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Ep. 774 Trump Owns the Liberal Media Again

2018-07-31 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the epic troll move President Trump pulled on the media yesterday. I also debunk the latest liberal attempt to cover up the Spygate debacle. Finally, I cover the liberal attacks on the economy and why they’re wrong.    News Picks: Please pick up a copy of my new Spygate book here. You won’t regret it.    Liberals are lying when they claim that wages are stagnant. This piece debunks that nonsense.    This Twitchy piece addresses the suspicious silence of Adam Schiff on the “redactions” issue.   This law and crime piece touches on what I believe will be the new liberal narrative about the Spygate disaster.    The Daily Caller deserves better than the treatment they’ve received from liberal media types.    Medicare for all is an unaffordable disaster.    Stop believing the myths about government shutdowns.   DNC head Tom Perez claims to be a class warrior, but look at what he was carrying.    These income inequality professors don’t seem to mind their inflated incomes.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on a show that's not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i welcome to the damage you now show that day finally arrived producer joe armoured cars how are you today on the das by you know do we have the best audience ever i love you guys ladys to death you all are so incredible saw my new book i didn't say it on yesterday's show spy gate the attempted sabbath donald did john jay trop is now available at amazon for pre order and yesterday why did we sent out a tweet because you all are simply fantastic it is now number one in like seven or eight categories including you get a kick out of this one and i make here is not a joke we're number one and at best
we are experiencing now about that i am not getting on amazon i have no idea how we wind up atmosphere experiences in politics and political parties we acknowledge ok great i get that made says but we are number one in atmosphere excises eggs the year the book is paid just selling like hotcakes i thank you enough please i you know i don't ask a lot i try not to be too need you're funny category guys i gotta love your excises show up making it up all three without later we're not my friend juice theo who listens to the show radio hosted here's the text to me this morning with it he's like look at this number one and atmospheric science islamic yeah baby the book is killer you are gonna love it all that actions all the players its laid out almost like a criminal case with the names you cannot screw it up when you're done it is it's a nice book to pop
without a book but there are things in there i promise you you are not going to i'm anywhere else you have my absolute word on that including a stunning find by one of my co authors about april and shall motivation for the foreign environment our elections which is gonna blow your mind she does an unbelievable job of late a portion of the book out it is terrific its calls i gave the attempted sabotage of donald the donald j trump i humbly ask you to go pick it up today it'll be out october night but the pre orders really really help us please go to amazon pick it up again spy gate the attempted sabotage of they are donald trump you i can't for some reason i take it that you will not regret and i promise you gonna love this book even one of our editors by the way who you know the editor i've seen do the book the outer reside this unbelievably compellingly you can't put it out and watch you i see in the connections yo if you
regular elicited a show it's gonna all come together so i'd really appreciate that again the attempted sabotage of down donald trump spiky go check it out and amazon today please let's get to the top one hundred we're like right there were at one thirty tat of all the millions of books on amazon is pretty strong so we're number one in category two thanks a lot right ok so yesterday i don't know if you missed it but there was an epic epic troll by donald trump he is he's the june list is at the press conference guys it is this is why them and is constantly underestimated by people and one of the things that bothers me as you may disagree with his style you disagree with anything it's a constitution republic that's logical breton a man's life god forbid you are free constitutional public to objective just about anything the president does and that's great at seattle liberty freedom my problem
with the media and liberals is they constantly sell this man's intellect short joe now one of the shows a couple weeks ago i discussed how it's not even a rational position the man has clearly been a very successful business man he hasn't been a successful businessmen without failure i dont think many so tests for businessmen have i mean even steve jobs thought the newton was a good idea right but he has made himself hunter millions if not billions of dollars he also managed to pull off out of three britain thirty million people in this country only one person is the present united states at a time there are proper we close the ten if not twenty who knows thirty million people who would love to be the president there are probably those two at any given time five thousand joe serious contenders wealthy business people politicians senators governors etc treatment to pull this off with an almost
no political what definitely no elected office experience he has dabbled in politics before but he's never run officially before night where he's been on bout and run right with no political we are all the first officer winds is the presidency and i say this because i'm i'm i'm constantly amazed at how many people in the media constantly sell this man's intellect short because they don't like substance of how we talks now me grown up in new york in queens where the trumpets from i'm i'm used to i'm used to that kind of talk the brass style the bread no she o the chess potpourri the language very very and in those of you from new york from queens the bronx mechanism and had not a separate entity altogether it sam i mean a pejorative conaway i mean it's like they just the people matters differ item commuting to very very smart people in queens people with high income
