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Ep. 787 The Implosion Begins

2018-08-17 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the coming liberal implosion, as leftists run out of people to attack using their identity politics weapons. I also discuss a major secret the FBI and Justice Department appear to be hiding in the Spygate scandal. Finally, I address some persistent myths about socialism that are impacting the thinking of the next generation.    News Picks: This liberal entertainer said “not all Republicans are racist” and was promptly savaged on social media.    There is no such thing as “Democratic Socialism;” it’s a myth.   This Washington Examiner piece addresses some of the myths surrounding socialism.    The DOJ lost a major battle in the Spygate scandal to keep secret their verification procedures.    As the support of the black community grows, expect liberals to double down on identity politics.   Why won’t Colorado leave this baker alone?    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee know whether their budget i shall produce ajar you'd do i well dan doing what we gotta stacked friday line up that is usually not the case by the way friday i have to get up super early to go out and scour the entire internet front to back to find new stories not today one two three four five six seven eight so let's go i too at first story i've been getting tons of email love your feedback try read as many as i can but through my work my daughter and i we do read them all but one the questions i i got a job receive lottery muslims why is this security clearance thing with bread and a big deal and i don't think i've explained this well enough if you understand the cart el of how this works in the g in the gulf why the swamp
is losing their minds it's not a long particularly detailed story but it's important to understand that the brennan you missed the story by the way john brennan donald trump pulled his security clearance fag the law i mean this could not happen quick enough but the response by the swamp the media the swamp rats or even a lot of swamp rat republicans has been over well me all my god this is tyrannies addicted we ve all heard before nazi effect this go down the list not fascist dictator racist massaging of islamophobia trends of foam what is there any more joe my missing any theirs i m sure i so many i know i am but to agree that's the last right that is the course we have to go that every time donald trump seizes race this is why before transit foam mr phobic photophobia photophobia foam z depositor bob there's more they just happened
from a communist yet and that no doubt be back right battery that'll be that'll be the ultimate and insults so they went down the list but folks there's a reason and i did not explain it well because i was i was trying to give you this spy gate angle on how i think brennan's in real trouble for some potential felony leaks that his office may have been associated with i think he's in real trouble and i told you about the jeff session story in the from last year with the justice department folks is investigating twenty seven criminal leaks that's why saint freaking out but on the tactic a strategic component why is the swamp losing their minds folks i had a clearance i had ssc i clear its topsecret sensitive compartment that information when i was on the presidential protection division the c i a portion of that clearance was only active during my time on the president's detail the reasons are obvious go on the president's detail urine
room when a lot of these conversations are happening now that's typically not in them a house in the white house to president goes in a room it does his own thing and euro your typically outside by when you're out in hotels and at the u n your privy and obviously maybe in a trance protection agent a general the car when you are expectations agent with the president urine car with while these characterizations are going on so you are subject to that conversely you're not a part of it but you are you're in it the clearances ladies and gentlemen are valuable commodities in the swamp which donald trump is thoroughly dismantling the brain the story is more about donald trumps battle against the swamp than it is about the spy gate leak angle i told you yesterday forgive me for not bring in that up these they are answers joe are expensive they taken
some cases a year or so to complete for instance on my i'll give you my example minds a perfect example in order to get my top secret clearance which is mandatory for a secret service agent again the these sensitive comp method information is a level above top secret but that was only active joe while i was on the president's d to the top secret component though is a base level clearance you need to be a secret service agent understood these are real we really long detailed security clearance background processes you have to fill out a form this because i did recruiting and i did backgrounds a little while when i was an agent melville on long island you have to fill out the form with all your addresses and you have to develop as you are doing the background on say joe armor costs trying to be a secret service agent rice's a cop and he's put in his application you have to divide unnamed sources which is very complicated it's almost like an investigation on the criminal side
what i mean i named sources let me ask you a simple question to you if you are in for a topsecret clearance to be especially now i ask you for three references you name them right you get an aim people who hates you gonna need people love me of cars you gotta know people and thereby jihadist no audience that love joe of core you're gonna do that he's gotta put me in my wife gaston people who works with right well you don't do that there's nothing wrong with that you're not doing anything on ethical but the reality is if there is a city information about joe got any committing felonious only out their job is the act god forbid joe is not going to include that information in a background so you have to go and develop its called unnamed sources meaning i have to go out and knock on doors joe named joe he named me and an from me well there be better
i'm doing a backward from a source joe names gas dinners buddy gas there whenever it is i have to go developed unnamed sources i have to find people joe didn't name and i have to figure out if there's any bad info so let's say you know you ask the neighbour you guy listen ass and you know anybody else who knows joe yet at neighbour down the block at a fight what i'm a little while really there on south the unnamed sources we're all the juice comes right molly bringing this up because this isn't a long laborious process it's not easy to do this sometimes unnamed sources are hard to come by but you can't close out an investigation until you develop them this cost money now for government contractors follow me here who have big time government contracts right jeanne companies people who do other things let's say right but have been
