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Ep. 798 The NY Times Steps In It, Big-Time

2018-09-03 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the epic failure of the NY Times to change the narrative in its latest propaganda piece. I also address the hysterical failure of the latest liberal boycott to take hold. Finally, I address the economic illiteracy of the latest crop of far-left candidates. News Picks: The latest liberal boycott has, hysterically, blown up in their faces.    This business owner harassed Sarah Sanders. Now the town is paying the price.    What is the DOJ hiding about Sally Yates?   This socialist candidate for Florida governor doesn’t understand basic economics.   Here’s what the proposed tax hikes by the socialist candidate for Florida governor would look like.    This troubled Washington Post columnist plays the race-card — again.    Why is CNN joining the online censorship mob?    Twitter-@dbonginoFacebook.com/Dan.BonginoInstagram-@dbongino   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wasn't there thereby gino shelve we should show our union labour day in the old line state dan labour day thanks to everybody worked for eleven out there you guys and gauss out their bus in your botz god bless you it's all about honor the work out there i had i am i agree we can how was your jaw everything i was pretty good i rested someone i got a lot of stuff around here done so yes court dear good man good we had a distress out last week was a tough week we had so much there's the cover this weekend what my my wife we went down to the breakers in florida if you have never been there by the way folks but he's out of you ever get the opportunity it amazing down there and palm beach we we went out at we went down and want to stay causes is spent than i dare to breakers it was was awesome so we had a really good i'm distress the little bit are let's get it
you i got a lot to cover including some more economic illiteracy by the hard left and a new our times completely face phased thing on the desk chair into run interference for the bruce or information laundering galleries they completely this is great this is absolutely epic stuff so don't miss a word of today show right to you buy a bodies that filter by the news he just came out of china discover that air pollution causes a huge reduction in intelligence this in it since the well known impacts on your physical health you dont want to breathe and polluted air bad for your lungs to high police levels led to significant drops and test scores with language and arithmetic the average impact equivalent having lost entire year of education now we know what is going on at the department justice they never change their filters over there i kept this is that these guys rumbling that's why i love it directly stuffed absorbs that's what's got out of the
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down here with a certain candidate down here in florida why again i don't live in florida it's obvious but i never talk about on the show given that its national while international show really we have listened to all over the world but i never talk about issues that are that are strictly regional five and issued its regional and applies to a national audience i'll bring it up but the florida governors race and your cassio cortez race up in new york for congress these are national issues why because they become more about competing ideology show necessarily than nabob the bother competing can yet what happened there in florida we just had a primary for governor is a very important story for you because but he saw this coming never saw on the democrats side as i discussed last week when talking about the florida gubernatorial raised no one saw the socialist candidate for governor winning florida was always thought to have a more moderate brand of democratic politics a more reasonable brand of democratic politics this is
can we not have far less state like massachusetts maryland illinois california so you really wouldn't want to nominate a far left candidate florid if you have any chance of winning you'd want to nominate a more moderate candidate amours establishment pick on the democrats i'd right nobody saw the sky gallon winning but he did on the report inside run sant this one and in huge opposite he was down by a lot until the last few months until after trump endorse them and i said the to take away from this nationally or the power of donald trump and donald trump endorsement which propelled don't run this this to victory number one and number two thirdly the power of socialist ideas over the democratic party even in swing states and in in what i believe to be read states now like florida part is more of a red state that it is a swing stay especially when you look at this they wipe politics this is troubling now what happened we kill him
kill him who is the far left socialist candidate florida running for governor now one the primary enough said has been made regular media appearances and in these appearances he has been absolutely flogging it because he doesn't understand basic economics now of course the left they then what are they have to nothing more than identity politics give em happens to be black which nobody who cares about what the laughed it's it's politely i mean we don't judge people by the melon component of their skin we judge by the ideas the left doesn't do that the left is obsessed with race and the left has perhaps as issues with racism themselves because when i you criticise kill job there are meat before back is that your criticism is due to the melanin component of his somehow insinuating that him being black or white or hispanic has something to do with his policy positions which by the very definition racism so the left the real racists year so there too
the racist left is trying to make this an issue and a race political race about race when it's not the battle of competing ideology socialism verses versus free market capitalism and round the scientists now give appeared on cnn and in a surprisingly adversarial confrontational interview here the cnn house actually asked him some serious questions and kill em has no answers now again this is a national story scale of missus sanders bernie sanders acolytes socialism is starting to take hold amongst a lot of these younger crowd people and frustrated democrats i think is a spots the trump but give them who is now going to be their standard bear in florida has no answers for the question i want to play some of the audio from this from this from his appearance on cnn and i want to break down absolute economic illiteracy exe asked in this interview it's gonna be two separate pieces so play cut wanta
