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Ep. 790 What the Heck Happened Yesterday?

2018-08-22 | 🔗
Summary:In this episode I address the Paul Manafort conviction and the Michael Cohen plea along with the disingenuous media coverage of these two breaking news events. I also address a stunning new detail in the Spygate setup. News Picks: The Michael Cohen plea deal is a shameful effort to take down Trump. This piece addresses a major flaw in the deal.    The Cohen plea deal is a scam. This piece addresses the campaign “contribution” angle.    Is the inspector general properly investigating this angle in the Spygate scheme?   This Chuck Ross piece details yet another suspicious interaction with George Papadopoulos.    This Byron York piece asks the question “Where’s the collusion?”   Police-stater Chuck Schumer has a warning for President Trump.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn gene pool our joe you do i i think of doing better than you are right now not the light be it the five live breaking news when it's like the worsen dissever yes you now a well considered their hygiene or show listen i obviously have a lot to cover today and i have a little bee fear oaks it some it's not tie to give up here ok it is not time to give up i get it things are tough let me get into this void because i i i am bother this whole thing today
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atrophy the media is trying to paint this out to be yesterday was not a good day and neither you nor i should pretend otherwise it was rough ok what happened yesterday was was an abomination of justice this is not just this this clearly a weapon zation of our government enforcement asses to go after trump what well obviously michael call in transformer personal attorney michael cohen plead guilty a number of tax evasion charges listen on a related to drop these are here personal tax problems they have nothing to do with donald trump but convene lee because he has a former clinton hack as a lawyer by the name aligning davis is doing everything in its power right now to put the squeeze donald trump keep in mind this is collins lawyer if you miss this jobs former personal attorney michael cohen hired a clinton hack i'm not saying this destroying lanni davis one of the biggest
perhaps you ve ever met to represent him now believe you did that to curry favour with the media because michael cohen wants to turn around and become you know and anti trump advocate out there in in a model of michael avenant so he hired clinton advocate thereof they are now and they are they played guilty or not they land he gave a simply give me michael cohen plead guilty also not only to a tax evasion charge but to a fair some campaign violation which people with expertise in this matter cannot see to figure out where the crime is the logic here and this is a play so keep reminding didn't there's no lee that here legally that donald trump team or his team is admitted to any crime because said oh come in said something happened then plug do it does not make it so charges is that these hundred thirty thousand dollar payment to stormy dad daniels danny
stormy whatever their her name is stormy daniels that donald trump new this payment and at this it was somehow a violation of campaign law now explaining this very well last night on his show which was a an epoch venture less out if you listen to what is a mark of inshallah markleham friend of mine good man mark live in i want to get this onward this is not a pain violation now you may say to yourself why with michael cohen plead guilty too a campaign violation of about these thirty thousand dollar payments in other words these out the allegation shows that this was the donald trump campaign was using some kind of funds for related that's not what happens these were not campaign funds these were personal fuss payments untoward not somethin anyone should celebrate but remember the new rules folks
the new rules are we win you lose we are in this is a battle right now this they battle we are in the field of ethics were now everything is great there are noble i can wait answers anymore we have to our tree aging what matters in what doesn't at this point and i'm telling you what doesn't matter is a payment to this lady it's ugly but we are in a battle for the for the very for any fidelity the constitutional republic in the rule of law they have entirely weapon eyes the government icy intelligence community law enforcement operation to go after trot and it's time we stop complaining fought back how many what to do with the matter but i want to get into this worse this hundred and thirty thousand dollar payment that the allegations are were made by cohen who he says now was reimbursed by trump they're saying somehow this is a campaign violation this is a nonsensical ridiculous charge that telling you was only included in the play deal job for one reason that reasons what that reason is the input
donald trump out because the other charges michael cohen pledged to have nothing to do with trump they are really to his own personal business on the side and tax is eaten pay so when for them the southern district in new york and the justice depart right now it seems almost entirely weapon eyes against the trump team they ve lost complete country sessions is lost control rose spain is i don't know what rosans these new and roses they needed to be fired last year he should be fired right now they ve lost complete control an order implicate trump they had michael come plea to a camp in violation that's not a violation play more levant explain in this last night me general council for the current clinton mob family lanni davis he had his client pleaded to come of criminality that don't exist
campaign financed violations that all over tv there's saying implicates the press the united states directly first let's back up it is a guilty plea it a plea bargain between a prosecutor and a criminal a criminal who doesn't want spend the rest of his life in prison that is not precedent that applies only to that specific case nobody buddy plea bargains for president that's number one number to just closer prosecutors shares that somebody violated can't pay law doesn't make it so he's not the judge is not the jury we didn't adjudicate anything it never went to court that's numbered a clear pain expenditure under our federal campaign laws is expenditure solely for campaign activity a candidate who spends his own money or even corporate money for an event that
