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Ep. 815 The Big Secret Revealed

2018-09-26 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the biggest secret of all — the cover-up of a devastating political spying operation. I also discuss the Democrats’ continued efforts to destroy the life of Brett Kavanaugh.    News Picks: Three times Rod Rosenstein betrayed Trump and protected Hillary.    Did creepy porn lawyer Avenatti get scammed?    Sara Carter’s new piece addresses a component of a major international spy scandal.    Chuck Ross’s new piece details more suspicious contacts with George Papadopoulos.    David Ignatius’ Washington Post piece does a poor job of covering up the suspicious web of connections in the Spygate scandal.    Do Democrats have more tricks up their sleeves in the Kavanaugh hearing?    President Trump’s UN speech was terrific. Here are the highlights.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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i didn't who gave a speech and ninety ninety two in the final year of the bush h w president they were biden said he showed nominated someone for the supreme court until the voters have decided yes thank you it is a fragile you may say joseph musical cat that was that we get the radio five rescued ass you could tag joe biden for near gore the gorse it i'm not kidding i played the sound bite on the show of force out a joke on that ability to joe sobs pretty funny but it is to apply new said that when he was a u s senator and added the rule they invoke the joe biden role to not out on merrick ireland and to let the voters decide they elected donald trump we got neo gorse ec well we get back ebay again now if you are listener to the show and you didn't just tune in yesterday for the first time you heard me saying last week because i did
ro backgrounds as a special agent with the united states government no one's going tell me how background checks work because i did them they are not criminal back checks they are criminal history background checks there's a difference showed you remember this conversation from less we i certainly do mister bonteen half ass i explain last week that the democrats ass king for judge cavanaugh to undergo a criminal investigation by the fbi are asking for something that the fbi does not do on backgrounds they great criminal history background meaning it is a key your background do you understand there is i want to state this clearly want more topics to permit a player audio kind of joe biden again coming to the rest you confirming to you that you're not wasting your time listening to my show and i am not making this up the fbi goes out
if they were doing investigation on me like ordered the secret service is the same procedures like they did when i was becoming special agent they sk you to sign a bunch of waivers for your medical history for your tax history you have to turn that paperwork over if you don't you don't get the job simple as that you also have to give it a background check we given that the authorization to go and then check you out in computer criminal databases nothing shows up the fbi the balloon go out conduct character enemies if one of neighbours alleges you ve committed a crime a sexual assault or something else secret service of the fbi refers that to the local police and just puts the note in the file they do not do the criminal background do you understand folks they are simply compiling your interactions with law enforcement so that people making the hiring decision in this is the eu s senate in my case it was the secret service decide and hire me or not can be
decision based on your criminal history it is not a criminal investigation period liberals are making this up the reason are asking for a criminal background check on cavanaugh because they know joe it can happen and it is simply an obstruction technique to make sure cavanaugh does not get a now in case in believe any of that which i covered lets you speak here his joe yeah baby to the rescue again confirming zactly what i said during the hearings with clarence thomas where he was a senator from delaware the next person that refers to an fbi report as being worth anything obviously doesn't understand anything f b i explicitly does not in this or any other case reach ache inclusion period period
no judge is no reason why you should know this is the reason why we cannot rely on the f b i report you wouldn't like it if we did because it is in come closer they say he shed she said and they said period so when people wavin fbi report before you understand that do not they do not they we do not reach conclusions they do not make as my friend porridge out more attic they do not recommendations period i did that that's suspiciously right that's an authentic that's real you saw it s actually it's a video now this is an audio programs you have the audio of it here's what happened now
during the clarence thomas just national disgrace of a hearing where they obliterated or tried to this man stellar character i love clarence thomas is one of my heroes there was enough guy investigation before the charges became public the anita hell charge you all a pretty familiar she accused him of various disgusting things but there was little there is actually no corroborating evidence had happened the fbi before charges want public did investigation and did exactly what i told you they just did a backroom said he said this she said that they said that you guys draw the conclusion was not a criminal background check joe biden just clear as day what i have already told you guys now can you you can't you finally put to bed the idea that the democrats are engaging in this cavanaugh back and forth in it any sense of fairness to cavenaugh they're not their asking for things it can't be done that's
