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Ep. 797 Is There a Secret Plan in the Works?

2018-08-31 | 🔗
Summary: Is Bob Mueller hatching a plot to keep the investigation going in case he’s fired? I address this in today’s show. I also cover another liberal boycott campaign that is blowing up in their faces. Finally, I debunk another flawed liberal talking point regarding mass shootings.    News Picks: This piece clarifies Trump’s position on Russia versus Obama’s.   This Fox News piece addresses the troubling new revelations about Bruce Ohr and his connections.   This Aaron Klein piece uncovers disturbing new details about the operation to frame Trump.    Dick’s Sporting Goods is having a really bad week.    Another liberal talking point on mass shootings debunked.    President Trump’s new executive order, which could change your plans for retirement.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bones you know i love them by gmo shelve regional our unity man glad to be right here you are not up for i cannot be more upset a dam in mail system i am i'm done with this state of cash we have this email system at one of my jobs at shower me i'm so tired of it every few mud the password thing shuts down the whole computer my feet and i got a sit there for a half an hour screwing around man alive don't email me at that email ever again people who know me deleting it today sorry don't care if you're gonna have that for work not only not interested thank you very much and joseph throwing stuff i'd buy i can't believe it i am so what matters is that you have no idea where cash
what what is it to every he's gotta have sixty two thousand emails you wanted how many email me at the website which remain by the way if you listen to yesterday's show i got an email today joe a lady sends we at all caps bulb letters breeding eba like it what its we ok like what okay i care we view bashing fox i'm like we were dig it i am like we best fox able to you i'm i'm i'm over there what time and love fox worried arguing about yes i got back and i listened in yesterday's show vocs vice vocs victor violin vocs not fox via tax vocs up not fox victor not frank i was talking about how we do facts and if you go back and leslie yesterday show at around this
fifteen six hundred mark i say do facts and data here now like cnn and via tax right way around oscar x ray yeah liese vocs gosh virus there might be a rocky three ray says yeah i'm gonna make you like tough his nails and rockies and while you know like those things you know snails and meet the juices nails rock none nails nails and from now on i'll say vocs with ivy not with that all right
a lot to talk about today show some really astounding reporting done by our incline over a bright part on a connection that that we talk about a long time ago but really nailed it down and a smaller hatching secret plot here looks like color joe has a contingency plan to move investigation on even if fire and after the mid terms so long to that arbitration but you by bodies at i target the eye target pro system is the best system out there for increasing your proficiency with a firearm we love the eye target system because it allows you to take your dry fire practice to the next level try fire is when you safely safely at the range always what we are pointing firemen safe direction always safely at the range you people ass the trigger on a safely unloaded weapon that you ve checked check twice you check three times to make sure it is in fact a motive why would you pull the trigger and unloaded weapon at the range well it allows you to practice europe trigger pull your grip your site alignment in your site picture without worrying
at the recoil from around going off and it a very very effective way matter fact professional people who for living competition shooters dry fire ten times more than they lie far but you know that it works we did it unfortunately did the secret service academy the eye target system will send you the way lays around that you will put in if we are both a weapon and therefore when you dry fires i can be any recoil it's in a nerd round but will amid a laser and now you can see where the round would have gone because it send you a target to when you could see exactly where you groupings would have been its the best system out there go can i go to a target products come that's i target product that is the letter i target pro com use promo code and you'll get ten percent off i target pro dotcom ok so is a great story it long crime today dan abrams blog mothers of the cap job secret plot here to keep his segregation going after this thing ends that i thought it was a fascinating peace because it i think there's
confusion about what could happen here of trump decides to drop the hammer and starts to get rid of some people and get hold of this attic control investigation starts you know look in another people matter fact last night at the rally joey hinted at a couple of things manufacture that kind of what he said about the content that hillary clinton emily destination last night at the round the biggest story about henry i mean look at what you getting away with but let's see if she gets away with let's all i can say this or justice department an hour fbi at the top of each because inside they have incredible people but our justice department at our fbi half this
doing their job and doing it right doing it folks trump knows stuff ok remember what i've told you from the beginning here you can't there's a lot of naysayers out there about the trump team who even supported you shockingly think he's getting play now i believe a lot of negative stuff is happening to him obviously i believe the mother thing is a witch on but you on one hand say listen this guy was politically astute enough to win the presidency had enough business acumen to reno earned billions of dollars over the years but at the same i believe these getting played in he some kind of adults in the white house right when it comes to things like the mother destination he knows what's going on he know the levels are clinton corruption he knows the levels are clinton corruption that got waved off by the fbi and he compelled italy understands that the smaller probe out of control now i think
