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Ep. 784 The Media Needs a New Cover Story

2018-08-14 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the troubling media cover-up of the Spygate scandal. I also reveal a new connection to the FBI and the Trump team.    News Picks: Stop calling this hate group “anti-fascist.” They are fascists.    Here’s the real reason Peter Strzok was fired.    This Miami Herald piece about Roger Stone contains some troubling information about an FBI-connected individual.    This Chuck Ross piece covers the origins of the NRA/Russia story.    Here are the real costs of Ocasio-Cortez’s “socialism.”   What’s really driving the deficits?    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn Jean, I welcome their, thereby GINO Chow producer Joe. How are you today be Tuesday, Daniel I'm doing? Well thanks man manner? They insist so big now that when I missed a joke, which I often get probably thousand emails from p, Oh yes, I don't get every bit of Jos humor where I live. I feel like you all know me so well that you even know when I it's a joke. Some of you have no idea what I'm talking about some of you may but yeah. I miss Jos Joke yesterday about the lives a year at the recent and
I gotta these emails to ban. How did you know I don't know some Joseph witty cat of knots of? Does it goes right over my head like it? Never even I told Dan. I thought he just blew it off. I wasn't you know, I didn't even notice you sometimes you blow it off like. If I have an opera, everything went to get really sometimes Joel, provide some comic relief and higher just keep going now yesterday. I entirely missed it altogether. It was not lowered you up, but also swearing body rough night last night, the fire alarm again in my house is driving me crazy. I cannot figure out what's going on somewhat Tommy duster, spiders get in there somethin, unlike got yeah my daughter's first day of school today and thing I needed at one o clock in the morning was a fire fire. Fire scream at my ear and any or all hype dump. You can't go back to sleep. A big news that yesterday right when we get off the air we find out Peter Stroke has been terminated. Fired from the FBI is like all boy man. This is. This is gonna, be interesting,
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adjusting like messing with the show, but I want to make sure for you guys it's obviously great. What was I going missing, oh great article, the washed and examine today about Anti FA. I've we would like you to read it. If you get the chance upon, you know that calm. Of course we subscribe to my email. Is us any these articles? But please we should stop calling these people Antigua. We suggest our calling on what they are, which are hate group, big thugs criminals, savages? Basically what I did on the Lord Ingram show last night. These are not anti fascists, that's what antifraud is supposed to stand for now. If you read the peace, the author brilliantly, those into how this is nineteen, thirty, stalinist propaganda. This is what the original marks its communists in there for it to combat people. Remember they in their efforts to in there
or against freedom. I guess that's what I'm getting at their views this these semantics, this rhetorical war to get people to do did they do which called framing frame gas lighting they frame and argument in their terms, and then they gaslight you to believe that this stuff is true. Framing themselves, these these violent, brutal thugs these each suppression, civil liberties, threatening advocates right these. These animals who go and Dino spirits in the face of police officers, attack people brutally in an effort to you to frame them something different. What do they call themselves? They call themselves anti fascists, and the author since you, in the article, the history of the term anti fascism and how it is used by actual fascists in communist to get you to believe that they are on the side of liberty and freedom when they're, not these anti, for eggs are animals. This is a propaganda ploy, Anti fascism, the he talks about which you mean a piece talk about the peace, how
Fascism has been used for a label to cover for violence and aggression and political suppression and eighty civil liberty, Sibert Civil liberties advocacy for so united. I don't have a lot to add on and I just want. I strongly encourage you to read the peace, because last night is due in Lord Ingram Show and I died lost my marbles last night. On the show I mean I just did. I mean them in a good way to me like a thief psychosis way, but it was late and I made a particularly salty mood yesterday because I'm just I'm tired, I'm just I'm exhausted, physically and mentally having to deal with the media buffoonery around this topic. Twenty, people show up in Washington, D C est. Early Joe and a unite the right. These people have nothing to do with the right at all. Right, I don't know these people. I want nothing to do with these people. Twenty people, twenty people- I can. in Siberia. Then these people got to show Maria, then these.
forgot to show up in Washington DC. The media spends the entire weaken hysterics. Why Burma is rarely Don't worry people show up in the media the entire week, an absolute hysterics and they come We avoid the story that the Anti the first amendment, eighty civil liberties, violets hate group thugs show up and start basically attack king people again attack. reporters to spitting in the face of cops did where is completely ignored, to focus on people who show up in Washington DC and is directly the media labels, Antigua and Anti hate group, because, Ladies and gentlemen, the media is a propaganda outfit. This is what listen. I again because I have always caveat this. I mean it absolute believer in the free press. Unfortunately, the free press has the ability to be stupid, which they
please take us up in that off. This is eighty hate? Ok teeth is a hate group. They embody hate, they worshipping, love hate, violence, anger, aggression, greed. This is what they are. Don't bother you to the media hype and please please do A fall into the trap by the media were there trying to get you to apologize for some racial identity. Politics group: do you feel White supremacist the same way, I feel about anybody who is engages in racist type behaviour? Why? We succeeded in what I have nothing to do with us at all. What are you talking about? I don't even answer those questions? Well, do you know when you see what people with their faces covered up? You know that's a bad sign at the very beginning, right cover it. Why? cover your face. I'm right, I mean you know this array.
