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Ep. 794 “It Was All a Setup”

2018-08-28 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the stunning revelations in the new Sara Carter piece that shows disturbing details of the sophisticated effort to spy on, and take down, the Trump team. I also address the latest revelations about the hacking of the Clinton email server.    News Picks: Sara Carter’s latest piece is a stunning account of the details behind the spying operation on the Trump team.    This Daily Caller piece addresses the troubling revelations about the FBI’s use of media stories.   Clinton-loving Lanny Davis has been discredited as a source.    This Daily Caller piece covers new information about the hacking of the Clinton email server.    Is Paul Manafort going to get a pardon? There appears to be disagreement in the White House.    An interesting article on Federal Reserve policy and the economic boom.    U.S. stocks jump after the announcement of a new NAFTA deal.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i wanted the damp gino show but you should show how are you did i couldn't be better so what comes out last night and i quote in a sarah carter dotcom article it was all a set up from whatever source is what tat we ve been tellin ya for the last five six months now it will set up a ass it was set up i told you so i'll walk you do this it is sarah carter's article is just tremendous but again and if you ve been listening a lot of this showers got great sources by the way a lot of this may be it may be that ok now it's starting to make sense what how they actually did this and i we may have a grasp on paragraph one in other words how the
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so sarah carter bombshell article of course sarah than some really terrific job it's terrific work in this case you ve seen or unhandy just about every night exposing this she's a terrific investigative reporter has an article out about two things about the help her connection and paragraph one in the case that upper information in the article is absolutely stunning ladies and gentlemen if you miss the stories define how per is alleged i've been a cia fbi spy spy activated to spy on the trump team and pull pull paul information out i've been so yes thank you this actually to separate scandals here the attack on the trump team was a scandal in who pushed the information in the russians are words how did the trump team get this information about russians having dirt on hilary the democrats worry is that the russians told them that therefore they were colluding with the russians that theory is garbage
it is a marvellous around what used to call during the nick and exclaimed tat is hence of garbage time that is nonsense since i've been just think you the information was pushed in by people working with our intelligence community the obama administration to frame and set up the trump team interestingly enough sarah carter source quote says it was all a set up yes yes it was now we clear on the push in nepal who pushed information and democrats stay with the russian it's the russians i dont believe that's the case i believe it was members of the icy intelligence community attached the obama administration in the set up on the trump team that pushed this information about the russians having dirt on hilary into the trump or before the purpose appalling it out now what our carter has is just incredible carter
as a source on this lovingly case that is exposing the gaps in the involvement of stefan halpert now follow me folks this is important the biggest scandal of our generation here of is this whistle blower who has some association with the department of defense works for the government and he notices joe that's the fund opera who again is alleged to be this spy working with the fbi and the cia to go in contact trumped even pull this information out pull information about the russians out so that they can use it to spy on a devious little scam when you think about it right love and your senses something joe he looks at some of these records and he finds out that helper is being a one million dollars a year might be austin powers when me there's a year by the d o d million dollars i should say maybe not per year one million dollars by the d o d for
are these for writing papers and love injures like while this is an awful lot of money something's up here so this guy love and becomes a whistle blower now love your hasn't been on tv but his lawyer a guy named sean bigley was on tv last night in a just starting interview on the hand and he shall with sarah carter and gray jarrett he finds out that helpers being paid one million dollars to write these papers and he's like hey what's up with this with this guy what is he doing why is he paid a million dollars so he becomes a whistle blower for some reason joe a footwear i think you and i know the reason there is a full court press against love ensure to make him go away in a shot him up stat to make came quiet down and make him quiet down quickly so lovingly opens its mouth and says hey why we pay in the sky a million dollars this guy help or who now we're reasonably confident has connection to the intelligence community use and an end there in there and they are targeted effort to target the trump tee
how the new york times story makes sense such to be clear what within our get to the new breaking news in a minute on helper to new breaking news on how poor it that's our carter images get i'm sorry for some really excited about the show today because there's so much happening right now and the fact that the set up is being exposed this just overwhelming the news about how present helper has deep ties to the russians himself so we were told the whole time that it's the trump team that was colluding with the russians to influence and when an election when in fact u s intelligence community assets guys like albert who some very credible allegations with working to target the trump team on behalf of the obama administration and others that this guy may be connected to the russians himself ojo joe the new york times stories making a world the sense what am i talking about
