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Ep. 805 The Schemers Are Desperately Trying to Cover Their Tracks

2018-09-12 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I debunk the increasingly ridiculous liberal attacks on the Trump tax cuts. I also address the media’s desperate efforts to suppress their role in the plot to take down the Trump administration. Finally, I discuss liberal lies about President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria.    News Picks: This piece uses diagrams to show the connections between the major Spygate players.    This Lee Smith piece is a devastating indictment of the media’s significant role in the plot to take down Donald Trump.    Chuck Ross’s new piece addresses the question, “Is Joseph Mifsud still alive?”    Sara Carter’s latest piece reveals new, troubling texts from Strzok and Page.    The “Quit Rate” is up and this is a good sign for wage growth.    Democrats screamed that the Trump tax cuts “weren’t permanent.” Here’s their chance to vote to make them permanent.    Far-left violence directed at Republicans is out of control.    This smear of Brett Kavanaugh is another example of the moral vacuum the far Left lives in.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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dan bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i welcome the damp on gino show producer joe how are you re doing well dad it's a pleasure to be here another stack there is a lot to talk about dams china run interference can on the media leak story i gotta get into that other terrific peace by lee psmith to some other news more outrageous liberal insanity ladies and gentlemen they are losing their minds and its reminding me of where they were after i do its age w bush had won the presidency if the two terms ronald reagan where they can we lost their minds broke with reality and as a result a democrat leadership committee came in and how to rebuild the democratic party back on them out of sanity again and started nominating people
the you know bill clinton type who despite is moral failings was a little more of a interest type democrat not really in a lot of trouble right now so we'll get the some of that do a lot to talk about today today show brought you buy but is it my patriot supply ladies and gentlemen as you well know it is hurricane season and the time for emergency preparedness is now it's not after disaster strikes it is important in recent weeks we have seen a couple a hurricanes flooding and numerous wildfires disasters for many unfortunately widespread esther can strike to earthquake solar flares cyber attacks can knock out the electric power in your house for four weeks it says billions for weeks authorities for millions of weeks that would be really bad but it can knock out power for weeks as a serious problem may be months when there's no power refrigeration fails stew clothes then why if those fifth they can't get food back on the shells were being a lot of trouble you need a planet sure this food in your house stalked away for an emergency i use my patriot supply from
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i say admire i don't mean that new qualitatively good way i mean like you stand of the just more it just moral depravity the the moral and ethical vacuum they live and they are so completely busted on this entire spy gate scandal plan eighty unmask kings and the and the probability of queries into the usa database plan b to set up operation plan c the sweep up operation and now i'm going to add plan data this for those you caught last week show plan d does the media can conspiracy to cover this thing cover them tracks and constantly backtrack on old stories to make believe old stuff didn't happen might what type plan d will make sense but some basic the colonies on these people are so i just know this and i know what i want you to think a little solace in this because when i explaining it'll make sense how awful these people are just throw this
if you believe in a higher power which idea was i'm not a preacher it's not a preacher show i'm not your past or your rabbi your mom or anything else i'm just suggesting that i know a lot of this is depressing at the end of the day matter fact even my wife said to me last night watchman papadopoulos unhappy she's like is we think to happen i said i know this things are happening they may not be happening that fast is anything severe gonna happen to the perpetrators us i don't know but i know this i one day be it bring to a higher power and i this too all you liberals police theatres media conspirators in this and all you really awful disgusting horrible people who perpetrated one of the greatest violations and scandals in u s history i know this i'm not you i am not you i will never be you your filth i know you're filth what you did was disgusting what you did was horrible and i know you have to wake up every morning looking in the mirror knowing your you you know i have
guy goes after me all the time on twitter and he's not me much is said to be a jerk pretty if there was a deaf i of loser in the dictionary this guy's yet i mean about me like crime abusing women like he's a really awful guy only know a man i'm not going to say how because i want to but its eye please think to myself a gap to wake up every morning taking solace in the fact that you're not him like here the be every day you know what i'm saying like that's is this punishment is being in this is that that's what i'm avoiding legal punishment method wax philosophic but i'm just really pissed what's going on but i want no just smile a little bit you are not these idiots these people are epic losers corrupt merrily apps people they have no values at all and what they're doing how to cover a plan d the media cover up is just incredible before i get to that
one quick note on economic news some the smile about two i have story in the wash them examiner today which is really good which kind of doubles down on somethin i brought up yesterday about tax cuts to point out the report can parties now put out a platform for a tax cuts to point no double down on the trump tax cut plan that is that it already passed now this is important because the entire premise of damage liberal in media opposition to the tax its plant originally joe was that these tax cuts we're not permanent on the income side but they were permanent on the corporate site as said yesterday the republicans now have him in a corner because they are likely to put a bail out there that is going to make the income taxes permanent on the on the personal side and the democrats that rapid and raved ah my gashed are not permanent for us but they are for businesses are now going to be exposed for the complete utter frauds they are they stand for nothing there frauds now what's
