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Ep. 785 Rachel Maddow Drops a Bombshell and Doesn't Even Know It

2018-08-15 | 🔗
Summary:  Rachel Maddow dropped a bombshell about the Russian collusion hoax this week, yet she seems unaware of the consequences of what she’s asking for.    I also address new information about the framing of the Trump team, which will blow up the insane media narratives.    News Picks: This Margot Cleveland piece addresses some questions about the information laundering operation being run by Bruce Ohr.    Donny Deutsch just said something disgusting about the Secret Service.   This piece debunks liberal nonsense about net neutrality.    Chicago is out of control. Something has to change.    The disingenuous media is trying to give Obama credit for the Trump economy.   This Lee Smith piece addresses the real scandal behind the Trump Tower meeting.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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so i'm going through some stuff and i got wind of an action by the bob mahler team regarding georgie papa day o georgie pop dapple is now the folks before i play this matter clip who by the way it's funny how she's almost she's almost like exe i think we ve got something you should see a realise what she has and believe me it isn't good for the liberals just a little background on this encase your new to the show george papadopoulos was george papadopoulos i believe is given information by a guy named joseph miss said she and i don't have to believe that that's true that's in the indictment my joseph myths suit in april a maltese professor mutual papadopoulos is alleged to have said something about some russian dirt on hilary now we males are ever mention contrary to liberal media law that is not true no emails are mentioned ripe papa
but was then release that message to alexander downer folks of this just stay with me i know some of this is repetitive super important papa it was later rawdon may relays that information to alexander downer in australia not diplomat in london the information then is used according to the fbi story i want to put that important caveat an example of this is true but accordingly the fbi story that is the or jeanne story of the entire trump counter intelligence investigation noticed crossfire hurricane the stories yes i've told you over and over i believe what their hiding is the fact that myths should who who is initially contacts papadopoulos and accord the liberal media folks and the liberals themselves is working for the russians and papadopoulos bit on this russian bait to get dirt on hilary i don't they
we have said was workin for the russians i think that's the biggest scandal of all joe you got that rachel matter clip oh yeah a poor rachel you have no idea a can of worms your opening play the cup a special council robber miller requested and was granted a protective order quote research during the use dissemination and disposition of discovery materials meaning evidence which the defendant has posted in advance of his sentencing protective order today here's what i want to know why five days before mowers prosecutors make their recommendation for punishment for george papadopoulos why today was a giant go cone of silence dropped on top of all the evidence in his case why did this happen and why now if you know
w w w that send to rachel dot com if i find out by hook or by crook i will tell you next by re throw tell you but what i e mail rachel at that what was it that double we ve ever said the two rachel backer someone may want to send this over so focusing sure confused because matt i always out as understand the details of the case you talked about it all the time he did she would be running from this but celebrating it because she thinks she has something papadopoulos was a russian spy all by cash we ve got it no oh no no no no folks i am almost certain right now that here's what actually happened george pop our policies team this friday is there it is going to set in motion the sentencing which is to take place in september this friday this friday is a critical date all of a sudden joe georgie pop at the legal teams like
the emergency brake hold on we want to take a look at the evidence going to file a discovery motion what are you have on us bobby am bobby mother ibm team is like emergency brake weren't given you that so they file a motion to keep the information from defending papadopoulos right before friday what just happened just happened oh peter stroke was fired from the fbi her how those two related i was peter stroke in any way involved than the papadopoulos interview or the investigation of george papadopoulos i think so damn you you can safely say that year did georgie pop
these team just find out something about stroke that maybe stroke and mahler now hu the whole time that myths was not in fact a russian asset and was a western i e friendly to us intelligence or or friendly maybe the obama team asset oh oh did you think they make got a little but a window that and now the stroke is fired they want to get a hold of the three o two's you think me joe joe this is i obtained we have to go on a year eight minutes late i'm begging joe to get this house before doing either but folks i have rarely in my time doing this but as excited they get on here to talk about this the tyres scandal as i've told you is broken down to three separate sub component right the formation laundering operation other words taking the dossier its fake and making it look real send it into the
