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Ep. 813 It’s Going to Get Really Ugly This Week

2018-09-24 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the coming chaos surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. You’ve never seen anything like what’s coming. I also address President Trump’s stunning comments about foreign intelligence involvement in the Spygate scheme.    News Picks: This piece addresses the main targets of Bob Mueller’s witch hunt and the mysterious lack of any “collusion” charges.    Rosenstein must be fired. Andy McCarthy makes the case.    Was the whole collusion fairy-tale based on a flawed intelligence assessment?   This Chuck Ross piece dismantles yet another piece of the collusion fairy-tale.    What is Andrew McCabe’s lawyer up to?   Was Rod Rosenstein really threatening to wear a wire in meetings with the president?   Another questionable accusation about Brett Kavanaugh.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no well lara welcomed it thereby gino show it's the only way i can start up the show i mean it seems like an eternity friday night and the rose and steam twenty fifth amendment story happen because so much is broken over the weekend you said joe outer at any time to wait for the folks and i dont want to waste your time so let's get right into the show not waste another breath eraser brought you by our bodies that wax are actually know how much i love my sponsors i only use products i will use myself that work that work well and then i can recommend to you with a smile wax our ex isn't the sexiest product in the world but as i told you i had a big problem which is true with wax build up a my years when i was in the secret service because then at your piece thing i wish i had this product back then here customer of you to help you avoid expensive trips to the doctors to take care of your ears the real review here i used after
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to witness this week absolutely unpalatable paralleled thus cycle pathology from the far left i'm getting this from very very good sources let me explain you house when i'm just throw out sometimes people i say that i got tsar says there's any here's what i do i'm not going to tell you who because i'll kick me off their email is but i scribe two very specific email less on the far left my so follow some specific accounts on twitter by following those accounts in going to those accounts i told you this many times i can get a kind of unique insight as to what the left is doing analyse it unique i know other people to do it too but some of them have been added on one of the email list the left is preparing this week with regard to the cabin sabotage hit job my the left is caring for an unprecedented level of destruction folks they they
now i said this on friday and what happened last night as predicted new allegation is surfaced from road and fairer and the new yorker about bread cavanaugh being involved with some exposing himself incident college also joe bp lawyer avenue naughty who as the credibility of a fire aunt is is putting out allegations that cavanaugh involved there maybe avian did some kind of sexual assault it's it's it's so mason call the allegations that i dont you know it's hard to take ever naughty seriously i warned you allow me on twitter if your interest in this that i met you know i don't need any new followers i'm just saying that because i get this stuff in that's the first place i can put it out you are about to witness unprecedented levels of destruction you are about to witness unprecedented levels i'm term apple tried political destruction sabotage of people's lives now right here about things are going to see and i will explain to you why
i can hear this in the mainstream media why they're doing what they're doing its evokes it's not just that they cabin or stopped ok that's obvious they want cabinets now be a great you come here for that kind of analysis there's a reason their panicking now are i get that i can but here's what they're going to do this is from now this is from them i'm not making this up number one job there's big money organizing this this is not free if you their emails and you join their conference calls joseph her you listen to what the left is saying about the cabinet thing we'll bail you out of jail they are providing free interpretation providing legal services joe who do you think's pay for the armenian you pay for it no doubt this is big time left wing groups i'm not going to say who but you can probably figure it out there are big time left being groups organised right now bending huge amounts of money to make sure
this cabinet nomination disappears that this is not free folks this is a sophisticated eyes sabotage against a more than qualified candidates for the united states supreme court nanny and i'll get to why don't go anywhere you always here george shore ass you know about and i would advise i gotta do where you would go with that serious errors anger like predict here's number two they are providing training their pro training on specific days this week some of its already happened on how and what to do again this is this is the case this is not some grass roots effort this is it this is a sophisticated organised never to think this guy down i already mentioned a free transportation their prepare for multiple scenario spokes so the yo pay which has shown itself this sadly to be this feckless this week and we he you know get to that in the second too are they are prepared for all scenarios they were prepared for
vote on monday that prepared for a vote on thursday there prepared for hearings on monday and thursday they are preparing for multiple scenarios again hammering home the point so you dont for a second think this is a grass roots ground up thing this is in organised top down thing it is very slow this decade ladies and gentlemen no your enemies here bayonne for a second underestimate the capabilities of what's about to happen this week they are proper caring for unprecedented levels of bob what they call civil disobedience what i'm gonna referred a straight up criminality they are going to lock entrances to offices they are gone to sit there and disrupt hearings in an unprecedented manner we're going to see some very very serious serious play testing this week in an effort to almost entirely shut down what's happening in the government the blocking
the entrances or gonna happen at very specific offices why because you signal a moment's weakness year which many senators like susan collins and jeff lake have you become a target for the left jeffrey is going to become a target of this group expect his office to be absent we deluged with people one more note on this before i move on as to why this is happening so now you know what they're gonna do folks like this from the horses mouth i'm not making it up i have no interest in misguided misleading my audience anywhere this is this stuff actually in the works has been planned a take it to the bag i tweeted on friday this step was going to happen and sure enough on sunday night all of it started to come out now regards to flake what i'm also hearing is flake so one holding up this entire process i have warned you about jeff lake a long time jeff flakes
