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Ep. 788 All Roads Lead to Hillary Clinton

2018-08-20 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the growing problem of internet censorship and how to fight back. I also discuss the suspicious message Bob Mueller appears to be covering up. Finally, I address the disgraceful behavior of former CIA Director John Brennan. News Picks: All roads in the Spygate scandal lead to Hillary Clinton. This piece sums up the connections.   Jeff Carlson’s piece asks why Bob Mueller’s team is ignoring these critical messages?   Chuck Ross’s latest piece addresses the latest news regarding Stefan Halper, a CIA asset involved in the Spygate scandal.    If George Papadopoulos is a central player in the Spygate scandal, then why doesn’t the Mueller team say so? Byron York asks this question in this piece.    Daniel Greenfield covers the growing internet censorship crisis.   Is the Left outsourcing its never-ending war on free speech?   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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confirming what I told you last week about John Brennan in this security clearances issue. John Brennan form Heck CIA Director political animal who probably no human being alive. Has more of law Ability on the destruction of the credibility of our intelligence community in John Brennan skies disaster. People are now turning autumn, even Jim Clapper. Turning on my bed clapper, who was no saint himself, the former director of national intelligence under Obama has come basically said. Listen Brennan's rhetoric isn't really helping here, but last week my went into the business of security clearances is the business of it right by the swamp, is losing their mine. I put you up here. They are going to see you on video dairy is there's big, Joe to forsake. Why
these business of security clearances was incentivize swamp rats all over to come out right up, as I can't pull job reddish security clearance. No President, Europe can and did yes nice move long overdue. Well, proving my point Joe. Let me read to you a little quote from Johnny pay jarring poem Botz this week. What did I tell you it s real job, I said Security clearance is worth money yet arrow, dockets chits, whatever with us, whatever you want to call them. The column overseas, every foreign currency, with the secret service. We called scoots because something forget what country you are and what the name of the currency was. You gotta get some scoots scoots tall. The skirts, the sky, I told you so
confirms that this region, let me read to you and appearance for meat, the press, a quote from John Brennan to chuck TOT talking about a security clearance. He says Brennan, but for others, former officials who are on that last saw him at the list of people who may have their clearances pulled. Some. Them serve on boards of directors. That requires security clearance is really big. The companies involved here with classified information way rhetoric it's better, and this can a very punitive, very fine Show hid against our does so were also I was the shadow tier because Corp reports and their financial interests are being protected by former government, swap rats having clearances all oh Crimea River and Now this is him he goes on, and so now, if I was asked to be on on a board that requires a security clearance. I couldn't
Oh Johnny mad. We feel awful Jody. You feel awful offline among you. I feel terrible. A luxury and state that security clears so Johnny Boom Botz, Mr Communist Anti Capitalist Right John Printed voted for a communist for president, so Mr Anti Capitalist Communist can go serve on a capitalist corporate board to make money and protect its quote financial interests. Here. Let's do that. That sounds like a great idea. Listen I'm telling you! I love this show and I love my audience. I will never ever waste your time. Told you last week that this what was really going on with the security clearances. There are a bunch of swamp rats who Donald Trump gives exactly zero about. He doesn't care here, Want their money, he doesn't want their pats on the back he doesn't need. Put in a shine on his shoes. He doesn't care you mess, what the process he is going to force it. That's exactly what Trump did bred in one.
Appear insinuating. Somehow that security clearance gave him privy information letter report, may have something on Trump. Now he doesn't you idiot everybody knows that you just keep saying that the keep herself in the media cycle so trump. Their stand. The police so porch report is clear and sooner and what did I tell you last week I say This is about the dough that Deniro disputes. These people leave government the benighted class. They take the sick. Already clearance with them. They go over to these private boards in these private companies and they make a fortune off it with access to information. That is supposed to be in in the young purview and pots again by the american people. Now you have it from Brennan himself we're supposed to feel Bad for the Communists, Brennan, because he can't sit on a corporate board and his buddies bodies can have their financial interests protected. Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?