eight departments and the bruce or taking firm information and making it look real that's a poor one of spiky sparked part the sub scandal is the actual spying operation on the trump team how poor the other folks that were sent by government entities for the united states also friendly's five eyes countries too spy on the trump team the unmasked operation that sub scandal number two the scandal number three is the biggest one of all though the whole darn thing was set up the whole o k starts with the april meeting listen to me for help look i can't repeat this enough this entire collusion narrative begins in april in aid of twenty sixteen when papa the recently hired by the trump campaign as a foreign policy adviser
when he meets with a guy named joseph myths should who have led jubilee tells him about dirt on hilary if the russians have that the whole entire case by case revolves around the fact that we should working with the russians the liberal case folks what if he was working with friendly's that me it's not the whole thing is a set up i've been tell you this for months the whole thing he was framed it was set up i told you yesterday that the media narrative is already starting to shift because i believe people in the media know this because they ve had a copy of the unread acted darcy sees me fbi sorry a copy of the unready leave in india we do have the unrestricted pfizer application for months james war
who is the staffer on the senate intel committee who is being a by the federal government now receive a copy of the fires application which in allegations court documents he then text eighty two times to a reporter girlfriend that he received it the document is eighty two pages long why would he send redirected pages that we're blacked out enough words the media has probably had this information the entire time just gettin wronged you know it now oh you know it this is a set up it's a set up whole time people in the media probably notice so just to recap rate rachel matter has no i'd someone please email her this because she has no idea because she doesn't do homework shipping she does homework she's
he's a liberal intellectual elite who doesn't do any background and at an end shoe leather work on the case she has a bunch of producers talking in a rear and she thinks she's gotta jam on pop adopt was cut there was a discovery motion a puppet apples what does this mean he was a space alien working for trouble no silly but it likely means a stroke has been fired they now we have evidence had shrunk was corrupt that stroke like we change the trio two's the young it three choose the interview summaries he was probably involved in the carpet a police investigation and there may be some alteration or let's say four wording of the three o tools to make it seem that papa dapple it was in fact the criminal when papa doubtless was the victim of a set up operation the entire time now one of two scenarios to be fair here i'm i'm i'm
highly suspicious of the second one ok let me just put them out there but want to give you both sides because matter has no idea what you're talking about scenario number one is mahler scared right now le realises that george papadopoulos the attorney and joy your onto something george knows he's been framed the now he knows this is set up that deal owing to the fbi is charge that one thousand one charge is accused of remember that's all these accuse them he's not accused of conspiracy he's accused of lying to the fbi but that was his team is probably come to the relay realisation now that they charged him this crime back in the october november time period of last year that they choose with described to shut him up to cover what joe to cover the fact it with puppet police was frame myths suit was not an agent of the russian federation he was worth with friendly's to set up the trump team
mahler is now desperate to hide this because my where's goal is to save the oj the fbi and the f b i should say he needs the high the evidence of strokes involvement in this stroke pm me what is it ghostbusters the key master gatekeeper are you the key master that that stroke is the key master he needs the high that any to hide the fact that this was a government frame job the whole time now number two which i fear highly unlikely if not ridiculous but i'm sure is floating out there is that mahler has uncovered the entire scheme which he has therefore let me that's why don't i should say optional produces that he has uncovered the it i ve no doubt my my mother knows what's going on option number two
these cover uncovered the scam and is actively working to prosecute the scam folks i believe that i don't believe that and i don't know based on the fact that he charged the allowed papadopoulos to be charged in the first place if think about it think this through so let's call em java mahler good guy versus smaller bad guy approach ok i but i firmly believe mother's a bad guy in this he sat back an authorized the prosecution of george papadopoulos knowing the entire time it was a scam the people say all well maybe he was to do and to work with pop up no you don't charge somewhat but a crime then you this you'd file a complaint you this i worked in federal law enforcement use what you do you file a complaint the bad guy you cooperate if the cooperation is good enough to dismiss the complaint that's not how this works i actually did this for a living for twelve years there's no evidence at all that mothers a good guy he would not have charge papadopoulos