then you're doing that, because you know you gotta be engaged in criminal, thuggery you don't wanna, be exposed and become a Youtube celebrity finger infamy. I should say hey there's another angle: wait, let me just cover stroke quickly, because I got a couple of the things I want to get too. really interesting, including an angle. Angola me. How do I say this without sounding like a pretentious jerk and I'm really not they didn't. Do that's not my goal ever. So gentle people in the media are starting to finally catch on to our theory here that I think we have a lot of good backing for you know it's in my book about this entire operation on Trump being set up noticed here. I think that even some in a liberal media are now starting to come round to the idea that yes, there may have been something shady that went on in the trump operation. They're still holding out, there was actual collusion, so just to be clear on this, my operate.
in theory, on this entire tromp spidey debacle, and why I think it's such a big deal is because I'm I'm sure, based on a research now This was a set up, as I keep saying you, it's not that they tried to pull information out of the trunk team about russian collusion. It's that they pay The information in the media still operating on a theory that government did you use that may have been weapon eyes in this case a may have engaged in some form of malfeasance or miss fees and show their say. Engaged in the theory, though, that they did it, because tromp was colluding with the Russians. They were trying to pull the information out. So do you see Difference here this is a critical distinction. I wanna be crystal clear on this, because but to tell you next is some pretty surprising stuff and are very proud of the fact that me Joe a been at least three to four months ahead of the new cycle, and this is gonna, be the next big story so get ready, but you I understand the next big story. If you don't understand the Abbe comparison, you me, I think,
I want to speak for other people in the media, but I know other folks out to her work on this least Smith primarily has done a great job, real, clear investigations and tablet MEG are rating on the theory that Trump she collusion does not exist. Ok, folks, please understand it's a myth that the EP for to pool and spy on the Trump team and pull the collusion, information out here to be a set up. Why Joe because it was nothing to pull out right. It's like me investigating job for a bank robbery. He didn't commit, and I know we didn't commit it, but I'm constantly trying to get Giotto admit to the bank robbery so the aid side. The Abbe comparison here as us, the conservatives be, is the liberal media, the aid, I'd says there was no russian collusion, the real, scandal, as they were, trying to pull the information out that they pushed in that they said Contacts into the Trump difficult hey: what do you think about the Russians? What do you think about the Russians? We ve information on the Russians now mother
you quote later from Miami Harold and a peace that was sent to me great job that haven't touched on this, I became aware that shows How the media's in on this scam that whole scam was to go up to Russian was to go up the Trump Trump team. And say: hey the Russians may have information on Hilary and to report back on if they bitter not that's the scam. the media now and the lips are still holding out and the beside. The media and the lives are still there not. I think they have given up Joe on the fact that the the investigation was above board may not say that publicly, but I think, even though the kooks it CNN and MSNBC understand there were a lot, a nasty things it when I'm serious, I'm giving credit are just telling you that these, Poor, devious a lot of a really shady characters but they're not stupid. They they have to be reading this go, and this doesn't look like it, but they choose the fire by assuming that
was an actual bank robbery and at all the year. Although the FBI is best investigation of the bank robbery and go particularly well, these were noble characters because they were trying to solve a bank robbery based I believe that there was russian collusion. There wasn't. Understanding that you'll see why the media's blind towards finally starting to come out at least a fair media fox often in the conservative media least, this was on talker yesterday in his peace, in real, clear investigations, which is in yesterday's show note about that tower meeting an endless. I have spoken to Lee where do not like close friends, but I know we have had a Mamma energy to be showing great guys. Terrific reporter We I and others Joe had been on this for months, sought a pat on the back. I just don't want you to think you're wasting your time here, tromp Tower Meeting article III did want nuclear yesterday that the Trump tower
Eating between Don Junior and the russian lawyer may have in fact been a set up. This is old moves to Lee and to me it's only just now, starting to filter out now get what I'm saying here. Talking about now: the yes side that all of these contacts with the Trump team work, in fact efforts to collude with the Russians they were in. A postcard tax by the government tried to set up the Trump team for collusion with the russian right, the Trump our meeting, where the russian lawyer, who shows up, is working with a company hired by Hilary Thea Rush, former russian intelligence officer that shows up is it. Very close to the Clinton sphere. His lawyer is very close to the Clinton Orbit, the stuff the translator that shows up, is done. Work with the State Department, its the connections are As to the validity everybody you contact, the Trump orbit has some connection to either the FBI or the Clinton and almost no contact with actual Russians who have dirt on Hilary which
the great irony. Now we got another one Oh yeah, we get another one. You may have missed this, but this is gonna, be the next story and a tie. two specific lines of thinking in online line of it is the one I was just talking about that there is no russian collusion. All of these contacts were forced were forced by the federal government. The other thread, I've been dealing with the entire time is at the Mahler probe was very specifically engineered for one reason: a Mahler with selected and his car, Lex and the conflicts of his lawyers were mostly Clinton people they were so did for reason it's to run interference and too. keep the attention on the Trump collusion fairytale, even though they know it doesn't exist, while keeping tension away from other, really nasty stuff that happen with the FBI on the current inside and the weapon negation of government side against the Trump team. Ok, the model,
