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Ep. 792 Exposing the Left’s Real Strategy

2018-08-24 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the need for the Department of Justice to move quickly on issues surrounding internal corruption. I also discuss the troubling liberal strategy to suppress our rights using pressure campaigns, along with what the strategy to fight back should look like.    News Picks: Here’s additional evidence that the Mueller probe is a destructive witch hunt.   This PJ Media piece describes the Left’s new front in the war on our rights.    Republican sellouts are urging other Republicans to turn on Trump.    Democrats are not telling you the truth about their impeachment goals.    China is rattled by the trade fight.    South Africa’s land-grab proposals will destroy their economy if implemented.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wanna bet it thereby gino shell produces joe how are you today is well daniel as always very thing newsnight less and i know it's tough there is still down what's go what the most important news stories that they but i think i've got it for you and i got a quick up day because you know i i like to talk you all about the show you know the brine season showed you i said to you the other day that we experienced a dip in downloads and i couldn't believe it i was like and we were off by about three too i perceive it turns out our host is just recalculating away they calculate downloads resist joe nose and the podcast industry happens all the time no they refined there met which is good and the reason they do that if any of you are ever interested in getting at the pod guessing by the way not to get off topic is this
el the number of downloads that's how you do they see p m for advertisers and obviously advertisers wanted accurate cat which we want to i don't want to late my numbers out i want to tell you we have we have five million listeners when we have four million i want to tell you we have two million when we have five million you want an accurate number so that's what happened and a funny thing his even with the new calculation which cut some downloads for a lot of folks we're still back where we are because you all are great and recommend the show to other people and it grows esther thou then then the download that than the downloads we lost even from that one day so you all are great i am a lot i want to get you today want to talk about why but you know because a lot of you know how i feel about things going on in the justice department and i know there are some things going on but also what my frustration with the sessions are accused of which is now the relationship doesn't appear workable anymore achieve even
z grammars acknowledging that so i want to get to some of the frustrations with the justice department of why people are upset but more importantly i want to talk about they came up yesterday and rush limbaugh show about corporate gun control and this is a topic you hear that that i brought up often on the show the need for a growing conservative economy ladies and gentlemen the need is getting more and more pressing by the day do not downplay this this going to happen as the left lifts in shifts and realized they can't control things through legislation and the courts anymore because of tromp so they're going to do to corporate pressure to take away rights from people this is where it's going next mri today shovel you buy buddies agenda or sell new sponsor happy to have them on or they sent us a sample but their product which it gave to my wife i said tell me how this works because we live in the hot florida so much i love if you don't get a lot of sun damage in florida so far and my mother in law tried to for weakening absolutely love that they said no no run with this this is really good stuff so summers but not the sun spots brown spots and uv damage to face neck and shoulders
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you see how that congenial sell that come now or call eight hundred four five seven eight to eight seven impossible as last showman micro durham abrasion is also yours free for the first time this year keep the great memory from the summer fund not the wrinkles inflammation and sun spots call eight hundred four five seventy to eighty seven we're going jenny cell dot com that's jen you sell that come already so what's goin on limbaugh yesterday if you heard the show she's me they had a collar calling yesterday and talk about that this this or britain brush it attitudes corporate gun control thing and have warned you over the past few shows in the past few weeks that this is the new push on the left the left as this ability to lifting shift almost seamlessly when they lose and one arena they move to the next and they think they continue to fight and all of them but they re prioritizing in other words when the law the losers in politics literally loses they lose the house of representatives they live
the senate they lose but appointments what do they do table seamlessly seamlessly into the culture war where they battle poland the culture they call you racists and massage and is this the phobic ferber forbes and they d me to pass legislation that i'll put you on what they think is the defensive bath and and things like that and if you oppose these bills because you have concerns about your kids or something else they accuse you immediately begin again a transit over four before because if this is what they do they seamlessly move from one arena to the next out of the rain is the left this recently found some strategic our strength in this and be very you should be very very very concerned about this is the corporate arena they have on that through social media and corporate pressure and basically online bullying tactics through a mob of kids sit near parents basement cooking small and an using collar forms all day
they send enough tweets and emails they can act enough corporate pressure to get corporations to take away rights from people that government simply can now this is not in any way to suggest that the left is given up on a legislative push to take away your gun right to suppress speech on line you see even mark warner right now they democrats senator from virginia with his little recent letter with these twenty plus points on the internet pushing of course for internet basically internet thought control that's what they want to do and regulation of the internet and away that's going to suppress conservative voices suggesting that they're giving up the political arena joam i want to be clear on that i'm simply suggesting you finding that what they can't get done immediately in the political arena to sign free speech to attack christians and attack religion and to take away gun rights they will do to corporate pressure now there's an