but there is a theory out there that he's uncovered the entire scheme again which he has put that he's using this to go after then all of these bad players in the justice department to ladies and gentlemen if that theory comes to fruition i will happily reported on the show we will be a good day not a bad day i dont want to be right the country to be right i'm telling you no there's no evidence that that is true none why would he why would he prosecute papadopoulos there's no need to do that you don't prosecutor victor of a government set up for to go back and listen to that matter clip again she is so knee deep in this scandal actually she says she's an inch deep and a mile wide on it she doesn't have any deep understanding of but she's knee deep in the in the conspiracy theory component of it that that she can't
see the forest for the trees she can't see added she's blind to it she thinks for example this is warrior filing emotion joe we clear on what happened then pop up this is why your file the motion with the mother team saint hey way way way before we proceed with this sentencing and this deal i want to see the potatoes man i want to see the apples you got you a bit this team is during my wish you'd like no dodo they followed up a protective ordering we can't this close the evidence there are people who believe mother's a good guy we're saying while he can't disclose the evidence because he's going after the people the frame papadopoulos do the myths and set up i don't you ve got it all i believe mahler absolutely knows about the set up and doesn't want the information out because he wants papadopoulos the sign off to the police and go away folks please if you
oh papa doubtless and he knows something i'm serious for the sake of the country we have a big enough audience now that somebody know somebody you know somebody everywhere believe me i get the emails every day from sources if i'm right i'm begging you a joke if i'm right george do not under any circumstances take that plea without getting that evidence out there do not for the sake of a country take up please deal without getting the evidence out there that you were in fact set up it is the key the entire scandal that the knighted states government may have framed a political operative working for the trump team in order
advance a conspiracy theory about collusion is the biggest scandal in united states history not modern history not the last few decades in united states history it makes watergate look cheap it make the teapot dome look like a tea pot full a green tea this is the biggest scandal in u s history and i'm telling you molly was brought into clean up this mess that's the only purpose tat was warrior know something carried out there do not rest until that information put out there if i could afford to pay legal fees are the sky it it was not in violation of some ethics law i would do it myself to pay please here what you to shut up this information has to get out joe my getting across cross this is making sense the gravity of this filing matter matter
i think she's the funny thing is i'm absolutely image matter i think she has something working at our conspiracy theory favour please email or described the whole thing rachel man did you miss the ball and bonteen eyes please i know what i mean less another month that dominate the lecture anybody you get it but we don't want to be like anti for that hake group out there you know violently attacking people but just like to her right jump javert that may be his meeting papadopoulos withstood given that miss its photographs online and his friends and everything everyone indicates a western intelligence ass it has it ever occurred to you that myths it wasn't working with the russians about the quote dirt on hilary that their quote dirt on hilary may have come from friendly's than ever occur to you did it ever current eu that peter stroke was just fired and may have added up close and personal involvement in the
george papa that police investigation and that there may be paperwork out there that may indicate tat peter stroke wasn't exactly up front not just about all of the populace theories that ever occur to you probably not rachel you open a can of worms email folks we have hundreds of thousands of listeners now thank you thank you thank you thank you you made my life a pleasure and every morning on this microphone and absolute pleasure if everyone if you view emails heard that this would be awesome she gave out or email there whatever it was you got that i want to say the wrong one we ve somebody with certain other female the robber girl rewind listening email are those two points you ever think about that rachel it the authority work on this thing ass their homework the more you know member the more now those adds used to run on sunday morning with the cartoons saturday morning the more you know i have
ever been as excited pick a bonnier talk about something i am absolute we convince papa day georgie pay georgie peas lawyers of uncovered this whole thing and the mob our team is panicking and like i said if the model team is panicking because it doesn't want to interrupt and investigation it's it's conducting into the idea the that the savages that frame the trump team than grace i have no evidence that that is in fact true at a time the evidence that everything that's happening on the smaller side is nothing more than a cover up for d o j fbi grotesque grotesque malfeasance oh i've got more because least smith and real clear investigations broke somethin wide open the other