think there's going to be some action on this after the mid terms i think he understands and i'll get you in a second a couple a new angles i came up that make this thing even worse but i think he stands at it if if justice is ever going to be served something happened ass the happen and mechlin probe they were clear we clearly waved off the fbi either by the oj or by internal biased themselves now the firms blog as an interesting angle on this apparently it could not a contributor ten the producer over there and msnbc was on the air and sea so that mahler may be hatching some kind of a planned this is a suggestion on his part but it's not out of the room a possibility that it may we a plot with compliance its attorney general to move the these investigations show into the state level courts of mothers to be fired and these federal investigations were too who too where to go away these these which constantly donald trump not her this yet now
it's an interesting angle now here's the difference folks the number donald trump cannot pardon anybody at the state level for state level crimes you can pardon people for federal crimes but not for state level crimes so trump would be in a pickle here now i dont need to tell you this day you know ruin your friday at all but just to get out the information so you have to understand the the the reply or of possibilities available to this anti trump which on team out there now that we're big for an interesting case of of i guess what i don't know what you called justice because it would be no real political ramifications of me think about it if the attorney general if the attorney general in new york foreign yeah yeah in places like illinois whatever not suggesting they're they're doing this right now i've just again thank you all new york there obviously involve an eighty tramping but these it
when general there would be very few political ramifications mad effect that would likely be political bonus for them which would be hard because there be no remember the whole idea of divided divided government is there would be checks and balances vertically and horizontally and that the people but ultimately be the check on the congress and the presidency by voting them out but if these nature so heavily weighted towards liberal ideology like california in new york and mollified its fired is the seamlessly pass these onto the states attorney attorney general then there will be no political ramifications for the matter of fact it would probably be a political sales pitch look what we did we engage switch on to drop after mother took over there's a big problem it's a huge problem and i go back to what i said months ago and it's the reason he should have fired bob mullah early on in this investigation when you realise that by mahler is getting out of control because
that mahler joe has gone down this road subpoena all this information remember you what's the all the stalinist lie there you show me the man i'll show you the crime right that's it scott and so knee deep into this through witness interviews and all the other stuff that here and a crime on any one of the term family at this point we're too far down that road to make all that go away is a sin fuckin problem this this was a man looking for tromp not mahler that is not a man looking for a crime so the pieces and shone out today it's interesting i want to get some other stuff but before i do that some other stories here to cover and just want to get the some news on a friday because its there's a like owen there was a study out put out about mass shootings show that's been pirated by liberals over and over again because you know they love to lock not the united states make us look like complete buffoons on the world stage and there
study put out there saying that the mass shootings show thirty one percent of the mass shootings in the world happen in the i did states and people looked at this study and of course you know liberals embraced it saying look look how violet we i mean i don't know what it is we liberals and there is this this love affair with knock the country and an end now you know weeping the leg i just don't understand it i mean i understand why they do it but i can't get into that mindset i may monopoly same a patriot and understand why you would want to knock the place it has given you so much so the story and the study john lot at the crime prevention research centre came out with a counter study showing that this thing is entirely buck joe now we as the united states not home to thirty one percent of the world's mass shootings it is it let me read you from the peace it's interesting how they always loved to debunk how they did it so you can tell you ro friends not only the wrong but why role
the u s is home only to one point for three percent of the world's quote mass shootings show not thirty one percent now the original researcher throw the curveball on this thing and make americans believe that the united states is shooting gallery all over the place well this is a quote from the peace further study uses the guy who found that it was thirty one percent like for study reported from nineteen sixty six two thousand twelve there were none indeed public mass shooters in the united states and two hundred and two and the rest of the world we find that exports data represented a gross under count of foreign attacks their lives contains one thousand four hundred and forty eight attacks and at least three thousand eighty one shooters outside the united states over just the last fifteen years of the period that like for example we find at least fifteen times more mass public shooters than langford and less than a third of the number the year see see what he did there they grow
we under count did the number of worldwide mass shootings whilst keeping the number in the united states relatively elevated making it look like in comparison to the rest of the world the united states is this mass shooting gallery here and of course liberals jump on the show that where a uniquely violet group of people that requires watch out morgan control a more liberal laws certainly its folks you know your regular listen to show you norm obsessed with doing this i wake up every morning look it's silly dopey liberal talking points and ways and first the bunk them so when i see stories like this there are important this number one serious issues not an each topic i mean obviously shootings in debts public and mass shootings is not a partisan issue this is in can public safety issue but why bother me about it is the effort by the left to take faulty now