abiden himself area pair gaucho that not every time this guy rescue us every time just why do they do not your eye i told you this last week about putting myself on the back i just again want to convince you you're not wasting your time i dont say pigs i care back up i did this stuff you go out get a statement here take my neighbour applying for that job with the secret service rob a bank really when where you right now you take the notes may be recorded you call the local police aid we gonna problem here you put it in a guy's file obviously the boss is gonna get the funds that we the phone this guy that's what happens they don't do happens criminal attacks so stupid checks again now other noted democrats blowing up their own their own assertions
not a very easy way to say the democrats are asserting things they later go on and retract because the democrats are not doing this to get a legitimate hearing into blasi ford's assertions it's not alive if you believe is clearly not because the democrats do believe they're all lies a cup four days ago what was that i'm a crass i so first it was asked for an fbi investigation it can't happened what was their assertion a couple days ago that this hearings gonna be a farce joe because above of white men republic in centres are going to question this when what race has to do with it by the way i have no idea the democrats love to play identity politics shown bring race into anything i had a few days ago these white men republicans energy white man he's why man they they are going to question doctor blasi foreigner this is our fault never
the people actually elected these white men again but racist do with this i have no idea i dont think like a crazed identity politics liberal now joe what are the republic its due in a mitch mcconnell and about our way to kind of get back at the democrats they say ok fair enough you dont like than a bunch of white men elected representatives of the people are going to question doctor blasi ford so what what do we do that bout and they hired and experience sex crimes prosecuted by the name of rage mitchell who happens to be a female to do what to do that questioning now what are either there are complaining about that now the democrats are complaining about that to do so believable these reports book it senators don't have the nerve to question the senator you're so my cache oh the stupid is so thick how soon
ladies and gentlemen if you're a democrat legitimate you are you're welcome here i really i'm hoping to open your eyes what's going on but i'm can you do you ever look in the mirror when you re stood as a democratic vote democrat and say ok these this party doesn't make sense any more you realize it's just a few days ago they were complaining about white men asking questions they hire a woman to do it now there complaining that they hired a woman to do it that way fourteen on these matters but what which just pay answer me this quick question because i really have to move on i want to spend all day on which which out age campaign is right the out its campaign over white men asking the questions or the out its campaign over not white man asking the questions and women asking a woman s interests which one is correct because you want stan both of those outrage campaigns can exist that the same type which one is it but it doesn't matter being a democrat now requires you to be illogical see i work in
world of reason i gave you facts about backgrounds facts facts by the way a personal personal commit two because i did these things i want to get those facts out too because i know what happens at fbi background i knew that mc gradual light by the way showed the democrats they're not stupid i also knew the democrats were lying about white men questioning doktor forward because it was an their obstruction tactic so one may mcconnell does the two shea and says ok we're going to hire a woman to do it with experience in these matters they complained about that to which says to you that what they complained about the first time was not legitimate it never is folks the democrats party is a party of frauds i'm sorry i'm not insulting you if your rank and file democratic out there that's not my goal my goals to upset you out there i'm just telling you that while i dont think republicans up on the hill or you're saviours either i have said many times now i would
for them and i am going to vote for them and i strongly encourage because democrats are far worse i dont think that democratic republic i can do about it they can do a better job and i think we should set of us and to do that but the democrats our total complete frauds they are portal from there is nothing genuine about the democrat party anymore nothing moving on another quick note on so i was i was hesitant to address this but it's gotten such or such a had esteem that i feel i got you deserve as my audience given that it is a noose newsy programme for me to give kind of estimation what's going on so ardently poor lawyer sepia mike i have a naughty but maybe the creepy ass man in america in this guy when i see a mom just like i want to wash my hands on my face my hair everything else my
i'll have a naughty was claiming he was stormy daniels lawyer as many of you know was claiming a couple of days ago that he has a couple a client set are going to come out i warned you about this in these clients are gonna come out and say that bread cavanaugh was engaged in gang rapes and rape tree i mean just disgusting horrible stuff there is a rumour on the website for chan that avenue naughty may have been punked now the washington examiner has a good summation of this i have up in the show notes which i strongly encourage you to read it its sweep and give us both sides in this that just be cautious here for a couple of reasons the fourth chance site where disappeared what what happened was there's a poster on fourchan laid out a story at him and his girlfriend had called up a naughty made charges about cavanaugh that it's all a scam and that avenue naughty offered them is