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males we read them all and they are voluminous i spend a good portion my day reading your feedback as it helps me guide to show for you what your show but i have been very upset by brought this up yesterday about people who still insist to this day the tired of the spy gate i left the stored data they tuna and don't get me wrong i love story but i'm tired of i am frustrated because nothing's happening oh my gosh you missing all this what do you mean nothing is happening the entire her actual onto the fbi involved in this case as either been fired has resigned or has been demoted the thought what one of homes you referred for criminal charges theirs only an ongoing investigation by the ivy into the russia probe what else i don't understand what what you mean nothing's going on again glacial pace of it i understand your frustration but insisting
nothing's going on as it is just not true things are happening i bring that up and before i get the next stop the topic here because the papadopoulos thing is more evidence that things are happening that policy is warrior clearly by hitting the emergency brake before this friday digital procedure related to the sentencing clearly the emergency brake because something happened that's obvious would they do it otherwise maybe the information is getting out there finally folks i'm they are asking you to be patient things are happening the house of cards is about the collapse and the media's role and it is going to get ugly folks the media knew this the media has had the unredeemed
pfizer for a very very long time now wanna go back to lease miss peace this is in the show notes today on gino dot com please read it it's been in there i've had it in there for a couple days now read it again it's real clear investigations it's been everywhere he's been tucker hannity put the headline up less nightly submits a good guy i know we have had a momentary tv show but leave peace and there is a quote from the peace and it is about the trump tower meeting now just to be clear again make this digestible an easy for you to understand spy gay the effort to take down donald trump which might entire book covers all of this by the this is new if you read the book is perfect as i'm really me audible book i'm doing it myself i'm going through and unlike gosh like might by co author denise and matt not we were on this much it's all in the book already but let s start to focus on the trump tower meeting and of the three
sub scandal to spiky again information laundering the action spying operation was employing human spies and signals intelligence despite the trump team and in theory the framing of donald trump the free meaning operation i believe is the most most devastating the one i focused on in the first our was miss suit and how i but eve mahler now knows that may have said was a western intelligence asset planted out there to plant information pushed into the trump team to pull it out for the sole purpose for framing them of a crime a political crime collusion but there's another big sub sub scandal joe if you could vision this is like a tree right spy gate and then there's three branches information laundering spying operate in framing of donald trump under the fray branch there's a couple sub scandals there i just address one of them the myths said scandal the push to push the push but there's another branch
the framing operational these visuals making sense the other one is the trump tower meeting which we have focused on relentlessly on the show ladies and gentlemen i have never been more convinced that the trump tower meeting don jus knife and united twenty sixteen between donald trump junior paul man afford a couple russians and a translator i've never been are convinced this was a set up that detail king of this meeting in and of itself was a component of it's going to be the media and liberal narrative and now it's going to be the narrative going forward once the framing of donald trump becomes public and the scandals fully exposed which were right there folks the new narrative is going to be it was the essence of yesterday show well listen donald trump was framed but he wouldn't have been framed if you just wasn't willing to take these meetings in the first place tat tat so new narrative with these these people in the media who art they are
salute we horrendous they are heard friend you wonder why trump calls on the fake news he not ladies and gentlemen he knows all this you take the coming the chief doesn't know this he is fully aware of what's going on you may not like donald if you are never trumpery liberal but to say the man is stupid you really points your ignorance not his he knows he was frame he knows all this the fake whose is going to immediately switch the target from yes even frame ok the myths certain operation was probably friendly operation by and i say friendly the obama administration to frame the trumpet and the trump tower meeting was set up but he shouldn't have accepted the meetings in the first place are therefore he's guilty police states them here where the least psmith peace comes in and that set up is necessary the people who met with trump junior i've been when you four months at that