legacy will be single handedly to keep the liberal dominance on the supreme court or to keep the split and not allow the supreme court to return to it original intent and an original interpretation of the constitution as people elect donald trump to do that will be jeff lakes like legacy if he submarines this whole thing it is flake from arizona now you may say folks if you live in arizona what can i do i i deeply risk back so many of you by the way they sent me email saying i did what you said dan or ask that request things you're my audience i respect you lotta people said i e mail my centres office i called the office we you know but be cool about it no the deal i don't you know we're not liberals out only to lecture anybody but i'm asking you in arizona i know flake isn't run again but flake is about flake he has always been about flake flake as other ambitions potentially to run for president to absolutely bombay
our disguise office with emails and phone calls be cool about it again lecturing anybody but it's important we do that we don't want to take that liberal baton on that but be cool about it bombard this guy's office with emails he is holding up this whole thing folks it is flake doing this ashley mcconnell do not have the votes they don't the votes right now it is because of people like flake while they need one more to fall but they are not going to take a vote with any uncertainty here at all now let me leave you on this before i get to the wine what's happening folks if the damn if the republicans blow this i was absolutely furious i was out me to tell personal stories i have a lot to get it but it's important here so as it relates to the the understanding of what's going on in the field and how look if you listen to the show on the hill and i know you're out there please i know that good guys you listen i know the bad guys who listen to you are grossly gross
the underestimating the fury of the republican base if you blow this joe i know you are getting calls on this and see beyond this morning how many people our furious like i haven't seen them since obamacare if who below this cabin thing and blue this seat on the supreme court folks forget them in terms let me be clear i am not cause i deleted a tweet this week and because this don't misinterpret what i'm saying can't out and vote ten friends with you there are absolutely no excuses i dont care of that goes death if it goes down or not should not affect your care careful goes down but if it goes down you still have to vote why because even el the republicans have shown themselves to be feckless cowards alot of em up on the hill the altar even the democrats is absolute destruction of donald trump presidency that's the alternative this is not a situation anymore of good or bad it's better worse so don't miss turkey what i'm saying about voting one bit but i'm telling if they blow this
there's no amount of motivation i can give to people to overcome their salute vitriolic volcanic rage at the republicans blowing this opportunity here you go i better step up and take this vote this week i am i now borneo i was out on and i was out and i you know i go out with my my if once in a while we get it we get it some time we went out and we were having a good time and i genuinely enjoy spend the time my wife i know you know it's really but just bear with me for a soul most postal i enjoy it i really do my only day off its air get saturdays off i work on saturdays i get saturday night into sunday off i just wanted a few minutes but you know what my way who's been patient me understands is sometimes these fight you don't get a few minutes and i sat there at this arrest them we re right up the black from my house and i said they are tweeting who can look at this time stamp on it
go to saturday night if you think i'm making this up and it was me furiously tweeting at the republican party after delaying this till thursday devote to thursday that your blogging this now folks why was i upset tooth now we're getting to the why portion the santa judiciary committee and gradually delaying this appearance by miss ford accuser of cavanaugh until thursday rather than monday the democrats have already one now i want to battle let me because i haven't won the war but they won the biggest battle of all joe knows where i'm going with this thursday date was very strategic by the democrats and the republicans got rolled rolled why because if boat is taken on thursday rather than monday tuesday wednesday that chance if cavanaugh being seated for the october first public sessions is supreme court or now got now you
we're going to have a supreme court that seated with a four for split and in disappeared in list legal construction is votes we anticipated cavenaugh making will not be made the democrats i have already one ladies and gentlemen why do you think they form legal team dumb a misfortune legal team out there why do you think they were pushing for thursday all they needed to do was delay the vote three days and they now have they ve already one that battle is one crossly should have never ever folded they made an extremely extremely poor case here to the public they offered monday they offered tuesday they offered wednesday disease shall please tell me this makes sense too as i said this to my wife and she goes then you ve got to say that on the show out to stall baby it's the same was the stall and the stall until thursday with all that matters battle number one
was moving it till thursday so cavanaugh cannot be seated for the upcoming upcoming session democrats have already one they rolled the a working party now there a chance at saving this nomination not for at the october first things already gone cavanaugh a lobby seated at that you could almost guarantee they ve already rolled the weak republican party gradually has a chance to redeem himself a little bit here call the phone call the vote this because here's what's happening now strategy one joe was move until thursday strategy to as they can under any circumstances have doktor ford testify especially under oath folks they cannot please i beg you to take this check to the bank cash it i'm telling you the holes in this story arm are our mountainous and size she
