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Ep. 810 Did You Catch the Stunning Revelation Last Night?

2018-09-19 | 🔗

Summary:In this episode I address the real reason the Democrats are demanding an FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh. I also address the stunning revelations last night by George Papadapoulos in a live cable news interview. Finally, I address the failures of single-payer health care and debunk liberal talking points on the issue.

News Picks:The Democrats are demanding the impossible of Brett Kavanaugh.

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This IJR piece addresses the failures of government-run health care.

Project Veritas exposes more astonishing deep-state corruption.

Michelle Obama is back on the campaign trail.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i welcome they thereby gino show pretty should show how are you today doing fine danny on national speak like a pirate is it national pirate there's something i it is danny since you learn that mc kicker as you know and you do talk radio like joe does i get these sheets like the kicker things in the morning which are about give irrelevant nonsensical facts nobody cares about it that's why joe pops on the i know right you got it off the pictures they did you some absolutely immense in its pilot that i got a statue for u s papa day george proper doubtless appears marta maccallum what's it in and drops a nuclear bomb on the show so i got some of the coverage from that a stop every single day my theory about the pushing polis confirm more i also
talk briefly about what's going on with cavanaugh folks it's not what you think it is i promise you going on right now is a very deliberate tactical sick terrain strategy by the democrats so are we dive didn't get to it yesterday because of all the bombshell news i'm alright let's go two or three show brought you by bodies that truth finder do you feel like someone's hiding something sometimes this may be more than meets the eye there you can trust your gotten walk away or you can trust your gut and protect yourself with truth finder with truth find their access background report most everybody in the country access government records i criminal records pass the dress this contact information birthdays and a whole more information i ran myself and i was like whoop discover if someone has had a felony conviction i promise you we don't have any purposes look up the addresses of an old friend find out if someone is lying about their age military veterans even use truth funding to get in touch with people who have served with visit truth fine
dot com slash bungee no to get fifteen percent off becoming a member today and risk unlimited background checks import you can pull tat records or a hundred it's up to you check yourself every be surprised south it as an sure about as you will receive to find your dark web monitoring and you'll know if you're risk for identity theft you ready scupper the truth protect yourself and your family go to truth finder dot com slash bond genome and entering to learn what a background report reveals about someone you know revenue dat's truth find or die calm slash bond gino for fifteen percent off ok you cared hair the true my man good without is great when when i saw the media as all right let me start with cabinet where forgetful of apples and some other stuff cause this important and we didn't get to it yesterday ladies and gentlemen the democrats are clearly engage right now in em to steal in albany
slim by terminated politics a personal destruction yet i hey i'm a kid you not i tell you this is a friend and producer shown the a coworker here and to you my audience who i consider friends a lot of you interact with on email i wake up every day thank god that i'm not a democrat mommy i mean i'm not impugning the character of all the democrats across the country and i certainly don't want to do what they're they do to us calling us deplorables and that she i'd just said the dregs of society i kid you not when i mean this from the bottom my heart i wake up every single day thanking god i have not been corrupted to joining this cesspool of a political party what is listening to this man cabin all right now is simply incredible it's one of the most disturbing episodes i've ever witnessed in my forty three years on this planet now said repeatedly there
only two possible scenarios here show there and only two are either this event happened and bread cavanaugh did made a really serious mistake when he was in his teenage years ripe or this and did not happen and the cap character of what has been based on every single assessment of this man's character by by anyone who knows and personally this man's life has been utterly completely destroyed now i have to tell you i am starting to air now seriously towards the latter in this case now this may happened to this woman misfortune i dont know that whether it happened that involve bread cavanaugh looks very very suspicious and that is based on something we do in this country which is evidence and the presumption of innocence not a presumption of guilt let's leave
how quickly what's going on here and why this is suspicious cavanaugh shoot me miss ford there were two people at the scene who were there for this claims cheat there was one guy was isn t j smith and another guy mark judge they both i vigorously deny this cab denies even being at any kind of a party like the woman describes not only see did say it didn't happen he says he wasn't even at this party and doesn't even remember going to a party like that if there was an epoch of cabin oz malicious character and lying and being deceptive in the past a reason to disbelieve this guy problem is joe there is zero evidence of that now what is it mc grath doing this is again i this is why i thank god i am not a democrat i think the demo as you know full well that there's a stir possibility that the event
as mrs ford remembers them involving cavanaugh are not in fact entirely credible why basing it on the democrats own words senator diane feinstein democrat he stayed supporter intimately involved and the spy gate debacle borders on the judiciary committee job came out yesterday and you hear it did you hear her equivocating i assure you it she said last night i'm sitting there was this is in my kitchen and watch and diana feinstein who got the letter from but the woman miss ford about these allegations and is as sat on them since july folks say these allegations since july did nothing about them and waited for the did though a couple days before a vote to law this out there said diane feinstein said last night well sure it's all true oh you're not george all true so let me be clear on this you're making on
