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Ep. 819 This Is War

2018-10-02 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the strategic battle plan going forward to get Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. I also address the devastating choices red-state Democrats have to make in the Kavanaugh case.   News Picks: This Gavin Wax piece addresses the lessons learned from the Kavanaugh fight.    Red-state Democrats are facing a nightmare scenario right now.   Heidi Heitkamp will lose her Senate seat if she votes no on Kavanaugh.    President Trump’s new trade proposal is a big win for his agenda.   What happened to the Uranium One case?    The Keith Ellison case is a disgrace.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i want thereby gino shall british joe how are you today i am ready to do so or less than people on this into our zhao i've got a stack show for you today i started me are things creeping up on this show that seriously acre hod creep up i'm cables whose channels where people go on get interviewed it's it's fantastic so i wear about about the ten hours ahead of the new cycle on a cabin or thing we're about six months ahead of the news that go hand in hand with a letter i promise you you're not wasting your time here by sources is a bid absolutely terrific do it i today is gonna be just an awesome show today we're gonna talk about go in for gas
we should go for their hale mary pass take that ball do a doug floaty down a feel they get this sucker go and it is time to red blindness thing very that hit the nitrogen oxide and get moving i got a plan told you the plan yesterday i hinted to it again i told you it crept up last night on shot added show on fox news i'm not sure how many of you caught up there and i get to that in a minute they shall brought you buy our bodies and my patriot supply one of my oldest sponsors one of my favorite sponsors and can't we wanted the sponsors i continue to buy stuff from what my own money this day because i get a lot of the other stuff for free so my pagers supply sent me at the beginning a box of emergency food and me living in a hurricane zone i said to my wife this isn't an this is just enough for me this emergency supply food that last twenty five years so i went out with my own money i kid you not bought about eight to ten more boxes and i get one very few months just to keep my food supply fresh why would i do that
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ass job we said here what's going on right now he's going on behind the scenes and i want to say two things we talked about the show you how they're starting to creep in today frustration and how we have a battle plan going forward your number one let's get to it linsey gram was on shot had any show last night another terrific interview is nine p m fox news show you some time and what did he say if you you're probably like did not show up the bonn gino show gram throughout an interesting suggestion he said listen if god forbid cabin or goes down in this nomination they don't get the fifth he one votes they need when he said they actually need fifty his pants would be the thai breaker but if they don't get the votes they to get cavanaugh over the finish line and confirmed on the supreme court by by the session opened right i told you be my body you know why you talk
i know what your buddy told you it would mac told you it matter now the session to open the supreme court are locked up for for right so i told you it would make a difference that thursday day pushing it back thursday the hearing for forward and it did but lindsey grandsire say he said i think down troops should go out there right now and say here's what's going to happen we are going for folks we are given this ball and a barry sanders and we are opening up that hole in the line we are running down the damn field we're doing a bo jackson hitting brian bosworth in the endzone we are a renominated bread cavanaugh no matter what happens and we are putting him on this supreme court with raw on it ulcerated political power like you've never seen we are going to make this the referendum going forward and you are going to pick a side you were going to pick a side right now tell him chuy tela but i am on the right side of this i told you this weeks ago i told you this
a go on this when this started take the vote get everybody on the right good mcconnell knows this get every on the record devote much he taken this week it should have been taken two weeks ago no more delays every he goes on the record if half an hour goes down in that vote ladies and gentlemen there will be a red tidal wave in the senate elections like you haven't seen we have the potential to pick up three to four seats folks it will be a rare random do you understand what i'm going to listen and i'm not i don't want to sound like arrogant i'm not trying to be pretentious about i'm not suggesting lindsey gram heard it from me i'm not the only one who suggested the idea that calves a b renominated but i promise you i promise you they're very credible inside baseball people who are talking about this right now so you on stan joe you get more go as a vote must go on your vote goes odd body yes way to sum it up to
because no matter what number one and number two no matter what happens it's one but go on in that supreme court seat is likely to be anybody else but bread cabinet you vote down plague the tree judas com mc caskey mansion donnelly high camp this fraud jones in alabama about no are you doug dog you sure about that baby because let me tell you this is it this is roper cod body you crossing with a no vote each other no turning back this is the red sea when moses walked through the red sea drought everybody house behind them as they followed up oh yeah sure bible reader everybody behind the what bozos baited through on past everybody else was underwater you this is it this is debo listen to me listen cavanaugh but is going in that see no matter what you mean