ty intellectual aptitude intellectual inch intellectual achievement in time in a way that is off putting i ass the others so where used what we don't associated drop in some bombs and the way tromp talks with a lack of income you get a job we ve learned to segregate out the two sometimes you have to do your own horn sometimes you do sometimes you have he's good at it that's what that's the star how will the queen's guy right yet date but we ve what we ve i've learned to separate the two and i understand that this guy is is a really really smart guy he gets it so what happened yesterday to munich go on long winded there but it's important because again the guy's constantly portrayed as some kind of ignoramus who doesn't know least doing my trappers had this ongoing battle with the media that i spoke about last night in the hannity shown this ongoing battle with the media's been genius he is take conventional wisdom and thrown it on its head conventional wisdom with the media i largely conservative talk haven't been involved in politics us adult largely now
talk radio station for most of his adult life now just remember the theory about battling the media fewer conservative it was you don't fight peep oh buying by the barrel right that correct address you'd leave him alone let him let him call you a racist massage earnest and mr phobic photophobia for before whenever it doesn't matter how did you do it right member job if you fight back there just gonna write more negative staff and are going to destroy you that i've got that constantly i know i guys when i was running in maryland it wasn't aboard summit there was one guy this guy john fritz the baltimore son who is who was really fair i mean i wouldn't say he was not a conservative or anything but i his pieces were generally pretty for outside of that we slaughtered by the media every day now they never call me a racist thank you know thank god i'd be pretty fired up i probably soon if they did but the coverage was important donald trump understand this turn this model on its head this is important because it
splain the media hysteria over trump now and there one upmanship of crazy they ve gone from easy coverage to insane coverage in there actually destroy not just damaging but because their brands ready damage but there are in the process of actually decimating in destroying their own brand you understand what i'm telling you up there at the point wipe it out there viewers ship there right wiping out their subscription base their wiping out the readership base in print media they are losing their entire audience as i said last night on hannity cnn is in the process of losing their ratings to re runs of eight she tv about people buying beach property they bought seven or eight years ago this is pretty bob ross reruns on pbs piece of tree to tree pretty little tree i barbara cnn is what is there get being destroyed if see it wasn't on an airport you wouldn't be on anywhere there being decimated
how they're doing this because i believe tromp has genuinely flip the script on them and they have no idea how tactically respond because there old model in the passage where a charge we buying by the barrel don't with us and we in turn we stan you can't mess with us we're going to double down a criticism in charge racism and massage any all all not only ill founded but potentially libelous and slanderous in many cases but they didn't because they knew people wouldn't fight back because the running theory was leave the media alone even when they say horrible things because they ll keep writing horrible things tropic what did around his entire brand is not only this is gonna be like triple but you negatives his brand this is is he doesn't ignore the media here actually used attacking the media
they positive as they look i'm the guy taking on the media instead of the idea in the past joe and the media knew this which was you better leave him alone they're going to come after you they come after you ate is gonna be ruthless and you better back down to media knew that so they double that aid and care they call you a racist whatever insinuated they knew you were going to back down not only now is this guy not back down he doubles down its criticism and he's using it to build a positive hey i'm a warrior for you against the media label it's driving i'm crazy that a strategy folks it's not an accident donald trump figured out a soft spot the song spot is there is a large swathes of american base voters will turn out vote for trump who are sick and tired of media lies there are tired of it there done with it they are at their guys done done duns out for you right the point i'm trying to make what this is
yesterday something happened at the press conference we did with the italian prime minister here the press conference and the first question at the press conference and you know you get the accustomed to this being with the secret service at these things all the time the fur this question at the press conference is always a big deal who does it take the first question for from say jar from the daily collar why does that matter you see a lot of you but it pick up on joe i do not agree that this is a vague idea why what's been going on the daily hall or which is a terrific outlet luke rosy act shock ross say jar and jerry over there they ve been doing terrific work amber apathy that daily call has been doing incredible work over there now do they write pieces that our opinion of gore so does the new york times are washed imposed while she journal everyone else it real he bothers the left wing media that an outlet