heard not as a result of the campaign is not a campaign expenditure folks please understand what i'm telling you it's essence to understanding this entire operation what's goin on guys ladys please again you we are under a saltier we are in a legitimate battle here this is a very real fights smaller and his team have gone completely off the rails bob whereas has taken the justice system this is a stain on the what's happening right now is a stain on the history of america i saying that the people involved in this joe on either side or saints i've told you but with the new rules new rules are this we acknowledge that there is malfeasance and miss reasons in the past we acknowledge that trap in some of the team members were not purist driven snow
we also acknowledge simultaneously there is absolutely no collusion with a foreign government you guys are making this up to overturn the results of an election if we allow you to do this the template for destroying democracy is therefore every election future and you own it the democrats that's going down this road because they are setting out a game plan a battle plan in the future for taking out in overthrowing the results of a united states election for making sure a lesson is taught to any outside or in the future like trump there's run for office again you run for this this is what we will do we will go after every single person you touch you scratch a new sniff they want after up the report looking congressmen up in new york collins dunk the hunter yesterday listen again make no mistake i'm
suggesting in any way shape or form that these people are saints i'm not suggesting i dont know them on that have been suggesting their good people i dont know them i've never met them i'm telling you anyone that is scratched and sniffed donald trump over the last two and a half years joe is going to it they are going to feel the wrath of the federal law enforcement community and the bob mahler team this we are do you understand the fight we're in this is real dump com thing is another example of the mullahs open the deal j in this case because remember this was referred out to southern district southern chicken new york aid the wing of the judge this department in that geographic regions show it was said their those people are going after trump and will take him down no matter what so they had my we'll call when they made sure he played
would charge that would somehow implicate quoting the document the charging document the candidate well who is the candidature would obviously was donald trump it was michael commons personal or implicate the candidate in the payments to this poor neuer folks ass more having just explain this is not campaign violation its untoward it's not cute a pretty it's not a crime now explain please read the show notes today i know i say that a lot go to my website read the shown us i have some great pieces here's one a bush what line crime while a candidate is prohibited from spending campaign funds on expenses merely related to the campaign france's on items services which exists solely for the campaign like bumper stickers and billboards must be paid for with campaign funds only makes sense of that you are not allowed to spend can
pain funds on things exist that would have existed without the campaign that i ran for office i'm familiar with this job of you run for office for congress rightly many thanks you go and get a haircut you could lodge we say you are getting a hair cut because of the campaign because i want to look sharp round we sure it but that's not the campaign expense and you should not be using campaign funds why does it get a haircut anyway because yeah sorry about cause you get a haircut anyway so you cannot use campaign funds but ok it's the wrong one stand the two problems with this and how this scam this scare and what happened in the southern district yesterday they made up a fake crime and stuck it in this please deal to make sure the media had a talking point that rope trump in because collins got nothing collins got
thing but a bunch attacks charges that joe have what to do with donald trump nothing zero so they said you gotta believe this campaign should put its not a campaign virus that's ok pleaded what anyway lady david said so clean lawyer here's the first problem again just because something happened on the campaign does not mean campaign funds are eligible for if joe gets a haircut yes he could yet they are because you want to look sharp and a campaign but as joe adequately said that kid that here would have existed whether there was a campaigner not therefore you should not should not be spending campaign was now prong too if is directly related to the campaign like there alleging in the document that these
payments the stormy daniels were related to the campaign job because they were if this story when it got out it would have been damaging to the campaign that in and of itself is a logical stretch that's hard to overcome but to match right that this we assume for a second it that's right that this for me daniels payment was related to the campaign we again i agree with that i'm saying just as this is how tortured the logic is legally when so thing is directly related to the campaign joe campaign popper stickers campaign buttons a camp in boss where you're driving around the state the campo expenses that would not have existed if you were not running for office right job would not buy an arm of cost twenty twenty four congress if he wasn't ready for congress joe those payments have to be made with campaign finer half do or else you could get down to just give you money above and
on campaign contribution limits at say hey joe gimme alone for twenty thousand thousand medical by buttons eyes and not a campaign cutters not out now it's not related to the campaign has enough the gear its enormous cost twenty twenty button not i'd say it's a personal loan to produce folks this is the kind of stuff i'm gonna give you here that i might want to let you know protect you not going to get this anyway i ran three times i know how this works you have to take that from campaign fun and those campaign funds are subject to strict donor limits if i buy dan bog gino but only twenty four percent it campaign shirt i cannot pay would someone else's personal forgot it now i could pay my personal funds first and don't but i have to make it a campaign contribution to myself it has they come from legitimate campaign funds you