Are you serious. I got a lot to get you on the have Karlsson over at their. He wrote a piece of the epic times. That's just stop. Its increased while in the show notes tonight, I'm gonna get into in a minute to this is just here an angle you- and I talked about a long time ago about Georgie Papa Papa desolate. I'm gonna get you before I get to that. I want to get to this internet censorship thing, because this are. This is just stop this. Blow in my mind. What's going on here, folks, I have to great pieces in the just shown us today, one by Daniel Greenfield the front page mag and power line by a blog by John, hinder, acre how you say his name now I disagree with the conclusions of him break or kind of suggested, the end of it of government involvement in this, which I think you know I disagree with. I don't think the guy left the setting us up with the censorship thing there poking us say the left. I mean Twitter Youtube, Facebook and all these other left, leaning out with sue their poking us to get
The government somehow involved in this regulatory front on a hate speech thing twitter and them when they ban you from the platform they can. Behind. While it was hate speech to government says we gotta give it a hate speech. I think this is a Trojan horse and I'm asking you not to fall prey to this. The fact that mark Democrats Senator recently put out a letter in sight, Devising people to sign on board with him on this government control and regulation of the internet. Thing in social media should tell you that the left is baiting us, but I understand all the arguments and now I'm to give you an alternate perspective. Show me won't you I bet you I should because I don't want to come out there and I don't want to tell you hey, listen, fight against government involvement here, but I don't have a solution myself. I do and I've. I brought this up before some you may forgot, something to talk about it again degree Feel peace is an important one because he
talks about the genesis of this and how big tech companies right now. I hate that her big, but that's where people are calling about it. You know that's, usually peak oil. Oh baby, usually allay this thing to get you to hay capitalism, but case, you know what what left wants to play with the play with the lingo, then we'll play with it too. So these big tech companies face. Youtube Twitter. When I see and patriotic getting voices they don't like, which patriotic his eye. One of these cuts funding sites where you can support people, you know Jordan, Petersen and others. They are starting to kick serve. It gives off as well grief lasers out how and it's a really great peace how Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is busy husband outsourced into the free speech fight. Folks, let's be clear: what's going on here, the left: can when they lost nine, nothing in the Supreme Court on the last quote: hate speech fight, in other words, there eight speech approach. The getting rid of conservatives do legal Bob through legal
at its, in other words, forcing and passing hate speech laws right right has been fleet loser, so the left the far left, not all Democrats but the are left our totalitarians, their tyrants. That's the very essence of their ideology. Their idea love their ideology. Is government control, planning, socialism, one? I don't mean planning like building up plans for a building. I mean planning like taking away economic freedom and turning it over the government, so they can plan your life, the left to tyrants at heart. The far left that is an far left needs to suppress free speech because in the market of ideas, as I said last week in the show the left can't win, facts and data because they don't have facts and data. They only have emotion so in order to people voluntarily forfeit their rights, they they use emotion to do it so they do they say? Oh my gosh, these republicans look. Eight species are racist. Massages, as we always say that yes, the phobic far before, and then when they,
get you'd hate, those Republicans by making up stories about them. They get you to attack them attack. Their free speech free elections were Republicans win. This is what they're doing now. Freedom is the enemy of the far left. Don't ever ever forget that Three speeches at the Vanguard of Freedom, the left needs crush free speech. The left cannot crush. He speaks through the legislative process. They get smoke every single time in the court's they'll call at whatever they can call it to get the core. To pass some perimeter on speech. You see what I'm saying Joe, you call it hate, speech and they'll call it damning they'll test the focus group. What are we call speech that we don't like to get? He put a jump on board but suppressing no hate speech. It sounds great hate speech pace me that's where the british Isles awful so we gotta we gonna nail the conservatives on they keep losing. I gave it did so
it feels breeze grief. Peace is a good one. It talks about how the media has done, through the media does not like big tech, wait what I thought you said the media's liberal. Why would they not like big? You know big tech companies like Facebook and twitter and tube in others known all folks. They don't the fact tat Facebook, can control the content that these big me the the new, arts, the compost I magazine the fact that people get there. I don't see how these shows all time. Your regular, listen. You ve heard all this before, but I I excited you. Some numbers are nos six, seven months ago, from a server they did were something upwards of. Ninety percent of people get their news from Twitter Facebook, member that yet other social media platforms. Ladies and gentlemen, all media in contracts
in contrast, the big tech, all media hates this you Who's the get your news from the New York Times: all gray, lady and the compost and the crowd, came the fact The old media is now a losing and people are getting their news from Facebook, where they can block stuff and hide stuff, and they see a report from the New York Times which I'll get to them again story to buy them. I don't think I forgot about that which put out or fake news this week about down, make eggs. That's what they do. The New York has people can play get this drives the New York Times crazy because they cannot control the national narrative anymore, the New York. As what's out of fake news story like they did this weekend and within minutes everybody's debunking. It not the way is supposed to work. The New York Times are far left this. They committed to getting rid of speech date all like and making sure there narrative the one in their paper is the one that persists. They don't like it date. All like the big accompanies Joe, because
Customers can choose their news, Allah CART yet. You have to understand this peace to understand. What's going on in the in in the long in the longitudinal failure. The me He does not like big tech. The media goes to war with big pack, our facebook. They run these stories about Facebook swayed the election look, it was. It grows on New York Times the purveyors of fake news for what your fifty plus years now New York subject to the fact that a few russian trolls or nobody paid attention to it all on Facebook. Look there these stories they swayed The election Joe, a russian troll, read an add on Facebook, a cat, video playing the piano somehow swayed the election and Donald Trump. Now the degree of stupidity. You have to be embedded in knee deep into believing that nonsense is incredible, but the times thinks you're done. Folks.
