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Ep. 817 What You Witnessed Yesterday Was a Momentous Shift in American Politics

2018-09-28 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the momentous shift we all witnessed yesterday in American politics. I cannot overestimate the importance of some of the key moments in the Kavanaugh/Ford hearing. I also address some interesting new developments in the investigation into FISA abuses at the DOJ.    News Picks: This Rich Lowry piece addresses the vindication of Trump’s hardball approach to politics.    This PJ Media piece addresses some big problems with Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony.    Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse embarrassed himself yesterday in the Kavanaugh hearing.    Here are some of the critical moments in yesterday’s Kavanaugh hearing.    This Daily Caller piece addresses the House Judiciary Committee’s subpoena to the DOJ over the FISA scandal.    John Solomon’s latest piece addresses the need for speedy declassification of the FISA documents.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now my family and my name has been totally and permanently destroy this confirmation process has become a national disgrace this is a circus i will not be intimidated in withdrawing from this process due process is a foundation of the american rule of law due process this means listening to both sides last time i was here i told you that when my mom was a prosecutor and i was in high school she used to practice are closing arguments usury common sense what rings true what rings boss a lifetime of public service and a lifetime of high profile public service at the high levels of american government in never a hint of anything of this kind and that's because
nothing of this kind ever happened no doubt in your mind cyril hundred percent certain you swear to god ass very harsh ladies and gentlemen i am sure i don't know how many of you understand the cataclysmic shift we all witnessed yesterday preacher joe how are you re thank you for putting together that excellent excellent have never done that before and its joe and i both you gotta here this morning we always talk before the shell and i said joe this is a cataclysmic shift in our politics the culture war what happening in the country what happened yesterday i'm gonna go through systematically for you exactly the old rules i got thrown out yesterday in the new rules that are now in a fact but i think was important to come in cold with an absolutely explosive powerful powerful statement
i what i believe to be an innocent man wrongly accused yesterday in bright cavanaugh which is unquestionably change the course i believe of american politics in american culture for a long time folks make no mistake you witnessed yesterday was a cataclysmic shift for the left in our politics i dont know where else you get your information from i'm happy or here i d a lot of other great places in a lot of great content producers i'm telling you that there are a number of people a number of people many on the left some on these so called never trump all right who are reading what happened yesterday so apocalyptic we wrong they should get out of the commentary field forever old rules are out the new rules are in folks let's get right to it as of yesterday the old rules troops to two gruff the twitter
stuff the hard edge the tough talk to grow show the old rules that your for this we have to play on their term show begins are inherently the bad guys democrat to have the moral high ground and our all joe the entire time in the old rules where we constantly apologize and explain things away using academics we don't need gruff tough talk just makes us look like more the bad guys l draws old rules at all change yesterday your rules around the new rules are in we play on or terms build that damn building we now have a guy in office who gets into fish fights and the rules are we win you lose this guy was builder in the toughest building environment on earth in new york
city dealing with unions dealing with the mob dealing with apps lately horrible bureaucrats in the new york city government where i grew up i worked for the new york city police department this guy had a bill that damn building that was only marker of success there was no but like there was no asked kiss and there was build the damn building get a building built the old the damn building nothing else matters you win by putting the bricks on the ground and laying the mortar and between him you don't win by leslie apologizing for doing it old rules trumps too gruff we don't need this new rules we win you lose winning matters we not going to negotiate on your terms anymore we are not going to stick late in advance that you have some kind of moral high ground
we are now going to expose you for who you are and what you did and a damn that's walking out now the committee hearing on the vote for cabinet walk out you want chaos will give you chaos because now it's a fist by this is a straight up fistfight you punched us in that for too long we're now but no hands up and the fight is on we are a peaceful god bring people we always will be but we will defend our politically will defend ourselves in this culture war now the old rules are over there no more negotiating on your terms you are gonna ruthlessly engage in character assassination of our people endlessly it has happened for decades every is the phobic phobia phobic terms could throw our where you ve turned away and you know what that stop yesterday there was a critical juncture in time yesterday that happen nothing more
ever be the same after this i'm sure this and i mean this felt folks attributed to hyperbolic language all you want i don't care i have been a keen observer of this for a long long long time the moment lindsey gram retook the floor from rachel mitchell god bless her i thought she they brought her there to do a job i think i think a lot criticism of hers unwarranted she's not there to be a politician she was there to gather facts rate mitchell who was the prosecutor from arizona who asked the question of doktor fort but there was a critical only yesterday with a republican saw that went cabinet was up there that they had to take back the floor and engage this for what it was it was no longer a fact finding mission it was a culture war to destroy any republic anomaly now and in the future at take back the floor and graham got up there it said this is not a fact finding mission anymore this is a smear job by you and he pointed to them you guys did this you did this