we have a bleak serious life altering allegations against a man whose life and public service and characters been vouch for by credible people repeatedly through six fbi investigations and now you're not even sure it's true are you serious sucks this is my guy this is ladies and gentlemen this good if this is the new standard any allegation however non corroborated not backed up by evidence is enough to derail your personal professional career and stay new as a sex offender for the rest of your life it's over i mean it's i don't know where i don't know where we go from there folks we ve always understood as a republic that selection of innocence was a clear designated hallmark of a free society is to prevent witch hunt is to prevent people from being god scarred with the scarlet letter the rest of their lives you can't hester
bring people you have to produce some kind of evidence any kind of evidence now so number one the reason i'm starting to seriously seriously doubt this story as it's been told that people she alleges where they are both vigorously deny it everyone not only denies it but denies he was even at a party like that this is an honor typical deny or by cavanaugh it's not wait caviar added there are no little provisos in air there's no appendixes i in nothing secondly miss orders offered the opportunity supposed she claimed to her lawyer she wanted her story to be told fine i told you i personally would have any issue with that she wants to get up there are tellers story letter store we told the senators on republicans or the democrats that fine we will act as to that point joseph and what are we gonna do we
set up a hearing on monday we're going to go under oath we're gonna get your side of the story we're going to get his side of the story work provide our advice and consent role which is what the senate by the constitution is supposed to do under these circumstances will see who's more credible and will move on now all of a sudden joe i don't want to talk now she doesn't want to tell the story why not i know it is a serious question i'm not joking around i know for the liberals who was it is why would you i've never folks it was a criminal investigator at the federal level for twelve years with the new york city police department for two out of my for when i worked there down dan tat i have never seen a victim who wanted their view damn prosecuted not one tell the story about how they were victims i've never seen that i dont understand now keep in mind i am not suggesting that they want to be public
muslim any and you'll be right by saying what they're not everybody wants their face plastered oliver tv correct point absolute stipulated here's counterpoint they furthermore close hearing theirs tv cameras nothing tell us what happened there spare no effort to suppress this woman or her story at all give us story will go behind closed doors and nothing still doesn't want to do it now have a sword shrug strong suspicion here that this is because these hearings would be under oath factor three there is a paucity of details in this story chris call details in miss ford's retelling at the event joseph are missing now again in my experience with this doing criminal investigations
details are usually missing for reason now that reasonably fair can be trauma that does happen people's retailing of events sometimes cannot missing details due to trim i've seen it i've i've knock it off when you wheels for any kind of political narrative like the left us to us having sex that is what i find god is she members specifically was about cavanaugh remember specific of what he did to zero components allegedly dead i want to be clear about this a love ripping the clothes offer she said she had a one piece bait one piece bathing suit on these are details that paint think about this joe you see worm go with this right so you were met more details about who we was you were more details about what you are wearing and exactly what he did but you don't remember anything else the year to place the partner thing else it seems like the recalling of the details joe is very specific
folks the man is entitled to defend himself we is united states citizens are entitled to know the truth don't do for a second fall into this liberal trap that your somehow the bad guy for asking questions we sustain a free society and people are presumed innocent until corroborating facts indicated that person is in fact guilty we are not going to people off a cliff and destroy their lives paste entirely uncorroborated evidence and be bullied into left by the media and the not having to ask questions at all so we have these three factors here all contributing to what i believe a retail of events that is not entirely accurate at this point now the democrats their strategy here their strategy is a is is really hurt i've never seen anything like this i haven't i mean you this and i ache nineteen eighty one they would the
the character assassination of of of a wonderful human being clarence thomas they disclosure i know his wife very well she's wonderful but i know i was young back then i don't recall the intimate details like i do this i have never seen anything so discussing what are they doing right now while a couple people on the democrats i'd democrats senators slip and they wept in admitted what their strategy was joe massey verona democrat senator slipped and said i you know we can hold the secret of seed open for up to two years look what they did to merit garland the republic is by the way the republicans or only following the biden rule that biden rule which is that you dont nominates someone first supreme court opening if it were to up in the middle of a presidential election you that would show by new said that so the democrats claiming that the republicans did something unprecedented in holding a seat open in an election year when they didn't scalia tragically past early are just
really following what was it you don't believe me google the biden rule i played the clip last night and nra tv on my show joe biden in nineteen ninety two saying it would be unprecedented to nominate a supreme court nominee import in a presidential election year without letting the voters decide that was joe biden so them garland thing we're just following the democrats own rules you don't like it new role sorry but the neural show we don't care thanks new rules we're going to follow your rules which make you look stupid you d like to philip the scrap did good we're not gonna let you filibuster either new roles thank you we win you lose have a nice day and in this case listen but with the biden rule they did they want mcconnell came back and did the right thing kept that seed open and we get neo gore sick who was an excellent pick excellent pick so since we followed that rule amazing orono now herodotus thinks that them
they should hold this seat open and what she is what we are hoping for folks their hoping for interminable delays and by the way blumenthal leather democrat centre is suggesting ridiculously that are avenue shoot me cabin should we should run should withdraw which is absurd now the strategy's expose hauled the seed open cabinet withdraw what are they hoping for still looking at some polling and they there's a small likelihood they may be able to take back the senate in the no amber elections what will happen then if they delay this vote pass them member elections and i leave this less than a twenty percent chance that the democrats start take back the senate
