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Ep. 801 The Deep State Doubles Down

2018-09-06 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the troubling opinion piece in the NY Times from an alleged “senior official” within the Trump administration. This person is a coward and should resign immediately. I also address the stunning revelations about Rod Rosenstein that were leveled last night on cable news.    News Picks: The gutless coward who wrote the anonymous NY Times op-ed should resign immediately.    Byron York addresses some key takeaways from the anonymous NY Times op-ed.   John Solomon’s latest piece covers the troubling relationship between the FBI, the DOJ, and the media.    Sara Carter’s latest piece addresses the coming storm for Rod Rosenstein and the DOJ.    Why is Barack Obama’s staff hiding his speaking fee in Denmark?    Socialist Cynthia Nixon can’t figure out how to pay for her socialist nightmare.    This California Democrat’s “boycott” blew up in his face.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bones you know i was damp la judo shall producer joseph arma cost our you today just doing right now we record veto about midmorning the shows is obviously support guess oh it's recorded just a bit in advance it goes live about joe half an hour after we're dunghill cynical the live as you're gonna get at every time i come on the air in the morning now i turn on the fox news it's this hearing and this hearing with cavanaugh the supreme court nominee this confirmation every day is become just think of it like the penal galleries a laughing stock is like a joke the democrats new the objection
you think we ve had a stupid floor like this is definitely the floor stupid there is no way we're going to penetrate this floor of stupid we have reached a new law and stupid this stupid floor is burned throw when you find yourself in the stupid basement just when you take your head hit stupid bedrock delay we have found a way drill through further stupid bedrock and get to the core of the stupid planet we live on and even then it's like you drove through the corn you wind up on the other side is stupid it is on leave about how this thing has degenerated so this morning a kid you're missing the latest scandal our failure in here and i want to get out to some other stuff this is just so it's really an embarrassment the democrats in the committee right now led by corey booker that her dark and doing the confirmation hearing in the yard the judicial committee here are now three
being to release classified emails bow you can disagree or agree with classification fine i agree we over classify things in the dark in the government is well documents in the government but joe joe there are clear on this they are threatening to release classified emails in the hearing inquiry booker's i while all except the consequence this is an amazing act joe i think you know what i want to go with this this is a stunning active a poxy so let me be clear on this bread cavanaugh it was one of the secretaries and the white house met a cabin secretary us their deals with actual administrative business inside the white house for george w bush they have come so five emails that you were classified information the demo rats and ordered it what they think they're going to do is damage cavanaugh our three to release one of these emails about some kind of raw racial profiling which i'm i'm sure i am sure has nothing to do with cavanaugh or cabinets bob though you know racial
it's just an identity politics ploy by them but are threatening to release class as these are the exact same democrats folks keep in mind who now been hiding the entire spy gate scandal for my sake you care released classified despite the fact that the classic since that is may be hiding the biggest government abuse scandal and weapon nation weapons zation of government that we ve seen in our life that these people are frauds again i wake up every morning saying to myself how can we confront these frauds on some of their nonsense they are frauds their total fakes suggested clear and classify in a hearing you want to release classified information to damage a judicial appoint the new thing you're gonna damaging at least but when it comes actually exposing the weapon visitation of government forth a man and abuses potentially fifth amendment abuses all of this stuff then all of a sudden you hide by what classification matters very moroccan release sets of classified fakes total frauds totally
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dot com slash bond gino for a free hair analysis and a free haircut expense it's your hair in your life at its best only with hair club i am certain you love the club hair club that complex bungee welcome on board fellows yeah ok by the way joe we have but can i just say ten ten four daddy oath yesterday big breaking news a hold on it can that its little a little hot near folks have in work since yesterday and my office my studio get super hard all the equipment it's not so an anonymous up ed was released yesterday in new york times by a godless chump coward your fraud fake phone a phoney patriot big loser it's an anonymous up at the new york times if you miss the story i have some sarmatians of it in the show notes peace byron york which is excellent any peace by conservative review which
covers my appearance on the levine show last night where i shred this idiot now we're assuming its a he because someone slipped in wrote key so this guy who releases phenomena not miss up had let me give you some of the take a ways about what was in it why it's been such a controversy mites blowing up all over the media so what let's talk about this and see becomes more in yemen yet a big deal the new york times publishes its anonymous operate from an alleged inside the quote senior official in the trump administration there are some some people try to play this down i don't think we should it's a very serious operate because it addresses some very serious questions the the person is this guy alleges that he is an insider and that there are people working me inside this cabal to thwart trumps agenda ladies and gentlemen think about what we're talking about here this is serious stuff toward the agenda you have people who have that there to be there just to be clear right these are not
