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Ep. 803 Is this Major Player in the Scandal Still Alive?

2018-09-10 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the stunning news that Joseph Mifsud, a major figure in the Spygate scandal, may be dead. I also address the first television interview of George Papadopoulos and I discuss the reappearance of Barack Obama on the campaign trail.    News Picks: Is Joseph Mifsud, a major player in the Spygate scandal, dead?   Rod Rosenstein owes us an explanation, immediately. What is the crime Mueller is investigating?    Is President Trump about to declassify these critical documents?    Should the government regulate Google?   The NFL still allows disrespect of our national anthem.     Texans may strongly object to this retelling of the Alamo story.   What we know about “Tax Cuts 2.0”   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wasn't there thereby gino show producer joe how are you today as well as one can do for a mandate to canada what the heck is gone i get over the weekend this breaking news that as said the baltic professor at the heart of this entire spy gate scandal the guy who's the founder of the feast whose arts this whole thing via alleged telling george papadopoulos about russian dirt on hilary death george you see this article the hill so it's not some crazy like far left far right gloody towards other worldly side this reserve this was up in a number of credible places that may soon made
paper seized my gosh i was like is for real saw but i get it i have reason to be very captain online y yeah day here and i got reasons to be sceptical get to that is i got a ton of email i you know i love the feedback on the show folks and i deeply appreciate bottom i problem we got close to two hundred he may help to disregard go and what is your soda way we'll get to that i got a lot of other stories for use well including a washington post astonishingly publishing a peace and we think they see it that decimate the the idea that government is somehow helping you it really the peace really unbelievably shows our government is cannibalized itself so we'll get the summit that are today show brought you by our bodies it well our acts game i will be using today is a matter of fact the queen out my ears i'd love to do and after a hair god because sometimes i get those little hairs from a haircut given that i've short hair in my ear and really a noise
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who knows it might just change your life you know you're not here and if you know you're right go wax stay calm offer code dan shipping go check that out ok so i get these series of emails sweet can i start doing some homework on this and the message store i have it in the show notes i encourage you to read it appeared in the hail appeared elsewhere not a here fan of the hill they put some of their headlines have been absolutely ridiculous and sensational lately but you know sometimes ill they print things that are then actually make sense so here's what happened foe and this should really this should pick your interest so we know myths joseph misled the maltese professor just according to just about every spy gate story out there from people on the left the right in the media depends on how they interpret the events but if so does the guy who contacts george pop ah in each working on the trump team and this malta
professor is alleged to be the guy who tells me you know the russians have some information on hilary now this is confirmed george papadopoulos at least do his account he confessed let this happen if you watch the interview he did with j tapir he mentions this that may soon had made this comment now papadopoulos makes clear joe and this is throw a wrinkle in the left story pay close attention to this i've story is always been about collusion that there for some kind of a corrupt bargain here joe in other words at the russians had information on hilary potentially now give information i hacked into the dnc and they were going to trade it or give it to the trump team in the trump team was going to use it to make the demo so a ban when version will understand that i know you do folk she'd been forever now papa police throws a huge monkey ranch in this we're in this weekend where this friday night interview with that j tapir according
papadopoulos in this first public interview he says in their something critical which of course that you know the big media s because they don't want you know they want to i tell you the truth on this but the police says that it was not in fact an offer that it was the statement that he almost immediately discarded any he assume misheard wishes reading it out of the news or using it like i you know hyper pollack statement to make himself appear more connected in other words joe he says to him in it be different than me telling you a job you run for president i have information on your opponent i want to give you an me saying hey joe you know the russians they have information on your opponent once and offer once just a statement right so pop adopt this interesting we enough said the interview goes hey he didn't offer me anything he's unequivocal on this by the way he did not vacated all he was crystal this was not some offer and at the statement he felt was just kind of aim i statement of
mr trying to engage in poverty you know like puff in his chest ok look the russians may have this information i'm connected right that's a creek that's a key point folks that's critical it also puts puts miss said in right now so think small thing starts with miss stood telling papadopoulos about that this information now we get the information this information now we get the information from the hill this weekend and others that the deal the foxes is amazing this is like i can't believe i've read the story like this is is astonishing that the dnc that file they lawsuit against the trump campaign because this is a nonsense losses to be clear but they filed a lawsuit against the trump campaign for the russian collusion publicity tactic folks make no mistake but in order to i'm through with the lawsuit today and see how to have subpoenas subpoenas issued two people to testify in the case so folks as i just explained to you
if you're gonna alleged collusion at the trump team colluded with the russians to get this information that may have stood logically had untold papadopoulos about joe big subpoena miss it would be important yeah i think so yeah i think so sort of maybe right so the day and goes to find them and it comes out with this court for any again largely ignored by the media and seven or filing that they can't load kate him and he may in fact be deceased now be where the beef is right where's my short even better now people of all weak and people are freak out was listen i here's the thing folks i'd as you well know i i've spent last year my life researching this the book is thorough when you read the spy book we put out it's available on amazon see it's very thorough its footnote to death i am not going to get the things i can't prove disprove i've just
