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Ep. 802 Is Justice Coming?

2018-09-07 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the shameful behavior by the Senate Democrats on Capitol Hill. I also discuss the reasons that liberals do what they do to advance the victimization culture. Finally I address the suspicious FBI “pivot” that should have everyone concerned.    News Picks: Today’s edition of “Debunk This” — “Does the US Lead the World in Mass Shootings?”   Is justice finally coming to the Spygate participants?    John Solomon’s latest piece exposes the FBI “pivot” from Papadopoulos to the Carter Page FISA warrant.    The US economy is on fire. Here are the latest job numbers.    If Nike is right about Colin Kaepernick, then we are all in trouble.    The Cory Booker stunt on Capitol Hill was an epic embarrassment.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no i wasn't there their budget i shall produce joe our unity fur fridays always nice i get a little bit of a weekend off obedient judging each hour saturday night fox in france saturday morning but after judy show my usually take a break family so last night was interesting yeah i'm sitting at did you hear about this sum sitting on my couch and of doing some show prep for the next day reading john solomon story in the hill which again just terrific solomons work in the show notes the now be getting to that in a minute about the what will call the pivot the case which is critical adopt you're my name on television i like i've heard it before i mean only the seller a pretentious jerk but sometimes
a good light had not at all like what's that added the job speech by data so i don't usually mention a lot of that stuff but i thought it was funny he gave me a shouted out of you heard this riddles ike as all these bad books there be renewed great books you got the book by the judge craig chair it and by jean plaid zita i love this guy my wife's like my wife's put my youngest daughter to bed maya my six year old right here and she runs if she's like did you say your name everyone bad daughter who is taking a shower our runs out of a bathroom i you say you're in
frankly that is really big vaguely our dude you you joy was passed i love this guy abilities himself body i can't believe you list resident yeah you're a good man we appreciate i got a lot to talk but i want to start a first with yesterday some more histrionics in this hearing and our corey booker just apps humiliated of self yes hey look spartacus pilgrim reminds rio of clueless the eliseo silverstone movie from the navy's as i said in my internet tv show yesterday cover together eliseo silverstone kick at the name of the movie right she's watch with this guy and she's like any moreover this movie sporadic is most definitely was sporadic is what a joke it booker just
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slash the and try field agrees i personally vouch for this product i love the product never felt better since it's called field of greens it is healthy life giving fruits invention we'll give it a shot brick house nutrition dot com slash dan pick up feel the greens today ok before we get to elements story and dumb take it easy single which is coming together i told you had she allowed some stuff and i get that decide corey booker yesterday nay hysterical moment the senate that is at his i thought it was comedy act when i first heard it corey booker is out in the morning corey brokers democrats enter from new jersey running for present here i am prepared to break the rules right now in front of everybody say looking at the camera knowing usually for presidential i'm gonna break the rules so camera on me
to make any major shiny they might have more to say exactly what more tat to someone got one of those clean and clear oil why it's for my face how do i look at about let me say women are prepared to break the rules and the usa to release this bread cabinet course donald trump support court nominated to release email on racial profiling arriving it happened during the show we went on yesterday felicity s ratio nobody knows gosh joe here it is heroic corey booker running for president twenty twenty scatters make up bodies ready to go he's looking straight my camera he's ready to release an email racial profiling that's classified in violation of senate rules here it is just as good as corey booker said later it is i am sporadic yes moment here we go maybe he's waiting joe one of the most hashtag epic fail moments in human history number one book or didn't even read the email if he daddy's
billy dumber than we think the email is cavanaugh saying he prefers race neutral policies not ratio profiling so so book let me get this straight here but what we do the lead car poker who is running for president twenty twenty at the make up ready to go ready for the camera here he's here it is here's my moment this is be my how dare you sure this is gonna be that right this is gonna be but you can't you just we have this race profiling nobody's and the eu is bread cavanaugh declared to fighting emails bread cabinets hain t would prefer raised neutral policies like i got this ahead meet the desk now it that's one of the two pronged epic fail corey booker attack is as if we couldn't humiliate himself enough by it
supposing this dastardly male about racial profiling that suggests the cap but does not support ratio profiling you gotta read it it says that i quote i'd prefer race neutral policies poker starts this big hullabaloo in the senate i've just violated the rules at one by the way if you're real break our you don't tell people your ruby i have i am a rule breaker i have violet this was classified information we find out only minutes later that the information was declassified hours earlier and corey booker already knew like i have a room now listen when you were a kid always desperate to question authority i even had above bumper sticker on my car you always want to be the james dean walking down the lonely road you know in the old if they had the cigarette dangling from the fingers when it was still fashionable to smoke which was idiotic in and of itself you know the convertible rob top the james dean
our hair right too not only was it an email indicating cabinet this not support racial profiling but secondly it wasn't even in violation of the rules he goes to the southern i am about to break them everybody look look at this i am i'm a writer i'm a renegade i'm a rebel the cause now he gets this covered all again only minutes later that this wasn't even a violation of the rules it was a desperate pr stunt that blew up in his face hysterical he's gonna be embarrassed about this forever so even a liberal media catches onto this now i don't like put not see them but this is it it's interesting and if you have cut into two one minute clips this is corey worker getting called out on this this ridiculous not said so you know our dish he was putting out for the american people and to be clear on this coopers questioning about who's gonna question about hey did you know that this email was unclear