what they're gonna do joe is if they do take back the senate may win they're going to say we can hold the vote until these new senators seated in january when a democrat majority they're going to shut down whoever trump nominees and ladies and gentlemen for two years we will have that seat open will be unprecedented gridlock at the supreme court this is their strategy corona admitted it yesterday while we can keep the seed been but just face blumenthal well should withdraw he should withdraw withdraw for what unfound uncorroborated allegations that supported by any additional evidence at all are you crazy so and valor average blumenthal let me explain to you from an inside baseball perspective having done and imposing no one's gonna know this better than me because i did it i did back for federal agents when i was a secret service agent i worked in an office in melville outside in new york typically off since bigger offices new york los angeles have special like background type units the officer
worked in a small enough that the regular you know file agents like me how to pick up background investigations in addition to our protection in criminal work which is poor so special unit so i did back as i did multiple backgrounds for uniform division and special agent positions i know exactly how they work democratic senators understand right now but asking for an fbi background investigation one delay but secondly will not prove anything and there what a live do joe if they can't prove that it happened or didn't happen the democrats are going to accuse the sky of being a rapist forever and when he seated if you york's byron yorks tweets examiner washed and already democrats already hitting that if he is in fact confirmed joe that this is gonna be their attack forever all these decisions at the supreme court level that haven't i was involved in will be discredited because what they'll say what look there's a rapist supreme court this is folks i wake up every day again thanking i am not a democratic you understand the moral ethical vacuum the love
of sin that stains your soul that you they have to ruin father this coach this public servants life over allegations you know darn well feinstein herself said it may be accurate as stated now and you're gonna all this guy a rapist than you're going to impunity character forever what you did the clarence thomas do you it's going to delay until after the mid terms and secondly there is no possible way that's why they want an fbi investigation one it's going to delay until after the mid term and secondly there is no possible way the fbi i will be able to come to any affirmative conclusion on the veracity these claims why because that's not what background ex do let me explain to you having done them how these work folks when you background check for a federal position it is no doubt front for anyone else if i was back checking joe i have to contact joe
ask joe firm gimme some resources joe give me some people who can ouch for your character i need you to sign off on some tax records a medical records i need you to sign off on a criminal background check and that's what happens also when you give me those people those contacts i go out and i talked them gonna get to that a second this is an important point but before i get to that that's what i'm telling you here joe and noticed the cleverness did eve deceitful cleverness of these acts on the democrats side i'm doing a background check in a dish by the way cabinets been background check six times but if i am now going to initiate some kind of supply at those satellite investigation which is essentially a background on miss ford joe who i have to contact miss for do i not yes you do
but she's already said she's not going to talk you get it carried guy good this is what doing they know she will not cooperate by now while operating it'll extend out the timeline this fbi investigation which are not they are not they have no charge to do this at all they are not criminal investigators for state crimes that the staff limitations is passed on they have no expertise in this specific area at all they know perfectly well that if miss for does not cooperate there will be no conclusions drawn from this investigation or it will prolong until after the election and it'll permanently stain a cabinet reputation because joe with the democrats who continue to say is what you didn't disprove it you didn't prove it so here's the way this works when i'm going back brown check
on joe for employment or whatever it may be within the federal government yes joe for three to four sources who can vouchers character but here's the catch this is the little trick when i go to those resources when i was doing backgrounds you couldn't close out a case until you add on main sources because joe if you confer a job with the federal government of looking to make yourself look good you are getting meat resources that love you write you bet i am well when i do my report on job for a special agent position with the secret service or whatever it may be i have include three to four or unnamed sources as well you may so how do you do that do not named how do you find them while the trick is you go to the people they name and you say hey do you know any other people who know what i think neighbor down the block that's where you get the information
folks this is almost impossible to do without some initial cooperation from the subject themselves if miss for does not cooperate in this investigation the democrats fully understand the delays will be interminable and there will be no way around that this is a this a devious evil tactical manipulation by the democrats to postpone it think till after the election and permanently spain the reputation of what has been otherwise by all available evidence and outstanding united states citizen here things they look for as well john when you go you do a background this type of investment so you understand when they did the initial background on cavanaugh remove yourself from ford for second understanding but the general background they did sixty i'm show on cavanaugh obviously passed with flying colours yet they are not crimson investigations they are criminal history invest
geishas please understand the difference fbi or secret service does a federal background on cabin or anyone else they are not doing a criminal investigation there we need criminal history invest the to deter and what joe your character it is not a criminal investigation if i'm they at on cabinets and some and says rubber cap that's going to sign a former we look up up and see national information centre i can i guarantee you that cavanaugh has no criminal history it all that's that's not what they do they will go out though and ask people who cabin all referred to us who we then find other people the unnamed you get it three names but we then you get unnamed sources from there and most things like hey what kind of it was growing up work and a person what kind of neighbour izzie while we did he may be involved in the drug trade this