the daily call to chuck ross and luke rosiak are breakin stories every day on the pakistani idee scandal on the hill chuck roscoe broke the story about the fawn helper the fbi ass it used to target trump that was chuck ross historian that wasn't sri media lead they are furious so we lay the battlefield for your trumpet a dope trumpet strategically teacher taken on the media whereas republicans in the passive back down strategic please take it on the media has become a positive for him not a negative which is driving the media wild because how do you respond with more anger which alas trumped to take on the media even more which puts disapproval rating which puts the psychopathy of the left wing media they don't know what to do they cared die dogs are afraid they'll send a signal to him that he won he already one so we go to the press conference yesterday knowing the daily collar is under full frontal assault
they ve been under assault by people at buzzfeed and other people as well saying these guys don't belong in their daily call this is not a meeting which is a joke because there mainstreaming liberal hacks right so tromp no all this joe of course many gets up and who does it take the first question from we call or how yeah how dad like you may amidst it and of course the outrage was its if you're not on twitter following i get a lot of you don't think that's what i do for a living i most of you have you worked really hard for you can't sit there on twitter but i spend about a good our two hours a day on twitter basically look it left wing accounts to see what they thought process the day is going to be as follows like the cashier because a block me i'm sorry i wish i could vote but i know the block me but i found
o them and bob what one of math ex ante he may block we like theirs but this can the lenient nbc can the lady and lost his mind he basically attacked either stop sputnik like making a joke about how they asked the daily collar got to ask the question for gay losses my job and he just got crushed output by the way not put an article on the shoulder today a punch you know that come from twitchy about how can the lady in himself who they are not credible accused of being in bed with it administration officials inventing stories before he lost his mind on twitter along with all the other leftwing journalists to buy gaston we call but this is another example of of of the trump i hated the trumped arrangements and your because its it you know it's it but it's true they don't know what to do any trolls them so effortlessly instead of just letting go right it's dead
just letting you call that the daily collar is called on first right dates oh they're so emotionally wrapped up in their fight against donald trump what do they do again they're supposed to be journalists davis finding a personal not professional way attacking the daily caller there are no substance at all to which what kids operatives rally behind again the daily collar and trump and just make these yes look foolish again again and again dared right there people love it i get more confidence about you december they like god i gotta go we already really let him go i didn't go like i have any control i don't have it computer i could even touch it computers on his right side he does whatever we want a job we down the hypocrisy i have another piece of the wash them examiner about how just
a few days ago kaitlan collins white believe used to write for the daily caller by the way works for cnn i don't know what you never do know i don't have anything personal against her and i'm a big supporter the free press but caitlin college was was was asked not to attend the white ass meaning because when asked to leave the room she kept shouting questions by the way something obama's done obama has reporters out for repeatedly asking questions when he has its own videotape but if i may play it on the internet tv show tonight i was gonna do it last night you you know the story burma has thrown reporters out it's on tape so they asked us take confidence they cnn couldn't come in and cover later event but they said collins cnn you specifically cannot come into this later event because when asked to leave you repeated he would not leave the room and kept shouting questions again i'm an advocate for the free press the white it's free to do what they want on it and and take the political fall out from it right but was interesting joe is what it was
a caitlin collins and cnn everybody i'll eat around the ball cnn great but now all of a sudden its daily collar and this guy can the lady from nbc and others attacked daily collar you know all the liberal media people all of a sudden quiet about it today we call were free to attack them you see these people are such acts they are tropic senses this he senses the soft spot he always those were the soft spot please don't you know it's gonna talk about this lesson that's why he's doing this again with the nfl and he's doing but the government shut down these weren't these had these stories label five and six but it's important now to bring up the nfl story he keeps poking prodding on the latest update vienna story by the way i've never seen a brand to show itself right the toilet paul like spiral down the two
the like the nfl i just can't believe how billion dollar enterprise with some allegedly smart people hi so decimated its own brand in the name of a few snowflake social justice worries i've never seen anything like it my life jerry jonesy owner the cowboys comes out finally and says listen you're out our on our team you're going to toe the line to tee o ye not to w you are going to step up to the national anthem put your feet on that line put your hands on your heart you want to play this new year this fine not on my time i own the team good for em that position probably appeals the ninety percent of america instead of the eta fell what they call joe i know i was actually gonna go by a cowboys jersey after that instead of letting go the end
fell tells jerry jones what you're talking about this can you got i'm done up done every time i try to give them a little bit accredited kick it out of their own way trump senses this he has a knack for the police they call soft spot of america any moves right in for the kill every single that's why keeps talking about this story now folks understand this the reason this does not penetrate into the main stream geo p the swamp rats the reason the mainstream geo p done i use that term mainstream loosely then cover these issues doesn't get in the press fights doesn't into the nfl story doesn't get into the shutdown shutdown we can't the government i would try to weed out either they don't get my board a wall but the gunman shatter the gnp the mainstream to europeans