why because you made a big deal about it being classified and you breaking the rules of release classified information at the centre are you follow me joe just sort clear blue sky yeager occurs saying i have an email indicating that the summit about rachel profiling violate i'm gonna violate the classification of this email and expose it miss senate number one about him supporting racial profiling number two it was classified he wasn't even breaking the rules it was all in act so part one this is anderson cooper development along call it i'll call booker any has no answer for the and listen to the desperation is voice to sound like a renegade james dean break up this morning is that you're gonna break senate rules are you can really documents pertains spring to cabin all you said you were willing to risk expulsion from the senate to do that now republicans on the committees that the documents had already been roofer released before four a m this morning sinner cornered asked will accuse you of a political stunned to bolster our past run for the presidency was that just system will
the music thing about that is accorded first set as he threatened threatened with expulsion said what i was doing was unbecoming to the office i was holding a pencil for senator to give to a senator invite logically geography was doing that because last night i broke send it rules by reading from that email and then today the entire day this is not just about one email i've already released over twenty committee confidential documents in violation of what they say of the senate rules which corn and said i should be exposed to expel for so according to corns rules it's a lot of talk a lot of bluster right now i breaking the rules i was raised and taught thus law you must have an obligation to stand against it violating those wars have been doing all day and it was this law you see there's no consequence they will not move to expel me from the senate for violence the committee confidential rules i will continue to do so because i believe the public has the right to know
he stands on these issues ladies gentlemen this guy is a total embarrassment i mean he should resign from the senate tomorrow in disgrace and never surface in public and political life again what a cup we total embarrassment that's it is another minute to that i'm in a play the second but the couple take away from here all doubt by anderson cooper for a fake pr ladies and gentlemen his office was notified the email he was about to release and speaks then was not when in this in this big show was not classified he knew he did it anyway so what he's although what does he do poker classic fake phony fraud politician fashion has to refocus chemicals threatened with expulsion from the senate dude you just put on an act in a show and lied to everyone do you care to address that i was right we would urge upon the courtesy to stand up in the face of these unjust roles
he put mine ladies and gentlemen these are the exact same guys these clowns these frauds these democrats upon capital these the exact same people threatening the republicans and donald trump that if they dare on classify portions and i'll get to this in a minute that's fine the warrant spy donald trump tat there will be held to pay because this would be a strict violation of the rules and a violation of the trust of the house of representatives and the united states senate ladies and gentlemen these are the exact same people the exact people arguing that the republican should not be classified stop corey poker arguing that his fate rule breaking which didn't work will now be followed up by additional rule breaking to prove he's really a rule breaker the already set their jobs because he got caught
an obvious pearson so what does he say instead of acknowledging that it was a pr stunt and being an honest person which booker's no longer capable of what you said because a wink at what point this guy was considered one more reasonable democrats has now become a joke it's it's a farce that there the whole thing's adieu he's a joke make us he should resign and disgrace and never surface again in public life just off this embarrassing humiliating episode but here's why it's not then he tried to break the rules and failing caught it's that when gets caught joe he doubled thousands notice now i'm really good a breakthrough real rebel now i'm a real rabble now i'm gonna get out to put the drop top down his balls we doesn't have any hair but i'm gonna let the wind flow to my aunt em and let them filmy camera being a real rule breaker now so is just to be clear on this
he gets caught not exposing classified information as a publicity stunt so he says in response to anderson cooper now what i'm going to do is i'm going to double down and release really classified information and we're supposed to somehow respect this guy you were disgrace disgrace to the u s senate i told embarrassment now clown show clouds or to eric swell well appears on fox this morning some of you may say nearly i nearly choked on my coffee so i was on fox fox news this morning and eric swell well clown report can congressmen from california clown he's a clown there's an aids really does the guy's a clown for eleven he acts for the camera who oppose all the cloud he juggles for everybody s what our schwab does because he's a joker he's and by the way i know people who knows what will swallow knows what he's doing a squabbles knots which makes them even more she doesn't actually believe a lot of what he says on tv he's a fraud too swallow goes on tv these warnings and donald trump
attacking corey booker this is clearly an example eraser re whatever do you're a joke you that you think that that's good stick you ridiculous corey booker's and eighty o corey but screwed up got caught got screwed screwed up twice by the way screwed up it's got caught and in response to getting caught threatens to release more classified information to the public while simultaneously fighting against the release of classified information on the trump pfizer documents there are frauds folks thereof phones i play part to this as yet as it gets even worse for booker because he clearly is nowhere to go even cnn realises this guy's a joke was it really a violation is at this point to be clear bill burke the present bushes presidential record representative said he cleared the documents therefore i am couriers your question that they had told you you could use them publicly gradually office also confirm you were told that the restrictions on documents had been waved before you
