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Ep. 775 Is the FBI Hiding This Damaging Information?

2018-08-01 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the devastating information the FBI and the DOJ may be hiding in the FISA application. I also address some suspicious behavior by the Mueller probe.   News Picks: What the media isn’t telling you about the Russian collusion hoax.    Does this Democrat senator know anything about our immigration laws?    Whatever happened to the “unmasking” scandal?   This is a solid opinion piece about the depths of the FBI collusion in the Trump probe.   Why isn’t Paul Manafort taking a plea deal?    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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then bungee notion give whether you to hear the truth about amerika with your host din bones i welcome this damaging ojo produce joe how are you today happy days bid to be yes yes sir as one of my own you see you sir thank you very much folks you all the best you push my new book spy gate the sabotage donald trump the attempted sabotage of donald trump down to the twenty amazon think about that at a meal the books it's available for pre ordered our you all posted to i think we were as low as fourteen which is absolutely incredible thank you all love you today that was some serious man of man more man you all our terrific thank you thanks for all the emails people email me about you buy in the book surveillance proprietor now cigar pick it up thank you thank you again a lot to talk about today i saw a one
best lines i've ever seen in the wall street journal tonight i thought i'd take a screen shot of it bout the new rules are described the rules i want to get to that in some developments in me as my bob mahler probe which are just really interesting and i think i may have joe a a lead on what in fact hiding in the reductions it's all starting to make sentinel yadda yadda ted bit of info yesterday that was really just taken up my god here we go here we go so we get that right then i shall bought you buy a buddies equip this is the best best toothbrush around i just got my refill changed the battery which campi any easier you just take it out slide out the motor put the battery and bank zoom took about five seconds just change the brush had as well this is like a up power washing for your mouth your mouth will never feel more pristine than it does when using the quip toothbrush when it comes to your health we all know brushing your teeth is one of the most important parts of your day quip knows that too
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don't care anymore we're not interested donald trump pre his social life pre presidency you guys wanted to make everything the left that is able a ideological life or death struggle zero sum we win you lose that we're turning the rules on new weed care anymore on our conservative judges we want our tax cuts you want a growing economy we want school choice we want to save the lives of infants in the womb we want government out of our lives on the regulatory front we don't care anymore about who donald trump dated before you get into office or anything else don't care i did a whole show on this the new rules are now in effect you your liberal friends when they mention what donald trump you never know but he did here look we did their data this person he wisely
some kind of intimate relationship this we're ok great don't care nokia be continued your arguing with yourself stand in front of a mere and say the same thing you'll get the exact same effect because nobody cares you made this a zero sum fight and i want to speak specific about what i mean it could because i know media types liberal coastal elite is bubble media types are astounding i can't and understand i can understand joe how conservatives they could vote for a guy such an interesting social life before it became president who may have had all these rendezvous with questionable people when what is personal relationships how can i support this guy because he's a warrior and first time in a long time we have a guy who's not apologizing for fighting for
if in the womb for economic freedom for defending the constitution forgetting judges on the court's that are going to defend the constitution and you're the ones you are the ones on the left that when you one decided to be about taking our money taking our freedom taking our rights to firearms away taking way the very defence of life in the womb you're the ones it did this don't be surprised it's because you made a zero sum you put everything on the line each election and now this is what you know you you this is what you ve but this is what its lead to see but there's a great line in the wall street journal today about this is from a guy named alex cast the janusz real clear politics joe you gonna love this discredited go this is a quote from him it's really really got i rarely read these eggs because there's a lot of him but this is just terrific and i quote
tromp supporters elected apex predator t rex to eat the smaller slimy or pillages who were devouring them these voters are not shocked when the t rex acts like a t rex and articles did mates with an inappropriate object or orbs past we by mistake each grandma it's that they say grandma our measure but this is what we need to fight the washington raptors those bass figure out the rest i dont want to praise you bastard yes sir it goes on because changed in washington since donald trump was elected to this the establishment and the creaky all political parties and legacy media have not learned anything from the beating this outside or gave them as long as they hold the enormous power trump voters will continue to cheer the bull and the washington china shop as he breaks up their q