better about this is the examiner peace lays it out with specific accusations that democrats made one of em joe while the ex cuts plan the initial one joe it's not it's not a tax god it's actually attacks hike now drove you say as your question we house out then how is it attacks like if its attacks got that that's what i was thinking then the reason they said that is because they obstructed making the tax cuts permanent so in ten years and their tenure window when the tax cuts expire because the democrats one of them to expire they were i just met your taxes would go up again ladies and gentlemen if this is not the most warp but again this shows you the moral vacuum these idiots living there are this was a serious argument these morons made we are gonna be this is the democrats we are going to blow making the tax cuts permanent as blocked them the republicans responded by making them temporary figuring something is better than nothing rachel the democrats
and responded by saying because those tax cuts are temporary and personal cycles we blocked them your taxes are gonna who up when they expire at the end the ten year window and therefore actually attacks hike if your point when you hear our trying to understand the idiot that reside in the left side of the political i'll please stop please you will lose iq points trying to figure these people out it is not possible they are not figure out a bull and the wash them examiner peace lays out some actual quotes of democrats saying that the tax cudgel was in fact tat attacks using the same perverse bizarre stupid logic that you just hurt i woke up very upset this new homes were but a number of things have to watching papadopoulos interview s uninhabited i'm even more fired up ok point number two
quits rate in the economy and other pisa have up there at the end the shown us today punch you know that completion out the quick great got up now you may say were wise at good people quitting their jobs nano folks s great news that great goes there quits it is a measure of frictional unemployment frictional employment is a good thing and we not always but frictional unemployment is a good thing for the work course not necessarily for employers fritz no unemployment quits radio is people who leave their jobs not because i got fired but they leave their jobs for better jobs you you'd you track and want to move up right right right it's called frictional unemployment because it's not you losing your job it's you u unemployed only in that temporary period where you leave one job in go to another one so frictional unemployment is actually a times can be a measure of economic health now
a measure of economic downturn why because job because you gonna leave your job of this out a better one out there for you laboratory no you're not of course want to stick with the job you have now but when the economy is along joseph talented guy i love our children will be forever but i have to the page yo competitively ivy ok i'm he's gotta go take another job i mean really friends if only go so far have been i wouldn't be mad at me they're joe goes egg at another job for you know if a million dollars i'd say you're you're an idiot not to take it got jump on that buddy i'm serious like joe it up right i respect that but friction unemployment and of and the rate of quick in the economy for another job obviously as i just told you are married together because the unemployment period a rough actually the unemployment period that someone as when they leave one job and they take another when that rate goes up job that quits rate its orton because it means that people are get
better jobs now why does it matter it man because another one noticed even my show for the last few days the bunking liberal garbage and believe me liberal garbage is everywhere everywhere you turn there's liberal garbage this is going to have a dramatic effect on wages soon the democrats in complaining that wages are going up that is nonsense wages are going up the commerce department the employment cost index of both reported wages going up at a dramatically high rate than others obama administration granted inflation is wiping out some of those gains but that inflation is largely due to obama care and health care costs and the rate is still higher than it wasn't the obama administration so your argument that wages aren't going up your quest should be compared to what my job compared to wire
wages aren't going up compared to what the obama years no no you're absolutely categorically wrought wages are going up and rate i bring this up because frictional unemployment waiting and rate neck where that quick rate as they go up joe means people are leaving for higher paying and better jobs meaning those numbers are going to filter through the economy in the coming months and you are going to see i think pretty dramatic way increases again that's not the began if you understand even you know even basic tenets of economics that's not great for employers you know why joe i mean the most important i want to pay wages our costs like any other guys you're going to lose and you stand the possibility of losing go to employees as well sprang out not only do you lose good boys but the ones you bringing to replace him he's got a bailiff now a healthy economy that's the back and forth that's always been the argument of a free market capitalism that when the economy near the the access nonsensical idiot you advocate socialism
bourgeoisie there you know this class they did this this class of employers these these free market capitalist they abuse the workforce i got news for you there your power and a growing economy is with the employees not the employer but again don't that up the socialists to understand because you don't even understand basic economic but now employees are gonna start demanding more money so important number don't forget it we wanted to make sure i got it out at the beginning of the show because the midterm lectures you're comin up folks a veto vote were unaware of the trouble a world the trouble there are twenty seven more district our judges one more circuit court judge to be appointed we have cavanaugh we need we need to hold the senate we need hold the senate is critical meat house too but if we who's the senate we are in a world of trouble and for all my beast with the republican party and folks but you mean they are legion i'm tell you there is no no