get on this train or you get mode down by because it is steaming down the tracks at a low the motive speed and it is gonna run you down like a dog if you dont vote for this week our putting him on that seat no matter what this is keep telling you no matter what happens with the vote this week god bid you don't show up do punish the geo p for flake flake is not a republican he's not a conservative he is a judas trader fraud please i don't like a lot of these guys either but we can this is not one of those fights where we start picking nets you have got to vote i've been on this for three days because it is that important if it bothers you i'm sorry i derived i believe sadly there are still a what percentage of people who don't understand the gravity of this if we who's this cabinet
is booted often does not get on the court it is open season on every one everyone for ever for ever limits it is open season on everyone with an r or a sea in front of their name republican conservative or an l libertarian for that matter or andy joe not democrat i'm serious you if you're in the past who leaves conserve you are done this the generational fight we have all i've been waiting to marshal it's happening right now in front of your eyes i want to thank we wanted the audience sincerely from the bottom my broken saw the sinner two votes i mean for your emails people been forwarding me they're emails that they ve been sending to their centres you open great about it some of em
to me for writing tips just be you just be cool about it but just do you don't worry about form letters don't worry about talking point just be you email them email them again email from today forward back your own email with a note i still haven't forgotten this call their office light up and mill down their telephone call your car this congressmen don't ever rowan vice can set done matter call them too hey i need you on this i i i i need you to back them up don't do it because if you do now do now now you do you will talk to the centre because i elected you i don't care that you don't have a vote i elected you to do something and have a pair you're going to talk to the senator do you understand good point i want to say i want congressmen go into senator going hey daddy oh i'm
my phone lines are melted down get reelected to hear i don't know if people are confused and they think i have a vote but you better do the right thing or i'm not go showing up at in your fundraisers either make every one who votes no threatens to vote no or even leads to vote no so politically toxic no one would go near them with a twenty two foot pool skimmer no chance everyone knows that this is the fight right now graham is right we re he's going in that seat you want liberals listen to me right now listen to the show i know you do because i read your haiti mouse it's called when in that see do you understand me you should look at me when i was a kid because we were bad kids making my two brothers we were we were awful at times sorry but we were playing softball on the coroner smashup actual softball in new york city you know many windows we broke up
and we ve been run after each one a neighbour the neighbors hated ass they wanted us all put in jail my mother would grant me by the ears and say you won't do it do you understand understand liberals what i'm telling you unlock obviously grabbing you by the violent like you idiots but do you understand we are going to use raw political power and he's going in that seat you don't get this pain gonna mo you down where common its stopping or coming now for you it's ass we get out of your way because we're not violent maniacs we have an emergency brake and our behaviour and it's our connection too big god given rights that we grant to you too because when i tyrants like you maniacs but that train is coming down the track and it's about tomorrow you down like a dog you not get in the way we winning this fight no matter what is absolutely right there will be no replacement for cavenaugh cabin
what's going on that seat i listen to me folks he wasn't my first choice i've said this now twenty five times if not more michael ii as bad i've ever wanted anything in politics to get in that seat no man i know more constitutionally align the more principle than likely in the u s and no one i can tell you from personal experience he didn't get it my second choice was amy coney bear to i think is terrific and i think will be a nice replacement for repaper ginsburg cavenaugh was not even my third choice the cabin was a guy now here our guy and with this guy been through is absolutely inexcusable it is a moral stain on the universe that will never be wide clean but we can get right on our side will never the history of what happened this disgraceful sordid law red grotesque thing that's happened will never be a race but we can
this right no moral arc of history right now by using raw political power our way the right way the constitutionally were aligned republic they set up in a way where raw political power can overcome emotion everything else and that's what you need to do right now that your mission going forward you have your mission go take it you have the football you need to score to win this game you can't stop you can allow to lie back or to stop you know him down you both accident brian bosworth their asses that's the end of it by the boss listen i didn't have a problem with password but i love both jackson he drew it is three four yards into the end zone that guy never recovered after that and the liberals won't either if kavanaugh gets a nazi they we'll be humiliated they will be demoralize they will be defeated they deserve to be for this grotesque stain on the card make universe david david
you'd within the fabric of this place it's there scots thing what they did we're gonna go forward trumps team should come out right now and listen to me fair trump has been pretty strong others i think he's already and i wanted listen not to get into the pot kissing i'm not trying to do that here you know i don't worship golden cast but i'm a big supporter of the president the president has handled this thing meticulously yet there are people out there always out of control is twitter he so made such a maniac you can really folks his aunts to the questions on this have been spectacular he has been absolutely odd point peace fiery when he needs to be he's been reserved when he needs to be he's been tactical when he needs to be he's been strategic when he needs to be he has been marvellous on this issue because this guy is not stupid and i'm gonna get