telling you now he may be deceased he may not i don't know that no sourcing i has says he is deceased what i'm telling you it's more suspicious obvious if he died i like you know would obviously like to know why was it natural causes what happened with the circumstances suspicious now having said that i find even more odd about this entire cases not the fact that the dnc thinks he may be disease is the fact that nobody can find this guy ladies and gentlemen where in this world of social media internet connectivity twice for our cable news video amazon every corner and in every person's hand in the portion of cell how do you explain the fact and by the way financial tracking of just about everything you do with the advent of the debit card everything us how you explain the fact that the guy who starts entire investigation according to the current narrative we have miss should who tells papa i don't believe that story i'm just saying according to a narrative we have by the media that must stood tall papadopoulos but this russian info this was it start
the whole thing how do you explain the fact that this guy can't be found drawn up serious safer joe i'm play games not mess you again but i am glad you are the audience ombudsman assume for a second he's not about ok because remember article says he may be deceived nobody's confirm that i'm a guy i have a lot of reasons to disbelieve antimony i'm gonna get to that no second but areas question for you joe how will you needed to hide and never be found again do you think you could do i mean think it through think it too i mean what you'd have to do to never be tracked financially on a video camera if you had what would you know where to even start boy you know no really wouldn't you'd have to first of all you have to dump but your grandmother's so many ways of being tracked you the ultra europeans you'd have to scrap here
cell phone you have to go with either cricket phones or something that even those cricket funds you'd have to buy with cash it would be most impact you'd you couldn't have a bank account ladies gentlemen about it i mean as a former criminal investigator tracking people down candidly speak these days is not difficult believe me i was a federal agent i left the job in two thousand and eleven that's it before now it's even worse but you know i was doing criminal investigations it in two thousand two thousand and one it's it's almost empty i support a disappear almost impossible back then we had oh track lexus next alexis nexus right now you can forget suffer commercially available were even me we have to find a unified people i it's on our divine there i find it all you may they what are you suggesting their folks i'm so es thank you based on the evidence that there were only two possible solutions you from mrs number
why does he may in fact be to see some not here to discredit that at all i'm just telling you i am not sure i believe that but it may it's possible he made and if that's the case we damn well better find out those circumstances really quick founder of the feast ear the the organizes the guy turkey is organized around against the more precise way to say it he just randomly disappears and nobody's even remotely curious and media i don't believe it gonna be a corpse somewhere it did where's the where's the death where's the death registered where's where's the records the john it's a good point glad you actually brought that you gotta wanted me to get distracted majuba for good point there even die given the programme the yeah the u ubiquitous nature of electronic record keeping surely there's a record somewhere of a guy by the name of joseph miss a dying
his name is not i mean joe armacost is a unique last name of joe armacost god forbid with a path we would probably still have a record of it now if it on smith it may be difficult because there's problem the thousands of john smith was even the same birthday member pay a pianist revolt even that's are difficult to social security numbers other things i dont believe it i tell you number one the guy has been speaking out publicly for miss said the sky stephen raw whose mentioned in genk tapirs interviewed by the way stephen role has been a very very interesting character mistook is connected to the stephen rather friends stephen row is is alleged to be representing him in some legal capacity i say alleged because its unkind here what exactly road does at least in my eyes stephen rose been speaking out for now now here's rickets interested joe railways
a couple of assertions here assertion number one is made about miss said which has been the very bedrock of the shell for the last few months is that myths it is not a russian asset that he is a western intelligence asset ladies and gentlemen if that's the case and that is in fact true and he was working on behalf of western intelligence agencies we and we have a scandal the likes of what we'd have a scandal anyway i mean we ve already laid out the case but this scandal gets even worse because now we know papadopoulos was not only approach by a u s asset and stefan how per spying on behalf of the obama administration for or the obama administration d o j i see intelligence community fbi but now we suspicions according to a guy who has direct contact with miss said that myths
good may in fact have been working for western intelligence agencies as well indicating with one hundred percent certainty this is set up the whole time it's we need to set up that is to set up by our own guys by friendly's if row is right now what is row indicate that may be said with a western intelligence ass had not a russian one what does that have to do with the deaths story folks who has the capacity i meet there about a from from standard even things like witness protection programmes and are never at by the way there never having been involved not the formal mart u s marshals witness protection programme but there are times these programmes at the state and local level is especially when i was a former federal agent look into somebody's programmes for people who cooperated with us the witness she programmes are never is chris because you see him in tv where it's like you know i will get a chain