secret service or fbi would absolutely not get involved in that they may refer it they may call them please say we got information while we're doing a background at this guy selling drugs they will not do criminal backer they are looking at criminal history please understand that if you don't understand the differences cabinet story will make no sense if they did it general background and we're looking at him a criminal investigation they say always tease you think he selling drugs then they say alright let's get a c i a narrow let's try to buy drugs from cabin odor obviously this ridiculous story folks i'm just truck because the left these trying to confuse you and stupid people in the media are falling right in the trap the fbi background is not a criminal investigation they will not do that they will report back potentially refers how to the locals and put in a file that there are indications of a criminal history having sex
that there are zero zero indications as evidence five cabinets multiple passing of f b i bet six times whitehouse appointments traditional appointments that there is no evidence of a criminal history at all there for blackmail a bull material del ask your may does he have any debts does many bessie been bank as you been a bankruptcy do you know about any extramarital you know stuff going on here any terrorism ties drug use they make and blackmail and these are all to build a case about the man's character the criminal history investigation falls under it is not it is now a criminal investigation folks i did these nobody is going to lecture me on how these work and if you don't not with your propagandizing it is not true to my show please
stop reporting until you can actually educate the public about what you know not what you're propagandizing it is not true so let me sum this up here the democrats asking for a criminal investigation about an allegation that's over three decades old is absent we entirely disingenuous and would be unprecedented it does not happen that is not a background investigation is it criminal history check of which calves us pass multiple times what prince now where's the fbi don't need to make the referral the woman can make the referral herself believe she was the victim of a crime report in which she did she's given the opportunity to talk about their crime in front of new s senators who have offered an open end on monday to talk about it and she doesn't want to do it ladies and gentlemen take the vote take that darn right joseph take the vote
if she doesn't want to show up and tell her story it is time to vote and if you think this is going to stop the democrats from the rest of their lives from calling cavanaugh rapist which is this scots thing failed the moral vacuum you live in to do this is abhorrent it is over the democrat it's over the democrats now have committed to the rest of their lives from painting sky as some kind of a sexual printer and you know what the judge cabinet i feel for you man i really do for you and your kids that for the rest of your life you are going to be stained by this because the power it's a personal destruction take precedence over any kind of moral or ethical guidelines they dont have em they don't haven't folks it is just disgusting disgusting
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papadopoulos appear george papadopoulos apples appears martha maccallum show hey i'm way can either one thing folsom sorry am i get a lot of emails yesterday a couple from people and i just make some people and i understand this issue is for you it's not for me i already know the stuff some people didn't like in yesterday's very i got before i got a bad a thousand email saying you loved it so i appreciate that too but a couple people did not like this then i went back and explain things multiple times folks i get it i understand but this but the show me happy for you then ok i do it deliberately on purpose not everybody follows at the same pace you know what i'm saying i am trying to streamline quicken the pace on stuff but when i repeat complex the topics it's because not everybody thinks lightning speed some people needed repeat my apologies for doing that but it isn't britain uncomplicated topics that you go back then do what i learned in school which is tell em what can i tell him tell him and tell him what you told them so i'm so
but i do want to drastic as i got for five emails yesterday that's why i do that ok moving out pop up this is a little bit easier topic to explain and yesterday appeared on martha macao lesson i m just drop this nuclear power joe has some new fancy sound board stuff so why not to get right into the sound clip and joe you said we can stop this now right you have to keep your eye on me and waste set a two minute clip but i'm going to stop at a certain point okay go there was an israeli diplomat its name christian cantor who absolutely detest in trump who one day in london decided to introduce me to his so called girlfriend a girl named the erika thomson who just also happen to be and intel officer from australia and a senior adviser tallish centred downer now this was april of two thousand sixteen learned about the dirt from joseph misled in late april two thousand sixteen wait wife what did you catch that
now if you are a regular listening to show you understand and the gravity of what he just said ripe this whole fbi case that there lodging started would papadopoulos and is poor encounter with this guy alexander down or in a bar talking about dirt and emails you heard about from hilary we heard from with joseph misled in april ok case revolves around the fact that a rush connected individual which is what the fbi is alleging approach papadopoulos in april a guy miss so do we just says and that myths told them that the russians had dirt on hilary he just said that he was approached if for lives should even got to him by someone by it my name canter whose can did to the israelis as is his words
who then introduce them two erika thompson who is an australian intelligence official working with downer who then connection with downer folks destroys the whole push put now be just that read my book this will all makes sense now this who's the whole time wine out a whack my pockets wade's all of is this true our whole time worn out a whack the f the timeline was myths should approach papadopoulos in april says the russians have dirt on hilary papadopoulos and passes that information off to downer in may and down then contacts the what we know we contacted state power but the fbi gets window the information therefore they think papadopoulos is a spy working with the russians to get this dirt on pillar that is the fbi we ve been told forever but now
find out that i contacted downers this erika thompson had approached papadopoulos before even amidst should meeting folks what if i'm tellin you forever this is a classic post paul set up classic plastered push pool where you porch information into a tall get your look in a lock up you push information with the goal of using one of your sources to pull the information out later to make it look like the subject is guilty we're going to wrap up you're going to rob a bank that aspire comes at eight did you hear about robin a backward someone mentioned rob a bank arrest them for conspiracy a rapid a bag is this day what happened right now how bout that bad that we find out from papadopoulos up was downer connection was being pre established don't forget this