just looking at my feet here don't say that so i have another article has shown us that a great clip markov in from the mark levine show how people markov insight why where sound the government shut down because thirteen the republicans picked up seats in the senate adequate how did we who's we didn't lose anything we want seats why why is trump see the soft spots heap around also spot keep going because folks i've run for office when you brought up in this right i was not but i didn't in my seats right but i ran i ran more than enough credible races raised a lot of money we almost pulled off and upset then countermeasures nan grenades but what happened in the political space is there it's a big incestuous circle
and you run for office and you get say endorsements and support from people wines up happened in some of our not offer more say hey i want to recommend this guy guy is going to be a great campaign manager great consult my needs you to bring him on this is what happens so what happens in that circle joe is the credible candidates echo credible endorsements these they were that bringing on people who been used by the candidates before what i'm trying to tell you is the p putting the messaging out there for the g opium poking around four issues that matter are the same people it's the same people running senator joey bag doughnuts campaign it's the same guy running state delegate joey beggar doughnuts campaign the same guys they hope around and the same thing they told people in the past win or lose like there's a guy in maryland modal leave his name out of it for obvious reasons disguise
paid as is a political sort consult up at your nose we used to this dude has living high on the haug on political concerns think fees for a job could you not i'll tell you if the shoulders decades you know tat and he has to win i think a significant race but everybody who's use them you can use this guy what my endorsement why would you want the doors will have a guy loss because i've lost and still has a fund raising base he may still have some influence and he's like you gotta use this guy this could so joe we beg doughnuts so the same losers why the same losers are saying parched fell issue racial overtones then every putting me i can't talk about this this respecting the national anthem without being called a racist now i don't accept that now that's ridiculous manifesto turn it back on you you are racist forsaken damn right it's
same consult pol pot apparel shut down its catastrophic for gnp did you tell to tell the fifteen candidates who law still you consulted for that yes we should try some ever known all i'm over fifteen i don't want to break the shriek by the way ten thousand dollars a month exotic consulting to give me a losing strategy don't talk up at the press down to earth do they fired by the barrel tailored hey did you tell your fifteen prior losing candidate yes probably almost one a few races guys listen got real reason this is sensitive to me i got really really ethically bad advice once from political consult i'm not going to say or name again on my second campaign
she advised me to not enter into a race i'm sure to this day i would have won i'm glad i am i am my political career is over i cannot be clear on that i have been blessed by god and by god bless me the opportunity to talk to you and i would never forfeit that thank you but i'm i you a very very bad piece of advice was given by someone who is a consultant on prior campaigns with rhinos it was piece of advice i ever got trump is different i've been there and i regret listening to it because my instincts another way tromp is a man who is made his millions and is always followed his political instincts and he is relatively new to the process these nicole jerk of people who were the focus group could tested people the focus group the consultants the consultants who had given that the advice to the fifteen candidature lost in the past show where
where are they door the donald trump primary for president they a working for the other candidates it was a pact field guy ladys this is not an insignificant point it was eight seventeen person feel that one point huge the depth of the lindsey gran ma rubio ted crews case it ben carson carly car gosh you exactly the names go on and on and on the debt to the field mattered tromp was not considered a serious candidate these these focus tested a consultant who have a losing strategy who giving bad advice i'll touch the nfl that don't touch these same consultants would already been scooped up by rubio by cruise by others
who's had a lot of outside of to be fair i like cruz a lot of when i'm not taking a shot at ted cruz is a good man but a lot of them jumped onto more establishment care trump didn't have these guys trump had to run it pay based on instinct and its political instincts base be it a business sky and an dealing in walking with normal people use workers for his business deals people who around they are building stuff elders construction workers casino employees his instincts were spot on the focus group tested poles the consultants they use them and fed this be asked to their candidates were wrong tree one he won the primary he won the general demands instincts are spot on and the fact that the media it continues to sell this man and his instinct short liege people like you miss things that happened yesterday his
things were to ethnically troll the media yesterday that press conference knowing the daily collar is under fire by media goons on the left and what does he do his first is it is the call on the daily collar because he knows he's and since this shut down thing he senses that democrats will be viewed as an obstruction on an issue that matters to americans border security he knows he knows the nfl pisses people off kneeling on he knows that the focus group of where we are diverse group of people and an apology and fifty one point six percent said this is quite debts people want the nfl and it and it certainly our people who support this country folks to wrap this up zeta recapitulates no but just give me the look see what you have to pay for the sheriff to wrap this up