disguised finger prints about you know it's ridiculous that all those who are today your words stout i mean that's that's it it's a good programme but things are ever is dramatic as they are a movie but when you look at witness protection programme type things who has the power to make someone disappear the sir is the state does this day is the pandemic zadig conspiracy theory folks it's obvious that's what the witness protection programme is is it not i mean it you don't say it i mean it because liberal liberal goofball solicited the show all the time and they do every they can to try to discredit even basic concepts that we all agree on that the whole purpose of things like witnessed protection programmes is to use their power to make someone disappear that's a thought illogical stable but not to the idiots in the media of which there are many right what suggesting view is he may not be dead maybe some kind of baden switch and this is why i urge you to be very careful i am
maybe maybe i'm not sure i can i can i tell you something i can confirm but i'm sick es thank you this may be a bait and switch to either but one get us to stop by the member this is the dnc trying to locate the sky folks this may have a couple different purposes number one may be too us off the trail looking for myths it why joe because if we get move stood and somewhat interviews miss said emily said comes out and gives up all the cookies that he was working for what stern friendly intelligence assets the entire time ladies and gentlemen that's ever since truth that's proof positive first person information at the pop adopt trump team were set up so my suggestion to you is be careful with this information he may be that you may not but the information coming from the dances alleged search for this guy they if we try to throw people off the trail because
they know they may have some information that myths so it is an integral figure in this entire thing and is information could be potentially devastating remember the dnc lawsuit is about folks etc russian collusion again if so started the whole thing by telling member the trump team he has information on russia and he's not a russian asset he's a friendly intelligence ass it the dmz solve story goes out the window joe is thus making sets new perfectly normal one get off the trail there's sniffing around like bloodhounds are they really maybe maybe that's all think about this with the sceptical lifeboats we democrats or the democrats are not stupid ok not like the radiological but don't additional protecting there's the there there there there tactical genius and seventy six is a catastrophic mistake these guys know what they're doing they almost pulled off
despite gate operation without there's there still haven't been held to account so number one again it may be throwing us off the trail number two they may know where mr is they may know he's alive they want us they get paid into all kinds of course you know oh papa did it it or hilary did someone you know an engine did it you know what i'm saying year this he very sceptical these stories folks i'm just telling you was a very cautious with this and i know it bothers some people that's ok i'm not here to do i love my audience but my my show is about is the truth and the facts you know in what i speculate i'll tell you again not sure i'd be crystal clear that he's ye may be dead i'm just telling could it be cautiously stories because they may be can you down a road where
people invest fully in some kind of a theory out there that you know the ninjas got him the samurai got him the space martians got him and then all of a sudden later on when he turns up and these people the report into getting those are the same area too said the aliens got you get what i'm saying here they want to pay you down this path now i think the first reason is more likely the first reason is they want to throw people off the scent but the second it is possible to that if he's not that they're just saying that to get people you know he may be dead too to basically what are the did she a pet seeds of a of a theory out there that people go down this road all look he's dead the clinton's some and then later on they're gonna use that all that stuff to discredit you so be very careful the only responsible thing to do for people like you and i have been following this for a long time intimately is too low the information we have used
a solid constructive ideas historical evidence even circumstantial evidence is fine as long as the circumstances at up ripe and come to some sort of a reasonable hypothesis acknowledging that we don't have all the information at this time we don't if miss good turns up the logical question would be why was he hiding and who hit him was this sponsored who has the ability to hide someone i just walked through the whole thing with you would show the appeal hide and today's interconnected world is activity be this guy's been able to hide despite everybody look informed dnc the fbi all of these other people the fbi's already acknowledged show airports are looking for why can't they find them you have to ask honest quest like is this a state sponsored effort to hide this guy and whose the state sponsoring it if it isn't fact russia good we need to know if it's a west intelligence ass it then we really need to know and secondly if the
and see can't find them why would they presumed to be dead if they have no evidence if they have evidence why not see it the answer as they may be throwing that out there to get you either off the trail yourself or to get you to engage in some theory that's gonna to be debunked later on to make you look silly be very very careful with us this whole thing we're papadopoulos i'm telling you is the key to this whole thing ober analysis i can give you where we are now may suit them all he's professor who started this whole thing we're papadopoulos i'm telling you is the key to this whole thing there are a number of different entities would vested interest in making this guy go away stat making him shut up just like it was in mothers interest to keep papadopoulos quiet now papadopoulos can service time and i strongly encourage him to come out and continue to talk of he has information he thinks can help that little i'll get in there about myths should actually offering anything but just offering a deal