multi million potentially you no seven figure contracts excuse me with the government and though people they hire have to be clear joe some of em the t s s high level do you think those companies want to take a year to pay a bunch of hundred thousand dollar a year private investigators to go clear employees the government standards have today now they out so they do they go in and they pouch do what they did miss secret service they come in grab uniform division offices and agencies have a clear its that sticks joe after they leave the government for a certain period of time just like john brennan they coach you may go hey tell you what you gotta clearance ya gotta clearance
at this hour but you can work for us over here at the at armor casa armoured cars consulting we have a contract with the g8 my with the nice out armor costume she's big promotion goes doesn't have to deal with the government rules anymore works for a private company that has a contract with the government eddie keeps clearance ladies and gentlemen it's a beautiful rye that is why the swamp is upset what are you really cares about john bread and john it's an insider hack even the people and the intelligence community can't stand the media only cares about it because they want to protect obama's legacy poland the swap only care about john brennan not because they care about john brennan because they care about their own job prospects a clear aids is a commodity it is valuable one it is worth money after you leave government if you can keep it
that is why the swamp is in revolt but trot doesn't get and that's why this rarely if ever happens because once you set a precedent show that people if the government and have their cause its is taken away the depressed instead that this could happen other people and he's other people like way way way you pull my clear so i lose my seven eight figure job whatever in the private sector six we six or seven to be realistic right i lose by six figure job in the private sector joe am i explain on this well it off the art in here is a valuable valuable commodity that it's not don't misstated oh you know people leave and go into lobbying up on the hill and that's the real it is that is part of the swamp people if congress they go work for private companies that can influence people they use the work within congress to the benefit of the private company even freedom of speech and whatever but
that is a real racket security clearance industry is a real racket too now disclosure i a clear its after i left the secret service as well i didn't use it for which i fight comical because people are attacking me for attack brennan on the clearance i didn't use the clearance i ran for office public office i didn't use the clearance as away get like some private sector job brennan title with as the former cia directly with the current clearance these we see contributors like brennan there's an insinuation their joe that when he talks about which he said by trump being guilty of treason and at the russians have something on which brennan has said john as he has given stand there's an insinuation that his current security clearance that maybe he know something this is valuable ever personally attacked personally politically overtime barack obama when i
i've never met effective you read my book it's gotta tell all about my first book by the way life inside the bubble there's no personal attacks on about a matter of fact if anything can serve just use the email me say you sound us laudatory about obama well listen the the election of the four black president i was honoured to be part of the inauguration i disagreed with demands policies but it was a historic moment the united states one scarred by we all know about involving race i had a problem writing that pregnant on the opposite he's left office with a security clearance and pursue uses the security clearance why he accuses the current president of treason swap is losing their my job because of this i'm doing the rubbing my index figure sum together it's the doll the narrow bed now just a be fair to give you the other side of this
security clearance is due costs a lot of money why because i just told you they take a long long time unnamed sources named sources if you're like me my background took a year a year because i had eighteen residences or something like tat we of the round a lobbied and have a lot of money not a sob story it's just the truth by background took forever they had to go to each one of them did there jeanne olivia yes is there a veto michael myers or jason voorhees from friday thirteen now he's not ok thank you and i had a move on these are expensive so to be fair to post its side number one why these things should go away its back a commodity in dc to poach people from the government movement a six figure jobs while the government in a taxpayer subsidize the security clearing process for people who go on and take lucrative jobs in the private sector copy tenfold number wets number one that's there may be a benefit to the taxpayer eventually is these are
the reason why there may be a benefit to the taxpayer eventually is these are got a lot of these our government contracts and other work the taxpayers paying these private companies anyway joe expertise the government doesn't have again imaging satellite imaging sometimes the government and if for interested in limiting the size of government you know it servant sometimes contracting not the worst thing if the private sector can do it more efficiently and save us money fine if the private sector and take some of those people from the government with their expertise and it doesn't have to pay again again for other background check because the background check is still valid than events they may have some benefited taxpayer i agree more with number one i think this path says he's got on wait too long there are too many cleared people these these are these clearances go on wait too long after you leave government service there's too much poaching going on but to give you a complete perspective on it there is at least some benefit from the taxpayer when you ve
hey these companies would just be redundant at that point the guy or the woman wishes cleared a year ago or something that we get a clear them again so but again forgive me for not go into a little more detail on that i think it's important all right i got a lot of questions ok we'll be god today show barkie by puppy spot a welcoming a puppy into your home is one of the most rewarding things you ever do but can you be sure they come from a responsible responsible breeder support an online classifieds are not the answer the best place to find the perfect puppy is poppy spot dot com a trusted service connecting the nations top readers to caring responsible individuals and families because a puppy joining a home should feel too big to handle it shouldn't be full of mystery or compromise poppy spot is more than a service their advocates there two hundred plus dog loving team members sure that only the highest level of licence breeders enter their exclusive breeder community you can view thousands of puppies from gold