is some of his four dimensional chests and a minute something i think he played beautifully from the beginning that nobody give them credit for than ever trump movement he is right there because he understands the gravity of this this is the moment this is it we need to for right now and he should come out somewhat should come out the senate they should put say there will be no other this and is going on the supreme court no matter what you will be an asterisk to history jeff like tat is all you will be embarrassment on this movement you will be assessed into both sides of the political aisle you will be nothing more than a laughing stock and of cautionary tale told to you state senate candidates in the future about the futility of your absurd movement to assist in that taking down a bread cavanaugh we mowing you down no matter what on this vote no matter what you vote no when you take this guy down we're gonna go
more more senators in november because this is the goal for a moment you're going to make your vote irrelevant irrelevant we are going to plough right through you on this november when you're gone we renominated again and went some i'll take your seat hopefully make sally we we're gonna plough through and you will be remembered as nothing more than a tale warning sign people another set of candidates and politicians near it will be associated with one sentence forever don't be jeff lake for ever now onto the others who this
bout your flake so as i said there too predictions that are starting to make their way out there to develop prediction sum up nostradamus your folks but two things discussed yesterday first one way the renamed of cabinet no matter what we are going to pay how through we are going to mow down police basically you idiots on the left the opposition here we're not you you ve violent maniacs we going to use raw political power we are gonna arena reno and we are going to win in november and we are putting him on the supreme court read it and weep it's happening secondly what did i tell you yesterday there now articles creep out that are in the show notes that i have a great article on the hill i strongly encourage you to read the democrats
are absolutely panicking the red state democrats and praying every single day the cavenaugh drops what did i tell you and yesterday show the democrats thought by this point trump would fold they thought mitch mcconnell would fold and they thought cabinet would drop out you think i'm kidding reads the quotes and they help piece about heidi hide camped joe donnelly and joe mansion read somewhere quotes from people who know them what were they praying for joe what were they what were they you know what i should say what were they praying for and what were they playing and we're playing the game patrician my man you're damn right daddy yo they were playing a war of attrition pure all free she's political trench warfare boom where we are gonna wait this guy out andrew so many absurd political bombs on this guy he's a train raper he's a serial raper he's a for whatever the heck tat is he farts in cars
yesterday's news story he threw i set a guy guy do i set me once at the men well for him either i didn't i through i stood a guy in high school this is me by far of all the allegation that the new york times actually printed or was it a euro tangibly and besides i think it was in new york i don't even know they're all the same thing it wasn't your time he drew guy this twice this is it lets disqualify provisionally has got a this has got it so stupid it's is laughable if this is where there go on with this there met date is europe track and they were going to drop so many bombs on this guy that the damn crash was sure that the rules were in fact how do you this stand why my new rule shows are so important folks such as me getting passionate about a new cosmic shit then the landscape going forward with these new rules these are actual tat call boots on the ground things you need to be aware of that are going on
the old rules were what the media pylos on the democrats lobbed charges and the republicans cave like the ones they are every single time and then something happened joe you know what happened donald j freakin tromp happened that's what happened and he said i'm good my guy we're cavan from what i am hearing he had of that safe i still call joe but mcconnell oh yeah yeah and he has been on mcdonald and test say and watch i'll take the what we ve been saying forever no matter what you do the vote and you get them on the record why because the red state
democratic heidi hide camp joe donnelly mansion and is complete fraud doug jones in alabama complete phony are in a panic because they don't want the vote on the record as judges said accurately so they are gauged in a character assassination war of attrition hoping naked perhaps so many bombs on cabin on his family that actually they wear out but it's a new day we're not tired when tired this is why i read your emails and i've never been so energized once blue moon i yet listen you're free to be tired you're not free to give up you know grapple alot mix martial arts is my thing and is nothing worse than having a guy inside mouth on neither outweighs you by forty pounds your grappling for twitter minutes in your diaphragm can expand than you can't breathe none there's no quit you can't quit piquant tap you out if it was emma he can punch you out he can knock you out he can drop some elbows on your head but you're not quit it you're not pappy there's no way you're alive
to be tired you not allowed to quit i've been so reinforced by all your email saint i've never been so energized in my life how many i gotta go email you know you are from a young male democrat yesterday first time in her life change their party affiliation she can't stand this she so gross thou by what's happened she's disgusted this is our moment this is where the heats on this is where we get it done their praying pray had he drops but nobody strap and nobody's drop in some national line here when i drop and nobody's droppin it's only liberals listen to me you know i've been through a lot of adversity my life in its nobody cares everybody's got their own scars and i pray if you are in your stories and i'm not i'm
