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Ep. 783 The Democrats Need a Miracle

2018-08-13 | 🔗
Summary:  In this episode I address the strong likelihood that the collusion hoax is really a cover story for the Clinton campaign’s dealings with a Putin-connected oligarch. I also debunk liberal talking points about tax reform and address corporate censorship of speech.    News Picks: This Lee Smith piece asks the question “Was it a setup?” about the Trump Tower meeting.   This John Solomon piece from May highlights some of the troubling conflicts Bob Mueller has.    Read this Russian oligarch’s op-ed and you’ll find a few clues about the collusion hoax.   Another distraction by the Democrats in the Russia probe.   Ocasio-Cortez gets fact-checked by the Washington Post. It doesn’t end well.    Omarosa has entirely disgraced herself. She’s an embarrassment.    The government is raising record tax revenue, yet it is still running a deficit.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Get ready to hear the truth about Amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn, Jean Lambert, you know Shell, british Joe. How are you and it's fine monday- welcome Home Dan lied, lack almost not home folks, crazy week I was up guest hosting the five and and I did Hannity with Chechnya as a guest of stun. Why the guests, though she was on Friday night, and I woke up to do fox and friends, Saturday Morning and I needed I need to get back to you desperately and I didn't have enough. I didn't bring enough medication? I had deep trouble so Saturday's. Tell your worst travel experience of my the life ever and I have travelling for e on setting the secret service. I was away three hundred days on the road, but a year, so Saturday, and even fox and friends, and I had I get it,
However, the studio for an eleven, a M flight, atta loquacity, which us and I love the people in Europe will acquire the engine of care. Probably two worst. Airports in in the entire country is just a train wreck sit the tarmac four hours for hours for hours. I watch two movies I watch Chappaquiddick And- and I was a ventures, infinity wars, then pilots, like hey Sorry, we're going back to the gate could cancel and flight flight. Like whoever d J F K their Fox Adam nice enough to get someone on the job. To get me home. I was really in dire straits into the pot. Podcast suffer anything yet they said What a J F K get over to J K. Those flights are cancelled till it's now, five o clock, like hey my wife, thankfully my Life is just amazing. She's, like the greatest travel planter ever she goes get tunnel car throw long island she. There's a seven o clock flight, unlike Paula at six p M Mccarthy's fifty miles away? She goes fine
the cab I sprang up like freak out I run by the way the lady who listens to the show. Why ran into sprinting through the sky work? Who are very short with. I am deeply the apologetic I love you too! I'm sorry! I just could not talking more wonderful. She caught me worse time ever. I get my cab shockingly enough, the guide, makes it I get the plane, get home and ah man. It was, though I d get home like midnight, awful was, but this one was by far the it reminds me that the right there we're skies thing. There try do something in the United States Goober in the skies from private charters. I would have taken it but there's all the legislative stuff getting in the way of them doing it. I would have totally done that. I didn't even care what the price was. I had to get home so bad. So, thanks to the Fox friends crew, forget me out of there I'm sorry about the long awaited reduction but lock onto my life right now. I want to get to a couple. Think sitting
tax revenue up again, which of course, contradicts the entire dopey liberal narrative, TAT, Scots gonna! Go! the government money not only factually incorrect. The government, She raised her, whom he attacked or don't let them facts, hidden away, you're, stupid arguments. I want to get to this a corpse censorship argument. Facebook twitter Youtube pulling in four wars and others off the internet why? I think we're all being baited be very A very careful, be very, very quiet whether were fired with his, and I want to get this more on their or lack thereof. Pasco angle in the russian collusion think is now I'm almost hundred percent, confident what the Democrats are hiding in this whole thing: aright, Tunisia, but Nobody should wax Rx Unama, I love my sponsors, but I will not read for companies that I won't use myself. I don't believe the product is good. I won't do it so well. Rex was a perfect fit because I had problems with this.