people who were imprisoned in some government gulag forced to work for the trump team under some kind of you in shared servitude type situation these are people who have voluntarily decided to stay in their jobs while active its wording the will of who i argued yesterday not donald trump joe that's it can be now it's actually your will because you elected donald trump heat intellect himself it's not a monarchy down i wasn't handed a crown and sceptre donald trump ran for the the office of the presidency united states and was elected in a fair and free process and a constitutional republic and was elect based on your will there are people of either chosen the stained government or even worse joe maybe they stay in government this quote senior official wrote this object maybe even worse they accepted positions knowing they were going in there to thwart the
gender of people who elected donald j trump full of other take away from this operate because the media is all over this show the media's all over this because they love chaos and i if this was planned with the bob what her book which alleges more chaos inside the white house that there's a you know nervous breakdowns happening and all this other nonsense i believe this was plan three times during the haven't hearings to contribute to a sense of chaos so that the democrats can what this nominee for making it onto the supreme court because they know i agendas this in real trouble the folks none of this is by action so byron york has a great peace some take away from this operate that i think we all need to understand because this is very serious stuff i have the peace but the show notes today punch you know that com please read the follow along with the show again if you subscribe to my email is to send it to you i'm takeaway number one is actually from me you an absolute duty now to resign
to the anonymous chump coward wrote this up i didn't even have the guts to put your name on it if you really believe what you alleging that the trump white houses and chaos that donald trump is on to lead that here i'm kind of megalomaniac power hungry guy if you actually believe that show don't you believe this guy has an absolute duty to resign name yourself name yourself you jump you gutless fine was jellyfish name yourself now joe listen that not give myself because some pat on the back here but if anybody could talk about this it's me ok azra i had a remained pay job your taxpayer money paid paid me i don't want to hey this fool whose writing this anonymous operate from with inside the trump administration attacking him i don't want to pay as for one tenth of one sent them i tax dollars i want a refund immediately from this idiot i worked sighed the obama administration is a secret service agent is that
history and pray nobody cares i'm not look at we pats on the back and we be crystal clear i didn't with the direction but the country was headed in either i resign they did not retire i did not keep my benefits package i didn't keep my government funded taxpayer healthcare plan i left i walked away i ran her office in a blue state is a republican i lost but i can tell it's and sit here proudly and say you know what i earned the right to talk about this and i am not going to back down on this one bit this guy had a scintilla of colonies he would go they are tomorrow name himself and say that was me and the object i dont like the direction this presidency taken the country and i'm resigning you have it who you fake phony fraud to walk away and stand for something you shop anonymous ipads maybe
i should have done that joe is an agent here's what i saw your papa you know it's a joke you know what really upsets me about this what you know it i were there are things i saw in the i still don't talk about talking at deliberations and meetings and stuff like that in a one i knows agitated up that that said that wikipedia some bizarre reason i know the guy is by the way you just that it's a whole it's all i believe that up but i things with people the obama administration i still to this day keep quiet and my objective that that's fine i just believe that there's greater cause and a certain olmert and the secret service to not smoke think things unless they involve criminality or your present danger the country but i
no problem walking away leaving my salary behind leave my benefits behind runner for office folks we almost one broke shows no me a time you know a when it when i've nearly miss the mortgage payment one time because we have put braces on my kids teeth some kind of sob store either it's just the point that if you're really willing to take on this burden of fighting the good fight think all fight it don't write an anonymous op match if i would have written up maybe and i must operate now here's what i saw the above an anonymous maybe right in the wall street journal or something to take i want you have a duty to resign gutless wonder number two the operates crystal clear joe astonishingly lays out in in a most intricate care one point how donald up has been very successful at the deregulatory porch corporate tax cuts the appalling
and of justice is not only on the supreme court if cavanaugh makes it that would be justices but also judges on the federal budget if you read the up at it's amazing in its it's it's almost like there's like a cognitive dissonance guy who writes the thing says we all these successes but i really don't like an old trumps leadership style and how he could be unpredictable and meetings and others have any scratch in your hunt joe you like way come again yes right took away too the enemy let s father did you hit that angle i thought it was a little weird but that's what i heard that's byron yorks take away and i phrased it this way parallel to this guy who is clearly a swab creature game is more important than the result aids the gate game the swap game the pats on the back the cocktail meetings the lobbyists meetings the debate
he's a bargain i may bring like glances at my shoes it's it's the it's this this almost obsequious boot licking dc game nonsense and the fact that trump doesn't do with their fathers this guy indeed see game nonsense and the fact that trump doesn't do with that fathers this guy in the end its aids is it truly astonishing we i hate about putting it in the show note given the new york times clicked if you want to look at look it up ice just you read byron yorks piece of my show notes instead it covers without you having to give the new york times any clicks on this eighty its peace put it just stunning that donald ran his campaign against the deep state against the swamp pete from the swamp the phone ease sign up for the trump administration to collect your taxpayer money sap the administration from the inside right