displays bowed their door is that the best summation of the donald trump new rules you ve ever heard you were like damn t rex he's children up all the raptors all the pillages all the slime balls once in a while grandma get scooped up at air sorry we ate mud but ladies and gentlemen if the left engaged in a life or death electoral combat every single election where every election when they want they couldn't and though things like john f kennedy yeah let's look at some tax cuts let's look at some you know joe look maybe you know moderate approach to govern know every election them is about taking your health care was about taking your money was about advancing the ball on government regulation so the power of yes whiskey that government was telling you know all the time and you had a lobby them government in
it's over the economy they did this so we allow there t rex the fight back in that's exactly what he's doing in its driving these people create and it just wasn't beating the competition for them was destroying the company s jaw yeah right said this on a shall we did i don't six months ago i get the data sent you will go what was that show any answer is i have no idea we have seven hundred seventy five shows now the hire someone full time and to start the linked to old shows but there was a show i did one time where i said you did and john glad you brought this on our planet when i was actually run for office it wasn't enough on the social issues for the left to win another they got it listen it's it happened they got a supreme court victory on gay marriage never again supreme court victory was it enough to win insight of winning then they
punish bakers you didn't want to make cakes and flora suited want to participate in these and these and these gay weddings they did now and they had a punish them so oh that's a good point he added believe me it's not just that issue on the tax issue viewed a nearer view or a ceo and you didn't speak out for income in it you're corporation be punished you if you didn't defend obamacare they come after you too jos right it's not just that they one is that they had to punish their enemies obama even set it yes at one point where he alluded to punishing his enemies you decide and then does the sky was charged with significant corruption and got off on the trial at its you'd think after we ve done democrat liberal bob and there's a new jersey one worse senators in the country gets off it trial joe and what does he say after you get the guy's been charged was charged with
some heavy duty allegations of corruption he gets off instead of being gracious because other goes some are you people were seeking to take by sea i know who you are i remember like really do really maybe just walk away may we're charge would some really serious gertie stop maybe dial back the rhetoric a little bit they cared to them the cracks are all about weapon eyes in government to punish their enemies that's their thing that's their remo that's what they're all about why are you surprised that we elect the t rex we elected erects to eat up the rafters why are you surprised by this not it surprising to anyone outside of the coastal elites but it's starting today inside baseball crowd because they don't know us it reminds me of that that peace are further would often i think jonah go
burke wrote it in town hall some people send it to me once in a while but it was a really good piece and peace about how do the way you you win a bipartisan consensus where you can get a good group of people on either side of a political divide gray on an issue is to try to understand them first right and he talks about it gives a great example so the point of make yourself they still have no copper mention whatsoever of why tromp was elected why trump is winning and why conservatives and republicans are supporting trump at record rates right now the reason is they make no effort to coastal leads in the media to understand this and jonah goldberg gave this example about smoking war on smoking how people knew a smoker most the judge write everybody my mother smoked everybody under smokers then you know the younger generation thankfully a lot most people don't smoke anymore when jaw when i grew up almost everybody smoke at least provide some experience with smokey almost nobody does now
shocked when i see people smoking back in the day it is astonishing to see people not smoking i remember marlborough man ads you know member those the marlborough gallia have we had i remember the old man smoking in the car and ruin of the windows roll up right it was like a gas chamber car nobody i really nobody donating of second hand smoke was not even a big deal until the stole my second heads no one thought there was a bit the audience men if studies came out they were like a this stuff is really bad the point colbert makes those people knew a smoker joe no a minimum and to get them stop smoking people understood how to talk to them why because they knew that they two things that would ring their bows they knew things that would be set have to them they knew things that would matter and they cared about these people you know in it case was my mother my all my aunt smoke they all stop smoking too and we knew them he he makes he draws a correlation between that and the gun debate how liberal
i was still leads and i'm just gonna taken one step further the trump thing how liberal in coastal led to make no effort at all to under stan firearm or is none not you guys pageant backwards budget redneck k she'd stupidity ignorant a big you know no teeth all while by the way this is this is a classic you think i'm making this up by the way how these imbeciles make no effort whatsoever to understanding as here's that more kapogo the famous markup outta that for those of you remember me and my my interaction with this goon for an immediate this this loser rights for political one of the biggest losers right this guy is hated in florida funny thing is you thinks he's love i hate we're bringing this guy's name because he really he almost he pays in his own stupidity heatwave last night that again fearful of i did not even intend to bring this up this just happened for i got on here i swear i naturally look at fort excuse to talk about this loser right