please tell me you get why because again i can just take a gift i give her my rich friend joey beggar but it's you let me fifty thousand thousand i bought campaigners way way way way way way way way way he did what now joe bag doughnuts can lend you fifty thousand dollars to do renovation on your house nothing only about now but it is absolutely against fcc rule for joey bag about its to joe lend me fifty thousand miles which had been used to buy campaign it new spend money on a campaign associated item that would not exist without a campaign buttons or buses salaries for care frameworks it has to come from campaign for this is the key a whole in this nonsensical ridiculous charge that levine just summed up beautifully his show was epic last night how
donald trump did not pay stormy daniels or any one else with campaign funds the allegations the allegations are at those payments from cohen were reimbursed by truck corporations funds or whatever it may be not campaign funds i understand they have no case they have nothing they have no nexus to the case at all there was another words joe on prime number one problem number one is what the expense have existed without them just answer the campaign what's the answer for the stormy dana's case yes are you can't spend campaign funds on it's not campaign related just because who gets a hair cut during the campaign doesn't make it a campaign hair cut folks
get it this is a slimy business i am not sitting here trying to say everybody here is paid is without without sin its clear that this this we are dealing right now in an ethical i for our lives for this constitutional republic and it is these are very grey areas right now folks i have no doubt but the payment would have existed if it was because of reputational harm which is what the left is alleging by the way that if the story got out of wood of harm this reputation our new rules we all care i dont have not yet even a little bit that aim it would have existed for reputational harm regardless they lose prong one and they lose prong too because you can't say its care pain related he didn't pay would campaign funds he paid with his own funds who's on both problems they have no case they
have no case they will lose this how do i know that because there were the very similar case joe which edwards member the morale guy you member that five thousand dollar hair cut when i would ever it was foreign should our hair cut guy john edwards ran for vice president john kerry there was a similar case where some donors there's some allegations that donors gave john john edwards money too are work around me the story about him and the child that he high bred boy newton scam it yeah yeah it's a scam and on his why member damaging for some donors who are alleged to have given a money to make that story go away they weren't there was no they were not in fact criminally charge or ass on that successfully this case is a loser let me give you one more life and this guy bradley in this piece of mind crime should be in the shoulders
paying hush money is a campaign expansive candidate would be required to make their payment with campaign funds like i just said how i given them using campaign funds as hush money was one of the articles impeachment in the watergate scandal which gave rise to moderate campaign finance law in other words in the watergate scandal joe what are the problems of the the investigative items was the fact that they actually did you can't pay funds to pay hush money which is what led to modern care pay less and you can do people do it that's not what he did how to use campaign funds you have no case folks this was thrown any indictment only to get a fish hawk debate donald trump in one more line from this peace because it's terrific collins payments to the woman who claims to have had an affair with trump would have to be paid
campaign funds if it is to be viewed as a campaign contribution really i've been a fact we need this explained this ridiculous partake someone to keep silent about an alleged extramarital affair is not an expense solely related to the campaign bradley explained folks yesterday was a bad day there is no doubt about that it was not the the task for feed the media's making out to be this is not the time to go wobbly as margaret thatcher said listen to me you don't get to give up there are real fight out their european one venezuela right now face down the tea
many in despotism of socialism who are being forced to flee their country leave their homes and eat pigeons to stay alive i'm not lecturing body and not in a position to do that and i wouldn't dare lie viewer morally standing individuals and better men and women than i am but i got a lot of emails yesterday i'm done you know can be done to you their stand your whole purpose for being here is to take on a fight that gives you meaning you know i you know what some of you know my favorite what they i hate quoted stand people people try to simplify life down to a couple course but sometimes i read something that really matters and in book the natural there's a line the law in the books as you know we all live two lives the live the life we ve we learn from the life we live after that the path to
he'll happiness is through suffering and when you read harasses books the astrophysicist you talked about the existence of god the scientific evidence for the existence of god one of the comments spokes suffering suffering inflicting intentional harmon yourself i mean picking on fights they give your life meaning the real path to happiness the true path happiness is taking on a fight that matters folks this man we're not starving to death right now we're not dying as of yet we haven't face the full wrath of government this is your fight this is an epic fight that's gonna beat it that is going to define you and our movement for a generation i cannot point you and strong enough terms why this spy gates scandal and the subsequent mahler which on scares me so much i think