Then big media companies, the old media companies door wide to relinquish This control so now that the big tech companies they can throw them under the bus to look what they did. Look at Facebook, swans, Diego after big tack. Now follow follow the white rabbit, the big tat companies now to curry favour Eliza Boy, look at us! We don't want to get on the bad side of the american left. These are left the company. So what do they do? The big tat cup he's NGO Wanna hate speech were we're gonna purge in for wars and others. We're gonna, get him all off. Look, and maybe the big media and the liberals will leave us alone, because these are the people we want to curry favour with, because we're liberals ourselves Whereby- and this is a broken business model, the washing compost and the slimy have Ride for decades to make a business model out of catering, too far left narratives and its failing, but
big tech company show or so knee, deep and embedded in left this ideology that they don't the forest for the trees they have to eight or to the left, because they think the left is really driving the national now, if they are not of tribes who of over is the response to that, but they don't see this Joe tracked me here: old media singles out. Big tech with Facebook. Did look with twitter dead when they did Russian Botz go after them. The gun made comes after them. They want play ball now, with the government get hates peace legislation passed, so they can't be sued for kick in people off. They can just say, look it's it's! It's hate speech you gave it I'm saying they don't be sued by Alex Jones and others. I am losing case eventually in court, for whatever breach of contract or whatever it may be. So there actually want this for hate speech, stuff passed. They also you're a caters and calms down the old media which used to be able to drive the narrative, because now it's the
old media New York Times and washed imposed if they can kick off bright, part and others who will get their stuff on their sights more off, then it'll keep the liberal narrative go and you see where I'm going, I gotcha gotcha got. This is an important, follow the White Rabbit Series of events here when you follow you'll, understand, what's going on now. What's this So now you see the problem or attacks, big tech, big tech attacks, conservatives, hopefully to get old, media and government off their back hate speech legislation somehow passes through a gets past and in the media is all happy. Big. Tec is happy to because air stuff shows up more on social media because they get the kick off conservative you like that. Of course, get out and but it's what's happening. Government cannot fixedness do not fall in this trap. If you like, into the shell regularly. I proposed on and off for well over two years now
Ladies and gentlemen, in his time it is way ass time to establish a conservative economy. I dont mean a separate Sub government, like a separate country, I'm an economy where conservatism is the brain. What I mean by that for DEC is it was assumed by many in the conservative movement that we would never ever break the liberal monopoly on media control, just taken. As fact true, who had CNN a b c drive the unbroken Cronkite Peter Jennings. These were all left this than rather hard core left. This some of these were left us. You were. There was just assume that the media war was lost. Like it, is now, it's assume that all is lost this Patria on Youtube. They kick in orbit as other. We can do not so sure about that. What happens? the internet comes along Fox NEWS comes along and granted, although we're still overwhelm make no mistake
gay Bc Cbs an embassy Neve evening NEWS far far outweigh is the obvious. You know the influence of a fox. I wish it were the case, but it is, but with the internet bright barred, conservative review, Dally Collar and others you're, seeing us a levelling of the playing field which happened over time, and it happened due to the free market. I remember was it Roger else. I was in the secret service training centre. I think it was Elles who came down to give a speech. The graduating students, awhile back, is long time of over ten years ago. You said this before yeah else let me say in how, when someone asked them about the business model for Fox NEWS, he said, then that I never forget this year's. Yet we were. Tapping into an untapped resource and areas cigarette like. What's that because
forty nine to fifty percent of America, where conservatives, in other words the business models right in front of your face, Roger Ale, saw that his business was news. His business was fair. News was was. It was going to be fair to conservatives the brand we're going to be. In other words, we are not those guys you get a job. Sure Fire Fox this brand was where not them ABC Nbc, CBS and CNN. Those guys cover propaganda. We're gonna either play it straight or we're going to give conservatives voice, honor editorial content and by the way I dont work it news, but I'm telling you right now. If you don't think they're news programmes play it straight: you're not watching the same fox. I am. If you watch. Swallows and bread bear. There are no to fairer interviewers in the entire industry and by the you go to a Fox green room. It's almost equally populated with real liberals as it We conservatives
I kissed the bodies, but I dont have any that might make my own money. I do my own thing. Just telling you You go to CNN, the conservatives they have. There are fake conservatives, they're, not real. The liberals Get fox and comment on Fox trust me or real hard Gore. Liberals deep, actually believe it yeah they do. They ve got some strong liberals. Only I mean they are not kidding around what we watch by debates on Saturday night to judge each show a Chris on trust me. Greece believes that stuff for Came in and took over this market and their brand became where not that. Ladies and gentlemen, it is only a matter of time before some entrepreneurial business type Rupert Murdoch type. Figures it out that there is opening in the United States now for a where not tat, free where what do I mean.