michigan amount of money to do an eight hour view on cnn with poppy harlow sought yeah now listen avenant easily creepy as the slimy is sky around right now i mean i don't know the guy has just been i don't know i don't know anything else to say about the guy but it could be a prank on fourchan about a prank i've just encourage knew to be care so i come you know how i feel in the show about our credibility we ve had a retract very few things in three years maybe there are two that turned out later on being a boar we did we just pride ourselves on trying to get things right not being first i want to be first i want to be right and i'm not sure what's going on here i am sure this now avenant creepy any destroying any credibility he had a long time ago so i'm not particularly take you worried about his charges here i just don't want get people to get paid in that it was a prank in it it may be it may not so just be court be careful as that
it is a good wash them examiner peace have up at the show notes and aid which kind of covers both angles of this one that it's a prank into it frank about a prank whereas it is not really a prank may think he has submitted a priority so i don't know you know it you gotta check that out yourself michael nos four router but that's what i do whatever i you know i i i don't you david whereby razor usually people though that you know we're going to find it i remember i are they d anthony hopkins and attractive movie caught him knows one or two ah here this report does is if we take a it last night they shot added he shows i recommend highly at nine o clock it made in the factory has the best guess around he's a dc etc carter and john solomon on last night sarah and john solomon both i will consent i will continue to insist that solomon at the hail and sarah corridor from sorry corner dotcom job
i believe knows the whole story i can't say this enough user enver reporter is sources have been amazing believe he knows the story i know and others now i believe you speaking it out slowly but surely now he talked about s night a piece in the washington post and the problem is the peace is so complicated i tried to find a way to get this to you in a day simple way and i said you know what i'm gonna do paulo saga my wife i say i'm to give you the lead first and take away and explain later rather than explain it and get italy three is the lead is very very easy to understand the detail else if you're not viewing it context to the lead our complicate here's the link this is the central premise of my books by gate can order now it'll be at your house probably by next week to week after
what were they really hiding what was spy gay really about why did i title my books by gay ladies and gentlemen what's freaking out the democrats what's freaking out the media which free out the liberal activism hilary campaign is not the fact that the illusion fairy tale is gonna fall apart that's bad enough the code pushing fairy tale that trump card with the russians was a ex post facto effort to cover a bigger scandal i haven't said this yet he said i'll tell you what's in the book if you buy it good if you don't i'm going to tease it now and let out some of the bigger stuff this was a political spying operation on the trump team from day one that's the scandal may say why i don't get it when he may of course it was not
no no you do you not see when you meet someone i'm picking up here i can tell by some of your we are treating this and applause amy listen what i'm telling you this spy in operation on the trump team was never ever to uncover russian collusion because there was none the russian collusion wasn't after the fact explanation for this political spying on the trump team do you when the please understand what i'm telling you the damage liberal media narrative the entire time has been the obama administration spied on the trump team because they suspected russian ties and then four engaged in spying telling you now that i'm prepared after a year now of covering this case this is what later extensively in a book
that what really happened here is the reverse the obama administration was spying on the trump team for purely political reasons intelligence give to the hilary team the hilary aim to use it as a weapon to find out what was going on today what narratives to attack the trump team something happens in politics right show all the time but now with the assistance of the united states government now this is i got a third world republic stop the real story is this the operator sure to spy on trump happened first the collusion nonsense happened afterwards as a reason to cover up and international spying operation that was happening it's the donald trump team to aid the hillary clinton team in winning deadness get crazy this is like tinfoil captain i visit really you sure about that
because i have articles by the way in my book extensively foot noted from left wing organization showing exactly what i just said is true i told you every deadline or the time british intelligence past foreign past information onto the united states counterparts by cnn notice they ever specify what exactly that intelligence is they mentioned sometimes the russians but folks do you understand i can't hammer the chairmen of the political spying operational trumped up there participation of the united states have never said this i know you think i have but i haven't these political spying operation on the trump team and the weapon zation of john brennan and collapsed intelligence entities paid for by the taxpayer being you as an opposition political researched her is on press that did in modern u s history they call
fusion fairytale was a reason given later on for the political spying not the other way around again democrats we i because of russia the real story we spied we invented russia later as a reason for us by that's the story why do i bring this up now great great peace et cetera card is website up on my are shown oats today please read them but we have another great piece of punch you know that come up at the show where the show a website that i in the show notes three ways around rosen stein scrooge you go discourage you all over which is really great check that out of my shown us go if as you know that sarah carter's peace covers and i think sarah kind of had knows the whole story to sarah covers how the downer meeting with papadopoulos doubter is the australian ambassador to the union it kingdom at the time