it's happening these happens for a reason but tell you right now you have grossly underestimated the fight in us you have beaten us down for too long your racism charges your personal care your attacks your message these charges your grotesque grotesque disgust for america unique in front of the flag you beatenest down for too long you have pulled up on a grenade you can never put back and you have no idea on time and you what's coming in november is not going to be pretty for you i have never in my life seen such energy after you are grossly misreading nepal just like you read them before election day you know i hate political predictions but one joe and i were absolutely confident about even when the headline said trumps crystallizes article trumps or chances of winning are approaching zero joe and i called every swing statements with you can go back
gone south cloud and listen to that show on the monday night before election why because we were out there joe works in a conservative talk radio station and got all the phone calls i run running for office knocking on doors pollsters were missing was actual people had their focus groups they may be got a few answer machines maybe they talk to a few folks but that's what i was saying you have pulled the pin grenade that is about to go boom big time you have no idea cabin was not dropping these bread state democrats or in a world of trouble they were praying praying praying he's drop he's not dropping out now do you understand please may this islamic real view from the hill peace in a second here now do you you stand joe the importance have taken this vote
i've got a lot of stuff oh yeah from establishing a geo p insiders and like dad i like we're going with this but one thing you gotta be more patient mcconnell us up the votes at ladies and gentlemen it doesn't matter if prediction one comes true if care if cab let's go on in that seat no matter what rinaldi him take the vote let them i'll go down now let dog jones joe donnelly let heidi hide camp let match its political careers and with this vote flame he's gone forever college will be on forever she's up and twenty twenty more caskeys up and twenty twenty two you don't vote for him understand your political careers are over there is no other vote you can take not on guns not tax is not on obamacare nothing will save your political career nothing this is it here's a quote from there peace switches to summarize again pull it out we're talking now button
i'm a crash strategy was a cabinet would drop the fact that he's not dropping out and there i will be a vote mcconnell saying it will be a vote this week has i am horrified because they understand that their problems gonna vote now and this is the end of it political careers in the u s senate joe donnelly democrat from indiana last week to thursday senate hearing that he would quote glare we welcome the opportunity to work with president trump on a new nominee for this critically important position now joe joe way joe we day now bab nah nah that's not how it's going down pal no really do joey day joey day
you are grossly misreading what's going on out there jody listen may listeners in indiana we use very very intense google analytics on our show so i there's a lot of you in indiana we need you right now we need you to email joey day again he met call us office again be cool you know how to do it let him know it is over their will ever ever ever be a recovery from this vote a few votes no number one and let him know number two that you the hell he's looking forward on a quote new nominee there we'll be no nominee this is your lunch a new will eat it it will be bred can you have no choice you are advice and consent you do not select this is our selection you will vote yes and if you don't
in no circumstances will you window seat again indiana step up you may say well joe donnelly already said no done matter they need to feel the heat folks the left these people are scenarios we pay and sacrifice in sweat and sweat equity and hard work and we pay with a bank account of liberty if we want to keep wash with funds the entire time and every election of a democrat makes a withdrawal from that fund every second and it's entirely unacceptable no more which arles now we're making deposits joey d shall we d there will be no new now many years you wrote me a pal you're gonna eat that oatmeal and if you don't you political career is done
case you think it's just joey d from the hill peace and i quote mansion escaping from west virginia of course democrat has kept in close contact with undecided republicans during the cabinet debate here with collins mc caskey a capitol hill hide away after board and cabinet the fight thursday and like them didn't give any hint afterward how we would vote here quote from joe mansion west region europe we're friends we talk there's no decisions on anything when told me they made a decision and we're all still looking in talking and comparing mansion told reporters after the meeting virginia europe same thing no time to sit around this is no time to jerk around snow time to play or no play that when my daughter this is time for action do matter talk is cheap talk means nothing are you in this fight or not
no i'm serious you in this fight or not listen i don't i'm not i'm not sure be anybody's tony robins on this i can't say that enough but folks i love job in the secret service ok wasn't a joke i loved it who's the greatest job i ever had it's all i ever wanted to do i had no idea any of this was going to happen almost went bankrupt after i left you always with me then we couldn't even afford the freaking microphone we bought for this podcast that i still have now the sorry twenty with a big dent in the front couldn't even pay georgia work for free for a year joel my lion i don't mind at ease what did i give you like five hundred dollars once six months in because and i don't even have that is something that i feel bad taken from you i owe you did we did this for nothing i left my job this fight and run for office i knocked on ten thousand plus doors over three campaign sit near