just making a statement is a critical component of this vote the whole thing is a dead man papa don but they were offered this email and hilary and the trunk team took it and a within the colluded in an effort to collusion effort to overthrow the election that's not what about what was said the guy cholera crystal clear in the interview that the guy just do this out there is a statement that he just almost immediately dismissed pop up whispering another good pointy interview if joe if trot team was going to collude through papadopoulos to get this information about hilary from there in writing wouldn't you think for that purpose would have relay the information about miss such offer which was no offer it all seems i he be a likely guy where are the emails papadopoulos brings up a great point sorry just hear it brings up a terrific point chair
norway the chair he says listen where are these emails pop apple assess the jury capper if i colluded with someone on the trunk team to pass off this information about this statement this must certainly right says how come they don't have the email which is really insert common sense question pop up so even if i deleted it and i don't have it surely the recipient does how come but he's produce these emails fought because strong possibilities these emails don't exist that this area if we consider the fact that papadopoulos is telling the truth tat he was just some low level adviser brought in this clearly and ambitious cat brought in on the other thing this guy makes it on the campaign this kindness it's a throwaway statement about emails he disregards it moves on is it possible that that actually happened yet not only is it possible it's likely
your life by autumn razor right commonly stated keep it simple stupid morale we stated by others is given possible scenarios except the one that requires the least amount of explanations is the most parsimonious right in other words for you too it requires six different leaps in explanations for europe if that george papadopoulos was the key figure in a scandal to gather information from the russians on behalf of the trunk team to overthrow the election he asked beneke figure he has to have at a had access to the information he has to have colluded with russians who had access to the information he has to pass it to the trump team the trump team i use it and had an impact the election i'm already at what is that six seven six six six different leaps in explanation to it by the way not of which are of a proven and there's no evidence of it all too
splain away what is far more per somalia's by saying oh he met with this guy he taught the guy had contacts the guy made a throwaway comment about hilary see males any move that that requires one explanation that the guy may statement that papadopoulos disregarded here nobody lives by outcomes razor anymore because the left is knee deep in conspiracy theories they accept the least parsimonious explanations with seven leaps in logic to spoiling away what is simply explain by one simple throw away statement and again bowing down on it if any of this was true why didn't bob mahler charge papadopoulos we conspiracy he was ever charge with any collusion related crime at all ever bigger basically serving fourteen days in jail for fitting about a date that each spoke to permits it remember
here the papadopoulos initially told the f b i missed should reached out to him before he was hired by the term campaign not after me who cares what does that even matter because the fbi's alleging that moves good reached out to him because he was a member of the trump team to get that informed you understand that job is important for this is the fbi's whole story against papadopoulos was stupid it's so dumb at this guy miss should who nobody can find the fbi interviewed let him go and noble find the medea achieved thinks he may be dead i told you that'll story the same while miss should only reached out the pop adopt was because he was on the trunk team and was very earnest gettin ready to use the sky in this collusion scheme when fbi initially spoke to pop adopt less populous said that not all miss said reached out to me before i joined the trembling we should throw the fbi narrative out the window now again non all razor conspiracy theories on the left the there's proof but that was trying to hide the fact
tat he knew you know miss said was using him for his contacts on trumped up that's not what that says it all papa apple is said he was it was pretty clear to his lawyer that he was just at that point trying to protect the trump because nobody was involved in which its total sets the guy gets out of the shower the fbi's at his door and started ask him about a conversation about a russian guy so he screws the date is absent maybe the guy was just confused but your job we do in international conspiracy with russian connected guy who nobody could seem to find who nobody could see we would point out is russian connections come on guys gimme a break one more thing this papadopoulos was pretty clear on the effort to the jake operative user good one i encourage you to watch it there's a thread that is only about forty minutes a content but india there throughout the whole thing is what i've been telling you again for six months and i'm gonna move out of this because it saw
cases fascinates me and it just so unbelievable how the greatest act malfeasance and media history is to ignore them the george papadopoulos was clearly set up he points a number of contacts made papadopoulos with him and his with him over the course of his time on the trump team and all contacts are suspicious near the media has almost zero interest collectively and who these contacts work he points out that said contact them after yeah after he joined the trinity of course we started said story out again information by the russians what no one's ever proven nothing that is connected to the russians just a western assets court who was a lawyer he talks about helper but u s intelligence community links spy who now its indisputable contacted dodge pop adopted in an effort to get information started asking george papadopoulos about the emails this is the united states government intelligence ass a spy we know
that's sergei milly on reaching out to george papadopoulos you talked about in an interview ok million who is alive to be source tea in the dossier so let me get this straight you know we have a guy a very well connected wealthy guy sergei million a real stay guy who reaches out the papadopoulos according to george within offered to give him thirty thousand dollars a month and this guy according to a credible allegations is also a source for christopher steals dossier whose he for hillary clinton not exist let them see their fogs nothing to see their move along move along by you you know rob rubberneck a car accident along on expressway mobile folks others i mean are you serious you're not even just in this at all the media so a guy offers and thirty thousand thousand martha trop adviser after multiple suspicious contacts with the u s government is so clearly a set up the same guys alleged to be a source in the dossier a dossier