before myths suit even enters the picture now now we know myths should as substantial connections to western intelligence assets joe including so if we can connect us declare smith and others people connected deeply to the united kingdom spy agencies right this smith said guy who the fbi's alleging is a russian right peace the porsche he's the he's pushing this information the papadopoulos russian emails russian emails russia dirt russian or he's pushing isn't papadopoulos the aid he papadopoulos eighty tromp i see forces out their need to pull that information out of papadopoulos later to make it seem like he's a conspirator in this this is obvious what's going on because now we can start to put the pieces together how we can put the peace that the highest the connection the later paul joe the groundwork for the
all was being set up before the porch even happened is this joe again you're the audience up as this may sound act i guessed exactly digestion dirt narrative onto papadopoulos to frame for being collaborator with the russian dirt column in pieces and pull later but before we even postulated let's make sure we have the pull angle set up this issue nobody i'm actually established they didn't this last night this is huge bombshell pigeon reveal this i've never heard this information before but this if you read my book all make sense why the motive for these uk intelligence entities in and to work together was i didn't catch it last night perfectly honest with you and the listeners i did not catch it until you just mentioned that joe i don't think you're pretty did because i heard eyes i taped it
i got to joe that's why we're with the show today i had a startling two minutes later my show you gotta get me so now you shall have the pop up was lying we're going to have a baby ok so just to be clear again what we're saying here is that this is a push paul and that the set up for the poor oh the donor meeting was happening even before the porch to make sure it would happen what's that set up this meeting later on but put you know we gotta make sure he'll meet with downer that way if we put the information we can cupola idea the interview goes on televisions officer meeting with me probing me about my ties to the end business in israel why were they why would she probing me about what the campaign was up to regarding russia in april before the joseph myths should even told me about the dirt now fast forward to the beginning of all of a sudden i had given interview to the times of london in which i use and surely humiliate by action and i guess the uk prime minister by asking him to
poligized or retract his derogatory statements about candidate trump about his the other muslim ban by oh boy now again when you re out listen i'll put out their wits in a lot of the bits in more detail pick it up it i'm not looking really prove profit of you folks mob life is good ok right out life is great i put the book i worked hard and proud of it you see happening now now world from one of the things my book this was by gay provides that you have not heard before i promise anywhere is a motive it's now coming crystal clear that there is some role in prevention in this u s election by foreign intelligence entities who had it in four trump but the question is why and i don't like simple answers because even though i believe outcomes razor simple answers without further corroborating evidence just seem to me like efforts to just bypass what's you know what's real power
surely more elaborate problem simple answer your answer is they didn't like trump but that's create lotta problems there if they didn't like trumped they still these are international players show there not stupid they must have realised that there was at least a small chance that donald trump was beginning we're gonna become president and i doubt the united kingdom in australia intelligence and unquestionable allies of us throughout the years would take on the liability of intervening in an election if they didn't have a bigger mode of it just doesn't make sense folks i get out i believe and outcomes razor given all possible explanations except in one that's the most parsimonious and requires the least amount of assumptions but in this case that requires a lot of assumptions say how they just like that going to throw away you s relations forever that they were entirely unaware the possibility he would win they were willing to do basically you don't crap on their relationship with the republican party in the future i doubt if there was
they more there and papadopoulos whether he knows it or not i'm not sure he did their kind of hints at what the motive would have been for a man miss said with significant western intelligence ties to pay information at the papadopoulos whereas pull meeting with downer and our strategy in diplomat would have been set up of before and enacted afterwards to pull the information out to make em look bad folks to listen to speeches of some of the uk intelligence officials before the lectured about what they say about donald trump i have them in my book co author denise mcallister was did an excellent job of getting this was heart she nail this thing read their words they were very very worried about the impact on their domestic constituencies of appearing to support what they claimed was a muslim travel ban it wasn't some
speeches trump could have worded differently it is not and never has been a muslim travel ban that is a myth before the election now you have to remember any international support of that member folks these people are liberals these are dying liberals overseas to the people involved in this these are i supporters clinton acolytes and people who are subscribing to a european model of liberalism right they do want to alienate there identity politics space by appearing to align with trump who they believed at the time were however this ingenuously so was gonna win activism muslim joe does that make sense yes now the fact that this is brought to papadopoulos that papadopoulos goes after the uk officials in a paper as a presented for the trump campaign for them attacking the muslim ban just infuriates them even more please follow me papa this is quoted in a uk paper keep minus an absurdity there to take this guy down here
fuel under fire he's quoted the paper attacking people who attack trump for what they believe is a muslim ben that infuriates them even more because how they have to look at appear to their liberal basis that they are protecting the identity politics regime is protect they need to go after this provides further fuel fire it's not just that there are other motives here as well there trumps enhanced interrogation the up his speeches about that and when you again when you read the book you'll see that there was there were collapse what measures we have with them that way contingent on this day the year i kingdom has some stipulations that they cannot engage in significant intelligence sharing if we would if the united states was still engaged in into specific enhanced interrogation techniques trump obviously given speeches saying he was looking to go down that road again