in the last week or so the new york times put out a story talk about how joe our relationship with spies in russia that we're giving us valuable information on russia totally dried up this is so bad it's a catastrophe boo this is really awful so the new europe without this story a lot of people notably jordan shack tell over it conservative review but all over this like i don't get it out now new yorkers put the story out now you may say cause journalist asked at the new york that now there's always a reach the new year times always has an agenda for writing a story right so a lot people are questioning what is coming up in what is going to break the day that has the new york times running proactive interference on this russian intelligent story so used to be clear on what the story is the new york times saying
they were insinuating that exposing how poor as a spy has frightened all of our intelligent sources in russia russian entails dried up this is a major threat to national security and a lot of people are like ok why are they doing this why are they running cover for help or now now it makes sense one probably gonna win that this era carter story was coming out i dont know they got a leak or whatever it may be but the new york is running interference to make sure that this helper bob shell that per may have in fact been associated with the russians himself gozo preemptively they're trying to interference to get the help her story out of the media because they cannot have the media believe for a moment not even for a second that the obama administration reducing active intelligent spy assets despite any political opposition paying how soon by the way what casino this week and as a great movie two and forty as robert the nearer one really angry i like that
that's another class thing get pass here than it was on like amc you whenever one so deadly walk you through this again so carter story it's a long story it's at the show notes today that's our carter dot com is definitely worth your time helper alleged be the spy one of the spies that the obama administration uses to paul information out of the trump team to make it appear that the trump team is colluding with the russians a whistle blower fines that helpers been paid about a million dollars by the obama administration through department of defense contracts he speaks out about this mary what's going on with this guy wise you get paid all this money instead of getting whistle blowers status and being protected bomb administration comes after him full bore a day they send them over to what they call any article the land the misfit toys which is like you know rubber room you know
where you just sent they merit the language and to shut your mouth they try to shut this guy up desperately price oblique sensing that there action the obama administration connection to help or is it this is no boy now this is really really bad debt york times last week runs a story i rushed spy these are dry enough insinuating at some point that it was the exposing of how poor and helpers name that is in fact do yes running pre emptive interference but here's where it gets really really fascinating so of course the democratic liberal media narrative the entire time has been trump has been colluding with the russians but sir carter source here blows it out of the water so just think that it's how per that is deep ties to the russians himself and she produces that links the documents in the article that this i hope or himself may have deep
as to the russians right which opens all kinds of new questions now now let me read you from sarah guarded i because this is incredible it says ironic documents obtained by sarah carter sarah a quarter dotcom excuse me sarah acre doc suggest that help or also had invited this is it saying senior russian intelligence officials to co teach is course on several occasions and news reports he all accepted money to finance the course for me too russian oligarchy replies to putin wait while so a spy working for the obama administration working for the intelligence community we know is made contact with the trumpeting those aren't allegation we have the emails that is made contact with the trump team an effort to query them about russian ties is tie the russians himself include
a major russian donor by the name andrade check block off who is good tons of money to help her and is funded this decide its journal to various script these guys using their intelligence seminar this this insane its it goes on several course scylla by from two thousand twelve to two thousand fifteen obtained by this outfit reveal helper had invite in co taught his course on intelligence with its great width of four director of russian intelligence general adam ear i trip nick off up to see their folks this guy let let's let us be clear what we're talking about this set up now is becoming absolutely crystal clear it gets better i've been going to paragraph twenty eight let me just that porphyry this by who
multiple reports claim working for the obama administration the intelligence community and the fbi again the information on the trunk team about their contacts with russians that day pushed in i'm sure a post in the sky contacts with russians himself and has some kind of financial arrangements at is it cambridge intelligent seminars teaches that with a russian tied to putin and one of the peace for teaching the course with them is the former head of a russian intelligence service a general shrub nick off are you serious as the lawyer anna jarrett and sarah carter said last night on hannity it's amazing what these people do the democrats the absolute what would it have shown com who wave os being here at a kahane is right to know not only do this but to do
with a claim that its actual your opponent colluding with the russians when the russian ties were yours the whole time ladies in shadow you gotta respect genius of these people really you but i have to like it and i sure don't put the media now get to that the second to to use the media to advance and out of the tromp was colluding with the russians why did the ties to the to use the media to advance and out of the trump was colluding with the russians when at the time the russians are all on the side of the trump opponents is absolutely incredible now across as a peace as well to daily collar have openness shown out about it fbi age by the name of john martha who was involved in the clinton email repeater stroke yo how he told them on the record up on capital hale that the fbi was actually using media reports from leaks they generated go and spy