if you wanted to fbi investigation you could come to us who would you do as destroy this guy's live this seat open and hope you twenty twenty you said that not make you ve got nothing to apologize for when you see sodomizing kagan tell him at lindsey set all costs i voted for the hour never due to them what you ve done this guy this is the most unethical sham since i have been in politics in it you really wanted to know the truth you sure as hell what i've done what you ve done to this guy are you a gang ripest no i cannot imagine you and your family voluntary boy all our god i hope you never get it hope the american people can through this sham did you know it in you held it
had no intention of protecting doctor for nine he's as much about victim as you are i hate to say because these have been my friends but limited when it comes to this you're lookin for fair process you came to the right town at the wrong time my friend you want justice you weren't real justice you better damn well recognised the fistfight wherein right now and half through that hearing lindsey gram recognized right away and god bless him and listened graham as happened with the sun everything the time for that you have to undo and folks this is a fistfight this is a fistfight meaning you you get punched a few times here and there but you gotta go what your best guy your best moment and gray with a history of prosecutions have about as a prosecutor have been involved in the cold
impeachment here a grand was the perfect guy for that moment and sometimes when you're down you bring up the best sky for the moment although he may not have been the best guy at every moment there guys at my jujitsu class i ve got a damn good guard on their back but they can't play the top gave for squat graham not be the best guy on immigration put you damn well better was the best guy yesterday to put a stop to this ps crap right there yet today this sham hearing what it was and call it what it was they treated doktor ford with respect and dignity they did everything they could to have a clearly traumatized woman speak there they let her say what she had to say the process treated our with dignity and the democrats turned around and took a dump on judge cavanaugh and it was call it what it was this is a fifth right now this isn't some
air game nonsense where we're out here and a fact finding mission there were no facts that came out yesterday i'm gonna talk about the so called facts that was hopefully brought out yesterday or the lack thereof too what you witness from lindsey graham yesterday with the end of the old rules the new rules are in build the damn building and el the building we win i don't care it gets built how their briquettes down how that mortar lays on top we are going to fight for life for economic freedom we're going fight for our health care system and our kids education and we're gonna build that damn building and however that building gets built whoever gets not down doing it if you want to knock em down drag out political fight them we are game you want to walk you why chaos we will give you the chaos you want but we well control at this time
any more motivation and get out vote november folks i've i love you to death but if you dare sit this one out you have no excuse i get it i don't like early voting i don't care and neither should you fight it on the ballot the first day early voting start every one of you should be at that ballot booth request by male requested by absentee request the damn thing by carrier pigeon you get your voting to take ten friends with you and you stop these chaos producing maniacs on the left who wanted nothing more than a sham hearing i don't like it voter and immigration i don't either i don't care to give build the building every single warrior up there listen my car turns a personal friend i could not i agree with him more on significant issues if you think for a second i'm voting democrat to send some kind of piss poor message you're out of your mind i don't
they are how crap your horrible your republic in is the alternative is absolute utter chaos what you witnessed yesterday el the white house sham disgraceful democrat centre by asking about far jokes cavanaugh far jokes you take me can this up look in my show notes today red byron peace from the washed in examiner about disgrace sheldon white house was yesterday it goes i wish the abomination this man is his every day the last question to a dignified public servant asking about human flageolets games rules are ever ever we when you lose period full stop
here's the other old rule you can stick a fork in as of yesterday the critical the agriculture wars will no longer be game were played on your terms no more culture war critical theory the male patriarchy your inherently evil if you're a white male over it's over you spected yesterday what you what you are certainly try to make a racial fight using identity politics the people involved in this doctor for judge cabinet about why there was no race component to this you knew that you tried to make this an identity politics war because your obsessed with critical theory the eye that knowledge knowledge actual knowledge and facts are only a constructive power and the fact that white males have dominated the power structure for decades there facts analogy no longer matter and identity politics is what you're gonna tree as your priorities number one over we're not fighting on you terms anymore the old rules