so one piece by piece j media which i put up in the show notes today which i encourage you all to read please go to bungee know that calm subscribed my email is i'll send you the best articles i get each day the pga media peace talks about this extended campaign everywhere where its due amazon through patriarch to you through youtube do twitter don't think this is just a twitter and facebook thing to silence and suppress conservative voices into move them off what we would call with deep laugh forming to get them off these platform and make sure they go away you see it within four wars you see what others ladies and gentlemen you do not have to agree with the content you do not have the light the cot that matter of fact you can i hate that intent on that site as well because those sites and others are not breaking any laws they should have the right to speak in the audience has the right to do what show to tune that hack out now this is not hard i watch msnbc i will
ever watch msnbc i do care what's on msnbc as long as animal nbc is not breaking the law and their show by advance fraud or calling we're criminality or whatever that whatever the you know slander and libel laws and enriching written in print and in an online media as one you're not breaking any laws fine with msnbc i don't care to now i do i don't watch it what but understand ladies and gentlemen the left doesn't feel the same way the left is i feel like fox news deserves a platform they don't feel like anyone deserves a platform they disagree with hence the sure campaigns against fox and others every time something said they disagree with its not just advertiser campaigns and the reason i'm talking about this today folks is i
you to understand the told you you must understand what you're dealing with here if you don't the end they this strategic contours of the battlefield we're on the fighters i'm going to make any sense we're gonna lose their people out there who sincerely thank all which just facebook and twitter it is not they are going your payment companies why because if you kip let's say bond juno dotcom accepted payments by credit card for what we do action for the chums story right they're going after pay in companies you need to de platform them don't process their payments done it already we ve gun control i have a friend she knows you she is who runs and ammunition company who already had this problem there are paying companies a warmer process their payments i've had this issue myself with other p without with companies i know what they're doing for it is a economy wide effort by the left to pray
your private companies to outlaw gun control i meet out to basically de facto not the jury outlaw gun control to heart freeze reach and they know that is very it'll conservatives can do about it because conservative this is a brilliant strategy when you think about and sick derange but brilliant they know conservatives will not on principle back by asking for the government to intervene joe because we believe in principle in non government involvement not government intervention in nepal an economy the left eye he's trying to bade us in taking reducing government into a regulatory role here so that when they take over they can use it to wipe us clean now what do we do
what we do is ladies and gentlemen we move on to it we have to get people like what you know people who like the rupert murdoch family and roger rails in the beginning who saw an opening in the media sphere we thought was on crackle to me when their and appeal to a fair minded audience that was looking for news and not propaganda that became the fox news empire later that example applies now too there is an opening here option you mean downstream in the economy for companies and i say this enough that are not companies we have now their brain things should not be conservative nurses initial branding with smart was fair and balanced words we're not those guys and are not fair and balanced that was a genius strategy but up dream and downstream in the economy not just the content production space the payment processing spatial the servers space where you're actually hosting your website all this stuff is going to have to be
taken over by companies that commit to that fair and balanced motto words we're not those other guys that discriminate on the basis of content conservative liberal or otherwise chose this making sense now sure sure now limp let me read you a quote from this pga media peace to show you how bad this stuff is gone amazon com charity programme a charity amazon that comes charity programme amazon smile dropped james kennedy ministries and the alliance for defending freedom citing the southern poverty law centre a hate group themselves citing there hey group less that that hey group themselves with me it is that they are if the food corkins incident james kennedy ministries has sued amazon and the s plc for this action last september the crow car processing website van gogh payments refused to work with the ruth institute a small roman catholic profile pro family nonprofit due to its presence on the quote hate group list
but social media companies relying on the southern poverty losses hate group list may find themselves in a pickle approximately sixty different organizations are considering separate defamation lawsuits against the southern poverty law centre over the hake group lest the story was on the story of you read all stories at the shone out it's interesting don't miss it it talks about it starts a dial talking about facebook and twitter and there efforts to silence conservative voices which again is a fair debate i am i am i am all for having it what i'm telling you we need someone out there don't just focused strictly on the forward facing the forward face component of this is what you see you see conservative content on facebook show you see on twitter and when it goes away it's the most salient to you because you sought in other words if your selina zito a