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with his hearing restored. He finished his training and is now an e right. Now you can try the way. so our existence by typing in go wax, are start com. That's go wax rx, dad come usually Africa. Today, a check out for free shipping. Don't forget we get the we get credit for that which we appreciate from our great listeners. Don't wait no idea which might be missing cause of inner ear wax. Who knows it might just change your to go wax or ex dotcom offer code, Dan, okey, Doke he doggie daddy romance. We gotta get that so rich okey, dokey, doggie daddy. Let's do this tax revenue thing first, because it's a really really good story. so I have an article in the show knows today: punch you know that come ladies and gentlemen, one of my beefs with liberals has always been that it's not just that they don't tell the truth. Is that the truth? They don't Think about it with the russian collusion Fairytale Donald Trump Card
should collusion fairytale thou, colluded with the Russians when the truth is and we'll get to this in a few minutes as well. That now is becoming increasingly obvious step. There was, in fact collusion. You can take that to the bank cash that check spend that money by a new Ferrari folk, but the collusion was with the Democrats, well. The same argument happens, the gas lighting strategy by the dams, ripe. What's gas lighting? Why lie often lie confidently and isolate people from the real truth: that's the media's rollin, as you know, the media's, the propaganda for the Democrats, who they icily people from the true meaning, they repeat the Democrat, false narrative, but don't actually tell you the truth. This is transparent on collusion, but it's also transparent on economic issues, especially one that infuriates me and Joe, which is tax, is one of the things in the earlier days. In the show, and I used to talk about one two three times a week. He at least, is how
you just look at the data which you would think of suitable person calling themselves a journalist with due on tax cuts, its clear as day that tax cuts in the past. Have not only want to use the budget have now Why did decreases in government revenue? That's the democrat narrative if we can tax rates, the government's gonna, lose money, that is not happen. Folks, are we clear on this that has not happened. That is a fact. Looking Calvin Coolidge. Look at John F Kennedy. Look at the bill! Clinton cap real gains. Tax got Ronald Reagan: income tax cuts, George Bush's That's a now Donald Trump tax cuts. It is painfully obvious that the Democrats align its that lying, etc. a story that the media won't tell you, because their their active propagandist for the Democrats is that the tax cuts have led increases in government revenue job again for the teeth tat if
is causal or correlation. Oh, I can't tell because, I'm being honest, I can't Oh you because it's impossible to control for all, other confounding variables. I can't tell you if the attack cuts in fact caused. It causes increasing. Government revenue be disingenuous, trying to be trying to do this. The right way I can Now I ever tell you that the correlated meaning these tax cuts in the past, have led to an Increase in government revenue, those two factors are correlated yet there is no disputing that by any rational person, but I'm trying to talk the rational people. Therefore, liberals will listen to this NGO. That can possibly be true because you're not interested in reason. Now, understand the difference in causation and correlation causation right eye
to keep bringing up this example. Regular listeners have heard it before, but it's important when it comes to tax revenue. The Democrats argument is that tax cuts cod, cause a loss in government revenue. causation and correlation of at the same thing. In other words, once said to you that hey a cold weather causes cold causes the writer. Iris head called they happened to cope I tell you that's false there correlated there. are more cold in the winter. People get sick more in the winter, but it's not because of cold weather is not causing it happens is the cold weather. This is your nose right, Kris more mucus because of the dry air and people touch their nose. Interface more and transmit called viruses into their nasal passages, their correlated, but it's not causal Joe. Is that clear? Yes, at the current example re avenues, for example, for a long time, but we use a lot and its import
It's true here, because if you take out the whole people touching their face thing, there is no connection between cold weather. Had increase, call on its not existed, doesn't cause it's correlated because people touch their facebook com because there is a high level of prove. My point out trying to make is the Democrats are not only wrong about the correlation there, firing of causation- it's not even there they're saying all of TAT cuts have caused the decreasing government revenue that This question a reasonable person, would ask as well as government revenue decreasing. Any answers. No, it's not it's gone up, so not only is it not cause or correlation it's in the other direction. This in future, H me read, peace by Sea S, CNN news- I haven't the show notes today than I've read another piece in the Wall Street Journal here some folks. These are facts. I get too much how get under your skin if you're a liberal listener, I'm just trying to tell you the fact what you do with those
Facts in the real world is up to you, but I'm telling that ignoring. That makes you look foolish and silly. You either don't know what you're talking about taxes or you doing you're a liar, stand, there's no option. Three posts could very well be the stupidest person on the face of the earth dies you. hey you got because there option see, that's option, pay. You three, the dumbest pursued on the face you because you're just make it up it Joe tax revenue. You are when, for the first ten months of the fist, the year of twenty eighteen, the fiscal burden fiscal year, doesn't start January. Just so we're clear to miss out it's only August, because the fiscal year does start January. It stop so what is it October that yeah October September October no yeah October, coming ever so, the first ten months or it tax revenues. Folks, remember the Democrats story here: Trump tax cuts are gonna, cost the gum.
Money, not that even matters to me, I'm just saying I'm just trying to prove that their absolute life taxes use Joe are up by twenty six billion dollars job. Where are my pointed up Dan? pop up, so this is down. This is also the debit. This is why the video coming soon up its yes, we gotta get video for Joe to survive can see Joe and all his is Elvis glory. Its combat tax revenue is up twenty six billion dollars. Now even yes even worse, I mean that's good. I mean it's good. because it's refutes the Democrats or not that I'm looking for the government to have additional tax revenue. A stone is a quote from the Wall Street Journal. Why is it that they cut tax rates? How is that and the Democrats, now that the government was gonna lose money. How did this happen? Well, here's a quote its due to increases in wages and salaries.
show how long have we been saying that this is still folks to me, but I mean I'm sorry that for those of you out there who are functioning two or three functioning neurons in a circuit that this has been your intelligence because it is, but did you understand. This is the kind of stupid we have to deal with in the Democrats every day. This is with the Democrats. This is obvious: you cut taxes it puts more money in the economy that money filters but the economy into investment. The economy grows as economy grows. Competition for workers grows, because you need put to work to produce enough in a growing economy as competition for war, Curzon employees grows what happens, people Are demanding more money? People then start make more money? So they say to pay more taxes on even lower tax rates, because they're making more money. This is not hard. This is not folks this is not complicated. The evidence. the overwhelming you can't,
to a significant income tax caught in my american history that has led to long term lower revenues by the government. You can't not there you're, making it up. Coolidge J, F, K, ragged Georgie's, W Clinton's capital gains cat tax cut tribe revenues are up due to quote increases in wages and salaries, this is not hard. So argument number one tax rate, that's will cause a decrease in revenue to the government is a lie. Folks, false areas, came pump completely in time. early totally made up. It is garbage. Your friends are lie when you're liberal friends bring this up, asked them one simple question: please:
Tell me where government tax revenue is gone down after a significant income tax cuts. Please tell me where that's how they were built at your racist there, anything else, they don't what do you figure out? There's no evidence of that at all. None they just make it up. Secondly, they'll say all: while these tax rate cuts are causing government deficits, that is, is perplexing. How is it tat? three cut yo. It brings in more money to the government causing a deficit and others an imbalance between what government takes animal government spends forces. It make any sense of how well does it make sense of Euro Liberal, I guess, Joe, the numbers are obvious. Now we see why now to be clear, the deficit is going up in deficits are of annual for shortfall.