said spurious data and run with it to paint a picture or their own country that is not in any way corresponding in commensurate with the reality in our country people now listen if you live in the average town in that you know and as you know america in the heartland any outside of places run by liberals let's be honest the chances of you being involved in a mass shooting they do happen bow our view very very slim right it doesn't respond with reality so hearing that all the united states is thirty one percent of the world's mass shootings knowing that there are other places in the world that are criminal bloodbath here that can't be right and of course it's not so i have the story up india in the in the show notes today it's in the law stan examiner it has the quotes please check it out it's worth you time i another story that i firstly when i brought it up yesterday but i want
talk about it again today because there's a new angle on it from the other side so you know about the export good stick sporting goods decided they thought it would be a good idea to take what a call assault weapons when americans call rifles a soul weapons is a political term it's not an actual tactical term is nonsense so let me now i ll never forget it it i did up enough up in merrily with their now attorney general brian fresh honest who called square off and i asked him use running for attorney general at the time for us said you know you know for sure i job and i said to a money i can you define for me the sole weapon folks disguising lawyer running for the eternal zau you now is the attorney general state of maryland here i had no idea look at watch them i think it's on youtube somewhere i wish i had the link to it but you can see him bumbling and stumbling through a definition of what an actual assault weapon is because you know there's nobody wants the bandit
ban saw web is what are they don't know we gonna bantam so dicks sporting goods this to be a good idea the police assault weapons what they call sought weapons and off the shelf origin nonsense it so it is an interesting piece up at the blaze i haven't shown arts today where some insider he's is actually save either is on the board ory you know is an inside for the company joe he was on some of these are names calls and he says for the last three quarters their earnings calls they ve said that this will guarantee this will hurt their business that the quotas will hurt their business so they know internally understand this they know this is a nonsense policy it's gonna hurt their business it's not gonna have a cent of an impact on national crime rates then administrations the oj did i exhaustive study on the quote assault weapons ban founded had no effect on gun crime it was a disaster the policy was a total complete waste of time dixon
there's this is gonna hurt your business but they do it anyway now bring that up because this shows that this is an ideological almost religious like conviction it's not a conviction based on reason they thought they were going to work he ordered the snowflake crowd and that the snowflake crowd was going to save the months social media but the problem folks as we are seeing that places like picks and i want to add to this today and place like in and out burger which is there a good cause but he not about want to want to complete them with dixon stupid business decision romanian out burger did the right thing but i want to point out why these these boy and these two business decisions meant to appeal to liberals never ever work and almost always blow up in their face almost every single day generally boycott as we discuss mutually it just totally europe in their face like a chick for land which they were publicly trade accompanying would have stock time you here by the way folks about a liberal boycott come up by stock
a company immediately it will almost always always and if it you financially there are few of them they met here and there they managed to make a death itself but time there's a liberal boycott it turns into a pie cod for conservatives later i'm gonna get to wine a second here but in an out burger in and out and interesting story to because in and out burger which makes a really really terrific hamper right earlier i live now i it's for me it's i don't one or two five guys in it and out a match your some days i'm five guys some days a minute now but i can tell you in and out makes a serious burger and about its hard core you can't go in there and leave and not be live all that was silent and it's really well price to meet in and out as a really terrific businessman it is now burgers and icon in california you can't you can't swing
take without hidden in an outbreak around california well what happened in our programme to twenty five thousand dollar donation to the republican party keep in mind i was also made donations to business friendly democrats as well but it is company that that is the euro they they ve been known to i don't want to miss characterized so being very careful here not that i'm not that i'm in arrested what they do it all i just don't want to miss characterize the company but it's a copy that's been known to chair their moral values i'd say they they put some bible verses on some things in the company's it's it's a it's it's a good company and they believe in morals and ethics and not just you know straightforward rock business decisions i guess it's out of item that i may not be characterizing them well and i don't want to hurt them so i'm kind of being delicate there but it's a good company full of good people s leave it at that so
course some dopey democrat so who rose a member that democratic california party operation over their fines about this twenty five down thou donation even though they ve also donated to business friendly democrats as well and there's twitter account calls for a boycott of it in our partner well this thing blown up in their face dramatic manner may ranging from a penis because this is a beautiful thing this is from a piece of pilot online this is the democratic party the democrat part to call out their own guy says we're not happy that gave the money but we're not calling for an affair a boycott some guy named vignette said democrats are fired in the chair to guide bouwman who sent the tweet about the boycott is definitely giving voice to feel like to a feeling a lot of people have right now folks they are bad tracking to try to get their way out of this so fast by the way folks that's