the way very fair minded sober voice in the debate about what's going on in america right now who risk recently saw one of our facebook posts labelled spam and you you know tweet out about it or make another face precautionary by possibly a marxist spam people see that seems like the most pressing issue and it is pressing but when i'm trying to tell you and i'll bring up the corporate control thing in a second i forget that bottom to tell you when i heard about a limb by yesterday i m glad rush brought it up is this is not just forward facing liberal i have a police state tyrant shriek that goes upstream and downstream of just what you see there are tar sponsors their targeting pay mid processors their targeting amazon their targeting everyone by the way the movies a professional carry home and of course i got it wrong you there said the specialist because i am special i am a specialist getting movie titles wrong but maybe
who do we want everyone free we need to pull that i know we'll get it by everyone in the audience we'll get it don't worry audience i appreciate but someone joe and i can find it but do you see what i'm go with it don't just the liberals are hoping you waste all your time focusing on facebook and twitter rachel we spend we spend all our energy we win these minor battles against facebook and twitter while there our getting recent mastercard and why bring out anyway for conservative content producers to get paid to get paid to do what listen however ugly getting paid for content production is i guess this is an ideological business i understand that at some people like you i got my gosh you get paid for doing too conservative pod guess how else you want me to do and i am sorry i kid i have to derive a fag implicit i had another job i was a secret service agent i left they get into this fight it turn into this but there has
we await a support financially in the economy we have now they can turn the conservative content space or the liberals are run roughshod over everyone if they target the back end and we miss that fight folks it is over you're saying this now in the gun control debate russia up yesterday liberals now member folks they lifting shift their starting is there a sea change in the courts to court the ruling now overwhelmingly in favour of the second amendment which is absurd the second amendment was precisely written so that you know it so that it doesn't people's opinions and judicial ladder prevention should matter shall not brain does it mean please infringe your own discretion but left to seeing a sea change their seeing it the abortion space and are seeing it in the gun control space mice pace i don't mean to the minimum the impact of just trying to tell you the yacht talking to me
the legislative we judicially what's going on they are seeing a sea change in their starting to lose their upset about that so the left lifts and ships they moved to the culture fight now anyone who owns a gun they'll make sure you know your dear doktor asking questions about god you have a gun in the house can we soon got owners can we soon gun copies can we make people get insurance to better yet can we deplore i'm gonna company so they can't process payments this is what they do they moved to the back in and they hope you're not paying attention this is what corporate gun control is an effort by liberal companies dominated by liberal boards and liberal shareholders and liberal interest groups funded by liberal financiers ears go after the companies and pressure them pressure them to not support anyone who has anything to do with firearms now how do we fight back well in the pj media peace is hint on how to do it
ladies and gentlemen we adopt the tactics of the left here i'm not too about the morals of the left they have none or the ethics if they have none of those either i'm talking about the tactics the left is engaged in law fair for decades joe using the legal system to sue this not out of any one they disagree with on the environmental front and everywhere else it's time to pay back the favour baby you get label by the southern poverty law centre a hate group soom everyone do you show up on that list sue them sue them sue them so pog them down and so many lawsuits their six inches deep in this mud quagmire they can't get out of sue them and keep suing i know it's takes time i know it takes money i know it takes effort but soon they're gonna label you hate group with no evidence analysis some of some of the on our legitimate age groups you have that
blocks clan i'm talking about these eddie i'm talking about people out there advocating for a conservative course like the family research council where they a guy actually walk in and shoot the place up because of this poverty law centres calling them i hate group sue them seeing it now you see people started win these lawsuit sue them number one number two we need wealthy p in the conservative movement to stir to see business opportunities and not just legislative ones listen i get it i get it that we have to bear politicians who support the second amendment whose support low taxes who support economic freedom i understand the need to finance campaigns that's not unimportant i'm telling no i'm not worth a billion dollars i wish i were we're going to coordinated networks of well the conservative donors who start today
god business opportunities as well understanding that not everything is happening in the legislative front now this is not a new idea jail people notice i'm not i'm just saying that it's going to require didn't the need is a little more pressing than i think people believe we have ok so heavily on the legislative front that the culture front and the the boycott pressure campaigns on the outside on the back into the conservative economy have completely kind of flown under the radar guys is the left is winning here they're winning also on the government contracts front but then you said low government intervention hey you have any entitlement to a government contract i'm not talking about the i'm in intervening out over the government not intervening you're a company that that this terminates against got owners and takes anti institutional second amendment stance as you have absolutely no right to a government contract at all i would i commend state legislators and conservative and rightly