our yearly shortfalls in the government. Our accumulated debt is our accumulated over time all these annual shortfalls added up and up and up and up our day is close to twenty trillion dollars. Our deficit this year is rejected to be somewhere in the neighborhood between seven hundred billion and may be nine hundred billion which, by the way, an extraordinary amount of money. I'm being honest with you this gotta Republic in the White House and Republican Congress and yes, the deficits erratic control deficit. a problem. I don't care who sits in the White House or who, what you label yourself in Congress. If we don't do something about it, we will be bankrupt soon. Having said that, whereas again I'm being honest with you about the numbers, those deficits are now being caused by tax cuts, tax cuts have, we jolting correlation early and increase in government revenue if the government is raising more money. How is it that the deficit is going up and the It is obvious that the deficit through the
and months. We have so far Joe to the ten months cycle. Call the government fiscal year. Six hundred and eighty two billion dollars up to now governed. Spending is up by one hundred and sixteen billion dollars. Ladies and gentlemen, simple math, simple, Dick simple reason again, if you, liberal, not interested in that the show is not for you. If your interest, in a real perspective, honesty, facts and data, I'm giving them to you now, government, revenue up twenty six billion governed, spending Joe is up a hundred and sixteen billion. I Not absolving the white ass. I am not absolving the Republican Congress of the Senate in this hoping, and I think he well I'm hoping trumped up the next budgetary size will have. Some spending can strengthen it. I have my fingers cry. I have to take him at his word that even sign another budget like this but not ignoring the obvious, you shouldn't either. These deficits are clearly
clearly being caused by government spending, but that listen to me that only if you believe in simple arithmetic, mathematics. If you do not again, I help you on this show. I'm not here to shield for Republicans or anyone. I just told you, I'm not absolving the House Republicans or the Senate or the white of any role in this, and now I'm just too to give you a simple basic math tax cuts governed revenues of government spending is up more. You saying that deficit is being driven by the tax cuts is pure tolerated nonsense. You are making it up U R, b foolish or you're lying to yourself or you're? Just now interested you just want to spout off nonsense, be like me talking about you know. The NFL ran early thing about some of the interview. I don't know I be spouting, not as I have no idea who is good or bad. What running backs
I don't know you're gonna watch it anymore. You like away through that a new heading, pretty cool velvet, you're gonna watch. It might I mean I'm done. Thank you. I'm finished goodbye see later folks. Please begging you to spread this word amongst your liberal friends. Please ask them to explain how government revenue is by twenty six billion dollars, but how the dead that that's responsible for the deficit, how how is revenue up and tax rates. the responsible for the deficit. It's not true. It's spending problem. It is all he's, been spending problem. You handle the true you cared. You cared and actual as we crazy, because I go up every morning wishing we can have a serious by partisan conversation, I'm not kidding with people interesting facts and sitting down at the table going- ok fellas and Ladys. It's obvious right now that the tax cuts didn't
cost the government money. It's obvious! Why? Because we have the numbers. Can we talk about spending? Nobody wants to do that. Everybody just pretend it doesn't happen, for I go on to this corporate censorship topic, which is huge em up really I've Joe. I been so hesitant to bring this woman's name up, because I'm so disgusted and I just don't want to give her any pr, but it's gotten out of control the somber, You notice me any. We haven't even talked of the year, but I generally, I can't I just I'm so disgusted by this sum by this I I don't even want to mention her name but just want to say this, and I I in the White House for a long time. Recording a conversation like Amr Rosa who was a aid to tramp tramp may this woman famous on the apprentice hired or in the White House? Despite the job
of other people buy them. I tried to help her out real will it reality show image with the serious job in the White House. She the absence in the back and as she's getting ready, be terminated, firm, quoting John Kelly, serious integrity violations. She takes a recording device in the skiff in the White House, you understand what a breach of the rules that is, I worked, white it when you walk into the West wing. If we ever take a west wing towards is not like privy information focuses on the tour, the skiff this sense I've compartmentalized information facility in the White House to wear you go to have conversations, you're sure, nobody's listening to okay, we track and what that is theirs. White noise staff and all the kind of stuff they do to prevent people from listening in its right at the entrance? When you go in there it is understood you will leave all your communication devices outside whatever they may be set
phones ipads anything that has connectivity to wifi the internet? Do you have to a pager from the nineteen nineties. You have a one way pager from the nineteen eighty member, those PPP, you leave it outside too bright reporting recording device into the skiff. Is such Serious breach of the rules that it- How this woman gets on tv anymore, she's, obviously saying things that people strongly dispute, but to record Kelly. What a disgrace, what a discreet, by the way, the recording how she these recordings may car look good. Is incredible: she release this morning, a recording of Donald Trump, calling her feet, bad about her being fired and she somehow thinks this makes trouble of bad at it does here the recording, a giant Kelly, the cheapest national here, that when Kelly