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slash the sorry i've been reading all day and night for the audible version of my new book they keep like i really it's taken be forever ok puppy spot dotcom celestial because for a limited time all the embargo listeners will receive access to the puppy spot vip programme is really cool with discounts and everything you need for your new poppy from food to walking services check him out pitcher adorable and website but i gotta puppy spot that consular stand for the special offer that's puppy spot that calm slashed there ok story number two i've i've got a lot more to get to stay with me there's some really cool development donna despite a thing is well with the governments in like a real lurch right now but i've got a lot of other news to get you so they some i don't watch this show but i know about the show queer eye for the straight guy i've heard of the show i dont light at the end of its own bravo eu but there's a been entertainer in this show janet in van ness so interesting me joe up
i have the story in the show notes today from legal insurrection he puts out a tweet man because it's not in any way you know what pray donald trump this guy's not a trump van in any way shape or form must be crystal clear is obviously a liberal from his tweet but he says in one of his tweets joe and i quote not all public in a racist acts oh ok like that's right and not a you would think that's just it it sets take to treat right from a liberal because it's true it's i mean it's factually true the honest and showed the fact that it needs to be said is absurd but of course joe what happens he says it and that social media mob we gotta get the video idiot loses is thereby my guys discovery guy read the legal piece of the shows they go crazy
how dare you say not all republicans or because liberals are our create their crazy they are not all democrats liberals are crazy aid i can create a play not again be like a crazy yes the there is yes they want nuts you may say oh you're doing the same things they did talk about liberal no i'm not talking about all democrats i've said this repeatedly i've got people on my blog a core democrats friend you are democrats a lot of number rational rational reasonable people we just have disagreements where we're still friends we still for each other i'm telling the radical left as lost their minds and store he's like this are evidence of it but i saw another others that i there's gonna be an angle of this because it like to talk about the news i let you if i can add some flavour to an i don't bother f sessions wanted to a man
chicken restaurants somewhere in texas and eight and the chef came out and made the cardinal sin have you seen the storage of paying a foe will you say it with jeff sessions and putting it on their social media my did the you're not lose its my day with people are protesting the mexican restaurant so these are more evidence at the radical left is really lost it now i want to the sub because its critical ladies and gentlemen smile a little bit today why what are you made smile you just said you talked about two apps the outrageous story sessions eating at a domestic mexican restaurant that people now want to close down and at a liberal their tainer who said not all republicans a racist and our people are attacking known our folks the title of the show today smile who are watching closure in law the time of the radical left you are
andrew cuomo rather far left governor new york american i've never great and that in that in that's my voice i can't stand the sky andrew cuomo we're not gonna make amerika great again it was never that great clown clown time clown show your watching and implosion why you watching an employee because ladies and gentlemen the left for at least problem thirty to forty years may be more if you read the book difficult book a conservative history the american left excuse me dan flint that's right so really longboat but it's a good book he talks about it did the genesis of the american laughed and basically there collapse from a party of what was once ideas they we have been bad ideas but from a party
that was once ideas to a party now joe knee deep and identity politics the problem with the identity politics right this year sessions is a racist all republicans a racist liberal actors or entertainers who don't think all republicans racist or therefore raises is identity politics is a cannibalistic it is not a cannot sustain itself on its own energy because its energy is rage energy is not facts and data so listen and data smile our rights that are is based exclusively in facts and data and a bed brok in big our rights that are not subject to interpretation in other words god gives you right to defend yourself the right to speak out the right you assemble the right tippit the government the right to practise their religion these its are enumerated in the constitution and protected by government not not that good
do you by government don't ever make that mistake it gives you nothing nothing guy has given you everything those rights operate acted by government those are bedrock suppose conservatives will not move on where also bedrock and facts and data we know high taxes heavy regulation and socialism doesn't work because we have the facts back it up it has led to starvation deprivation the collapse of economies slow economic growth what we saw there eight years of obama we ve seen it in lifetime i've been administration yeah bill clinton government was smaller than the government now that's why bill could that's a decent years of economic or those are actual facts the left doesn't have that because when they you see the contrast i'm making we believe big our rights that are not movable and we have verifiable facts and data fact
date of that live on in perpetuity low taxes work here's the data white regulation works here's the data respecting right freedom work here's the data a fund during court system that respects human rights works the left has manner that they i've no evidence that confiscatory tax rates work they have no evidence that the heavy foot of government on your neck works they have no evidence that this risk protecting people's religion and having a court system that uses discretion rather than a a norstar member of if you have guiding principles like we do in big our right to court systems just then that is just there to respect those rights not to interpret them the left doesn't have that so they do because they don't have facts and data on the economy on health care education to fall back on other than bad ones governments