provided misfortune three witnesses who have all failed to corroborate this story some have engaged in outright denials that to happen what i just said doktor ford has provided three witnesses not cabinet she's a used him very serious things that her witnesses wrongly shrunk we dispute story is questionable at best from what i am hearing and i'm gonna if i put this out if it's as if i'm wrong out if i'm wrong i have to take it back but i'm hearing there's no way she's gonna show for that there's the hearing if she shows there's no way it's gonna happen now if she does again but the people i trust on this private all you can't i've been working on the show for you because i wanted you to come here and get a full scope of what's going on the people
based on this are saying there's absolutely no way she testifies on the road because story has too many holes in it ladies and gentlemen she's putting yourself up legally to some very serious things if this story turns out later on to not be true add she's telling it she's not going to be there on thursday now the democrats spokes member they ve already one battle number one delaying until thursday which was a critical day but battle number two right now in any case you not pick it up put on putting down is too at all costs avoid the embarrassment of pulling her testimony on thursday because make no mistake for us by it's an and as the media direction of now evil hill democrats there's no question and talking about unadulterated evil to the destruction of a human being based on uncorroborated stories and the evidence complete
are you to provide any evidence whatsoever whereas rational emboss it accusations are not evidence accusations are accusations evidence back up the accusations destroying this guy's life but the democrats take it to the bank know full well they cannot under any circumstances put miss ford undergrowth because the story falls apart there opening themselves and doktor for up to some very very serious liability why am i telling you that with regard to what happened last night which was anticipated if you at my tweets they needed a back up plan and a delay delay delay until thursday get it on the record thursday hearing we cannot let this there is the hearing happen we have to have a back up plan the back up
and is going to be the run with additional unsubstantiated uncorroborated stories like the story we heard last night from ronan farrow and miss ramirez that allegedly at a party at yale judge kavanaugh in a some kind of drunk in card game whatever they're playing expose themselves this story is even more weekly source than the than the lord story because thirdly more now miss ramirez has said multiple times to reporters that cheek she wasn't sure initially that it was cabin all they did it there is no corroboration there's no evidence matter fact people who they claimed were at the scene cannot corroborate this story at all folks this was the backup plan back up plan was to throw out more uncorroborated on evidenced unsubstantiated charges and why immediately happen as predicted what i am feinstein do the ranking democrat on the committee
sent a letter asking for what joe cats the hearings this week why wait why joe why so we are what is doctor what is doktor ford's on testimony have to do miss ramirez is new uncorroborated on evidence charges what do they have to do with one another you want to hear from mr mirrors bring her and put our drove to that's not what they're asking its what they're asking joseph they are asking for all hearings be cancelled ladies and gentlemen i'm telling you if it happens on thursday and doktor for testifies i'll have to take it back but i m telling you if you want my opinion again up spy kit predictive your mother sorry tat whatever here so who's the guy from a big member that movie big with tom hanks out i get do any of that stuff i've just telling you i
basing it on all the evidence i have some quality sourcing and my experience as an investigator and pass i would be absolutely floored and astonished for shows up on thursday this is a deeply deplore a strategic plan b with more unsubstantiated charges now here's what's gonna happen i have now steered you wrong on the show if rashly doesn't fold republic in may of the chairman doesn't fold and by doesn't father mean doesn't agreed at the lay the hearings like feinstein asking based they want this whole thing cancel mark my words you we're going to see more and more and more these these unsubstantiated uncorroborated charges and they are going to get more hysterical folks they're gonna go from sexual assaults too supposing himself to gang
apes to i'm too i'm telling you it is going to happen i've seen i know what's going on with these guys follow the eye which one i could put the retail groups out too but i do know block assault watchword going to happen this is why i said in a tweet it is up to you if you have yet to do so all an email your senators i don't care if their democrats are republicans called offices and absolute lee under no one certain terms demand the vote is taken thursday we ve already lost one bow we ve already lost one battle for cabin oughta be seated before this next term we cannot bored to lose a second one if it is delayed pass thursday if it is too late past thursday ladies and gentlemen it's over and they re vacations i think during the mid terms will be severe again i'm not telling you not to vote there is think keeping me from the voting boot and or bringing ten friends i'm telling you though i cannot control you know i don't have
thought oh so k with the infinity stones here i can't control people's behaviour they are passed i heard it in the jim i heard it the barbershop i heard it at a restaurant i wasn't pottery bar the poppies garden small i ran into three people talk to me for twenty minutes while my wife was buying an outdoor count day wore on fire vile can over what's going on here if you all this it is over you will get destroyed in the mid terms it is you or jobs at stake it is not ours folks they cannot they absolutely cannot blow this now one final note in this cause i've got so much to get to such a busy weaken you know that catch where you don't forget you catch of uranium user or not but here yeah i know i know i'm just i'm i want to make sure i get this is important i got it i just want to remind you
if you don't have the spine for this i don't mean this is an insult either wealth by some other way to say that but i am saying this to lawmakers activists and others if you don't the spine for what's coming turn off the tv the sweet now i'm serious turn off the tv this week if you of the spine for this because the fight coming this week is manichaean the left has drawn a red line they do i have an emergency brake on their behaviour like we do concern is believe in big our rights granted by god even bigger rights rights granted by liberals there's nothing we can get us to do to physically attacked people punch them in the face we don't do that not because it's not just the wrong thing to do but because our very credo prohibits it your big are now when ourselves we're not suckers don't take that the wrong way either but we will