like this, and we have some serious integrity violations here we can let you go we're trying to save your reputation at how Barroso takes like this heads. She thinks it makes it look bad. It makes her look like like a sleaze, it makes so sleazy for the recording the sky. It is sensitive, classified information facility, he's trying to help you and you go and put the recording out for the media. Folks, So for all my time in the White House, I was offered a Joe knows is an extraordinary amount of money to do a whole bunch. Shall I tell us about our Barack Obama's now yet now now I'm not looking for your pat on the back. You just don't do that happening now. You just don't do it and she did
because that's swell morose it is I had mentioned- are up till now, but it's just I want to throw that. There could be so completely and entirely disgusted by what happened. Just grotesque. Now, what do you say? Don't buy the people hit by the book? I mean you know. Every anti trumpery there's look and looking in this book for some negative shoot, despite the fact that she is claims about Katrina, Pearson and Frank loves. That Katrine appears in a Frank wants, are like no Don't say that are done before we move on to this corporate censorship storms is very important and I've got some forbade share and I warned you last week do not fall. To this trap about we gotta get twitter and youtube- and I wonder, government regular, be careful debating you debate The water don't buy their masters at it. They are now I've got the proof, so isolation also brought by bodies at I target. This is the best system out there for improving
proficiency with a fire member healthy bubbly. Can I don't think so for Monday you are just a little tired, I'm I feel good, even though I got up at like five hundred and thirty in the morning to do Fox friends after a long weekend. I I I missed you guys so because we, take Friday show a little early, so I feel, like I haven't seen you know I like this. I like it. I stay here has adopted even have that much coffee, the registry, we can two after I did finally get home, but I picked up. New firearms. This weekend I picked up the sixth. The sick three sixty five at me for my is it Lotus Gun worked, so I love down there and I picked up these Craig Legion P to twenty nine in non I'd mail, which I we hadn't three forty, seven in the secret service at the Legion addition, but one of the good parts about having these is you can practice with the eye target pro system? What is he I target price. Listen prefer your proficiency with your firearm matters, obviously, These are serious, serious tools for self defence. It goes without saying, safety and proficiency in that order.
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entirely sympathise with the play of many of you out there who are upset about corporate censorship? What's going on? Well, but wars, which is a website out there. That's ironically, seen a bump in traffic since this happened. So I don't know how much actually heard it for wars, but that this is that the new fight about taking people off of platforms. They have been taken off of that one of their channels, but taken off view tube and others, and I said to you last week- be very careful. Disco per censorship has happened to me, too, Most of you, listen to the show. No twitter does not allow me to run heads they ve, never explain to me in any kind of detail why they, just one day, told us know which is upset me, but which is fine at this point, because Twitter lost a good amount of money for me, which I didn't lose anything from twitter. So this this
the debate currently raging, is do we introduce the government into this being that this is the new public space which I don't think anyone disputed issue, in other words, the public space space in eighteen, hundreds was the town square. You went out that's up to say you got up on your soap box and you read your speech and I was in the new public space now is Twitter its face book, it's Youtube and their battles. Hence conservatives is very, very real. That's not new! I dont dispute and have covered in on the show for a very very long time, and I can me the case to you that going forward, and I just tweeted this outlets, we court censorship is going to be as great a threat is government censorship going forward. Although these or predict that he's Joe may not have a monopoly on force? In other words, twitter is have a police department. Consent to your house, like the government, does right the government has a police and many of whom I rest the FBI, local government state governments. They all have police and sheriff departments.
The government has a monopoly on force. Twitter Facebook Youtube Google and others do have a monopoly right now on the public square. Now you may say what then my saying all that What can you dare not defend the government getting involved to save what a b and ongoing attack on conservative thought out there, because this is not going to end We ve seen a number of people taken off their platforms by twitter in recent weeks. Ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly what they want. I'm telling you debating us and a piece in the Wall Street Journal I read which is not in a show knows, but I have a quote from it. You know it. Forgive me one second general go anywhere. I just want to make sure I give you the title for some people get upset when that happens, and I totally understand uncle We're all here it is by Andy Kessler, it's an opt out. In the opinion column, it's called war it is planned to ruin the internet while she journal, I have snippets from it, so dont worry, but its subscription only so I'm gonna leave it out of the shots.
But either way. This is worth your time. Mark Warner, The name smart warn of the russian collusion guy intimately involved the same Democratic yeah Democrats, Joe Democrat, let's be clear, others Democrat from Virginia, who is not a moderate as he paints himself anymore. He wrote these twenty Ray page report suggesting a little bigger role: further G, the Gulf These two call government cars g rides, the chief moving in. Let me ask you this. Got a big fan of quoting Son suicide people through that the sound smart, all the time so make it My dad's rules of ideological combat all right when you are too weak something that's your ideological opponents, the liberals want you to do. Do you think you're doing writing or the wrong thing.