the culture war the white male patriarchy republican should apologise first for the lack of melanin in their skin and thereby logical porch although they had nope component in choosing either one of those things you wanted have an order back down you needed no back down you are praying from the back down and came out firing on all cylinders and i'll tell you what the new rules are folks do new rules as we are going to fight back the new rules are we're gonna back we are not going to back down and the fact that you are going to now throw him under the boss and say oh listen it's it's speaks to a lack of temperament if you could do in listening to my show you miss something over the last two years i really don't care about temperament temperament what do i care about build the damn building we win you lose it they gotta peppermint problem which cabinet doesn't by the way there's no evidence of that all even if we did don't care you know why i'm not
working with the old rules anymore he's an angry white male he showed it yesterday i don't care where not play and on your terms any more than you rules are take your critical theory and shove it right up your caboose that's the new rules we will judge people on their merits on their character you want to marry yourself to identity politics the melanin components someone's skin where they were born in their religion you knock yourself out you liberal lose we are going to judge people based on who they are at a lifetime of evidence old rule number three you can stick a fortune can't mess with the media joe they buying by the barrel oh bring kids bring it right now you can vary that old rule
judge cabinet was crystal clear yesterday in acknowledging what all of us already know and now you can take it to the general population and across the heartland of america the mainstream media is the opposition i am absolutely openly and more vocally it always support a free press no caveats no buts no ifs nothing a free press means they have the right and they are free to be stupid they take us up opportunity often they are allowed to be free we are free to recognize him for who they are they are free to recognise them for the opposition party they become they are listened to me and be crystal clear they are regrettably that opposition party and you are free to recognize it and now we yesterday the role rules around a mess with the media no we are messing with the media because the media's messing with us the stuff obviously is the left the stuff we are governed
i beg our rights granted by god people in the media which used to act stupidly but we will recognize them on political terms exactly four who they are and care smartly brought added to his opening yesterday addressing the fact that this has been a media smear job running with absent the uncorroborated hysterical in some cases hysterical accusations against of rape trains old rules don't mess with the media new rules bring it kids braying air they are the opposition they should be treated as such when it comes to politics old rules we should argue stuff on the merits the facts the data matters
ladies and gentlemen that that the data and the facts do matter they matter to me and they matter to you ladies and gentlemen the data and the facts are continually and completely irrelevant to the radical left it is your responsibility as a conservative in a libertarian passionately argue yard argue your case using faction data you may say again you're taking two contradictory positions no i'm not my experience in running for office is you absolutely have to know the facts on the text you have to know facts about school choice you have to know the data on health care choice in the lack thereof in socialist countries but you are not arguing these facts with the left when i use the debate p let the county fire member the buggy maryland state fair up in the fair joe knows where it is spiller many times when i was at the reply
we liberals would argue me all the time you're not arguing the facts with them liberals are not interested in fact remember they believe in critical theory the old rules that now but just a relevant because it's a constructive power knowledge it's nothing power matters that is what could the essence of critical theory you are not arguing the facts with them and get them to change their minds their minds are not changeable you arguing for the third person listening is a third person there folks always someone videos it some one hears it rose a lost cause the matter liberal is an absolute lost cause you're not wasting your time however presenting facts and data because the third person listening is hearing what you are saying and hearing the hysteria the far left having said that in a strict power play
in the we win you lose scenario argue with facts and data is no longer enough now we will elect people and we will use raw political power vehicle the constitutional republic has laid out for us we will you sir power like the left us we will do it the right way but we will take that power and we will win and we are going to crush you on this we win you there is no backing down there is no oh this isn't my guy i met my republican congressmen and he d he treated my dog pay i don't care about your dog i care about committee chairmanship get your but in the voting booth and vote for the skies even oh i've been a leading advocate of the clowns many of them are too but we have got good people out there who worked at a minimum
try to avert an absolute apocalyptic disaster if the democrats this chaos producing entity of a party takes power back you ve got jim jordan you ve got mikey you ve got people up their ran paul ted crews you need to get out and vote there is no excuse may say all you know some most important election of our lifetime you know what this is more important than a trump election because they didn't see us come in you and i you're both know what they did not see us common these cocky liberals were smile and all the way to the election do it we blind side of them for a long time what's the best punch in a whirl joe the one and only opponent and ever and ever saw common your damn right any good boxing coach will tell you that the best possible where does the one your opponent never saw come they see us they never sauce they see us now they're ready they ve been training at literally been training everything