study earlier this summer from george mason university estimates that medicare for all that plan would cost the government the thirty three trillion with the tea dollars over next decade which obviously would require a significant tax increase florida has has a reputation as you know for being attacks taxsaver are you ready to tell the people florida that they need to pay a lot more in taxes to fund our healthcare plan will be pursued there was also our report data that showed that should he moved to cover more people to a medicare for all system we can actually say this some trillions over an extended period of time but i have to say that you need to raise taxes fair so but what i would say is first of all and i want to be clear about this the state of florida could not take this road by itself taxes would have to be raised is at present do you agree with that i don't buy that ok couple things in that
one kill em is either doesn't know what he's talking about or is lying to you he doesn't know he's this is a man running for there is no option see option a he is completely ignorant as to what this study he cites actually says or can be he's not ignorant which i believe are to be sought a stupid guy ok ops b he understands the study any miss characterizing to lie to you about pitiful he does get it he doesn't get it now here's what's going on here there was a study that came out about this medicare for all this magic for all bernie sanders proposal that everybody united states would have access basically domestic care which is good run third party pay healthcare medicare which is already bankrupt the study came out set a couple of things now i have this at the this happens you know that com which map a put together and i encourage you to read it but i'll give you the to take away hears what study really said and by them the claim gill makes that this medicare for all is going to reduce the time
spartan and somehow save american citizens money is sure it is factually incorrect number one folks the medics for all price tag is going to about thirty two trillion dollars now ex just for except that the numbers wrong when i get to anticipate accepting for a minute that it does costs thirty two trillion dollars americans private expenditures on health care are too it's u trillion so saying that it's going to cost less money thirty you trillion twenty two trillion then americans private expenditures on health care is a problem with basic math i can't reconcile how you think thirty two trillion or thirty three trillion is less than the twenty two trillion we spend on free market hack health care of healthcare which is already too expensive because of government it's not as on the what on eta care in the medicaid front that's as you see what i'm saying juncture
are you trying to say that we would save money that is not true that is now you may say well when you combine that that the free market capitalism healthcare spending and you combine it with medicare medicaid then yes it is more than thirty two trillion and if we were to offer just medicaid for all we would then if money ok that would be correct except the fact that that's not what the steady said study said an order for bernie sanders programme to cost that thirty two trillion dollars they would have to implement his recommendations bernie sanders which are what too caught expenses and payments the doctors and hospitals by forty percent now both understand right out by the way this study has been the bump de facto costs less than private health care by even left leaning alice joe you standing the logic here what he saying what mia bernie saying here is if we cut
ok almost can save money on my own healthcare expenses if i me saying ok i can save money on my own health care expenses if i walk into my doctor and tell him i'm gonna pay you fifty percent less joe what's the problem with that the doktor going to tell you get out get out of my office and go pounds in where the after is is it works in a free market like everyone else here he's compensated for high level of education in scale if the gun it comes in it takes over the health care system and says to all the doctors and hospitals that some of them by the way hospital networks that are struggling now by the way we're gonna pay you fifty percent less you are not going to have a doctor in hospital go that's why study has been roundly up out of what is to study wasn't upon but bernie sanders healthcare programme the fact it is going to save money is entirely debunk even by left leaning alice understood what sanders you saying here saying i can save you money by taking
over the health care system using up the autumn power of government and i don't mean awesome in a good way he's telling you is he's gonna save you money by telling your doktor he's gonna give them fifty percent less and your hospital and he's assuming your doctor and hospital are going to stay in business to play it's been entirely debunked kill arms nonsense about how it's going to save money again he either doesn't know the study doesn't understand the study or most likely we're but he's not a dumb guy he doesn't you stay in the steadiness just lying to you here very well that if you were to cut payments the doctors and ass was by fifty percent you'd have no doctors nostrils and he knows very well that the public costs this programme is about ten trillion dollars more than americans are paying now for free market healthcare he's just lying and make it out but the interview continue the economic illiteracy continued to play fortuitous interview
fine that kind of money for the government without raising taxes so first i'd see one florida could not do it by itself but secondly we have the opportunity to expand medicate for over seven hundred thousand of the most medically needy people here in this state of florida my governor and legislature refused to do that you know it costs us about six bill in dollars and money that should have come from this federal government to the state of law that we never received i remember going up as a kid having to wait for the mobile dental clinic to come to the neighbourhood in order to have my teeth claim i know these guys aren't for area has as a government official you have to make it work others work as i still don't understand how you would do it without raising taxes so the first that we would take is expanding kate and pull down about six billion dollars a year from the federal government on this answers and donald trump have worked let me to let me go get it at its last year less affordable you will you say that you will not support raising taxes to make our healthcare planned work i am so lately not raise two
