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Ep. 780 The Purge Begins

2018-08-08 | 🔗
Summary: Liberals are hoping to weaponize government in an effort to silence speech they don’t approve of. I address their tactics in this episode. Also, I cover the stunning costs of socialism and some breaking details about the coordinated DOJ/FBI effort to take down the Trump team.    News Picks: This piece addresses the astonishing costs of socialism.    This Jeff Carlson piece covers the troubling connections between DOJ officials and Hillary Clinton opposition researchers.    Stunning new revelations by John Solomon about emails between Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele.   Socialism is getting very expensive.   Unions are feeling the financial pinch.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i live a better thereby gino shepard who should show how are you today do well there came a savvy gaping election last night divorce the democrats at other moral victory for their moral victory since it folks moral victory charge you know i'm sitting in congress right now i am incongruous right now in my moral victory seat i listen joan i lost snow gay i been there i've run there are no moral victories nine nice nice straitjacket you're gonna do exactly rather that guy in america has gotten out of the escape aren't seed actually had a straitjacket folks there el moral victories listen i appreciate the effort of any candidate who puts his name in a mud virtue signalling anyone there democrat probably the stuff to run for offers i can dispute your ideas but i'm not a liberal i don't feel the need to physically violently and aggressively attacked people or gay rights for offices
but there are no moral victories there's one seat and one but it goes at it and it looks i give off last night in ohio so number races last night john james in exceptional sent a candidate again one his primary and trump back try bothersome one i'll get into that a second i also want to talk about the info in worse thing folks by the way so i really appreciate your emails i mean this i put email for reason and i work every day here for a reason i don't take days off because i a door and respect my audience you you all i made my life you have gifted me with so many opportunities i it's hard to describe i thank the lord every night thank you ve every opportunity you put in front of me but some i get emails i get a lot of minutes their strategic why aren't you talkin about what's going on and it for words that the platform and folks i'll get to it i don't talk about it out of things on it it was
really frustrating because one but one i did talk about it less on the energy tv show but i have things i prioritize and i get to one when i think i have something to add when i can get the full picture you're what i think going on and i can add something i don't talk about stuff out of my caboose when i'm ready we'll talk about it i talk about it because i feel like i can add to the conversation if not you can get that anywhere else i why that's like why this is called a day in bonn gino shoe the ice is mere because people you mail me like i'm somehow avoiding hopping like i've ever avoided a topic i mean really this shall we we have here ok glacier bought you buy is it my patriot supply folks emergency food matters i have case so this in my closet i have two kids i have a wife and what you saw what happened importer rico after the hurricanes i've seen what happens down here in florida with their when there's a hurricane pending and out their headed towards florida they clean out the grocery shells now i thought to myself one day of my wife this is actual conversation we have as you know since
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are they never run for officer they don't understand politics now it looks like the republic in ohio congressional district twelve that was endorsed by trump it was a special election congressmen and district stepped aside the siberian he stepped aside i had a special i should be another election in november because remember the house of representative seats are up every two years obviously so they'll be another election basically right around the corner right so this then looks like republican pulled out bothersome against anti oconnor it was a very close race now it should have been closed their right but moral victories don't count only actual victories count why shouldn't have been close and and this is why i want to say on one hand nice job i trump and republicans poland this race up all the scent of self the candidate but on the other hand be wary folks i ran office i ran in a democrat plus six district that is are met they call the cook pv i'd a partisan value index is the goal
standard for measuring either the democrat or republic in lean of a congressional district ok gates if the trolley heap it's the cook partisan value index i re a district in maryland that was a deep plus six which averages the in the presidential election overdue election cycles in that district and how it compares to the national numbers so trying to give you an analogy make it simple let's say you're in a congressional district one in maryland whenever it may be that congressional district votes were trump at safe sixty percent every time over to election size got you copy if the national election trump one safe food the forty nine that would be roughly an hour plus ten meaning that congressional district leans republic in ten points more than a national drag on trumped you know what i'm saying jonah that makes sense folks pretty simple mass in the day
trick i presume is a deeply six mean he was really really heavily democratic deeply six is a lot i don't think there's a republican in the country in a deep less for district do more we almost one almost doesn't we lost them he lost by one public again very few people gave us credit maybe the baltimore son at the time but bother in one looks like he's gonna win less i pull it out in a sliver it looks like it to be one point or less the victory that's an order our plus seven oh yeah so bothers in that i can hear me was iran's decent campaign but yes the republic and should have won by a more significant margin but this giving you the example not insert myself into the story to show you from an example i live do myself that ladies and gentlemen this is not unprecedented ok maryland was not flipping red you know a good gives republican governor but it's still a deeply blues they because i almost one the country