The Mueller team is a distraction, its approach to problems, only there to keep the attention of the Trump team and every single time new starts to break you can expect Malo to drop a new the bombshell about something he's doing too. You know to keep the attention on Trop. We saw the Kohen and other things this I'm about to tell you ties both of those together. So the contacts, the contacts matter, everyone who contacts the Trump team has some connection to fusion GPS or the FBI. in article the other day about Roger Stone. Who was in our friend the Trump knows tromp may have provided some political guides, their the exact extend to the relationships unclear. I've met Roger Stone once or twice when again we're not bodies She? Just so I'm not that long ago, that that was at bottom Roger Stone is most you don't just to be clear. He is in full. consulting he's been around for a long time and he had said provided apparently some kind of political advice to the Trump tee. So I see it
uncle Joe a left, leaning news outlets, saying Mahler. Others closing in on stone and what's of course, the first thing that comes to my ok. What are they covering up now, because I know what I was doing. What are they cover? got any time you read mothers closing in on someone understand, there's either some other story: that's gonna break there trying to cover up or there King into someone, because there that persons connected to the Clinton team to and their China's have let the pinch your case comes to mind and the other ones mothers closing in a pinch of pension was a Clinton donor. What are you talking about? what was investigating for speaking Frida trumpeted. It make any sense. Only if you don't know what you're talking about. oh, what are they Eyedee? I have an article in the shone out today. A boy I, what are they Eyedee? I Article in the shone out today from above, A month ago show, but
didn't get alot of mainstream media coverage from Miami Harold, stone was contacted back in March chief, twenty, sixteen another contact, Joe Vice I want allergic legit have dirt on Hilary may, now, I guess If you're in the media and you're alive You know hack and you're, not interested in the facts and the data doing any research on this case at all, because you're a propaganda for the Democratic Party, then you'd say in March of twenty, sixteen stone was contacted by another person alleging to have dirt on heavily I shouldn't collusion if Europe a sane person who is actually done their homework on this case, the first thing you start looking for is connections to the FBI or the Clinton tee. So what do we got? we gotta do doozy of Miami Army, Harold story about a guy named Henry green bird.
in March of twenty sixteen wait March of twenty. Sixteen the FBI, the investigation, that's right, YO into Trump didn't start until July. All paragraph one rewritten again is that's crazy. Remember I told you the contact the paragraph one how they started this case, the F B. I cannot seem to develop a coherent story here, so March of twenty sixteen long, before the FBI. Investigation starts into Donald Trump, allegedly this guy, three green Burg approaches Roger Stone and Michael copy ay ay another associate of the Trump orbit that somehow and for two million dollars. For information on Hillary Clinton, just incredible how all these people keep approaching the Trump orbit. George Papadopoulos Carter pays, ladies and gentlemen, how stupid do you have to be to believe at this point,
is our chance I mean this is seriously insane at this point. What's interesting about this interaction, of course, I'm just gonna leave you there say: ok great, so a guy approach, stone and caboodle alleging information Hilary, which you point, computer when a computer goes in for an interview about it contacts with the Russians, anything You know what was interesting F B. I see more familiar with this guy Green Burgo approach them than I did. They say they have all the answers. Before I even answer the question. even more interesting Green Burg has in his file these parole letters per type, letters as are issued by federal law enforcement. For
Operators with the FBI in the past and there are very credible allegations, a groom, but that green paper may have been an FBI source in the past. All are really isn't that crazy. so now we have a March two thousand and sixteen meeting before crossfire hurricane start with yet another person alleged to be some russian agent with with a contact and dirt on Hillary. Approaches a Trump team member with an offer of dirt or in for whatever it may be. Yet. The person who is seemingly connected to the FBI by a paper trail, as and she'll source in the past and during the meeting computers as the FBI had more information about the source, and I did. But again listen, media pipes out there. I stand. You have no entrepreneurial, interested doing actual journalism. You maybe start asking questions, because this is gonna blow up entirely new face now. Does it
make sense Georgia Mauler closing in on stone. Here we go again whenever you to find out what the Mahler team is up to just look for the connections. They Hilary Fusion, GPS and the FBI and you'll figure it out right away. This green paper guy has Rita Miami Harold peace. Please it's in the show notes today has connections. Paper trail with the FBI again, Another source were now to be clean, Was he working for the FBI in this case? in question. At this point, I can confirm that, on the show and others was he working for the FBI, specifically with regard to this contact with Capote up, You don't know that yet was he was it you know, or was it some kind of a shakedown we're me, two million I'll give you information Hilary, I'm not sure, that's
That's an effective shakedown, it's kind of a region Gillis price mean listen. I worked in law enforcement, its anyone who seriously try to get money for someone does for two million dollars right out of the shoot for stuff like that special? Given a lot of information on here, recently was already over there on the internet, but what we can arm is that there is most definitely a paper trail between Green Bergen contacts with the FBI. Now, what's it for St Joe, is the FBI is not commenting on their relationship with Green Bert folks, again it is now starting to seek out into the media. Not the doing media because their snow convinced that their actually is Trump Russia collusion there is. That will never happen. It does not exist. Ok, but when you look fox and look at other outlets and least Miss been doing God's work on this as well. you're starting to see the narrative about this being this being set up? That Trump was frame.