his own everyday working floridians to give access to that they are people so what i and i ran on this by the way is that we will increase taxes for the for corporations in our state who right now just so you are aware only three percent of companies in the state of florida pay the corporate tax rate three percent and that three percent under the donald trump tax scam got a windfall of six point three billion dollars overnight oh my gosh ladies and gentlemen i want to smash my head off a desk when i hear guys talk and these ladys it as the subscribed to the socialists nonsense do you wonder stand the absolute economic ignorance here one it's it's not here's a problem it's not ignorant he knows what he is saying is wrong he's just like the guy is just line just like your cortez is lying elizabeth warren is lying bernie sanders is lying there just making this
how how being there when you get up let's go over because we do facts here i know that left as a problem with this but we do facts let's go off i kill em proposing for the state of lord he's proposing a core for attacks hike from five point five percent the seven point seven five percent that's a four percent hike in their business tax in the state of florida you the absolutely decimate the florida economy we do that but notice in the clip you guys have their wine button on your part gets hit the fifteen second back button and listen again if you doubt this notice how the guy is this goes to show you the complete utter intellectual vacuum the left lives on or the modular one there's no option see ok this is a socialist who's running on big government government take overs of the health care system of the business environment and
stay simple question about taxes he absolutely refuses to admit if he will raise taxes why folks why joe if your socialist agenda is right you el the taxes or a public good why not just come out and say it this is what is so infuriating about the far left its they are such why and frauds when given an opportunity you give any conservative joe any conservative the opportunity to say how do you feel about taxes you will get clear and unequivocal answer we hate him here's why the government can spend money as efficiently as people can the government cannot invest in business like actual businesses can the government simply doesn't have there's a knowledge problem in government they don't have the knowledge to run a business because the government is that in business they are in government they are the same thing these are clear equivocal answers yet every
i'm you ask a left this then a far left this in a swing state not dominated by far left liberal democrats you ask him a simple question about taxes the dance happens no tax and so much of this aid can answer a simple quite just answer the question now what he says is absolutely absurd he's already proposed a forty percent hike in the business tax in florida already on the record then he says because well we be hiking taxes on people work we would be hiking taxes on corporations you know i wake up at six thirty in the morning on mondays even on labour day to do fox friends which i enjoy a lot and i appeared on oxen friends this morning and thoroughly and completely dismantled this absolute
the idiotic idea joke can i ask you a simple question your daddy you now you i a bungee no i'm incorporate ran i have a business in florida turns out show you know me you work with me who do you think pays my taxes let me give you just let me make this i'll tell you what i want to make this a multiple choice now what you d have sought as miss further my fifth grade teacher god rest or stores just our soldiers not as you got you i am aware hooking multiple choice question here i am by gino incorporated who do you think pays damned bunching those taxes a space aliens be the money ferry or see dan bond although i know you need a minute him you joe this who pays those taxes here in the state of florida stand
you know i'm not sure but i'm going to thrive and say you dad i'm going i would say that about you you would be right i've ever gets one wrong jos on fire even on a monday morning on labour they ladies and gentlemen i am incorporated in florida i pay their taxes my friends you own businesses in florida corporations ass korbes l l sees you know pays the taxes them they pay the taxes corporations are people i don't care what the left this books who have no idea bacon because what they're talking about these left this not jobs you have no idea what you're talking about i don't care what they tell you about corporations preparations are made of people there space aliens they're not martians there's no money fairy there that it's not made a vow of cougars and lizards and animals and reptiles it is people people incorporate they incur
operate for legal protections they do not become non people when they incorporate operation is a legal entity for business purposes that gives people certain protections it does not make people non people the left was to make it to the way they loved him ten them play stupid here come on real kill em we're not going to corporations we're just going to tat why me where i can attach people we're going to tax corporation operations are people in florida one more thing on this number to move because i've just as its ibis and bob believe me i'm not just saying this because i'm upset because i live down here in florida eyebrow this because this is turning into a national issue with this group when crop of socialist candidate sanders warren cortez now gill up down here in florida that just say things that are so dumb that
telling you they're not these you're not stupid people these are very smart people face things they they know they're lying to you they absolutely understand it he says one more thing he says well only percent of corporations pay their pay top business tax rate in florida kill em andrew mister andrew mayor get he a mayor tallahassee arguments due respect may or tat may again do you seriously you understand other corporate tax works just simple question about set you up here if you get it wrong thou wert do you think corporations pay taxes if they lose money everybody knows they don't of course there are god has of course they don't pay taxes on so number one large one corporations that are in their first or second year joe do you