the picture me sit near holding a sign in the poor and rain would brandon cooper one day prince georgia's county get soaked it said jobs not taxes listen i've been there i am not speaking with forked tongue all i'm asking you to come and ask you to quit your job i'm asking you run for office i'm not asking you to stand in the rain i'm asking you to do one thing west virginia indiana north dakota and alabama with this phony doug jones email and call melt internet and the phone line sending i offer you send an email for your wife centrally for your dog sending for your kids send an email for grandma send an email for grandpa send an email for every body there will be no new nominee this is your lunch ate it if you're down to a german you can't have it
how could the alber report give you dough teach obeyed more accurate over that's wrong is someone who is oliver no it's not that i know i know that is not all that is pink floyd ok again before are they want before roger waters turned into an anti semitic jerk why jimmy decanterbury port egg how could you what airport do you give me about egypt we know pudding now putting no putting jobs jody heidi no pudding no putting the continuity put egg if you tell teach debate lodge is ready and at lunch spread there will be no other servings it will be no new nominee we will not back down
we will not relent we will never surrender you ever bread when i was going on that seat and you're gonna love it you understand how you like them apples are highly competitive apples taste that's exactly how this is going down we're tired of you yet i said it were tired of you we're tired of your hatred your racism your anti american garbage your red lightless attacks your character assassination your malicious malfeasance nonsense you know someone said them yesterday how then can i thought you said that we always had the high ground because we thought democrats were good people with bad ideas i did say that a one time i've entirely changed my mind those days are over they are not good people no matter what the voters and would be clear on that about hill institutional democrat i know democratic
bad people you know why i get emails from everyday saint i changed my party affiliation republican because that's not me the hill democrats are not good people what they're doing is it's the destruction of a man soul for their own personal political game how you like apples when we put him right in a supreme court each year weeds edam now no pudding doping thing none for you sir we should use preparation age yeah probably rights are probably hurt and right now hey we would be able to sit down after the election is getting a lot worse gosh feels good feel so energized been doing this for three years now been running
been involved in politics for longer than and i've never felt a fabulous nothing gets me off aspire gate i love that case so much of it because i hate it nothing more publishers like you need to talk about spider man not now but i don't it's an important your books come and i don't care sorry we can do at another time this is the fight ok i got more a lot more i got sky gavin wax whose pick it up on the new rules i'm not sure ve read or heard my stuff but he wrote a great peace that i am here some additions to the new rules be sure you digest i this is one of my favorite sponsors can i get it a free samples like i said before but i got this box in the mail one day if you not about jerking around with you when i opened it
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let's try battle box that calm slash stand right now get your first battle box pussy especial free tactical knife if you go to try battle box dotcom slash then you will love this i give you my word coolest thing ever all right the new rules are washed in examiner peace up the shouts gavin wax check it out he says hey we learned a few lessons from this cavenaugh thing haven't we now the sagen waxwork for ted crews and a new york city politician that was running for mayor but his in sites or pressure they are very very good and they align with the thanks to the show we been talking about for less release how cavenaugh has changed everything the old rules are now officially dead and the new rules we are in war right now with them are now in effect so here's rule number one from gather nominate add one at the end trot this has been vindicated
trump ism is now the only option joe there is no more pretending as i've said to perform kind of summarizing what he saying but you may have heard this part before number one but it's worth repeating there is no or pretending anymore that we can appease the media hacks and the democrats there is no candidate there is no human being you will put up for the supreme court seat the presidency or anyone else who will not be vilified is a nazi a racist a gang rape a train raper a serial abuser of women a massage in east asia foam and islamophobia and a phobia phobic is too phobic transit phobic homophobic bobo phobic foe before drunk drunk he i'm sorry at a drop yes and a black out or else after i'm very sorry glad you guess why have joe he's gonna throw that was in those actors and that's right and you will be at your enemy joe believe me there are more haven't consider i think so
you'll be a flash or on the subway next there is nothing so this guy actually wrote this peace these amateurs trump ism has clearly been vindicated even some never trappers may be starting recognizes that you may not like a gruff style again he's from queens i dont care i'm from queens i know queens kids because i was one of em i he told you want a past show why donal tromp is the way he is because everyone from queens is that way i grew been queens new york this is worth repeating when you grow up in new york city and you grow up in queens you don't have the money of the meadow kids but it is a suburb so you always kind of fear like while we don't really fit in their because not the social elites we don't get the benefits being in that elite circle in manhattan but their suburbs