Joe, this is not a trick if the wrong thing. Yes, They want you to do it the better. You now devil cried Senator Democrat et Cetera. Let me say this again for the third time Democrats and remark: water from Virginia who is intimately connected to the Clinton team, the Democrat machine and everyone else in an influential state of Virginia wrote this twenty three page report pushing for another look at section two: thirty of the communications decency act. We only mention this to three months ago You're elicited the show. You have not been wasting your time because we work who did do it bites, someone who said DOT fall into the trap? And then maybe what the trap is. The Democrats are pushing sharing, pushing pushing on social media to get these plants
forms Twitter, Youtube, Google and Facebook to get and wipe out conservatives step one step. Who is they think by poking us long by poker, by poking us long enough. And strong enough to take. actually get conservatives to then call for governments to regulate the space. This is the point that you cannot separate the two I get it you're pissed. It happened to me, I'm upset too. It happened to me if anybody is earned the badge to come on here and say we need the government to get involved, it may happen to me. It this happened to me? I tell you it's a mistake. You will look back on this show and listen to it. There were three years. If you agree to this, when you see what happened with the government near involvement in this space, even worse, in, if God forbid,
not reelect, and we get a Democrat, and you will look back in this episode and say we should listen. Mention the communications decency act a long time ago, in section two? Thirty, what sex? two? Third, let me let me to street from the castle peace. Then I'll editorializing bit and explain to you why you're getting suckered, please for when this trap from eighty where's piece in the Wall Street Journal talking about This suggestion, by Warner in this report to rewrite section two hundred and thirty of the communications decency and he says, consider the south to lawyers, one of them you call characteristics of the online world is that anyone can post anything section tooth, already the communications decency act provides immunity to the facebooks, Google's and twitters of the world one simple sentence: no
a provider or user of an interactive computers service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of the information provided by an information content provider explained nor this allows platforms to host almost anything. Well as the block content based on community standards without being sued. Folks the communications Decency ACT, that allows these platforms to not be treated as publishers just to be treated us tabular Ross as a blank slate. Now I get it, many of you don't shoot it. Did you not notice how the left is baiting us here have a left, are the ones pushing and that we got people on the right jumping in seeing whether acting like publishers there, a Tory Eliza by deleting conservative caught that, therefore we should get the government of all. Why do you think mark, or do you want
stand or baiting you into using their talking points. The minute you treat them like publishers. What are they gonna do? Why do the Democrats want this job? If there, publishers, right and they are treated I publishers and they opened the community decency ACT and now all of a sudden they can be sued for what they deem hate speech are others. Who do you think the first group of people, Twitter, Facebook and Google are going to go after once they have government legal protection to target. You Dan Dan? I caught conservatives basic you're, a genius, but you are very small, serve it guys, you are being suckered in a game of. I have to give them credit for dimensional chess ear by Democrats, Actually getting conservatives in on the do not fall, you may say will be, and what do we do? We do what we
Ladies and gentlemen, we do what we did with the news industry before Fox NEWS. You create Fox news and pray, part and conservative review. Do you understand this? Is the only solution, the solution being proposed by the Democrats and amazingly some conservatives that we introduce the government as a regulator of newly found publishers who are not publishers and that's just then you're not discriminating make period to me. I'm just saying if you treat them as publishers, they are going to but for a hate speech law. They are then gonna hide behind that hate speech law to get right, view our car ted you're. Letting them- and this is the biggest Trojan horse in modern american Idee history. Do I call for this. I told you what to do. But you don't have to listen I'll bet that somebody that your overseer here, I'm suggesting you sell your stock in twitter cell. Yours,
in Facebook get off the platform of you. Need to be their cancel, your accounts and just don't use Google for That is the only solution Can you imagine introducing in the sixties? a media law to regulate television because of Walter Cronkite and them Now you wouldn't even have Fox news you take tat would have allowed that they would be like wow conservative platform or a rare and Beth sounds like hate speech, no good to do not fall prey to this. Why do you folks were do you think a Democrat where they see if again profile from Virginia. Is writing this memo right now to expand the communications decency. he wants to, and I quote a year from the peace again Mark Warner proposed since the change all that, in other words, don't
twitter, like I like an open forum, treat them like a publisher. He wants that I was a change to make all platforms liable for state law towards, in other words you can now Sudan, where you couldn't in the past, you may say: watch great. We consume oh, no! No, no! No! No! No! You're! Reading this all wrong! This is gonna open up liberal activists, groups tests, These platforms for hate speech, violations gotta pick the most liberal districts in that country to go to enter into a new in the court system and what's gonna happen. It's good. Twitter and am in Facebook or now going to have legal protection. Is all you know what to prevent these? authors we're going to not let the daily collar bright bar conservative you met affects the artillery. Not are you guys, you're, all god you're you want this. You actually think government bureaucrats are going to protect you from listen, I don't. I have an hour with you every day I very
Therefore, with my content, I wouldn't be bringing this up repeatedly and wasting your time. If I did not think this is what the biggest smoke jobs in american history, you our getting worked. I, edit twitter sucks, so Facebook, everyday stink. I can't stand the platforms there it'll be a competitor. Nobody ever thought: may take a long time. I don't Many good news to report the best thing I can tell you, is full, pressure on their stock price caves. your accounts stop using Google wait for that alternative future to come about and by the way if companies decide to jump off. This is why keep telling you this economic wars, important company want a boycott conservative Alex you boycott them to remember,
Serbia has never forget. Liberals are prepared for this fight. They think this boycotting is going to work out liberal stone. to stay on the economic damage their doing to their economy by forcing companies to boycott, a euro conservative hours I'm going with this programme, putting pressure off you advertise on this outlet of that. Their conservative we're gonna boycott liberals go you're, you're hurting those companies you're not hurting us weak. Other places? And we never forget. We take note this company boy, that company boy. Ok, I'm done we're good with the ETA target there all off our list. Ever we never forget. This can't possibly worked out for you in a long, but it Acquire some patience never ever ever call for the government to get involved on this down. they will not help. You.