Finally starting to make it out there and everything we ve been talking about for the last six months is starting to come out. I told you. I was factored in the right direction in this early very early, and I came across a piece of information at Tipp policemen by the way for a lot of it, there Get me in the right direction. Lee has been on this for a very long time. It was set up folks. Now I said to you, I read you a quote from the Miami Harold Show, you. How genius to set up is. because now, what's going to happen this It's gonna be phase. What six hundred and seventy two the media's propaganda, I'm sick of them, I'm so tired. I am so sometimes being tardy, is it they're? Just two amount. Ladies and gentlemen, do not click on CNN washed imposed the New York Times? Don't turn the channel changed the channel and the airport and Jim. These are the
really? These people are really horrible. Folks. Ok, they have the right to four free press. They have the right to be horrible people. Unfortunately, they take us up on that. Invitation every single time they that that the fact that they can. Ten you to propagate this nonsense about russian collusion in an effort to stir Some kind of a cold civil war in this country is absolutely disgusting. Now the herald whose either don't be too figure it out or knows what they're doing either ones bad our old rights in the peace that this meeting between stone and computer. and what's waiting, Ray Green Borg who had content with the FBI and the past Joe quote. You score the willingness of the campaign to meet with Russians posting. scandalous information you on this, and how this works show. So here How it works because
However, the media is solely a propaganda arm right now for the liberals and the anti Trump left and thence any anti trump swamp. That's all they are Journalists are not to be taken seriously. There are not credible people there. No anything what they do no, is wrong when they know it's wrong, they lie about it. These are not serious people I can I say this enough or them ignore them we challenge them at every opportunity. The way working now, as some in the media are starting to get a with that. This I have been a set of some are still committed to the collusion fairytale, but some are getting a whiff that this may be ugly, Joe the new narrative is gonna, be the new New Lou New, no new narrative is going to be this. K, it may have been a set up from the start. In other words, there is no russian collusion and all these people that contacted the Trump team are connected to Hilary of the FBI. In other words,
the Russians, myths, certain others right, but Joe, a quote under scored a willingness of the campaign to meet with Russians boasting of scandalous information. You get it. You see the trick. You flip you both lippy for real This is the deep sea do a risky. This is Multi Dempsey there. The depths, you do flipper risky. This is that this is the view therefore be very this. Is it every I'm they gave COD acts in the media. The lawyers in the media we'll go out and find a new way to spend their fairytale their fairy tale now once the because I'm tellin. You just trust me on this some of them are still holding onto the collusion. I know I'm saying you seemingly contradictory thinks. I'm not are some good Swaziland that are still holding onto the fact that yes was Russians trying to reach out to the trumpet.
there's some of the smaller ones who are still devious, but smart. Our star I realise that man, this looks really bad. All these people, we thought were Russians reaching out to the Trump team at these people are not russian there can active either western intelligence. The FBI acquainted, ladies and gentlemen, hey I've been framed. the new narrative is gonna, be yeah, but it doesn't matter the trumpet he's still at fault anyway, because they should have accepted meetings with people they thought were working for the Russian. Listen to me. Listen to me, I have not steered you wrong. I have steered you wrong on anything, I told you that things going on behind the scenes now look: what's happened, has terminated Mccain's been terminated, colonies been terminated. Cars resign, Rebecca Ease, resign pages, resign Yeats has been fired. I told you things were going on behind the scenes. I have not been wrong. You may not be happy with the pace of it. That's fine. Mackay has been referred to
criminal charges, I get it and that's it I am not suggesting view sessions is then everything right. I think the refusal was awful, but pretending things going on in a trap is entirely in the blind on this is nonsense. I have not been wrong. I have not been Aren't you about this set up everything I have. told you come out the news that this was just reported last night least Miss stories like this was breaking news. The truck tower meeting may have been set up. We I'm telling you this forever. I'm telling you now. The next phase is going to be this green burg. Stone thing they are true. shut snowed up again, I don't know stone and I can vouch for stocks. I don't know you know what he was up to what he was not up to. I do know this, though, that the guy who reached out Kapogo in him, questionably has sometimes to the FBI that they are currently not commenting on.