item is operates about while still collecting your taxpayers money and in these anonymous operate shocking we acknowledge that the swamp and deep state a real because the persons a part of it they call it this time you stay it's really the swamp state they ignore judge real and then they acknowledge at the same time that the results in the trumpet ministration are very real but they just don't agree with the management style could trop refuses to surgically attacks is lips to the ass of american politics i'm sorry but that's it that is the the report highlights the peace you will see exactly what i'm telling you it's true the guy you wrote that subject only to trumpet style so that's take away number two all they care about is the game because as i said to you yesterday the game is everything jobs jobs
for their kids jobs for life lobbyists jobs big homes in dc maryland in virginia joe lives in the heart of this american i live there to it ah government workers you can't you swing coke can on a string without hitting a government work or if you live somewhere in maryland and other raw with that i was one of them a lot of good people they're doing good work out a plea people go to work at a problem i believe the organization of government is however and i believe a lot of these people sadly have understand that this is a public service position it's not to get rich quick scheme and this idiot who wrote clearly is offended that the game is going and the game is going out the window quick under trump because he's not have it point the pc complains about in the meetings here short attention span yeah i did too at meetings because you know what we had a line in the secret service db m death by meeting
go into a meaningful and after like say on the lead advanced asian and the counter sniper guys up they're talking about the counter sniper plant not uncommon are all be like a time out wrap it up dude we ve got an hour here ok what give us highlights of the plant of what we need to know the fact that truck is impatient at meetings i'm not surprised and always a queens go builds buildings you go in there and a builders like ok chapter what no no no no no where are we in the building processor surprise me at all so secondly grab sir about style i just acknowledge at another take away this is also included in your speech peace although i'm editorializing a bit the author basically admits that there is some kind of a deep stay cool going on ah that's a conspiracy theory the guys please don't listen to me
eyes inside the proper administration is a quote senior official watching in the new york times all pages show that their a concerted effort amongst numerous people in the trumpet ministration to thwart his agenda his words not my folks if this was an article what about is not your door right what about i live on what about his views about ism is about the rules what about the rules if the that this is now ok joe you darn well if this was abed peace written about morocco by my gosh every people are being charged with trees and right now if someone wrote end up in the wall street journal say we are a bunch of patriot
then the government actively thwarting the agenda barack obama the newspapers would be on a twenty four seven operation to watch you hunt this guy down get his name expose them and haven't charge withdraw treason it's ridiculous finally this is clearly an effort during the cavanaugh hearings to still a sense of chaos within the government chaos shut these hearings down because they have no votes to do it it's problem we will not coordinated at least time to release with woodward book coming out soon that basically makes the same claims that there's a bunch of yes go on out of the white house at their summit side we have to look at the now we're back to the twenty fifth amendment again which gives the cabin under certain conditions the power to have the present removed for some mental instability we're back to this nonsense again i thought we'd forfeited that awhile ago apparently not are i got a lot to get you went to drag about six seven
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lot of the feed back i'm getting his people demanding government intervention into choice interface book into google and into youtube because of the known discrimination against conservatives folks i get it i am with you i am the victim of this myself granted as someone said to me you know comparing what would happen to me two people have been entirely de platform i'm not trying to do that i'm just trying to tell you that i've been here by twitter and i haven't even told you about the youtube issues were here's what on twitter i've been banned from running ads on twitter maiden we are told me why they ever made any specific rees it's never made clear any specific reason that's just what twitter does so happened to me and i haven't really talked about this but in addition my facebook enough has been spammed by facebook at times lot of you know that because annually do i know that shows people email me they go try to share stuff and it's been spam also on you to one of the things i haven't shared is we have
youtube channel its because i don't even know what it is really you to back i would say you too dot com slash dan bob on gino and if you oh they're on the youtube china you can listen to our show and if the way youtube works if you allow them to run ads on your stuff which we do you have to have a green light in order for your ear euro your show to generate any revenue from those as our shows get yellow lights almost every day meaning there under some kind of review no one gives reason no one tells you why i have some liberal friends don't have this problem ever folks it's a scam now again just setting up the fact that i've been a victim of this to the complainant at happens it's a free market these companies can do what they want why i'm complaining about it but it was and i'm not suggesting any government intervention i'm warning you that