boxing training but they a betrayal in obstruction and in chaos they are not ready for the storm we're ready were armed with the facts and data but we're all so armed with the knowledge that the facts and data are not there to win elections elections are one by you showing up in exercising raw political power the facts and data there for the third person there not there for the liberal you need to acknowledge that now know your stuff but be ready to exercise raw political power show up get your friends get your kids everybody eligible to vote that you can convince to drive you get your car you get them to do it by mail it sure your parents are voting eddie body eligible anyone within bounds of legality you get to those of body booth and you vote and you vote down the line republic and i get a lot of these guys are dogs i get it i understand it kept him in there they are
all the chairmanship for numerous and others do you see the chaos you are inviting in otherwise i don't know moral victory you think you're having bob sit you're not sitting this one out there's no sitting out there cultural shift yesterday that will be meaningless if you don't do something about it old rule number five and i want wanna had tipp rich lowery rich lowry formation review its lowery joe s its critical a trump whereas you ever going to me but this is no time for us all forget him he likes nano nano everybody on the field everybody i don't care what's that bothers you are the guardian like trop to embed everybody on the field this is no time for bs everybody
slavery wants to get on the field the national review and fight welcome aboard brother rich lowery and my show notes has a must read i say this a lot get to the show no it's i don't care if you go to my web page or not it's there to show not read the door article a national review rich lowry as critical of a trooper as you ve ever seen acknowledges in today's peace after this bombing of a hearing that this is validation of trompe in politics read the headline of the peace this i have two had tipp to him old rules according to rich lowry a joe good character matters good character need squat me more ran john mccain they re remit rami or of course up to the press for a long time not speaking
the dead i'm not doing that you guys do what you want it's not my beggar doughnuts i'm sorry but they ran again i who enjoy this time with the press and cosy up to them and develop relationships with the press for a long time in mccain and they ran a mormon with a lifetime of donating your salary to charity and mitra mitt romney and you know what happened they were painted is nazis and racists and tax evaders good character does it be that doesn't mean anything you know what matters winning and that's why you got it paul boss to remember now who wins people stop build a building felt that their building people's buildings about it because it kissed the press is asked to build a building peanuts
you're damn shoes he's not get many parties shine box people's buildings we tried this before we ran a mormon we ran appeal w and they were build spied called nazis we burn we when we build stuff stuff is getting built there is no time for you to kick a few dear builders off your job because you don't like the fact that they can your dog six months ago i dont care get one of these clouds in there for one reason one regionally we will act raw polluted power and you would an in front of your name and we will vote for you because good care does it mean squat me more doesn't mean squat you will
we call the nazi and the most discuss thing terms known to humankind no matter what you do it's over over we build buildings now more ass kiss and no more bending over backwards to up to kiss the butcher the media no more we build the day buildings now and this guy and the white house build stuff and he doesn't care about who builds the damn thing get your workers in their catch your team on the field get your warriors on the battlefield man up now now get your ballots in get your ten friends do not let this moment pass this enemy
i don't need any more money from anybody share this podcast with someone anyone please don't even care i need you to motivate ten people to get out and vote this is cosmic shift in our culture that has to be married up to raw political power we are defending the republic the dynamic hats are desperate to usher in an era of chaos that will be no turning back from new rules we win winning first you're not ready for this in turn off your tv you're not ready for this my show may not be for you i would easily gladly lose an audience standing my principal any day that's fine but if ready for this fight
ask is that you back away and don't take any body with its peace we walk away that's fine but if you're ready if you're ready you need to do you need to do cheap it is meaningless you need to do something you think it on your facebook you need to get on your twitter to get on your email is due to get on your fault that you vote that you vote did you you need to vote part of this are voting doesn't make it what it does matter here moves and on a lot of it we got a bunch of weak these guys you voted us into a spending abyss i get it do you understand that this cultural fight mechanically makeshift yesterday takes it takes primacy over everything if you let me moment die and they take back power forget about the country's finished you are it is open season on anybody who opposes the do you understand what happened yesterday for the first time in modern american history a blatant this
sk trusting horrible atrocious character attack on report in modern american history in the eu of new vicious politics was vocally suppose on the second floor in a watershed moment by lindsey gram that mobile the base if it mobilise is the base to do nothing it didn't mobilizing did squat now it is up to you grant gave you the football you have to run down the field this is going to destroy the ability of good people to come forward because this crap your high school year book you of interacted with professional women all your life now one accusation you're supposed to be bill cosby junior and senior and high school and oliver you got over it spent