in the first or second year of a business you may eat a few losses in it in an effort to develop a long term businesslike say you're in a restaurant and it happens all the time i show you and i've been in business together with this i guess with third parties and others for a very long time how we see what two years doing this job how long it's no good question how does you work with me for free for this pod guess before you earned a dime off it probably eight months to a year by year ass a year and even then i was right and joe checks that were peanuts because i felt betty was put in this effort we would do well to weekly show and folks i did have a lot of money we it's so much money and equipment are server fees joel i boge always donating is time i mean this was a good for five our operation and weakens get it together member s trying to get the youtube up and everything else was hard we had to learn from scratch sought a sob story i'm not a snowflake unlike the left this what it takes to get a business now up and running now we're what the second or third
biggest conservative pod guests in the world we took a lot of lubs joe lost a lot of money so did i in the beginning it costs me like twenty thousand dollars and equipment to be almost two years even to get that money back here other to show as hundreds of thousands of listeners and we have sponsors at our a there here and keep the show free now it's making money i point is this ladies and gentlemen this is a basic economic ignorance or manipulation not air big corporation in florida is going to pay notice how we phrases that the maximum income tax rate he said three percent three per se corporations pay corporations lose money they're not paying taxes on losses therefore not only did not pay in the top corporate tax rate there not pay it eddie corporate tax rate if anything taken write offs which is where we go and before with that big we had you know what i'm talkin about guess what i've got little that's right that's what you were thinking
two i can fight through joe off recitals i guess questions i vessel now even worse he raises a very specific way only three percent of are top right yes because most businesses if florida are paying corporate tax there just not paying the top right rate because they get deductions for crazy things show air quotes crazy crazy things like investment in investing in your work for all we don't want that that's why they get there this is so disingenuous kill em knows better this i mean it's just so incredibly frustrating listening to these socialist candidates who i'm telling you this is not a dumb guy he knows what he's doing is a lie any saying it anyway and you're seeing this take over national so when you hear these citations folks from socialist always think how is he lying to me because they are or she lives are in bernie sanders cassio cortez how are they line and when you dig
printed the numbers you'll figure it out all bernie sanders plans going to save us money has it do that bernie sanders is calling for a forty percent reduction in payments that that is not what oh well let's go happened to the doctors and hospitals and other gonna go out of business so we'll save money by not giving me healthcare because i have no hospitals or yeah great job nice job bernie that's a solid plan brilliant than that another one we're not going to take people get to tax corporations give him who are corporate board croatia's are composed of what exactly people so whose pay the taxes the people corporation yes ok thank you moving on next question well only three son of corporations in florida pay the maximum tax rate kill em of europe everything like corporate deductions yes do you think people take us why do they take us because they invest in their company and they get a tax break for doing that which benefits the florida economy along when you didn't you not even heard that by the
may i give them do corporations taxes when they lose money no they don't so that might love of a significant number of corporations that pay the quote maximum corporate actually you didn't know that either but you run for governor floored yard i got these it's on real it is unreal would that silliness we gotta come on the errand debunk every day for us are actually show also brought you were bodies that i target that the eye target system is the single best way to improve your marksmanship woke safety rules ability of your fire amber proficiency video firearm are the three most important things i during my time in law enforcement by your proficiency with a firearm is paramount we had a line in the secret service and training redoing firearms training though unlike this you're responsible for every single round
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how come i target proto competent promo code dan and you'll get ten percent off don't miss this opportunity to really terrific by a system i love it it's what are the best training systems out there ok moving on i target protocol check about the new york times man did they hello at this weekend oh my gosh so i was at thank authorities at the the breakers my wife fifteen years a marriage with my fantastic bride so great and big shot out all the people who said hello in the breakers i don't get out of the house much by the way so i see people in public and i come up and tell me how much they love the show i am sincerely and honestly flattered i get a lot of questions about producer giotto thinks you really look i got some like absolutely you seem at sea packing like but i'm sitting down and it's at the end of the day we just got to the steakhouse report tire so i pick up my phone of course in a meeting and i see this new york times story about old thereupon go the russian oligarchy that if your regular listener the show the names over and over all i dare
ask is a very wealthy russian billion airy owns when the largest metals companies in russia friendship in is alliance with putin although its had its ups and downs goes back a long way no one seriously questions that their pasqua daryl because connections to the kremlin nobody i mean not if you are serious person which eliminates must have left so i see this peace i had a abuse i always am fastened by the story at its our times piece about their pasqua is connections to bruce or ended the oj and i'm thinking to myself ok what's the golden rule joe the new york times the golden rule the new york times is when you see a piece in the new york times about spy gate operation something's about to break in the new york times is doing what they're running cover for the democrats in an effort to make the sultan go away because the new york times is a serious journalism now that it never was its propaganda but for the democratic parties so i'm saying to myself what is going on here why is the new york times rating is peace let me go