joe laughing i get a lot of china is is that motley s butler we ever get alot of emails but it's not joe laugh it that's what we did with because i gotcha meaning that they think it goes well that's all a job like joe sounds like motley it is widely that's why it sounds like mother because it's not joe sounding like nothing but the democrats are abstract in their way out of this thing quickly because they realise that the get by the way the lines it in and out burger yesterday were worse the funny thing is the end of this pilot online peace joe is hysterical the summer someone's interviewing people for this their interviewing some are some guys eating in and out burger annie tell about the donation he's like or he hesitated food year summit that no ok where we feel that the gagging oh i would think i'm a big democrat i would think about not eating here again you're my lunch first bigger its beers now this speaks to a larger
you know i like to take things out to the these sixty thousand foot level sometimes here's the problem folks we actually and i'm not talking about all democrats here but i'm foment liberals when i make this characterisation the reason liberal boycotts almost always not only blow up in their face but lead to buy cots and in the end a really good for business for companies and the ring conservative boycotts work i'm in vienna fell target dicks the list goes on lots why compare the two now is because folks unlike the far left not all democrats but unlike the far left we actually believe in this liberal stop liberals are complete total hypocrites you name me the issue namely any issue i'll tell you how their complete hypocrites what do i mean you say things like big guard god given rights the right to free speech the right to self protection the right to assemble the right to petition the government the right too
this your religion free of government interference when conservatives libertarians when we say this stuff we mean it these institutional bedrock values which guide every one of our actions we don't believe the government is there in any way to give us these rights we believe there they are only to enforce rights granted to us by god liberals i think fail to understand that about us lips get this through your skulls we are not asking for your permission i dont know where you got that from why you think that is we are not asking for your permission our rights are granted was by god we are not asking we are i'm coming with hat in hand begging you forever our rights not ask you this is you don't understand about us we poles firmly with with every red blood cell in flowing through her veins and arteries we believe
these are our rights you have nothing to do with the government all provide an architecture to enshrine which already hours the house is ours the police department may ensure security in case some broken it but the police department and give us the house the government there give us these rights liberal seem too they were asking them we believe in them in our hearts so when you attack those rights a company like dicks and listen they are free to do what ever they want they are a free company i am not suggesting any government interferes twitter all these other companies are beyond that her karlsson showed and i talk about this social media you want to do go right ahead but on stan that can serve it is believed that their freedom suppression their freedom itself protectionism god given right and if you're going to get in the way listen to me
conservatives will never ever ever forget liberals on that's why and and to sum up on that part there why conservative boycotts extremely damaging if not potentially fatal some businesses because once you get in the way of disrespecting american patriotism and the flag of target are they decide we're gonna let men in the women's room and people than the heartland like way what well we're gonna pull what we call a salt weapons off the shells and you know we're gonna get act against america's americans bigger god given rise to self protection could serve never ever forget that ever they will never go back now and again because they believe liberals on the other hand let's addressed there side of equation liberals four boycotts all the time all the time again the it and our partners just the latest example but control
this thing would happen to them it would happen addictions really suffering we now know one earnings calls as i just said that there are ignored jake this is really are in their business right in programmers packed i can almost to you that in an help for her is going to have almost guarantee it's gotta have one of its best earning quarters in years because for liberals really don't believe what they say again tell me sure taxes so not to go down the launch of this could have done this before but it's important liberals conservatives genuinely believe in economic freedom and the lowest tax rates you know the run car right humanly possible to find it's the constitutional role of government without taking a penny more from their citizens the very essence of economic freedom and we they buy it in other words we believe and economic freedom for me for you for everyone else and that's how conservatives vote i will reply
what can we do the same but that's how conservatives do and talk about republicans up on a hill not voters liberals not do liberals will sit there and lecture you over and over about how wonderful big a big government heavy tax states our joe over and over nonstop taxes are so wonderful cash do we love taxes taxes are great taxes or philanthropic public good taxes we're going to people's health care with higher taxes we're gonna fix everything and what do they do joe every opportunity they can get even bail out of paying higher taxes goober org taxis right ended the eta cassio cortez justly without knocking the taxi service right knocking at wilbur outburst eggs we what we find that are never see record she's all over this is that today they are hypocrites they don't believe it ask your ro friends about taxes ask in this very simple question
taxes or a net public good they result in good things in the enron and government can spend money better than you can that's the whole essence of taxation what else could it be giving my money to a government official because what a liberal pretend you're level for a second i know it's tough you dumb himself down a little bit here but you're suggesting that giving your money to a government official it will be better spent isn't what what else could you be talking about ask them why they don't donate extra money to the government you could disappear to check on the iris form if it's a public good i don't they do it now their actual be woke as other people want to but i've told you that's nonsense i don't i don't get my charitable donations does depend on what my neighbour does why because i think charities a public good above us and i'm not just think you know that i should be laud amanda allotted for i dont donate enough the charity amount being can i wish i donated more i'm going to put my