it was to paid for by the hillary clinton nothing to see their folks don't you work at any bring but the end the forced suspicious contacts we have mrs how per million of this guy charles to wheel now food to wield the beating disclosure onto we'll two wheel or says i had nothing to do with this this is a business deal i am not a spy according to at least people in the papadopoulos circle two we may have been some intelligence asset giving pop adopt what it gives some ten thousand dollars in it she's before he travels back to the united states gives him ten for a business deal to we'll say papadopoulos ask for it but this i too will if you like up his name there are some allegations of aids connections to the intelligence community too but ladies again the media has zero interest whatsoever in getting to the item of this story because they want to make this all go away just come in full
well that's why i'm urging you to be very very careful with miss said may be dead story be fair he careful trust me on this one ok please forget confirmation i'll be the first time but if i get some good sourcing out of that he's dead i'll tell you about it but until that's confirm remember it is not in your interest to make miss said go away its emeritus because becomes out and says he's a western intelligence s and provide some proof some emails oh boy this thing is wanna go you know to your one nuclear and a heartbeat aright there also bought you by bodies at i target i targeted a pro system these single best way to increase your proficiency with a firearm proficiency in safety those are the two things that matter with a firearm more than anything not safe for that you'd danger to yourself to appoint avenue feed proficient with it and you can if we are firing at god forbid the self defense scenario or hunting or even
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why the mahler probe is a special council not an independent council there is no statute for special councils there are some department of justice guidelines and regulations but eighty mccarthy goes to at length and courage you to read it because it's very good it talks about the mccain ex behind a special council investigation which has an informed lesser the show you really should know it is definitely worth your time talks about a couple thanks why a special council would be formed the news one before because there's an alleged conflict and that the audiovisual joe that's department of this can handle this case themselves i'm secondly it should lay out a specific crime of these a very important things now mccarthy as absolutely decimate the special council investigation and goes after rosen's theme in the peace process in a more aggressive and he does andy's a pretty sober guy in a great guy but it's a good piece any says in the peace that listen neither one of those things right now is actually accurate now to be clear the special
council guidelines by the oj because the independent council statute has lapsed votes be clear just so understand them national council guidelines do not mandate that a crime be named ok there is no history of independent councils or special councils in the past is mccarthy points out that did not in the specific crime the reason is folks we are a country that investing its crimes we don't investigate people i cannot be clear on this you have to take this to the bank cash this check spend it sure councils should never be formed open ended because what are you get you get an invite the geisha echoes after a person and doesn't go after a crime that is the vote the essence of non blind justice justice its targeting somewhat why is that dangerous because if i look for a crime with georgia and if i want to look for a crime for my own wife ip i miss you will find from metrics tag ripping the jaywalking
you will find it ladies and gentlemen if you paid zero dollars and ninety nine cents in taxes when you were supposed to pay a dollar ten i've got news for you you committed a crime show me the man and i will show you crime as this year as the access the police chiefs used to say often and match funding because mccarthy actually it attributes the quotas that exact quoting the visa fee show me the man i'll show you the crime stir barry these neighbouring whenever the guy so that's why i didn't say i dont know who i am i didn't say merit i'll do that that quotas actually in the peace that is exactly the problem of trying to avoid that's why would special council show that history is always been you half the line out exactly what you're looking for and wine out exactly why the department of justice as it stands now can't handle is so mccarthy some fascinating fascinated poysers be one i get a shameful he has about when i miss him can i tell you because you don't listen about
a mission here obviously that you know the sinner like everyone else how do i get we made this point it or cash heather did i miss this i would have loved this said this on fox where anywhere you romania mccarthy brings up this great proteus case of number one show that the deal j cannot handle this themselves any they special council because of conflict the oj really that how come the people they hired we're all people mostly poet given the oj oh we had courage we re you're at eighty wise but this isn't gray folks do you understand what a terrific point so we need a special council to go out and investigate because the normal department of justice both she and i can't do it so what a smaller do the first thing does it runs out at hires people j with a massive political conflict democrat daughters gene
three who had represented the clinton foundation are exactly you actually represented one of the guys alleged to have destroyed the blackberries in the hilary email scandal mccarthy rights listen maybe he's a sober analyse joe because i am not criticising mahler personally i'm just say it like have a brain dude missis it does not provide but have you got what you wanted this is a non partisan investigation should go out to hire d o j people who are the most partisan people out there what point of this gives you a liberal friends will bring this up i'm always here too welcome immediately you get ready to roll and it's you real friends would say well it's a guy the rules to ask him their partisan affiliation before appointing and the special council yes you're right point stipulate ladies and gentlemen these were known partisans though they didn't have to