tromp has turned around the media script he has we were all for years by the same group this incestuous circular group of consultants who ran every major campaign don't touch the media said i'm not only not gonna touch the media i'm gonna turn to fight back on them and america loved it because they're tired of being lied to trump being a politician and dealing in the real world and the business world real people who do real jobs gave him a different path instinct there's a different conversation outside of focus groups trump card that conversation used to highlight issues nobody else was highlighting madness different way the media i felt a shut down thing and he has a unique ability to take us index finger and put it on the carotid artery there and take the pulse of the american people and the media still doesn't get it they die up their criticism each and every day and its if you don't
press in algeria give use its the best like cato move i've ever seen the kid i loved i kido i can always a martial law that uses europe the opponents forcing against them they come at you with a certain technique you use their force coming at you and you turn it against them and almost a fine counter attack vouch suggesting above please and if you must know my show you understand i'm just trying to use the analogy that the media's force the the pressure they try to exert on him turns and uses this energy back on them and it just fuels people like hey these guys are just not right there just now yes the truth anymore and i support the guy who's taken them on trump the media just doesn't does get it hey by the way thanks to everyone who sent me the edge of the horse blinders there now why there were
early their screens for yet another hour horseplay this voracious but i was talking about the horse form through thank you to everyone felicity yesterday show when i oh no i dont know right beside our clear yesterday i am not a farmer i ever city slicker was thank you i have no problem with self deprecated humor telling you i don't know and i thought as things on their faces were were horse by thirty seven do mating season i got probably a hundred emails probably two hundred three to southern they're not play there's their screens that keep the flies out of their eyes they could see right through so thank you to all of america's farmers horse people outdoors folks you saved me for future embarrassment but listen i never lydia my show and i don't know but there who are supplied theirs and i still think liberals aware of but that i was called thanks for other feedback my wife and i left she's like eight o clock less i'm get ready for hannity she goes we go and other horsey battle so much
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think things up a little bit ok on the spy gate again new book out now deeply appreciate if you pick it up many books by gay amazon brit hume he's pretty room from fox has an interesting way on twitter he has a different style than me obviously here bread hume is one of those guys who just so delicately could take you down i love is tweets even if i got a better i followed if i don't i should but his it's a retreat is so often i see them in my time line and he this really just you know again way of taking you doubt me it's u euro usually brute force on twitter most the time he treated out something yesterday that i think i like the point i've been trying to make over the course of the last two shows the democrats i've taught do the talking points are about to change the talking points first
reviewing this historically about these spying operational trump first talking a couple years ago there was no spying operational trompe l conspiracy theories secondly there was a spying operation on on tromp but it wasn't a pfizer worn it may have just been some interest in a trump campaign person connected to the russians third there's a it's a war but it was justified for terrorism as a war may not a bit certified by all the information that does justify is in the reductions you can't see right we ve been together because the war despite the trump team has reductions black marks all over europe large portions of it you cannot see over fifty percent of it you can see the damn we're talking point was was was was out of my train or a ps3 showing to take up breadth weeded out because of you listening yesterday show you see worm go with this they knew tat was that really bad information about the trump team is in those attached you cats
noticed how that kind of died down we joe wears a boy jeff where should i shove have datum ship captain clown there tv all the time liberal democrat conspiracy theories primary promoter of the russia hoax is usually or write all oversee and at an msnbc and a week it just shows looking around for shifting sheriff where are you deaf that no one get fights where's the bad shift he's been really quiet about calls to on radioactive that did it way way why i thought all the bats which they probably you always tag i've read out a video right now i would be i would have to delete that stevie always saw but arbogast is up there right now my guide that shifty we have seen nothing for not big from air
on the on reductions over the last few days it's gone away keep reminding the primary conspiracy theories on the left right now him and eric swell well thereafter we have had to give any evidence all but one of these days well they have nothing so hume tweeted atlas i don't shoot jabba you noticed at noon s devon newness don't republicans running the investigation into spiky is now openly you hardly clip yesterday practically begging the tree administration to unredeemed the reductions to take away the black doubts and let the public see what's in there while the democrat off required we quiet our mad why again if you listen to yesterday's show you know it's because the region acted information is planned