are the proposals coming down the pipeline that they are begging conservatives to get on board with and you're being suckered if you believe this is going to be this is going to be some kind of fantasy and cure ojo is there suggesting government monitoring now of sir of these twitter facebook youtube type entities when they decide to get rid of or or sensor certain material now i know that sounds great now with donald trump and office to some of you like tat we get some government regulator in their determining who you're i know joseph shaking his head almost violently back and forth because these are this they horrible papa i deal with a kapital age what happened when government monitors your phone calls are we dealing with that right now of a baby we are dealing with that would spike i d come when you will the government has a monopoly on force it has a monopoly on the ability to take away your money to take away your freedom turning over the power to them now
to monitor social media decisions folks do you understand the pandora's box we be opening anderson what i'm getting at you there is an actual proposals filtering its way around through the back channels to have got men monitors sit in on the twitter facebook youtube boards that determine who should be deemed on a ties the platform folks again i know that sounds good now with donald trump in office can you imagine if bernie sanders joe biden elizabeth warren or like alexandria occasional cortez people who believe in this centralized power of a big ass state government too go your rights can you action if their monitors we're sitting in their folks this could happen we are begging you to get on board with this plan i am beg you as you as a friend as a country producer as someone who
deeply and sincerely appreciates every moment you spend with us and i put a lot of work in through the show please please do not fall prey to this this solution here is not the intervention of government because it will be turned and weapon eyes on us immediately and i can guarantee the minute a democratic it's an office that the platte forming is going to be on test ass the roan you name it it's going to be adduced up beyond belief and they are going to a government excuse to do it please don't fall prey to this this is a huge huge scam ok moving on so last night again on kennedy show sean had these tv show nine p m on foxes become are beyond ten i'm using on tuesdays and there's a sometimes they cancel sometimes it up but it is because it just an incredible platform for
formation on the spy gate scandal people go on the show it breaks stuff and why things job manner we still have to showed up in our chums through the take it easy thing where i told you i get it i got it i get i'd say four sessions i think to move out at this point i think we understand their relation chips broken he's right used himself from the russia case that mahler probus gotten out of control but i've said to you repeatedly that there are some things going on within the federal government right now within the justice department a varied appointed injustice i want to be clear about trying to play both sides of just tell me my honest feel is being gathered with it but there are things going on i've told you everybody needs just for a second let's just let's see what happens on this case and what's going on there are some things happening right now a slight showed the jennifer that show you that i'm not crazy jody ever goes unhappy at nine o clock last name maybe a little after and just
perhaps a nuclear bomb on at last what does he say the general who i appeared on mark levin show with says i've got some sources any does joe was assisting united states attorney show the genesis i have sources who have revealed to me that rod rose inside is in fact under investigation right now and is now allowed to proceedings before the pfizer court folks everybody the panel i think sarah card had already been notified that by her sources but every enterprise could he had it was i wait what now i wasn't surprised by the information but i was surprised at gotten out there so fast i have absolutely no doubt there's a computer is a pretty good steve investigation going on right now is to rod roses to use now effectively did that the attorney general at least on the spy gay is because jeff sessions the actual attorney general is refused himself i think mistakenly
but rose in steen is apparently according to the agenda under investigation now and it's not allowed to conduct our heat or be involved in proceedings in front of the fire a court now ladies and gentlemen why is this important what does this mean to you especially given when i told you yesterday show which did bonkers where's please if you missed show eight hundred yesterday it is along six twenty eight must listen to which where i tied together the whole scandal plan a thief to use government systems and foreign intelligence to spy on trumped that falls apart they got a plan b which is the set up tromp tower meeting the spies trying to set the trump team up that falls apart go to plan c which is the mahler cover up now frozen stiens roland this is at all levels of this but it's more it's it's a clear and and and and very easily explainable role in plain be why but could rod because rose and seen himself sign the fourth vice of war to spy on a quarter page and the team this is the big
debate right now over the classification there are twenty pages from that warrant show the fourth vice so we're clear right the fourth five of war which rod roses dean sign themself there's a big debate right now how in congress and the bois amongst the president and his staff overshoot they declassify twenty pages that there are real look if you ve seen it who have instead did that the warrant rod rose and seen signed to continue the spying carter page in the trunk to remember the two operable right they can help from age to others to others effectively spying on the whole trump team there is early information and a fourth pfizer that rosa seen sign that is absolutely devastating now i'm gonna get you in this can you when i think that is why i think rosen's these in real trouble i think he's being investigated for two things right steam was the yard was here too in the justice department row since then failed to verify or failed to