it comes out. Finally, in a wash, this was all set up. I'm Are you again that the media's new narratives can be while it may have been set up but you know they should have accepted the meeting in the first place. Disgusting. Now some of you email me and say: well, then you know what I am What what someone said to me the day I loved the story, but I feel it gets frustrating because what's gonna happen, ladies and gentlemen, it's already happening I just want you to take some solace and effective things. People are paying a price. You know we don't do who, on on the right mob guy, this like the left. they have managed right now the Trump team to clean, Nearly the entire management level of the FBI It is not happening fast. Granted are there
can be criminal prosecutions. If the evidence presents itself, I hope so. If it doesn't, I hope not. But folks things are happening. Think about it. but this under the Obama administration, Joe. We. The IRA, scandal the Benghazi scandal. Did anybody get fired over any that? No? No, Warner Store, gettin a pension from the. U S, government from the IRS Trump printed office, two years he's in there We cleaned out the entire upper level that the OJ and the FBI several Bruce or still has a job Bruce there's been demoted. Broussard will be out of a job shortly to observe it. It is happening not fast, but it's happening Smile a little bit these people that the
people who are involved in this, not that I take solace in their lives being ruined. I don't take us all. That for any one, it's over for them. They engaged in a massive scandal to frame and set up the trunk team inspire them they ve law. their jobs. They have zero credibility. The whole management team of the bureau's been wiped out there, all a laughing stock companies, a joke companies. It call me left the FBI vacant He was captain credibility missed. it takes a laughing six, a joke on the right and left he's become a punch line too liberal and conservative Jos Mackay just got referred for. Criminal charges show become a meme on the internet got fired he's humiliated every day. What is tax Sally Yea to force a total joke fired by the Trump just she shall yet she may be a hero to the left, but are career history histories gotta judges is nothing more than you do,
someone who abuse their authority within the Justice Department get an innocent man might flint prosecuted. There is going to judge people harshly. The media is not getting over folks, the media's but ability is down to what you know percent amongst the sunlight. I'm percent of Republicans south in depend, It's not believe the media anymore. They shall that's because everybody Saint Fake news. Now, that's because there actually reporting fake news you want to stay. We call fake news, stopping fake folks, we're winning here. The swap is being cleaned out slowly but effectively to me, its credibility as a garbage Where's team is in a panic. They have no collusion, so they have to make stuff up their death Really clinging to any hope that they can keep the attention
off the malfeasance, the Justice Department and the FBI and on Trump, but they have. A thing left: there's no predicate crime of collusion to fall back on, not all bad, I just don't want you to listen as shown be disappointed. I get a lot of very depressed emails and I read them. People will nothing's but it is happening it just now. Happening that I just want you to be prepared, though, for what's coming next, the meat It is getting ready for this shift, one the framing of Donald Trump as established in the set up and these FBI I and fusion gps connections to the people, the contacted the Trump team are well established that grants for is going to be made to ok, they may have framed tromp, but they did it because he was willing to accept if you just was unwilling to accept these meetings in the first place. You know it
we wouldn't want right to the police. None of this would have ever happen. The famous woody Woodpecker episode disgusting really really disgusting. Ok, I got a couple other things to explain a lot of confusion. They're about this wanted to party consensus, and I want to clear up some like prickly regulatory yesterday. The text store. You write the see it s, peace I sent over the income, tax revenue. Yes, from last year, was down referring to the income tax revenue which is up give the court. Tax revenue a moment descended the drastic tax cut, but the income, tax revenue man, that's why I cited Calvin Coolidge John Kennedy. I cited Reagan, George, W Bush, the income ex cots, did not lead to a cotton revenue as anticipated. That's. Why was careful to make a distinction between correlation and causation income? Ex cods did not lead to lead to more income tax revenue. There is Beneke adept Owen,
corporate taxes, but there was a massive cut, but listen to me. So please lip park. Your ears up just If it some time, I promise you give it a year or two: that's gonna go. Bob dramatically too, but we are there. Federal tax revenue less it here is the income tax revenue is that there is at record highs, so I just want to make sure, because I don't like the kid I'm sorry, but I confused people. Sometimes I get to deepen the weeds with stuff, and I do this on my caches been more clear: ok, a Teeter Peter. I love teeter. If any be bought this. She had I've already done one rate at least my second rate. If you haven't, you miss it out huge you ever Brian Inversion table. This is one of the greatest inventions ever especially, if you like me, arthritis. This new back issues the useless in the secret service training centre we had inversion, came It was the greatest thing ever
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really great product, Semi reviews, you're gonna love. It ok quickly! On this one and two party consent things This is a little bit confusing to the general public by this this is gonna, be an epidemic in the future by the way. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the record of people in conversations recording of people on the phone. This used to be complicated. I remember as a young federal agent Nypd officer, we did you recorded calls all the time you get a guy cause, a drug dealer and you'd get out get all on tape that way. You'd have evidence for what, for the prosecution case for sale of narcotics or drugs in court and they use, you talk, show there was an ear peace, they would put near ear. but you know, would run down to a recording dividing it wasn't my government and I want to be high profile if it wasn't like rocket science, but it wasn't easy that you have to put a little like header. The tape, and you know what actual tape remember. The tape should put the pencil and remind them and all that stuff there would be little micro cassettes and you have to
