington post that defies of war was in the summer somebody i think misled them again to get them at these media people are being played like fiddles corrections in these reports are this story the media is so desperate to get negative information on trump that i believe that giving up their journalist extend the standards of double and triple vetting me information there taking the first thing that comes down the pipeline not really is realising that the information coming coming down a pile of all pipeline is a trap for them there being set up read the corrections in the peace also one more as pointed out by a car and then the peace but the october nineteenth day you c mon
four pieces of reporting in the imposed philip and others joe reporting that the as a warrant was issued on october nineteenth it was not it was issued on the twenty first i'm telling you that but this is this has been part of an ongoing operation out these guys and they keep get sucked up in a trap and its highly likely that this guy wolf hu there is some credible allegations against them now the government's go full bore against them it's we like it just died wolf was apart of it now here's where it gets interesting i'm going to wrap this up cuz i got a lot of stuff to get through to it this stuff is going to just blow your mind wolf joe also turning on july twenty seventh sent out some kind of a request saying that he may be calling who to in his bath now
remember what he's being charged with the leaguer the of the alleged lee according to the government documents of this pfizer application to this report or according to documents allegations right here being charged with false midst the fbi not with the leaking who is he calling in his defence again we're talkin guys alleged of leap pregnant pause the united states centres on the senate intelligence committee how about i why do you think he'd be doing maybe he's not lying he's being charged with false statements why would
call a bunch of united states centres on the entire committee to his defence in a case rees being charged with lying to the fbi about leaking why would he do that boy maybe as there's some u s editors you may have told him hey what are you golly that what are you going tat piece of info there you got some connections and oppress i don't want my your prince on this so how bout you called you you may want to look at that list the people on that senate intel community matters make sense you may start this he's too rarely inconvenient names on our people lupin like republic two by the way i think everything was done by the book here start paying attention as democrats mark warner i gotta go after this trouble we gotta take him down quick we probably do we pray
please do so you guys can all get away with it joe do you realize this i mean the weak on the show wheat we bust out a new neutron bomb for you and i want to applied by the way i am really all of the people doing incredible journalists thick work in lieu of a of a lost bunch tax and the real media who refused to do any watergate like work on this i want to applaud but i'll call the real media out there these japan oreo types who been digging do pfizer applications my call writers my researchers karlsson the tree ass guide andy mccarthy everyone out there who is molly hemingway who has been knocking out of the park and this case ladies and gentlemen this is scandal on top of scandal on top of scandal on top a cover up on top a cover up on top a cover up now does makes sense why the most outspoken people about right
jack a larger the tribe team are some of the senators ani intel committee just look at the list of names may sound familiar he's calling the leakers calling the senators in his defence boy boys going have a constitution hello crisis soon centres because they re not obligated testing i am not this ascent deliberation really leaking classified information i was unaware that are you pick it up put on laying down here i'm picking up pretty going down is a mind you mental scandal now we're not talking about the fake dossier the spy on the trump team using political
information the lying about the dossier the reductions in the end the vice of application that are probably even worse inform its being run at the trump team now we're talking about authorized leaks of classified information potentially from united states centres to damage the president and i did states how bout that really it only gets better folks i got a lot more to get things so the razor blades you our bodies at i target we love i turn if you're going to own a firearm obviously want to know how to be safe for them but we have to be proficient with them as well god forbid you're involved in a self defense scenario for fishing he's going to matter oliver yet the story of man for a man who came to the secret service training centre he was involved
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yeah because its eighty two pages but i thought secondly the pick up about how he's actually going this request subpoenas for testify from senators you're like mad or they now you know why the role of the grant of he's ok so michael cohen i wanted to read to you somethin by michael common cause this is another interesting piece michael cohen who is was donald trumps former it many cohen is now being celebrated by liberals with tramped arrangement syndrome is locked me now joe again this time number one thousand six hundred seventy eight we gotta wait item trumps going down now michael cow and michael cow and michael college i read to you a text less four michael cohen where he called the dossier the entire basis for the trump collusion narrative quote a lie phil document i sound like a great k suffer collusion you're collusion case is on a dossier which your star