democrat i would choose over even the worst republic in right now in the senate none under any circumstances there are no democrat if you were in west virginia and you did call you know joe manchin he's a nice guys if i he may be a wonderful guy he is not going to vote with you like morrissey if you in indiana if you think all you know is it my brought a joe donnelly euro donnelly's a nice guy he's a bypass get no he's not on every kind go issue that matters to you joe donnelly joe mansion heidi high camp and clare mechanical in missouri about will will will absolutely vote against your interests make no mistake not only that they'll be insulated by another six year term folks i'm begging you if you listen to the show we have us the actual enough audience thanks to you our good will and support my content here a substantial enough audience to make a difference in elections
don't say that out of any error pretension at all it is you're doing not my you like the content spread the word and it's been go and great humbly imploring you to say voting on this personal characteristics by the way having run for office and met a lot of these guys up in dc i could tell you ninety percent of them are not good guys anyway or women they are for themselves so if you wrote personal characteristics forget it vouchers for any of us personally all i'm telling you is the votes matter remember the new rules here the new rules are we went on the issues you lose we went on trump you lose if you vote for these democrats thinking you're nice guys thereby partisan you are wrong they are not mechanical hide camp donnelly mansion got to go bill nelson in florida has got to go we must hold on to the senate we must
stop believing this rag hypocrisy one more note on this in case you save yourself out i mean i'm at joe mansion met i care because on we probably they are running neck and neck and oppose how is joe mansion a committed democrat running neck and neck in the polls in west virginia that shares conservative eyes how is happening always about god who cares who cares who cares i ever done do i go to be asked not a nice guy manufacture kind of a jerk when i meet him but you know what he does really good work and i've got back to a multiple times like this issue it is not that it's not you you know you don't want to because you listed by shouts and other guy but who cares mike it's not my california body for your bags it's not you dress me if someone else
who cares if they're nice guys now i bring this up to tie up the tax cuts story folks why is tax cuts to point no important why the report if it's not gonna pass its impact because it gets the democrats on the records being a total fraud who turks could the temporary ok let's make a permanent let's make a permanent you just complain neighbour temporary yet but we were getting it was a partisan talking point yet we figured that we figured that losers are not surprised by the now why isn't it gonna pasture pass in the house it's not gonna pay that's because in the senate the democrats of threatened to block it an online the reconciliation procedure this gonna get complicated but if you their stand this you understand the devious news of the democratic party these days and what complete total frauds they are getting the reason tat
catch one point out past was because the republican party had a use reconciliation the senate to get around a democrat at filibuster threat which they use reconciliation they had to make the tax cuts temporary got that understood the reason we have to hold the senate is present italy because mansion hide camp mc caskey to make impermanent so the virginia peas already acknowledged that this bill however good it is in its terrific use reconciliation to make impermanent so there your please already acknowledged that this bill however good it isn't it's terrific tax cuts due point ojo is dead in the water why because the democrats are threatening the same thing they did with tax cuts one point out with a senator rats notably the ones you think are good guy some of you not all there not good guys are women their terrible they vote awful they are
for you in your values are threatening again to get in the way of tax cuts to point out and therefore they can't use reconciliation again to make impermanent that's why it's the water folks i hate the of senate and house mechanics and i read we get into it because candidly it's boring its not pouring in this case because mechanics expose the hypocrisy when you can explain to your liberal friends that the republicans pay as the tax cuts because they to get around a democrat phil foster using reconciliation and now the reason that the tax cuts are temporary they do you understand your liberal friends have nowhere to go but era racist they don't have anything because that's a fact that's what happens when you
data them we're tax cuts to point oh well i assume bayonet your complaint in the tax cuts were temporary that you're going to support tax cuts to point at which makes them permanent and you're going to push democratic senators to vote for it and swing states i guarantee liberal friends we're not going to push for that but you just complained about them be in temporary they won't and i assure you mechanical mansion donnelly and others will not vote to make them permanent and will be complete total frauds on why because they are democrats member of the line folks and don't ever forget this the real problem up on the hill can be summed up in this one ball gino ism here ma republicans up on the hill are really democrats on spending the economy motion publicans are really democrats bingo no democrats are really republic it don't ever ever forget
that my experience with this and talking to these people in the back of cars and other events driving around my experience with these people shows many i should say most men be republicans i'm assuring you are really democrats they think the parole if movement is a pain in the their furrow immigration differ endless spending they have zero commitment whatsoever to controlling government spending most begins many are really democrats no democrats are really republicans that's the problem and that's why the damn that's absolutely have to go out of the senate get rid of do not vote for them please i'm begging you are i don't want to get into this story because this is really fascinating and least psmith at the rio clear investigations absolutely fantastic job exposing the two phase leak operation that the governor it's been involved in and now the clean up operation to which is basically plan d and how the media is so need deepen this especially this adam anthea sky who is she