he's strays in austria and in the united kingdom his meeting with trump team george papadopoulos in that infamous meeting in that london bar sarah car points out an interesting discrepancy that down or can't seem to clear up joe doubter was asked in a recent bbc interview hey i'm george adopting this thinks you recorded him in your meeting in that london bar did you do that now joe with you and i talking on the phone and ice age all for you know what i'm gonna record this i would tell you and i if you ask me they neuron age you require the yeah i told you remember why can't downer asking ver answer a very simple question about whether he recorded in conversation with papadopoulos why do you think he would answer that well but an answer that because the logical next question is what you would you do with the recording it me
in stairs physical evidence out there the conversation that happen number one that probably did happened the way the democrats are telling us this is where i don't want to get lost in the details been mine what i'm talking about here your bonnet being spied on the trump tv it tried to win and the russian collusion narrative later to cover their tracks what if the recording down or made of legibly according to buy up doubtless this theory what the recording he made has absent lately no indication whatsoever of any kind of a russian collusion fairytale at all now yet we get away the figure it out why is this bigger now it's if you
i think it's a bigger oh it's because you ve heard this so many times that you're already immune to the idea that this was all set up but keep in mind what we're talking about here thus fire hurricane case opened up and at the end of summer at the end of summer it twenty sixteen the case into donald trump the investigative case into donald trump by the f b i according to every leak we ve heard and in the new york times themselves was being stop what joe the down or meeting the papadopoulos is is there evidence in other words the fbi opened up the most significant counter intelligence operation in united states history it gets a presidential candidate in opposition to this sitting president obama based on the facts
that we were told according to the leaks that papadopoulos said so many devastating things tat down or about the russians and information a fact now disputed by downer himself who says there's quote nothing nefarious discussed at the meeting why would down or be saying that now maybe he knows is a recording unease about to be exposed ah what one kind of herds done it so this whole political spying operation in the former case and the fbi was open not a meaning that there may be recordings of is it me sense now why downer can't answer is simple question ladies and gentlemen angle number two on this not just there are obviously now obviously yes obviously media acts listening to this a poet
call spying operation going on the trump team do national security letters through one masking through the use of seven oh two database probably do use of international spy outlets that are friends of ours to relay information about the trump team not only did that happen but a case was opened up to investigate later on probably as a cover up based on faulty assertions altogether and there may be a recording of it where is that recording who was that recording given too now we know down her past information you might say to yourself of course he pass that on to intelligent sent that he's no no no no no if your regular listener you know that's not true down or did now go to intelligence agencies or law enforcement downer went to politicians and bureaucrats in the united states state department elizabeth dibble why would he do that who asked them to do that
did someone ask him to make that recording alexander downer into the austrians listening friends if you need to should the sky to speak up he has a voice these questions for too long he has entered mingled himself and united states politics in its his responsibility now to discuss what his role in the most significant spying operation on political candidate in united states history was owes it to the american people i'm sorry but this guy placed himself in the middle of one of the biggest scandals in u s history he owes it to the african people to speak up couple other things on this so please read the sarah carter peace because it talks about how down or now won't answer the question and sorrows sarah john kind of alludes to things that are coming later because i think she knows more than she's letting on which is
let me just enough to put it all out a once in a while you know everybody or get lost in the information but sarah alludes to the peace again something we been insisting on this show since episode six twenty eight that the real gamble here has been spying operation by other the pass information to the united states government the united states government tv j today has been that the russian collusion erin a vicious to cover up for that whole thing we have to you the australians in the united kingdom unlikely others were being used they being used now ask yourself this question why were they being used folks john brennan the head of the cia during the obama administration had the tools the united states we have this relationship
we have relationships with five eyes countries the five eyes its intelligence sharing arrangement new zealand canada united kingdom australia united states we have this relationship they have looser surveillance rules than we do folks we saw this in the snowden documents were exposed they our ability to survey people is far looser and less restricted than we have rules and and then our rules in the united states now i'm not suggesting that intelligence community assets in the united states did not abuse their authority be already know there were multiple unmask kings of people involved with the trump teen by the obama administration amassing their identities untapped calls we also know national security letters were issued we also know the contents of those calls were led the mike when call this lead to david ignatius of the washington post all hell appear in a few minutes don't you worry significant was this network why did they use them they use them folks