understanding that if you'd drug women and right there for two years and eyes go you're probably don't stop here's my understanding if we lived a good life people would recognise it like the american bar association has the gold standard his integrity is absolutely on question he is the very circumspect in his personal conduct harbours no biases or prejudices he's entirely ethical is a really decent person his or brindley unassuming he's nice is person the abs the one thing i can t you should be proud of actually you should be proud of this that you raised a daughter who had the good character the prey forgot referred to my republican colleagues
if you vote no you're legitimizing the most despicable i have seen in my time in politics what this seat i hope you never get it i hope you're on the supreme court that's exactly who are you should be and i hope that the american people will see to this charade and i wish you well and i intend to vote for you and i hope everybody whose fair minded will your damn right brother nor damn right the gloves came off yesterday folks you better damn well recognised the rough ain't gettin in between he aims can you up these guys of kidney punch debts and rapid punched us for too long the rough ain't you squat they're going to bite you re wrong mike tyson style and you did we'd better get those gloves off and get ready for a fight and now
speech yesterday changes everything they worse don job you watch like we are democrats were stun you know why they are not before the storm they were you to the old rules we accuse you of being massage innocent hating women and you apologize and back down in the media doubles doubt that died yesterday but we follow it up with raw political power that i'd yesterday that died with that one speech were taken back the floor and folks make no mistake when i tell you this the demo rats know what they're doing is morally evil they know this the most troubling component its entire discuss things sorted tail is the
act that this is not out of some component of naivete the democrats apps look we know the destruction of human lives and everybody else you gonna take down with it member they just didn't take down this guy they took judge peach smith everybody else has been thrown into this who denies this ever happened have their lives have been up ended they are destroying at taking down this is a carnage operation like i've never seen before by the democrats they what they're doing is evil they were stat man and you know how i know it go it's the video yesterday when cabin talks i am an unwanted each of them are still folks when he talks about a ten year old daughter we should pray for the woman whatcha lissom alone or far left radical activists in the background the actress this is still an actress enemy in old chronologically member from
who's the boss he's now become a radical leftist actress watch or in the background watchword a whole back tears the most evil acts in the world are evil acts conducted with the knowledge that what you're doing is in fact wrong why is there a defence for echo path illnesses in court defence because there's an acknowledgement that certain cycle pathologies and pathological mental conditions take way volitional acts meaning the person may not have even know what they will do so push it was wrong so kill someone i've been in an end of wrong person died it's obvious but why is it the fence and court theirs it's in court because we want to acknowledge that it was a conscious act of willing evil any cases of cycle pathology sometimes it's not what
ex what's going on such a human disgrace on account of cosmic apocalyptic scale is that it loony democrats on that can absolutely no that day are destroying the life of a good man for nothing more than raw political power watcher watch or hold back years why are you crying why you i know this i know i'm dead serious why are you crying what are you crying about why are you crying i thought you said he was a serial rapist such a rape train guy drugs women are you crying why so emotional got him don't you you cry and as he tells the story of his daughter asking to pray for doctors why are you crying little hurt
maybe you have to recognize now your own role on the destruction of this man's life in an emotionally bothers you folks of interviewed a lot of people over the years twelve years and the secret service for years with the mit the big difference between crying genuine emotional crying in who spy unconscious global emotion and stage crying and the mutation back cavanaugh yesterday how many times he's doing things get allergies the whole mark nearly every single time at some can't control our emotions guess develops phelps in your nose to tee come down your face
you notice how people in hollywood when they cry you don't hear him sniff what in the movies why is that then cabinet was acting yesterday authority was acting where were you cry into alyssa if the look in the mirror but you did this man this father soccer coach basketball coach public service you have to recognize finally euro when it why are you crying over the minute i have a lot more to get through so unwilling to go anywhere i want to get a doctor or to because there were two components yesterday but i want to leave you game at this time and you have to pay for the show again i always appreciate your patience i have altered the ads and the red of em because this is an important pivotal day in our history i say this one last time and sorry for those you get bothered by the repetition but too bad this is way too important
yet darn well better get out there and vote and it is now good enough for you you have to get ten friends you have to try to get friends there is no excuse none not only must you vote i have miss than an election since that knows when not only is it important vote it is important that you coolly calmly calamity lecturing anybody again i can say this enough there is a vote up on tuesday there is a committee today for one thirty on cavenaugh which is expected to get through there is floor vote on tuesday to confer judge cavenaugh we well over a hundred thousand independent separate listeners to this well over you know what i are you noticed closer numbers i will today because it's important we are rather large show thanks to you