this is a whole fbi agent about what i'm telling you ladies and gentlemen this is a senior fbi agent by the name is incredible he's up capital he'll say that they are using leat press report the fbi leaked them in other words unlike joey beggar doughnuts rethinking rob a bank yahoo we think joey bag of donuts robbed the bank the fbi it's the yahoo news story to devise a court look it looks like joe we beg doughnuts rob a bank yahoo news saying it now you're say i've heard this somewhere before haven't you yeah yes this is in addition to all matters to the corridor page pfizer warrant the carter it's fine words which actually sites yahoo as articles from my political career course you very useful for good bell i break add up because this is how the whole russian collusion not said he started the it is the demo
rats any anti tromp crowd tat has colluding with russians and people connected with the russians the entire time folks this thing disgusting this thing this filth we get bruce or upon their held today will see what comes out of that that's the information laundering scandal but remember this is three separate scandal spying it is information laundering operation cleaning up the dossier to make it seem like it it's the spy operation which we are talking about now the use of helper and others spy assets to spy on under proposition political campaign and it's the set up the framing tromp which i believe strongly that pop up it may have been a victim of of through miss schmidt said now this gets better this gets better yeah and i'm in a fire through the salami you're but let me just rise your because i want to get this summit this is important and i get me outta here sure but i want to fire through this you know without interruption
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background checks as a bonus you'll get access the funding dark where monitoring and protect yourself against identity that just go to truth fine dot com slash bond gino for fifteen percent often enter a name to pull your first report that truth find dot com slash mancino go check it out pretty cool all so this on the spying operation this thing gets even worse sour carter goes on at the end a peace what what have we been asking the big question we been asking for a while we ve had some and my what kind of alludes to it many spot we ve been asking for while your watch paragraph one what is the fbi hiding what started the trump investigation you know it when i wrote reports paragraph one always describes what start your report you get a call from a bank for an investigator a person walks in why can't the fbi answer a question about what started the investigation trump deep into the trump team
joe their story is changed what ten or fifteen it was carter page it was george papadopoulos keep moving the story around why can't they answer the question ladies and gentlemen now we have some hints as to why had tips era carter with this about mike flynn the entire time now we ve got a really solid strong sourcing on this one that turned this onto this a long time ago but carter's does some great great work here was this mike flynn lieutenant general might flynn the entire time in other words an effort to take down the umpteen that initially started with the targeting of my plan now let me give you some background folks this is important stuff whether you lie the spy gave story you you don't look the spy gate story this party
component of this story is a frightening horrifying atrocious scary i dont know how to describe how awful this is mike i am obviously decorated the united states military officer add the rank of lieutenant general and ran the defence intelligence agency which is the base did that and communities corollary to the cia this the guy ready in on me so the major intelligence operations he's a central figure in the divine i've been gathering of u s intelligence for the police call community to make appropriate decisions are mike in an barack obama do not see the world the same way flynn sees all quaeda and other georgi hottest entities sir them as an existential almost spread to the united states
the obama administration sees it as workplace violent without giving you the entire background or the story that just did that sums what you need to know for now later on we can go maybe into more detail if if you know if and when the case starts to blow open little more hinton right but but this job obama administration and flynn who is the aid directly under obama they don't see the world the same way becomes vocal about it the obama administration doesn't like it at all the obama administration which has a history of use its intelligence community to target frightened away suppress internal voices they don't like an external voices they don't like member john brennan in the cia spying the capitol hill computers of course we had the gym
lap or nonsense up on the hell were you wouldn't have made about the method data spying the open administration really had police they tendencies which were unprecedented in american history that's just comfortable factory liberals out there i don't want to hear it i'm sorry that's the case dave this internal voice and flynn they ve got a shut down here fascinating development in this case some of the information is all but the source we in some new color to it back and twenty fourteen joe mike flynn whom i remember now there's a big schism between him and obama the obama administration was shut him downright mike then gets invited to the cambridge intelligent seminar who stands the invite oh how per how
