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Ep. 809 Why the Media Is Panicking Over the Declassification

2018-09-18 | 🔗

Summary:In this episode I address the media panic regarding President Trump’s declassification of key documents and texts in the Russia case. I also cover the real reason that the FBI is worried about the pending declassification of information regarding its tactics in the Russia probe.

News Picks:Let the declassification begin.

This Jeff Carlson piece asks the question, “Did the media know the truth about collusion the whole time?

This Paul Sperry piece addresses some key exculpatory information that was likely omitted from the FISA application.

Maxine Waters doubles down on crazy and suggests “knocking off” President Trump.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can’t seem to grasp basic economics.

What to expect when the Supreme Court returns.

Why are the allegations of physical abuse against Democrat Keith Ellison being treated differently by the Democrats?

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i want a better thereby gino shall produce joe our you today already they go down oh let's hated made man and we gotta show for you today this is gonna be stopped finally it happen the president tromp is ordered that the classification of the materials we ve been asking for the pfizer's that tax we should finally get an idea of what happened in this epic disaster hit known as spy gave no by gay by me even the title of my book and other liberal media is a freaking out folks and i'm going to tell you why they're freaking out today this is going to be a ride so strap yourself in buckle your seatbelt i've got some explosive stuff we met back i just got off the phone with jeff rights for the markets work
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it's there was media involvement and selective weeks the media may have known and select members of the media may have known this story was bs the whole time because they may have had the unreserved acted pfizer warrant the entire time now what think about what i'm telling you this is why a lot of these people a freak out joe is the audience ombudsman yes as always stop me if if i'm leading anyone astray or you don't understand it's go i shall folks if the media and select members of the media the wash in imposing new york times understood the entire time because they had asked just to one of the unreal pfizer's that this case was based entirely on this dossier and carter page and continued the report a lot of this george papadopoulos collusion nonsense in all this others them knowing full well it was based on hillary clinton campaign documents and failed to report
a lot of this is pure utter speculation based on political documents the media is not that they were already haven't been exposed as fake news but they're gonna look a giddy it's what am i basing this on why does it matter to you one of the best pickles i can recommend to you that would lay this out for you if you're confused at the end of shows going to be in my show know today it's a piece from august by jeff carlson at the markets work at his sight gonna be at the top of the shown us please please read it it's gonna way lay out in intricate the tale everything i'm telling you now this is this is critical folks something happened in march of twenty seventeen something you need to be aware march of twenty seventeen is a critical date it's a critical one march is when the unread acted where
he sure the unread acted pfizer applications from october in january are delivered over the u s senate right these unread acted fight the application show are from what i'm hearing from a number of people are heavily heavily married to the dossier almost exclusively basing their information on the discredited dossiers is important ok ok the discredited dossier is a key component of these october toper and jan where he pfizer's that our two october in january october of twelve sixteen january twenty seventy so when arch of twenty seventeen the senate select committee on intelligence and senator grassland senator feinstein from judiciary get a copy of these on redirected pfizer applications which i'm telling you ladies and gentlemen the scandal is their based almost entirely on a dossier paid for by hillary clinton now
this is where the media and this is why the freak out now that trump is unreal dac that a lot of this specifically certain pages in the fourth pfizer which is the last one but it's important all this stuff is already happened at this point it is becoming crystal clear that the media was knee deep in this entire operation the media has likely known from day one that a lot the information they were basing this case on was crap or why me why else happens right around the time period these effort for the senate select committee on intelligence guy by the name of of james wolf james wolf is having a relationship with a rapporteur at the time from buzzfeed a woman by the name of alley watkins alley watkins gets text on may seventeenth the day that the document is delivered these two as a applications that date there delivered to the senate select committee on intelligence alley watkins gets a series of tax from
aims what she is a rapporteur for buzzfeed she's later rights apiece exposing carter page exposed carter pages name other public not exposing it was so as this makes sense for goods over so that document these suffice arguments are delivered now it is the member of the tax that should pick your interest right now of sends eighty two tax yeah two alley watkins his reporter girlfriend at the time we remember why would you amber are you why is this critical she's obviously she has it goes on and obviously has she has she later goes on the work i believe the new york times clear she had some kind of relationship with others that these leaks are happening in the mean she's got media relationships right the eighty two tax are critical why because the first pfizer application remember there are two of them delivered to the senate committee on intelligence the first pfizer application is eighty