do what the far left is capable of they have no emergency brake and their behaviour because they don't believe in big our rights granted by god they believe in the power of the state and what is at stake joe with cavenaugh the salute discretionary power the state using the courts to overturn of things that happened in your life and to go over your life in a tyrannical manner that is what it's it's at stake they know greater ginsburg our seat who is going to be opened at some point in the future as well the law these drawing a red line right now if you don't have the stomach for this too now because you're not helping if you weak kneed because people smell weakness people sniff it out and if you're in a group and going to encourage others to be weak i'm asking you with all due respect to stand down if you do of the colonies and you got the nerve and you got the fight in you for seriously manikin fight right now now is the time for you to step up and do talk is cheap now is that i am for you to call now is the time
for you to email now is the time for you to facebook your support for you to send tweets for your support now is the time for you to email your friends to call you have got to get involved in this fight and get your fingers dirty the left has drawn red line i'm telling you this is important to them as the election was if i could what but i cannot put the email on my email is that i saw this week and i again will kick me off the email is our fine what their planning sorry but one one point real final flood folks this is not about cavanaugh when i was a casualty of word left this is about the left's allegiance their love affair the big ass all powerful state they are losing it they are losing the court's they're losing the circuit courts and their last refuge is going to be the supreme court they are putting ever
thing in this full blown blockade and obstruction every thing it's time for us to step up and fight back and please please don't interpret any i'm telling you about these weak kneed republicans as an encouragement not devote because your vote is against the other side at this point and there are some decent candidates running but please don't open it that's why i deleted the sweetest we some of you know what i'm talking about because people were misinterpreting it as believing you stay home do under no circumstances knows circumstances should you stay home there are no perfect choices and like your choices are right now between sadly a lot of feckless republican candidates and outright evil malicious democratic candidates who are taken me in tat they're gonna watch the whole thing burn get early votes in i don't like early vote i dont care this isn't the time to make that fight get it a ballot then get your voice
in early you could god forbid you could die you can have a heart attack a kid could get sick gets voting early may be tonawanda condone early voting don't care get on the ballot then this isn't the time for that so you got a bunch of i'm a scratch you sink their votes in early you got a couple hundred public into get sick and can't show up on election day get your vote in early please god and i'm not using his name in vain i'm begging you hear me on this get out and do the right thing these people are at this is a we are in existential fight here for what we believe it had a photo on something i just want to put out a just one more thing and that i keep but its import regarding the new yorker and they knew accusations just a couple of things i got an email s knife from of friendly less them on new york was not able to find a single eye witness to the alleged ramirez event number one number two more
well suppose it witnesses named by the accuser again deny the event took place number three people who the accuser mr mayer has after yale say she never described this incident until cabinet supreme court nomination was pending don't forget our move an ox i got a lot more to get too cautious new cycle it's almost impasse ass they had of mangi right today show also brought you by bodies that i target the eye target pro system is quite simply the finest out there to increase your proficiency with a firearm there are two things that matter if you're going to own a fire up safety first obviously if you hurt yourself you not much use in defending yourself proficiency he also matters is much you have to be proficient god forbid she's me you're involved in a self defense scenario you have to be able to engage that target and neutralize their target if again god forbid you are involved in that kind of scenario one of the best ways to pray this your proficiency with a firearm is to dry fire what is dry firing
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central to the thesis am i bought a couple of things are going on joe you have that nunez stuff i'm ready to europe ready gavin nunez who is always a wealth of information we can stop right in the middle jos got all kinds of new technology over their regular many of the other carpentry ensure do you think so folks here we got going on right now president trump gave an interview and what does it thursday night to sean hannity before the rest in las vegas in that interview he's asked about the the classification of defies the documents detects between call me and others and the three issues which i ve been talking about for a very long time now president europe has the way that the classification of that and sent it over to the inspector general's office for review first allow out of you are understandably upset i probably receive that kid you not close the three to four hundred emails this week and people on fire wait here it is my wife and i read them all and it was a lot i get it
stand you're upset i am too i wanted splain too you know what's going on but in explaining to what's going on you first have to their standard in context that whatever nunez said this weekend in an interview with fox nunez sorry we see namer newness on at that's disrespectful sick s name or about the purpose on fox france is weak and he gave an interview it's a long interview i'm not going to go through the whole thing so we're going to stop it do out but i'm play you the beginning and tell you what's going on i'm not apply college foreign i still think he shouted declassified but i want to explain do you what's going on and why these foreign intelligence outfits at a friendly's are so worried about what's gonna play that in the press alluded to allies calling brits saying don't austrians rob releases could that be the bricks and the australians who don't want us to know what happened during the obama administration yes