Some guy said to me this week in the paper. What about the commerce clause? The commerce clause said what the government couldn't do, not what they could do that commerce clause was enacted to prevent state governments from an act was about like tariff at the Florida border, so tat across the United States would be seamless across state just cause wasn't about creating new laws. It was at the exact opposite. It was this stuff stage from creating new you, you understand what you're asking for your ass, for new laws to regulate the internet. Dapple how did we blow up in your face? Please Can you to reconsider this Oh you're stock get off the platform is the only way there is no government solution to this. Ok. One morning I got
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breakfast attrition that calm, slash, that's brick nutrition, dotcom. Slash then pick up a bottle of feel the greens today. You will not regret. Ok, this man myths thing with their Pasco, is all starting to come together. So last week I covered on the show- and I know a lot of you- were a bit confused ice, I encourage you to be regular listeners to the shell because, as as as you here, over and over again and free because, as I explained the angles and the collusion fairytale, I know things. So I get it how, when I'm explaining it, I'm explaining it from a different viewpoint how to you it may be a little confusing, so I thought of away again kind of bring this because more information is now coming out about the Clinton teams link to Putin connected Alex in other words the collusion now there is real. It's just a demo
rats scandal matter republican scandal, which in surprise anybody the story starting to come together. Now a set of message: from Christopher Steel who was working for Hillary Clinton have been released, and you heard this unless we chauvinist important or pre, bring up again Christopher Steel who is gathering information. Fourteen Clinton, it's now clear as day as some kind of relationship with a russian oligarchy just for a minute. What I'm telling you this is why last week was so important, but I dont think I currently summed it up for you from a thirty thousand foot level, the british a foreign agents working fourteen Clinton to gas information about Donald Trump. Now, it's, Crystal clear, has some kind of a relationship we a russian oligarchy name all like thereupon, Oscar intimately linked to Vladimir Putin frozen about how devastating this is? I should have taken it out too, that thirty thousand foot level repeatedly the whole.
story has been the trumps team colluded with the Russians to overthrow the election. We now have strong solid, confirmed text, email evidence, that it was a person hired by the Clinton who was actually interacting with Russian oligarchy connected the vat, Vladimir Putin. The only question is why what was going on job. We clear on our part when I'm trying stab monsieur you you get. What I'm saying is that of Trump collusion. Narrative is now officially debt. I've been telling you, for the whole time, Mahler was brought in to cover up the fact that there is no Trump Russia collusion at the Rio collusion is between Team Clinton and the Russians that is now being exposed. That is last week's reporting by John Solomon and others about the link between steel and repast go. The russian oligarchy is so devastating to the Democrats and Joe as if on cue,
This will be in the show. No today, what are the Democrats do every single time, there's a significantly in this case who comes to the rescue either Bob Mahler or the Dnc. Bob Mahler comes out with some breaking your raided Michael Kosovo. Then it had all the information goes away, happened last week now less Today and say Sir the subpoena Wiki weeks for the leak information about the deep emails over twitter and then a big Presley's, dare say subpoenas. A few weeks? Ladies gentlemen, it's all a distraction whenever you see stuff like this understand, damaging informations coming out or about the command, the damaging information is this. It is the case. Then team connected to a russian oligarchy connected to Putin? That's the collusion story. Now the all The explanation where I may have failed, you a bit is: why is a Putin connected oligarchy by the name of all laid their Pasqua. Why
He working with Christopher Steel, whose working for the quaint and all makes sense All I dare Pasqua is a very, very wealthy man. He needs to conduct. this internationally with his companies. commodities metals. He needs international channels of capital flow and things like that. He can't possibly confined Can business wise to just Russia. He needs them. Gets in the United States, the financial institutions, the investors and otherwise, thereupon disconnected Putin needs these things. Also potent to maintain as oligarchy, maintaining an oligarchy where the connected view at the top basically run the country requires watch out, requires oligarchs, stay pretty happy right if european funded by you know as zero one percent of the population that owns most of the wealth and the money I
in a country that practices some form of socialism, not pure capital, was right pushes always at this defeats the snow pursued in the ballade meant, but if you're being controlled Putin. And controlling the wealth in the country, Do a group of oligarchs you better, damn well, keep those oligarchy, happy, potent and and thereupon, Oscar connected, if they have, they ve had falling out here and there, but they always gotten back together, because money talks in Bs Walks, terror, Pasqua, death, rightly needs to stay off the magnet ski list. What is the magnets give us follow me, thereupon, ask is the guy now we know is somehow colluding with people connected to the Collins. We know is connected the poodle. Why is he working with Team Clinton, The time he starts this operation with the Clinton's and EAST, the communications
Some business relationship, their association starts. Everybody. and assumes Hillary Clinton is gonna, be the present thereupon desperately needs to stay off. The magnets give us what is the magnet ski list them Its key list is a list of people sanctioned from basically entering the United States and conducting business here if they have basically a list of Russians who Connected to the the death of a lawyer, Sergei magnates key in Russia, is basically a blacklist. Thereupon scheduled desperately needs to stay off that listed, as he knows, who did there are Pasqua, think is going to be the poetess present. The United States. Harry interestingly enough, there are Pasko and his life he asked his representative in the United States States wind up linking up with Christopher Steel, is working for the Clinton's now.