new pages long eighty two plus a signature page now you may be same stuff i don't get it where we go with this folks in time higher pages of that first pfizer are rejected in what was disclosed publicly just recently what was it a month go to months ago they are they released rejected portions of the miser member that it i you want to hear about two months ago right eighty two pages at number is critical because the first pfizer is eighty two substantive pages long along with the signature page now you you have to ask yourself a pretty basic question here folks if chow wolf and the senate committee on intelligence is staffer is handling this original pfizer warrant why we he tax they fully blacked out redirected page to his report a girlfriend the answer is he wouldn't doesn't make any sense it makes no sense at all if the document was
eighty two pages long the substantive pages again outside the signature page why would he actually fully blacked out page i let me be crystal clear on this reject carlson's peace today you will see that as well some of these pages are fully rejected why would you text essentially a black dot to europe but your girlfriend you wouldn't what is that suggest that the nub the length of the tax we know was eighty two page because wolf is now their federal investigation its just that he sent the on redirected pfizer to his reporter girlfriend who substance they reported on this information folks suggesting that this woman who worked for by feed and obviously has relationships in the journalism feel later one on to work for the new york times that alley watkins and other reporters may have had access to the fully unread acted pfizer you're about to see
why does tat matter folks because i'm telling you what's in fully unread acted pfizer is this scandal it's these candle from thirty thousand feet that day spied on this carter page guy using information from a dossier paid for by hillary clinton the information being wandered through the justice department and they used media leaks to buttress their case the whole a case is based on a fake dossier doubt that that's the scandal folks behind the thing is based on this fake information the problem the reason the media's freaking out over these de classifications is because now the public's going to see what they ve known the whole time that this case was based entirely on political information provided by people by hillary clinton jody get your will they should lead that information go a la home of money that they the media had this information and understood that this was all
based on the dossier why have they been promoting all these alternative fairytales the pop up the story all this other stuff if they ve known the whole time pull when the media that this was a this case was based entirely on political opponent re opposition research paid for by the clinton's why have they been propagating or propagating all of these additional miss it was about papadopoulos it was about this was about that it was about the dossier the whole time yet the media's known it ladies and gentlemen by now some critical stuff here this is why this is gonna be an at an epic moment for the media and there's going to have to be a a real love recognition moment where they look in the mirror and to say to themselves what was our role in this because a clearly propaganda as the american people here's what else is going on in april eleventh of twenty seventeen the washington post devlin baron adamant the who were intimate
are involved in this media operation with the fbi their names appear in ex messages with the fbi its clear they were they were the recipient of some leak some critical leaks in this they write an article about the distance of the fires of war which appears on april eleventh again of thought of twenty seventeen about the existence of the five warn against carter page but folks there's a crook go mistaken there the initial article which they had it correction for forget jeff has us in his peace i strongly encourage you to read it the correction his critical the washington post peace from april eleventh indicates that the first pfizer that defies issued in the summer of twenty sixteen folks it's not accurate that's not curate the pfizer was issued october twenty first of twenty sixteen
is clearly not the summer better fact it's you know you're starting new approach the winner why does that matter just to be clear what i'm saying here the meat this freaking out because many of them had this fully on rejected a document the whole time which exposed which expose the dossier as the key component is whole case which was fake but secondly secondly here why did the media report on this summer of twenty sixteen days how did they get it wrong i make a suggestion to you here i'm telling you there are people out there who know this whole story if you listen to the show i'm pretty convinced john solomon from the held knows the whole story and is is doing is is its homework in releasing it slowly indigestible bit so you i'll get it you're watching kennedys program at night some of the people who
good sources on this carter solomon and others you'll see this running thread joe that there's something else going on here again i would the washington post get the date wrong pfizer was not issued in summer there were applications for pfizer's issued in the summer who else where they trying to target let me lay out for you a and let me be clear on this item i am reasonably confident what telling you is going to materialise sb as having been the real genesis of paragraph one but i can't tell you how i think i know it just yet i think what happened here is its obvious the fbi and the o had a political adam is towards tromp unwanted target i told you about plan eighty unmask kings ah the
mass killings and the potential for queries in the usa database to it by the use of private contractors i talked about that in the show less we how are people in the government were likely query an essay made embedded data i mean we know that was happening based on the pfizer courts interpretation what exactly they were looking forward on shore and we still don't know who those private contractors work god forbid they were people working for you should gps crowd strike by the way we know that shut down they now to move on to a more formal type of operation where they have to get some kind of a pfizer warrant they issue multiple applications which are denied in they do issue those applications for a it in the summer there have been some hands and i happened to agree with the people who are dropping these hence that who was targeted by this here's what think he's gonna start the pop up in the coming weeks and months and especially now that we see that the classifications coming out joe here's what happened here i think papadopoulos