bobby worse than what we can actually see i will i am sure of it that it covers inform it material and it there is an ongoing operation against corner page why am i bringing this up not just to highlight fumes tweet which i thought was a good one wires shifty ben basically is the gist of his tweet although he calls a madame sheaf of course but there at a ball when who at the actor i loved us of peat weeded out the everyday disguised body he teats out the day if there is any file we you saw that guy's awesome job here's what we're not about i would if i stay on top of this i told you i read the twitter accounts they are about to split the script again with libya where filippi very thereabout to flip here's the new narrative than
who narrative is going to be well carter page he wasn't surveillance twenty thirteen two and fourteen there may have been another surveillance warrant on carter visor pfizer twenty thirteen you see what they're doing they have now forfeited completely any semblance of attachment to reality that the current pfizer warrants that were used by on the job to have any basis in probable cause in the law they ve given that they have about the agenda the fbi because they or their bedrock than a lot they're gonna have to stick to the scrapper they're gonna be in a whole world the trouble i'm talking about politically speaking they have now given up the idea any of the current information and defies award is real so there are new line of attack is going to be an i'm gonna put a law fair blog peace up in the show notes i encourage you to read it their new attack is gonna be
why twenty paragraphs page folks they cannot they just will not take a bath on this report we have taken a bath corporations bad news you put it all out one quarter just take a bath and get rid of the democrats dave pie your house has been built on coverage and there's nothing there they have to keep changing the story to buy time because there's nothing can recreate what didn't happen they don't have it go there's no there there as the lead invest gator peter stroke tax that is for about the collusion case literally said not figuratively ro there there a new story is gonna be well twenty thirteen there was some pfizer activity rampage
ladies and gentlemen this is going to be a failure of proportions vs now new new new new new maybe one more knew what we have six or seven out of it i don't know joe when i lose a narrow cower hate her his good tat they shall i do sometimes in the morning i wake up a little salty and i do the choice we better pray go to the gym after the show the new no new new new narrative is not going to work either it works for us not for them as again ladies and gentlemen if there was a twenty thirteen twenty fourteen pfizer warrant to spy on carter page they were they believe it proper because he was a foreign agents violation of u s law five is carter page never arrested why carter page on the twenty four hour surveillance why was the trumpet now warned specifically about carter page why did you
obama team then let a suspected foreign agents who is acting as a i'll accordingly allegations right if this is the new left i'm say i'm not gonna be crystal clear i'm not alleging carter page did anything i'm sick they give it left new narrative politically speakers very he was precious twenty thirty obama was the why do we do when we burn bob i didn't you may ask me out i don't go you're oasis payload anything you what is suspected russian agent join political campaign in the united states you did arrest him you did nothing about it folks gotta have the ammunition ready for this fight immediately i'm telling you this is going to be there next chart aspiring ahmed twenty thirty really obama did nothing about that they'd let it
potential russian spy operate freely in the united states did nothing about it didn't arrest and didn't warrant a political campaign but he was a republican you are the president united states you what a foreign agents april trade a political campaign course ladies and gentlemen that is not the answer because he was not a foreign agent he was just a convenient patsy for the democrats to use they get a pfizer born again and their excuse was likely the democrats push the fbi to do it through their political operative thought he was a cia direct your john bridge and if i weren't is going twenty thirteen what did it turn up nothing but let's do it again because he's with trump folks carter page was used as a government asset a source in the iberian off case this is a big huge
scam read the law fair blog peace if you think i'm kidding this is going beat narrative whatever seven eight nine or ten job he s i am also some breaking news yesterday with everybody giuliani if you missed out yesterday while boy ma i got off the air and i'm sitting and i'm in my kitchen monday work out right so i'm in i kitchen i'm watching outnumbered on fox and giuliani calls in and man did here if you missed outnumbered yesterday you missed after an hour of some of the most explosive television you have ever see i know i'll get to that two seconds out last report day but this the new sponsor and i'm really happy to have them on board because my wife then kid are now addicted my old this is about our now addicted to this this programme scale share these episodes about gino show sponsored by bodies and skill show my daughter can't stop with the french classes honour this is like pay for it
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flash bungee no you will love it you won't be able to turn it off once you start its addictive skill shared that conflict punching ok giuliani cause initially as i was saying and what the interesting things that came out of course rudy giuliani is representing trump as his attorney right now try to defend themselves against the russia hoax right the fairy tale so he calls in he's trying to i don't clean up an earlier appearance on cnn where he had said conclusions not a crime and of course left wing media people which is correct about by the way leftwing media people who are not adjust the facts took that as meaning that all their already conceding that there was collusion between up in the russians theirs but they are not conceding that ok stop listening to left wing media goons giuliani was crystal clear later on that he was simply stating a legal tautological statement collusion