charitable donations now do not depend at all on what my neighbour did at all because i think good i dont say my time i dont need other things they don't depend on what my neighbour does so so nonsense argument the left and i went on what about that but you name any issue a gun control while we believe a gun control do you have bodyguards these hollywood elite is you have to go for me what are you about i'm going moreover you idiots school choice school treasury drain mummy for money from public source dude your kids go to a private school you don't even send you kids the public's will keep it that's different there my kids what do you mean that when i die don't you believe in equality right equality verbal i mean this is the total hypocrites they don't leave any of us that's why company going in and out when liberals and concern and and democrats call for a boycott one it blows up
friskers conservative show up right away just stick it to em and liberals right away because they don't believe it they don't believe it don't believe in anything they say themselves if they don't believe in it enough to even stay out of the businesses because they know this is stupid i'll give you the perfect example nominal move i say not covered sorry about slower bring the show i mean it i'm by just ivory so frustrated by this email vague joe was i i like this i danced my desk i have really big knuckles for boxing there's like five holes in the desperate effort bab soap billy when i say before we start today and i take a deep breath couple dear i was i was really pair so my apologies for the doing charges gashes email the treasury we tries we absolutely nuts are what the heck was able to say that
the bottom line is they don't believe in what you're talking about night its hypocritical its nonsense they don't believe it and an open even enough to stay out of the businesses but conservatives do other bless point i was gonna make his i was going to up the fox and in about three weeks ago do the five and a fly the airport i jump at a cab and others a chick fillet actually too i think on six the avenue to flies in new york so the driver we were running late or anything but you know dr do the crush reach him and had to stop any just sit there on one street for the fifteen minutes so dick fillet on a corner i see this line but i see this line of people and await this you know you move so slow on the cross streets him and had furs you drive the irregular you know what i mean and i see this light but i can always see the end the line i don't know what they're lining up for because the chick fil a's on the corner and we're only in the middle of the block so i'm like what parker all these people i do not for so of course you know in new york you move like it inch every hour so in
up in sharp let me get closer mike what is i can see the red cheeks i make all my guess is simple and i laugh i laughed i think i have said to the driver of like this is sterile like cause liberal place in america and had no want of improbable maybe spied safer this whenever but the most liberal so the world admits chick phileas pack you know why they make a good checking sandwich and liberals don't believe this stuff there totally completely hypocrites they don't believe it god date old paid open maybe they're all programs john kerry rinaldi to pay our taxes john you park your boat rhode island to avoid tax jabbered not me i don't need it our diet what're you talkin about such fur odds the light was done the black i'll never forget that unlike what are we looking at what do they lining up for they given away free boy another gerda their sellen chicken sandwiches that a chicken
live anywhere near manhattan after that when i write off the rails friday it's friday folks can we get that will do a labour they show by the way on monday so it'll be a normal time don't you worry me doctor jones i don't take days off we love you too much we have one of those already ok can you show also brought you by your buddies it lending club lending club listen for decades credit cards have been telling us buy it now and pay for it later and pay the interest to no good definitely not good quickest way finally find yourself in a real bankruptcy black or despite your best intention that interests can get out of control fast some cases real fast depending on a high that balance with lending club you can consolidate your debt or pay off credit cards with one fixed monthly payments since two thousand and seven lending club help millions of people regain control their finances with affordable fixed rate personal loss no trips to a ban
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i involving article again point out something we been leading down this path for a long time now about that that thou this whole thing is a huge set up how this trump tee got screwed massively from the beginning and i tell him you're one of the reasons they keep focusing the damage that's in the media you always know you're over the target with them with the backlash right one of the key things they keep focus and honest what this trump town meeting with don junior face expressions met with don junior a poor man afforded trump tower it twenties steed and june this is evidence of collusion folks i have told you the beginning this meeting is absolutely devastating papa but it's not devastating the trump team its devastating for that
clinton team in the justice department because the people who show up for this meeting are deeply tied to the clinton's ape tied ladies and gentlemen this is a set up i'm telling you this was a setup you see this said the shoulders today by our incline it's fantastic let me just read to you this the opening of the peace check it out the shown what's up you know that calm thanks for other web traffic by the way it's been absolutely terrific now i've got it this in the past how the players at the meeting are all deeply tied either hillary clinton or entities tied the hillary clinton so what apparently klein got his hands on some information that was presented to the senate committee so that the people that show up to them right natalia vessel in the sky and the russian lawyer reenact mention a former a russian connected deeply to their intelligence operation and a a translator with connections to the state department even was hill even when hilary is there all of these