pilots you have some architects have a whole lot of cops and firemen there's always a complex i know i'm and this because every time i say this but the queen's people mme go dude bengali you don't the elite social circles but the thing a queen to his queen as its edgy parts but because queens is a suburb it never gets he cried joe for the queen's kids being tough guys it does it but the queen's kids are tough the queen's kids i knew were really we used to call my advice can me my buddy called hard rocks you could tell a hard rock when he saw this friend guarantees its smoke cigarettes and he was just a savage sri fighter unreasoning smoke cigarettes out i think you like cigarettes is because if you step too men a fight now that kid this thing was he would flicked the singer
in your face and a the slot addy he knows who he i pray during this system i shoulda he knows who he is i work do a better job what this kid was a hard rock when he took nothing nothing you two women about us i'm not getting into a moral argument what was right ramat kids for the kids listening ask me avoid after spending twenty years of my life plus fighting and mix marsalis get out of a fight at every single opportunity unless you need to defend yourself you're gonna get anything out of it but a couple a broken chick with india and you probably get locked up i'm just tell you archer queens i grew up with they weren't is edgy as the brooklyn that's what i'm getting at we never got st credit the broker you all you gotta do is say you grew up in brooklyn and you are automatically a tough guy so the queen's kids don't fit with the rich people and yet they don't fit with the brooklyn kids you had an automatic edge to them he always had something approved at the queen's kid that's donald trump
it explains the exaggeration hyperbole the big talk everything's huge its magnificent that's who trump is he's a street car yeah you gonna people say all we grew up with a multi million dollar think listen i got it he may not have been in the streets you know taken button taken if i get that but there's mentality you can't escape when you grow up in new york city its population dense your is no rich poor neighborhoods where you don't interact with people who are poor middle class not outside of manhattan we're even then you interact with people work for a living beverly hills trump has something approve there's no more pretending that these people can be a piece and we ve never had a better street fighter in their who is now given up on any pretence that kissing these peoples collective botch was going to make them go away
rule number one trump isn't vindicated now as a quick addendum to this i mentioned before kind of addresses this a little bit in the piece in the beginning gavin wax the trouble afore dimensional chess move that a lot of people missed listen you know how i feel this i think a lot of things get attributed to forty chest that aren't i think this was absolutely elegant and its genius mcdonald tropic brow cabinet lotta conservatives then like they want lee they wanted coney barony me coty barrett anyone cavanaugh they were afraid some of his opinions they thought he might be squish i don't think he s looking judicial record of the year this wish i knew was a good pick but but people question why are why would he do that why not just go with me coney barrett what a genius move now joe
break havana wherefore in the white house was a morocco bomber know who webs george w bush ass it was the time everybody's like man we don't need was she a ladies and gentlemen this is the only guy right now in this matter a key and red line fight this is only guy right now who can unite the entire factions the tired the ecosystem of republican factional voters out there that could unite behind them this was a genius mu bai donald trump now why do i say it was afford each s move i agree with him on this i agree with the writer because i think trump on stood the democrats we're going to make this that red line moment for themselves to an only way to push cabinet through that wall to break through that thing full speed juggernaut style right only way to do it was too
get some one who was gonna have the backing of george w bush ted crews ran paul and others you cannot have facts develop when you're in a red line fight when you're in a battle this important everyone is marshalling all their efforts in the infinity wars here you cannot you cannot possibly have factional divisions trump beat everybody knew the punch on this and nominated probably the one guy that would go the overwhelming support of multiple actions in this fight and would unite everybody in this effort it play genius genius more ok so one vindication of trumpets and we canopies people number two the reason i mentioned that is present poor lays right into we're talking about now
publicans have to unify when it counts listen ladies and gentlemen i dont work golden caps and neither should you d show has and not only critical but hypercritical on the republicans up on the hill on spending it's been a disaster they deserve to be cut that you know i've had some disagreements are trump on trade i haven't even got into the new nafta thing yet gump a promise will get to that the sweet don't worry leaving it out as she's this is this is the fight of our time right now but folks when it matters and this matters this is the generational fight for a lifetime seat as a potential a tip the balance of the supreme court back to its original constitution listen tenth there is no room at all for swishes margaret thatcher said don't get wobbly you cannot get wobbly weep how through the train is coming down the tracks there's no excuse you better jump on a train there's no
for never trump is maybe trump ism could tromp ism theirs room for that that's all gone throw it out this fight matters now faster than china law about us for weeks but the nomination of cavanaugh was a bridge so lesson number two reports look in unity still matters even the brand has been tarnished by our own people i get that but on this spending disaster that china law about us for weeks but the nomination of cavanaugh was a brilliant for dimensional chess move to make sure that when they fight mattered that everybody was going to be unified number three most important one this is total war going forward