the why square that are easily number one last night i broke the rules before they even many scrambled to the why square that are easily number one last night i broke the rules before they even the minute scrambled to release the document but i continue to release documents are released twenty so far that they have not clear breaking the rules are breaking a shambles twenty documents be checked my twitter feed anybody in the public now access to the ones that they wanted to high they haven't cleared yeah maybe they're rushing to catch up to me and clear the as well today though earlier had those been they earn did you know those had been cleared again i broke the committee rules last night those documents had not been cleared folks this is pathetic it is so pathetic i don't even i mean we're all dumber for having her prepare what is billy madison the ad absurdum we're all dumber for having heard this this is so sad but it's this
i wanted to cover not just you know i i try to stay away from things i don't think i can add some two and this will be all over the new say but i wanted the reason i brought this up tonight insane in the opening its causes briggs to a larger and larger problem within the far left radical movement of german it get to hear about it want to bring up something else he's doing it again no no look i swear i swear i broke the rules look i'm a rule breaker look i'm a real breaker gradually the chairman of the committee just so you know folks weeks ago asked these the congressmen up that should be the centres on both sides the committee this is this is a fact this is indisputable to earmark any classified documents they wanted unclassified for the purpose of hearing weeks ago one senator responded amy clover jar she responded with with twelve pages which were subsequently declassified you know who didn't respond corey burger because he's a fraud because he
a complete total fraud he did not want document declassified classified advance he wanted to make a show about it so when they beat him too punch declassified and told them before the hearing he decided to go on with it anyway to make a big show to look like a rapid i'm a real breakthrough folks this speaks to a larger problem you know i don't know it's hard he's a real edwards here in the final he's tries really trying to like garter radical far left you no kind of law look at us man we're rebelling against the man kind of thing but its not working but that reed i'm glad you said because it leads me to a bigger point universe and citizens outside of a poor one it's a verna park is a german ace take my daughter to swimming practice at this juncture to be big venality shane sought that you care but i'm sitting there you know and i am reading this book by fred siegel which is a really good book about the history of the american left in the
article american left and there's a point makes in the book that's a really makes it eloquently but it's an elegant point this is the problem with the radical far left today and which is a by this disgraceful episode by corey book i look at my breaker is and i did states joe is such a wonderful successful prosperous country not without faults i think that's obvious to anyone who pays attention of course any country of human beings gonna have a but where such a wonderful country that's accomplished so much i mean our biggest problem when it comes to food supply joe food water and basic supplies have been throughout human history starvation was a problem up until the development of capitals and free markets and situational republic in the rule of law he's probably given the united states is obese where people eat too much that's what biggest health problems have been so successful that seagulls point is that these radical far left this
we're knee deep emotion joe not in facts about where we are now there need deepen emotion are doctrine aid from an early age into this idea that freedom and liberty in the united states is the problem but what happens the real world doesn't mary up with that so there's this there's this this it's right you been too old from kindergarten on how crappy the united states is your college professor how crappy the united states is wearing period where greedy capitalist but that doesn't correspond to what's going on in your real life please please follow me i'm a mechanism to long and it is very very important points makes sense i hear you and core pokers not dumb corey hocker knows there's this sense of alienation there's a sense of looking for a fight there's not a fight out there so we need to fight the democrats in article four left have been told from kindergarten to college in recent everything that the united states sucks but it is in no way corresponds to their real lives there
the where they wake up they hit the right phones they turn on a tv they drink there there's soy lattes they go to starbucks they don't feel their life physically sucking they don't so they have to look for the suck they have to seek the suck so what they do is they endlessly search for new problems in evidence it is the very genesis of the victimization culture you see over and over you see it with sort of of awe of islamophobia their turn out to be hoaxes met saying it doesn't exist that there are people out there who whoever whoever ridiculous stereotypically negative rub police about about muslims arabs persians of course at absence society fallible people it's gonna have its idiots right but they need you to believe this is a problem on a massive scale but it's not so with scribes this m was search for new victims in an effort to make you believe that you are a warrior for a pause and that war
for the causes you are fighting against this army of negative but he's comin out judicial racists negativity massage monistic negativity this scene but make activity this at the end negativity but it doesn't exist shoulders endless ways for them to search for that the genesis of a lot of these hoaxes you see a lot of stuff we use if there is a deficit episode of or you seem like a lot of this did this for this racial stop until a lot of it turns out later on to be a hoax most sadly a lot of its real put to bite my point here is that this not that this doesn't exist it's that the united states has as made leaps and bounds in its fight against racism both institutional de facto endangering we have come from jim proud to a relatively harmonious society thankfully with isolated incidents of stupidity but ice
faded institutes of stupidity do not feed into the narrative that you are fighting the man out please tell me your clear on this you're not if you go in fighting the man and your six hundred and seventy pounds and seven feet tall and europe the man and he's a five four to one hundred twenty pound weakling nobody celebrates that fight like you beat him up to your your six foot seven six hundred pounds you just beat that guy up why you beat up that little guy what do you mean about a hero now you're not take the thing is do you see what i'm saying as they have the pop up the little guy the isolated incidents and make them see more pronounced too it would seem that there are enough fight of their lives and their fighting the man they have to build up the man before they can fight demand and it all