strong enough terms for me to explain the passion that drives me to constantly bring forward the facts in this case you every day i was a federal agent ladies and gentlemen i remember going into houses and early morning rays which acts with with actual guilty people people who committed actual crime and you see their kids as you put the handcuffs on at six o clock in the morning and use shuffle em out of bed in their box or short and you see the kids crying and the wife devastated and you see the bad guy who's totally stunned that what's going on and i'm telling you even though these were real bad guys i would be lying to you if i said but my soul it and heard for them it did it did these more bad guys you saw that look in their eyes where everything just change they had finally been caught it's like when you watch the movie blow with johnny depp right and you hear this story that guy george and even though you know he's a much you stay
almost feel bad when they got caught because you have a sense of empathy is human beings folks watching someone's freedom and everything they have being taken away even when they are wrong because i really screwed up is really paying for a watch you wanna hear one of those five and six year old kid daddy well you're gonna why are these men here are used get in the car and say a whole cash what did we just do and they earned if the trump team did nothing method on this scale of what's happening to them this is what i mean by this is ethics i get it to the trump team is made mistakes man afford not to say this common guys not to say papa day don't stop differently trap that's how it indiscretions in this the past there's no question points stipulated
telling you and the ethical matters year where everything is grey and there are no black and white and you're going to have to make big boy a big girl decisions you they say to yourself is an ally extramarital affair is it worth the destruction of the entire constitutional republic to rip this whole system down of presumed innocent to it innocent people and weapon eyes the power to put those smith and wesson handcuff bracelets those cops on people who did nothing wrong because you don't like that a guy what an election and you you you use where put his wiener in the past to take down him and a bunch of people did nothing worthy of the weapon as asia the government turns against him these are the hard questions we have to ask right now and no there is no giving up and stuff send them emails about given up because yet in my head i love you too that put no
no no no why some tough thing sorry i've gotta keep this family friendly it's tough this is real we live in richest country on earth with flat screen tvs and computers and our biggest problem here with food isn't starvation its we got a bunch of fat people this our fight you have been now blessed with the opportunity to take on the suffering you need to take on a fine true happiness in the end this is our fight yes it's gonna be miserable we ve got six years war to clean this swap mosquito infested disaster in dc out this is wait to get worse before it gets better they are not done he's not done man affords got another trial and if it doesn't work out in dc the fair trial for them and they don't get him on that too they are
they will find somebody else truck dont trust junior so next target take that to the bank this is not over our fight starts today this is not an opportunity to bail out jumped ship it's an opportunity we get out of the water and jump on the ship you have last with an opportunity to suffer you should thank god for this you have been blessed with an opportunity to because side in this very grey area but aside i'm sure right now is the right one no real shaw was not a joke get the man's indiscretions i get the people in its orbit we're not there you know we're not to be ratified i understand that but the the wonders stand that what the democrats want to do is not to point out the sexual indiscretions of president what they are true
to do right now is set a template to completely dismantle the constitutional republic they are setting a temple it in the future to take out a sitting president when they lose make up a fake charge there's no collusion get us council appointed get the media licking hacks on their side to keep the story alive use them story to take down everyone surrounding that president for every kind of indiscretion known to mankind including jaywalking use those people to turn on the president keep that story in the media use the charge is to call for impeachment get the president out send a message to anyone in the future you're never to do that again that's fight are you now you too that that's the real fight this is not done so what do we do folks i said
what to do i just wish someone would take my advice joe what did i say now six seven months ago about dollar fire this guy he is turned to a police state tyrant i don't know how i haven't even got to the pop two wheel thing yet this guy has gone completely off the deepen charging but with crimes the fbi you listen with all due respect to bob mothers past service to the country and i mean it that is now absolve you forever of grotesque acts of malfeasance how do you describe a special council led investigator who charges a decorated the united states military officer and might win with crimes he knows damn well he didn't come it how still you described that other than police statism folks
here's the plan and this is the only deal here see that miami vice will really did people hated but love that call unfurled jamie fox movie when i use this we'll go to the movies i saw i love them people aid theirs pointing to a movie where they still guys drugs that comes into tries to make a deal you're not on this is the all this is the only deal right now the only deal fire bob mahler pardon every one member there gary open seen what is it the specialist we'll go get everyone every law pardon everyone pardon flynn part cohen pardon every papa day pop dazzle pardon everyone
i hereby mauler fire rod rose and steal a clean out the swap rat crew of seventeen angry democrats is trump accurately calls them firearm all ten people echo response will be over are you kidding me argues o king a tub opiates you may moiling psychedelic drugs are you kidding have you what's this circus over the last few days you think you do you really believe this is gonna get better ladies and gentlemen wait till after the mid terms and fire all of these people they have shown no evidence whatsoever of acting in a legally morally or ethically upstanding manner zero making up fake election crimes in the southern district in new york it's not even a real care paint charge charging