what the essence of the pieces farce that i'm not sorry but i'm not gonna put the peace and the show no tests and to terrific pieces about a summary of this but i'm not gonna put the times peace in their because its i'll explain you what it says is i'm not given a many collects these people are the worst and its again it's not a serious journalists mallet so the pieces issue that bruce or at the deo j the number for guided the oj who we know now was passing information from christopher you're the fbi despite the fact that christopher steel these spur they hillary clinton fusion gps dossier ass but i ve been fired by the fbi has just to be clear the fires this guy he then comes again and stars passing information through the department of justice back to the fbi after they fired on the new york i'm sure we can volvo and then they write this like fifteen hundred word peace and its is big long winded defensive bruce or my guy always something suspicious here what i'm going gonna give you what their coverage in a minute
their defences issue well bruce or you know number one this guy is a career professional in the doj one that matters great thanks for your service you also screwed up and you're going to have to pay a price for it sorry that's the way it works right but the of christopher steals info is because he was dealing with sensitive information from these russian oligarchy like their pasqua and he was doing it for the better their justice official was running this information laundering scheme of we're steals info is because he dealing with sensitive information from these russian oligarchy like there are pasqua and he was doing it for the benefit of the united states and their spying operation i'm like a guy aye aye about last it i almost lost it i'd like to buy my just states take i've gotta vomit like this is this is sterical didn't your time joe the signs
at the tomahawk rabbi ate all twenty four ounces that sucker i was an object of didn't you times now expired in their efforts to cover for bruce short let don't listen to me you can miss this segment this critical because they go to show you the conundrum the left in the media about the same thing is in right now they can't defend one thing without exposing something else it listen super excited about this i'm sorry if i'm i'm at but i want you pay attention what's goin on this has happened before a member when the spice scandal was exposed about helper that the guy men the obama administration ran a spy against the trump teams to fund helper who was the front of that the new york times and just the new york times story was watching it wasn't really aspiring operation and gets trump it was the russian so let let's be clear
so for a year and a half you told us that the true for administration and tromp himself colluded with the russians then acknowledging their peace nano wasn't about trump it was how per just targeting the rushes it wasn't specifically a trump do you understand problem they found themselves in because now you're saying what the trump wasn't under investigation but they had to why joe because the new york times in conjunction with the democrats here's what they do they tree on their needs at any given point and at any given point they figure out ok we are up craig without a panel right what still worse scandal right now is scandal now that the obama administration actually employed a human spied a target the trump team or is it that trouble colluding with the russians clearly the times the democrats and all the bootleggers got together and said listen fellows right now we ve got a dump
tromp colluded with the russians there because we have a more serious problem and are more serious problem now joe is what upon administration employed a human spy now why do they do that why did they treat us there need what you might say yourself well now they're acknowledging that there is no trump investigate trump wasn't under investigation nada they know your yet about that you doubt me go to my twitter feed what had come allah harris democrats senator who again no different than the media and everyone else they're all the same what did she do at this weekend we can confirm brad cavanaugh donald trump is an unindicted co conspirator under investigation way way way way just a few months ago when the new york times protests define how per story about spying you said not all they weren't spying on the truck team there are not under investigation waited for the fury to die down which is what you always do
the change your story again lickety split because you're liars you fix your phones fraud you're not real journalists you're not you're not authentic politicians you're not leaders your liars your manipulated joe is just make it says because if we have any kind of your thing but i want to set you up to us then how did just completely discredit these people using their own words this is a constant issue with the left this i gave thing is a total complete disaster for them they are right not in the let's make it go away stage because they know they can because can't control the narrative because what barack bomb is on an office anymore trumpets and trouble just tweet inside the whole thing while over again the minute they make it go away their goal now joe is to trade one scandal for the next and trio's what's worse we have seen this before remember the beginning stages of the investigation
it's the tweet out the article all the time we're cnn reported as far back as april where they said our intelligence was spying on the trump team in passing information to the obama administration why because back there the goal of cnn and others was to prove that trumps you sure what the russians was so bad that it foreign governments were spying on trumped to help and am what happened so that was their priority then show when the story became oh there's now hence the trump colluded with the russians sierra was like crap did we or tat they were spying on trump even though he was included with russia then all of a sudden they started to backtrack not trap wasn't under investigation but you guys wrote about forget about it doing it again now or in the since department are in deep deep trouble so here
sterical the new york times in an effort to distract you from what puts out a piece acknowledging that the oj was colluding with russians to get information what are they hiding let me read to you a quote this is important this from bruce oars notes right when he was talking to christopher steal this is it very important club the justice parliament and others and the press has a whole these notes now much of the collection about tromp campaigns ties to russia comes from a former russian intelligence officer he writes france is not entirely clear another would she doesn't know who it is who lives in the u s or put in his notes what am i getting at the new york times