Folks liberals are smart. You mean Like the radiology, I certainly don't, but these are not stupid people. They are smart, they are going. The platform you everywhere. First they're, going to kick you off Youtube. If they don't get, you kicked off Youtube, they're gonna get you kicked off. I saw a story this morning about a credit card company. That's no longer going to process payments. If they can't kick. You the credit card company, though gets you kicked off that kicked out of the bank like there do within our do that? Alright, I obviously work array tv. I don't work for the NRA. I work for an array to be a member of the hour. I dont work there for the fifteen thousand title that liberal idiots figure out what a contract will be slightly. There really is so stupid we laugh at me, Joe Joke, while texting. So our already really, if they can't get, you kicked off Youtube they'll get. You kicked off twitter.
You understand that there are various all here's another one if they care, if they get, you kicked off quitter and twitter. They get you quick tuck issues. We kicked off Youtube and then it gets. You kicked off your bank. Say you go to the internet and you go whatever bomb, Juno, DOT, com and punch, you know that can be so. Ok, you want to support the show. Send check. What are they? Gonna? Do thou go after your server company, whose house thing that's are shut down the website. Ladies and gentlemen, liberals are devious. The far left has a tyrannical streak. You ignore at your own parent, not all Democrats, but the far left has a tyrant streak in them to shut down free speech that you ignore at your own peril. If you think any of this isn't happening just Google and array- my forget the guy this week around its Patria taken down, but you tube in four wars. Stuff held
we ve been built more far left liberal, who again I've always respected stance on free speech. Not much else. Filmore has never wavered. Once on free speech, Filmore came out and show this weekend far left Guy Eddie Ok, listen Jones and others have the right to speak. You don't like it too. Now I thought we were for free speech, but I thought That's the way you turned out of union like stuff. The far left, as a growing tyrannical street that I think give it frightens bill more. I respect guys opinion out. He is never wavered one bit. You know our job more It was the subject of boycotts himself and Mars, like I dont like this you don't, like my show, turn it off. What I'm getting? at folks is all down the line at every stage. Getting conservative content out there, that's gonna be attacked the bank, the website, the server you too The patriarch account the finances, the credit card companies. The left is going
to attack at every level at every single level, there is an opportunity for a cup in a committed, go we're not them we're not them. I'm telling you tomorrow, if a bag chartered itself, if a bag now. This is certain bank regulations and obviously you kid there's things UK and financial industry. So certain regulation, you can't discriminate an enormous. I suggest that, but if a bag tomorrow and said as long as you're, not violating any laws And as long as you're, not engaging in any criminal activity, we will support. Your business. We absolutely unequivocally do not discriminate based on political ideology, conservatism, move their money tomorrow, server company came out tomorrow. We are a servant, we do not discriminate memory. I am not suggesting the opposite that they discriminate against liberals either. I'm telling you their business model shouldn't be worth conservative company. It should be we're not them. You ve been tracking.
Dont, know tenders are born, yet the bags we're a conservative back, no cause you, I don't want you to discriminate against liberals, I don't want you to discriminate, gets any body. Do what Fox NEWS did we? Can it be fair and balanced? In other words, we are not those guys who were not fair within see. It was only fifty percent of America. That market is out there right now, the bank we do. Discriminate on political views, no matter what break the law you're out, Follow the love you don't like our bank go elsewhere right same thing for the website. Company. You are in no danger here being BT platform for political views, violate any laws: donuts. Device. You know that don't call for violence which would be you know you can call for people to be attacked either. We are good to go.
There is a market for this everywhere. Now on the social platforms view, may say what, where why there, why not there? Why not? After all the attacks by Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, why not there? because, ladies and gentlemen, there's a crowd effect. They are in the crowd. Effects are difficult to overcome. If you want to business school, you know about porters, five forces. You probably heard about it a thousand times when a porters five forces is a first mover effect. The first over in a business traditionally always has any you know, has an advantage. Amazon was wasn't really a first mover per se, but was a first mover on the model scale Ebay was an auction site. Amazon came in after boxes are bottom. We sell everything else as a first mover effect to Youtube and Twitter as well and people call me all the time why bring subjoining or why don't you start a conservative social media platform, your voice, folks, I dont have a vote at my listen. I love my audience. We're number
two or three in a country right now, but I don't have the money or the resources to do that too. Part, a social media company. You need or to move and mass, and ass to a social media site, that's not twitter, Facebook, because Nobody wants to post on a platform where nobody is they're not going to waste their time. Post a lot on twitter. I posed. Probably twenty thirty times a day, nobody is going to copy and paste over to another site if there aren't enough people there. Now. Having said that, this is why brought up in the beginning. The Rupert Murdoch example you guy leaves office say like Donald Trump and in hopefully six years, not too with his. Influence and his income the start that up, he may get Joe millions of people to move and mass and twitter and Facebook to be finished. I mean it be exclusively the myspace for liberals, but on the finance