witnesses call the life filled backing sounds great joe this case thousand if your liberal that case sounds like a real winner here's where it gets even better a molly hemingway by the way for pointing this out onto twitter feed she the screen shot from jail see i am politics far right people at cnn this is real something i want to make it up this is called its own words by the way if there's some quotes and hear from him given my own proximity the present united states as a candidate let me also say this is the left thar witnessed joe i never saw anything matter hit anything that demonstrated his involvement in russian interference and our election or any form of collusion i emphatically state that i nothing to do with eddie russian involvement and our electoral process o o edna gray so you
star witness is on his own twitter feed talking about how the entire bedrock of your collusion case the dossier is quoted lie failed document and he's on the wreck average said i seen anything about collusion even a hint of collusion matter back he says i emphatically he stated rise we run for that seen in a few good men i have checked strenuously you these fabricated ironically their eyes is this is your star witness nice work there get had tipp hemingway for finding that jim extreme shouts of everything these days because that is what i do i spend my not kidding i spend my entire weekend going through the the entire our out their defined information for you to britain that was this a great one this is their star witness in this things going to collapse on so fast is gonna be incredible roca auditing
now a little love more somber note there was a fox news which have in the show notes again for you to read please read of a strongly strongly encourage you to read it also weight agatha shown us today for some reason the clinton surpluses come up again you know it's a topic sensitive to my heart because there was no surplus so i asked them a resident the bunker chief and researcher map colombo to put again upon you know that calm and easy debunking couldn't surplus which he did it away in the shown us today is the first article check it out because i still your people talking about this ridiculous you know click surplus it didn't exist i'm having sex there's a piece of fox news that come about a brook county west virginia police officer by the name of crystal enrichment she responds to a college of you heard the story to some twenty one year old guy throwing stuff off of authority snuff around in a room she response to the call the
all turns into just complete free for all it turns into a five minute may and ass she says in her she writes a facebook post about an as she's clear about is not me she she gets too a pretty good and peace but the facebook posts is worth your time and its if your time because better is very sensitive to me in a lot of irregular losers of her me bring up often is my i care i can say is strong enough terms how horrible it would be this country's starts in envision ireland is some kind of a political solution i say because i've been genuinely bothered and kind of freaked out lavie about how the left is starting to now just openly i'm leaving a fringe elements of the left i'm talking about some
my main stream players on the left who at a minimum joe are not condemning violence and allowing it to happen as a solution when you read this for them which aids which is absurd when you read this facebook posed by this woman this police officer about what happened to her and is five minute free for all this guy she had broken knows is blood all over you could see the pictures at some really serious injuries are the guy went for her you will see the horror violence and it reminded me the episode we did where i talked about one of the reasons i want to bring this up again because important in light of this the people joe who are the most uncomfortable and terrified of violence are people who actually been engaged in it and a victim of it the victor most people in the military people and law enforcement people who are actual fighters these are the p interestingly enough here once you advocate the shore
fungus people you know like me listen i gotta brazilian jujitsu jitsu almost every saturday i practice literal violence and the one on the show saying it's the worst thing ever this is not a solution to any political problem ever it is a means of self defence only and if you think otherwise like some left this are a lot i actually you are you are you are growing ask we misinformed immorally decent form now the reason i think this is and i have explained before but its work repeating and when you read the article you'll understand why the rest a radical left is down this violent path this constant death wish on tromp attacking people rallies because they live in this cocoon of say spaces i don't know any different that spain that safe space is not available conservative guys ladys outer under and this and take solace in this you all our hard you