was the initial target of this papa police and his meeting as i've said to you repeatedly withstood i think that was the initial tardiness investigation myths should has obvious connections to while western intelligence you can see his pictures out there i think the power but doubtless miss said meeting was the opening target for them investigation and i thought they had struggled i think what happened is the pop adopt angle did not materialise cause papadopoulos just wouldn't bite he would not buy he didn't papadopoulos screwed be allied to the fbi about the day he was talking to miss said but i dont think that the puppet a police angle materialized in other words i too if you will look at it our trump and we're looking for an in somebody bobby said hey man this may get this papadopoulos guy that's work him right i don't think it worked here bite on the russian email staff he wouldn't bite on it so he really had a soft case against papadopoulos
now solomons kind of hinted at this a little bit and some of his appearances and prime time and fox ass the populist puppet was angle dies out they need a new target and plan b because but now there shut down their shut down yeah the seven oh two queries and other things like that clearing the eta database so they have to have some kind of a formal investigation joe so the four investigation into papadopoulos where they think they can seek possibly pfizer maybe against man afford it really materializing like they think it's going to they move on their searching around they need another name they need a fire because remember once they get the pfizer warrant ladies and gentlemen on someone on the trump team they have these two hops that's important where they can happen that person to the person they email to the person they email so just to be clear on this once they get a pfizer on basically anyone inside the trump team they have a surveillance net to survey the entire trumped up you don't forget that that's why
it's our common for the little guys because they don't need the big guy once they get the little guy they can hop right up to the big as simple as that yet i think they went for papadopoulos and they got nothing they move on carter page materializes now is jeff has it peace which is a really good point and a bunch of others i think may actually i'm sorry that may be paul spiraea but i'll get that is i got a bunch of stuff i have written so much stuff over the last few days i'm trying to still the stout that may take place peter stroke the division supervisor who had initially had some and and and now i should say innocent who had had some supervisory authority the new york case against the russian spies carter page was involved and follow me page is the why she didn't these achievements stroke is the wash dc supervisor for this case as the power
but the angle falls apart you when they realise there probably not going to be able to get a pfizer against papadopoulos they may have applied this what we all need to know they say hey listen now we a stroke is involved heavily in this case he probably figures hate i remember supervise and a case in new york where this guy order page was also on the trump team wasn't he involved some out with a russian case gas yes he help this out he was the com financial and foreman who would help them in this case look what we ve got we ve got an entirely new angle here they move the cardiff page they get the fuck is a car against carter page on october twenty first of twenty seventeen allowing them to spy again basically on the entire trump team using that that five applicants in these two hops that they can do folks i think page angle blows up to papa
phyllis turns out to be nothing which we ve seen now they only have mana falsified statement to the fbi about a date it's a nonsensical charge i believe the page thing fell apart to this i have on on good good information as the page angle starts to fall apart because remember joe their listening may on page now they have the pfizer there are essentially listening in on his calls they have his emails they have his text ladies and gentlemen repaid is never arrested which says to me it should say to you what the page he's probably fell apart to it was now there was no there there do i have to let me read you tax by peter stroke stroke an investigation leading to appeasement you and i both know the odds are nothing if i thought it was likely i be there are no question i hesitate in part because of my gun
sense and concern there's no big there they are more may eighteen twenty seven team folks this is after dark by the way this is right this is after the fine words and right at the time of the mahler appointment this the lead investigator intimately involved in this you're saying there's no big there there what does that tell you that tells you that get the carter page case was probably falling apart to their listening in and their figuring out now that this is a big zero how does the job back to papa don to this end the speedy arrest and all this stuff our two makes sense you darling it does panicking now they don't they a case and papa doubtless setting up it falls apart they jumped the car
page people and headquarters remember than a car to page wasn't involved some russians at some point let's go after him that turns out to be garbage daddy really freak out then they jump right back to two papadopoulos again man we gotta shut him up folks who else where they looking into how many on mass killings on people were there those national security letters that the fbi now admits using were there any issued for papadopoulos man afford just how extensive was the surveillance operation on the twenty year old people hit into it last night is this eyes of application and all the fbi notes in this case in the text gonna be is this gonna it what we're when we start getting the full spectrum of the surveillance net against the trumped he was gonna be