every single listener to this show i am humbly respectfully and you cannot only vote to get you early votes in as early as possible but to email call your senators office it is not hard google find my congressmen find my senator now congressmen can't vote on cabin i call them anyway and tell them support the senator who is call you senator email them that's four things email your congressmen hey i know you're not voting i need you to publicly put pressure on our senator email your centre call their office demand and uphold the man and up vote on cavenaugh let them know cool and calm you will never forget this vote
the sins of the past the rover you will never ever ever forget this vote if you vote no an unequivocal down vote for you in november no matter what you will never forget this vote don't mean a republic as i mean if its show mansion donnelly and the other ones hide camp and others i'm telling you the vote by even though some of them but this is no time for this we need all our soldiers on a field but you need let them know you will never ever ever forget this vote is critical and maybe the most emotional forty minutes of show i've done i'm actually like no tire there buddy yeah man and his see it i've had a lot of physical labour child was a mighty time oh boy thanks for your patience everything folk some skinner the reason i preach
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this does not apply in a senate confirmation means chaos wins the day and i throw that out ladies and gentlemen whether it's an arbitration dispute whether it's a union dispute whether it's athletics dispute the principle of due process holds and a moral and ethical society it is not just a legal framework on a criminal charge so the left's come back to this that well done innocent to proven guilty doesn't matter because it sent a confirmation of what it matters because we're a moral and ethical country doktor making serious allegations against this man serious allegations of man i believe is innocent the evidence matters it everywhere else in life i want to point some problems out here number one there is no additional detail provided yesterday corroborating evidence the doktor ford's account
the events she states them is in fact accurate i dont know what happened a doctor for i have no idea i was not there obviously the power what made the people she claims were there have resolute we under penalty of perjury deny the fact that the events ass she states them happen ladies and gentlemen does this matter to you and if it doesn't play explain to me why how a father a husband of coach public servants life can be destroyed pace on corroborating evidence airports corroborates nothing and is evidence that it didn't happen please exe i met to me second there was a noticeable joe and i know you notice is because we were talking about yesterday on tax noticeable lack of any detail ladies and gentlemen this
very suspicious yes there is no where we i don't know where that happened for if we knew the location where it happened then it would be possible for the homeowner where a resident of the house to claim it didn't or did the last of detail as to a location of the crime invites the obvious question or the of the assault in this case the alleged assault the lack of a location if you an investigator worth any kind of salt at all isn't very suspicious omission the lack of a win folks we don't need a specific date i understand that people
delegations have been a victim of the some kind of assault legacy to physical sexual or around i may not have any i listened things happen to me i mean to be fair i don't the date set over the other but i see we commemorate down oh you're too narrow down way specific timeframe or any effort to do so would do what joe if you are looking at this objectively as we all should we have one account that was very emotional impasse it and we have another account that was very emotional and passionate how do risk possible people went evaluate this they evaluated based on corroboration evidence which judge cabin produced he is produced actually this point three after david's from people involved than its it said that that the alleged victim produce that said no
is produces calendars that completely refute a lot of these allegations doktor fortis produce nothing matter gate the suspicious lack of a day joe opened my eyes because having conducted these investigations it gives the ability of the accused person to say i wasn't there then be suspicious lack of detail how miss bored got home from this site the alleged attack which you still can't tell us where she now sit down to a basically six to eight miles distance from our house folks the eight miles as a long walk six miles running at a seven minute mile would take you forty two minutes that's the least of it and six to eight miles smiles walking at a healthy brisk pace would probably take you over two hours six
i was walking at a slow pace would take you probably close to three hours you don't remember anything is enough for us to ask the question you have made credible serious allegations you being given the opportunity fairly enough to state them how is it that none of those details are in that story i'm asking you as a former investigator would reasonable investigator not say well you had a driver which we can now assume you did based on the distance from the general location you stated does the driver who drove you home now about it and if not why folks these are fair questions in a fair society where the presumption of innocence is already established
listen i have no interest in attacking this woman i mean it i'm that's not really i don't i dont know this woman's history i don't know her past and is not my goal at all it is my goal however to deal with two as a fall or investigator and a reasonable human being to deal with two conflicting account it is a duty and responsibility of both parties then to provide some form of evidence that their account is in fact true judge haven't i has produced evidence doctor for its legal team thus far has produced none and i want to get into a couple more things to about this but i take a break from is it gets really emotional here i'm married a tv show also brought you by our bodies at blinkers