education fail government controlled healthcare fail government controlled economy failed athens starvation what did they do they rely on identity politics is important why because when you don't have anything positive any facts and data any guiding principles to run on you can't win so you can only make the other guy unpalatable because you suck your ideas are awful you have no evidence we want to take your money your kids take your health care and we want the courts to interpret what your rights are everybody would be like wait what so what do they don't run on that they run on the republicans a really bad and they hate you that the genesis and the core of identity politics that's why they're reason they do this they don't have anything else to be clear there
reason is our agenda is awful we know it but we need power to get power you have to get the other guys voted out to get the other guys voted out who actually have facts and data and respect big our rights we have to get people to hate them to get people to hate them we have convince them that the other guy hates you because let's go down the list because there these fascist their racist xenophobic miss massage sister phobic far before transit folks homophobia papa forbes that's it a baby is all they got they don't have anything else so what they do is they i people into groups gay straight women man wore on women black hispanic immigrant not emigrant union non union they segregate you into groups and they try to instruct you about how the republicans and conservatives hate you it's real they make it up but they believe it you're gay report
guess hate you you're a woman republicans atm you're an immigrant against definitely higher black day you hate you even more up the list of their making this up this is all nonsense but i told you to smile little bed it's all falling apart now i told you i believed in facts and data so not just gonna throw that out there ladies and gentlemen black americans support of donald trump is approval is up to thirty percent thirty per cent danny making up am i really rasmussen or than credible polling outlet thirty percent not three not thirteen three zero actually higher on land i'm giving it to me there were the plus or minus if you just to be kind of cautious thirty percent
ladies and gentlemen its falling apart because what's happening here if the lip we cannot count on a monolithic block of black voters assuming that republicans hate them because if the liberals have told them that it's not it's it's obviously outrageous and offensive but liberals don't care about being offensive right if they can count on a monolithic block of eighty to ninety percent of black voters automatically assuming the democrats or for them because the republicans aren't it is over over sweep any it's over they will be finished the democrats will take decades to recover and and even worse joseph we have no plague in platform to fall back on active got nothing there's
thing there there's no there there they have spent forty years prince ring americans that the only reason above for democrats because republicans hey do they have nothing else they have not put forth a substantive agenda that they can count on it advance using facts and data they don't have it what are they gonna do we need your money we need your health care we need your kids education system full control because its work so well back you waiting public school people hate i mean control medicine people love these experts in having more why money in their wallets and a growing economy they don't have anything you know democrats are running against trumps tax cuts but there really running nationwide on a substantial tax ike why if you think government should take more of your money and
our government and more catches equals a better life why not run out it right giant you why not put out a national platform tomorrow every democrat could side on you know we have grover norquist them no taxes thing that everybody signs americans for tax or for why not the democrats put out a counter pledge we're all gonna pledge to double the judge heights in your text taxes why don't they do it ass they know it's jog it sucks they know that they have you understand what i'm getting at they have they have bedrock themselves for forty plus years in hate the reply looking party because they hate you identity politics it's now falling apart is black voter approval of trump goes up and up and up hispanic voter approval trumped up and up and up and they don't know what to do they have nothing to fall back on what are we going to do now ladies and gentlemen the fuel our fuel is facts our fuel is our fuel is god given rights that fuel is
perpetually recurring source of energy for us it never wears out because facts and data never get old big rights never get all its where we that's how we guide ourselves we shoot an asthma to get their every time the regrets have none of that their shootin ass miss everywhere defective themselves rob muslims hey do a blackboard you're too whose next actual union workers they definitely didn't you bikers they hear you trackers they hear you women they hate you as long as you're not a white male they hate you two kids they hate you poppies they hate euro poppies care vote forget that all the people they definitely a tale running out of gas because people are giving up like listen i don't know man they not the huge supporter trot put my while its get low fat or the economy is going well my kids
i'll go in a really good school i can afford a private school rather than a public school around ayrton so great jobs are these lack voters in hispanic voters the ones the democratic parties invested thirty years in telling people that republicans hate them at work in bed so what's happening and why did i bring up the liberal entertainer his tweet in session they each new victims show their running out of victims clearly what they thought they doing remember victim biology is their currency it's their fuel and victim i mean the black community the republicans can't stand you emigrants all they definitely mary to intimate really how do i get past that you idiots right but george you see what i'm saying they were a victim of republican hatred vote for us
we have anything for you with a week in a knot but vote for us will protect you against those horrible republicans it's not working so liberalism is cannibalistic because joe if they lose in the twenty percent more of a black vote they have to find new victims to back fill the old victims they lost who are like i'm not a victim of anything i'm a proud black america but a victim of anything i work for a living father i am a steelworker i'm a cop i'm an architect and engineer what victim what are you talking about people the waken up my wife they spend a gimmick adventure what am i a victim of victims this country on earth thanks to you we make a good lesson here my wife then accepted she ran what she's not going to sit here be bothered one moment by your stupid silly victim ology so you need new victims and the fuel for