more than just about carter page to give you some other interesting angles on this and artistic was that loop by the way i don't a great answer for you right now as to why the washington post in their april eleventh article exposing the fisa got the date wrong and here's where i think there is some confusion amongst me and some others i've been talking about the case if that summer day that he got was a week about a pfizer application and fire application was a get about someone else it doesn't make sense that their source wouldn't corrected in advance before getting the story you see what i'm saying joe if you again a leak that you are applying for a in the summer against the summer against the trump satellite a person nor trump a person a trump campaign it doesn't make a lot of wouldn't you wouldn't corrected if it was a trap some kind
canary trap then it doesn't make sense either that stroke correct them unless because strokes lead investigator unless they are multiple sources they run what source one run in a canary trap with the wrong day gives them an end some one involving the investigation with connections like stroke coronet correct connects them correct them later i'm not sure there's also a date of october nineteenth as the date of the initial pfizer which is not accurate that keeps appearing in these left leaning reports keep in mind date october nineteen of the fire of between seventeen warrant ladies and gentlemen that appears nowhere in the rejected pfizer the dates are blacked out the only date you see as the march seventeen date that the thing is stamp and delivered them
senate committee and it tells this little confusing i get at this point you the october nine tenth date that keeps appearing in the media as the date the original pfizer's issued is not accurate data colbert twenty first show so what i'm skin you to consider is how the media get that date of october nineteenth it's not in the give it because it's red unless circling back areas had the unread acted document the whole time and the date in the document is intentionally wrong maybe they lead to them a copy of the fire with the day intentionally wrong and someone from the fbi our dear j concert no no that's not today its october when he first hence the correction later on you you track and the date does that
in october and i keep legitimate does not appear in the final document that's redirected put it a very well appear in an unread acted canary trap document that was delivered to the senate knowing if it's gonna be leak knowing the media was gonna report on it and knowing in fact that they would have trap the purse who are wholly did because that was set up document it was the wrong date it doesn't big sense otherwise why the media would keep getting these dates wrong right but they you corrections almost immediately which logically leads me to conclude show that these people in the media and the leakers were being set up they are leaking documents the media is leaking documents she's my documents are being led to the media from the senate committee on intelligence we know that because wolf is already being investigated for that
what i'm telling you is maybe the documents delivered to the u s senate those pfizer applications the corridors arguments are the same but there's miss formation sprinkled without that this information is being used to target who the leakers were you know i find it kind of strange that they published it without checking up which means they probably trusted their source enough to take it you know to take it wrong disease you know what i'm saying i snow i see exactly trusted the source who would be reliable if their source was in fact wulf the staff or on the centre to select committee on intelligence this way the world the sense why would he have an inaccurate pfizer application but again here ex eighty two times whose girl from the original document is eighty two pages long now you may be saying well then because i asked our definition of conversations what'd i say listen while it technically that
the first two pfizer applications that were delivered so how how may he just delivered the unproductive portions of the first two in jeopardy the point is now cassettes far more than eighty two pages it makes more sense that he believed the unredeemed acted first eighty two page finds it to them and in that unredeemed document is the wrong date folks pleased i am i i'd so deep he for whose being confusing but i are you to understand that have some faith it there are things going on behind the scenes it's on happening quick it's not happening at a speedy pace but things are happening it would make a world of sense if a fake fires application now the core of its real but fake information litter throughout despise application is delivered over to the senate people the intelligence community good guys know it's gonna be late so they spread go through outed information like fake dates but they only make it wrong by a couple dates we ve seen this before have we not they dont trust you
your story about how we use leaking information of wikileaks what was wrong there eighty wasn't leaking anything wikileaks was spamming is email box mike flynn story are even ordered to contact the russians as during the campaign it was after the campaign was over we ve seen these leaks before strategically design leagues designed to trap people i'd let me circle back we started i believe this is why the media's freaking out right now realize in some of these declassified documents some of the information may be exposed to the whole time the wrong dates all this stuff is going to expose them because they got played the date was wrong a reason to expose the leakers knowing they were going to lead to their media allies who then put it out published it in the paper this makes a world this that's why they're freak out right now i think most of us are with you i think we ve we ve got it we're good makes sense to me important that is planes a couple of things it
planes the october nineteenth day just again to be clear the media kept reporting the pfizer application the first one was approved on october nineteen it was not it was approved on over twenty first why would they all report rejects carlson's pc has links to other the october the advice the october that wasn't no october nineteenth via paris in october referred five first visor now you can't leak of a fake acumen altogether joe the media sniff out that its garbage you have to leak it if look in a canary trap people you have to leave with some al believe ability and use i can live with some false statements drew out knowing that those false statements are four states will get reported and then you say well who did we get those four states do we gave them to a guy in the senate staff while that's got be the guy leaking because a media reporting october nineteenth now joe