their liberal allies in the swamp rat republicans no there in a world the trouble right now approve sore why when i just say joe i know you're confused what is it if you don't worry i'm i'm gonna on confuse you right now the fbi brought the information from steel into a fight court to spain trump there were no hearings and yeah you know what it doesn't not have hearings are rare but they do happen in contrast with doping the birthday the information was supposed to go to a very formal procedure to be verified the process is called the woods procedure have only been talking about it for a year if bruce or new that christopher he was quote russian intelligent sources for the dossier joe where local inside the united states then why exactly joe did they not interview that source and verify the information themselves via is
because rubber stamping accusation that's awesome that one of our lisbon agenda to us go whoever you are at least that is art pedro big progress that your target is your door jack nicholson from a few good men listen to me make this makes sense you right now i've been i can do examples of how liberals will change the narrative on the spot when they realise there in grave danger that a worse narrative is going to take over right they will lie to you immediately the now it is now the real narrative is oh my gosh we had the number for official in the oj taken information from a source that was fired by the fbi the source use the claim or we had thought that his sources were in russia and therefore would have been have to verify their is in actual procedure to verify the information now we find out from oars notes himself job that this
worse for the dossier was a russian intelligence officer inside the united states and nobody bothered to verify it the words they spied on an american citizen carter page and the two hopper all the time team themselves on information they could have easily followed up on an ass today there is no evidence they even bothered to verify the information do you their stand the monster scandal this is nobody has even mention and by the way former russian military intelligence officer god forbid that's reno i mention the guy who's but up at the trunk tower meaning god forbid because now we know that a guy work with the clinton team was the one who showed up at the trunk tower meaning trying to set up down junior god forbid an animated an interview him to try to get them
from it to verify the information do that's what i'm saying don't they spied innocent american citizen carter page he's not under arrest he's back and charged with any crime at all day spied on him based on information from a source who set its source was in the united states and nobody even bothered to verify it up until today we have zero information that happen this is a stinking hot pile of horse manure the times knows that that story is ugly really ugly and that people could be almost criminal big if they could be criminal criminally liable not only for leagues but foregoing into court and swearing out information that they knew in fact was also they had not verified the new time senses a scandal so what do they do they
this fifteen hundred plus word peace on bruce or trying desperately to save oars reputation and to say all look bruce or was really a career criminal criminal law prosecutor this guy with such a nice guy member he had nothing to do across by hurricane he was like he was sourcing his own work to attack trump while his wife is working for fusion gps right they have save bruce or did you watch yo to make sure the republicans proceed down this road and stuff asking or wait the source was in the united states did you or the f b i make any effort to verify that source no so by an american citizen without doing making any attempt whatsoever to verify the actual information we correct on that day at that time understand that's what it's doing is its running pre emptive cover for or so that they attacked the republicans using their newspaper and the liberals for saying look job or the career public servant this guy
not a bad guy look at these awful republic is make no mistake that is exactly what they are doing now in order to do that though they had to member this is not about the new york times making the democrats look because they can't it's a making them look less bad don't don't confuse the two the new york times knows it's in trouble it knows as part of this it knows spend hyping the propaganda the collusion propaganda despite no evidence times knows it so right how they are strictly entry outsmart there's like the guys stab the femoral lottery and he's got caught on his hand both are bad but we'd better the care that femoral artery first and let the hand bleed a little bit or their patients can pass away are strictly in tree mode right now so annoying but it was established the fact that the republican we bruce or alone and at their classes
i programmes going on here what did they have to do astonishingly they had we acknowledge that bruce or the entire time with dealing with a rush in himself and christopher steal the d j and the fbi remark globally what have i been telling you the whole time that the democrats are covered not the real rushing collusion scandal which is them colluding with the russians i have been telling you this from day one now know according to the new york times themselves joe that the department just this bruce or many fbi we're colluding with all like their pasqua a crime when connected russian billion air to gather information the entire time this scandal was going on thereupon whose lawyer by the way and law
obviously we are also working with christopher steel who is being paid by the clinton's the gin up information on trumped do you believe this is a far spy a forest i christopher steel he is not a u s citizen a foreign spy being paid by the comments he makes up fake information on trop they never verify the information christophersen at the same time is working with all my therapist going to lobby for his interest the department of justice a kremlin connected russian oligarchy do you believe this crap do you believe this the o j was colluding with a russian connected oligarchy to gather information entire time this scandal was going on now you understand why bomb alors in here to clean up the mess so their stand what they did not i have a couple of things i want to get to you understand what they did here then york times is in deep deep trouble
they ve been part of this they know liberals or finish the swamp is finished they are now swapping scandals hoping you forget they are now open we acknowledging russian collusion between russians connected to the kremlin and department just this under obama through bruce or and fusion gps increase for steel who are working with their pasko and his lawyer to lobby for their pasco while exchanging information with the justice department about trump look it's real now you may saddle i start i'll get it they had to do that because what they're saying now that times is well joe it's there operation with their pasqua was very sophisticated therefore we can expose the other information about what are we doing because look if we without we may give up sources and method right you get it here and now prevent they think we are times at is the report