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the air i and k i s tee thou consular stand to start your free seven they trial blink ist dot com slash dan go check it out i say its emotional but something something happened to be folks yesterday that them really kind of got on my nerves little bit near i exact pecan assume is a m is a commentator he does some some work on on fox news and others who say he's a far left radical democrat but i've always had a rule joe when i get out of and i'm gonna get active fights with people on this kind of stuff the rule is an opening up their past because a lot of people have done things in the past and that is not necessarily becoming the man i just don't think it's fair to do that but because it has tried to call me out yesterday and said i was attacking this woman i'm not attacking this woman folks i'm asking for ever
you're suggesting that the man applying for the supreme court is a serial rapist running rape trains and drugging women you are absolutely obligated as a witness then the pine provide some kind of evidence of what you're saying is in fact true it is away in any way disrespectful to anyone to say folks what exists do you know how do you know it how do you know this happen sorry so back together here yesterday clearly with an emotional day i now you see yesterday to why it was so important to show that doctor doktor ford go first and judge cavenaugh go last your now this was an issue because what led
i believe and i thought i did my i told you last night about i didn't believe doctor for wishing to show up obviously i was wrong i cover that yesterday the special edition one of the reasons i strongly believe that based on some emails i was reading is that the man's they were making of judge cavenaugh were simply not doable accused person never ever ever in any system of justice common law otherwise goes first why is it you have to be so given the opportunity to address the accusations which you for i mean just this is just common sense you can't do if the accusations haven't been heavily so although yesterday you see one of the reasons the democrats wanted the judge go first because they wanted the judge to give an impassioned appeal which then nay would attack afterwards using doktor foreign afterwards so i just had that point there was important and it was i want to give gradually the republican chair the committee some credit for
holding fast on then sticking to the rule of law the rule in the case of the accused counters to charge that's the way it works ok another point critical take away again we're establishing the veracity of their account of events the stories told to us by the ford legal team joe was a doktor ford god did not want to i because she had some fear flying lady gentlemen this is critical why is this critical because the democrats so the one alleging that there's no other ones alleging that there's no political upon component to doktor for allegations against judge cavanaugh it is the demo brad saying this was purely out of her desire to come forward that this had nothing to do with politics now having stated that today mc rats asked for a delay from the monday hearing there was no
good reason for a monday delay judge cabin i had the right to clear his name just like that the alleged victim had the right to make the allegations the monday delay i told you the strength of the strategy of it was to get to thursday to avoid and october first seeding is it clear now and october first reading of judge cabin on the supreme court now but it's not good they achieve that they achieve that by stating she had a fear of flying doktor ford which clearly based on yesterday's testimony does not seem to have inhibited her from flying quite often these are real vince towards establishing the credibility of the accounts chief clearly flew to the polygraph october seven we know from yesterday under questioning that she's flown other places as well
interested anymore and evidence does this even matter it should a critical thing that came out yesterday public and members of the senate said doktor ford well done ford we would have flown out to california to take your stay we relay this to your legal t poured in testimony joe i know you saw this set or lawyers never told her that why would damage activists lawyers like cats is firm there one of the law is there and bromwich why with these activism not notify her if she was eight a flying like the allege that the republicans many members of their staff would have flown to her why would they not notify doctor for that why would they not do that maybe because they were looking for a delay delay was political the entire time now
folks let me be clear on this i'm not catering any audience you or otherwise to tell you the truth i believe what she said miss word on that account absolutely believe her lawyers didn't tell her that there is oh reason under oath she say that and humiliate or lawyers if it wasn't true i put you see we're go with his chum i police you she didn't know she was droller lawyers under the bus because i can now other also well well it was out there in the public eye what're lawyers were tell her i believe that the lawyers at this point may have been hiding is somehow from that just a political play now they're not going to come out here we gotta go out there and we gotta wait till next week theirs oh good reason other to throw the lawyers under the bus there was a number folks obvious
based on my experience here interview people there were a number of excuses she could it came up with to say why the republicans gonna come out there i had people tat when there's a million different things i think she was genuinely caught off guard by that she may have read it to pay for someone may have told her out that's nonsense it really not that i'm gonna come out here we gotta go there but that's it we clearly indicates the me that they leave team she hired had pure police the core motives in this that somehow there's only two scenarios that i said i could be wrong maybe she did i would she drew the lawyers under the bus i don't know maybe she didn't know i dont have no i'm suggested view this strong possibility that did not in fact our finally the most powerful peace what i saw yesterday