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gps which was the company hired by hilary the gin up this dossier that now did the classification i'm telling you were gonna be we're going to be absolutely convinced by these the classification all of us that this was the entire case the dossier the whole thing the whole time which was faint gripe fusion is eager to hides bank records whose fusion paying joe was you should paying some reporters now again my sincere apologies if this is at all can be confusing but the classification is not simply about its about two things it's about the media's role in this about to be exposed and secondly it bad exculpatory praetorian haven't even got to that yet that may not have been included but the media's role in this what i've been laying out to you is what the media being led to selectively why the intelligence community was already aware
of the leaks they were providing canary traps knowing and extensive leak network was being work to damage donald trump number one number two did the media have the unread acted pfizer the whole time which makes them complicit in this job because they would have known the whole case was based on the carter page dossier that she was the way was up at that that does yea on page was a joke it was a farce through the media notice the whole time where they still pump the collusion fairytale third with fusion gps paying fusion gps on the hillary clinton payroll at the eggs that same time that they were paying reporters to pump some of their stories boy that's the case ladies and gentlemen this is why the media's freaking out they may have been
actively involved in a leak operation without even knowing it they were getting played i told you about the dates the dates of the dates were wrong for a reason they may have had the unread active pfizer why do we know that a why do we think that because we have an eighty two paged text and eighty two text exchange with the rapporteur that doctor its eighty two substantive pages long why would you text reduction reductive pages it's probably the document also if there's no date in the document and it does not go look at every adapted pfizer you will not find a date other than the marked seventeen stamp how did to me you get the october ninety eight unless they had a leak but it's not the right days there
probably put in air intentionally to out the media and the people that were being linked to you track and we're gonna finally was the company hired by hillary clinton actively working with reporters on their payroll to advance this russian collusion story then i will take up the angles you and how devastating this is to the media's enterprise as fair and a fair and an honest arbiters of the truth it would be over over you have them first receiving classified information from insiders that's nonsense it's the bug yea garbage the f b i use you them caught in a canary trap and you may have some of them on the dole now why am i very suspicious of fusion gps here too because i base the show on the facts
we already know that fusion gps was very very kid that is the one thing they would not talk they did not want to talk about their bank records they did not want you want to know who they were paying but also joe why did glenn simpson run in the fusion gps operation what he tell investigators in the case that he only met and started talking with bruce or after the election as true that's not what bruce or says bruce or said they started talking in august august election november august november joe is august before november a yes yes it is ok yeah i thought so i had of check on that i bid sometimes i have to do that in january from ok august is but four november so we have two conflicting stories you remember we're talking to
i was fusion relaying information to the media and a sophisticated operation the media was involved in to discredit and take down the trump t that's why they're freaking out what is in rio two's the bruce or interviews with the fbi that they're gonna declassify if there are three otis from august talking i climbed simpson from fusion we know glenn simpson was not telling the truth then but it would be awfully can venier joe free glenn simpson if you get more people to know that there were potential payments the people in the media to advance this russian collusion hoax and can jump and with democratic operatives and others it would be awfully convening from to say wouldn't it that no no i didn't start talking to justice till after the election wouldn't that be convenient in other words let me go i didn't do it i didn't try to alter the election wait wait wait i thought the story here folks was that the truck team
working with the russians to try to alter the election wouldn't it be awfully special if and simpson for fusion gps had met with just this officials be for the election as bruce or seems to clearly indicate based on his august twenty sixteen statements that he met serenity simpson on this wouldn't it be fun and testing if the whole time was fusion gps working with russian sources before the election to try to actually alter the election and is that what bob mahler and everyone else is trying to hide today now do you see why joe it's england simpsons best interests to say on awaited me till after the election he's sure about about yo barrio bar you crystal clear on that because you that's some swain into do when these now declassified b i summaries of their meetings reproofs or god forbid
these meetings document conversations you add reproofs or before the election all in your wife bruce or was working for fusion gps it simpson who when we came the simpsons operation is that make any sense to you at all now of course it doesn't it gets clear as day what's going on fusion gps hired nellie or for her expertise in russian before expertise in something else to a relation papoose or out she was married there is only one expert this was not ligaments relationship in bruce or an export was nellie you need access to the justice department oh and by the way she's an expert rush into isn't that great how about we work with some russian sources putting together this dossier right we were with russian sources we get some fake information from these russian sources we can have now i gotta help with the whole russian translation and all that other stuff