decorated u s general with with lying to the fbi after the fbi themselves acknowledges he wasn't deceptive we're supposed to sit back and take it and then you got this goon chuck humour of this the democrats senator chuck humor from new york these goon i have a peace and bright bart the show notes today this police state hacks going i'm quoting he pattern we are talking about part you know get to say that chalk that's why you're a senator and not the president couldn't win an election outside of new york you don't get to see that's because you don't have pardon power but we still have a president you wait after the mid terms you pardon everyone had you fire these guys now you let a new special council team come in you let them wrap this thing up they will find no collusion because there is none and we move on i am tired playing by the rules but the press reaction what are you would
the press reaction are you paying attention of what's going on right now he's going to be approved ladies and gentlemen news flash he's gonna be impeached anyway peace pitched every fires while there what are you talking about he's gonna be impeached anyway they we will not win a trial in the senate bill clinton was impeached caregivers i was the best thing that ever happened to be left office would sixty percent approval listen to me trump we'll be impeached anyway democrats have lost their minds the house will drop articles impeachment and when they if if they went back ass they will likely pass they have lost their minds trouble not be removed from office being a peach does not mean you're removed from office joe peach many similar indictment because you were dead it does not mean you'll be convicted there
the trial and the senate trump will win overwhelmingly here not be removed from office yes it's gonna heart it's not a good thing to be appeased but ladies and gentlemen it is baked into the cake there will be a visceral republican swap rat reaction which all my gosh i can't believe this happened something's gotta be done i look what happened after he fired call me ladies and gentlemen do you understand we are in a different place right now we are in a different place this mahler thing will never stop they are not investigating crimes there vesta gaining donald j trop april ever ever ever stop
they are setting up a template to overturn an election in a future look at what happened with man afford at my media was celebrating yesterday you realize and eighteen counts there was a mistrial on ten and the eighth aid that man afford was convicted of history have nothing to do with donald trump and the media the media which is supposed to joe supposed to relay the was celebrating yesterday so millions of dollars unlimited government asset demo crap lawyers on mothers special council which hunter team going mad afford endlessly solitary confinement endless government assets drawn the sky and the best you can do was on eighteen counts ten declare a mistrial hungarian and eight that have nothing to do with the president just to sum up what happened yesterday in case your even a little confused
what did your passion shade levy on confuse you there prime candidate in the case poor metaphor after an this government assets are thrown at em gets a hung jury on ten counts and is convicted eight that have zero to do with the present media celebrates on cohen people he's guilty attack charges that have absolutely nothing at all to do with donald trump and plead guilty care paying violation that doesn't that's you gonna care pay violation and everybody celebrating and were worried about the political ramifications in the press ramifications firing weller fire pardon everyone right now that take that back way laughter the mid terms fire all of these guys and women genie re included fight
for them all church humor you see how these people play for keeps they start fake investigation that use the fake investigation to make up crimes against trop they arrested chrome in solitary confinement and church humor has the car owners to go out using a bitter rhetorically report and you don't want double valid middle finger to this guy right after the election at every party everyone this is not going to get any better folks will leave this with this one because i got a couple of you don't get to give up right now i love you
eyes and and and and and women to death out there might by show i've do its wide put the eu out there the show is for you it's not for me gosh do not give up this is time for you to jump back on this ship and thank god for this bring you been granted with our lives need meaning armenia we find in all kinds of things our kids mostly in our kids some of us find it in their jobs i'm telling you right now you have the opportunity to be involved in a generational fight that's going to define going forward what this constitutional republic is about as with every real fight there are no saints and sinners there degrees of sinners in that grey area we know is ethics you have to find out what side is for you i am
crystal clear that i am on the right side of it crystal than trump crowd the confused trump crowd the swamp rat republicans today there is democrats and the radical far left this mahler which aren't i am absolutely convinced are on the wrong side of this they are virtue signalling to the world not understanding that the real virtue is the preservation of the republic which is in danger right now they are setting a model for the future too it sure your vote means absolutely nothing don't given do not give up today is the day to rally the troops today is the day the gulf war use what happened yesterday as fuel in the gas tang aghast tank that car you need to drive forward drive forward at lightning speed drive into
fight not away from it please because negative energies contagious too i'm not a funk sway guy but dont do it you start helen your friends and everyday joe it's not over get ten your friend so the poles and amid terms and keep the some go into the democrats do something anything i got a couple more stories i i have to get to that a really important they said i got an email from a you know who you are operator guy some interest stuff and an eye combined sup than he email me with something i read shock ross and i thought yes yes yes now it's make it sets ok filter by i felt it my beloved filter by have sent a note from our friends have failed to buy from a new customer surreal note i bit middle of a home renovation and there's drywall dust everywhere plus the car