ladies and gentlemen the old rules or dead her dead it's over civility decorum it's done a line yourself with those old rules at your own peril you will find yourself politically extinguished i am damn sorry we got to this place and there are some red lines we will never cross conservative should never ever under any circumstances i can't say that any ellison about your lecture here we go engage in any kind of pre empt the violence we are not the left we will lie in fabricate charges about people and we never should but assuming now that we should not go out their teeth ellison bill clinton and others and other people for their sordid sexual past because not all that's not do what about as that's dead the oldest war going forward
wanna play these games we don't have to got those charges those are just around there what's mapping its cabinet is made up this is a trench warfare going forward the old rules are dead no more poland nominees for made up fabricated charges because the media seti through ice and someone at a party none there's no or acquiescing you now let's keep it a target here we're not gonna get it bill clinton all we do keith alice she keep alison democrat how many for attorney general minnesota credible allegations of physical and emotional abuse not all the ets what about us of your damn right it's what about is a new rules are in effect you want to take this guy down cavanaugh for nothing we're gonna take your guy down for something he not get elected now now let go and full bore against them no way
this is a total war going forward you are a boxing match with a guy wearing press knuckles i have said this repeatedly stop appealing to the reference civility the guy's whooping your s fight get the gloves off like rocky thunder let's try bite that strings i get your fists out this is a fistfight get get in nepal this they will have come to a party man here quote from gavin waxes peace to great one people are starting to wake up to the war in folks spend a great awakening you have away movement you have near historic black support for donald trump you have what i would call on you yesterday you don't sleep on that donuts that guy don't eat so i don't know if he's at conserving i don't care everybody on the field too
eight awakening is happening get onto field and dance right now dead now now you dance here's a quote it's great analysis here the average blue collar worker has the rise wide open to never be closed again i know this i get tax someone having to say who but i'm good tax from local three electricity steam fitters ten knockers truckers carper people never vote a republican in their life even some cops who are telling me i cannot believe what's going on we read that again after cavvies referring to this disgrace disgusting stain on our are on our entire civilization what's happening cavenaugh the average
blue collar worker has their eyes wide open to never be closed again ladies gentlemen what happened a bread cabinet cannot be unseen once you see it the evil has permeated the democratic party you cannot see it you know i'm not a huge fan of any better anymore either is a big lib both growin up absolutely love pearl jam as one of those songs on his albums and at the end he says you know it's some point you trade magic for fact and there's no trade backs it's no trade backs folks there will be no pudding there will be no trade back once your eyes are open to this bomb nation that happened
cabin or you can never go back and ever pull a lever for one of these maniacs again but they did here is an epoch human disgrace that will stay in our society forever but we are in a war now open your eyes when you see what i see much our seas and my wife sees you'll never ever go back no pudding no trade backs are those are his three i want to add a fourth year it's important miss pay for the show i was appreciate your patients their sponsors want to be here they want to talk to you in a matters so thank you try keeper free face about you by buddies brick house keep your body rain folks she never no one of these goons is going to attack you in public to training matters
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i always throw in this caviar because it's important i'm a believer in the republic in a believer in the free press i am also a believer in the free press is right to be stupid and they take us up in that opportunity every time there an embarrassment there a joke they are nothing more than a political party at this point there is nothing we can do about that they have a right to be dumb and they do they use that right often but failing to recognise that the media right now is the opposition and actually taking them seriously even for a moment you i understand the war were and i'm sorry but your missing the reason i say that because about eighty percent depending on what paul you look at of republicans out there leave that the media has a serious credibility crisis i'm talking to the twenty percent out there that somehow you're not convinced i now where we went wrong i dont know what we missed but i told you we need all soldiers on the field now it is important
that you understand this and let others know that what the media is doing is strictly opposition opponent active that's again folks i'm not police not mistake this for anything more than us acknowledging who they are there's nothing we can do about it they have the right to be done but it is up to us actively to understand that and we see the new york times to wash impose on others these are this is not journalism did they may where the both ties and eat or frogs vograat hang out their leaders circles and due to think but this is not journalism its activism and it's up to you to i that it is up to you to let others know that this is not real what they're doing what did we see in just the last few days so i'm bringing this up because i messaged and you said that the other yeah but there's a new development this is my fourth new one the ice story yesterday every day i say there's a new low