maybe now you know maybe get maybe fusion gps had some access to some somewhere they one of those contract is by the way tapping into that data people want to know you now again there you know user russian scales here these russian sources she can help out conveniently husband works at the d right before the election there shuttling fake information through the dossier into the justice department and makes it into the fire court they get a double whammy they get to spy on trump they get it in connection to the oj at triple whammy and then get to work with media sources where they pay in exactly they get to work with media sources to filter this nonsense narrative into the media and damage donald trump and god for wit biddy winds use of use that information to appoint a special council later folks i'm telling you this is going to be an
epic disaster that did did you understand why because a lot of you who are regular listeners this is familiar stuff to use some of it but we declassify noted joe i can see him shaking his head here but we the classification last night i want you to fully understand why they d classification part is so damaging don't take this simplistic way out about matters knock anyone your people have jobs and lots of times what i do for a living you know joe and other job here he doesn't get i wrote a book i mean literally wrote a book on this right with any some mad this implies they take on this is our yeah it's gonna expose the dossier was used to spy on tromp yes it is your right and that is the big story but that's it why the media's freaking out the media freaking out because they had the they knew this the whole time do you want to stay they know me a pirate time that
dossier was the bedrock this entire spying operation and the media did almost nothing to verify any of it by reporting it because they wanted it to be true where they being pay by fusion where they part of a canary trap i can't i don't want to keep repeating but you need to understand the meaning panicking because they were an integral part of this entire operation they have reporting the whole time on a fake dossier that some of them actually had based on almost this positive information the text the wrong thing it keeps appear in the date is in redirected document how with the media get a date what did they guess they the unprotected one wrapping up take away number one this is a a cold day not just because the fbi
it's gonna be exposed by the media to we're now go to start to find out just how they knew when they knew it and how extensive the pies war between investigators immediate people that's where they mccabe tax text come in and let me just let you had a little piece of information that is i'm not sure of its exclusive to me but there were a lot of after hours communications that happened between fbi higher ups involved in this you can catch this check take it to the bank a lot of those after hours communications were not on devices secured for that information will now was right why does that matter folks the fbi dumped in investigation
into hillary clinton first changing classified information over unclassified personal servers where they doing that actually exchanging information on this case and others over unclasped devices themselves it's not a small detail folks does explain at these parsley outside of the political bias why they were so eager to make that case go away and wild my jim call me gave their prescott no reasonable prosecutor would prosecutors where human five to jim with your personal email there too in other words you involved in the exchange of information can entirely inappropriate over unclassified devices now do you see why the decree suffocation not just of the trio twos and the fires application but the declassed vocation of the tax mac see why this is so devastating this impasse
our house of cards folks is collapsing listen to me lives you been suckered you bid snooker you got worse over so bad you have been promoting this collusion hopes for ever it's over it's over time to take a bath on this time too disinfect done your story is now completely going to come out it's finished it is over but it's not just the media's role in this is gonna be exposed the exculpatory information to that most likely not included now please again read the show nazis pieces long but they are worth your time today i suppose very peace rear clear investigations i haven't shown us which lays out in detail how not only is this gonna expose because peace is more about the media angle but sparing pieces about the angle on car on carter page the fbi
ladies and gentlemen had information indicating carter page was not in fact a russian agent which can you throws a monkey wrench into your pfizer application if you fight application joe says that carter pay he's a russian agent you have to whew that it is immoral it is an on it is unquestionably a violation of your professional responsibilities as a federal agent by you know given a badge and the power to arrest and take the lives and freedom of others to not walk current disclosed fully tat theres exculpatory information indicating your premise that he's a russian agent may in fact not be true we will know this now why would we know this because now we're going to get a look at the fire
application and why this fourth one is so critical ladies and gentlemen is again this is the last pfizer bank in june this when all of the or interviews have happened the interview papadopoulos has happened they ve been spying carter page four months carter page was a russian agent by the time the fourth pfizer job they ve been do multiple renewals they ve been listening in our carter page for well if tat fourth five it contains no exculpatory information in for me enable unquestionably accumulated this point then the fbi spying on an innocent man for a reason to get into the trump team and it's looking increasingly obvious like that's the case carter page again was unhappy show last night if this guy was some kind of russian super slew why is he out there right now and not under arrest i think the reason is obvious because he's not aren't i want to get this quote from this very peace as this is gonna be take away never to forget that less than