can he questions it is no secret that anti weissmann the chief investigator mahler probe was a salary supporter everybody even if you did a modest amount of research are trying to stay ideologically centred and new special counsel you would have known who weissmann a genie and assembly were the media found this out two seconds this was a mystery folks that of hiring here land american lawyers maybe state level prosecutors debt it isaac them at the federal level who had no connection dc swap what a smaller to hear me we goes out and hires the swap is d officials possible from within the oj to prove that the deal j couldn't handle the investigation what is your
spending are you dig up reagan from the exorcist right now is peace soup coming out of your throat was of the waters the priests name father mare and in the interests of the river no knowledge in a thousand evil cinema webdriver movies you know folks one of the things that they had the horrible movies but this is the point that the oj can analyse tired the oj lorries wait i thought there was a conflict energy or j not able we're gonna get people your trailers we're going all the non partisan investigation gimme the most partisan people possible i mean is based mother kenny seriously can be theirs ignorant or is what i'm telling you true there's butlers not peace ignorant folks he's not stupid mothers that dumb the answer is mahler knew he would get covered by the media and just hired the most partisan people possible to sweep no about plan c if you assume last week show to sweep the spy
the gate scandal onto the rug by attacking donald trump endlessly and to attack them probably needed a bunch of partisan acts so we went back into the the agenda and pull them out now joe i go back into the oj why create that why created chasm in other words why created scandal why go back into the d o j if you're trying to prove that the oj couldn't handle it but you know what i'm what why why joe if your investigating donald trump yes you are you're not investigating collusion mouldered let's get out of the way matters that rests not believe in the nonsense it is not that the liberal media our you if you are desperately who after donald trump chow desperate and have to hide all the hilary crimes than the oj spiky debacle we fbi spiky debacle and you're you're you're real charges to make that all go away do you want
people who have deep connections within the d o j who may be intimately familiar with what you're trying to hide or do you want a lawyer and heartland america is going to be non partisan he's gonna uncover the facts i want the guys that are on my side may of course of court folks the mccarthy objectively gimme a break dopy stupid the deal j people if you thought was it the orgy conflict because you need people who are aware of the malfeasance you're trying to sweep up that's why want a bunch of land american state prosecutor's come in they were looking at the facts objectively gimme a break don't be stupid not talking to you i'm talking to media people secondly why are partisan acts because this is a partisan attack the ets a very simple outcomes razor folks keep it simple stupid why higher deejay people because there are hiding the oj malfeasance why
their partisan act because it's a partisan attack no further explanation needed another point on this mccarthy brings up which is a beautiful one he says if research such a oj conflict yet mahler hired the oj people anyway show why does he preferring cases back into the jerry for hoax the russian georgi case member we got these russian gr you military officials joe we got the money but this member the deed el the indictment hacking into the u s election data system trying to get information from the deity member that diamond and leaves blown away the media all we got the rushes folks case was referred back to the oj national security division why why come again the whole premise all this why so mad at joking
but if you think of this work the whole premises that the oj can't handle this because there is a conflict so smaller do the biggest but we have so far these russian military gets here he said try practically no i thought there was a conflict this is supposed to be about russian collusion yet you get the russians and where does it go right back to the oj how do we that trumps lawyer i call it is personal lawyer you would think would have ended knowledge every russian collusion scandal if it were to occur it did this case show it was referred back in the oj the southern district craziest egg i have ever heard the grace he's think ever heard
it breaks up one final really really good point than apiece how i'd rosen's theme is hiding the there were two there was an initial appointing the special council joe looking into russian collusion there is also a supplemental memo issued on august second twenty seventeen that supplement them am i still remains classifying only pieces of it is linked to our leaked out just to be clear a lot the liberals are saying ok remember that the point you are making huge there's a conflict in the oj which i've just upon which is nonsense they just want to sweep the deportation up under the rug this can point is that a specific crime needs to be named when has been in the past even though its mandate if that's been the history but no crimes been named here the lip we'll come back to point number two is that oh no no no there's a crime name but it's in the second letter
reclassification of the investigation by broad rosa seen issued august second two thousand seven supplemental memo job or anymore artie brings up a great point why hide in that way still classify and i if i can't listen you can hide the names you know if you have names and ere you dont want let out than fine but that's we release you owe us an explanation as to what this crime is right yeah but he brings up a terrific point saying is the real information in that supplemental memo joe issued august second twenty seventeen use that verify this alleged crime against the trump team this is something i had thought it before and i should have said he says is it the dossier is it again the information in the dossier again that appeared in the pfizer that appeared reproofs or that appear in the fbi ladies gentlemen you know how devastating this would be it would take up
art and dismantle the entire special council investigation donald trump the man that that supplemental memo be declassified and i'm telling you right now if there is any information from this now wholly discredited dossier in that supper mental memo outlining a quote crimes that we're just made up joe man we have another hard core problem going on here do you copy supply that memo too and of roses the care back it up put actual crimes we better find out real quick my buddy say right quick i got a couple more things are getting less today lending club and thank god for lending club we need have have been prohibited he's places