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media involvement in this quagmire of what's going on with the operation to take down donald trump now just to get extract a bit to where we were we did so the other day talking about the multi tiered plan to take down trump and how to plan how to change as conditions on the ground change plan by the obama administration to take down the trump team was on asking in other words spying on them and then on masking the recipient of the call sir joseph by you know you're part of the obama administration that they have they were list clearly at this point the trump team members relations with foreign people people sighed the country and they were on masking the identities trumpery members that's a fact we already know that we have in support of course in the microwave case the asking were at coming in at historic numbers and they were being done people joe who had two no nexus with the intelligence community in law enforcement at all notably samantha power who was
the united states ambassador to the eu and what was she doing on masking the identity basically listening in on the calls of the united states were getting their data on calls from united states citizens what are they doing joe sets planet planet was shut down mike rogers from the usa notices that not only are there issues with the the database that used to query a lot of this stuff but a lot of you access has been given to private contractors in these private contractors are abusing their access even after the fbi missions up but you can set a shower i cover that in more detail plan i get shot down when roger shuts down access rogers the anna who i believe is going to turn out in the end to be a real heroin plan b is set up operation the set up of pop the approaches by the how poor the approach by alexander downer the appeal by miss said all
specious approaches with connections people with connections to the intelligence community and people would suspicious connections that the hillary clinton operation plan c their trump shockingly wins the election there and a lot of trouble they know there are a lot of trouble you need a clean up operation in getting clean up our for bob it comes to the rescue he come storm out of the back room like i used to in key food by mob mop my baby you know get him up and buy that show but i mopped up a lot of messes mueller comes in clean up the mess mothers knee deep in the oj fbi connections he comes into clean up the garbage and make sure in the end that the attention is kept exclusive donald trump why turkey get away from the oj and fbi malfeasance they do not want this thing expose now to lease risk article today i'm going to introduce plan d play the is a coordinated effort by people with
and by the way adamant the us is needed in this one of the report is causes a conspiracy theory again proving my point that people anthea where knee deep in an actual conspiracy to get information out there about the trouble they member they always accuse you what they do themselves supply these a media effort in collusion weeks from the deal jamie fbi a media effort get stories out there that are unfavourable to the trump administration that's phase one face too is as the spy gate scandal is exposed to constantly put back in a push back and change the narrative so i want to be clear where we are indeed has two small portions it s phase one in phase to play the is the media leak operation you get it face one of the media leak operation disrupt the trumpet no matter what tat hat restoring to campaign joe and that
this during the transition and it happens early in the trunk presidency face to a plan b is too constantly change the narrative to cover the fbi deity georgie tracks now want to get into some stories which lease miss peace lays out media story spokes showing you how there was a coordinated effort between leakers in the deal jane the f b i this is not open for dispute by the way when i surmise and and i'm i'm speculating on things i tell you that these are actual stories that were printed joe we clear on is that of leaking leaked information that the media would not have had unless they had an asset inside the government let's be cabs the one hundred percent crystal clear this is not speculation at all there are the stories about plan d again the media fbi the oj story number one the das the eight publishing this happy
early on in the summer of the campaign as its eating up as down trumpet hillary clinton who go and added story number one is the leaking details in the dossier allegations of trump connect in business connections to russians allegations of collusion joam this is important allegations that only appear in the dossier now to be fair here fusion gps may of a lot of this most likely did legal out of this to the media story one we can't conclusively pen on on the doj and fbi pseudonyms angel fusion gps christopher steel which put together this dossier we're not don't you have leaked information to the media themselves so that they didn't have to go the fbi to do that now allow
there are quotations from senior government officials and other things like that but the story one the league the dossier which keep her mind have been almost entirely discredited outside of tangential unrelated unimportant details i carter page travel to russia so what millions a p traveled a russia that does mean anything speaking of the dossier story is media number one to damage trump during this campaign and drop a hint that he may have been colluding with the russians story number two this is still in the damage trump phase phase one of plan d damage drop the flynn leaks january twenty seventeen there is absolute no question david ignatius from the washed impose gets hold of classified information your none the gene we worry twenty seventeen article about mike fled in this conversation with kisyak hat was was
conversation about there's no way that confirmation that information at that call happen and the content that conversation or even allusions to it indignation is peace would have happened without an exchange of classified information both understand is flints conversation being monitored alone and the leaking of the conversation being monitored is a serious breach what we discussed on the call details which start to appear later indignation is peace is a highly classified leak of an essay intercept highly classified did you get that information and why is that information leak its clear as day again story one the dossiers league to put out the story and to see the media with the idea that trumps colluding with the russians based on the further the farcical dossier story number two joe about this conversation with the russians is designed to see it again
the russian narrative while also doing significant damage to mike flint nokia story number three we still in place he phase want disrupt the trump agenda make the collusion inaction damage tromp no matter what but keep during this phase media people we believe the collusion thing is real don't forget that still believe it's real because faced you won't make any sense if you don't understand that in phase one while their damaging the trump agenda joe the media still believes the collusion stories real why is it important here think about this joe think this through for a second right my forever awful as the media is and believe me they are awful they're probably worse than many of you know i mean i deal with them run for office they are some of the rudest most obnoxious most some of them ignorant people you ve ever met they