because john brennan was trying to keep his fingerprints off this entire thing number one and he realized these foreign intelligence assets had far less restrictive rules on their own surveillance what is that gc h q that meeting between the head a british intelligence and that that the general communications headquarters to get there one of the monopoly had a british the equivalent of the british essay i should say to be more precise bob hand again the head of the british equivalent usa meets with john brennan strategic we right around the time all this is happening at a director level meeting and says he has important information a gift now does this makes sense john brennan is the puppet master for obama their spying for political read you understand what i mean by political read their using government intelligence in its connections overseas and a network of friendly countries to basically provide
political opposition research to the obama team to use against trump do you understand how this is watergate this what are you a robber room this is this happened carter kind of insight into how the really big scandal and what new ness and others have been hinting at is a bigger larger scandal now don't joke do not let me forget this nunez sought now you know what the folk summing up i wanna i'm sorry you have pay for the show i appreciate your patients we keep it free want to get to two other points on this and i'm gonna play something from devon nunez from a while ago that is going scramble your eggs i promise you will because he knew this well over a year ago i right today also brought about buddies at filter
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intelligence entities passing information a brennan brennan's trying to cover his tracks using these foreign intelligence assets is this making sense because he doesn't want to do it himself if he can get foreign friendly's to do a bit less restrictive rules peak and pass it on to political operator even that's the scandal joke you up newness this is dead units in march two twenty seventeen this is right after so when i talk about affrighted sound bite this is right afternoon s for the first time goes over to the white house to view information kept on the white house complex only about our information that was clearly brief to the white house remember what i told you about this classified information there's some information is classified that exists only on these standalone computers is not connected to the internet to go fuel we have to go to that facility
never newness went to the white house complex to get information what is it tell you at somebody in the white house was involved with the consumption of this information today i breathed the president on the concern said i had about collection and how it relates to present like trump and his transition team and the concerns that i have as i earlier they'll be me information hopefully by friday the inner say is cooperating very very well at last they all say that the report that i able to see did not have anything to do with russia or the russian investigation are tied to the trump team this is what i been holding back of it but i really
i'm not financially motivated enough to say areas thereby but listen it's in a book view other details check it out but i really i can't i've gotta just get the info out here do what you just said this goes to the white house this is the whole scare though he told for a year and a half ago all this a year and a half ago he goes house on the complex to review information only now why way home study consumed he says it pretty clear that there were some out of intelligence gathering operation going on here but none of it relates to rush way this was about russian collusion that's why they were spying on them tipsy do flipper risky
that's not why they were spying on autumn this has been excuse the whole time now let's incorporating the nunez translator again go back and listen if you can again to friday show please where i discuss presidential daily brief as the like we end point of the information newness was reviewing at the white house what the heck was obama looking at the white house i thought the story was they spied on the trump team because of russian collusion by noon s just said when he reviewed the information at the white house that the infirmary you didn't have anything to do with the rush investigation so what the hell was it for the biggest scandal of all is at the dossier fire hurricane the set up of papadopoulos the set up of carter page this was
all a clean up operation at the end of the campaign to creep in an ex post facto excuse and after the fact excuse for a massive political spying operation including international operators that people with the obama administration were conducting on their political enemies that is the end your story that is the real spike the fact that what is she doing back there what did she do that's what she's doing yeah there's you'll be there but she's back to her she's lot bacon meet love that's why that's why you needs the meat love does not to it a bit love mouth what doing with spying on the trump by the way maybe others too member people neo bomb administration there were other dossiers
so let me just throw something out there i urge you to scramble your eggs a little more there were other dossiers were there their dossiers on other candidates show with other after the fact narratives put together joe ass you not setting set new up here but i need you to be the audience on bus because if this doesn't make sense to you i'm going to have to ask it differently why people within the obama administration intelligence community now weapon eyes to act this political opposition research not as intelligent scatter why would they pay pair dossiers against other candidates for the presidency and the republic inside is not a true question for they knew the results of the election wells and ensures policy of your good oh that's why i love this guy i did not prepare them