to show you how they make no effort at all due to do on stand comprehend the motivations of trump people here we out last night about the rally in florida for trump on the santa should run for governor down here this is joe joe he treats out if you put everyone's mao's together in this video you get a full set of teeth like a crazy pies and yes you are we have heard that one and one you think he'd and he loves it disk i know this guy i know the loser this guy is this guy loves he takes the he thinks he's doing himself i hear who'd service right i'm telling you he is convinced in florida politics he is this this a tree arc of this serious journalists they get the guy we as a job because of his dad dad was actually a credible figure in journalism he's not but would you
talk to people off the record they can't steer them but he's a perfect example these guys have no teeth no really did you know that you ve irrefutable are you a debt this have you checked their dental records this is what they do this is why the new rules are in effect because we know who we're fighting we're fine liberals have seen this as euro who see every single election is an opportunity to take away our liberty are money our kids education freedom our health care we see is a battle against media leaders like this not by just quoted and all of these other jerks out there in the media have lied to us forever where the arbiter of which true maybe try telling the truth and maybe we believe that new rules folks new rules so i've been on this for a couple days now i ve been fascinated thralled by why devon newness caliphate
the republican congressmen who has been all over the spy gate scandal why continues to push for the pfizer application the warrant applet to spy on carter page and in effect by the two hop rule the trump team remember what that you hop rule is by the way someone email me the other day it's a daddy got to explain that again the two hop rule as its this is why the five application in a war and on carter page was critical to spy on carter page carter page was at the time of the issuance of the fire a warrant to spy on a boat was at one point a member the trump foreign policy team he was a low level guy but nobody this beauty that he was a member that team and i'm not either to reason pour it on him was significant ladies and gentlemen is when you use a pfizer warrant they can do which called to hops meaning if i on a spy on donald trump and joe is a whenever technical adviser on the trump team and i get a free wanted to spy on joe i can harm
from jos emails to one other person from now person let's say joe emails whatever eric trumpery vodka i can from their emails to the next person now do you think there's a pretty chance eric dropper vodka email their dad or talk to their dad we're talking about their communications you're to spy on them pretty much all of em up earth so now we get donald trump too that's why people say i don't get it will carter page wasn't even a member of the trump deep ladies and gentlemen he was at there looking at the twenty may needed in carter page was a convenient fall guy because the f b i already had experience with him as an informant for them in a prior case you already know most them as he was the in depth the key to open the door into the trump campaign and through the two hopper all they got it they got it in carter page now what's become significant issue which i've been covered over the last few days is the
media story was on my gosh you know all the good information about carter page because remember them the unread acted information we saw in the fire application was the dossier which is devastating because he pointed to the facts the fbi spied on a member of a former member the trump team had to access into the trump team spied on them based on a dossier that was political information from the clinton campaign that's stating information for the first few days the lives and their media bodies will ignore our own no it's the black now portions out of digging to describe why they really really spinal carter patient don't worry that's going to rescue the reputation of the urgency pierre now that story has stopped completely as you well know at this point from listening to the show because devon when ass came out said ok ok i got it how about we unwritten
that stuff to our now democrats ignore our now let's ouch if their adam shift our body shifty all of a sudden dead quiet on this silent no no we don't want the un reductions and i only set it up their way not to be repetitive and tat i think guy i've figured out of it out i am reasonably confident i've got it so folks this is get i'm trying to figure out a way sum this up to make it that esther before you i believe in the re information the fbi is hiding it in the oj because is going to expose cia operations in the eu i did kingdom that we should not have been conducting yes yes joseph joseph given me a gesture it i i'm i'm reasonably coveted pace
on some information that i think and i i want to be clear this was open source stuff it's just i just read something yesterday and i thought now it makes it doesn't seem that for a field no and i'll tell you why yet this is where gets really really kooky ok we know folks to backtrack a little bit just to be clear about what we're talking about the black death for information in the warrant to spy on trumped he was clear it warrants a spy in the trunk team even old carter pages the target because of the two opera you hop from page to someone else right into the trump team and you vacuum and hoover up all their communications so let's pretend otherwise this was a warrant on the trumpet why blocking out information than the trumpet folks we gentlemen's agreements with the five eyes countries strategy and new zealand canada it states in the united kingdom the fire and show our friendly intelligence excuse me intelligence partners that gentleman
we're not going to conduct intelligent operations on their soil at least with our cooperation with them in their permission right but we're not going to conduct those operations on their soil folks did you happen to notice if you were a regular listeners show that just about every significant pre july thirty first when the operation crossfire hurricane the operation did the fbi case again it's the trump team started crossfire hurricane july thirty first did you i put a notice if you listen to the show that just about every significant bit of information we have about the genesis of the case paragraph one is pre july thirty first not only is it pre july thirty first mode if it happens in the united kingdom a five eyes partner