three players have serbs actual ties to people connected the hillary clinton by climb revelations it's interesting heat about this correspondence presented the senate investigators to correspond this is part of a series of exhibits provided the senate investigators and reviewed by bright bart news which took place in the weeks leading up to the trump tower meeting is fastening earlier this week bright part cited witness testimony saying liebermann now who's liebermann liebermann the attorney this guy named ed liebermann is the attorney for the rush former intel officer connected guy that show up to this term tower me so liebermann z attorney when we read arrogance by partner cited wasted with this testimony saying liebermann was present at one and possibly you dinner meetings between the controversial fusion gps firm and key part its appearance in the infamous june twenty sixth toronto
our reading so liebermann met with one russian participate the same day of the trunk tower meeting according to separate testimony why does matter folks folks ed liebermann wife was on bill clinton staff matter of fact was problem the lewinsky case do you believe this up so now i now this is not a canoe connection fruit for you if you ve been listened to show this connection was made here a long time ago so what's new about what's the new information in the bright our peace joe incline has a has actual photos in the piece of email logs from liebermann to them participants in this meeting guys what if i've been tellin you forever i'm telling you this was a set up this from start was set up here's what i
think happened this is all starting to come together now it'll be quick and i wanted to bounce out to some new information that came out yesterday some hearings to which is also important but this is why this is critically important here's what i think happened here fusion gps which is the company hired by the clinton team go join up the info on trump keep in mind always don't ever forget this they're all fusion gps is working on another cases well they are working on an effort to get rid of the magnates gag them mid ski act is a ben card in the united states senator who i ran against ironically effort to sanction russians involved in the death of sergei magnus ski from doing business in entering the united states called the magnets why do the russians want to get rid of magnates keep well obviously because russian connected oligarchy were prohibited from doing business in travelling to the united states so their data
no one wants to be on that list so please crack worm with this fusion gps is not only working for hilary to gender information on trump their work for the russians as well to get rid of magnates keep these are two track they're taking money at the same time from russian interests getting rid of magnates key and also from hillary clinton but what happens here this tower meeting that they try to get the russian lawyer to the british publicist serves two purposes for them now making sense why fusion gps this trump tower meeting in june is such a winner for them they it's too the trump team to a british published hey we got this information on a die don't you please meet with this these russians they got all this negative information on hilary now
dodge again i think too that think i know don junior if go back and change it obviously would not take the median get it was a bad idea was a criminal absolutely not absolutely not dear yes points stipulated having said that i am not provide cover for i know it's a basin maybe that's what i'm fine i'm willing to accept the i really you ve done junior speed a good guys z diarrhoea whatever his body this guy goldstone sense of any mail you don't have sandro we'll take the meeting whatever you can tell by as you know by the way they they talk about it it just seems like he's taken the information from this friend they take the meeting right this eating serves a twofold purpose profusion they kill two birds with one stone here why they don't have any information on hilary to pass how do we know that because when they show up at the meeting with don junior the fusion gps a team mention and
a vessel ned skier who work and vessel undisguised connected the fusion gps when they show up at the meeting they don't say anything about hitler click because i don't have anything a purpose number one get there meeting with don junior when you get the meeting even though you don't have anything on a hilary use the meeting to show look this was attempted collusion now give her my colleague in although with it even happiness gaze on a crime but a tip collusion is even less of a crime but you understand that purposes in get this second ornamented purpose number one if we can get this meeting on guys under the guise that it's about here recollected females we ve got some hook line sinker because we can go back later on and insurance policy and say look they were attempt to collude with russians now they didn't have any information on hilary so what's the set
the purpose of the meeting for them this the purpose of the meeting for them is one they get in the room even though they have nothing on hilary they might as well take advantage of the opportunity with the president's kid and at that time in it french member of his campaign paul metaphor joe and what do they say talking about the meeting maggie it ski fusion gps is taking money from russian connected interests to get rid of that to this was a two birds with one stone thing now does this makes sense this is beautiful now drew email email exchange log between liebermann whose unquestionably connected to the coincidence and whose acting as a lawyer from one of the participants in the meeting mansion the former in russian connected in guy it is a long shot for me not to believe that guy whose wife was close
its confederate a closed companion of of the clinton family that disk is not passing information back to the collective is is outrageous its it's it's strange credulity matter confusion gps whose working for the clinton's clearly knows about the meeting because they meet with the participants of the meeting before and after and now at least according to the reporting it looks like this guy liebermann who is intimately familiar with the clinton is meeting with them in emailing them to folks this a critical component of the buggy of the entire russian hoax they using this trump tower meeting to prove attempted collusion that they the fact that on trumped junior took me to keep in mind they are doing because their hiding the real intend to the meeting which is their corruption not the trumped not the trump teams this