record it and stored at nothing was solid stated that when I first started the secret service, then we want the solid state recorders. Those were a little easier now. What do you do? But I found you download an app and you hit record as your honor, for this is not complicated like a five year old. Could do it the problem with that is that everybody's recording everybody now and as Joe well knows. I was a victim of this myself by an animal guy who pretends to be a reporter. biggest losers in this state of Lord you can tell I stood out like this guy and I will make people. I was a victim of this myself. My every boy and anyone is recording everything you say all the time now. People I'm just warning. I ate it. I hate this about that. We, and even have a conversation anymore without somebody recording this becoming a hot issue, because now we have a morose who
just in one of the more disgusting episodes I've ever seen in my life was recording people all over the White Ass, so proud of Iraq. I recorded people, she sat and she thinks breaks or sound good. some one of the worst human beings on the planet Now she says she recorded avant garde. Jared John Kelly. Morosely should never be allowed on tv again, cable net, should show this woman at what she did was disgraceful socio. This is come in a hot issue. I get a kid probably fifteen to twenty emails a day with people from though, asking me questions is its illegal. What's the law, I don't understand you now, have to understand the difference between one and two party consent. Okay, this is not a federally federal law is one party consent states, different. Laws on consent, though, explains why
We just explain what one party consent is. First, when you record someone if Joe and I were in a conversation and Joe Say, clicks record on his Iphone. It doesn't tell me so. say Joe and I haven't conversation about my. Reciting- would see our tv, which actually happened, yeah celebrate map it. I am taken this all this report would see our tv shows recordings right now. I've got to deliver its now. As I know, Jos recording it because a supplied cast meant, but if children so I ll give you an example. Let's say at the end of the show Joe and I we we know, we d be count off. We usually talk, let's say Joe at the end, Podcast right is quite we recording the Skype feet after the show- and I start talking about c or tv channel, what a great deal this is also about other and for some reason, show thinks. There's news value and leaks that to them have done that you Joe, is you have chosen Maryland and I am in Florida. Joe would have committed a crime. Oh you know that show because both Maryland and Florida are too,
already consent state meaning oh and put who parties the two parties on the call POE the consent. So if record me after the show. Without my permission and leaked, to the media, Joe in Maryland me in Florida they're. Both party consent states where it doesn't really matter. As long as one parties in two party could send state a job would have committed DR makes sense. Now, I'm in trouble the Euro be paid, trouble Joan chosen troubling, felonious smokers, bank, robbery, spying, jet poor job- Joe Joe and only beggar doughnuts, evolved in the worst crimes known to man. Now, if we were in New York, where I'm by Germany Finally from Both of us were in New York and Joe Data chosen, whatever Smithtown and I'm in they'll two places I lived. New York is a one party consent state, meaning one party consents to the recording, Joe because Jos recording it. Of course consent
record if one party can sense. The other party does not have to know most. Aids are one party consent. Only twelve states are to party consent, states now there's a reason for this of course in the shallow mile wide quarter, inch deep analysis by people in the media with no law enforcement experience, and all this is of course, why I object to a lot of for going on the news who claim to be journalists and spouting off about law enforcement matters. They have no idea what you're talking about most sometime, I say to yourself or why would a liberal state like New York show that you do, we always airs against. You know why the other kinds of. Why would they allow only one point you know you'd, think they'd be a two party consent stay. I think what we A lot of these states, the law enforcement law enforcement can't stand to party consent. Why? Because think about it, show catch. You and Ngos now say Joel
Say Jos, slinging jostling in math I catch Joe I said Joe, I need your supplier, he says, and I'll call him any too. Party Consent State, Joe we'd, have to tell the Meth dealer shoes Mr Meth dealer, I am now recording you too, which tobacco is going to do what you probably hang up the phone in a lot of these states, both liberal and conservative law enforcement- is you don't proof as one party consent now, skip work. It's a little confusing federally when you're a federal agent you're only required one party consent. Created an interesting dilemma for me when I started in the New York field officer, the secret service and then transferred to Baltimore later in my career in Maryland, New York is, one party consent state. Maryland is a two party consent. State now mean I forgot now when I got there, because I've been on the secret service protection detail for food.
years and its basically stopped working criminal cases. So up in New York, you catch a bad guy with counterfeit, which is what we did a lot first it did was you got him on the phone with his supplier and you recorded it Joey Beggar doughnuts. I wanted my tape, you didn't bring, tape over the United States attorney's office. You got TAT United States Attorney Jones. Here's a tape, of Jos counterfeit source talking about how he sells it for whatever you know, a dollar every ten dollars, a counterfeit, all great. Let's go Europe, a warm I water, Baltimore after I the presidential Protection Division and I'm only there couple weeks- and I forget- The case was, but I remember federally, it's fine for a federal case, it's only one party consent. So What we were doing, but it was a case Where was initially a federal case, and the United States attorney It says yes or no to prosecution, Joe they make member they make
prosecute accusing decisions, the investigators like the secret service and the F B. I only make investigative decision there into prosecutor, says, looks at the case cases I this is crap on a one. wasn't crap. It was a good case me following a New York model when I was in the New York Office, I'm like a let's go, bring it to the Maryland Stay police. The guy India because they can use it. I see well. Why not? He says, because we recorded the guy. I should so what he's like? No do you. the two party Consent State Maryland CARE Use, and I was like all like it totally floor. Listen just got off the protection detail: five years job is used to the New York model. I should have known granted, but you know how to show I never spinner wheels and you couldn't do anything with it. Aren't we you can Emmi it did. The evidence wasn't acquired illegally. A federal rules are one party consent.