gentlemen are we hiding cia ops indian and he kingdom that we should have been conducting this gonna be a major black eye on our intelligence community running cia ops in a foreign country to entrap a political candidate in the united states it expire in a whole lot oh down the list of things that explains it expire aids hack john bread in the former cia director clown wound boys out even a man this guy in the present of treason clown boy brennan explains his psychopathic response to donald trump at every opportunity these trees it is is eve healy brennan accusing the presidencies of treason it explains reductions in action
since the panic on behalf of the intelligence community it all so explains why donald trump is probably saying to himself you know what i'm i get involved in this i know it's bad let them stew did bob mothers do but i they got then on me this is more of a reflection on i'm let the icy community figured out in their own folks think about how devastating this could be what we're talking about here we have these arrangements with our intelligence partner sees five eyes people that work i'm gonna run on their sword now think about the operations that did occur over there the meat with alexander downer and george papadopoulos another low level trump adviser right where did that happen the united kingdom
downer an australian diplomat by the way not a united kingdom diplomat bear its alleged that he told down or papadopoulos that is was connected to the trump team where it is alleged to have told downer ah you know someone told me they had dirt on hilary which is by the way it is ridiculous and almost entirely insignificant development that was turned into that was turn de crossfire hurricane had happened in the united kingdom who what else april twenty sixth so rubber went out i may joe let me just we any too fat check the show may the meeting with down or may talk about twenty sixteen year the meeting without is made before or after july now that would be beat order and argue thank you very much i regret joe is the resident ombudsman for the show so
to be clear on this ladies and gentlemen is a start to make sense now the fbi i investigation doesn't start until july thirty first eating between downer and papa don less in the united kingdom he's in may who was running that up even better who starts to communicate who starts to communicate with carter page beef for july the first seeking mao trying to cultivate i'm hey buddy i ain't southern for i love this guided their use greatest but that was his line everyone i worked with them in the secret service training said this guy's a cool cap that was his intro to every
finally the euro it needs to do that do better guys i couldn't is the longest anybody ever hey so we have so far i'll the informant we'll call him a spy on this who reaches out to carter page before july thirty first how does this relate to the thirty thousand foot question are the member that court joe you clear in the question were asking me are they hiding cia ops in the united kingdom info pre july thirty first meeting between papadopoulos police downer preach five thirty first occurs in the union king them but the fbi cases an open yet wow how about tat secondly the informants
by that reaches out the carter page wouldn't what appears to be an effort to cultivate him is this central intelligence agency acid he's not an fbi spy folks this guy is c i a asset according to multiple reports out there he's not an fbi acid was the cia runnin ops against this guy what them what are the united kingdom know about this show where they involved now again i address i'm forgive me i'm really not trade but if you read my book in a law makes sense why the united kingdom may have had an interest in this it'll all makes sense for the purpose of this the question we are asking right now is was the c i a running up them innovation while cover at a later date but
was the cia running spy ops in the united kingdom so point number one down or meeting that's before the guy case opens had we know about that secondly a c i a asset according to multiple reports helper is contacting people in the trump team poor for the fbi cases open here's where it gets really really really amazing how it gets worse yes unfortunately thus on april twenty six show april is before july thirty first correct it's just checking yes like you april twenty six
a meeting happens again in the united kingdom why this keeps cropping up we're not supposed to talk about this they are our friends we're gonna burn sources really you tried to burn a political campaign using fake information i think we're good as free american citizens i think we're good here were morally on the right side of the arc of history and exposing this debacle so please spare us the nonsense thank you very much april twenty sixth there is a meeting again between maltese professor named joseph masood and papadopoulos again now i read it verse for reason papadopoulos later later in may meets with alexander down or again in the united kingdom this low level trump adviser and he mentions what happened in this april twenty six meeting he says hey i was told by some guy about dirt on hillary clinton i've
said to you repeatedly they tried to pull that information out of papadopoulos i believe using spies because they wanted to make it seem that the trump team was collude look i trump team guy says they have dirt on hilary are we got em the oh is a significant question but it's not the question pull would mean show that a government asset basically setting them up was contacting your warm castilian joe gimme information that you hear this did you hear this did you hear this that's a signal in question the more critical than the most nicole i should say question here is the push it's the pushed it matters who pushed the information in pulling information out of a potential criminals indicate is not a crime folks if joe information about appending bank robbery and i as a police officer wanted one and employ informant to go get it from joe that's oh good police work