tower meeting on june i were connected to the core in orbit they work next to the clinton orbit through fusion gps fusion gps had substantial detail relationships in full open layered relationships with the people showed up at the meeting think about what i'm telling you the people who show up for this meeting its trump tower who there liberals are saying all many took a meeting with these russia's we're not is connected we're not connect the trunk jury they were connected to the heavy team let's go to one by one this is worth repeating because again it this the set up vessel mid sky of a lawyer that shows up was working
with fusion gps on a separate case related to magnates key while fusion gps was working on the clinton operation to take down trump their mad that smith points doubtless peace that ports kind of all news as a second parliament get to get second it's important but it's worth repeating the russian lawyer that shows up for the meeting with trump junior is working with this aim company paid to take down tribe tat she meets with glenn simpson of fusion gps before and after the meeting and has already told russian media this is all public that fusion gps prepared to talking points for the meeting as is well known about the lawyer it shows up to meet with trump junior is why the talk ports for the meeting were prepared by a company working this is going to take down trop ah
how hard it is for the meteor understand someone email rachel that police somebody begging you are rich do your homework this is a set up but the ads at the most interesting part at least miss article please read it it is definitely worth your time i have a little quota risky from least miss article now this may a little bit more repeat irregular listeners but the quote isn't somewhere else shows up to this meeting a trump tower not just a lawyer whose working with a company hired by mrs clinton to take down trump another guy shows up let me quote least miss peace accompanying vessel night sky it to the meeting was russian american lobbyists reenact mention who is earth and the soviet union's military counter intelligence service all my gosh sober
intelligence officers shows up for a meeting with trumped collage collage time out murky break the peace goes up his role in the meeting remains unclear but evidence suggests he may have been the source simpson was alluding to talk glenn simpson of fusion gps in this number of twenty sixteen when bruce recorded that simpson told him all boy get a load of this one much of the collect about the trump campaign ties to russia comes from former russian intelligence officer who lives in the u s why how bout that glenn simpson hired to take found donald trump using his company fusion gps me
with the lawyer shows up at trump tower before and after the transfer meeting prepares the talking wait for the meeting once simpson then after the meeting later on in december meets with bruce or from the justice department whose wife is working for simpson effusion jp nellie else bruce or hey most of the intelligence we got on the trump team from a russian intelligence officer in the u s oh did it let me report since the opening of this again mention had served in the soviet union's military counter intelligence service why someone want to email rage that to your cater vacant rang thing right now i'm gonna get some pretty
powdered shows like it all over the what happened how about that how about that somebody email rates that rachel how do you explain the fact that the talking points for the trump tower meeting you use this primary eta gadget primary evidence of your collusion narrative that the talking point for the collusion air quotes were provided by a company hired by mrs clinton takedown trump how do you explain that the other guy in the meeting with our trump junior a soviet intelligence officer cure sleep fits a quote from christian from our glenn simpson that tal bruce or in december twenty sixty meeting about much of the collection on the trump campaign ties russia their tyres to russia came from a raw former russian intelligence officer who is that
now let me die this into an episode i talked about match our tides back to a piece of information i put out the other day there's all no text messages and emails that i have now recently been uncovered between bruce or the justice department whose wife is working for the company hired to take down trump or is the number four in the justice department he has no business involved in this case it all he is now managing christopher steel after he's fired by the fbi after you fired by the fbi's a source where is managing him he has no ties to this case and all other than the fact that his wife works effusion gps tat and emails or uncovered bitch in steel and or what steel says at one point hey basically we have to protect our guy we can't have
get so we can have him get sent back home i don't know who our guy is but i've told you that the media should be the internet at the media no curiosity about this case law of the nonsensical collusion fairytales the internet on fire with who our guy is it suggested may be based on the vis it's by people working with christopher steel to the good dorian embassy which julian assange that our guy could potentially be assange that assange made member a scientist wiki least are the ones who leaked dnc emails sancho unquestionably has information here it could be but let me offer an alternate explanation is real mention our guy quote our guy has he been using christy she's me glenn simpson effusion gps hired to take down the trump team