The front on the server front, on the backbone front, she wouldn't get natural. There's the forward facing conservative content, the reader Utah. Twitter Facebook websites forward facing what you see you but you know that calm you had play you, listen to my shell, that's forward facing the liberals, or on a full frontal assault not only against the forward facing conservative content space they are under, They are assaulting be back in two. They are going after financial firms, servers and But do you processes credit cards? I can space we can do right now, right now, Companies can move in and say we will not discriminate on political views. No matter what conservatives wink what brings you all safe here and I'm gone routine you. You will be an enormous company quite shortly, because
remember the model, Murdoch and Ale saw we're, not those guys. We're not those guys is the bran. Listen, wealthy business. Folks at their debris, and there's not listen to what I'm telling you the back end sales pitch is. Hey. Look at our financial services there, just terrific, your brain, That is where not those guys, that is the brain. I see it. I hear it all. The time on when I go into work and listen is going to work. Work in my house and drive in my car to Jim. I go back to work at my house I'll be in are listening to Sirius Xm, I listen to Fox and he gets one hundred and fifteen or one hundred and twenty. Another channel is one of his Fox NEWS and one of his fox nation or whatever. But I'll listen. I was here this patriot software a black dies year there, not a sponsor of us, but that do you want stay, that's their brand, that's a smart copy,
I dont know these guys are not a sponsor myself. You know, disclosure I have not. I have no financial might be made, are not now bring it up because there super smart, they figured out The companies are tired of being attacked for their political bodies and the guys like you're, welcome, overhear patriots off. Whenever it is come on board Bab greatest wherever you brand is we're not them. This tat, we fight back, not through government. We fight back by starting our own conservative economy. Our pipeline of back end and front Technologies that are impervious to liberal boycott campaigns that we do it and, by the way, once that happens, liberals or out of business. There are business, because there's not enough liberals to support the content without the support of conservatives. How do I know that, because air
Beware: liberals have tried to force a self sustaining liberal. Let me Joe, they failed. It. Member Joe you're in the radio business member air. America. Yeah a lot of you with your left, because a lot of you listening, don't remember AIR America, AIR America was supposed to be the alternative, the rush Limbaugh. It was a network of liberals. I know some of the people work there, Randy. Roads is any they were like Alfred, can. I think a radio show we're gonna. Do a liberal talk, radio network just like that conservatives do EL miserably whoop CNN. Failing MSNBC outside of the Rachel manner, show failing miserably behind Fox getting Rushed in the rating CNN losing too like cat videos on Youtube. Yes, the new year times failing to wash them I was there struggling with their subscription model air.
Beware, liberals have tried to support an economic model with out conservatives. They have failed. The solution, meanwhile, whose postman just Jpg far stalk radio, even after all, the relentless hack I caught by the goons that media matters and others there is still. A tremendous financial pipeline incomes, Urban talk, radio part casting. Why? Because guns If you are the one, what the fifty percent Forty percent of America may spend money. Companies I agree, read the reason, that's why I would ask you to support the sponsors near here, because they want to be signed. A mistake. We don't stare idea. I don't want to be clear that I dont know if their liberal conservative, we don't ask, but that battle. To me that they don't ask either one is you Go crazy and job which I understand would want to be with any day
I'm on the show, and they say we want to be a part of your show reach your audience. I dont ask him: are you guys liberal? I don't care gonna, be here and talk to you that matters to me, that is worked in a liberal space, they can sustain it folks, concern rid of economies. The only way to go aright. Speaking sponsors today show, but you our bodies at I target the websites item. Productivity, best system out there for improving your proficiency with a firearm, which is your responsibility. If we're gonna, purchase and and own farms, which I do I spoke a couple. New ones are less weaken. That say three sixty five other ways awesome loathing so accurate for a small, small fry but I know that one of the best ways to practice you proficiency is dry firing. Dry firing is when you safely unloading, weapon check. It check it twice, check it three times and at the range always pointed in the safe direction. You depressed the trigger and safely unloaded weapon, or what's a benefit of that the benefit is