flipping blue because a guy almost one in an hour plus seven these things up in their local issues on the ground there's a lot of anti tromp animosity i wish they weren't but there is but they think i didn't we the republic in one and the things happen it was an hour plus twenty joe and it was closed and i'd say would use then we ve got a really serious problem so justice i'm up for you quick because i you know i really can't stand poor election night a coverage and really awful political analysis understand number one to take way what the cook pv eyes it matters you can look it up and on any district google and ohio twelve cook pv any thing plus yet more is a pretty heavy lean in the other direction so when plus four five six seven eight is pretty heavily republican de plus four five six seven eight pretty heavily democrat their district set of de plus twenty our plus twenty those are unreachable their unwinnable those disks
forget it the points the primaries decided he decided over but i'm just and to tell you that last night yeah a won by a sliver but this time happened on almost happened to me we lost by one point two in it in a similar district de plus six this was an hour plus seven it you know you gonna win now not in congress right now okay moving on ok the conversation here's why number one of his breaking news i had a cover but this is important as this story about de plaid forming of alex jones and in four what's going on here don't get suckered no i've seen owing to twitter conversation taken it in over a couple i've been following the twitter conversation taken it in over a couple days to see where this is going and which rob owing to me is how people on our side of the iron conservatives and not many libertarians but conservatives are start
two open themselves objects to the introduction of government to write as they write with their what what what these wrongs are now let's lay out the back field what happened why this matters and why i think the liberals are play in us for fools do not fall in this trap even follow me tweets over the last few days have been tweeting about this no which in future i wish in fury hated me all these people emily away why are you talking about this you follow me on twitter but talk about for tonight but i know where you're going down everything this is without say i just alma to help me soccer i know you know because we ve actually talked whether for here's what's happening alex jones and info wars have been basically deep platform view to facebook believe still up on twitter yet jack dorsey from twitter statement last night that he was gonna let alex jones continue but other it continue his show now alex jones obviously a controversial figure it's not just the youtube and face
joe it's others is well now i if i said to you repeatedly our baiting us here these are free market companies they are i don't agree it is there that i wish they would just let speech be speech and lead people choose for themselves like grown adults what they want to listen to and not put guy i am not i am not libertarian conservative of convenience here i have been and by the way for those you gone well let's break the say till an impact you it has impacted me joe and i cannot run ads on twitter we were banned from twitter for nobody's told us the reason to this day not our accounts ban i want to colleagues i can emails i can still see what you know we're onto it we are not allowed to run as we were running three dollars a month promotional advertising for the pod guest on twitter i got an idea from them one morning
or an email saying hey your account your access to twitter adds has been suspended reason nothing basically said see light or see it wouldn't want to be i happen impacted by this what are you talking about i stand then is my stance now these are these are three companies in a free market that are allowed to make really dumb decisions that they do this is a bad decision clear on that you don't have to we would jones dick oversees he's been involved than you don't have to agree with any of that but joe lobby policy simple solutions at any your life have you been force like a clock work orange to watch or listen to alex show now you haven't you we'd have to listen just do it if you don't like it it's not hoard why they are due clad forming this guy is obviously a strategy by the left
gauge and a social pressure campaign to equate speech with violence which it is not speeches speech violences violence so they can get people de platform and yes i agree with you it is only the beginning alex jones in force i agree we ives i see your email your right people keep suddenly and it'll be you next it already has been me by the way youtube videos there they got to yellow every single day why because people flag them for what for conservative cod that's it europe has never given us a good reason we we stop came appointed about youtube is aids it's it's a sham platform that discriminates against conservatives we just draw up there to be convenient for you your by some of you may be listening on youtube right now as our videos are democratize only because we're conservatives no one's ever given us a reason it tap into me it happens
we literally every day but folks there is only one solution here it is to create all alternatives free market alternatives to youtube to twitter and to facebook do you want stay and that is the only solution people but email me back and say well that's not possible really because it out myspace myspace people like it they went the facebook it's actually highly likely that this is going to happen soon the reason it's taken a long time is because people have invested a lot of time in building twitter and facebook followings and still use it to get their message out i don't think right now is the approach time for all of us to seed you know our our era seed control the platform to the lives now i have boycotted at times and continue to do that when the timings appropriate but folks this