hard people you have callous tat you have thick skin you have been attacked forever being called the worst of names you have been spit on you ve had your magda had stolen you ve drinks dumped on you in many cases you been attack you been firmly attacked physically attacked you have been there skin is thick you are ready for the fight and when i fight i mean the ideological one but the problem with the left is that they don't that same thing they live in these protect it could coon safe space environments where they live in insulated violence they know it can show up at rallies as anti for an attack people knowing what the cops will protect them they know that in their college campuses if they get up in your face and they screen that you're a racist or whatever it is or some horrible you that they know their college professors will side with them in the administration is well if you're a conservative they know they have their say spaces to go to if they feel uncomfortable member that what is a trickly puff
girl things trickly poverty carl i forget his name or something but the one scream etc they know they can have childlike tantrums at these rallies offer conservatives we're conservative speakers are there and they know nothing will happen to them they live an insulated environment where the consequences of up political violence and verbal altercations are not real for them because there are no consequences there celebrated as heroes throw someone out a restaurant like like like an idiot for lady in a red hand with sarah say there's like a jerk like the degenerate and your celebrated by the left for your incivility folks let me be absolutely crystal if i own a restaurant you could be the most cookie far left this than the world you come into my restaurant back civil and eat like a normal person you are more than welcome i am a free market capitalist i am not at all a believer in this in it there was an interesting pieces weaken
in the wall street journal about its ethnic or unnatural about joe geneva convention for political debate and i thought it was fascinating any brings up a great point that communal spaces where we i gather you the be strictly off limits for this type of stuff not strictly off limits for poland will debate let me be clear but strictly off limits for violent harassing type behaviour commute spaces restaurants part you want to have a civil discussion fight you don't go to a park to attack your friends who live in the neighborhood because our trump fans whether they were at their kids this is the stuff that happens with uncivilized savages so happy so we have like a geneva convention here you know the rules of war for this political too that communal spaces will be civil do we really have to say this but you read this piece about the about violence
and the people who actually suffered the consequences of answers officer whose clearly freaked out by this i compliment her bravery for putting this out that she makes no attempt to cover our frightening this was and you see why real people who bid in the real world with real violence with real consequences were hard to it are the first ones to say dude this is not the path to go down liberals have ever ever been there they don't understand they live in a shielded safe space environment too well this is safe space for them and it reminds me of a problem i brought up before and i want to rapid think i'm gonna get this economic story too but this is important folks it's called the superman problem what's the superman problem you know i watched the man of steel movie the the one before a man versus superman without the new guy i forget his name is a mission impossible movies henry somethin henry cable that's it
and i came out of the movie and i was like and i figure out what about the movie bothered me and i a review of it i was like bingo that's it the superman problem and i'm actually discussed this on the show before but this is for over if you have to be a regular listen remember this one what bothers me about the movie in superman versus batman is conservatives are batman where human we can get hurt we been we understand what it's like for bane to break our back and have to recover from it alright batman's a fictional character it's an analogy roll with it you understand you've been there batman bleeds he pleads he hurts legs break wrist break his back brace and one of a bank you get hurt i never we like superman growin up and i didn't like the movie
because every hour superman's so brave izzie superman can't be heard he almost feels no pay these the man of steel he's never heard we obviously cannot be a lot of pain human like bad man liberals thing their superman because there's no consequences for the behaviour supernaturalists kryptonite he's the man a steel nothing hearts and pull its bullets bounce off joe i mean is really brave facing bout a firearm if the book they get to any they tell em now banned on the other hand whose looking potential have to confront these criminals pats bravery you all you conservatives that their fight and a good fight on college campuses that have to worry about being verbally attack having your professors take great points away from you in some key physically attacked by people people out there in the public space put on your maga hats fighting defy worried we given moment someone's gonna porridge drink it you attack you a costume at spray here the bad men at the moment you're not the superman
the liberals are the superman and i don't mean that qualitatively because they can't be heard the media protects them safe spaces protect them academia protects them civil society protects them all these have a reasonable people me whether the most irrational people out there they're not brave folks their cowards they are complete total cowards you are the ones who have taken the cuts the broken legs you are the ones who have taken all the verbal assault and had your stuff stolen and drinks porn on you you are the ones don't ever forget that smile a little bit no one that you left the earth one day involved in a fight where there were actual consequences not the left who with everyday calling people horrible names attacking image always someone always jumps to their defence there cowards you're not all right i got one more story i went