with him at all i swear to you all my life i did not coat i do not leipsic library i did not write a note tab that's that solomon knows this sort of sarah garter policy gonna go crazy you know it you get an email i'm warning you right now you know it she sending right as he hears this with an almost ended as male right now step i am stab stamp that folks culture bonds that's that's probably george policy they were talking about how much the dossiers are out there today you have a set of contingencies ok they're using there are clearly now financing the entire i see the intelligence community by the way remember the thing by john solomon that there were other fbi forget it
crazy crazy talk crazy how many contingencies where there was a contingency for crews was there a contingency for rubio how what folks how it gives this thing you understand now how we i of the lot on the dossier in debunking the collusion nonsense but every story here is that all this collusion stuff it's tiredly made up as they can emergency occasion trop trump one so they can go back and justify a massive political spying operation by the obama administration dns ever happened while really because brennan's team already admitted to spying on capital el staffers with the i ran deal value area that never happens they already admitted the obama team by the way to the aid
he phone records scam and tapping mia china get access to james rosen from fox news even now they never spied on anybody you sure you sure about that folks they were so sure where they were gonna win that day i think i thought ass some entrepreneurial media type gets a heart and soul and this i shall look into this we should probably have a back up plan as to why we spied on them so we should we have some contingencies i want to know and you should be asking joe joe wink wink nod nod should be asking how many dossiers are out there what was the purpose was it legitimate political opposition research or he's going to be after the fact stories to cover up ray dragnet of surveillance imposed by the obama administration on its policy
opponents in a presidential election oh my folks this thing is a disaster tell to disaster it is it is the biggest disaster because if if if there is not civil law go dramatic penalties man fines jail time i don't i honestly i don't know how we continue as a republic i do i don't i have no explanation for you about how we move forward because we ve we we the rubicon has been crossed here it is now clear as day to end impartial observer that there was a massive political dragnet of spying and at the meeting of potentially devastating classified information about mike flints call with kisyak who wrote the story about
this of the collusion fairytale now i want to get into pop part b of this which is david ignatius peace who is intimately involved than this he's the one of course who was on the recipient end of potentially devastating classified information about mike wins call with kisyak who wrote the story about that david ignatius from washed imposed ignatius suspiciously comes out what an opinion peace the washing pose no you know i don't want to give these guys collects but please it pains me to tell you this put it in out show notes today i want you read this i want you to read it for one specific reason my evaluation of it is ignatius knows what's going on and it is a clear effort now to separate him from the scandal anderson to acknowledge show that's pieces of this russian collusion story are true while keeping attention away from the bigger scandal in other words there
running out of ways to say this didn't happen that didn't happen so to maintain some semblance of me to please understand i'm saying to maintain some semblance of media credibility they're going to i have to acknowledge that parts of the russian interference part with relation to the democrats are true while i but eve ignoring the larger narrative that it was obviously a spy network by obama and obama's team he trying to cover up by saying all k while the republicans maybe right about this but the rest of this conspiracy theory garbage stats is that make sense read the peace that's why i hit the lead first the least is this was a political scandal the russian narrative was made up later to cover the political scandal read this peace with that near hadn't it'll make sense again i given the washed imposed clicks but this is a serious critical moment and i need you to understand the media's role in this to reading mesas peace enemies as item and get them one last thought reading and i would appreciate your patients that asia
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the john brennan role at it and its effort to keep his finger prints off it by using foreign entities that fat us intelligence this jim commies interview now i believe it was on fox news would bread bear start to make more sense you may be say scratch your head what what did he sat or remember jim call me appeared when his book came out on fox news bread bare and was asked about the dossiers role in the pfizer worn in other words what the role of the opposition research document the dossier cumulative enough evidence to spy on the trump team now call me gave very very strange answer that answer explained reductions in the fire a warrant which we haven't seen yet i talked about that yesterday it also explains why the democrats in the media are panicking over which in those reductions