you're part of this is where i'm begging you don't get suckered i'm sorry people now jump is bandwagon a trojan horse with a like wow the government can get involved here because there are rules and entities publicly trading companies folks this is a huge costs because apocalyptic catastrophic mistake of the highest tank joe patchy i'm telling you do not get suckered by this the democrats are begging you to do this because why is gonna happen a minute a democrat gets back in the white house and they take over the house and senate there will be a full blown effort to use the rules you maybe champion championing right now to the platform everybody
its reach hate speech budget oh said mention the name of of a conservative whatever he's out page speech he budget talking about abortion hates reach we will all aubrey be gone and the government we the one doing it and there will be no alternative because it will be illegal they are begging you to do this this is a huge scam by the left let me walk you through the strategy because if you are not familiar with the strategy europe known right now deal this strategy is to create enough activists and social pressure on youtube facebook twitter linked in all of these social platforms to go after people like jones what they think of the low hanging fruit first people who work your virtual get rid of them first
introduce this hate speech speeches violence and nonsense that they keep talking about they get enough conservatives and followers of of the people they can get the platform upset day praying you start calling for government regulation to boot they will upon the government regulation bandwagon which with republicans who get sucked into this to pass legislation about hate speech and stuff online and whatever may be and you will be the one to pay the price later as everybody is wiped off the platform you will have none but an pr and the bbc left this is a huge mistake and i have not even remotely been avoiding this topic i talked about it last night and internet tv i talked about it on monday night with lord ingram i talked about in a fox in france repeatedly this is a huge mistake folks there it listen to me
there is no government solution to this issue a trojan horse they will they will introduce some law to do whatever it'll be caught and joe hears what are we going to protect reach online and they'll be a writer in air about hate speech which will be used by democrats when they get power to wipe all of course do do not be a sucker for this please there is one exception i will say you absent we cannot mess with elections that is different i i do not object at all to government intervention on behalf of political candidature because what's happening now too if you miss the the can she's from cambodia she ran she's a republican she ran a really good terrific add on facebook and facebook down the ad now i believe
they shouted down because she was a republican but in that case when it comes to elections you apps although we have to if you are going to take money now you know but to take money from either candidate whatever that's fine or any party and you don't want to run political adds fine you should be able to do that joe you're in the actual terrestrial broadcasting business to whatever you see where there are very strict rules on how that weren't easter and that i agree with you cannot charge democratic more than a republican you have to charge and the lowest rate i agree with that because ensuring the fairness of our elections in the ability of candidates to get the message out there that i believe a legitimate by partisan actually nonpartisan role of government if you're going to be facebook and you are and start banning political adds based on the content no no no no no no no then then we ve got a problem and we ve got a real problem but it is entirely different than free market content listen folks effaced
once upon me tomorrow i promise you i will be super p owed but my vote my my my stance on this will not change one bit facebook twitter they are free to do what they want you to do they screwed me over multiple times and will continue to and i am absolutely convinced based on hard evidence are doing because i'm a conservative i begging you please do not call government intervention here people too going about ass rules were publicly trading companies guys this is a disaster the left is ab be praying you go down this track because why you bring the government in there is absolutely no turning around joe remember you bet it needs radio along them over the fairness doctrines yeah remember the furnace you had a run you remember the paperwork and all this that they had to run an equal amount of ideologically opposite ideas view ran like a conservative show you how to run a liberation a decision terrestrial radio and joe by the way
who got hurt by the fairness doctrine conservatives are liberals conservatives conservatives because the folks you understand it that they did not want to play any surfeit of content or because they had been played liberal cotton and show what was the problem with liberal continent tat nobody wants so with it it is anything i'm saying well the radio station said okay if we have to play every now or of liberal content for an hour of conservative content but the owl conservative contents going to crush ratings but no one's going to watch the liberal content roth and it's just a wasp we might as well just play the top forty smokey robinson all believe me the candidates were listening believe it exactly and after they dump the furnish doctrine and they let the radio do which old thing in a free market we shall explosion of market dimension had brush limber because liberals didn't weren't interested conservatives were do not
introduce government control it is a huge mistake like guys i can't tell you i can't tell you what twitter because i'm a for honest i'm afraid the block me follow a select group of accounts i've let a few out over time on twitter and there were really good barometer of what the current zeit guys these among them what they are all thinking where they're going with stuff take my word for this they are begging you to jump on this government has to get involved they are begging for because the minute you introduce that they are going to use government to shut you down so what we are already shut down at least now we have the option of an alternative that suggesting these are good options i've just tell you once the force of government gets involved it's over please don't be a sucker for this i'm begging you