so first of all i think about this if the brits in the austrians are calling our government to say don't release the contents of a five or the bruce or three o two's how would the australians and the brits know what's in how would they know it's ok i play a little work there they dont have access to it so it's ok for the brits and they'll straight lines to know about this but not for the american people to have transparency that story doesn't hold water what we do know is that we have the former foreign minister of australia who is the ambassador in london who was meeting with trump campaign officials and he brought rumour intelligence to the state department that opened up the investigation into the trump campaign we know that that guy has changed story for different times yes now if you been listening to the show some sympathy six twenty eight none of this is news to you at all what
is devin nunes say notice number one and enough you pick this out show when at henry who does a terrific job on this interview by the way and fox in france supposes shoot me proposes to him that it is the rates in the austrians did you notice nunez doesn't fight back one bit on a matter of fact he doubles down it says what are the brits at or in other words the facto answering the question without answering the questions you picked up your mission no no i don't i don't you did but update of the the judgments that because that's important because we know president tromp was not specific in his interview which are unhappy about how far an intelligence out friendly's at basically asked him to delay the classification who exactly it was now i think we can stay a fork in that one and we know in fact it was the united kingdom in the australians why that matter matters for two since it that's why stop there is more to this i'll get a little bit more but i let's get somebody get to you but they were too
take away from that number one how do the ostrich begins and the united kingdom know what was in the face of war ladies and gentlemen they don't it's not the pfizer warrant per se nay they up they are worried about the fire but for separate reasons it's the pfizer their worried about its paragraph one that worries them it's the the scope memo of why the f b i started investigating a political candidate for president in the trump team at all that matters and did you notice how after i'd stop it what does he see me seamlessly move into nunez he whose into the alexander down or george papadopoulos story folks you gotta learn what do i say all the time in the future we need a new ness translator nunez
this very smart he doesn't release classified information he can't he won't he has been doing the spectacular job a notable job but he doesn't say too much it wants because he doesn't want to jeopardize the investigation but there's enough detail combining the nunez translator with what's out in public to figure out where he's going because remember noon s nose the whole story the whole story let me these pieces together for you now using them s treasure first why they worried about the pfizer they don't know what's in there they are not they are but for desperate reasons i get to that in a second there worry that's something else he then seamlessly moves on to tell the down her story what does that tell you if you listen nunez carefully what does he say about alexander downer the united damn diplomat who meets with i choose me the australian diplomat would be very clear who meets in the kingdom in london with george papadopoulos
and according to new york times tells his sources that papadopoulos disgust emails he's now backtracking on that completely i have an article on the show notes and is an absolute must re by chuck rossiter daily caller where now or even downer he's saying joe and i quote whereas it here down or downward that there was no nefarious nothing to fear not quote nothing nefarious about the meeting down is now completely retracting this whole story are you start to put up put together what i'm putting a pick up on put down in this new it's also mentions how downer went to wear where what does he say in that he doesn't say downers to whoever was associate with down and went to the fbi the cia joe he says they went to the state department
is it making sense now why these foreign intelligence entities want trump to delay the text the three o twos and the fire here it is let me just put it out that i want to play games with you anymore i'm not trying to tease you i just need to put blade on the step before we build a lego house foreign intelligence entities we're about to be embarrassed on an international scale like you ve never seen we have a long established five eyes relationship new zealand the new zealand australia canada and the united states the kingdom we have a long history of sharing intelligence to official channels i've explains repeatedly why these official channels exist there exist so that bad intelligences vetted before it goes back and forth between the countries to prevent an international nuclear incident or worse if we going to share information with new zealand the united kingdom we want the information to be vetted by intelligence professionals
ladies and gentlemen that does not include the state department the state department intelligence kay abilities are limited at best are nothing compared to the seventeen intelligence agencies do this for a living what new nest said in the new es translator there is that the base the united kingdom and the austrians are about to be embarrassed because formation managed to make its way through their police legal channels back into the united states intelligence channels not using traditional five eyes intelligence channels where would have been vetted fate folks please will you get this joe stop me if i'm not making sense we're good two way this we have worked in standard intelligence sharing relationship is uk australian intelligence to u s intelligence professional channels on both in proper vetting information makes it the lawmakers and decision makers in the united states that is not what happened that is what happened
it's why nunez moves seamlessly from the fire up right over to the down or meeting and in the down or meaning conversation mentions the state department and not intelligence nunez has repeatedly said a marine barter almost factual and others there is no official five eyes intelligence used to start this case what does i mean joe that means paragraph one was a political event not intelligence event pending the indian women this way a political investigation from the start not intelligence one you ve got apply the nunez translator now he mentions the files i believe in the beginning and a little bit here but big concern here and again i don't owe grub just trying to explain to you why trump may have done this we do have