call me said well it wasn't just the dossier he couldn't say that why joe because the das years already been the bunk you couldn't say we spied autumn based on false information very suspicious answer call me said there was a larger mosaic information maybe they mosaic struck me kind of funny yet struck a lot of people kind of funny if you google it you're still see a creep up what actually was that mosaic jim zat mosaic foreign intelligence operators foreign intelligence entities information at had come from foreign intelligence at these wash through bureaucratic channels not intelligent channels is but you're hiding now so why would that be a big deal because of i told you opening up the show when i'd opening up this portion of the show and i discussed this that would be a big deal because you have to
ask yourself immediately how were far and intelligent said that he's spying on our presidential campaign when the whole narrative banal time that the russians colluded to win the elected for drop to please what i'm saying here the created narrative afterwards the russians could have made up to cover a political spying what if the rio out in the mosaic of its hidden those reductions is information that came from actual foreign intelligence to help these people i'm administration combat donald trump is the mosaic is that why call me use very diplomatic terms is that why john brandon said formation we receiving was was pulsed against what the b i had pulsed what his pulse mean you fraud job not as it explain a twenty about on brennan's twitter rents brennan is probably freaking out right now
as his role as the puppet master of international spy scandal against a presidential candidate opposing you are present in your ideology as you the cia is about i'm crashing down on your pathetic face the mosaic maybe that mosaic or start to make a little more sense now i don't believe for a second brennan coma your buddies i doubt i believe brett of co me i'm no fanny combing colonies of fraud but i think homey feels like brennan use them pulsed against a break getting to ignatius sorry about that immunity etc but it's important so the ignatius story that just comes out the john solomon hit last night on hannity shop so a card or mention the foreign spying and they political speech let me do you a quick favour here and now
it ignores ignatius piece in the washington post he manages to bury the lead at the end does he buried elite goading you know what when you read the ignatius peace in scrawl all the way to the end of peace and read the last two paragraphs burst joe conveniently left towards last stupids along ps let me do you a quick favour here and read something interesting david ignatius from the washington post perhaps let me stay sleep out information because got to acknowledge some of its true quote thereupon wrote no march twenty eighteen up in the daily call about unholy and alliances between fusion gps and the justice department talking about a late there are pasco the russian oligarchy therapy ask it added that an associate of fusion gps it told waldman at a moment in our twenty seventeen that the organization stuck in my view gps daddy
organization was partly funded by liberal billionaire george soros another love ignatius here as he acknowledges acknowledges with thereupon rossetti rights another bookie man job supporters in russia pip keeper by he does say this is what he does this is not true that sort was assisting in the funding of this he just says bucky mad conspiracy there's this is why ignatius a hack and sugar and a scammer it's a cookie man you're crazy listen to yourself as you tell you're crazy that george soros may have involvement of funding mechanism for future gpa you're all crazy it's a cookie right so he sent us up this issue from his actual peace he now go to show why he's in areas not you quote fusion gps found their glenn simpson declined to comment for this article sorrow the spokesmen michael va shown told me
a thorough time funded fusion gps directly paul by parliament grant took them accuracy integrity project which you fusion gps is a catch looking at always a bogeyman we're all crazy charged i this is ignatius this kook he's republic in programme republican bookie man you imbecile he's a big looking at it makes them an ideological opponents and a significant one big mate but adam warlike plus thing out of a good he's not photos this guy we don't give special powers sensible a normal people idea or listen to the show no something devastating happen know full well that george soros is financed battles against their causes this is mystery doesn't make em
bookie madame makes him an ideological opponents and a significant one big name but what ignatius is doing again because he's an idiot is trying to make you look silly by saying sorrow shooter were frequent republican buggy man has been accused of funding the operation it goes on to read you a quote it began of sure just sports spokesperson himself acknowledged that monies flowed from shore rose to organizations that use fusion gps pass the stupid pipelines pepper i give it give up a big slice ignatius he deserves it that's the last two paragraphs notice how solomon said this last night shooting women who know i'm telling you knows the story last night this out there and this hannity hit that he says
its fascinating how ignatius berries the lead of a story in literally the last two paragraphs that soros money was being used to fund fusion p now how intimately was it involved in the funding of the dossier project i can't speculate on that because i dont have solid information on that at this point but i find it off we are tat ignatius includes it's in there in the last two paragraphs berries it at prayer since the information by setting up the fact that you're an idiot joe because cirrhosis of bohemia doesn't that sound off we suspicious how we process in their out of nowhere folks what was soros israel or can we not ask that all i'm sorry david we up we is are we making him to bohemia so now we know according to his own spokesmen that there