merci properly the verification of this information and none of this is news to you but folks here problem rosen stiens gonna have there is a formal procedure called the woods procedure the woods procedure is a formal delineated procedure for verifying information that supposed to make its way into the pfizer core because it says it's a it's a court that doesn't have the same rules as a criminal court defies the courtyard no you're being spied on you're not entitled to any adversarial proceedings at all the pfizer it is a secret court its effectively the star chamber right so because of that there is very specific procedure for that call causes of that court called the woods procedure this is important to proceed you're delineate step by step how the information that gets into that quotas to be verified to ensure that the infirm
it is in fact correct it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't it was fake my guess and its one is those twenty pages they're going to declassify are going include information are going to show information within dossier that if it were subjected that woods procedure would have been easily debunked this false remembrance formal procedure it's not cover verified age how is this real yet relocate the orbit procedure it's good nano it's not the armor cos proceeds towards peace there is it has to go to this person and is personally fbi then it goes over the d j then it passes up the chain this is the person to see this person has to do this is a very specific procedure so number i think roses things in a world the trouble because this finally the fourth one folks meaning by now
let me ask you a question rather make a stable job what do you think the fourth one the fourth i it would be more significant some of the information that when it comes to verification in the first five do you think joe that some time may have passed between the first one and a fourth one oh you think so because i've just comments is chronological common sense right if there's if the first pfizer's filed in october and the last one is until after april right time is passed so by that point do you think they want on that i'm not fun unclear police thou reason people want to see the fourth pfizer and they want declassified unread acted they want information out to the public is because
if information in the fourth pfizer that appeared in the first second and third but had already been the bond appears again somebody swore something out they should nap raw shaggy somebody's in a lot of trouble why do you think new ness and the others are pushing for the declassed vacation of our fourth pfizer because by timely information and made it from the first to this i can renewal to the third to the fourth there's probably a pretty darn good chance that not only was it not verified the first time but by the fourth time it was shown to be categorically ball you get it that makes sense body absolutely that old chronology thing gets him every digest every time he added the fact tat rose in steeds john hancock is on staying though he signed it and the fact
he was in just this is the number two at the time is fully aware of the woods procedural time is already passed indicating that this is garbage creative a very serious problem for our body rod that's problem number one like that problem number to the deuce apparently there's some information that was exculpatory this is actually you know what it's rashly not the deuce it's probably the same issue framed the different way first problem for roses venus investigation can failure to verify second one is the information with there was probably exculpatory information that had revealed its by the time the fourth further chronology paying joe get you again by the time the fourth vice had been signed they had information leading them to believe that the information they were using in the dossier gathered by steel was problem we boma now what is that
it's the information they had from bruce or bruce where's dealing with steel after he's fired by the fbi eighty still following information to the fbi but he says to them some things that are deeply disturbing that were exculpatory may not have been presented to the fisa court by the time to four pfizer renewal happens number one he questions the veracity seals of steals information himself bruce or says at one point the congress yeah wasn't sure this stuff was legitimate that it was beaten acids pete questions the veracity of it secondly sores told by steel about how personal animists he has towards donald trump it just doesn't want to happen i'll get him elected he's wasn't what monster make sure he's not elected joe do you think that may have been in power do a pfizer judge to evaluate in the context of the information is getting you think the folks do you have a duty
as a federal agent and as a federal prosecutor if you so if anyone a police officer a federal agent noses a you have a duty if you are investing hitting joe arm a cause for a crime and you information that joe did not commit the crime you but alibi you have on video somewhere else you are obsolete this is not an option you are obligated to give that information over to his defence or not proceed if probably cause isn't there for an arrest you are obligated this is not optional know you our obligated to present experts called exculpatory information revokes i can be clear on this issue is not inside baseball for a lot of you but for some of the u and maybe if you our present now just to be clear on this you can people is a federal agent you can of course be tat happens all the time if i don't have
a full picture of jos crimes i can walk indigo joy have you in in our union place you in queens on a knight of the robbery you know usual suspects i live in queens you think of yourself you get a team of my he's working around a lot of member that kevin polyglot so but i can lie to you say i can place you in queens even if i can't what i cannot do as i cannot lie to a court and i cannot lie about exculpatory evidence otherwise i can even lie to you in the interview joe joe but still if i have information that you weren't in queens i the pass that off to the prosecutor has to give that defence attorney that the information is giving to the f b i used to spy on trump and defies a court one is crap and opportune provides being provided by who's in the justice department who works for rose and steam frozen stein works forum has information that