states you know what you take steps the poor they go against free speech that suppressed conservative thought you title to any government contracts they have absolutely no entitlement to our tax dollars at all so here's the three pronged plan for success because we gotta fight back and noticed the fourth prawn it's not have the government regulate it is not please get that out of your head that is atrocious horrible idea that will end badly for us i promise you take it to the back soon so um number one number two conservative business leaders have to get together and look at a conservative upstream and downstream economy number three no more government contracts if you take an anti constitutional stance as part of your business i'm sorry we're not doing it you already seeing some of that some southern states but that's
can prong is important we're gonna need fair and balanced and keep a mine i'm only stealing the vital work for fox i do content there by appears a guess i don't work for them at all i'm just say that was a genius branding campaign if you're a bank that was fair i mean it's probably trademark but you know wherefore balance back we don't discriminate on our processing you don't break the law your money you safe here credit car processing your money is safe here just don't break the law website hosting show your money you savior amazon up a company that's like amazon now this and that's a heavy they update ion then they all have first mover advantage is weak amazon they move first they ve got all these customers all this other stuff ladies and gentlemen so did cnn cbs abc nbc and fox news has proceeded to crush at a minimum the cable news outlets and
compete on sunday strongly with even network despite the fact that its cable which is amazing this is the way to do it this is the three pronged strategy mabel you a group you better sue this not out of a start that conservative economy stop given them taxpayer funded contract see only way one final thing that will call it part i isn't gonna throw this in there but i think it's important starve them of power ladies and gentlemen the government has been dominated by demo crafts and fake republicans for a very long time the clinton obama eras were not very different in terms of policy i'm sorry they weren't mean outside of the bush tax cuts those future
stu terms to terms of of of our presence there and i for all of them in the secret service the ideology was not very different ironically the only time we even saw a levelling off of governments ending was during nuclear clinton that's just a fact i mean you may not like it but it's true i mean course gingrich in the republican congress had a lot to do with it but that doesn't discount the fact that it happened when clinton was president but the inertia joe towards big government bureaucracy endless foreign wars all this stuff has up and over three prior administrations with tat those administrations brought in people joe with civil
or ideologies in thinking about how government should work thank you chewy and you're right chewy these do they brought in similar ideology about how government should work and how this endless inertia towards the administrative state discretionary government should act these people embedded i'm not knocking public our public servants by some people do legitimately have other jobs into but there are unquestionably joe a lot swap the people embedded in the government now in bureaucratic and polluted positions as well that feel the same way this has to stop the way stops and this is why tromp is such a threat folks is that you administration that upward administration joe is an existential threat to the idea that we should all be living for big government first and second ngo trop has brought
the idea that the swap doesn't matter you matter now s government spending sadly has gone up i'm it can a man is word he's not going to sign another bad budget bill but he doesn't let me down we done this shows gonna be the first one to cover it but there's no question on the right dilatory fronted donald trump then the most impressive president modern times in reducing the power of government using regulations to impact life in your business ladies and gentlemen there is no power and yes don't ever forget this chuck echo the former our county executive right i met him once when i was run for office in maryland how what county is a blue leaning counties been run by democratic republic it for a while now kill me but there history of electing moderate republicans i ran into this once it is on this that on some points thing i want to his but was so uncomfortable there sit with him at the table and we got to talk about the decide their growth
bigger bureaucracy and heavy government spending and i said trot why do you think that happens he said dan because there's no power and yes there is a power and yes here there's only power in the government and a regulation enabling them to tell you know joe you can open up doctrine business in florida jar guidelines government says you can and of a sudden to pay a licence to agree then you can open up in other words there's no power in in in the government getting out of your way the government once they get in your way so you have the lobby them to get out of the way and make their campaign accounts it was a brilliant analysis by chuck i never forgot that there is a power in the government saying yes to you there is over power by russia begins and democrats by the government and acting regulations and laws enabling them to tell you know so you have the lobby them too yes which makes them richer and more powerful and by the way they stick out their couple doesn't go hey play your lips on caboose body because it feels good they left the eye
you're going to kill their botz it makes them feel powerful and if to get a whatever podcasting broadcasting dear licence baloney piously mope in florida has go into a local lawmakers office and do it and pay a fee even better still he makes hold still holds you right this is what asked that any love it they love being powerful there is no power and yes donald trump here's the thing has all the power in the world right now and i dont know better just about political power of all perhaps see this is a constitutional republic but he doesn't that he's a rich guy he's probably the most well known figure in the world right now maybe human barack obama has it needed he doesn't care what are you gonna do in richer he gave them a frankly folks people but kisses bought his whole life is not new an existential threat to the bureau he doesn't care he's them