ok i got some other breaking usage in case you mister john solomon last night on the hell i have an article in the showed us today relief some just die of mad some ink credible information about the information superhighway spy gate since they may it is it only gets worse for them i will get the secondary today show also brought you by bodies a filter by i saw an article last week about air pollution and national parks as bad as the top twenty major cities in the u s i'm sure the unhinge radical left is gonna blame this untruth baby putin to cattle of filter by israeli supports their great they write the roads the real reason is because these parts downwind of air pollution sources like agriculture industry major i ways in urban areas so basically there's no way to run except insight and we now know that indoor air quality is often worsen the air outside i work in that is why i use filter by an i change my filters often you should do this y gotta
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and you know that calm subscribe to the email list i will send him write to you it really helps us get the message out folks john solomon and jeff karlsson at the markets work have to pieces that if you are looking at a full spectrum understanding of what happened in spy gate in disaster it is you need to read these two pieces as i've been saying over the past couple days i want to make this case simple for because ass we get more and more into the weeds my fear is that new listeners who i've heard this from epoch phone number six twenty eight on i'm as you join you'll be confused i don't want you to be confused i want you to their stand this case very soon on these spy gate scandal the operation to spy on and take down the trump team is basically three sub scandals day i need each day i go back and forth based on breaking news between these three sub scandals the trees scandals or this the information laundering operation in other words the fbi
in the oj laundering information trying to take it can formation on donald trump and make it look real like money laundering trying to take criminal profits come look legitimate the the ideology tried to take fake information on donald trump spurious nonsense information and make it look like verified legitimate information aspire that scandal that's number one scandal number two is the spy an operational trap the when spying we stefan help her story intelligence agency asset spying on the trump team because we have the all the five spying so the who made the human intelligence gathering operation and the second thing in the sheep mean buffy terms signal intelligence operation they get their method meditative the emails that the phone conversations the first or second is buying the third the third scandal here so you have the spying you have the
this year by the government in other words the assumption we ve been working with is that while there was suspicion the trump was colluding with the russians my book lays out the premise that no how this whole thing may have been initiated by the government in other words the assumption we ve been working with is that while there was suspicion the trump was colluding with the russians my book lays out premise that no i don't believe it suspicion at all tromp was colluding with russians i believe the collusion with the russians was planted by the very same people who said trot was colluding with the russians so that separate scandals the news last night was about scare sub scandal number one the information superhighway we now know that the information that the the hilary team paid for that aid fusion gps to go in to cry when connected sources as they say get information on trumped the information turn out to be crap to make it look non crappy they sent me information through multiple people back to the fbi and the fbi say well getting from all these people assume
at the information must have had some air of authenticity to which it did last night we found that's a more breaking news from john solomon about the information superhighway and it is damning solomon last and i somehow got a hold of the resource i've seen a lot of these yet but he got a hold of emails some emails between christopher steel and bruce or why is this important remember him repays fusion gps the juniper fake information on tromp they use this guy christopher steal this former british spot the formations garbage steel turns to be a garbage source later on steel this fire not in early november by the fbi terminated ass a source he is quoted this is a quote by the fbi keeper binding does the guy generating all the information all of this they used that we need about to spy on the trumpet he is deemed
quote joe not suitable for use you know you see that non potable water siphoned christopher steals a source is deemed not suitable for years he's terminated in november the fbi its own words in their memorandums christoffersen is not a suitable source he's not suitable for use yet information keeps me in its way back into the fbi all how's that well turns out they have some emails from bruce sore and some notes from bruce or after steel was dismissed show that the f b i quote may go back to chris way let me get this straight is this whatever newness was referring to buy bruce oars gonna take a bigger role in this scandal so let me get
straight follow me here folks because this is important this is critical so the fbi and their own notes on this source christopher steel whose generating the information used to spy on from their own oats indicate he's not suitable for use in these terminated source yet after terminated dismissed as a source bruce or a senior level department of justice official who answers to sally yeats anti proper who was fired by trump later on sally yeats the genocide of the mike flynn set up opera to get general might flint for that she hates shrub sallied she can't stand them bruce or an upper level the oj official who works for sallies and in a no he has that their solomons got hold of his peace i strongly encourage you to read it says they may go chris folks please