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i'm save money breathed better with filter by that take area longs to change those air filters that's filter be you the com filter by that calm tell the damp on gino show sent you ok do i gotta story for you sell it thing we enough mention the the day but not in detail aid another dump the mother it clear as day to me now that the mahler probus covering up really disturbing government now fees and snatches miss visas things that happened within the government during the investigation of trumpet the investigation of quaint them that if they got out would shake the core of eric is confidence in what we believe to be the justice system in intelligence greeted there is no doubt in my mind yesterday i was up in new york i was doing the five and i'm talking to a few people and they said what do you think the next shoe to drop is and ice it all boy it's a it's a
our two wheel case now chuck ross a peace it's been in the show us but i'm going to put it up again today in the short please please please read it that the daily caller it is a fact ass they peace you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you don't read it because it feeds right into everything we ve been telling you the whole time and the story i discuss the other day about the pc arrests of george papadopoulos this is not going to confusing like yesterday shall i get you have to listen yes they show a couple times to follow the follow the the white rabbit today will be simple we're gonna make two points today a couple boys rice we're gonna make are they papadopoulos is clearly the target of these patient to set up donald trump now now its clear is that all the people that keep up broaching papadopoulos hey little boy you want some candy they all have connected with either fusion gps the u s government it's amazing every and they keep coming up left and right front and back top and downright
secondly the operation to set up papadopoulos may have been more sophisticated than weave into read the chuck us peace and you'll learn about a day new approach that happens in july yes july of twenty seventy this is after keep in mind after papadopoulos is interviewed by the fbi in january july twenty seventeen a guy charles to wales alleged to have offered papadopoulos ten thousand dollars over in greece and gives the ten thousand dollars for some kind of consulting the now what's the problem joe so what i mean it's not to taken i use as of january hobby pay a jail for consulting no that was illegal if i was far and it's not illegal either this august
oh declares it is income there's nothing wrong people they consulting contracts all the time so what's the big deal we clear on this very simple july of twenty seventeen after the fbi interviews popping up was on telling you that governments try to set papa that plus up as a foregone some random shows up in greece and offers papadopoulos ten thousand dollars in cash for a consulting contra why that in mothers sentencing memo let me read it by the way had tipp to the conservative tree house guys to her covering this as well this is from these sensing memo the defendant vital information defend this papadopoulos show the defend providing information about ten thousand dollars in cash we received from foreign national who people it was likely and intelligence officer of a foreign country other than russia that defend
as stated that he kept that money in a safe pending his sentencing in the case and counsel for the defendant has consented the imposition of this fine about why is at an there he believed he was a foreign intelligence officers the guy who gave i too was a full this makes a world of sense now joe what type in july twenty seventh i tweet seventh right before papadopoulos has given this ten thousand dollars by this guy too will right before two papadopoulos is arrested in dallas airport right after this this race all the sense in a whirl now the other day i brought up on the show that the probable cause arrest their dirty ways to arrest people into federal government ok you can make it above all cause arrest which means no arrest warrant you just it's kind of like what a cop does in the street you show they see you you know beaten someone up there
pc right there's no around more right no one shows up because i have been a warrant for you beatenest guy i know it's called the probable cause arrest those the federal government you gotta listen to monday show i can't redo it here but i just take my word for it if you don't want to listen and when they show that right early happens in the federal government outside of the uniform entities you know port au prince all the people who are our patrolman dc arrests because they see stop and they arrive i may get a warrant you see someone cross border legal you arrest them you'll get a word for you go away aren't you bring a new international parents at any charge into charging document a federal system works when your investigators people get clues about cases they build up a case they bring it to the united states attorney and arrest warrants issued and you show up with a warrant why was papadopoulos in one of the most critical counter until criminal investigations and modern u s history why was papadopoulos why is there no warrant
ah these ten thousand dollars makes a world of sense now thank you to my body who could be in others so we have this thing in the federal government called the city are a currency transaction report they also have suspicious i can report on financial institutions if you propose more than a certain amount of money notably about ten thousand dollars but that lets you let's not that they be she's that's crazy right if you deposit that in a you have to fill out ctr currency transaction report you also if you to the country into the united states more than ten thousand dollars and you dont declare it at customs oh boy you and a world illegal trouble there isn't that off we convenient that some random shows up in a hotel room right before papadopoulos is to fly back to the united states gives them thousand dollars in cash but papa this'll thousand for papa