are the same guy we just mention with ties to this russian a wealthy rushing connected the putin and weak ties to this russian general that's teaching a course with him at the cambridge intelligent seminar flynn gets invited to this dinner in twenty fourteen at this dinner this woman by the name of all oh good luck over look over sits extra flynn and they have some you know conversation whenever maybe later on allegation start to leak out bad flynn and this woman had some inappropriate contact flynn may have had contacts with the russians that should have been reported of course some insinuations about other nefarious behaviour again just to woman he's a man you don't keep a mine these
allegations are a complete job there are far smaller fact investigation later on showed that the conversation afterwards and emma was almost entirely and not almost was entirely innocuous there's no evidence that anything untoward happen between might flint at this woman and this woman at this twenty fourteen seminar at all malefactor woman is is blue bid that these allegations even surface could she's ok this damage my reputation i did nothing wrong accord to some reporting joe who is thought to have been the source for these charges stefan help is crazy here let me read this is from the carter dot com peace sarah carter outcome and it was in twenty sixteen when how or told the fbi by the way twenty six is two years later this awfully coincidental or what who was it
talking about before this where it was sixteen would help or told the fbi that he witnessed concerning interactions between russian academic svetlana look over choose me not over svetlana look over and flint s february twenty fourteen seminar dinner this special joe without any proof it was and lead to papers in london here we go at london again and eventually discuss than the u s media look over the bbc and may have twenty seven team and she first saw the allegations raised in the media sheep but it was a joke numerous sources with knowledge of the allegations help or made about flynn said that they were quote absolutely false and that flynn and look over only spoke for a short time at the dinner several male exchanges between the flynn and his assistant that took place after the dinner we're jeanette in nature folks this is an on believer
set up that is so detailed in layered you almost to admire the heavy depravity of how detail this thing was let me suggest to you that it's starting to make sense now what happened ok helpers in known intelligence community asset who's been working with the intelligence community united states for years how per teaches in london i teach moreover in the uk she's me at this cambridge intelligent seminar sitting on that intelligent seminar with him is a russian former russian ahead of the one of their intelligence services this guy trip nick off there's russian money flowing tat how per associated operations through sky andrade shake block off so opera is now connected to united kingdom you tat intelligence assets russian more intelligence assets how per is a key player in this thing also would help her
upper teaches in this cambridge and sell intelligent seminar with a guy named richard dear love former head of the uk intelligence service richer dear love since in my book documented till kingdom com it's gonna blow your my rich dear love former head of one of the uk intelligence services who is in this intelligent seminar with help we tracking job stop me doesn't it says dear love and stand trump dearly you gotta read some of the quotes we have in the book dear love this like god trumps travel ban dear love this now like trumps position on on muslim terrorism he does not any of this dear of has a significant beef against donald trump dear love in the uk intelligence services have a significant problem with enhanced interrogation and any pretence don't change in that posture the i'm administration aligns with these ideological police wink at or not they go to
old standby helper helper with dear love how dear love have contacts while dearly specifically with a u k position research former intelligence firm called hack let this is important this is critical hack lloyd is one of those few in jp s tied firms that employs former intelligence officers it's private but have we uses people like christopher steel and others this work in profusion gps to be clear but uses former intelligence officers to go get and tell it it's in the private market so your accompany joe you're doing a deal and whenever indonesia you want former intelligence officers to give you the scoop on what's goin on the ground you hire a company like accurate again fusion
ps did the same thing in the united states by hiring a former intelligence officers steel to gather and tell on donald trump this is not uncommon hack let where dear love is associated they bunch of a former obama people in a associated people who interact with them often it still has an association with hack what i've has an association with tackling alex they're down the guy who meets with papadopoulos dapple is and and and ledges that papadopoulos said something about dirt on hilary down or has an association with haggling ladies and gentlemen is time to start putting the pieces together is it possible that this goes deeper and and this goes back farther than we have any idea that this may have gone
after twenty fourteen and paragraph one may have been an operation to set up mike flynn to take him down in case mike flynn is appointed later on in the republic administration arts africa can spare sector yeah accepted actually happen so bad in twenty fourteen how per invite swim invites linked to this meeting they know there's gonna be russians there how for then later on knows they have that information in their back pocket that flynn sat at the table and twenty four team at some russians who care but does it matter when looking at the truth here we're looking at the set up it was all a set up read the quotas eric artifice the guy's crystal clear at the end this is all set up that this may have gone back this is why paragraph one does it make sense because regional paragraph one this started way back and twenty fourteen an effort to take down flynn so the effort to take down