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about three things liberal taught liberals told us what happened did tromp was elected and trump enacted tax cuts and how tromp dynamics would fail they said you know what the governments can of course said attacks cut short gonna cost the government money i'm i'm tired tired tired tired of hearing there somebody to government that if you don't mind someone on the street you having costume any money at your money number one that the point is just ideologically stupid if the government there take your money it doesn't cost the government anything again if you do tat rob you on the street it didn't cause the dude anything but what we really trying to say is if we institute tax rate cuts that revenue to the government would decrease that is the precise way to say that liberals won't because the focus group test to talk about it
cost a government body a people freak out because they think the government's free like its funded by the money fairy ok that is not true that is manifest incorrect now here we go from the wall street journal by my excellent the cbs joe now predicts a projects that additional revenue from this economic surge will offset eighty eight two percent of the estimated ten year caused to the tax cuts that contrasts our boy with the scipios assessment that president obama economic slump lost three point two trillion and projected ten year revenue during his last three years almost five times more revenue loss than was gained twenty thirteen tax ike who oh really dig it out he just beautifully summed up there so right now put jobs we're not even firing on all cylinders yet the four point one percent
the growth number that they reported last week for the court was really nice but it's not even close to what reagan did annually at six percent i believe and eighty five and eighty six one of i can tell you is the sea hang on economic growth we haven't recent yet i think trot he's gonna push us towards five and six annual that four point one percent job was for a quarter three months right we're not even mare yet and well already now due to the economic surge at eight percent of the so called cost of the ten year tax cuts meaning a cost quote ass the government almost nothing already and we haven't even reached peak growth yet trust that is salon says in the peace michael on that's on the universe your journal as says in the peace that obama's tax hike lost three point two trillion dollars five
i'm more revenue was lost them we gain by his tax ike duties the lack of economic growth again liberals do what these facts get in the way of a good time for you and it could for you is rhetorical violence screaming at us yelling at us and attacking us for basic facts of data we get that but trumps tax cut a lot nearly two months in is already projected to have pay for itself we haven't even hit peak growth meanwhile wait i got us because this is hard for liberals liberals tax trump nearly pays for itself tax hike obama asked five times more money that was projected to take it tax height losers but so decide bring us up in simple liberal terms and liberal language show to show them to express to them in words that if you're even if your goal is not cost the government
in other words to have the money government deal more money from people right even if that's your goal obama failed meet your goal by a long shot while trumps tax cut is already on pace to pay for itself and not lose a dime about that now don't get it don't let it area this get in the way of your silly stupid arguments you you know debated chris course on a judge janine again on saturday night ok which i enjoy and i like karasowski our desire personal chris and i e mail each other but i'm telling you that this is why it is so easy to debate liberals joe they just if guys if you don't have the facts it is impossible in a debate with someone who knows the facts to win a debate because people are just gonna go and google it i said to a money here at what point under debate three four weeks ago he said to me you know that
true that obama hand the trumpet one point nine percent growth rate he said it so convincingly john that i of the year and i too am i wrong like i know i do my homework and i go google it now of course i was right hand that about one point nine percent growth rate no less quarter so i could a or nothing crickets this happens all the time with lips that packs gotta catholic got my actually the projections aren't gonna level out now we haven't even if it may actually make the government money like to govern like the reagan tax cuts did with a double government revenue our power by about no obama tax hike actually cost the government money ok how about that have a nice day these guys ever ever come prepared the facts on the sooner or later your argument has be buttress by actual data or your you mean is irrelevant you just talking eugene