not they're not stupid though there now stupid with regards to the business model they are not print something knowing we false that they can and retract later received them now they'll prince up than false if they can hide it not trying to do please understand what i'm saying it i'm not trying babies are good people china trying say they wouldn't print something knowingly false knowing it after retracted later if they can hide it they will and if i can get cabin story later about that i will it make censure they're not going to find something that they have to embarrassingly retract later than me at this point is running stories about the dossier collusion collusion with flame collusion with others because they really believe this story true that's the deal our case in point between phase one face to face two is when they realise these stories crap and now it's again clean up at all for story three the
b i page investigation of page fisa investigation leaks in april april twenty seventeen this again the story designed to see the public and again lease miss peace goes through this line by line is very good news i do see the public with the idea that trumps presidencies illegitimate this has been acts by the clinton team from the day after day lost the election lisa quotes a book by an insider claiming the day after hilary loses joe this was an interesting point that john possessed as a meeting with hilary communication team after they lose they decide they're gonna work strongly together the hatch this trump collusion story now whether that authors right or not i know you can judge the veracity of those claims for yourself but it's in excited in these peace i get in there history the clinton's i don't doubt it at all but the ep i page story a story three that the fbi
is investigating carter page carter pages linked to transport look at this now where the story starts to change as we said he's right we ve talked about this before but lee goes into absolutely excruciatingly good detail this is they changed the going at defence what happens show how does pay indeed the meat collaboration to take down trump turned from operation to taking down tromp phase one to face two where are we better our pushing back against transparency claims because if if if the republic congress doing the investigating start having these documents exposed what's gonna happen joe people are gonna find out we were part of this whole thing but what changed the media starts to figure out that this collusion story is yes and it doesn't then for bill sharks and by the way
a guy was working out when the june the other day i came up to me said his friends name is bill shockey any thinks i'm after it is not you bill shock he had a friend and other fred with declassed they feel sharks i swear guy goes up we ensure because you bet your bill sharia they got a friend they build sharking it's not you bell but there president i problems have no fears are quite does he hate him so i don't hate bills argues that i know it's your story my body andy at the jib he's my friend things to talk about him like i have no idea that guy is but thanks for listen realize the stories bs they real the russian collusion story is bs now the media's gotta problem joe why because for the last year they have been printing articles source to senior government officials and anonymous people claiming what colluding with the russians based on what a dossier that they now find out is complete hotter crap ghana bringing this up in light of the democrats understand the bigger picture here dammit
rights are now short trying to come back on office again seeing the media leak strategy quote yesterday by peterson we gotta develop immediately shredded zedillo j this was desired cartel weeks i'm lying for you two weeks what are you talking about way every leaks that actually happened so damn grass please spare us the garbage you complete frauds i'm not interested at all i would switches to defence because they realise its bs so what do they have to do so they now because they're they're democrats they're not real media people they have to start to cover the d o j and fbi's tracks because they don't want the devastating spy gate scandal will be exposed because the media's told us forever that the democrats are on the side of like power to the people to fight in a man now its apparent that the democrats are the man right on yet they weapon eyes governed
they have weapon eyes the irs their views government tools to spy on people the very definition of what quota man is is the democrats so the media ass the run cover so now we the story for the media goes on defence and tries to run cover for the fact that their operation with spying on trump and these idiots were a part of it story for the december twenty seventeenth article four the new york times saying papa day did it george pop apple is remember the story initially that the media have been putting out there i just told you this story three was the april article before the december article obviously april in december's after april the april artists that carter page was a russian spy and at the fbi was spy in autumn and this was the fight that was the story joe where did that come from where did that information come from the dossier carter it is the dossier
only credible allegations that carter pages done anything wrong are not from the fbi has never been charge are in the crappy dossier hilary paid for so weak iran is the story of this is where it moves to face two we screwed up story three there still phase one want believe collusion israel collisions really got this guy carter page hired on the campaign the fbi spied autumn a judge must have approved the warrant so this has to be real it wasn't now oh my gosh are what do we do now the dossier looks fake how did they get how did this happen we got worked we got totally work got played our sources are telling us this is real we were so hope and pray that was real but it's not real and we already printed articles about our carter pages a russian spy or alleged to be a russian spy and what are we gonna do we're going to look like idiots we ve been propagating this nonsense forever