information is giving to the f b i used to spy on top and finds a court one is crap and about two is proof of ice being provided by guy who personally hates donald trump kind of them orton folks kind of important but just the sum this up rose and still has to be issues and the general says he's under investigation and is not allowed to be involved at five a this is big news last night this was not small what have you miss inanity showed night you're missing is by the way he seems to be the only one nail on this thing to the wall number one failed to verify the info did not follow the woods procedure finds number for which is months later they already knew a lot of this was crap any still ignored it secondly they had exculpatory its indicating this entire case was a steaming pile of garbage and a precise it with it anyway
your interest my mother how it's a say you're in trouble bigtime big time you are in trouble big time big time yeah there's begets rubber stamped it obviously that's that a whole essence investigation so how another piece of the showed us by the way i have a piece of saracarter dot com in the show notes today that lays a lot of this out as well as very very good please read it again follow along with the show i've been adding to the show notes i start at like four or five when i was like seven or eight articles but i just want to give good flavour the news of the day and ivory i put a lot of work into the show not simply check him out of my website ok i'm another p by john solomon at the hill which is just damage talking about the press corruption in this whole case now least smith over at tat but mag and real clear investigations at least smith is covering this for months to how ladies and gentlemen the spy gate scam is really a media scandal too
the media was used that strategic points in the investigation tee to propaganda as you make you to believe the investigation was a place it wasn't and then fbi in turn turned around and use the reporting some of them had leap that actually used it in italians in court documents as evidence their case was real think about what i'm telling you have four minute because another angle on this about weissmann going to blow your socks off too heroin the d j are leaking information to the press the press is subsequently printing stories about the spy gate scandal about might flynn about trumps alleged ties to russia which were garbage the fbi is an using those league stories it some of their court document now the citations aren't is as as as as people as we are somewhat more ledged earlier but there that's definitely there david corn from other jos actually walked out one of the documents over to the fbi he's a reporter the meat
corruption in this is deep now we find another just unbelievably explosive angle on this story that left me shaking how is this ever going to stop we now have according to solving this it's an older story but there's the angle on its new than april twenty seventeen andrew weissmann whose now the lead investigator on the mahler which disguise investigating trump right now enjoys an unbelievably how'd you get ceramic his connections to rumbler obama's fix currently somatic a listener yesterday show it is a ya third evaluation of the smaller programme but why since the lee bull dog for mahler disguise problems in the past with horrible prosecutions the enron case whenever we now as i told you you say that weissmann this man was also being brief by or now why does matter let me drop a little hint bomb thea here if
but the jet of his right joe giving you the old we get a air if they showed the jet of his right there rose and steel is under investigation while he was in the department of justice for failure to verify the information he signed off on the fire and the failed are included exculpatory information to the judge that indicated the trump team was innocent we find out yesterday that anti weissmann was also also being paid by bruce or from the justice department as well remember this is before the mahler probe even started andy weissmann was being kept quote in the loop on all of this fake dossier stuff the bruce orbits collecting is it possible joe that maybe andrew weissmann may be under investigation to she's zaire dar awry
just the asking i'm just gonna put that out there let your stew on that one for a little bit is possible then these in a little bit of trouble now even worse in john solomons peace there's a detailed account of an april twenty seventeen meeting weissmann as with the associated press yes weissmann is me with the practice is never adds just what do you think like again we have we hit the bedrock of stupid we cracked the bedrock go right to the stupid gore april twenty six the twenty seventh tvs you'd be weissmann meets with the associated press about the man afford case the man afford case shockingly appears in the associated press the detailed allegations against metaphor just days after that meeting now the meeting was apparently so repulsive that when the f b i got wind of it there are parent
the fbi complaints about this meeting about how weissmann revealed too much in a meeting to the press folks from the start we submit this set of solomon says it is peace today the incestuous relationship between these leakers and the press and the court system and the use of all of this circuitous reporting the spy and drop that is part of this scandal now the press is being completely exposed so weissmann who mothers bull dog was a pair we being brief then on the spy gate scandal as these briefing in the press on components of it the man afford surveillance that went on the press is running stories on it then weissmann later he's on the smaller special council as these parties fresh accounts of time actually and he gets to investigate the very
do you think he's leaking through the press about manifold this is is absolutely incredible man aright bovine oxonian alethia among gonna get listen i'm just moving quickly some economic points you your deal jobs lie continues and it's really start new aggravate me folks eighty puzzler as a great piece in the wall street journal tonight subscription only but obama jobs lie i just want to put out a quick a point for you so you have metal ammunition you need the battle you liberal friends who are constantly putting out this new talking point to new talking point is this for the left there well in the last year the obama administration more jobs where creek it then donald trump has created an equivalent time period during his ten folks the recent bring this up and late opposers op operates today is they're not wrong what there on about bad the quality of the jobs folks its