i'm not legislative helper really thought they were put a part a russian collusion scheme and he was working for the cia to get that he did anything wrong that's why i'm telling you that the fact that they use government performance is bad in this case because there was no collusion but it's not that oh scandal this explains the written actions i believe the real scandal is the april twenty next pre july thirty first pre opening of the fbi investigation interaction between this sudden papadopoulos where myths should tell papa dapple is allegedly here that the russians have dirt on that's the same information they try to pull out later now remember of jos actually intending to rob a bank and i and inform it that's good police work if i as a police officer give joe information about robbing a bank which either
passes often when informant i hired to pull the information from him and then i indict schoeffer conspiracy to rob a bank it's not jos in trouble it's the police officers when they get caught for framing job folks please tell me you understand this i if you email us today because this if you dont is critical this as the case this is absolutely what they ve been hiding now i've been on this forever but i got a little tippit of info yesterday i thought that's it like now it may since this is the whole thing the on doktor information i can offer scary to you a cop put some inform in information and may in fact include some information about this bush what if myths whose own friends by the way mr people who know him what
this guy's information about dirt on hilary did not come from miss said but came from a government asset looking to set up up george papadopoulos folks is that with in those unready unproductive information was the cia up in the united kingdom all initiated with this april twenty six meeting hate how papa doubtless the russians have dirt let's see what he does with it you read the book in a law makes sense this the set up this was the tempted sabotage of donald trump that's why the title did that seems clear as day folks the facts are on our side myths search own friends the maltese professor pushes the information it than the trump orbit that they pull out later is our says there his own friends have said attitude myths shirts connections are to western intelligence assets west
and intelligence ass it's not russian ones myths should as connection significant connections to you it did king them intelligence operators you think i'm somebody google the name look at some of the images that come up joseph mister all these professor look at the images creep up look at the pictures is taken with you i did kingdom significant player hers the cia haydn up over their high a political operation you their stand how this would the the monsoon this would bring ashore does it now sense why john brennan is in an absolute panic does it make sense now why tromp maybe look in nepal is security clearance now after he's probably been caught in a trap folks i've
worked around brennan for a long time and i don't like to share laddie stories but i can tell you the guy is a egomaniac he is not i think the intelligence community was never like he's widely viewed as a political not intelligence player is it egomaniac john brennan is about exclusively politics and john brennan john i thought he was going to be a big player in the new clinton presidency he lost he i realises this secrets are gonna be exposed and folks the real question here if in fact there was a cia up in the united kingdom and information about it is in that rejected information on the fire a warm the gene bread and approve it did he prove it personally what's the paper trail look like folks disguised in a world of trouble now it may
sense why shifty shifting while buddy shifty does want this stuff out there and nunez does and the stories completely died down nor the information real damning informations indian reductions ok let's see that now let's not about that folks these guys are in a world of trouble a world of trouble you don't listen because i feel bad about eliminate our key the some of the book i do i feel about hey teasing stuff it just i have co authors and you know it's he did a lot of research but i'll give you a little hinted to an probably makes sense but it it's in detail in the book member were asking the question here was the cia hiding in operation in the united kingdom did the united kingdom intelligence community
players in it know what was going on and if they did i take on such extreme liability to take down donald trump why folks what if i told you that there's their world number of public statements made by big players in both political and intelligent space in the united kingdom data the whole story if you just bothered to read them people miss this this is not i'm telling you it's not in any other book about effect i missed it michael author denise found it she's like we sit in front of us the whole time and it was so obvious it was like everybody just i passed it what a fight would you that the united kingdom's interest in injecting themselves into this had a lot to do
with potential changes and alterations in their intelligence relationship with the united states based on a platter warm donald trump had laid during his campaign follow what i'm saying huge off this doesn't make sense police thou art donald trump had made statements on the campaign trail those statements bout policies whether with immigration policy whether it was enhanced interrogation some of whose policies and we lay this out in great detail would have had a significant impact on the mechanics of our relationship with i've eyes players the united there being one of them that relationship is not just intelligence it's also money you try can t we're gonna pudding guess what i'm saying i going to give you some money to do this and you end where other wealthiest country in the world by far this was gonna have a real impact there