existential threat to the whole idea of the power of he doesn't want to say no he's wiping out regulations this is an existential threat to the bureaucratic state because the bureaucrats have been telling you you know four years they like way what do you mean deregulation regulation went away what what does abbe yet he's a farmer down the road doesn't need you anymore media's name it used to be my permission to put it it got its form now that's gone now why what do nothing you're fired thank you but thanks for servant he's an existential threat now dollar back towards point number for the starve them a power as donald this is going to take a long time folks i say do you during yesterday's showed the working people who are ready to give up by the way out people email me again talk about
not give out or were you talking about i was talking about emails people sent to me how it gets the pressing you haven't do this part guess otherwise i just say folks i'm going up in the mountains the whenever that mistake i'm not ready to give up at all i ve been more energized i'm telling you the response by bob mahler the swampy republic in sellouts hacks frauds and the power hungry police they tyrant democrats the response by them to the first two years of the trumpet ministrations to be expected they are fighting by they are lying on the ground is were dragging them away by their ankles they are pulling up the floor and a carpet trying to hold on while we drag them out of the swamp trip is bragging about one by one by one and they are desperately fighting back this is to be expelled it's time for us to double down our efforts but under stan delete in the justice department the swamp
that's what i want get to this and the second the justice to ferries that justice form the swamp from the justice department failure to target the clinton's at all despite what looks to be rainier serious charges of criminality right and yet going after the trumpet these as time goes on ladies and gentlemen this is a war of attrition this is a trench warfare fight and such warfare really really socks it is a game of inches it's it's a game of anxious you have to be prepared for this it's time to double down take your protein shake get your squad dad lives in and toughen up why lecture you guys are i get your emails uranus five believe me i get him all the time and i'm inspired i didn't mean to the other day tell me but the bad emails insists that that was then that was the are the majority jarred emails are people like i'm ready this is the fight
wait for my whole life into damn right me too but this while brats we're not gonna leave peacefully table waiting for their lobbying good their ability to tell you know to put a lake on your farm and you too lobby them they were i'm gonna leave government afterwards and go work for legal firms that lobby the government to get you to yes does that make sense job is gone now regulatory capture here's how it works what a pill the lake on my farm so epa p regulator or whatever it may be starvation so or someone working for the federal government comes to my farms as you can't do that without government permits why do now man i gotta higher law firm or if your big agricultural company what do you do joe you hire a lobbyist too long against the rules the regulator
doing this because you again plan a plan on right on the coast and you gotta make him feel important are right you gotta make about philip looked at a kiss my bottom so poor we want skies is never had a real job in his life he say ten years all these tell farmers been farm in a land ferrajo years how to this but the farmers we should not go ahead the eighteen year old boy maybe twenty he then gets ready to leave government work after five or six years droesse arrests made a whole the law be firm in the law firm that represent the farmer against the government he represents now because he knows all the ins and outs called regulatory captured or never forget the term he leaves gets a two hundred fifty thousand dollar contract to go and work on the farmers but i have to get the government i used to work for office back because he knows people jody is that you get it yet it happens all time all the time
this whole system is being threatened now that's true joe is getting rid of the actual regulations the lab firm and the law firm has no need for the former swap right now twa brats like what do i do now what why you for a job i'm twenty two i no skills i'm a snowflake i've spent the last ten years of my mom spaceman playing minecraft i dont have i nothing i dont know anything i only knew how to tell people know for the government counting on this legal firmer lobby job afterwards to greece up my friends in the government on behalf of the farmer i attacked five minutes ago what do i do i've never work for a living like the sanitation workers the fire department applies the cops the military force i dont have any skills i've never anything except a mine crafty i don't even know microsoft educating bells about it
really i swear have no idea what it is but i've never i've let it cadre of imperial fighters in it a star wars game on mine once he was the answer actions are yes he's got out it was in colonel music there was a girl he doesn't have anything this zero has no actual skills man he has nothing he's up a secret service agent or the fbi goes let em the national team it gets an international fraud ring or lead you know keen twenty million dollars security operations into terrorists hot zones around the world for the present this guy's put appear a crack in the epa whose work their cities eighteen he's never had a real job he doesn't even know what a farm looks like he
the door before it you know what i remind you that movie with the fbi agent that said shows up to investigate a murder somewhere in like wyoming or so saturday remember the name of the movie it some time in their one of his sisters it with and she shows up it's like minus forty and she doesn't even have like long jobs are like this is what they're gonna do they have no i don't know what to do their entire existence is being threatened trust is slowly starving them ladies and gentlemen time goes on and we get the hopefully eight years of tromp these people by sheer frustration alone are going to diminish their numbers in government if we get a trump and then another conservative afterwards elected in the mulder this in eighty swamp rat deal in a world the trouble folks if we can get sick