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the story from the New York Times is the White House counsel is important. Trumps lawyer, specifically, the White shouts Council down began, is operating with Mahler probe. Ah real time show all it's over Joe. Have you been keeping track of the times that we ve been told it's over o? Is it There were two thousand Europe closer and closer yak, easily clause, maybe one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. This is about time that in one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight we got him now we gotta. Now we got you I, but everybody else you're right, I'm gonna, go to see where they really you gotta you had at last. I always have up ever we gotta do something I have they don't have anything. So it's got a funny. They think they ve got trump but media went into a frenzy, saying saleable trumps. Whitehouse council interviewed. Thirty hours when Mahler folks Trump waved executive powers,
pledge for Mcgann is White House counsel to speak with Mahler this that I mean are we really? Let me pay for you, the two narratives okay, the right one and in the media, one which is almost always fake news. Here's what's happening here may, is it the White House counsel. I brought that up specifically because there is the privilege it would apply here if trumped did not want Mcgann, the White House counsel to talk to Molly would be executive privilege, which would be perfectly legitimate. In other words, Joe Trump can tell me again. Don't talk to that. Guy right there is an attorney Clyde privilege, the privilege apply here. If Trump did not want began, the White House counsel to talk to Mahler would be executive privilege, which would be perfectly legitimate. In other words, Joe Trump, can tell me again don't talk to that guy right. He didn't that's not what shrub said
Tromp allowed began to talk to Bob Mahler now Only in the world of these psychopathic, you don't New York Times they can spear theorists times absolutely obsessed with a fake? collusion story? Is this idea additional evidence of the conspiracy door mark of any conspiracy theory job is eh evidence that presents itself no matter. How damaging or indemnifying is always evidence of the conspiracy. In other words, Joseph Space Alien. While what we send showed with doktor for blood work in Jos DNA. He is, in fact human that doctors it on a conspiracy theory. Well, we interviewed the doktor on a polygraph and on the polygraph, the doktor said he is not in fact in an expert, pellagra furs and honour conspiracy theory that right
Is that not that's evidence of the conspiracy theory? No matter what evidence presents itself? There is always an excuse that that evidence is more evidence of the conspiracy theory to collude. Genes conspiracy, theory at the New York Times, who are told We think there fiction writers now this which should have been an example to the times by the way Bill Clinton fought this in the Watergate. Annex you to me, the White Water scandal nix for peace and Watergate they did not. They claimed executive privilege. Any reasonable observer Joe, would be like, while trumps, not claiming executive privilege. So clearly he has nothing to hide. You'd have to allow this personal talk at all. Why money? But when you're at the New York Times in Europe. Conspiracy theories. Again, everything is evidence of the conspiracy I'm too are you the truth here? The truth is this story the years the story Trop is
you talk? Because there is nothing to hide? They just want to wrap this witch hunt up already, there's no there there. There is no collusion, be now where were you may be asking if narrative too, that the New York Times putting out there? The fiction narrative, tat, no This is evidence that Mcgann, that's all I'm sorry. I can't, even today, with the New York Times story red, absolutely ridiculous story by the way is it know Joe Maggie? and is talking to the special council with trumps permission, because too up getting ready to throw Mcgann under the bus, for this my Ganz covering is bought by the way maybe this regarding that Mcgann, couldn't talk without trumps Permission If that story sounds DOM and you're sitting there scratch you had gone, I gotta be one hit the fifteen second, but because it made no sense, it's not supposed to make sense. Is the New York Times
New York Times. Theory again is Mcgann is talking because Mcgann trying to cover is part cause trumps gonna, throw him under the but under the bus for the color for four years, for the collusion conspiracy thing that ever happened since, like did it The stupid is so strong that for the media. The stupid is astonishing. Now, here the explanation for story to about our own home, where they came from solid foe, are now starting to understand it down began the White House. Council has a lot of influence in the White House, Joe, whether its regards the Supreme Court pigs. He has trumps year, Trump trust them there. Are unfortunately, some palace entry garrison people who probably like to see that influence? You know we're the little bit. Maybe a channel the trump broken. I will go aren t you and you can take it to the bank
These stories, Joseph about Mcgann, cooperating with Mahler, because he feels Trump is gonna. Throw him under the bus are excluded. Simply meant to drive a wedge between, began and Trump and have no basis in truth at all, but and the New York Times. That's trick engaged in conspiracy. Theory. Nonsense. These days has no interest in that their it sure, is simply promoting a false narrative and again that's what they got and that's exactly what they got a week and full of by cash The one co op we got him now. We got him out on two thousand one hundred and seventy two you've got nothing. You've got Zippo all right. This is a really good story. I'm sorry! If I've kept you on hold with but it's important, but only if we get to that place, also brought you by a brick house, nutrition, brick house, foundation. I can't say enough about it. Joe then little Joe loved him and it works. That works great. It's incredible this