cash this is so simple to this is what is so disgusting about liberals who continue to ignore this was a set up in your right mind can you not the conclusion that the goal here was exclusively to nail the trump team and not to generate an actual credible counter intelligence or criminal investigation they just claimed in an earlier document that the source they're using is not suitable for use and fired him after fire on the deal j official whose now still corresponding with this guy christopher steel says while the fbi may go back to chris why two buttress their silly russian collusion not because they were hunting down tromp they weren't hunting down russian collusion they were desperate and the only source of information they had to but their silly russian collusion nonsense fairytale garbage conspiracy theory was sky christopher steel who hated trump who is being
by the clinton operation this is all they have the media won't tell you this story so the karlsson peace because there's more he's this more swiftly but let me read you from that on sound and peace some unbelievably troubling communications between steel british by paid by the clinton team whose crappy information on tram lenny read to you some emails by the way i need some crowd sourcing you when i don't know somethin i tell you don't pretend to be a magician here or mine reader but i'm when i read this email is apart at the end of this i want you all to pay close attention and if you some good information on who act i it would be here i think i know who it is but to be irresponsible for me to put it out i'm just no you'll soon told bethia this is from the john solid piecemeal available and shown its steel talking abuse or he said if you end up out though
the words sally yeats had been fired so this after the election so kristen her steals emailing grew storm donald trump is now the president alive so he says if you end up out i really need another bureau contact point or number who is breathed so christopher steel a canoes generator on donald trump pay by hilary says listen bruce susan upper level the oj official if you your fire to you to send me another fbi contact whose brief then on the matter basically brief than on his fake news about donald trump this is interesting we can allow how our guy to be forced to go back home it would be disastrous folks who the heck is our guy back home now to give you a false
bathroom analysis here because i don't like conspiracy theories myself it could be a cryptic way of talking about you know hillary clinton and gosh maybe if we get this guy out before the election i don't i doubt it but i'm just saying sometime people write things cryptically to sound slackens marty the eagle has landed the cigar has been lit diary is perfect skeleton does that's really skeleton men he really matter somebody at the birthday party half an hour you get one zero people talk now i don't i'm just saying because i want to give you in an honest analysis i don't think that's the case but this is the british spy working
the clinton team who generates the fake information on trump who says we can't allow our guy to be forced to go back home it would he disastrous at my suspicions here based on poor christopher steel was working with and lobbyists but i've just put that these are designed a piece that's why because i don't like leaving open ended stop me my job here is to give you guys answers and our questions but it is the peace and it's out there are a lot of people are speculating on who that guy is but what's important here also we steal steel is adamant even if bruce ohr fired he needs to continue working with the fbi ladies and gentlemen this is after steals been terminated by the fbi and deemed not suitable for use do you understand the scandal this is they spied on the president elect a president
your campaign team and opposition political candidate using a source who fed information into the upper levels of the d j that the fbi themselves deemed quote not suitable for use you ve been fired it gets worse fbi officials now admit they continue to receive information from steel through all thank you for admitting that now is if you listen to episode six hundred and twenty eight on by the way this is already old news that they identified more than a half a dozen times its agents interviewed or in late two thousand and sixteen to twenty seventeen to learn what's the deal with say they can't who'd to rely on steel after his termination this is to raise interesting congress congress about the whether the the fbi broke its own rules of course they did now you know what they were hiding now there's some other duties in here steel ass sore in the january thirty first text exchange trumps already president now if he
continue to help feed information to the fbi steals already been terminated by the fbi air whose addio j higher up how this is one of the most corrupt things i've ever see he says this is all responding still here and able to help as discussed or text back i'll let you off that changes guys you are the upper level be oj official who s sally yeats a trump haider the point is as is gone right answers to a truck paid a right whose about be fired sallies right by says hey i'm still here able to help us discuss despite the fact that the sources talk too has already been deemed not credible by the fbi not suitable for use oh my gosh is another one here
here's one that he sensor he sends july first right before the investigation starts to something separate i want to discuss with you in formerly separately cancer concerns our favorite this tycoon she what does that mean folks this is unreal what a scam what an unbelievable scam you see how the information superhighway see how the information superhighway is the scam how they wandered information to multiple channels let me break this down for you they had an information from christopher steel bear information should never make it the court's that's why we swears federal agents that the information is the truth as ads you and if you have verified remember i told you having been afraid wage i've done this i've worked sources i know how this works you can if i saw one of two ways you can say you have used in before is information was credible or the first timer