spewing nonsense ok another popular myth undone by the trump tax cuts i am quoting the wall street journal peace here is that it growth renaissance guy she's been popular myth undone by the growth renaissance is that corporate tax cuts benefit only rich shareholders therefore fire that rights that rach idiots so stupid embryo i'm so tired of you guys are seriously i'm so tired of it you have nothing new to bring them go out wasn't in peace so be it's the tax show the labour department reports that worker bonuses have hit the highest level ever recorded all really the commerce that evil government anthony joe the commerce department reports there wages and salaries are growing almost twenty five percent faster under president shrub then mr obama the reason
tidal wave of customer rebates also from utilities and cable companies also explore since the massive burden that high corporate taxes have been exposing on consumers ok so a path that right the rich ok so the converse departments coordinate wages and salaries of growing twenty five percent faster notice it didn't for the rich that means for you we have record worker bonuses at their jobs notice it doesn't say for the rich it says for you but again lips don't let this guy the way of a mother stupid argument geiss ladys are not met somebody here ok you need to be prepared that i do this show for you the original concept that show for me and joe was put a show out for adoring during your commute where you would have facts and hard data you could to pay your liberal friends when you need them
the show twice or right this stuff down a memorizes stop because entirely debunks the nonsense your liberal friends say they have nowhere to go nowhere i live that past tax ok commerce department that doesn't work for you data they are wrong there to either real they or there really liars there is no option see they don't have anything it costs the government money i'm actually it's not we're already eighty eight percent of the way there on projections by the way income tax revenue is highest has ever been it benefits the rich finally the commerce departments as otherwise that we ve seen explosive growth in wages so what are you just making this up finally point number three easily depart began show
stock market boom that clearly benefits the rich only on and now this is work conservatives in some of them i don't know the number start tobacco stocks start only rich people and stuff are you sure about that because that's not what the upper say i quote again from the peace the stock market inspired by tax reform how does the middle class do more wow that's what he said seen study intact notes found that about fifty percent of all domestically own corporate shares are in the retirement accounts and pension plans the nest egg of working america's fifty percent for level that means half that's half of what honey percent which is whole half whole fifty percent are owned by people who have your stocks and i raised in pension plans that fat rags you may say while clearly the other fifty percent is for the richer you'd be wrong there too peace goes on but others
team point six percent of shares our help by non up it's life insurance companies not profit passions of the rich and life insurance companies what your middle class you have a life insurance policy record did it by backs could see total shareholder returns this year exceed one trillion with the majority flowing to retirees or charities like the united way lives again don't let any these facts get in the way of your continued focus group tested to stupidity i know that you pity works for you but i want just for a second to turn take the ideological blunders you know when i drive up my road here come in by community there's a whole farm on the left now i'm not familiar with horses but of its breeding thing over they put you even worse it joe they put these blinders on the horse again just i know but the blinders and they have hooves yeah yeah that's about outgoing regret that they put these blind there's on these horse i don't overtake mating season or what name you know you i contrived no idea all i know is
every time i try by the horse with that like the blind their on i think those are my liberal friends they go through life eating grass on the ground with the blind there's on as long as they are fed they can't see anything around them they're happy divorces happy scott the blinders on these two guys got like a bathtub full of water i love watch endorses i love animals they called it the water out of marketing as actual bathtub their full of water and they eat the grass but they don't see anything and life is good their fat dumb and happy this is the modern liberal blind a world blind facts data and reality because they're happy because you're happy they don't think any of this stuff is eventually going to infect them it's all be ass wake up my gosh wake up running out of time to fight the stupid it spreading folks axing ever tune and in a really appreciate it please i got
got the chums store been selling a whole boatload teach us we got some new ones common where work and on so vessels by request for you we get a lot of requests and our plea please please please we're begging you joe and i please subscribe to the show we appreciate download listen but as the actual subscriptions it is totally free it is of no cost eu that will never change go to itunes spotify sound cloud google play just your yet click follow on iheart radio or subscribe it is totally free but the subscriptions travis weigh up the charts we have been rock in it for the last two weeks three weeks thanks to you we really appreciate it folks thanks again you just heard tell bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance broadcasts on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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