i'm telling you what people said you don't have to agree with it it's in a book motive here is clear they think trouble gotta control they that he's going to enact a muslim travel ban he did not they had pure of illiberal base they hear his speeches on enhanced interrogation they're afraid it's gonna impact the intelligence sharing job when they need us we don't need them merely as a new much as they need us in the five eyes arrangement the five intel share they need our money and they need our until they are terrified if trump gets elected that this is deeply gonna impact a money stream and intel stream go back and forth between these five i countries with arch with us providing most of the entail and with us providing a lot of money to me but is clear papadopoulos step where i am absolutely sure right now papadopoulos was set up we one ban any enhance interrogation are two significant reason don't accept these simple while they just didn't like trump but folks that doesn't any sense
it makes sense they didn't like him it doesn't make sense that would cause them to do this paul operation where i'm absolutely sure right now papadopoulos was set up with the ad these pass it knowledge of law calls on the ground in the united kingdom and australian intelligence officials who saw pop adopt this as an easy way into the campaign now this more left to this as it is it what we got thirty must play the rest of it and i'll wrap it up on the stand fifty seven seconds ok further you know david cameron should have never been calling donald trump stupid or idiotic for those comments and it doesn't matter the uk is an ally are not their prime minister should not have intervened in the democratic process in this country now a couple days after that interview all of a sudden i'm approached by two officials from what i think are the defence intelligence agency of the u s embassy in london who decide to meet may and basically probing me about what's happening and then a day or so after that alexander down
wants to meet me in a bar along with his assistant who was an australian intelligence officer now i do not remember at all talking about emails with it with alexander downer he himself has contradicted himself i think these three times in subsequent interviews he has about the encounter what i remember this encounter with alexander down or was he was incredibly belligerents he despised truck he was very high entitled towards a campaign that let me have you got it you got it here's what i am now starting to i'm just i feel so vindicated because again this stuff we wish that we finish the book up a probably a month and a half ago but everything in there is now coming out like it's all coming to fruition i feel like didn't waste my time or yours now there's another key point there at the end of that interview he
does downer who we meets with this is to pull part of the operation has already been set up in advance which we just find out last night push poor push paul pull part of the operation down or shows up and is extremely belligerent with a minute according the down or end pop adopts a downer is now recanted this story that these emil's or even mention folks does this not tell you that this is a set up how would it which paul operation work if the information is never pulled out if they pushed in the information which i strongly suspect that this point through myths if friendly's did this a push this intermission designed to die and set up this operation with down to pull it out later here's what i think cap it i think downer joe was we set about george papadopoulos comments in the local paper about low officials going after trump that down
god so emotionally rested member downer is not a trained intel guy joe this is all important don't forget any i don't care who is giving you any evaluation of what happened is case i'm telling you i've been their peoples emotions take over and stupid stuff happens downer is not a trained intel guy he is an australian diplomat he has never been an intel guy downer is a diplomat straight up and simple he is a lie leaving liberal diplomat we the liberals can be angry he walks into this meeting there's no question with my go through with this us with the with this erika thompson so he walked into the meeting with an australian intelligent person why guarantees prodding and make sure you get to the male make sure you get to the e mails makes you get to the e mails and here is my shirt guess about what happened he walks in he's again he's gettin elbowed by the industry in attentions person who we find out now is there make sure
emails we're gonna pull the information to make em look carefully at what happens is rage takes over through that perfect pervert that too he called loses were rapidly destroyed sought at that by this point papa that places of ads you could tell us probably flustered he has no i that's why i never believed this story from the beginning they never we forget the emails papadopoulos at that point is probably trying to defend themselves say it is a low level guy he probably stands is job may be in jeopardy and the trump campaign because he here he ticked off down as a high level guys at a low level guy and australian politics keeper i mean it's happening in london by the way not in australia
he's not a trained impel guy he's not a trade interrogator so what does he do we loses mine he gets knee deep in the politics of attacking drop you proto recur to stir brought europe should we recall those standards you'd better to take it back he loses this bar poles any information goes entirely off the rails i can see this now i can see this happening the intel woman next to him tell acid it from australia is probably elbowed right given elbow shiver in the ribs dude it's the emails he never matches the emails at all now now he is able to throw you care boy you're comes the erika jobs why is it that the story gets reported through state department folks notably elizabeth dibble member this now goes to official channels this in
i'll never goes do official intelligent channels back to the united states i've told you why before because the entire case is garbage and they're afraid if they vetted to officially tell channels that their whole operations gotta be exposed so what are they they voted through political all channels at the state department knowing these are all players with the obama administration and will jump lincoln and not make sure this information gets back to the fbi how does it get back to the fbi or leak into the media that somehow emails were discussed when both papadopoulos and down admit this pole never happen the emu our conversation that was designed to be pull that never happen here is my bout again to be fair obviously it is not the i'm telling you what i'm speculating i'm speculating about i'm i'm i'm i'm doing it again based on strong evidence