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Go on July. Twenty seven twenty seventeen Papadopoulos was arrested. He's arrested in an airport he's process that one for five in the morning the following day, but basically that night continuity that same night. This arrest, ladies and gentlemen, is highly suspicious. Now I've talked about this before about these business nature. What happened at the arrest, but let me give you a little bit Grown on how federal arrests work, because I'm gonna tell you why Papadopoulos is being worked here and why the the need to shot Papa apple is up, is so grave right now, Papa. Doubtless is the till the whole spying scandal, Papa dazzle. Meets with Miss said in promises. A maltese professor myths should is alleged to told him about dirt on Hilary, according to the theory by the Democrats,
right now and the liberal media there Guy Miss was working on behalf of the Russians. I've told you repeatedly that if such contacts are with western intelligence, not the Russians leading me to believe and many others that part doubtless was set up now in July, twenty seven twenty seventeen Papa dazzles arrested its head he's arrested it's very, very interesting, a federal agent, there are a few different ways to arrest someone. You can go into a sitting grand jury. You can get an indictment indictment after that. An arrest warrants issued, go out and arrest job. Four felonious Mowbray got him again. If I Tab, suspicion show was involved, felonious Mowbray and I don't wanna. We died him for various reasons indictment. It's it's some very difficult. To dismiss a federal indictment, it's not difficult to dismiss a federal complaint, so
sometimes the United States attorney, if they think they're gonna get cooperation at a someone. Will. Used to go the complaint route instead, rather than an indictment. Why because then later, if of Jos, you know, I guess I'd lock up Joanna complaint for felonious mopery. He cooperates on the king pin. I can dismiss the wait, no worries, we have some leverage over Joe and indictment aside impossible. This law and, unlike MR dismissed all the time, but it's more difficult, whether the Euro, that the charges, that being this message is any time in the diamond doesn't go anywhere. The charges Are we track and Joe you have to understand this August thinks nice to teach me captain indictments hard to dismiss the charges later been on a possible complaints. They to the same arrest warrant by the way, a complaint prick. Easy to dismiss. If you want to use a subject later you maybe gave software. How was Papadopoulos arrested, complaint or a diamond There. Neither Papa did
Was arrested, p c, a probable cause, arrest now elite, No, not at all on ethics, no not at all perfectly legitimate prob cause a rest in the local and states system happen every day right, a probable cause, a rest. If I see Joe on the Sri committing falander smoke free and I'm a cop, that's pc arrest. I don't have a warrant right, if God forbid, fabulous alot of people. Sadly, a bit arrest, First up, if you paid arrest the mystery and no one was presented here, was a probable cause, arrest perfectly legitimate happens. All the time I'm telling from my experience in the federal system for over a decade, pc arrests in the federal system, with no warm although not illegal or ethical are unicorns. They exist in theory, but they forever, a right right. There you go my dear little kid minute, despicable, maybe a year and a guard date own happen there. What happened for a lot of reasons
pc arrests and the federal system, one don't happen because in the federal system you are not on patrol. What does that mean. If you're, not on patrol you're, not secrets is a secret service. Agent patrols allocate the New York I must go out and patrol the streets in New York for Bank for debts the way it works in the federal system. The cops do that the cops patrol enough general system, we get our criminal cases by referral the police. Parliament calls haze little out of our hands. We gonna counterfeit case, a complaint walks in a way, I got some suspects ear and terrorism case, so the a federal system works is the opposite of the local system the local system, when you re, am, I pity you see a crime industry, you arrest them. You build the case. Afterwards, you go after the scene you get a witness statements whatever it is. Federal system works, the exact opposite. You, about a crime you bill,
The case you get the witness statements you go up on a wire, you get the phone taps get the DNS ours that thou number record. As you get the cell phone records, you get the financial records and then make it a around. Last, Local system, its largely arrest further, if its outside of the detective squat. What does this have to do it? but the wires is so critical. Ladies and gentlemen, Pc arrest in the federal system is almost unheard of because that's not how these things work. The United its attorney largely works. Ninety five. They typically have to be. At a magistrate hearing the federal judges work. Ninety five. They have to be available, but its largely a ninety five schedule for initial appearance, The? U S, marshals, where you have to bring the did that the person you arrest did you have to bring them for processing, absolutely hate it when you show up unannounced guys, Ladys, listen if you
or a federal agent. You know exactly what I'm talking about you know. All of this is true. Every in the federal system. Almost everything is arrest by appointment and its definitely not arrest by probable cause you damn. Better show up what a warrant matter My ten years, I have even seen a probable cause arrest and the federal system I'm not kidding. Maybe I was an active, guided, make one or two arrest. I made a whole lot of pat myself. Back I'm this telling you the facts: name appears on a whole lot of case numbers in New York and Melville offices and the secret service. I'm not even seen a pc arrest. A pc arresting. The federal system only happens, If you are really looking to shut someone down super darn fast.