The sixty four million dollar question, the sixty four trillion. quadrillion dollar question right now with steel, accepting payments from thereupon get too. In other words, this there Pasqua, who needs Hillary Clinton? Who may be the president to stay off? The list is terrible. Ask a paying steel too and is acting as a source for Christopher Steel. Think about what I'm telling you, Hillary Clinton's opposition research, guy steel on the page, of a russian oligarchy and also accepting formation from him. You may say that sounds like a stretch. Does it because, people on the hill that no stuff you got that cut ready, Joe.
Years, our body Tom Cotton Republic, in senator seeking some very curious questions of Christopher Ray the FBI director about oh leg? Thereupon Avc, Are you aware of a gentleman by the name of a leg? Pasqua. I've heard the name fair to call him a potent linked russian oligarchy. while that characterisation to others, and certainly not in this setting chuck, Lay the chairman of the Judiciary Committee last week sent a letter to you then base lawyer, who is a lot who represents MR near Pasqua and asked if Christopher Steel as employed, either directly or indirectly, by allowing their passing at the time. He was. Writing these so called still dossier. Do you know if Christian, still worked for Oleg Pasqua. That's all
I can answer. Could we discuss it and classified setting It might be more, we could say there. Oh, oh really. Is there. There may be bore, we can discuss and classified setting. Oaks. Again, my spy gay book covers this and, being that we finish the What three weeks ago, I think that's it. serve as prove to you that what we ve been telling you the whole time was well source and accurate Donald Abstain was set up to take the fall for Hillary Clinton steam colluding with the Russians, like, Christopher answer that question. If all like repast has nothing to do with this. Then, why not just say it? Maybe we can more and classified setting, maybe we can talk more, I guess that's out folks. Thereupon is intimately connected
potent the to take away questions here for you, this isn't This is critical, which will be what answer more just be patient with me here two questions about their Pasqua now we know is connected to people working for Team Clinton and its direct. Lee connected the Putin. Thereupon, Kafka people oh, stop people, their staff, question number one was Christopher Steel being paid by the Clinton's at the sight, in time he was being paid by their Pasqua. Why wouldn't that be an interesting question to answer critical question number two. with terror Pasqua a source of information for Chris. For steel and his dossier think about the room.
I'm a vacation set how bout a Putin connected oligarchy one of his right em guys. What's he a source of Christopher Steel? There's there thou the collusion. Narrative is very real. Whoop It has not merit of you think this the whole. This is the Democrat not to go back to the tax thing, but this is what they do. Tax rate cuts they cost. Money not only that Corsica money they raise money. This is the Democrats Gaslight Trump loaded with the Russians. Not did he not colluded the rushes? The Democrats did it. This is the whole purpose of the probe. Now, interestingly enough, John Solomon and I included this peace. It is a myth if twenty eighteen peace
Solomon no stuff at the Hill- follow him. Do yourself a favor. You will thank me for it later. he'll know John John Solomon, no stuff to leave it at that. I included a May twenty eighteen piece in the show notes had today punch. You know that company subscribed. My email is followed, really helps us out a lot, and I deeply appreciate and me to be a nagging, but it really helps us the articles there read the May twenty eighteen peace and read about three quarters of the way down just to the peace show, is that all play Deripaska, has a relationship with Bob Mueller back in two thousand and nine, as I told you, unless we show old Lady Oscar and Bob Mothers FBI were involved. They solicited his help because he had contacts and I ran in getting a: U S: asset Bob Levinson Out of, I ran Mahler knows there Pasqua. I told you last week so why
up again read the peace by them let me add, Tipp the conservative tree house guys by the way- because I did point this out on, but right, either the Solomon piece about three quarters of the way down. who's the source for the article Joe to be clear what we're talking about Solomon writes a piece in the hill about all. I dare Pasqua connected to pee Working for the Hilary team now here two piece about their passengers. Pass relationship with Bob Mahler in the FBI, who's the source for wild men. Read about three quarters of the way down Adam Waldman Waldman, who A lobbyist for Darrow Pasqua, who also working with Christopher Steel. Now you may say now: I'm really confused dumpy.