some welcomes any office hag information on a counterfeit operation you have did do the independent legwork yourself to vary by what the source is saying is true ladies and gentlemen that was not the case here although theo had worked with the fbi in the past the new information he brought in they did not should say or the didn't verify the information independently it was bad it was big you lied to them he told them was talking to the media when you get fired instead of going off into the sunset he seeks its way back in using bruce or who i left this up to now most importantly whose why nellie is now working for the same company that hired christiania generating information this as a disgusting filthy information laundering operation using government officials and their spouses to get bad information that was not verified through more
people channels the state department where they had almost no capacity whatsoever to verify because they're not law enforcement to bring i didn't steel and john mccain steam to bring and through coty sheer and sit blumenthal clinton knock clinton acolytes and so to bring the information into the d o j bruce or and his wife whose that working for fusion gps this is just unbelievable unbelievable making it even worse folks or meets with christopher steel on july thirtieth in them flower hotel in washington dc why does this matter why should you care what happens the very next day so i thirty first cross fire hurricanes opened up the cat
our intelligence investigation notice crossfire hurricane is opened up by peter stroke and the fbi the very next day july thirty first folks this is the biggest political scandal in our history you a company that hires a foreign intelligence acid christopher steel hates donald trump he generally fake information that fake it for me is passed through multiple channels not intelligent shells because they know if they know it's fake and if they pay through normal intelligence channels joe what'll happen it'll be exposed this false so what are they do they pass into pure craddock channels and the state department they pass through the spouse of some someone working at they hire the spam someone working in the justice from the higher nellie your nellie bruce brochure they they connect they connect christopher steel with a high level the oj official they pay the john mccain's staff john cain staff walks through the fbi
it's the same bad information folks the formation laundering operation is a mega component of this mega scandal someone said around its and hate let's hire you nobody toward the oj his wife to russia person nellie let's higher her let's entire her fusion gps maybe we'll get a conduit maybe get a conduit into the de okay now we know steel is meeting with this the oj official despite being already fired you understand that he had already been let go now on this jeff crossing over the markets work does really really terrific work he talks about this i write it my shone out to you that this was discredited source re enlisted from the fbi realistic remember that remember what i told you the yard the brochures notes hey the f b i may have to quote may go back to chris you
just discredited the guy they use from november to mid may already the president there's still using this guy what else happened what swear they listen to now carson points out a couple good couple good things i have some the points on for you here that november two may period this p period corresponds the use of christopher steel again this period corresponds with die feinstein staffer dan jones that democratic descended intel committee leaving her staff to work privately on verifying steals information still his work with the pen quarter group let's be clear on what's happening here a stare for a united states senator on the senate intel committees a democrat who obviously can't stand donald trump a guy by the but the engines in this
we would the quarter group to still try to verify the garbage information christopher steel use him and his contacts reproofs or to what too high the information at this time a staffer leaves diane feinstein stare at goes out works privately with the pen quarter group to still right to verify the garbage information christopher steel ass calls him it's a sound piece ladies and gentlemen what i'm trying to tell you is what was form we are government operation based on christopher steals information fell partial because the incredible so what did they do instead of being ethical mm oral and upstanding it saying hey this is a bad case guys it's a bad source we got to let this go we got to take a bath on this instead of doing that what did they do they moved to a back channel with or and moved it into and out of the government from diane feinstein office into this
private operation within jones and depend court a group to continue to desperately trying to verify the garbage information given him by steal this is amazing amazing then the peace in the markets work i never ever my life i've worked innumerable oh criminal investigations at the at the local city level with him i pity in the federal level with the secret service i have ever my life seen anything like this i have or cases joe where six months in you realize it's a dog it's a dock you're like you know what the guy's guilty but he's not guilty or what we thought we gotta let this go we can't tell kay federal assets and this i have never in my life said hey let's play and it source and its use let's use former government officials now working privately to generate information on this bad guy because hopefully one they will find something that is per
that is not government professional business this was a targeted effort against donald trump plain and simple now another interesting component of the peace the jeff cross peace it is is it but i never nunez has been bringing up lately that there was exculpatory evidence on car your page it was left out this is bad folks this is bad if you caught as a federal agent hiding evidence that the person you are targeting is not guilty this is this is it i offence almost immediately skull pretoria evidence evidence which leading to the fact that you're innocent of what being accused of legally speed you're not guilty they're not actually the same thing