build up the man they have to constantly find new victims and they have to constantly find new heroes against their cause pokers not stupid booker fully understands that there is this this is a spot boiling over negative energy directed at the united states is the sum this up that this correspond to reality they are key simply looking for a fight against the man the man as their describing it doesn't exist so they have to pump up the man with inflated eggs exaggerations about mass epidemics of islamophobia and other things it's also inflated by opportunists like booker and elizabeth worn out there fighting the man where rule breakers look at us where fighting were breaking the rules the expulsion from the say i'm sorry we facing my job here also parlez into the whole capron story they
can't fine episodes of systemic oppression systemic meeting this system is weighted against you they can't find it african america unemployment at historic clothes hispanic unemployment at historic glows female unemployment levels at levels we haven't seen and forty fifty years they can't find did so they have to make up sacrifices corey puckers were fighting on the second floor what are we sacrifice he made her he didn't even break the rules and i want you got caught he decided now i'm really gonna break the rules knowing he knows nothing's going to happen to them what are they see have he has it's like a ritual well who will immediately go on tv and say hey the release of classified information attacking that that's races because corey booker's black what what are you insane are you on narcotics narcotics remember the lethal weapon movie which mark or not are you want do what are you
ok do you need a detox are you ok swore well is up we need a proper i described with an intervention nobody areas they corey puckers black over you care butts colleague capital sometimes you have to sacrifice everything disguise sacrifice nothing what did you say however turned down a contract the guy was back in the nineties when they were one and eleven what did he say suffice he just got a multi million dollar deal from nike why sacrifice we are european taken seriously nike and nick this guy sacrificed your talk to a generation of people some still alive in their nine these who store the beaches of normandy you're talking
hu a generation of people whether you agreed with the war in vietnam or not what overseas to a foreign country eaten alive by mosquitos crawling into tunnels chasing the vietcong coming home without their limbs coming omen boxes and you're talking about a sacrifice of a guy you makes millions of dollars to piss on the national anthem i mean are you serious as he celebrates fidel castro and donate money to refer to the organization in the name of a cop killer this is a sacrifice are you kidding me its assent provides only in a generation of people and kids who had been brought up that america socks but america suck so they have to find ways to make it suck and this is what they do and endless searched where fighting a man that man's a five foot one hundred twenty pound weakling what are you talking about no no no he's real he's real let's make it up
what have steroids for the summit to get some given platform shoes give him still give em something make em look more oppressive so we can kick his ass embarrassing but that's in seahorse book i'm sorry what is important sea this isn't seagulls book this is important is he brings up how this started in the sixties this approach by leaders to constant we find new causes to make people believe america's hell on earth when it's not now we made significant notable fact based progress since the search it doesn't mean racism doesn't exist it doesn't mean homophobia islamophobia whenever you choose to call it doesn't exist it means these problems thankfully in this wonderful country or isolated and the scale of the response should be as such
when we see isolated incidents we deal with them where they happen when they happen and we clean up the mess we don't the spill it i'll form burnt down the whole freakin grocery store spell it out for down they stand this is the liberal response this corey booker's the arsonists he is on pretending to be the hero we're gonna burn down this whole place because we spilled ajar beats allow for man it is frustrating listen to this just constant late me of stupidity we are all dumber for having this watch this every day and i think to myself in pure discuss how the founding fathers must seriously be looking out what's happening in total complete embarrassment that we have elected this group of eta up on capitol hill to make decisions
every single day it of every single day tat will have deep and profound impact on if space airlines were watching us right now they be say wait let me get this straight you alive did these hundred centres and four hundred thirty five members of congress to make this issue several impact every single personal lives in this landmass you i'll call the united states in hawaii yeah that's that outside of the visa oak the euro and outside of the continental united states there and we have in our last up there so i'm watching these space aliens from above so you have these fish these states are fifty two if your barack obama right you have these fifty states and you elected these five hundred thirty five people surely surely people of earth i can surely people of earth these the brightest among you and then they got what i and the people of our say mr merrick
member of the their leisure people you say to the people of iraq member that when i michael michael ironsides it was he hammond i think you say to the lizard people you up for you what we're going to give it working but you observe these five hundred and thirty five geniuses among us that lizard people back in may go people of earth are you sure you made the right call but these budget seventy five people these people are ended you feel stupid about it yet what's this every territory what did we do now granted here are some of your responsible we elected them i didn't like them i didn't like them our politics becomes so pathetic that you people whose heart is actually in the game we don't want to do it anymore we may be and what if i just don't i think i can make more of an impact on the outside is not or not my fight is god my fights just a different one my man man
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homework number two with the fbi during the entire clinton email debacle and the trump investigation a guy who is need deep and all of this and knows everything he had one boss in the fbi and that boss was james co me and their stories don't mary up ladies and gentlemen somebody is lying now you know i've been taken a beating and my email from a lot of you and i don't mind a feedback i put my email out there for reason but i stating who for a very long time that there are reliable people out there who have been indicating that we all need the kind of take a step back when it comes to the just this on this on the current than email case that was the whole genesis of the take it easy you're right i think these now again i am not a sessions apologist i play the information as it comes to me comes out by the day but i