look devon newness and others from looking into or and the jays apps of almost any effort whatsoever to verify the information they used to spy on trump basic they're trying to shut down this investigation into the justice department but to do it there say sources methods sources and methods look all right we were dealing with a rush and it's not so bad but here's why these people are on believable ongoing and you watch they change the narrative again in a few weeks when they think you forgot about this so for things to never forget them that's who said in the past trump wasn't under investigation despising happen on your spine and she's on and have now they're saying is they change your story cnn we're saying a long time this is so serious as collusion foreign intelligence were spying on trial for us then when it turned out that the
he was pine and they said not on our foreign intelligence was a spy trump team this was that this was a russian thing not a trump thing that's funny that's not what you said in your own reporting now farming to justice angle ok there was collusion with the russians but it's a sources and methods thing this was an ongoing operation and don't you dare look into bruce or because i don't want you to see that or aid no effort whatsoever to verify information from a russian intelligence officers gave this information trap whose in the united states and may make the guy who showed up at trump power wow what an epic scandal man dude it only gets better with this case i died today show also finally brought you our bodies at blinkers republic is air if you like me to list the books you want to read or the people suggest is long
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i believe this is a special offer for just rarities gotta blinkers that's b l i end k like blankly point in your eyes blink yes ice the blinkers stock slash the and start your free seventy trop that's blinkers dot com flash deanna start you're free seven they trial blinkers dot com slash dan ok okey dokey doggie daddy already two rumours here is my another story i found that greece is in the show notation please please check it out i try go out there and find the best articles that day in this one this is kind of a contrast story joel my favorite topics to discuss is the epic hilarious failure of just about every liberal boycott in america there's there's a story up in the show there's a couple of them actually about how you have this group sleeping giants won after i part how bright air traffic has been up pretty dramatically since their boycotts united snuff never work
it's in the show notes today but there's another two stories that i think are great a contrast how liberal boy it's always fail but conservative boycotts are extremely destructive in the short and long term for businesses now last week i explain why that is i won't go to the whole thing but just a quick synopsis serve additives are true believers when we say we believe in big our rights the right to self defence rights granted to us by god the rights to economic freedom the right religious liberty worshipped worship and our own faith free of interference by government it's not a talking joe it's not a chatty cathy episode itself we really believe in it's what we live our lives in you know we're all centres where a flawed but if something to go we always strive for is to maintain and fight for those big our god given rights at any point we don't believe they are granted by the state because are not their granted by god they may be protected by the state these are not state given right these
core tenant so we are not the amateur mental democrats you but the right left does not believe in that the radical left believes in a subjective society where government can change the rules as it sees fit to plan in perfection it by the way society is not perfect the bull he ever read by thomas all conflict divisions it's a great book but it's a slower rate it's a good rate but can read a fast but i suggest you read it slow because if you get it couple pages and digest that you'll be a better person fort in thomas osborne collective visions he talks about this how the i believe in this perfected society man somehow joe can reach some perfectly which as you and i both know is not attainable the only thing we can do is protect others against the flaws of man using the use of rules or the constitutional republic in the respective big our rights the left doesn't believe that they believe stopping on you your rights and will ever at any opportunity in an effort to endlessly perfect what cannot be perfected i know it
a complicated idea but when you think it we will make the world a set of economic planning if we could just get really smart people are planned the economy would be better off if we get rid of it did you get rid of greed so you're saying as human beings are greedy when they're in the free market but when they go in government may have power play ample on not equally if not more dangerous very upset it can he says human beings are greedy except whenever in government is one of those idiots stupid things you can possibly tell somewhat but listen liberals actually believe this nonsense right the idea that if smart people get in order to be in charge it could plan and perfect society they can now i say because when it comes to these boycotts we are even that we should not trample on other people's rights and we get very upset when people do it when people come ass brass and they discriminate based on political beliefs when indiscriminate based on race or anything like that we get upset so what happened well
a while ago you probably familiar with the story press secretary sarah sanders who i really like one even a restaurant in lexington virginia called the red hand remember this job oh yeah air been a little update on a red ham great hurry i have an idea from local news station in the showed i read it it's only about two hundred words so that the owner of the red hand apparently races into kicks era saying there's out of the restaurant pics he doesn't like a political police let me tell you right now you're you are welcome to listen to the show any type i mean it if i own the restaurant you be welcome in my restaurant i'd care at all but your political beliefs and i believe in a free market economy songs you are harassed the other customers and my outlet and as long as you don't try to face our website you're always welcome here the girls don't believe that their police they tyrants and they believe in the flexible power the state to harass and haunt other people cause that's what they do