is a tangible fear that this would alter the mechanics of our relationship because there are certain things we can do that he can't in the united kingdom most of you probably picking up what i'm putting down but out of respect for my co author i gotta leave the fine details but i'm telling you the chapter gonna blow your mind did you read it you're gonna be now it makes sense why they went to a certain member the i did state senate and tried to get him involved too in this gate of journalism bub tidy i brought on the right people for this book all right i'm running a little behind your site so also brought you by bodies have brick ass nutrition brick house nutrition feel the greens one of the best products out their love it miles just sent me a new container yesterday what is feel the greens by brick ass nutrition folks these ground up real food real food you say what
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or the fbi operation was open the two key take ways i was there a cia up in the united kingdom in violation of our handshake agreement with them or or did they know about it it is i think even worse now they're working with the united kingdom did the listeners are like me i didn't see this would come no i i you know i enhanced today someone queued me into something and they were like you been on this the whole time you're just not making the connection i was i guess we ve been talking about the push it the real thing if you can listen to the show the jokes myths third meeting with with that george papadopoulos if that information for myths said who is a lie do a bit of russian agent was in fact the information provided by western intelligence ass if we have the scandal of the century now admit that make connections to the reductions in the document that's on me i've just been so overwhelmed with the book in everything coming out but folks another
suspicious thing about miss said here miss said was interviewed by the fbi in february february twenty seventeen myths so it has not been seen or heard from again now i'm not alleging he's these that's don't get kooky here tease daddy's de martians talkum i don't do conspiracy theories only duty take a jake i can prove that he hasn't been seen or heard from since thou people his friends have come out with statements putting saying hey discovers a western intelligence ass and not a russian asset but folks if the b i interviewed the sky in february and he supposedly a russian asset that's told a trump person they have dirt on hilary and that is the entire bedrock your case you understand folks their entire key this is based on the fact that the russians tried to get information to the trump team that they adored artillery what if information that come from the russians what if it came from us and our boys is
with their hiding is that would nunez newness is talking about when he tomer report aroma all boy wait till you see with the un stuff says if they interviewed him in february myths said why why do they arrest him joe if this guy's the key and he's a russian asset and he the key to the entire case about pushing information from the rushes to the trumpeting why is he not been seen again what the native fbi interview what did he tell them where's that rio too is anybody asking the question this is devastating stuff i'm telling you i listened to the liberals listen to show every anyone's freedom this it's a free show knock yourself out great but to the ones that email me i am absolutely confident that this was this was a trump was frame hundred percent
when it comes out that it was a set up are you ever going to take a bath on this this was a set up if we should the russian asset mahler would have probably had this guy indicted already because guided russian troll farms everyone else why hasn't he indicted miss said in fact we haven't even heard from this should again some kind of a week in a knot agreement between the bureau and people who are at the cia that hey we gotta cover our butts on this we will run and end in the uk we don't want anyone to know about it this is serious stuff folks this isn't a joke man i got some sound for you move in order for this is this hysterical i'm it i generally is i mean but it really just speaks to the after we ve the costs yo cortez stuff the intellectual vacuum the modern liberal lives and this is a damn
crack senator from hawaii who has no idea about how immigration actually works in the country replace germany set i set the schedule less i i saw this on twitter and i make this can't be real right is set up no this is right you heard the closure this is real we didn't messed with it this is a damn craft senator from hawaii who is a pair we are unaware that entering the united states between ports of entry you know what a port events it's right a road within immigration check boy and airport that's how you the united states legally you cannot i care leave her explaining this on my shoulder i really can't i my audience i really tried desperately not to waste your time oh by the way i get so i got your emails i know some of you don't like my voice i listen i told him we must address that's why i got us cut their i stress that thing i picked up from ovid sometimes it's almost instincts but i do see a free back but i dont like wasting your time on the shop but tat i have to
explain to you that you're not allowed to walk into the united states without being spected out a port of entry as some of you are like that we really just waste the minute i have to say that because apparently a democrat united states senator is unaware that you can't do that you play the cut and servants will just send you tell too if our seas are gonna think we're we're we're missing the point these individuals are there because they have broken the law there has be a process they are broken aloni as deemed so by the president with tears no man there there therefore violation of title iii of the immigration of viewers nationally act ok there eight yossi thirteen twenty five that italy lender is both a criminal and civil violation day or in those f our seas pending the outcome of that civil