team consecutive years of freedom little government idea ology in play they'll be starved there will be it'll be strictly a culture war for them i seriously intended that to be ten minutes it's now but it's an important topic so again just to summarize starve them of power start setting up a conservative economy back and then front in fine and show processing credit card processing web servers web hosting social media amazon i've companies set it up you people both there in time it will happen its outcome overnight and your branding is where not those guys so um
they label you hey group this ingenuously sillam starve them of power and then finally no more state contracts nothing this is the plan to win it is not enough this new government legislation please take my word for it this is a soccer move the left playing you for fools for new fairness stocks or no call to fairness doctored you joe remembers it well joe was in the radio industry anything but how to produce counter programming right for conservative content yet to produce level if it weren't for the government getting out of that the liberal party radio stations can sell the airtime so what did they do they pull the can urban content off the air you never have a rush limbaugh or a hannity or a mark of in you would never have
any of them if it weren't for the government getting out of the business not into the business and they did it under the guise of fairness obese it was total complete garbage it's a soccer move a urgent horse stopped our rum do not them into power don't by the waves our vote and amid terms i'm sorry you're out of your minds on that crazy about my congressmen down here and i personally but on his bonds legislative issues by folks the democrats do not let them sniff power anywhere we are large enough and organised enough in numbers now too sincerely impact this election you it's good enough for you to get out and vote you have to get vote and take ten people with you remember the ten and in ten rule have discussed on the show an ancient discuss on my own campaigns get ten people but with you and here's how you do it you call ten four
i don't want to talk on the phone ok said kennedy i don't want to spend ten emails make can face propose if europe on a do one of those three things in the ten tenant i'm sorry but you really not interested about making amerika great again you're just interested about talking about it gonna be pain here there is good to be pain and suffering i don't mean physical pain i mean the pain of having to work and do stuff it's annoying i gotta make can facebook about voting no it's annoying i'm gonna lose friends you gonna lose your country why luther are your friends anyway i have friends we're democrats they could care less about my conservative podcast if you have friends really dislike you because you'd incentivize into voting amid terms and you think they should vote republican and here's what they're not your friends anyway my scott friends or die hard at the trump liberal they don't get my wife doesn't care she they went out ass much ass we no problems at all
like civil human beings at all we probably there either if you're worried about losing your friends your prioritizing right i'm sorry you're just not ten ten and ten that's your oh it's not good enough for you to vote in a midterms star of them of power we need it's going to take about six more years a trump and probably forded job forty eight more years of another president to completely clean scratch every bureaucratic oppressed police state we have now with some of these are bureaucratic liberals and what we ve seen and justice are right by the way we only have today my code to joe codes
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each body on the man you won't regret it you look terrific when you dont star start real one good i'll go do it thanks folks i was appreciate your patients we have really good sponsors ok justice delayed is justice denied that is a well known adage and it is absolutely true and i want to explain to you why people are frustrated right now i was going to i spoke a little bit on the lou dobbs show last night on fox a similar sir francis did a great job phelan in and i a little bit about this why the australian and i get it i get your emails and i guess i guess i have to reiterate my position on this because people i think are still confused i am i'd suggesting that jeff sessions is somehow the messiah any is above since he is not therefore a cue from the russia probe was clearly a disaster of historic proportions he had
a business refusing himself and if he was going to refuse himself i think it's clear at this point he should have told the president to make an alternate choice having said that we have sessions now there are good things happening there are some bad things happening in the rostrum horrible things happening but i live a world of reality and live in a world the conspiracy theories and i'm telling you that what you're gonna do right now if you fire session just stop would rosen stein got a fire rosen's they do and who are we all right now with the swampy sell out republic in centres including jeff flake and have i gather posse up there that has no interest in defending the constitution at all lot of these people who are we gonna get confirm folks i have to be i owe you reason i can't i consider my job here to say the right thing not the easy thing i mean you don't know that by train i cannot have your preacher folks polite i say
but a prayer at night sometimes before each show i say sometimes because sometimes i forget i get so chaotic but he said for tunisia i say father please but the thoughts in my head in the words of my tongue help me say the right thing not the easy thing at are you the right thing now is we care why are they get we can't you can't do it now lindsey graham is acknowledged after the mid terms its at this point probably a good decision to step aside if we get a buffer in the senate we can pick up a few sentences but i'm telling you the right now two wrongs and having said that there are something's happening in the sessions justice to farm we cannot ignore i told you about the league investigations i don't want to see these go away there's some strong evidence that the current foundation is being looked into we know what's going on with huber and that cannot be ignored but public and you the listeners you do have very sincere concerns