gonna be naive about what's going on either ladies and gentlemen that the key part of this washington post story about this grand jury now investigating issuing subpoenas and not interviewing witnesses for andrew mackay is not a small story why let me give you a quote from the washington post federal prosecutors joe have for me once been using a grand jury to investigate mackay this is not new ladies and gentlemen now the washing imposed makes various attempts to minimize the story saying wow federal power computers may just having panel this grand jury in an effort to investigate andy mackay way when they absolve him of crimes later on they can say look will you the grand jury tools to do it and nothing happened folks i i absolutely disagree now i want to be clear on this investigation regardless much i dislike what danger mackay did and believe me i dislike it a lot
the evidence shows later than in the case is not guilty of a crime that he's not guilty i'm not a police state tyrant like the left he deserves a fair hearing like everyone else and i think a lot of you agree about that here uncovers evidence that andrew and mikhail did in fact why let's be clear at their investigating their investigating one thousand one charges andrew mc it even though he was the director of the fbi was interviewed by federal agents show about leaks to the media but the status of the clinton email cases and other leaks as well mackay story is a call me knew about it call me stories that he didn't know about it but what he too all the federal agents was not true because he came back and change the story later according to multiple reports you get room go with this is about lying the federal agents about weeks if my cave its determined in this grand jury two witnesses and others that may k did lie
then ladies and gentlemen my cape absolutely has to be prosecuted and although i've told you again be patient i'm not asking you to be stupid either if it later that this grand jury uncovers eddie line he's given a pass we got a real problem because who wasn given a pass job at flynn was charged with the exact same crime lies federal agents even though the fbi stated he wasn't deceptive and george pop up subject to that in a minute who they claimed lied about its interactions with joseph myths member pop adopt listened carefully neither one of whom was charged with collusion causes closures on a crime but they weren't charge we conspiracy there they were charged with line a federal agent all ask you again i'm asking you to be patient i'm not asking you to be stupid we now know according to sleep please read the story of fox news that this grand jury has been in paneled and it may is being look this is not a joke ladies and gentlemen just a quick thing on grandeurs
there are obviously not juries there the call grand jury for a reason grand juries in at a grand jury in the eastern district in new york when i worked areas as a federal agent i don't remember when exactly it sat but i think it was the first friday of a month i'm not sure but when you we know a grand jury eighteen twenty three people are so you're going is very very difficult for screw up in a grand jury if your federal agent you basically walk in your talkative this eighteen plus people right joe and there's no adversarial hearing in other words the defence attorneys not allowed in my soul why obviously but you're going to present your best case you got joe following a smuggler you're gonna make your felonious smoke case and joe doesn't get the fight back henceforth the statement you see commonly bandied about that in a grand jury you couldn't died a ham sandwich they use the true bell and indictment now and died leads to an arrest warrant i say
because this is important job because the washington post is trying to play this down a walking into that grand jury that's been there for months this is not new happen in this grand jury i'm just telling you it's not a joke if the process if if the our security are doing their job which i think they are and they how can you do that grand jury that's been here for months this is not new i told you wasting your time your folks i've told you do you think i was mistaken to stop or something like i had nothing due to lie to you on my pie i told you stuff was going on if a practical the walks into that grand jury and does is job find it highly unlikely to ensure more caves gonna get off i want to bring up one other point here i am reasonably confident based on a research here i am soup dreamily confident that andrew mackay is not the only one be looked at
folks there are a lot of people here who are worth evolved in very serious leaks of devastating national security information including the lead to david ignatius of the washington post about the mike flynn unmasked call business with the year with the russian ambassador answer me it is not the only one so again i'm not asking you to be stupid i'm just asking you to be patient let's wait too through this election let's wait to see let's wait for let me give you an actual metric because it would be unfair for me to ask you to be patient and not give you a timeline see what happens written a cape we now know that league is out there let's what happens when i e g horwitz issues his report on the rush stuff in the russia probe remember that reports not out you may say what then didn't he it's already issues report on the code on the clinton email stuff they did
issue a full conclusive report on the agenda malfeasance and the swapping of one case for another he even gave us some hands in his last report that when he couldn't member in an horwitz is less report the inspector general this is very important he says in his last report he could eliminate bias as a reason for scrapping the clinton email pro by the fbi and jumping right into the trump investigation i believe that was a wink it or not that report not been issued and let's see what huber john huber thee united states attorney assigned by jeff sessions to look into this whole thing remember he's not inspector general he has the inspectors joe does not have in a power like the an mba power do and panel grand juries huber does