the new law is surpassed and it's like serious we ve now barrel drew the bedrock the new story the media was propagating yesterday was at brett cabinet to he said someone in college really now i remember who all it was vance colonies from the w may i'll show in iowa these events colonies treated this morning this brilliant joe i perceive what a for us this is right the democrats right cavanaugh is an evil genius the perfect rapid eyes it dissolve figs i pick up horrified and think it at first that's debt write about cavenaugh piecemeal a door and that's it
evil genius is their peter is the perfect wept happen joe he tried to develop and i ship because he was probably get us perhaps someone it didn't work so we just through it proves the ice would melt away leaving no fingerprints o dog that's cabin i didn't know that his voice tat was even college of course that's gonna perfect timing i did see that come in i saw you within around i know what you're doing i didn't realize you have one ro the ice story is a new law but i wanted to bring up something else showing you how discredited phony and fraudulent these media goons are and why they should never be taken seriously
so the story yesterday the new narrative is that he's a drinker who blacks out therefore he may not remember being a sexual assault in cereal gang rape her judgment brok obama wrote in his book someone wrote about getting high some about cocaine young ass i did that obsolete here like my job i do not write this i did not write it's about barack obama barack obama wrote his point that in college he did a hard drugs coquet ladies and gentlemen they said to me right now i have never ever parched a hard drug in my life morocco although the president i seeds admitted in a book to using ok but bread cavanaugh
is scholar torn because he had few beers addressed in college and high school when it was legal is a guy running for senate right now in texas and other fraud beethoven rourke pedro isn't a hit and run where there's an actual police report where says he fled the scene this guy's running for the united states senate and texas against head crews were early massive media reports on this guy every day covering it like you know they'll say all well there is a couple fact checks that challenge beta wanted no no no no no ladies and gentlemen this is what the media does i've been i will do this from the beginning it's not they won't cover a story it's the end
ten city it's not a question of black or white it's a question of on the margin what i'm trying to tell you is destroyed then with the media is and always has been yes we will come democrats scandals to say we did so we don't look like total acts but the intensity by which we cover republic and scandals will be dramatically worse brett cavanaugh husband front page story for weeks paid o is in a police report alleged to have fled the scene of an accident on a d w why paraca bomb probably spoke about doing blow what is the george young from blow this is it book this is this book i didn't write this i didn't write he rode dad where was the extensive exhaustive every day media coverage on that the media is the opposition
couple more here quick on the media opposition line sweat nick julie sweat nick was granted an interview another accuser of cabinet the gang rape accuser yet saw a radio was on nbc news in one the worst interviews i've ever seen a shot at it he had a right combo call i'm no fan of top broke all who put nbc on the map what is biased reporting needs to come make a statement right away disavowing what happened with this woman she went on a b c news yesterday totally humiliated herself in the station her home allegation was bred cabinet was a gang rape rupert drugs in the punch at parties but gang rape women i get on the line yesterday when asked machine on our he didn't i didn't seem put it images near it what you will wait wait what so you're allegation now is it you can't prove gave break haven't i was involved in any train rapes at all you have
evidence is that you we have no evidence despite the punch but you know he was near the point so now to be clear folks anybody near a punch ball anytime you warning kids anywhere you can be subjected to this later on to yet nbc ran with it they ran with it this is the one represented by clown clown lawyer avenue naughty clown clown insulting i clouds look it have and laugh cloud look it ever not laugh at ebonite clown joker fool one last thing the media's new story which a guy named conservative on twitter who i listen to me and him have not been like the best of friends but whatever like i said this is a time to link shields and i might make it as personal as a great thredup about the new story that break cabin i was feeling around about these are you know
then the waters on these ramirez allegations that he exposed themselves before before this woman and was calling people so some woman's make it an unfounded allegations about him and a word gets out there and then the media report on this which is totally ridiculous is it how he was making these calls beforehand which is kind of funny joe because but i was actually quoted in the new yorker story about it so in other words prick but was asked the question about these allegations and then the media uses character for cabin all that asking questions about the allegations you scratch in your say that doesn't make sense it's not supposed to the media the opposition bank on it folks this is a war were in your when i grow up i loved rap music everybody didn't new york that's what we did your member who wrapped it but
say no time for half way crooks remedy some of you out there remember it i just love that what this ain't no time for half way i'm sorry the shriek kids this is a fight we're a war with these people now i'm sorry however unpalatable that sounds stand they get in a fight west virginia indiana alabama north dakota illinois everywhere europe emu call everybody knew your california ok i've democrat centres done matter make him feel the heat new rules raw political power we will win you will put cavenaugh annette see there will be no pudding he is going in that sea
i see or more to the right you just ten bonn gino she'll get more then online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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