hard to create jobs like staring at paint all day creed creating jobs and engineering and high tech assembly line is creating a growing economy we productive jobs they create an income stream where people can support themselves is entirely different now it's i write that china brazil herself the dnc chair in exposed the emails you can you can read it yourself i've already talked about this in the past acknowledged the jobs obama economy created with low wage jobs they were largely part time they were not enough for the economy to support themselves supposed so the peace today you know the fascinating part of that does statistic joe is it possible seven hundred thousand people were employed in part time jobs that didn't want to be there for full time jobs those people have disappeared while simultaneously millions of new full time jobs were created in other words yes obama
have created more job obama heating create anything your bomb administration but you get the point there or jobs may be created during the last year the above administration but they were crap jobs to support a staggering and an stagnant economy sees me down they'll mentions this in our own emails how they're gonna have a problem because people will feel like economies growing because it isn't because it working jobs that are commensurate with their skill levels trump comes in and the mass cleans itself bob folks hundreds of thousands of these part time jobs disappear you maybe saint down were celebrating this appear to jobs yes yes we're our brain in the disappearance of crappy jobs with the replacement of millions more full time jobs now you need a number just to clarify your liberal friends why their obama created more jobs in the last years it's not it's like you jobs of troops out of clean these part time jobs out to replace them with full time jobs here's the real number
last nineteen months of the obama administration three point three million full time jobs were created the first night months of the chop administration even under conditions where the economy's recovering over that time from you know from of almost full employment levels administration creates four point one million so far when it comes to quality jobs full time equivalent jobs bombing nineteen months three point three million donald trump for point one by the recent he's nineteen months is because that's where we are that comes from a louis would help he sat in the showed us a while ago either way we win the trump economy has been far better four point one million is clearly bigger than three point three million trumpet and a committed clean up the mess the problem under the obama administration wasn't job creation just a sum this up the problem was the gene jobs are being created where not chorus bonding to a growing and flourishing economy they were part time jobs
part time jobs commensurate with his stagnant recovery those absurd disappearing and yes that's a good thing because their being replaced by full time equivalent jobs you can support your family on ok in one of the most ironic that the stock is ever whoever the daily collared said the shoulders that i read this that's a quick why but i'd otto i met yesterday shall take up so much time i missed us over the news joe obama has given his speech in denmark soon you know fake socialists that mark liberals call denmark so it's not socialist denmark is a market economy if you call them mark socialist economy you aren't knucklehead is not democratic socialism it's not socialism democrats denmark excuse me as a market economy by some measures of economic freedom even by right leaning think tanks it is measured as a free or economy than even the united states now they do have
levels of taxation i don't agree with it i think some p denmark or even starting rebelled against that they do have a nanny state but they are not a socialist government its fascinated by this stories obama is going to give a speech over their joe apparently the beaches for hundreds of thousands of dollars and listen brother i'm a capitalist great para knock yourself out buddy collect whatever you can the market gauges your speeches worth a hundred couple hundred thousand dollars three hundred four hundred take a millionaire i don't care i'm not paying it i wouldn't pay it i wouldn't pay zero dollars and twenty cents for your speeches i don't care but was fascinating about the story is the obama team and i need you oppose this article for your liberal friends and ask for an explanation the obama a team jos apparently told this group in denmark that if their if the amount bomb is getting paid goes public that they're going to cancel the speech why so i try to find a way to label this story right up a big
like how do i they hypocrisy here is so stunning my cutaway sum this up and assent is thank you ok so album uses capitalism and capitalism principles to make body in a fake so was country that liberal thank you socialist parties in social i could not think of a way to sum up the right for piracy here they said denmark is being a socialist country which they love it's not it's a market economy that market i mean chooses to pay barack obama hundreds thousands of dollars to go give a speech over there in that free market economy that liberals foolishly take a socialist barack obama only his team embarrassed by capitalism and the amount there profiting off capitalism and a free market demands that fake socialist country which is actually a free market economy not publish the details of its capital is deal are also cancel the speech in the face of this venture already very even thirty being i can't get over it the park