my guess years the emotions of the conversation take over and doubter doesn't even recall any more what with centre what wasn but knowing that they were supposed to go in there and talk about the emails and knowing that they don't want to disappoint people right show this is it this is the polio if this doesn't happen you blew it he doesn't want to upset his state department contacts in the united states member that's where they shuttle the information through the state department those this context it is not an intelligent sky he deals with state depart diplomats he doesn't want to upset them they're like hey i'm alive yeah well i might be of our family ties your alex remember nectar boyfriend did you get the email information we got it down or doesn't want to walk into that state department interview with a state to permit contact he needs we develop professional relationships in the united states as they do you had one job you had one job to get
but that is to say the word emails you want in their the crap and all over him about this stupid interview we gave in a paper is crystal what's happening right now so what does he say because i got a pretty sure we did it sure we mention the emails they filled we got it we got it papadopoulos them later on when down a realises trump wins and understands the gravity of exactly what he the role he played in this pushing paul operation he had one one job now all of a sudden he realizes oh the central player in this and trumps the president i'm a diplomat i can have my finger prints on all of a sudden he recounts wow emails were measured way way way emails worm don't hold genesis of the fbi story is that he mentioned the emails
the whole story hurry that stock of our ports it is getting money here later my wife aids hates my lightly she aids abruptly is active dastardly i'm not least yeah he's the only guys that's the whole food that's that this is now i just i really am astounded how many people may not anyone but how many people miss the gravity of what pop up with settlers a downer had one job it appears as clear as day get them to get papa who's to say emails we put together all this effort we now set up in advance we now know according to papadopoulos up new interview we set up in advance and interview it down we then set up the porch to pull the information out in that interview to push worked papadopoulos heard about the russian dirt you
one job just get him to mention emails and they blew it down or now is retracts the entire story papa dapple assess it never happened and it makes total sense papa that was saying down a lost as marbles whether miss out of screaming that he got emotional he started yelling at the intel persons given me elbow shiver tat say he males saying he never says it down or doesn't want to be embarrassed with state department context we are not dealing with and tell people he walked to the they department so buses hey you got any mail thing from papa i think so yeah table our thinking they think they put perhaps it it never happened it never happened this is all a scam that is a key interview folks you don't happen to anybody's horn your mind jos or anyone else is but i think
i can offer you on the show and i say this with no air pretension or take it the wrong way is having been involved in criminal investigations interviewing sources having been involved in intelligence community briefings on just about every single foreign trip i took with the present united states we get detailed briefings you did the liaison with the intelligence communities extensive you see they work you see how they get information you see how they don't get information you sit in on these interviews you start to pick up little things in a story that don't make sense but more importantly in this case you start to pick a part things and papadopoulos a story that absolutely makes sense and how the whole story comes together they said this doubt are meeting in advance the me it didn't work out the push worked out the pole failed and joe when the poor failed you think that might explain the transition
to using human intelligence human out you think that explain helper so now the pole fails at some point there's a recognition that that probably going to retract retract story about the emails emails into bureaus like now what do we got now is the activation of the central intelligence agency of assets the fawn help or make sense are guys looks like this down or poland and work on the set up so how far can you email papadopoulos it can you ask and ruddy males somebody's gotta get this cat to say emails i can envision the cart set make censure i can visit the conversation envision it right now to find you get this guy to see emails and looks like this australian diplomat we had on board looks like he's gonna he's gettin wobbly on the story it all so explains the john solomon hypothesis when telling you knows the whole story that pop adopt this was the initial paragraph one target not carter page that is
explosive revelation papa this case falls apart joe if case falls apart you don't have evidence in the fbi what do you think would typically happens they would probably move on and say there's no they're they're all peter show said that did me the alps are they actually text that that's not what happened the john solomon theories looking more likely by the moment joe the papadopoulos angle fell apart the downer want wobbly how burger nothing from papadopoulos then what did they do moved on to target number two off we don't get papadopoulos we will most certainly get carter page who peter stroke the vision supervisor had supervise the case carter page was involved with again the russians in new york look at this guy let's move out also make provides evidence that the john solomon longitude
of theories correct because after the case against page falls apart instead of doing again in a normal investigation what would happen joe you'd let the case go because there's no they're they're like peter stroke already said what happens they move back to papadopoulos when they interview in january because they realize page didn't work out papadopoulos denmark work out now we ve been get mothers team in there and shut these guys ups that that's what happened i folks today show also brought you buy or put at risk as i gotta take that was one of those enjoyable segments ever that i watch that papa de thing last item like oh my gosh this guy just drop the few tier one level bob shells and always even pick it up a sword about it wasn't idleness they just came out of china discover that air pollution causes a huge reduction in intelligence this in addition to the well known impacts on new physical health high pollution
both the significant drops and test scores with language arithmetic the average impact equivalent having lost an entire year of education out now we know what is going on at the department of justice they never change their air filters over there there's while mister graves company here this week by your brothers from this especially ninety five percent of the global population breeding unsafe air so do the smart thing go to filter by dot com is leading provider of h back filters for homes and small businesses choose from six hundred sizes including custom options that ship free within twenty four hours plus they support working american manufacturing all their filters right here in amerika say five percent when you subscribe for order placement so you will never forget the change of air filters again filter by were saving time money your breed better use maybe your lungs and apparently you become more intelligent the process or stop procrastinate that's filter by that com filter be eu com filter by dot com and don't forget to tell him dance censure we really appreciate that this is a great company please i know