when twenty fourteen they don't have anything joe flynn meets with this woman spent laana look over they probably no they don't have anything they don't have any compromising photos flints that sending our emil's asking for dirt on hilary so how probably pocket the information and puts in his backpacking gives you know what i've been really untoward here but if we need it later on we can probably use it depressed it's your campaign heats up mike flynn was on the presidential campaign for trop and start speaking out against salary he has the locker up moment remember this all of a sudden joe people on hilary side of the are connected with obama start to freak out play dua who you know how do you know it was a d i a guy who has all the goods on us and who knows the inner workings of the obama administration and the corrupt intelligence community he was monitoring about talk about to go to work cuz i'm talking about the management the brennan type c right and the clapper type twins
the dirt on all of this so now it's twenty fifteen they start to panic how do we it down how do we take down flynn if we don't take down flynn joe and he gets intelligence community position they are going to know about all the things we did the ira and veal all this other stuff all the corrupt the use of the intelligence community flimsy you're talking about locking and hilary up or you know sitting with the locker up chant we're in real trouble someone says hey joe give up that guy we used to use helper yeah yeah does amount of arab everything i yet we use the european council was it he had a thing in twenty four team before why yes yes he was yes about effect have that information where's the fog where you want it
you're twenty four dream with full i was with the russians there as a matter of fact there were remember we tried to set em up but it didn't work oh oh do you still have that information all of a sudden they're like that flynn flints gonna be our guy what's the problem though they didn't have anything on flynn charges of his you know untoward interaction with this russian woman thing or garbage their focus is no there there but they can use it you can use it to probe a little bit the kind of feel around where we caught what are we looking at looking at flynn colluding with the russians they don't have anything how it makes sense joe why they move onto others they go back how pray the fun how about you email carter page by the way that speculation that hamburger
or pages the font helper card of oats the page he was a low level foreign policy adviser remember pronounces in march this critical he announces that pierre basically shows people piece of paper to the new york times and says hey here's my farm policy guys so it gets out there that carter page and george papadopoulos have joined the team the fbi that i've been a really tough time taken down might flynn joe now like ok are we going to do with blind well maybe we can get him later on something different the logan act thing that happen later but for now we're going to have to sideline flynn but here's what we do we got keep this russian thing going because we ve been working with russians through helper to pay these people in and set them up so we gotta get the trump team colluding with the russian so we can knock that story down leave any event we lose but i got an idea let's have helper whose already invited flynn to this case
bridge intelligence seminar and is obviously been gathering some information based on the reporting because it says again that help her one sixteen is the one that reported about flynn and this russian woman at the twenty fourteen bitter ok the flint things not workin out i got an idea let's eat el other trump people well who we got well trump just announced the foreign policy team let's go for these two guys carter page and george popup apple is papa day let's get him in there so what tell purdue helper emails carter page and has take a trip over the cambridge intelligent seminar in the united kingdom again where the surveillance laws or a little looser and how preserve ready connected to these former intelligence officials notably dear love whose with them at the cambridge intelligence seminar he worked for them there order page thing doesn't work out job they have to keep going
i can see how poor dear love sitting there what are we gonna do now hey there the sky and hack what this australian ambassador downer maybe if we set up a meeting with him and papadopoulos papadopoulos was say something about russia's patchwork we need let's do it next thing you know when may pop the shows up in a bar meets with our mentioned something about the russians amazingly filters back to the fbi but remember never through it she'll channels it gets filled back to the state department because the official channels all uncover the scale there are it can farm workers would probably see this would be like way where did this come from who set this whole thing up nobody wants questions asked so it gets filtered through who the state department most likely back to fusion i can tell your tour bruce or in the oj funneled right back into the fbi
do you see the depths of depravity going on here fault what does scam this is now what's this whole thing is exposed they have to shut flynn ups that the smaller team annex everyone else panics someone in the millennium goals hey why didn't we interview flint after the election we did well in the end you match are perfectly to what we know about the transcript of is recording with the russian ambassador kiss you know not perfectly was the oddest probably there were no signs of this signs of deception let's lock up anyway for false statements of the fbi because they have to shut him up a slight the obama administration at a shut him up and twenty fourteen coming again i'm all as a good guy please because he's not
folks this thing is a devastating scheme this is a devastating devastating scheme now also i want to know and everybody needs to know we need to get help her now in front of a congressional committee and unity to find out exactly what his level of involvement with the russians wars was during this entire scamp we know there's russian money flowing into operations associated with helper do this russian multi millionaire we also know that is teaching a course with a former head of a russian intelligence service unquestionably connected the putin at the same time he's trying to set up papadopoulos carter page was emailing and mike flynn who he invites did this intelligent seminar now this new york times interference story makes sense show right we gotta