we know tat before thanksgiving my my lies in a i didn't know what to do so now joe they have to switch the mariner they have to flip you develope for real they ve got to flip you yet they had to because they can't marry themselves to the corridor page runaway they printed in april because it's in the dossier and now they find out the dossiers fake folks if you gotta the today show twice please do it because it i get this debunking liberal garbage is so easy there trying to backtrack on the fact now that this me leak strategy these quotas we're about some immediately to prevent weeks these leaks happen so now another captains and story for the new york times saying no papadopoulos didn't folks how would the new york times find out about that the answer
as they would only find out from peter strokes team did stroke we get there we are not sure but there's away the new york times would have found out about the investigation at the papadopoulos the details of it if they didn't get it to the fbi why joe because the new york times are not federal investigators they did not conducting investigations they don't have details that tales came from the fbi or the department of justice period so up telling me there was no media leak strategy there was what the text refers who is still an open question i don't know exactly what they were referring to but suggests there was no mediately strategy while i'm citing to eu media leaks they could have only got to the fbi makes you look like a complete reform
so story for is an effort to switch attention away from the dossier and onto papadopoulos what's the problem now job the problem they're having now would switching attention to the pop adopts a story that he meets with downer in this they now pub drinks the kensington wine room is but doubtless is now out free to talk and if you saw him last night unhappy and as other appearances papadopoulos is vigorously denying that here any conversation with alexander downer at all about hillary clinton emails and by the way downer is denying he mentioned hilary females either folks please tell me you get this the media is part of this they are trying to actively run cover for the d o j and fbi but every time
they change the story a roadblock gets thrown up in their way what's that roadblock joe facts you cannot change in the past what actually happened and papadopoulos where's shown here maybe he lied to the fbi he has shown no inkling of dishonesty on this subject at all folks he is made it well that's kind of an ironic to say he admitted libel showing no inkling of dishonesty honesty i mean he's telling of which role in this he admitted he lie he lied about as in regional contact with miss he has not been cryptic about that at all he all but he is subject subsequently said while acknowledging he did not tell the truth about the date misled contact also he is there is no evidence showing that he's lying about its interaction with down or another if the new york times stories correct and at the store
is that the real origination of the fbi investigation wasn't carter page now despite their own reporting in april that it was the real story now is what puppet apple is met with down only talked about hilary gmail down are saying they didn't talk about hilary z males papa dapple is saying we need to talk about regime as i don't even remember anything about hilary at all in this folks are you are you are you even remotely curious why a case was opened up if there's no evidence that this actually happened you may say on all this evidence it's out their work it where is it or is it why isn't popular producing why did bob the only charge they have on him was lost about as contact with me said the data which is already admitted to there is no conspiracy allegation there is nothing there is no collusion alligators no nothing they ve got nothing papadopoulos is going to serve fourteen days in jail for essentially nothing more than getting a date wrong on when he met this guy myths should who by the way
use booze rents even row is clear he is still alive and is western intelligence asset the fond row that stories falling apart to do you understand what they're doing here the plan d is the media to help cover up the fact that they were investigating the trump team for nothing the first nothing was the dossier the dossier philip so they have to change the story for the fbi which still won't disclose what paragraph one of their report says what paragraph one how did this start then it was on papadopoulos didn't he started talking about hilary females with an australian diplomat both people is a party that the israeli dip down or papadopoulos now deny it so now you get story five and media collusion what story five the washington post starts run uncover first the fawn helper
a man russian sources are dry up because they thea there honourable congressional republicans have exposed stefan outbreak keeper mine they never asked the four baths defined helpers name to be disclosed a correction republicans had is actually an untruth by the democrats they did not ask that joe they wanted to know if the fbi had sources sources they didn't mid demand the names working on carter page so what's the point imposed story a chilling effect on sources what are they doing mare again trying to run cover joe for the operation the united states government ran against papadopoulos using a spy and helper trying to run cover there
they're trying to run cover there to get the congressional republicans to not dig deeper a chilling effect on spies overseas in other words don't you dare ask declassify more or will accuse you of being at the american you see what i'm doing here joe yet it is a huge scam i just laid out for you five store in two separate phrases first let's advance the collusion out of fear two is the crap what do we do now collusion isn't real stage too stories that were run to cover the collusion narrative and dissuade republicans from digging any further and to change the story lisa places all out in his peace today for the problem the media is going to have now they can't print these stories these
worries about how carter page was a russian spy according to a fate ass yea these stories in the new york times about how papa doubtless in a night of heavy drinking which is disputed by every one by the way that changed information with an australian diplomat about hilary z it's not true it didn't happen according to the people who were actually there and if the investor patient papadopoulos was so serious that according to the new york times it started this why didn't he fbi interview until months later in january why did not information come into official channels none of it if it was important why didn't down or bring it up to official intelligence shells the answer is because it was an important was crap information he knew it and i can almost guarantee this down or stories the next you to drop as a complete total far