have they been using a former russian intelligence officers soviet union and intelligence officer with with deep ties the russian intelligence in the united states to infiltrate posing political campaigns ah ah man that one's gonna hurt is he our guy oh that's gonna sting you ever fall off your by in scrape your knee and it takes about two three seconds for that pain in your like yeah that kind of pain so let's just walk through this one more time sub scandal number three which really interesting with sub scandal number one the information monitoring operation through bruce or but for the sake of cod
already and understanding let's stick with substantial a sub scandal number three the framing of donald trump so now we have very strong evidence that the papa dapple is team has on i heard some information beneficial to their client convened we right after the firing of peter stroke who was in lately involved in the investigation as the lead investigator of donald trump indicating strongly to me that either miss visas or malfeasance on peter strokes part in either the interview or in negation of george papadopoulos turned up and george papa these lawyers like hold on dario no further we are going to put a big emergency brake on this when george do not plead if you're not guilty may i also suggest to you that mahler who is apt
so lately refusing to give the information on discovery to pop apples his lawyer is proof probably hiding the fact that genesis of this entire case the maltese professor with the quote russian dirt on hilary was it can further rush things oh let me suggest to you also that the recently uncovered communications with least which least smith covers it is real clear investigations piece about this quote this is the key new piece of information quote much of the collection about the trump they are pains ties to russia's come from a former russian intelligence officer you mean the one it showed up at the trump power meeting you been saying is collusion did you guys the collect deemed fusion gps hire a russian intel officer to infiltrate american political paid during election season
a about that ladies and gentlemen we are just get warmed up here darn right daddy we are just getting warmed up you know my wife said to me joe i may i grass for a moment because i know this is a heavy show sophie by the way get another one to america done yet another test sedating angle of this right why said to me bout our three four months ago as the show was really exploding it's now become a juggernaut thanks to you she says you know their mom afraid that the air is going to run out of the balloon on this case and i said oh no no no no you have no idea i said paula this thing is just starting up i'm telling you this thing it's an end it is you read my book despite my spiky book i'm sorry key point
mean a body but i put a lot of work into it i m really appreciate you all picking it up i really worked hard on it with denise unmet pick it up on amazon read the book we finish the book about three weeks ago it was all in there to all their unit can i miss a beat it's all in there we had some good heads up on stuff you're gonna love it but this is just getting started right i've got another angle of this i have to cover because it's just just gives get better than mine that issue also brought you by bodies at filter by hey i was sent a note from our friends it failed to buy from a new customer i love these emails this goes to show what a terrific company they are i've been in and over home renovation there's drywall dust everywhere plus the cards actors are leaving the doors open it been over over a hundred degrees many days some of these are really house we can hit the stuff obligate last week
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back charges counter charges and one of the early charges was all well now that we have the pfizer application and it indicates a dossier was used the liberal mediaset well it's the stuff rejected that we can't see that that's worth we'll juicy stuff is that story is now since died because evan nunez the report newness the republic in involving the investigation ask amounts at all are you sure about that because we're actually asking them to be released all of a sudden the media was we'd better now for that now the media has seen i believe the unrestricted visa application because as i told you to send its there well that's alleged to have legal text it is media girlfriend eighty to tax the day was released the documents eighty two ages lock you don't text reductive pages it wouldn't why would you tell the big black that doesn't make any sense they have the unproductive copy the big question is what's in those reductions
what's in those reductions i now have i believe some mob some good information that those reductions probably could probably contain information shuttled to bruce or why is it important to important for a nun reasons i'm going go to them one by one and why this again is just absent this now it was shifting now from the framing of donald trump did sub scandal number one member this three sub skin sub candle number one is the information laundering operation how information they had received the fbi to go after trump he's been talking to the press why has this oh moment of panic where they realize steal their source the first this for this whole thing has been lying to them that in talking to the press in violation of its cooperation agreement that he's been taught