victims is rage because you're all victims are buying it anymore so you after joe if the old say the level of rage you ve used in the past to generate victim algae republic catch up our public it's all right we ve used to fight the level of rage and we ve generated ten percent new victims discussing awful the republicans are awful northern there really awful no they're really really really i'm not there there there burnt that says that we have got when role at effect right there fascists mad their bid standard levels of rage joe retracted are not developing the number of victims they need to win elections and get power cause that's all there about so they have to up the rage so what are they doing to rage against their own people you have a lip leonard entertainer the sky from queer i from the start jonathan van ness who by the way up
this point at least i credit for not backing down down against lot of trucks of this guy's a liberal make no mistake there are attacking their own they are wrong wesley attacking this guy because what are they afraid of job they're afraid of it start waking up to the fact that all of this identity politics stuff enraged directed at republicans is really true that republicans aren't really fascists and nazis and and animals and whatever their referred that the rage meter all go down and now actual you have to run on something of substance and folks they own have eight theirs a thing there i'd tell you there's nothing there i told you the truth the economy not among voted for the trump tax cuts zero democrats how are they run on the economy great did you vote for it now i didn't ok they have nothing that's
why this is an inherently cannibalistic ology that you we are witnessing while you are witnessing a lifetime you i know it's i know its painful i get it i'm on twitter all just my name and a twitter search out by hand on my knee unless they bombed gino just look at the ruthless all day all day every day i'm not a snowflake it's part of the business i live a great life i thank god every day but folks it is ruthless the liberals are dead i m up the rage because these standard levels of rage or not generating new victims and they have absolutely nothing to go back on folks thereabout to turn on each other badly you're seeing it now
putting the term i'm gonna run a little test for you to give you two options to show you how badly this is backfiring on the liberals again in case you think i'm making any of this up go to either canvas owens who happens to be a black email conservative go to her twitter feed read the responses to anything the matter if she too about what she's eating for launching out of five guys borg just read the responses ok see what happens when you are black conservative who thinks for themselves just freedom or or i'll give you an alternative just go to being google yahoo whatever you want to do and in the term race trader and look what comes up you will see thousands upon tens of thousands they had put it in twitter you see tens of thousands of hits of responsible hardworking page
biotic god fearing black americans men and women both whom not even be conservators but think for themselves watch the law rolls turn on them race trip by the way people who are white calling them race traders become making this up do it yourself show that your liberal friends race trader race trader are you serious i'm not kidding for you are watching and live time the complete utter implosion thanks the donald trump of both the smart atmosphere hence the first story about the security clearance is the swamps lose their minds their money straight up and secondly you were watching the complete failure identity politics and lifetime as donald trump to prove
rating in communities told by liberals for years are supposed to be hated by republicans nonsensical e europe watching his approval raining fly go through the roof and the liberals are freaking out it's a black hole now the response is just one more quick story here beside you i spent a lot of time on this but is a really critical issue the implosion is leading to and i brought this up on was lord ingram shore someone foxes sweet the implosion joe of identity politics is leading to tactical inefficiency on the left i say tactical info about political strategy one thing about the left i respect but do not like it always been tactically efficient but the speed some say if they got obamacare push through the biggest garbage bill in american modern american history they got the
i'm agenda do they got obama lected twice despite the worst recovery from a recession she's got reelected once in modern american history they are not stupid but they are used to in the past there our triad of conservative activists groups the media and academia they are you to using them to advance the football down the feel no matter what their use to play and downhill while it he fancies run an uphill donald tromp has been the great leveller leveller of the playing field now the field as even and the running backs hitting the line without the downhill momentum and a defensive tackle is smashing is for hastened to the ground and he's like i don't know what to do what happened i used to be faster yeah you are playing out of fear that was slanted downhill donald trump
is twitter and his refusal to apologise and succumb to the identity politics agenda the left and the fear tactics of the media accuse you being a racist you better shop republic has in the past i better be quiet down trump like now don't accept that that's garbage thanks have a nice they met a fact i'm going after you want twitter new rules has ignore rules like you the left doesn't know what to do the running back gets off the turf he's like ah that heard what do i do the tweets are hurting opinion is moving in his direction donald trumps apps refusal to follow the old rules of play to me call your racist don't do that now no thanks i'll do what i want more trumps new rules have level the playing field any freaking out they have ass their sense of tactical and police call strategic efficiency they are due
things that are not efficient and are dumb the evidence folks is everywhere shows andrew abolish ice kirsten gilad killer brand our great liberals use them never make mistakes like this in public maxine waters go harass people at the gas station if you see him getting ghastly support trump come harris abolish ice kirsten gilad gilbert and apologize nancy policy amis thirteen our animals amis thirteen d koreans are the real winners in this these are i think politically routine check full pause of the highest order and they are happening every day because the level playing field they don't the offence of tackle kick it out of the crowd to running backs getting hit he does it they don't know what to do they