it is entirely made up just like the dossier and the new york times is not going to be able to on print that december story there part of this folks there's no doubt you can't on print those please and remember every time they call you a conspiracy theories know you're onto something i'm telling you spent car people like performance in school he's knee deep in this whole thing he doesn't want his role exposing this either ok we can ensure brought by our bodies at betterment hey you're not the average investor why would you settle for average we not settle for average anywhere else anyone know what's in average car when average performance in school so why would you settle for average when it comes to investing dont do it there's a smart away to manage your money betterment betterment an online financial advisor for people who refuse to settle for average now though it don't settle for average use cutting edge technology to build personalized portfolios and help you make more from your investments then
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don't accept average ok on a final note on on this because i do at a couple of things i want to bring up especially just the liberals getting nailed again on fake news army stefan row who has been missing said said joseph myths are the maltese professor who originally meets with papadopoulos in what i believe now to be set up the dynamic that's dnc tried to subpoena if said anne couldn't find them and indicated that he may be deceased i told you want to show the other day that remember this show that i strongly doubted that story and my experience in trying to locate criminals bad guys sources and other things as a former federal agent is active we're going to hide in today's world you can only do so in a state sponsored way almost no way to hide from the network of financial social media email in camera video transactions that people make everyday it's almost impossible you can only do it would state sponsored help
if our cue chuck ross because great work that they really galler just hours after i published a pike i'm not saying he this is my he does his own good work don't please no mistake this four b knocking chalky sooner tremendous work but chuck right there's a piece of the daily cholera have in the show notes today saying joe through his own sources that if on rome if sid's body is claiming that he is alive of course and that he has changed his identity folks again i just don't you think you're wasting your time here i think chuck ross has done tremendous work on this i think he knows more in these you know than most people about this case myths should is not dead i would be astonished if he was somebody is hiding visit the question you should be asking is why not a full court press to find them because remember what i keep telling you the key entire case is joseph myths it missed
the first person to meet with papadopoulos miss should is the indicator if this is a russian collusion scheme or if this is a western intelligence collusion scheme in other words an effort by friendly's joe intelligence friendly's the united states to work with the united states to set up the trumpet than is the story because if myths meets with papadopoulos and it's a set up the cases a set up if miss me papadopoulos and legitimately has russian intel and it was exchange there which everybody denies by the way of information about the russians on hilary the case would the case would be real now you may be asking yourself then why is there not a full court press to find miss it because i'm telling you miss it is not in fact was not trains being information to the trump be from regarding russian health information
make sense show they don't want to find miss it somebody's hiding him i'm not gonna get it do it is because i can confirm that i have just tell you based on experience here that's but he's helping this should i he's not dead i would beast and if he has read the chuck ross piece you can read the court yourself ok you know what things that really infuriates may gets on my nerves is the endless to attack donald trump with fake news that is so easily discredited if you did even a modicum of research you figure it out now small hat two cbs news you actually did some investigative work on a story that i'm getting moved around because remember the media's only interest rhino most of em obviously not on tibet cbs right now but most people in the media joe there only goal is the cost we pylon donald trump and find narratives another word storylines the story line now joe is gonna be porter rico that's why
the white house oval office meeting yesterday would brok long even asked rapporteur rico and not the response of the when i say reclaiming the hurricane response the hurricane maria ryan he d add the deaths and ned the death toll tragic none me no no question about that but why was trump asked the question about porter rico in a book thing about hurricane florence coming coming ashore this weekend to north carolina because the media does narratives that's what they do the narrative is tromp as incompetent and could not respond properly to a hurricane event porter rico despite the fact that the effort to rescue porter eco despite its broken electrical grid and it's obviously isolated location being an island than upping surrounded by land and roads made put rico a uniquely difficult hurricane rescue operation see where i'm going to show narrative though was trump is incompetent despite the evidence that that's not true that there was historic effort to save porter rico hindered by
competence on the ground a failed electrical grid a bankrupt island and the just a pure geographic of being an island so to it ants story the media is going to harp endlessly on porter rico to make them get into another george porch katrina like moment showing how incompetent he has now they can't do it with other hurricane responses because the people on the ground are generally happy with what the federal government did now listen not suggesting that the federal government should play even a prominent role needs should be state local response i live in florida the state oh colonies do it better since the fact why money to dc to send it back to florida keep it here and arguing that cuz some of you will email me be like that why are you defending the federal government's response they shouldn't be me and david i agree i agree
we may be a coordination role but that's it i agree on just suggesting you that the attacks on tromp are going to magnify over the coming days and you're going to hear mark my words take that check to the bank cash it spend the money and invested they come days you are going to hear more and more about puerto rico now to cps is credit what did they do astonishingly they want the porter eco joan started look around sorry look around two they probably want to look around by the way initially probably to nail trumpeted what look what's going on a porter regan what they find they found that san juan mayor carmen julia crews a liberal i'm a crack hack who hates donald trump and done nothing but bashing member heard speech she's giving a speech about others no food aid in front of