air filters remain you may not need em now but when you do don't forget filter by that com it's a good company they liked to be here and i want to talk to you that's why they're ownership you know what you're saying that cassio cortez thing for tomorrow show but i do want to talk about this issue finally when there's a really really cool store yet i e g review independent journal of you i have up in the show notes that i also have some good cabinet articles i strongly encourage you to read but this i need you to keep this idea article it's in my show notes keep it book market because you're gonna hear lot more in the coming months especially as the euro the midterms come around and in this the presidential election cycle picks up right if the election about so payer health care because this is the new push for the democrats show government run health care get on medicare for all which is going to be health care for none but there's a really good i almost navigate think fair at times out of you even if this appropriate to save it
go on i j than evaluates the canadian single payer system versus the united states system and the authors very fair it's a good pieces were three she's here are some prose here's some comments so quickly some some are just too can give it a fair shakier maybe no it doesn't work but let's put the evidence that because we do facts and data canadians do spend less as a percentage of gdp on healthcare the united states and about seventeen point two percent the canadian spend about ten point three percent of their gdp so yes if you're gonna make the argument that they spend less it doesn't make any sense for us to fight that argument on their grounds number one we do facts arguing facts is just plain dom i'm sorry they do spend less the quest it isn't do they spend less it's what are they getting for their money and what are the consequences of government running it managing it an effect if we rationing it by price yes they spend less here are the consequences of red you from the peace
canadian patients however joe face lower costs and they enjoy universal coverage but often in exchange for extremely long wait times compared to the rest of the world although wait times than to vary from province the province of twenty seventeen frazier institute study get a load of this found a medium weight time of twenty one point two weeks between receiving a referral from a general practitioner and getting to a specialist may say ok what would you know what twenty one week's it sounds like a lot you know what it is the united states wait time for specialists average around just twenty four days in major markets according to a merit hawkins study folks are only two ways to allocate resources and again the united states is not a free market healthcare system let's not have any illusions about that roughly three percent of medicine is paid for by the government now that's why the system is screwed up but ironically even
the system still being deeply impacted by the government to the tune of forty fifty percent of spending we still have short wait times between referrals from twenty one weeks to twenty four days that's not a small difference pokes that's huge now explain something even worse even getting diagnosed can take a while and candidates from the peace as patients also experienced significant way times for diagnostic technologies the frazier the estimated that patients could wait around for weeks for it city scan ten x for an mri and three point nine weeks for an ultra sound and twenty eighteen the issue is lead numerous canadian to travel to other countries to receive care with a whopping sixty three things in doing so to you pretty paying confiscatory taxes and sixty three thousand we know up leave the contrary to pay for but again somewhere else because they can't get to see tee scan or an mri folks remember the essence of being here
when is existing in a society with scarce resources everything is scarce land water everything a doctor's time at this time is scarce is it not obviously not unlimited there were major ways to allocate scarce resources you know what they are if you dont memorizes because liberals will you will you will floor for them every single time you bring this up you can price those resources or you can ration them asked them for a third way to do it what's the third way to allocate scarce resources you have doctor there is eight hours time it has worked day how do you allocated doctors time the capacity can rationing if you do support free market pricing you support rationing it is there is no option see ask them to plain to you what the third way is so you're suggesting rationing no no i'm not suggesting rationing of you bite it
what you're saying is indefensible its logically the principal you of scarce resources oil food you can ask hated by price warehouse prices induce more people to get into the arena get those high prices which increases the supply which decreases the prices that's why flats green tvs or now two hundred dollars and best by for a small one and when they were ten thousand dollars just ten years ago or you can rash and that's it the canadians do they ration they were by time because you can't effective by your way into the system they do have some free mark insurers and i want to make categorical statements but because system is run by the government government bureaucrats it is ration by time doktor has an eight hour working day you pay more pay less for that doctors time you'll go when the government tells you the doctor says or cable they can people a day while i want to hear you get him
one weeks from now that's what happens he the price it will you rationing keep that article bookmark in italy very good one and ask that question always you don't a pricing and free markets and medicine you accept rationing and if they say no i dont ask him to explain the third way to allocate a scarce resource they'll look at you puzzle because they can never argue because they just work on talking points only i folks to give a tune and i really enjoyed today show for what it's worth and i really appreciate all the subscription she'd been rock and us up the charts we have not left the itunes top charts reverend that's cause of the subscriptions idea we appreciate that it's free
do it on itunes if you don't like apple that's fine you can go to heart radio and follow it all free and good sound cloud spotify i google podcast we really appreciate and please go subscribe to my email to step on gmo dotcom nice olaf's i see what you just heard tan bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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