if again intelligence sharing relationships with them now based on ongoing terror threat sees five ice countries so i do mean to minimize at i i'll be clear where i stand i think that decision was a mistake i support the president but i have to tell you what i think is right they need to declassify this now demands and the needs for the american people or no far way what the knee so far in intelligence entities and what what happened here with so critical that if we don't get answers you and i'm i'm folks i'm sure i know what are the press he's going to do the right thing he's going to do that i think i wish they weren't delay there is but he's going to do the right thing on this i'm confident of it but it's not just that their work about the informal intelligent channels that war political again it wasn't intel the intel australians uk and tell u s entail that's not what happened it went through
political outlets first and australian diplomat down or down it was not an australian intelligence asset he was diplomat folks there was a political investigation that's why this is so embarrassing for the union kingdom do i have do this again let me read the one last time because i know liberals you read this have a tough time joseph this headline so many times he's probably tired of it here it is folks april fourteen twenty seventeen cnn politics by jim judo pam brown and eric brenner bridge this intelligence pass trump associates communications with russians on to you es counterparts ladies and gentlemen i guarantee you those channels where political too they were political what do i mean by that whereas the downer meeting anderson
when i'm telling you was a political to intelligence channel downer was politicians and he was a diplomat he was on the point of course he passed this information to joe the u s state department diplomats political appointees not to so intelligent channels why that headline from cnn so devastating because the united kingdom's about to be embarrassed again those people associated with british intelligence reverse the flow mice me a gospel as you know reverse to grow cross the stricken instructs the stream ever that it's a stew that will let me when you look back what happened whereas downer was political into the intelligence level wandering information into the intelligence feel in the united states show the bridge fish intelligence channel was the reverse uk intelligence strongly believe in our book covers this pretty extensively
its intelligence and associated intelligence officials lawn bring information into the political arena and the united states now let's back to square one just told you that intelligent like this is supposed to be passed from intelligence to intelligence bureau too make sure that the information is clean invented either case it did happen british intelligence pass information politicians not intel intel diplomats politicians past information to u s intel politician intel again get it got it this is huge that is tromp was in thing that's what nunez was talking about the new nets translator and that's why it's critical you understand what's going on in tell until political intel that's what happened that expired this paragraph one as is being a politically motivated investigation from day one and from the ghetto
folks this huge this is really really important stuff this is devasted this case is all started on wind on them and the democrats or panicking completely by the way also why this cavanaugh obstruction read my effort works for them well they need to get this out of the new head of the news there any in all circumstances this case is going to get really ugly really really fast ok i'm sorry i've got so much i just don't want to lose you let me just get through this last thing out again i always appreciate your patience with our sponsors they want to be here they want to talk to you they can pay for the show and they keep it free so thank you very much for all your patience i'll be a great spa brick house nutrition being one of them and one of our regional sponsors miles from brick house has been with us from the beginning and one of the reasons i keep them and they keep us is because you're a great audience but they're really great products too
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i was peter stroke not fired by the fbi sooner you all know peter stroke was he led investigator was a senior level managing the fbi about the hillary clinton email case and on the tromp russia case the tax of course with his girlfriend an fbi loi lisa page were made public he was embarrassed he was kicked off the team but ike an interesting tipp odd peter stroke that i wanted to pass on to you because this is also one of the guys report at the new york times who is still covering the cases the case and i find this fascinating i've been repeatedly ain't you folks that there's an effort and ongoing effort and you can go back and listen to dad i d coats and jeff sessions early in the trunk presidency talking about an effort to weed out into a well we'd out leakers within the united states government this happened not long into the trunk presidency they gave a press conference on it so it's not a secret that there's been an ongoing effort to do that i support
since you a while ago job that i think they left peter stroke in the fbi's than a firing and as long as they did because peter stroke was being was being targeted as a potential leaker and he may have been being fed joe this is important he may have been being fed intentionally false information to see how the information got out now i got an interesting tipp this weekend on something here's a quote from a sarah card apiece again you know you are so thanks for the tip our car to rights in a peace title that new stroke text page the times his angry with us about the washed impose scoop listen to this show peter stroke rights in a text message to page about iraq nay michael schmidt and the new york times quote
also apparently times is angry with us about the washed impose scoop an earlier discussion we had about the schmidt peace that had so many inaccuracies too much did detail here but i told mike rejected this is probably another mike and andy they need to understand we were absolutely dealing in good faith with their work oh how great gum now these stroke canary trap has been subjected to show for a long time but this is a tax the right this was a great pick up these see what you say there in the text to his girlfriend sierra funny siri thanks you're serious said serious that theory be quiet siri joe madam mina this is a great pick up in tax stroke is clear as day that this i call schmidt peace a guy who's been involved in a number of jos scoops here right