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i'm a reappears on the campaign trail and immediately start attacking donald trump and how hilariously starts somehow taken credit for the economy now before i get to this great piece of it which contrasts obama twenty sixteen talking about how not of what did on the economy as possible and then later taking credit for what trump did on the economy i just want to say to you pointing out the absurdity of barack obama statement ladies and gentlemen barack obama spent eight years eight years blaming george w bush for the worst recovery and modern american history cumulative gdp start to finish and average gdp rate of two percent roughly two percent depending on how actually went below two percent and average gdp growth rate of two percent which is the first by the way in american history to never reach annual annual three percent gdp growth that's parag obama has or a close in productivity in investment barack obama's economy was an absolute disaster sixty four
then of america's thought we were headed in the wrong direction when he left office barack obama presided over the wipe out over a thousand democrat seats at the state state and local level barack obama was a disaster for the economy and for his party that's the real barack obama so spends eight years blaming bush joe for is bad covering this poor economic performance at any gets out of office donald trump changes his regime around goes to it regulatory instead of a regulatory regime starts cutting red tape starts cutting taxes the economy turns out it turns around right away barack obama leaves them in the last year with a one point six percent growth rate trump turns around right away to two point two last quarter was four point to the neck should be exploited did the before point seven at parag obama after blaming bush re use is now taking credit for trumps economy which is hysterical hysterical now here's the this is this is really wonderful this is paraca i may twenty sixteen telling
this is all impossible and i'll take credit for what was possible when his team get out of office or the numbers come out magua job tourism suddenly republics say as america canada actually those jobs these are the same as they were then two thousand and fifteen until sixteen because some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back and when somebody says like the purse the new just mentioned do not go to advertise for that he's gonna bring all these jobs but well how zog what're you gonna do that what are you gonna do there's that there's no answer to it says well i know what i'm not negotiate a better deal with what exactly are you want to negotiate that what matters why do you have an
usually the answers you don't have any this is so falling this is classic a keeper line what provoke a populist talk about that latter clip right twenty sixteen was sixteen d the the dearth the dearth of manufacturing jobs and were leaving the country we ve seen a manufacturing resurgence back in the united states since trump took office and by the way when you can the last nineteen twenty months of the job of the obama administration with the twin months we ve seen thus far the trump administration folks who admiral full time jobs good quality jobs at barack obama twenty succeed said would never come back despite hey laughingly taking credit for donald trump point one million full time equivalent jobs barack obama three point three people might trop is farther into a recovery then then obama was after eight years trump if anything even despite unbelievably strong economic policies tax cuts deregulatory for did they
we should still be slowing down a bit we're out almost full employment although the of the view that the employment rate there are people who are underemployed still i don't wanna be dramatic and of our people sitting out of the workforce have given up but they should be let down at speeding up at the end stages of recovery of barack obama's right why is it speeding up because you weren't nepeian stages of recovery the jobs the obama administration created even accordingly china brazil herself at the dnc who said this in an email a crappy jobs they were part time jobs obama this guy has to be kidding alright i'm done with ie does the silly liberal stuff so bill mar this weekend amazement tourism pet detective jim jim carry who is the guy's a beast actually literally a comedian right but it is also an economist of you knew this joe yazzi up he's a world ass a kind of so jim carry
yeah yeah yes he is he's wonderful he understands the politics of redistribution scarce resources rationing verses pricing models and all that stuff jim's really greatest so jim appear on the bill marcia this weekend and jim jim carry clearly doesn't understand with socialism is clear there is joe complainest cut from july said the united states has been a quasi socialist government for a hundred years for crying out loud it's not plenty of subsidies for oil companies and net also relating to air and so i ask of course nothing more socialistic them some of the pentagon programmes that are unjust jobs programmes category says we don't want these tanks and they build them anyway that's not social but that word the democratic to get a plan to fight this slackness slander of socialist you're gonna be living in venezuela and we have to say yes to socialism to the word and everything we have to stop apologize my cache
joe again the stupidest strong ladies and gentlemen this is not what socialism is i want to make two points because the washington post themselves they said the beginning of the shell put a piece i'm not going to like to in the show notes i'll give you everything you need to know to worry about giving too many clicks the washington post is a complete joke but they inadvertently debunked there at this constant that government spending is socialism ladies and gentlemen what but one carries an idiot he has no idea what he's talking about say yes the socialists to say yet the death destruction poverty despair i put a torture political presence that's the history of social what their real each saying quote yes to job is acting in spending policies axing citizen the citizenry and allocating that money towards prague i voted on by people is not socialism gosh guys help at times we gotta do this on the shop socialism has a very clear and distinct definition if you don't know it and you interested tune out now the show is not for you if you are