immigration process they have broken the law where these are mainly my my understanding is that it is your tolerance caesar no longer civil civil proceedings but in fact were coming up proceedings there are both their works criminal proceedings when the border troll prosecuted them but at the conclusion of that process once individual came into ice custody they will go through administrative proceedings i'm confused the so the were more proceeding is individual being prosecuted for the criminal violation of improper and that is real that is why it is a democrat centre harun al from hawaii who is unaware that cross in the border is both a criminal and devil violation she doesn't even know it is misdemeanor the first time you cross the border illegally without inspect
that a port of entry and is a felony repeatedly when you do it over and over again she has entirely on aware this is a human being occupying one of the most important political offices in the land who is entirely unaware i'm confused yes you are confused yes we agree bang bang bang we confer we are we concur arms might be leo dicaprio we concur here we can occur i can are there we can curb utah but now you know are you serious you're not where are the fact that crossing the border and legally that's why they're in detention facility because they committed a crime my gosh now josie praying re polluted with diesel people tat are hiding laws that are going to deeply impact your life
your financial holdings the economics of your future your future business your kids educational opportunities europe its money in the future as they bankrupt them and spend spend spend these are the people she's entirely unaware that entering without inspection is a crime on believable unbelievable now i have another piece of sound format you should put sound back to back there are two things i saw yes i said a mature back to back my check these out here another guy who's just been repeatedly humiliating himself this guy was a guy who was once taken seriously as a foreign policy guy guy by the name of max boot who will i'll be introduced to in the next generation of political activists is younger kids coming up now exclusively as a comedian buddhist did you a frothing foaming at the mouth anti tramper who
how he has access the cable television anymore is beyond me who says the most absurd ridiculous things annie based makes a joke at himself every time he's on the air so sport is one of these neo conservative why wants a war with everyone he doesn't he doesn't there's not a war this guy doesn't like keep my max boots and i'm going to fight a war but max poohed wants to fight a match put it no war is a bad word of this guy so he goes on cnn and he's the baiting another russia expert and listen to how boot just its absolute leads you milly aided by this guy this one minute clip i have no idea what mr buddhist talking about he wants trumped up breton russia why would we threaten russia you ve got to nuclear hustler attacking us massaging isn't ideas of the carbon rush is it right now according to trumpet own and i didn't want to help russia i ve been studying russia for forty five years i live
in russia and i've lived here and you ve been partially was all of us when we are going to live in russia has an it right it's excuse what did you say to me i said you ve been consisting an apology austrian those last forty five years i dont do defamation of people i do serious analysis of serious national security problems with people you call people like me and not only me but people more eminently apologists for russia because we don't agree with your analysis you a criminal as in diplomacy and they taught and you are the threat to american national security and the story why do you have to defame somebody you don't agree with they used to do at the old soviet union we don't do that here where we used but we need to stop it so we fight for just one saving your saying russia was not attacking united states i know what you're talking about during the two thousand sixteen election russia attacked the united states yes
don't think they attacked the milk i am your dear there's being demolished russia now arising from our lax as we speak however let me finish you don't know what i'm gonna say please began mister cooper and meddling began right after the russian revolution when woodrow wilson said american troops to fight the russian civil war please the meddling began on the soviets russians let me on the melians lie the communist form the car international ninety ninety ever since then most girls meddled in our politics meddled in there's this is low level stuff what went it is not an attack nine eleven it is not pearl harbor it is not russian per troopers descending on watching this kind of hyperbole an attack on america suggest we need to attack russia so you ve got mister booth saying that prompt should breton russian
dude listen i don't know this other guy i've seen him on cable news a couple times i don't know max boot either i just know that boot in this effort this guy used to be taken seriously boot i interviewed this guy one time action and ibm now i'm not really sure but used to be taken seriously in his effort to like we got own shrub gotta oh i gotta get back is i became stop with the what coasts rhetoric and it just reminds me of some tolerance latest spoke about skin in the game folks for those but an in combat i you have my utmost respect there is no higher degree respect or or anything metaphysic i can confirm upon you i i really am envious of your car i was not in the military it's one of the great regrets in my lifetime
but this is serious stuff we're talking a pudding american men and women in foreign lands to potentially lose their lives to fight in life or death literally life or death combat it's not gonna be boot doing it it's academics an empty tromp maniacs like boot who have got us into some of these entirely unnecessary foreign incursions that have resulted in absolutely no benefit to the united states whatsoever you know tal writes in his book about the spartan model right about war that you will come back with your shield iran at these words he pulled the spartans with actual skin in the game it was their fathers their sons and fought in these companies with wit in kindness combat operations your shield iran it meant i don't come back a coward if you come back