Why were they so panic on July? Twenty seven twenty seventeen too, with no arrest warrant, lock up Papa dismal at the airport and processing at one. Forty five in the morning had a wake up there. I just street. How to get an EU up. Why would they do that? What else happened on July? Twenty, seventh, let me Reed's you from Jeff Carlson's peace she'll be in the US today, which I strongly encourage you to read its label. Jeff Carlson's pc. You won't miss it. On July, twenty seven twenty seventeen upon our identification of many of the political text messages the inspector general met with the deputy attorney general and the special council to inform them of the that we had discovered and provided and with a significant number of the tax so that they could take any management action they deemed appropriate
That's right, spidey. July. Twenty seventh is the same data Peter Stroke, LISA page text messages are brought from the inspector General Bob Mothers Office by mothers offices looking at these go in Lee most is what do we do now. This up this strange little commander more finding now, as the mother but Thou policies, this master mine, international spy figure who is dealing with a russian connected myths, who gave him the you sure about that. Now I bring this up in light of Byron, Yorks piece, which will be in the show notes. Today is well at the Washstand examiner, which brings up this strange little conundrum more finding. Now, as the Mahler documents are coming out. Member on Friday I told you was gonna, be a hearing and Mahler released some paperwork on Friday and in that paper, Joe you would think of Papadopoulos, was key to this entire collusion scandal? In other words, if there
April. Narrative is true that George Papadopoulos was working with a russian connected person a russian connect. Person to get dirt on Hilary to give to the Trump team, because Papadopoulos is working for the Trump team. You would think He would have had some information offer. Read the York peace Papadopoulos had nothing. Why did up, a d have nothing because there's nothing to have he was set up. They are Joe, do you see the urgency and the pc arrest? Now dear? They were eager to shut this guy up pop. This the key to this whole thing once pop adopt starts talking, says: hey pass any information. The Trump team matter. Fact this dude- I was talking to this. Connected the western people. I disguise that at some russian asset
Why is this related to the text messages. Ladies and gentlemen, may I suggest to you that the text Judges that there's some more there there, lay information we may not be able to understand in the context of the text message that Mahler understands exactly what it means. What am I saying that this think the possibility exists here that Peter Stroke was led investigator. Who is thing. This FBI lawyer, who he was involved with who was also involved in the case I suggest to you that the texts, say things that we don't understand right now, but Mahler does in other words the o Conan Lords Remedy how old is Laura, Tweet, Of course, I welcome means outside the content of the United States wars, Loris Traps, Bates, spies,.
I'm saying to you that there may be information in those tax that, where reading now that we do Understand because we don't understand the whole context, but Mahler does. Folks. Mahler knows this case is about to fall apart. He is desperate to shot Papa dazzle up if Papa DE starts talking and it comes out that this guy was set up and a court. Friday's disclosure of documents showed Papadopoulos doesn't have any information offer? How does he not have information offer fees? The key to the whole scandal does make any sense to you. How does Papadopoulos the guy. The left is claiming or arrested on this, impulse falling apart, Yo Papadopoulos, with this russian connected agent and its russian, an active agent pass them. Information on Hilary and Papadopoulos passes interrupting while there's no conspiracy.
Then why doesn't have puppet blood Papadopoulos have anything to offer? Maybe because that's all a colossal pile of trade. A top stone, there's some imagery there's nothing there in the war. The Peter Stroke, there's no they're they're Papadopoulos doesn't have anything because what they're saying happened didn't happen. He was protected likely by a western intelligence asset in an effort to entrap him that he didn't fall into the trap on therefore, hours team gets that acts on July, twenty, seven, their reading, attacks about or communist laws and other things thinking is this myth should thing all this gonna fall apart is the fact that put that but the hapless was set up and his whole investigations a sham gonna fall apart? What do we do so? better had to the airport pick up Papa Diesel, we have an arrest warrant. Don't worry, we'll pc arrest them gamma, really dont work that we do it anyway.
Papadopoulos shows up at his arraignment no lawyer and agrees with that point probably to shut up This was the key Papa day. Is the key to launch ever shirt made up of popular movement? Will do that. Do you see what's going on here now, I'm a little short on time, but don't you Tomorrow, show this going to be important. I have another angle here about the mother team and their efforts to help another extremely suspicious it's in Carlson's peace today, so Riddick shall be prepared for tomorrow shop, but there first. This is due to hide and bury another angle on Papadopoulos and the end point of his connections and others. It's how this whole puppet opposite. The effort
now by Malta hi, this is so obvious. You'd have to be an idiot to miss. It time today show but do not? message rob gonna walk through the follow the white rabbit on the date. This person hit this person at this person at wild up with this person will make all the sense in a world why Mahler needs to shut Papa diesel up. I gave. You want angle, I'm want to give you another angle to morrow. He needs to show Papa diesel up, because Mahler knows something about those tax that he can read them in a context. We can't and makes all the sense in a world that the pop adopt list, o crew was set up and they don't want that out. There. When my story, what role at by the way that one of the things on test with his media hacker immediate buys. Did you see the story this week and media headlines Aye, Sir S, man taking his wife to the hospital, give birth folks I'll put it don't know, but in case you miss the story. He was
having his wife to give give birth by wanting to warrant from Mexico for murder. I the way it was a c section. She was not in labour, not that that makes a difference stores the case, but they are acting like the woman was giving birth in the car. The guy was for murder. You notice how the media conveniently lives leaves out. These are lies by omission, not necessarily commission, but that's what media acts do all the time. Don't miss tomorrow show when I get into that you did you're gonna, it's gonna blow your mind. How this is all connected to the same Bob Bawler cover up Thanks for everything, I really appreciate you listen and last week it was our best weak ever and I really appreciate the subscriptions. Please go and subscribe to the show its free. I tunes. Cloud Iheart Radio at all free? But it helps us to move up the charter. We really appreciated thanks a lot folks
you just thirty ten bond GINO. She did more than online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance broadcasts on Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.
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