noone ass has been drop in this hint lately that carter page the trump foreign policy adviser who was formerly spied on by the fbi noon she's been drop and ensure that they had exculpatory evidence they left out was that scope a evidence the fact that they had used carter page in the past as a source as a source in the bureau yakov case ladies and gentlemen they use carter page as a government asset to nail russian spies he helped them it's what they left out the day to day present that ace as carter page being the bad guy when he in fact was a government source working with the government sees fbi agents will be in a world of trouble if they left that out claiming he is a foreign spied spy on him carter page and at this time
noble cause that's true while leaving out information at the help them to get fbi nail the foreign spy in the past is just i can't dr do the level of atrocious this this is going to be for the fbi that comes out finally one more point that of course and brings up in his peace he talks our rapporteur for my blog yahoo in half giuliano somewhat from here how she was contacted by a lot of people who seem to have really detailed information joe right around the time the pfizer warrant was going down october september twenty sixteen reporters as all these people are calling me with all this information about carter page is connections at information was in the dossier but whereas that it appear that should be a surprise that dossier was being shipped the round through the media but the left
of detail in some of the information is odd work that have come from well remember who was passing around the information the witch who is passing around the eu remember the james wolf thing last week we now know that james wolf who is alleged to have lied about what was in intel committee staffer i promise so make sense a second i since you were a little confused i'm with you the way i got you james offer was a senate intel committee member the same committee diane five times on he was a he was and is being prosecuted right now for allegations that he lied about weeks to a reporter he was involved with romantically the day a pfizer worn in march which is after all the day the pfizer worn in march is to live to the senate intel committee defies weren't the eighty two pages that sir
day if you read the indictment he texts his girlfriend and rapporteur eighty two times i suggested to you with highly likely that he took a screen shot of every page and texts that it to his girlfriend now why is that why is it important because folks the me yeah may already have the unread pfizer what leads i believe that if you read the redirected pfizer multiple just show our blacked out completely why yu gi oh if you were sending me a document over text using the phone feature on your phone why would you send me a completely blacked out page i wouldn't you wouldn't know so if the doc was eighty two pages he sends eighty two text its highly likely he centaur the unread acted pfizer meaning what
meeting the media may be in on this thing the whole time the media may already have unredeemed information we don't have an that's why they ve got real quiet about that story just some the suffering because i sense a little bit of confusion i can almost feel at my intend to go up to hideous story after the reductive pfizer warrant the warrant used to spy in the trunk team was out on all the dirty secrets about our draft a bad tromp was therein the unread portions of of what those come out the gotta to be devastating that story died almost instantly my suggestion to you is that's because select members of the media are talking to each other who have already read the unread acted version texted to them by could be could be wolves tax the unredeemed where'd they ve already read it and many we're probably all boy this is even worse not only spy on the trump team but they may who other guy is that other guys
you're talking we can have our guys is added there what else is in there how bad was this was the bruce or traffic in air bruce or using a discredited fbi source when the fbi that the fbi said the guy is not suitable for use but any talks bruce ohr they walk into court swearing suitable for use again is what's in there folks why the media has shut that down the media is not talking about the black thou portions of the rejected document anymore because i believe they have now seen it a lot of them and they know how bad it is it's even worse do they already know it are they hiding it are they hiding the story do they already have the didn't they have information that is really really ugly and the media immediate small put it out there my suggestion to you is most definitely yes i got a couple more stories the declaration also party by a body
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one idea that this was going to be big trouble for unions thou unions are desperately trying to change the rules to keep people in but joe story and i dear view having the shown us today new york's expected loose thirty one thousand members pennsylvania twenty four thousand members and ladies and gentlemen i'm a free market guy even when it hurts me as i opened up the show talking about and if you believe in free markets like i do union should have to follow the same rules you have service you think is valuable to people in a union you shouldn't have to force him to sign up and now that forced him to sign up any more what happened thirty one thousand people in new york dropped out twenty four thousand people in pennsylvania i told you this day was common now unions are get themselves in a world the trouble joe but they're trying to enact all these rules i got while you're only gonna have attended window to get out whatever it may be not going to work gonna be sued you gonna be sued you gotta be forced to pay back all that union but you will not win this it's time to drill just take a lot the law it's done you will
you can't force people to join anymore he's public sector units we're going to lose huge money on this so that check out esther this is an important i have a great article upon gino dot com being the show notes today matt palumbo is doing a lot of great work on the bunking socialism and wrote a peace today about the cost of all these socialist programmes and by the way nelson months woman air nelson months was laughing last night at alexandria casio cortez who endorsed a number candidates around the country joe and they all got smoke some of them by double digit so she is not doing particularly well in her endorsement cycle i've been doors candidates a loss but i've also in those candidates at one you know what but she's that's a socialism apparently is not spreading across the country like the virus she got it was but their bidding for good pieces out their method one which have laid the cost of alexandria casio cortez is expensive bernie sanders like programmes show