i've been condition their muscles to play on a level playing field because they ve always one because of the try out of the media academia congressional committees and politicians using those to go after them they ve always lost republicans have always back down we'll call you a racist ok we'd better stop you see how the shows tying together you identity politics was a weapon in the past that republican politicians feared more than anything trump doesn't care he knows he's not a racist and he's not going to apologize for something you made up he's flipping you double barrel you get it now this is leading to tactical inefficiencies and a huge one happened yesterday the baker in colorado job philips near you see any number of cases where we need a video i always say josie sit thereby ways you gonna go at this debate
or in colorado jack philips hu jia smoke colorado's what civil rights commission was not about civil rights by the weights about it's an eighty civil rights commission ironically thereabout going after rope who have religious and spiritual believe that he just one case and the supreme court about having to make a case for a gay wedding there was a haven't you rule when you one pretty handling now wasn't his comprehensive a ruling as many people would have liked but the ruling nonetheless in his favour what did i you about the left a little while ago they losing their minds they have gone from just winning on an issue which they did they want the supreme court on gay marriage they lost this case but this case though an impact gay marriage joe it all now and saying it doesn't you each you if you're gay you can still get martin is that this case at zero impact on all it says is
religious beliefs have to be treated like every other belief by this colorado civil rights commission and you can attack this guy jack philip he wins the case it doesn't take part two minutes for the same legal crew to go back into jack philips bakery and what do they want now they want a cake tat he was blue on the inside and pink on the outside from it was a transition cake from someone transitioning from a man to a woman or a woman to a man forgive me i'd like it the orders but it was a transition kick philip says again not going to customize demises cake you're free to buy whatever you want joe in my store stores your store but i will not use my own artistic capabilities to construct this cake because what you are community violates my religious beliefs what happens colorado civil rights committee should again right back out again huge huge with sir team use in the metal tat
oh error the i am for defending freedom religious groups that are defending mister phillips have now turned around and said you want to play ball oh boy new rules back we're playing ball they followed the damp gino new rules to this approach ever heard there but he her way following the new rules they turn now joe it's had nowhere shoe you now data before we played a little bit a patty cake with you now where soon you i have no this case will wind up in the supreme court again in a wider a supreme court job without a penny kennedy and with bread cavanaugh and you are going to get smoke because winning wasn't good enough you had to punish because the anger and rage meter you used in the past was not enough so now are you ve gone from winning on issues like gay marriage to having to punish your opponents bankrupt them and potentially jail them bob what you never
took into account is the backlash there people all over this country who don't have an ounce of animosity in their sole for anyone according to their what they do their bedroom or anywhere else who just want to be left alone but you couldn't leave them alone could you you had a punch and now the new rules are in effect the new rules are this we win you lose and you will lose you tactically overreached again and you made an enormous mistake you had no idea the pandora's box your opening i'm telling you this as a voter myself but some and who observes the political scene had been in government a candidate myself and in multiple through different states you i have no idea
the siege mentality right now of religious voters in church who were jewish who are muslim who are catholic who are apps we furious that you will not leave them alone that you cannot take a win and move it that you have to take that wine and banks them and potentially try to jail them in some cases you have no idea the backlash your generating now you're not only gonna lose at the polls which you have been you may gain some our seas but you are not going to maintain any kind of long term majority with this strategy now you're going to lose in the court again to because you're going to go back to a kavanaugh supreme court not a kennedy one i don't know what you were thinking maybe you wanted some legal fees you needed some money but you made a huge tactical mistake but in the ear of chopped joe
technical mistakes have become the hallmark of the new left because they can no longer control their rage their fuel is rage all they ve got his rage it's their nutrition sir livelihood its everything it's what they stand on an honour on milk card of of rage ass they tried to do their pull up in the german i can't reach the bar that's all they have you take that make the milk create away they get they can't reach the bar rage they have made in their endless effort to generate new rage and new victims they are screwing up everywhere make no mistake thank donald j trump for this i am those good sorry self praise thanks but i really enjoyed that night out simone imagination day who is george papadopoulos his wife was on talker last night and
the fight is odd folks yes i've i ve been more excited but that policies wife goes on tucker calls them last night surmounted she's like we she said i was right to be clear she's like i can't speak for george obviously she's married you much against georgia does his own thing she said but recommended the georgette he fight this folks i've been telling you forever doubtless was framed this myth the thing is a scandal this is a skills are set up papadopoulos was frame and now its becoming clear as day that at a minimum from that was why haven't heard this from georgia or anyone else but they he's considering fighting back against us please listen i'm asking this using my show to do this go to twitter its samoa men giant they forgive me i don't know how to spell it just now but you can it's just not that many simone imagining out these and she s pop adopt listener feed to show