is that ladies gentlemen there is no crime collusion you understand i right there is no collusion crime there is concerned piracy but that's not collusion mean our colluding on this podcast right down collusion is not a crime not a crime that doesn't mean giuliani was considering that there was in fact collusion they have been can this than on this from the start that there no collusion tromp has put out in horrible tweets on this here's the problem though another allegation surfacing by common that we address the other day but it's him the brain michael cohen was trumps personal attorney who is now working according to some accounts with the bob mahler team cooperating and in that cooperation there is navigation in the press that call is going to say the trump knew about the russia meeting now spin assumed joe this important vote is an interesting wrinkle
spin assume that when they were too but the meeting with the russians they were talking about the one in trump tower where true hillary clinton fusion gps connected russians which is by the way a point you should never forget showed up i'm tower to meet with don junior which is fascinating that's collude the steel and election let's do it quietly cut their truck tower in the middle of the day with the press in the lobby i mean the stoop folks the stupidity of this is absolutely intergalactic ripe may the same no one's accusing left to be bright we know that do people that showed up and if this is detailed out my book you will not forget it did you people i showed up were connected to the contents and fusion gps so the translator connected to the state department by the way which is again fascinating wrinkle leaving that aside the alligator collins gonna say donald prompt senior the president president trump knew about the meeting now he's on the record of having said multiple times he did not know about the meeting so
giuliani one on yesterday and said try and clear this up a bed said that stories gonna break about this now that gets a confusing but try to follow me because the house where a little confused yesterday to join the annexes trump did know about this russia meeting but that's not the meeting he didn't know about that russia meeting interim power that they're so rosalie is another meeting that was proposed that cohen knows about that didn't happen an giuliani said trump didn't attend this meeting and i went on to say the meeting didn't happen here's the bottom line i'm just trying to give you one side saying versus the other left wing media types and leaks are alleging that trumps wars gonna say he trod donald trump senior the president present trump knew about the trump junior meeting with the russians juliet he's coming back saying it's at the meeting in tromp power trump stands by his story he had no knowledge of that that there were some
other meeting with russians propose and that not attend this meeting in its meeting didn't happen that's giuliani point but it's port you understand that distinction because again it's not illegal to meet with russians it is illegal to conspire to do things too bacon violate u s law that's illegal it is not illegal to meet with russians it is certainly not illegal to hear about a meeting with russian someone proposes and saying no why this the controversy despite the fact that hillary clinton actually worked with russian sources they get information is bizarre and by the way now better use acquiescing to you liberal types any point about collusion it didn't happen it did that we are making it up please suggest thank you that donald trump is allowed to have conversations about meetings with anybody wants is always or non violation of u s war and even
if he doesn't do the meeting doesn't agreed at the meeting it doesn't show up at the meeting i dont understand what your point is so that i want to be crystal clear about what the two sides you're saying julia you saying yes he knew about another meeting it was not that meeting not the trump tower meaning we ve been talking about in the show for the last year different meeting which he didn't go to an giuliani saying that even happen again there's no there there that's going to be narrative number what nine hundred and ten one thousand five hundred and seventy two couple cool economic stories i haven't the show notes today i what yet again hammer home into your head into your cerebral cortex because liberal narratives once they get viral tend to setting even when they are not true which is basically all of them we're hearing this again about wages under the trump administration because the economy now motoring along the last quarter gdp growth was warp
one per cent and democrats or in an interesting little dilemma here that dilemma try addressed a few weeks ago on the show is still gonna be prevalent during the mid term elections cycle and here it is economists credible once not the lefty grooves credible economists the american people working class americans are starting to feel the effects of the trump g o p tax cuts they are starting to filter to the economy economy is growing the numbers now are not disputable economies growing grew for but one percent we haven't seen numbers like that in a very long time there growing cumulatively their journey to build on top of themselves cumulative interest accrual is a big deal it's works the same way in an economy as well the democratic a problem right now folks no democrats as in zero voted for tromp tax cuts so the problem have now joe is you
can either acknowledge you are not on the side of the policy that lead to economic growth or you can against the economy and try to talk it down a credible instead of just doing a mayor copper and coming out some of these swinging districts and swing states where demo i'd say listen i didn't for this but it's a good idea see that now the economy is growing and if it comes for renewal which it will and there's a chance tax cuts to point all i'm on board instead of doing that folks listen i get these most all but they are not going to tell him that telling you just so you're prepared they're not gonna take it because the democrats gone way way up the instead there prefer protecting us now to run against the economy wages i got up there talking down and making stuff up the economy which is either way they lose acknowledge you made a mistake you're probably gonna lose knowledge you made a mistake and act like the economy's thanks while americans are getting wages wage increases promotions new jobs you look