comes back into the country joe in dallas i would bet you the b i envy agents who already interview are either there with waiting that ten thousand dollars nowhere they ve got em lock stock to smoke in barrels but what is papa you do with the money this leaves it in greece with a lawyer they show up there album before he gets the customs it tell us and job you travel there recently for when you back you know the little blue warm you gotta fill i will cut clear the money i'll bet they grab that from they see on the card that he's not declaring any money there are like what do we do now no what do we do now we which was that the ten thousand dollars our guy i'm turn carry now
i'm not i wanna be cleaner i'm speculating about you i am not sure that two wheel working with the guy i'm not i'm not sure about that he may not have been matter fact he may have this may have been a legitimate business interaction i am however suggesting to you that ten thousand dollars if it were a government deal spills they would have track those bills and they would have been waiting for me if i were doing it that's the way i would do it i'd say hey go give this guy ten thousand in cash working away form at the airport if he comes in he hasn't declared poem we gotta all this he comes back to the airport you he's got nothing he's got nothing he's got one twenty dollars it is while for skills are taken egg cheese and a yahoo and anna you with an airport right did she s what he i was a kid new york that was my breakfast everyday bacon agencies that are you because
you know who we're ices that would shaka bill gregg shot with drink so to poverty back he's got twenty box he wants to speak and i guess she's in a u who in their like way dude where's the ten thousand hours there probably feverishly calling the united states authority gone we don't have anything what do you mean you don't have anything he doesn't have the money where's the money back in greece what what do we do now we can get him for i bring ten thousand dollars back into the united states without declared it if he doesn't praying ten thousand dollars back do you understand now why the pc arrest was probably necessary listen f confusion of folks yesterday some god at some did but yesterday's an important show foes you gotta take a verse are disappointed in illicit numbers maybe because while the breaking news we had a little bit of a deep we never have a dip i think it was all the breaking news i was like what is this there when we were we roughly five percent yes i shall always goes up i was devastated i came i really was i'm so proud of the shows we put forward for you and when they don't
every day i get a little upset but i think i can this is not confusing i tell you there two possible scenarios here too we this is just the business guy who doesn't deal for the ten thousand dollars the b i somehow gets wind of it meets him the airport hoping he shows up with ten thousand dollars and doesn't declare therefore they ve gotta he called the united states attorney hey he's here dulles he walked through custom with the ten k and said nothing about it right you have me joe they get on failing to file or two wheel was working with the government and this what are these marked bills did the f b i know that is the whole time how long we work for the government if he was what does that margo cleveland footnote from the earlier in the year pfizer maybe make a little more sense remember now this is perfect are the july twenty seventh rested papadopoulos let's be clear but remember the fight
i told you about margo cleveland earlier in the year in the face of warm there is a footnote about a four year exemption in other words the fbi and one of the words to spy on the trump team has a i note in their declared they need an exemption from pfizer to protect sources i had do in that episode that is that source withstood the original personal contacts papadopoulos that's or someone else where they working this guy where they work in the millions who else was the fbi working with ladies and gentlemen this is the essence of the scam watch paragraph one who the heck else was the fbi working with the set up papa day how many sources are there we have an idea about how poor who with other guys so understand one of them you coming into the country and not declaring ten thousand thousand cash you were gonna find yourself insignificant legal trouble did the bureau
winter that ten thousand dollars were they involved in the ten thousand dollars pop de does not bring the money back in he leaves it in greece the b i has an oak moment what do we do got nothing to hold them we better interview him right now please remember they want a whole property because i need to show up at the up because the day they arrest and what else breaks the stroke age tax the age director general goes over the special council says a bob malta we got a problem you're leaving ass the gate or on this case peter stroke look at these texts gosh mothers like we better shut property up now because these texts may expose our sources fbi sources setting papa d up follow it folks
the bureau setting up papadopoulos we already know this through the house or connection the question now is how many other people were they using set him up was too will involve was millyard involved with the bureau how many other people were involved with the bureau peters oaks text the lisa page in context mahler probably understood fully just how deep this scandal and set up a donald trump was this throw council walks over the idea walks over to the special council on july twenty seventh says look at these texts mothers are we really going oh my gosh the whole operations exposed what do we do now shut papa this love where's papa this he's over there are now over in greece with the other guy you don't know it's gonna come back with the ten thousand out i got it let's nail ahmad failing to file he shows but the airport he does it have to ten k they ve got no charge what do they say man what do we do when we do what do we do let's do the flint thing what