as a way to contact or on their amassed you a favor to go on there and see how you can help i'm telling you papadopoulos was framed i'm sure of it i've ever been so sure of it my life in a more i had my book and more sure of it i am i we get myself for audible ripe and by the time third aforetime you read you forget things you wrote i have never been more sure my life dear papa dazzle papa d is the key to this whole thing if papadopoulos fights this and then in request full discovery on everything may be i has we can defend himself and we can get this guy a lawyer to defend himself we're going to see this case cracked wide open if it's not cracked wide open joe because the prosecution says we don't want to give papadopoulos the evidence to defend himself which they have to what i say to you joe there are high and some thin and i'm telling you
what their hiding myths should was a war stir and intelligence asset papadopoulos was frame with this nonsense they have dirt on hilary stuff that came from friendly's not the russians please go to the twitter feed look i'm up help them out they need it papa day the key papa dazzle don't like this guy go down in flames mahler knows this this is a scam now thing happened yesterday but should further solidify in your mind that papadopoulos is an innocent man of all people senator richard burton lindsey graham two people not by in any way associated with the conservative movement but republican none the less what things happened yesterday
your bar who's been squishy on a ton of issues and on the senate intel committee jones been overseeing this whole thing issued an uncharacteristically fiery statement against john brennan richer bertha public in order to be able have a lot of peace with some of this stuff he's been saying on the senate intel committee about the case is troubling but i gotta get a pat on the back for yesterday brand it has been coming out john bread and a hack former cia directive trumped just pull this clearance and brow it's been saying what he's been saying that all you know trump the collusion the russians could it could have something on insinuating that brennan know something bur who is a if anything milk issuer of statements of anything almost there with the oj let's give it some time just shreds him in his statement yesterday and likewise
john provided you with the cia director if you add information at the russians had on trope why didn't you say anything oh by the way and if you do have then information now and you're disclosing it to the media have you committed some kind of a crime boom boom paying pow boom per this is per they bought one of the most sober guys you ve seen on there i mean he was this guy says nothing but nice things about the agenda he just fillet brennan what does this have to do with papa day a whole carries is based on papadopoulos being told by miss sewed about russian dirt i'm telling you myths should is a western asset he's not a russian asset someone put him up to this and brennan knows number two lindsey gram has been pushing and is pushing the fbi in the oj for answers you he wants answers he wants some but any want some now the quote top gun
he's saying listen i want answers on why senator diane feinstein when it was discovered that there was a chinese spy driving our democratic centre why a specific brief was given to her about this chinese asset and she was allowed to take corrective action why it was that briefing not given to trump this brilliant move by gram ties job why is that briefing not given to trump about carter page and georgie papa does why joe because they weren't spies ladies and gentlemen gram is two steps add here i gotta get some credit not my best body up there but nice more by let's see the media at any no it's interesting if you don't know the details of the cat you do you listen to the shown if you know this is shared you're missing this gram what do we get it right now they know
but they were set up they know the whole thing was a scam the bruce or information laundering scheme is now out for all the public to see there's no more running liberal media your collusion fairytale is entirely fallen apart and heads after all big time as these classified investigations about leaks come out people are in a world of trouble i'm telling you take that to the bank people are panicking and graham is two steps ahead i think gram knows the papadopoulos thing was a set up the whole time so he says hey listen you fbi guys you went to find sign a brief them about a spy if papa basil carter page you really believe they were spies why didn't you tell trump genius to us genius because now the fbi has only one of two answers right joe
what are the two answers figure this went out for a minute if their number one well we didn't brief trump because we were setting donald trump up by keeping a spy in their midst approved they colluded with russia wait you were doing what's your letter spy remain in a behavior you dot s presidential campaign for the purpose of setting them up on criminal charges without warning the american people wow that's the wrong answer for your answer number two joe here is even wrong to europe the wrong road your answer there's no option see ok up number one we left him in your midst to frame you option here too we didn't brief the trump team they weren't spies may say but why is that the wrong he is wrong your answer
what seems pretty raw we were trying to frame you that's why we didn't tell you about the spice your midst optional or to other weren't spies weight was so open the most significant counter intelligence investigation in my aren't s history i gets an option it political party and spied on countless ethnic innocent america's associated with the trump team based on the fact that you think they were spies but you're now acknowledging they weren't ah you are prepared to the charcoal tablet someone's having gastro intestinal moment do you want stand conundrum there this is why grams it it this is a genius move they have oh yeah sure what's the answer we're spies and they didn't briefly tromp to set em up or they work
spies are they spied on its head americans z fbi there's no option see none but can't rely on some each deep coverage of this by i'm not my pet myself oh there are people out there doing fantastic work on the area but don't worry on each deep my wild coverage grams move yesterday was genius brown quarter get his friends they are screwed and it's all right now about papa de because we're gonna have to admit that papa day did nothing wrong that it was wet you're an intelligent friendly's air quotes had sent him up and they're all you're going to have to admit that they spy
on innocent americans carter page and papadopoulos all come apart folks bit by bit piece by piece adding to the fbi's really bad day yesterday in the oj government lost emotion in court i haven't article lawn crime please read it i had typically mitchell senate in great peace the guy from a job lost its case to say we can neither confirm nor deny what does that mean this is a quick story but it's important relevant to this case when devon unison adam shifty release their memos the memo a key components of the dossier in their the public is now read those the big problem for the deal fbi what's that as i do you about six months ago when i first started talking about this one of the bigger scandals