to the press and lying to the fbi about talking to the press which completely discredits and mrs source the fbi has to let him go problem joe is it's all the fbi has they have nothing else they only have the fake charges by christopher steel if they had anything else they would have done watch so they would have used these are paid out have anything else so rather come clean on their cases a man that we screw up we built a case against donald trump based on charges by christopher steel who turned out an unreliable source and a liar what did they do when at the oj notably bruce or who has nothing to do with this case other than being a senior managers the number for at the justice department nothing doing case orders here chris talk to me buddy by the way christopher steals working for fusion gps and so was oars wife you think that baby a conflict
the court would want to know about you say why right yeah thick head nod to the side real if i would have done this is a federal agent be fired if not arrested long thirty information from steel because it could no longer be used because the fbi and i'm quoting putting their documents about christopher steel he was not suitable for use why does make what i just told you so fascinating because the federal bureau of investigation themselves diem an asset and a source of information they were using not soon both for use and yet the information he gave somehow made it back into pfizer applications but came from whose or others instead in the genesis of it was left out ah use than we got another problem body
we got a big problem was blue wars information from steel after he was all ready fired and publicly not well since they probably fashionably admonished and deemed suitable for use then the suitable for use because the information oh it didn't come from steel came from or where what an organ offers steal you may want to tell the judge at not now do you see so to be clear on this if those reductions have information handed to or by christopher steel there he was terminated man you're gonna have a you re no problem may explain by the way while oars why while oars been demoted and not fired yet they may still be using him remember what i told you about the firing this is an important point
i get a lot of and even why isn't orban fired i'm not can instead oars knots oars not sing like a like like a songbird right now because remember what happens ladies and gentlemen when or is fired there is no longer an administrative cudgel hold over his head while he is still an employee of the department of justice they can help the administrative things over his head the force him to talk now he still always has a swift amendment rights is the united states the right to self incrimination against incrimination excuse me exit whether oars and apply the de argentina you know said he's a lawyer or quit tomorrow and say i'm not talking there no problem with that but you know it's a problem but it's not a legal problem programme to be clear on this area but a ministry of we speaking they can say two or you took an official job action is that the united states department of justice at senior level a turn tat were in conflict with your job and your oath to office you are going to talk
or you're going to lose your job and your pension i understand that distinction folks because it makes a world the sense right now why bruce or is probably still employed bruce is the entire key to sub scandal number one the information laundering operation because he received information that was dirty like money laundering you get dirty drug money or risk you ve dirty information from a source that had been entirely discredited by the fbi and that information may have reappeared in if application that explains another thing to why they are so desperate that keep this rejected number one who was bruce who are working for the time and number to who signed off on that warrant ladies and gentlemen great
great peace by margo cleveland and the federalist today that is an absolute must read right if you read the least smith peace i haven't the shown us it points to a rather interesting conundrum bruce or was reporting to sally yeats who was the number two at the department of justice sally aids known trumpeter fired by trump sally yeats is the one who initiated the entire mike flynn investigation by claiming he's subjected to he could be subjected to blackmail by the russians would nonsense outrageously stupid charge we need to go for the logan act the logan act no one's ever been successfully prosecuted in united states history for logan i if bruce or was reporting to sally yeats who is sally aids reporting what is sally likely no obama
it's the number two with the justice department you think it's applause all the people in the obama administration had no idea what the number two in the justice department was doing if she was supervising the guy was the number for who colluding with a discreet did fbi source to launder information into our justice system the spy in the trump team you think it's likely the obama administration didn't know anything about this i would say a big no alex for fifteen thousand dollars what's connection between broussard sally it's all sallying sign one of the five warrants do that special so create signed off on a pfizer warrant using discredited information by discredited source whilst providing a d o j upper level official who was still working with that source while that upper level officials wife is working for a company high to take down donald trump wow