better make this go away quick let's hear what the new york times do let me you know cause i know there's one final part to this that's gonna see this deal for you take distracted a bank in cash it the new york times wrote that peace last week earlier because they want to scare republican lawmakers i have no doubt how joe they put peace out there in the public alleging that gonna be severe damage to the national security community we ve already seen it because sources and russia drying up and they hint that its duty opera think why would they do that show because they know that how are things about to blow up helpers emails carter page how personal emails george papadopoulos helpers connected to hack let helpers connected to it's your dear love former uk intelligence official connected tackling alex
they're down or meat should pop adopt lists is connected aqua o thou per now we find out from sarah carta has russian ties and is associated with russian money and people connected the putin how much information was filtering through the russians where was it going was going to or was it go into fusion must go in a few gender steel was it being laundered debris spruce or back into the fbi now we find out how was involved with this one thing is far back as twenty fourteen just how long have they been trying to type might falling down is might fall in power graph one is the failure of the for it to take down mike flynn is that the real paragraph one that led to the fake paragraph one all we were really targeting papadopoulos when the whole time you are targeting flint and it didn't work out the your times is trying to scare these people into not asking questions about how poor because now what they're going to do is as the questions on a helper answered and how
becomes the linchpin and the key to this entire thing joe and now a house of cards collapse is right it was all set up don't forget that quote we ve been saying this forever the new time to shut them down is going to say hey rewrote disorder two weeks your warning you guys and what's gonna happen anything that happens anywhere around the world is going to be blamed on the republic is look there was a terrorism go attempt in east tunafish that's clear we during the republicans laptop explores how europe is clearly do but two sources drying up we would have known about it otherwise this the new york times desperately roy in cover to make to help her story go away why because there are reporters in the new york times and elsewhere that we're being used to two to advance this entire collusion scheme the entire time byron work has a tweet up that is devastating
quin hill yahoo i don't even know but am humiliated himself on twitter is unknown personally said the pirate newer then the mediator what's the media's role you guys just making up the media's wrong the collusion scandal byron you owns him in a response is really because if you do a basic google search byron your account countered over two thousand two hundred something references to russian collusion that to this day nobody can prove happened on the trip side but there's a conclusive proof now that it happened on the democrat obama administration side this the new york times do not let them wiggle out of this desperately desperately try into wiggle themselves out of this collusion fairytale and trying to warn republican lawmakers off you better not look at how but we're going to blame you for anything that happens in the intelligence community if you do that's a hat tipp the jordan pale peas absolutely right shock tell this exactly what happened there new york times is running interference now one five
no angle on this that's gonna take its right to check folks right to check care should spend the money all even worry about this check will map out what do we know how do we know now that these story the one i'm telling you just the sum up because a less briskly and then i get a move on to something else how do we know this narrative is likely true the narrative is this helper is an intelligence community contact that we know we know opera contacting trump team officials we know happen not doing it on his own volition we know helpers paid almost a million dollars we know it so blower who exposes helper is is attacked ruthlessly by the government and put into effect the rubber room door whistleblowers try they try to silence him we know opera is paid by the government the contact the trump team we know these contacts may go back as far as twenty fourteen before flynn was even part of the trump team because flight who is doing what he was in it
elegance community official that probably had the goods on obama who was speaking out about obama administration policies that may be paragraph one they try to set up when they invite flint this cambridge intelligent seminar is a russian at the table they allege onlookers untoward interaction with this wretched woman oh my gosh the russian moments laughing like what is this is this is crazy they ve got nothing autumn in twenty sixteen though all of a sudden that information about flint and the russians were three package back through help her into the intelligence community that's not enough to start a collusion narrative because the woman denies it and they have no hard evidence they move on else do we do last week you well march trump name to foreign policy advisers car page and george papadopoulos hey stefan get to work pal fine magically emails carter page and papadopoulos on teachers at this cambridge intelligent seminar with a former you intelligence official by the name of dear love dear love
stand tromp read the quotes in my book dear loves associated with this hat with firm that hires a bunch of former intelligence officials actually who else is associated with that our downer who at least its board but was one of that was i was associated with the firm for a long time and still attends functions down meets with this trump guy papadopoulos who was recently announced and all of a sudden the collusion narrative is birth according to the fbi's quotes paragraph one because they're flynn narrative fail you can track in jail the page narrative failed to they tried to open page where they invite page when and how to invite him all the cambridge intelligent seminar the exact place flynn was invited but it turns out how poor the whole time is the one with deep connections to the russians on money intel officials this it's not exposed up until yesterday the collusion