just didn't reality even if your liberal loose here then let's argue and argue vigorously about things we know you're me arguing with you about things you don't know it's a waste my time ok socialism is the government control of the means of production the means action meaning the economy what we produce the factories the service industry everything you work for government the government reading it's the resources to people who they think need them what actually happens in real life is the government it's them for themselves patient their friends there there are allegorical bureaucratically connected friends starves out its population puts their opponents and political prisoners with socialism is dna states government acts it and that's the government ask your liberal friends how is that evidence of the government's control ordinarily a smart but miss a better but but just dumb he says dumb things but he's not stupid jim carriages straight up dumb
for our companies like that's evidence of so what's up somebody mean subsidies so oil but he earns revenue the government doesn't tax it that's the government ask your liberal friends how is that evidence of the government's control the means of production questionable ones the government only oil company no it doesn't is there they giving the oil company anything no no other giving them something no they're not giving them subsidies they're not giving them what you're doing is allowing airports peak oil company keep its own money it's not your money it's their money the government is giving them anything you being allowed to keep your own money because you are that is not a gift folks it's called liberty and freedom added definitely isn't socialism aid is only socialism if you aren't eddie you're an idiot you are the man brother av it you ve i love rents debbie so still bring that was so dark eyed
i guess i can't argue this any more if future if you're going to argue that the military and taxing listen just to be clear and for a move on this instrument seeing the citizen route that vote representatives taxing them using the money to allocate towards government run programmes that are voted on is not socialism they may be poor political decisions but it is not socialism because the guy remained does not control the means of production they may take money from them and redistributing redistribute the money is not socialism you are simply dopey for you're just a minor know what the tell or misinformed there is no option see what it is as a constitutional republic that votes on time sing decisions and government programmes some of them poorly design but it is
our socialist now how does this ag how does it serve relate to the washed imposed peace i saw this i can't carols twitter feed so had tipp to you conference witness out their here's a quote from a war imposed piece about those taxing decision so others when about socialism job we're talking about herman spending probes he had washed imposed themselves acknowledging that even big government which is in socialism is catapult rising itself so gyp carries not only in area casinos know what socialism is just dumb mars just misinforming you even what they are talking about show which is big government liberalism is still a big failure here's a quote from the worst imposed stayed medicaid spending joe is the single biggest contributor to decline in higher education funding at the state local level the washington most themselves acknowledging that heavy taxation to read distribute the money to other programmes is already catalyzing programmes because you
care pay for everything at the same time the citizens are going to have an a basically limited appetite for working fifty percent the sixty percent of their lives to finance the government's what's happening cover money is drying up because the government gets it money its money from people that are getting tired of working for the government now how is this happening job medicaid spending spend these doubling higher education spending down fifteen percent according to the washed imposed peace and why the washing posts themselves because statement kate spending an outward government funding folks taken from the people the funds are limited liberals do i to make hard choices about these programmes and rather than turning these programmes over the free market to let them ample themselves education and things like that where people are perfectly capable making their own decisions they decide
who engage in decisions where they're going to tax people and spend that money on things they can use that they can use around money to buy themselves notably education and what's happening where is that but he coming from now that this state monies drawing up its coming from explosive spending in the government healthcare rina folks this cannot continue people at aren't we pay our teachers more fine words are coming from what's gonna cut let no be we need to pay more bombing in tibet ok we're when you come from i dont have a either pay more dire education ok where's that money come from i don't know we need to take care of children's after ok where's that committee comfort i dont know what we need take care children's their poker where's that money comfort i don't know but we need take care of unemployment benefits ok we're somebody cover do you understand how this is that this is a guarantee path off a bankruptcy cliff themselves acknowledges in peace they are cannibalism themselves liberals with their own perverse incentives which are to provide government funding
for everything and anything which mutual provide government funding for nothing in the future as we work towards guarantee bankruptcy that is not socialism socialism is the government take over the means of production it is big government liberalism is just economic we as devastating as socialism over time it will guarantee led to bankruptcy in despair but it is not socialism jim carry is an idiot i'm sorry it's not nobody is talking about and i wish you would the eighth mentor movies because eat but those weren't even very good let us show them tat information i folks thanks every to and please you don't mind i pick up a copy my new books by gate one amazon for you pick it up of priorities i'll be at your house will probably before the release data october nights or go check that out a really appreciate all the information i talked about most of it and their describes all this stuff see what miss anything please subscribed to the pod guess it's free
on itunes i radio sound cloud spotify it's free and it helps us to move up the charts we really appreciate that thanks folks i will see you you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of their own line in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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