and i like them out look at joe you see that putting together even usually i write it all in my notebook here for them i should sell these notebooks oxenham offer charity they're pretty cool they have some really stands i fill up notebooks aid like twenty of them and skip it too you know some wounded warned warrior type charity there would be pretty cool gotta make sure i don't have like other stuff like my social security call em acts and get a bump your limit here's myself security rights here's my justice delayed is justice denied i think people when i feel as well that is awfully that the smaller probe see to be moving at a light speed pace on any small in aggression on the trump team by the way not even remotely related the russian collusion while when it comes to other things investigations of the justice department i hope sessions are someone's listening because i have been asked a pretty da award supporter of everybody taken a deep breath but
tell you even i'm losing patience here too people want to know what is going on on the other side of things and heres a list of items where justice is not only not moving it light speed is moving at a glacial worse than glacial pace take watching a freezing block of six hundred tonnes of ice slowly melting thirty two point one degree temperatures what's the status of the investigation on the watch procedure what's procedure in the department of justice and the fbi we're supposed to verify the dossier that failed we evidence yesterday if you listen to yesterday's show that thing in the dossier of substance was true how did face information go do the chain of command in the fbi and the department of justice how make it to the court is there
european investigation now i have a feeling something is going i'm pretty confident there is but what's this paris we don't have to update the public ongoing they are you sure because we're losing the republic right now because there seems to be a daily update about who donald trump dated fifteen years ago but we ve heard nothing about that whereas that can we get some can we just get confirmation that something is going on right now the bruce investigation you have a guy department of justice who is unquestionably guilty of at a minimum croatia's decision making the number or guy the justice department bruce or you is there a source to transmit information through the africa we notice the fbi interview in their documents three two's use
information from a source the fbi deemed not suitable for use a discredited source in christopher steel was laundered back in through the justice department after being discount entirely for use are we we're going to get an answer on that one is going on and i get it i know one twitter i have a lot of people listen to show i know who you are i follow you and i respect the lahti work you know what i'm talking about and they a lot of defenders of sessions out there again i'm with you i understand but i think it's time we also understand not only my audience but why americans and a lot of republicans are upset at the pace of these investigations we are losing the political fight out their stop pretending this is strictly a legislative judicial fight it is not it is a pity political fight right now for the survivor ability of the republic that's our people feel about it and they beating us to the punch every minute of the day with a new
revelation donald trump donald dropping gummy bears any some precious t they have to watch i mean it's ridiculous that speed beautiful mahler campaign has been lightning it is time for the justice department to put their foot down and say if we ve got something if by the way i m not suggesting police state tyranny like the left if we ve got something on serious administrative violations of the woods procedure if we have pretend your criminal conduct by bruce or or administratively mouth about an administrative malfeasance by bruce or that they gotta go we need results now the electorate elect donald trump for result not tat their president attack endlessly while we sit out our collective pots and let all these people sit there and continue to destroy the republic the leaks i get
i told you there are ongoing investigations i understand i get it back the whole take it easy thing came from we know that we ve seen the prosecution of wolf but the pace this is wearing thin we the results on brennan on clapper what's happening what's happening is anything happening we have already had guilty please that was you for people who have nothing to do with government collusion for absurd process crimes on the trump side we ve had almost nothing outside of james wolf and a referral any anti mackay on the current case i oh to yesterday about pulse berries peace there's no evidence by a source that aim we still have an image or even the winner laptop themselves in quantico where the six hundred and forty thousand emails is something
done i suspect there is what's this but it's what's taking so long these are fair questions joe are they not china once the interests of both sides here in a reasonable manner but these are fair questions to ask what's going on mister questions again with all due respect i been there been the one on the show saying i'm all all about the patient's here but patience is wearing very thin because its clear when they wanna hit trump that things captain joe licorice well knew how it takes i'm a clearly doesn't take time not we're trump for two years now they ve been all over they ve been sniffing around every single person a touch donald trump on the fusion payments to perkins kofi or the
in school we payments diffusion i should say get their backwards but we ve now established through the michael cohen case that it ok for the justice department through the southern district the prosecutor lawyer for payments made that maybe campaign payments disguised as something else that's what they say that's their point right so how are they d and see the clinton campaign how're their payments to a law firm joe for legal services that will really used to pay far and spies and christopher steel degenerate papa research how is that not a campaign finance violation what going on there are we gonna be patient an investigation will get your way did i gotta careful the media spur the media that me what do you do take them seriously the media ten percent republicans take them seriously yo sack nobody cares about the media to say any more at a media live