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false berries piece which will be in the shadows and i'm quoting here the fbi omitted from its application to by encarta pages from a source he has by the way just so you understand a source pulse bury ask the f b i omitted this application to spy on car to page the fact that russian spies had dismissed the former trump campaign adviser as unreliable or as one put it an idiot and four unworthy of recruiting accord two congressional sources see me on redirected document folks do you understand how profound this is so here's the problem some of the people whenever we put out things like i there's always a german iron the conservative content space of forgive us sometimes for a little butter hyperbole but we want to get the content but in people like adjectives and stop it honestly if i think things are bombshell our politics i don't care about their lives but about it did this is huge this is enormous
national sources saying that the fbi had information that the russian stock carter page was unworthy of recruiting as joe taking apply a final word suggesting that carter pages being recruited is a russian spy please let that just a minute should i caught a second think about that their stand how profoundly says that thank you we gets it gets it citizens parish priest the fbi according to a congressional source information that the russians not only did not want this guy they thought it was the area i thought he was worthy of recruiting as the f b i walked into court doesn't tell the judge area this says this guy's a rush of spy judge only yeah yeah has had to do it now just time
back to point number one again did the media noticed the whole time does the did they have information on page that page was not in fact the russians but now that port we're on europe but i'm asking you the question did the media have some of this information that spot that page was in fact not only not a russian spy that the russian study was an idiot and thought he was unreliable and didn't want to recruit him while reporting simultaneously the trump colluded with the russians now do you see folks why the dossier being a critic component of the five applicashens is so big again i'm desperately trying not to confuse you because it so important but there the three major take away today number one is a simple one classifying the pfizer is going to expose that the trumpet with spied on based almost exclusively on this dossier
the dossier is fake the dossier blockades carter page in some russian collusion scandal as an agent the russians it is not an accurate charge hats number one number two the media notice if the media knew this why didn't they reported and why do they continue to propagate the myth that colluded with the russians knowing that it's all a start a fake dossier implicating carter page number three did the fbi omit exculpatory evidence from the pfizer now get this on reductive pfizer we're going to see the whole thing and folks god forbid it does not include this information this is key this is critical the the raising their right hand right hand in a pfizer corp swearing their carter pages a russian spy whilst simultaneously having information that not only is it not but that the russians don't even want this is a key
critical piece of information it speaks the ethics the morals the professionalism and the legality of the people we ve entrusted with see you're honest the supposedly honest intelligence powers that are supposed to keep us safe not the spy on us it gets worse from this very peace please read this stuff today the potentially exculpatory detail was also withheld from three he renewals of the wire tap warrant before especial government surveillance court the war its issued by the pfizer court allowed the fbi to spy on page and others he was in contact with for all a year the sore is also confirm folks now do you see why
fourth visor which is what their specifically de classifying the last one is making sense why this is so critical its had enough that in the first warrant the first vice and worn in october to spy on page it's bad enough joseph that they didn't disk oh the exculpatory information they had based on the twenty thirteen russian spy investigation that page was involved than he had helped the fbi ladies and gentlemen he was a cooperate or the right the case where the russians call them an idiot deem them unworthy of recruiting you track major damage known by the time of the first five application so spying on a guy called a page in october they say the russian agent and its in october they know it's not true they have opportunity information that does not appear there indicating that the russians don't want this guy they think he's an area which
obviously runs in complete contradiction to your theory that he's a russian agent but why the fourth pies is so critical is they renewed this thing three times and even the last one in an active utter desperation joe in june of next year despite spying on this innocent guy for year these they already have anything on this guy anything so you ve no now since two thousand thirteen that the russians don't why this guy you ve known that they help me help do you now spying on for a year and that fourth pfizer you have nothing other than the same regurgitate of allegations in the dossier do you understand but that means baseball but on this guy for a year and in that fourth pfizer you have the same exact garbage from the dossier you hadn't the first one you see
so devastating they spied on this guy with the full force of the united states government free year and found nothing nothing yet cap regurgitating this same job over and over over and that junk is the dossier now but also we gonna find there's a couple other things i wanna hit here in these last few minutes there's an october for teeth email for peter stroke remember remember the october two he first date as the original pfizer peterson in the case that they have to start applying the quote hurry the f r pressure to get this thing done why are they hurrying up
now the story i told you before about the thirty day some four timeline makes more sense it appears around october fourteen two stroke sends a sea mail about the hurry the fbi of pressure on the five zero which is going to be approved and just seven days right with its is and i told her fourteenth email defies is approved the spy on page october twenty first the media getting a date wrong october nineteen which again i'm telling you it's a trap why is vital broke need them that the oj in their very process to quote hurry the f up why because right around october is obviously when they start to figure out or met probably earlier than thomas probably before he sent the semen is where they probably start to figure out that they ve got absolutely nothing on their pop adopt less angle remember the pop adopt this meeting with miss where he's told about this russian dirt on hilary happen