spend some money exchange between soros organisations that work with sorrows and organizations that worked with hilary to develop opposition research that was used after the political spying operation to create a false narrative is it ok that we ask that or do we have to seek you u dope your imprimatur first ignored she's trying to make us all look stupid what's interesting even more of a truck ross was all over him on the speed of another good piece by chuck ross damn aiming to get to that today about other interaction with it's just ridiculous how many p pull approach papa dapple is trying to seek information it's beyond beyond the realm of possibility any more than he wasn't target number one for intelligence people looking to set him up it's not even in the realm of possible at the map and anymore it's only quest degree at this point how bad was it
the rest of a is peace which i see as a shame giving this this guy collects after insult you but it's important you read so you understand the scam he's try to do this the democrats and the media involved in this entire collusion cover up of the political spying scandal are now gonna have to acknowledge before the rejected documents get unread acted and we see the full scope of what nunez said in that march of twenty seventeen press conference i played for you earlier that they were spying on trump and it had nothing to do with russian beginning they are we're gonna have to acknowledge small components of what republic i've been saying the whole time about this are true why denying the bigger scandal and making everybody else look like conspiracy theorist this is an effort clear as day in my mind to do this what else as he put out there puts out there in the peace acknowledges the fact because this is going to come out to especially i believe when it comes to the text messages that the law
i hear he reference in that quote adam wildman may have had a more significant role in this then the media has been letting on he's not doing this as a favor he's doing again to cover up the bigger scandal with an effort to keep us focused on minor details here when he puts in peace that item waldman the lawyer and you are you know this if you listen to the show was a lawyer working with christopher steel he was a lawyer working with all like dara pasqua a russian oligarchy deeply connected the putin he was also working with julian assange from wikileaks working ignatius acknowledges mildly to his credit there are very suspicious connections here joe give in tat the assertions in the case of the trump colluded with the russians to win the election he acknowledges in its peace follow me here that it is
bit suspicious that the fbi and the state department and the d j we're working with waldman whose working the russian connected to potan now it out i to aid is a scam peace what he's doing yet to acknowledge that ok they not be crazy on everything because they're gonna have to acknowledge he's not doing us a favour but he says what you know i would say let me right i don't even remember the headline hold on a second second folkestone look at this here we go i just want to read you the headline so you understand as a headline explains exactly when it notice it's an opinion piecemeal is this ignatius headline a gene a peace spin on the russia pro reads reads like a worn a thriller but doesn't add up in other words you are all a bunch of conspiracy theories and you're crazy which is odd
drew out the peace any says something into pieces entirely untrue he's as well and christopher steals information large parts of it have been confirmed no they happened that's it it's totally its complete complete fabrication that's probably why up in the opinion per second what am i wonder why he's really covering up here or someone who source it to em is covering up that waldman steel thereupon oscar and assange there was some degree of coordination through walled meant to cover up negative information assange had and to allow people tat actually associated with the russian government to filter information through wildman to get it to the hillary clinton team to hurt the trump team it explains using christopher steel is a conduit now there's a very i have this in my book to them
the very suspicious timing of now we know according to multiple public reports and a guy named sergei million was one of them was of the sources source d some of the dossier documents thereof asking million appear together at the same conference the saint petersburg economic form at the same time the question now and i the question ignatius hinting at acknowledging but running away from at the same time where russians like their pasqua response for coordinating an effort to get russian intel however fake to steal to get to the clinton team to use in the dossier to later found regain a russian collusion narrative to cover up for the political spy the big question was there a pasqua although there are pasqua should oligarchy deep ties within the russian government why he a source did he
feed information amelia had gotten a dossier did he feed information steel we know thereupon oscar worked with steel he hired and the two thousand twelve together intelligence form how much information in that dossier if came from their pasqua where people connected to in the russian government it would be an absolute the devastating finding as it would prove the fact that the collusion not only was made up to cover for the political spying joe but the right in collusion with real on the democrats i that's what they're worried about man was at issue today is that i got or for you to my three four things that even get to include chuck ross no peace impetus in the show notes if you want to read it gonna head stuck for tomorrow will dig into that how the papadopoulos thing is getting even
we are now how i think people got desperate and do everything but the kitchen sink it papadopoulos i'll get to that tomorrow redo piece in the show notes thanks a lot folks were all your support we subscribe to the show on i heart i too in sound caught us all free you have to pay for anything the sponsors and nice enough to supervise financial support for the programme about it does help us move up to this move up the charts thank you very much hoped enjoyed it i got more tomorrow you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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