suddenly going to change the meaning is propaganda for the democrat discount these people pressure off joel nobody cares about the media to say finally the farrah the fairest so we now poor matter for going on trial for fairer foreign agency registration failing register ok where the protested the clinton can areas that produces a conciliatory the italians get upset where's that investigation we can it be why why do we have to be patient metaphor on trial twice now where's the investigation joe diffusion view jim was paying a foreigner and christopher steel to jim up information about down while simultaneously lobbying by government or pressuring the government to move on
mid ski why where's the affair investigation we be patient forward power to be impatient it is time to move i get it i get it i observers much is neo liberals and dull copy republicans want to pay me as a flames are which is fine i get it i'm hot tempered guy not think that's a big secret anybody but i've been very reasonable on this matter for them or just volume of negative emails to this day i get is from loyal listeners i appreciate your feedback who say i'm on what sessions i'm sorry i've been one thing i would really be patient we're losing patience pace the time is now over and since time is over because the justice department is clearly shown to the special council programme the southern district when they on something they go get it
and its clear to me right now that bureaucrats in the oj and at the upper level the fbi are slow down and slow rolling the investigation to all those things fusion they quaint team effort guy malfeasance fairer payments person could we payments the leaks bruce or and the woods procedure because they do and watch while they are buying in time i hope house changes hands by the way tied back the number one i told you you better go vote bring now changes hands the democrats gazette what'll happen all these investigations are going to go away patients is up i am implore and you i know people in the justice department listen i know it you have got to move the constitutional republic infidelity to it depends on the equal application of justice the eye
here that we should have patience with one side of justice but now have patience with the other side of justice is not just this at all it suggests they blind justice system only blind the democrats it is time to get off your pots and get this thing done if an only if there is evidence of administrative malfeasance or criminal act i want to see handcuffs and i want to see people fire and so to a lot of other people out there and if it doesn't happen there is going to be a severe black eye on the republic in people's faith in it it's going to be the damage is gonna be incalculable remit the constitution joe first lovely a document as it is the greatest governing document the history of humankind is only as effective
the will of the people believing its effective if people believe we live in this new police they tyranny it is it is going to have a devastating effect on the collective psyche the nation justice get off your parts one final thing a couple more things by adam one final story because it shows you the power of the act disingenuous media these people are many of them are liars many former began this for the democratic party i bring this up tucker calls in the other night in a show brought something that is actually happening ok let's grabs in south africa based strictly on the collar of people skin this is actually happening now the media
unbelievably has turned this into if you talk about this story you are somehow a white nationals this is insane this is what the media does others and this is why they are entirely discount them do not ever called the washing thereby have do this is my business to call it out news weak the washington post the new york times never i do not see an entire msnbc tune it out to doubt hollywood i know it's thinks folks get it this is our fight get it out of your life it is eight it is a core wrapping influence on your life so called and brings up the story on fox news about something it's actually happening here quote from an article in the daily mail about land grabs in south africa of white farmers unquestionably racist policy this is not my words this is the daily mail in the united kingdom rama
also lead south africa right now however mr rama posts and now is announced plans to change the constitution to allow his party the agency to a glance from white farmers without tanzania them this is actual story in the daily mail by being locked in a legal battle either keep their former receive what they deem to be reasonable financial compensation mister steele can't this is one of guys of his farm taken away and its business part i received a letter early this year saying should get ready to hand the keys over this is not conspiracy peace the daily mail is respected newspaper overseas this is an actual report and you the media goons in the united states what on full blown attack against karlsson because trump then said we're going to look into this folks this is unbelievable i bring suppose a highlight of why you should never take the media seriously they are liars they are completely
this credited frauds they know exactly what's happening in south africa they know the danger of it they know their history of expropriation by the government of property their seeing it right now in venezuela it happened in zimbabwe is it happening to the degree it happened in zimbabwe no its not is it happening yes there is very serious its to this so what is happening but media of course has to play it down because they want to again attack attack attack anything trump comes out for including the theft of people's lance vexed i love the media's new life stealings great we should try and ourselves dough please do not ever could starve these people let their shrinking liberal base of radical not jobs
let them click on their site let them get add support there s do not that stuff it is nothing but radical far left garbage propaganda and nation ata talker show should double and triple and quadruple down now on the story because this is real it's really happening color of anyone skin shouldn't matter this has been tried before it is like this our bayesian destruction and death it's happening now in venezuela there's a side and a wrong signed has nothing to do with the melanin component of someone skin unreal i focus i appreciate another great weak a listener ship thank you very how much really does mean a lot to me the shows moving up quick in the charts and that is thanks to your subscriptions
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