earlier in the year in april they probably right nothing into the ground they try to set up papadopoulos they run a spy against may do whatever they can and they ve got nothing on papadopoulos he doesn't bite because there's nothing to on he doesn't know anything he doesn't even the contacts in the campaign to that the high levels to make the collusion happened even if we wanted to around october what's coming up joe in november of twenty sixteen the elections in the thick eric comes stroke whose anti trump anna missus clear as day at this point and i and who is the now many tied together for it was this proviso washington dc overseeing that twenty around the two happy we'll do the trump campaign and if there is any russian collusion work office with the russian spies were carter page cooperating they finally start the scene it let's try this page guy instead he was somewhat him in a rush and ripe baby
they need to speed up the pfizer which is issued october twenty first because their running out of time before the election day oh if they can get a spy net on the sky dragnet through the fires of war they can start the hop around to the to happen to the trump campaign and if there is any russian collusion although it says later on a may there's no big there there that they'll find that they can get it before the election and probably leak it to their media sources they don't have anything but now that i've told before twenty may hurry the efta pressure starting to make a whole lot of sense also there's a very suspicious text exchange that's been na
milling its way around that should make more sense now that it's lot the reductions are gonna be pulled out there's a text exchange show from his looks like right around the october november period sees me am i my eyesight really bad it sent to peter stroke any says we need to lock in red acted in a formal chargeable way to shrug then tax back he says i agree i've been pushing and i'll re emphasise with bill it's assume these talking about his boss bill price them folks if that the names redirect so let us be clear commies fired at this point call me formal voice
yet he wants that not just to be clear is talking about i don't want to confuse anybody peter stroke was a lean invest units case talks about locking someone in a formal chargeable way but the name is rejected and peter lisa pages at fair pagers buzz i agree have been pushed and i'll reemphasize with bill price step is boss when these reductions are pulled out god forbid that name is my foot because it shows again a targeted effort by people to take down people in the trump team to lock him in they are looking to lock these people in early to get away we still have their own people in charge of the fbi before someone gives him a look see now sorry if there was a little confusing i just want to bring that up in light of the fact that might flynn sensing tat keeps getting pushed back now
looks like they ve locked in a date which says to me that mahler wants the lock that sentencing agreement in before the energy report comes out which exposes just how badly the mike flynn case was handled that's my guess on that one last thing ah cash sorry i'm sorry folks i had a brain meltdown much enough go out today so just forgive me but let me just quickly sum up in a more balanced for the day so the media's worried because the declassed suffocation i it may show that they ve been involve we want to know who is being paid we want to know all the tax should be dealing with the fbi where they part of a canary trap and where they propagating the method they have the unredeemed adviser if they did why didn't they why they keep reporting that carter page was russians i am not do any effort at all to verify in fact that the dossier is true secondly
the fbi omit exculpatory data from this if they omitted the exculpatory data on carter page ladies and gentlemen we are gonna be looking at a world of trouble for all of these people oh here's the one thing i wonderment mentioned i suggested you while evoke as some of you have asked me you're like a gap stroke why is still there and why is price that for these other via they still in the fbi and i had suggested that you joe if you remember that because there is a difference this between administrative and criminal penalties and you after remain with the agency in order for administrative penalties to remain effective if they were too far our people in the fbi like stroke immediately they would not have their pensions and administrative penalties to hold over their heads or understand plead the case no prosecutions of sugar completely separate he will always remain tain ability to plead the fifth amendment we play the fifth about can save that's fine he's american citizen no one could force him to say anything but but but while he
working within the fbi they can force them to say something under administrative guidelines or he loses john and any complete the fifth dolly what i see just do a long time ago of your listener that it believes stroke in the cave and others were kept on the payroll longer than necessary because there been a little operation on the administrative side to see what they were doing don't be surprised if in the coming days and months we find out that there were efforts by them after this exposed to cover their tracks here furs and at the end i may have been watching the whole time and if they fired them show those tracks would have disappeared sorry for that little brain thing at the end that just type it much going on today many even get to my soundbites but i'll get him tomorrow i just want to be sure i got it aren't
cigarette fortuna invoked please please subscribed to the show check out the show notes today upon gino that come up with this subscriptions drive us up the charts check this out as i tunes sound cloud spotify descriptions of free we really appreciate it and see you autumn arctic you just heard tan bonn jean ojo did more than all mine in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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