folks when asked about leland keyser who was one of the witnesses doktor ford indicated would be able to corroborate some portion of her account the allegation she made against judge cavanaugh when asked leland keyser and widely when keyser again a witness she provided ford's team could not confirm her account the event as a matter of fact does not remember the party at all why is this critical because some defenders of doktor ford including jennifer grand homo was on cnn said well it denial joe that she knows anything about it actually confirms doktor ford's account because ford would have steamed out of the house after this happen this alleged attack and would have not told anyone ladies and gentlemen that's not what happened no oh no the main does not remember the party at all since not account of
therefore running out of a house and not telling her and alleging she was there she doesn't remember the party at all when asked about that when asked about that specific event that leland keyser not confirming your account if it doesn't remember the party ford in what more confusing moments of the testimony says well now she texted me afterwards with letters with the with words of support and is having a bunch of medical issue she needs to deal with wait what folks listen you can show respect and dignity to people and let them tell their story but you have to do is that's is i mean is that an appropriate thing to put out in front of a show how many people are watching you say fifty million every body yeah everywhere people watching it my daughter's gymnastics jim i told you on the special s night is an appropriate thing to put out there
but the woman as medical issue she's dealing with her i don't know folks i mean we can look at this reasonably and say it was a very very interesting moment to say the least i got one more thing one more thing if we being on the five every time you go the five you get the one more thing segmented should i go up there said last time i addressed my friend and colleague johnson who passed from us too early i thought that was appropriate i today so i finally brought you by your buddies robin hood this casual super easy to use to robin hood is investing at let you buy and sell stocks atm options encrypt those all commission free super easy to use to add the out myself they strive to make financial services work for everyone not just the wealthy it's a nice
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these then are the house judiciary committee is finally decided joe to subpoena the department of justice is woods file of woods fire contacts the woods file they were out the woods this hillary clinton what's in it not at the woods far now again this is not what i'm talkin about some of you are new may not when you press information to the foreign intelligent surveillance court to spy on someone might they did with the trump team that's not in question we know that happen because it's not an adversarial court and you will never have a defence attorney in their there's no what you don't even know your being spied on most of the time it it's a court designed to really spy on enemies of the united states because you won't have that adversarial component and you don't have due process in the traditional sense there's a priest procedure set up before information makes it through the court calls the woods procedure the problem with the woods procedure which is supposed to verify this information in the trump cases he had firmer hasten wasn't verify the drop that's guess steaming pile of oars crap its garbage
the house judiciary is there they ve been smart for a while on this but now there finally subpoena in the woods father say we want to know what you did to verify this informed that ain't gonna be good folks because it's gonna show the political nature of the verification process and the fact that they took almost no substantive steps whatsoever but but but but there's a little hint dropped recently by peter king a republican member of the house has been very sober on this peter king not a scream or folks i met him before i know of unknown personally but an ox i've lived among island for a long time and area he represents peter king himself is starting to wonder with that verification process how by like john brennan knew about is that are a few here some of their heads people but drop and lately bids him and others in the idea has been flown out there that if they were verify information in the dossier that came from foreign sources joe who as expertise
developing intelligence overseas the sea i run by john brenner war exactly was done to verify that information the john bread and have a role when it matter factor we develop foreign sources there is absolutely no doubt that john branded cia at the time would have had a role in that those foreign sources where they vetted when they signed off on more to come on out one have that article today is from the daily call her up in the shipowners to folks again i mean it you please read rich larry's peace today about the indication of trompe in politics keep it in mind new rules new rules are in effect we win folks we win throw the old rules out yesterday was a cataclysmic shift in our politics but now we follow it up now we walk in there
and we exercise our constitutional republics raw political power and we keep these people of office hopefully hopefully for a very very long time thanks for tuning and anna really appreciatively it subscribe to the show it too and sound cloud i hardiness free but its subscriptions that we get that actually move us up the charge so we really really appreciated thank you very much and i will see you all on monday you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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