You can use that evidence in Maryland Stay case. You'd have to go, build the case some other way, and I forget what happened but then remember all the details of it, but bottom line is we didn't move at the case, though? That may not have been my case. Maybe someone else, but I swear victory. Remember that damn it's a two party consensus here forgot. I pray. This up, because this is I'm gettin all these questions about Amargosa Amr did this disgusting recording in the White House now. This is unquestionably A violation of the Arctic Birdy clearance rules and rags there. The question is: is it a violation of the law and the answer is probably not because Washington D C is a one party consent area, so I said. You know my feelings about this. This is one of the most disgusting filthy moments. I've ever seen in the history of politics. A morose should be shown from public life forever, but I'm sorry
I'm just telling you, because we try to report the facts here as best we can. I don't think she broke any laws because it's a one party consent state and if she hits the record button she's the one party you I can therefore now if she got it in Florida. In more allow go she be in a world of trouble Because Florida is a two party consent state. So if Amr Rossa has any recordings and moral logo. Ah Barroso, who doesn't appear very bright by the way. Maybe in a world that travel. because she may have committed a crime and remember it's not where the recordings made its where both in the Bow with both both through the parties are. Add a reporter once call me from New Jersey, true story from a conservative outlet, I'm not kidding Goes to show you how little jobs
Journalists amusingly dreaded aircraft using, I said to him- are you recording this seagulls? Yes, I said you record this- I didn't give permission. He goes Yom in New Jersey. So what is happy people? New Jersey, we have we're one party state, I say it doesn't matter? What are you that's stupid? I was furious. I said brother delete this. Right now it wasn't. There was a single political. How I don't like being record at all, unless I give you my permission, he didn't know it's. The guy parties have to be in a one party, can sense that he didn't notice. He had no describe as a journalist who had no idea because To its credit, he D was like I M very sorry recently. Coffee doesn't matter feed their leader of anodyne conversation anyway, but ah. easy was apologetic afterwards. He did not know. I'm like you may want to looked up in a future. Did so What I'm trying to say is even if our morose was in D c and Trump
all dark for moral logo or or a other two party concerned state Amargosa, maybe in a lot of trouble. but a morose is not very bright, so I don't think she figure in a lot of that out. That makes sense show because get in so many questions and I forgive me for not answering them individually and email, but I figured out addressing yeah. I think what you ve hit, that about three or four times a matter of fact. You call federal law in a federal criminal case. One party consent applies you're going, the federal system, a federal agent, it doesn't matter where you are could be in Maryland. It doesn't make a difference as long as not prosecuting you. Through the state court system federal laws, one party consent, twelve, aids have to party can say. If you want to use that state judicial system, it is only illegal in those twelve states outside of law enforcement and other exceptions, when I just told you federal law enforcement things, it illegal to record someone without their permission.
it only matters where both parties are not where the guide me the called woman making calls while I've agenda one party could sense they does it matter, doesn't matter how bout that I'm not sure our morose knows that, but we'll figure that out the coming days. Ok I've got another great story by Chuck. Ross is a good one. Animal try to squeeze in some quick, the bunking here to population also brought you by bodies a brick house nutrition hands Best nutritional supplements products on the market no question about it. Yesterday talked about feel the greens, my wife thumb, my wife's today. We should reach out two miles because we being now I'm not kidding bilateral may get stuff opted to sell. Listen. I love miles everything, but are we we deal with sponsors, we like, and I've had them forever with this, because I always get really terrific reviews and we ve been getting an unusually large number of positive reviews to email system about feel the greens. We always get positive feedback, but I think now
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There are very dumb right know this it every day the boy full disclosure. This is, in essence a disclosure. I work for our aid. Now I do not work for the, and our now liberal really dumb. They still can't figure that out. I get these tweets all the time it. I don't expect them to their just not really unsaleable allow However, my twitter are very dumb. I know this because I have the red it every day they continue. I do work for the energy and our a tv is a distinct entity. It is a production com. Many that produces a product for an hour atv? That is who I work for I'm not in first by the honourable member, the inner ray I'm proud of their mission, I've just telling you a fact. I don't for the array- ok, because this story involves the inner ray. I dont get talking points for the entire I'm, not even I speak on behalf of yellow re because I dont work for them, but just
Ross has a terrific peace today about the information superhighway portion of the spy gate scandal. Remember I told you that, despite gate scandals, actually three sub scandals the information laundering, operation and spying scandal in the framing of Donald Trump. Today with the stone Roger Stone, Green Borg story. We talked about portion three, the framing of altruism, how people are sent into the Trump orbit to set them up to show on the score of willingness to meet with Russia. Gm russian connecting people you sent in you idiots. This is more along the first one that information superhighway where they laundered information into the Justice Department through Bruce or Bruce or was the number for official in the Justice Department who had absolutely nothing at all to do with the tromp russian collusion investigation, but in certain him into it inserted himself into it by make illicit contacts with Christopher Steel, Christopher Steel, was working for the Clinton's, the gin up, information intra while his wife was working for the same organization that hired Christopher Steel. Now, one of the great
mysteries. Over the last few months, we chuck with Chuck rusts Chuck Ross as peace. Finally uncovers is a story. oh appeared in March March of this year about the an array, receiving all this russian money and an hour, a lawyer who knew about an energy lawyer, again disclosure. I know cleaner Mitchell. I've actually had conversations with clean Mitchell about some legal affairs are not prior Ino Camp. Random, stuff, I know cleat outward again when our friends she doesn't represent me in any way. No money is ever exchanged hands, but again with the left focus on disclosure, except for the fact that they are not engaged in disclosure themselves. I do know clean and have had conversations with her in the past, not really If anything and re was this related to some campaign advice story was Joe in this Mccluskey story. That clean Mitchell was this and are a lawyer, and she warned He was so worried that the russian
we're following money, the energy for Trump and she expressed our concerns, and basically these concerns, were you know, ignored and cleaner Mitchell knows and cleaner Mitchell, cleaner, Mitchell, cleaner Mitchell? What's the problem with the story? It's not true clean Mitchell Creta Mitchell has not worked for the entire re for six years. Clean Mitchell read the Chuck Raw story, has Vigorously he put is a lawyer, cleaner, Mitchell, she's, not stupid. If freedom Joe understood that she was lying under oath or something like that it was going to set herself up later on. She would be very careful. leader Mitchell has vigorously denied all of these charges from day one. Yet Mccoy actually has yet to retract his story that Clean Mitchell. Let me add that we just restate with the story is the story. Appeared in March, and the controversy rounded is: where did it come the stories is the right.