do the twin thing with lying to a federal agent guys he has no lawyer that's right did you hear that the background i get so excited you'll have to cut that i just knocked a coffee cup off might be i'm sorry i didn't break which is amazing to so shows up to the airport he doesn't have the ten thousand dollars property they call the united states attorney job they go hey united states attorney joey beggar doughnuts we got a problem that failing to i'll charge he doesn't have the money what do we do now we call you better shut this guy up warm someone on a special council they already know they gotta shut papa day down because poverty the key to this whole operation tromp was set up gotta shut him up quick but they don't have a charge interview em now interview in our view may get him on anything interview and pick up a false statements false statements which pop
that was right now so now to make me force they manage didn't remember when mrs member the false statement the fbi's allegations are their papadopoulos miss should reached out to him before he joined the trump campaign that's not true miss reed our team after papa apple is saying now i don't know i don't papadopoulos never spoken to papa this is claiming now joe listen i just didn't remember that thing right the f b got caught we got him on a one thousand one felonious mope recharge now we do we i came up on that we arrange them and we work out a deal right away that shots this guy down folks the pc arrest makes a world of sense now their margo cleveland footnote makes a world of sense how many sources was the f b i working with don't you find it odd
every single time the deal j put on the spot by devon newness and people in congress every time something happens with the mother team every time they get the oj here's what happens every time devon nunez gets close to exposing the framing of donald trump and papa doubtless too tap and joe first the d o j claimed sources a method sources and methods really without sources how many sources were there we want so we want him now the second thing that happened show bob are always pulls a rabbit out of his caboose michael cohen under arrest michael cohen please deal poor matter we deal might flint sentencing delay every single time devon newness and his team closes in on the absolute malfeasance and reasons in this case the o j
always says no we can't talk sources a message who or the sources and methods and bob mahler pulsar rabbit out of his caboose every time i gotta get in one more and i want to wrap this up in time together for you to make this makes sense because i apologize for confusing some of you in yesterday's show it's an important show yesterday why through the whole point of yesterday she was the connections million connect thereupon go all feeding information to the fbi infusion gps tat was the point of that that whole el chain how mullahs charging document conveniently makes things go away that in any way tie back to russians why this was a rush your case because the russian connections or hilary corrections do you understand that the point of yesterday's show the russian connections or hear worries that's why mothers there's nothing to do with any of these cases with russian collusion the metaphor trial
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just then they how they hung on ten april which have network we're convictions have nothing at all to do with donald trump third battle plan mollified pardon everyone fire the whole team they have nothing there is no reason to keep these people around anymore they have shown no evidence of collusion all this is clearly a which on he's going to be impeached anyway it is time to take the gloves up just like chuckie human and better talk about apart no you better start talking about a pardon right now wait please made terms and let's get the gloves on you wanted and go what's tango finally the adopting story how many people with the fbi working with their contacted papadopoulos today this guy too will by the way the can servant of tree our skies one final thought joe have real interesting angle on this have an up
and one of their pieces today since initially posting the set up for the july twenty seven stud thing fbi operation is papadopoulos a few more gordon research the tales of surface now i can't confirm this i'm just reading you they're reporting cuz i'm not even though the name is rather unique we're still not sure it's the same guy charles well the guy reached out to papadopoulos everybody's always reach out to disguise most popular of upper everybody those properties we gave papadopoulos ten thousand dollars in cash was previous intelligence asset of the cia in fbi why do they have a link to a wiki weeks cable from to them six indicating that too will may have been passing information at best now again i am not prepared the moment has even oh it's a unique name to say it's the exact same guy i'm just saying that that's an interesting little side note papa dazzle seems
been the target of an elaborate scheme of people working with the fbi that the fbi ironically this scheme and all the people they have approaching papadopoulos is the reason there giving for not disclosing what they did we got protect sources and methods that's the boy joe who is the sources you used to reach out to popular diesel also explains the pc arrest shows up at the airport doesn't have the money we do now we thought we had you can call back you may say well they didn't show up they didn't know he was gonna have the ten thousand dollars how did they the warren up i'll bet what happened what you can in the federal system the folks finally you can have a draft warrant ready to go assuming say he comes back in uganda swear to wait because obviously be line has happened but let's say i think i was going to come back with ten thousand dollars to the important undeclared you drafted you have it ready to go with the usa and if he in fact does it you're ok process it will come back and swear to it right i can only
guarantee you that what happened that's what happened papa de shows up put out the ten cave like all my gosh what do we do now we're gonna have to make a probable cause arrest on what we don't have anything that's interview on but suddenly makes a misstep on when he met miss said pc or ass lying to the fbi what a scam fight back folks you have been granted a golden opportune outside of our families and our jobs and our communities to give our lives a higher meaning when it comes to this political fight not pretty again there are no saints in this area levels of sinners but i absolutely we know we are on the right side of this jumped back on the ship not off
i'll see you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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