with your shield that means you are you are you are you fought because if you are a flea you wouldn't your she'll this to have it you just to dump your shield and run right so if you came by with your shield it was assumed he fought honourably you came back on it that mean you'd perished in the fight new died somewhat heroically tal brings that up in his book to talk about skin in the game boot has no skin in the game buddhists none if poor incites another foreign war with a nuclear power on cnn it's a boot why does put boots not fighting it butcher wants to own someone on cnn it's a sample people to stop people say on these cable new channels when then again i don't know the other guy you know certainly no fan of the russians and i do agree the russians involvement in our election was entirely unacceptable but you really want to go to a land war with a nuclear power over this people telling guys not stuff but is tat
do you ever see that movie by the way thus boot yeah that's a great movie that ways i still w hd member w see it was a precursor to each be used to get the box and he turned box on the sound would come out and you does it by the sound i regard this anti turned to the tv channel duffy hd man it was ass our filter by today show also partly by filter by so this article last week about how air pollution in national parks is as bad as the top twenty major cities in the u s i'm sure the unhinged radical left is gonna blame this on trumped maybe putin too the real reasons because these parts or downwind of air pollution sources like agriculture industry major highways in urban areas so bay there's no way to run except inside and we now no that indoor air quality is often worse than the air outside this is why go to filter by dot com and keep a fresh and a filter in my home central air system love filter by filled device
eric is leading provider of each back notice for homes and small businesses with over six hundred sizes that ship for free within twenty four hours plus their manufacture right here i recommend you set up auto delivery so you don't forget to regularly switch up you're filters like i do plus they knocked five percent off the order when you sign up save time save my breathed better with our friends at filter by that calm that's filter be why that filter by dot com tell him the damn bond gino show sent you we love filter by that guys are great ok i want to get too something now i'm gonna do to some i'm constraints i'm gonna have to carry it over until the next show but it is another interesting topic so the man of fort mahler thing is taken an interesting turn here there have been a number of referrals in the prosecution bipolar special council his
solution there but never of interesting turns out have happened over the last couple of days and cnn com of all places is reporting that there i've been referrals to the southern district in new york from the mahler team of two very important people of your regular listener the show you pay we know the working hypothesis i've been working with under mahler proved that the entire purpose in the mahler probe right now is to keep the attend on the trump team there is no collusion keep the attention the trump team as long as they can to distract bull from misdeeds did the oj and fbi and all of the stuff that happened in the clinton years now i read a fascinating little article at sea and in that time is saying it bob
first team has referred meaning he is not going to prosecute show but he's seen some stuff that's interesting and he's just gonna refer it out to the southern district in new york united states attorney's office at much you see what they're going to do with it folks i guess bring tee you this stuff is to go into the dustbin of history to never be seen again what were the referrals one of them was gregg crag craig chris remember the names remember the names where's the name gregg craig from so bob our comes across something in a law firm dad and afforded had some business dealings with some of his partners in that a farm is a lawyer who works there by the name of greg craig who mahler i think we can now see something suspicious but instead prosecuting gregg craig he goes aftermath
fort and refers gregg craig to the liberal southern district in new york in manhattan all you guys weakened and not may want to take a look at this who is gregg craig all he was obama's white ass lawyer crazy crazy how that works out bad that and the same he comes across something interesting we can't hide because they ve got professional investigators at work for the department of justice shell comes across something he sees suspicious and began this cnn reporting not mine about great craig enough that they can refer but hasn't told the case himself like you did against bad effort remember disguised model may mandate is to go after collusion our election he has yet to provide any connection whatsoever to man afford
trump and russian collusion none but he hoped it's the mad afford kids because you can use bad afford as a weapon against tromp but when it comes mr wynn obama connected person gregg craig all the sun aim we can a sweep that are yet by yessir on tomorrow show don't miss x is going to take a little while i wanted talk about some other players who occupied that space obama's whitehouse council after gregg craig and why the sweeping the gregg keg gregg case gregg craig case like a tongue twisted into the son a district significant because someone else got swept there too oh see an edge reporting the pedestrian group too the producers can i couldn't in that crazy who is always always records we also want to talk about them some of the potential
reasons than man afford is not taking a plea it's interesting to want to give you my perspective i thanks again folks repay up the book if you haven't done it yet please i'm i'm i'm asking the favor i try not to ask too much of the audience by the bail bond amazon's called spy gate the attempted sabbath donald trump go check it out on amazon our where were written up the charts right now thanks to you and i really appreciate that so thanks i focus i'll see you are you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of their own line in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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