so let's see what hubris got if it fails after that and we get a thing out of it and people get off when they shouldn't have then it's time for us to double down but dont want engaging in not an end in ghana but he riled up for nothing i think there are things going on so that's good news read the story in the shipowners to data it's important ok moving on another must reach the show no said please go to bunch you know that calm we sincerely appreciate you go in there and check in this stuff out neither story by john solemn images knox it out of the park and it talks about the pivot what's the pivot i insisted to you for weeks now that solomon joe knows the whole story rights for the hell i'm i have not seen can t john lately i haven't seen him since i think see pack i have in any way coordinated any of this with john but john
his pieces at the hill if you read them carefully and you understand this case like i do many of you do from listening to me i share everything i haven't you even the stuff that was in my body i really the little early if you read it they're a clues in there and he slowly leads you down a road now last week we are talking about john sound experience unhappy i said to you that he was leading us down this path joe there was a major pivot in the operation to spy on trop now if you listen episode eight hundred ice describe plan a plan b implants yemeni titus up for a second don't work i discuss do you plan a which is appearing more and more likely by the day that annex they databases and queries into those databases were abused by people and contractors we know this from disclosures by the fire and intelligence surveillance court that an essay data base queries were being abused possibly for political reasons very soon
we plan against trump team let's use databases we have now but those hours was reviews prefer politics choose him anyway they got caught rogers shuts it down the plan b plan b is the set up when roger just down the use of these databases to be able to search for information about the trump team that they can use for political purposes they don't give up chow so now we need a preliminary investigation to open up in the trunk team to the fbi that's plan b and work set this guy up i believe plan a within plan b now that ticket let let's let's call a plan b sub section one ok just to make it simpler ok so plan i didn't work they got shut down clearing the database is right there the plan b the f b i set up plan b has a couple parts itself what is it in a book your shoe acacia confused
sub section one we ve got this guy but doubtless right he's a trump foreign policy adviser we know that because trump said his name at a meeting with the media outlets media that the information got out we know this guy papadopoulos think he's week we think we can nail into the wall by the way papadopoulos will be on biagi capper tonight papa day he's gonna be jake tap or our world looking to see what he has to say they are first tv interview good job get nail and added view down i should come out here papadopoulos where the what have been defended new which come on man seriously defending the guy to we set up for what six months now i love jake you know you got a dapper chauffeurs come on man come on this show this is where we this is where the hard works been done to plan a plan plan be sub section one let set up papadopoulos solomons peace shows that there's a pivot at some point show that this power
but the apple is thing does not work out now this is where it gets harry said to be clear what we're talking about plan b is set up they're going to play the information out there about russian emails and stuff they gonna hope the trump team scoops it up and we're going to hope that when the trump team scoops it up they talk to one our spies about it so weakened indicated their colluding they go for papadopoulos but this is from the this is from the solemn and peace at some wait they realize the pop the apple is set up is a total does he mean this maltese professor and something happens it doesn't go right there let me just read from this this is really interesting from the solemn and peace the discovery is one of several key pieces of evidence emerging in recent weeks that explains how the fbi probe pivoted so from looking at the conduct of trump adviser george papadopoulos
to consuming document now infamously known as the steel dossiers we sent us up here mine he knows a lot more solomon and your at more in the coming days solomon say now that they try to set up papadopoulos to rent a plan b it's not working so they have to go to sub section two which is having this british spy but if that's let's use that because on the we i formally opened the trump campaign probe code named crossfire hurricane on july thirty first twenty sixteen based on an australian diplomats claimed the papadopoulos a young trump campaign foreign policy aid appeared to have prior knowledge that russia had the regulatory information it plan to release on clinton agents sphere doubtless might be looking to create contacts in moscow to gain access to that clinton there again so section one plan b let's keep papadopoulos oh
listen to this all boy ah solomon sources but multiple sources tell me the fbi when received information now we considered highly classified that under caught the theory pop up its case only what people saying that six months one source described the evidence as quote in this beautifully exculpatory while another said the information quote put the predicate use this start the case in versatile he probably meant to say reverse what were they are you getting out profound would solomons now formally putting endless it i'm not an investigative reporter phobia i'm not i pride self on putting out what i know i'm not claiming to be i don't want anything to do with it
a journalist i'm a guy who it was a federal agent who simply uses expertise to get to the facts we sources like anyone else we ve done research like anyone else i'm telling you now my hat tipped solomon cause he seems to have a real insight or on this but what are you saying and confirming and please read the peace is not new news what he saying is devastating that the fbi was involved in this investigation of papadopoulos papa battle later gets arrested in november later on by mothers team despite the fact that they have evidence about papadopoulos that's quote in this beautifully exculpatory they don't say that may have indicated that he was not guilty there that was quite a little bit like this worse tells him in a direct quote the evidence against papadopoulos is in beautifully exculpatory
meaning it's not even in this field the pop about police did nothing wrong do you want this why pug george papa tat was why are you taking this plea why are you taking this plea have evidence that george papadopoulos was arrested for nothing for nothing now the whole thing is coming together and plan b and be the set up of the trouble you much scope for papadopoulos they don't adam p i source tells you and solomon we know one certain terms that plan set up of papa doubtless unattractive doesn't work out because the evidence that personally indicate lightly that is a collude with russia it indicates he's not colluding with russia now what does it make sense why christopher steel joe becomes so so important