jim narrative is a real one with the obama made administration the clinton team and people they who's to gather information on the trump team that have substantial deep troubling ties to russian money in russian former until now this the point i want to leave you with what lee me too believe that this story arc is absolutely true at this point or at least meet up that the evidence here i should say is strong and substantial f the election in november when trump winds joe panic sets and we have the special susan rice email member the one she said to herself we obama said at handle everything by the book decent yourself an email say who does that through the election what is helper and dear love do they leave the cambridge intelligent seminar the invited page too and they invited flynn to them even citing what joe
undue russian influence on their cambridge and damaged seminar citing the very same guy the russian tat gave the money for it journal they were publishing out of the cambridge intelligence similar please track what i'm telling you after the election people around the toilet ball like they taken a gallon of meadow muso what do now oh my gosh my tommy hearts donald trump one we trying to set this guy up since two thousand fifteen carry intelligence officials are exchanging information which on bread and from the cia that we already know this stuff this is already been reported by left leaning outlets what do we do our candles gonna be exposed we tried to take down flynn let's have him arrested let shut him up we ve got a shot this thing down this is a job this is
clean up operation at this point how do we shut down this information laundering operation we're running the bruce or the spying operation to help her and they set up through myths certain others how do we shut this down we got start lock and people up that's called special council let's go back to our body jim call me what are we going to do now what are we going to do how person it was buddy love what are we going to do is still part of this cambridge intelligence seminar and we know that we invited these people here and we know that were tied to russians i tore it of course with them bad news we're gonna have to resign and we're gonna have to she will public statement that we're leaving because of undue russian influence you of course with this guy joe this russian general trip nick off from twenty twelve to twenty fifteen you knucklehead can
immediately after the election you leave because you're citing undue russian influence that didn't bother you for three years they leave they make a big public spectacle of we where distancing ourselves from these russian connections folks why would they do that why would they do that the answer is after the election member they did this in december joe after november election joe happens right after a president is elected he becomes what the president elect it has become the president till january mr president elect and there's a transition period let me ask you a question do you think december president elect donald trump is starting to get intelligence briefings i would think so you think right you would think absolutely right past it doesn't work in office day one naive he get
intelligence briefings in the transition period you think donald trump may be getting win that something is awry the intelligence community right around the ceremony i think here sniff someone out there here you're damn right is something that you think people may be starting to panic and it may be filtering back through the intelligence community used helper hey man thereon your game man we do now you do now we better quit this cambridge intelligent seminar we better quit a sap and we blame the russians and make it look like where the white nights in this whole thing folks this thing stinks again i know a lot of you from the emails i get about ninety eight ninety nine percent people enjoy this by gay surrender some of you may not but folks
understanding this story is the key to not just understanding anti trump ecosystem the swamp it's an others and to see what can happen when gum maiden accountability lab over time with this false sense of security the republic will defend itself folks it won't the constitution i'm sorry it is a piece of parchment it is paper constitution only matters because we're vigilant and we think it matters it did not matter for eight years under barack obama and to be candid after the signing of the patriot act seven oh to another thing it is time for us as a citizen rate to start asking our legislators what kind of a country we want to be not asking too much being answers what happened here what happened
decorated lieutenant general in the united states military was charged with a crime for a crime the fbi agents who interviewed him didn't emit turns out weapon eyes united states intelligence assets like helper may have been working against him as far back as twenty fourteen for fictitious crimes weapon ized u s intelligence assets may have been targeting other u s citizens carter page papadopoulos using foreign intelligent sources from russia and foreign intelligent sources from even friendly's in the united kingdom this thus bother you this is horrifying absolutely horrifying ray pouring of media outlets was being used to buttress fbi stories what's the problem the reporting came from fbi but the media's role in this too and again you will also understand why if you read the chuck recipes why the new