the red hen restaurant owner jackie drives into the restaurant to throw saracens bears out the incident become public a lot of you heard about what happened to the red and white as i told you folks conservatives never ever forget conservatives said by by senior no conserve respectable conservative or walk through the door that establishment again so what happened to the redhead not only did the ran hand sufferance business read the pizza local peace is not from a partisan alan the town by recommending but we boycott the town to a lot of the universe good conservatives in a town with nothing to do with this by listening up in smoke people or not the count as having a real problem now they had to act catch our fifteen thousand dollars in emergency tourism money to start
retiring to town again to clean up its reputation after this silly owner the red hand engaged in this juvenile stunt to kick sarah sanders because people are avoiding the town altogether conservatives never ever forget now having said that liberals don't really have any principles folks the radical for left believes in the flexible power of the state in the erotic thing is there hypocrites they don't even believe in it themselves in their own lives it will claim they want higher taxes the plane the economy but they don't pay themselves they claim they want control of the education system even though they pull their kids out of state schools and send them to private schools because they shock say we want government kicks we can plan it better but not me i'm gonna go to private doctors that's the way liberals are frauds fakes phony they don't stand for everything they don't stay ready the spineless jellyfish given that
they have no guiding principles other than flexible state power for others but not for them it doesn't thing really drives them and motivate them other than the oppression of others so one is boycott catch you being that they have no lodestar no nor star to guide them like big our rights it will defend and we met and live by that creed oh no matter what liberals don't have that liberals announced boycotts places liberals who are all about me first right i join in other beginning progress in heart maternal democrats liberals or total hypocrites i wanted to one to pay higher taxes you mean you yourself no not me i mean you but you said a car tax even for me this liberal all about me so sterical we have on one hand the red handed tax can tax conservatives the red handed the whole town are struggling but in and out burger berger chain and national burger chain in an hour
work which made a donation to the republican party california some silly dope from the democratic party now where our boy caught in an outbreak of that worked out well she has worked out swimmingly i want dad refer you to my show notes today on my website again and and an independent journal review i j r article showing pictures of an outbreak now some of this stuff is stock photo from all the renowned openings but i want you to look at some of the tax in some of the photos of an outbreak of which was absolutely pact for the last three four is why because liberals or frauds their complete phone ease and hypocrites and liberals think with their stomachs and liberal stuff quit their heads because they don't have them and they certainly don't think with their hearts because they're not passionate about anything other than controlling others
those hungry he's gonna walk is but the internet by amber not only that is the liberal going to go in there but the conservatives are gonna flock there and mass to give the double barrel middle finger to the liberals who are protesting and honest business establishment that just trying to make a living and hire people it out burger was in another spectacular explosion of a liberal boycott now here is my new golden rule in and out is not publicly traded either is chick for ladys privately owned companies but if you catch wind that liberals out there for some liberal group are looking to boycott of company go out there and by stock of its public reiterated immediately because business is about to go through the room matter of fact from what i heard and it's actually in the eye j peace to calls to franchise were in and out burger have gone through the roof since they liberal boycott ladies and gentlemen list
smile a little bit today's labour day especially very conservative immoderate democrat or good republic in listening to my show liberals again you're welcome to but your frauds smile a little bit they can't win because they don't believe i know i can be sarcastic and silly sometimes i try to give them show a little later edge of given all the seriousness of the topics of the time but be proud to yourself you believe in something i used to love target i've never work back in a target store since they took their stance on on bonn bathrooms the nfl i was a avid ravens and raiders friend you select to wash the jets too i have now watch the nfl game in three years and i never will you not only lost me you lost my kids lost my wife and you lost the next generation of bungee no nfl watchers i will never watch it again and i know you won't either
will they come around and completely change their policy in doing about face and no this you believe in something you have a lodestar you have a guiding star in your life baby you will you can go to the grave and say you know what i was a sinner i screwed some things up i didn't do everything perfectly every time i could buy em aim to a bedrock series of values i had a path some times i fell off it but i got back on that path and i walked out path and i stayed on that path and i knew i was on a journey to the right place where are we there are not some did something but i ain't a path oh this that your liberal friends have nothing they walk aimlessly chaotically in the woods with no guiding light no norstar no nothing they buy into trees they trip and fall over they have nothing their lives are utterly devoid of meaning outside of big s police state power and when they lose it they freak out they met
down and they have absolutely nothing you can go to the grave knowing your life meant something they will go to the grave knowing their lives were absolutely meaningless i fucked sank again for tuna really appreciate it means a lot happy labour day i will see you autumn you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of their own line in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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