three of whom i want to address a mad addresses in the peace single pay or free college and guaranteed jobs programme guaranteed government jobs that's what we need right now guaranteed government jobs brilliant idea ok first let's go to the cost and had tipp daily wire i have a piece of them in the shown us do they breakdown what it's gonna take tax wise to pay for these programmes ok folks we go number one they are going to have to tax hey the forty two trillion dollar ten bill by the way the debts and underestimate for free healthcare free college and a guaranteed government job they are going to have to tackle what percentage of corporate profits
let's say one hundred percent so you're got out have to basically tax every business in the country for everything there well which of course will put them out of business immediately because they won't have any money to spend on their own businesses so your job would go out the window so for that forty two trillion dollar produce forty two trillion dollar programmes by the way these s so by the urban institute which is a left leaning outlet not a right leaning out of it so before you liberals jumped down my throat i'd say those costs are really forty two trillion is an underestimate that's the left these same ok so you're gonna have to tax job just a hundred percent corporate profits you're going to have to tax a wage income for past when get that a for anyone making as a married couple a hundred fifty thousand dollars hundred more you're a married couple out there you make fifty care more all your money all your money is going to have to basically go get turned over the government to pay for quota free quota free college shrill expensive free healthcare
guarantee jobs programme for folks so there we go there's a number one way the number two way to pay for you get there hundred percent of corporate profits and a hundred percent a wage income for people hundred fifty thousand algae number two way to pay for this once this one's far superior this one therefore an eighty percent eighty seven percent value added tax there you go so a national sales tax at all levels of production of eighty seven percent so are you go the cost of the goods you buy would go up explosively potentially doubling for just about everything you buy but no big deal there that super cheap to the third option job to pay for it is a pay roll tax of thirty seven percent on top of the current fifteen in point three percent pay royalties you paid out which will affect air the body of the entire country not just the wages of people who make a hundred fifty thousand thousand more so
few are a you know i know but some of these lower income categories you're making forty thousand dollars a year you can now actor in a nearly fifty percent pay paved by way this is in addition to income taxes this is the only thing in addition the income taxes you pay in the sales taxes and the property taxes you were gonna pay additional thirty seven percent payroll tax on top of the fifteen percent tax you pay now this is everyone oh this is real so that's through the daily wire peace matt added some other great stuff in the budget that companies about the costs of these programmes he goes at the summit of two the reason the forty two trillion dollar estimate for all those programmes in the thirty two trillion dollar estimate for health care for all free healthcare free joe airport is a low estimate mac goes into some good points here is
because it assume certain things will happen the number one assumption that doctors if your doktor out there you would have to take a forty percent cut in your salary forty percent now no you know the class warriors out their joanna within thinking screw a lot of money if at all really didn't have to work folks what do you really it's a girl like you can afford to go back to work you see retirements on a mass scale maskew good luck find that a doctor once you tell em they're gonna cut have their salaries another free market works folks forty percent assumes that they'll take it when i'm sure to tell you is the thirty two trillion is an underestimate because they are not going to accept their salaries of almost have their just never tire and under governess and we can retire no one will get a doctor well pay us what we were worth ok that's why this is an underestimate it off ridiculously this
thirty two trillion dollar ten year custom of health care free healthcare for all would be there's assuming show that would be eleven percent cut in spending so map points this out it's a great pointing is really has acted you're gonna bring all these new people to the health care roles new people who are now getting a quote free they are not going to cost us anything it is vital and the people who are there now which is already a good significant swathes of the population through medicare medikit are going to spend the lever percent less i don't think so folks don't be a sucker not gonna happen eleven percent cut in spending by adding all these people out the valve carols its idiocy of course that did you trillion dollar numbers and underestimate gimme a break plea three the peace to go my folks to show notes today please check them out
really appreciate it also i appreciate your subscriptions to the show they travis up the charts we haven't been out of top twenty five in a long time on itunes subscriptions matter it's free gonna itunes you can subscribe there i heart you can follow sound cloud you can subscribe spotify we really appreciate it thank you very much please pick up a copy my latest books by gate or there of a pre order now on amazon explains all the stuff i talked about that today so i appreciated thanks a lot folks really appreciate it i'll talk your mark you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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