We're following money to the energy to get Trump elected, A clean Mitchell was a lawyer for the energy, knew it and express some concerns about it. It's not true. One of the mysteries about the story, the biggest Mr Jos, where did this story come from? nobody seemed to know Jacques Raw snuck in and out of the park again daily Collar story in the show notes today, rosters uncovered the puzzle, a pair Firstly, the information superhighway was activated again: big, Bang, Bang, Bang, bang! Bang. What did I tell you folks? This scandal number one of the three parts series of scandalous: the scandalous by get operation hand, it notes uncovered by Bruce or who met with Chris First, the eel again work. for the Clinton operation under the banner of Fusion GPS, to get information on Trump. If December, tenth without or in Washington DC, or took some contemporaneous notes one of the hand, written notes read in
Ray lawyer named pleaded Mitchell found out about the money pipeline was very upset The election was over. Now you see where the March League probably came from. After the December meeting now story here gets even more interesting because whose our favorite member a Congress right now favorite- I mean the guy, who is probably responsible for the propaganda, and basically slow the structure of the Constitution Republic. By his continued efforts to propaganda, gaslight lighter people shafting a chapter we shifting only Adam ship Biggest liar up on a hill, a discreet the? U S, Congress Adam shift the leap began this than the russian collusion fairytale, who absolutely noses stories falls by the way, one of the guys talk about this story, even though the story is in fact false
yeah. Ok, let me give a little quote here from shifty about this. False story me Joe Biden work for the our Mitchell has not Mitchell has apps hello. No know idea with the stories about the stories false it is made up. Mitchell did not express any concerns about russian money. She wasn't working for the energy she has She cannot deny this story and any stronger terms. Here's a court by shifty, who always simpler way. No one knows how shit, how did shifty get this? It was Bruce or talking to shift they shift their hats made nuts as monarch at my door, quote by shifting. Whether there was an effort by Russia to create a back channel or assist the Trump campaign through the ETA or gun right groups is an open question. The committee's minority has endeavoured to answer for the past year, except for the fact that the stories that true but don't let the truth get in the way of shifting propaganda. This guy's a disgrace an absolute disgrace.
He knows the entire time. This story was complete bs. There was no lawyer expressing concern about russian money. The array, the russian and array stories, a big hoax, those where our membership fees and people who had by magazine subscriptions. It's a total joke the stories of farce. They know it, but someone information, probably or too much use yet to retract the story. Despite vigorous denials and then who picks up the star, Someone leaves at the shifty shifty then puts it out to the public and goes on CNN and Dobbs. Believe it it's what I keep telling the media is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party that keeps giving this lie or shifty the opportunity to put out absolutely complete false narratives tomatoes story. Folks, tomatoes story: I one of these days are meant to get to the school Cassio Cortez, but them
you don't get it. I'm gonna take a minute here. I do have a two really great articles up on. You know that com, where my resident, the bunker and Chief Map Colombo, does some The duty debunking work on tax cuts. Deficits. Number one great peace, several short have MAC, keep him short sweet. Some good it's easy to read their and another one and Cassio Cortez in her claims about Medicare for all saving money but TAT she was the bunk even by the wash them most. She said some nonsensical staff that the ice has thirty four thousand beds. You need to fill everyday there's a quota really did you go to foreign countries, an import, illegal immigrants on purpose to put them in a bed for the courts. The dumbest thing I've ever heard false its fake. we have the everybody's working to jobs, nonsense by a Casio Cortez, which was garbage the people, the peace. Which people working to jobs has gone down. She said the upper middle class. to shrinking, really Joe in nineteen. Seventy nine. The upper middle class was twelve point: nine percent of the population. In three days
fourteen twenty nine point. Four Joe twelve point. Twenty nine point, four, twelve point: nine! Twenty four! I'm not crazy! When I tell you twenty nine point, four is greater than twelve point: nine right. Yes, it is an issue that quick tat math that take a while No, I didn't know it in ok, yeah nazi jack you're, not a mathematician correct! No on so we can both assume Cassio. Cortez is wrong right right down. Ok, thank you. Thank you. Thank you right. Oh buddy, Also, our claims at Medicare for all going to save us money complete utter nonsense, is going to cost the government. Thirty two trillion dollars the war in post by the way of all people, believe it or not. Even applying squirrel gets and not once in a while, the bomb, those five or Cassio Cortez claims. My problem. no Cassio Cortez, it's not site that she says things wrong said she almost never says anything right could very well, We, the stupidest person on the face of the earth, to redeem your total renegade added renegade was Obama's code name. We may have to take that back. We be it.
You're gonna, be the very least to be the Renegade republic about the brain dead back right there you got a little in the past. I folks thanks every please subscribed to the pod gas. I appreciate that you download it means a lot. This inscriptions are free though, and they Travis up the charts. We really appreciate it go to Itunes. Are you can subscribe there You don't like Itunes, you can go to. I hurt you can follow there. You can go to Spotify a go to sound cloud, a number of different platforms, Google play you can enable scale on Alexa ask elect to enable the embargo show, and I we really appreciate it means a lot. I see watermark thanks again, you just heard TAN Bonn, GINO she'll get more of their own line in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance podcast, soon, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.