show your goal here if you this fbi agent in these fbi cabal people that we're targeting trump there's no doubt now they were trying to take down the trump operation not there need to set this guy up this up didn't work now therein desperation time and who comes to the rescue bruce or bruce or his wife is working effusion gps the company that hires this guy christine obviously to put together this vague dossier bruce or and nellie or joe incredibly let me read this to you this is from the salmon peace up for i read this autumn we keep a date mind the date cross fire hurricane the formal fbi investigation into donald trump team opens
is july 31st of twenty sixteen don't forget that date now here's some account solomon has in his peace about an interesting meeting that occurred on a very interesting date christopher steel met bruce or an oars wife's now nellie in a wash hotel restaurant for breakfast tat third contact occurred july thirty if twenty sixteen exactly on day before the fbi in its counter intelligence official peter stroke open the trump probe officially folks i mean this is just astonishingly i mean this is a a scandal so disgusting ugly and such a scar on a republic that you have to put
horse blinders on keep yourself from seeing what's going on they try to set up papadopoulos it doesn't work the evidence they have against them it it exonerates him it doesn't convict him bruce or then fills in this whole they need information they still need to spy on trumped they're going to try to fight a war and now they clearly didn't have enough with a pfizer to get a fighter pop adopt because as the fbi source tell solomon the evidence they had exonerated papadopoulos we got through sore resource over the d o j will see involved in this crossfire hurricane case no but his wife works for fusion they have breakfast this british spy working for fusion while crucial wife's there in d c p it's a call to andrew my cape he could
also a cave the number two with the fbi i'm looking for one specific quote here of some sort he calls mackay but the fbi this is critical took a screen shot of the peace and i just can't find it while leaving it he caught right in that time frame right after he meets writer bruce or in a white meat we christopher steal the day before the case they are incorrect which stroke any calls andy mackay but the fbi this relates back to the grand jury problem a cape mackay should be forced to answer immediately what the heck was mentioned on that phone call what was on phone call did bruce or whose wife was paid tens of thousands of dollars to work for this but that was ginning up fake information on trop did you this number two with the fbi interim cape did you push him to start
pfizer now on carter page using the dossier because your papadopoulos case fell apart now just makes sense show bigtime the pop up this case falls apart they need or org next to steal steel connection to fake information about carter page they use the information about carter page you get a fighter now one tie up here then i that i miss but still important should be asking an obvious question at this point you should be same yourself well then what the exculpatory evidence indisputable exculpatory evidence that exonerates papadopoulos and if george pop adopt if the information against papadopoulos indicated indisputable quoth the fbi source that he was not guilty how
how did he get arrested folks let me die together for you the evidence against papadopoulos at this point the indisputable exculpatory evidence is probably a source the f b i was working with at the time who knew full well what happened that that april meeting with miss said them all these professor who told them about russian emails but by way miss denies this i can't say that enough i'm giving you the fbi account i am now reasonably confident that fbi had a source that knew full well what happened at that meeting and in it briefing that source joe what do you think they told the fbi the skype nah policies an interest in these russian emails he just wants to set up a contact between the two campaign and russians which would not be illegal at all political campaigns meet with foreign governments and far people all the time on this we go about now
aspiring to overthrow an election will be an illegal would be an illegal activity you see joe please tell me you understand this is great and good brother take the exculpate hurry evidence is most likely in fbi source who knew full well about the papadopoulos beating meeting who probably told the fbi this guy doesn't give a crap about colluding with the russians on an email thing he just he's trying to get his name built up ten within it campaign is trying to set up a meeting with the tribe team in some prominent people to do some chess puffer it by plan be good bye bye eggplant peace i guess thank you now they have move onto carter page they don't have anything that what the scope of tory evidence probably is it is likely an fbi source telling them this guy doesn't want these emails he doesn't care manufacture if you read the pop adopt lists brought a prosecutor boreal documents it's clean whose very that's what happened pop
apple says it's in the charging documents yeah i didn't this guy is a big deal i just thought he was trying to pretending to some one important cod back he says it s a big aids it there's probably an fbi source already giving them information on meeting they knew pop up was case was crap so why is the arrested the interview in twenty seventeen by the way they wait six months six months the interview now joe there's still a plan b to plan a sub section one go after papadopoulos it doesn't work out pop sideline madison six month timeline makes sense in daylight scrap it it's we have evidence that that's not will pop up which is doing let's move on and they then go to hundred page and to the fire order page which is in the corridor page information joe is in the dossier the carter pay
it thus are one and the same when it comes to the skin the dossier is carter page and call lot of the other toughest be bs the stuff that matters for the fbi malfeasance is it it's about carter page they moved carter page so why would they go back to pop apple is six months later to interview mid january twenty seventy big this plan a sub section two doesn't work out either deerlike now we're back there should want proper gobbles let's interviewer they interview on folks they still get nothing out of the interview except some confusion when he spoke to this professor day then ghost to the professor in february nothing hence some section one still doesn't work out so either panic to arrest but doubtless later on in november because that's the same day