process is the fact that they did spy on people in this case and they spied on them based on information that was not verified by one by on joe is an fbi agent you damn well better walk in a court with information that you know it's true we crystal clear on the fbi i and the oh did not do that there are is a profile lack type procedure in place to prevent this from happening it is called the woods procedure where information brought into a pfizer court to spy on carter page in the trunk team is fed it at every level that process early failed why because the information in the dossier that was presented to the court is false its tautological to say it failed it supposed to vary by the information is true it was false what to do with this story price or to the release of the nunez shift memo the
f b i was saying well we can't confirm or deny the existence of the dossier therefore we're not going to talk about the verification procedure either judge came back this week it said not all its already out there so you're going to tell us exactly how you verify this now what's funny is some liberal commentators we're still meet deep joe and invested in this scam invested that this is real or like yes this is great because now going to see how the fbi verified it at some of it could be true ladies and gentlemen take this to the bank cash this check and spend it is not true that dust you have to be an imbecile to believe it one of the com
all of the dossiers carter page was going to be given assets in a russian company for helping alter the russian agenda for trump the assets would have totalled about a hundred million dollars yet show that seems practical you can't even put ten thousand dollars that a u s bank without filling out a currency transaction report you think that by generate a suspicious activity report let me make about a hundred million dollar deposit i understand how stupid you have to be to believe in the dossier imbecility it's not true so liberal commentator just to be clear so you understand that there are some of my saying this is great because now you have forced to fesse up about verifying it what if it is verified it's not this is a really really bad day lives please stop acting like idiots out social media take a bath ignored it's over the bureau is now going to have to come out and say ok we set
through the woods procedure and here's your site off on it and yes we did absolutely nothing to verify it oh and by the way as one of the last people and the department of justice the head of the national security division whose post to sign off that the information was true why was it johnny carlin where does name come in he was bob mothers old chief of staff bob mahler brought into clean up the mess as always bomb where's former chief of staff signed off on this and also bob mahler as a former fbi direct your had a role in organizing the woods procedure ah that's gonna stay so smaller himself is not good to be able to say oh no i dont know how that works sorry i plead ignorance no you don't thanks man listening
stuff you have stated their tune in to my energy tv show tonight five thirty please it's free and are a tv dotcom i've got so much to get to a monopoly bringeth inoperable germany gorgeous few minutes long ass a nice nice bridge got built there then over two energy i this idea i could take it to the so kim stress was a wonderful piece in the wall street journal can you great she's been doing great work on this it's not in the show notes but i'm going to summarize one quick pointed super important ladies and gentlemen christopher steel was fired is a source in this case for leading to the media he fired at the end of october the b i knew about him leading to the media remember this is the guy was information they were supposed to verify but didn't hear that came trestle has a just incredible text sent from peter stroke lisa page that i'd seen before but couldn't put it the context until now otto
for seven twenty sixty sixteen right is the fbi is getting wind their primary source of information christopher steel lying to them about its contacts with the media were steals like i'm not talking to media but he was right around that time fbi new here's the texts from your stroke the delete investigator in the case to his girlfriend quote or be oh leaks in the new york times i assure you he's not talking about body odor he is most likely talking about bruce or the fbi new deleted that's the gate or in the case peter stroke in investigation into donald trump the farcical unverified crap garbage investigation stroke new the whole time their bruce or waste you're taking information from christopher steel after the f b i got wind that he was leading to the media and
whose or himself from justice may have been leaking me information himself quote more be oh leagues in the new york times f b i knew the whole time this whole thing is collapsing the whole thing hey i'm gonna leave you with a good no today as is short but it's friday and i always appreciate or lesser ship has been a solid week is our best weak ever buy are but just to counteract because we believe in facts and data on the shown anyway you're wasting your time the liberal nonsense because their imploding on themselves that again because not great that we should i'll be ashamed of this wonderful incredible country full of awesome just patriots god fearing men and women little slip from james freeman in the wall street journal today about america does for the world just paragraph don't ever forget this smile rap yourself in the flag the name be proud of what our country does
according to the hudson institute in index of global philanthropy and remittances the u s government in two thousand fourteen by more than thirty three billion in official development assistance to the world gets better joe while you s paw charity was even larger nearly forty four billion gets better remittances from individuals in the united states sent another one hundred billion dollars to the people of the developing world gets better than that and private investment from the u s added another one hundred and seventy nine billion no other country comes close folks this and it is all about the money i get that it is about the love and i don't mean at hyperbolic you know fluffy com nonsense way this country is chock full of people who love and give a damn about people all around the world they worked there but
for they money and they send it over for the benefit of other people not themselves don't you dare you disgusting peace on the left don't you dare try to convince america that this country is in great this is the greatest tree in the history of humankind you should be damned proud of it i know i am smile it's a friday thanks a lot folks cm you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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