is legendary i beta by this i mean an already and i too because the story so juicy i just this is why would liberals i wake up every morning astounded at their partners guys using capitalism to make cuts of thousands in a fake socialists country and is ashamed of the capitalism is tells them if you dont have you exposed the details of it we're out of here we're out that's that's just great it that's just absolutely peachy ok that's the last story here so sonic now two folks i know things seem gloomy sometimes they do we ve seen this just the absolute charade at the cavanaugh here he looks tired by the way down the magic two days listen at the democrats up on the hill might gosh boozer my he's been filling them and making them look pretty silly basin good news i didn't show
while goes one of our most listen to shows ever about it's not the first person to get up and dance it's the second the gets up and dances with the first percinet matters and i cited this video that some folk the law enforcement intelligence agencies and others have cited it's it's a video it's a real video on youtube and it's a sky at a fast and he gets up any starts dance and it's pretty crazy looking dance on an hour had certainly not a rain or anything like that and you know it first people a kind of laugh and adam and is taken from a bit of a distance and then you see the second guy gets up and starts emulating this guy's kind of crazy dance moves and the second guy gets up and this is an over some people said saint outlooks fun and a third person all of a sudden within an hour or two minutes to the video the whole park at this festival is up and
copy in this guy's crazy dance it's really a fantastic video and what i have argued about and what a lot of people have told me who showed me the video and therein its honour a key as this is not a small thing it's not that this person who gets up and does something that matters you know a lot of people are going to stand up and stand up for a cause whatever it may be and speak out on twitter and they're gonna get shot down it's the first brave person that backs that person up that typically is going to be the game changer it's the second percinet dances and doesn't the first person to be marked people have to start to stand up and we have to start the fight back we gotta dance folks the dance matters action matters talk is cheap it's the do that matters the do things you have to get out and be willing to take it on the chin you have to be willing to sacrifice unlike this anonymous coward in the new york times does not even willing to sacrifice the taxpayers money we work for and are paying the city it you have to be willing to walk away
you walk away and inspire that second person and he inspires a third that's how you started movement i bring this up because there's a story i haven't shown us today from out the fresno b and it may seem like a small story but i'm telling you it's not in an out burger which a our only democrat commit person or chair person a guy named eric bouwman from california called on a buffer boycott on his twitter feed of an outbreak of because it made a donation to the california republican party not unusual for a business which by the way they support democratic progress as democrats as well it is not unusual for a business to make political body just two parties they think support business solely unusual for dopey liberals do not understand a business actually works while he call for this boycott the boycott blew up spectacularly in his face in an berger was packed stories written about it people ran away this guy they made him look like in utter full any
acknowledging joe and i'm quoting ok there is no boycott ditch gee thanks eric it was a boycott actually you made a complete utter full of yourself because that's what do you know a sadly in elected positions typically do it's important about this is in an opera you never back down now for a second they understood they had done what they believe that you know it why can't you don't international group they never back down other companies have they have cave to the social media mob we ve seen it would nike who thinks that making face of their new campaign guy collar kaepernick who where's socks with cops depicted as pigs who celebrate the murderous castro regime in some of their full diagonal illiteracy go compliments and healthcare company kill people came to the social media mob
gave to the social media law because they think they're getting up and dancing but they're not the dance actually been going on a bunch of monks a bunch of idiots from long time this social media dance but this is the crowd you don't wanna be dancing but this is the one you want to be avoiding and walking away from these are these people aren't they have organised themselves on social media to give them a more on that they think they're not as powerful as a scene they view social media to amplify voice it isn't there when company start standing up like you and say no not today we're gonna do our dance and other company start dancing with them you're going to see a movement in the united states it says you know what enough for this we ve had enough we are stand up we're going to do what we are going to do this is our business and we are willing to take the slings and arrows from it functions i do it here there are some relationships you had to cancel on the show joel
donors will talk about their jobs i've worked whereby don't speak with forked tongue here shows not perfect em up we myself on a pedestal you are very hard to be too but you have to stay and if you are a member listening to the show of some corporate board somewhere i'm telling you that what you think is focused grew tested public opinion on social media is not the heartland the american loves this country they love its values they love freedom and not just one left alone and i dont want to be subjected to intimidation mobs stand up say no what happened in and out burger and nearby caught and the eventual back down the social media mob will happen to you is what if you can just weather the storm initially i promise i folks fortunately i really appreciate it please subscribe to the show it is free i know a lot of you downloaded you can listen up on you know that com you can subscribe and itunes it's free it's also free and i heart radio we click the follow button but it helps
i was up the charter also available spotify you can convey the scale and amazon alexa and google podcast apps are really appreciated thanks what i will see you all tomorrow where to be friday night see you all magna you just heard in bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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