again area so now that there are on track to joe which they are and they have chosen to talk the economy down it's a blip to grow this isn't rail its vague soybeans wages these are over talking point they put out there the wages thing completely utterly falling apart yesterday so i brought up a data point commerce department when did he left swears they love the government now reporting wages remember this number are growing twenty five percent faster on donald then they weren't barack obama kind was that wage argument up any point number two follow this closer of an article on the shoulder and what you read its real short fox business pointing cost index which is index of costs for employers joe what one of their biggest cos wage is the appointment cost index is a relatively convenient proxy
for wages going up wrapper the democrats argument gaddi economy but that wages i once getting paid really just put out a number the applause it cost index is on pays for it too we need percent growth this year the highest number since two thousand eight two thousand a right before barack obama got right before barack obama took the reins there has our work it out for you you feel still i thought you onto seeds our dr weir how bad guy as outward four year twenty five years faster wage growth other donald trump to point percent employment cost index wage hikes fast this two thousand ages before barack before gotta obama got in there damn apples out eight days thought you onto seeds ladies and gentlemen
telling you nothing they tell you about the economy is true nothing these are false prophets they makes of up and they did they gaslight you member they lie they lie confidently and they try to isolate for you from the true which donald trump has totally thrown them forward because it can isolate you from the truth anymore cost structures tweets it out ro there there don't way jargon is now dead and buried just please remember the numbers ok one more one more thing i want to get have phony they are have a really cool peace but it we collar you know they're big a right and i guess someone catches a shot of my on their camera any peace by the daily collar and i think it's a lie so tom parry this is the head of the disease you share the storage of this is hysterical you hasn't cover the sum to be severe that yeah i think so tom parry
as head of the dnc he's coming out a rare disease reagan airport the other day right i guess someone catches a shot of my neck on their camera are you say no if i may add a picture of a my nerve cell phone camera and it's goes viral quickly socrates doing weird but he has item on a bag and it catches theatre to viewers people see but you're like wow is that their whatever louis turn their hair i don't even know than able all the care that's it louis baton golden our shoe whenever it is utterly i listen i love lama capital is great louisville tied on absolute ivan oak we beg me whatever they really well if you see me airport you know it i carry either and oakley baggers little black roller like two hundred and fifty bucks i believe that ha that's how can we say about that
that bag star bag tom peres peggy income inequality advocate big class warrior ha cos driven forty dollars are you not now take our backing hundred and forty dollars even worse i missed a one in forty dollars jody there are forty thousand red now it they come out with this statement wasn't his bag there was a staffers yeah yeah what you're staffers you're paying your staff what under forty hour beds folks these people are total phones
but this new bag you dare brian does john brother i don't fall this dude other capitals pine very ha peg while you i don't care don't care i'll stick with the old the kitchen sink bag i don't know what it is two hundred hours it works for me golden about this back since i've been in the secret service that's fine i don't fall normal people for that do fall forty fake in common if quality class warriors who lived a high life blame it on their staff and i go out and go all you evil rich people we ve had luigi vampa back and your yachts and as they do the exact same thing you pig x ray they look at the map a picture but other preservative robber rage big income inequality warrior pig liberal economists propagandist turns out robber rice charges forty
for one hour speech i read the peace a manual size income inequality researcher university berkeley salary dream you're forty nine thousand three under fifty year you can barely afford a couple that hall bags on that salary azure income inequality warning against the rest of us your big fakes listen i don't not in your salaries court for you the marketing sir robert rice pieces word forty thousand you couldn't give me forty thousand to attend a robert rights be but someone thinks this guy's worth it ray you yourself out just leave us their heck alone your big phones thank you very much rather pieces seventy or liberal that's twain this one away that paul screech rarely if i had so much fun
thanks again i now please i get i'm i'm asking you as a friend pick up the book i put a lot of work into it it has only been delayed because we have to add we had submit get information but in the end and i promise you there are some mine blowing stuff in there you have not heard when the book comes out i can talk about it on the air a little more but it's really the talks about some public its true you're gonna be surprised so pick up my new book available for pre are now and amazon spy gate the attempted sabotage of donald trump go check it out on amazon there really appreciated thanks for tuna folks i will see watermark you just heard tailbone gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at du bon gino
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