bob mothers team finds out at the inspector general has all the texts of the fbi investigator in the case peter stroke their attack we haven't seen yet folks things we haven't seen that tackling you lay this whole fade out some it reads these tax sees in there that it's the language even though its coded in some of us probably don't understand i quoted in like in like a code talk away but coded in a way to be cryptic and after we don't get it somebody you let's get it reads this right ways as we got a problem here they real plan b subsection wanted to expose they have they have to shut papadopoulos up a sap once these texts are exposed papadopoulos apple is kinkel running around talking now go back to the january interviewed hey i think he mentioned something about a date and it was wrong let's come up for life i've got it let's go get em they go to the airport lock came up the exam
same day folks exact day that the texts are exposed and they do it after he meets with a guy overseas who suspiciously hands and ten thousand dollars this by the way who s suspicious connections himself want to know what his relationship to the fbi was papadopoulos being set up he comes back to the airport papa applause doesn't have the money he leaves the muddy overseas smartest movie ever bade he doesn't come by put the money so they can't get em on some money trafficking nonsense or anything was at a set up to date through the kitchen sink they had to go back two sub section one a plan b because the carter page thing didn't work out months later so they throw the kitchen sink it papadopoulos some give this guy money overseas maybe he'll come back into the united states and not the clarity that i will arrest them the shut him up because these texts are gonna be damning it's gonna reveal plan be sub section wanted to papadopoulos
start talking to the press here comes smaller clean up our foreign bob mahler please paging mahler popolo the cleanup artist that's what he does but my wish that the investigation presented clean up the mess mahler comes in locks up adopt lists threatens them with all kinds of nonsense as a papa day you better shut up a pauper these are going to shut up prolong he's on jake tapir showed a night let's see what pop a novelist has to say tonight now one last thought of us i want to make sure you understand what's gonna solomon leaves it again taliban says joe there's growing confidence something's gonna happen what he's really saying it's here's what i no one's gonna be at my next piece next week ok he knows i'm telling you you know the whole story final call from him there is now growing confidence happy happy eyes sudden pivot from papadopoulos to steal
was driven by several individuals all with serious political baggage listen to this page and stroke exchange text messages about their desire to stop trump for becoming present so admitted he was desperate to keep her from the presidency oars wife worked for the firm higher i couldn't find dirt on trump and mc caves why was the democratic candidate virginia whose pain got hundreds of thousands of dollars of electioneering help from clinton ally and former virginia governor terry mccall if folks you understand now why the grand jury and panel to look into andrew mackay who knows all of this is so incredibly critical you understand now why the pfizer warrant the fourth pfizer warrant the last one after all of this has happened that's why this is the most important one do you they stand joe now why that
exposing that fourth pfizer warrant is so critical because it's the last one all of it stuff is already happened the interview of miss said the interview papadopoulos the collapse of the paper case the interviews green christopher steel and bruce or this information should have in in the fire the information should have been in the pipeline or should been disclosed the judge hey these people all have serious motivations to go after donald trump do you see now why getting andy mikhail to flip is so important things are going on behind the scenes let me sum up one last thing
by the way miss element scissors growing confidence that this was an entirely political had job base that that's com it absolutely coming if you will listen a marked meadows and jim jordan who are people we read in a much going on they been hinted something too because they ve seen a lot of this here's it's gonna come out soon on the classification process and why it so devastating when if these documents are declassified in the coming days or weeks show no smart meadows congressmen meadows in congress matured and keep saying the same thing over and over again they keeps and we need to see the three o two's along with that fourth pfizer remember the fourth fight it is critical because its after in other words if it's the first phase of the fbi's an excuse while they interview papadopoulos yet they didn't know this it was a mistake our air the fourth
why is it a new free bang that's why they keep asking for the fourth buys it jones give us the fourth visor declassify it let us what's in it or unintended intended let's see what's not in it now why are they asking for it in conjunction with summaries of blue put interviews with the fbi that trump happened before that otherwise known as three o toole that's the formal name for the summary report joe bruce or is already admitted in congressional testimony the dossier was uncorroborated hearsay he's already admitted that his wife was being paid by the same company that put together hearsay he has already admitted testimony that christopher steel who put together the hearsay with quote desperate to see trump not get elected
and we already know that hillary clinton was paying the company all of this you track me oh yeah what i'm trying to tell you here is if there its investigative summaries those three o two's interview summaries have all of this information in their about his wife about christopher steel desperate cannot get trump elected how the formations basically crap and uncorroborated hearsay and the dates of the summaries are before the fourth pfizer and that information was not disclosed in a court to spy on american citizens that x pretoria information homer crises that we have an international crisis out our heads folks you ve got learn how to read between the lines on this put it all together there's a reason meadows jordan
the nunez have been asking for months to decline suffice simultaneously the b i summaries of their individual bruce shore and the fire all that happened afterwards because if the formation in those three o dues does not correspond to that pfizer warrant ladies and gentlemen we got a really really big problem on our hands now i know some of you can email me both that's good in its why do you think there a great joy look at em a some of you get spiky fatigue don't don't i promise you the fund is just starting folks were to come next week
i promise you thanks for tuna uruguay and weakest shows thanks for all your support i really appreciate you just heard bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at du bon gino
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