bunch of pilots of food aid during the deposed eric and you remember that joe i do remember cecily there's no food aid here she standing in front of pilots of food safety he has goes there probably to bash trump action sad or know what they want therefore right to take it back i want one through the boston maybe they went there to actually investigate the story and what are they thou joe that income men facilities managed by the san juan mayor carmen newly accrues who hates trumpet did nothing but wine and complain on television that of actually helping they found food riding on palates food rotting joe not a little bit of food by the way i remember you tons per what's a food brought in to aid needy porter weakens after hurricane maria freedom rotting in government parking lots managed by the same san juan mayor who complained about tromp job this
he s report shows the runway george airplane runway oh totally new completely wasted millions of bottles of water brought in in aid to provide water to needy porter rica's after hurricane maria sitting there on the runway a year later totally unusable now totally and completely wasted is a damning expose i now we understand why trampled listen folks you may disagree with the guys approach i this is why i dont people die in puerto rico it is eight eight epic human tragedy there's no spearing that period full stop but that is with the media is concerned about the meat this concerns about making a political argument not a human tragedy argument
an immediate argument in the coming days is donald trump as incompetent look at porto rico despite the fact that sea ps lose themselves what the porter rico saw of this aid saw all this water saw the government efforts on the ground and is now shockingly actually started report the fact that maybe the locals on the ground joe really screw the darn thing up story is studying in it level of honesty about what's going on i again i don't know what their motives were but rather rivera himself who is you know new he likes trouble five years like drop other than himself has been all over the san juan mayor media starkness shockingly come around a little bit on this porter rico than some of em dismiss the farmer tax won't because they re like this is an indefensible position ok one
a story i wanted to bring up because it shows just complete media disgusting dishonesty our hair the democrats senator from california who is rapidly gaining a reputation as the most dishonest centre up on the hill according to wash and examine her story today she's running for president twenty twenty and is just some of this stuff she says is so unbelief probably dishonest and ethically challenge you say to yourself while even for politics were breaking the law or of new laws here joke at the hearing supreme court how many brett cavenaugh at the hearing what asked a question about a specific law suit he was citing an objection to providing a abortifacient drugs so here's the quote from haven't i he was talking about a groups objection to having to provide
to their employees abortifacient drugs here's cabinets quote and when a member when he says they he's talking about the group cavenaugh they said filling out the form would make them complicit in the provision of the abortion inducing drugs that they were as a religious matter objected to they he's quoting the group plant parenthood these hack responded by saying falsely this is from the wash them examiner peace on this i haven't shown once again today cabin i referred to birth control something more than ninety five percent of women using their lifetime as a quote abortion adducing drug false false falls totally completely made up folks again how are you a democratic anymore how they are nothing but liars we opened up the show talking about their disgusting position on the tax argument how they're just lie
i appeal to your face and you're just eating up be honest for a minute now on cavenaugh he referred is abortion inducing drugs he is quoting a law suit you complete dip kemal hours piled on echoing play parents objection and releasing a deceptively edited video joe notable the omitting the words they said so that it look like cabin was expressing his own personal opinion cavanaugh whoever was describing the argument made by pre for life who in a brief to his court wrote about three categories of products they didn't want to provide or facilitate access to abortion inducing drugs being one of these people are complete total frauds folks am imploring you if you're a democrat have an ounce of into
actual honesty and dignity and please just start to tell the truth so we can have honest political debates please if you but leave the tax cuts or a scam say it but acknowledge you block making them permanent acknowledge now that tax cuts to point out you don't want to can permanent because you blocked it before in your block it again that is in it actually honest argument it's the wrong argument is the economically wrong argument showed you see worm go with this short but he's an intellectually honest one acknowledged the fact that cavanaugh is most likely pro life strongly that's fine you could disagree with that but acknowledge you lied come allah harris editing out they said and making it look like cavanaugh said it is a complete odin dishonest lie you have to live in a moral or ethical vacuum to do something so sick but she has no problem with it cosette do kemal irises
why would she put it out just disgusting puerto rico one last thing we acknowledge the fact you may not like donald trump you may now i kissed bravado but in this thing that donald trump didn't do everything he can't do his administration by the way i disagree with the federal response should be estate response i'm telling you that you run there agree with me but a sip simple since we are pointing while they sent palates of food and water it that aid when exist while they do while also letting them wrought in the back of government buildings you manage while attacking him is absolutely disgusting this woman should resign stat folks scan for tuna and thanks for all the clicks on my spy gate article on included again in the show notes today as diagrams of all the players little diagrams if makes all their connections you could visually see how they're all connected please check it out put it in today's shone out its long but it is definitely worth your time and it's a real good a summary
what's in my book which you i promise you'll up there returning i will talk to you are you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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