times is desperately trying to make this go away they had a role in all of this they are reporting the reporting of media outlets was being used to buttress f b i stories what's the problem the reporting came from fbi leagues on believable unbelievable flanagan story europe and other ports turbid hilary email thing which is even worse daily caller crushing let me finish your bullshit were brought you by bodies a brick house nutrition one of my favorite products out there i use it my kids use it my wife uses it is feel the greens in the widest feel the greens matter matters because we all know fruits and vegetables vote menace consumption of fruits and vegetables as a key to good cognition good physical health good mental health supposed to eat good why don't we just don't have time and no one on travelling back and forth i barely have the time to eat a vegetable get about a fruit or anything i just wolf down like a turkey so
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the intelligence community inspector general folks according to sources up on the hill reported as far back as twenty fifteen that a chinese own company located in virginia associated with the chinese intelligence services had hacked in two the clinton server and managed to in plant one of these duplication devices that sent hilary emails over the chinese intel sources now this is a turkey leslie sore story with names and all encourage you to read it but this again why is this story interesting now because i most of us already suspected that the server was hack what's interesting is who is brief about it so the source from the intelligence community inspector general contacts the fbi and according to the allegations in the story he briefs who about it
oh peters jerome haters shrub fbi agent extraordinary and i use that extraordinary term closely i mean the extraordinary what does he so he's the guy run into calydon email investigation and the one later runs a trump investigation and may conveniently make the clinton email investigation go away and according to the allegations in the story after he briefs peters i the intelligence community says hey this woman server mrs clinton with hack the chinese have copies of our email the story just conveniently disappears and stroked as almost nothing with it folks the level of corruption here do you again i can't tell this for all a view who believe out there in some do that there is i'm kind of big like i had operation going on what mahler to take down only people that in other words a good god he is not a good guy i don't believe it tromp team is completely naive to what's going on i think huber
i do believe the sessions justice department does have some significant stuff going on and i know i'll be confident i'll be proven right now tell it done everything right i am absolute we frustrated with sessions as you are the pace of this investigation into the sky it scandal and the clinton email thing has been heard really slow i get it but i've never been more confident now that there are things going on behind the scenes now are we gonna get indictments out of hillary clinton officials on this sure i'm not going to tell you something i can't back up that i can't cup with hard facts i'm not sure but i am sure this this in legation into the clinton email operation is not over that boy they locate well i shouldn't say locate according two the report they already know the name of the firm if these rights good you somehow located in fbi as i reported to you last week on that other story which may
still have a copy of the anthony wiener computer if not the copy themselves at quantico if they still of the six hundred and forty thousand emails and it turns out that their it was even more classified information exchange and these emails email will be a separate charge folks i am not convinced this is over yet fact that they warn shrove about it who was in that's the the trump team and also investigating the clinton email investigation is key why because remember joe this is this is the coup de grace member during the stroke hearing when we're going over the edge report on that let me make investigation the liberal celebrate rod i said no biased no no no no no no no no no that is not what the report said what the report says is they couldn't
move specific incidences of bias in decision making but they work so queer that number one step who was willing to take wilful action and the fbi officials against the trumpet based on their tweets and secondly they couldn't i approve this is key and it relates exactly to this peace and why i'm sure there are things going on it so conclusively they could not prove that the prioritization of investigating trump over mrs clinton was free from biased don't forget that line don't forget that could remember there is other investigation going on right now some of you forgot this don't forget this there's an investigation going on right now into deeds o j f b i malfeasance in the in the selection of the trump team investigation spying operation and the suppression of the king of the clinton hilary investigation hilary
but then email investigation that matters year big as this leak may be this central key to this whole thing you pick it up and put down joe in other words that they surely breathed stroke on clay so fine material stolen by chinese companies stroke did not and with it and immediately moved on to what price tightening the trump investigation despite no evidence that the collusion was actually happening that a b the core focus of the next inspector general report and i see a strategically clear common out to prepare the american people at this next inspector generals report is going to be very ugly this is not going to be a good day for the d j the fbi you get it yeah we d they'd let them know that the chinese these may have stolen these emails and stroked did nothing this
maybe the straw that breaks the camel's back in the next report man report show stacked i tat a lot more i couldn't even get to i'll try to get more of a minority view showed a night five thirty energy to be that come in please i'm subscribe to email less that punch you know that com i can send you these emails these articles i pull every day you don't have to go to my website i'll send in theory mouth you want do thereupon gino that come i'm sorry if this show and thanks again everybody picked up new tee shirts at the chum store shout out to a bar our team over their tycoon creative they did a great job designing new shirt so we appreciate thanks a lot folks i will see you i remarked you just ten bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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