meeting clearly had a twofold purpose set up the trumps later on they won the election to be able to look they took the meeting attempt collusion in number to lobby against me mid ski which fusion is being paid for that stuff the purpose of the meat that's why this meeting with such a beauty for them this was this thing fit checks how many different boxes joe does not make sense is crystal clear yes it's very clear now we ve mentioned doc match in his ties the liebermann in the past liebermann ties to the but read on peace and bright portray and just look at the screen shots this guy i connected to the clinton orbit is emailing everybody involved fusion gps i mention he's all over this thing meeting with before meeting with them during there's even an allegation in there that
he permit without mention after the meeting but are you that was about man i can't believe suckers are still fallen for this thing or right i got another angle on this came out yesterday which is really interesting but again i appreciate your patience we have great sponsors they love to be here they love talkin to you and i appreciate all your support of responses means a lot to me express vp an express vp it with all the recent news about online security breaches it's hard not to worry where your data goes making it online my purchase or simply accessing your email could put your private information at risk i saw a lot of this window my my prior line of work within electronic crimes you're being tracked online by social media sites marketing companies in your mobile or internet provider who wants that not
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red met this wording like i've went after flax this is crazy did i remember that at all when i get a lot of emails i joined their there find my wife and i both like freedom catherine heritage fox news another great report today when the shown up on you know that calm she does really amazing work i actually never have i met them of all the people in fact you run into most of them in the green room you don't have to big studios studios all over but the big ones are washed in dc in new york and when you hang the green room before show you pretty much run and everybody command and people gotta do haired make up and i don't think i've ever run it there but you so really terrific work i have a piece up by her a fox news that come at the shown us today i strongly recommend you read because britain joe bruce ripe who the justice and remember how i always referred to the spy gate scandal factually three sub scandals
information laundering operation to clean the money to clean the information gettin shady information they had a clean up this eyeing operational trump through helper and others and the trump team and the two and the framing and the set up of donald trump which we just addressed through the trump power me so we just it part number three that to be clear where we are back part number one the information laundering scandal they knew they were having been information for fusion gps and still they knew it why because now catherine carriage peace confirms its shower sources are saying that bruce or what but indoors and up on the hill joe through every body under the bus everybody everybody's going down this is it ever
but he's about to take for i think bruce or nosey is in deep trouble i think he knows his wife is in deep trouble i'm gonna get to some of the reasons in a minute but bruce or noses in deep trouble so he is chuck and everybody under the bus as soon as possible to get himself either added trouble or to say if i'm going down you all are coming with me what happened yesterday or or said natasha according to herod resources or catherine urge all gone setting the testimony yesterday that he he had worn doff f b i d o j officials tat the information he was getting from christopher steal you know the dossier all the negative stuff on trop it may in fact be suspect footsteps do you like a small thing because of your listening to show you not of course the information was sets banking crap information it was wrong dossiers just got job i'm joe what i
make up a dossier tomorrow and not on whoever and just is its junk is garbage it was made up but the fact that they just this department official than before guy bruce or who was talk two christopher steel who created the dossier after the f b i fired relaying the information to the fbi and now or says he was telling me fbi hey listen dear from she may be suspect in the dossier inheres why and they still use the job they are we fired steel already fired him for life about his press context now you firearm you're taking is information again to a justice department guy who is telling you who is how can you that the information is suspect at you he'll used if folks this is ever information they ve got it now from or himself or i warn them do you want stay and how much trouble these bureau geyser in and
the oj guys for walking in now do you see what rob rod roses theme sallies signing off on these fine words without double and triple checking the information despite the woods per se your requirements to do so now i understand why they are so much trouble and what happened yesterday is so devastating or now implicated everybody in this instead of or two in the fall himself job an organ bout say listen i got the information i bid you know i was shady i should have said it was shady i didn't i tell him who getting it from i just said it was a reliable source or would it in the fall himself my wife was can a fusion gps i should have warned everybody off he didn't do that they all knew they knew what about his wife at fusion gps they knew the information he was getting the shady and they ran with it and swore do it anyway this is devastating stop now also in this export
report by heritage it short of swedish worth your tongue or also admits that job this one is like i read this summer police for this of the country please tell me this is false it's not early or buckling behind closed doors also admitted that he was in regular communication with andrew weissmann while he was at the justice department now i dont know if that if you remember the names like i always ask you too if you do right your scratch you had going are you kidding me andrew weissmann was a justice depart an official being brief by bruce or who is andrew weissmann now what's he doing now are we mothers pitfall he's but lead investigator on bob which on deep so let me go it is pretty clear what i'm telling you here