a peace with a lot of inaccuracies and he says in the following sentence joe but we ve been dealing with him in good faith will how where those pieces and accurate if peter stroke was the lead investigator in case folksy and i'm not telling you to fall in love with the sessions justice department i am really really at this point i'm done with a lot of what's going on i'm going to get the rosen stein and i'm in a second to i just want to leave this year maybe peter stroke wasn't fired they kept them onto the yen because this food was being set up the whole time he's taxi girlfriend about all these inaccuracies in a case he's working and simultaneously or excuse me in the same tweet subsequently the precise to be precise subsequently says in the exact same tree but i was dealing with them in good faith or where did you get the inaccuracy from how many people are about to go down
again i am frustrated with the session just informant i'm gonna get to that a second but rosen's theme everything erosion stein everything else going on but i just why you to smile a little bit folks that there may be people who have been inadvertently apart of multiple canary traps lay traps who had been feeding intentionally inaccurate information it was fed to them on purpose to out them that may be with next i have only told you for the last watch over six months that the problem with this case that all of the spy gay participants are gonna have or not the political ramifications it's the legal ramifications of leaking potentially class defied information class i'd information to reporters which is a crime crime also has a lot to do i believe with what's going on with all these leaks about rosen stein as well now
i got a lot of negative feedback from you which is fine i don't put my email out there to here everybody loved el the time although i do get upset when people are you not take person shots there's no need for that out of your need but some people very upset tell me emil's about my coverage of the rose and stein incident rosen stein must be fired i am backtracking on that one bit now i will i believe it be clear that yes it should happen after the mid term centres that we can't lose your folks weak there's no roof here and there would be two right around the corner i should have been clear on that mark levant is my body i love mark to death mark is a preshent human being who is way ahead of this stuff but market i you know i don't agree on everything all the time and the thing i've always loved about mark is marks not the kind of guy that have you don't agree with them he bright jove mark likes it
pendant figures i've i mean i'm just telling you about trying to be behind the scenes into the character mark levine i mark a very long time at a very personal he's the one the finest men i've ever met my entire life but i am not sure that this this may be a trap remark board police the leak about rose assign you know what i'm i'm sorry i didn't set that upright and my apologies the store leaked out on friday night i'm assuming you all known i should know that the story this i should say at the story leaked out on friday night in the press that deputy attorney general rod rosen stein had threatened to why you're himself up we'll talk to the president in to remove him using the twenty fifth amendment which in a a majority of the cabinet and super majority of these the house if the present fights it to remove the president for mental or physical and incapacitation are we track and joe
and the story was that the leak provided to the to the to the borders here the times was at rose in style was a central player in this that rosen stein had suggested the idea that he why europe to show just how mentally capacity did you know air quotes there that the president was the story was a huge bombshell unfortunately been lost over the weekend and all the other step now marcus theory that this was a trap that the memos endemic a brute which document this anti mc cables the number two with the fbi may have been a leak intentionally a way to get trump defy arose and steam to korea a political revolt and to get trump in fact impeached i dont disagree that my cave and his team that they should this should be considered a possibility i dont and idle
this agreed that this can be a trap but i don't i believe that the trap and the firing of roses time are the same story are you pick it up and put down some think that trap theory is that if they fire rosen stein now that it's a tree before the election i agree they shouldn't fire rosen steiner but rose and stein moscow now so just nuclear it just because it's a trap doesn't mean it was a good one hour bob make inside the picture mackay steam the allegation is it my caves t may have leaked memos because the meeting with rose decide about the twenty fifth amendment the why was with andy mackay and lisa page allegations that my cave is leaking these memos now because human rose inside dont like each other they why try to move and fire rosen stein so my caves legal team in an effort to hurt trump further is going to create a political revolve as the goes crazy about the firing of roses stein like they did about call me and my cave in to
you can distract tromp get him out get a matter office and became maybe gets illegal pass on his legal liability in what i believe are a lot of seriously as yet nergal you get make sense folks i'm sorry if i got long winded there but it's important you understand i i want to separate the two stories now that's what i'm trying to do if it was wrap and you believe that it doesn't mean it was a good one ok i believe roses thine ass to be fired whether it was a trap or not granted after the mid term and i want to live the case for you why right now why i think this is important and mccarthy has a terrific must read peace at my notes that upon gino that come with lays out in incredibly incredibly elegant fashion exactly what's going on but rose and stein and why he has to go stat after the election number one rose inside this not deny the story joe
is denials of trying to enact the twenty fifth amendment and wiring himself up very very generic a story in actual inaccurate and factually incorrect but he doesn't call out the specifics of the store second mccarthy points out which is a brilliant analysis those inside says i don't trust anonymous sources that exists within anonymously sore story really joe what else was anonymously source that rosen stein relied on to sign the fourth visor all of a sudden deputy i brought i didn't forget got right away folks i did not forget this story i want this is how i circle everything back together ok i'm gonna get to that forget them images or how arose and stuff doesn't believe anonymous sources the whole
it's a war was based on a dossier which was basically anonymous sources in russia that are never named she is i am sure zaire is right did you read the past year russian intelligence official one whose at all i don't know it's all anonymous resource number three oh he says it is then i am sorry to have those arthur remain running around like a doctor i wish i don't like what he said is there is is no basis rosen signs reboot rebuttal is no basis for the twenty fifth amendment to be enacted the president is incapacitated mentally or physically we're not tat is this meeting happened in may right around the time of the call me that firing no one asking you now how you feel worse can you what you said in may of twenty seventeen when you met with my cape folks you have to