it sounds like a deep skate as state scandal for the record books that our bout dat one but here's the real kicker so point number one are the reductions oars information using discredited source point number two or where did the sally yeats sally yeats report to the white house athletes when after my twin sally aids got fire by donald trump sally aids no it's not no no you're or was workin for fusion gps itself creates not no christopher steel already been terminated did she when she signed a warrant to spy on the trump team bob i know it why you can hear them
liberals already really dispute that what part of it socrates dispute disputed sallied supervise bruce or wrong you dispute the bruce or swine work for fusion gps wrong you dispute bruce or was actively using christopher steel discredited source in the fbi's own words as a source wrong you this beauty sally age report of the white house wrong spirited sallied sign one of the five words wrong again can get anything right what part of that exactly the conspiracy theory you wanted press any of those facts now we just want to call it a conspiracy of course do cause you're imbeciles that's what you do your experts imbecility you feel stupid boy your job as perfect timing excited me to go here but you think
that nobody is unless component of this i'm serious you think trump has no idea about any knew this do you really believe you think up is oppressing united states guys made nearly a billion dollars if not more in his lifetime is the presidency with no political experience at all you really leaving a nobody this not only that the embargo shows figure this out for as much as i'd love to tell you that you'd be wrong ladies and gentlemen people know things papadopoulos papadopoulos his lawyer trump and i believe rod rosen steam to who has been a disaster by his rod rose instead so determined to keep these pfizer warrants reacted ladies gentlemen who signed the fourth visor warrant renewal in we have twenty seventeen rod rosen's the oh yeah
did rod rosen steen no did he know that this renewal and that the prior renewals are the warrant to spy on the trump team was using information from bruce or that it from a source entirely discredited by the fbi why oars wife was working for the same company hired to discredit trump now you read margo cleveland peace to be fair here there's some evidence that roses the in may just be an idiot there there is some evidence based on his congressional testimony on the road by them this does he should let me let me be absolutely clear because i as much as i do your emails i don't want you to center this one bit me me about it i am not
in any way suggesting stupidity is an excuse rod roses thing should be fired no matter what period full stop i nothing changes aimed at all i'm just give you to alternate scenarios here for a first firing nazi i think there are an excuse are we clear on that there's who alternate scenarios since being an idiot i had no idea what he was actually signing or had an idea and just never did the homework hey i've ordered tat information come from case he should be fired for miss visas and pure stupidity or there's four number two which is even worse the malfeasance pathway their rosen sneak didn't fact no and did rohit or was using information from steel the entire pfizer pfizer application was based on garbage from a garbage source and was a lie and that they hidden fact
spied on it not really an innocent man and innocent the political organization that had done done nothing wrong their way rosen steen asked the girl but ladies and gentlemen rose instincts signature is on the fourth pfizer warm why do i bring that up job seeking to close out with this this is a most important show i've done a long time listen to a twice send it to rachel learn her a little bit she needs to be educated in deep ten miles wide is no really cheap that their information she has nothing on this she doesn't understand devon finesse who knows all of this unit the reply looking congressmen deserves seriously deserves some serious accolades for the hard work has been doing on this
kevin nunez has been pushing joe suspiciously hard for the release of what specific component in unread acted form of the fire oh the fourth one did rod since the sign why you think that is you think that may contain information from bruce or laundered from christopher steel rose and steam signed off on with either not by either not doing the homework or even worse doing the homework and allowing this to happen new necessary stupid either is donald trump folks pick up book is all in their spy gate bail bond amazon he attempted sabotage of donald j trump seventy seven thousand words you and you will get through it in a day and a half
taken me longer to read it cuz i put a lot of emotion into read the book the audible become out to october night in my voice spend every night reading it alright folks thanks a lot i appreciate you to turn in i'm really imploring you if you didn't get anything or if i didn't explain this wall to please listen to this twice because georgie pop a day if anyone knows them do not plead you all to the country if you know something tat not pleaded to somehow get this information out there thanks again to an employee subscribe to the show its free tunes i go to google play there's a google app for that for pod guess you can scam amazon and alexa to enable the enabling the ambitions you show us play it on that sound korea please subscribe it's free it helps us move up the charts we really really deeply appreciate both you and your support thanks a lot read the shone out today there are important
talk to you you just heard tan bond gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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