air jura weissmann is now investigating donald trump as bob was led investigator despite being a justice department lawyer who is being paid by bruce or who is being by a widely discredited and fired fbi source who bruce or wasn't even sure is credible and now white and is investigating trouble for russian collusion charges that originated with a source bruce or using what bruce or wasn't even sure the source was telling the truth folks do you leave this scam holy cow now just to be clear because i know some of you are getting frustrated i understand i am too i believe the calls after the election for a second special council will get overwhelming i believe not some action immediately and me italy after these amid terms because people are distracted now and there's that i'm sick
he gave rule by the justice department firm announcing there's a general rule in the justice department that you're post to announce election potentially election interfering information sixty days before an election idle such i'm just asking you guy i know i've just be paid until the election because it's not the justice department for a rule in place there but if there's not action immediately after the mid terms i back sessions will probably be fired rose steam may be fired as well and they may say to huber listen if there's no if you if you're not if you're not busy and actually doing your job and investigating it's time to move on organ to find someone else and get a special council because now this is overwhelming wisely should resign joe immediately mahler should go of all his corrupted in an conflicted attorneys on this case this is mahler should be fire right after the aircraft the mid term this cases a total disgrace
the total embarrassment listen to what just told you the leading the gate around mothers case was being breathed by a guy in the justice department who had no nexus to this case at all who on his own had his wife work and a company working for the coins and was taking information from a source who fabricated this whole collusion thing and fair to weissmann a wise man is using the collusion thing to investigate trump i know chewy it's unbelievable at people liberals out there just still defend this thing they still exist goes to show how corrupt and tyrannical these liberals are they are so corrupt it is just that sounding that you can support this disaster now just a couple quick points and a role for the weekend why is this so devastating say this i mean or taking information from steel after he was fired acknowledge
drink the people it was probably not true that it was suspect acknowledging that steals motives were probably just a dislike trump and in using the information anyway well it's a b f p because in the final applications to spy on trump there are three things missing that are on questionable material facts that this judge should have been informed them and at fbi ages in the oj official signed off one number one thing missing no mention a broussard all according to people who see the applications none when trump declassified this that's gonna be devastating show this to be clear on this score those talking or you're using the information if i weren't but nobody mentions in a fine work that it came from or whose wife is working for the company being paid to get the information that's kind of report there's no mention anywhere of hillary clinton
paying for this information in the face of war there is also no mention anywhere in the pfizer applications of feel statements to or which he took notes on joe saying what she hated donald trump unwanted him not to be elected president astounding three credibly important material facts omitted from the five applications to spy on the trophy now i want to leave with this the dams are trying to spend this because that's what they do joe the democrats realized they are in deep deep trouble here so if you read the and the catherine heritage peace i strongly encourage and check it out really get the democrats the gist of their spain was why this isn't a big deal joe even o or was the number for just this ever really wasn't his job to vat the information it was is job to vet the information yet no kidding
it was the fbi agents addio j already knew or source because or told them they already knew we ve been fired why because he fired em had this is the as the french you have well or just getting information from stone he had no capacity vetted so we pass that on to the fbi what in the world twelve meetings the fbi debris or twelve times there's records of it at some point do you think the fbi in those in the records that meaning show do you think the fbi should have said the bruce or hey you know we fired this guy because he lied to us before and are even worse where's telling them i don't even trust me information and yet they still continue to get it from steel this is the best you ve got no care it wasn't oars job the information it was the fbi's the same b i by the way that fight steel while
which they were still getting information from later on through or this is doing this is so stupid of a defence it's hard for me to explain it to you please tell me you does the avonlea eyes they did mc grath realized there in a bind here so there's a war or wasn't investigators the jailer the fbi was the f b i fired steel we already knew that he was fired and they still went back to use them through war that's not a defence that's an indictment unbelievable i folks actually give it you're not gonna great article the show notes to also from punch you no doubt com map columbo regardless of your position on foreign policy the fact should be relevant and that has a really great peace on the real goods on russia trump versus obama you know what this in fact should matter and i think you ll see clearly that whether you believe in
a more nationalists the foreign policy or a more global as foreign policy i think you know where i stand i wish we had canada pull back a little bit from a lot of this but peace is pretty conclusive a trump has been pretty tough on russia so go check it out punching and accommodate the shown us today sorry for opening of the show you mean a lot to me and i like even ruin ten medicines show but i was useful and i like that from you alright i'll see all my they thanks a lot folks appreciate another great weaker listens thank you just ten bonn gino she did more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at du bon gino
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