their stand rosen stein understand what happened this is a non denial denial joe which says to me it happened which says to me again whether this was a trap or not doesn't mean it's a good one i agree with me can others you should not be fire now but after the election this guy has to go if the depth the attorney general the united states of america had a credible conversation about removing the president by a de facto impeachment using the twenty fifth amendment he has apps look we got to go for talking about what is essentially a soft coo ee oh you don't like it language too bad so sad that's exactly what that is he has got to go no question about it now you have to know rod rose and starting to understand what's going on i work for rod rose this time and he was the united states attorney in maryland rod listen stein his entire career has been a fence walker he was
sit down the middle of the fence and never takes a position either way that's gonna alienated either side reading these pc lays it out in detail what happened rod roses stein why is he looking to become a senior member of the resistance right now because folks here the bush appointee that obama confirm this guy entire career has made a living out of me her alienating either side of the political i'll and taking positions that would ingratiate himself to both democrats and republicans what happened was inside wrote the call me memo when you call me got fired the memo donald trump basing it on rose and stein wrote dad memo believing he was going to straddle the fence again why job cuts he was hated at the time by boat democrat and republicans but as mccarthy points out rose stein grossly miss read the democrats priority number one for the democrats joe was what to attack donald trump
they all of a sudden needed away to hit em they others firing of call me as an opportunity they threw hillary clinton overboard even though it may seem still hated call me and they use that as an obstruction of justice charge rose stein panic he freaked because the day a crash when after him never realizing that that was gonna happen rose inside don t be a hero to the democrats look i got rid of the guy who cost your candidate the election year they did anyone if the rod rod didn't like it rod spent this entire time rose and stein trying after that to re ingratiated himself back with partisan left what did we have we had this your council probe we had the fourth pfizer being signed by who oh rod rose and stein right after that we have conversation allegedly about the twenty fifth amendment when understand rod rosen sides history as never take our position on either side
i'd rosen's tides desperate efforts after signing the memo to get rid of joy he was and be proclaimed by the left work rosen stands on this to fire call me obstruction of justice rose stein had to spend the rest of his time kissing the collective body of the left in this is what do you do it this is where this twenty fifth amendment comes from this is the fire a warrant comes from this is all they call me the backtracking on call me and all that the barbaric channel leaks against trump comes from and this is where the ingratiating himself to the left comes from he is trying to make penance folks now do you understand my case for ali people email me thank you i appreciate your emails fire roses sign it's a trap it may be it doesn't mean it's a good one it's an awful trap folks we are i'm talking about good choices here as i to my wife this week and we are talking about bad choices and worse choices the bad choice is the
your work arose in stein after the election the worst choice is there not fire rosen stein after the election he is the puppet master of this entire thing he has got to go full stop the mccarthy piece you will be absolutely convinced now one fine to tie up i did not forget initially i started talking about devon newness and how the united kingdom in the foreign intelligence outlets were exposing where a fear of being expose the political they entail channel in which i've been an intelligent intel channel but i said to you know nunez dies mention the a warrant the dossier but here some interesting question immediately move onto the doubter meeting which covers the political to entail channel they're trying to hide the information mothering operation why did he mention that he mentioned that because everybody now knows i take it to the bank folks care staff check
buddy now knows the dossier is a complete total hoax everyone new ness knows full well that the united them does not have access to what happens in our pfizer courts but what do they have access to joe christopher steel it was a former british intelligence agency with deep connections to people still involved in the uk intelligence community united kingdom intelligence community take my word for this i'm getting this from good good folks is absent we horrified at with steel did steal became a mercenary he said of his services connections to the end kingdom intelligence outlets to put a fake cs together that made sway inside of the fires award again turn on the nunez translator how
king them in the aussies know what's in the pfizer they don't but they sure as hell no what's in the dossier provided by their guy who humiliated them and now it's all gonna come out not only the police gordo intelligence channel instead of the entailed in tell one they were responsibly supposed to enact but also air guys fake dossier was used in the united states court system as the sole basis to spy on a political candidate where's the fan dan one is going there i know i don't without one is going test isn't it this is why the united kingdom is blocking on this matter and was that a substantial please read the show notes today i have it also apply here full summary of the mahler probe that map colombo put together a punch you know that comments in the shown us that
planes do i want you to send it to your liberal friends what everybody's been indicted foreign prosecuted foreign you gonna notice one thing missing in all of the lamp up collusion there's no collusion anywhere math did a great job that's their today thanks now your patience that a vote i want a little longer but a police subscribed to the show on itunes sound cloud iheart it's free that what moves us up the charge that we really appreciate it spread the word share the content means a world me thanks for all the feedback i will talk you just heard tan bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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