Men explained to you very simply what's happening here, someone a tie it to another story. I've been working on Terra Pasqua. right before the election of twenty sixteen problem He gets a whiff that Hilary it's not going to win this thing? I dont know if since political people. I dont know what, as a russian oligarchy what he knows or doesn't know. I'm not suggest. hey! You know he was a fortune teller remind reader, I'm just again Thank you you that, right before the election, he probably gets a whiff because remember stare at Pasco primary motivation. Here Joe, it appears stay off the magnates catalyst use which the witch we want God he doesn't want. Is russian oligarchy sanction for coming to United States? Geiss Ladys get this please Putin needs the oligarchy needs their money. He needs their influence. The owl barks or sanction from coming into the United States because of magnates key thereupon
needs to stay off. That magnets. Give us to maintain is billionaire lifestyle and business thereupon. it brings clippin will be President may be able to help. He now At that moment, where he realizes. Ain't gonna win now rapporteur HU who as zero interest that helping out the United States now need now understands. Oh my gosh, I got it over my tracks. What does he do? All of us they get a leak from a lobby is connected to thereupon get to a reporter saying: hey. We try to help if two thousand nine and we were connected Bob smaller, but what else does he do. He writes an Ipad, we're Pasco himself in the here, we collar of concern about wood, It's in the show notes. Today he writes in bed
And drop some major dance in this thing, so there Ask all the sun's is all my gosh. I better pull myself out of this kind I called tax would steal and all of a sudden appeal to conservative America, and let him know that this is a whole big scheme. If he was a source on on the payroll of steel, he was involved in this. The degree to which is still is still up in the air you can see what I'm getting at first it he's helping, steel again, he can get all all look. We can get in touch with the Clinton's and we can, you know, maybe stay off the magnets. Give us all the sun Mercury break the Clinton's are going to win man, we better, we better sweep that up real quick, I don't wanna be known for help and the cleanse. So what does he do? They startling? stories, painting him to Solomon and others, painting there are Pasqua say. I tried to help. I try to help. Yet this? U S asset back, I ran, I actually worked were popular hated, but he also rights. This
a whereas some tears, a major palm shells. In this thing we ve been working on this for a while here's one of em. read the daily collar peace, therapist rights. Listen to self drops a few names in their Joe. Victoria, Newland being one of them Victoria Nolan you mean, Torreon Newland from Hillary Clinton and John Kerry State Department, the person who is alleged to have used state department channels to flush information into the FBI outside of official law enforcement channels. You may not one. Oh it's her name in their it's right. I did mention her name in conjunction with a quote about the deep state. What's he doing, as he measured trader, like drop a hint that covers tracks. Or is he trying to say, hey I'm willing to talk about how the Hillary Clinton T I'm not saying this guy's a good guy. Don't get me wrong, I'm
we're trying to suggest you. The he'd probably knows he knows about the information laundering operation and is suggesting ok. Now that Hilary does a win and troops and office, I'm willing to talk, maybe I can get off this list because he's tromp sacred him, not a college by the way, not a kuwaiti, dig, peas, Tromp sanctions was now Now, I'm willing to talk by the way hit Victoria Newman. I know a little bit. What name does he also drop oh Adam Jones, Feinstein Democratic, descended Intel Committee, the corrupt committees staffer who left to work on this dossier, matches. Him too. but in the biggest bombshell of all how this is gone unnoticed. I have no idea how, says in the peace the Victoria Newland may be associated with me, does. He.
Ladies and gentlemen, how long is this information operation between the Russians, the State Department, Couldn, T members and others been going on there, more dossiers reed the op Ed its littered with clues? Don't mistake? He's not a good guy I've just telling you people most of remember was therapist paying Christopher Theo, while Hillary Clinton was. was he a source and how does he know all this stuff and why all of a sudden, easy writing for conservative Alice riding up as by why I'm glad they published its not knocking and why is his lobbyists leaking stories to reporters connected to conserve, Now this to try and paint him in a positive light, because he needs to get off that sanctions list, no matter what and so does Putin I think he's willing to talk and all by the way, conveniently he offered to test
I in twenty seventeen in front a congress after Tromp was president, maybe Joe. Let me come clean and people their good graces again and Congress said no, oh boy, folks I'll cover this a little more to mark. This is really detailed stuff, but that's just take it back out there as a feat more rapidly. trump collusion. Fairytale is a myth. Is a cop, Her story for a very real collusion: fairytale between Putin, connected oligarchy and people working for the Democratic Party, a piece connected oligarchy, who appears to be right now, desperate to either Cover his tracks or do a full May a culpa to stay the sanctions list, the evidence is overwhelming. don't forget it since all the scam, thanks again for two
Please pick up my book spy gate, the attempted sabotage of Donald Trump on Amazon, and, if you don't mind subscribed to the show, I appreciate the downloads, but subscriptions it's free tunes Iheart Sound Claude, I would appreciate your applause, the under the show it to good watch. It means a lot at or have a live on its you, but the subscriptions drivers of the charts we haven't left the top twenty twenty five in a long time. Thanks to you, so I appreciate it. I will see tomorrow, thanks folks, are really means a lot to me all your support lay this shows been gone crazy. See my thanks again, you just heard TAN Bonn, GINO she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.